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Promise that you’ll fall for me?

During the Celestial War, a third of the angels joined Lucifer in his rebellion. Of that third, only a quarter of the rebels became demons known as the Fallen. Those that did not survive; some perished in battle and some did not survive the Fall.

(Mammom x GN!MC)

TW: Character death, blood, minor descriptions of gore (just broken body parts)

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What if MC picked up some quirks/traits the brother’ have if they feel it intensely……..? 🤔

Like, imagine MC having so much pride in themself or what their doing that confidence just smothers them. That suddenly, people see them as a force to wreckoned with out of the blue or as someone to be looked up to. So much pride that Lucifer is confused yet happy as to where this pride if soming from. They stand just a little more taller, demeanor a little more composed.

Or MC so greedy for money that Mammon can feel them trying so hard to get any amount and he like,,, understands that feeling. Imagine that he can get glimpses of what MC wants to get with the money and sort of understand why they want money when he can just buy it for them. They go to one of Mammon’s gambling games and get so into the game that his horns show faintly on their head. Or if they’re wearing a crop top, his demon form markings show on their skin; but just barely.

Imagine Levi feeling them get envious over something whenever they look at it. A happy couple/family, a celebrity flaunting their wealth, a gacha system being generous to someone else. Levi seeing his tail move like an illusion behind them without them knowing. Or if MC is talking about something they really love, their eyes change to Levi’s. MC being able to swim perfectly even if they never done so or couldn’t before if they could.

Satan having to pull MC away from a fight because they kept going even after the person was knocked out. MC’s eyes shining green or having his signature glare when they face him. MC berating someone for whatever the reason may be and their words come out more harshly, more insulting, more angry. Voice becoming louder as they assert who is in control of the situation whenever they’re angry at someone. Satan’s horns being visible on them as they become furious.

People randomly helping MC because they shine brighter that day or their smile just seems to light up the room. Asmo being delighted when they see his hair color at the tips of their hair if they’re feeling lust or love in general. The other brothers notice that MC seems to look a lot more attarctive than before for whatever reason. Finding themselves unable to look away from them because Asmo’s natural charm has affected them.

Imagine MC and Beel holding an eating contest to see if MC can get somewhat close to what he eats. MC being able to finish a good 15 plates or so. Beel’s wings suddenly appearing on them as they punch a guy for trying to take their lunch. MC getting a lot of strength as they accidentally break open a vending machine because they were so hungry they couldn’t wait to get home. Imagine seeing MC constantly visit the kitchen or store because Beel claimed half the fridge or they craved a certain food.

Belphie getting confused as to why MC is sleeping more. MC having his tail as they sleep after a long day at RAD or spending so much time with the brothers that they became exhausted. His horns manifesting in them as they loudly complain about having to go somewhere when they’re so fuckin’ tired. They can rival him as they spend so much time sleeping randomly throughout the day.

A random thought, ya know?

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Begone, bad day! ♡

Asmodeus x GN!MC, Modern day Royalty AU

I’m in a royal mood right now, so enjoy~ ! This is just like, a “day-in-the-life” type thing. And for the sake of the AU, you were born into a royal family, from the country of your choice!

♡ Word Count: 2.1k

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Leviathan x Reader

A/N: I sat down to write last night, expecting a cohesive story, and this is what came out instead. But if you wanted a one-shot about Levi falling for an MC who only sees him as a friend, then boy howdy do I have some good news for you. 

word count: 1.3k || warnings: brief suggestive language

There was something so sickeningly satisfying in the sheer irony behind it all. The avatar of envy being the one who had to watch everything play out.

From the start, Levi couldn’t help liking you. He tried to push you away, but you were so damn persistent. Truth be told, he didn’t even want to talk to you at first. He was only doing it because of what he could gain from it. At some point, things changed, and he found himself enjoying your company. Levi even found himself calling you a friend, down the line.

Well, to say ‘a friend’ would be to put it lightly. Levi tried not to lie to himself. You weren’t just a friend, but his first friend. His only friend, really. He was fine with it that way, he didn’t need anyone else. You were his Henry, and he was your… what?

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I’ve never done something like this before but I wanted to just to try my hand at it! So, my friends and I play this game where if someone says or does something really stupid or really funny, you can “copy” what they say and anytime someone tells you to “paste”, you have to do or say the thing no matter what you’re doing! We’ve gotten some pretty good things so I wanted to make little headcanon thingies for the brothers! I’m sorry this is a real big blurb thing but oh whale. Side notes; I have indeed been copied on all of these, and I’m doing this on mobile so if formatting is weird I’m sorry!

