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10n31y-100n3y-10s3r · a day ago
Diavolo: But Lucifer, aren't you dating Mc-
Lucifer: Lord Diavolo, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Satan and Belphegor are merciless mocking machines. Mammon and Beel wouldn't know good flirting or tact if it smacked them in the face for trying to get one of their numbers. Asmo winks a lot when he knows you have a secret. And yesterday Levi nudged me and made a ribald joke about an anime with the longest title I've ever heard of before . I refuse to let my brothers know about my relationship. Everyone needs a mental safe safe and Mc is mine. So with all do respect, My Lord, zip it.
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Molting Period
Pairing: Lucifer x GN!MC (pronouns not mentioned so you can simple replace ‘MC’ with your name if you please)
Summary: Lucifer is cranky when he molts so MC helps ease the pain :)
Additional: MC is poly in this fic (dating all the brothers) but it’s only focused on Lucifer.
Tumblr media
“That’s enough Mammon! Come with me, we need to have a little talk. Right. Now.” Mammon visibly flinched and let out a defeated sigh, but before he could follow Lucifer back to his study you interfered. 
“Don’t you think you’re going a little overboard? It wasn’t even his fault, at least not entirely…”
“That is none of your concern MC, I know what I’m doing.”
“Do you, though? You’ve been getting frustrated at the smallest things lately, if there’s something bothering you just say it. I’d rather you not keep secrets from me, especially ones that seem to trouble you this much.” Out of the corner of your eye you could see Mammon give you a thumbs up and slip out through the window. You let out a sigh and grab on to Lucifer’s hand. He immediately tried to pull away but you were relentless.
“What do you think you’re doing!” He looked at you in disbelief, you could see Satan look at the scene in amusement from the couch, it must be strange seeing Lucifer of all being dragged off like he’s about to be scolded like a child.
“Let us have a little talk instead.” You say as you drag him off to his study.
“You know I love you” you start off while examining the various bottles on the shelf, Lucifer slips into his chair and visibly relaxes. You wondered if this had anything to do with your recent...arrangement. You let the silence draw on for a little before speaking again. “And Mammon, and Levi, and-”
“Yes, I know, I get the point, MC you don’t have to list them all.” He huffed out. Your face scrunches up, showing concern for him before you let out a sigh and continue.
“Does this have...something to do with that? Do you feel uncomfortable? Does the thought of ‘sharing’ me make you-”
“NO!” He bellowed, slamming his hands on the table. You Jump a little, looking wide eyed at him. Lucifer realizes what he’s done and calms down instantly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He starts off in a small voice. “I assure you that this has nothing to do with that, I’m completely fine with our relationship.” He slowly starts walking towards you with a gentle expression on his face, letting you know he doesn’t mean any harm. “If there’s anyone I trust more than Diavolo it has to be my brothers, especially Mammon.”
“Are you implying you want Diavolo to join our-” He gives you a sharp look, perhaps not the best time for jokes. “Right, nevermind. Do tell me what it is that’s been bothering you though, I hate seeing you so agitated, well, more so than usual anyway.” You let out a giggle and Lucifer rolls his eyes, obviously unamused.
“It’s” well no shit, you bite your tongue to avoid letting that slip. He averts his gaze to the floor, looking conflicted, contemplating whether to share this with you or not. He seemed almost ashamed at the thought of letting you know. “Every year I...molt. In my demon form. In the beginning it’s...alright, but when the new feathers start to grow it’s torture. It’s itchy, painful, and overall uncomfortable.” You look a little taken back, at the thought of Lucifer molting, you knew he had feathered wings but the thought of him molting had never crossed your mind before. Though now it seemed obvious to you, what else could have kept him on edge for so long?
“Why can’t you just...NOT go into your demon form?” Lucifer gave you a deadpanned look.
“That’s not how it works MC, even now I can feel it, it’s like a phantom limb except, much much more real.” he started getting more frustrated. “I can’t even scratch it, it hurts whenever I touch it and I’m not sure how to make it go away except endure it until I’m normal.” You shuffle closer and cup his face in your hands, forcing him to shift his eyes from the floor to your own. You rest your forehead on his, letting him know you’re there for him.
“And how long does that usually take?” you whisper.
“Around a month or so, sometimes longer.” he says, pulling away from you.
“Can I see?” You ask hesitantly, knowing he might get a little insecure. Lucifer doesn’t like feeling vulnerable in front of others after all.
“I’d rather not, it’s not exactly pleasing to look at.” Of course he’d say that.
“You know I’m not the type of person to care about that kind of stuff right?” You give him a gentle smile hoping to convince him. He seems to mull it over in his head for a while, he looks at you with uncertainty before letting out a defeated sigh. 
“Fine.” He turns his back to you reluctantly. “Suit yourself” In the blink of an eye his demon form pops into place, two pairs of black wings resting on his back and horns sprouting from the side of his head. The wings looked...mangled. Some feathers were still on the verge of falling and many looked old, dusted with a bit of grey here and there. Oh and the pin feathers, there were so many, it’s a miracle Lucifer managed to stay sane through all this. Seeing your beloved look so battered, you could feel empathy bloom in your chest.
“May I? I can help.” He looked confused. “If you could just take off your shirt and go sit on the tea table, I can help ease the itching. I promise it won’t hurt.” You were worried that you may be overstepping your boundaries, but all your concerns disappeared and were replaced with relief when he nodded in agreement.
Lucifer flinched a little when you first ran your fingers down his back, you took note to be more gentle going forth. Currently you have a pin feather between your thumb, middle and index finger, rubbing at a keratin shaft so you can free the growing feather underneath it. You decided to experiment a little and start scratching some of the feathers you’ve already freed. Lucifer shudders and you immediately pull back.
“Nonono wait, do that again, it feels...good.” He seemed almost ashamed to admit it, but it just made you smile knowing he was enjoying this. He himself felt so overwhelmed with serenity, his love for you seemingly growing every second you spent with him. Lucifer felt so comfortable around, so relaxed that he felt himself starting to doze off after thirty minutes. “MC…”
“Is something wrong? Does it hurt?”
“Oh no dear, it felt amazing, but unfortunately I feel like I might fall asleep any second now and I’d rather do that on my bed.” He slowly pulled himself up from the table and started redressing, his wings disappearing seemingly into thin air. You get up as well and slowly slide your arms around his waist from behind. You plant a soft kiss on his nape and smile as you feel him stiffen. He looks at you with annoyance from the corner of his eye and you can’t help but kiss him again.
“Mind if I join you?” You whisper into his ear and watch in amusement as he quickly pulls away and stares at you in annoyance, it would be more intimidating if it wasn’t for how red his face was. He huffs and crosses his arms, giving you a stern look.
“Only because you’ve helped me so much today, but the moment you pull something strange, I'm disposing of you outside my room.” You agree with a chuckle and help him get dressed. Intimacy was much easier for Lucifer to initiate himself but when someone else did it he gets so flustered and you find it oh so endearing. Today has been a good day for you.
Meanwhile this part is a little suggestive so putting it under the cut <3
“Man~ MC really is chewing him out huh.” Mammon said with a smirk.
“Mammon, do you really think they’ve only been arguing? For two whole hours?” Asmo replied, leaning back against the sofa while Mammon looked at him quizzically. “Pretty sure they’re doing something much more steamy~ I bet Lucifer is really getting punished for being such a bad boy~” he cooed while scrolling through devilgram. 
“I...didn’t need to hear that.” Satan said, feeling extremely uncomfortable he closed his book and left the room. Mammon whispered a ‘oh i want that’ under his breath and left as well. For the next few weeks, Mammon made sure to mess up plenty in front of you. Dropping things ‘accidentally’, forgetting to do his homework(this was easy for him), and sometimes even trying to steal your things from right under your nose, hoping you’d catch him and ‘punish’ him too. Unfortunately the only one who caught him was Lucifer and the chandelier got replaced with him instead :)
Tumblr media
Author’s note: This is my first fic yay! Still getting used to writing so I hope it’s not too bad. I’ll mostly be writing stuff that includes Poly!MC (I love them all *sob*) I sorta proofread it myself but there may still be some mistakes.
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pomefiore-flower · 23 hours ago
Just a small fic I wrote on a whim. I didn't read any translations yet so it might not be lore accurate. Also might be a tad cringe/edgy. And might contain a lot of grammatical errors.
Endless Halloween Night: Jack Howl
Words: 1033
It's still here. Halloween. Why hasn't it ended?
Black and white backgrounds flash before your eyes. You found yourself in the winding staircase, clutching a pouch of 'magic powder' as Sam calls it.
You feel dizzy, it makes you sick. All of this feels so wrong. You need to find Jack as soon as you can.
Silver and Jamil are nowhere to be found. A lone lantern lights your way, you move forward.
You hold onto your bat. Gripping tightly on its wooden handle, it feels heavy in your hands.
Walk. Walk
Distant screams and groans echo in the air, bringing chills down your spine. The cold air of the endless night grows colder with each step further. The howling wind becomes even louder.
Walk. Walk
There's a thumping in your chest, your head feels light. Your ears feel muffled, you hear a ringing noise.
