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#glow up
flowery-king · 29 days ago
arguably, one could probably use many things to sketch in enchantments, right? we know redstone has some magic capabilities because it can be used in potion making, so who's to say you can't use redstone the same as lapis? i say all this to present you this idea: technoblade uses redstone to enchant, which is much scarier than lapis, because imagine you see this 10 foot piglin brute looking guy, and his armor is just covered in what looks like dried blood
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astraskylark · 2 months ago
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Gus Porter is not here to play
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sk-lumen · 2 years ago
Once you get a taste of bettering yourself, it becomes addictive in the best sense, it becomes a priority to put your wellbeing first, your health, your growth, your education. All you’re going to be focused on is how to become the best version of you possible. This is the most powerful form of living; as all the energy otherwise wasted on comparison, doubt, etc is invested into you, as it should be.
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desultory-suggestions · a year ago
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Hello, lovelies! I’ve gotten a couple of asks about studying so I decided to condense them into one post for you guys! I’m trying to hit a bunch of different topics so if you need an even more specific post you can send an ask! Without any further ado, have some tips! My studyblr is @spacey-scholar​
First, you always need a good base for your day! Especially if you’re studying a lot.
Make a good full breakfast! Ex. Eggs and Toast, Smoothie and fruit, Pancakes and a cup of juice. 
How’s your hygiene? Do you need to shower, brush your teeth, wash your face, condition your hair? Do it! You’ll be distracted if you feel messy!
Get dressed like it’s a normal day. Staying in PJ’s is okay! But being ready for the day seriously helps focus!
Likewise, your space should be clean. A clean space is a clean mind! Remove dishes, trash, scrap paper, and extra items. Wide down your desk, organize your pens and books. Your space should feel like your space!
Now make a list of what you need to get done! What needs to be done Now, what needs to be done Soon, and what needs to be done Later? 
Order your list how you want your day to go, and don’t put super-tough subjects back to back, or subjects that are similar exercises i.e. reading thirty pages of two different books back to back is no fun.
The Studying
It’s important to buckle down with No Distractions! If you find yourself distracted put your phone away! If you need your phone, put it on Do Not Disturb until you’re done. I also do this at night for better sleep. 
Pick the best technique for you, Pomodoro, reward-based, group studying, etc.
Play music but only if it will not distract you! If you sing along or daydream it’s the wrong music! Classical, Lo-fi, and White noise are all good! My Spotify Here has some good ones.
Use a nice journal (I don’t mean expensive!) and pens/pencils you enjoy using. I like to have a specific journal and color dedicated to each subject. 
Take notes on recorded lectures and classes, if you’re doing online classes right now try to screen record or record the audio! That way if you space out you can play it later and take notes, and you can absorb the lesson better instead of being distracted.
Don’t worry about your notes, stationary, pictures, being beautiful and your grades being perfect. Life doesn’t always look the way it does on Instagram. And the people who spend hours trying to get a good photo of their coffee are not studying! 
Use flashcards! Quizlet is good if you need premade ones! If you can save up and buy them, Barrons AP Flash Cards are the best in my opinion. Very clean, not too long, very durable, and cover all subjects.
Feeling Distracted 
If you catch yourself drifting off and getting into your head, get up and take a quick walk, stretch, or energizer. 
It’s okay if this happens, don’t guilt yourself! practice affirmation. The best and smartest still get distracted. 
If you are drifting, why? Are you hungry? Tired? Thirsty? Bored? Get a snack and some water, take a break and rest, find a way to make your studying more enjoyable. 
Remember that Motivation and Discipline are different things. Sometimes we just won’t be motivated, we won’t want to do it and it will be rather frustrating. But the cure to this is not shaming its discipline. Remind yourself “This may be hard, and I may not want to do this, but I want to reach my goals and If this is what It takes I will make it happen. 
Always do just one more page of you’re tired. One at a time and oh you did it! Maybe just one more? One more? Eh, one more just to finish the train of thought, Oh just- I’m done? Nice!
If you really can’t focus just move on and come back to this subject, you can always ask for help.
