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#gn reader
animeomegas · 2 days ago
Kinktober - Day 30
[Naruto (Naruto) + Dumbification]
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes, when life gets a little too stressful, a little too complicated, having a simple goal is relaxing and refreshing. And what better role for Naruto than cockslut? Alpha!Dom!GN!Reader
Warnings: A little affectionate name calling (cockslut), there’s a moment where reader assumes Naruto knows something but he doesn’t and has a mini panic, but it’s resolved very quickly.
“Stop thinking and stressing about it!” you implored Naruto. “It’s your day off! Enjoy it.”
“I’m trying,” Naruto whined, flopping himself on top of you as you lounged on the sofa. “My brain just won’t stop! I can’t stop thinking about everything I need to do, meetings with the council, signing off on everything for the market extension, and the civilian school-“
You covered Naruto’s mouth with your hand. He was getting too caught up in work while he was at home, and you wanted 100% of his attention today, making the most of the time you could spend with him, knowing full well that it was rare.
“And you’ll worry about all of that tomorrow!” you insisted. “The work will still be there tomorrow, and if you don’t stop stressing, you’ll waste your only day off.”
Naruto huffed and started licking your palm in an effort to get you to remove your hand, an effort that only made you raise an eyebrow, unimpressed.
“I think our relationship is far too close for me to find you licking my hand gross, Naruto.”
He stopped but you could feel him pouting against your palm as he put on his best puppy dog eyes.
“Fine,” you said, rolling your eyes and removing the hand.
“I know I shouldn’t think about that stuff now, but I can’t stop!” his pout intensified. “Can you help me turn my brain off for a bit? Like, tell me a story or teach me a new recipe or something? Please?”
You tilted your head at him, ideas quickly flowing. Turn off his brain? Huh, you could do that.
“That’s it,” you encouraged, stroking Naruto’s cheek with your finger. “All the way down, good boy.”
Naruto’s ramen habit was good for something other than burning a hole in your finances apparently, you absently noted as you watched Naruto take your cock down his throat all the way to the base with ease.
“See?” you continued, still stroking his face. “Look how good you are at this! This is what you were made for, to be my perfect cock slut, nothing else, just this.”
Naruto hummed around your cock, the vibrations making your hips jolt further in, something that Naruto accommodated for easily. His eyes were starting to glaze over now as he focused solely on the task at hand.  
“Good boy,” you praised. “So good, my beautiful cock slut.”
You let Naruto continue lavishing your cock enthusiastically, worshipping it, choking on it. He was naked now, kneeling on the floor in front of you as you sat on the couch. It looked like he was challenging himself to see how deep and how long he could keep you down his throat, which was undeniably adorable, but he was choking himself a little too much in his enthusiasm.
“Careful, baby,” you cooed, taking his head in your hands and lifting him off your cock with a wet pop. He had drool all over his chin, so you grabbed a tissue off of the coffee table and gently cleaned him off. “You silly little thing! You pushed yourself too far!”
Naruto blinked at you for a moment before a whine slipped through his lips, his hands gripping on your thighs. Oh dear, he looked sad.
“It’s not your fault, my love, it’s my fault,” you reassured him. “I know you don’t know any better, your brain goes quiet when you have a cock in you, doesn’t it? That’s okay, I’ll keep you in check next time, but for now, let’s try something else.”
With reassurances out of the way, you stood up and headed toward the living room window, Naruto in tow, following like a puppy being tugged on its lead. You pulled him so that he was standing in front of you, both of you staring at the currently closed curtains protecting you from the outside world.
Then, as carefully as you could, you weaved a thin genjutsu over the window, just a very light one, to stop others from noticing anything weird if they happened to look in. The genjustu was so subtle in fact, that Naruto obviously didn’t know it was there in his dazed state, as the second you drew the curtains back Naruto jolted, looking to you in a panic.
“What- People will see! I can’t, they can’t!” Naruto pleaded, backing up from the window a little.
“Shh, it’s alright, relax,” you hushed him. “You can trust me, I’ll never let anything bad happen, remember?”
Naruto gave a hesitant smile but didn’t move closer to the window.
“It’s a genjutsu,” you whispered to him breaking character for a moment. “Sorry, I thought you’d notice it, I didn’t mean to startle you, honey.”
You didn’t actually want him to be distressed. And anyway, if he thought people might see him, his reputation as Hokage would be at the front of his mind, the one thing you were trying most to avoid.
Naruto looked towards the window again, this time searching for the genjutsu, and when he found it, he relaxed against you again and allowed you to shuffle him closer to the window. With you both now in position, you dipped your fingers between Naruto’s cheeks and gathered some of the slick there and used it to lube up your cock. He seemed wet enough for your plan to go ahead.
“Look at that big world out there,” you said, directing Naruto’s gaze towards the view out of the window. “It’s so big and overwhelming, huh? But that’s okay, because all you have to do is listen to me and I’ll make sure you’re okay.”
You slipped the head of your cock inside Naruto while you had him distracted. His hips flinched but he quickly relaxed as he realised what you were doing.
“Don’t think about all of them, you were born to be a cock slut, my cock slut, so you don’t need to concern yourself with anything else, baby, okay?”
You slipped your cock further into his warmth as you whispered into his ear. Naruto moaned easily and loudly, whether from your words or your actions, you weren’t sure.
“I don’t want to think anymore,” Naruto moaned, pushing back against you until you bottomed out inside him, knocking some of the breath out of your lungs. Oh, he definitely needed this today.
“You don’t have to, honey, focus on the feelings instead of the thoughts alright? Like this.”
You turned his head around and met his lips in an open-mouthed kiss. Naruto easily and readily allowed you to dominate the kiss. He was so eager for your attention and for your guidance today. Your fingers pinched at his nipples as a reward.
“See?” you asked, breaking the kiss and using the newfound freedom to speed up your thrusts. “Don’t you feel so much better now that you’re focusing on me? On what you’re clearly made to do?”
“Yes,” Naruto moaned, his arms flying out for leverage against the windowsill. “This is goo’, so good!”
By this point, Naruto’s eyes appeared to be fully glazed over. You smirked to yourself. It was clear that there wasn’t a single thought running through his head that wasn’t about pleasure.
Mission accomplished.
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brightymir · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
cw: none, i think
word count:
characters: satoru, kento, suguru, x gn!reader
Tumblr media
𑁍 satoru gojo
satoru was on the couch, playing on his phone while waiting for you to finish some paperwork, he doesn't want to start the movie without you. he would pop his head in your room every 10 minutes to check you, but he got tired so he opted to just waiting.
moments later, you finally finished and when you went to the living room, you saw a satoru who was already scanning movies. you went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks to last you for the entire movie.
returning to the living room, satoru engulfed you in a hug as soon as you took a seat on the couch, finally settling on a movie to watch for the day. 
you both watched the movie, lying in each other’s embrace and arms, occasional comments on how dumb the character is to not notice the killer or how you both agreed that he was the first one to die in a horror movie and you’d turn out to be the murderer.
in the middle of the movie, you got a sudden urge to kiss him, so that’s what you did. planting a kiss on his cheeks, you smiled and felt warm inside, he doesn’t activate his infinity around you.
upon feeling a kiss being planted on his cheeks, he froze and smirked, taking his eyes away from the movie momentarily to give you a playful stare. he then straightened his back, letting go of you. 
you thought he was annoyed that you pulled him out of the movie, but you quickly shook that thought away when your back was met by the soft cushion of the couch. a rather large figure hovered above you. 
you expected kisses all over your face but nothing like that came. instead. fingers found their way to your side as he began to tickle the life out of you. you thrashed and laugh, heaving for breath as all the laughter was beginning to tire your lungs.
he stopped when your face was a mixture of red from too much laughing and blue from the lack of breath. he then planted kisses all over your face before wrapping you in his arms. 
“wait so, who’s the killer again?”
“i think it was the adopted child” 
“oh my god, that’s terrible”
Tumblr media
𑁍 kento nanami
he was sitting on his desk while fixing some paperworks that he needed to finish before the day ended while you were in the kitchen, fixing dinner for the two of you. after a few minutes, it was done and you called for him.
with no response, you went up to the second floor to coax him to take a short break, dark bags appearing under his eyes from sleepless nights.
arriving at his room, you entered and sauntered to his desk, where his head was buried by stacks of paper. you took a file folder that he was about to reach and removed his eyeglass before planting a kiss on his temple.
"dinner's ready, love. i cooked your favorite" you said, making him stand up immediately and hold your hand, making your way towards the dining area. before digging into the food, you kissed him yet again, this time, on his soft cheeks
after the meal, he offered to do the dishes but you insisted that he just take a seat in the living room and watch a movie to unwind and take his mind off the pile of papers.
you finished moments later and accompanied him, planting a kiss on his cheeks. he noticed that you were giving him more kisses than usual. he took this as his cue to cuddle you while watching the movie. !
"you don't have to kiss me repeatedly, you can just ask for cuddles, darling" he said, planting a quick kiss on your lips.
"hmm, my kiss seemed to work though. and it seems to ease your stress" you replied and pressed your body closer to his, making him hum in return.
you both turned your attention back to the movie while giving comments here and there, sharing thoughts on what could've made the scene better.
"anne hathaway is really beautiful"
"not as much as you are"
Tumblr media
𑁍 suguru geto
he already noticed that you kept giving him random kisses since early in the morning. it was totally out of nowhere and there was no occasion nor concise reason for the kisses. he isn’t complaining though, if anything, he’d gladly accept more.
but he knows well that you have your own reason for these kisses and he was itching to know why. are you pissed off? did he do something to upset you? did he forgot any occasion or event? he was racking his mind for reasons and it was your kiss yet again that brought him back to reality. 
“something on your mind? the water is on the hottest setting" you said, signaling to the sink that was smoking because of the hot water being used to rinse the plates. you wrapped your arms around him, resting it on his stomach.
he hummed and sighed inwardly, relaxing into your touch and finishing the dishes quickly. he stiffened when you pressed a kiss to his nape. you won't stop pressing kisses randomly, huh?
upon finishing the dishes, he turned around and hoisted you up by the legs, placing you on the counter before leaning on you, resting his head in the crook of your neck as you ran your hand through the smooth strands of his hair, which is freed from its bun.
"hmm? what's the matter, hon?" you asked, no response. you lifted his head so that his eyes met yours and you asked again, more firm yet still gentle.
"it's just, you keep giving me random kisses" he replied sheepishly, returning to hiding in your neck, making you laugh.
"do you not like it?" you retorted and smiled when he littered kisses all over your neck, a silent reply of "i love them", and so, he lifted you up and brought you to your shared room before browsing the tv for movies.
he clicked on a familiar movie, making you snort and laugh as he gave you a playful glare.
"this movie again?"
"hey, that card trick in that one scene was insane"
Tumblr media
author's note: firsr attempt at writing the jjk men with fluff. oh my god i'm sorry if i'm bad with characrerization but i hope you guys liked this! notes and reblogs are highly appreciated! also, can you guess which movies you watched with them?
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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tubbohno · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when the seasons change
sbi & child!gn!reader
1 // part 2 of 4
a/n : welcome to the fall special pt 2! thanks to everyone for showing so much interest in this little series :) I've decided that this series will span 4 separate parts (this is subject to change, of course.) ((ALSO its practically December by the time I post this but...yes....fall...))
warnings - mentions of death (minor character), abandonment, child neglect(...technically), situational angst
notes - tommy is around six / reader is a bat hybrid, and eight years old / techno and wilbur are 19 / art above by austinpardunart on Instagram! check out their stuff, its super snazzy!
p.s, I am not a Chiropterologist, and therefore my bat knowledge is limited </3
Tumblr media
As planned, Phil and the boys set out toward the familiar clearing just as the sun rose entirely above the horizon. For all his previous worry, Tommy was pouting at having to walk so early - even though Phil had waited as long as he morally could.
"Phil," Tommy whined, "how much longer?" Phil grinned at Tommy's sleep puffy eyes glaring up at him from where he clutched onto Wilbur's hand.
"Not much longer, mate. Here, walk in front of me, and I'll fix up your feathers." Phil invited, slowing his pace slightly to allow the boy to rush in front of him. Phil gently straightened Tommy's small feathers, colored almost like pearls in the soft early morning light. He was not exactly preening, as Phil always made sure to groom Tommy's wings at home. Preening often overwhelmed Tommy, and they found it safer to take care of the younger's wings in a secure environment.
Techno traveled just ahead of them, hands occupied by a dark oak crate. The young hybrid was also notably sporting a grey cape lined with winter fox fur. Phil eyed the fabric as it bellowed softly behind the pink-haired boy, amused by the dramatics of the younger. Techno would never admit it, but he could be just as dramatic as his brothers.
Wilbur sped up a bit, setting his pace to match Phil's. Wilbur struggled for a second; mouth pressed in a thin line as he thought of what to say. Phil let his son collect his thoughts, used to Wilbur's pauses. He had not always had a vocabulary big enough to express his feelings, after all.
"Phil...what do you think happened to Lucielle?" Wilbur asked, gaze glued to the dirt road beneath their feet. Phil sighed, giving one last pat to Tommy's wings and letting the younger blonde run ahead to bother Techno.
"Not sure, Wil. Last we both saw her she was happy and healthy. We'll see if she's home once we get there, all right? She wouldn't just leave a child alone for more than a day." Phil replied, rubbing Wilbur's back softly to soothe the piglin hybrid. Wilbur nodded, furrowed brow relaxing just a touch.
Wilbur fell into step with his brothers, all three boys traveling ahead of Phil. Tommy and Wilbur quickly found something to argue about, Techno silently continuing his pace even as Tommy hung from his arm to scream at Wilbur.
Phil smiled tiredly at the familiar sight of his boys and their antics.
He hoped Lucielle was okay.
━━━━ ̥◌୭˚➶.
The clearing is as Phil remembered it, if not a bit messier with its long grass and piles of fallen leaves. Puddles scattered around the area, mud and murky water gathering in uneven areas of the grass.
"Woah," Tommy gasped, eyes glued to the rickety iron lanterns that lit up the area's perimeter. Tommy stepped forward, wings fluttering behind him as he took in the small decorations scattered around and the old, wooden cabin.
The cabin itself was quiet, windows dark and creaking in the soft autumn wind. The wood looked dark with moisture; the storm no doubt testing its capabilities.
"…The windows are dark again," Techno noted out loud. They had moved closer, now standing at the cabin's porch as a group, with Tommy huddled near Wilbur and Techno.
"That they are… I'll knock first, okay? You three stay out on the porch and stick together." Phil instructed, patting Wilbur on the shoulder. Minute grumbles arose in response to his command, but his boys stayed in their positions.
Phil's knock echoed through the clearing, and he couldn't help but swallow nervously. Even as he strained his hearing, he couldn't hear any noise from inside the cabin.
"Can I try?" Tommy whispered, tugging on Phil's coat. Phil smiled at him and nodded, letting the boy closer to the door to knock.
Tommy's hand struck the wood quickly and much louder than Phill would have liked, and it seemed the sentiment was shared as Tommy's brothers flinched from the loud bang the boy produced.
"Hellooooooo? Is anyone there?" The blonde hollered, deciding Phil had been too quiet in his approach.
