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webcamluv · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ FANDOM : genshin impact !
★ WHAT AM I WRITING ABOUT : thoma x reader ! (gn reader)
★ GENRE : somewhat smut !
★ CW/TW: p without plot, thoma just cums a LOT (i dont remember the word) ,LITTLE VERY LITTLE dumbfication, degradation, praise, electro stim, big ass self-indulgent rn, edging, crying
benny's note ! - ahhahahaha finally posting, so this is the middle of electro stimming him!!!! um first smut not might end well but yea... IDK HOW TO START AND END SMUT SO PLZ BE NICE IF LEAVING COMMENTS
" A-Ah! fuck,,, please,, " you've been keeping up this pattern for quite sometime, the housekeeper has been losing his little mind over how many times you've been edging the poor man. you love the way he looks, his flushed face, his puffy eyes from the tears, his little desperate voice and mewls begging for you to let him cum. god hes a sight to behold! " W-Wanna,, cum,, please! " you chuckled, " now, now, just wait a little longer okay? " thoma made a pout because you've been saying that all over again when he asks! " Stop saying that! Y-You've beenn doing that on rePEAT-! " you got quite annoyed,, so you decided to electrify him a little more, his back arched hand slightly covering his mouth, flushed face, panting hard!? oh dear,,, the perfect sub man to ever ask for! you wanted more reactions out of him! wanting to see him a panting dumb mess is an achievement, deciding to amp up the stimming. best. decision. you. ever. made. " Oooh g-g-god! archons! please, please keep going!! " thoma is so cute, loud moans filled the room with thoma begging and his mind running. wanting to see how fucked out he is, questioning him is a great idea. " thoma, dear. whats my name? " thoma trying so hard to open his mouth but choking a moan instead, you smiled. " f-fuck,,,,, traveler! p-p-p-please,, let me cUm!,, " " i wont let you cum, unless you answered the question i asked! " teasing the poor man, he whimpered and whined, " i-i-it's y/- " being cut off from the stimulation, oh dear i feel so bad for him. not really though,, thoma doesnt care if he now gets punished from cumming, he needs it so much! just please let him cum! " aahaah,,, its,,, ist! itsz y/hn, mmm " slurring his speech while saying that. music to ur ears, deciding to let him cum praising him is the treat. " since you've been a good boy, you can cum now dear. " mantras of ' thank you's ' coming out before a load of cum on his stomach and a loud moan coming from him. the housekeeper was happy that he was receiving praises and kisses. after a fuck or a stim, its good to praise the man. " i love you " you giggled " i love you too, thoma "
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eresunencanto · 14 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ 𝐂𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 was naturally a loud person, that's something we all know, right? He's almost never afraid to make noise- unless it's Dolores yelling at him to shut up ofc. So we can all know he loves talking a lot
: ̗̀➛ Camilo having a passionate partner who loves talking about what they like is something he adored so much about them! It's like his own entertainment seeing how they get worked up and so excited over the topic
: ̗̀➛ With Camilo sometimes having the same interest in the topic, it becomes such a great conversation that just makes him a love sick fool with a stupid grin when the convo ends
: ̗̀➛ He loves seeing how excited you get. That's his favorite part about your passion
: ̗̀➛ He loves the way you get so lost in your own thoughts and you just keep talking to him for so long that it turns into night and you realize that you've been talking for hours
: ̗̀➛ And Camilo is absolutely in love with your words, your expressions. He pays attention, he always did. He never missed a single word you said and he never will
: ̗̀➛ At the times when you're talking about something that is also his interest, it's so fun to able to talk about it with you
: ̗̀➛ Minutes turn into hours and hands are flying in the air, stomachs are churning with pain bc of how much you've laughed with him and the conversation keeps on going
: ̗̀➛ Camilo is grateful to have you with him, such a wonderful s/o who listens to him rant as well and gets excited over his things too just as he does with yours
: ̗̀➛ Being loud and expressing your emotions through actions and words is something Camilo admires about you
: ̗̀➛ Camilo feels like he can be himself around you, with nothing to worry about and not having re-think his thoughts over if he's speaking too much or not speaking enough
"And then the food went all over the pan and it was so cool! It tasted marvelous too! Such a delicacy to be able to be even in the dishes presence! It was ¡mágico!"
Camilo smiled, his stomach rumbling with hunger from your detailed explanation from the food your mother had made. "My aunt once made this dish- I forgot the name of it but she only made it once for Mirabell's 9th birthday and oh my GOD! It was simply the best dish ever. Literally cried tears of joy from being able to taste it. I even ate the rest of the left overs, of course, I was grounded the next dia for eating them 😪"
"So much talk about food, now I'm hungry!! ¿Quieres ir a buscar comida?"
"Bet, let's go!"
: ̗̀➛ Camilo adores his conversions with you. There's nothing in the world that would make him be bored of anything you'd ever say, because with each and every word you utter, he can feel the excitement and love coming from deep within your heart. You're passionate about this, and therefore, so is he about you.
Tumblr media
Thank you @choicee for the request!
If anyone else has a request and has read the rules, don't be afraid to drop by and send one! <3
Tumblr media
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nishiannoya · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴs ᴛᴏ ғɪɴᴅɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴜsᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜsʜ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇᴍ
ft. (Atsumu) (Kenma) (Noya) (Suga) (KITA) (Tendou)
gn!reader x kita shinsuke, language, humor, a smidge of fluff (800 word count)
۞ you botched your graduation confession to your classmate and it comes back to haunt you 7 years later.
(part 2)
Tumblr media
"I know it’s kind of useless to say this now that we’re graduating, but I really liked you for the last 3 years!” 
Graduation day. Your last chance to let Kita Shinsuke, the boy who drove you mad nearly every day and night for your entire high school career, know how you felt about him. You know that there's no hope for a relationship, but the thought of keeping the crush to yourself didn't sit right with you. 
He stares at you for a few quiet seconds, cherry blossoms fall from the trees, and you think that this might be your shoujo manga moment...
“Oh, thank you,” he says and bows. A nice, respectful 70° angle bow, but nonetheless this mf had the nerve to bow and say thank you after confessing your long-stewing feelings. 
You are stuck in a thousand-yard stare for the rest of the day and vow to erase this memory from your conscience.
7 years later....
"Don't tell my girlfriend, but I'd marry you just for the food," Aran jokes as he takes a bite of the okaka Osamu brought to the table. 
"It's nice to hear that you're dating someone," Kita says with a smile that quickly fades into a more serious look, "Granny has been asking relentlessly lately about when I'm going to get married."
"Farmers Only dot com," Suna says under his breath, but Kita catches it.
"What is that?" The white-hair black-tipped man asks innocently. 
"NO. Stop Suna, stop searching for it on your phone. Kita, we'll find you a date the normal way," Aran insists as he slaps Suna's phone screen. 
"I dunno, it might be what's best..." Osamu says sheepishly as they all stare at Kita, each going over his dating statistical data in their heads, giving him big fat zeros in all the social categories.
That's when you walk into the trendy eatery and immediately spot a group of guys who went to your high school. Maybe you can quickly slip back out without any of them noticing...
"I think that’s y/n-san from high school over there." 
You freeze when you hear Aran say your name and you slowly give a stiff wave and an equally rigid smile. You wish you could just turn to dust when you spot Kita-san's hair and note against your will that somehow he's even more handsome than he was in high school. You desperately want to ignore Aran waving you over, but you make your way over out of politeness.
"Oh, from graduation day," Kita immediately says without a hint of restraint when you reach the table. 
You're stuck dead in the middle of wanting to punch him or yourself in the face. 
"Yeah, when you bowed and said thank you after I said that I liked you," you grumble bitterly as waves of suppressed embarrassment start to roll in. 
"You what?" Osamu and Aran scold their former captain while Suna mumbles "farmers only", but it goes ignored.
"It was a nice thing for you to say. It felt good knowing I was liked by a classmate," he says simply. 
And then it clicks. A tidal wave of even more embarrassment threatens to knock you off your feet. 
"D-Did you think I meant 'like' as 'in general?'" You fumble slowly, not really sure if that was better or worse.
"What else could you have meant?" He asks genuinely. It's hard to be mad when he's so sincere and stupidly handsome. 
"Romantically," you clarify with confidence that your crush was a thing of the past, though you worry the heat in your face might be showing through.
He continues to look at you with his usual unreadable expression, but slowly over the span of 3 very long seconds his face turns an endearing shade of pink. Despite whatever he was feeling, his face stays neutral as he says, "Oh."
You and everybody else stare at Kita-san incredulously - they're just as shocked as you to see him get flustered. 
Another awkward silence passes before he speaks again. 
"You wouldn't happen to be looking to get marri-" 
"GO ON A DATE! He's asking you on a DATE," Aran interrupts loudly as he slaps a piece of nori over Kita's mouth and gives a stern stare at his friend when he emphasizes the word 'date.'
You stand there in shock, not expecting to walk into a restaurant and get a marriage proposal- excuse you, DATE from the man you vowed to erase from your memory. You glance around at all the guys at the table, all of you feeling unbearably awkward.
"Give 'im a week. We'll fix 'im by then - promise," Osamu says earnestly, though he's a little pale from being so appalled by his senpai's horrible lack of social grace.
"Should have just used Farmers Only," you hear Suna sigh and you wonder just what the hell is happening....
Tumblr media
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sky-rider-shura-simp · 27 days ago
A/N: Honestly i just want to curl up in these guys's coats because of how comfy they look, like please
Warnings: none,
Wearing their coat/cloak headcanons (Platonic):
GN! Reader
Its been a hard mission that Mr 0 had given you, you had never seen the man due to baroque works motto, You were currently in the casino and due to being sent on a mission to Drum kibgdom, you were left freezing.
You saw a fuzzy coat, that was lined with thick fur and without entertaining any common sense you slipped it around your shoulders and pulled it around you like a blanket.
"Just what do you think your doing" Was all you heard and as you looked up you saw Crocodile; one of the seven warlords of the sea.
Freezing up in the coat, you apologised. Saying that you were cold and pretty sure that you had hypothermia, the warlords eye twitched, you were one of his best agents. He could only sigh "keep it for now. Return it to me downstairs when you have warmed up."
And with that, he left, the cigar smoke seeming to follow him where ever he went .
You relaxed into the coat and eventually felt yourself falling asleep, Miss All sunday found you and she picked you up bringing you to Mr 0.
The warlord had been waiting for hours snd had started getting tetchy without his coat, it was a signature part of him after all. "Place them down next to me miss all sunday and then leave"
The agent could only do what her boss said and placed you down next to crocodile, he simply touched your arm feeling you were still freezing. His eye twitched in annoyance but he wrapped the coat around both of you, his body heat radiating warmth as you cuddled into his side.
The warlord could only sigh and finish what other paperwork he had on the desk.
Gol D. Roger:
Any oppurtunity that this man has in order to just dump his coat on you, he will. Like hes 9ft, he can probably fit, you, buggy and shanks in that gaint cape he insists on wearing,
It was usually when he was going to fight that hed just plop it ontop of you, you would hold onto it as it was the captains prized coat. He clearly loved it to protect it to such length by entrusting it to you.
You would usually fall asleep in it, which led to Roger just picking you up and putting you in a piggyback hold as he walked back to the ship, then he had you and his coat on his back.
He was pretty chill about it and when he saw that you had sewed his jolly roger symbol on the back, he loved it. Like just gave you a bone crushing hug.
He showed it off to everyone aswell saying how talented you were, like he is a bundle of joy. Precious man child.
Why the hell would he ever let you have his "flashy" coat, it was apart of him, made him look intimidating, it took a lot of convincing to your captain. But he finally plopped the coat on your shoulders, the man was mumbling curses due to the fact that his coat looked better on you,
You reassured your captain that he would get the coat back. He did find you later on trying to impersonate him and he wouldnt admit it but he found it adorable.
Seeing a member of his crew so happy that they want to impersonate him and think that hes cool fuels this mans "flashy" ego even more then it is already.
It reminded him of his younger self honestly and seeing that made him feel probably what roger felt when he first picked up young buggy.
It was grounding to look after you because of those fond memories he had with his own captain.
It was a drunken dare to grab the captains cloak and once you had managed to extract the coat from the red haired Shanks, he couldnt help but laugh at how it covered the whole of you,
He would get self consious about his amputated shoulder however you were sure to distract him by annoying Benn with it, smacking him with the cape as many times as you could,
You ran around in the cape and proposed a deal in order for him to get it back, drunk shanks was a desperate shanks, this led to an embarassing dance off, that had the crew laughing.
You won of course and got to keep the cloak for the rest of the night, giving it back to Shanks the next morning.
Ever since that incident, it would become a ritual thing of possible ways to steal your captains coat, a tradition if you will.
You eventually sewed his jolly roger into the side of his cloak where he had lost his arms, even adding a little strawhat next to it to remind him of his old captain and of luffy,
He appreciated it, a lot actually. It helped him know that he made the right desicion of choosing luffy as the strawhat successor.
Listen i think that you could cover at least 10 people with this mans coat, he wasnt paying attention when you slotted into his side during a party and basically curled up away from the others inside of his coat.
He found you after the party had died down when he looked down to his right side, he found it comforting that you went to him to seek comfort away from the others, it showed you clearly trust him and thats all he ever wanted was for his children to trust him.
He allows you to rest quietly, not disturbing you in order for you to get plenty of rest.
