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twstwonderlandstuff · 13 hours ago
Hi i saw your first kiss hcs for the first years and wondered if i could request the same but with lilla, malleus, riddle, and kalim? Thank you! ❤❤❤❤
sheee let's go!
RIDDLE RIDDLE RIDDLE i went hard on him
Tumblr media
lilia vanrouge.
🍒 Spiderman kiss. of COURSE it's a Spiderman kiss. lilia's up to one of his antics again, planning to surprise you with his magic. luckily, you've been taking notes from your own experience and his children (silver, sebek and malleus), so you know what's coming.
🍒 as soon as you see that familiar green glow, you step back and as predicted, lilia appears in front of you with a cheeky grin.
🍒 a little disheartened that you weren't surprised, lilia pinches your cheeks, teasing you about how much harder it is to tease you these days.
🍒 "my, one of these days you might just out-tease me. i'm looking forward to the- umph-!"
🍒 you certainly surprised him when you grabbed his head and pulled him for a kiss! he's in shock, but just for a second, before he swoops back into kiss you again.
🍒 you started this, don't go backing out on him, hmm~?
🍒 cut to sebek, silver and malleus cheering the 2 of you on from the background
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
🍒 you've been naively rejecting his advances (excessive jewelry gifting, light hearted arguments, compliments laced with insults) and while he knows you're not doing it out of malice he's, quite frankly, had ENOUGH. he just wants to feel your lips against his and he's a dammed fae if he doesn't get that by the end of this day.
🍒 so at night, during one of your daily walks, he tells you to come closer, and that he has something private he wants to share.
🍒 "it's something I've told very few, and I'd like you to be the first. do you mind?"
🍒 so you tiptoe up to him, steadying yourself against his chest as he leans down against your ear, but instead of words, you feel his lips against your ears instead.
🍒 "to think that you'd be so cruel as to toy with my heart. I didn't take you to be the kind." he'll whisper after, pulling away so he can look at your face. "may you please do me the honors of dating you? i've never felt this way towards anybody before..."
🍒 he's given you his heart, so won't you give him yours?
🍒 cut to lilia and sebek going 'YESSSS!!!' while silver is (as enthusiastically, but more subtly) cheering on for the two of you under some bushes LOL
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
🍒 he can't believe how warm he is. how warm, how wanted, how appreciated, how loved you made him feel, and he's wanted to make you feel the same for quite some time.
🍒 after getting some encouragement (from cater and trey), he's arranged a private tea party, just for you both. he's extremely nervous- shaking, sweating, butterflies in his stomach, stuff like that.
🍒 when you ask him why he's so stiff, he'll freeze in place, before brushing it off that no, it's nothing, he's fine, there's nothing to worry about!
🍒 ...he spills his tea.
🍒 aw, fuck. the very rare times riddle swears in his mind, and this seems like a perfectly good time, especially when you bend down to clean the mess and then look up to-
🍒 his lips lock on yours and after a brief second, he pulls away, beet red and urging you to please, please accept his apology and that you should get back to your dorm because of this mess and then he'll call you back another time.
🍒 he's embarrassed that he feels so happy about this, even though it was an accident, but he's far more ashamed that he wants more of your kisses.
🍒 cuts to trey and cater in the background, cater biting his finger in agony while trey is gripping onto cater's shoulder in a vice grip. adeuce are blobs in the background, both in agony of riddle's failure.
Tumblr media
kalim al asim
🍒 he already likes giving you kisses. platonic ones! okay so, far in the beginning, way before he's had a crush on you, he's forefront about his affection with his friends.
🍒 hand holding, hugging, kissing, all of that is okay to him and of course, you're not excluded, so he's been that way for quite a while but when he recognizes his feelings, ooh boy, does it become a little harder.
🍒 now, he wants to kiss you everywhere, all the time. he wants to hold your hand, cuddle with you, be romantic and all those things with you, but he can't, because now thanks to his own actions, you'll just think he's being friendly, but he's NOT!
🍒 (jamil is laughing at kalim's idiocy and kalim throws a pillow at his face [idc they have a decent relationship in this post m sorry])
🍒 after some thinking, he decides to take you on a carpet ride and confront you there, pouring out his heart.
🍒 "nowadays, I want to kiss you, but like romantically! I love you! I want to hold hands with you more and I want to cuddle with you wayy more! I don't want to kiss just your cheek, I want to kiss your lips! Can I?!"
🍒 cut to jamil screaming as he attempts to stop the carpet from crashing due to kalim's excitement at your reply. he's happy for y'all but please MIND YOUR SAFETY!!!
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whatstheoccasion · a day ago
Tumblr media
"I wanted to be loved so desperately that my fingers shook with it. I am not beautiful, but I could be." — Emily Palermo.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
bakugou thinks, in all honesty, about you.
it's late at night and he still can't sleep. he's used to having schedules for everything, especially something as important as sleep, but he can't for the life of him fall asleep tonight.
he won't admit it, the pro-hero not changing this stubborn habit from his younger days, but work today was a little too gruesome, it hit a little too close to home. especially a certain young couple he was a touch too far to save. instead, he lays awake in your shared bed, his arms strongly caging you and longing for your warmth.
you're settled in his arms, protected and tightly snuggled against his chest. you're here, and he’s here, and anyone who ever dares to do anything to you has to go through him first.
he releases a long sigh, knowing it's not as easy as he thinks. as he runs a hand down his face, you sleepily pull him closer to your body. "'tsuki?"
"huh? go back to sleep," he grumbles, voice heavy with tiredness and fear, something he'll never admit. you look up at him, pretty mouth pouting and worry laced in your tone. "everything okay?"
he takes a look at you, and feels helpless. he hates that. he hates to admit even to himself that he'll do anything for you. vulnerability is something he never would've allowed himself to feel had you been anyone else. the thought of anything happening to you while he's not there makes his veins boil with anger, his chest screaming at him to keep you safe right next to him, to make sure you stay in his arms. he scowls at the thought, making you frown. "baby?"
"i'm alright, dumbass." he whispers this time, squeezing you as close to himself as he possibly can, his body aligning to yours perfectly. he kisses the crown of your head, lingering for a second and feeling your pliant form relax against him. "it's late, jus' go back to sleep."
he tried, at first, to get you away from his life and all the danger that surrounds him. but it's like the longer he strayed away from you, the more you pulled him into your world. not to change him, but to better him, push him to his limits and then some, until he comes out the best version of himself he could ever be. to love him, he realizes with an exasperated sigh.
"okay," you tell him, yawning against his chest. "but stay here 'til i wake up, please."
katsuki rolls his eyes. as if he could say no to you. "fine."
but he bites his lips once you're back asleep, because he understands– because he doesn't want you to leave him, either. "i'll stay right here with ya," he states, strong hands gently playing with your own.
Tumblr media
katsuki realizes, time and time again, that he made the right choice.
it was unfair, at times. how hard he had to work for things that came effortlessly to other people, extras that didn't really deserve what they had.
it's a thought he has coming home from work one day, spent and ready to crash on the couch without caring about taking a shower first.
he loved his job, he loved being the best he could be and how validating the title felt– not the recognition, nor the fans or all the love from people all over Japan– but meeting the expectations of his younger self, of a four year old kid who wanted nothing more than to be the best hero he could possibly be. win to save, as his mentor has put into words perfectly. but it still felt unfair, at times.
still, katsuki thinks he may forgive the world, only because it has you.
your comforting words at his losses, even when he's not actively asking for them.
("i don't need this comforting crap," he grumbles, not screaming at you– never screaming at you, but still being stern. "no, you don't," you answer him, shaking your head with a gentle smile, "but isn't it nice to hear?")
your warm embrace that greets him as soon as he steps foot into your home, your compliments on his food and his career and his personal achievements, like the first time he voluntarily went to therapy. the passion you have for what you do, your drive and fire matching his in your hobbies, the things you love. and you love him, that's sole reason why katsuki thinks fuck it, he can be beautiful, too.
he doesn't have to work hard for your love– he doesn't have to change his short temper, he's still harsh as rough around the corners as the day you met him. still, you love him so easily, handle him with as much care as you thought he deserved.
the corner of his eyes crinkle with fondness as bakugou slowly sits up, just in time to hear you coming through the front door. "i'm home, 'tsuki!"
the world is unfair, but it also has you in it, so katsuki's ready to give it a try. "yeah," he leans down to gently kiss you, wrapping his heavy arms around you. "welcome home."