"Tommy, have you ever heard of subtlety," Wilbur hissed, pressing his fingers into his temples. Beside him, Techno shook his head quickly with a soft snort. Tommy responded only by blowing a quick raspberry in Wilbur's direction.
Phil motioned to settle the two (who would no doubt break into a spat any second) when a rustle from the cabin startled him. Quickly, he put a finger up to his lips and motioned for them to quiet down.
Another rustle sounded from inside the home, and Phil quickly pulled Tommy behind him when he heard soft footfalls staggering toward the door.
The door opened slowly, small grunts accompanying the creaking hinges. Phil felt his heart ache at the sight — a small bat hybrid stood precariously at the doorway, hands gripping the mahogany door as best as they could with the tremors racking their frame.
"Hello?" They croaked, blinking slowly at Phil and his sons. Their eyes fell on Techno eventually, and they quickly straightened themselves.
"Hello Phil, I think I left your potions somewhere..." The child reassured, letting go of the door to stagger into the house. Techno followed after them carefully, after idly waving a hand at Phil's expression.
"Hey, Mate. How long have you been alone for?" Phil asked, stepping into the cabin with his other two sons.
The house was a mess - books and pages strewn across the floor forced you to step over them precariously, dirty dishes piled high in the connected kitchen, and dust collected on higher appliances, cupboards untouched, and top bookshelves dusty.
"Uhm, I dunno. The seasons changed..." The kid responded eventually, trailing off as they struggled to climb up a step ladder in front of a wall of potions (which he noted as half-empty). Phil grimaced as he watched their frail arms shake from the effort exerted.
"Are they labeled correctly?" Wilbur asked gently. The little hybrid startled at the sound of his voice but nodded anyway. Wilbur stepped closer to them, a soft smile on his face.
"I'll grab it for you." He reassured, waiting for the child to nod once again before skimming the potions on the wall, flipping their tags over to read them idly. Eventually, he pulled two bottles off of the wall and stepped away from the collection entirely.
"Who" They asked, squinting at them. Phil figures they must have just processed the three extra people present.
"I'm Phil, the boy with wings is Tommy, Wilbur helped you with the potions, and the one with pink hair is Techno." Phil clarified, watching the smaller one nod along. Then, groggily, they turned to Techno.
"Not Phil?" Techno shook his head slightly, still holding on to the crate he'd carried from home.
"Not Phil."
"Ah…" They nodded, blinking blearily. Phil realized with a slight frown that their eyes were glassy, unfocused.
"What's your name?" Techno asked, taking the potions from Wilbur and setting them in the padded crate.
"Y/n." The hybrid muttered, not looking up. Their tiny wings were almost limp behind them, making Phil's worry increase.
"Y/n, do you know who Lucielle is?" Wilbur's tone was gentle, with a bit of urgency. The hybrid blinked slowly but nodded. They shakily made their way over to the kitchen table a few feet away, the rest of them following slowly as not to crowd them. Phil could tell Tommy was getting antsy, twitching at every opportunity and pulling on the edges of his clothes.
"She...she's in her room. Won't let me come in." They mumbled, resting their head on the table as they spoke.
"Phil," Tommy whispered, pulling on his pant leg. Phil shushed him softly, patting his head.
"In her room?" Phil asked, looking over to the door shut down the hall. There are claw marks near the doorknob, dark wood peeling away to reveal lighter peels of wood, coarse and unsanded.
"Said she was sick...told me I couldn't get sick, too. So." The hybrid shrugged, eyes drooping. Phil nodded, watching them worriedly. They weren't in the best condition either, it seemed.
"Phil!" Another hiss from Tommy, and this time Phil just placed a hand on the boy's shoulder to stop the kid from pulling any harder on his coat.
"She...magic..." The kid slurred, closing their eyes. Wilbur placed a hand on their back, panic seeping into his expression. A quick press to their neck allowed Wilbur to relax, pulse thudding gently against his fingertips.
"They're out cold." He hummed, looking back up at Phil with a frown.
"Phil!" Tommy was shouting now, hand gripping tightly onto Phil's arm.
"Yes, Tommy, what is it? I think they're hurt..." Phil finally addressed the youngest, trailing off in concern. From the looks of it, the child had just passed out.
"They're a bat, right?" Tommy asked, approaching the sleeping hybrid.
"That's right, their wings match, and so do their claws," Wilbur confirmed, staring at the thin, pointy wings draped across Y/n's shoulders. Tommy approached the table, staring curiously at the hybrid.
"Wilby, you said some bats hibernated when it got too cold," Tommy said, poking the hybrid's cheek. Wilbur stopped short, mouth ajar just an inch.
"It would make sense...but there's no heat in here; they must be freezing," Techno spoke, crate settled in his arms once again. Phil shot a look at the mangled door a few feet away from them - it was clear that the kid had tried to enter the room by force. From what they had said, Lucielle had sealed herself into the room about a season ago. Could she have slipped out when Y/n wasn't looking?
The witch Phil had seen grow old would have to wait - now he had a sickly kid to take care of.
After ushering Wilbur to the side, Phil gently scooped the hybrid into his arms, wincing at the feeling of their cold, clammy skin in his hands. Their clothes were far too thin for any child, let alone one that relied on warmth this time of year. Phil shifted his wings so they would cover y/n, at least marginally. He did not want to think about what would happen to them if he carried them through the bitter cold in their current clothing.
"Come on then, boys; we'll come back as soon as we know Y/n's healthy again," Phil instructed, inclining his head toward the doorway. He observed his sons - and the way they hesitated—Techno and Tommy, still curious about the cabin and the story it held. Wilbur, still bearing a furrowed brow as worry surrounded him in a suffocating aura. Phil sighed softly at the way his boys stared silently in response.
"Come on, let's go home." He said - softer this time. This time, he seems to jolt them out of their heads, and they quickly file out before him. Tommy closes the door after they've exited, and Phil watches as he slips his small hand back into Wilbur's.
Tumblr media
tag list: @imuziawi @orkwardx0 @chaoticotaku <3 (feel free to send me an ask or anything if you'd like to be part of the tag list!)
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nightmarefox15 · a day ago
Requested: Nope! Wrote this at school-
Pairing: CC!Georgex Gn!Reader! and CC!Sapnap x Gn!Reader!
Idea: Its yours and Georges anniversary and something happens
Tags/Warnings: None, Angst (?), Crying (?), Cheating! (If there are any warnings that I missed pls tell me!)
Word Count: 1370!
A/n: This is crappy sorry-
° ∆ -------- ••• ------- ∆ °° ∆ -------- ••• ------- ∆ °
“Do you know what today is?” You asked your boyfriend, George, who was on his computer playing with his friend.
“Uhh-Saturday?” He said confused, not turning to look at you.
You frowned ”Right….Sorry, I'm just out of it today”
“That's alright Love” He said, smiling at you, making you force a smile back.
It was your anniversary.
And George forgot.
Of course you're sad but….you just can't get mad at him….
You don't know why.
Maybe it's because he was so innocent about it?
Or because hes so cute?
Or maybe it was because hes so happy right now?
No...It was because you loved him.
But….Youve been together for almost two years now….He should know your guys’ anniversary by now, right?
You sighed, picking up your phone, and began scrolling through your messages with George.
You guys had talked about it for a month now….But it seems like he completely forgot about your guys' plans for today…..
You blinked back the tears in your eyes, not wanting to bring attention to yourself, and clicked out of Georges and your messages and clicked on Sapnaps.
He was your best friend…..
Ever since you met him you just clicked.
‘Hey….’ You texted him, waiting for a reply.
He wasn't playing with George, it was only him and Dream…
You smiled at his text, loving how he can always make you smile, no matter how down in the dumps you were.
‘Can I talk to u?’
‘Of course! Ill always listen :)’
‘Thxs :)’
‘So today is mine and Georges anniversary and….’
You paused, not sure if you should tell him.
‘Rlly?! Congrats Y/n!’
‘Wait….you don't seem so happy?’
‘Whats wrong? Did George do something?!’
‘That son of a bitch’
You giggled, watching as Sapnap went on a rant, letting out all his anger on George.
‘.....I rambled didnt I?’
‘You did :)’
‘But that's ok! You made me feel a bit better'
“Darling?” You heard George ask, making you look up from your phone. “Who are you texting?”
“Just Sapnap” You said, smiling at him in reassurance. “Why?”
“Oh nothing!” He said, smiling back at you. “Just curious! You're a giggling mess!”
You blushed, hiding your head in your hands in embarrassment.
“Awwwww! Look how embarrassed you are” He teased, poking your leg.
“Stop it” You mumbled, glaring at him from behind your hands, making him chuckle.
George turned back to his computer, put his headset back on, and continued to play with Dream.
He felt like he was forgetting something….
It was probably nothing important, he decided and pushed the feeling aside.
Your phone buzzed, causing you to look down at it.
‘You there?’
‘Ya Im here!’
‘Thought I lost you for a minute there’
You giggled again but stopped when you realized you were.
‘I am a giggling mess, aren't I?’ You questioned yourself, texting Sapnap back, a smile on your face.
George looked back at you to see you glued to your phone, making him frown.
George looked back at the game to see that he had died.
‘What?’ He snapped, causing Dream to let out a surprised noise.
‘Whoa Buddy! Are you ok?’
George huffed, clicking respawn.
‘Absolutely. Wonderful’ He seethed out, running back to the place he had died.
‘You don't sound so wonderful Gogy? Has something happened?’
George sighed, not sure if he should tell his friend.
‘Well-’ “George?” You asked, interrupting him. “Are you ok Darling?”
George looked back at you smiling. “Im fine Love, just...mad at the game”
“Ok…” You said, hesitance in your voice. “You're just yelling that's all.”
Georges eyes widened. “I-I am?!” He asked, looking at you then back at his screen.
“Mhm” You hummed, turning him around in his chair.
You carefully took his headphones off, hearing Dream question him if he was ok, and set them on his desk.
“Maybe that's enough Minecraft for today” You suggested, sitting on his lap. “Don't want you to get too mad”
George was freaking out.
You were sitting on his lap.
“I-Uh-Ok-” He stuttered out, turning around in his computer and turning it off without saying goodbye to Dream.
You smiled down at him, causing him to blush even more. Leaning down you kissed his lips softly, making him blush and kiss you back shyly.
Pulling back, you rested your forehead against his.
“I love you” You mumbled, looking into Georges eyes.
“Love you too” He mumbled, kissing your nose, making you giggle.
You two sat there in silence, just looking into each others eyes.
It was nice.
Just sitting in each others embrace.
Well….Until Georges phone rang.
You sighed, reaching back and grabbing his phone from his desk.
You looked at the caller to see it was someone named…..Maya….
“Who's Maya?” You asked, hanging up on the girl.
Georges eyes widened…..He knows he made a mistake.
“It's uh…..It's my cousin?” He said, well more liked asked.
“Mhm” You hummed, getting off his lap and scrolling through this Mayas text messages with him.
‘When are you going to break u with her :(‘
I wanna be with youuuuu’
‘Soon Love. Soon’
“So….” You said, tears welling up in your eyes. “You where gonna break up with me?”
“What-” George said, quickly standing up. “What are you talking about? I would never!”
“Right.” You said sarcastically rolling your eyes as you threw his phone at him and began packing your bags. “That's why Maya, your ‘cousin’, asked when you were going to break up with me.”
George sucked in a breath, watching as you zipped your bag shut and left the room. “WAIT-IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!” He yelled, chasing after you.
“Whatever you say” You hissed, slipping your shoes on quickly and opening the door.
“I hope youre happy with Maya Bitch” You spat, slamming the door in Georges face, causing him to flinch.
“What have I done….” George mumbled to himself, hearing your car start up and drive away.
You sobbed, your anger finally vanishing and your sadness replacing it. “How could he do this to me….” You mumbled, stopping at a red light and picking up your phone to see him spamming you with apologies and ‘I love you’s.
You scoffed, wiping your tears as you called Sapnap, hoping he could help you or calm you down.
Connecting your phone to your car you set it down in a cupholder and waited for the light to turn green.
“Heeeello?” You heard Saps voice ring out in the car when the light turned green.
“Hey…” You said, your voice hoarse from crying,
“Whoa, what's wrong? You sound like you've been crying!”
“Because I have dimwit”
“Because George fucking cheated”
You seethed, some of your anger coming back.
“On some girl named Maya or whatever! And on our anniversary too!”
“Whoa calm down! He did what?!”
“He cheated….” You said, the situation sinking in again, causing the tears to come back.
“That motherfucker” Sapnap cursed, fumbling to get out of his bed and ready.
He didn't like this one bit.
He was going to yell at George none stop.
He hated to see you sad.
All because of a stupid feeling called love.
“Sap?” He heard Y/n ask from his phone.
“Sorry I was just getting ready!”
“That's ok but….Why are you getting ready?”
“Because someone's going to die today-”
“SAP! NO!”
“WHY NOT?! He cheated on you! He deserves to die-”
“As much as I want him to die, I don't want you to go to jail”
Sapnap huffed, setting down his phone on the kitchen counter.
How’d he get there so fast? No one will know.
“But no! You will not go to jail!”
“Fine” He said, biting into a piece of toast.
“But what can I do?”
“You can let me stay with you”
Sapnap.ex has stopped working
“Wh-What?!” He asked, choking on his toast.
“Well, I need a place to stay….And I thought I could stay with you...It's ok if not-”
“Nononono-It's ok! I was just surprised!”
No duh.
He didn't expect you to ask if you could stay with him.
He was going to be the one to die.
° ∆ -------- ••• ------- ∆ °° ∆ -------- ••• ------- ∆ °
So uh.....hope you enjoyed it?
I fucking hate it so-
(Also if you want a pt. 2 just ask ig-)
Taglist: @sugarrbbee @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @lakifaki @n3r0-1417 @meliancries @wilczachannn @wrenqueenisboss @gray-moon2 @pixviepie
Just ask to be added!
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kitty-the-outlaw · a day ago
Love your RDR2 fics, but I'm here sending in a little TWD request: Daryl Dixon/F!Reader hurt/comfort where the reader and Daryl are friends (both wanting to be a little more but neither has admitted it) and the reader gets injured while out with him. He's worried, got to patch her up, angst and comfort ensues etc. I know you have a lot of requests so no rush and no worries if you don't end up writing it! Thank you bunches if you do!!!
Hi anon! I'm sorry this took so long to write. I feel terrible and although I'm not 100% happy with it, I needed to get it finished or it was going to drive me insane!
I hope you're happy with it <33
Tumblr media
Title: Silent Admission
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader
Reader: Female – She/Her – No gender identifying body descriptions used
Word Count: 2781
Tags: Mention of injury, angst, mutual pining, fluff.
You watched as Daryl swung his crossbow over his head and settled it onto his shoulders. You felt the heat rising in your cheeks as you watched the muscles in his back flex with every movement. You’d had a crush on the archer from the day Rick had brought you to Alexandria.
The more time you spent with him, the more you realised your crush had turned into something more. You sought out his company when you needed someone to turn to. He was always there when you needed a shoulder to cry on, but whenever you imagined he reciprocated your feelings, he would close himself off and walk away.
Despite this, he didn’t actively avoid you, and never complained when you were paired up to go on a run together, like today. You packed some supplies into a backpack and followed him out to the main gate. As you suspected, you were taking the bike out, and Dog ran in circles as you approached.
