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#glow up
angelicallyblack · 16 hours ago
When I'm finally where I want to be in life, I'm not going to forget where I came from. I'm not going to forget those who made sacrifices for me to achieve what they didn't have the opportunity to. I'm not going to look down on those who are still where I used to be just because I'm now "established". Please don't be one of those people who gets to where they want to be and suddenly wants to pretend like they weren't the same people they're currently looking down their nose at only a few years ago. Life is funny, and she has a way of humbling you very fast.
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glowupwithsol · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My unconventional beauty has become such a experience I must say. As of late in my 30’s is when I am finally not insecure about my face. About how my lips lean to the side. About how up close my face looks un-proportioned. But I’ve found that I’m beautiful. I may not look like everyone else but that is what makes me beautiful. I stand out in a room full of normal faces. And I’m finally loving every bit of that 🖤
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boujeeceo · 3 months ago
Start where you are
Avoid wasting time, energy and money like I did. I heard someone say once that most of leveling up is just having the money to do so. Since not everyone has 10,000$ to drop on an overnight physical glow up, it has to be done in phases. 
When I started leveling up I was so overwhelmed with all this information I didn’t what to do with. I spent the first year wasting resources on steps I wasn’t ready for. Only to have to step back and start over at the beginning of 2021. I didn’t even have an idea of what I really wanted at the end of my journey. Physically, romantically or career wise. I just knew I wanted to be rich and different than I started. 
The glow up is a journey so it may take over a year or so to complete fully but it’s so worth it. 
This is in order of what should be done and cost. 
General level up
Workout routines 3-4x a week at home that you are excited to do!
Get in the habit of drinking 2 liters of water a day
Fix your sleep schedule! 8hrs a night.  
Nails grown and done yourself
Pick 5 hairstyles to rotate
Eyebrows waxed, tweezed, or threaded. 
Have makeup and makeup remover. 
For now just use drug store makeup. As long as it looks good and doesn’t break out the skin no one can tell where you got it from. Besides drug store makeup has gotten much better over the years. 
Makeup needed: Foundation, primer, mascara, eye liner, lip liner, blush, contour, lashes, concealer, eyeshadow, setting spray/powder + Brush set.
Daily makeup style picked out
Learn to sew and fix your own clothes to fit properly
Get a notebook to track every single expense for the glow up journey 
Take online free courses/lessons. Pick up like 4 or 5 new skills to beef up your resume or your social intrigue.
Sit down with a snack, a pen, a notebook and read the blogs you look up to.
What’s the point of having access to all these tips, tricks and life hacks if its just a reblog to be tagged and forgotten or worse lost in the shuffle of your blog?
Just in general. Read for fun. Whether its good, bad, trashy, or so bad it’s good. All reading is time well spent. 
Also read self improvement novels.There are so many of them. Pick a category (ex personal finance, emotional growth, eating well, beauty, nutrition, time management, persuasion, procrastination, seduction, romance, friend making, mental wellness, strategy, investing) and go wild. Finish at least 2 a month. 1 a month if taking notes.  
Cost: 87$ max
Tumblr media
Nest egg
Make an emergency fund of 1,500$. 3,500$ would be ideal.
1,500$ for real emergencies only! 1,500$ saved in 1 year is 30$ a week. 60$ a week for 6 months. 107$ a week for 14 weeks. 
2,000$ for later upgrades. It’s a slush fund so you don’t have to worry about finding money for whatever you need later. 
To save 3,500$ in 1 year 67$ a week or 135$ biweekly or 291$ a month. In 6 months 582$ a month, 270$ biweekly, 134$ a week. 
There’s no reason to look like a million dollars and have 5$ in my bank account. Priorities. 
This can be done while in the General level up and Polish phase. 
Cost: Time. Discipline needed. 
Tumblr media
New outfits that compliment your body shape. 
I will continue to sing the praises of capsule closets. Its the easiest way to go shopping and have a bunch of outfits for next to nothing. I recommend 23 pieces: 3 pants, 4 dresses, 3 skirts, 7 shirts and 2 jackets/coats and 2 pairs of shoes.
2 quality purses (1 large/1 small) 
Consignment stores have luxury bags at 50-75% off.