Tumblr media
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mint-leaves-in-coffee · 16 hours ago
Howdy do~! First of all, congrats on the 100! 👍 For the prompt list, I would like angst #6 with Leona Kingscholar, please! Angst with a happy ending, please? Thanks a bunch!
For some reason??? I can't see this on mobile lol thank u tumblr
Angst 6: “You deserve better”
For once, sleep wouldn't come to him.
He lie in bed, restlessly, emerald eyes glued to the ceiling
A scowl crossed his face, a low growl rose in his throat
He hated this more than anything
The lack of sleep thay came with these thoughts irritated him to no end
He rolled onto his side and stared outside
He was seething
But after his recent overblot he couldn't help himself
The things that he said and did to his partner in that state ate at him
Even though they'd sensed his feelings, told him they didn't hold it against him, and that it's okay
He couldn't forgive himself
But he didn't expect it to deprive him of sleep
He closed his eyes but the sandman still wouldn't pay him a visit
He rolled over again, this time facing his significant other that lie fitlessly dreaming next to him
He envied them, their sleep
But his glare softened almost immediately
He wouldn't dare subject them to his current situation
Especially not after all they'd done
He rolled onto his back, arm behind his head as they stirred next to him
His tossing and turning had woken them
They rubbed their groggy eyes, calling his name in a question
He cracked an eye open, looking at them from his periphery before closing his eyes again
Humming in response as they stared at him sleepily
His tail thumped against the mattress quietly in irritation, knowing as soon as he locked eyes with them, they pieced together that he was troubled
They sat up on their elbow with a frown before running a gentle hand through his hair
It was their way of asking what was wrong without verbalizing it
He said nothing, choosing to ignore their muted question and enjoy their fingers carding through his mane
Hm... Leona, you're avoiding again
Their voice was raspy with sleep and very quiet
His ears twitched and he sneered as he opened his eyes once more subtly leaning into their touch
Softly, they rubbed his ears and in response he let out a sigh
He knew they wouldn't ridicule or judge his thought process, however, his pride prevented him from coming clean
They called his name again, more imperative this time
He knew, however, that they wouldn't scold him
He huffed, but nonetheless answered dismissively
You deserve better. Happy?
He turned onto his side away from them, letting out a yawn, tail still thumping, ears slightly flattened in vexation
They froze, hand stopping in their ministrations
His words made their heart ache, their hand moved from his hair to wrap around him in the best hug they could manage to give him at that angle
Leona Kingscholar.
They startled themselves with the intensity of their tone but held their ground
His tail ceased it's flicking and his ears perked up, a telltale sign to show them that he was listening
However, no move was made to face them
They removed their arms from his waist, sat up and pushed him onto his back
Before he could react they straddled his waist, their attempt at preventing him from turning away again while ignoring the fact that he could flip their positions at a moments notice
Under any other circumstances, he'd be smug
They held his face gingerly as they pressed their forehead to his
I don't want anyone else but you, you know. You're everything I could ever ask for.
He clicked his tongue, and with a roll of his eyes he called them sappy
But a weight was lifted off his shoulders, and they could tell
He placed his hands on their hips and squeezed lightly, a silent, nonverbal thank you for their words
Then suddenly he flipped them off of him, wrapping his arms around them tightly
They let out a noise of surprise and he shushed them,
He yawned again
Sleep finally came
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adonismusings · a day ago
★! ⛓️ ⟩⟩ please lean on us
𖥻 characters... demon brothers x gn!reader
𖥻 genre... angst/comfort + hurt/comfort
𖥻 warnings... very self indulgent, bullying, mentions of blood [didnt go into detail], you get yelled at by a lot of demons lol, they / them pronouns used, brief mentions of readers body but its not gendered, swearing
𖥻 a.n... hello this is my first time writing n posting on tumblr lololol but i am Sick and i couldn't stop thinking about this so enjoy ig
part 1 | part 2
Tumblr media
a sick crack resonated throughout the RAD courtyard before all hell broke loose.
“worthless human, who the fuck do you think you are? just because you’re all buddy-buddy with the lords of hell and the prince you think you have the right to do that?” the angry demon seethes at you whilst holding his broken and bloody nose.
“i couldn’t care less if you wanted to call me every slur in the book from all three realms, don’t say shit like that about the lords of hell.” you reply just as fuming. you lurch forward to grab at the demon that insulted your beloved housemates. the combination of your weight and the force of your body causes the two of you to tumble to the ground, with you on top of said demon. without further warning, you release all the pent up anger onto the demon below you, sending a flurry of punches onto your target.
somewhere in the back of your mind, a voice screams at you to stop, worried that you might cause irreversible harm towards your aggressor. a bigger part of you knows that demon bodies are stronger than human bodies and no matter how many fists your throw towards a demon, they will leave practically unscathed. save for his broken nose, of course.
you feel your pact mark with the avatar of wrath tingle before your attention is stolen by the feeling of multiple hands ripping you off of the motionless demon.
the demon on your right chuckles before kicking your side, forcing you down onto your stomach with his foot trapping you in that position. “you think you’re all high and mighty? you are nothing but a pathetic, measly human.” you’re tempted to snarl out a snarky remark but you hold back, not wanting to give them the reaction they’ve been trying to claw out of you since your arrival in devildom.
“i suppose all of our ‘lessons’ have been for naught guys, this little bug has yet to learn its place.” one demon throws you a wicked smile and you tauntingly send him a smirk and wink back which only further enrages the gang of rowdy demons around you.
by this point, a small crowd of students has begun to surround you, curious as to what the commotion involving the human exchange student could be about.
it was only about time that one of the brothers caught wind of the fight, the first of whom being satan. not because he heard the commotion, but because he felt the intensity of your wrath. in all the months that he had known you, he has never once felt you indulge in his sin. he found it odd, considering the number of times beel had eaten your food, the times mammon spent your money and still hadn’t repaid you, lucifer stringing you up for pranks that satan pulled and you paid the price, yet despite all that you never felt angry.
of course, being the avatar of wrath, that made him furious. he just couldn’t understand why someone like you wouldn’t get angry. with time, that rage dulled down into a burning curiosity which only heightened when he overheard his brothers discussing his exact problem quietly in the HOL common room. 
to say he was surprised to feel his pact mark with you, of all people, tingle during school hours while on campus was an understatement. it was that fact that made him rush to you.
being the quiet brother with his nose stuck in a book 24/7 taught satan a lot of things. one was that people weren’t afraid of gossiping near you because of they assumed you were too engrossed in your own world. while it was true for most of the time, if satan heard someone uttering some interesting gossip, he found himself eavesdropping on their conversation all while skimming over the words on the pages.
luckily for him, he had overheard some lower ranked demons mentioning a ruckus in the RAD courtyard and headed down there without missing a beat.
a large crowd had formed by the time he made his way to the courtyard. it was times like this he was glad he could use his ‘student council’ card out to get through the body of students with ease. upon making it to the front of the crowd, he couldn’t stop himself from changing into his demon form at the sight of things.
with a booming voice, he yelled out, “what is the meaning of this?”
you were no longer on the ground but rather held up by two demons on either side of you. there were three other demons in front of you that limited your line of sight. the demon you had had your way with laid quietly on the side, passed out and bloody.
at the sound of his voice, the two beside you had let go, causing you to fall back down. the three who swarmed around you parted to make way for the raging demon.
you blearily looked up, having no energy to keep your head or the rest of your body up. you felt strong hands picking you up, and for a moment you thought about fighting against the warm embrace until you smelt satan's familiar cologne.
you couldn't fight against the urge to nuzzle your face into the tall demon's chest. with what little energy you had left, you peeked to see your assaulters and gave them the middle finger, chuckling quietly to yourself when they all glared at you.
before long, satan sat you down on a bed in the nurse's office, with gentleness you wouldn't expect from the avatar of wrath. it was silent as the nurses rushed toward you, the only sound in the room came from them carefully removing your uniform top and their quiet mumbling, muttering out numerous spells to heal all the injuries that littered your body.
you could hear the thundering of their footsteps before you saw them. as soon as the door burst open, the other five brothers fired questions at you at lightning speed. you said nothing as they stormed you with worry-filled questions and only watched them flock around you.
you noticed that lucifer wasn't with them, however, it wasn't long until the door burst open with none other than the demon prince, his butler and the oldest lord of hell in tow.
the nurses that tended to your wounds finished up, you sent them a smile while you buttoned your top back up. you watched as the head nurse gathered the brothers and whispered something too quiet to hear from where you were to them.
