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I am back guys🧡
Another day doing my assessments🎇
QOTD: have your exams started?📚
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Wedding glow.


The wedding season is here. We are open for bridal & Pre-wedding shoots. Book your slots now 📷💖

📷Anupam Dasgupta

Studio partner- The Lens Studio

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a reminder for myself -


if you’re thinking about binging and think about food do those steps:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Go and drink a cup of water.

3. Ask yourself are u actually hungry or just want an emotionally eat or just feeling down.

4. If you are hungry have some fruit, if not just drink more water , water is always good.

5. If it doesn’t help just ask yourself, do you really wanna throw all of that hard work you did and gain the weight back :/


1. Listen to music.

2. Watch movies, tv shows.

3. Read a book.

4. Play video games.

5. Shop online.

6. Write.

7. Study a new language.

8. Go on tiktok.

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Day 6 (22/11/20) TW:ed

I binge again :( I feel like shit 🙂


I always struggle to go back on track after a binge but I really hope tomorrow will be the last day i will get something to eat at work so I won’t want to binge when i come back home, oh and i wanna maybe start working out again tomorrow.

33 days till Christmas 🎄

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Omg it’s literally been months since I have done this like maybe 5 months crazy but I wanted to say that I did make the dance team and competition team for Pom and jazz. I start to lose weight in my stomach and started to have a little mini glow up so YEET also my have almost an hourglass figure I just really want to get my eyebrows threaded so bad. But ya rn I’m at my cusions house bcs I’m baby sitting but the baby is sleeping Rn and I’m listening to subs and ya they work so yeet also this week we only have 3 days of practice so kinda fun and I can’t wait for Black Friday and my singing voice has gotten better I can sing higher now easier and I don’t strain at all so AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY but ya I hope I get everything I wanted because I have worked for hard for everything and I hope we get to do musical soon bcs I really want to do it so bad but ya that’s about it. Also I really want a 2000s aesthetic so bad like that is totally me like I loved everything from the 2000s so bad AHHH but I mean Black Friday is this week so 😏. But ya that’s it I HOPE I GET EVERYTHING I WANTED. k bye🥺💗✨

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Hey yall I’m back 🤪 talk about a glow up sorry not sorry lmao! Fuck the depressing shit i used to post right?

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A touch of our #soulbrighthighlighter gives a natural all day glow 😍

#natural #glow #glowup #glowingskin #makeup #makeuptutorial #highlighters #highlighter #facemakeup #dermaliscioskincare #dermaliscio #dermalisciobrand #dermalisciohaircare

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I was today years old when I found out that I have a strong liking with accounting and bookkeeping. After exploring my own personal budget and finances and realigning my financial goals , I have an even greater advantage to staying on budget and accomplishing my wealth goals which excites me and gives me something to look forward to. I also have a new perspective on contengency plans , they are like the little essential pieces that hold the entire plan together… It’s just interesting to me is all… I can’t wait to see how far I go with my next phase. 💎


Originally posted by babeuhotaf

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