Gym membership (paid off for a full year) 
Take some pressure off your own shoulders by paying for it in full. Planet fitness 10$ a month, 10$ down + fees comes out to 180$ a year. 
Go 3-4x a week. For at least 30 mins of sweating. 
2 perfumes for your signature scents.
One for casual day to day wear to work, to the store, to school, to hobby classes. One for special occasions like dates, events, company parties. 
Quality Makeup that works with your skin type.
Oily, dry, or combination. Your face is your baby. Treat her well. 
New glasses that fit your face shape or contact lenses. 
Keep up with your nails, hair, eyebrows and healthy habits.
Cost: $$$
Tumblr media
Lifestyle changes. Experiment!
Lifestyle (diet) change. 
Research and experiment until you find one that keeps you full, satisfies you and allows you to eat your favorite snacks/meals in moderation. 
Skincare routine
Makeup remover, cleanser for morning and night, toner, serum, essence, anti-aging creams, moisturizer, sleep mask, exfoliator, sunscreen. 
I started with the Korean 10 step skincare routine to find what worked for me and got rid of the steps I didn’t like or didn’t need. Like sheet masks, and essences. 
Full Body Beauty Routine put together: 
Skincare, shower routine, haircare, nail care, below the neck skincare.
Upgrade your room, sleepwear and loungewear!
Invest in a room you actually want to work and relax in.   
Map out that business you wanna start.
Business plan, website content, business cards, goals, products, licenses needed, social media presence. Look into grants to get your funding.
Write down short term and long term savings goals
Saving mindlessly makes people more likely to spend it because its money in a jar, coming out of their check for no defined reason. Give yourself a reason and you’ll be less likely to mess up your own progress. Examples of goals:
3-6 months of emergency savings- long term
Retirement- long term
Business start up- short term
Last round of upgrades- short term
A house- long term
Investing money- short term
Vacation money- short term
Make a budget and start saving in earnest!
Set aside time for studying, reading, relaxing and recharging daily.
Make a vision book/board
Make a lookbook of outfits, makeup styles and aesthetics you love
5-10 year goals written down
Pick out any further degrees, certifications, licenses you want for your career. 
Pick up new hobbies.
Keep reading, learning and gaining skills from free courses.
Research different personas and brands to find which you want to represent.   
Clean up your social media presence.
Cost: Time, patience and $$$
Tumblr media
Full reinvention
Get a lock box for your birth certificate, SSN, check book, warranties, and receipts. 
Get your teeth straightened and whitened.
Braces, wisdom teeth pulled, veneers, filled in crowns ect. The smile is the most inviting thing about the face. Make it pop. 
If you wear glasses or contacts: laser eye surgery.
Body hair removal. Laser or Electrolysis.
Both work. Electrolysis destroys the hair follicle but the sessions take longer and may cost more because it may take 6 or visits to do the full area. Laser is cheaper but most women have to continue to go back for maintenance and its easy to burn black women, even in an office. Home laser devices usually don’t service brown to dark skinned women. 
Start seeing a dermatologist, nutritionist, and personal trainer monthly
Get a passport booklet
If you want plastic surgery, start saving/get it done. 
Start that business! Order the business cards, design the website, create the products. 
Get a closet full of clothes that matches your persona or personas. 
Sets of outfits for Work, Casual, & Formal settings. You can pick different styles for each type- Cottage core casual, business barbie for work, and 1950′s pinup for formal events.
This is where you go all out. Nothing but quality fabrics, statement pieces, and jewelry that will last at least 2 years or more. 
I’d go with a 40 piece capsule closet: 10 tops, 10 skirts, 10 Dresses, 5 Jeans/pants, 3 shoes, 2 Jackets.
Don’t forget stockings, panty hose, breast pasties, and bra strap holders.
Examples of styles: Cottage core, classic feminine, sexy, cute, alternative, sporty, business, y2k, 70s, 80s, 50′s, soft glam, barbie/bratz doll. Ectera.  
Take those hobby classes
Get your scholarships, degrees and certifications
Pick a persona and create the social media, and irl community presence.
Keep track of your costs! 
Treat it like a business and you’ll see where you’re wasting money, how you can improve and create a budget for future use. 