"we've done what we can with magic, there are a few injuries that will heal themselves." the head nurse paused, hesitant to say the next part, "some of the scars on their body look old, i suspect that this isn't the first time something like this has happened." with that she left the ten students alone, shutting the door quietly behind her.
you could hear the scuttling of the demons around you and turned to face them from the window you were looking out of. you couldn't lie, seeing diavolo's usually cheery face devoid of any emotion made you want to run away but you tried your best not to show it.
"mc, i think it goes without saying that no one in this room expected this from you." diavolo began, "what do you have to say for yourself?" every bone in your body was telling you to break eye contact, to look away and remain silent for the rest of your life.
"i apologise, lord diavolo. it was never my intention to let things get out of hand. it won't happen again." you promised. diavolo sighed when you didn't continue and got up from his seat, "though i am disappointed, you did quite a number on that demon. i expect to know every detail later, for now, get some rest and let your injuries heal." and with that, the tall demon, along with his loyal servant, walked away.
as the demons in the room made their way around you, you looked up to lucifer and spoke up before he had the chance to, "for the record, i am not sorry for what i did. i can tolerate them beating the living shit out of me but i won't tolerate anyone spewing bullshit about you guys."
you made sure to keep eye contact with lucifer before turning your attention to the second born.
after a few moments of calming down the worried brothers, repeating to each of them multiple times that you were okay and nothing was hurting, asmo took your face into his hands to inspect the damage that had been done, beel silently looking down at your weak form with his bottom lip in between his teeth, lucifer announced it was time to go back home.
Tumblr media
© 2022 adonismusings. please don't repost my work anywhere!
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dusty-nugget · 2 days ago
Her love
Tumblr media
꒰ Yandere ei x gn reader ꒱
꒰ Reader is called beautiful ꒱
꒰ Reader has an unamed male s/o ꒱
Humankind was interesting to her, she found herself learning new things from humans all the time. She would watch them from time to time, and that's when she saw you. Graceful, kind, and loving. You would help everyone around you making meals for them and tending to their wounds, you were such a pleasant person to be around. She wondered if you would ever cook for her, that is if she could ever meet you. 
   She fantasized about you everyday, she thought about how your lips would feel against hers and how she would play with your hair while you lay on her lap. You were driving her insane. She needed to see you, make you know her, make you love her. Lately whenever she watched you he was there. Her heart broke into a million pieces when she saw you kiss him "how disgusting, he doesn't deserve you, I do, I'm the only one worthy of your love." 
   Tears slowly fell from her eyes, she had been crying non-stop for hours. How could you do this to her? You were the one perfect thing in her life. She wiped her tears away with a delicate hand, she could simply just get rid of him, a sinister smile slowly appeared on her face and her left hand cupped her cheek. You would be hers again. 
   In the dead of night she made her way to the house of your lover, entering quietly, searching for his familiar face. She found him asleep in his room, so helpless. She lifted up her polearm and plunged it directly into his heart. Blood splattered on her face and she smiled, she had finally rid your life of this pest. The next time she watched you tears were falling from your eyes, you looked so beautiful when you cried. 
    She watched you all day and waited until you went to your favorite spot by the stream. She approached you from behind gently placing a hand on your shoulder. Her face was covered with false compassion but it's not like you would notice, you've never even met her so how could you know it was fake. She comforted you with her honeyed voice, saying everything you wanted to hear. Even though you had only just met her you felt safe, leaning into her warm embrace.
    "Everything will be ok little dove, all you have to do is stay with me and you will never hurt again. I can give you everything you've ever wanted, however in return, you must love me." Your glossy eyes looked up into her soft gentle ones. She played with your hair and watched you fall right into her hands. You accepted her offer and she cupped your face, placing a gentle kiss on your soft lips. 
"I love you my little dove." 
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cotton-writing-stories · 2 days ago
I saw the father figure tea knight and thought that the headcanon was super cute so I wanted to know if you could do another with dark cacao but the reader is similar to a crow
Sure, anything for my readers! I've not had any ideas recently, please bear with me!
Dark Cacao + Gn!Crow!Reader (PLATONIC)
Warnings: Quite Minor Violence
Type: Fluffy Headcanons!
Tumblr media
It all started when Dark Cacao discovered some of your feathers all around the Black Citadel...
Dark Cacao, upset, called in Affogato and Caramel Arrow and had them explain why the feathers are all around the Citadel.
Apparently, Affogato had gotten attacked by you and your crew for trespassing on your territory. That made sense because screams were heard.
You were watching from a window in your cookie form, trying to also not get caught. But eventually Caramel Arrow saw you and caught you once you transformed into your crow form.
You were surprised to say the least, how did you not hear her approaching you? That wasn't your concern right now though.
Now here you are, facing Dark Cacao himself while Affogato snickers at you. That cheeky smile, you really wanted to peck his face but unfortunately, you were in Caramel Arrow's grasp. You didn't expect it to be quite tight!
Unknown to you, Dark Cacao was like, literally staring at Caramel Arrow, dumbfounded. The scene was awkward and funny at the same time. Caramel Arrow holding up a crow to Dark Cacao who watches dumbfoundedly while Affogato laughs.
Eventually, you were let down from the First Watcher's hold and transformed into a cookie as soon as her hands left you. The king and the royal advisor stared in shock, they didn't know you could do that!
Caramel Arrow wasn't surprised to say the least, she already saw you and your potential when she was sneaking up on you. Simply putting, she already knows your secret earlier than the both of them!
(Now now, enough with the past, on to the present!)
Cleaning up after you was now part of Dark Cacao's (or possibly other Watchers') duties. As much as he likes having a friend that can turn into a bird, you ought to leave a feathery mess!
Whenever in your cookie form, you would often face some troubles, especially around Affogato Cookie. Even in your cookie form, your crow senses still remain! You swore you could sense some ill-intentions from him.
Dark Cacao would have you hold you back from pecking or straight up fighting with Affogato, cooling you down by letting you perch on his shoulder and occasionally giving you some headpats despite his hands being quite large!
But that doesn't stop you from attacking Affogato when you had a chance though! It got so bad once that Affogato was straight up knocked unconsious with not many serious injuries, just a slap in the face.
From that day onwards, Dark Cacao or Caramel Arrow had to supervise you when you were around Affogato. Dark Cacao would eventually take you away for daily walks or some meals.
If he's free, he would sometimes clean your feathers for you. You liked how you were blown dry but not liked how you were sprayed without a warning.
You'd prefer to be in your cookie form more often, being able to take care of yourself, yet beating the heck out of Affogato until he's scared of you and runs away.
Overall, Dark Cacao is more like a caretaker than a friend to you, being quite intimidating but yet caring at the same time! You eventually learned from him that he has a son. You hoped you could see him one day. What happened between them, I wonder...
Here you go!
Apologies if I got things wrong though, I couldn't quite understand, but this is the best I can do!
Hope you enjoy!
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lyingbeyondreality · 2 days ago
Summary: How you look after Diluc when he goes through an uncomfortable shift one night.
Pairing: Diluc x GN!Reader 
Word Count: 786 
Warnings: Just a bit of bones breaking but not in full detail, feral! Diluc, Diluc being touch-starved.
A/N: This is my first ever post but I wish to write more, let me know what you want and which characters you want me to write.
Tumblr media
This poor boy absolutely doesn’t want to bother you with what he calls the ‘Ragnvindr curse’.