The coat was also EXTREMELY heavy, like atleast a few tons, due to the sheer stature of pops it would have to be heavy or he would tear it from his strength
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genshindreamer · 3 months ago
hello! how are you doing? 😊
i’d love to request general hcs for Ayaka, Hu Tao and Ei and how they’d react to being woken up with a kiss in the morning :)
Being Woken up with a kiss (Headcanons)
Characters: Ayaka, Hu Tao, Ei
Warnings: Kissing, and I had way too much fun with Hu Tao
And I’m doing great Anon, I'm heading to Texas for about two weeks to see my dads Girlfriend who he denies is his girlfriend.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Ayaka was usually up long before you were
But that didn’t mean she never slept in
Usually Sunday’s were the days she’d sleep in
So You made sure to be awake before her
You watched her sleep and planted a small, delicate kiss to her lips. 
She would always smile when you did this
It made her day just that much better!
“Hmmm? (Name)?” She asked, her voice laced with sleep. 
“Good morning, Ayaka.” you said softly. 
“Morning (Name).” She smiled warmly
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Hu Tao
For one, good luck
See, you don’t share a bed because she kicks...HARD
She is a very restless sleeper until she finally does fall asleep, then you might need a canon to wake her up. 
Or Zhongli
Anyway, you shared a room, but not a bed 
(You got a black eye once and that was when you decided to sleep on separate beds)
You don’t have to try very hard to be awake before her. 
You decided to try waking her up in a new way (Before you’d bust out the ol’ faithful...an airhorn)
Maybe she would actually wake up to a kiss
You braced yourself as you walked to your girlfriends bed, air horn on standby. You watched her sleep, chuckling softly. 
Zhongli was looking for her as it was almost noon and he had been running the funeral parlor single-handedly, and frankly, he was starting to get a little short tempered. Sure, it was in that refined way of his, but Zhongli only had so much patience . 
You leaned over Hu Tao and bent down, kissing her like the prince to the princess...just not nearly as creepy. 
Hu Tao naturally wrapped her arms around you and pulled you down. 
“Morning (Name)!” She grinned
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Lets make one thing clear...this only happens if Ei has you in her plane
The Shogun doesn’t sleep
Ei herself also doesn’t sleep
But she does meditate
And occasionally, she will forget you are there and will fall into a heavy meditative state
Its quite hard to pull her out of said state, but you always had a solution
You walked to your purple haired maiden, smiling seeing her in her heavy meditative state. You had come for a visit using a trinket she had given you that would grant you access to her plane of Euthymia. 
You approached her and stood before her, leaning in close and kissing her soft lips. 
She fluttered her eyes open. “Oh, hello (name).”
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o0milky-sweet0o · a month ago
My blue oni
Summary: some headcanons of dating our soft lovely boy Tukaya, better known as the blue oni.
Warnings: sugar daddy/sugar baby type relationship not going into heavy detail.
Pronouns: non used
Notes: I love this blue bitch so much, MIHOYO WHY YOU MADE HIM SO FUCKING CUTE?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Being part of Inuzuma’s high society can be lonely, others only think about money, you didn’t care about this you knew that the people that talked to you were only near you for your money and with as much ease and with a charming smile of a young man such a yourself it was easy to make them feel that they have you on the bag while you move like a cat laughing when at their faces when they find themselves on your trap.
That’s until you met him, the a sweet blue one, his soft features and the way of him being so well composure and mannerism he was shy and it seems he was struggling with money due to the blue one status as well as the general bad reputation that oni’s have.
“Let’s make a deal mm? I give you a job and you just have to give me your company, how about that?”
How could he say no?
Sweet kisses, smiles and hugs happen right away, he is extremely shy when it comes to any kind of pda, he loves it but he becomes a blushed mess in respond he will shyly kiss your cheek.
And that’s the relationship had begun.
Tumblr media
He is way to show you love is by well baking and cooking for you, all your favorite dishes are always done to perfection with the most eye to look at the detail of each dish and seasoning put his food.
He doesn’t go out due to the previously mention blue one status, that leaves him with a lot of time to read, and he slowly becomes a lover of literature!
Not only does he love books, his guilty pleasure is one that he keeps really well hidden and that’s the fact he absolutely loves putting his imagine together just for you, after all he wants to look his best.
That’s when you come to with the money, you take him on full shopping trips when he gets to buy whatever he finds beautiful, it gets so bad that he has to tell you to stop buying him stuff even though you insist he will absolutely look beautiful in that red kimono.
After that day you makes sure to always give him some money so he can go and buy things for him to buy, he feels kind bad for using your money so he saves it for when he might need it, he will repay you all that money with homemade food.
The feeling of the cold hair hitting your skin was calming, slowly you started taking your clothes away in the comfort of your shared room, from the corner of your eye you saw your dear blue one, he was sitting on a chair in front on the mirror in wall, getting the accessories he was wearing during your outing, his hands moved down to take off the clothes that protected his skin form the eyes of other and you couldn’t stop your gaze from redirecting to the base of his neck, you slowly moved closer to him without him noticing.
Tumblr media
You drew your lips to his neck kissing the back of it softly, he gasped his lips parting away while you keep kissing his neck, you moved slowly down.
Hug him and he will love it
Kiss him and he will melt
Tell him you love him and he cries of pure love.
Tagging: @weakestpoint, here for your blue bart
Tumblr media
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meliancries · a month ago
Tumblr media
𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐧𝐞, 𝐰𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥 𝐞𝐧𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡. 𝐁𝐮𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮'𝐥𝐥 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐢𝐧.
𝕎𝔸ℝℕ𝕀ℕ𝔾𝕊: ʏᴇʟʟɪɴɢ, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ᴡɪᴛᴄʜᴇs, ᴄʀʏɪɴɢ, sᴇʟғ ᴅᴇᴘʀɪᴄᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs, ʙᴇᴛʀᴀʏᴇʟ, ᴛᴀʟᴋs ᴏғ ᴛʀᴀᴜᴍᴀ, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇs, ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ, ᴍᴇᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ɪɴғᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴs, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ sᴄᴀʀs, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏғ ᴡᴀʀs, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ᴅɪᴠᴏʀᴄᴇ, ᴀʀɢᴜᴍᴇɴᴛs.
𝐀/𝐧: part one.
I'm so sorry that this was way too fucking late and way to fucking long. 5850 words y'all...
Tumblr media
𑁍᪥✫𝐑𝐮𝐧𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭✫᪥𑁍
Tumblr media
𝐏𝐇𝐈𝐋𝐙𝐀 𝐒𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓. He wiped some sweat off his forehead and shivered. A cold breeze swept by and a gust of snow made him fall in surprise and cover up his eyes. "Gah!" He shouted. His hands became cold and soon his thick wool jacket wouldn't warm him up anymore. He had to do this quickly. He placed both hands on the carrots that were ready and pulled. It took him about 10 minutes to finish up and when he came back inside his cabin, he looked red as a tomato and he was as cold as ice. Carrots in hand, he sight yet again. He missed having company around. Technoblade wouldn't go out and about from his cabin and he was feeling some sort of loneliness because of that. Philza Minecraft had no friends and soon, his own children never bothered to visit him that much anymore. He knew that he wasn't the best father growing up but it hurt knowing that what he and his children had when they were younger, wasn't there anymore-
Oh, would you look at that? He's thinking away. Better get started on that carrot cake.
The oven dinged. Philza got up and put on the cooking gloves to open the oven. The gust of hot, sweet smelling air breezed his face. Taking out the sweet pastry, he set it on the round table. Pulling out a seat, he prepared to cut the sweet smelling cake. A lot has happened over these past few years. Wilbur, Philza's biological son, had finally turned 52 yesterday. He had come and visited Philza and they shared a partitionly nice conversation until he left. Techno was already 50 and was finally hitting the hay and relaxing in his cabin, instead of spending his time travelling. Tommy was now 30 and living comfortably with his..son (?) Shroud, in his small cottage. Tubbo had turned 31 a few months ago and Ranboo 32 last month. They were living happily with they're two children, Michael and another one. He hadn't met their first child yet, sadly. He was told that their name was Y/n and they had just recently turned 12 last month too. It was already well into January and everyone he knew was finally living in peace.
There were no more wars, no more death, no more fighting and no more sacrifice. The relationships with people he knew before hand were finally turning and becoming acquaintances! Things were looking brighter and everyone could finally tell. Oh how he wished Kristen could see this. She would love to know how everyone was doing now. He wondered, was she lonely now that there wasn't any death? No one for her to comfort in the afterlife. No more limbos to give to people. Kristen, his beloved wife. Philza wished he could send her a single rose for their long awaited anniversary.
But, he supposed a carrot cake would do. After all, carrot cake was her favorite.
Tumblr media
"Please don't put my brother in..in rags next time, ok?"
"We didn't know what to change him into! There wasn't any toddler clothes around. We could only find rags. The clothes that he was wearing before didn't fit him bc he now actually looks like a 3 year old instead of a baby!" End sight. "And we only had rags to change him into." You nodded, picking up Michael, you stood up. "Hey, do you know where my stuff is? I want Michael's baby carrier, he's heavier as half human now." Blu hummed, standing up and jogged to another room to get their stuff. Now that you were alone, you finally took a good look at the sleeping toddler in your arms. This, this wasn't how Michael looked like before.
Pink smooth skin, with the occasional tuff of hair, now replaced with soft milky skin and smooth green patches. Light pink scars were scattered all over his small thin legs and some on his face. Most of them were on his back. They were now just a "souvenir" of the fright and pain you both went through last night. His little human hands with long sharp nails gripped your sleeves. His small little toes had pink beans with small green spots. They curled and he snuzzled his head closer to you. Pink curly hair was shaggy and kinda greasy. Poor guy needed a well deserved bath. You wondered if Madame Gizzyiel would let you both take a shower. When you slowly lifted his head up with the tip of your fingertip, you studied his face. Small button nose with a light pink blush on top, rosy cheek and long, seemingly red, eyelash. His right eye was covered by a dirty cloth. You furrowed your eyebrows and sight.
Sitting down in the bed again, you positioned Michael to face you comfortably so you could take a better look at his face. Slowly taking the cloth off, you took a glance at his empty eye socket. It looked normal, no infection, no changes. Well, in a way, the edges did look greener. Maybe a bit more fleshy and red. You grumbled. How dare they put a dirty fucking cloth around Michael's eye. These people really didn't know how to take care of toddlers.
"I'm back! You sure he'll be able to fit? This seems a tad bit too small." You shook your head. "No, it's not don't worry. I can just readjust it and he'll be fine in there. Say, is there any village around here? I want to get some stuff for Michael and me. Also need a place to stay for the night so..." Blu smiled.
"You can stay with me for the time being! The village is quite close and I live there too! I can get stuff for you!" You set Michael down in the bed and rushed to end. "You're serious? That would be so nice! I really need the extra help with Michael and other things. Are you sure?" Blu nodded, cupping your hands in ends. "Of course! I could really use the extra company! Haha.."
"Y/n, please come here! It's time to change your bandage. Also bring Michael in as well! I need to change his and I want to teach you how."
The trip to the village was beautiful. You finally had time to see the forest, to admire it and see the wonders you couldn't see when you first got here. Michael was resting in your back, strapped to the carrier and had a little blanket around him just in case he got cold. You brought a little bag with some things in it, most of then were for Michael. Blu told you stories of the plants and how they worked, where they came from, and little stories end had with them as well.
"Hey, just wanted to say sorry for accidentally misgendering you. I didn't know you used end/ender pronouns!"
"Nah, you're good! You didn't know, and even then, you used gender neutral pronouns. So you're good! I'm sorry I just randomly brought it in in the middle of your brother dying though, I should've found a better time."
"It's ok! He's ok, I'm ok, you're ok! Madame Gizzyiel is mad at me but eh, that's ok!" End laughed, turning towards you with a confused look. "Mad at you for what?"
"I vomited in her rug..she's having trouble cleaning it up-"
"Look at that! We're here!"
A light breeze swept by, making the purple leaves flow by. The village was close and now you could fully see it. It was beautiful. The houses looked like cottages made out from mud blocks and they were tall and wide. They, practically looked like mansions! The shops were big and looked like mini castles. Even from a distance, you can see the small stands that weren't so small. The village was huge and it was majestic, you were in complete awe.
"Did you know, that the reason that the houses are so big, that everything is so big, is because this village has such a grand population? And it's hidden from the outside world, meaning that they make everything here! The grand population is roughly 800 people! So many mouths to feed, right?" Blu seemed excited to show you around ends village, where end spend ender whole life. All you could do was be surprised and shocked. The normal villages out there were just around 50 people each. The biggest village had only around 100 people! 800 isn't much but for a village? That was a huge number.
"800 people? Oh my..that-that sure is a lot. Do you live with anyone then?" Blu shook ends head. I live alone! I have a few friends that I stay with, from time to time, though!" You both picked up the pace, walking faster to reach the village before lunch time.
"Hey, I don't mean to be intrusive or anything but..what happened before you guys came here? You guys were so worn out." Blu smiled nervously. You wondered if you should tell ender. You didn't want to trauma dump so you had to just say the reason why you both died. "Um, a witch attacked us in the middle of the night when me and Michael were camping for the night." Blu frowned. "Oh, that sucks. Why were you camping outside? Don't you have a home?" You irked.
"If I had a home, why would I ask to stay with you?"
"Sorry...um, no. I don't. I ran away with Michael three nights ago. Home life wasn't the best and running away seemed like the best option. I don't need adults to take care of me and Michael. Not anymore." Blu nodded, patted your back and muttered that you were strong.
"And we're here! Welcome to my village, Y/n and Michael!"