“Hey boy!” You smiled, scratching the animal behind his ears. “You coming on the run?”
“Nah, goin’ too far out for him to follow.” Daryl answered, giving his bike a once over before climbing on. “Dog, go to Carol.”
Dog whimpered as you mounted the bike, getting comfortable and wrapping your arms around Daryl’s waist, but when the engine turned over, he barked before heading to Carol’s.
Riding the bike wasn’t your favourite thing in the world, especially without a crash helmet. But it gave you a chance to be near your favourite human being, so you put up with it.
After a few hours, you arrived at your destination. Daryl shut the bike off and you both dismounted, before heading towards a warehouse. Daryl propped the bike up and covered it with a piece of tarpaulin he had found before following you to the door.
It was open slightly, so you hit the frame with your fist and listened out for the sound of walkers. You heard some shuffling from within, so you banged again. This time the unmistakeable sound of walkers groaning filled the air. It didn’t’ sound like there were many, so you took a step inside. The windows at the top of the walls gave enough light for you not to need your torches, and as you rounded a row of shelves, you saw two of the dead heading towards you. Without thinking, you stabbed the first in the head before shoving it at the second to knock it down.
With it pinned to the ground, you towered over it and thrust your knife into its skull. As you cleaned off your weapon, you were grabbed from behind; somehow you hadn’t heard a third walker approaching. As soon as you turned, a hand appeared from behind it and buried a knife in its head to the hilt.
“Y’alright?” Daryl asked, helping you over the now truly dead corpse. You nodded, still a little shaken. “You’re bleeding.” His eyes shot from your face to the wound on your hip and back again. “You get bit?”
“No! Not even scratched.” You looked around behind you and noticed a sharp piece of metal sticking out of the warehouse shelving. “Must have been the shelf.” You nodded to the offending piece of metal.
“Lemme see.” He moved closer, lifting your shirt to assess the damage. “Hm, s’quite deep. You’re gonna need stitches.” He pressed at the edge of the wound and you winced.
“OK, that hurts.” Now the shock was wearing off, the pain was setting in. You ripped off the bottom of your shirt and tied it around your waist as tight as you could and made sure the knot was directly over the wound. “Let’s get collecting. Come on.”
You hobbled from row to row, collecting anything you thought might be any good. A few tins of food, some basic medical supplies, a couple of half full jerry cans – although it wasn’t clear what the liquid inside was.
“Y’alright carryin’ that lot?” Daryl asked, concern written across his face as he looked toward you wound.
“Honey, I’ll be fine, just lift these jerry cans for me, yeah?”
Daryl acquiesced immediately and lifted the two with one hand, strapping them to his bike as best he could, while ensuring here was still enough room for you to sit comfortably.
As you exited the warehouse, Daryl noticed that you had started to walk with a limp, dragging the leg on your injured side behind you. He rushed over to take the items you were carrying and propped you up with an arm around your waist as you placed your arm across his shoulder.
“C’mon, we gotta get that cleaned up.”
The noise you had created upon leaving the warehouse had started to draw in more walkers, Luckily there weren’t many in sight, but you both knew how quickly that could change, so you attempted to move a little faster, or at least a little less slow than you had been.
By the time you reached Daryl’s bike, there was a group of at least 20 behind you, eagerly reaching out as Daryl struggled to start the machine.
“Ain’t working!” He growled. “Gonna have to find somewhere to hide. C’mon.” He grabbed your hand, pulling you gently. When you cried out in pain, he stopped pulling and lifted you bridal style into his arms.
“Daryl, stop. You can’t. I’m slowing you down.” You whimpered. He shook his head and carried you around the building to a fire escape.
“Quick, up here.” He placed you in front of the ladder and you began to climb, albeit slowly. “Keep going!”
You watched as he took down two walkers with the crossbow before unsheathing his knives and going after the three closest to him. By now you were half way up the ladder and he ran back to you, beginning to climb. Daryl yelled out and you looked below you to see the one of the dead had grabbed his foot.
“NO!” You called out, and pulled your gun from its holster, shooting the offending walker in the head. With his leg free, Daryl climb higher and gasped for air.
“You’ve probably called a whole ton of them now.” He said, breathing heavily. “But thanks.”
You nodded and continued to climb. You didn’t care how many of them you’d advertised your presence to. Let them all come, as long as you didn’t lose Daryl.
By the time you reached the top of the building, your wound was bleeding through your makeshift bandage, and the pain was worse than ever. You moved over to the buildings rooftop access and collapsed against the wall, breathing heavily with your eyes closed.
“Hey.” You heard Daryl’s voice, but it wasn’t registering with you. “Hey.” It came again, along with a little nudge, so you opened your eyes to see your favourite person crouched in front of you with a worried look on his face.
In your hazy state, and with him silhouetted by the sun behind him, Daryl looked like a heavenly being. You reached a hand out to touch his face.
“You’re so pretty.” You mumbled. Your hand dropped to your side before you managed to make contact with his cheek.
“You’re delirious.” He replied with a chuckle. “Now, keep still. Lemme check on your wound.”
You winced a little as he lifted your shirt and began to untie the material. You didn’t dare to look at it, knowing that pain is always made worse by looking at a wound, but you didn’t move as Daryl tried to inspect it.
“So doc, am I gonna live?” You joked, but Daryl’s expression killed the chuckle in your throat immediately.
“Ain’t gonna lie to ya. S’not good. You need serious medical attention.” He said, trying to soften the blow by placing a hand on your arm. “You got some metal stuck in there. I can try to get it out, but without the right kit, it’s gonna hurt.”
“Daryl, we are hours away from home. Hours away from the nearest doctor. Seems I ain’t got much of a choice.” You smiled weakly. “Just…. Just try your best, OK?”
Daryl remained silent but gave you a nod. He brought over the backpack you had filled with medical supplies and began taking items out in order of their usefulness.
“We got no tweezers. Gotta use alcohol and my hands. That alright?” You nodded and screwed your eyes closed, making sure your head was facing away from the sight of your wound.
The sting of alcohol made you cry out, but you did your best not to move as he methodically removed the shard of metal. You held your breath, willing everything in you not to cry but the tears slipped from your eyes, no matter how hard to tried to conceal them.
“You OK?” Daryl asked, not averting his eyes from the wound.” It’s nearly out, alright?”
You nodded, grimacing again as you felt the shard being removed and finally let your breath go as it slid out. The area still hurt, but now the pain of the metal had gone, it was a lot less sore than it had been.
“I’m gonna pour the alcohol over it now. We have some bandages, but nothing I can use to stitch you up.”
“That’s alright. Cleaning it out and clean bandages is better than metal in it and a dirty shirt wrapped around.” You grabbed his arm, forcing his attention away from the wound. “Listen, bowboy, I’m sorry I brought more walkers down on our position.” Daryl shook his head.
“You kiddin’ me? You saved my life down there. It don’t matter if we got a whole horde. We’re getting out of here and getting you home”
You both nodded and when he had finished wrapping the bandage around you, you tried to stand, but the loss of blood and lack of food had made you weaker than you’d expected and luckily Daryl was there to save you from landing on your butt.
As he propped you up, you realised he was looking at you in a way he had never done before. It was almost a look of longing. You brushed it off, not imagining that there was anything in it.
As you looked over the edge of the building, a larger group than that which had been chasing you had congregated at the base of the ladder.
“What now?” You sighed. “Other than the roof access, I don’t see another way down. And we don’t know how infested the building is on the inside.”
“Gimme a minute.” Daryl said, setting you down on the roof ledge. He made his way over to the other side of the building, looking around for another exit.
As you watched him, you wondered why he had looked at you the way he did. Your brain felt fuzzy whenever you were around him, and you knew your feelings for the archer must be obvious. Not that he had ever given you any indication that he was aware, or that he felt anything akin to the same way.
Eventually he came back over to you, checking over the edge again to see the horde at the bottom of the ladder. He sighed and scratched his head.
“Gotta fire escape on the other side, might be able to jump across to the opposite building.” He said, biting his nails. “Only thing, not sure you should be jumpin’ anywhere with that.” He pointed to your injury.
“Hey, I stay here, I die. I jump, it’ll hurt, but I’ll survive.” You replied, raising an eyebrow.
“You sure?” Daryl sighed again. “I just….. Don’t want you gettin’ hurt again. S’already my fault you got hurt in the warehouse.” His eyes glazed over as he looked at the bandage around your body.
You stood up and moved closer to him, cupping his cheek, and shifting into his eyeline as he looked away.
“Hey, that wasn’t your fault.” You said softly. “That could have happened to anyone at any time. It was a hazard, and it was bound to hurt someone eventually.”
You slipped your hand around to the back of his neck, pulling his face down towards your own. As your foreheads touched, you closed your eyes. You could feel his breath on your face as he shifted, and your noses touched. Part of you wanted to close the gap even more, to press your lips against his, but you were unwilling to make the move. If you kissed him and he felt differently, it could ruin the friendship you’d take so long to build up. Would he still trust you? Would you still trust yourself? What would happen if-
Your thoughts were cut off as Daryl pressed his lips to yours. It was soft, gentle, almost as though he were asking your permission. You pulled back, slightly stunned at his actions, eyes wide.
“M’sorry.” He mumbled. You chuckled and pulled him toward you again, bringing your lips to his as you smiled.
He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer until you grunted as he squeezed your wound. He apologised again as he released you and you smiled at him.
“Daryl Dixon, only you would wait until I’m too injured to do anything before making your move.” You giggled as he blushed. “No matter. We’ve waited this long, a few more hours won’t hurt.”
He nodded before picking up the bag you had been carrying and helping you to the other side of the roof.
“Dun matter now. I’ll get you off this roof if it’s the last thing I do. Ain’t gonna lose you.” He said, helping you over the ledge of the roof and down to the top level of the fire escape. You made it to the level that you had to jump across and suddenly you became light headed.
“Daryl…. I don’t think I can.” You took a step back, tears filling your eyes as you tried to judge the distance between the buildings. The archer turned to you, taking your hand in his and using his other hand to turn your face to look at him.
“Hey, you got this, ‘kay? You trust me?” He asked. You nodded and he kissed your knuckles. “Just follow what I do, alright?” You nodded again and paid careful attention to Daryl’s movements.
He threw the bag across first, then climbed over the railing until he was standing on the outer ledge, facing the building opposite. The fire escape on the other building was slightly different, the ledge across from you being slightly lower. Once Daryl jumped across, he stayed on the outside of the railings and gestured for you to follow.
“I’mma stay right here. I’ll catch you. I promise.” He held his arm out.
You took a deep breath and gingerly climbed over the railings, careful not to agitate your wound too much. It took you a few seconds to regain your composure, ensuring you DIDN’T look at the ground. In your head, you counted to three and jumped. As he promised, Daryl was there, holding you in his strong arms as you took a few shaky breaths.
“Did I make it?” You asked, eyes squeezed shut. You heard a chuckle rumble in his chest, and he kissed the top of your head before helping you over. “Um, Daryl? What’re we gonna do about the bike?”
“Don’t worry, we’ll get it back.” He lifted the window of the apartment behind him and crept in, making sure it was empty before ushering you in with him. “We’ll stay here tonight. Get the bike back in the morning.”
You looked around the living room. The apartment wasn’t in bad condition, but it was clear that nobody had lived there for a long time. Daryl checked all the rooms were clear before locking the front door and helping you into a bedroom. As you lay on the bed, he scratched the back of his neck and stood awkwardly.
“I’ll sleep on the couch.” He mumbled. “Your wound.”
“Don’t be silly. Stay here.” You paused as your eyes locked with his. “Please?”
You watched as the archer’s face flushed, and he nodded before climbing into the bed behind you. Making sure not to crowd you, he made sure there was space between your bodies and laid on his back. You sighed, smiling to yourself as you lifted his arm and crawled into his embrace. His heart was racing, so was yours. But for the first time since the world went to shit, you finally felt safe, and managed to fall into a comfortable sleep.
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levmada · 9 hours ago
Hello!!! I would love to request a Levi x Reader (your choice of how you want to write it if you do) where reader is in the scouts but on the medical side and has the polar opposite personality to Levi
anon- you were so polite i had to start on this ask immediately😭 i loved writing this, thank u for the idea!! as an aside, i read somewhere a long time ago that Levi's horse is named Nibbles. that may not be accurate, but it is to me, so i used it in this drabble<3.
summary: In which you are a specialized trauma nurse with the Survey Corps, on the receiving end of a particularly dreadful expedition. Levi returns home missing you dearly.
warnings: nongraphic references to violence/death | minor injury recovery
wc: ~1k
listened to while writing:
Post-expedition is—at times—even worse than the days or weeks out on the expedition itself. Outside the Walls, the air is at the very least fresh, and the thrum of adrenaline is a constant in almost everyone; very few have to pause and account for the numbers they’ve lost so far, or the horrors they’ve witnessed. Once the Scouts re-enter the gates, fewer in number and clamoring with injured, it’s in the hands of the waiting medics to cushion the impact of another trek beyond the Walls.
For that, Levi has every right in the world to admire your unyielding optimism. It’s rare that he sustains injuries on the battlefield that require medical attention—if he yields to treatment at all—but this one was the exception. Just a nasty laceration, but this expedition was one of the shittier ones. Two-thirds of every Scout who left over a week ago, didn’t get to come back. The medbay has fewer patients compared to the norm as a result, and Levi needed to see you.
Though, if you’re too swamped with other patients, fine. The sight of you is enough. That stupidly joyful smile of yours reminds him that despite the cold stink of death outside the Walls, there’s always hope in this world; that he has something worth coming home to.
Plenty of nurses in medical garb scurrying around insist that Captain Levi deserves to be treated by only the most well-seasoned nurses, or even one of the few doctors they have on staff, but Levi asks for you specifically.
“You heard me,” he barks, but the bite normally heavy in Levi’s voice is lessened—by grief, by exhaustion, and by the filth and gore soaking him to his bones. “I’ll wait if I have to. Just bring her here when she gets the time.”
The nurse he speaks to is puzzled, but agrees and hurries elsewhere to reconcile the more dire casualties. While Levi waits, perched on the edge of one of dozens of medical-grade beds littered throughout the ward, he clutches his forearm. It’s been bandaged already—the worst of it is the dull throb of pain, but even that comes second to the heaviness Levi carries in his chest. He can still smell the stinking metal—the blood of his comrades. Some he managed to save, but never enough.
While only fifteen or so minutes pass him by before you’re informed that the Captain is waiting for you, to Levi it feels like an eternity. He sees your eyes light up at the sight of him, only for your jaw to drop, and your elation bleeding away to concern.
“Levi! Shit. It really was a bad turnout if you’re here," you fuss. "What happened out there? Tell me where it hurts."
Fuck, Levi can’t believe he missed your voice so terribly, and your habit of talking his ear off. Moisture pricks at his eyes, which he blinks away as you examine his injury.
“I’m…” Levi clears his throat. Unlike you, finding words and sorting his emotions is like pulling teeth. Strike out missing you terribly—Levi missed you like he missed breathing air. “..It’s fine. If you have other patients, go. Just wanted to come by.”
“Are you crazy?” Your smile is breezy, but nonetheless genuine. “My shift should’ve ended an hour ago. I got worried at the low numbers, whether you’d be..” Levi regards the blood outright soaked into your nurse garb—leaving it more ruby than plain white—before you go on. “..but I still held out hope. I’m so happy you’re home.”