He’s known of his family history before he could walk and talk: his father had been proud to talk to him about their family’s bloodline, yet the older Diluc got, the more he saw his bloodline as inconvenient.
He’s barely at the Dawn Winery: always out most nights until the early hours of the morning, where he slumps back into bed to greet you, body flushed and broken, kissing your forehead and muttering a tired apology for taking so long.
You don’t like seeing him in pain or agony: it breaks your heart to listen to how he describes shifting and what it does to his body, his cries of pain in another room if he ever locks himself in his office. It makes you want to help in any way possible, even when he protests not to.
Diluc loves you dearly—he doesn’t know what his wolf form would do to you or any other person if they got too close. It is something that he holds dearly to him—if he was to ever hurt you or worse, he would never forgive himself again.
The heavy, jerky movements and objects crashing in the other room were enough to make you twitch with comfortability, heart heavily laced for your lover. The sounds of bones shifting growls and howls of pain broke your heart, finding yourself rushing to the young bachelor’s office, pondering what was the right thing to do in consoling him.
The doorknob felt heavy like lead in your hands as you twisted it as if it was stopping you from going in, but to no avail, you pushed your way through, taking in the torn-through room.
It was dark and impossible to see, desk and chair shoved across the room, papers scattered. You could feel your heart pounding, and no doubt, you knew Diluc could hear it too.
Within the darkness, the only light that you could see was the faint glow of the full moon, darting out between the crimson curtains.
It helped to show the faint glow of red fur through the darkness.
The dark shadows moved and grew, and before you, you finally could see the hunched over form of what you knew was Diluc, back turned from you, hands cradling his face.
You made no move to him at first, gingerly speaking in a faint whisper to gain his attention. “Diluc.”
The large head of the wolf turned with a snarl from his curled lips, snarling with a sharp bite, bright red eyes glaring back at you through the abyss. Your heart dropped as if your body was hanging by a small thread over a drop, waiting for the fall and scream. You watched his every movement like a hawk, and he mirrored you.
“Leave.” His voice was warped to a deep, harsh tone, body rippling with fur and muscle, standing to a tall, towering height, watching you silently to wait for you to obey.
“No,” you took a hesitant step towards him, wishing he would simply accept your love, your touches of reassurances, and not push you away, “I’m here for you.”
“I do not…” he snorted through his long nose, mixed with a snarl, “I do not wish to hurt you.”
Your heart pranged a horrid stab to your chest that made you feel as broken as he must’ve been feeling. “Oh, my love. You would never hurt me.”
You stepped closer and closer towards him, until he stood inches away, the rolling steam from his warm body radiated off of him, his wolf form almost twice your height and accessing your next moves.
Your hand reached to him, waiting for him to move to you and not vice versa, and finally, the warm suffocated you whole, the fur on his head coming into contact with you as he slowly welcomed your touch.
Diluc seemed to melt under your warm and tender touches, body slouching in both relief and exhaustion, his body leaning closer and closer into you as you cradled him just how he wanted to be cradled.
Neither of you spoke a word, but you could tell your lover appreciated your touches, gentle and fond, reminding him that he would not have to do this alone ever again. His fur was soft albeit snared with a few knots and tangles, smoothly running your fingers from the back of the nape of his neck down towards his spine, eliciting a shudder that didn’t go unnoticed.
“I’m here for you,” you kissed between his brows, soft red eyes nearly looked teary from being so touch-starved, “I’ll always be here for you.”
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bumblesimagines · a day ago
Seeing your ex again after returning to Santo Padre
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
I promise Bridgerton is coming! School just ended and I'm taking a mini break by watching Mayans MC.
Returning to Santo Padre had been a tough decision. You'd done everything in your power to leave the town and start fresh somewhere where you wouldn't have to worry about violence or drugs. Your father had respected the decision but he had been more than thrilled to learn you were returning, even if just for a little.
Truthfully, it wasn't just the cartel and its effects keeping you away. Hank had told you about Ez and his release from prison. The memory of being told he had been arrested for murder remained fresh in your mind. Ez had his whole life planned out and it came crumbling down in a single night. Back then, you thought you'd be settling down in a nice house with a professional baseball player.
Despite the sudden breakup, you were glad he had only served 8 years. Especially given his original sentence.
"Here goes nothing." You muttered, driving through the open gate and coming to a stop. After making sure your bike wouldn't topple over, you slid off your helmet and noticed Chucky approaching with a wide smile.
"It seems like families just keep being reunited." He breathed out. Still as quirky as ever. "How are you, (Y/N)?"
"All good. The guys been treating you well?" You smiled at him, setting your helmet on the seat as the door to the clubhouse creaked open.
"There's my Einstein!" Your father hollered and laughed as you groaned. Hank stepped out of the clubhouse and the rest of the members followed. Hank extended his arms, the smile on his face bringing one to your own. You wrapped your arms around him, smelling the faint scent of cigarettes and beer. His warm and familiar embrace filled you with nostalgia. You lost count of how many times you had needed it while away.
"Damn, you've grown. You were just a ratoncito with big dreams last time I saw you." Bishop grinned from behind your father. You chuckled at his words and pulled back, greeting him and Taza with hugs. The two men were practically your uncles and they loved you just as much as your father.
"Good to see you, Beverly Hills."
"Oh, shut the fuck up, Coco." You scoffed at his words, the toothy grin on his face only growing.
"You're back?" You could've sworn you felt your heart clench at the familiar voice. You met Cocos eyes and he gave a small nod to confirm your thoughts.
"Come on, boys. Let's give the ex lovers a moment." Bishop called, nodding to the house. You watched them enter one by one, your father being the last. Taking a deep breath, you turned to face him.
Wrong choice.
He'd matured. Gentle features were now sharp but his eyes were still as soft as ever. He'd become more muscular and even grown an inch or two in height. A tattoo adorned his arm and he sported the clubs jacket. A prospect.
"Don't." His protest was soft and breathless, almost as if he wasn't sure you were real.
"Ez." He corrected, brows furrowing as his lips formed a frown. "I- I never... I thought I'd never see you again."
"You know my dad is with the club, Ez." The nickname felt foreign now after the years.
"Yeah, but.. I expected you to keep away-"
"After you dumped me? Throwing away loved ones isn't my thing, Ez." Your gaze hardened on him and he looked away. "It's yours."
"Ouch." Someone hissed from behind you and you turned your head in time for the clubhouse door to slam shut. Hank and Coco scrambled away from the window.
"I didn't want you to waste your time by being with me. 20 fucking years, (Y/N). I couldn't hold you back from your dreams."
"People get out on good behavior all the time."
"Those who kill cops rarely ever do." He retorted in a quieter voice. He took a step closer to you and reached out, hesitating before placing his hand on your cheek. A rough thumb brushed over your skin and you instinctively leaned into his touch.
"I missed you. More than you'll ever know."
Gifs aren't mine.
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fatuifucker · a day ago
Madern au scara where you both know each others passwords to your cellphones. His password is your birthday but he told you the reason it's his password is because he doesn't know what else to put.
(In reality he just misses you a lot and even a tiny thing of that would remind him of you)
I wouldn't give others my password though, I value my privacy and I barely know what is on my friends' phones lol
but aaaa you two would have images of each other as your phone background :( he wouldn't have you as his lockscreen though because what if other people see it?
you two may have matching keychains as well! I think you would have given it to him as a gift and he would have been all "this is stupid and lame" but always carries it on his bag or phone
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sinful-ego-imagines · a day ago
Dark, Wilford, and Actor with an s/o that has freckles headcanons
- He likes to fluster you. Especially since how cute and beautiful and/or handsome you look with the red on your cheeks that just seem to be highlighted by your freckles
- He says that they look like a constellation of stars
- Only the best compliments for you <3
- This guy exudes elegance from his every fibre 
- There is NO way he'd stick to NORMAL compliments! 
- Dark also does not tolerate negative remarks about your freckles
- The mans bout to throw down
- Or the very least insult the fuck out of the asshole
- But ✨ elegantly ✨
- "Interesting. I had perceived you as someone with vast amounts of intellect. Clearly, you only have vast amounts of empty space in your head. I apologize for my incorrect perception of you." 