From a far away distance, you can see that everything there was huge, most likely 50 times bigger than you! But up close, you realized that you were a mere speck in this village. The tall cobblestone wall made you feel like a mere cell in this place. Holding Michael's hand, you made him promise to not let you go, no matter what.
"Remember, if you want to see something, you tell me and we'll go see it together when I'm done looking for the things we need." Micheal grunted. "B-but what happenth if I don't want to waith? What ip-what ifff I wanth to look at ith naow?" You were still slightly surprised that your baby zombie piglin brother who is now a hybrid, could talk. You've only heard him say "dad", "papa", and "Y/n", before all of this. It was weird but you weren't complaining. You still loved him nonetheless. "Well, you'll just have to wait or we'll go see it together right away if we can, ok? I'm here for your best interest, my love. But you have to work with me and have patience." Michael smiled.
Blu took your hand and led you down many paths. Again, everything was huge and you felt small. After a couple of minutes, you've stopped being dragged. Michael's laughing reduced and he "ooh"ed at the house the three of you stopped at. It was finally a normal sized cottage. "This is where I live! I'll show you around more later on at night but it would be best if you set your stuff down right now and change your bandages so we can head out!" You nodded, picking up Michael and going inside.
Enders cottage was...interesting. it was mostly empty but aside from that, it was great. It had anything everything you could need to live and even some things to make it easier. It was full, but empty. Do you understand? It was like one of those homes that are stupidly clean all the time that it looks strangely empty. You set your bags down beside beside couch and made Michael lie down. You changed his bandages much to his dismay, and you quickly changed yours. The blood spewing off your neck was slowly reducing, that was a good sign. Michael's cuts and puncture wounds were getting better as well. Everything was getting better, maybe you could stay here with Blu?
You doubt that Tubbo, Ranboo and uncle Tommy could find you here.
"Hey! You ready?" Blu came around. End was smiling brightly, holding a few brown backpacks and a small wooden cart. The handle was a baby blue colour. "Yeah! Do you have any clothes here for Michael by any chance? Any for his size? I don't like that he's wearing rags as a cover up." Blu shook ender head. "I'm sorry, I don't have anything. They have clothes for toddlers in the market though! But why do you need new ones? I thought you had clothes in your bags, since they're so big after all."
You sight. "I want to use them but I'm going to hold off for a while since I want to make sure my parents don't find me. My da-...Ranboo has a keen nose, and I don't want to be worried for a while. The bags cover up the scent and so yeah. New clothes would be good."
"Oh..it's ok! I have a bunch of money so you'll be able to get a whole new wardrobe for yourself and Michael!" You smiled, holding Michael closer. Poor thing was always tired. "Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate you doing this for me and my brother. It means the world to us, really." Blu stood there, seeming slightly shocked at the amount of gratitude end was receiving from ends new friend. "No really! It's not a problem at all. Let's go, we'll deal with the clothes you currently have when we come back! I know a place where we can get rid of them, but in the mean time, let's go! I don't like going in the night to the market."
Tumblr media
"Ok, so what is it that you want to buy first?" Blu asked. You didn't answer yet, cleaning up Michael's hands from falling on the dirt was tough. "Clothes for me and Michael. But do say, is this dirt normal? It's taking me an awful amount of time to get it off Michael's hands." End chuckled, patting your shoulder and bending down beside you. "Michael, stop getting more dirt on your hands when Y/n's looking away. It's a funny joke, but we have to keep moving." Michael laughed at seeing your shocked face. "Michael!"
"Y/n!! I want food!" Michael tugged your hand. His tummy was rumbling and he didn't know how much longer he could take this. "We'll eat later, my love. Hang in there a bit more, ok? Here lift your hands up, I want you to put this on." Michael groaned. His long awaited meal was far from being in his tummy. He remembered how papa would make his food. A grilled cheese with dadboos special milk recipe. He would chow down on that faster than uncle Tommy running away from angry papa. He missed his father's. He missed how they would tuck him in for bed or take him out on walks. He didn't quite understand why y/n and him had to Runaway but all he knew is that he missed them. He missed his parents but he knew they had done wrong. Something so wrong that his sibling couldn't forgive.
Michael raised his hands up in discomfort. The fabric of the brown shirt felt nicer than the rough rag he wore for clothes, and yet he didn't like it. He huffed. "No! I don't want it." Y/n cringed, patting his chest down to get rid of the extra wrinkles. "But it's cute and the fabric is nice. What don't you like about it?" Michael huffed again. He didn't know what to do now. All the thoughts about his parents made him homesick. Made him angry that they weren't there. Made him sad that they had abandoned him. The rush of the sudden negative emotions was too much, he didn't know what to do with all these feelings. This icky ucky feelings that made him wanna rip something, stomp on the ground and cry. "I DON'T WANT IT!!" He screamed, getting all the attention from the bystanders of the market square.
The sailsman frowned. "If he doesn't want it, then maybe this one could do. It's a nicer fabric and maybe he'll like it." Micheal watched as his sibling took the shirt the man had given them, how they apologized in "advance" on their brothers behaviour. "Michael, let's try this one, ok? Lift your arms again, baby." Michael shook his head. He didn't want anything anymore. He wanted to be alone. But how could he be alone? Y/n had given him strict orders to not run away from them, for safety reasons. "Michael? What's gotten into you? What's wrong, Mike?" He teared up. Frantic sights and heavy chest, he let out a whimper. From a whimper had turned into a cry and from a cry had turned into a sob. Michael was sobbing loudly, snot dripping down like water and his salty tears burning his rosy cheek. This was all too much. He just wanted to comfort. The now baby zombie piglin hybrid was on the ground sobbing, with his sibling anxiously trying to get him to tell them what was happening.
Michael was never the one to throw tantrums without an explanation. But it seems like there's a first time for everything. His melt down had worried you, made you try and figure out why he was so irritated and emotionally upset. He wouldn't talk, not at all. It was like he figured out that if he talked, it would mean he would have to share his feelings, what had happened, his thoughts. A lot of things had happened these past few days, running away from the only house you've ever been in and leaving your past behind maybe was too much for him? But he barely talked about it. Well, it's not like he could've. The first night you both ran away, you got attacked. Was maybe the wounds and somehow turning into a hybrid bothering him? Is it all too much for him as it is to you?
Michael was only 3 years old. He barely ever spoke and you were amazed that he could even muster up the voice to say a full sentence. This must've hard on him, leaving his parents behind because they left the both of you. You've never quite had time to have the talk on that with him. It was all a spur of an idea that became an action when you ran away. You weren't actually thinking of doing it, but your body reacted differently and packed everything up. And when that was set, your brain agreed for some unknown reason. You still wondered if this was the right thing to do.
Blu was making tea in the kitchen. You were seated in the dining table, trying to think of ways how you could speak to Michael, a three year old who could potentially have a lot of trauma. Trauma that you could've stopped. "Hey, don't worry so much. He's a kid, I'm sure he'll understand sooner." End smiled comfortably, setting down the cups before pouring tea for the both of you and handing you Michael's newly bought sippy cup. You smiled at ender, thanking them before taking a small sip. You stood up, taking the sippy cup with you and filling it up with milk from the bucket. Adding some more stuff, you sight as you finished.
"I'll be heading upstairs now, thank you so much for taking care of him while I did some more shopping." End smiled, shaking ends head. "Don't worry about it! It wasn't much trouble."
You ended the small talk by heading up the stairs and knocking on Michael's temporary room. "Michael? My love, I'm coming in, ok?" Turning the nob, you squeaked a bit as the sippy cup almost fell. Michael groaned, slapping his hands on his face in exasperation. "Here, you didn't have your lunch so this will do for a small snack." You handed him his sippy cup. He took Hesitantly, inspecting it before taking a quick sip. He realized he liked it and drank it normally.
You still weren't sure if he was ok with being touched yet, so you poked his head to make him realize your presence. Michael frowned. He didn't do any other movement to try to stop you from touching his head, actually, he even leaned his head to the palm of your hand. He wanted to be held. You both didn't say anything, just sat beside eachother adjusted him in your arms as you held him. You rubbed his back in a caring matter, kissed his head in a loving way. So much has happened these past few days and you both needed this greatly. He squeezed your sides with his small hands, nuzzled his head closer to your neck, making sure to not breath and out in too fast incase he accidentally tickled you. He didn't want to be playful now. As you both held eachother, you finally began to talk. Your words were soft, barely above a whisper but they were loud enough for Michael to hear, for Michael to understand and take in the emotion behind your words, to take in the information, the meaning, the reason of your words in.
"Why am I a humon?" He asked. "Did I look to mwean as I was bebov?" You shook your head. You held him tighter as you lifted his head so you can see his face, and kissed his forehead. "You never looked mean. You always looked sweet, kind and cute. You will always look like my dear sweet brother. I don't know why you're a hybrid now, maybe it has to do with something of Goddess of Death. But by God, my love, you are my brother and my brother never looked mean." His lip quivered, his eyes filled with big wet tears and they slowly rolled down his cheek as he began to sob. You held him tightly against you, whispering sweet nothing's into his ear for reinsurance.
"I miss papa and dadboo!" He sobbed. His shaky hands held your shirt tighter, his tears getting it wet. You both missed your parents. Even if they did a bad job at being ones, they were still your parents. The one who rescued you, the ones who raised and loved you like no other. Even if they failed to do so in the end.
"I miss then too, Michael. I-I miss them too.."
The moment was quiet and filled with pain. You both knew that what you've done was a spur of a moment thought and action. But you were both too angry, hurt and pain filled to turn back now and forgive them. You both were going to build a home for eachother, a home where the both of you would love and care for eachother. A home without back stabbing, betrayal, crying and fear. A home where the both of you could be together forever as siblings.
"We'll be ok, Michael. We'll be ok. We have eachother, and I'll take care of you. You'll be ok."
Tumblr media
"They found you."
Bags were getting packed again, new clothes and stuff were shoved in and ready to be picked up and set to go. Michael was resting in the couch, new gear and clothes were on him and all he had to do was sit in the couch, looking cute while you and Blu packed your bags and stressed over the fact that they found you and a whole fucking big ass hidden village.
"H-how the fuck did they find me? How the fuck did you know they're here?" Blu frowned. "The family picture you keep in your wallet. I saw what they looked like and when I was just passing by the fields just now-while you and Michael were talking-i spotted them. Y/n, I don't necessarily think they want to give up. I tuned in on what they were saying and they just wanted to talk to you."
Your mouth went dry. The whole world seemed to go around and around in circles and you felt like you wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Twice so you would be fully dead. "Doesn't matter. I'm not talking to them. Not now, not ever. Just a few more things to shove in, let's go, Blu." Blu nodded, shoving the last bit that end could and gave it to you. "Do you...do you really have to leave? You haven't even spend the night."
"I wish I could stay, it would be better if I stayed. But while they're here, it's not safe for me and Michael. We'll find a new place to stay, Blu. Thank you so much for your hospitality and allowing us to become friends. I hope we can meet again soon."
It was almost night time. Mobs would soon find themselves on land again and to terrorize bystanders, they would kill them. You and Michael were as quiet you guys could be, almost like mice. You were still at the village. You had to keep quiet, even if there weren't any mobs here, they could hear you. Tubbo had good hearing-at least before the fireworks, they told you. Hearing was hearing. They could know where you were if you made the smallest of sounds. It was a good idea to bring Michael's binky from when he was a baby. It kept him calm while he sucked it. The bags you carried were heavy. You regret having them. Maybe when you were somewhere else, somewhere safer where you could spend the night, you could regroup what you needed and what wasn't necessary.
Michael sucked on his binky, little fingers tugging the string that was attached to it, turning the little cute wood accessories. While he stayed strapped into your chest, you could tell he was getting restless. "It's ok, my love. Just stay there a little longer, ok? We're close to the entrance, we'll get out of here. I promise." You patted his head. Soft pink curls went through your fingers. The pads of them massaging his head to keep him calm, maybe even try to get him to sleep.
"But I don't wama leab. Dis feels like wome..." he let out a small sight in disappointment. You followed right after him. Everyone was so nice here. But you were resilient to not be captured and brought back home to your parents. Although, self doubt came back once more. Were you making the wrong decision? Was leaving you and Michael for a week such a horrible thing for you guys to run away from them like this? No. You're too far gone. You can't sidetrack now. You need to keep going. Quickly standing up, you ran as quietly as you could. Soft thuds came from your feet and you were glad there was nothing that made too much sound.
You stopped. Michael gasped in fear, bot expecting to get caught by them. Tubbo panted while Ranboo got there two seconds later by teleporting. "Y/n.." who longingly said.
"Why are you still going after us? I think me running away from you-far away from you both, is enough of an  explanation on why I don't want to be with you. Why do you keep resisting to let me go? Stop going after me." Tubbo stayed still. No movement came from him at all, while Ranboo was tearing up. "I-I know we both made the mis-mistake of leaving you guys home-" "you didn't leave us home! You abandoned me and Michael with little to no recourses! You're our parents you can't just-"
"Please! At least you had food! When I was in the L'manburg war, we didn't have jack shit! We starved and saved up the little food, water and recourses we had! You had it so easy-i don't understand why you made such a big deal out of all of this...wait-no, Y/n I didn't mean to-"
"Save it, 'papa'. You wanna know why it hurt so bad? My parents died infront of me right after making the stupid fucking decision to abandon me and my siblings! Everyone I ever knew and loved died and I couldn't do anything about it! I was alone-abandoned and in pain and when you guys showed up I finally thought everything was going to be ok! I wasn't going to be alone anymore. I finally had a family again, one that didn't abandon me and Michael and who loved us without any conditions. Turns out I was wrong. I'm SORRY THAT I DIDN'T FIGHT IN THE WAR. I'M SORRY THAT ME AND MICHAEL HAD MORE RECOURSES THAN YOUR SICK ASS ARMY. I'M SORRY THAT EVEN FIGHTING FOR A WAR AND WINNING OR NOT, DIDN'T SAVE SAVE THE COUNTRY-BECAUSE THE VERY NEXT FUCKING DAY IT GOT BLOWN UP INTO FUCKING SMITHERINS. I'M SORRY I DIDN'T HAVE TO APPARENTLY FIGHT FOR MY RIGHTS LIKE YOU DID, PAPA. I'm sorry for being such a shity child and running away but I'm too far gone. You made the mistake of adopting children when you still haven't gotten the hold on how to take care of your PTSD. All I asked for is that you didn't abandon me and Michael. And holy fuck you couldn't even do that!"