Keep notes too- what brand was the lipstick you bought, what color, how did it feel on you, did it look good, how long did it last, did it come off easily when eating, would you buy it again? 
Sections: One time static costs. Recurring costs, Product page with notes. 
Cut out toxic people. 
Anyone that makes you feel less than or perpetually uncomfortable should have their access to you provoked. 
“I did XYZ to better myself, and this is how they treat me?”
It’d be like paying 2,500$ for a seat at the La Scala, Milan for the best classical music concert in the world only to be behind a pillar in the corner with someone next to you on their phone all night. 
Or applying for a job after you got the highest degrees available in your field, were valedictorian, and only applied for established multimillion dollar companies. Only for them to offer you 10$ an hour on a position worth 50$ an hour. 
This one is last for three reasons. One it’s not always as simple or easy as blocking them and never speaking again, an exit strategy may be necessary. Two sometimes it pays, literally, to have these people around. If they have contacts I want I’ll get them before I go. If being around them cuts down the costs of something significant in my life I save the extra money while I plan my exit strategy. By the time I’ve left I’ve gotten my payment for any sabotage they’ve thrown my way. Three it’s an ongoing process. New friends can turn to new enemies in the right conditions. You may never be 100% free of having any snakes in your garden so it’s good to stay vigilant.
Cost: Time, Patience, Empathy for yourself, $$$$$
Tumblr media
Slow down. Take it easy. Work smart. 
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cacaohearts · 4 months ago
Cleaning my space, getting rid of things that don’t suit me, only responding to love, knowing my worth, expecting only the best plus more, getting what I want, taking care of my health, moving my body, getting lots of nutrients and sunlight.
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blackprincesssociety · 10 months ago
You are playing yourself by being TOO humble. If you are that bitch don’t be afraid to hurt some feelings. If your presence alone bothers ANYONE, just imagine what your POWER can do! Don’t lower your value. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t lower your vibrations.
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herhighnessthequeen · 3 months ago
My Adult Glow-Up
aka: me getting my shit together
Fixing your sleeping schedule -  Yes, way harder than it seems and I completely understand if your job gets in the way; just make sure you're getting you 7-8 hours of sleep bb. Naps are great too!
Eating fucking breakfast - Bagels, cereal, smoothie or just a banana anything to fill your tummy up with food for your meds or vitamins! Treat your body as if you were a toddler!
Smelling good - Super hard to get into the shower sometimes, and I know how comfy your bed is but it needs to happen mama. Dry Shampoo and baby wipes if you’re in a pinch
SKIN CARE - Even i’m trying to keep up with this one, and don't forget sunscreen! I can hear your pores crying for help!!
Complete hygiene routine - this is one of those where it varies from person to person. Ex: brushing teeth 2x a day, Complete showers (exfoliating, hair mask, the full routine) not just quick body showers anymore. Whatever works for you!
Screen time - whether it's TikTok, Tumblr, Instagram you need to stay off of it babe, even 30 minutes make a HUGE difference. When ur in public and have anxiety that's completely fine but try to find something that stimulates your mind like books, articles, podcasts!! Maybe like mine, ‘Your Go-To Bitch’ available anywhere you listen to podcasts! ;> 
Deadlines - TBH anything that you haven't gotten done! Even if they don't have a deadline, let's all get our shit together!, ADHD laundry piles, taking out the trash, deadlines for work all of the above! Let’s ease our minds a little more. Don’t forget to go at your own pace.
Deep cleaning - This is another one that will vary from person to person but one thing i advise is CLEAN YOUR FUCKING ELECTRONICS!! Your phone, AirPods, laptop etc! Just please do it!!!
Make a DEEP WORK playlist - is there that one music genre or couple of songs that make you feel and be productive? Create a playlist that keeps you on your grind and get some shit done!
Go to therapy - this one might be a little harder because of the U.S. healthcare system but there are plenty of free resources online. 
