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33roda · a day ago
Thoma X Dom!Reader <3
♡ thoma being the reader's little puppy,,
♡ tags: petplay, reader with cock/strap, leashes, oral (reader receiving), gn!reader, using "master", thigh crushing, breeding, desperate little thoma
"Aw, what's wrong baby puppy? Do you want me to touch you? Use your words, will you?"
Cruel. He thought his master was so so cruel; asking him to use his words knowing damn well he couldn't, only allowed to bark and growl at you as you touch him wherever you please. "Oh, right, you can't," you laughed, looking down at him kneeling by your feet, hands tied behind his back.
"Grr,, woof?" he rubbed his head against you, wishing it'd push you to touch him - give him anything - but you had other plans. Pulling on his leash, you nudged him to come closer to your heat, stumbling to 'knee-walk' his way to you. "Hnng,," his mouth pressed to your thigh, you ruffled his hair, looking at him with adoration in your eyes. Adorable little Thoma, so eager to please his master.
"Lick, like a good puppy should."
He didn't need to be told twice - eagerly lapping at your sex, drooling all over you, and Archons was he good with his mouth. Looking for more friction against you, he licked all around you, pressing his face against your strong thighs. He was almost giving you no choice but to squeeze his pretty little head with your thighs, and you did exactly that, holding tight as he desperately kept his tongue out trying to reach your sex, looking up at you with teary eyes - oh how pretty!
"P-pweash-," he begged, his plea coming out muffled against your thigh.
"Oh? Puppies can speak now?" you pulled his head out of your grip, holding tight onto his hair. You knew he just wanted to please you - but naughty puppies deserved punishment. "Come here, pup. Master will make sure to keep you barking all night."
He slowly rose from the floor, leaving you to push him against the bed and prop his ass up, his face on your sheets drooling all over. Opening your drawers to pull out a bottle of lube, Thoma already knew what was coming - so of course he had to arch his back extra hard, make his cute little butt look extra appealing for his master. He wanted nothing but to please you after all, such a good little boy! Cooing at how adorable he is, you couldn't help but praise him before pouring lube on his hole feeling him shiver from the sudden cold.
Rubbing his hole, you inserted your fingers watching him desperately curve his back to get more of you inside him, snarls and groans growing heavy from his lips into the sheets. "Master's gonna fill you up with cum tonight, pup," he shifted under you, spreading his legs even further. "Always so eager, aren't you Thoma?"
"Mmh, bark!" he wiggled his ass against your fingers, imitating a dog wagging his tail.
Pulling your fingers out, you prepared to get your cock inside him, stroking it against his hole and smearing the lube all over. Such a filthy doggie, hearing all the pretty squelches from his ass yet asking for more. Entering him, he let out a long moan, stuttering as you thrusted in and out of him, gently at first then increasing in speed. He started losing his form, your position devolving into a lazy dog instead, your chest pressing against his back as your cock stuffed him full. Clearly, he took a liking to that, evident from the way he shivered and sobbed under you, indicating that he's just cum.
"Already? I hope you know I'm nowhere near done with you, pretty boy."
His only response being more and more high-pitched moans, you kept stroking against his prostate, smothering him with your body above him. He wanted to moan your name so bad - let you know how good you're making him feel, beg for more, be vocal for you,, but he knew you'd reward him for this, right?
Heavy breaths escaping your mouth, you pressed down on him, releasing your cum into him. But you didn't stop thrusting. You wanted to fill him up, make his belly full of cum, so full it'd give his tummy a little bulge! He'd even take it all with a smile on his face, letting it all pool out of him.
"Gonna give you my babies, Thoma!" you said between gasps, cumming into him again and again, his ass grinding back against you before you finally slid out of him. Admiring the cum leaking out from his ass, you picked up some of his own cum, stuffing it inside of him. Such a pretty, plump ass; all for you. "Now you have multiple peoples' seed inside of you, baby. How does that make you feel, hm? you can talk now."
"I-I love your cum, Master! I wanna be your cumslut all the time,,"
Little puppy Thoma, how irresistible.
wc: 803
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sanzusgrl · 14 hours ago
Hi there im not sure if you're comfortable writing this but I was wondering if I could please have a headcannon for Draken, Chifuyu,Baji patching up/taking care of their injured s/o? Thanks You and have a great day 💖
"how do you feel?"
taking care of their injured s/o
includes: deaken, chifuyu, baji
pairing: gn!reader
genre: fluff, hcs, hurt to comfort
warnings: mentions of blood, guns and knives, might contain slight angst
a/n: i'm sorry for the delay and thank you for requesting!! i loved writing this one, i hope you like it :) + you didn't specify the gender of the reader so i just put gn!reader, hope you don't mind <3
| not proofread |
Tumblr media
he'd look at you with worried eyes, hoping knowing that you'll be okay because, to him, you are strong.
"ken, you don't really need to do this. i can..."
"don't worry, I got you"
he'd wipe your tears while gently scrubbing off the blood from your wound.
a hello kitty patch because i said so.
when you smile at him in gratitude, he slightly flushes because he thinks your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world.
"there, all patched up!" he says as he lifts you from the chair and puts you onto the soft bed.
"i'm sorry i let that happen, [name]. Uh...wanna cuddle?"
Tumblr media
"[name] please look at me, it will get better, i promise"
he takes your face in his hands and looks at you with those deep eyes you love so much. You simply nod, blinded by the pain.
he puts you ontop of the counter and rummages in the first aid kit.
"matsuno...don't worry, the knife didn't pierce in too deep"
"still, i need to make you feel better. it was my fault that happened and..."
he hesitates for a moment, but his hand doesn't stop from cleaning the wound on your thigh.
"i don't like to see you in pain"
he looks at you and smiles, a tone of sadness painting it. you can see his bottom lip wavering.
as soon as he finishes, you lean in and leave a kiss on his cheek, whispering words of gratitude, unknowinlgy making him shiver.
Tumblr media
he isn't the kind of person to pass away when seeing blood. but when he saw the blood gushing from the wound on your arm, he felt his legs betraying him and a look of horror painting his face.
he ignored the to, though, running towards you with an overflowing worry.
"keisuke, it's okay, it's just a shallow wound" "shit, of course it isn't! it needs to get treated right away!"
he carries bride-style you till his house, knocks the door open with his foot and swiftly lays you on the sofa.
"tell me to stop if i hurt you" he demands, but you aren't really concentrating on what he says because you are thinking of the way he worriedly is taking care of you.
you feel the wound stinging and, soon after, being covered with a patch.
the baji toman knows wouldn't go this far for someone.
but you know he's not the baji toman knows, and baji knows that he'd go much farther than this for the s/o he loves.
Tumblr media
©2021 - do not copy or trace
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clyptidz · a day ago
Tumblr media
you're so perfect ## sapnap !!
        sapnap drabble for mic anon
Tumblr media
I HAD THIS IDEA AND IMMEDIATELY WROTE IT PLUS ITS SO CUTE?? im sure sapnap simps will enjoy this
Tumblr media
what is this feeling? i look down at my hands as they were held by the male in front of me. i look back up at him. his brunette hair swayed in the air. the glint in his eyes from the moon. this whole thing felt ethereal.
he looked at me with such love in his eyes that i felt overwhelmed. my palms began to sweat, i grew restless as i swayed side to side. he chuckled at my shenanigans.
the male pulled me in slowly and hugged me, his arms going around my waist. i was shocked but my arms wrapped around his neck instinctively.
the feeling of safeness and security was standing out in this moment as he started to move side to side, initiating a dance.
my heart was pounding and the smile on my face was starting to hurt my cheeks.
“( name )?”
i was startled by his voice, but nonetheless i pulled away a little to look up at him. he looked down at me, a sweet smile playing on his lips. every time i looked at him, i was breathless. he was just so perfect.
i just looked at him as he raised one of his hands from around my waist to cup my cheek. his thumb caressing my cheek in the process. i leaned into his warm touch as the night was cold.
“you’re so perfect.”
that comment from him made my insides flutter, and looked away in embarrassment. he laughed at my antics and grabbed my chin softly to turn my head back towards him.
“hey hey, no need to be embarrassed. i know you’re thinking the same thing about me.”
i roll my eyes and softly hit his chest playfully in which he put his hand in the place i hit him.
“you’re mean.”
“i thought you said i was perfect?”
“no, you’re just mean.”
“screw you sapnap!”
and the night was filled with soft laughter and meaningless nothings.
Tumblr media
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blacklothwolf · 2 days ago
Crossed Wires - Tech x GN!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You are Tech’s little helper, literally. He recruits you to hang out with the Batch so he can make you crawl into small places and fix whatever he cannot reach. A sleepy moment and a weird dream are all it takes for something interesting to happen.
Warnings: Pining, reader has a nightmare, FLUFF!!
Word Count: 2246
A/N: I have nothing to report, other than to send a huge thank you to everyone who’s been interacting with my latest Sticky Note post. Ugh, this community is the best. I’m actually working on making the sticky notes a DAILY affirmations thing.... would that be fun? Anyway, happy Tech Tuesday! 
This fluff is dedicated to the lovely @d1n0-dan​! Good luck in there!!! 💜
(Ao3 Link if ya want it)
So, this is where you ended up in life. Soaring through space with five men who you’re sure will be the death of you. Why do you stay? Good question. Maybe it was your love of mechanical marvels like the Marauder. Or maybe it was the lovely connections you’ve made along the way. In all honesty…  it was probably your infatuation with the tall dorky clone with goggles. Ugh, yeah, that’s totally it but you don’t want to just come out and say it!
You were idling on the ship’s ramp, legs kicking off the edge. Your thoughts were plagued by none other than Tech himself. He was the one who recruited you into the gang in the first place. On some crummy day he had literally bumped into you…
“Oh my! Are you alright? I wasn’t paying attention… YOU! You’re exactly the type of person I’ve been looking for. Yes, you’ll do wonderfully! Your stature is satisfactory for what I need. The perfect build for–”
You didn’t even give him a chance to explain himself. Without thinking you smacked him so hard his goggles came flying off. They landed somewhere across the hangar bay, the sound of their impact reverberating off the walls. Tech had turned around and walked all the way back to the Marauder after that. He didn’t even try to find his goggles! The interaction was just too much for him, so he tucked tail and left you alone. A few minutes later Hunter had come sprinting towards you. Once Tech had loosened up enough to tell his brothers what had happened, he had appeared to set the record straight and apologize on behalf of his di’kut brother. Tech had been talking about your stature in the most wholesome way anyone could. He wanted help reaching a compartment within the Marauder the rest of them were too big to fit into. That’s literally it. He meant you were small enough to help with his repairs and wanted to try and recruit you for help.
You felt so bad you rushed back with Hunter to return Tech’s goggles and apologize. The scene was hilarious! Both of you were sputtering messes trying to talk over each other to explain your errors. Finally when the dust settled you were offered a job, which you eagerly accepted. That fateful moment quickly became your fondest memory. Staying to help them with all of their issues was actually the most fun you’d had in ages. Dodging blaster bolts, jumping off cliffs, and making snacks for the boys was all in a days work! It was rough, but you were up for the challenge each day brought.