Michael sobbed. This was all too much- he didn't know what to do. So he did what he could and spoke his mind. "Kidth are thupposed to bee touf. You both yew that. You're good people, just bad parwnth." The shoke Tubbo and Ranboo had in there face was indescribable. How did their 3 year old child that never spoke before, just start speaking? Y/n finally turned around and took a look at their parents. "You both look like shit." They painfully grinned. Tubbo gasped as Ranboo covered his mouth.
"Wh-what happened to Michael?! Why is he a hybrid?!" Michael tugged your sleeve in discomfort. "Oh, yk,, nunya."
"What's-Wha'ts nunya?"
"Nunya damn motherfucking business."
"I...feel bad..about what happened." Ranboo spoke out. He hesitantly took a step forward, only for you to take one back. "So..you're apologizing?" You questioned, jumping a little to keep your bags from falling. "Yes. We're sorry, my love. We didn't mean for-"
You stopped Tubbo from continuing by putting your hand up. "There you go again, making more excuses. But ok, I don't forgive you." Tubbo frowned, his heart beated faster. He didn't know how to approach this. All his emotions were all over the place, he didn't know what to say or do. This definitely made him feel like he wouldn't bring his children home. "Y/n, we said we're sorry..!" Ranboo cried. He tried walking forward again, tried reaching out to you bit you kept stepping back.
"Yeah, and I do not forgive you. We do not forgive you."
Ranboo was close to hyperventilating. Tubbo could see that, so he put a hand on his husbands shoulder. He whispered something in his ear.
"Uhh, not sure you get what's happening here. This could be the last time we go out of our way to fi-" Y/n laughed. Michael frowned, not liking their giggles at all. He nuzzled into their shirt to hide away. "No. I'm not gonna give you both closure! You guys don't get that." They finally stepped forward, inching their way closer to their parents.
"You guys have to live with the shitty things you both did for the rest of your lives. You have to know thAT IT'S NEVER, EVER-GOING TO BE OK! This is the mistake you guys did. This is the mistake I did. Come, follow me if you want. Hunt me down like I'm a prey because I am no longer your child. We both ARE NO LONGER YOUR CHILDREN. WE AREN'T BELOVEDS ANYMORE. We aren't a family anymore! And it's time that you both understood that..."
Tumblr media
The Tundra was cold. You were freezing- correction-almost frozen. You had made the mistake of packing only sunny and warm clothes, but nothing harsh and winter related, after all, you wouldn't need them anymore as you escaped Snowchester. You had given Michael every layer he could possibly wear and yet the baby zombie piglin hybrid was still cold. You wondered if giving him your hat would make his ear less red.
You held your backpacks tight, almost afraid that the cold tundra air would blow them away. Even if they were remarkably heavy. The only good thing they served was that they kept your back warm. You could feel that your feet were full of blisters and how the blood soked your socks. The pain made you want to stop and take a break, but you knew that if you did, that would be it for you. So you kept going, afraid of stopping, afraid of looking back incase they were following. Michael's stomach growled in hunger. He whined in discomfort. "I'm hungry..." he cried, fisting his little hands and slightly rocking his feet.
"I know, bud. I don't have any snacks on me right now. But when we find some food, it'll be yours, ok?" He nodded, shivering as another gust of cold, so thick that it almost seemed light blue, white air flew past them. You had to find a way to get out of here.
That's when it hit you. Weren't you close to where Grandpa Phil lived? You remembered coming to his cabin once when you were 7. You had to go there for Michael. Letting out an airy laugh, you walked faster, almost slipping but caught yourself. Ice. It meant you were close by. The Tundra only got colder and colder, the gusts of wind almost cut your face multiple times. You had to give your hat to Michael in hopes of him not getting a cut on his head.
A figure came up in the distance, a big green and white striped hat made itself presentable and soon, the whole figure did. You held your breath in anticipation, solely hoping that it was who you wanted and needed at this very moment.
"Grandpa Philza?"
Tumblr media
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sophiethewitch1 · 2 months ago
Judge, Jury, And Executioneer
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Gn! Reader. Self aware au. Cult au. Reader is God au. Villain au. Public Execution. False crime accusations. Bad legal system. Yanfei cmon you should be better at this. Hanging. Use of salt to silence the reader. Flooding. Earthquakes. Uhhhh… reader gets their revenge. So there's that too. POV you get smited by god themself
Public execution was not common in Liyue anymore. It had been a long time since the judges of the city had decided on Capital Punishment for a criminal. It made sense, Liyue was growing into an age of man, and men were naturally more forgiving than their immortal mirrors.
But today, the city of Liyue waited for a certain sinner to die. And they all were certain that death was the only thing they deserved.
Ningguang, the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, watches on calmly. Well, calmly to anyone who didn’t truly know her. Her hands are clenched around the handles of her chair, her metal nails clawing into the finely carved wood. Her face is as passive as always, except for a slight downward twinge of her reddened lips.
“Bring forward the imposter,” she says, and the citizens of Liyue cheer their rabid delight. They were out for blood.
Your blood.
A single soul stumbles forward, shoved by the guards behind them. Chains are attached to their hands and feet, and around their neck sits an iron collar. The parts where the iron touches their skin is bleeding and bruised, red dripping down their collarbone. That’s not the least of their wounds, though. Their entire body is covered in scratches and lacerations. Filth and that same coppery-scented blood covers them, staining their clothes.
They raise their head, glaring at Ningguang stubbornly through their rats-nest of a hair. The one eye that peaks through the locks is glowing with a fiery rage. They attempt to spit on the ground near Ningguang’s shoes, and the crowd gasps with it’s own rage. All that comes out is salt, seeing as Ningguang had ordered it poured down their throat before the trial. The sinner had argued they hadn’t done anything. That they were all lying for no good reason, that they didn’t hurt anyone.
Ningguang barely stops herself from sneering.
Guards come up behind the criminal, forcing them to their knees. They cry out in pain, and the crowd cries out in pure joy . They muffle their screams, biting down on their bruised bottom lip. The crowd boos at this, and the Milileth soldier behind them kicks his boot into their back.
They cough at the shock, spittle and salt flying out of their mouth onto the stone floors of Yuehai Pavilion. Some of that salt stains the Pavilion’s holy ground, but it’s a worthy sight, seeing the imposter finally brought to their downfall. After all, they had traipsed around Liyue, confident and cocky in their appearance.
How dare they? Who do they think they are? Pretending to be their God.
Ningguang raises one clawed hand, and the people go silent.
“We will now recite the imposter’s many great crimes. Thank you,” Ningguang says, nodding to the pink-haired girl next to her. Yanfei takes a step forward, a malicious pleasure glinting in her cerulean eyes.
“Today, on the sixteenth of this criminal’s arrival in our city, we shall finally banish them!” Yanfei yells, raising one hand to the air, the other holding open her book of laws. The criminal’s eyes dart to Yanfei’s face, and then the book in her hand, eyes narrowing.
Did they not believe that they had actually broken any laws? Please . What a horrid act.
“Under our Creator’s sun, we shall honor Them! This-” Yanfei slings her hand down, pointing in the accused parties face, “This fake ! Shall know the punishment they deserve.”
Yanfei grins, her eyes curling at the edges. The imposter gulps, their head dipping slightly.
“Their crimes include- giving false coins to the local markets’ sellers! Assaulting three women and two men! Lying to the Milileth as well as resisting arrest from them too. And finally, the most heinous crime of all…”
The crowd quietens, and all that can be heard is the distant caw of a bird. Ningguang hopes that their Creator sees through the sparrows' eyes, that they see what they would do for them. Their love was eternal, and it would never waver.
So, the sinner must die.
“Wearing our God’s face!” Yanfei screams, and the people roar their agreement. The sinner struggles against their bonds, trying to cough out a response. But they can’t . 
They can’t do anything, simply waiting for death to come.
Once the crowd quietens, Yanfei steps forward. She leans down, her forehead almost pressing against the criminals. They glare up at Yanfei, and for a second she almost flinches back. There was a reason it was a crime to impersonate their God, because many had claimed control over Teyvat before with false gods and prophets. It was easy to fall to one who looked like their God, because their god was everything.
And for almost a second, Yanfei felt that she would easily fall beneath your gaze.
“Does the accused have any words of defense? Or should we just get this over with?” she says, and the criminal bows their head. A sound comes out of their mouth, raspy and weak, and Yanfei leans in even closer.
“What was that, scum?”
At those words, the criminal’s eyes flare, and they push forward against their bonds, smashing the front of their skull against Yanfei’s. Yanfei curses, falling backwards against the stones. Immediately the Milileth yank them backwards, but the criminal cackles a silent laugh anyway, a manic look in their eyes.
Yanfei stands up, nursing her head. Keqing, the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing moves to her side, checking if she’s alright. Yanfei murmurs a quiet “I’m fine” to her, before looking back at the criminal.
“...I see! So be it, then. For these many crimes, and being found guilty for all of them…” you scream out your rage at her words, but still no sound comes out, “The sinner will be sentenced- to death !”
The crowd screams, the sound echoing louder and louder, as the criminal continues to struggle against their bonds. Their wounds weep even more fresh blood at their struggle, but nobody cares to stop them.
After all, they’ll die soon. Might as well make them suffer a little longer.
Ningguang nods her head, agreeing with the punishment, and a hanging post is brought forward. The rope swings back and forth in the midday sun, casting shadows over the criminal’s face. Their already malnourished form grows even paler, the realisation dawning on them that today they will die.
They struggle harder against their bonds, as the Milileth guards push them forward to the wooden bringer of death. They scream again and again, but they still can’t make a single noise. And yet, the very earth here’s their call.
And Teyvat answers its God’s screams with its own.
Ningguang looks up when a crackle of thunder echoes through the Pavilion. The sky rapidly darkens above her, black clouds rolling above them. Another flash of lightning comes down, striking the mountains nearby.
The people begin to stur, murmurs filling the crowd. Yanfei fidgets slightly, her eyes moving away from the criminal. 
“We must be quick! A storm is coming in, let’s get this done now!” Keqing announces, and the milileth drag them forward even faster. They struggle as hard as possible, their bleeding and swollen feet scraping for purchase against the stones of the pavilion.
A single drop of rain splatters down in front of the criminal, and they look skyward as well. AS if that was what the sky was waiting for, a sudden torrential rain encompasses the city. People start shrieking, many slipping on the now wet grounds. The water from the gutters starts flooding over the side, and soon it’s rising past ankle height.
The criminal looks down at the water, their reflection shining in the chaotic flooding. The milileth let go of their arms, and they collapse into the water, spluttering against the waves. They can barely push themselves to their feet, their feet slipping again and again. Finally they stand, watching the hell that is unfolding around them with an open mouth.
The water has poured over the sides of the city, creating a waterfall of epic proportions. Lightning strikes down a tree nearby, and despite the rain and wind clashing against it’s side, it still manages to catch fire. The flames spread quickly, and soon Liyue is on fire as well. 
The people are screaming, as the torrent pulls them down the cliff-face and deep into the ocean's depths. For some reason, the water doesn’t push them, and they stand alone in the chaos.
They blink when they realise their pain is disappearing, looking down at their body. As the rain slides of their form, it heals the cuts and bruises. Wounds sew themselves shut, and blood is washed away, cleaning them.
And they watch as Liyue is washed away, Teyvat’s wrathful vengeance.
“You!” the criminal’s head snaps up, away from the carnage and death, to the one who started it all. Ningguang stands strong against the storm, her vision alight. Her hair has been freed from it’s up-do, and it flies wildly around her. She points one finger at the criminal, her face glowing with rage.
“You did this!” she screams, and the sound barely makes it to the criminal, the rain shielding them from her anger. But they still hear her words, and their teeth gnash. Distantly, the earth rumbles, mirroring the imposter’s fury.
The criminal licks their lips, the rain water moving to heal their throat. They take a deep breath then, and sigh out in peace when the last of their pain disappears.
“No… I didn’t,” they say, their voice barely above a whisper, but still, everyone in Teyvat hears their words, the sound echoing to all corners of the land.
Ningguang falters at the words out of their mouth. How- ?! They should have been mute! Had she not done enough?! Should she have cut out the sinner’s tongue?! As the very earth around her creaks and rocks, she wonders what it is she did that angered her God.
Another voice, just as loud, just as echoing whispers in her ear. But this one doesn’t come from the sinner, their mouth sealed shut as they watch the Liyue Tianquan forced to their knees.
“Foolish. Why did you not consider…”
It’s at that moment, that a thought occurs to her. Ningguang had seen many things in her life, she’d seen Osial crushes under her own sacrifice, she’d seen the end of the era of Morax, and she’d seen the world bow before her feet.