Supplementary Things
There are so many apps you can use to study, for free! My favorites are Tide, Quizlet, Focus Keeper, Forest, Flora, Egenda, SpanishDict, Photomath, and Kahn Academy. 
You can also join a study group! You may know one, but if you don’t, there are a lot of online ones! I’m in a study Discord and have been for a while! it helps a lot and motivates me to finish my work!
You can make a studyblr, but don’t do it just for the aesthetics! It’s about studying, and sometimes that gets messy! Sometimes we fail a test, we spill our tea on our notes, we cry because we don’t understand the formula. That’s the part you don’t see!
Having cute stationery can really help, as well as nice organizers and decorations for your space! I don’t have much money so I get a lot of stuff on Amazon or FB Marketplace.
Remember that no matter what you are good enough. It’s okay if you fail, it’s okay if you struggle.
It’s also okay if your path doesn’t go the way you expected! Maybe you go to a different school than expected! Or choose a trade instead! Maybe you take a gap year! Maybe your passion changes! Maybe it changes six times!
Your health is always more important than your school. If you are in pain, mentally or physically, if you are anxious, exhausted, burnt out, talk to your teachers about it! You matter more than a grade.
Your best is good enough! And your best doesn’t look the same as someone else’s best! Don’t compare!
Now go get out there and study!
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the-diary-of-a-failure · 2 years ago
Glow up tips/ideas
Here’s my little guide how to glow up in your life:
First, get your life together:
Organise and clean your home -Having clean home will make you feel better and lighter and therefore you will be more positive.
Have a life admin day -Write down all the stuff that needs to be done, all the appointments you need to get and everything that needs to be fixed. Then schedule in a day every month or every two weeks when you tick off these thing off your list.
Do your damn laundry
Create routines -They can be long and strict or short and very opened
Fight procrastination in all the ways you can
Take your mediaction and have regular health check ups
Now it’s time for mental health:
Make sure you eat and drink water regularly
Get a therapist if you feel like you need/want one
Practise your hobbies or find new ones
Listen to your favourite music
Create a happy atmosphere for yourself -Buy plants and flowers, let your favourite music play in the background, let in as much ligh as you can.
Warm beverages
Be as positive as you can
Try to complain less
Don’t talk shit about people, especially not behind their back -You spread negative energy and hurt yourself in the process.
Say nice things to people, compliment them as much as you can -Being nice to poeple will affect your own mood for the better.
Talk about what you love, not what you hate
Get enough fresh air.
Glow up your mind!:
Read more books -Does not matter the genre
Watch movies and series
Learn new language -Even if it’s just a few words
Watch documents
Talk to people smarter than you
Try learning random fact every day
Find a new hobby
Think of ways to make your life better and help your surrounding -Minimalism? Zero waste? Vegetarian? It depends on you.
Find a new friend
Help people
And lastly the physical glow up:
Find out how much sleep you need and stick to it -Usually 8 hours are the norm
Play around with make up -You will fail and it might look wonky from the beginning. And maybe you won’t even like it. I want you to experiment.
Make sure to go make-up-less sometimes if you wear it often
Drink water -It won’t magically clear your skin completely but it will get better.
Wash your face in the morning and in the evening, but no soap if possible
Use as little skin products as you can -Sometimes less is more.
Lip balm
Eat vegetables every day -Every. single. day. It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself.
Eat oatmeal -It did wonders for my hair.
Stretch regularly
Exercise -Find something you have fun doing and do it as often as possible.
Avoid food with too much grease and sugar -You can have it but try to reduce it.
Prepare your outfit the night before -It gives you time to think about what you’ll wear and it’s nice to have it ready in the morning.
Get clothes you feel good and confident in
Get your dream hair colour! -Get crazy if you want
Learn to be comfortable with your body
Don’t shower every day -I know, I know... but listen... It’s actually much healthier for your skin to shower every other day and wash your hair even less. Plus it saves a lot of water.
Get a perfume -Have a scent
Get enough sun -You don’t have to be tan but getting sun on your skin is very healthy and it’s visible in other ways than tan.
