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#glo up tips

I got myself a skincare routine! I only had six dollars so i’m not expecting it to work too well though… but i better have perfect clear skin in one week when i’m still looking fit from the Chloe Ting 2 week shred or else i swear😬😂

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since i’m back home, i thought i’d show you my favourite spot in my room — the ikea hemnes vanity me and my dad refurbished one year ago! when it came to my possession it was all spotted with mold and the paint was stained and chipped; we took it apart, sanded it all away, painted it and put it back together, and now it’s better than brand new. it houses all my makeup and, at the moment, some of my skin care too 🌟 i’m really proud of it, and it’s super convenient! 

(not pictured above, but i’ve since fitted the mirror with some old-hollywood-style dimmable lightbulbs.)

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Chloe Ting ab workout challenge

  • I’m adding to this post everyday from now

Day 3: Four workout video’s for today, and i’m dead lmaoo

Day 4: i started to see improvements! And maintaining a good form during the exercise was easier.


Day 6: did the workouts. Most youtubers say they see their body changing by now, but i’m not sure if i’m seeing results already. I’m not quitting! I know this will be worth it in the end.

I know i haven’t added on to this post for a while, but i’m on day 13 and still going strong! The results are craaaazy! Just one day left. I can’t wait tbh


I love the results oh my god haha! But i love the difference in how i feel the most! I can run up the stairs without being tired, i feel more energized and that’s amazing!

I’m taking a few days rest first before i start working out again though😴😴😂

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Baddie Essentials: Maintaining Femininity

A few simple ways to stay girly and cute even on your bummy days!🧚🏽‍♀️

  • Lipgloss/ lipliner - I keep both on me at all times! Lipgloss goes with every look and I always keep a brown liner on me as well.
  • Perfume - Invest in a good perfume, preferably one you can buy over and over to get that signature scent! A good tip is to buy a lotion with the same smell or one with a compatible scent i.e. coco butter and a vanilla scented perfume. (If you wanna be extra get a body wash of the same scent too)
  • Jewellery - Jewellery makes any outfit!Don’t leave ur house without earrings and add some simple chains, I like to layer a variety of dainty chains. Also hoops give any outfit even bummy ones an extra flare. Invest in some simple gold/silver hoops, I also love bamboo earrings.
  • Outfits - Even if you’re dressing casual or basic make sure you still look put together. Get some cute slim fit joggers and two piece sets for lazy days or bummy days. Then add some jewellery and you automatically look more put together!
  • Nails - Now it’s unrealistic to constantly have your nails done so if you can’t get them done at least make sure they’re neatly filed and shaped. You can paint them at home too, the same for your toes. Set some time aside every 2-3 weeks to keep them in good condition!
  • Water! - It may sound basic but keep a bottle of water with you so you’re always hydrated and it will make you feel good too!
  • Gum & mints - Girlies always keep both on you, very basic but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.
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A quick update

I am not doing well past two week was a fail everything went downhill. The more i look at myself the more bad i feel about me. I can’t treat myself like this. I stopped working out i stop doing face yoga i ate a lot and k gained so much weight ahhhhhhhhhhh god help meeeeeee i can’t feel this way. I can’t fall back into that dark self hate place again i work hard i fight MYSELF a lot to come to the place where i am right now which is better than where i used to be. I can’t go back to where i never wanted to be again. So after crying to myself i decided to stand back again. crying things out gives me motivation so don’t mind. I decided to stand back again and start everything all over again. 15 March 2020 is going to be DAY ONE. Let’s do this

Btw i brought gua-shua and jade roller for face massage. I want slim faceeeeeee and jawline so badly. My double chins are worst right now because i gained weight and incase you don’t know yet but whenever i gain weight i gain it in my face and Belly. I mean my body Store fat in my face and Belly. Yeahhh i am one of those unlucky human. But it’s alright let’s do this. Let’s loose weight and let’s fall in love with myself again.


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You are enough.

I know the world makes it seem like

you have to be everything to be anything,

but your value is something that never wavers.

Regardless of whether you get that interview,

that date, that friend count, that insta worthy life.

You are worth the space you take and deserve to be cherished.

Everything else falls into place once you believe this.


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So i have been using this mask for 3 weeks now and it gives me amazing results ❤️

I wash my hair once a week so i apply it once a week and i oil my hair day before washing it.


* Egg

* yogurt


Quantity of ingredients depends upon the length of your hair. Mix them well and leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.

You can also put oils like castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil in the mask but i don’t because as i said i apply oil in my hair the day before washing them 😊.