Shadows move in your peripherals. Your breath hitches. You see a lone figure standing amidst the dark. It disappeared as soon as you saw it.
Walk. Walk
Gleams of silver flood your vision, you fall to your knees. You hear the taunting voices of the ghosts. This dimension makes you sick, this whole ordeal turns your guts inside out. You grip your bat tightly, you are filled with rage.
There were no ghosts. What? You feel your head spinning. What the hell is happening? You look around the winding staircase.
Walk. Walk.
You think of Jack, how you wish to be cradled in his arms right now. Jack. Jack, sweet Jack. You'll find him. The thought of meeting him again fills you with a familiar power.
Walk. Walk
There it is, the figure again. Standing alone in the open, lit by nothing more than the pale glow of the Other Dimension.
Walk. Walk.
Bronze shells gleam faintly. You walk faster. Filled with hope you almost run.
You found him.
The air smells like expensive perfume. Your nose hurts by its strong scent.
Your heart is pounding, your head is spinning, your vision is blurring and your grip is loosening.
Ghostly gray eyes stare you down, as if a monarch eyeing a mere commoner.
Cacophanous music plays in the background. It hurts your ears.
Cold sweat forms on your forehead. It's him, it's definitely Jack. But his eyes don't radiate of golden passion anymore. Eyes clouded with the delusion of grandeur pierce right through your very soul.
You call out his name.
"Hm? I am not acquainted with that moniker. Perhaps you are looking for another gentleman." He replies, voice composed and confident. It reminds you of Pomefiore.
Regal laughter fills the air.
You were close to spilling your guts out. It all feels so surreal. But you're sure that it's Jack. You know it's him.
You call out his name.
"They say that once is enough for a wise man. Yet, clearly I overestimated your competence. Please allow me to repeat myself. I am not who you are looking for." He speaks, voice laced with poison.
You call out his name.
Sparks of purple energy come out of his sword. He shot at you, barely missing by an inch.
"Please see that as a warning. I will not tolerate you any further." He now grips his sword, pointing the blade at you.
You sprinkled the powder, but he blocked it using his wind magic.
The air is heavy with malice. You call out his name.
He looks at you with an enraged expression.
"My patience is running out. Please prepare yourself if you try something like that again." He warned, a few octaves lower than usual.
You call out his name.
"Please pull yourself together!" His voice booms.
He charged, firing bolts of tree magic. You managed to evade.
It smells like freshly cut grass. You call out his name.
"Hoh!" He swings his blade dashing swiftly towards you. You managed to block the incoming attack, though he dealt a blow to your bat.
Eerie silence fills your ears.
You call his name.
"Such a nuisance." He holds the blade tightly, summoning a large bolt of magic, it was too fast to be avoided. The impact left a lingering ringing in your ears.
You struggle for balance. You call his name.
He surpresses a growl. Striking against your bat again.
Fog covers the area. You call his name.
"Cease this nonsense!" He growls, attacks being more brash than before.
Your bat is severely damaged, one more hit and it's done for. You call him.
Intense bolts of energy strike the ground, causing cracks on the concrete. You evaded the attack.
The air is crackling with magic. He lunged forward, slashing your left shoulder swiftly. You had no time to react.
The pain was hot. Warm blood started seeping out, staining the surrounding area a dark crimson.
You were exhausted and panting. Your vision was darkening and your hand was trembling.
You struck him hard, causing him to reel back, and struck him again on the side. The wind was blowing against Jack's hair.
You thought about exorcising ghosts. And remembered the powder Sam gave you.
You spread the glowing powder all over. Without any time to block, he was covered in the powder. You hear screeching noises coming from Jack.
"Burns...stop burns...!"
You were trembling, you've lost a lot of strength and you're still bleeding. Your vision darkens and you feel light-headed.
You dropped to ground. Vision turning black.
".....alright....? ....can...hear.....?" Muffled voices reached your ears.
You whisper his name.
"MC, I'm here..." You hear him.
Relief washes over you. You faintly feel his hands holding you. He lifts you up without any effort. Causing you to look at him.
Though blurred you can see the worried look on his face. With tiredness kicking in, you kissed him.
Oh how you waited for this, his lips against yours. It filled you with a feeling of happiness.
He kissed you back. Your heart is beating loudly.
"" Your voice was barely above a whisper. But you knew he can hear you. He planted a light kiss on your forehead.
"I missed you too baby... Let's go home."
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hell-temptations · 2 months ago
Moments at House of lamentation
Tumblr media
Pairing: there's no specific pairing, it's mainly about brothers. You can consider mc as poly in this one, also mc is gender neutral.
Genre: SFW
Warnings: fluff, didn't proofread
Synopsis: Heartwarming moments/incidents you are allowed to witness at house of lamentation but aren't allowed to talk about ever. (These are more or less small headcanons I imagined instead of doing my assignment;;;)
Tumblr media
You can read part 2 here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer keeps the lights of corridor on at night and door of his bedroom open. Mainly for Mammon. Avatar of greed gets frequent nightmares and is afraid of darkness, whenever he is scared he would just climb up Lucifer's bed without making any sound and curl up there trembling. Lucifer would occasionally give him headpats till he fall asleep.
One night when you and Lucifer were sharing bed, Mammon came shaking because of a bad dream and you both made him sleep in your middle and hugged him till he fell asleep.
Whenever Mammon wins a gamble or bet, he secretly buys things for his brothers and sneaks in their rooms to leave those there.
No one in entire Devildom is allowed to speak ill about Mammon other than his brothers, if someone does they will be skinned alive by other six avatars of sins.
After getting strung up from ceiling or getting tortured by Cerberus as a punishment, Mammon always finds pain reliever and ointments in his desk's drawer.
Lucifer recieves six anonymous cards on mother's day and father's day both. He has kept all of them safe in his hidden Stash.
Whenever you are busy, Levi drags Mammon with him in his every rendezvous because Other than you He's most comfortable around Mammon.
Whenever there's a gathering Lucifer always give headpats to Levi before going, transferring a little bit of his sin to him because he knows how much insecure Levi feels in crowded places.
Asmodeus always hugs his brothers(including you) before any of their big events, rubbing his charms off on them secretly.
Satan has bought injured and dying animals several times and nursed them with Mammon,Asmo and You.
Several times Belphie has written his brother's assignments for them.
One family movie night is a must within interval of 15 days. No matter whatever everyone is doing, they will join.
Sometimes when Lucifer falls asleep in his desk due to overworking and exhaustion, he has found his remaining work done in the next morning with a lingering presence of wrath in his room.
Satan visits Cerberus secretly every night with treats in hopes of being friends with him. Once Cerberus fell sick and Satan cried entire day until Lucifer brought the four legged back on the next morning and Cerberus jumped on satan licking him to oblivion.
Whenever Beel hears any new food his brothers or you have fallen for, on the next morning you would get that on breakfast table. Fresh and homemade.
Once Lucifer cooked pudding for everyone as desert but neither you not he could taste it himself because the six of his brothers faught eachother and finished everything before he could eat it himself. While doing the dishes at night he licked the serving spoon to get a taste of his pudding and realised he had accidentally put salt in pudding instead of sugar.
As a child Satan used to enact as Lucifer infront of mirror with a spare Cape of him. Now whenever he gets episodes and you aren't around to calm him, he hugs that Cape to calm himself.
Whenever Asmo designs something new, he would first send it to Levi for his opinion. If Levi approves then Asmo sends it to his consecutive customer.
Belphie has charmed Lucifer several times to sleep to save him from collapsing.
Once Beel was extremely upset after losing a match that he refused to eat dinner and cried entire evening in his room. That night everyone watched comedy movie in a cuddle pile till Beel fell asleep.
Whenever Lucifer buys souvenirs from a new place, he always buys 8 in total.
Beel always goes to Lucifer's room before sleeping at night to remind him to take medicines.
Majority of the time in Asmo's fashion shows, show stopper is Mammon.
Whenever any of his brothers are upset, Levi forces them to play with him just to lose intentionally to make his brothers feel better.
Everyone has a secret folder/stash in their rooms or DDDs only filled with goofy family photos.
Lucifer has a drawer filled with his brother's childhood toys and some significant clothes. He cherishes them more than any jewel.
Tumblr media
I may or may not write bigger headcanons based on these small ones sometime but for now these are all I've got.
Thank you so much for reading, stay healthy and safe 💜
Taglist: @mammonprotectionsquad <3
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nyansatan · 3 months ago
Hello! May I request headcanons of the demon bros reacting to gn!MC having a photo of them in their transparent phone case?
Hi! Of course, thank you so much for requesting, this is such a cute idea! I hope you like these headcanons :)
He asked you to accompany him in his room while he gets some work done and the two of you were currently having a small break. You were on your phone and that's when he notices it - his picture inside your phone case.
His first thought would be ''who did MC get that photo from?'' because he knows for a fact it sure as hell wasn't him. Would immediately bring it up and question you, trying to bring out the truth. When he realizes he wouldn't get the origins of the picture from you, he gives up.
''If you wanted to have picture of me so badly, you could've simply asked, MC.''
Has a rather cocky grin on his face, pleased about the fact that you carry his picture in your phone, flaunting everyone that you are his. Lets you keep the photo but is still lowkey curious of how you got it.