Spend time with loved ones -  No seriously, real loved ones! Family may not your first chance, mine definitely isn't but hanging out with people that make you feel like your floating does wonders which bring me to another point
Communication - Tell people how you really are feeling, I know it might feel like you're a burden or annoying but you're not! Talk/rant about your shitty day at work and if they seem annoyed or burdened by you FUCK THEM!!! Your feelings are valid and you deserve to be heard.  (REVISON: I don’t mean emotionally unloading on some one without their permission, I mean bad friends who roll their eyes, gaslight you into thinking that it’s just your mental illness, and switch up on you every Tuesday . Just people who don’t want to see you winning babe!!!)
Recreate a Nostalgic Meal - Now I’m not saying you have to have a whole ratatouille moment over your dinner but make/recreate something that brings you instant peace, your inner child might miss it more than you think babe.
Don’t forget your worth babe! - I know how hard it is, I used to always look at posts like this and roll my eyes but I hate to admit it but it helps! Don’t forget that you are that fucking bitch and keep your head held up HIGH!
-Your Go-To Bitch 💕💕
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jadoremonhoney · 3 months ago
Depression plan
This is the plan I have in my nightstand to give myself ideas to cope.
High energy activities
High energy yoga
Exercise (go to the gym)
Clean your space
Get dressed
Go for a walk
Go to a plant nursery
Bake while listening to big band
Make a healthy snack - apples and peanut butter, yogurt, tangerines.
Make yourself look nice
Buy snacks and wine
Light the fire pit and sit by it
Go to bed on time (use valerian if needed)
Dessert in a mug
Plan something!
Low energy activities
Make my bed
Open window
Use crystals
Watch a movie
Watch a show
Use orange scented things
Gentle yoga like yin or restorative or seated yoga.
Write or read in journal
Cup of tea
Take a bath
Light a candle
Do a face mask
Write a love letter to yourself
Drink ice water with lemon or mint
Make hot cocoa
Sit outside
Make a tumblr post
Make a fort
Animal crossing
Listen to upbeat music and dance
Talk it out
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angeldiscovery · a month ago
Plush doll winter
winter is approaching ! you all know i love the holiday season !! so here’s a few essentials & tips to make your winter the best ! ❄️🎄🎀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wardrobe essentials & colors ❄️
i love winter clothes !!! believe it or not, i used to hate winter clothing because i love summer outfits so much, but i’ve learned to love the comfy & cute style winter brings. it makes me feel safe & warm !! especially when it’s raining outside. ⛈
Tumblr media
tracksuits ( pink, light purple, white, black )
boots ( demonia’s, uggs, anything fluffy & comfortable ! )
fur coats, they have super cute ones on fashion nova !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
comfortable velour tracksuit bottoms & jackets
leg warmers & gloves
color palette pink, purple, blue, ( white, black, gray ) mainly pink for me though !
your space ❄️
i always include this in any type of post, because your space is so important. during the christmas time, it’s so much fun to clean & put up decorations.
Tumblr media
start off by cleaning up any trash, dirt, or anything you must clear.
vacuum, clean your bedding, and wipe surfaces. i love to use mr clean products
i recommend buying some holiday wildflowers from bath and body ! they make your room smell so festive & fun
after your room has been deep cleaned, add fun decorations !!!
investing in a new bedding set, and holiday themed throw blankets or pillows is very essential as well !
for my room i have a mini pink tree, hello kitty ornaments, christmasy candles, and small items i like to put on my desk, vanity, and shelves.
skincare wishlist & essentials ❄️
Tumblr media
these are some products i wanna try/already love ! i really enjoy switching up my products for different seasons. these are very gentle/hydrating. perfect for the winter !
tatcha the essence
tatcha cleansing oil
tatcha violet-c serum
olehenriksen truth gel crème
shopping and tips ❄️
Tumblr media
this holiday season i’ll be shopping mostly from VS, sephora, ulta, and bath & body !
a run down of what i’ll mostly be shopping for 🛍
cute pajamas ( VS, fashion nova )
gifts for family, + friends ( cards, bags )
slippers ( VS )
fuzzy socks ( tj maxx, marshalls )
holiday scented products ( b&bw )
lip gloss ( most likely the VS ones ! )
skincare ( sephora, ulta )
perfume ( ulta, sephora )
shoes !!!!! ( online )
plushies, other fun accessories ( sanrio, amazon )
extras ! ❄️
Tumblr media
invest in a cute new bag !!
make sure to always have an essential robe to put on in case you get cold in the mornings
take care of your skin & carry hand cream with you always !
create a set of “winter affirmations”
make a playlist of comfort movies/songs !
get your nails done a super cute color !!
splurge on jackets, and other essential winter pieces
make handmade cards for your loved ones
declutter your phone & reset your wallpaper to something fun and christmasy !
do things you loved as a child, become in-tune with your child-self & what they enjoyed during this season
last but not least, put yourself first & make sure you’re happy !!!