Your last statement comes as more of a relieved sigh. Levi is glad too, but there’s not a chance you haven’t run yourself into the ground, anxiously running around to treat casualties like a dog with its own tail. It’s a wonder how you’re still so jovial despite the bags around your eyes; despite the frayed mess of your hair. Levi is overcome with the urge to smooth it down, but his hands are still filthy.
“You should rest,” Levi says instead, biting back a wince as you finish stitching his forearm. There’s a good chance it’ll scar.
You hush him, worrying your lip between your teeth as you bandage the wound, snug. All the while, Levi is basking in the pleasant scent of your perfume. You’re so warm, so alive, and that insurance would be enough to lull him into a much-needed doze—if it weren’t for the clamor of the medbay around you both.
When Levi finds himself next, you’re frowning, and his cloak has been undone and cast aside. You’re taking his pulse, palpating his head for injuries. He can’t find it within himself to object—I’m filthy, I’m soaked in blood, stop—and just watches you through a bleary, grateful gaze instead.
“You need to rest,” comes your heavenly voice, repeating his earlier suggestion. “I’ve never seen you so tired, honey.”
“Need t’ shower.” Levi’s voice is hoarse, flimsy. “Paperwork for those we lost.”
You disagree outright with a purse of your lips before Levi senses your palms at his face, cupping his cheeks. He grunts, eyes fluttering.
“I’ll clean you up—squeaky clean, hm? Paperwork tomorrow,” you reassure him. “If you can put up Nibbles and make it all the way here to wait for me, you can make it outside to wait a little longer, yeah?"
"Everything’s gonna be alright, Levi.”
Levi shudders in your embrace, as brief as it is; you’re mindful of how much it bothers him to be touched so soon after another tour of a hellish battlefield, but he finds the will to wrap his arms around you regardless.
He can’t refuse you either, not that Levi would ever dream of it.
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sxkurasakura · a day ago
Yandere!Front Man oneshot: You escape.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Hwang In-Ho x reader Gender neutral reader ♡∘ Masterlist ∘♡
CW: yandere, mentions of captivity, mentions of death, threats.
A/N: Ayo look I wrote something that’s not headcannons this is trash
Staring at the opened trapdoor, He's not even upset. Not even angry. He's just amused. This was yet another one of your little escapades.
How can you leave him? Not when you're on an island miles away from the mainland, he thinks. He'll let you frantically find your way out until you make it out of the facility. Following you all the while, each one of your escape attempts making the smirk under his mask grow wider. This little game of cat and mouse is far better than any of the death games he oversees and manages.
You've been running for so long, all you could see was trees and rocks. There was no telling how long that masked man that called himself the Front Man had kept you, though you had guessed around... 10 days? You were underground; it's not like underground buildings have windows. Were the games still being played? Was it over? You didn't know.
So far, there were no signs of anyone pursuing you, but you knew you had to keep moving so you wouldn't be found. You had no phone- nothing. All of your belongings were taken so you had no way to contact anyone outside. Did your family or friends even know of your disappearance?
Finally, you arrive at the edge of a cliff. You looked for any land, an island, anything that could at least help you find your bearings. But blue, crashing waves rolled as far as you could see. Finally it dawned on you. You were in the middle of nowhere with no means of escape from this wretched island. Even if someone back home notified authorities of your disappearance, they couldn't find you. Consumed by your thoughts, you failed to hear the footsteps behind you.
"Leaving so quickly?"
You turned around so quickly your head spun as your blood ran cold at the sight of him. No, not again- you were so close to freedom...
"You're on an island miles away from the mainland with no reception. You cannot escape." His distorted voice rang out as he stalked closer to you. Chest tightening, you backed away all you can, until the rock crumbling beneath you indicated you were dangerously close to the edge. He grabbed you by your choker and pulled you closer to him until his masked face was disturbingly close. You didn't need to see his face to know that he was enjoying this every bit.
"You can keep running all you want but i'll always find you."
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Heat of the Moment
Shark Daddy x GN Reader
☠️💥Minors DNI💥☠️
(Sin,guys, this is SIN. Just straight up smut- Not sure if I was inspired or just followed the horny. -///- I’m not the best at writing stuff like this but that is for all of you to judge. As I just go liven’t.)
{D.Shark belongs to @my-quirk-is-fred and they fucking deserve love for their art. Especially the one from their Twitter that inspired this mess of a fic.}
Warnings: Breading kink, size kink, monster fucking? Not proof read
(God idfk, if you’re not comfortable, don’t read, drink your water)
There’s so much at once right now: Deep heavy breaths fanning your neck, your legs clutching around the body pillow for dear life, sweat trickling down your brow, but most of all-
You’re whole body being pressed down be the shear weight of you shark lover above you.
His hips rutting against your backside as his dick is buried deep inside; every bump and ridge massaging your walls, sending wave of euphoria through out, causing shivers and moans to whimper out. This is fucking heaven. You couldn’t move much, but wiggle your own hips against him felt amazing. Especially when draw out some reaction from him.
A deep guttural growl vibrates against his chest with your movements, making you coo out to him.
“F-Fuck..” The shark manages to groan out, his claws digging into the floor.
“S-So fucking tight…you’re taking me in still, baby..” His voice, usually smooth, is now rougher. Some drool dribbles from his lips that drips down to join the sweat below. He hates getting everything dirty like this, but the want-NEED to be buried deep in, pump you full till your pregnant (even if it’s not possible) was all in his heated mind. How could resist you? Your scent, the way your cute ass was displayed only for him, those eyes just begging for a pup to be put inside; Daddy couldn’t refuse such an offer, and in the heat of the moment, your were pinned down and taking him.
A loud mew sang out for only him to hear, making it so much harder to hold back.
“D-Daddy-!” You moan loudly from under the massive shark. “More-oh!”
Such a greedy mate he has, wanting more then what can take.
“Use…you’re words…now.” He demands deeply as he slows down ever so slightly, making your mind go crazy.
“More…p-please,” A whine called out from yourself with no shame and full of lust.
That did more then it should have, cause that’s when shit got real.
You feel his dick slowly pulling back slightly to only be push back in with a sharp thrust. The tip pushes deep and hits that part inside that made stars appear in your vision. No words could he escape your throat, barely sounds came out too. This is more than you expected. And he thrusts again. And again. And again.
You finally screamed out for him, clenching on to the pillow for dear life as he fucks said life out of you. He gotten closer to you somehow, causing your stomach to be pressed and making you feel him even m o r e. His grunts turns more animalistic as he went on, scratch marks appeared on the floor, and his eye slowly roll back.
With each thrust of his hips, you felt closer to your peak; and by his doing, it feels like your being dragged to bliss.
“C-ah…” You try to call out, interrupting yourself with your own moan till you bit you bottom lip. “‘m gonna-!”
“Do it baby. Cum.” He growls out deeply, feeling himself getting to his own climax quickly. “Cum for me. Only me.”
On his command, you did. That tightness in your stomach snaps and you cum with pleasure raking out your entire body. One finally push against your ass, he joined your high as well. Streams of his climax pours slowly into you with some dribbling out to soak the pillow.
For a moment or two, both of you stay still, catching your breath and letting the high calm till both of you can think.
Slowly the shark man pulls himself out, not want to hurt you (and make more of a sticky mess.) His cum slowly leaks out of you, making him a little sad but your face of satisfaction made him feel better. That’s what matters right now~
And a bath.
“Baby….” He whispers and leans in close, giving a loving kiss on your head. “Time to clean up…~”
You whine slightly, clinging to the (tortured) body pillow. “Noooo…”
“Y/n.” He whispers to you as his arms scoop you up. “I hate to see you all sore for next time..~” His words were so loving and gentle. Both of you head to your bathroom to clean up….till it hits you.
“Next time…?” You look up with wide, oddly hopeful, eyes.
His response? That stupid smirk.
“Remember, I got two to deal with, baby~”
This was news that made you ache for your body in the close future.
But, you couldn’t wait either.
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blushy-peach-blog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Modern AU Headcanons
(Zuko X Reader)
Word Count : 2054
Tumblr media
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♥ Request Information : Hello! I really liked your alphabet with Zuko! Could I request headcanons of a modern au? IDK if you do that, but if you do, I would really like that! Maybe some general headcanons and it could be Zukoxreader? Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
Warnings : none! pretty fluffy piece! some of the headcanons are a bit angsty, but zuko would totally be filled with angst, so i couldn’t really avoid it XD
A/N : since i wanted to be precise, i did multiple aspects of his life! i hope you enjoy this anon! :D if anyone wants similar headcanons for a different character, please let me know!
Tumblr media
♥ When you first met Zuko, he seemed annoyed at everything and constantly bothered. He always kept to himself but seemed to at least smile around his friend group.
♥ After getting to know him, you quickly realize that Zuko is actually kind of awkward and bad in social situations. “You have… quite strong arms. Good for carrying heavy equipment or… dancing?” “I literally just picked my backpack up-”
♥ Although his lack of social awareness doesn’t stop him from acting proud and confident; Zuko never backs down from an argument and will clash heads with authority figures (in a respectful way).
♥ He tries his best to be kind to strangers and to stay mindful of lives behind closed doors due to his past, but if he sees an authority figure abuse their power (ex. teachers, upperclassmen, certain customers) it makes him want to knock them down a peg or two. (Imagine the situation with Jet, except Zuko will initiate a fight with any person who got on his bad side).
♥ Zuko is officially known as “King Pouty” by your group. He tried to deny it and change it because he didn’t want you to not like him because of it, but after some reassurances that you don’t mind his cute pout, he kind of owns the name now.
♥ When he and his uncle first moved to the area, they worked at a local tea shop, but after Iroh’s great success there, he was offered his own shop.
♥ This is where the Jasmine Dragon comes in.
♥ Zuko feels deeply for his uncle and always tries his best to work hard in the shop. On breaks, you’ll usually find him trying to stretch himself and relax his muscles. “Zuko! Why are you working so hard! You know Iroh doesn’t want you to burn out.” “Hey, I’m representing my uncle! I’m not gonna slack.”
♥ After school and any extracurricular activities, you can find Zuko taking orders over at the Jasmine Dragon. Even if it’s obvious his smile is clearly fake, whenever he goes in the back to place the order, he genuinely smiles for his uncle.
♥ Zuko definitely denies he likes working. “I’m a prince! I don’t like to work.” Although the way he hums when he cleans tables makes you think differently.
♥ The Gaang and you 100% chill here just to bother Zuko (and maybe the tea is amazing, but mainly just to bother Zuko). Zuko definitely tried to treat you like normal customers in the beginning, but now he treats you all normally. “Zuko~ Care to bring me a cup of green tea?” “Sokka. Care to have me burn the hair off your head?”
School Life
♥ Zuko is in the last year of school (Senior, Year 13, 12th Grade). He switched schools when he moved with his uncle, so he did not become friends with the Gaang until this year of school.
♥ He got asked to play baseball for the school after the coaches saw how agile he is. Zuko, wanting to show off, accepted and basically carries the team. When you showed up at one of his games wearing an identical jersey to match him (that Iroh may or may not have been involved in making), he kept staring at you the entire time, almost making him lose the game.
♥ Despite having a lot of great qualities, Zuko does not have many friends. The Gaang and you are basically his only source of friendship, which he gladly doesn’t mind.
♥ Zuko is super quiet in class and even in practice, his scowl kinda puts people off and no one is brave enough to try and talk to him.
♥ He honestly blamed his lack of friends on his scar at first, claiming that no one wanted to have to stare at it for too long, that was until you told him how the mark was totally not the problem at all. “No, like, the scar is hot. All the girls find it attractive. It’s actually the big frown on your face when someone walks up to you, that kinda puts people off. Crazy, I know.”
♥ Actually a pretty good student, but thinks he’s awful. The boy has pretty bad imposter syndrome, due to his father and literally perfect sister. He’ll get straight A’s on his report card and be upset that they were “low” A’s.
♥ Aang is, weirdly enough, his closest friend. Despite the boy being three grades below him, Zuko finds himself calmed by the boy and enjoys his free spirit. Aang was the first one in the Gaang to open up to Zuko and wanted to add him into the group. Their relationship is very similar to having a little brother (which Zuko never knew he wanted until he met Aang).
♥ Toph definitely has little sister vibes. Although she’s not as sweet as Kiyi is, she has a bite and a bark that reminds him a lot of Azula. Toph is the queen of teasing him (she came up with the nickname “King Pouty”). While she’ll never admit it, she sees Zuko as an older brother.
♥ Sokka is not allowed to be alone with Zuko anymore. These boys bring out the absolute worst in each other, they basically share one brain cell when they’re alone. “If I’m wearing oven mitts, do you think I could catch a fireball?” “That’s a stupid idea.” “...” “...Let’s try it.” Despite the chaos they get themselves into, Zuko also knows he can go to Sokka in the moments he needs emotional help.
♥ Suki and Zuko have a very interesting relationship. Definitely an odd pair to think about, but great gym partners! They tend to head for the gym before school and work out together. Suki usually carries their conversations and it usually involves any new developments with her life and school drama. All in all, pretty relaxing friendship!
♥ Katara was very hesitant to have Zuko join their friend group at first, but after he helped her get closure on her mother’s death, she really opened up to him. Together, they tend to make sure the rest of the group doesn’t get too rowdy (especially Toph). Because Katara has a lot of responsibility within their friend group, she leans a lot on Zuko to help her out, not only with chores, but also when she needs a shoulder to cry on.
♥ The sweetest couple. Need I say more?
♥ You had some classes with him, but you honestly didn’t pay him much attention. Aang was the one who saw how Zuko kept staring at you. This led to Wingman Aang. He kept pushing you too together and eventually you became friends with the Gaang, but more importantly, Zuko became your friend too.
♥ Zuko was a bundle of nerves around you, but tried to hide it under his stone-cold persona (Newsflash, it didn’t work). No matter how many walls he put up around you, it was easy to see right through him.
♥ He tried asking you out, but it was very awkward and embarrassing. “You’re very nice to look at. In a romantic way. Because I’m trying to romance you. Or- wait that sounds weird-”
♥ So you had to stop his horribly awkward display, for the sake of everyone who walked by and heard his awful love confession. “-I’m free this Saturday. How about we go to that park right by the school, walk around, buy some ice creams, it can be a date?” “Yeah, that’s a way better idea.”
♥ The first couple of months were awkward but definitely in a cuter way this time. He was nervous to touch you, mainly because he wasn’t a touchy person, but also because he was still nervous that you didn’t actually like him.
♥ You had to step up and make some of the first moves, but once Zuko got permission, he tended to take the lead. The first time you kissed his cheek, he began kissing your cheek whenever he saw you. The first time you hugged him from behind, he started hugging you from behind too. Zuko was a fast learner!
♥ He is not a big fan of PDA. He’ll hug you, hold your hand, and give you the occasional kiss, but he would rather keep his affections for you private. Meaning that whenever you came over to his apartment, he’d take you straight up to his room to kiss you on your lips, even if it was a small kiss. “You seriously pushed me away from Iroh and into your room, just for that little kiss?” “... I missed you.”
♥ While you had to make most of the first moves, he was actually the first one to say “I love you”. Most of the time, when Zuko was too vulnerable, he’d take his words back and ask that you forget that he said it, but he didn’t take those words back. He was sure of what he felt for you.