(You got it from Diavolo but that's a secret you'd be taking to your grave.)
He pays attention to little details, especially when it comes to you. So, as soon as you put a picture of him - one from his most recent modelling gigs - in your phone case, Mammon picks up on it.
He snatches the phone from your hands, cheeks heating up as he stares at picture of him in your phone case. It would make him incredibly happy and he will not shut up about it for days. Will also brag about it to anyone who will listen. And to everyone who won't listen. It's basically the highlight of his week.
''MC has a picture of ME in their phone case! ME! Because I'm their favorite!''
Whenever he see the back of your phone, he will have the dumbest smile on his face, reminded how fond of you he is. You might not know it, but he also has a picture of you in his wallet - one of the first selfies you two ever took together and he cherishes it almost as much as he cherishes his precious Goldie.
He did not expect to see a picture of himself when he asked to borrow your D.D.D. to enter in a giveaway on Devilgram to win a rare Ruri-chan plushie. Nearly drops the device with a squawk when he sees the picture, face heating up in seconds.
It's picture of you and him taken in a photobook with silly effects and overly cute heart stickers. He remembers the day you had that picture taken together well - it was one of the most fun days of his life and the memory makes his heart race. He didn't think you would keep the picture let alone put it somewhere everyone could see it!
''Are you sure you want to have a picture of a shut-in otaku like me in your phone case?''
He would be over the moon from the revelation and can't help but to blush whenever he thinks about you having a picture of him in your phone. He doesn't brag about it and gets nervous when other people notice but above all he feels reassured that you like him as much as he likes you.
Would definitely think having ones picture in your phone case is equivalent to having ones picture in a heart locket necklace. Needless to say, he thinks it's incredibly romantic and as soon as he notices it, it has him blushing furiously. He tries to hide his obvious reaction behind the book he is reading. 
He is flattered that out of everyone you know, his picture is the one you chose - of course choosing someone else wouldn't have made sense, but still.
"Do you have my picture with you at all times because you'd miss me terribly otherwise?"
Would gently tease you about it but without any bite and with the most fond smile on his face. If you admit that yes, you indeed miss him when he isn't there, you'll get to see flustered Satan again.
The picture you have is one Asmo gave you as a half joke - it’s a selfie of him all dolled up and a kiss mark by yours truly at the right bottom corner. This man beams when he notices you actually kept the picture and didn’t toss it away like others would.
Would become so cuddly, wrapping himself around your arm, claiming he is simply in a good mood, nothing else. Not like a simple gesture like having his picture in your phone case makes him extremely giddy and satisfied.
‘‘If you want another picture, I can give you one, MC. I have tons!’‘
Much like Mammon, he will let everyone know that MC chose his picture over everyone else - as they should. He is a gem to be showed off, after all. He is one to return the sentiment and sneak a picture of you in his phone case as well - he wants to be matching his MC and no one can stop him! 
He notices the picture when you ask him to show a recipe from your D.D.D. and at first he is confused - why do you have his picture in your phonecase? Not that he dislikes it though. No, it's quite the opposite actually.
He doesn't comment on it at all, only gives you the device with an adoring smile. He doesn't know why, but the fact that you have his picture with you really warms his heart.
"MC, I want to have your picture with me as well."
Next time you go on a date to eat something, he will snap a picture with you so he can have two things he loves in one picture.
You couldn't help but to put the adorable shot of Belphie taking a nap with his head on your chest under your phone case so you could have ith with you wherever you went. He looks so peaceful and cute asleep. Almost like an angel. Almost.
As soon as he notices the picture, he steals the phone from your hands and squints at the picture, making sure he isn't making it up and hallucinating. That you actually have a picture of him for everyone to see.
"Geez, MC, you can be so cheesy sometimes."
He says that but really his cheeks are tinted pink and he is playing with his bangs to hide the flustered state he is in. But if you comment on it, he will deny it.
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mimislovehotel · 14 days ago
♡. 𝐑𝐀𝐍 —
ran doesn't show it but he gets jealous easily. he's really afraid of loosing the people he loves, so whenever you seem really happy and close with someone, he's jealous. and this insecurity grew up even more since you've been talking to the other bonten members.
you're litteraly beautiful and amazing, ran was sure the other boys were attracted to you, if not completely in love. so he hugs you, takes your hands in his, kisses you... all of that to show the boys that you are his, and he is yours.
you notice his little act the moment when going back home he says "you were laughing really loudly at sanzu's jokes today...". you smile softly, answering him. "yeah, he's really funny." you act like you didn't notice, and you can hear him let out a small "tch.." at your answer. aw, he's really cute when he gets jealous..
at home now, you are relaxing, watching some netflix series, on the couch. ran joins you, laying his head on your legs, looking at you with loving eyes. you smile at him, caressing his pretty cheek with one of your hands. "you're not pouting anymore ?" you ask, giggling. he groans, closing his eyes.
you lightly touch his lips, they're really so soft. ran smiles, opening his eyes. "you're the one that can't resist—" you shut him up, by putting one of your fingers inside his lips softly, surprising him.
you can feel him lick your finger, closing his eyes again. you add a finger, thrusting them a little up and down, hearing his breathy moans as he lets you use his mouth. you take them off, making ran whine, looking at you with glossy eyes.
he wants more than two fingers..
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devildomsexting · 2 months ago
Infernal Translations - Bad Words
When they were trying to figure out who taught MC to cuss in infernal, no one expected that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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datsheep1000 · 2 months ago
Part of the Replaced MC au, here's what happened when the boys realized you left (except for Belphi and Beel...maybe)
“Morning everyone!”
“Good morning Mina,”
“How’d ya sleep?”
“You look gorgeous today!”
Beel and Belph silently scowled as they are, none of them noticed MC wasn't here. They were enraptured by the new exchange student to notice the one who brought their family together was up and gone. It wasn't until halfway through breakfast when Lucifer got a call on his DDD.
“Who is it Luci?”
“Lord Diavolo, I wonder what he wants, he normally informs me of matters at school,” he answers the phone, leaving the room to speak with him privately. The room seems quiet until someone finally says it.
“Where’s MC? They're missing breakfast..”
“Maybe they decided to sleep in, they have been pretty lazy recently. Always lounging around.” Mina pipes up making most of the boys at the table laugh. Most of them.
“Yeah! Maybe MC should become the a start of sloth, right Belph-” when Asmo goes to look at his youngest brother, he notices his small scowl and the sad look in his eyes almost immediately.
“I'm not hungry, I'm gonna head off to school, you want my food Beel?”
“Yeah I'll take it to go.” the twin replies as he gave both plates, downing the food on his way out the door. The others watch in amazement as the two walk out, just in time for Lucifer to storm back in. Deep in thought as he puts his DDD away.
“Luci is everything -”
“We should all get going, we're gonna be late for school.”
“What about MC?”
He stops in his tracks, fists suddenly clenched tight as he spoke.
“They will no longer be residing here during the exchange program.”
“What? Why?!”
“Its been brought to my attention that MC feels like they're getting nothing out of living there anymore, so until we can find a replacement they will stay with me.”
“L-Lord Diavolo its fine, it's no trouble I can-”
“I think you've done enough Lucifer, it's out of your hands now.”
He let's out a small sigh, recounting what Diavolo said to him.
“He said MC wasn't thriving here anymore, so they'll be moved. Now get to school.”
Asmo blew up your phone that day, demanding to you text him and tell him when you left and why you didn't say anything. But he got no response. He tried calling, but he was immediately denied. He knows he hasn't been exactly present recently...or fair...or even kind, but you'd get over it soon right?
“Asmooo, you said we were going to do a self-care day today!”
“Quiet, I'm trying to text someone...” he started blowing Mina off just to stalk your social media. Looking over all your happy photos, a big smile on your face as you tried one of Barbs cakes.
When was the last time he saw that smile? When was the last time he caused it?
He felt like shit, and no amount of self-care was going to fix it.
Satan suffered a great deal too, spending his nights reading all the books you had bought him. The same ones he allowed Mina to call childish. The same ones that comforted him on bad days like this.
“Go away...”
“Wha- you said we were gonna-”
He refuses to give Mina anymore time, starting to blame her for your leaving. He knows he's so to blame though, he never said anything...he allowed it. Now he's forced to pay the price.
Levi was also one to stalk your social media, feeding his envy as well as her self depreciation.
They look so much happier...
Happier than I made them...I’m a horrible friend...
Still let's Mina hang around his room, but he barely acknowledges her. Until one time she asked to play.
“No, the saved files are all used up.” it was the same game him and MC pulled an all-nighter to win. He hadn't played it since you both won, now he just wants to for nostalgia's sake.
“Seriously? What about this one I mean it's not like MC is gonna-”
“NO!” he snaps at Mina before briefly kicking her out. He didn't want to be around anyone, he just wanted MC back.
Mammon felt the guiltiest out of all of them. He was your first, he was supposed to protect you! The only person who could find any good in him, gone. He never felt so lonely, even with the annoyed girl sitting next to him, arms crossed.
“Cmoooon, let's go to the casino! That would cheer you up right?”