A clunking of boots behind you startles you from your rumination. You knew that gait anywhere...
“Ah! There you are. Are you busy? I need you to crawl back into the rear access hatch. I think I’ve finally cracked the wire configuration to cut our fuel consumption down by 0.09%!” He smiles down at you, obviously fishing for some kind of verbal acknowledgement. You smile up at him, kicking off the ramp to land on the soft dirt below.
“Wow Tech, that’s great! I’d be happy to mess with whatever you need me to.” You smile, walking with him towards the back of the ship. He’s clearly giddy with excitement as he all but tears the hatch door open for you.
“Here, you’ll need this to see what you’re doing. I don’t want you crossing the wrong wires in there.”
Tech hands you a small flashlight, which you happily take with you inside. It’s a tight fit, but you manage to crawl to the back of the compartment with relative ease. You’ve been back here a thousand times to tweak odds and ends before, so the anxiety of being in such a tight space has long been worn away. Now the cramped spaces you find yourself inside seem to almost comfort you. It might be weird, but hey! Your whole life is weird, and you wouldn’t trade it for all the stars in the galaxy.
“Are you ready for my instructions? I need you to take out blue 12 and replace it with yellow 6. They should be on a panel to your left.” Tech’s voice is muffled significantly by the machinery within the compartment. You yell back a quick okay before you’re clicking the flashlight on and placing it between your teeth. You make quick work of the new connections, splicing them into the correct ports within the panel. Thankfully the space back here is big enough for you to sit up comfortably.
You move through his instructions quickly and precisely. He would always acknowledge how fast you were at repairs. Without fail, after every praise, you would simply state that it’s nothing you did but he did. Tech was exceptionally good at dishing out directions, no matter the time crunch or pressure. If you needed someone to walk you through something, Tech was your guy!
“Splendid. Only one more splice and we should be good to go. Red 9 and Black 44.”
You do as he commands, twisting the wires together. Before you can call out to him, you yelp in surprise. A rogue spark had jumped across your knuckles to sear an angry line across them. You hear Tech knock on the outside of the ship a few times, worry laced in his voice.
“Are you okay in there?! Please tell me you’re okay… You’re okay right?!” The crunching of gravel alerts you to his nervous pacing outside. You’d never heard him this worked up before!
“Yes Tech, I’m fine! I just got zapped by a spark is all. Can I come out now?” You rub your knuckles, wincing at how tender they’ve become. You hear Tech say not quite yet, then something about bacta as his footsteps walk away. Great, you’re stuck in here for the time being. Well, it honestly wasn’t so bad in here. Actually, now that you’re really thinking about it, the inside of the Marauder is kind of cozy right now. The lingering warmth from the engines, coupled with the sound of the wind whistling over the hull is enough to put you into a contented daze. You really haven’t been getting enough sleep if you’re that tired wedged inside a hunk of metal. Your body slumps in exhaustion, eyelids growing heavy in the darkness. I’ll just rest my eyes a moment… you think. Yeah… Tech will be back soon… ---------------------
Your dream is really fluffy. The ground underneath you gives way to puffy clouds and cotton duvets. You feel so warm and safe here in your very own mattress in the sky. Tiny Loth kittens start to crawl over your lap, mewling with their big adorable eyes. As you’re picking one up, you feel something tug hard on your leg. You look down to see Tech sitting on the edge of the bed, one hand wrapped firmly around your ankle. His stare is blank, face dull and expressionless. Seeing him like that really freaks you out. Even the kittens on your lap start to yowl and hiss at his presence, backs arched and hackles raised. His eyes never leave yours, mouth opening to say something… only nothing human comes out. A grinding noise of metal-on-metal seeps from his mouth, sending a sharp pang of terror through your body.
The kittens in your lap start to go wild. Their claws dig into your sides and scrape across your torso as they frenzy around you. You try to bat them away, but every time you do so they get more and more agitated. The volume of your dream is too much. You quickly find yourself clamping your hands over your ears to stifle the barrage to your senses.
Voices start to bubble up around you, though you can’t quite place them. Snippets of dialogue swirl in the white expanse of your dream.
Hurry up...might have been hurt…
How long have they been in there? Almost got it…
Can you see anything? Kriff they’re wedged in there… Hold on…
Please Maker… let them be okay…
Tech closes his mouth, silencing the awful noises. The feral kittens have disappeared, much to your relief. The outside voices grow louder, though you can’t focus on what they’re saying. When you lower your hands from your ears, Tech smiles. He opens his mouth again to speak, though thankfully this time he actually DOES speak.
“Are you okay? Talk to me cyare! Hello?! Answer me, PLEASE! Don’t worry, I know CPR!”
The grip on your ankle tightens as he yanks you across the mattress to settle in front of him. He smiles again, and before you can even fathom what he’s talking about, he closes the gap between you. His lips crash messily into yours, eyes fluttering shut behind his goggles. This dream-turned-nightmare was finally becoming a good dream again! You aren’t complaining, this is everything you wanted and more. You hum contentedly, wrapping your arms around his neck to press back against him. When you attempt to deepen the kiss, Tech pulls away from you. He smiles wider as you attempt to pull him back in for more, whining at his reluctance.
“Teeeech, come back! Pleaaaase…”
You hear a gasp so loud it pulls you halfway out of your dream. With a huff you tug at his shoulders one more time for good measure. He still doesn’t budge, and you’re left to pout defiantly at him.
The sound of dissonant laughter startles you so thoroughly you finally awaken from your dream. Your eyes shoot open as a bright and blinding light accosts your eyes. In your dream-seeped haze you realize that you’re laid out flat on the dusty ground. Tech is kneeling over you, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. He looks completely shell-shocked, eyes wide and pupils blown. You bring your hands down from where they’re resting on his shoulders to rub your eyes of their fog. Laughter still rings out next to you, though much quieter this time. It’s definitely Crosshair, you gather, from the way he snorts at the end of each breath.
You grunt at the rude awakening, squinting up at Tech. “Ughhhh… what happened? I was having the nicest dream…”
Crosshair doubles over so rapidly you twist your head to look up at him. He laughs so hard he almost falls to the ground with the force of it. Wrecker rolls his eyes next to him, smacking his shoulder playfully.
“Don’t make fun of them, it’s not nice!” Wrecker looks amused, but he’s holding his laughter in as best he can. Echo and Hunter stand awkwardly off to the side, faces flushed and eyes trying not to look directly at you.
Oh kriff.
The weight of the situation washes over you. Oh Maker no. You didn’t say that OUT LOUD… right?! You didn’t KISS HIM right?! No, no no NO!
“Tech… oh my Stars… I’m so sorry I didn’t—”
He blinks a few times before dropping his hand from his mouth, sucking in air. He had been so shocked by your reaction that he’d forgotten how to breathe properly. His cheeks burn so bright he’s mirroring the sun right now. A far-away look glosses his eyes, which are as big as saucers. He speaks up, cutting your jumbled apologies off.
“I-i-it’s qu…quite alright I uh… I b-better go and uh…” He doesn’t even finish his sentence before he’s launching himself to his feet. You had NEVER heard him stutter like that, nor forget to finish his thought. Two seconds later he is back inside the Marauder and away from the rest of you. Crosshair and Wrecker burst into laughter together, following after Tech to milk as much of this awkward situation as they can out of him. Hunter grumbles something about needing to corral the troublemakers before he too is rushing away from the scene.
Echo sighs, rubbing the back of his head. You sit up as he approaches you, holding a hand out to help you to your feet. When you turn to look back at the access hatch you were occupying, you gasp.
“Is that… WHAT?! Echo, please tell me what happened. I’m so confused...”
He sighs again, crossing his arms in front of his chest like a parent about to scold their child.
“Well, it seems as though someone fell asleep. Tech commed us freaking out because you weren’t answering him. We rushed back here so Wrecker could rip a bunch of the components out of the back so we could get to you. He thought you had gotten injured a lot worse than what you had disclosed to him earlier.”
You make a noise of frustration, slack-jawed and awestruck at the state of the Marauder. Wrecker had really done a number on the ship just to get you out.
“Oh. Uh… thanks Echo. One more thing…” You clamp your mouth shut, throat suddenly dry and cinching tight.
“Did I…”
Echo holds a hand up to stop your question. “Yup. You did everything you’re probably thinking you did.” He chuckles, waving his hand as he turns and heads back towards the front of the ship. Before he climbs inside, he throws some parting words over his shoulder.
“You’re going to have some major repairs to attend to! Outside… and inside!”
Yikes. You weren’t sure what would be easier. Repairing the ship… or repairing your relationship with Tech!
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doveypink · a day ago
save the date [toji fushiguro]
summary: toji remembers something important that you had forgotten. word count: 0.5k warnings: gn!reader, implications of mature content (not explicit) a/n: personally i would love to wake up to a beefy dilf on my bday so i’m projecting here
When you wake up, you’re usually guaranteed one of two outcomes. The first is that you’ll wake to an empty bed and a note — usually hastily written on a receipt or a lottery ticket — which is placed on the bedside table. The second outcome is that you will find yourself wrapped in a pair of strong arms, your legs intertwined with that of a tall, muscular man.
You are very pleased to open your eyes to the latter.
Toji still seems to be asleep, so you try not to shift too much upon your rising. It’s a rare sight to wake up before him, as he often has trouble sleeping. His internal clock just so happens to force him out of bed earlier than you would prefer. He has a sixth sense for these things, though, given his line of work; the man huffs upon feeling the miniscule rustling of sheets, embracing you tighter. “Morning,” he greets you, his deep voice gravelly with sleep.
You reply with a kiss to his jawline, admiring how the corner of his lips — the side with the scar — quirks up in response. His eyes are slow to crack open, the mossy green of his eyes instantly catching your gaze. “Hey, handsome,” he breathes, awestruck at the sight of you. Heat crept up your cheeks at his expression; no one has ever looked at you the way he does. Your heart swells every single time.
“What are we doing today?” Toji wonders once you’ve caught your breath. He must read the confusion in your narrowed eyes, because he clarifies: “It’s your birthday, yeah? Anything you wanna do?”
A surprised gasp slips from your mouth. “I honestly forgot. I haven’t even thought about it.” You considered him for a moment before realizing, “You remembered?”
Toji scoffs, looking almost offended that you would even ask. “Of course I remembered. I’m no genius, but the least I could do is save the date.”
A delighted grin spreads across your face. It’s not that you didn’t trust Toji, but he could be painfully forgetful at times. He forgot his own son’s name once, for crying out loud. Still, it means the world to you that he not only remembers, but wants to celebrate the day. He is a busy man, after all, and he usually comes home feeling too tired to go out. It is rare that Toji even has days to himself, given how often he has to be pulled away for his work. Despite all of that, he has come a long way from the stubborn, careless man you met years ago. You wouldn’t trade him for the world.
You pepper Toji’s face with kisses, your heart overflowing with adoration for the man. When you finally cease the onslaught of affection, you press your forehead to his and smile. “Let’s just stay in bed today. That’s all I want.”