♥ After a while of dating, you two basically became the cutest couple around. Zuko would open doors for you, lead you with his hand on your back, drive you around whenever you needed to go, he’s there for you all the time!
♥ He’d still be stone-cold to his friends and strangers, because that’s just who Zuko is, but you realized that if you flirt with him at all, he’ll melt like putty in your hands. (Not literally ‘melt’, but his body temperature does rise dramatically. Probably a Firebender thing.)
♥ Zuko’s favorite date is when you drive out to an open field and stare up at the stars. It calms him down and he feels closer to you than ever. The topic of conversation usually consists of thinking about your place in the universe. It also helps that the private nature of the date leads to some romantic moments between the two of you.
Awkward Family Situation
♥ Zuko doesn’t speak to his father anymore, mainly because the man is in jail, but also because he was an awful father. Sometimes Zuko will build up the courage to visit him, hoping that he’ll change and be a better person, but Ozai always refuses.
♥ Azula and Zuko have a very strange relationship. Growing up, Zuko envied her and believed that it was hate. Now that their father is in jail and he no longer has control over either of them, Zuko was able to reconnect with his sister and actually gain an awkward, but sweet relationship. She’s still snarky to him, but she’s trying her best to be a good little sister.
♥ Uncle Iroh is basically his new father. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.
♥ After reconnecting with his mother, he tries to visit her every now-and-then. Everytime Zuko wants to go visit her, he brings Kiyi, his other little sister, a present and teaches her some new firebending moves. While Zuko was afraid that trying to build a relationship with his mom would be awkward, it actually seems like they just picked up where they left off. He visits parks with his mom and feeds the turtleducks with her.
♥ Zuko is a bookworm. Before he was in the Gaang, he would eat lunch in the library of the school and do research on any topic that he was interested in. His uncle bought him a bookshelf for his room, so he loves filling it up.
♥ His love for the martial arts and swords are still strong, so he loves practicing those skills. Suki and him tend to work out together, so they both get practice.
♥ Zuko likes theater. He never wanted you to know because he was afraid that you’d make fun of him. He told Sokka once and got made fun of for the next month. You were totally accepting of this when you found out though! Zuko wasn’t a fan of performing on stage, he just enjoyed watching them. The moment you started dating, he even built up the courage to ask you to watch a musical with him. Super fun date, super cute boyfriend.
♥ Zuko also loves poetry! Ironically, Sokka was super into poetry and Zuko teased him about it. That was until he met you, suddenly he was inspired into making short love poems. Now every time you feel down, he’ll write you a small poem and hide it somewhere you can find it.
Tumblr media
have a beautiful day! hope you enjoy my blog <3
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bugsinmycoldsoup · 14 hours ago
Okay, hear me out Rat, (Really awesome tumblr-user) Protective! older sibling! y/n, little brother Tubbo, Father! Schlatt, Where someones giving Tubbo a hard time and all of a sudden, Schlatt and reader just appear, and scare the person giving Tubbo a hard time? I know Schlatt can be an arse a lot, but the idea of him being a good dad-
First of all thank you! Second of all hell yes, I am all for good dad Schlatt and Lil bro Tubbo. I could literally write about this singular trope for days.
Tumblr media
Imma be totally real with you I got so into this I added more than just the request, we've got a whole storyline going on now-
Pairing: Dad!Schlatt x GN!Reader, Little Brother! Tubbo x GN!Reader (All Platonic, no Y/n, and all C!)
Pronouns: None used
Request: Yes!
Warnings: Vague hints of Bullying, Schlatt's teasing love, Kinda OOC Schlatt?, Rat's B tier editing (There's no real Warnings)
Word Count: 1.9k
It had been a few weeks since Tubbo, Schlatt and I had moved to the Greayter SMP Dad had been offered a promotion that required we move, of course he took it. It was a little odd moving away from the place we had called home for so long. Of course Tubbo was beyond excited, new home meant new school and new school meant new friends. 
He had been the first of the three of us to pack his room. He had woken up at the crack of dawn the day after dad had purchased our new home. Tubbo was in and out with boxes until all that was left was his bed and was done before the sun set. I was impressed, I had half expected him to demand dad or I do it.
That night he had come sprinting out of his room for dinner with a toothy grin. Plopping himself in the seat next to dad. 
“I’m all done packing up my room.” He had exclaimed butting his head into dad’s arm. Schlatt just smiled and ruffled his head.
“Good job kiddo. Now you can help your sibling pack, eh?” I shot dad a concerned look, as much as I loved Tubbo I didn’t want him in my stuff. Schlatt just smirked at me as Tubbo shot up eagerly.
“Really?” Snorting, I couldn't help but shake my head lightly. Gods he really was excited, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to have some help.
“Eat first Tubs and we’ll see about it, okay?” I motioned for him to sit back down. He pumped his fist silently as he plopped himself back down in the chair.
“I’m holding you to that boss man.” I rolled my eyes glancing up at dad, who was pulling out the paper plates. He grunted, as he tried to separate the plates from one another.
“This is what I get for buying cheap plates.” He grumbled as he finally pulled them apart, the plates tearing slightly. He sighed, hanging his head in defeat as he grabbed three more plates, glass ones this time. He muttered something about washing them later.
“What’s for dinner, old man?” He looked at me from over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. Turning around he pointed at me, plate in hand.
“Nothing, if you don’t watch it with those old man jokes. Can you believe them Tubbs? Me? Old? Unbelievable, ” He teased, “Nah but for real I got a frozen pizza I warmed up.” He walked over to the oven I hadn’t noticed was on and pulled out a, slightly burnt, pizza. He looked defeated once again.
“We can eat around the burnt bits, plus who doesn't like crunchy cheese?”  I offered, trying to ease his stress. I knew he was already stressed enough over the move, this was the last thing he needed to be worried about.
“I don’t like burnt cheese, boss man.” Tubbo whispered to me. I lightly slapped his shoulder as dad pulled out the slightly bent pizza cutter and sliced the pizza.  He set two pieces on each plate and set them in front of Tubbo and I dramatically with a mock bow. Tubbo giggled as he took a slice and began eating.
“Nothing but the finest meal for my kids. Drinks?” Tubbo nodded.
“Thanks dad.” He said through a mouthful of pizza. I grimaced slightly before nodding.
“Please.” Schlatt nodded as he grabbed the two cans of soda from the fridge and set them down. He took his own plate and drink and sat back in his seat.
“Thanks dad.” He grunted in response, having already scarfed down the first slice of pizza. Rolling my eyes I began to eat myself. It was a little, um, crispy but all in all the pizza was pretty good. Tubbo had eaten his two slices and was going for seconds before I had even finished the first.
“Hurry up, I wanna pack your room.”  I sent him a fake two finger salute as I ate the last of what was on my plate. Standing I lifted I pointed at the plate on the table.
“Want me to wash these before I go back to packing?” I asked dad. He just waved me off.
“I got it runt, you go pack your shit with Tubbo.”  Smiling, I turned to leave the kitchen. The second Tubbo saw me leave the dining room he bolted for my room.  This is gonna be interesting.
Within the next week we were unloading box after box into our new home. The new place was much nicer than our other one. It had three full rooms with their own bathrooms and full closets.  Dad had left the bedroom arrangements to Tubbo and I while he set up his office.
“I say we flip a coin to decide who gets the room with the window wall.” Tubbo suggested. I don’t know why he wanted to fight for that room so badly. The view was literally just an old dead forest that looked a little too creepy for me. I don’t think I would want it even if there were curtains on the window and a million dollars on the line.
“You can have it Tubs.” He lit up at that, surging forward to pull me into a hug. His grip was tight as he swung the both of us back and forth. I forget how strong he is sometimes, he’s not a scrawny little kid anymore.
“Really!?” I wanted to laugh but his grip was a bit suffocating, so I tap him on the back lightly.”
“Can’t breathe Tubs.” He pulls off with a sheepish smile.
“Sorry boss man.” Ruffling his hair I motion for him to go into the room. He turned around so fast I would have thought he’d experienced whiplash. The door slammed in his wake as he shouted excitedly. The door opened as I was about to head to my own, Tubbo’s head peeking out through the crack.
“Thank you.” and with that the door closed again. It was endearing to see him so excited, plus if he took that room then that meant I was left with the loft.  A win win if you ask me. 
Opening the door to the loft was strange, instead of the small room with low ceiling I once had I was met with space. Lots and Lots of space, there was plenty of room for a desk and dresser to fit with space left for whatever else I could want. There was a little ladder that led to the bed that was about five feet off the ground. It was cozy and I couldn’t wait til I could decorate it.
Falling back on the mattress I allow my eyes to close. It was nice to just relax. The mattress was soft and would do until the new one arrived. I could fall asleep now if I was honest, the humming of the fans easing my tired mind as my body relaxed.
I was almost asleep when there was a knock at the door. I groaned sitting up.
“Can I come in runt?” It was dad, smoothing out my hair. I slowly made my way down the ladder and opened the door. He snorted, reaching out to ruffle my hair.
“Did I wake you kid?” I shook my head, it wasn’t a lie but it certainly wasn't the truth. Stepping back I made room for him to walk in. He whistled slowly scanning the room.
“So you took the nice room and left your brother the haunted one?” He teased me.
“If anything I was left with this room. Tubbo really wanted the other one, no clue as to why.” Dad scoffed lightheartedly.
“It’s Tubbo, what do you expect? Anyways I was just coming to let you know that I’m gonna be working late tomorrow so I need you to pick your brother up from school. I’ll leave the directions on a sticky note for you but it’s right up the road. I would let him walk home alone but it’s his first day and I don't want him getting lost.” I nodded, it was weird that they were making dad work so long on his first day, but I knew better than to question it.
“Got it.”  Dad opened his arms for a hug, it was rare he showed such obvious displays of affection so i took the opportunity eagerly. Wrapped his arms around my comfortingly, rubbing one across my lower back. He pulled away and placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Get some sleep, kid. I’ll bring your bags up for you alright?” I nodded.
“Thanks dad, I love you.” He gagged, over exaggerating the face to tease me. 
“Yeah yeah, love you too runt. Remember to walk Tubbo home tomorrow. Now go get some beauty rest, you look like you need it.” 
The next day had gone by so fast. Schlatt and Tubbo had left bright and early to make it to where they needed to be on time. I spent most of my day unpacking my room, soft music playing in the background as I unloaded the boxes Tubbo and I had packed. 
I checked the clock after I had unpacked the final box and saw that it was time to get Tubbo. Slipping on my shoes I left the house, locked the door and made my way to the school. It wasn’t a long walk by any means, nor was it very difficult, it was just new. The scenery made it worth the adventure.
When I had arrived at the school I was met with an odd sight. A kid significantly taller than Tubbo seemed to be speaking down on my brother. I could tell he was being condescending from his facial expressions alone. To make matters worse the kid shoved Tubbo back. Tubbo’s head was lowered, which was odd because he wasn’t one to just take shit without rocking their shit. 
I had already been upset that the kid was in his face but now my blood was boiling. Storming over to the two I placed my arm between him and Tubbo. The kid who had been scowling at my brother turned to me with a grimace.
“Back off my brother, douche nozzle.”  He scoffed at me before he tilted his head at Tubbo.
“What you can’t handle yourself? Are you really about to let your big sibling fight your battles?”
Tubbo shrugged.
“Back off please, I can handle this boss man.”  The kid just laughed.
“Oh yeah, you can handle yourself? Aww that’s cute, were you also handling yourself when you let me shove your lunch down my throat? C’mon goat boy, show me how you handle yourself again.”  Oh that was it. Before I even knew what I was doing I had socked the kid in the jaw. Tubbo shouted my name behind me as the kid's hand flew up to his face.
“Watch your mouth.”  I spat, Tubbo tapped my shoulder. I turned to face him as he pointed over my shoulder to a teacher who was making their way to us.
“Okay can one of you please explain to me why I had to pick both of you up from the front office on Tubbo’s first day for fighting?” Schlatt asked, head in hands. Tubbo and I were sitting on the couch, ice on my knuckles.  He seemed exhausted at having been called out of work early.
“Some asshat was fucking with Tubbo when I showed up.” Dad looked up at that.
“This true Tubbs?” Tubbo hesitated before nodding. Dad pursed his lips before nodding a few times, he stood from where he was sat. Making his way over to the front door he pulled on his coat, yankees cap and shoes. He turned to face Tubbo.
‘What’s his name?” Tubbo’s eyes widened.
“Dad no.”
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby · 15 hours ago
Can I be sincere? I had some chubby reader ideas but I just didn't want to bother you but since you asked😊
Can you please make one where reader for some reason doesn't eat as much as they ate before so nanami gets a day off and makes them a feast. so they say "wow we're going to have dinner"
"no honey it's for you :)"
reader is in shock but very happy
Ok so im like hella emotional today bc of my period so i got a little angsty with this 🤧 i promise it's worth it, the ending is v soft and sweet, don't worry sksksk
Tumblr media
A Meal Fit for a King
Nanami Kento x gn chubby reader
Word count: 1,638
CW: angst to fluff, allusions to dieting/fasting, allusions to disordered eating, reader writes down their eating habits, reader weighs themselves, not really beta read bc I'm just a measly worm and i can't read sksksk
Tumblr media
Something was wrong: Nanami knew it. He was always too receptive with these things, slight changes in emotions or behaviors noticed not long after they appeared. Now was no different: despite your best efforts, you couldn't hide the gloom that was consuming you.
He noticed it a few days ago, glancing over your shoulder to see you writing down what you had eaten for dinner. He didn't comment on it, but he kept it in mind, stewing over it in silence.
He then noticed that you were eating less, your dinner portion shrinking significantly. You'd tell him that you just had a big lunch and weren't very hungry, but he didn't buy it. He still said nothing.
Then he found you using that damned scale in the bathroom (he needed to make a note to remind himself to throw the useless hunk of junk out). The two of you made eye contact, but he quickly looked away, preparing his toothbrush and leaving the bathroom immediately. He didn't bring it up once the two of you got in bed, but you did.
"I was just curious," you mumbled quietly, your back to him. "My jeans felt a little tight."
Nanami hummed, keeping his mouth shut, holding back his true feelings. He turned on his side, wrapping his arm around you and pulling your back to his chest, his palm resting on your belly. You tensed in his grasp, removing his hand from your tummy and intertwining your fingers, keeping him from touching you freely. He felt his heart ache, but he still said nothing, silently pressing his lips to the back of your neck and slowly drifting off to sleep.
The last straw was when your mood drastically changed. He had come home to you curled up on the couch, covered in a blanket, watching TV.
"What's wrong, dear?" he'd asked you, pressing the back of his hand to your forehead.
"I'm fine," you had replied, monotone and drained.
Liar, he thought, observing you for a moment before moving to the kitchen.
"What would you like for dinner?"
"I'm not hungry."
No, that wouldn't do. You were clearly struggling, clearly unhappy, and he knew that eating even the slightest bit of food would do wonders for your mood.
"Are you sure? I don't mind. I can make your favorite—"
"I'm not hungry."