“I just wanna lay here Mina, I wanna lay here and wait until MC comes back.”
“What if MC doesn't come back? You've still got me.”
“Mina...its different, MC isn't just some student anymore. They never were, they were so much more...y’know? They just...made the room feel nice...” he feels himself tear up, not realizing how cold the room could feel with his human.
“Just...go away, I need some space.”
Lucifer was up late, working when Mina came in, requesting to sit on his lap while he worked.
Finally, a brother who still wanted her. She always thought she had Lucider wrapped tighter than the others, after all he doted on her ever since she got here!
Of course he'd want me and not them.
As she sits there, playing with his tie, she notices a yawn accompanied by a chuckle.
“Its getting late, you should head off to your room.”
“Awwww do I have to?”
“Yes, I'm afraid some may talk if they find you in my bed..”
“You’re no fun~”
He laughs, leading Mina to the door before muttering under his sleepy breath.
“Maybe another time, goodnight MC....”
With that he closed his door, leaving Mina there, eyes wide and face flushed with emotions. In his sleep-induced haze...he thought she was you.
They wanted you...not her.
Extra Stuff Below
When you heard a knock at the palace door that night, you rubbed the sleep from your eyes to go see who it could be.
At such a ridiculous hour too...
When you open the door, Mina stands there, tears streaming down her face as she glares at you. It was far too early to fight, but you were ready to make an exception and lay this bitch out. That was until she spoke.
“ need to go home.”
“Excuse me?”
“The house, the boys...they want, they need you. It's always been you.”
“You could've fooled me, had them under your thumb the whole time here, what changed?”
“The moment you left the whole week they've just depressed, they don't even hang out with me anymore...look, I'm sorry I stole your demon boys away, but in the end if it were me leaving...I know they wouldn't act this way.”
You sigh, and against your desire to slam the door in her face, you let her inside.
The next morning Mina requests to go back to the human world, which Diavolo doesn't fight her on. Even being kind enough to clear her memories. When she's gone you're asked if you'd like to stay in the palace or give the House of Lamentation another shot.
If you do go back, things may be a lot different, the boys may be a lot more clingy and/or possessive (maybe even bordering on yandere). Who knows?
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minteyeddevil · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 6: Overstimulation
Diavolo x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They gave a high whine, as he pulled them down roughly on his lap, his cock spreading their taut hole open with its girth. He gave them a few moments to adjust, keeping his hands gently against their hips, until he felt their walls flutter around his shaft. His grip then became vice-like, as he pistoned inside of them, making them drop forward onto his desk as he wrecked them.
Their knees began to quake with that familiar tingling feeling, and it felt as if their entire lower half had gone numb when another orgasm ripped through them, making them scratch their nails against the top of his desk. He kept rutting against them as each wave pulsed through their limbs, and when he felt them go limp, he settled them back on his lap, his cock still hard and stuffed inside them.
That was the third orgasm Diavolo had pushed  MC through. Their first was a hard fingering session on the couch on the other side of the room, and the second was him giving them some of the best head they had had in their life. He seemed to be feeling incredibly dominant tonight, and he refused to let them go until he was satisfied.
MC whined when his hand slipped between their soaked thighs, working their sore sex over again. They didn’t even attempt to pull away, however; their body was far too weak to break out of this demon’s grip.
“My dear MC, I know you have a few more in you,” he teased, his fingers finding their entrance once more and pressing in slowly. They keened and subconsciously spread their legs, and he took advantage of this position to press his cock in place of his fingers, bottoming out fully inside of them. The pressure made them gasp, and he dipped the fingers of his other hand into their open mouth.
“Suck,” he commanded, and they listened, running their tongue between both digits before sucking on them. They could feel his cock twitch and throb inside of them as he rolled his hips slowly, trying to draw out another orgasm from them. They weren’t sure if they could take another one; but regardless, he was determined to give it to them.
With an angled thrust of his hips, they moaned around his fingers as they massaged their tongue, and their walls tightened around his cock. It felt like electricity was pulsing through their veins, their body jolting every few seconds until he let them collapse on his desk once more.
They gave a deep groan as he moved, pushing them further up on the desk-top, making to stand behind them. His cock had slipped out a bit during the movement, but he wasted no time pressing right back into their abused hole. They were slick and tight around him, and he gave a content groan at the feeling of their walls still fluttering around his shaft.
“You can take a little more, can’t you, MC?” he groaned, his fingers digging into their hips as he pulled out a bit only to slam right back in.
Tears were stinging the corners of their eyes now, every nerve in their body utterly fried beyond repair at this point. They turned their head to look at him, his golden eyes slightly alight with his immense power. If they were to gamble on it, they'd bet he would be transforming into his demon form any minute now.
He gave one particularly hard thrust, and they gasped, sobbing as they let their head lull forward. “Dia, please! I can’t–!”
“Yes you can, little lamb.”
There was an edge to his voice, and they could feel his cock swelling further inside of them, suddenly becoming much hotter than before. Their body felt so weak and all they could do was let out small cries as he pounded into them, his fingers digger roughly into their skin.
He pressed flush against them, pistoning his hips so roughly they swore he would fill their stomach at that point. His hands moved to be beside their head as he pinned them, and they noted the gold that took over his forearms as he took on his demon form fully. 
“D-Diavolo!” they tried to call, but before they could do anything further, he gave a deep growl above them, and they felt him fill them, hot wave after wave inside that sent them spiraling right along with him. They gripped his arm for some kind of grounding as they shook beneath him, sobbing at the hopefully last orgasm they would have of the night.
He removed himself from them with an audible slosh, and they could hear him suck in a breath. He had made a complete and total mess of them at that point, and he looked down at his hands, realizing what he had done.
He scooped them up in a hurry, running you to the bathroom where he had them stand for just a moment as he turned on the water to fill the tub. The heat from the water felt amazing in their aching muscles, and they sighed when his fingers began massaging their sore muscles.
“I didn’t mean to get that carried away, MC,” he mumbled apologetically, taking a washcloth to help clean them up. “I guess my dominant streak is a lot bigger than I thought.”
MC huffed, looking down at the bruises and marks that were definitely going to be there for weeks at this point.
“Guess it’s what I get for sleeping with the devil.”
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written-in-knife · 4 days ago
I got hit by the inspiration bug for long enough to write this out.
MC actively wanting the brothers to kill them and trying to goad them into it. Brothers only, 1st year specifically, gn!mc
WARNING: talks about death and wanting to be killed, swearing, chapter 16 spoilers
Well, this is certainly a turn of events.
Under normal circumstances, he has mortals-- and lesser demons-- cowering in fear, begging for their lives at his feet, pleading for him not to kill them at even the slightest ill glance in their direction.
You, however, just stood there with a bored expression on your face-- what did you just say???
"Do it, coward."
It made him pause, from the shock alone, if nothing else. He'd be impressed if his pride weren't on the line.
Were you… calling his bluff???
It wasn't until after you chugged the tea he made you-- the kind that would put you to sleep FOREVER-- that he realized you were not calling his bluff, you were just ready for death.
It was at this point he began to freak out. He couldn't kill you, Diavolo would be so disappointed.
After he ensured you survived that, he was much more cautious with his threats. They were no longer threats upon your life, but more chore based and regular punishments.
Being Lucifer, however, the two of you still got into pretty huge blowouts (i.e. over Luke, and over Belphie) but the brothers were always around to keep the two of you apart.
After the events of chapter 16, he pulls you aside to talk to you about your behavior, and you honestly tell him you wouldn't have been upset if you'd stayed dead.
Keeps a very close eye on you after that talk and makes sure his brothers know exactly what would happen to them should any harm befall you by their hand.
Yo, you're gonna give cha'boi a fuckin hEART ATTACK WHAT ARE YOU D O I N G
He was designated your protector on day one, he never really expected he'd have to protect you from his brothers
I mean, he did, but not because you were egging them on to fuCKING KILL YOU
He's one of the only two brothers to not actively threaten your life at any point, but if he makes an off-handed comment about being a demon who's able to kill you without thinking about it, your go to response is usually--
"Put me out of my misery then, bitch boy."
He freaks out at you. He wasn't ACTUALLY gonna kill you! You just need the reminder! Quit lookin' at him like that!!
After you make the pact with him, he gets even more upset about your comments towards his brothers.
He's too much of a tsundere to ever say it to your face, but he wishes you'd care more about your own well-being.
But he will absolutely keep you from getting killed by any of his brothers as best he can.
His best is actually surprisingly effective.
Your blatant disregard for your own life immediately shuts him down.
What do you MEAN you WANT him to kill you? You'll DIE, idiot!
Even after the TSL incident, which happened way too fast for you to taunt him at the time, he was put off by your response:
"Couldn't even kill me right, just sprained my wrist. I'm honestly offended."
After making a pact with him, he never threatens your life again. After becoming friends with him, he gets legitimately sad when you try to egg his brothers on.
Unlike Mammon, he does actually confront you about it, in private of course.
He reminds you that you're a squishy mortal who could easily get killed in the Devildom.
Nearly panics when you mistake this for a threat.
"You're my Henry! You can't just tell them to kill you! I can't lose my best friend like that!"