Toji pulls you in for a slow kiss, love seeping into his actions. Your heart flutters at his gentle touches and soft smiles, the little gestures that are reserved solely for you. When he speaks again, there is a familiar glint of mischief in his evergreen eyes. “Well then, I have a few ideas of how we can spend our time.” He takes you by the hips and pulls you flush against him as you fall deeper into the warmth of his body.
It is safe to say that you have quite the birthday ahead of you.
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hachimitsu-rofu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Characters: GN!Reader 〣 Nara Shikamaru 〣 Akimichi Choji 〣 Aburame Shino 〣 Uzumaki Naruto 〣 Kankuro Genre: Fluff Overview: Just some gentle thoughts about how the boys come home to you after a day of work Notes: n/a ════════════════════════════════════════════
Nara Shikamaru
☀ This man has worked a long hard day in the office. Just, nothing but paperwork and picking up where his father left off. But now that he’s punched out the clock this boy is dearly in need of some tender cuddles. Which before he met you was something he didn’t do so much of. Preferring to just take naps by himself.
☀ Now though? No, now when he comes back to your shared apartment the man expects to be cuddled and snuggled up with on the couch for at least thirty minutes with no distractions.
☀ We’re talking head scratches, you en-wrapping him in your arms ( because he wants to be babied a lot alright ), the whole nine yards if it’s available. 
☀ Sure, he’s a little selfish in that regard but he obviously cares about you. Which he lets you know by the way he’ll be tender in his approach of requesting his cuddles. He’ll always looks for your first and wherever he finds you, even if you’re sitting down at the table or in a bath. He will find a way to make it his snuggle time.
☀ If it’s in the bath, he’s already stripping and encouraging to move over regardless if you want him too or not. Usually he’ll try to sit behind you. ( Unless you’re bigger than him, at which he will gladly be a lap man. ) Wrap his arms around you as he presses his cheek against yours
☀ If he finds you in bed? Oh boy, expect dinner to be late because this man is going to hold you down for as long as he can. That is the end all be all of snuggles. Because what you just told him right there is that you are tired and very willing to waste the rest of the day away tangled up in one another’s company. 
☀ But if it’s the couch? Or the kitchen? He’ll just wrap his arms around you and pull you in. Leading you to what he wants for a moment.
☀ As you two just laze about against one another, though he does usually just want to bask in the silence of it all, he’ll softly ask how your day was. But he won’t have a full on conversation with you. Instead he’ll let you carry it as he just enjoys the way your body rumbles against his every time you speak.
☀ Like he will just be smiling softly the whole time as he listens. Nods when he feels to, groans in displeasure at hearing something has gotten you upset. The little things for the most part.
☀ When that’s done, then he’ll let out a groan and ask what’s for dinner. Get changed out of his attire and go to laze about with you in the kitchen as you cook. ( Which you switch with, though normally it’s you because he just can’t be asked. This man despises cooking after coming home form work. )
☀ Really all he wants to do is just relax with you after a day in the office.
Putting his face into the crook of your neck. Shikamaru smiled tenderly. Not wanting to say much as he took in your scent, took in your warmth he tried to wrap himself around. Quietly contemplating falling asleep or staying awake just to enjoy the moment, something not many could make him want to do. “You smell so good, so warm.” He grumbled lovingly into your skin.
Akimichi Choji
☀ He usually comes back from the field. Not having been lucky enough to earn himself a comfortable position in the office like his best friend. No, Choji instead usually comes home a little dirty and a little sweaty. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting a kiss the moment he gets back. 
☀ So after he takes off his shoes, putting them up where they’re meant to go. He goes looking for you. Yes he knows he might be a little smelly or dirty, but he can’t help it he wants some tender kisses when he gets home. Though he always waits to see if you’re available to do so.
☀ If you’re not he gets cleaned up real quick. Washing his face and taking a quick rinse off. Changes his clothes and what not into something more comfortable. Then goes to do some small chores before going to see if you’re available just yet.
☀ Which if you finally are expect to be covered in kisses and hugged tightly. He really doesn’t like getting his welcome home kisses after he’s been home for a while. But it just means he wants a few more. Which he certainly gives himself as he peppers them wherever he can on you at least.
☀ If you were available the first time around those it’s just him wrapping his arms around you and kissing you tenderly on the lips. Stalling for a moment as he enjoys the feeling of someone wanting to kiss him. He’ll always pull away a little bit flustered because he loves the warmth you bring to his heart so much.
☀ After he got his kisses and what not though he gets his chores done. Yeah he’s physically tired but he told you he’d get them done.
☀ When he gets done with those little chores he’ll ask what you want to do for the evening or tell you of the new restaurant that just opened up not too far away.
☀ Once all that is over he’ll go to the kitchen and start prepping dinner with you, because he likes to cook with you okay. He likes to do things with you and spending time with you whenever he can. You’re his favorite person!
☀ If you don’t feel like cooking that’s fine, but he’d always appreciate having you in the same area as him so he can just talk to you or enjoy your company while he cooks. Otherwise he just quietly hums to himself.
☀  When it’s all said and done. Choji pulls out a seat for you, makes you a plate, and presents dinner to you. Yes, the last bite is his but the first is yours because you’re one of the first things on his mind.
“[Y/N]? [Y/N]?” His voice full of concern as he peaked his head around the door frame’s corner. “You okay?” Holding his breath as if expecting something to go wrong. Only for his face to lighten up with a soft sigh at the sight of you fast asleep on the couch. He had been worried you were upset with him when he hadn’t gotten his welcome home kiss or a welcome. Instead just hearing the TV going. He walked further in quietly and draped the blanket from the back of the couch onto your frame. Grinning like a child the whole time.
Aburame Shino
☀ Back from the academy where he was teaching some students. Shino is, as in his quiet yet stoic nature, more than content to be back in the sanctity of your shared home. While he enjoys the idea of having you greet him at the door he isn’t disappointed if you don’t. Instead he takes his coat off and shoes and places them neatly in the places where he knows they should go.
☀ He gets to putting his things away, satchel with work in it being placed on his desk. As the contents get placed about in their proper areas with care.
☀ After that he does a quick check up on his aquarium, because yes he loves his insects but he also loves the small aquarium with the fish he has obtained over the years. Then he moves to the insects he keeps in his small office, always tries to keep his things out of the way in a neat and orderly manner.
☀ When he’s done putting everything away and checking on his fish he’ll go to where he knows you are. ( Those kikaichu of his are useful little bastards like that. It’s his home and he wants it to be theirs too though he reels them back some for your comfort too. ) But he goes to you and will greet you with a tender kiss on the top of your head. “[Y/N].” He’ll mutter softly as he lets his lips linger for a brief second.
☀ Unless you do greet him at the door, at which he asks you to wait a second for him. Does all the taking his shoes off and coat and what not that he can there.
☀ Where after he’ll give you a quick kiss on the cheek. Put a hand on your back and tell you thank you.
☀ When he finds you/is greeted by you he’ll ask about your day as he goes to get some tea. Pouring you a glass as well as he gets comfortable on the loveseat, nodding for you to come along and sit beside him.
☀ Shino, will then have you put your legs over his. ( Even if you’re taller than him, which is a small shock seeing as he himself is fairly tall. ) Drape an arm against the back of the loveseat and you with a soft smile towards you. 
☀ But his favorite part about coming home to you, well beyond having you there to come home to, is when you’ll listen to him. Listen to him talk about his day even if it’s in small spurts between empty silences that you two just drink in with each sip of tea.
☀ He’ll trace shapes into your shoulder as he talks about his day with his thumb. To the outside world he isn’t the warmest, but with you? He opens up a bit. Even if he still ends up being a bit quiet half the time.
☀ He loves you, otherwise he wouldn’t be sharing his space with you. Because to an Aburame, space is important.
☀ He’ll tell you everything about his day though. Inform you how Kiba decided to come by and damn near ruin his lesson or how Iruka complimented him on his teaching technique. Really he’s just so happy to have someone to listen to him with actual intent.
☀ He even chuckles on occasion, maybe even a little more when he hears you do it.
☀ Because you always brighten up his day and make him feel seen.
Long slender fingers wrapped themselves around your hand. Chin pressing itself on the top of your head. He was comfortable, finally having found the spot to settle as he read quietly with you in his lap. An arm draped across your back being held up but the back of the couch with a hand holding said book up. He didn’t say much, never needed to. Instead he hummed the words he read softly as he enjoyed the moment with you. Occasionally pressing his lips into the top of your skull as a way of saying ‘I love You’.
Uzumaki Naruto
☀ He’s been training non-stop again. He has to to be the best after all, even more so with his dream on the line! But he isn’t one to always be like that. Just, as of late he’s been trying real hard.
☀ But the moment he enters that door to your shared home. The boy is already shouting. “[Y/N]! I’m home!” with a grin that speaks volumes to how much he loves having someone to share his spaces with.
☀ The man absolutely adores sharing a home with you and getting to call it “our home.” Anytime he gets the chance. “Hey why don’t you guys come by OUR place later?” or “Nah, we can’t me and [Y/N] are gonna back to OUR house.” and seriously the way he says it? So much love.
☀ But he’ll always go immediately to you after tossing his things to the side. Like a homing beacon the man just zooms to you and demands a kiss no matter what you’re doing.
☀ Talking on the phone? Better spare a moment and kiss him or else he’ll bother you non-stop.
☀ Busy reading? Put that book down, time for a kiss!
☀ Writing a very important essay/report/etc? Listen you better begin to write a report on how much he loves you with a kiss.
☀ The man adores you to no end.
☀ It’s barely twenty minutes after he gets home though before he immediately wants to go out and do something again. He wants to explore the village with you. It has been rebuilt quite a bit since you were kids. Numerous times actually. ( Such a quaint village right? So safe and secure. ) And he never seems to be surprised by what he finds there. He still swears he saw Kakashi doing something weird by the west gate that one time you two went down there only to see him vanish without a trace.
☀ What can you say, he doesn’t like sitting still.
☀ Unless of course you tell him what you want to do is sit and read with him.
☀ The moment you say that he is all yours. He’s not the brightest and he knows that. But you? Reading to him? He is ready to snuggle up for the evening, snaking on whatever you guys have on hand, with his head on your chest and just. Man is ready to just enjoy the stillness and stability you bring to his life.
☀ He’s grateful for you. In every sense of the word.
"Nah, [Y/N], let’s go out!” Grinning ear to ear as he leaned over your frame laying on the couch. Nose almost tickling yours with how close he made himself. His smile wide as ever as he continued to peer down with his warm pools of blue. “We could go get some Ramen or maybe see about going down to that new plant shop by that little café ya’ like so much!”  He leaned down more, lips begging for a kiss. “That sounds nice, right?”
☀ This man works with his younger brother ( Who his relationship with has gotten so much better with over the years. He’s so grateful for it. ) all day everyday. He even lives relatively closed by. But he still tries to keep a bit of a private life, which includes you now that you had some how wormed your way up into his britches and his private space.