- Wilford absolutely adores sitting down with a pen and connecting lines between your freckles
- He absolutely loves just drawing on your face using your freckles as points 
- His compliments are chaotic and confusing at times
- The dude just cannot give normal compliments whatsoever
- Wilford using slang from all the decades he's lived through
- He uses those slang terms to compliment you 
- If Some Asshole™ is rude to you about your freckles?
- He protecc
- Wraps an arm over your shoulder, staring down the asshole. His glare well enough to ward them off
- "Lets go. I have a new idea for Markiplier TV!" 
- Actor thinks your freckles are adorable
- He will often compliment them and point them out
- He really does think that he, the hero, has gotten his freckled distressed s/o from the villain in particular
- He thinks that he 100% deserves someone like you, someone who is as beautiful and/or handsome as you are 
- Actor will buy you anything you ask for and even many things you didn't
- Like Dark, he will fluster you as much as he possibly can just to see your freckled face blush
- Actor is buying you anything you could possibly want
- Sorry, I don't make the rules
- Natural flirt go brr but not like Illinois level
- If someone fuck head is rude?
- "Awh! Look at you! You just want to have a bigger role, don't you? Like myself and Damien and my lovely y/n! Well, too bad. You are much too insignficant for YOUR words to matter."
- 100% said with a smile on his face
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enitysworld · 2 days ago
Hey could I request the yandere Julieta and Agustin headcannons but turned into a story?
Sure,so like imma make this platonic since I need more platonic stuff on encanto
New kid?
TW/CW:Yandere behavior, unhealthy behavior, unhealthy relationship, abusive relationship,abusive behavior,THIS IS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES
Tumblr media
•oh they love you as if you were their own!!
•Julieta is at your aid as soon as you were harmed
•Agustín is walking with you
•They are very protective of you
“Y/N!” Turning your head you saw Julieta running to your aid because you scraped your knee and also got a black eye. “Oh mam- Julieta!” She heard it but would dot about it later. She shoved a Arepas in your mouth while Agustín was holding you and you. “What happened!? Did someone push you!? Who was it!?” “Hehe,pap-Agustín,it’s okay” “DID YOU CALL ME PAPI!?” “No!” “Mhm! You also called me Mami!” You we’re blushing out of embarrassment. This will be the most easiest kidnapping!
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twstwonderlandstuff · 14 hours ago
Scenario with riddle rosehearts maybe? This is my first time requesting wjfbajfj but maybe the reader is painting- and riddles the muse? Gender neutral reader and fluff pls! (^^ Have a nice day/night
a pretty picture... oh... also riddle is nicknamed rose in this short fic!
Tumblr media
the quiet sound of long and short strokes fill riddle's ears as he poses for you, staring at the back of the canvas before him. he can feel, more than see your smile as you lean over to look at him as reference, before focusing back on your piece.
"I don't understand why you chose me as your muse... but," riddle softly observes, his gray eyes looking away in embarrassment. "if it so pleases you, then..."
"thanks, riddle. this means a lot to me." you reply with a happy smile. "you know, I've wanted to draw you from the moment we met."
"you have?" he questions, stopping the habitual urge to tilt his head.
"you're always so elegant and poised- you remind me of the queen of hearts, of the great and powerful leader she was, and it'd be a shame if i didn't capture that."
"o...oh..." riddle mumbles, flattered.
"you're a pretty picture, don't you let anyone tell you otherwise." you muse, adding a the detail from the sudden blush that coats his cheeks.
"there." you say with a satisfied hum. "a pretty picture, just as you are, rose."
and when he looked, he can't help but agree.
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moonbyulsstuff · a day ago
Dating Them: Headcanons Lookism Male Version.
The Characters: Vasco, Daniel Park, Jay Hong, Zack Lee, Eli Jang.
GN Reader.
Request Rules.
Tumblr media
Daniel Park:
Oh boy, this male would be an absolute simp towards you.
He would do literally everything for you and try to make you comfortable.
This boy has doubts about himself thinking he wasn’t good enough for you but you always reassure him that he was enough for you.
This is like a puppy, whenever you complimented him. HIs face would light up and whenever kiss you him, pat him in the head. You thought there’s tail wagging behind him.
He would also protect you from any danger considering how this male can fight.
And since this male doesn’t have any fashion sense, you would be there to try to help him choosing a fashionable pair whenever you two go out.
And if you were loaded, you would spoil the hell out of Daniel which make Daniel feel bad since you were spending so much money on him but you always reassure him that it’s alright.
And whenever you two go on dates.. it would be hectic at times.
Like one time, Daniel got into an argument because some guy thought he was interested with his girlfriend but no, you were actually behind the girl making the big misunderstanding embarrassing for the male.
And another one where you got into a fight with some girl because she was flirting with Daniel when you two were in a date and she wouldn’t back off when he told her that he was in a relationship with someone else.
So... yeah but there were peaceful dates so it’s not always hectic at all.
Daniel would try to surprise with gifts even though he doesn’t have a lot of money but you would appreciate whenever he would buy you gifts.
And whenever you were feeling down, he would cuddle with you or watch a movie with you and litter you with kisses.
Overall, you two love each other very much to the point it would give someone diabetes.
And, do you know he has two bodys? I don’t know. It’s up to you ;)
Tumblr media
Eli Jang:
Eli is extremely overprotective of you.
Which would make sense since he has a lot of people going after him so he wants to make you are always safe.
Eli would get you little gift as well and you would the same.
He was absolutely weak towards you, especially whenever you smile at him.
He would also massage your shoulder whenever you felt tired or that body felt sore.
He deeply cares for him and he can’t forgive himself if you ever get hurt.
Eli would also try to cut your hair but you knowing how bad he is at it, you politely declined but you would let him style your hair.
But of course since the male has a lot of fangirls, they constantly stalked you two and was jealous at the fact that you were dating Eli. But now they stopped doing it since Eli had scolded them which embarrass them a lot.
You also babysit Yenna whenever he has to go to work and she absolutely enjoys your presence and one time Yenna had called you mom/dad, which brough tears in your eyes and Eli was happy that Yenna had acknowledge you as a parent.
He is also careful with your feelings ever since Heather, he doesn’t want to lose you too because he was too careless.
Every once in a while, he would give you a flower and you don’t know what type of flower he would give you next time.
He’s always like to cuddle you and likes to be called a good boy so be sure do it to him.
He would go “talk” with the person whoever made you cry.
If you feel upset because something happened and not because of a person, he would style your hair and cook your favorite food or watch TV with Yenna.
Tumblr media
Jay Hong:
Just like with Daniel, this male is an absolute simp towards you and do anything for you and would spoil you.
He’s like a dog as well, whenever you praise him. You swear that there was a tail wagging behind him whenever you did it.
He is very protective of you and get’s jealous easily.
He also send you little gifts as well and it’s usually expensive gifts that he would send you which would make you feel bad actually, so you would buy gifts, litter him with kisses or anything that he likes.
He would also let you see his face without his hair covering his face at times if you want to.
Jay always like to lay his head on your lap and always demands it at times.
He basically like being pampered by you, like a lot.
And you two would take care of the puppies together.
If someone made you cry, he would go to the person who made you cry then... I don’t know. Jay never really tells you what he does to them.
But if you were feeling upset because something happened and it wasn’t cause by a person, he would take you to the park or play with the dogs or just stay in the house and cuddle with each other.
Tumblr media
Considering how dumb Vasco is, it’s quite amusing to see him get all flustered whenever you kiss or hold his hand. And it wasn’t helping him that the rest of Burn Knuckles would teasing him about it sometimes.
He would quite dumb at times and misunderstand on whatever you were saying at times but it got a laugh out of you.
Vasco would give you flowers everyday.
He would pick you up and put you in his shoulder as you two walked around school or outside, chatting with each other.
He would pout whenever he’s jealous.
And he gives the best hugged! Like no joke, his arms wrapped you making you feel safe but also because of how big his arms is.
You also like his beards and you kike rubbing your hands on them which he let’s you do because it feels nice.