Smile and spread joy
If you’re happy, show it -It’s contagious
Remember that beauty comes from within. That is why I put these tips in that order.
I hope I helped and have a great year!
EDIT: After over a year I added a few notes after seeing the way people reacted and felt about this. Everyone chose to ignore those notes in the reblog, therefore I’m adding them to the original post: 
This post has been going around for a bit again and I wanted to address some things about it:
Some people labeled it as ableist and I want to fix that. Back when I posted this, I got defensive and it was the wrong thing to do. The problem is that I still can’t see the exact points and things that are ableist. If you can see them, please point them out to me, so I can fix them and alter them to include everybody
The idea of glowing up can be incredibly toxic and please don’t take this post as a list of things you must do. Glow up should be something coming from the need to pamper yourself and to feel better in your life. If you’re not able to do any of this, it doesn’t make you flawed. Don’t use this to “fix” yourself either. Love yourself first
The outrage about not taking daily showers is unnecessary. Everybody’s life and needs are different. Some people need more hygiene than others, some sweat more, some bodies need more attention than others. I’m not saying you can’t shower daily or that you shouldn’t. I’m saying it’s not always necessary and from biological standpoint it is unnecessary for an average person. No matter what, do what you’re comfortable with. But please don’t call other people gross just because their habits differ from yours. It migth be especially hurtful who can’t make themselves shower regularly due to mental illness or lack of opportunities
Skincare isn’t bad, what I’m pointing out here is making sure to let your body do its thing. Bodies get lazy and if you start using products you don’t need, your body might stop regulating its skin in natural ways. Plus you might throw things out of balance if you experiment too much. Minimal skin care might be better in most cases
Thank you for any additions and I apologise to all who find this post hurtful. I’ll do my best to make it better!
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sk-lumen · a year ago
Truths that have changed my life:
You teach people how to treat you by what you tolerate.
You’re never asking for too much or asking for the wrong thing; you’re just asking the wrong people.
Rejection is redirection. Better things are waiting elsewhere. Trust in synchronicity.
Here and now is worth being alive and enjoying the moment to the fullest. Not someday when you will have X and Y goal accomplished. You are worthy of letting yourself be happy here and now.
The only limitations in your life are those that you impose on yourself - first and foremost, mentally. So release them.
Work on your goals lowkey, and only share the progress with truly dear people to you, that you know can treasure the delicate energy of a blooming goal, with only positive energy.
When you let go of the old, you tell the universe, “I’m ready for the new.”
Amazing things await you, if you allow them into your space. Believe that you deserve better, and you will.
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blackprincesssociety · 6 months ago
You are playing yourself by being TOO humble. If you are that bitch don’t be afraid to hurt some feelings. If your presence alone bothers ANYONE, just imagine what your POWER can do! Don’t lower your value. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t lower your vibrations.
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sk-lumen · a year ago
How to Get (and Keep) Your Life Together 101
Here’s a quick masterlist of all the tips, hacks and advice that stuck with me from reading so many articles, videos and research. Feel free to ask me any questions, or add tips of your own. 💜
Hydration: Make sure every day you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, green tea, black tea. You see this everywhere but it’s true. Just drinking water wil do wonders for your skin and your overall body health.
Nutrition: Maintain a healthy diet by letting go of toxic “restrictive” diet culture and realizing that food is sacred fuel for your sacred body, so offer your body the best! Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds; lots of wholefoods. Incorporate smoothies into your mornings for extra dose of vitamins. Practice mindful, conscious eating, be there in the moment when you are eating, taste the food, enjoy the experience of it. Meditate over your relationship with food and try to work through any unhealthy beliefs.
Exercise: Pick one or multiple forms of exercise that suits your schedule, lifestyle and personality; whether it’s jogging twice a week, going to the gym daily or even just a fresh walk every evening. Pick what is suitable for YOU and keep it part of your life. DYI your own gym routine or hire a trainer; train at home or in the gym; whatever works best for you.