Freaks out when he says this out loud, immediately spiraling into his self-deprecating muttering until you stop him.
He tries his best to keep you safe when you can't promise him that you won't actively wish for your own demise. He'd be better at it if he weren't still holed up in his room all the time, but will text you frequently to make sure you're still okay.
Legitimately insulted and thoroughly provoked.
Before you make a pact with him, he will take your jabs seriously, and it usually takes both Mammon and Lucifer to keep him from lunging across the breakfast table to snap your neck.
He hates that you goad him on with that neutral expression. He hates that you say these same things to his brothers.
"You'd think the mighty Avatar of Wrath would be more than empty threats."
One of the ones to come the closest to killing you before Mammon stepped in to save you.
And you were just STANDING there the whole time! Waiting! How dare you!!
Another one to pull you aside to talk to you after making a pact with you.
But now, instead of angry, he's just disheartened. You really hold yourself in such low regard that you'd let his brothers-- himself, even-- kill you without a second thought?
You have a long talk about it in his room, answering all his questions as they come. It almost felt like a therapy session.
Instead of trying to protect you from his brothers-- since he's one of the last to make a pact with you-- he tries to change your mind about yourself.
He tries to give you reasons to want to live.
Insulted 2 electric boogaloo
Not in the same way as Satan, however.
More in the "haha don't kill urself ur too sexy" way at first
He cannot imagine anyone having that kind of mindset about themselves, hating themselves to the point where they wouldn't mind death.
He doesn't threaten you, your jab at him actually comes when he offers to join you for a shower in his usual suggestive way:
"No, I think I would prefer to die."
He actually shrieks
He hates it. You could've just said no! What the hell!!
The first one to try to change your mind about yourself, even before you make a pact with him.
Legitimately wants you to want to live. Will shower you in compliments and praise, not just about your appearance-- though he will absolutely tell you all about his love of your physical attributes.
When you egg him on after you and Mammon ate his custard, it stops him dead in his tracks.
"It was a custard worth dying for. Go ahead, big guy, kill me in one shot."
He was still pissed-- it had his fucking name on it, for Hell's sake-- but he manages to redirect it all at Mammon.
His plan was to avoid you so you wouldn't ask him to kill you again. Of course, since he destroyed your room in the incident, you were now in his room. So that plan immediately failed.
He doesn't talk to you for the first day, other than telling you that the other bed was Belphie's so he'd just sleep on the couch.
But he can't get the thought out of his head, your arms spread wide as you asked him to kill you.
So he just asks you about it. He wasn't expecting you to be as honest as you were.
You want to die? Honestly?? Why?
You didn't have a straight answer for that one. You just shrugged and asked why you wouldn't.
He does his best to make you feel wanted. Offers you bites his food, makes sure you know you're invited when he goes out, makes sure you're included in conversations, sends you little "good night, sleep well" texts every night.
Of course, he'll also protect you physically. Not many people want to threaten your life when they have to peak around his massive frame.
But he wants to make sure you know he's protecting you because he cares about YOU, not the exchange program.
Belphegor (chapter 16 spoilers)
Excuse the fuck outta him???
He's standing in front of you, hands just about to wrap around your stupid neck and you--
"You wanna kill me so bad, just fuckin' do it."
Another one to think you were calling his bluff.
He only paused for long enough to give you a surprised look before actually going for it.
This human is fucking weird.
When you come back, he's the first to notice how disappointed you look, and is completely confused by it.
He won't ask you about it though. Until you bring it up one day when he thought you two were supposed to be napping.
"Weren't you supposed to kill me? I'm just a stupid, worthless human, I thought you wanted me dead as much as I did."
You nearly broke this boy's heart, lemme tell ya.
But he keeps it casual at the time, tells you it's too much of a hassle and that he doesn't want to have to deal with Lucifer if he tried again.
Later, he straight up tells you that he doesn't think you're stupid or worthless, that he likes having you around if only to have a good napping buddy or another member of the Anti-Lucifer League.
Will sneak into your dreams to try to convince you more subtly that he and his brothers want you around, that they-- that he-- doesn't want you dead. It has nothing to do with Lilith and everything to do with you and everything you've done for them. He wants to give you the same happiness you've given to his family.
Of course, he'll make sure you only vaguely remember the dreams, but he hopes the messages are seeping into your subconscious. If not… well, that just means the two of you need to take more naps together.
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10n31y-100n3y-10s3r · a day ago
Mc to Lucifer: i think you should play the role of my father.
Lucifer: I don’t want to be your father, Mc.
Mc: Thats perfect! you already know your lines!
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totally-original-artist · 22 hours ago
Day 2: Wish
Warnings: Angst
Characters: Beel, random person(can be MC or one of the brothers, you pick :))
Word count: 587 
Tumblr media
“I wish.” Beel whispered. His voice dripped with sadness. He had his head resting on them, arms wrapped around their waist, pressing his cheek into their stomach. He laid there, stiff as a stone, his grip on them hardening. He could feel his heart thump loudly against his rib cage, it was slow, but every beat was vigorous, anxiety dawning on him, suffocating him like a thick wet blanket. He found it hard to breathe, his throat starting to close up uncomfortably. Not now. He thought to himself. Not here. Shutting his eyes firmly and taking a huge gulp of air, he opened his mouth once more.
“I wish I wasn’t so hungry all the time” Beel thought back to all the times he’d been starving, even now he could feel his stomach making noises, telling him to just eat something. Although he had had a hefty dinner just a few minutes ago, he was already hungry again. He loved food, yes, but the constant hunger? He loathed it. He hated that his hunger could never be satiated, that he could never feel full. He hated how much of a burden he was to his brothers. All that money they spent on food for just him? They could’ve put it to better use. He felt like it was only a matter of time before they got fed up with his hunger. With him.
“I wish I wasn’t so naïve” He remembers vividly how on many occasions, even the simplest of instructions simply flew over his head. Beel would always try his best to understand, but he felt it hard to process some things unless they were simplified. He hated how he couldn’t bring himself to join in on conversations, scared that he might say something wrong, that he might get told to stay out of it. Of course there were times where some remarks would simply slip out when he got especially excited, nevertheless it was almost always met with a Beel NO! He came to the conclusion that he was better off staying quiet, no one wanted to hear him talk after all right? “I wish I wasn’t so big and scary.” Every time he tried talking to a new person, they would always look so terrified of him. Even if they tried to hide it, it was so obvious. The constant stares he got whenever he went somewhere new, how everyone would subconsciously lean away from him in public. None of this happened to his brothers. People were always excited to meet them, especially Asmo. But him? He made others feel uncomfortable, so small compared to him. The only people who didn’t despise him were his fangol teammates, but then again he is one of their best players, they’re probably doing it out of obligation.
“I wish I wasn’t so…” He was the glutton, the tall scary demon, the stupid one, that’s all he was, nothing more. Nothing else he did mattered because all these other things stood out too much. All these traits that overshadowed his other thoughts, filtering him down to nothing more than a gluttonous and stupid demon. Beel felt his eyes sting, hot tears slipping out through his shut eyelids, seeping into their clothes. He desperately tried to draw in breaths of air, feeling more suffocated than ever, his body shaking uncontrollably and his chest tightening, feeling so hollow. His grip on them was now hard enough to leave marks but they didn’t care.
“I wish I was more than me.”
Tumblr media
Note: Insecure Beel, that's it, probably a bit ooc so sorry ‘bout that :(
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pomefiore-flower · 4 days ago
The Savanaclaw trio: PIRATES!
Jack: Please! ㆁωㆁ
Ruggie: Gimme! uwu
Leona: *yawn* owø
MC: Not what I was expecting. But 10/10 would work.
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hell-temptations · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lucifer x gn! Mc fluff drabble
Tumblr media
Sometimes Lucifer is so insanely busy that even if you had put the plate of snacks down on his table and his stomach is making 'obscene' noises he only could look at the food and then looks back at the pile of paperwork in front of him with a sigh, so you decided to take things up on your hand from there.
Mammon was tiptoeing infront of Lucifer's office in search of a chance to sneak in and get some money making shots but his movements stopped when his stealthy eyes witnessed a certain scene from the small gap between the curtains,
The Avatar of pride,First among seven ultimate rulers of hell, beholder of the highest position after the crown prince himself, epitome of one of the seven deadly sins, 'The Lucifer Morningstar' was being spoon fed by a small human. A napkin was tucked under his chin,in his shirt's opening while his face had a goofy smile and his eyes beaming with pure adoration as the human sitting infront of him kept blowing air on the spoonful soup to cool it.
Mammon tiptoed back towards his room leaving them alone. This was the first time he hasn't tried to snap a picture or do anything that could ever become a evidence of that moment. Some moments are priceless and worth capturing in heart,they don't need words to be described neither their worth could be measured with any wealth existed in the three realm. Let those moments stay alive in heart, forever.
Tumblr media
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mimislovehotel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"come on, ride it." you order him, sitting on the edge of the bed as he's on his knees on the floor, watching the dildo in front of him, a blush on his pretty cheeks showing. he's really cute. he looks at you, his eyes full of lust, this is such a sign, you wanna eat him up.