☀ That’s not to say he isn’t happy to share his space with you. He is, he really really is, but that spare bedroom he has is specifically for his puppets and that office of his, puppets again. He, he has some problems. Which admittedly comes from attachment issues.
☀ But that’s for another time, so onto him coming home to you.
☀ This man literally tosses his stuff on the side that he knows he can toss without too much worry. Scrolls, puppets, sometimes weapons- although he’s fairly good at keeping the poison and pointy deadly things that someone with no sense could hurt themselves with out of reach.
☀ So he comes in, tosses all that to the side and comes fumbling on in with a groan and a “Babe!” or some sort out for ya’. He’s usually sore as hell and the first thing he wants is a bath with some salt of some kind or a massage but he never out right asks for it.
☀ Instead he usually fumbles his way on over to the fridge and starts talking out loud to you. Going on about whatever, grabs a drink, maybe a snack because he is a growing boy. Even if he’s no longer really growing. ☀ But he’ll talk to you, go over to wherever you are and mess up your hair. ( Or just rub your head like an ass. ) Pick on you a little before inviting you to join him in for a dip. ☀ Which if you say yes to, man is gonna pick you up ( He picks up human sized puppets, large human sized puppets. ) and throw you over his shoulder ( height doesn’t matter he will do it. ) and take you with him, Yeah it isn’t like romantic per-say or anything but spending the free time he has with you, in a bath? Priceless. ☀ Especially when you come to realize he uses bubble baths and salts. He knows how to have a real nice bath to be quite honest. It’s probably one of the few things Temari didn’t have to trick him or pick on him into loving as a kid. Because let’s be real, she was kind of their mom after their mom passed away. ☀ When you to get into the bath area though he’s the one to sit in first and no he will never not be the one to sit in your lap. ☀ If you say no he’ll just call you a brat and nudge you away. Then go off and do his own thing for a bit as he relaxes. Cucumbers possibly included. ☀ But once his bath is done Kankuro will pop out, get dressed, then get to work on whatever new puppet he had started to work on. ☀ Not without calling you his favorite puppet.
Kicking off his sandals without much care, Kankuro let out a long yawn. Scratching the back of his head as he did. “Babe!” His steps making a rough sound against the wooden floor far harsher then he meant. Tiredness in his eyes as he stretched with a pop of his back. Pausing for a brief moment as he let it sit. Only to return to life as his hand rub up the back of his head, running through his brown hair. “Babe!” He hollered once more before finding you on the balcony. A half-assed smirk popping up on his face as he threw his hat to the side near the couch. “Ey’ fucker, getting some last minute sun?” His arms wrapping around you as he rests his chin on your shoulder.
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beyondspaceandstars · 6 hours ago
Hi! Could I request hcs about Yelena Belova and touchstarved gn reader?
A/N: ooooo i love this thank you for requesting it! i hope this is okay, i don't think i've written many touchstarved readers before so i fingers-crossed i did it right :)
i imagine that early on in your relationship with yelena she wouldn't do much touching
besides some hand-holding and kisses, her touches could be lacking, especially in public
there isn't really any reason for it and there certainly was no love lacking between you two
it just seemed that she expressed affection mainly through words or gestures
but unknowingly to yelena, you soaked up every brush of a shoulder and touch of a hand
you absolutely craved feeling your partner against you but when it became clear yelena was not exactly the same, you shied away a bit from it
you hadn't dated in a long time and had even hesitated when it came to going out with yelena
you two could be quite the opposites
she was loud, expressive, opinionated
while you kept more to yourself, liking to watch everything from afar
how you two worked well as partners was beyond most people but it was a good relationship - great, even - except for the sparing touches
yelena hadn't even realized what she was doing to you until one night when you two were watching a movie
halfway through, she was dozing off a bit and leant her body into yours
you audibly sighed in content
yelena was a bit surprised how...relieved you sound to feel her against you
and that was when it hit her
you wanted touch. you longed for it.
"everything okay, love?" she had asked
"yes," you responded. "everything is great."
from then on yelena was so attentive in giving you the affection you needed
the hand-holding turned into her brushing her thumb over the back of your hand or around her arm around yours while you two were out
every now and then she'd let her hand trail up and down your back as a sign of comfort, letting you know she was still there
you were less hesitant to touch her as well
she became pretty open to PDA, amazingly, and you took advantage of it
in the middle of the grocery store you would just throw your arms around her
you were especially always eager to intertwine your fingers with hers
you even would rub her shoulders lovingly when waiting in line at the mall
cuddling became very big for you two
while you usually savored it before bed at night, yelena was taking more opportunities to cuddle you when watching tv or having a picnic in the park
it was such a comfort thing for you and yelena somehow knew it
she reveled in the fact she got to offer you such support and love in a simple way
it was almost reasurring for you two as well
just a little brush of fingers was enough to let the other person know "i'm here. i love you. everything is okay."
yelena's world could get crazy and while you didn't want to admit it, you had some anxiety about it
but it all disappeared once your partner would throw her arm around your shoulder and litter your cheek with kisses
it was crazy what a touch could do
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bumblingbee1 · a day ago
The Sparda Lads and the Phoenix Healer
Requested by: Anon
Reader gender: Gender neutral
Warnings: Mentions of injury, stabbing, blood
A/N: This is my very first Devil May Cry request. Just pointing it out there. 😅
Summary: You’re a medic. Your ability is healing wounds with Phoenix Fire, a fire that regrows the skin to the point where there are no cuts nor any bruises. The Sparda Lads have never encountered a healer like you before. After they end up badly beaten after their latest mission, you step up to the plate. How would they react to your power?
The moment you walked in the Devil May Cry office, you immediately spotted the older man pulling out a giant sword from his chest.
“Hey, medic! You mind giving me a hand?“ he asked lightheartedly.
“How are you even alive?“ you asked deadpan.
“Magic.“ he retorted with magic hand gestures.
“Pfft.“ you remarked, rolling your eyes.
You inspected his torso, tracing cut after cut, bruise after bruise. After surveying the patient’s state, you come to the conclusion that this will not be too difficult.
You applied desfinfectant on Dante’s wounds. He did not flinch. Before you decide 
“This will burn a bit.“ you warned.
Orange and yellow fire emerged from your palms. You hovered your fiery hands over Dante’s wounds. The cuts were closing. The scar tissues dissolved and turned into ash. You brushed off the ash, and there were no scars.  It was as if Dante was never injured.
“Wow, that’s some good fire!“ Dante said.
He’s no stranger to getting stabbed, so he’d be like a regular patient.
Vergil was rather skeptical when you told him about your power.
“Foolishness, rookie. Foolishness.“
He was rather reluctant, compared to the other Sparda lads.
“Don’t be so stubborn, old man!“ you told him.
Vergil playfully scoffed at you.
“Is he always like this?“ you asked.
“Yep.“ Dante, Nero and Lady responded in unison.
“Everyone’s got a point.“ V spoke to Vergil internally.
Vergil grinned and rolled his eyes. 
“Very well, then. Let’s see what the healer is made of.“ Vergil concedes
You disinfected Vergil’s wounds on his back and his legs. Vergil couldn’t believe his own eyes how even his deepest cuts would just disappear.
He looked at you, no longer doubting your abilities.
“I- I want you power.“ Vergil blurted out before Nero bonked his head.
“I’ve never heard of any Phoenix Fire. Does it hurt?“ Nero asked.
“It will burn a bit, but it’s worth it.“ you promised.
Nero removed his Devil Breaker, in case your fire would melt it.
You noticed, but didn’t mind.
“Here goes nothing.“ he said.
You got down to business, inspecting his chest wounds.
“Well, this ought to take less than five minutes.“ you estimated.
Nero smirked, There was a sense of satisfaction to be had when you’re the most sensible among the Sparda lads.
After you’ve healed his wounds, he picked up a new shirt and put it on.
“Thanks, Doc.“ he said with a smile.
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childeluv · a month ago
— # [🍨] Napping Besides Them | Genshin Characters ✘ Reader(s)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Disclaimer; Platonic Relationship with The Children.
Albedo; He likes it when you nap besides him, because he’ll be able to practice his painting anatomy and he likes and adores painting you.
Jean; She likes it when you nap besides her because it motivates herself to nap when you nap besides her. She likes sleeping next to you anyways.
Diluc; He doesn’t mind when you nap besides him, because it kinda boost his ego slightly and self esteem that you trust him so much to sleep so close and next to him.
Xiangling; She doesn’t really care if you sleep besides her, in fact she finds your sleeping adorable, and cute and funny, and she starts to think of recipes and meals to cook for you when you wake up.
Klee; Would probably draw on your face if you ever dare to nap besides her. Maybe even draw bombs or place bombs besides you while you sleep before cackling away.
Qiqi; More likely forget that she has work to do and will sleep and nap besides you as well.
Kaeya; Would perhaps play with some strands of your hair, before getting distracted because of your beautiful face.
Zhongli; Brew you some warm tea while you nap so that when you wake up while he is gone, you can drink the recently brewed tea that you made.
Ayaka; Has you nap on her lap rather than besides you, because she enjoys making sure that you are safe with her.
Beidou; Would take her mind off the boat for a little bit and keep her main focus on you. Would get angry if the crew mates grew to loud or reckless.
Ningguang; Would do her paperwork while you nap besides her. Might even play with your hair for a bit.
Diona; Would rant loudly about Diluc’s wine and how her father hardly spends time with her whole she thinks your asleep.
Lisa; Read a book in your ear and giggle hearing the sounds of your faint snoring.
Xingqiu; Finish writing his books and making book covers while you sleep besides him.
Chongyun; He would still participate in his excorsims while you are asleep but will be much more quiet about it than usual as he wouldn’t want to wake you up.
Childe; Would do everything in his way to make sure you stay sleeping near him and make sure to keep the other fatui members quiet. Or else things might get a bit bloody.
Xiao; Might nap besides you as well like Qiqi or Jean, and only in case he isn’t training or treating Ganyu at the time.
Ganyu; Watch you sleep and pick some flowers from the grass. Perhaps would think about taking you to a nice restaurant.
Baal; Steal your vision if you have one. But for real, she’ll make sure everything is quiet and comfortable for you, at all costs.
Gorou; Play with your hair because that’s what you do to him and especially playing with his ears while he naps. So he thinks it’s best to return the favor.
Kokomi; Perhaps read you a book but on the most common occasion, have your head on her lap while she continues to read a book.
Xingyan; Will do her best to keep quiet and make sure that everything is comfortable. Will practice a few strands on her guitar but if that is too loud, she’ll just him quietly.
Tohma; Perhaps think about taking you to a nice restaurant after your nap to thank you for saving him a couple of times, here and there.
Tumblr media
© childeluv ‘s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oldblackandwhitetown · 2 months ago
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐚𝐩𝐧𝐚𝐩 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐛𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 | SAPNAP
Pairing: irl!Sapnap x gn!reader
Summary: a headcanon of the sfw and nsfw things Sapnap would do if you were dating.
Words: 1.3k
Warnings: fluff, swearing, NSFW +18 minors dni.
A/N: I’m editing this from my phone so I can’t put the keep reading thingy so sorry if it’s too long.
