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#global warming
Ya kno, people have been talking about Hillenburg's wishes a lot when it comes to the spinoffs. Even though, a lot of people who knew him while he was alive would say otherwise. The whole wishes thing is quite dubious at best.
But you know something that would've actually made him upset? Spongebob NFTs. Which might be coming soon.
Tumblr media
I know FOR SURE he would've hated it. The absolutely insane damage NFTs would cause the environment. Hillenburg wasn't even comfortable with the mass merchandising of spongebob because of the environmental impact. He didn't want to see SB toys wash up on beach shores. He didn't want his creation to cause harm to the environment he so loved. He hoped the show would encourage people to take care of the sea.
And now NFTs of HIS CREATION. We already know how huge of a carbon footprint they leave and there's no such way to undo the damage it will cause to the very environment that the show is based off of. There is no such way to undo the damage it will cause on the very environment exist in.
Its a horrible and greedy move on viacom's part. I know we talked mostly on what Hillenburg would have wanted. But even for us. Who asked for this?? Who would want this?? Unless you're some fool who didn't know any better or some idiot who does know but only care for the short term gains. No one wanted this and no one should have to live and experience the horrible environmental damage this will cause.
We have to push back against Viacom from doing this.
Tumblr media
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decolonize-the-left · a day ago
"Time to get in comment suggestions, time to blow this up on all the large creators. Get people talking about it, share it"
"We need the public demanding their release. Everyone. Celebrities, everyone. We need everyone talking about it."
Phone Number for calling and demanding the release of protesters: 202-282-2000
EDIT: ID transcript in the reblog notes
posted Oct-15-2021
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wastelesscrafts · a day ago
Bias tape 101
Bias tape is a very useful tool when sewing, but leaves a lot of people confused. What's the difference between bias tape and a simple strip of fabric? What can you use it for? Can you make it yourself?
Let's take a look.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: three spools of bias tape wound around a piece of white cardboard. The three tapes are made out of a white fabric with orange, blue, and green flowers, a pink fabric with blue and red flowers, and a white fabric with red diagonal stripes.]
What is bias tape:
Bias tape is a strip of fabric that's been cut on the bias of the fabric, then folded so it's easy to work with. You can both buy commercial bias tape or make it yourself.
Bias tape has many uses, including binding necklines and armholes, making drawstrings and straps, used as trims, casings, hemming, binding edges, finishing seams, appliqué,...
What makes bias tape different from just plain old strips of fabric?
There are two types of fabrics, generally speaking: woven and knit. Woven fabrics consist of threads that criss-cross each other, while knit fabrics have threads that loop into each other. Knit fabrics are stretchy, but woven fabrics aren't.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: woven versus knit: threads that criss-cross each other versus threads that loop into each other.]
There's one way to get a little stretch into projects using woven fabric: cutting your pattern pieces on the bias of your fabric. This means aligning your pieces in such a way that they follow the diagonal direction of your fabric (a 45° angle), rather than the straight grain.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a diagram with a blue square representing a piece of woven fabric. A diagonal line shows the bias grain. The sides of the square show the width/weft thread, the selvedge edge, and the length/warp thread of the fabric. Text: "".]
Fabric cut on the bias will stretch more than fabric cut on the straight grain. It will also drape better and be less prone to fraying. The downside is you'll need a lot more fabric to make a bias-cut garment than a straight-cut garment.
Bias tape will have all of these advantages over strips of fabric that have been cut on the straight grain of the fabric.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a diagram of a blue rectangle representing a piece of fabric, with its selvage edges and width denoted on the sides. A bodice pattern is laid out three times on the fabric: once on the straight grain, once on the diagonal/bias grain, and once on the crosswise/off grain. Text: "".]
How to make bias tape:
As I've mentioned, you can buy commercial bias tape in most craft stores. These are great if you need quick access to tape, or if you're daunted by the prospect of making it yourself.
Making your own bias tape is useful if you want your tape to match the fabric you're working with, an advantage you'll never have with store-bought bias tape. Bias tape is also a good stash buster: the climate impact of bias tape you've made from leftover fabric scraps is lower than bias tape that was commercially made and shipped to a store, as you're reusing pre-existing material rather than buying something new.