The Brothers playing “Copy, Paste”

T/W: not sure? Mild NSFW I think, mild swearing, some people don’t like it but MCYT is mentioned


  • You and Lucifer were sitting in his study, you were scrolling through Devilgram and he was doing paperwork as usual
  • You had just seen a wonderful meme and just had to read it to him, you had completely forgotten you had explained the rules of Copy, Paste just a few days before
  • “Hey Lucifer!”
  • “You can’t spell subtext without buttsex.”
  • Oh was that a mistake…
  • A smirk spread across his face, he set down his pen and stared at you for a moment before that dreaded word came from him. “Copy.”
  • Of course he would paste you one delightful evening when you were both having tea with Diavolo and Barbatos.
  • Tea totally came out of Diavolo’s nose when you said it


  • Mammon barged into your room one day as always and the first words out of his mouth were “MC, I’m bored! Ya got any plans?”
  • You weren’t really doing anything so you decided to hang out with your first man
  • You were on your way to Majolish when he said something incredible
  • It would’ve been a somewhat normal sentence if he hadn’t decided to add those three words.
  • His D.D.D. had been going off the whole time in his back pocket and he wasn’t happy with it.
  • “Damn it! Knock it off, will ya? Just all buzz buzz buzz buzz. In my butt.”
  • The sound that left you was one of a dying cat. “Copy. Copy copy copy!”
  • “NO!”
  • You pasted him at dinner that same day, the reactions were amazing.


  • You had offhandedly mentioned to Levi that right now, Minecraft YouTubers were crazy popular in the human world so naturally he became Dream’s biggest fan
  • What you weren’t expecting was for him to learn. Every. Single. TommyInnit. Quote.
  • One day he had just watched a SleepyBoisInc compilation and he thought it was just so funny.
  • You had already made plans with him for that day to play Minecraft together because boy is he obsessed
  • It was around thirty minutes into the session and he hadn’t really said much, until he turned and looked you dead in the eye.
  • “Just killed a woman, feelin’ good.”
  • “Yup, that’s gonna be a copy from me.”
  • “Thanks” *deep breath* “Home home.”
  • You two paste each other quite often and every time he gets so flustered it’s absolutely adorable.


  • You’re not sure how this conversation even came about.
  • It started off talking about weird things humans can do and their evolution, how in the world did these words end up coming out of your mouth?
  • You probably ended up talking about bodily functions that humans and demons share, which was definitely as gross as it sounds.
  • “Ah, ass air. Gamer girls could probably sell it. Delicious bottled ass air.”
  • “MC…copy?”
  • “Oh no.”
  • He pastes you any chance he can get, especially if it could embarrass either you or Lucifer. You’re all out with Diavolo? Paste. You’re meeting a very important high ranking demon? Paste.


  • Asmo had invited you to his room for a self care sleepover and as usual he went all out for you
  • I’m talking a complete 372629293 step skincare routine, a hot bath, massage, nails, everything
  • He was getting ready to put some lotion on your arms and hands but when he pressed the pump down it just shot out
  • You both were taken aback, and whoever possessed you in that moment must’ve thought it was real funny because you looked Asmodeus dead in the eye and said, “What a cumshot!
  • “One, copy. Two, if you thought that was a good cumshot then you’re missing out.”
  • Asmo first pasted you in front of Mammon, just to see his reaction. Poor thing.


  • It was time for a midnight snack with Beel, aka you talking to him while he inhaled the entire kitchen.
  • Beel wasn’t paying attention to the fridge, more focused on the very intense look on your face as you played a game on your DDD. You just looked so cute
  • His finger slid right into some custard, he pulled his finger out and turned to you.
  • He held his finger up to show you before cleaning licking it off. “MC. Do you like my finger?
  • For some reason, that made you laugh so hard you nearly fell off the counter.
  • Somewhere in your laugh attack, you managed to wheeze out. “Copy, goodness gracious. Copy!”
  • You really only paste him when you’re alone, but just one time you pasted him in front of Lucifer who looked utterly confused. I mean…context?


  • You and Belphie were cuddling in the attic room, him half asleep and you scrolling through Devilgram.
  • You had just read a very sad fanfiction based on The Lord of Shadows and Henry, one that actually drove you to tears.
  • Belphie, being Belphie, decided he wanted attention so what’s the first thing the gremlin tries to do? Bite your hair.
  • “Belphie! Don’t bite my hair, I’m too sad!” You cried out, and he stopped.
  • He stared at you for a few moments before he spoke. “Copy.”
  • You were still upset when he pasted you, Beel had come up with snacks and was very confused as to why you were upset.
  • Maybe you should cuddle him instead of the hair biter. Love you Belphie but come on!
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Star- struck lover ~☆

Mammon x GN!MC

Mammon loves them, so much. He just hopes he can make his dream a reality.

☆ Wordcount: 624

Mammon walked down a hallway in his palace, a small box of the rarest gems in hand. Wearing gloves, he picked them all up, one by one, seeing which one would be the next accessory for his fellow Monarch. The natural hand oils would’ve ruined the gems, tainting them; and he didn’t want to lower the value of them, especially for his lover.

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Man in The Mirror Pt. 2

Part 1 is here Part 3 is here.

Every sense of grace he once displayed towards you was gone. He stumbled slightly, as if he was new to the idea of using his legs. That didn’t deter the vicious anger in his eyes, the way his nose wrinkled, or the snarl he directed towards you.