Tumblr media
Let me start by saying that this man is clingy af.
He will literally be attached by the hip to you and won’t let you do anything without following you around like a lost puppy.
He’s really needy, every day you have to give him his good morning kiss or else you’ll have a very grumpy Sapnap.
And he won’t let you live it down.
“Sap, can you please pass me the milk?”
“I could but I won’t”
“Why’s that”
“... You didn’t give me my kiss, Y/n!”
“Oh my god!”
He would also give you space if you need it.
Like yes he loves being with you all the time but he understands that you need to have some time for yourself.
And although he’s not exactly thrilled about the idea, he doesn’t complain.
Sapnap is the type of boyfriend who would do anything for you no matter what it is.
Just like Dream he would help you if you’re struggling with an assignment or project.
Although he most likely will get someone to help you because he doesn’t quite understand what you’re doing.
If you had an stressful week or a bad day he already has the bath set up for you with all the things you like.
He would cook dinner for you, asks Dream to help him when he notices is not as easy as he thought.
He lets you ramble about whatever is bothering you and sometimes would give some comments.
“I can’t believe they said that to you”
“What the fuck!?! What happened then?”
“I knew she was a bad person, I told you love”
Overall he would be there for you when you need him.
If he’s the one having a bad day then his super clingy mode would activate.
Lets say he just finished editing a video after two weeks of working on it.
He’s exhausted but he still needs to make an appearance in Karl’s stream.
So before he hops on the call with the guys Sapnap goes to your shared room to cuddle you to dead until it’s time for him to leave.
“You okay there, dear?”
“Yes jus’ tired”
Sapnap would definitely share his ideas with you.
He’s always talking about this video idea that has stuck in his head and how excited he is to do it with the boys.
He would always ask what you think and if you want to help him, although you might not understand what he’s talking about 80 percent of the time.
He would rant about you all. the. time.
Wether is on stream or on call with his friends he will hundred percent talk about you at some point.
“Guys you won’t believe what my partner did the other day...”
“Chat my s/o bought me food the other day and I didn’t even had to ask for it. I’m so lucky to have them”
“Did you know that Y/n used to do covers on YouTube when they were younger?”
“Oh yeah! That reminds me of something Y/n did the other day.”
He’s literally simping for you so hard.
The boys are kinda tired of him always talking about you.
Dream is the most annoyed since he not only has to put up with him on stream or when they’re on a call but he also lives with you guys so he has to listen to him all the time and see you two making out on the couch.
“Yeah! And Y/n-“
“Sapnap shut up, we get it you love them so much”
Dream loves you too tho.
We all know Sapnap can get easily annoyed and toxic at any time, mostly when something didn’t go the way he wanted.
So you have to comfort him and calm him down.
Sometimes you two just watch a movie or cuddle while he tells you why he’s so upset.
Other times tho...
it can be pretty interesting how he deals with his anger.
NSFW under the cut! Minors get outta here.
We saw how in the las MCC Sapnap and the rest of the boys were complaining about the whole ace race and hole in the wall thing.
He was too passionate about it that he got so upset and couldn’t calm down.
He need you in that moment and not for something wholesome.
He ended the stream and went straight to your room.
Sapnap found you laying on the bed scrolling through TikTok not aware of what just happened.
“I need you. Now.”
You looked up at him giving him a cautious glance because of his tone.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t what to talk about it. Just get on your knees and hands, baby”
You did as told once you understood this was not the moment to be a brat like you always are.
To say he pounded into you like there’s no tomorrow was an understatement.
He didn’t care that Dream was a few feet away from you guys.
Sapnap is a very vocal guy and his best friend being in the room next door was not going to stop him for moaning and making those beautiful noises he always does.
“Fuck baby you feel so good around my cock”
“You like that sweetheart? Like when I fuck you hard and nice?”
You could barely talk.
You only nodded and cried for how good he was fucking you.
“Look at that, you cannot even talk! Am I fucking you good that you’re gone stupid huh?”
And that only made you more turn on.
The next day Dream complained the whole morning about how loud you two were.
You didn’t care tho, you were still in shock of what happened the night before.
And now picture this.
I love dom!sapnap with my heart but if there’s something I love more is sub!sapnap.
The mere thought of him being at your mercy is just...
Like yeah, dom!sapnap is demanding, harsh and rude sometimes but sub!sapnap...
That baby is whiny af.
He would whimper and cry at the sight of you taking your clothes off.
He would beg, like beg.
Get on his knees and cry for you type of beg.
“Please, please Y/n just touch me. I need you!”
“Oh, pretty boy, you need to do better than that to get something out of me”
And he so would.
I feel like he would be so desperate to be good for you that would make you cum as much as you want before he can get his release.
“D-Do you like that? Am I doing good?”
“You’re doing so good, sweets. You’re such a good boy”
He loves validation and praise (*cough* he has a praise kink, *cough*).
He also loves being called good boy, is one of his favorite nicknames.
But like I said before Sapnap is really needy so he would get frustrated at some point if you don’t give him what he wants.
The after care with sub!sapnap is something that you take really seriously.
He’s so lost in subspace that you have to be really careful to not do something that might upset him.
But once he’s back the only thing he wants is lay on bed with you.
Giving him a blowjob or a handjob would be his favorite thing.
Lets say he’s been filming a video and it’s taking him so long to get it done due to the guys goofing around.
But he’s been needy since the morning and the fact that he couldn’t be with you in that moment is killing him.
When you checked up on him to see if he needed anything you could see the pleading look in his eyes.
You knew exactly what he needed so you decided to do what any caring partner would do.
You blow the fuck out of him.
Did he enjoy it? Hell yeah he did. Did he care that his friends could hear him moaning? Not a single bit.
Not wanna get into too much detail cause I might or might not be doing a whole ass hc of this specific topic, so...🤭
Tumblr media
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33roda · 2 days ago
coming soon: breeding thoma, pegging childe, pegging/riding zhongli (still haven't decided) ...... (open to suggestions/requests btw :p)
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cryolocketoftears · 11 days ago
“Would you kiss me if I turned into a frog?”
Note: The first smau I made got almost 500 likes so, I made another one~ (Thank you guys so much!! I honestly did not think it’d get so much attention- You’re all too kind ♥️ ♥️ Special thanks to those who reblogged as well~)
I thought of this because I was reminded of ‘The Princess and The Frog’ again- I just love the songs too much ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭
Characters Included:
Kaeya, Albedo, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli
Warnings: Slight Usage of Cuss Words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kaeya avoiding your question just like in his story quest.(#゚Д゚)
Imagine Xiao just suddenly appearing and clinging onto your window like some lizard lmao-
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Once again, thank you for all the love on the first one~♥️
Reblogs are much appreciated!
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rekreku · 2 months ago
various demon slayer characters x gn! reader
type: fluff, fluff, fluff (:<
prompt: in which you ask the demon slayers for a kiss.
note: after disappearing for over a month, i decided to come back in with fluff for demon slayer characters bc i feel like we need it 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 i hope you have all been well! <3 this is also vv rushed so i apologize :’)
characters include: tanjiro, inosuke, zenitsu, rengoku, mitsuri, and giyuu.
Tumblr media
when you asked TANJIRO for a kiss, he was more than ecstatic and happy to kiss you.
though, the poor baby was super nervous and hesitant as well. what if it went wrong? what if he messed things up?
he began overthinking, growing more and more nervous the closer you got to him. eventually, you had to grab his hands and reassure him that it was okay.
after much convincing and battling himself, tanjiro finally just went for it.
it was one of the cutest kisses ever bro. he was so shy about it— but after easing into it, he seemed to loosen up a bit.
[depending on your height,] he got up on his tippy toes/bent down so it was easier for your lips to connect. (or none of that if you’re around the same height <3)
very shaky hands.
when you guys finally pulled away, his face was so red, his eyes alight with excitement. it seemed like he couldn’t stay still, bouncing on the heels of his feet.
“y/n, that was amazing! can we do it again?”
kisses you with more confidence and eagerness.
Tumblr media
when you asked INOSUKE for a kiss, he was lowkey confused at first.
“a kiss? what’s that? is that your way OF CHALLENGING ME?”
you then began to explain to him what a ‘kiss’ was.
he was curious asf to try it out after that, but he seemed too shy to initiate it.
“inosuke, it’s okay! relax, here, i’ll show you—”
for some reason, THAT got him fired up. “WHAT? NO, I’LL DO IT FIRST!”
grabs your face and pulls you into a questionable(?) kiss.
he clearly had no clue what he was doing, but you found the effort adorable.
he ends up liking them a lot, and will find discreet ways to get you to kiss him again.
Tumblr media
when you asked ZENITSU for a kiss, he thought you were joking at first.
“what? you.. you want to KISS ME?”
when you tell him you’re 100% serious, he grew all flustered, his face and ears turning bright red.
“no one has ever wanted to kiss me before.. you’re serious?”
he was SUPER anxious about it, too.
you had to reassure him over and over again that you would never leave him just over a kiss.
eventually calming down a little, he makes the first move and cups your cheeks, pulling you in for the kiss.
kind of awkward, but after a bit, he grew more confident in the kiss, cupping the back of your neck to get a better hold on you.
ends up LOVING it. of course, he pulled away still apologizing and feeling incredibly self conscious; but he definitely begged for more kisses from you from then on out.
Tumblr media
when you asked RENGOKU for a kiss, he was a bit startled by the request.
“a kiss?” he’d repeat the question, but you could see the grin forming on his lips.
“WHY, OF COURSE!! IF IT IS WHAT YOU DESIRE!” not like he’d admit that that was what he wanted as well.
he’s super stoked and eager to kiss you, but he doesn’t want to scare you off. he wants you to be as comfortable as possible.
he’ll run a hand through your hair, constantly pointing out things he loves about you, complimenting you over and over again.
finally, he’d pull you in for a slow and tender kiss, yet there was a yearning in it as well, as if he never wanted it to end.
there wasn’t any rush— it was just slow and passionate, almost soothing in a way.
finally, when you’d need air, he’d pull away, eyes and cheeks glowing, that huge grin of his getting even wider.
gets constant pecks from you bc he simply can’t get enough of you.
Tumblr media
when you asked MITSURI for a kiss, she was already ready to kiss you all over.
“oh, why didn’t you ask me sooner, angel? i would LOVE to kiss you!”
despite wanting to kiss you, she also wanted to make sure you were comfortable, giving you reassurances.
she pecked your forehead and cheeks a BUNCH before she finally placed a light kiss on your lips, as if testing the waters.
after realizing you were completely alright with it, she went for it, squishing your cheeks as she gave you a more passionate kiss on the lips, leaving you dazed once she pulled away.
she had a way of leaving you wanting more kisses; that was for sure.