"aw, taku, what's wrong, darling ?" you ask him with your sweet voice, acting ignorant, as if you didn't knew what he really wanted. takuya whines, getting closer to you, ignoring the dildo. he lays his head on your knees, gripping your legs, as if he's trying to spread them. "i..." he tries to say, not daring to look at you in the eyes.
"wanna make you feel good.." he whispers, hiding. you chuckle, caressing his pretty long hair. he looks at you, getting more confident. "wanna make you feel good! can make you feel good! so so good!" he pleads. he feels so humiliated, being naked and you still fully clothed. but he loves it so much. it makes him feel like your toy, and that's just what he is. ♡
"takuya." you call him, getting his attention again. "you want to grind agaisnt me?"
"y-yes! please let me! please! anything to feel you!" he babbles, wiggling his ass in the air, like a little puppy that wiggles his tail. you chuckle, tapping your knees, getting him stand up excitedly and sits on you, wrapping his hands around your neck. waiting for your permission, like a good boy. "go on baby."
and so he does, grinding his cock agaisnt you, whining at the feeling. it wasn't the same since you were still clothed, but it was still really good..
he could do that all night.
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devildomsexting · 3 months ago
🤪 + Lucifer crack version pls
Look he loves you very much but this can’t be the solution EVERY time 🤦🏼‍♀️
Tumblr media
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datsheep1000 · 2 months ago
Ok so I've seen this Replaced MC AU going around, and I wanna indulge myself in some Barbatos stuff so here's me killing two birds with one stone.
Enjoy the blurb, it is angst so like, tread with care.
You had enough, you felt like shit. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, you were every single kind of tired. Most of all you were tired of the disrespect. Besides Beel and Belphie, you were constantly being reminded but the five eldest demons about how garbage you are compared to the new exchange student Mina.
She was so much smarter, cuter, just everything you thought you were. Guess not though.
The only thing that kept you going was the twins, holding you close as you cried from another argument with Lucifer. After he had given you an overload to study without help because he just HAD to help Mina, and then blew up at you when you failed the test. Asking why you couldn't be like Mina.
That's all you heard anymore, why can't you be like her. You thought being yourself was enough for them, guess not though.
The last straw was the day you did pass a test. With flying colors too! You went to show the brothers, and when you did all you got was “If you knew the subject so well then why didn't you help Mina? She got a 99%, you should be helping her.”
...that was the straw that broke the camel's back, nothing you did was good enough. You were sure you could up and leave and no one would notice...So you did.
Beel and Belphie reluctantly helped you that night, silently helping you pack and giving you the tightest hug imaginable before you left.
“Be sure to text us when you get there okay?”
“Are you sure you don't want us to come with you?”
You shook your head, you told the boys to stay just in case something happens. Even though you hated the brothers at the moment, they were still your friends, and if shit hit the fan you trusted the two of them would do something. With that you left, making your way to Prince Diavolo’s castle. When you got there, Barbatos was the one to open the door, as you'd expect from a butler.
“Ah MC what a lovely surprise, if you've come to see the prince I'm afraid he's sleeping.”
“Oh,” right, it was the middle of the night of course he's sleeping. You were about to leave when the time butler stopped you.
“Hold on, don't leave. If you've come this far without assistance then I'm assuming the worse has happened.” You look up at him shocked, before looking down at your feet, he must know why you're here probably. He has a hunch, but your demeanor confirms it.
“Oh, Mc...” his voice comes out softly, sympathetically. He wraps his arm around you and ushers you inside, once you're in the warmth of the palace, you break down into tears. Like a barrier you didn't even know was there busted open, and through your sobs, you explain to a patient Barbatos what's been going on. As you continued on, his face became more stern, unreadable.
“I-I thought that I was enough, they always assured me I was, maybe they just found something better...?”
“MC, no.” He blurts out, clasping your hands in his own. “You are nothing but perfection. I've met the student, and while she seems charming I'm sure she’ll bring about nothing but pain for the brothers...”
“You can see that?”
“In a way...yes, I can see many endings, and each one with her doesn't end well. Give it two months, she’ll be kicked out by then.”
You sniffle, laughing quietly at the thought of the brothers getting the hell they deserve. You feel Barbatos reach out a gloved hand to dry your eyes and you lean into his touch, thanking him for his kindness.
“No need to thank me, if I'm being honest MC, I hold you very fondly in my heart. I won't for a minute allow you to feel anything less than remarkable. You're absolutely brilliant, and if the brothers can't see that then they don't deserve you.”
When he's finished speaking, you realize just how close his face is to yours. Maybe it was the hurt, maybe it was the way his pillowy soft lips looked, or maybe it was because for the first time in a while, you felt cherished...not in the same way the brothers made you feel, this was a different kind of desire that made your body feel light and your head at ease. You felt safer than ever with the prince’s butler staring at you like a radiant deity. Your heart, after feeling so broken and rigid, felt warm and fuzzy.
“How about you stay with me in my quarters, and tomorrow morning we can discuss with the prince what we should do.”
“Stay with you in your room?... Where would I sleep?”
“Beside me of course...unless you'd like to stay in the guest room, then I can prepare it for-”
“No, I would like to stay with you Barbatos..”
You gasp as he reaches up to kiss your knuckles, staring deep into your eyes.
“I can't promise I'll be able to rest however, my head is going a mile a minute.”
“No worries MC...I can help ease your pretty head. After all, humans need sleep just as much as demons.”
“And you know a way to tire me out~?”
Barb chuckles, leaning in close until his breath is fanning across your lips, nearly touching.
“I have many, many, ways my little bunny~”
It's safe to say you slept very soundly that night. Walking the next morning? A challenge.
A month has passed now, and you couldn't be happier. Living in the palace you found was much easier in many ways. When you weren't helping with chores and errands with Barb, you were in Diavolo’s office studying. Despite seeming like a total himbo, Dia was quite the scholar and helped you study. He was much smarter than you guessed, but he is a prince for a reason. You text Beel and Belphie every day, making sure they're okay. The other brothers, however...well you haven't seen them since you left, and you weren't exactly itching to hear from them either. You liked life in the palace, especially your life with Barb. He was so patient and doting, letting you rant about anything you could think of. Sometimes he'd offer advice, but most of the time he would just listen intentively aware that right now you just needed someone to listen. He was happy that he gets to be that someone.
One day you're both out grocery shopping for dinner when you see a few familiar faces. A tired-looking Asmodeus, an even more exhausted Mammon carrying a variety of bags, and Mina, who stood there looking through her phone. A part of you felt bad for the boys, another part thought this was the best part of your week.
You're about to turn heel and walk off when Mammon notices you. He drops everything he was holding and runs over.
“MC!!! Is that...that really you?!”
“Wow, you remember my name? Thought you would've forgotten seeing how far your head is up Mina’s ass.” okay, was that a nice thing to say? No. But Mammon was supposed to protect you, be your first, and all it took for him to drop you was some other human batting their lashes at him. The way you could see the heartbreak in his eyes shouldn't have been satisfying, but in a twisted way, it was euphoric.
“M-MC?” Asmodeus runs over, just in time for Barbatos to come out of Madame Screams, holding a small decorative box. It didn't take long for both brothers to realize what was going on, especially when the butler wraps his arm around your waist protectively while holding the box with his other hand.
“Ah, the second and fifth born, it's nice to see you both. You'll have to excuse us though, we have to get going so we can prepare dinner.”
“Wait!” just as the two of you are leaving Mammon speaks up.
“Can I speak to MC real quick?”
You frown, but despite the fact, you asked the others for privacy, which they begrudgingly agreed. You then find yourself standing in front of your first crush, first pact, your first man. He seems on the verge of tears as he spoke.
“ have to come back, it's been nothin but torture since you've left. Mina treats everyone like slaves, she even manipulates Luci into doing whatever she wants! Like he's under her spell or somethin’...”
“And you weren't? You took my birthday money so you could buy her shoes and you wanna suddenly pretend like -”
Before you could finish he shoves something into your hands. You look down at the thing and realize it's the exact amount of money he took, if not more.
“I can't begin to make up for betraying you MC, but I'll keep trying until the day I die!”
“What if you can't? What if the damage is irreversible?”
“Then I just won't stop tryin’. I probably have it better now, Barb probably treats you like you deserve...and you deserve that. I'm not askin’ for you to come back or even forgive us, but-”
“Maaaaammoooooon! Hurry up! I wanna get this new face mask and my bags are getting dirty!” you both turn to the shrill voice that is Mina, rolling your eyes you look back at Mammon.
“I give her another month until someone feeds her to Cerberus.”
“Hah! More like a week if I have to carry another bag...”
“I’m sure you'll be fine, you've always been stronger than you think Mams.”
The exchange is short but nice, not what you were expecting. As you two parted ways and you went back to Barb, he couldn't help but point it out either.
“It seems like they're coming around, yes?”
“Seems like it, I thought they'd be under her spell forever, I guess not though.” You smile, taking his waiting hand in your own, thinking for the first time in a while about stopping by the house and checking up on the brothers.