Tumblr media
happy holidays dolls !!!! have fun ❄️💕
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thecairomuse · 5 months ago
How to smell good from head to toe, AKA my scent routine
Apparently there's more to it than bathing and spraying perfume.
The formula:
Category 1: The Hair
Let's start at the top shall we?
This consists of your hair products:
Pick a scent, for this category you can have any type of scent, be it fresh or sweet or floral, etc. but the trick is to make sure it plays well with other scents
Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are of your chosen scent or have your scent as one of the notes
Alternatively, you can choose a fragrance free or a low fragrance shampoo and conditioner
Your hair oil/ cream/ mousse/ deep conditioner/ mask/ hot oil treatment etc. should be of your chosen scent but don't stress too much about it as it can be hard to find good products that are of the same scent
Use a hair perfume that has your chosen scent as one of the notes
This category is quite simple, you'll use your shampoo and conditioner and your other hair care products every time you shower and then your hair perfume every morning.
Tumblr media
Category 2: The Body (base)
Next up we have any body care products that you use, this includes:
Shower gels
Shaving cream
Body oils
Hand soap
Hand sanitizers
Hand cream
Foot cream
Body mists
Any other products that you use in the shower and/ or on your body go here:
Pick a scent, it should be common so that you can easily find products for it
It can be of any scent type but it should play well with other scents so pick something simple
Make sure your body care products are of your chosen scent or have it as one of it's notes
Most of these products will be used in the shower
This category is slightly more complicated, you have to make sure that most of your products smell like your chosen scent but don't worry too much if one or two of your holy grail products aren't of your chosen scent; you can obviously still use them.
Your lotion, deodorant, hand cream, foot cream and body mist will be used daily so they are the ones that are the most important to focus on.
Tumblr media
Category 3: The Body (Fragrance oil)
This is a special one. Fragrance oils are commonly used in Middle Eastern cultures as they tend to be long lasting, concentrated scents that have a more intimate sillage, but they are quite potent nonetheless.
Pick a scent, either oud or musk, these two are the best to pick because of the nature of fragrance oils and the availability of both scents in oil form
If you are worried about options, don't be, there's more than just pure oud/ musk. Trust me; I once smelled a chocolate scented musk oil
But if you are not a big fan of oud/ musk then there are still many other scents ranging from Egyptian amber to patchouli to rose
I love applying fragrance oils on my décolletage area and behind my ears as well as in between my elbows
I use it daily, after I shower. I am completely obsessed with them.
I would recommend getting oud/ musk oils, as well as other scents, from Middle Eastern brands like Rassasi, but there are also many designer brands, that are more accessible to someone living elsewhere, that have started coming out with fragrance oils.
Tumblr media
Category 4: Clothing
This one is often over looked:
Make sure you have a good smelling detergent that is not too strong or too weak
Pick a scent, I would only really recommend vanilla for this category
Bit if you're feeling bold (ish) you can get something mixed with vanilla, eg. a vanilla and cherry combo
Another option that is more potent is bakhoor, it's very common in gulf countries to go over your garments with bakhoor smoke, the smell will stick onto the clothes and it usually smells heavenly
All you have to do is spritz your clothing before wearing or passing steam from the bakhoor on your clothes.
Here is a picture of Bakhoor burning to make the room smell nice.
Tumblr media
Via @nnalfares
Category 5: Perfumes
A very fun one. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like:
Pick a perfume
or two
or three
The perfume(s) should go with your other scents
If you are new to the world of perfume then wearing one at a time is enough. But if you want to up your game layering perfumes is such a fun way to get a unique scent
You can either layer perfumes by spraying one on your shoulder and the other on your neck or any other variation of that sort, or you can directly mix them together by spraying them in the same place
Layering requires studying the notes of fragrances and A LOT of experimentation
Layering can be tricky and can go very wrong very fast, if you are new to fragrances I would suggest one perfume to start with and then work your way up if you want.