*Despite saying “errand boy”, you are still gender neutral here in the fic.*

☆ Wordcount: 4.9k

Asmo looked straight into your eyes, sighing sadly. “I know I was once beautiful. I know that I will never look that way again. It was a hard realization I took awhile to get to; the paints on the walls was my last act of defiance against my death.”

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Random Thought of The Day:

MC has to be asexual to some degree since in literally the very beginning of the game, we’re immune to Asmo’s charm. Sure, that could only be because we are the MC and we need to be immune to something like that, but still. It’s a personal headcanon of mine since I myself, am asexual; plus it would make a lot of sense in general anyway. 🎶🎶

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Thanks for this babe🧡 love you too!

Some fluffy mammon calling you his treasure 😭😭

239 notes

I really fucking needed this babe 🧡 Levi really is my safe space. can someone please write me a full fic of this??? I will love you 5ever 😭

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pairing: human!mammon x demon!gn!mc

word count: 3.7k

summary: Mammon meets Solomon and learns about pacts for the first time, and becomes curious about the concept himself.

a\n: sorry i was mia the last couple weeks. my last day off was nearly two weeks ago so i’ve just been kinda dead lol

let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in this series! i’m always up for suggestions :)

part four of the human!mammon & demon!mc series

part one | part two | part three

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I am~ ! Requests are the only way I interact with people here besides comments so I’m always happy to get one.~ • . ☆

I'ma do the undateables because these are all tiny scenarios and I don’t wanna write 7 of ‘em.

Undateables abandoning MC nightmare~ !

the colored text corresponds to who’s talking

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Their Pain is Our Pleasure: The Aftermath

Lucifer, eyes glowing with sadistic humor: Hahaha….. Now, both of you chose where you want to be hung.

Levi: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!

MC, thirsty and teasing: Does the chandelier in your room count? Don’t forget the tie gag. ;D

Lucifer: …………… *drags MC to his room*

It’s late, but I was kinda thirsty over hearing Luci’s voice in the story segment, sooooo………

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Chubby g/n!reader x Seijoh four


Originally posted by reallysaltykou

I don’t know if anyone else is in-between plus-sized and hourglass but I am so it’s like having a chubby hourglass. Now onto the reason I’m writing this right. WHY CAN’T I FIND A CHUBBY Y/N WHERE THEY’RE CONFIDENT?! IM NOT INSECURE ABOUT MY CHUB AND YOU SHOULDN’T BE EITHER. I’M LOOKING AROUND AND IT’S ALL ONES WHERES THEY’RE EMBARRASSED BY BEING A BAD BITCH AS THEY SHOULDN’T. Now onto cuddling chubby y/n headcanons.🥰


Oikawa Tooru

  • He likes to be spooned and you can fight me about this
  • He’s the type to put himself down farther on the bed just so he can feel smaller then you (unless you’re taller)
  • If he’s not K.O’d in the first 5 minutes of cuddling you he’ll blow a raspberry anywhere he can reach just so he can hear you gasp and start giggling
  • He loves to hearing you laughing 🥰

“Tooru-kun!” You gasped laughing as he began tickling you.

“What was that Y/n-chan?” He asked over your shouting to stop. “Sorry I can’t hear you!” He cackles before attacking your stomach again


Iwazumi Hajime

  • Does the thing where if your laying with your back to the headboard and your legs out in front of you he’ll move your legs apart and lay with his head either on your chest or stomach
  • Doesn’t care if he can’t breath
  • He’s dying happy 😊🤧
  • He loves when you massage his shoulders when he’s doing it

He groaned under your hands, feeling his shoulders relax.

“What happened today Hajime-kun?” If you ask that he’ll either groan and tell you or shake his head like a child


Matsukawa Issei

  • Your sitting on the couch
  • He walks in
  • He makes eye contact with your thighs
  • He teleports suddenly so your legs are on his chest with the back of his head against your *parts*
  • You’re not allowed to wear jeans in the house anymore bc they cut off his skinship with you 😒🙄

He flopped down on you, it had become some type of routine for him to do this and he was always in a bad mood if you came home later then him for some reason or another.

“Bad day or just tired?”

“Reason 1 on why it was a bad day-”


Hanamaki Takahiro /post timeskip

  • Likes to cuddle but doesn’t often since he’s always busy with collage and work
  • Really like to hug you from behide when your doing something
  • Thinks it’s funny if you jump (I hate him 😑 jk love you boo but you’re such a clown)
  • Tried to pull you onto his lap once but you had to go get something from the oven so you were wriggling around to get up and he got a boner…

You were walking past him to go get the cupcakes you were making earlier when he pulled you down into him.

He grinned at your wriggling but stiffened when you brushed up against him hard

He bit his lip and let you go

You didn’t question and went to get the cupcakes (hoping they weren’t burnt, don’t worry you got them in time)

He was very glad you didn’t bring it up later


Originally posted by kirislut

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