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Dump crazy

So uh one night I decided to let as much as possible out of my system. Like wow.

Here I’ll talk about some of them.

More Addison X Sage because they help me from sadness. I’ve wanted to this position for awhile but no time.

Tabby being an absolute smug bitch is the best and was my favorite to draw.

Satogou : I was just drawing Gou but I uhh I could help myself. XD

My own characters holy moly I … was supposed to introduce some of these this year but um 2020 is just the worst.

Just a cute Marionette. Nothing much more to say just think they cute.

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Gligar’s a pretty cool lil fellow, with the blepping giving it some wonderfully silly vibes. Its concept doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit for how creative it is, being a hybrid of a scorpion and a bat, two animals that have virtually NOTHING in common. Plus a little bit of facehugger, if it propensity for latching onto people’s faces to sting them and its GS beta sprites are anything to go by. And the result is impeccable! You wouldn’t expect such disparate things to have such a great result when mixed. Still, though, think about scorpions and bats and take a good look at that image up there. Think about what typing it could possibly have.


Originally posted by ap-pokemon

If you guessed Poison/Flying, you’d be wrong! If you guessed Ground/Flying, then you already knew the answer and the exercise was pointless. If you guessed Poison/Bug, well, maybe don’t gamble. I have no idea WHY it’s Ground-type rather than Poison-type, but it is, and we all have to live with that fact. It does counteract Flying’s Electric weakness with an immunity, though, so I’m sure Gligar’s happy with it. And it makes it more distinct from the other bats at the time of its release, the Zubat line.


Still, a lack of Poison-typing doesn’t stop Gligar from learning numerous Poison-type attacks, and a Ground-typing doesn’t actually equate to it learning very many Ground-type attacks. Gligar’s not entirely sure what it’s doing, but that’s alright! With a face like that you don’t really need to. It didn’t even know what it was doing with its colour scheme for awhile, appearing a cool-toned purple in the main series and original Sugimori art and a magenta-ish purple in the anime before finally getting standardised into the latter in HGSS. Plus the smaller claws were white prior to HGSS, as well.


On the note of colours, Gligar’s got a periwinkle blue shiny, which reduces the contrast with the wings but is pretty aesthetically pleasing nonetheless. I definitely prefer the base colour, but it’s not bad.

Gligar’s a weird, iconic, and highly creative pokemon that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Its evolution’s pretty rad, too, but they’ve got such wildly different vibes from each other that it’s easy to appreciate them as entirely separate pokemon. Its typing is very peculiar and I’m not sure how to feel about it, but it is what it is. But yeah, love it! :p

Weirdly not-Poison friend/10.

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A Toxicroak, like many poison types can be very dangerous Pokemon with their poison and great for battles. If you’re going to keep a Toxicroak though, always make sure to have some sort of antidote or pecha berry nearby, as to not poison yourself. However when diluted, a Croagunk’s poison can be medicinal, and I have used it myself with many experiments. When caring for your Croagunk or Toxicroak, if they trust you a lot, it would be much easier to touch them, even their toxic fingers or claws. However when starting out, make sure to carry plenty of antidote and learn to be patient, the line takes a lot longer to trust someone compared to other fighting and poison types. At the beginning, leave them their solitude, leave them some food, and wait for them to eventually warm up to you. If you want a Pokemon good for training and companionship, a Gliscor with poison heal is good, as they’re more social and can often irritate a Toxicroak into becoming more social, along with type advantages and an ability that works against them.

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Although I still have a lot of room to grow as an artist, I am still proud to share my biggest art piece as of yet.

Every single member of my Pokémon team, or otherwise known as; all Pokémon I have fallen in love with since playing my first game (Diamond) in 2007.

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