Nanami stopped rolling up his sleeve, pausing before glancing at you across the room. You had covered your face with the blanket, hiding underneath the fuzzy fabric. His first instinct was to go to you, to comfort you when you were clearly struggling, but he stayed in the kitchen. He stared at you silently, eventually turning to the stove. He heard the TV turn off as he was cutting vegetables, your slippers shuffling against the floor and down the hall. He listened as he heard the bathroom sink turn on and off, the bedroom door closing quietly. Despite how his body screamed to go to you, he stayed put, but a plan began to form as he pushed diced onions into a pan.
Tumblr media
You came home the next day feeling drained. Work was as grueling as ever, and your new eating habits weren't doing you any favors. All you wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed, ignoring the pain in your stomach as you tried to sleep.
But your plans were ruined once you walked through the door. A cacophony of smells bombarded you as you walked into the apartment. It hit you so quickly that it triggered a headache, making you cringe as you kicked off your shoes. You made your way further into the apartment, eyes falling on the busy kitchen and crowded dining table. Your favorite side dishes sat in porcelain bowls, a large covered plate sitting in the center of the table. You furrowed your brow as Nanami walked in.
"Oh, you're home," he said breathlessly, going to you, wrapping an arm around you and kissing your temple. "Welcome home, dear."
"Ken," you began softly, analyzing the spread, "are we having guests for dinner? Should I get cleaned up?" A soft chuckle left his lips, mouth quirking slightly as he moved to the table.
"No, darling, there's no need for that. We're not having anyone over. This is just for us." You blinked, watching him place two candlesticks in separate holders, leaning back to judge the setup.
"What do you mean it's... just for us?" you asked, watching him walk past you to the kitchen and go back to the table.
"I mean that I made all of this for the two of us," he said, lighting the candles one by one. You stared, fists clenching the edge of your shirt as he blew out the match, placing the matchbook in his back pocket.
"...Why?" Your voice was quiet, wavering, making him turn to you. His confidence faltered slightly when he saw your reluctant gaze.
"I..." He pressed his lips together, removing his glasses just to rub at his eyes. When he put them back on, he looked back to you. "I thought it might cheer you up."
You sighed, curling in on yourself slightly.
"Ken, I can't—"
"Yes," he interrupted quickly, heart pounding when you looked up to him, somewhat shocked. "Yes, you can. You're allowed to indulge yourself and be happy and live your life without worrying about your weight. You're allowed to eat, Y/N." Your eyes were turning glossy, lips pushing into a frown. Nanami inhaled sharply, rubbing his thumb into his palm, staring down at his hands.
"I apologize, I... I know that you struggle at times and I know that sometimes you just have to go through the motions... but I can't stand watching you suffer. I know you may not like yourself sometimes, but you're so wonderful already and I already think you're perfect the way you are and—"
You sniffed, tears finally spilling down your round cheeks, falling in big drops to your chin. The sudden sound made Nanami stop, his resolve breaking.
"Oh, no, darling, I'm sorry," he muttered sincerely, moving to you cautiously, reaching out to you. You let him wrap his arms around you and bring you to his chest, his hands finding your back and rubbing soothingly. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything, I just—"
"Don't," you interrupted meekly, your hands finding his back. "You didn't do anything wrong... just... just hold me, please."
He bit his tongue, nodding slightly as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. He held you tightly as you sobbed quietly against him, tears staining his button up shirt. The two of you couldn't have stood there longer than a minute or two, but it felt like hours.
Your sniffling subsided a little while later and you pulled away, rubbing your sleeve along your cheeks and nose. Nanami watched you silently before cupping your cheeks, tilting your head to look at him.
"Y/N, I love you so very much, and I adore everything about you. Not just your radiant personality or striking beauty, but everything that you may dislike about yourself too. You mean the world to me and I'll do everything I can to make you happy. Again, I'm sorry I—"
"No, Ken," you whispered, placing your hands atop his, "you're fine. I just... I've been tracking what I eat and obsessing over my calorie intake lately because I saw a new stretchmark and I panicked and—" He shushed you gently, bringing you back to his chest.
"I know, darling. I know. It's okay. You were worried and didn't know how to handle it, but please don't do this to yourself again. I can't stand to see you struggle like this. It breaks my heart." You sighed, hugging him tightly, squeezing him with what little strength you could muster. He let you hold him for a minute or two before he pulled back hesitantly, making you look at him again.
"I took the day off to make all your favorites," he offered, releasing you and reaching for the cover of the main dish. He lifted it, revealing one of your favorite meals, one that took hours to make but was so worth the effort. "I used your recipes to make sure I did everything right."
"Ken," you sighed in awe, stepping forward to inspect the dish. "You didn't have to."
"I wanted to," he admitted, running his hand over you back, kissing you temple once more. "How about you get into something more comfortable while I fix you a plate?"
You left and returned to a sensible portion of each dish, not too little that you would hold onto your unhealthy habits but not so much that you would make yourself sick after practically fasting the last few days. Nanami pulled his chair to sit right beside yours, his hand entwined with yours as the two of you ate. He felt his worries lift as you sighed with each bite, soon smiling when you gave a little dance a few minutes later.
"Does it taste good?" he asked. You nodded, wiggling happily as you finished one of your sides, poking your fork at another as you chewed. He sighed with relief, sinking into his chair, bringing his glass of wine to his lips.
Later that night, after the two of you ate your fill and relaxed, you got ready for bed. And when he curled his arm around you, his hand resting against your stomach, you didn't push him away. You let him hold you, touch you without worry. He smiled against your skin, mumbling an "I love you" that he wasn't sure you heard before he drifted off to sleep, the gentle thrumming of your heart his own personal lullaby.
Tumblr media
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nemo-the-cheese-theif · 2 days ago
Fallen in the River
Word Count: 1,101
AN: This is the first story I’ve ever posted for others to read, so if anyone reads it please give me some feedback. Good and bad, I would like to get a get some opinions on my current writing skills. And if there is demand for a part two I would like to know. Enjoy the story.
Pairing: Company x GN Reader (platonic)
Summary: (y/n), a girl from another world, finds herself within the famous children's story The Hobbit becoming a member of the Company of Thorin Oakensheild. One night after a long ride the Company set up camp in a cave to shield themselves from the never ending rain. (y/n) follows after the two princes and the hobbit to speak with them when they are all given a good scare.
Warnings: Injured reader
Tumblr media
Honestly, (y/n) wasn't sure how exactly they ended up in their current predicament. Sitting on the bank of an angry river in the middle of nowhere, during a harsh downpour. They sat in the mud, completely soaked and shivering; they hugged themself close, and hissed when they felt the growing burning pain in their forearms. While they were still in the water the current brought a dead log right into their path. In order to keep themself conscious, they had to bring their arms up above their head to take the brunt of the hit before they went under. Their right foot was missing it’s boot, which made them considerably colder than they already were. Plus, they were crestfallen over the loss of such loved footwear. (y/n) really loved those boots.
After sitting there for an unknown amount of time, (y/n) hauled themself up and began limping back towards the camp. They didn't give any thought to an explanation to give the company upon her return; Their mind was too scattered. (y/n) couldn't think straight as they tried to recall what had happened. When they fell into the river, the ground had crumbled beneath their feet, and they tumbled into her near-watery demise. Fili and Kili had been there, along with Bilbo, who had let out quite a scream at their fall. They must be worried sick. (y/n) found themself becoming increasingly more exhausted the longer they walked. How far had the river carried them? Soon their thoughts weren’t more than just incoherent blurs in their head.
When they arrived at the mouth of the cave, their teeth chattered loudly, and they rubbed their hands up and down the sides of their arms. When (y/n) came into view, several figures stood and quickly came to their aid, not that they were really willing to accept it. They brushed past them, heading straight for their bag on a mission to get out of their wet clothes and into relatively dry ones. They didn't even notice that several members of the company were missing. Pulling out a set of new clothes, someone approached them and placed a warm hand on their shoulder.
“(Lass/Lad), you alright?” It was Bofur, his voice was soft and full of concern.
“Tell everyone to turn around.” They avoided his question. ‘Please.”
“Tell everyone to turn around. I’m gonna change.” They didn't even give him time before they started pulling their shirt off over their head.
Bofur sputtered and spun on his heel with his hands slapped over his eyes. The others soon followed, and (y/n) heard several surprised mutters in Khuzdul, but paid them no mind. They continued on, their pants following their shirt to the ground; they stripped down to nothing. The chill air blew over their naked skin, making a violent shiver run down their spine, and they quickly pulled on the second set of clothes. After they were fully clothed they walked past a few turned heads and sat themself as close to the fire as they could with her blanket slung over their shoulders.
“You can open your eyes now.” (y/n) teased.
“(Lass/Lad),” This time it was Balin who addressed them, and they hummed in response as they warmed her hands over the fire. “Are you alright?”
(y/n) was quick to answer, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m good.”
“Are you sure? How about you let Oin l give you a good once over?” His voice was firm.
“Bilbo came running in nearly twenty minutes ago, screaming about how you’d fallen in the river.” Dwalin spoke up to reinforce his brother's suggestion. “Thorin and them are still out there look’n for ya.”
After he mentioned it (y/n) looked around and noticed that he was right. Thorin, Fili, Kili, and Bilbo were all missing from the cave. They chewed on their lip unconsciously, thinking about how worried they must be, how worried they all had been before their unforeseen reappearance. Where were they now? How far had they gone? They thought about getting up to go get them themself but ultimately decided against it due to their freezing and battered state. (y/n) pursed their lips then looked up to Dwalin.
“Shouldn't someone go find them? It’s still raining.”
“Aye, I’ll go tell them your back alive.” And with that Dwalin nodded towards Balin, and made his way out of the mouth of the cave.
(y/n) watched him leave when another violent shiver racked their body. A large warm hand placed itself gently onto their cheek almost making them sigh, but they didn't resist slightly leaning into the touch. Bifur had moved to their side with a very concerned crease in his brow. He spoke something to Balin and removed his hand - much to their dislike - to make a few hand signals. The older dwarf nodded and took a few steps closer.
“I do believe it would be in your best interest to allow Oin to look you over, Bifur says your freezing.” He paused, thinking, “You took a hard fall, (lass/lad). It also wouldn't be wrong to assume you may be injured.”
“I guess there's no harm in it.” (y/n) gave in.
Balin waved Oin, who grabbed his medical bag, grunting as he pulled himself to his feet. (y/n) had to turn their back to the fire to face Oin as he sat before them, feeling their skin with his bare hand. They showed him their arms to which he shook his head and muttered something under his breath, before bandaging them up. The bandages went from just below their elbow to just before their wrists. It felt odd to have their arms wrapped up the way they were but never once did they say anything opting to allow Oin to do his thing.
 At one point their foot was in his grasp where he found a gash about four or five inches long on the back of their calf where a rock had caught their leg and stolen their boot. It was slightly deep so he had to stitch it close before wrapping a bandage around it too.
By the time he finished, Dwalin returned with the last members of the company hot on his heels.
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im-gettin-better · 2 days ago
I’m feral for team interactions- could I possibly beg for manager and team interactions that are all platonic and just beautiful? Anything with seijoh will be more than enough to fulfil my nutrient requirements
A/N: I used the h/a to mean height adjective like are you tall or short or even if you wanted to read it like taller compared to Oikawa there are a couple of swears (damn and ass I think)
Pronouns~ they/them
Platonic!Seijoh x Manager!Reader
888 words GN!Reader
Today was complicated. Kyotani actually came to practice and was being less aggressive than usual of course Oikawa had to mention it “Mad dog-chan why are you being so nice? Do you have a secret Mad dog? C’mon Mad dog you can tell your captain”Hearing the echoed slam of a spike didn’t make Y/n turn but rather call out the offender “Knock it off Oikawa just be grateful he’s here” “Yeah captain leave Mad dog alone we don’t need him causing trouble” this time the h/c haired manager turned “Hanamaki I will end you” hearing his full last name and not the usual joyful ‘Makki’ had the boy dropping the volleyball he was holding staring dumbfounded at Y/n’s retreating form
“Hey Kyotani I wanna talk about that spike!”
The mopey third years moved on to drills occasionally glancing at their manager before really getting back into the practice.
The back of Kyotani’s tan hand rested in the palm of Y/n’s own s/c one, his honey eyes stared at the court as he nodded taking in what Y/n had to say. Poking at the tips and base of his fingers they explained “You should try to palm the ball almost and see if that helps your control. With how sensitive your nails are it seems like you’re just barely reaching the ball” turning his hand over he laced their fingers together giving a squeeze before immediately getting up “Yeah I’ll try“ Yahaba watched with widened eyes from the sidelines forgetting how relaxed Y/n could make Kyotani seem before he shuffled off to practice with Kunimi and Watari who were just working on their receives.
Of course, Y/n continued making rounds to talk of the players progress, it was something Coach Irihata wanted done monthly. As much as they claimed they hated doing it, it always made them smile seeing their boys grow. Y/n knew stopping by the three who were practicing receives would be easy, they were the teams ‘wallflowers’. “Y/n-san watch this” Watari called out as he waved Kindaichi over. The four now stood in a circle with Watari conducting them, he waited till everyone’s hands were folded for receives before tossing up the ball, never once taking his eyes away as it bounced from player to player. E/c eyes widened in amazement at their trick and then their s/c hands shot into the air cheering “That was so awesome you guys!” The boys stopped in favor of pulling the beloved manager into a group hug. Smiles pulled across everyone’s face and even a single scoff of laughter from Akira, a pat to the shoulder of the closest boy had the group hug breaking apart “You guys keep up the good work!’
Moving on to the third years, who always had to be together for some reason Oikawa immediately put on his charm. One of his arms wrapped around their frame cooing “Y/n-chan what took so long? I thought you’d forgotten about me” they lightly smacked his stomach with the clipboard causing him to pull away in dramatic hurt “Iwa-chan do you see how they treat me” but Y/n wasn’t even paying attention anymore instead they were looking over their shoulder at the other players, turning around at the captains high pitched yelp “You’re third years I don’t have anything to tell you besides to quit slacking off" once again Oikawa made an offended squeak and pulled Iwaizumi into himself from around the shoulder “We” he gestured between them and then at the two younger third year students “are some of the best players in the district”, when it sounded like the setter was gonna go into a speech the ace pushed him away not wanting to be in the hunched position for too long.
The ace put too much force into his getaway causing his captor to stumble into the h/a manager. The sudden closeness caught them off guard not giving them enough time to stabilize both themself and the captain ending with the pair falling over onto Hanamaki and Matsukawa who previously made themselves comfortable on the gym floor.
The commotion got the attention of the rest of the team, everyone circling around the four floor bound idiots laughing their asses off. Y/n couldn’t help but to smile and tease “Hey Mattsun you doing alright” he groaned as they shifted to pat an affectionate hand on his shoulder “Move your elbow and I will be, feels like you’re breaking my damn hip”
Finally, with everyone back in their own bubble the team members grouped together to finish out practice with stretches while coach talked about the upcoming games and tournament. Afterwards Oikawa clapped his hands together “Let's go out as a team!” there was some light hearted groans that sounded more tired than annoyed leaving Oikawa to lead the charge calling out once more as he stepped out of the gym “I’ll ban Y/n-chan from practice”
Y/n’s eyebrows scrunched and head tilted in confusion giving the captains statement an answer “I’m literally your manager” but nonetheless their s/c legs were carrying them out of the gym. The rest of the boys in the gym shared a look before shrugging and following after the other two.