Okay maybe this wasn't a blurb, but EH-
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minteyeddevil · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 19: Dry Humping
Beelzebub x GN!MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A deep chill ran through their sleeping frame as another draft ran through their room. It was hard enough to wake them up, tugging their blanket further up their body, but to no avail in stopping the cold from nipping at their skin. The House of Lamentation was an old and drafty house, so the chilly air of the cold night outside was virtually impossible to avoid.
With a sigh of resignation, the climbed out of their bed and bundled up their blanket in their arms, heading out in search for the best heat source they could find in the house.
Much to their relief, the demon was actually awake, having his midnight snack in his bed when they entered his room. He looked up with worry etched on his face, seeing them awake and standing at the foot of his bed. 
"MC, you okay? Having trouble sleeping?"
They gave a sad nod, coming around the side of his bed to sit at the edge next to him. "It's too damn cold in my room. I wanted to ask you...if it would be alright for me to sleep in your bed...with you, if you didn't mind. You're so warm…"
Beelzebub felt his face heat up at the compliment, but gave a nod in agreement. "I don't mind if you want to sleep here. It...It'd be nice to have your company."
He put away the lazy of his snacks, cleaning up his bed a bit before allowing MC to crawl in next to him. They cuddled against him, their back to his chest, and pulled their blanket over them as he covered the both of them with his own.
"Goodnight, Beel."
"G'night, MC."
Though it seemed MC was able to fall asleep quite quickly, Beel was stuck. He wasn't sure where to put his arms, let alone if he could relax into MC or not. He didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable...but man, did they feel good being against him. He couldn't help leaning forward a bit to inhale their scent; it was almost intoxicating. And it had quite the effect on his body as well.
He could feel himself getting hard at the proximity, silently cursing himself for not having better control over himself. He eventually gave in, and wrapped his arms around MC, pulling them closer, their bottom pressing against this pelvis. He buried his face in their hair, trying to hold in his groan ad he felt his hips begin to rut on their own accord. He didn't want to wake MC with his movements, but he couldn't seem to control them.
He was now full on humping MC's bottom, holding them tightly to him. He felt ashamed for his actions, but he so desperately wanted them too.
The slight shaking he was doing was what woke MC up. They tried to roll over to see what he was doing, but he only tightened his grip.
"MC...I'm sorry but I...I can't help myself right now…"
One of his hands crawled up the front of their shirt, while the other messed with the hem of their shorts.
"Can I?"
MC swallowed thickly; they had been having quite the dream about him to begin with, so for it to lead up to this right now…
"G-Go ahead, Beel."
That's all he needed.
The hand crawling up their shirt began to grope at their chest, and the hand at the hem pushed down the front of their shorts to play with their sex. They had to stifle the groan threatening to leave them, for fear of waking up Belphegor who was a bit away from the two of them.
Behind them, Beel continued to rut against their bottom, thrusting his hips in time with his fingers working their sex. He bit down on their ear, making them squeal a bit, and teased the lobe with his tongue before leaning forward to pressed open mouth kisses to their neck.
"Can I make you cum, MC?"
His question was so sincere and sounded so innocent that MC almost lost it right there and then.
"Yes, please, Beel!"
He doubled his efforts on their sex, fingers working in a frenzy, as his own rutting picked up pace as well. He could feel the roughness of his own clothing, but he was too busy chasing his orgasm to care about rug burns he would get. He wanted to cum at the same time as MC. Eventually he stuck his free hand down the front of his shorts and worked his cock in time with his fingers on them, and he felt them cum around them, soon hitting his own high right after.
He didn't mind the mess he had made of the two of them, too blissed out to really care. He cuddled into MC, kissing on their neck and shoulders, offering to take them to the bathroom to help clean up, when an annoyed voice broke the silence of the room.
"Next time go to MC's room if you two want to do stuff like that. You make too much noise."
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with-love-from-hell · 11 days ago
Asmo & Mammon Caring for a MC who is a sloppy drunk
Request by @theorriginalolivejar  
Among other requests, “...A drunk reader where Asmo takes care of them.”
OOOOOO yes. I have had this one in my brain for a WHILE. I wanted to add all the brothers, but I figured If I wanted to write more for it, I would have to limit myself. So, per your request: I will be writing Asmo! But I will also add in Mammon because I can never get enough of that precious little shit. I will present the scenario, and then how either of them approaches the situation!
Genre:  comfort, fluff
Mc characteristics: Gender neutral (they/them pronouns), drunk as fuck (affectionate/chaotic drunk)
WC: ~2k
Cw: drinking/alcohol use, swearing, vomit, suggestive behavior
You have returned home late with Lucifer from a night at the castle with Diavolo, Barbatos, and the other exchange students. You figured they would just be serving Demonus, which doesn’t have an effect on humans, but Diavolo had Barbatos make a special trip to the human world to get some special ingredients. While he was there, he just so happened to pick up a few bottles of wine to serve- that way you and Solomon could let loose a little. 
Well, long story short- you didn’t realize that what they were serving you was human world alcohol until you were 5 glasses deep and you started to feel...funny. Lucifer was mortified at your behavior- you were falling over everyone and telling them how much you loved them. And to add insult to injury, you had to be practically carried home because you kept trying to stop to talk to random demons as you walked with him- many of which were probably not the most friendly and didn’t want some random weirdo telling them how pretty their horns were. Lucifer was also not happy with the fact that he was probably going to have to keep a close eye on you all night so you didn’t get into trouble. It was practically like taking care of a toddler. 
Fortunately enough for him, once you arrived home, the duty was taken off his hands! He wished the demon luck that got to spend the night with you, because he could imagine you would have a nasty hangover in the morning. 
Tumblr media
Asmo was just returning home from a photoshoot when he saw Lucifer trying to open the front door with you slung over his shoulder. You were singing a song (badly) about how great of a brother he was and how much you wanted to squish his face again.
Again? had...had you done that already!?
“Oh, my dear Mc. What has gotten into you, hmmm?” he giggled as he approached you. 
Once your eyes landed on him, you squealed with delight and immediately  squirmed to try to get out of Lucifer’s arms. Lucifer damn near dropped you on the concrete but he managed to catch you before your head hit the ground- now holding you upside down by your knees. You were giggling relentlessly at how Lucifer was now holding you.
Lucifer sighed in annoyance and flipped you right-side up. The minute your feet touched the ground you sprinted to Asmo and jumped in his arms. Luckily, Asmo was light on his feet and caught you immediately, planting a kiss on your forehead as he laughed at your unusual giddiness. 
“Are...Are they drunk?” Asmo asked. He was confused, but he wouldn't say this was a problem. “How did they get drunk?” 
Lucifer sighed, returning his focus to unlocking the door. “Long story.” 
“Asmo...” You leaned your face so it was only centimeters away from his nose. It appeared as though you were trying to whisper, but it came out much, much louder. “I have a secret to tell you.” 
“Yes darling?” He smiled at you. He was quite enjoying your changed demeanor, and made a mental note to ask Lucifer how this had happened later.
You giggled and placed a sloppy kiss on his cheek. “I think you’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had and I think you’re very, very pretty!” 
“Ooh, well aren’t you just the sweetest thing!” Asmo blushed and snuggled you into his chest. You both giggled like idiots as Lucifer watched in vexation. 
“Come on, Mc. We need to get you to bed.” Lucifer turned to enter the house and beckoned you both to follow. 
you groaned. “But I wanna spend time with my favorite person in the whole wide world!”
Lucifer raised an eyebrow at you. “Oh? And who’s that?” 
You giggled and slapped your hands to Asmo’s cheeks, squishing them. “This one right here!” 
Asmo blushed and let out a chuckle, squeezing you into another hug.
Lucifer rolled his eyes and walked into the house.
Asmo noticed how annoyed Lucifer was at your stooper, and a brilliant idea popped into his head. “Oh, Mc. Would you like to have a sleepover?” 
You squealed in response. 
Lucifer turned back, his voice stern. “Asmo...”
 “Don't worry! I can take care of them, Lucifer!” Asmo smiled. “Seriously. You go take a break!” 
Lucifer was not about to argue with him after the terrible walk home, so he left Asmo in charge of your care.
You both stayed up all night watching shitty reality TV and putting make-up on each other. Asmo could quite literally not get enough of how affectionate you were being, and he gave about 10 times as much affection back to you- peppering your face with kisses, playing with your hair, and snuggling up to you as much as possible. What he was most shocked by though, was how you were shamelessly drowning him in compliments. That doesn’t mean he didn’t like it though- and he absolutely returned the sweet comments back to you whenever they came out. Eventually, you passed out and Asmo tucked you into his bed. He snuggled up next to you the whole night. 
The next morning, he woke up to find you gone. He was sad at first- he had quite enjoyed your time together in your inebriated state, but he knew you probably wanted to get your space. That is, until he heard you retching violently in his bathroom. 
Asmo leaped out of bed and burst through the door, finding you sitting next to the toilet, groaning. 
“Oh, dear.” he whispered, rubbing your back gently. “Are you ok?” 
You groaned in response.
He placed a kiss delicately on the back of your head. “Hold on one moment, I’ll be right back.” 