Tumblr media
when you asked GIYUU for a kiss, he was definitely taken aback and caught off guard.
he wasn’t used to being asked to be kissed. not many people usually talked to him, after all.
not until you came along, that was.
he was very quiet when you asked— which led you to believe he didn’t want to, so you apologized profusely, trying to clear the awkward air that you may have caused.
but, without a word, he grabbed ahold of your wrist, pulling you closer and connecting your lips.
you were too dumbfounded to react, feeling your cheeks and ears burn bright red from the sudden action.
he’d pull away, his hands tucking themselves back by his sides before looking away, though you could catch a glimpse of his pink tinted cheeks.
“i hope that answered your question.”
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devildomsexting · 16 days ago
Infernal Translations - Bad Words
When they were trying to figure out who taught MC to cuss in infernal, no one expected that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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corrupt-fvcker · 4 months ago
Sleeping Positions...
Tumblr media
Sleeping Positions HCs ( AoT x GN!reader )
Characters: Levi Ackerman, Reiner Braun, Erwin Smith, Zeke Yeager
Warnings: domestic fluff, cuddling, gender neutral reader, sfw, barely there mention of spicy themes
Author’s Note: just some long-ish headcanons about cuddling with my favorite aot boys. request are open but NO S4 SPOILERS PLEASE <3 also feel free to request this HC for a character i didn’t include.
Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman:
In the beginning of your relationship, Levi preferred to sleep with some distance between the two of you. He struggled with falling asleep with another lying beside him, waking up at your every slight movement and finding it difficult to let his guard down.
It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, because if that was the case, you simply wouldn’t even be allowed in his bedroom.
No, it was just because it was a foreign experience to Levi. The thought of sleeping beside you was pleasant, but the reality of it made him quite anxious.
Over time, he grows more comfortable with you. He doesn’t feel the constant need to look his best around you and impress you, meaning you get to see the captain in some more casual clothes and domestic settings.
It starts off with brief naps, whether it be just him sleeping or both of you. He eases into the practice of falling asleep beside you. At first, you’d nap in the same room but in different spaces. Usually with Levi sitting in a plush chair while you sprawled out on the couch.
Then it slowly progressed from there, taking longer and longer naps as your bodies got closer and closer together.
When you finally reach the point in your relationship where both you and Levi are comfortable sleeping beside one another throughout the night, Levi adopts some favorite positions to sleep with you.
Levi loves being the little spoon. He gets cold easily throughout the night, but with you curled around him? He’s able to sleep through the night without having to tug the blankets up once. You feel like a furnace compared to him. But he feels his entire body warm up to a comfortable temperate whenever he feels your stomach and chest pressed against his back.
He consistently wears socks to bed. But don’t you dare tease him about it because he only wears them for you. This man’s feet are freezing. Once he forgot to wear socks to bed and you woke up several times during the night because of his ice-cold feet.
When he’s the only one tired, he likes to nap with his head in your lap. Please, for the love of god, run your fingers through his hair as he drifts off. He will love you forever. He doesn’t mind if you read or, in a modern setting, watch television as he sleeps. As long as he can rest his head in your lap with one of your hands playing with his hair, Levi will be content.
When you’re the one who’s especially tired, Levi doesn’t mind if you use him as a pillow. He struggles with doing nothing for too long, this man likes to be productive. So if he needs to fill out some forms or read over some reports, he’ll happily let you use his body as a pillow as long as he can keep busy. Feel free to rest your head on his lap or shoulder if he needs to fill out some paper work. If all he needs to do is read over some documents, he has no problem lying down with you on his chest as long as he can have his hands free to hold up the book.
Now usually, Levi doesn’t like to feel too crowded. He moves around a little bit in his sleep and he will wake up if he feels trapped or if his movements are restricted. But after some intimate time in the bedroom? Please smother this man while you have the chance. Post-sex Levi is the only version of this man that craves to feel your full body weight on top of him. Yes, lay directly on top of him. He’ll run his hands along your spine and play with your hair, just please don’t leave him alone. He gets a little clingy after sex. He wants to feel taken care of as well as feel that he’s taking care of your needs.
Reiner Braun:
Now this one clings to you when he sleeps.
No matter how much space you want, no matter how far you try to distance yourself, no matter how thick of a pillow barrier you build— Reiner will find you. It doesn’t matter if he’s barely began to drift off or if he’s dead asleep, he’s body will find a way to get to yours.
I strongly stand by the belief that Reiner’s love language is physical affection. This man glows when he’s in your embrace.
If you run your nails along his scalp? He melts. Pepper kisses along his neck and jaw? He turns a dark shade of pink. Wrap your arms around him? He will not let you go for the rest of the evening.
Reiner needs physical touch. He’ll go crazy without it.
Sleeping beside you at night is one of Reiner’s favorite parts of your relationship. Being able to hold you as well as being held has become so special to him.
At night, he will either want you nestled into his side or holding you from behind. He likes to have at least one arm around you, if not both. When you sleep by his side with one of your arms tossed over his torso while your head rests on his chest, he finds it so easy to drift off. Your presence is just so comforting to him. Bonus points if you also have one of your legs thrown over his.
If your not curled up at his side, he likes to fall asleep holding you. He doesn’t mind being the little spoon, he actually loves it, but when he’s able to cradle your entire body with his, he feels all warm and fuzzy inside. He wants to protect you, he needs to protect you. When his body is shielding yours, he can sleep peacefully knowing you’re safely beside him.
Now, if you are particularly exhausted, Reiner has no issue with dropping everything to serve as your personal mattress. He will sprawl out on the couch and heave your body on top of his completely. He’ll either force himself to take a nap with you or find some quite activity to entertain himself while you sleep on top of him. Feel free to nuzzle into his neck or use his limbs as something to hold while you sleep, he wants you to use his body for your needs.
But don’t even think that Reiner is doing this out of the kindness and generosity of his heart. No, he’s just fulfilling his own selfish needs. He’s not sure what it is but there’s just something about having your entire weight on top of him that’s just so comforting. It’s addicting.
Which means that if the tables are turned and it’s Reiner who needs a nap, fully expect him to drag you away from whatever you’re doing to use you as his personal weighted blanket. Like I said, he’s just trying to fulfill his own selfish needs. It has nothing to do with the fact that Reiner’s definitely head over heels in love with you.
Also, regardless of your body type, he will grope and squeeze at any plush area of your body— thighs, ass, tummy, chest — literally any part of your body that Reiner can grab a handful of flesh. He can’t help himself. If you ask him to stop, he’ll try his best to respect your wishes but when he’s drifting off sometimes he forgets and does it anyways. But it doesn’t bother you too much because you know it comes from a place of adoration and love, and you know Reiner would never mock or tease you about your body.
Speaking of which, please retaliate and squeeze his pecs. Refer to them strictly as his “tits”, he doesn’t care what you call them as long as you don’t stop touching him. Reiner is touch starved and will put up with your shit if it means he gains physical affections.
Erwin Smith:
Before you even consider stepping in this man’s bedroom, please take into account that Erwin kicks in his sleep. Hard.
He can’t help himself. He’s not even truly aware that he does it until you let him know about it. And god, does he feel awful.
His long legs become weapons of mass destruction after 9pm. His elbows? Expect to be jabbed with them in the rib cage at least twice.
Again, it’s not intentional... he really can’t help it.
But with that having been said, this man loves to cuddle you. He’ll beg you to fall asleep in his arms if you go on a cuddles strike after getting bruised up the previous night.
It isn’t until Erwin accidentally jabs his elbow into your eye during the night that you tell him that you’re gonna start sleeping on the couch if he doesn’t clean up his act. From then on, all he’s allowed to hold is your hand at night. You enforce two sides of the mattress, your hands meeting at the middle.
And it does kill him a little on the inside.
So his solution? Soak up as much cuddles during the daytime as possible.
He enforces a mandatory cuddle time after work and just before dinner. He prefers holding you but he really doesn’t care what position you lay in as long as you’re close to him.
Erwin can usually sit pretty still during naps, he doesn’t full transform into a professional boxer until he’s at least 2 hours of sleep in.
Which means he pushes bedtime a little later than usual so that you both have time for a thirty minute nap during the day.
Erwin lives for these naps. Those thirty minutes? Yeah, that’s what gets him through the day.
He doesn’t even care if he’s not tired, he’ll force himself to lay down so that he has an excuse to hold you for a little while.
And don’t think he’s above tricking you into giving him more cuddles. In modern times, he’ll turn off your alarm clock on the weekends so that he has more time to give you some lazy morning love. And no, he doesn’t want to watch your cheesy rom-com movie for the millionth time, but he will sit beside you because that means that he has a ninety minute excuse to hold you.
He will also pull you into his lap anytime you two are alone. If you don’t want to give him physical affection at night, he’ll just demand more during the day.
Now, if he’s ever feeling under the weather or emotionally exhausted, Erwin doesn’t give two shits about your pillow barrier or imaginary mattress boundary, he’s falling asleep with you pulled as close as possible. And you’ve got a soft spot of the commander, so you allow it. When he’s not feeling 100 percent, it’s your turn to do all the holding. Rub his back, play with his hair— god, just touch him.
All he wants is for you to spend some time with him. And if you throw in some cuddles, he’ll love you forever.
Zeke Yeager:
Definitely the type pretend that he’s above all the gushy, tooth-rotting sweetness of nighttime cuddles. But he’s also the type to send a death glare in your direction when you pull away from him at night.
“Uh... do you want me to stop?”
“Did I say I wanted you to stop??”
He’s stubborn to admit that his favorite part of his day is when you get all clingy at nighttime.
Please, please, please scratch along his jaw and rake your fingers through his beard. This motherfucker will have to bite his tongue from stopping the whimper from escaping his throat.
At nighttime, if you remove his glasses for him so that you can pepper kisses along his face? He’ll melt on the inside.
When the two of you sleep beside each other, Zeke likes to either spoon or have an arm wrapped around you.
Zeke runs a little hotter than most, so if he’s feeling a little too hot at night, he’ll settle with wrapping an arm around your shoulders. Not super close, but close enough to know that you’re there.
Otherwise, Zeke enjoys being the big spoon. He loves to curl his body around yours, his arms wrapped securely around your waist as he nuzzles his nose to the nape of your neck. And yes, he will sleep with his nose buried in your hair for the rest of the night if it means he gets to smell your shampoo.
If he’s particularly stressed, sometimes he awakes during the night to smoke a cigarette. And while he does a pretty good job at crawling out of bed without waking you, you always seem to notice his absence and find him.
If he’s not ready to come back to bed yet, feel free to curl up in his lap and fall asleep with him as your pillow. He’ll finish off his cigarette and hold you for awhile before hauling you both back to bed.
If he’s ready to go back to sleep by the time you find him, he’ll wordlessly stomp out his cigarette and guide you back to bed with his hand resting on the small of your back.
Now regardless of the time of day or night, be careful when cuddling Zeke... he will definitely try to turn it into something more if he’s feeling frisky. He’s always feeling frisky.
Now if you’re tired during the day and in need of a nap, have fun trying to wrangle him onto a couch or bed. This man does not like wasting time, no matter how much he enjoys holding you. But if you’re lucky — and I mean really lucky — Zeke may have the afternoon off and will let you use him as your pillow.