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awriterforthevoid · 7 hours ago
On the first day of Christmas, Void gave to me~
🍎A Bennett in an apple tree🍎
Tumblr media
Prompt: you find Bennett in a tree.
contains:gn!reader,reader is part of the adventurers guild
"Bennett?!", you couldn't believe what you saw. Bennett,somehow tangled up in what seems to be tent material, in a tree, in the middle of nowhere. ,,Can you help me down y/n?", he looked sheepish and would've probably scratched the back of his head if it wasn't for the strings holding him in place.
You went around the tree to look for the best way to cut through the tent cloth holding him up. He noticed your quizzical look and replied before you could ask your question: "I tried to build a tent and suddenly there was this huge storm! The wind caught me and blew me away with my tent. I don't really know how long I've been up here. If it weren't for my bad luck..." , he should've been in pain.
The strings and tent held him up in the most awkward position you've ever seen and yet, he wasn't even complaining. Does he not feel any pain? You wondered and finally climbed up to cut the tight strings with your pocket knife.
"You were gone for two days, Bennett", some string took a bit more concentration but once you cut it you continued, "Cyrus send me to look for you. We were all quite worried, you know?" Finally, the last string keeping him up was cut.
With a loud thud, both of you fell down onto the soft grass underneath.
Bennett had landed directly on you and quickly stood up, a bit emberassed by the sudden closeness. With a beet red face he turned away from your view so that you couldn't see his face.
You two gathered the materials and made your way back to Mondstadt. That is when you heard Bennetts stomach rumbling.
Sighing, you looked up at the sky. The sun had already begun to descend and almost touched the horizon in a rose and gold tinted greeting. "Let's just build a small campfire and rest", you suggested and the both of you quickly set a few logs aflame in a neat little fire place.
Suddenly, you got an idea while looking at the apples from the tree Bennett had been stuck on. After a bit of searching you finally found some sweet flowers and used their middle part to make caramel in a small pot. After it became the right color, you dipped the apples in it and gave one to Bennett, keeping one for yourself.
"To a luckier tomorrow!", you two toasted cheerfully with the caramel apples before munching down on them.
It didn't take long until night finally arrived and you two huddled under the blanket you had brought with you.
The whole day you had been wandering around, searching for Bennett and now that you had found him you could finally rest without much worry.
Bennett himself stayed up a bit longer. Admiring how the light of the fire danced on your skin. He smilled and whispered to the stars above:"Maybe I'm not that unlucky"
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goldentwst · a day ago
Title: Collection | 1.3k words
Description: Azul didn't think much of you at first, but now that you've intrigued him, he has to know everything he can.
Pairing: Yandere!Azul x GN. Reader (No pronouns mentioned)
Warnings: Yandere, Stalking, Masturbation, Obsessiveness, Azul steals your things, Degradation (towards himself), General pervertedness, He needs to submit himself to you
Tumblr media
Azul knew what he was.
He didn’t want to define it, because that would mean confronting his problem directly, but he still knew all the implications of what he was. If people knew, they’d be revolted. Azul even bet that his teachers would be heavily concerned and his friends would almost certainly shun him.
Azul bet… that even his younger self would be absolutely appalled at what he had become. And thinking about something like that would almost be enough to revert him to normal, to change him back into the upstanding Octanivelle dorm leader that he was meant to be.
But Azul would rather die than do that.
It hadn’t been a sudden change. Azul had once considered you a normal, credible student. In fact, he found your situation somewhat endearing. Here you were, a magicless prefect amongst a pack of wolves, with only the shoddy protection of a tomcat to keep them at bay. He thought you would be excellent fodder for one of his contracts.
He thought.
Never did he think he would become the prey when he so clearly had the advantage. But you had convoluted with that stray from Savanaclaw, and you broke through his plans, the barrier that had been holding him so tightly together. You unwound him like a spool of thread until he was nothing but a sobbing mess by the end of it.
It was then that he couldn’t stop thinking about you. Couldn’t stop thinking about what you were up to, who you were talking to. Were you changing lives like you did his? Did you even remember the ‘Azul’ that you had saved? He wanted to learn more about you, become closer with you.
It was a harmless approach at first, merely offering discounts at the Mostro Lounge, asking if you were struggling in any of your classes. You would look at him like you knew what he was playing at, but Azul was content with the fact that you truly did not. If you really knew how deep his desires ran, you would have filed a restraining order by now.
His early offers of generosity then morphed into acts of kindness. Azul did all he could to worm his way into your life. Walking you to class, reserving a booth for you, helping you study, any excuse he could formulate to spend more time with you he put into motion. And you were none the wiser.
Your friends, however, thought it was funny how the two of you would spend so much time together, how you began to insert Azul into the conversation on a day-to-day basis. It became more obvious to them with each passing day that Azul was fond of you. Yet just like you, they only saw what was on the surface, and Azul intended to keep it that way.
In his room was his own personal safe, and should anyone find out what was inside, there would be no doubt in his mind that his responsibility and state of mind would be brought into question. He hadn’t meant to take these pictures of you, but you were never aware when he took them so why did it matter? Sometimes he caught you dozing off in class, or out in the botanical gardens. Sometimes you were stretching in gym and if he told himself that if he didn’t capture you in that moment, he knew he would regret it. Other times, on the rare occasions you would invite him to Ramshackle, he would take every opportunity to snap pictures of your room when you weren’t looking.
Those were the instances he loved the most. When he was surrounded by your scent and the things you’ve touched. It took every bit of strength he had not to strip himself bare and ensnare himself in your sheets.
In the end, he would always settle for a quick excursion to the bathroom, immediately snatching the towel that hung behind the door and burying his face in it, breathing deeply. His heart raced, entire face flushed as his eyes would roll to the back of his head. He would cling to the towel as if it were a lifeline, vigorously pumping himself to the thought of you like he had done a million times before. He could have suffocated with how hard he pressed his face to the fabric, but he honestly couldn’t have thought of a better way to go at the time. Even after his session, he had to refrain from going a second round when he spotted your toothbrush on the sink. He could barely believe how hard you made him with just the thought of tasting you alone. Even so, he indulged himself just the slightest and decided to pocket the brush. You’d be confused as to where it went, and possibly skeptical of him, but there really wouldn’t have been a logical reason as to why you would accuse him of taking something so insignificant, so he really wasn’t worried.
And most nights, after locking the door to his room, he would take all the things he’s collected over the past couple of months and dump them on his bed. Pictures, eating utensils, napkins, underwear, strands of hair safely tucked inside a plastic bag, socks, loose threads from clothes, even old homework assignments. Azul indulged in it all. It was his favorite pastime to touch each one of these things, to smell them, to taste them. He’d take off his clothes and relish in the feeling of being surrounded by everything that was you. And ever since he had secured your underwear, he had been putting it on and palming himself through the faded material, wondering what you would say if you ever saw him like this. You’d berate him no doubt, call him sick, call him a pervert.
Azul scrambled to find your toothbrush before hastily shoving it into his mouth, almost gagging on it in the process.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry—“ he’d quietly plead, working himself even faster. “Please- I’m sorry… I can't help it…”
He’d imagine you scoffing at him, calling him a pervert again and demanding that he repeat it for everyone to hear.
“I- I—“ he choked on the toothbrush, saliva dribbling down his chin as his back arched and toes curled. No matter what, he wouldn’t cum without your permission, not when you hadn’t permitted it yet. “I’m just- I’m just sick! I love you so much! I’m a pervert only for you! Pleasepleaseplease—! Please, I need to-! I need to—!"
In his mind’s eye, you called him filthy, called him a slut for your attention. Azul eagerly agreed with all of it, his short, heavy pants filling the air as his body wracked with sobs. From all over, the tips of his fingers and lips tingled from exertion, body burning with heat. His cock squelched with every jerk of his hand, the material of your underwear thoroughly soaked through.
Azul wasn’t sure when he had thought of it, but somewhere through his haze did he finally get his permission from ‘you’, your expression resigned with the fact that while he was disgusting, you would put up with it for now.
Azul smiled like he had never been happier in that moment, his hips jutted from the sudden release as spurts of his cum leaked past the hem of your underwear and coated his hand. Blissfully fucked out of his mind, he laid there for half an hour reveling in the imaginary idea of you smoothing back the hair from his sweaty forehead. He imagined you cooing, telling him how pretty he looked in your underwear and his own cum. Telling him that he was your good boy because no one else would want him for who he truly was.
He wholeheartedly agreed, soon watching as the rose-colored scenario faded from view and he was left with the mess he had made. Tiredly, he rolled over to pick up one of the many pictures of you he surrounded himself with. With a motion so gentle, he brought the picture to his lips before cradling it against his cheek.
One day, he assured himself, he would be able to do this for real.
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darshy · 2 days ago
“I like you!!” His head is down and his eyes are squeezed almost painfully shut. His hands are clamped tightly around your wrist, halting you from further movement. Lips are wide and teeth are showing, glinting in the morning sun. To outsiders, the image must look cute; a boy confessing his love during the winter, snow falling around the soon-to-be couple. It’s a scene out of a Hallmark movie.
And all of the outsiders are blissfully unaware to the fact that this boy is your tormentor.
They don't notice his eyes burning with obsession instead of care.
They don't notice his sharp teeth, begging to rip into your tender heart.
They don't notice his bruise causing grip caught along your wrist, nails marking crescent moons into your flesh.
They hear: "Stay with me!" instead of "Don't fucking move."
They look at a dream; you look at a reality.
Reality is fucking shit.
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sawamono · a month ago
genshin men nsfw hcs
read part 2!!
warnings: nsfw, MINORS DNI, rough sex,temperature play, edging, bdsm, somnophilia, dacryfilia, heat, breeding kink, yandere ment, drug use, blood & knife ment, spit kink, body worship, praise kink, pregnancy ment, all in all a ride
note: i have gross thoughts so here are all of them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ok let’s be real, diluc is packing
BET MONEY it’s like 8 inches MAX
AND ITS THICK so imagine the burn 😈😈
is probably a gentle fucker but MAYBE he’d dick u down rough if u ask politely
idk why but i feel like diluc is a virgin
virgin diluc too scared to hurt u during sex
probably tries not to moan bc he thinks it’s embarrassing
he’s all for hearing u moan tho
i bet diluc is the kinda guy to cry a lil bit even if he’s dom
that sounds so heavenly actually omg
all n all i think sex with diluc is pretty vanilla unless u take charge and tell him to fuck u till u cant breathe
Tumblr media
ok but fr i don’t think kaeya is as much of a whore as people say he is
like he’s PROBABLY had sex but i don’t think it’s often
mainly bc he’s a KNIGHT he got shit to do
he cant be having sex every 2 seconds
anyway, kaeyas cock is probably a LITTTLE bit smaller than dilucs
maybe like 7.5 inches?
it’s fat though dw 🙏🏾
kaeya is probably the kinda guy to like temperature play
can u imagine him making his hands cold and abusing ur nipples
he would be so MEAN
he would LOVE edging omg
it doesn’t matter if it’s to you or himself
SOMEONE will not be cumming for a while.
bdsm kinda guy
he thinks u would look so pretty in ropes it’s like u dressed up just for him
sex with kaeya is like a punishment.. but a good punishment…
Tumblr media
lil freaky fuck
experimental as hell (obviously)
will definitely get u to drink an aphrodisiac
doesn’t even call it sex he’s like “bby come over i need to run tests on the human body ykyk”
like cmon now just say sex 😕
i bet his dick is like.. not even that big..
probably like 4 inches..
not even fat
but it still gets the job done
half the time he doesn’t even need to take it out to get u to cum
i bet he rarely actually fucks u and he either uses some weird science thing to do it for him or he puts his hands and tongue to good use
this man is a WHOLE freak i bet he’s such a perv
he sniffs ur underwear i do not care
freaky ass
Tumblr media
literally i can not see this man fucking u hard
sex with him is just romantic and passionate and all that shit
his dick probably stands at a nice ol 6 inches
probably skinny too
pencil dick ass
i just feel like he couldn’t even choke u if u asked
he probably would barely even try to mark u
he’ll MAYBE suck on ur neck but biting is a whole other convo
he probably likes it up the ass too tbh
either peg him or stick ur dick in him and fuck him till he cant think
idk malewife soft sex sounds nice
fuck him while he’s cooking
do it it’d be funny
Tumblr media
and it’s got lil ridges n spikes n shit cus hes a dragon n all that
cock big i’m telling u it’s a 10 incher i saw it myself believe me
grandpa hung
can u imagine him getting hard in public id feel so bad
the best part is.
whether u have 3 holes or 2, u WILL be taking both dicks
i can see zhongli being really delicate with u
like treating u all fragile
there was like this one fic i read and it was like yandere zhongli and he treated u like he had all power over u and all that and ur job was to sit there and look pretty
and he would like fuck u while u sleeping sometimes (IT WAS CONSENSUAL) and he would dumb u down a lot but he was never really aggressive and
what if..
what if he goes into heat..
certified west coast kitty cat killer…
he will tear u UP
and it’ll be multiple rounds too
it doesn’t even matter if u can have kids or not ur gonna be FULL
that man will tear u up ong
Tumblr media
xiao actually i could see being gentle too…
probably bc he’s too scared to really hurt u
but when he gets used to u and u FINALLY convince him to be a little rougher
ur fate is sealed u did that to urself.
he will destroy u
the LITERAL definition of “all up in ur guts”
it’s like an art form
i think he’d still be scared to hurt u so he probably wouldn’t mark u, choke u, etc
ur getting dicked down hard as hell though
now.. i can see his dick being big.. but at the same time.. small..
i’m gonna leave u to decide the length i’m stuck between the two
sub xiao definitely exists
fuck him but be GENTLE.
he will not like it if u hurt him
btw aftercare with him is always the best part
i feel like he’d be a great hugger so he’s probably really comfortable to cuddle with
but yea sex with him is gonna be mainly vanilla
Tumblr media
he gets hard when u spar quit playing wit me
lil freaky fuck
probably has a blood and knife kink tbh
idk when u spar with him the blood in his mouth be tasting a lil too good
his dick is probably long
not diluc long but maybe at 7 inch
a litttlle bit fat too
he loves marking
will literally bite into ur neck really hard on purpose just for ur blood
let’s be honest
this man is probably DISGUSTING
probably has a spit kink too
nasty ass
if ur not into pain don’t fuck him
he will rarely ever be gentle
ofc he has his moments
but most of the time it’s gonna be hell
sub ajax will be on his knees BEGGING for u to hit him
step on him, choke him, cut him up, do SOMETHING
or leave him there to fend for himself (but best believe he WILL get up and chase after u)
he’s very vocal
does not care who’s around him
the minute y’all get to fucking he’s louder than u 💀💀
all in all sex with ajax is an acquired taste
Tumblr media
kaedehara kazuha
it’s very romantic
very very romantic
but ykw that’s a lil boring so my hc is he’s also a perv
like doesn’t even try to hide it perv
probably gets off to the thought of u
cummin in his pants when u slap him
ok that’s a hc to go deeper into another time
i’m not even gonna lie his dick is like 5 inches
and it’s only a LITTLE fat
disappointing ass 😕
but don’t worry he kinda like mastered fucking u
kazuha is a more traditional kind of guy imo so the sex is all sloww and sensual and synonym
after a nice lil date he takes u home, treats u nice, maybe a lil massage, and BAM sex
he can BE rough but he’s mostly gentle
worships the fuck out of ur body
praise kink to the max
wouldn’t ever even THINK about degrading u
ur his god/goddess
Tumblr media
arataki itto
that oni blood run STRONG
dick is a GOOD 10 inch
maybe even 11
heavy balls for breeding 🙏🏾🙏🏾
prepare to CHOKE ON IT
just like zhongli’s his has lil ridges n shit huhuhu
take the entire thing
actually it might not even fit all the way
he will MAKE IT FIT
“i cant take it!!” u can and will sorry
he probably doesn’t even fuck much though
but when he does…
will mark your ENTIRE body
bite u EVERYWHERE, scratch u up a lil till ur bleeding,
he gets INTO IT
and he can go on for SOOOO LONG
he’ll overstim u on accident he’s sorry
he’s really not
and when he’s MAD
see u on the other side ig..
ladies he will abuse ur cervix i apologize on his behalf
ladies he will also go to both holes without warning get ready for that
he cums so much omg
that bulge in ur stomach with either be his child or his cum
oni dick is POWERFUL.
editing this to say him and xiao having piercings on their dicks thank you goodbye
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mocha-bunbun · a month ago
Can I get some fluff hcs for Zhongli, Xiao, Diluc and Kaeya recieving a new weapon as a gift from their S/O? :)
A/N: you got it nonnie!! I really like this request, it’s so wholesome 😭
Giving them a new weapon!!