But as you walk towards her, the torrent parting for you, she realises something.
“...That they were the truth?”
She had never laid eyes on a True God.
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cherry-flavoured-thot · a month ago
based off a chat i read recently, minors dni there’s explicit content near the end
Satan’s mentioned time and time again that when he reads books he had a tendency to block out the world. But is so much to ask for a little acknowledgement? You entered his room to greet him, finding him sitting in his chair book in hand, only for him to slightly wave a hand at you and not even send a glance in your direction. 
“How was your day?” You only received a grunt in response and the noise of him turning the next page. “My day was really long,” you pause, no response, “I kissed Mammon earlier.” You taunt, but no reaction from him. 
“That’s nice dear.” You sigh, loudly, dramatically flopping down on his bed. You glance at the book in his hand and notice how he’s not even halfway through, meaning the chances of him finishing any time soon wasn’t likely. You stare at the ceiling, wondering what you could do to even get his attention. 
Throwing a pillow at him would be the obvious answer, but if he decided to throw the pillow back there was a chance you might die on its impact. Or he kicks you out of your room and gives you the cold shoulder for a week like he did last time you interrupted his reading. 
“I’m feeling a little neglected over here.” You state raising your voice in hopes of getting his attention, and impressively enough you do. He peers at you from behind his book, with an eyebrow quirked. 
“You are capable of taking care of yourself last time I checked.” And then his attention returns to his book, you sit up and stare at him, the pillow throwing idea sounding more appealing by the minute. 
“Hm I guess you’re right I am, in fact capable of taking care of myself.” You comment, knowing all too well that he’s not listening anymore. You take a moment to consider your options before an idea pops into your head that you immediately bring to action. 
Satan, vaguely aware that you’re still in the room but unaware of what exactly your doing is knee-deep in a plot twist when he hears a strange sounding exhale coming from you on the bed, thinking you’re sulking he continues following the words on the page. Then he hears it, a pleasured sigh that sounds like his name, he almost completely drops his book at the noise, immediately looking towards you. 
“What are you doing?” He splutters out despite it being quite obvious now that he looks at you what you’re doing. Just enough clothes abandoned and shoved aside, legs spread apart far enough so he can quite clearly see your hands resting on your sex. You send a sly smile in his direction before answering. 
“Taking care of myself.” He sucks in a breath, eyes following your hands as you stroke yourself. “Feel free to go back to reading your book, I’m- ah- more than capable of doing this on my own.” He’s not stupid you’ve obviously done this to get his attention, why else would you have positioned yourself in a way for him to have a perfect view? Or purposely moan his name so loud. 
“You’re impossible-” He begins moving to get up out of his seat and give you the attention you so badly want. 
“Sit down.” You demand, and he complies sending a glare when he notices your smug expression. “Be a good boy and watch, if you stay still I might give you some attention too.” 
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dootdootwriting · 5 months ago
hii could you do noelle,ningguang,beidou and lisa x reader that likes to do dangerous stuff for fun?? if you don't write for noelle,ningguang and lisa its okay hope you have a great day (^▽^)
yea absolutely! this sounds like such a fun req sorry for the wait anon! i hope you have a great day too :D
genshin ladies supremacy >:3c
Format: headcanons Characters: Noelle, Ningguang, Beidou, Lisa (separate) Pronouns used: none Type: Fluff Warnings: mentions of small danger
Tumblr media
- it's her duty as a future knight of favonius to do everything she can to protect you!
- she won't necessarily stop you from doing the dangerous things, but she'll keep an eye on you just in case she needs to catch you if you fall or something
- which she totally can, by the way. she's strong as hell
- also takes a little bag with a first aid kid whenever you two go out together
- she's the mom friend (stocked with snacks and first aid kits) and this definitely also translates to your relationships. whatever happens, she's got you covered!
- you might be able to convince her to take part in the more tame things you do, like climbing trees or clearing out small hilichurl camps. she's dressed in armor so she figures she'll be alright
- might even find some of these things fun. in moderation that is
- oh no, you've corrupted her. what will the knights think about a recruit that climbs trees... how awful...
- you have to reassure her that you're like 85% sure they won't care that she climbs the occasional apple tree
Tumblr media
- what are you doing. get off of that cliff???
- so confused. how do you find this fun you could die. you could die get down from there.
- extremely worried and isn't really the type of person to come prepared to things; she's more of a businesswoman and definitely is not prepared for an s/o who just does dangerous things for fun
- that being said, she also thinks it's a little bit funny
- you amuse her. not necessarily in a bad way, it's just not the sort of thing she usually sees people doing, so sometimes you'll get the incredulous laugh or two when you come back battered and bruised from the cliffs to get her qinxin flowers
- they are very pretty but what in teyvat? why would you go to such measures just for some flowers?
- well, see, you love her, and also, it's fun. who doesn't love a bit of cliff scaling?
- she does not understand
- nigguang does not question you after that, and is also very appreciative of the little things you find and bring back for her
- who knows, one day, far in the future, she might even join you.
Tumblr media
- will do all the things with you. you're about to wrestle a shark? and you didn't invite her? how dare you!
- also not the type to bring things with her so if you get hurt you're basically screwed. don't get hurt.
- she's not technically a pirate captain (she totally is) but she definitely has the vibes and the attitude for it. she'll find an abandoned ship on the horizon, pull you up to the deck, and then help you explore it and see if you can find anything of value onboard
- the ship is totally cursed. look, there's even a weird grey fog around it. but whatever, we found this chest of gold. totally worth it, plus it was wicked to look around it
- will have competitions with you also. first one to find and beat three treasure hoarders gets as many kisses as they want for the rest of the day. proceeds to absolutely crush you in this competition and demands kisses for the rest of the day
- "you owe me, i won fair and square! now pay up."
- if you get hurt she'll lay off for a bit and tend to you and will be more cautious the next few times she sees you run off. after that though she goes back to normal and runs off after you
- save kazuha he's the only one on this boat with a brain cell
Tumblr media
- oh dear
- gets worried about this but also has a tiny little sadistic side that hopes you get just the tiniest bit injured so she can fix you up and kiss it better
- this works though because you get to have your fun and she gets to kiss it better and! you get a kiss. win win win.
- you're over there climbing the giant barbatos statue to see if the view is any good and she's standing underneath with the biggest goo-goo eyes you'll ever see
- also thinks you're very brave, despite the fact that you do these things just for fun
- "my goodness! you wiped out an entire hilichurl camp? how daring of you~" yeah it was the most fun you've had this week does she want to join you sometime
- she would actually. quickly realizes that these kind of expeditions are not her specialty and she would rather stay in the library or do something... a little less "daring~"
- ever seen people swoon in movies? she does that
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raentaro · 9 days ago
⌗ just mammon getting jealous;
Tumblr media
you and mammon have a date after class while he's waiting for you at the entrance but you're late.
fandom: obey me!
warning(s): gn! reader, fluff.
a/n. there had been some grammatical errors, i hope you'll correct it as you read, sorry!! :((
꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷ ͝ ꒦ ͝ ꒷꒦ ͝ ꒷
thank you for the read. feedbacks and rbs are deeply appreciated!! — iara ♡
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misschifuyu · 8 months ago
hii can i pls request general relationship headcanons with mikey thanks so much!
- hello my love ! mikey headcanons coming right up ♡
Tumblr media
General relationship headcanons with Mikey
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters: sano manjiro
genre: fluff
warnings: none
Tumblr media
to set off a first point, know that draken will have followed the whole journey right from the moment manjiro saw you up until your current, relationship status. every, last detail
you see, mikey isn't someone to share personal aspects of his life to just anyone. he's a closed in person, and though his exterior demeanour may sometimes appear playful and happy, he prefers to keep more serious issues to himself...or his closest friend.
this meant that, more often than not, the taller blond of the two would try and set the two of you up as stealthily as he could before you started dating. truthfully, you owed him a lot, since mikey wasn't always the best when it came to dealing with complicated feelings such as love.
mikey won't set anything officially until he knows that, not only can he fully trust you, but that he's also in a situation which won't pose a threat to you once the relationship is established. and even then, he won't notify the toman members for a little while, just to be safe.
nonetheless, he is over the moon knowing that you shared the same feeling as he did and he will undoubtedly tell you this more than once when you are alone. he was still unsure how you had fallen for someone such as himself, but he wasn't about to complain in the slightest.
this will come into the light more as the relationship progresses. sometimes he won't say it verbally, but mikey, in more occasions than he would admit to, would need reassurance that you were there for him. it isn't that he doesn't believe that you love him, it's simply a sense of unsureness that had built up over the years
betrayal of other members was the main cause, and it would lead him to form a few trust issues because, when can one truly be sure that another is to follow their words?
so be sure to give him reassurance with plenty kisses and embraces to make him realise that you do, indeed, care for him, and that you wouldn't run off like others had done before.
on the brighter side of the relationship, which is the one that predominates most of the time, mikey is a very touchy person...just not in public
when other toman members are around, he is more than happy to hold your hand, but don't expect many kisses. he has this mentality that he must keep up the image of a strong leader, so he prefers to keep his softer side for those who he deemed closer to him
he'd make up for it when the two of you are snuggled up in either's house, and will give you all of his attention, no doubt
he loves spending time with you. it's the only instances he gets where he can actually let his guard down and act without much of a care. you love him for everything that he may bring to the table, even his peculiar demands when it came to ordering a kid's meal
and his sweet tooth. he could smother you in kisses whenever you showed up to his house with a bag of sweets or biscuits
dates would be something that would take quite awhile to actually organise. mikey can be rather indecisive at times, so expect him to run through a number of shopping centres before choosing one that he deemed perfect for both of you
careful, though. if you go out with this man on a shopping spree, don't think you're going to be the only one coming home with bags full of purchases. he doesn't hesitate when it comes to clothes and picks anything he sees remotely decent
finally, since these are getting pretty long, the other members will hold a considerable amount of respect towards you, but they also think you're a wonderful partner for their leader
you will form a bond with the captains, since they usually hung out with your boyfriend, and it wouldn't take long before you were able to joke around with them all
all in all, you would be highly loved by everyone, but especially by mikey, of course. he can get a little jealous at times, but that's a story for another time ♡
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eresunencanto · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ 𝐂𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐋𝐎 loves having a partner. There's nothing better than having someone to love and cherish and who shares the same emotional connection towards him
: ̗̀➛ So as your boyfriend, Camilo noticed that words weren't something you were good at, you couldn't express the way you felt about him. And he knew that bc you told him
: ̗̀➛ There were times you couldn't express your emotions with him and you felt bad and he hated that, he told you that he knows that you like him a lot
: ̗̀➛ But even then, you still wanted to make sure he knew that you liked him. So, going out into the plaza, you bought a bunch of mini stuff from all the way to a plushie, to his own popcorn maker
: ̗̀➛ You knew how much he loved food, and how many rare times he was aloud to get seconds. He complained about not being able to get seconds all the time
: ̗̀➛ When you told Dolores to tell Camilo to come over to your house, saying that you both needed to talk, Camilo came in running here fast, sweat was rolling off his forehead and a glint of fear in his eyes
: ̗̀➛ You suppressed a snort. Maybe you should've worded your exact words differently-
"Y/N? W-what's up? Why'd you call me all of a sudden?"
"I wanted to talk, Mi Sol. Close your eyes!"
Camilo let out a breath he held. His stomach was churning with anxiety and he felt Tia Julieta's arepas rising. But he calmed himself and rested his eyes. "Is everything alright, Y/n?" You nodded, humming as you got the gifts ready. "You know how I'm not that good with expressing my words for you, right? Well, here's something that I've prepared to tell you and show you how much I like you. Te quiero much, Camilo!"
: ̗̀➛ My man's was about to shit tears of how sweet he thought this shit was
: ̗̀➛ Bestie was thanking Pedro for letting his partner be so angelic and sweet and- man's was letting out tears of joy. Comical tears ofc
: ̗̀➛ He put the gifts aside gave you the biggest hug he could muster, enveloping you in his arms and thanking you for the gifts, saying how he couldn't believe he got so lucky with the best s/o ever
: ̗̀➛ Now, whenever you give him gifts again, you bet your life he gets you gifts as well. He buys you all that he can with his allowance and also gives you a lot of the things he owns. Pepa started to wonder why Camilo's room was starting to seem more empty as time went on and why Camilo kept needing new things every week
: ̗̀➛ It got to the point where gift given turned out to be his new love language as well! Whenever he goes out he makes sure to get you something, or if he sees something that reminds him of you he'll get it, no matter the price!
: ̗̀➛ Unless it's $100
: ̗̀➛ My man's wishes he could have that much money. But it's ok bc the Casera gives it to him for less money bc of who he is 🤭
: ̗̀➛ Oh to be Camilo 😔😪
: ̗̀➛ To wrap this up, he treasures any gift you ever gave him. He keeps his gifts in a special place in his room. It almost looks like a shrine! He truly appreciates whatever you give him, no matter what it is and he's thankful that you have so much love for him to get all of those things for him. He's truly grateful for you and your gifts
: ̗̀➛ And BTW, the popcorn maker made him want to marry you on the spot- MANS WAS SOBBING WHEN HE REALIZED WHAT IT WAS HWHSHSHSYDH 😭😭💀💀
Tumblr media
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pen-observing · 18 days ago
firsts with Lisa
the firsts of any relationship are things that forever linger.
@favoniuscodex​ always has fun ideas and I'm excited to participate kekeke
Tumblr media
↦ first kiss.
