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I’ve noticed a bit of a thing with artists, especially with people I know in person. Art is something that I do as second nature. I draw on the whiteboard, I draw on the table, I draw on my homework, so my friends notice me and they always say one thing: “You’re so much better than I am.” And I don’t necessarily think saying that is a bad thing, because it’s acknowledging something that you’d like to get better on. 

It’s usually what follows up that bothers me. “I’ll never be as good as you.” Or something of the like. That’s bad. That’s cutting yourself off from improvement before you even get going. 


There is always going to be someone better than you in some areas and there’s always going to be someone worse than you. You can’t focus on if it’s as good as person A. It’s GOOD to critique yourself but if you’re doing it by saying: “Oh, this looks bad, it’s not as good as Person A’s” you’re doing it wrong. 

I’ve finally started to improve and enjoy my art style by cutting out those thoughts completely. I look at it from my point of view. After every drawing I do, I do a self evaluation. I look at my lines, my coloring and my shading at then I give myself a bit of a grade so that I know what to work on next time. I completely wiped away comparisons and I’m getting better.

So just remember, art isn’t a competition. Nobody will ever be on the same level as you, so it isn’t fair to compare yourself to someone else. If anything, it destroys your art skill. 

Don’t stop yourself from improving before you even can.

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Yo never procrastinate something that involves reading and outlining because its terrifying. Even if you have chronic and debilitating pain for the love of god just do a little on a regular basis because I did and and i do and I didn’t and I’ve had three large coffees today and I’m FUCKED

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