He would also sometimes flex his muscles to you as you compliment him  a lot which boost his ego by a long shot.
Whenever someone made you cry, he would go to that person and talk with them.
But if you were feeling upset because something happened and it wasn’t cause by a person, he would hug you and whisper sweet things to you or try to make you laugh which you really appreciate it a lot.
Tumblr media
Zack Lee:
Just like the other two, Zack is an absolute simps towards you.
He’s just weak whenever you were around and always follows your orders.
You were the reason he practice boxing even more so he could protect you from the bad guys.
He had kept his hair slick back but once you mentioned that you like when he’s hair is a little messy, he started styling his hair a little messy since you like it.
He would give you little gifts, like a couple bracelet and promise rings.
He gets jealous very easily and try to fight the person who was flirting with you, but you were there to held him back.
He would stunned whenever you kiss him which makes you chuckle a lot.
You were always there to patch him up if he got into a fight.
He likes his hair being played and whenever you two cuddle, he always ask you to play with his hair which you always obliged.
He doesn’t like seeing you cry so he would comfort you before finding the person who made you cry.
But if you were feeling down because something happened and not by a person, he would cook your favorite food or cuddle and watch movies with you.
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trash4ever · a day ago
Accidents Happen
Pairing: (Hawks/Keigo X gn!reader)
-• After y/n accidentally hurt his wings, Hawks tries to reassure Y/n that they won’t hurt him though preening.
-• Warnings: none :)
-• (A/n: Hey! This is my first fanfic so please don’t be too critical! I hope you enjoy!)
Tumblr media
You still couldn’t believe that you were in a relationship with the number two hero. It was like it was just yesterday that you even met the red winged hero. From the first time you ran into him on patrol, you knew he was someone special. Little did you know that in a few short months that you would be sharing your first kiss on the rooftops where he patrolled.
Although you fell fast for each other, you still felt nervous around his iconic red wings. They perplexed you a little, and were even a bit intimidating to you. The appendages even had their own body language. It didn’t help that this was your first serious relationship, and you were nervous regarding just about every intimate action.
After a few weeks, you thought you had it all down. You were finally starting to get used to his unique appendages. That is until you made the stupid mistake of accidentally crushing one of his wings under your weight.
“Ouch! Shit,” He yelped out.
Panicking, you jumped up and out of the bed. “Oh no! I’m sorry.” You tried to fix it by taking hold of his wing. This only made it worse because his wing was still getting over the initial pain.
“Ah shit-!” He quickly moved his wing out of your grasp.
You were mortified. You just crushed his beautiful wing. You knew his wings were sensitive! That probably hurt so much worse than you think! What if he can’t go to work tomorrow because of you?
He was carefully examining his wing to evaluate its condition. The feathers were bent out of place. Muttering under his breath, “damn… it’s alright, It’s fine, I’m fine.”
A sound of a sniffle fills the room, drawing the attention of the hero. Keigo almost had to do a double take because he didn’t expect you to start crying over the little accident. “Oh no, baby bird! It’s okay!” He rushed out of bed to your standing form. “I’m alright.” He hugged you.
You were stiff and refused to return the hug. You were too afraid of touching his wings in the process.
Keigo was slightly taken back by your lack of response. It wasn’t like you to not take the opportunity to cling to him like a koala. He released you. “It’s really okay, pigeon. Doesn’t even hurt anymore, see?” He spread out his messed up wing for you to see, bent feathers on full display. You had the urge to fix the bent feathers… but you hesitated.
You were scared…
Surely he wouldn’t trust you to preen his wings after all that. You drop your hand to your side. Keigo saw this and picked up your fallen hand, “I’d love it if you would help me out with them.” He gestures to his wings, but you hesitate.
“-but what if I hurt you more?”
Keigo gives your hand a reassuring squeeze, “I promise you won’t hurt me.”
You take a deep breath before reaching out to his wing. You carefully caress a feather like it would break under the slightest bit of pressure. It takes a few moments to build up enough confidence that you won’t hurt him.
Slowly you began to fix each feather you crushed. While you worked, Keigo was ever so slowly leaning more into your form. He started humming in content. As you finish  aligning the last feather, Keigo was wrapping you up in his arms and wings.
“See? That didn’t hurt at all,” Keigo said in a relaxed voice.
You couldn’t help but giggle at him, “Let’s go cuddle on the bed, you big bird.”
You didn’t have to tell him twice.
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Y/N: I relate to Belle because I love to read books and love people for their souls.
Drew: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies.
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whatstheoccasion · 5 hours ago
5:07 a.m
“Can you pass me the water?”
Law looked at you across the table with a small smirk. You winked playfully at him, raising your eyebrows slightly, and Law responded with a fond roll of his eyes.
Shachi was getting sick. “Can you please pass me the water?”
It was deep, deep into the winter night. You had celebrated Bepo's birthday until he and the rest of the crew had passed out drunk, the last two members had put together two plastic chairs and have been sleeping there until their Captain sternly roomed them to bed. But the founding members of the Heart Pirates had stayed just a little longer, upon the problematic duo's insistence.
Shachi regretted that decision now.
“Just get it yourself,” Penguin answers tiredly next to him. “They've been like this forever.”
“Watch it,” Law says, his drowsy eyes locked on yours as he downs the last of his sake, a knowing look on his face when you followed the movement attentively, licking your lips. “Don't get too bold with your Captain.”
It was very hard to take their Captain seriously when he looked one minute away from jumping you.
Still, he seemed intoxicated enough to handle a little more teasing. Shachi bumped Penguin's shoulder, Bepo's snoring in their couch unconsciously egging them on. “Are you still talking to us, Cap? Want us to leave?”
"Yeah, want us to leave, Captain?" Penguin repeated, making kissing noises and almost choking on his own spit.
Well. It was all fun and games until Law's annoyed glare returned, making them both gulp. “Say one more word and I'll string you upside down to the roof.”
Shachi and Penguin both shakingly looked at eachother and got up, “Say no more!” grabbed their mink and left, not even sparing you a second glance out of pity. You laughed amusedly at their cowardice, mentally preparing yourself to hear Law's grumbling about their lack of respect for the rest of the night.
Soon enough, the duo heard the sound of moving chairs and their best friend's mumbling followed by your sweet laugh. Yeah, they definitely got out of there in time.
Tumblr media
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boop-le-snoot · 17 days ago
the best thing about x reader fics is that you and your comfort character can fall in love a million times in millions of different universes and I think that's beautiful
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souqa · 2 months ago
rindou: [snarls] you think i love them? you think i give a shit about y/n??
ran, watching him carefully place a blanket on y/n who's sleeping on his lap: yeah
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alien-writes · 24 days ago
Asking OM! (Brothers and Dateables) to bend down and kissing their head
✰ Lucifer
He is naturally suspicious, he has to be with so many brothers trying to cause some type of trouble or prank on him
If you are around others he won't bend down unless you tell him why but if it's just the two of you then he will still ask but fondly roll his eyes and do as you say
“So, can you now tell me why I am doing this-...oh”
As you kiss the top of his head he closes his eyes and melts into the kiss as his heart rate slows down until you pull away then his heart is working overtime to provide the heavy blush on his cheeks
He slowly gets back up and clears his throat still avoiding your eye as he tries to regain his composure 
If you want to fluster him further ask if he liked it or if he wants another. He might stutter or let out what sounds like a small squawk but will say that he will ‘allow’ you to do when you two are alone if that would make you happy
Don’t worry he liked it, a lot 
With his already limited physical affection, being the eldest, and representing pride this is definitely the first head kiss he has received
He hates how powerless and vulnerable it makes him feel yet he can’t get enough
Finds giving the kisses only slightly less embarrassing so will return the favor if you ask and no one else is around
The best time to do it is when he is overworking himself late at night and is too tired to resist
You make him feel so warm and safe so he guesses he can take a short cuddle break to rest his eyes 
✰ Mammon
He will complain but easily gives in without resistance altho he will grumble about humans being weird and how this better not be a trick
“Oi Human, I’m doing your stupid request right, ain't I? What's even supposed to hap-”
He freezes when your lips lightly press on his head, blue eyes wide and unblinking
Even once you’re done he pauses for a couple seconds as his brain catches up with what just happened but once it clicks he goes red and scrambles backward shouting
Despite his blush, he can't look away from you trying to sense your reaction and confirm that, yep you just did that
Starts going off, his volume too high as he spouts a strange mixture of questions, complaints, and jealous remarks
If you apologize or say you just won't do it again he is immediately backpedaling, after all, he was just caught off guard it's not like it was that bad and he is your first so you should do this with him instead of one of his brothers
You notice that he starts attempting to casually bend down in front of you more, trying to get you to do it again
Will grumble when you do it but will grumble even louder if you don’t 
If he catches you giving others head kisses he will demand you give him two 
Has thought about doing it to you but backs out blushing every time besides he would rather have all your affection than stumble attempting to do something sweet and end up embarrassing himself
If you ask him to he will no hesitation stuttering about how of course you want the great Mammon to kiss your head
✰ Levi
It takes some convincing especially if there are others around that this isn't some ‘normie tactic’ to humiliate him but he gives in with some reassurance
He is naturally flustered and nervous so before you can do anything he is looking at his shoes faintly blushing and stuttering, asking why you're having him do this
The moment you kiss his head he goes still but internally is repeatedly screaming DANGER!  
