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#glow up

COVID-19 Glow Up Plan:

Dye my hair ✔️

Lose 5 pounds (not a lot ik but I eat a lot so)

Eat under 1600 calories every day

1 cheat day a month bc if not I’ll go insane

Row at least 5 days a week

Wash face every day

Exfoliate every other day

Shower every other day

Brush teeth at least 3x a week

Vitamins every day

Don’t procrastinate, study and get all work done

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I got myself a skincare routine! I only had six dollars so i’m not expecting it to work too well though… but i better have perfect clear skin in one week when i’m still looking fit from the Chloe Ting 2 week shred or else i swear😬😂

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How’s that for a glow up?

I’ve made this bread several times and, while it’s super tasty I’ve had a lot of trouble with shaping the loaf. This time I just threw it in a loaf pan and called it a day. Now in the interest of it lasting more than a day, it must cool on the counter before i can cut it. Rude.

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Journal entry #84📝

Date: 3/24/20

Today’s mood:😔😁

Amount of water (cups):8

Skincare routine:✅✅

Dental hygiene:✅✅




Today’s talk: Back and shoulder pain was still there but not as bad as yesterday. Back to a day of no class, doing homework, and watching YouTube. Texted Dylan some this morning but he stopped replying after about 10 minutes and hasn’t responded back. Was gonna nap today but had to Skype with a friend/project partner about the project and then film my part of the project. When they was over, I tried some cool effects in photoshop and only one of the two worked. After the second one, it hurt to sit on the chair anymore so I got ready for bed and have been laying down since then.

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Journal entry #83📝

Date: 3/23/20

Today’s mood:😔🤕

Amount of water (cups):6

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅❎




Today’s talk: I’ve been in so much pain today. My back and shoulders are killing me so I skipped my workout today except for my 100 squats (accidentally only did 50 today). Still stretching to keep my legs loose and to try and help with some of the pain. Class was boring as it was just a PowerPoint and taking notes. Sitting hurt my lower back a lot and while sitting to do homework later in the day, my lower back would seize so bad. Laid on the heating pad for so long tonight and I’m still on it. Body image is still super bad today and I have no energy (plus the pain) to shower tonight either so that will be for tomorrow.

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