Zhongli, Xiao, Diluc, & Kaeya (separate) x GN! Reader
You’ve always noticed the Zhongli always uses the same spear when fighting
When you asked him about it, he said he’s been using his spear for decades and that it’s always been his first choice of weapon
You took a closer look at it and it’s definitely worn out
You wonder how your boyfriend manages with it
But then you remembered he probably afford a new polearm so he just kinda deals with it—
So taking the initiative, you decide to surprise him! A brand new shiny spear that matches well with his outfit!!
You held his hand, guiding him to the living room where the spear stood while he closed and covered his eyes
You grin at him brightly
“Open your eyes”
Zhongli uncovered his eyes and a pleasantly surprised look overtook his features
He walks over to the polearm, inspecting it closely
Running his fingers down the weapon carefully
You looked at him eagerly
He smiled and chuckled
“This was well-made, fine craftsmanship indeed. I’m honored you would buy me such a suiting weapon for me. I cannot thank you enough my treasure.” He said lovingly, kisses your forehead gently
“No need to thank me silly.”
When you first gave him the new weapon, he was kinda confused ngl USJSJDJDJD
“Is there something wrong with my current one?” He asks, genuinely curious
“No no not at all! It’s just a gift from me. I just thought you might like it!” You explained, worried that you offended him
He blinks
But then he gently takes the new polearm with a slight blush
You were thinking about him
“Ah I see. Well, I shall make sure to utilize this in battle from now on. It would be a waste to not use a fine gift.” He coughed, averting eyes
You smiled, “You like it?”
“I do. I appreciate your actions.” He said
You cheered in your head
“That makes me happy, I worked really hard to get it.”
“Your efforts will not go to waste. T-Thank you. It’s only fair I repay you back.” Xiao said
“Oh no you don’t need to—“
He gib u kith
He softly presses his lips against yours before pulling away quickly
Archons, you love your extremely introverted bf
His reaction is basically a mixture of Zhongli’s and Xiao’s!!
You hand the weapon to him with a big smile on your face
His eyes widened a bit before taking the weapon into his own hands
You knew him so well, he swore
Looking at the fine carvings, one caught his eye
It was the family crest that he had on his father’s claymore which was displayed in his house
His eyes softned at the sight, he looked back up at you
“I had it custom made just for you. I couldn’t help but notice every time you polished your father’s claymore, you stopped to admire that specific carving.”
He wanted to marry you on the spot—
He placed the new claymore down gently, embracing you in a warm hug right after
“….Thank you so much my dear. This means a lot to me. I will cherish this gift for as long as I live.”
he knew about it
Kaeya just has a sense for surprises
He knew something was up when you were interested in his sword all of a sudden
But he stills acts surprised just to see that cute smile and devious chuckle you do when you think you catch him off guard
“Oh my, you went through all of this just to gift me a new weapon? I must’ve done something surely, to deserve such high quality gift.”
You rolled your eyes playfully before poking his chest, “Oh hush and take the weapon. You better use it. I worked very hard to get this for you.”
He chuckled and kissed you, “I wouldn’t even dream of wasting a wonderful gift from an even more wonderful person.”
“Smooth as ever huh?”
“Of course my love.”
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gojirabbit · 7 months ago
Headcanon that Bakugou isn’t a pussy and doesn’t beat around the bush when he actually likes someone.
Like, I’m thinking his 3rd year or more in his early adulthood that after the leaps and bounds he’s been through to not be the piece of shit he was in his early teens, at this point he truly does not give a shit anymore. If he’s going be into to someone then fuck you, he is in it.
The moment he realizes that he actually wants to take things further with you outside of just a friendship, he straight up pulls you aside and asks if you wanna see “some stupid slasher flick” with him.
During the talking phase he keeps his LED flash on his phone so he can text you back whenever it flickers in his pocket. - Doesn’t even care if he’s in front of all his friends. If you say something funny, he will chuckle. Plus, when he’s not busy he texts back pretty fast and will occasionally send you pictures of whatever he’s doing.
And after a while he doesn’t even care about being called a simp. Once you start dating, if you two already have something planned when his friends ask to hang out, he’ll just straight up say no and tell them why if they ask. “hey, man! wanna come see this movie with us?” “busy. got a date later.” ~ “bro, we’re hanging out in Kiri’s dorm. you dropping by?” “in the middle of something with (name) rn. maybe later.” And is actually a doting boyfriend. (Cause again, what the fuck does he look like half-assing something as commital as a relationship.)
Bakugou Katsuki who isn’t afraid of being present in a relationship because he actually likes you. Because beating around the bush is more effort than it’s worth and once he wants something he gets it ~ and puts the work into keeping it. - Like not to say that he’s gonna completely change as a person, because he’s still a dick, but after all this time you’ve gotta give him credit for having some kind of emotional awareness. Even where he is now in the manga, he visibly looks out for his friends and isn’t really afraid to go the extra mile (even if begrudgingly.) So in a relationship, especially with maturity, he’s gonna be open about it. If he likes you, he likes you. And he’s gonna be upfront about what he wants
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nightmarefox15 · a month ago
Jealousy Hcs!
Requested: Na! I got bored and wanted a 'Break' I guess from writing my requests! I also just wanted to create Jealousy Hcs so-
Pairing: Multiple Dsmp Boys! x Gn! Reader!
Idea: The boys get Jealous!
Tags/Warnings: None, Fluff, Cursing! (If there is any warnings that I missed pls tell me!)
Word Count: 1,798!....Thats alot-
A/n: I just got a sudden urge to write Jealousy Hcs so-
*He would just stand behind you, fuming silently.
*Wraping his arms around your waist when he starts loosing his patience
*Would start kissing your shoulder/neck!
*Probably whisper things in your ear to distract you
*If the person gets too close for his or your liking
*They get roasted
*They are now running away in embarrasment-
*You would scould him with a small smile
*But he would just act oblivious
*Hugging your arm
*Glaring at the person definetly!
*Would interupt the other person
*"Maybe we could-""Look at that Y/N!"
*He would also kiss youe cheek....
*After the person left he would just ignore you
*"George-" Hes now walking away...
*You would run infront of him, grab your face in your hands, stare into his hands and MUWAH!
*Kissing him all over his face!!
*Hes now blushing and trying to get you to stop-
*He's now just following you around with a blush on his face!
*Arms around your waist/you in general!
*Would glare at the person
*Mutter threats uder his breath
*Do the Slit throat action thing to the person...
*Would alo mouth threats to the person...
*You would probably elbow him in the stomach to shut him up-
*He'd have to hold himslef back from killing the person-
*If the person goes to far/makes you super uncomfy you would have to hold him back from starting a fight
*He WILL start a fight and absolutley destroy the person!
*Probably the most violent of them all-
*He would be so sad :(
*He would start to feel insecure :(
*He would start to think that youre gonna leave him :(
*If he is intimidated by the guy he would be a little shy!
*He would probably be whispering to you telling you he wants to leave or that he wants to go somehwere else
*He would also be hugging you in some way!
*Or he would be holding your hand/a part of your shirt/dress!
*If the perosn gets to close to you for his or your liking, he would probably try to talk to them
*He's probably say Please as well cause hes sweet like that-
*Not me simping for Karl right now-
*He would try to protect you but eventually just drag you away from them!
*He would glare at the person, hating them for taking his S/O attention
*He would then interuppt the person by flirting with you
*Or syaing "Come on come on! Let's go to that store" "Sweety....Thats Maurices..." Or some other female clothing store-
*If that doesnt work and the person keeps talking to you
*He WILL start a fight!
*A verbal fight....He wouldnt be able beat someone with his short ass-
*He would say something like "Ok. You had your shot. Now let ME talk to MY partner! Instead of some rando who doesn't know the first thing on how to flirt with people!"
*I'm tired leave me be
*Bear wih me I'm not very good at writing him-
*I think he would glare at the person
*Back hugs and neck kisses all the way!
*If the person wont leave you alone he woud just straight up kiss you
*And if they STILL dont get the point
*Then ummmm they might not be alive the next day-
*Sorry this is short! I had no idea what to put!
*He would probably start to feel a bit insecure
*But trust you not to leave him!
*Making sure youre okay/comfortable with this happening is his top priority right now!
*If you are he would just nod and stay beside or behind you
*Probably hugging you in someway or holding your hand/shirt
*He would be skeptical of the person and just keep a sharp eye on them!
*If youre NOT comfortable/okay with whats happening
*He would be on it!
*He would step in front of you, blocking the persons view of you, and tell the person that they're making you uncomfy!
*"Please stop talking to them! You're making them uncomfortable!"
*He's so sweet!
*But if the person doesnt leave you alone
*He would glare at the person
*Mumble "Rude"
*Grab your hand and drag you away saying
*"Come on lets go!"
*Who would be brave enough to walk up to you two?!
*Hes 6'6 no?!
*If someone WAS brave enough to walk up to you
*He would probably just stand behind you, looking like your bodyguard
*You know those pictures of him and Tommy, and he's just standing in the background
*Ya...Thats him when hes jealous
*If the person hasnt run away in fear yet
*Then he raps his an arm around you shoulders and
*"Lets go somewhere else Y/N"
*And just walk away with you under his arm
*This jealouse Bitch-
*He would be louder on purpose!
*He just talkes over the person
*Not caring how loud he has to get
*If you tell him to quiet down, he'll just glare and start pouting
*He would mutter curses and threats under his breath
*If you start to get uncomfortable, he will NOT hesitate to jump in and yell at the person
*You would have to drag him away before he starts a fight he cant win
*Someone has GUTS!
*He would just stand there behind you like
*Bruh Im right here
*He would just stand there, his arms crossed as he stared the person down
*If he sees youre getting uncomfrotably he would just be like
*"Ya no. Leave."
*If the person dosent leave he would be so annoyed Lmao
*If the perosn dosent leave and just ignores him hes gonna be even more annoyed
*He would proabbly growl
*Push you behind him gently
*"If you dont leave in three seconds your heads coming off"
*Hes glaring and resting his hand on his weapon...
*You should probably take him away...before he kills someone-
*He's 6'5 (?)
*People are being brave today-
*He would probably have a 'Normal' conversation with the person
*"I also like Music a lot!"
*Or something like that (M tired leave me be T-T)
*While on the inside hes cursing and roasting the person
*If you look close enough you can see him gritting his teeth
*You should be concerned-
*Hes slowly starting to look like hes going to murder someone-
*"Why dont we leave Will?"
*You wanted to leave before he exploded with anger/jealousy
*Ya Ya, I know he's not real but who cares 🙄
*He would be floating next to you, staring at the person confused
*"Whats this feeling?" He would question himself
*You would probably look at him a bit concerend a couple of times
*"You okay Bur?" "Ya! Im just confused?"
*You would then turn to him, asking him why he's confused and all that
*The person would just be standing there awkwardly cause oyu forgot about them Lmao
*They would just eventually leave-
*The person would probably be flirting/talking to the both of you
*Niki would grab a hold of your hand/arm/shirt getting uncomfy
*"Pls stop"
*Ya...Niki would want to leave imidietly-
*Get the poor baby out of there :(
*You would have to tell the person to stop
*And if they dont just walk away
*And if they STILL dont leave you alone
*Your gonna have to threaten them-
*And if they STILL dont leave
*"Buddy...We're lesbian/Bi...She's my girlfriend.."...I'm tired leave me be-
*Ya...Poor persons really imparrased now-
*They might just turn red and run away...
*...That would be interesting to watch-
*He would probably just stand there awkwardly
*And if the person starts making you uncomfy he would start to slowly push you behind him
*And start a conversation with the person instead
*"Hey-Do you know of any good Cafes?"
*He would literally say anithing to distract the person from you
*And then he would "Thanks!"
*Walks away from the person, your hand in his!
*Ya...I didnt really know what to put for him-
*He would just stare at the person deadpanned
*Like 'Really bitch. They're busy'
*"Theyre busy"
*Ya...The person did not like that-
*"What did you say Kid?"
*"I said they're busy" *Glares*
*Ya...Drag him away before he starts a fight-
*If hes just quiet the whole time he would thrw random sarcastic jokes
*And try to get you away from teh person
*Not liking your attention on the person
*Im tired leave me be-
*Hes gonna act polite at first!
*Trying to be nice and not lash out-
*But if the person makes you uncomfy or gets too close to you for eaither of your liking
*Hes gonna try pulling you away
*"Come on lets go Muffin!"
*If the person grabs your hand you better beleive hes gonna get protective
*"Let go of them! You didn't ask them if you could old their hand!"
*Hes still trying to be nice
*If th person wont let you go hes gonna lash out-
*"I told you to let their hand go!!" *Glares*
*Maybe he would start to hint that he knows how to throw nice and shit-(Im tired and dont remember leave me be-)
*He would be a baby-
*He would wrap you up in his arms and burry his head in your neck
*"Hmmmm....Lets leave~"
*He would whine about want ing to leave
*If you just tell him that youll leave in a bit he would pout and just stand behind you
*All pouty and annoyed
*If he ses that youre getting uncomfy he would get so mad-
*"STOP IT!!"
*Ya...He would yell at the person-
*He would make a big scene
*Probably start a fight-
*Drag him away for my sake pls!
*I cant deal with this second hand embarrasment-
Awesamdude (Sam):
*Im not the best for writing with him either bear with me-
*He would just stand behind you, his arms crossed
*Just staring down the person, not liking them already
*The person would probably start to squirm under his gaze-
*"Why dont we leave Love"
*You would question him
*If you dont want to leave, he would huff but let you stay
*If the person starts to make you uncomfy you woud probably grab onto the front of Sams shirt
*He would immidetly notice and put his arms aorund you
*"We will be leaving now"
*And just drag you away from the person
Sorry I havent posted any requests-
Taglist: @sugarrbbee @dawnfallx @forefinn @angstyx @lakifaki @bloodystars @meliancries @wilczachannn
If you want to be added just ask!
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