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Made some glitters! They (should) be transparent. If I think of more I’ll be making more!

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Best selection of Gels, gel paint, nail stickers, custom made decals, foils, gems, huge selection of glitter, leather gels, nail wraps, toe nail wraps, designer inspired face masks and so much more.

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Romand The Universe Glitter Shadow


Today, I am reviewing Romand The Universe Glitter Eyeshadow in shade moonlight.

Romand has one of the best eyeshasows in Kbeauty with the most affordable prices.


🥨Available in four color options.

🥨this Vaseline-based glitter eye shadow changes color at different angles to create mesmerizing eye makeup.

🥨The thin and soft glitter adheres smoothly with minimal fallout and long-lasting wear.


🥨An eyeshadow with 4 colors delivers smooth and glittering eye makeup.

🥨The color of the eyeshadow changes with different angles that create glamourous eyes with mysterious glow.

🥨The eyeshadow glides on the skin evenly with high adherence that delivers long-wearing eye makeup.


$6 each


2g each


🥨 01 Moonlight

🥨 02 White hole

🥨 03 Coral Satuen

🥨 04 Black hole


Take a moderate amount and glide on the eyelids evenly with a fingertip.


If you experience any symptoms such as redness, swelling, or itchiness during usage or from exposure to direct sunlight after usage, suspend use, and consult a physician.


🍬 Very Shiny and Reflective

🍬 It blurs fine lines.

🍬  Glitters from different angles.

🍬 Smooth Texture.

You can watch Romand Moonlight in action with detailed review on my YT channel:

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