I usually spritz some perfume on my wrist/ elbow as well as my décolletage area and the back of my head or I will spritz some in the air and shimmy through it, depending on the strength of the perfume.
Tumblr media
Some general tips:
This is a given but bathe daily
Less is more if you are too scared to go all in
Use vaseline before applying perfume
It can be hard to find products that smell the same/ similar so you can def break the rules a little
You can also do scent groups instead of individual scents, for example instead of picking rose for your hair scent you can do floral this way you have more options when it comes to products
Remember a product only needs to have one note that is your chosen scent, for example you chose coconut for your body scent, if you have a body lotion that smells like a Piña colada then it would meet the criteria
Unscented products can be a workaround for this
Bath & Body works is a game changer when it comes to body care products, almost always will you be able to get a body mist, a lotion, a shower gel, a hand soap and a hand sanitizer in the same scent and sometimes even a hand cream, a body scrub, a shimmer mist, a room spray and a body butter
Make sure your house smells good, the scent can linger on you
Carry some body mist/ perfume/ oil with you for resprays if needed
You can also use other products with the same scent as your fragrance, for example, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel has a perfume, a deodorant, a body mist, a lotion, a hair perfume, a shower gel, a soap, etc. The only problem you may encounter is that not all perfumes will have multiple products of the same scent and your scent may not be unique as it's not a mixture
Do your research, with that being said Fragrantica is a good site for exploring notes and reviews of perfumes/ body mists and it also measures other metrics like longevity and is super helpful
Last but not least use combos that are tried and tested like oud, rose and vanilla or jasmine, vanilla and musk
I'll be uploading every new scent routine I will have from now onwards. One is coming very very soon, as we transition into summer my scent routine changes, so keep an eye out for that post.
Now go smell heavenly <3
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crystalzchild · 28 days ago
Beauty affirmations ♡
I am always the prettiest in the room
Everyone is looking at my effortless beauty
My body has the perfect measurements, and it's a genuine work of art
I look like an absolute Goddess, people are amazed that I am even real
I am a real-life doll, my clothes seem like they were specially made for me, and my make-up looks professionally done
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cacaohearts · 11 months ago
My skin is glowing. I have a rare aura that everyone wants to be around. I am loved and adored by so many people. I am always calm and peaceful. I work on myself for myself. I eat plenty of fruit and veggies, as well as some sweets when I feel like it. I am a hydrated queen. I get enough sleep, my skin looks so youthful. I read and watch videos to nourish my mind. So many opportunities come my way. People are always kind to me and want to help me.
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financeprincess · 21 days ago
✨ Currently Manifesting... ✨
Regular facials, manis, pedis, massages, Brazilian waxes, lash lifts. Glowing skin. Glowy makeup. Fluffy curls. Microshaded brows. Laser hair removal. Veneers. Subtle plastic surgery. Intoxicating perfumes. Shopping. Diamonds. Designer bags. Credit card rewards. International travel. Networking. Career certifications. Investing more. Brunch with the girls. Picnics. Farmers markets. Art galleries. Museums. Fresh flowers. Silk scarves. Big sunglasses. Beautiful lingerie. Silk robes. Receiving lots of gifts. Lots of sunlight. Hot yoga. Incredible sex. Nature hikes. Tennis lessons. Green smoothies. Matcha lattes. Candles that smell expensive. Sleeping 8+ hours a night. Bubble baths. Studying foreign languages. Absorbing as much knowledge as I can. Book clubs. Pottery classes. Jazz & classical music. Cooking with fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices. Champagne. Charcuterie & bruschetta. Gelato. Fresh bread. Ocean air. Hugging my loved ones. Petting dogs. Giving lots of gifts. Journaling. Meditating. Gratitude. Volunteering. Donating to charity. Manners. Etiquette. Charisma. Therapy. Healthy boundaries. Radical personal responsibility. Positivity. Self care. Abundant love.
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