Growth Mindset: Maintain a positive mindset that is always open and curious to learning new things, trying new skills and ever willing to improve itself. Redirect your attention from drama, gossip and toxic comparison beliefs to healthy ones; unfollow accounts online or delete all your social media if that’s what you need. Recreate yourself if that’s what you want. Focus on YOUR growth! Make a habit of reading new books, watching TedTalks, documentaries, etc. Look at educating yourself as a way to invest in yourself, a way to honor yourself. Maintain curiosity in your heart for the ways of the universe. Stay humble and graceful in the face of adversity, but never give up on your dreams, failed attempts are only lessons for improvement and the only true failure is giving up. As long as you keep going you’re still winning. Bonus tip: comparison is self harm, and a denial of your own power; so remember that nobody can be you and that’s a good thing. You can only be you, so make it count and honor yourself!
Relationships: Don’t cling to relationships and don’t be afraid to lose people. Be your authentic self at all times, and do not be afraid to intimidate people or be too much! Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter. Know that the friends/partners that are meant for you, will stay or will find their way back to you. Be mindful of the dynamic in a relationship, and be self-loving enough to walk away from what is toxic, unhealthy, restrictive, disrespectful, etc. Forgive those that wronged you, but tolerate no mistreatment; you can forgive them from afar, but make sure they’re no longer a part of your life.
Focus & Goals: Keep a journal and as frequently as you can, write down bullet lists of to do lists, goals, dreams, daily reflections, aspects of yourself to improve upon, positive affirmations, wishlist etc. - in other words, brainstorm all the things whirling around in your head regarding your own life. Remember all those things you’ve wanted to do? Bucketlists, reminders, curiosities, etc? Keeping a journal, staying focused on your goals, checking progress and practicing positive affirmations will transform your life.
Fashion: Elevate your wardrobe to a whole other level by sitting down and figuring out what your style actually is. Play around in your journal by creating a collage of your favorite colors, textures, patterns, styles, outfit combos and accessories. Mix and match, figure out what your aesthetic is. Refine, polish, remove what doesn’t click. (You can find a bunch of videos on YT for organizing clothes and being effortlessly fashionable/put together.) When you reorganize your wardrobe according to the above, you can easily mix and match anything because your wardrobe makes sense and it’s already planned out. Bonus tip: do your laundry the same day every week (ie. Saturday) and do a wardrobe prep on Sundays for the upcoming week; so that at any moment you can be ready in five minutes looking perfectly polished, and avoid the whole ordeal of being stressed/rushed and not knowing what to wear.
Skincare and haircare: Golden advice - invest in natural products/oils/ingredients instead of investing in brands. Why? Because otherwise you’re paying for a concept instead of actual health benefits for your body. Try natural soaps, oils (shea butter, coconut oil, argan, avocado, jojoba, rosehip, etc), and water extracts (rosewater, hazelwater) for toner. Coconut oil and argan oil is particularly famed for hairgrowth and shine. Castor oil as well helps hairgrowth, including for brows or lashes. Rosehip and shea heal discolorations, scars and marks. Do your research and try out what fits you, your skin will thank you later. I’ve been using natural products & oils for 9+ years and people always compliment how clear, smooth & glowy my skin is. Bonus tip: if you don’t use sunscreen already, try to incorporate it into your routine; just make sure it has gentle, non-harmful ingredients (for both yourself and the environment.
Etiquette, manners, poise, posture: Watch videos, read books or listen to audiobooks about confidence, proper etiquette, leadership skills, how to make people listen when you speak, etc. There are things which are so intuitive, obvious and logical, and yet simply becoming aware of them and having the science of it explained will transform your perspective (and the way you carry yourself).
Finances: Perform a monthly financial review to make sure you know where you are, what your budget is. Make a plan for backup funds, or savings for travels, or new tattoos, or a house, or whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can keep things simple by listing your expenses in five categories (Necessities, groceries, luxury, savings, free/remaining funds). Keep track of your expenses or habits, there are even apps that show statistics or analysis for easy use. The point here is to stay on top of your own finances: know how much are the monthly necessities (rent/mortgage/etc), know what has been payed and keeping receipts, knowing when things need to be paid, etc.