“Oh, darling, I am glad to see that you always make sure to return books on time.”
Entering inside the library is always a special occasion. Libraries themselves have always been a solace. This place – where past continues to live on, no word dares to get lost – is special. In soft flickers of sunlight, on the shelves and behind the desks, exists a world apart from the rest. The person that makes all of this possible is Lisa.
“Of course! I don’t know who would dare disturb this place by not doing the same.”
You smile, walk past her desk and down the stairs. Lisa’s personality is well known to all but you can’t help that the nickname still causes you to feel special. At first, it caught you off guard; but the effect it has on you now has not dwindled down.  
Lisa follows after you. When you moved here and decided to enter the library, you did not expect to get immersed in the novel for so long that Lisa approached you with a cup of tea. She said your concentrated face was so adorable to look at and how it would be rude of her not to extend a fellow book lover some hospitality.  
You knew that your emotions were not something simple when she sat down for a conversation and all your focus from the novel shifted. Her manner of speaking, the way her hand moved to hold the cup – she was so graceful.  
And you were so lucky! Through conversing about books, your relationship started to develop. A picnic on cape oath, stargazing at Starsnatch cliff and frequently dining together.  
“What did you think of that couple everyone loves?” - she asks. “I am not one for the cheesy troupe of surprises kisses but they suit one another”
Maybe Lisa followed you down the library stairs but usually it was you who followed her lead. So, when her hand reaches to find yours over the spine of the book it is impossible not to look at her.  
“If I said I wanted to kiss you right now it would not be a surprise. Would you like it that way instead, my darling?’  
And there, in the soft flickers of sunlight, after you utter a yes, Lisa and you exist apart from the rest of the world.  
Tumblr media
↦ first time saying i love you.
The grass under your fingers and knees feels soft as you lay the purple blanket down. Starsnatch Cliff has never looked more gentle or meaningful than it does right now. The evening has fallen but the sky sends its greetings in warmer shades so that the view is not obstructed. The stars, old fate tellers and heroes, continue to glisten. Some flowers sway in the wind and the air is refreshing.  
The two of you found your way to this cliff by Lisa’s insistence. She said she had something to show you but what exactly are human words and human troubles when you gaze up towards the sky? Wouldn’t anyone feel small?  
Lisa doesn’t. Instead, she feels bigger than the stars and Celestia itself at that moment. The two of you spent time waiting for something only she knew before her laugh echoed.
“He was wrong again! I am so sorry my darling. You see, when I was in Sumeru I made a friend. He studied the stars and found this old fable that mentioned a special one,’
You shift to the side to look at her. She does not talk about Sumeru much and that makes the moment more special.
“Apparently that star burns a bright red. Before I graduated, he spent 63 hours on the roof of the academy trying to see it. And in the morning, we found him crying under a desk saying how his calculations were wrong.”
She stops looking at the sky and looks at you instead.
“I shouldn't have trusted him again. You know, one time he-”
And as Lisa begins to tell you more comedic tales about this person you can’t help to think that missing a special star is nothing. She is right there, shining and making you laugh. Your mind and body are completely relaxed.
“Oh Lisa, I love you so much, That’s really funny!”
With the soft grass and the gentle wind; you don’t even realise what just slipped out. But Lisa does and she stops talking. Before you have a chance to ask why, you see her lean down and softly kiss your forehead as she says that she loves you too. 
Tumblr media
↦ first time getting a key to your place.
Lisa has always gravitated towards wondering. Before she went to Sumeru, and while she was there, it was this deep profound need for knowledge and many would say that she was aggressive in that search – finishing too early and too well for it to be called anything else. But Lisa knows better, and she hopes that you know better too, just how those that wander amongst ideas are always and forever lost. She has come so close to knowing the most profound secrets but the longing of freedom actually pushed her back. To know is to be tied and constricted. To know is to give up something and pay the price deemed necessary by another entity.  
So here, inside of her own room and home, while the moon shines inside, she sits at the desk and looks at what you left. When she sees this key, she imagines that she was one entity and you were a completely different one. She follows trails of logical thought. If this is a tool, what purpose does it serve? Should this purpose be fulfilled? What did you feel when you put this in her hands?  
Lisa looks out the window and remembers how keys can mean both prison and freedom. Does this key bind her down to knowing something?   Having travelled far and wide; she has called plenty places home. Would she like a home with you?  
Lisa shakes her head and looks up at the moon.  
All this senseless wondering and for what exactly? The answer is obvious in the fact that she did not turn it down when your fingers touched her palm so carefully.   
All you asked her to do was to water your plants while you were gone and here she is; pondering profound thoughts until you come back and she has a chance to place her own key inside your hands.  
These keys do not bind – they are freedom chosen out of love and the inexplicable desire to share each other’s space.  
Tumblr media
↦  first time waking up in the morning next to her.
The morning sun wakes all living things with gentleness. The sun-rays seeping inside of the room and fluttering on your face remind you of the ways many describe glory. Usually, your first instinct is to get up after rubbing the corners of your eye but this time – you pray it is not a dream or the last time – your hand is gently placed over the one on your chest.  
Lisa’s hands are unusually cold while sleeping, you think.  
Then, after being careful not to disturb her sleeping body next to yours, you look at her.  
The morning sun makes her just as beautiful as the high moon.
Perhaps she is your glory, you think.   Her breathing is slow and even, you can feel your own start to sync. You watch her breathe and smile. The sun is kissing her eyelids and her hair reminds you of all things holy.  
She looks ethereal, you would hate to be the cause of her disturbance but you can’t help yourself. Her hands are still cold, so you place them under the blanket, praying that it does not wake her up.  
She opens her eyes and smiles as her hand reaches for your own again, almost like she missed you dearly already.
“Good morning”, she whispers and you think that perhaps these gentle moments are the most important ones that can be shared.
Tumblr media
↦ first dance at a wedding.
Long distance love means many things and when Lisa and you received an invitation to Glory and Godwin’s wedding it simply made you happy to see them together and reunited. 
‘He just came back from that expedition.’ ‘They’re so young why are they rushing?’ ‘You know, some say he wasn’t even at the expedition and that he spent the last two years with some other woman.’ ‘Poor Glory...’
Mondstadt being the city of freedom meant complete free gossip sessions that the older women participated in. Because of this Lisa and you offered help to the two lovebirds. After initially refusing they realised just how short on time and people they were.  
There was no way you could have turned them down but on the wedding day you almost regretted it. Rushing to and running with the right flowers to make sure all tables were perfectly set because Flora’s delivery went wrong and instead of dandelions, they sent windblooms; making sure all accounts were in order and safe, bringing the best Dandelion wine and blackmailing Kaeya into not drinking it, ordering food and almost forgetting to get the cake, and then almost dropping the same cake when it was time to display it.  
If this was not for love, and if Barbatos himself did not help you two, the whole wedding could have been a less joyous occasion.  
But now, when everything is on perfect display and all the guests who actually support their union arrived, Lisa and you feel proud.  There is simply so much charm to marvel at and nobody remains indifferent. So much so that when the gentle music starts for the first couple’s dance, Lisa and you simply look at one another and get up to join in.  
No words needed to be exchanged for your hands to find hers and move to the dance area. Her hands are gentler than anything and when the two of you embrace and start to move, there is no way to stop the smiles that bloom.
“Did you know this is the first time we are dancing together?”, she asks. “No, it doesn’t feel that way. But if it is the first time, why don’t we make it worthwhile?”, you respond and Lisa reminds you that there is no way she would participate in the ‘longest dancing couple contest’ because her evening tea would grow cold.  
It is a good thing Lisa and you are not long distance; how else could you smile at all her adorable quirks and habits?  
Tumblr media
a/n: i cannot write fluff in a way that is satisfactory to me so THIS WAS A STRUGGLE HOLYY-- like how do u just-- but regardless, this was fun because Lisa has a special place in my heart!
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sky-rider-shura-simp · 17 days ago
hi dear! i came here running to ask for some fluff sandwich cuddling headcanons with the emotional support dilfs Rayleigh & Roger? 👉👈 feel free to add any other sandwich combination you feel like writing, i think we all need some cozy and soft cuddles every now and then. thank you so much if you do <3
Hello hun! Of course i can provide all of the sandwich headcanons you need <3. I hope that you enjoy this and yes we do need the emotional support from our beloved dilfs.
Characters: Roger and Rayleigh, Shanks and Buggy,
Warnings: None,
One piece men sandwich headcanons (GN! Reader)
Roger and Rayleigh:
Usually you would go to Rayleighs room to escape your captain and have a quiet night reading together;
This was not one if those nights. Roger had picked the two of you up and brought you both to his room.
Rayleigh grumbling curses of how he just wanted to sleep as Roger was laughing at his first mate. The first mates glasses wonky on his face, snickering you fixed them.
You knew it was useless to try to get out of your captains hold since he rivaled the strongest man.
You were both pulled into rogers chest as he sat on the bed and Rayleigh did exactly what he said he would and fell asleep.
Due to the warmth of the captains cabin, roger fell asleep aswell. You were the only one awake and you couldnt understand how the hell rayleigh could sleep through the captains snoring.
Sighing, you accepted your fate and snuggled inbetween the two men eventually falling asleep, two sets of arms wrapped around your waist.
You eventually managed to sleep though, due to the sheer warmth from the two Dilfs men.
Buggy and Shanks:
It mainly consisted of Shanks laughing and Buggy insulting him.
You were settled inbetween the two, relaxing as you tried to fall asleep.
But alas, the two kept arguing of whether tangled or moana was the best. Eventually telling buggy to shut the fuck up and threatening to lock him up in a room with shanks, he calmed down and pulled you into his chest, wrapping his coat around you.
All three of you relaxing into the couch and falling asleep for the night. Shanks drooled in his sleep.
It was quite comedic seeing the both of them asleep so peacefully, when Buggy was an angry firecracker and Shanks just kept adding fuel to the fire.
Both of their crews were thankful for you, Ben was tired of putting up with their shit when they were angry and it was buggys crew treading on eggshells when the clown man was angry.
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stay-puftmall0wman · 18 days ago
Homesick // SFW Egon Spengler X GN! Reader
Summary: A bittersweet sight is getting you down, after a small talk Egon figures he may have something to help
Warnings: None 🥱
Word count: 1,185
Tumblr media
The cold, harsh brick surface grazed your forearms as you lent out of the window, moving your already windswept hair out of your face. You smiled, turning your head upwards to look up at the stars. Here in the city it was a rare sight, but a truly beautiful one. The moon was sharpened into a picture perfect crescent, and it looked so large that when you focused, the bugger craters could be seen. Lost in the stars you studied the deep sky ; noting all the murky colours bleeding into one another, seeping into a spotted black canvas. It made you think, appreciate the art of Mother Nature and just how blessed you were to witness it that night.
Out of the blue, a hand placed itself on your covered shoulder and you jumped slightly, scratching your elbows on the harsh surface of the windowsill. “Oh- I, Excuse me- I had no intention to scare you-” Egon. By now you’d turned around, he took a step back and his neutral expression turned to one of mild concern ,”-Are you crying-?” He hesitated to raise his hand, perhaps to comfort you, but decided against it. You raised your own frostbitten finger to just under your eye, where you caught a tear. You hadn’t noticed you were crying- but now you knew it was sort of embarrassing. “Lords, I didn’t even notice I’m sorry- I’m not upset or anything I just-“ ..” You paused to think, sniffing and dabbing at your cheek with your sleeve. “Have you ever felt like- homesick for somewhere you've never been? Or like you want to be somewhere that it’s impossible to be?” You scratched your neck beneath your hair as his facial expressions changed yet again. “Yes.” He nodded sharply ,”Almost every day.” Slightly taken aback, you raised your eyebrow, prompting him to continue. “Many a times I have wished to be somewhere quieter, much quieter- like a different planet or the middle of nowhere. It does feel nostalgic, bittersweet too, to see places such as those and not be there.” You nodded, leaning against the table beside the wide open window. “Where do you long to be currently?”
You thought hard for a moment ,”I wish I could be among the stars, be one of them…Now I’ve said it- it sounds very silly- one of the stars..” You trailed off, scoffing at yourself and your statement, however true it may have been. Egon smiled briefly to your surprise. “Have you always loved the stars? I know from a young age I was fascinated with the sky, however it wasn’t my main interest..” You nodded along with him ,”Growing up I was a night owl- I’d never be able to sleep till I’d seen the moon. I was so into it my mum even bought me a beginners telescope because she was convinced I’d be the next major astrophysicist or something… but alas you know- it didn’t work out. I never really had a scientist mind, never one for the academics.” You frowned looking at the ground- slightly ashamed to be venting to Spengler, who was literally the smartest person you knew, about not being smart enough to peruse your interests. “I can understand that everyone’s brain works vastly different, but you don’t need an ‘academic mind’ to peruse something of that nature, every subject has aspects that are challenging for any mind.” He rose both his eyebrows for a second, nodding to emphasise his point. Although you knew very well that he was correct, your spirit remained dampened. There was a moment of silence before he sighed and got off the table.
“Come with me.”