If you only need a little bias tape, the easiest way to make it is to start by drawing a line at a 45° angle on your fabric. Mark adjacent lines running parallel to your original line on your fabric for the width of tape you need.
Cut your fabric on your marked lines, then join the ends together to create longe strips. Don't just sew them together in a straight line, as this will take away some of the bias stretch. Place one end of a strip on top of another at a 90° angle, right sides together. Draw a line between the two points where the strips cross, then sew along that line with a backstitch. Iron your seam, and cut away the excess fabric.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: six photo's showing how to make bias tape by cutting diagonal lines out of fabric, then sewing the resulting separate strips together at a 45° angle.]
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: close-up of a diagonal seam where two strips of bias tape have been joined. The seam has been pressed open and the excess fabric cut away. Text: "Press open seam."]
If you need a lot of bias tape, joining all of your separate pieces is a lot of work. An easier method to accomplish this is the continuous bias tape method. This method is a little too complex for me be able to explain it properly, but both Sew Guide and Treasurie have good tutorials on how to do it.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a photo of a continuous strip of bias tape made from blue fabric with white polkadots, followed by text ("Continous bias tape.", following by an 8 picture diagram showing how to make continuous bias tape by creating a fabric tube and cutting it into strips.]
How to fold bias tape:
You now have a length of bias tape, but how do you use it? Isn't it supposed to be folded?
While there are different techniques to start sewing with the bias tape you've created, you'll have an easier time using it once you've folded it. Three common methods to fold your bias tape are the single bias tape, the single fold bias tape, and the double fold bias tape.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: three close-up's on a piece of green bias tape folded in different ways: a double fold bias tape (edges folded inwards, then folded in half), a single fold bias tape (edges folded inwards), and a single bias tape (tape folded in half).]
The easiest way to fold your bias tape is to use a bias tape maker. These little gadgets will fold your tape for you.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: a strip of green fabric is pulled through a metal bias tape maker. The unfolded end is fed into one end and comes out with its edges folded inwards at the other end, where it's ironed in place with an iron. Text: "Pull and press."]
If you don't have a bias tape maker, you'll have to fold and iron your tape yourself.
Single bias tape: fold your tape at the centre with its wrong sides facing each other, then iron it. You're done.
Single fold bias tape: fold your tape at the centre with its wrong sides facing each other, then iron it. Open up your tape again, then fold the edges towards the centre crease you've just created, and iron them. You're done.
Double fold bias tape: fold your tape at the centre with its wrong sides facing each other, then iron it. Open up your tape again, then fold the edges towards the centre crease you've just created, and iron them. Now re-fold your tape at the centre and iron it again. You're done.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: two pictures of a strip of blue fabric with white polkadots being ironed into bias tape. The first picture shows how the strip is folded in half and pressed. The second picture shows how the ironed strip is opened up again and the edges pressed towards the centre crease of the strip, meeting at the centre.]
You now know what bias tape is and how to make it yourself! Once you've gone through all of the steps above, you'll have a length of tape that's ready to use however you want.
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mysharona1987 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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smellysailor · 6 months ago
“What’s an NFT, and Why is it bad?”
Hi Everyone! I've had some people reach out to me today about NFT's, and why it's bad that Gorillaz is involved. So I've decided to compile a ton of info in a post for people who are confused, and tips on how to help!
TL;DR: Gorillaz have announced that they are producing NFTs, a form of crypto currency attached to digital art that wastes more energy than most people’s homes do in a year. 
What is an NFT?
An NFT (non-fungible token), also known as Cryptoart, is a unit of unique data that represents a digital item, typically digital art, music, videos, and other digital files. Basically, think of it like a Bitcoin that is linked to or attached to a .jpg. 
It’s complicated, but in theory, it's meant to be like fine art auctions, but for digital art. However, buying an NFT does NOT give you ownership of the file, or even exclusive access to the file. Anyone else can view and save the original image/file. All the buyer gets is the unique digital metadata that is attached to it. 