He’ll turn on a nice and mellow record, maybe even smoke a cigarette as you sleep on his chest. Though don’t expect him to stay in one spot for too long, he gets antsy. Like Levi, he likes to feel productive even if the occasional relaxed evening is something he enjoys.
Now, on the rare occasion that Zeke needs a nap, fully expect him to be grumpy. Almost like a child who has gone too long without a nap. Actually, exactly like that.
He will try to steal you away from your activities to help lure him to sleep. Yes, that means petting his hair and scratching his beard until he falls asleep.
But if you decide to give him a taste of his own medicine and tell him that you’re too busy to act as his own personal pillow, expect him to pout for the rest of the day and then get ten times clingier at bedtime. Like I said, Zeke’s stubborn. He will take a nap on the couch in living room instead of your bedroom just to prove to you that he doesn’t need your cuddles in order to fall asleep. But as soon as you both climb into bed for the night, Zeke will be on your like a parasite. Don’t expect to have any say in the cuddling position if you refused him cuddles earlier that day, this is Zeke’s time to get his fill and he gets to choose the sleeping position.
Oh, and just a heads up: Zeke tends to snore in his sleep.
Luckily, it’s not too loud. Just a slightly audible rumble that comes from the back of his throat when he’s totally exhausted. But on occasions, it has woken you up.
But don’t worry, if you use this as leverage it’s more likely that Zeke will cuddle you during your daytime nap... or he’ll just tease you. Maybe both.
And don’t think I won’t go without mentioning that your desire for Zeke’s physical affection doesn’t boost his ego to the max. Oh, he lives for the days that you beg for him to hold you or play with your hair. It awakens something primal and possessive within him, knowing that you need his touch in order to fall asleep soundly. And before you ask, yes, he does tease you and mock you about it at every given chance. My best advice? Give him a taste of his own medicine.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading!! if you enjoyed please reblog, it means the world to me and also helps support my blog <33
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priortoallthoughts · 4 months ago
Bad Batch Cuddles
Rating: G
Word Count: 1.9k
Pairing: gn!reader x bad batch
Warnings: None, just fluff
Summary: Reader is a medic for the Bad Batch who suffers from chronic nightmares. The Bad Batch learns that cuddling helps and they are on the job. This is how that came about.
[Part 2]
Nightmares are nothing new to you; you’ve dealt with them for as long as you can remember. It’s tiring, the constant interruption of any sleep you attempt to get. You’re coping mechanisms, ones you’ve learned through hard experience, only do so much night after night.
When the war starts you join as a volunteer medic. You figure why not put your skills to use where they were needed the most? It did nothing to help you sleep, the nightmares are only that much more vivid now, but you think it’s a fair trade for the lives you save every day. It’s your passion, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything.
The GAR moves you around at any given moment depending on what it needs. Sometimes you’re on a Venator-class star destroyer serving under a Jedi general. A few times you work on one of the Republic medical stations with the Kaminoans (you weren’t sure how to feel about them if you were being honest.) But your longest stint anywhere, and where you were still, is working with Clone Force 99. They tell you to call them the Bad Batch.
You think it’s a bit funny, but you do it anyway.
They’re the ones who help you discover that nothing works to keep you asleep through the night quite as much as cuddling with someone else.
The first time you have a nightmare around them, you wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding, in the little cot set up for you in the Havoc Marauder.
You slip past the boys still asleep in their bunks and make your way to the cockpit.
It’s cooler in there, causing you to shiver when you step through the door. The blur of stars in hyperspace is as mesmerizing as ever, and works to calm you down.
You sit it in the copilot seat. It’s always a good idea to leave the pilots seat open in case something goes wrong. And considering the Bad Batch’s propensity for things going wrong, it’s more likely than you care to admit.
Hours later, when your eyes are dry and hurting, you finally feel like you can go back to sleep. A quick sneak back to your cot and you lay there for the rest of the night.
Hunter asks you about it the next morning.
“Oh man, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” Curse your inability to be stealthy! Of course you would wake up the one with enhanced senses!
“No worries,” he assures you with a smile. “You we’re getting restless before you woke up, wanted to make sure you were okay.”
You gave him an awkward smile. “Nothing to worry about, it was just a nightmare.”
Should you tell him that it’s normal? It would probably be a good idea. But what if he thinks constantly being woken up is too much of a hassle and wants a different medic? You were supposed to be helping them, not making them loose sleep too!
“I figured as much; it happens to all of us.”
He claps your shoulder and walks away before you could say another word.
Since then, one by one, the rest of the boys all find out about your nightmares. Wrecker is sitting up in his bunk one night when you jolt awake in your cot and end up meeting his eyes. Crosshair stays back with the Marauder during a short resupply where you proceed to fail miserably at taking a nap. Tech is tinkering with something in the cockpit when you come in one night.
You’re not actually sure if he’s been to sleep at all yet, which only makes you feel a little better about accidentally disturbing him.
“You know,” he starts as soon as you walk in, “there are many studies about the psychology of chronic nightmares and their causes in nat-borns. Do you know if you have any hereditary diseases or other underlying sleep disorders that could contribute to your condition? If we scanned your brain, we could see if there’s a physiological reason for it. As a medic, it would be simple for you to do.”
You’re so astonished, both by his concern and the heat crawling up your face, that you can only giggle before going to sit on the floor next to him.
“Hate to say it, but I’ve done that. Nothing physiological,” you sigh.
“Then it is psychological?”
“Not that I’ve ever discovered.”
Tech looks up in surprise. “I find it quite fascinating that nat-borns can have something wrong with them for no discernible reason.”
You snort. “Suppose being a genetically enhanced clone has some perks then. At least you know exactly how and why you’re different.”
“I’ve never heard someone say being a clone is a good thing.” Tech’s voice goes soft, and your heart breaks a little for him.
Being a medic has let you see the humanity in the GAR soldiers, that they’re so much more that just clones. You also see that you are one of a few who think so.
You lean your head down on his shoulder, causing him to perk up.
“Perhaps what you need to alleviate your nightmares is to sleep with someone.”
“Tech!” You sputter, trying to keep your voice down. “You can’t just say that!”
“You misunderstand, I did not mean that in a sexual sense, though that would also work.”
The sound that leaves your throat is absolutely mortifying.
“The sensation of touch releases oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones make you experience feelings of happiness, relaxation, improve your mood, and lower levels of depression. In your case, theoretically, it may help alleviate your nightmares enough to sleep soundly through the night.”
Once again, you felt astonishment flood through you. It’s hardly a lot of research that Tech did, but the fact he did it for you had you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
“So you’re saying I should cuddle with someone?”
“In layman’s terms, yes.”
“Are you volunteering?” You’re hoping you didn’t sound desperate, because if cuddling is the answer after all this time you’re gonna hold onto these boys like a gundark does it’s next meal.
Wait, that’s morbid.
“If you feel like it would help, it will also make a good experiment to see how such a release of hormones could affect us clones and you differently.” As he stands he offers his hand to you. “Well, what are you waiting for?”
When you follow him back to his bunk you have no idea that it will be the best night sleep you can ever remember having in your life.
It only goes uphill from there when the others find out what helps you, touch starved as they are.
Tech likes to sleep on your chest, partly for his own comfort, but you’re also convinced he documents your heart rate and respiration for his own study. You notice that he changes small things about the way he lays depending on how well you sleep some nights, like he wanted to see what brings about the best results. And if you cuddle him just a bit more when you catch on, well neither one of you says anything.
Wrecker is the most enthusiastic about this turn of events. He is the most tactile out of the four of them, so nights with him are the cuddliest. With him, he loves to be the big spoon, and you’re not complaining in the slightest. You feel so small in his arms. It’s the warmest and safest place you can ever be, and on the odd night you still wake up he’s holding you just that much tighter and assuring you that he’ll fight off every nightmare you have and keep you safe.
Hunter has to figure out which position sets off his senses the least, but he learns for you. It’s slow going, but eventually you both figure out that you laying on top of him is the best. You get a nice body pillow that hugs you back, and he gets a person shaped weighted blanket that actually manages to calm him down. The night you try that position you both sleep so well that it takes Hunter a few minutes to let you go when he wakes up, which is lovely since he usually has to move during the night.
Well, Crosshair makes it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want any part of cuddling with you. The rapport you have already built with him as a medic is not ideal, but at least he’s civil with you now. You didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that, so you leave him be.
The others take turns sleeping with you each night if they can. You rotate around their bunks so much you hardly sleep in your own cot anymore; the only times you do now is when they're off on a mission that you can’t join them on, even if you do double as a field medic for them.
Everything changes one night, though.
It’s another resupply when Crosshair stays behind that the others are trapped in town for the night because of a sandstorm. As capable as they were – a sandstorm wouldn’t have slowed them down much, honestly – Hunter didn’t want to needlessly risk it. So, he, Tech, and Wrecker stay in the town, leaving you and Crosshair alone in the Marauder.
You’re nervous for it, though you’re not certain why exactly. Maybe it’s the antsy feeling that grows in you the closer it came to go to sleep. You knew a nightmare will come tonight.
“Hey… Crosshair?” You stand a few feet away from where he cleans his rifle.
You almost wince. You suppose it’s a bit obvious what you want to ask him.
“Right, sorry.”
You putter away to the bunks and proceed to strip away Wrecker’s, Tech’s, and Hunter’s (not Crosshair’s; never Crosshair’s) blankets and pillows to toss onto your cot. It’s something you do when they’re all away – a poor approximation to being in their arms, but it smells like them and it’s warm, so you make it work.
When Crosshair comes in from locking down the Marauder he takes one look at you and scoffs. “You look pathetic.”
You crack your eyes open. “Better pathetic like this than pathetic because of a nightmare,” you mutter before closing your eyes again.
“You’re going to give us a bad name if you keep looking this pathetic.” You hear before the blankets are ripped away from you.
“Hey!” You jolt up and try to grab them back but he’s already tossing them on the floor.
You freeze when he pulls the last remaining cover up and slides into your cot next to you. You’re staring at him in shock when he scoffs again and practically manhandles so you’re tucked into his front, chest to chest.
When your hands shakily move around to hold his middle, slowly in case he pulls away, he puts his around your back and pulls you closer.
You let yourself melt into it, lest you miss your chance to accept what he’s never offered before. Whatever has come over him, you’re going to take full advantage of it. Your legs tangle with his and in Crosshair’s arms you can finally sleep knowing no nightmare would dare to disturb either of you.
“Thank you,” you whisper into his chest as you drift off.
“Don’t mention it,” he whispers back, voice softer than you’ve ever heard. “Ever.”
And after that night, Crosshair is one of your favorites to sleep with.
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neon-junkie · 2 months ago
Kisses for your Captain
Summary: Howzer has mixed feelings about his new scar forming on the left side of his face, and as always, you're there to comfort him, and tend to his healing injury.
Pairing: Howzer x Reader
Reader Description: Reader is gender-neutral, and uses they/them pronouns. This fic does not include any descriptions of their appearance.
Word count: 1.1k
Warning: Brief description of injury. 
Tags: Established relationship, Injury recovery, Hurt/Comfort, Kisses, Mention of marriage.