He begun walking towards the staircase that led to the rooftop- that you weren’t meant to have access to. “Spengler- what are you doing we’re not allowed there it doesn’t belong to u-“ He cut you off. “I know that, but what the neighbours don’t know won’t hurt them, plus, this is important.” You perked up at ‘important’ , getting up to follow him to the rickety stairs. He undid the latch on the trapdoor , which then swung upwards and let in a large gust of night air. You shivered below him while he clambered out, rubbing your hands together. “Watch your step,” He lent down and outstretched his hand through the hatch, you grasped it and he easily hauled you up, through the door and onto the rooftop. “There’s no room for this in the firehouse- besides I don’t trust us not to break it somehow while we’re running around. You followed his steps and your eyes rested upon a large cylindrical piece of equipment- a telescope. “Woah- Egon I didn’t know you had this-!?” You jogged over to the edge of the roof, running your hands gently over the smooth black surface of the apparatus. “To be honest, I tend to forget I own it too, I use it that little-“ You marvelled at the telescope as he begun focusing it, twisting two dials and squinting with an open mouth as he adjusted it. “But when I was told the price I couldn’t pass it up. See, not only is the firehouse spectacularly close to a delicious Chinese takeaway, it is also gives us an optimal view of the night sky almost all year round, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.” Nodding, you once again looked up to confirm what he was saying.
Now that you weren’t inside, you could see the very few grey clouds littering the sky, like passing islands of smoke. Egon waved you over, beckoning you with one hand. “Come look at this. It’s certainly not a rocket or a space station, but it’s as close as I can get you to the stars.” He stepped away and you took his place , leaning on the optical tube to get to the eyepiece. Once your own eyes focused you smiled broadly, gasping loudly and laughing in disbelief. “Spengler- Spengler this is amazing?!” You laughed again, your cheeks beginning to hurt from how hard you were smiling at the sight. Seeing the sky from a wide perspective was one beauty, but getting up close to all their details was another. It’s like when you see a beautiful person, and when you get close you can notice it all ; every crease, every blemish and wrinkle, the sparkle in their eyes and the lines from their smile, although the sight may not be polished and smooth, it’s one of utter perfection because they all contribute to one another. The moon was just like that.
“Oh Egon it’s beautiful..” You withdrew from the telescope slowly , turning around to face him again. You saw his face- smiling- and waited for a moment. Taking a large breath of fresh air, you glanced from the sky, back to Spengler. Then faintly you heard Peter calling for you, and then him, in a singsong voice- an indication that it was time for your late dinner. “However- I think that in this very moment, I don’t want to be up there with them. I think I’m right where I should be.”
AN: I’m sorry this is so random and so short, but I have a really strong attachment to the night sky/moon/stars, and it was just too beautiful tonight not to write something about it. I hope everyone has had a good start to the year <3 feedback is always appreciated.
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o0milky-sweet0o · 2 months ago
A domestic life with.....
Summary: lil headcanons of a random character from Hellsing in a domestic life setting!
Notes: i finished Hellsing recently and i love it i still need to get over what happened to Pip though, my dumbass can't get over him *ugly cries in Dominican*
Tumblr media
A domestic life with....
Tumblr media
A domestic life with the secret weapon of Hellsing, no one knew that this kind of day would happen especially those that know Alucard's line of work, especially Seras, Integra and Walter.
Yet when you came into the picture, Alucard's sadistic blood-needing nature becane more dull, without the need of so many fights like he used to, he wanted to be more calm and wanting to live a life as such with you.
When he brings the idea to Integra, she is not fond of it why does Alucard want to leave the Hellsing state out of no where?
That's when she puts two and two together, she would just lightly laugh and say sure, as a joke, she never thought that Alucard would actually go with that plan and move into your apartment by the next day, she was deadpanned, but she let it slide.
Alucard would still be present at Hellsing most of the time, but will always come back to you when he is done, and if it not possible for him to go back home in time, when he comes back he will have multiple gifts just for you.
Ranging from simple clothes to the most expensive thing that you want that you could ever think off, he got it just for you.
But when it comes to chores don't let him do over complicated foods, yes he is a fantastic cook but he still lacks the ability to keep everything clean so please, be patient with him because poor old man can't cook.
He also doesn't really need to eat he needs blood to survive not, food, but that doesn't stop him from eating what you prepared be for him.
But you wanna know what makes up for his lack of being able to clean the kitchen? He can give the best massages ever, just let this man work on your backa and you will be relaxing for the next 20 years.
This mas loves watching movies with you especially the gruesome ones, when is always the one where everyone dies, he doesn't like scary movies he finds them dumb.
When it comes to sharing a bed, it doesn't really affect him?, He sleeps inside hos coffin which is besides your bed, but that doesn't stop him from staying with you until you fall asleep and then he goes to his coffin to sleep himself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cherryhobiluvr · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
10:39 pm [A & F]
tumblr is reblog based site plz reblog my work if you enjoy it <3
pairing: hongjoong x gn!reader
word count: 2.1k
tw: angst, mentions of being drunk, hurt/comfort, san is a lil shit lmao
sum: yn’s drunken promise to themselves is finally broken
© copyright 2021 cherryhobiluvr
“hey!” you grinned kicking the practice room door open as your hands were full with coffees for you and the guys.
“thank god!” wooyoung shouted, collapsing on the ground dramatically, making you laugh.
“y/n to the rescue!” san cheered, grabbing his coffee from your awaiting hands.
“thanks.” yunho smiled at you, ruffling your hair before he walked away, chuckling at your glare. he always did that to you, his excuse was that you were much shorter and younger, only by a year, and that it was his duty as your older brother to ruffle your hair.
“thank you, y/n.” hongjoong smiled at you, gently grabbing the cup form your hands, feeling that tingle on his fingers when you made contact.
“you been working hard? your cheeks are awful pink.” you noticed how pink his cheeks were the second you entered and reached forward to feel his cheeks and head for a fever.
hongjoong’s eyes went wide at you touching his face so gently, how worried you looked was endearing to him, well everything about you was endearing to him really.
“y-yeah. been practicing a lot.” hongjoong managed to get out with only a couple fumbled words, cursing himself out internally for stuttering in front of you. he hated how nervous you made him.
“maybe you should take a break yeah?” you smiled, and gently guided him to the side of the room and sat down with him.
hongjoong managed to calm himself down and feel less nervous around you the longer you were there. soon he was joking and talking to you like always.
“come dance with me, y/n!” san grinned, pulling you up from where you were sitting with hongjoong and into the center of the practice room with him.
there was some heavy bassed club type music blaring from the speakers, probably yeosang’s sex playlist again, and suddenly you were flush against san.
you were used to playing around with the members like this, but this seemed different.
san’s hands were mere inches from grabbing a handful of your ass and you had your arms around his neck. he’s never touched you like this before, never dared to.
it took you a couple seconds to get past the shock of it all and settle into the beat of the music, your body loosening up as you swayed your hips and smiled up at san.
his eyes were dark and he quickly spun you around, pulling you back against his chest and wrapping his arms around you.
you were completely flush against each other as you both moved to the music. you could feel your ass rubbing against san’s crotch and something in your head told you to pull away, to stop this in its track. you swore not to get involved with any of the members for your brothers sake.
san’s hands were roaming your torso as he mouthed at your neck, not actually kissing you, as you felt your eyes flutter shut. you could feel yourself losing yourself to the moment and losing control of everything, yourself, the situation.
everything came back to reality when you heard the practice room door slam, making you jump away from san and open your eyes.
you thought it was your brother storming out not to see you legitimately grinding on one of his fellow members, but no. you quickly took a headcount, trying to figure out who was missing.
“go.” yunho sternly told you, pointing at the door. why did he seem mad at you?
you glanced back at san and he had a smirk on his face that you didn’t understand and didn’t have time to make sense of as you took off out of the room after hongjoong.
“hongjoong!” you shouted, seeing him running trying to get out of the building. you grabbed his arm and roughly pulled him back.
you didn’t understand, why was he running? you turned him toward you, seeing the tears streaming down his cheeks.
why was he crying? and why did it feel like your fault?
you didn’t say anything and pulled him towards his studio, unlocking it and pulling him in with you.
you were silent as you sat him down and grabbing some tissues and sitting in front of him, gently rubbing his face and wiping his tears away.
“why are you crying?” you asked quietly, afraid he’d cry more if you spoke any louder. hongjoong wasn’t afraid of you yelling at all, he just seemed so fragile right now.
hongjoong just shook his head, refusing to answer.
“please just talk to me, joongie.” you sighed, reaching up to gently card your fingers through his hair, trying to comfort him.
“it hurt to see you dance like that with san.” hongjoong replied, sniffling quietly and not able to make eye contact with you.
you tried to think of why that would upset him. the pink cheeks, the stuttering when he spoke to you, the way he hugged you longer, the way he looked at you, just everything. then it hit you, finally.
hongjoong likes you.
“you like me?” you asked him, seeing a quick look of shock on hongjoong’s face and then seeing him nod.
you hadn’t even thought of hongjoong like that. you didn’t want to get involved with one of the members for yunho’s sake. at least that’s what you told yourself.
“hongjoong…” you sighed, petting his head gently. how could you tell him this in a way you didn’t feel like a total asshole?
“yunho…I know.” he whispered. hongjoong was very aware of your promise to not get involved with one of them, he knew since you drunkingly told him one night.
“i’m sorry…” you whispered back, you didn’t want to hurt him. you hated doing this to him, hated seeing him like this.
“it’s ok…” he smiled, looking up at you finally. it was fake.
nothing was ok.
‘hey wanna come over for dinner?’ you read yunho’s text to you and sighed.
it’s been a week since you’ve seen hongjoong and everyday you miss him more. you realize every day how much you like him. you hate yourself more every day that passes.
you didn’t reply to your brothers text and rolled back over in bed, letting your sadness lull you back into sleep.
“y/n?!” yunho’s voice was loud and booming in your apartment.
you groaned and covered your head with your pillow in an attempt to shut his voice up.
you heard your bedroom door open and yunho sigh, yanking the covers off you.
“you do know i never told you to not date one of the members right?” yunho told you, sitting down on your bed next to you, rubbing your arm gently. yunho believed that if you and one of the other members genuinely had something then who was he to stand in the way of it? he trusted all of you, and he could always make you all get along whether you all liked it or not.
he wanted to bitch slap you for being a dumbass, for putting both you and hongjoong in this position.
“i know. i just don’t want to fuck up what we have and have to avoid one of them because you know how relationships go for me.” you sniffled, you didn’t want a repeat of one of your previous relationships, none of which ended well.
“none of the members are like your exes, y/n.” yunho reminded you that they were actually good guys.
“i know i know. i just don’t want to hurt him anymore.” you sighed sitting up, trying to card your fingers through your two day old unbrushed hair.
“god you’re a wreck. let’s get you somewhat put back together and go have dinner.” yunho said and watching you sigh and finally get out of bed.
your brother helped you brush your hair and get some decent clothes on and then drove you both back to the dorm, much to your protests and begging to just get some fast food and go home.
“i’ve retrieved y/n!” yunho said as you both walked into the dorm, dragging you into the kitchen where the rest of the members were sitting.
even hongjoong was there and he didn’t look much better than you.
his eyes had bags under it from not sleeping, his hair disheveled from his own not brushing, and his slim frame still in his pajamas.
you both looked like shit.
and of course the only empty chair was next to him.
you silently took a seat next to hongjoong and couldn’t bring yourself to look at him. couldn’t bear to see how you much you hurt him.
“y/n you look like hell.” san commented with a chuckle and you didn’t even have a sassy retort like you normally do.
“yeah i know.” you whispered, hearing the silence after you spoke, they were shocked you didn’t curse san out.
“why haven’t you texted any of us back?” mingi asked pouting, he really missed your crazy morning texts and your spamming making sure he was ok.
“been sleeping…thinking.” you shrugged, not really wanting to discuss the absolute spiral you’ve been in for the past week.
“y/n?” hongjoong finally spoke up, his voice was raspy and hoarse, like he’s either been crying his heart out or hasn’t spoken in so long his voice isn’t used to it anymore.
“yeah?” you replied, not even able to look at him right now. you felt like if you did you’d burst into tears.
“can we talk? privately?” he asked you, finally turning towards you, seeing you tense up feeling his gaze on you.
“yeah sure.” you nodded, taking his awaiting hand and letting him lead you back to his room that he shared with seonghwa.
his skin was warm, felt warmer than you have in days. your hand fit in his like it was made to be there, something you noticed only now. and it made you want to cry.
once you both were shut in his room, he was attached to you, arms around your waist holding you against him tightly.
you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him just as tight as he did you. hongjoong smelled like home to you, something that put you at ease.
“i’m sorry.” you finally broke down, your words muffled by his shirt and tears staining the cloth against your face. “i’m an idiot.” you sobbed.
hongjoong rubbed your back and shushed you gently. why would he comfort you when all you did was hurt him?
“you’re not.” hongjoong whispered to you, pulling back and wiping your tears with the sleeves of his sweatshirt.
“i didn’t mean to hurt you and i did…” you began to ramble, your sobs making you hiccup as you spoke. “i didn’t wanna ruin our friendship or the group because i’m an awful partner with an awful track record-“
suddenly hongjoong’s hands were on your cheeks, squishing your face just enough to get you to shut up.
“y/n…” hongjoong chuckled, seeing you like this was just a tad amusing to him, he wasn’t sure why, probably the nonsense rambling.
you sniffled. “yeah?”
“do you like me too?” hongjoong asked you, hoping the answer would be different from last time.
you nodded quickly. “so much.”
“can i kiss you?” he asked, not caring that you were still a semi blubbering mess. you were his blubbering mess.
he still loved you at your complete and absolute worst.
“mhm.” you nodded and pulled him closer, not caring that you were getting his face wet with tears as your lips attached gently.
hongjoong was gentle but passionate, like he was trying to soothe you and make up for lost time all at once.
“i’m sorry.” you mumbled again once you both pulled away to get some air.