Here is a video by the Wall Street Journal that does a good job of breaking down what an NFT is.
Why is it bad?
NFT’s are controversial for several reasons. 
For one, you do not need to prove that you are the original artist or creator of the digital art to tokenize it. That basically means that anyone can take your digital art and sell it as an NFT. Shitty, I know.
It is an incredibly inaccessible and fluctuating market, and works like a pyramid scheme. (linked is a very good infographic on the topic by Cabeza Patata on Instagram.)
However, the most damning and negative side effect is its environmental impact. Because of the large amount of computing power needed to create NFTs, an INSANE amount of energy is used, creating a LOT of pollution. An UNETHICAL amount of pollution.
To quote this article by Uproxx, “In one instance, the 10 seconds it took [...] to sell six NFTs consumed 8.7 megawatt-hours of energy, comparable to the amount of electricity used by a household in a single year.”
It’s hard to explain exactly HOW or WHY it uses so much power, so here are some articles that do a better job of explaining it than I can:
NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate - Wired
The carbon footprint of creating and selling an NFT artwork - Quartz
What does this have to do with Gorillaz?
Yesterday, Gorillaz announced that they would be collaborating with Superplastic to produce products for their 20th anniversary, including NFTs.
This is a huge kick in the face due to the fact that Gorillaz has always produced music preaching environmental consciousness, and is deeply disappointing to fans. It’s hard to say if Jamie or Damon are fully aware of NFT’s impact, but regardless, it is a huge blow to the message of Gorillaz.
What can I do about it?
Instead, you can:
Support Gorillaz fan artists by commissioning them or buying their prints!
Buy any Gorillaz merch second hand/used (but take care to avoid scalpers.)
Here is a petition for Gorillaz to cut ties with Superplastic and stop production of NFTs!
Support organizations like The Climate Emergency Fund, The Clean Energy Innovation program, and other organizations fighting climate change.
Spread the word! Share this Post! Stay informed! Make sure everyone knows about the impacts of NFTs! This should go beyond the sphere of the Gorillaz fandom!
I hope this has been informative! And fuck NFTs!
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hearthpixie · 2 months ago
I haven’t seen any mention of this on tumblr yet and it breaks my heart. Tribal nations, community and environmental groups in Minnesota have fought for six years to stop Canadian oil giant Enbridge Energy from building the massive Line 3 pipeline in Northern Minnesota, to take oil from Canada’s tar sands region to Superior, Wisconsin.
Pipeline 3 will have the Co2 equivalent of 15 new coal-fired power plants. Please stand strong against the law-free oil pipeline, which seeks to keep us tethered to destructive fossil fuel practices at the expense of the land, the sacred, and the livability of the future.
The Obvious Threats:
-Oil spills
-habitat destruction
-harm to indigenous livelihood
-climate damage
Its carbon footprint would exceed the entire state of Minnesota’s and, like Keystone XL, would extend the economic viability of the ultra-polluting crude oil source in a way that one expert famously called “game over for the climate.”   All pipelines spill. It's a question of when not if.
Line 3 violates treaty rights by endangering critical cultural resources like sacred wild rice. Line 3 will cross 227 bodies of water including the Mississippi river twice and multiple state parks and national forests.
Tumblr media
Pipeline construction also means bringing thousands of out-of-state workers into rural communities. These settlements are called man camps and they lead to missing and murdered indigenous women. Pipelines directly correlates to violence against indigenous women, girls, and relatives. Native women are murdered at 10 times the national rate; 1 out 2 Native women will be raped in her lifetime(based on REPORTED statistics), and 3 out of 5 physically assaulted. Even worse, 96% of the perpetrators are non-native and cannot be prosecuted by tribal governments. approving this landline it's literally inviting violence into Indigenous spaces.
- take the pledge of resistance 
- donate directly to the front lines
- donate to Honor the Earth
- write to Biden to stop Line 3
- follow and listen to indigenous leadership
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decolonize-the-left · 2 months ago
Members of the Red Lake Nation sent out to perform a ceremony on their treaty lands, but were assaulted & arrested. They chose treaty lands at the mouth of a pipeline Enbridge is has been trying to lay (With pushback and even sabotage from water protectors). Treaty rights surpass all federal and state laws, but Enbridge and their badge wearing guard dogs don't care.