He flew down the stairs to the kitchen as fast as he could, gathering some seltzer water, ginger, and herbal tea. He swung by your room to grab a bottle of antacids and some of the comfort clothes he knew you liked to wear when you felt ill. He returned to your side and set the items down around him. He began to run a warm bath, and dampened some towels in cool water. After getting some water and antacids in you, he helped you to the bath and placed one of the cool towels on your head.
“How are you feeling, dear?” he cooed gently as he rubbed your shoulders.
You were able to speak now, but barely. “Terrible. But I appreciate your help.” 
He wrapped you in a hug from behind, kissing your cheek gently. “It’s the least I can do. Especially After the wonderful night we had together. We should do this more often!” 
You groaned in response, but did find a smile creeping its way onto your face.
Tumblr media
Mammon was waiting for you to return home in the common room. He was so bummed that Lucifer wouldn’t let him go with to the dinner party at the castle. He said something about it being “exchange students only,” but he didn’t think it was fair that he didn’t get to come with and party it up with you in the castle...and maybe steal a couple artifacts from the dining room...
As soon as he heard the door unlock and your voice echo through the house, Mammon bolted to the foyer to greet you and see if you wanted to spend some time together. He stopped when he saw you hanging off of Lucifer’s neck with his hand gently resting at your waist. 
“Oi! What do ya think yer doin’!” He snapped, clearly jealous of the display of affection you and Lucifer were engaged in.
“Oh, wonderful. Mammon, would you please assist me in getting them off?” Lucifer asked, his tone indicating clear annoyance at the fact that you refused to let go of him. 
“Nooooo! Luciii!” You groaned, your grip tightening. “Just Lemme hug youuu!” 
Mammon raised his eyebrows. “Mc, Why’re ya talkin’ like that?”
“They’re clearly drunk Mammon.” Lucifer asserted. “Would you please just help me out here?” 
Drunk? How the heck did that happen? He was confused, but obliged in helping to release your vice-grip from Lucifer’s neck. Once off of him, you Immediately swung your arms around Mammon’s neck in the same fashion, causing a deep red blush to appear across his face. 
“O-Oi!” he shouted, clearly flustered.
You looked up at him with half lidded eyes. Your words were slightly slurred, but the tone of your voice was like silk. “You’ll snuggle with me tonight, won’t you Mammon?” 
Mammon’s blush grew darker and he looked away from you.
“Mc, come on. It’s time for you to go to bed.” Lucifer scolded, gesturing for you to follow him up the stairs. 
“Noooo!” You yelled, shoving your face into Mammon’s neck. “Stop poopin’ on the party, Luci.”
Mammon snorted and erupted into a fit of laughter at your comment, his embarrassment fading upon realizing you were way too inebriated to even realize what you were doing. You giggled along with him as Lucifer’s face grew hot with frustration.
“Fine! Stay awake all night for all I care.” He scoffed, turning back toward the stairs. “They’re your problem now, Mammon.” 
“Yeah, yeah.” Mammon waved him off as he left the foyer. “Go to bed, party pooper. Mc and I are gonna go have some fun.” 
Mammon dragged you along to the kitchen and opened the cupboard where he knew Lucifer hid some Demonus. He grabbed one of the bottles and guided you up the stairs to his room. He completely intended on getting a little drunk himself so he could match your energy. 
Mammon downed the whole bottle in less than 10 minutes, and was soon a giggling and chaotic mess right along side you. 
You begged Mammon to watch a horror movie with you, so he put one on. You burst into fits of laughter every time Mammon let out a high pitched scream during a jump-scare. You were scolded by both Lucifer and Satan (numerous times) for your volume late into the night. You both continued to watch movies and cuddled together throughout the night. 
Mammon wasn’t quiet sure when he fell asleep, but he awoke to a pounding headache. He looked down and saw you cuddling up to his chest on his bed. He immediately flushed bright red at the site. What the hell did we do?
He calmed down when he realized you were both clearly in your clothes from the night before. Crisis averted.
He walked to the bathroom, groaning as he stretched in the morning light. He shed his clothes and hopped into the shower. He usually didn’t wake up this early- especially after a night of drinking- but he figured the added body in his bed heightened his awareness a bit. He took his time washing himself and enjoying the feel of the warm water.
Suddenly, he heard the door to the bathroom burst open. He screamed and immediately peaked over the wall dividing the shower from the rest of the bathroom. He saw you leaned over the toilet, breathing heavily  
“Oi!” He shouted, his face flushed. “Ya ever heard’a knockin’? Seriously Mc, I-” 
You heaved straight into the toilet, interrupting his words.  
Mammon’s eyes grew wide and he shut off the water. He reached for a towel over from the hook outside the shower and wrapped it around his waist. Once it was secured, he rushed over to you and dropped to his knees. You were still heaving violently, vomit cascading from your esophagus into the porcelain bowl. 
Mammon took your hair in his fists so it wouldn’t be in your way. Once you had finished vomiting, he brushed your cheek with his fingers, wiping away some of the bile that had splattered back at your face. You groaned and leaned your head against his shoulder. 
Mammon helped you up and brought you to the shower. He helped you start the water and shielded his eyes from your body as you stepped in. While you cleaned yourself, he took the liberty of getting you a bottle of water and some light snacks from the kitchen, and grabbing some new clothes from your room- since the ones you had were covered in bile and sweat. 
He let you stay in his room until your hangover subsided, and tried not to speak too loud as he rambled away about what he did when you were at the dinner party last night. He found out from you about the human world wine, and made a mental note to have one of the witches that owed him a favor grab some bottles for him to keep for you, so you guys could have another fun night- but next time he would be prepared better for the aftermath. 
Though he wasn't too upset over the fact he got to spend some more time with you.
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designatedbreadbox · 9 months ago
Do ya'll every think about
how the bros. will love MC literally regardless of what they look like or how MC chooses to present themself because they don't have the same bullshit views about beauty that we have?
Continuation here:
Like, MC with freckles/dimples/vitiligo? Fuckin' cute, adorable, ya know Asmo be countin' every single spot. Your dimples has everyone floored. By everyone, I mean EVERYONE; YES, EVEN BARBATOS. Luke's included but its puppy love
MC with scars of any kind? They would all love to hear stories about how you got those if the subject isn't uncomfortable or sensitive for you.
MC with tattoos/piercings? Like with the dimples, everyone if floored and at first Luke was scared. But then he realized he got to go to a school with a bad-to-the-fuckin' -ass human! How cool is that?!????
^^^ *insert puppy love again*
MC with dark skin and kinky/coily hair? If you let him, Mammon will be ALL OVER seeing how your hair curls.
Very skinny MC? Fuckin' epic man, Levi wants to know how good you are at videogames.
On that note, chubby MC? The twins found a new snuggle buddy and Belphie is DEFINITELY a hugger.
MC with a certain aesthetic? Lucifer is in awe and honestly respects how hard you work to maintain that. He thinks you look great sexy in your attire.
Very pale MC? MC reminds Satan of a ghost/ghoul and is in love with that because honestly? Goals man, that's actually cool as fuck.
Ginger MC? Beel fuckin' LOVES you and is not afraid to show it. Like AT ALL.
Short MC? Tall MC? Mammon is simpin' either way height makes no difference to him.
Nonbinary/Trans MC? Anyone who misgenders and/or deadnames you intentionally is DEAD. Accident is one thing, but on purpose? They're not dealing with that.
Lesbian/wlw/Pan. etc. MC? Asmo has someone he can discuss hot women with, so win-win in all honesty.
Brown-eyed MC? Gorgeous under the moonlight and Lucifer thinks they look even better under spotlights.
Green-eyed MC? Satan wants to compare it to plants; he wants to find stuff that'll remind him of your eyes.
Black-eyed? Belphie is both terrified and finds it so fuckin' cool. Thinks you look badass.
Blue-eyed MC? Levi's already on the floor with a nosebleed and he can't function around you. Your eyes remind him of his favorite thing: the ocean.
Stretch marks? Body hair? The twins don't see how that can annoy anyone; it's just hair. And stretch marks are so common that Belphie can't see why humans hate them.
Big/small boob MC? Makes absolutely no difference to anyone whatsoever. But Asmo does worry about your back and offers give back rubs.
MC with braces/mouthpiece? Lucifer wants to know if they hurt, at all. Did you choose the band color?
MC with glasses? Canon that Lucifer and someone else is attracted to people with glasses, so he's already simping. Lowkey, of course, but it's there.
Hijab/Turban MC? Satan wants to know how you put it on, it looks so complicated and fascinating. Or even better: you tell him step by step, so he can get a taste of your culture.
Latino/a MC? Please, by all means, cook for Beel. Or give him the recipes. Man is dying for new ones and he loves savory foods above all else.
Like, it really doesn't matter what MC looks like. It truly doesn't. Can you imagine how diverse the Celestial Realm is? Seeing people that look so different from you, but you still call them your brotjer/sister? Because looks don't matter when you can just have fun with them; it doesn't matter in a strength competition or trying to see who runs better. Looks mean shit when your younger sibling has a nightmare and you need to comfort them.
They carried that view over with them upon entering the Devildom. They always held onto that belief because they truly believe there is no good justification at all as to why someone should be judged solely for what they look like.
No matter what MC looks/presents like, they'll always be loved. Even if the whole world says otherwise.
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