Tell me if it works for you❤️

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I have a big college event coming up on 22 February 2020 and there’s gonna be lots of photos and I don’t wanna be looking like a potato in every group photos or in any photos lol😂 need to loose weight in a week let’s do this, it’s not that hard

Can continue the things in the list for longer period too❤️

* drink 3-4 lts of water🌊 - water is very good for our body it helps to clear skin and loose weight. Whenever i drink water regularly my skin glows and i loose some weight too, the only problem is i am not consistent but this time I am gonna be. You can start by drinking 1-2 lts of water if you are new to this water thing💙

* drink Green Tea (at least once a day) 🍵 - green tea is full of antioxidants. It’s good for your skin and helps to burn fat too💚

* drink APPLE CIDER VINEGAR🍎 - it’s a miracle drink for people surfing from acne, weigh problem etc. I remember first time i drank it for 3 days and i don’t have any changes in my diet and i lose quite a good amount of weight but not consistent so ended up gaining it all back 😂. You must take 10 ml (or how much mentioned in the bottle amount) of ACV in one cup of water. Always take it in diluted form and make sure you use ACV with mother in it 😄

* workout everyday 🏋️- you don’t really need to workout everyday, you can do it 2-3 times in a week depending upon your body but I’ll do it everyday for a week because i need to loose weight fast in a week. I’ll do mostly HIIT workouts and some workouts that i posted before at home🏋️

* QUIT SUGAR🍬🍭 - i am the biggest sweet tooth in this world i love love love sugar but sugar is not good for our health. It’s a slow poison and it’s very bad for our entire body. It makes the skin aging fast and gain weight and so many other things. sugar is nothing but empty calories and SUGAR IS ONE OF THE MAIN CAUSE OF ACNE. I have been trying to quit sugar since a very long time but i always ended up eating way way way more of it. This time I’ll quit it for a week and will only eat natural form of sugar and see miracle happening for my body❤️

*meditation🧘 : mental health is as important as physical health and Doing meditation daily teaches you to be mindful and live in the moment which is extremely important for me as i am suffering from anxiety issues and overthinking. Going to do 10 min meditation daily for a week now🕉️

* eat clean and healthy🍅🥒🥗- going to cut out all those chips pizza burger and all the fast and proccesed food this week. We all know the harms of it. Going to eat healthy veggies❤️

* skincare routine💆💖- i am going to follow my skincare routine twice a day and be consistent. also going to do some diy which i’ll post about.🥰

* hair oiling and mask💁- my mom made a special hair oil also known as INDIAN HAIR GROWTH OIL (i’ll post the recipe later) i used to apply it all the time when i was a kid and i used to have good hair because of that…i grew up and stop oiling my hair and now i am regretting but anyways i don’t have any plan for this week so i’ll oil my hair for a entire week and will use a special egg mask (mom’s recipe) on weekend. need good hair for the event.💕❣️💝

* medicine for acne 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️- my dermatologist story is kind of scary i’ll talk about it later but if i visit my dermatologist any time this week then i’ll start taking medication for my acne but i am not sure about it. it depends upon if i’ll get a appointment this week.💊

* study📚📖- ever since this semester has started i have not studied anything. i have exam coming soon and i really want this week to be productive since i don’t have college going on (due to the fest, i’ll be only attending it for one day because i don’t feel like going lol) and i  don’t have any plans for this week just like every other week of my boring life😂.

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Before pictures (& vids/gifs)

I’ll update every week

These are my current acne and double chins

I am doing lymphatic drainage face massage and some face yoga/exercises which i posted before

Also i am following a skincare routine which I’ll post about after this

I have a big college event on 22 February 2020 and i want to loose weight before that cause there is going to be so many photos and I don’t wanna look like a potato in every group photo lol😂❤️

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I always get so confused about the difference between mineral and chemical spfs. Which one is better long term?

two in one response! i’ve talked about mineral vs. physical sunscreen before, but i’ll restate and summarize it all here.

organic filters, aka chemical filters

these are kinda-complicated molecules that are capable of absorbing the energy of UV rays and dispersing it through heat. there’s a big array of these molecules, and new ones keep being created with better absorption profiles. USA-made sunscreen, however, does not use more modern organic/chemical filters (find out why here); for this type especially, it’s best to opt for european and asian brands.


  • modern chemical filters offer better UVA protection than mineral filters. UVA radiation is the more dangerous one in the long one, being responsible for skin cancer as well as playing a role hyperpigmentation disorders and visible signs of aging (wrinkling, sagging, sun spots, etc)
  • their formulation properties mean that chemical filters are more pleasant and cosmetically elegant to use, which can help you use the necessary amount to achieve the labelled spf (spoiler alert: you need a lot more than you think)
  • newer chemical filters have optimized stability and so they need to be reapplied about as often as mineral sunscreens
  • little to no white cast, POC-friendly!


  • some people with skin sensitivities react poorly to organic filters and need to use mineral ones instead
  • older chemical filters (the sort that is still used in USA-made sunscreen) were less stable and broke down after a couple hours, requiring frequent reapplication; as i’ve mentioned, this is not the case with newer filters available in other markets

mineral filters

these are simple mineral particles, almost always titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. these minerals reflect some of the UV light (thanks to their white cast), and absorb some of it too.