This is Alex Golden Wolf explaining (they've since been arrested, their venmo & the bailout account are below).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Update from Red Lake Treaty Camp now:
Alex Golden Wolf, Two spirit Indigenous leader of the white Earth Nation was violently arrested out of ceremony before the completion of the ceremony. Alex is a staff carrier, and a care taker of Indigenous Children, she helps with language and art skills at Camp Migizi.
Today at Red Lake Treaty Camp indigenous leaders gathered at sunrise to do ceremony in front of the gates of the construction site where Enbridge is drilling under the Red Lake River in order to lay an oil pipeline on land protected by treaty rights. This sacred ceremony was interrupted by police with no regard for indigenous traditions. Along with Alex Golden Wolf, around 20 indigenous leaders and allies who formed a peaceful blockade around those in ceremony where arrested.
Red Lake Treaty Camp is currently under blockade by the police, with no one allowed in or out. A water protector who locked down to the drill this morning was extracted and work has begun again.
Water protectors are being threatened. Treaty rights are being trampled on. Indigenous two spirit folks are being assaulted. Stop Line 3.
Venmo: @Alex-golden-wolf
Red Lake Treaty Camp Bail Fund: @Stars_On_Stone
Photo: Chris Trinh [ig @christhaotrinh]
Tumblr media
They need you!!! We all need you!! The best way you could help right now is to SHOW UP. I can't stress that enough! PLEASE GO IF YOU CAN. Short of that PLEASE spread awareness, share this post, follow The Lakota People's Law Project, Red Lake Treaty Camp, donate to the bail funds and call, email the people below!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Demand Biden Stop Line 3
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wastelesscrafts · 2 days ago
Easy knitted sweater
It's sweater weather! Or it is where I live, at least.
Sweaters can look really intimidating to new knitters, but they don't have to be. There's one type of sweater you can knit with just rectangles (and very little shaping): the boxy boatneck sweater.
All you need to know to knit this sweater is how to:
Cast on
Cast off
Stockinette (or your preferred stitch - as long as you've got the same gauge, you're good)
Rib stitch
Increase or decrease stitches (depending on whether you start at the bottom or the top for your sleeves - or you could forgo the shaping and go for an oversized sleeve)
Sew knitting together
I've got three free patterns here for just such a sweater:
The Basic Sweater with a Boatneck Collar (by Elaine Phillips / ABC Knitting Patterns): this pattern contains written instructions for a form-fitting boatneck sweater.
The Over Sweater (by Pierrot): this pattern contains visual instructions for an oversized boxy sweater.
Long Turtleneck Sweater (by Pierrot): this pattern contains visual instructions for a long boxy sweater with a turtleneck. If you leave out the turtleneck, you'll end up with a boatneck again.
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: photo of the finished basic sweater with a boatneck collar by Elaine Phillips: a boxy form-fitting sweater in brown and beige yarn and with a ribbed edge at the neck. Text: "".]
Tumblr media
(Image source) [ID: knitting diagram for the Pierrot Over Sweater: visual instructions on how to make a boxy sweater with long sleeves and a boatneck collar.]
Knitting resources:
Not sure where to start? My knitting tag might be useful to you.
Need a different size? Check out this guide on resizing knitting patterns by The Spruce Crafts.
New to Western knitting patterns? This guide on how to read a knitting pattern by the Craft Yarn Council will help you out.
New to Japanese knitting patterns, like Pierrot? This guide on reading Japanese knitting patterns by Twig & Horn shows how to read their shaping instructions.
Want to make these sweaters in a zero waste way? Check out my crafting on the cheap post to see how to get second-hand supplies (yes, even the yarn!), and learn how to knit with chopsticks as instructed by Tumblr-user Millenniumbreak.
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quasi-normalcy · 2 months ago
I think that, in order to avoid catastrophic global warming, we need to give up one of the most cherished myths of modern society--the idea that future civilization should be faster, more mechanized, harness greater amounts of power, have greater amounts of production, etc.
