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This is my late entry for the 8th of October #lifeologydailydraw challenge: #clarity

I don’t know why thw first thing I imagined was a clear spot in the middle of some dense vegetation. I hope you can see it too hahaha. Also, I couldn’t resist myself and added some glitter to it 🙈

I recently found out about the October @lifeologyapp challenge. These are science related concepts that I found interesting to illustrate. I was late for some of them (like this one) but I liked the idea so much that I decided to draw them anyways

I haven’t posted in a while but it’s because I’ve been working on some stuff so you can expect some content coming this way!

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ANNIEEE!!! omg i missed seeing you around! the gifs came out amaaaazing,, the quality!! and i really love your new style of coloring so much! your gifs come out so crisp it’s crazy! but i’ve been well! my birthday is coming up skdfjdk so idk what i’m in for but i am excited! how have you been?

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