It doesn’t take long for him to start screaming out loud as he backs away from you and hides his face behind his hands
“W-What- Why did you- It was an accident right, you just, just tripped. …it was on purpose? NO, NO I DON’T BELIEVE IT! …No! Don’t worry I didn’t dislike it or anything, I um really enjoyed it- But I don’t deserve your affections, I’m just a worthless otaku!”
He finally stops when you ‘threaten’ to do it again 
Might pass out if you do it a second time but if you hold back he will run away to his room shouting thank you 
Give him some time to recover even though he liked it he blushes when your hands brush so he feels like he was tossed from the kiddie pool into the deep end
However, by the next day, he is able to talk to you again just even more blushing and avoiding eye contact than before
If you bring it up he will turn red and stutter but mumble that you can do it again 
If you don’t bring it up after a while he might get antsy and have you two watch an anime with a similar interaction hoping you get the message
He doesn't have enough confidence to ask for head kisses but if you keep doing it he will start bending his head down when cuddling or after he loses a game to non verbally request it
✰ Satan
Laughs light heartedly when you request for him to bend down and will raise an eyebrow but lean his head down while looking up at you with a smirk
Don’t worry he loses the look when you lean over him and his previous attitude is gone leaving a flustered wide eyed Satan in its place
“Ehem, that was an, um welcome surprise, although I was caught off guard and believe we should repeat the process. So, if you don't mind, can you uh please do it again?” 
He says this all from behind his fist as he makes eye contact with a scratch on the wall
If you did it in front of his brothers he would be too stunned to speak but his aura gives off the clear warning that he will prove he is the avatar of wrath if anyone points out his reaction 
Either way just give him a moment to collect his thoughts which are all over the place
He would request you refrain from doing it in public but quick head kisses in deserted RAD hallways or between library bookshelves are fair game
He will do it in return if you ask but doesn’t think to on his own since the gesture as well as most physical affectionate feels unnatural to him 
Not bad mind you but new territory 
Over time he gets used to it and only has a faint blush at your kisses 
Once his reactions become less embarrassing for him, Satan allows and sometimes encourages your affection in public 
It feels nice showing others that he is more than the avatar of wrath and he won’t lie seeing Lucifer’s annoyed expression makes it even better
✰ Asmo
“Of course, I’ll happily get on my knees for you. Only teasing, now tell me how I look from this angle.”
He lets out a quiet gasp when your lips make contact with his head, nothing sexual just a small suprised happy sound
When he looks up at you with an expression that is so loving and delicate but replaced in an instance by an equally happy but less vulnerable look with only the light blush remaining from before
Expect him to twirl you around, hug you, or demand you do it again if not all three
Asks if you are sure you don’t want to kiss him anywhere else and if he can show his appreciation with a kiss of his own 
Rarely asks for them not because he dislikes them or out of embarrassment but because he prefers different physical affections like hugs, leaning against each other, playing with your hair or hands, etc
That being said he is very happy anytime you do it to him 
It is most effective when he is feeling insecure you make him feel so soft and adored when you kiss his head
After all, he has been kissed infinite times on every body part but this is the first time in centuries he can recall being kissed with more love than lust
This is still Asmo so know he will tease his brothers telling them that you kissed him
It will be up to you to clear things up before Mammon murders him or to enjoy the chaos
✰ Beel
Confused but won't question you and just bends down
He was quiet before but when you kiss his head he goes silent
Blinks twice before looking up at you with the biggest grin and huge puppy dog eyes 
“If you don't mind, could you do it again?” he asks with a slight blush
When you do it a second time he smiles even brighter as he picks you up and spins you both around
He holds you slightly above his head in case you want to do it again
As the biggest brother and big by even demon standards, he hardly ever gets physical affection where he is treaty delicately so he quickly becomes addicted
Is not embarrassed by it and will frequently ask for head kisses either leaning over or lifting you up
Assuming you're ok with it he will return the favor by kissing your head especially when you sit on his lap or when you cuddle with your head on his chest
He just sees the top of your head and kisses it because it makes him so feel loved and he wants you to feel loved too
Might give some of his brothers or at least Belphie head kisses too but you receive the most by far
✰ Belphie
Honestly, you won’t have to ask him to bend down since he is horizontal any chance he gets
Out of everyone, he has the most experience with head kisses mainly from Beel but he has received goodnight head kisses from each of his brothers at some point
However, that doesn’t mean he reacts cool and collected 
He still blushes and tries to act annoyed at you for interrupting his nap but will insist you do it again to make up for it
“What was that? Affection? Disgusting, do it again.”
Tries and fails to hold back a smile as he lets the affection slip into his voice
If you continue doing it especially before he falls asleep his brain will start seeing your kisses as an off switch
Like kiss received, meaning we are safe, loved, and ready to sleep, shutting down
He won’t ask for them normally however if he is tired enough his little shame is gone and he will whine until you give him his goodnight kiss
That being said he has no problems asking for them innocently in front of his brothers but the smug look he gives them (with the exception of Beel) shows his true intentions 
Honestly doesn’t care who is around he will happily receive any affection from you
In public, there is a part of him that enjoys how you are subtlety claiming him as yours
Won’t do it back unless you ask him to just because he doesn’t think to since he never was on the giving end as the youngest brother
His head kisses are often half hearted and sleepy but always come with naptime cuddles to make up for it
✰ Diavolo
Assuming you're close he does what you ask without question excited to see what you are going to do next
His mouth forms a small ‘o’ and he silently tenses at the foreign feeling before leaning into the touch with a boisterous laugh
“Is this a human custom? I see why, such a small act yet so full of emotion. Could I return the favor?”
Does not ask you to do it but only because he sees it as something you give not something he receives like a gift and thus would be rude to ask for
Like a gift, he is so happy when he receives them and returns the gesture with just as much love and excitement
Acts like a puppy with big smiles, sparkling eyes, and you swear you can almost see a tail wagging
Thrilled for you to do it any time or place despite Lucifer’s loud sighs and Barbatos fondly shaking his head
Will always kiss your head in return if you are comfortable receiving them altho sometimes he gets too excited and will pull you into a hug and pepper your face with kisses (if you're ok with that)
It can’t be helped and will give a bashful apology for getting carried away, he’s just so happy he’s able to be close and affectionate with someone since he never got to while growing up
Also enjoys how it makes him feel delicate in a good way because he was either seen as intimidating and feared or fragile causing him to become sheltered and lonely
He may be the next in line for the throne but he will bow down to you at a moment's notice for some head kisses
✰ Barbatos
Raises an eyebrow but bows down closing his eyes and awaiting the next order
He was not prepared for you to kiss his head
It takes a minute before he can regain his composure and even once his expression becomes neutral there is still a heavy blush
Will ask if that’s all you needed while doing his best to look you in the eyes
You have to ask if he liked it/wants you to do it again if you want a proper response
“It was unexpected but pleasant, you can do it as many times as you want.”