Integrity: This means knowing yourself, having standards, knowing what your boundaries are, what you are willing and not willing to do. When you know yourself and know your worth, you won’t ever tolerate or accept anything less. Know what your principles, values, beliefs are and hold them firmly because it is what you stand for. At the same time, it is important to keep an open mind to growth and improvement, but not so much that any persuasive argument will change your mind. Hold your own, but be gracious to other perspectives. And through it all remember - only you know what’s right for you, what’s best for you. Literally nobody else but you can know what’s in your best interest!
Efficiency & Improvement: This ties in with growth mindset but in a more practical way; make sure that you’re always leaving open space for improvement in your life, don’t ever just settle down/get stuck/let yourself sink into complacency. Know that you can always change anything! Make a habit of frequently reviewing aspects of your life (ex. via journaling) to see whether there’s anything you can make more easy, more efficient. Instead of spending hours grocery shopping, check out shops online where your favorite products can be home delivered in a snap. Instead of driving to a vet for your pet, have a call in. Setting up recurring payments for finances also counts. Literally any process or activity whereby you can automatize a service, delivery, payment, etc. will help you in the long run, so you can focus more on enjoying life, instead of wasting time with Trivial Adult Things.
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hunnydivine · 11 months ago
What makes someone a Muse
“A muse is someone who emits energy out that inspires everything is around them.”
You’ll never see a woman who sparks inspiration looking outside of herself wondering how to be, what to be, or how to act. She knows that she is a one of a kind individual and is true to herself.
“A muse is someone who learns to define herself.” 
She doesn’t compete to be like anyone else and is serene in being everything that she is.
She deeply treasures who she is to the core. Whether she be reserved, quiet, cheerful, warm, cold, fiery, sweet, shy, loud, extrovert, or introvert.
Uniqueness is what makes her irreplaceable! No one can carbon copy her when she’s has worked internally and externally on becoming her greatest self.
She doesn’t let society’s beauty standards, trends, social status or money define her. SHE DEFINES HERSELF.
“A muse carries the energy of abundance.”
Think of when you acquire money, how do you feel?
For a moment you may feel infinite or on top of the world. That’s because money causes that emotion of abundance but, when you are naturally in that energy you naturally attract money into your life. “You are what you attract.”
Abundant Energy -  bliss, joy, beauty, laughter, mystery, creativity, inspiration, luxury, pleasure, plentiful, healing
When a muse has this energy she becomes magnetic and alluring. She attracts people from all over wondering how she can be so comfortable within’ her own skin. That makes people want to be around her more because she is influencing and inspiring them.
Last but not least, A muse never looses sleep over people who don’t see her worth.” Period.
If someone refuses to see her value, she has the attitude of fuck em and keep it moving.
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sk-lumen · 5 months ago
Be that woman who is always learning and overachieving.
Be that woman who uses SPF50 even in winter because she has done her research on skincare and the importance of taking care of her skin all-year round.
Be that woman who looks polished to the nines for any occasion, simply because every day is an occasion to celebrate her divine femininity.
Be that woman who wears her pearls, silky robes and perfume even at home and doesn’t need a special occasion to enjoy luxury.
Be that woman who chooses her own wellbeing, her own selfcare, her own mental health, above all (because nobody gets a medal for being a doormat and sacrificing their life for another).
Be that woman who takes great care of her skin, body and hair by educating herself and investing in the best products for her - even before she's 40, or 30, even before any skin conditions appear forcing her to take better care.
Be that woman who is so incredibly brave to step outside her comfort zone and continuously challenge herself to become a better person, a kinder person; to do more, to achieve more, to be more.
Be that woman who whenever she hits rock bottom, she mourns her losses, but next day is reborn from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to conquer the world again, because the only direction she is moving towards is forward.
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magebetrayal · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I’m replaying Origins, and when I witnessed this convo my mouth fell out
You just KNOW that when the court tailor consulted with Empress Celene’s ~occult advisor~ to get her into some “proper clothes,” Morrigan just wracked her brain for Leliana’s Orlesian fashion advice from TEN YEARS AGO. (But if you watch her entrance carefully, she’s still wearing the same boots from Origins!)
Also bog hag glowed up, damn
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