Notes: good lord that clone deserves a million kisses!! i just had to write something for him, he is just so-  
Tumblr media
"Do you think I can take it off yet?" Howzer asks. This question has become part of his daily routine; staring in the mirror, running his fingertips along the large, white band-aid covering his wound, asking for your second opinion, despite not wanting to follow it. You've told Howzer every day for the last week to leave it alone, to give it time to heal, to stop touching it! He's torn; excited to remove the cover and reveal his new addition to the scars covering his body, yet he's somewhat deflated, upset that of all places, this wound had to be on his pretty face.
"What do you think?" you bounce the question back at him, and Howzer makes eye contact with you through the mirror, raising a brow.
"Normally, you say no..." he smirks.
"I mean, we do need to change the dressing," you shrug, knowing in the back of your mind that it should have been changed a few days ago, but you didn't want to risk Howzer picking and pulling at the scabs forming. You know what he's like, and he's the reason why some of his previous wounds have taken so long to heal.
"So, we're taking it off?" Howzer grins, spinning around to make direct eye contact with you. He's bouncing lightly on his heels, his grin growing as you silently reply by grabbing the first aid kit.
"C'mere," you mutter, gesturing for Howzer to take a seat. He pulls a stool into the refresher, and with his head slightly tilted in the direction of the mirror, he watches as you begin slowly removing the band-aid, revealing the fresh wound covering his cheek.
To no surprise, it's scabby, partially healed and looking rather sore. The scar is slowly beginning to form, spread out from his jawline to his cheekbone, coating the left side of his face sparingly. Surprisingly, Howzer is silent as you begin cleaning him up, dabbing an anti-bacterial wipe lightly over the wound.
"Love?" you question, pausing briefly, eyes trailing up to look at his. He's fixated on the mirror; his expression is neither negative, nor positive, uncertain of how he feels now that he's actually seen his wound. "What's on your mind?" you ask.
"It's... big," Howzer sighs, his self-confidence slowly deflating.
"Moments ago, you were excited about it," you state, dumping the used wipe into the bin and washing your hands. "Is it not what you expected?"
"Not really, no. I mean, yeah it's cool having a new scar, but this is... rather big, and across my face," he pouts. Howzer's fingers begin fiddling with each other, and he finally peels his gaze away from the mirror, staring at the wall instead.
"Howzer," you sigh as you turn back to him. With a gentle hand on his uninjured cheek, you turn his gaze to yours, warm brown eyes meeting your loving ones. He flashes you a small smile, and it remains on his face as you talk. "Wanna know what I think?"
"Of course," Howzer nods.
"...I think it makes you look hot," you purr, grinning as Howzer lightly laughs at your bold and flirtatious comment.
"You do?" he asks for reassurance, and as always, you give it to him.
"Yeah," you confirm as you take a seat on his lap. Howzer's always there to pull you up onto his lap, hands wrapping around your waist, instantly relaxing in your warm and comforting presence.
"Oh, so I wasn't hot before?" Howzer bites back, and you playfully punch his arm at his twisted words.
"You know what I mean," you raise a brow.
Howzer's smile remains as he eyes-up your expression, studying you for a while before stating, "you're not lying."
"Why would I lie?" you shrug, and Howzer shrugs with you.
"I dunno, to make me feel better, I guess?"
"I'm only ever honest with you," you state. Your hand moves up to cup your lovers chin, tilting his head so you can look over his wound once more. "Yeah, I like it. It's gonna look cool when it's healed."
"Let's hope so," Howzer sighs, side-eyeing you.
"It will, as long as you don't pick at it, and let me clean it regularly!" you playfully bark.
Howzer chuckles, his laughter trailing off into a sweet smile as he gazes at you with nothing but pure love and admiration in his eyes. He's told you time and time before that he's lucky to have you, that there's no clone in the galaxy who is as fortunate as he is, that he'll do anything and everything to protect you. Now, it's your turn to protect him, from himself and his picky hands, sadly.
Howzer can't help but lean in and press his lips to yours, his nose lightly bumping against yours before both of you turn your heads, settling into the kiss. Your hand comes up to cup his uninjured cheek, thumb brushing over his tanned skin. As always, your body tingles and melts into your lovers touch, always swept away by how gentle he is with you, when you want him to be.
As the kiss breaks, your eyes remain closed, and you feel Howzer move a hand off your waist to rest on the back of your neck. He holds your head steady, pressing his forehead against yours in the process, savouring the sensation of you in his arms. Only a few, short seconds pass with your foreheads pressed together, but it feels like a lifetime; both of you are content, breathing steadily, happily entwined as one.
You move away, tilting his head to the side again so you can plant light kisses around his scar. Howzer smiles, and his smile continues growing as you mutter "handsome," and "my gorgeous husband," between kisses. Howzer guides your kisses back to his lips, stealing a few more playful pecks from you, and ask the kiss breaks, he questions "husband?"
"You practically are," you shrug. Neither of you need a ring, nor ceremony to seal that deal. You've always spoken of running away together, disappearing far beyond the outer rim to spend the rest of your lives together, possibly owning a little farm or small business. However, Howzer will never be able to leave his duties; the Syndullas, his troopers, and so forth, but it's a nice thought.
"Yeah, that's true," Howzer chuckles. "One day, mesh'a, I promise."
"You promise?" you raise a brow. "I know how seriously clones take their promises."
Howzer smirks as he presses his lips to yours again, featherlight kisses dancing with you. "Yeah, we take them seriously," Howzer mutters against your lips. "Like I said, I promise..."
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dootdootwriting · 20 days ago
helo 🥺 can i request handholding with kaeya or tohma? fem!reader if thats ok 👉👈 thank you!
i tried to post this request like three times but tumblr deleted it all three so let's pray it lets me post it this time
also i added childe bc i think he's neat i hope u don't mind!
i'm so close to soft pity too,,, gimme one five star please mihoyo i am on my knees begging,,
Format: headcanons Characters: Kaeya, Thoma, Childe (separate) Pronouns used: none Type: fluff, angst in kaeya's if you squint Warnings: premarital hand holding??? (this is a joke, there are no warnings.)
Tumblr media
- always wears those ridiculous but insanely cool gloves but will take them off for the sole purpose of holding your hand
- his hands aren't really warm or cold but they are pretty big and very soft (his gloves protect his hands when he fights)
- definitely not opposed to holding your hand in public, and is in fact very fond of doing so because he likes to show you off
- he's also not opposed to More pda but since this is about handholding i will Leave It At That
- does that thing where he squeezes your hand three times to say "i love you" and it's The cutest thing
- to him holding hands is very like... subtly intimate? contrary to his outward personality, it's genuine and sweet rather than showy and flirty, so he's really glad he can share something like this with you!
- you can tell if he's getting irritated or on edge because the temperature in his hands will slowly drop. give him a squeeze to let him know you're there <3
- kaeya will look down at your intertwined hands every so often and sort of wonder how on earth he got someone like you to be with him. this type of thinking is always followed by a squeeze
- and since you squeeze back every time, he knows he has nothing to worry about
Tumblr media
- hothands mcwarm
- he's got a pyro vision and is Always exuding heat in some way. his hugs are also very warm btw
- when you hold hands he swings them! it's very playful and fun and he likes doing this and grinning at you. it's very wholesome and sweet
- people are lowkey sick of you guys like ok we get it y'all are in love
- if you're not actively holding his hand he will Seek It. he will run up to your side and grab your hand
- holds your hand while cuddling also. sometimes he's a bit too warm to lay down next to especially in the summer but he always likes to have some part of him touching you so holding hands is a good compromise :)
- while he's holding your hand he'll tap little rhythms onto it or trace patterns on it absentmindedly
- thoma will also like. drag you places. "oh hey there's a really nice view this way and it's the perfect time for it!" *proceeds to literally drag you there by the hand*
- it's always worth it though, the views he drags you to are really pretty!
Tumblr media
- calloused hands
- you think those tiny little half gloves protect anything? wrong. at least kaeya's gloves are leather
- it's really fun to touch his hands, the texture is nice :)
- also one to swing your arm while you're walking but even more so one to somehow actively show you off
- in his head he's like 'HEY LOOK AT THIS EVERYONE. look at me and my partner look we are hOLDING HANDS. i bet you're all jealous of me.'
- he doesn't say that out loud though imagine how embarrassing...
- likes to kiss your hand a lot too? like every so often he'll pick your hand up from your side and just kiss it. then he'll give you a smile that's half grin half smirk
- he's very proud to be your boyfriend. you'll have to tell him to tone it down a little
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en-hale · a month ago
MTL to get turned on easily (Enhypen Hyung line)
I've been waitin' for this one! Turn it up!
₊ ˚⊹ MTL Enhypen Hyung Line to be turned on easily₊ ˚⊹
pairing ⑅ Enha- Hyung! x gn!reader
warning ⑅ 18+ content/smut, read at your own discretion
author's note ⑅ Please guys, send in more MTLs!!!!! They're literally my favorite thing ever. (Reactions work too)!
⑅ Easy-peasy ⑅
Jake ⑅ it's almost way too easy. It doesn't take but a second for Jake to get turn on my you. He could get turned on by the way your ass looks in certain outfits, he could get turned on by you smiling at him, like it takes zero effort. He tries to control how turned on he is, but you can tell when he bit his lips that he's ready for some action. You'll probably tease him too by sitting on his lap and subtlely grind or start to kiss his neck. It's already nice to see him turned on, but the actual agony on his face when you tease him is priceless. You both would be getting it on in a matter of minutes.
Sunghoon ⑅ Sunghoon loves your body, so anytime you're showing it off, it turns him on. if you guys go out to a club or a bar and you're dancing and shaking your ass, he'll for sure get behind you, and you'll feel how turned on he is. Sunghoon likes it also when you use dirty talk. Even if it wasn't intended in a naughty way, he'll still take with it and run. You could literally say something like "god, I'm so thirsty!" and Sunghoon is just all over you. It's pretty easy to turn him on, especially if you're already turned on. He'll feel your energy and match it. Sooner or later, you guys are going at it like animals.
Jay ⑅ It takes Jay a minute to be turned on. That's mostly because you have to actually do something for him to get turn on, like you'd have to start making out with him, or grinding against him or letting him straight up know that you want to do stuff with him. Jay can get quite confused if things are too subtle, just because he doesn't want to get you mistaken and make you uncomfortable or awkward. So he's all about verbal confirmation that you want to get kinky or that you're turned on. But when he does get turned on, he becomes wild and you both are humping and kissing and grinding and whining.
Heeseung ⑅ Heeseung is so clueless sometimes. You could be trying to turn him on and he would have no clue. You legit just have to do sexual acts on him in order for him to be turned on. Rubbing your hand on his cock through his pants turns him on, and moaning against his ear is his biggest turn-on. But more importantly, it's a lot easier for him to turn you on. Him wearing sweatpants turns you on, a few of the buttons on his shirt being undone turns you on, if he starting dancing to a heated song, that can turn you on and just so many more. And Heeseung doesn't even know it half the time.
⑅ Lemon-squeezy ⑅
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