I don’t even mean collapse (although that would be a worst-case scenario); I mean that there needs to be a sort of managed decline of capitalist modernity; we have to retire much of industrial civilization whilst (hopefully) preserving its advantages.
The consequence of this is that we will have to do without a lot of the things that we (particularly in the west) take for granted. Right now, for example, we can buy as many clothes as we want; in the future, perhaps, most people will own two or three outfits that are designed for durability. Our cities should be redesigned to be livable without the need to own a car, and we must demand machines that are built to last for years or decades; planned obsolescence must be banned. Right now, we travel by plane; in the future, perhaps we will revert to using trains or boats. Perhaps we will no longer be able to import perishable cargoes from distant parts of the world; we must learn to do without.
Right now, we remain married to a vision of the future that originated in the 19th century, before we understood just how sharp the limitations that nature imposes upon civilization actually are. As such, the visions of a slower, less mechanized, and less materially wealthy world can be tarred as dystopian; but they should not be. Perhaps it should best be regarded as a sort of strategic withdrawal from the “fast” future we were all sold on--until we know how to do it without imperilling our own existence.
The fact of the matter is that civilization is going to decline; that decline can either be managed to catastrophic. I would much rather opt for the former.
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So a category four bordering on five hurricane makes landfall in New Orleans during the anniversary of hurricane Katrina at the end of a summer of record high temperatures and wildfires in the middle of the second year of a global pandemic and there are still people trying to act like nothing's wrong?
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thatquietsong · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It's either abolish capitalism or face extinction. There's no 'compelling' corporations to save us. They have control of all the resources to help protect themselves (secluded land, bunkers, any and all infrastructure to protect themselves from the worst of climate change), and all the means to colonize space. They're literally creating a space hotel that's going to be ready in the next decade. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to watch the world increasingly suffer throughout my life. And if I survive until 2075, I don't want to have survived that long to go out like that. We've already seen how the elderly and disabled and sick were treated during this pandemic. I don't want this for anyone or anything on our planet.
Edit: it's come to my attention that these statistics are unfounded. The scientific consensus in terms the possible outlooks of global warming are already scary enough, and this guy (from the tweet), who is not a climate scientist, is apparently out there spreading misinformation like this and is being condemned by actual climate scientists. I took them as someone who was theorizing a worse outlook, but based in science, and it's not. My sentiment above is still the same, but please look through the notes in regards to why these statistics (5, 6, & 7) are by in large if not completely disagreed with by scientists- and look at the actual science based statistics and outlooks of global warming.
That said, my sentiment is still the same. We need to abolish capitalism in order to save the planet, or stave off the worst of climate change, and it will take revolution, not reform, in order to abolish capitalism.
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hope-for-the-planet · 6 months ago
This is an update to climate science that many researchers would describe as a “game changer”, but it doesn’t seem to have fully entered the mainstream discussion around climate change.
While evidence from climate models used to indicate that a large amount of warming would be “locked in” even after we stopped emitting CO2, more accurate and updated models now strongly suggest that warming will level off much faster than expected once we reach net zero CO2 emissions.
“It is our best understanding that, if we bring down CO2 to net zero, the warming will level off. The climate will stabilize within a decade or two. There will be very little to no additional warming. Our best estimate is zero.”
This is, of course, extremely hopeful news because it means that reaching net zero emissions would be a massive, massive step in stabilizing the climate and halting climate change, potentially without additional warming locked in after the fact.
Further reading
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decolonize-the-left · 2 months ago
Another day, another chance to show your support to Indigenous people. Their treaty lands are being violated and colonized yet again in 2021 so big oil can keep making money off stolen land. Treaty rights surpass all state and federal law. Several appeals have been made, but Enbridge hasn't stopped once. They work all day and all night.
We CAN'T allow this to continue. YOU can't allow this to continue as our ally, as someone who cares about clean water, and who cares about having a clean planet. Spread the message as far as you can. We need you to help us protect our water and our planet. Please.
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