“don’t be.” hongjoong smiled, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear and pulling you gently toward his bed.
you blushed at what you thought he was implying, only to be cut off by a chuckle.
“just cuddles, baby.” hongjoong smiled up at you as he laid down under his covers.
‘baby’. not y/n. it sounded right, good, and even cute from him.
you laid down in his bed next to him, ignoring the little voice telling you to run and not cuddle. you wrapped your leg between hongjoong’s and nuzzling flush against him.
“just like drunk you huh?” hongjoong chuckled, remembering the night you stumbled into his room after downing about three bottles of soju and at least a couple shots of who knows what and snuggling against him.
“is that when i told you about the promise i made to myself?” you asked him, vaguely remembering you did that too when you were drunk.
“yeah. so breaking the promise?” he asked you, pulling you closer to him, feeling your lips against the column of his neck and your fingers brushing against the skin on his stomach from where his sweatshirt rode up.
“fuck my stupid promise. i like you too much.” you replied, shutting your eyes and letting that dumb promise go.
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deleteddewewted · 5 months ago
Congrats on all the followers!!!
So, for the request event (sorry I forgot what you were calling it even though I was just looking at the post lol) could I just get all of the fluff prompts with Hawks?? Jk but in all seriousness could I get an SFW fluff #24 with Hawks with a female or gn reader (either one is fine)? You’re amazing!
(If you’re not comfy writing for Hawks or any other part of my request and I didn’t notice you can just ignore this haha)
"They had us in the first half, not gonna lie" I'd love to make one with all of the fluff prompt but i think that would take me a few days to fully write since i already make "long-ish" works. I'm glad Hawks is getting more love, i usually only write angst with him, so this is a nice change of pace. Thank you anon!💜
My Favorite Employee
Hawks x Gn! Reader
Key: H/n (Hero name), L/n (Last name)
💕💜Counting Memories Event💜💕: Now Closed!
💕💜Counting Memories Event Masterlist💜💕
24)“Dont you get it? I want you!”
Tumblr media
The employee of the month was an esteemed position that many envied, at least for those who worked in the hero business. It meant a better relationship with your bosses, a bigger check, and extra off hours. The downsides, and there being only one, was overworking yourself till you collapsed. This was your issue at the moment. Your boss had you take multiple assignments, one after another, and didn’t give you any downtime afterward. He’d slap you on your back and send you out again. It was honestly becoming an exhausting affair the more you had to do it. You’re sure that hospital staff got better rest than you and that’s saying something. Speaking of the hospital staff, you’ve become a frequent patient just like that Deku kid. Your injuries were never too severe so your boss felt comfortable abusing his authority to send you back to the field. You don’t hate your job, that wasn’t the issue. You just needed the extra money since your landlord decided to raise the rent again.
“Well done, H/n! Go take a shower and come to my office. Someone wants to meet you.” Your boss gave you a wink and shooed you out of the main lobby. You took your well-deserved shower and changed into the agency’s staff uniform, heading towards your boss’s office just like he asked you to.
The office was spacious and held two couches placed across from each other. Your boss was sitting facing the office entrance while the other person present was facing him. The person was wearing casual streetwear, a bit of an odd choice for coming into a hero agency. You gestured to your boss as if asking if you should be there. He nodded at you and announced your arrival to the person.
“Ah, H/n. Thank you for coming up. I wanted to introduce you both.” You walked over towards the couch and were met with golden eyes. The stranger’s features becoming muddle as the stream of light was solely coming from the slightly parted curtain in the office. His hair was light but his eyes were heavy. Expression calm and interested focused. The stranger was handsome, the crimson wings only helping enhance what was already there.
“Hey, nice meeting ya.” The stranger stretched out his hand towards you, offering you a hand to shake. You took his hand and shook it while trying to figure out who he was. He sounded familiar, the watch on his wrist also looking familiar.
“Pleasure meeting you.” You gave your best PR smile and hoped that the person would do all of the talking.
“I’m Hawks, I wanted to speak to you about a possible transfer.” At the time you weren’t aware of who Hawks was. You did know Hawks, you just didn’t know him as a person.
He was quick and to the point. Didn’t enjoy wasting time on something menial and meaningless. You watched as he brushed aside his sidekicks and left them with the paperwork out of laziness to do them himself. He wasn’t cruel, nor mean, but he knew where he stood overall. Above them. Above you.
“Hey, H/n. Let’s get lunch.” He wasn’t a bad person to work for, he was the opposite.
No matter the cocky attitude or the constant fan service with that grin that made everyone swoon, he was a great boss. He pushed you just like your previous one, but he pushed you in a direction that prioritized your health. You were first for once.
“Sure, anything you want to eat in particular? Don’t say chicken, no.” He laughed at your comment.
“Fine, fine. How about- oh! Tai recommended this- You know who Fatgum is right? He- it’s a new shop that specializes in Thai food.” His mouth ran a million miles per hour but it was worth it. He was happy. It was an odd sight to see. He always grinned, smirked, laughed but he never truly seemed there. It was like he had to switch people up in his head. Change who was in charge.
“Yeah, whatever. Let’s just go, I’m starving.” He was sincere with you which you appreciated. There weren’t a lot of honest people in this line of work.
You both decided to walk to the restaurant and took it as a chance to talk about everything that had happened that week. Hawks naturally spoke about how boring his work was, going off about how criminals weren’t interesting anymore.
“I swear, it’s like they don’t try anymore. The last one I caught was stealing a purse with at max 10920¥ in it. What a waste.” You liked his company it was hard not to fall for him. What a miserable state you’re in, aren’t you? Falling for your boss.
You assumed that the charm he had was all show but it was just him as well. He managed to turn heads everywhere he went so how you didn’t get excited when you first saw him back at your old agency is still a surprise to you. You both talked about the transfer over to his agency for days after the meeting. You needed to know what he would want you doing, when, where, and how much he’d pay for your hard work. You explained to him that be it that your previous boss was nice to you, he still pushed you to your limits and over. Hawks promised you that he’d push you but won’t overdo it. He said he needed you to be at your best, it would be impossible to be the best if you’re constantly going off fumes. As for your rent, the pay was going to be higher than your previous agency and he even offered to have you move into one of the apartments closer to his agency.
“Anything you planning on doing this weekend?” Hawks asked. You tap your pointer finger on your lips and reflect on what you would possibly be doing.
“I think I’m just going to watch a movie. I don’t have the energy to go out.” Hawks smile at you, his eyes following your own.
“Makes sense, this job is stressful. I think I’m going to take a nice and relaxing bath, Miruko gave me these bath bomb things and bath salts. They look nice but I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do for you? Do they even have a purpose?” Speaking with Hawks was natural. He always fell into his thoughts and it was honestly adorable.
You ruffled his hair and accidentally touched his wings. He could sense your fingertips brush his wings causing them to puff up in the area you touched. He acted as nothing happened but his eyes betrayed him. His pupils widened as he took more of your image in, he wanted to memories all of the details of your person, didn’t matter how small they were. He’d be lying if he said that you weren’t an eye-catcher. How did you manage to make bruises look hot? You managed to have him throw away all of his training out the window just to have you. He knew that having you close would be a liability for him, he found you attractive which was a new feeling for him, yet he didn’t care. He tracked the agency you worked for and sent in a request to transfer you out to his agency. You weren’t just a pretty thing to look at, you were the dangerous H/n. You were a hero whom no one should mess with. He loved it.
You both had your lunch and continued the conversation from where you both left off. You both were so in tuned with each other, you just clicked and that was obvious to the people around you. Many of your coworkers would point out that you were able to “tame” Hawks. You managed to make him take things slow which was unheard of, especially when it comes to him. They mentioned that he’d look for you and that your new employment at his agency was on purpose, not a coincidence. You didn’t know if you believed it or not but you weren’t going to complain especially when you were being taken care of well.
“I know you already said that you were planning on doing nothing this weekend but I was wondering if you wanted to hang out, maybe? We can still watch a movie or eat to we’re full.” He was hopeful. For once in his life, he was hopeful about something. He wanted to spend more time with you as a person, not your boss and he’s 100% sure that this violates regulations but he didn’t care. If he could spend just a second longer with you in a setting that wasn’t so formal, he’ll take it, didn’t matter if it was just a second.
“I- sure! I’d love to hang out with you, man.” You gave him your brightest smile. If you only knew that you’ve killed him with it. You were precious to him.
“Great! Text me about what time you want me to show at.” Your eyes widened, you didn’t think that he wanted to go to your place.
The weekend came and so did your jittery attitude. You were running around moving things around to make your apartment look as clean and presentable as possible. You didn’t know to what standards Hawks kept his own, from what you heard from his PA, it wasn’t anything to be impressed with. It wasn’t like you didn’t want him in your personal space, it’s more that you didn’t want to feel judged by your boss on your decorum. Hawks, no matter how kind he was to you, always managed to make you nervous. His presence just oozed confidence with a touch of superiority so it was hard to feel completely at ease when it was only the two of you.
A knock at your door startled you and made you quickly look around your apartment, checking to see if everything was in its right spot.
“Ok, it’s just your boss wanting to hang out. No more.” You mumbled to yourself. You walked over to your door and opened it.
“Hey, Hawks! Nice having you come in.” You moved to the side to let him come in and as you were closing the door once he was inside, he used his feathers to pick you up and close the door.
“No need to do that, I’ll take care of everything from now on.” His feathers moved you to a spot on the couch and brought over bags you didn’t notice him having prior. He set them down on your coffee table and used his feather to unpack everything he brought over.
“So I brought the mochi, and naturally some fried chicken, which you shouldn’t complain about because I’m willing to share with you.” He made himself at home on your couch as he picked up the remote and started to browse the selection of movies that you had.
Idel conversation was had between the two of you and slowly you both fully relaxed in each others company. You didn’t realize it yet but you were both now supporting each other. Hawks had his wings wrapping the both of you and his arm hunged over your shoulder, pulling you closer to himself. Hawks could keep to himself, he was ready to say that you were hoggin up the blankets you had on the couch but he hoped that you would just go align with whatever this was. You were comfort and you felt at home.
“You were my shining muse. A ray of hope.” The film was playing in the background. The romantically involved characters were doing their big confession. You were bored with the premise of the film but were paying attention nonetheless.
“I hated the idea of not being with you, not having you anymore.”
“I hated the idea of not being with you, not having you anymore.” Hawks spoke alongside the movie. Hitting each mark with the actor on the screen.
“What do you mean?” The love interest became confused, the woman on the screen didn’t seem to understand what her counterpart was saying. It was a laughable performance for both of them. It wasn’t convincing.
“I want your time and I want your presence every day.”
“I want your time and I want your presence every day.” You turned to face Hawks and his talking. You were tempted to tell him to stop, that he was taking away the emersion from the film but you couldn’t. You were stuck watching him talk. He was pouring more heart into the lines being spoken than the paid actor on the screen.
“But you already get that, why do you feel like you need more? Do you feel like you don’t get enough?” You were confused. His wings were around you, holding you in a protective cocoon. It was safe, it felt safe. You were in the metaphorical hands of the perfect hero. You knew that you could rely on him to make sure you were safe.
“It’s difficult for me to put everything into words.”
“It’s difficult for me to put everything into words.” Hawks turned to face you, his face inches from your own. Those golden eyes keeping you hostage unless some external force forced you to look away.
“Then just say it!” You were desperate for an answer. Your heart raced as you waited for him to do something with the little distance between you both. You wanted him close and he wanted the same. He wanted your lips on him and he wanted his beating heart in your arms. His wings finally settled on top of your body, adding a nice weight that helped ground you to the moment you both shared.
“Don’t you get it? I want you!”
“Don’t you get it? I want you!” Hawks wasn’t as dramatic as the actor but he was as forward. He leaned into you and pressed his lips to your own. His breath hitched as he felt your warmth on him. He was living for this, this moment that he could only share somewhere private. He dreamed of the ifs and the buts before deciding to do this. He feared the rejection that could certainly happen if he read you wrong. But that didn’t happen. You reciprocated him and his feelings. You wanted him as much as he wanted you.
You both moved away from each other and stared at one another’s flushed faces. He found you too adorable to not hold so he rubbed his thumb on your cheek and pulled you closer. His mouth got close to your ear.
“I want you, be mine L/n.” You kiss his cheek and stare at him intently.
“Always.” You both settled down from your euphoric high and cuddled with each other, him having you on top of him as you hugged in that position. The two of you watching the boring movie enter its climax and its decent. It was a nice moment to share with your boss and your boyfriend.
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writersmorgue · 6 months ago
Bakugo Being a Little Shit
absolutely will stick his foot out to trip you and then pretend he didn't
doesn't close the door when he leaves your room (is it spite or ignorance,,, you don't know)
snorts at the most inappropriate fucking moments
he thinks he's so fucking funny
teases you with dead bugs
when you fall he laughs
when you lose a spar he laughs
he laughs like a little shit
(i like that laugh hehehehe, THAT is how he laughs)
no warning he will haul you over his shoulder and just fucking book it
if you ever need braces he will tease you relentlessly
when he becomes a father
oh lord
he will give you heart attacks daily by just holding your child
"no don't worry about it babe look they love it"
"OH SHI- haha just kidding"
that image of Hemsworth dangling his toddler by the leg.
teaches the kids to cuss, no regrets
when you chew him out for it he smiles like that cat
learns to cuss in other languages just to spite you
takes pictures whenever you are drunk or otherwise under the influence and saves them in an album that he regularly updates
shows it to your house guests
you cough the tiniest bit and he's whacking you on your back so hard
taps shit in morse code just to freak people out
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