If you aren’t alone he would act the same but keep glancing around 
If Diavolo saw he just hopes his young master lets it go but prepares for the good natured teasing that will inevitably come
Prefers if you refrain from doing it in public but won’t stop you
Also prefers if you keep it to just a quick peck when he is working
You notice after a head kiss he continues to work with newfound energy
Won’t do it back unless you ask him to since her didn’t want to assume but might ask if you want him to return the gesture if it becomes a habit
Lightly blushes every time you do it because he always gets flustered when you’re the one showing him affection since he isn’t used to being the one served
Likes that it makes him feel taken care of even if he isn't used to the feeling
It also helps remind him to take time to tend to himself so when he is stressed trying to get everything done it’s common for you to pull him close kiss his head and tell him to take a break while you do some of his work for him
Since he is always moving to the next task your actions help him stop and breathe
✰ Simeon
If it was one of the brothers besides lucifer or a stranger he might hesitate but because it is you he complies with a bow and a smile
He jumps a little in surprise at the unexpected action but relaxes into it with a light blush
Clears his throat to buy himself some time to get his brain functioning again
“I was not expecting that or its uh effect on me but, it was an enjoyable surprise”
When he sees characters giving each other head kisses in human shows or books he will point it out to you with a gleeful smile
You notice his writings start featuring the gesture as well
He just loves it so much a gesture that shows trust and intimacy without being strictly romantic or sexual
He is fine giving them but when he is receiving them, especially in public he gets bashful
That won’t stop him from bending down when you ask even if he has an audience 
If anyone teases him or laughs he may get embarrassed and request you only do it in private but will still accept head kisses around others with a whine and furious blush
Another one who doesn’t ask for them but out of a mix of respect and embarrassment 
He loves kissing your head almost more than being the one kissed
Anytime or place he will give you a light peck on your head along with a soft smile
If you aren’t comfortable he will obviously stop but if not prepare for this to become Simeon’s default greeting and farewell
Don’t worry you aren’t the only one subjected to this treatment Luke gets almost as many as you do and even on the rare occasions he will attempt it with Solomon or one of the Brothers 
You’ve received multiple glares from the others since you introduced Simeon to this but how can you regret anything that makes him smile so bright
✰ Solomon
At first, he refuses since he has played his fair share of pranks and is worried about you getting payback but if you are insistent he will give a small chuckle and bend over
Raises an eyebrow when you lean over him but just accepts whatever you are planning
That being said he wasn’t ready for it
Gets back up immediately surprised and wide eyed 
Then he lets out another laugh altho this one is much more endeared 
Sadly he is a hard one to fluster so this has little effect on him
He might blush a bit at first but more from the surprise
“Can’t say I was expecting that but I’m not complaining. I actually don’t remember the last time I received one of those so, will you help me make up for lost time?”
Sees it almost as a human inside joke so kisses your head regularly unless you tell him to stop 
Enjoys the brother’s looks of surprise and varying degrees of jealousy 
Jokes that if the brothers are jealous he can give them head kisses too
Gladly will do it to anyone if they want it but mostly does it to you, Luke and Simeon 
Does not see it as anything overly affectionate or special more like a high five or hug
Unless it’s a big deal for you then he is soft when he returns it and gives your hand a squeeze showing he apricates it
It doesn’t make him feel small or delicate because he has been around long enough to stop caring about toxic masculinity or what others think so as long as you aren’t interrupting anything important pull him down in front of the whole school for all he cares
He will give you quick head kisses if he is busy or has to leave quickly 
Just loves freely and unashamed and this is no different
✰ Luke (Platonic)
Since he is short you might have to be the one to bend down 
 “Wha! Why would you do that, fine you can do it again just not in front of people!”
He is blushing an angry red if you do it in public, especially in front of any demons
It's clear he enjoys the gesture but is embarrassed at being treated like a kid
However, if you do it with the others as well he won’t complain and might start grumbling if he is the only one you don’t give head kisses to
Might ask you to bend down or he will climb on top of something to give you a head kiss in return altho he is doing this to assert dominance as well 
Let him have this he is constantly picked on and letting him return the kiss makes him literally glow as he walks with a puffed out chest
Has done it as a power move in front of Mammon before and it worked 
He enjoys being a lil shit with it and will ask for head kisses innocently before turning to whatever brothers are watching and giving them an evil smirk behind your back
You know what he is doing but its endearing and the looks on the brother’s faces convince you to play innocent as well
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romanifucker · 16 days ago
haikyuu boys reacting to you hugging them for the first time
Tumblr media
everyone likes to talk about first kisses, but i think first hugs are just as heartwarming. feeling the way the other persons body fits around yours and taking in their smell for the first time… :,) i just love pre-relationship pining 🤌🤌🤌 but no tsukki cause i’m working a bigger fic for him 😳
cw: fluff, gn!reader
prompt: running up to them after they win a game and hugging them for the first time
characters: bokuto, kuroo, tendou, asahi, atsumu, iwaizumi
bokuto kotaro
surprised at first, but the surprise quickly melts into a huge grin as he wraps his arms around you
his hugs are all encompassing, big arms trapping you to his chest so you can smell nothing but him
riding the high of adrenaline from the game, he decides to lift you in one of those spinny hugs
his heart is definitely racing, but he plays off the embarrassment by laughing and smiling like he always does
will definitely try to find excuses to hug all the time you now that he knows he can, and he will sulk if you refuse
akaashi gives you a thumbs up in the background
kuroo tetsurou
also surprised, but quickly recovers from it with a smooth comment “oh? did I really do that well today?” and returns the hug with a sincere smile
if it was a particularly stressful or intense match, he won’t say anything and just hold you tightly
gives those good good hugs where one hand is on the small of your back and the other is on the back of your head to keep you pinned to him
will take this as permission to touch you casually, like poking your arms or resting his arm on your head (if you’re shorter)
will pout if you don’t give him a hug after every game from now on
tendou satori
is very surprised, he’s used to being ostracized so having someone willingly show affection towards him is rare
it takes him a second to register that yes, you are hugging him of your own volition
i imagine tendou to be touch starved as hell, so he holds you like you’re the last thing on earth
will ask you for more hugs at random times not during games because he simply can’t get enough
i don’t have as much to say about miracle boy i just wanna give him a big hug 🥺
azumane asahi
congrats you broke him
no but really, his face is fully red and his expression is indescribable
constantly debating on where to put his hands, overthinking the smallest things like “oh no what if i’m too sweaty and they think i’m gross”
just look up at him and give him a big smile and his heart will melt
his hugs are gentle, warm and comforting; you feel protected from the outside world
he blushes when you make eye contact with him for the next few weeks
suga and daichi will definitely tease the hell out of him later
miya atsumu
he is a fiery guy, so he can get caught up with the flow of intense emotions, especially after a match
this means he actually goes to hug you first once he spots you
he hugs you like it’s second nature, there’s no surprise or hesitation
atsumu gives complete hugs that feel like your bodies are two matching puzzle pieces, there’s no awkward spaces or gaps
another passionate guy like bokuto, he will pick you up and spin you around with a giant smile
definitely starts using a ton of causal contact afterwards, hugs and headpats n stuff
iwaizumi hajime
is definitely surprised, he expected all of the attention to be on oikawa
his face is a little red, but the deep color of his ears betray all his embarrassment
this man is ripped so you know his arms are thick asf 😩 makes for the best hugs
another breathtaking hug-giver, his arms snake around your waist and circle firmly on your back
he buries his face in your neck to hide his embarrassment, but the adrenaline dulls and he suddenly remembers that he’s sweaty
pulls away quickly and apologizes with averted eyes, but oikawa is already taking pictures and giggling (cut to volleyball hitting him in the face)
he’ll definitely be a lil more blushy and conscious in your presence, but doesn’t mind if you ask him for a hug now and then
Tumblr media
authors note: hello thank you for reading! i'm super critical of my own work so it takes a while for things to actually get posted lol thanks for sticking around
feel free to pop in my ask box with other characters you might wanna see for something like this :) ill try my best!! or if u wanna just say hi!
2K notes · View notes