  • they are better for individuals with specific sensitivities to common organic filters


  •  mineral filters create a strong white cast that is especially problematic for brown and black skin — novel nanoparticle versions can help improve these issues greatly, thankfully, but these are still not yet as well researched and so regulation still holds this area back somewhat
  • they are generally thicker and less pleasant to apply, which leads you to applying less than you need and thus being less protected
  • they are worse at protecting you from UVA rays, which as we’ve seen is something that’s rather important
  • they are also not ‘set it and forget it’: both chemical and mineral sunscreens require reapplication after some hours — fewer if you’re out in the sun and actively exposed to water or sweat, more if you’re sitting still and indoors

a note on coral safety because i know this question will be asked again: according to current scientific evidence, all sunscreen is okay to wear in terms of reef ecosystems, unless you’re travelling to / swimming in areas near the reefs themselves, causing the local concentration to rise disproportionally due to currents and high rates of tourism in these areas. everywhere else, you’re fine — the effect is absolutely null at a global scale with the dilution in a planet’s worth of ocean water, and you should be more concerned with the effects of bleached industrial and agricultural substances.

and because i also know i’ll get asked again, here are my sunscreen recommendations for both categories!

lastly, a final reminder: you need to be wearing a minimum of SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. it’s the most basic step of skincare, and the one that’ll yield the most long-term benefits!

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These are the goals that i am trying to achieve :)

Please don’t mind my English it’s not my first language :)

there is a story behind me going to this whole glow up journey. i was a happy, beautiful and confident kid before…i’ll share it soon because i feel like its easy to share things with strangers than known because there is less judgement and maybe someone can relate to your story and get inspired to become better version of themselves :)


ENDING DAY: 9 JANUARY 2021 ( my birthday, I’ll turn 19 yayy) i believe there should not be any end date for a glow up we should become better version of ourselves everyday but having a time limit helps in Achieving goals 🙂


Suffering from acne ever since i hit puberty (13 y.o) but in past 3 ish years they have become worst. Before i used to have maximum 5 acne here and there now they are everywhere, i can’t put my fingers anywhere on my face without feeling them. It shatters my confidence.


i am not overweight but i have gained a lot of weight. I am only 48 kg and my height is 5ft 2inch i have healthy BMI but most of the weight in my body is fat not muscles and that’s the problem. I have BELLY FAT, FACE FAT ( double chins and chubby cheeks, they make my face look so big and round on camera and irl ), Heavy arms. I just want a healthy toned body in which i feel confident :)


Okay, this is very very important to me. I am only 18 and i already have a blad spot on left side of my hairline and on right it’s forming. I always hated my hair ever since i remember. But now i wanna love them and take care of them. I want thick healthy hair and grow my blad spot back and also full hairline which is receding


suffering from anxiety ever since i remember. i always overthink a lot. i am always worried about the things that are not even important i can’t even describe how overthinking anxiety and depression is slowly killing me and i cant even do anything about it. i am worried about my looks my body and how people will react about anything that i’ll do. most of the times i dont do many things because i am worried about being judged…i just want to live in the moment and be happy and love myself and honestly this is my biggest goal for this year and hopefully i’ll achieve it :)


i used to love dance and i still do, i was a good dancer too but now i dont have that confidence and again that fear of being judged. dancing makes me feel happy.i dance with lights off doors close and music volume on full. while dancing i feel like living in the moment. happiest. maybe learning to properly dance will help to gain dancing in public / stage confidence back :)

This is part 1 of my goals list i’ll post part 2 tomorrow 

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Some things I wanna do to get my life together in 2020:

•I wanna clean out and decorate my room. It’s literally just a bed and mirror right now. I wanna get rid off the popcorn ceiling and add some cool decorations and plants to make it aesthetically pleasing.

•I wanna get my wardrobe together and put together a fashion sense. I’ve sort of been wearing whatever’s comfortable and I can’t dress like Billie Eilish Walmart Version forever. I’d probably be more confident in my looks if I dressed better.

•Get a skin care routine. I know I posted skin tips but I never took my advice and I sort of let myself go. I’m thinking of looking into curology but honestly I just wanna treat my skin well again (I’ve literally only been using water rip)

•Stop sleeping so much so I can get everything done and have more energy.

•learn to do some makeup! Not to cover up but to express myself and gain more art skills!! (Might come in handy for photos too)

This list might sound dumb to some but it really does make a big difference in your life. I’m posting this just to hold myself accountable and maybe inspire anyone reading this. If anyone makes their own list good luck!

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From overweight and suicidal girl…..

To a happy and confidence woman that is very productive and creative❤

These pictures are when i’m in the progress - now… i don’t have any pictures of me in my worst state…. however ..I’m proud of myself. I’m happy i’m alive!!!

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