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#go ahead idc
foreverandalwayshttyd · 2 years ago
Do you mind if people use your prompts?
no, i don’t mind just as long as they give me credit since i made it :)))
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cheekymellet · 5 years ago
am i the only one who still has hope? all tronnor blogs are literally saying they're over. it's so depressing you have no idea. i may be stupid as shit and getting my hopes too high. hate on me all you want. this may even backfire on me but i honestly can't imagine tronnor being dead.
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rottingveins · 5 years ago
Ich werde paar Wochen bzw Monate nicht aktiv sein (wegen privaten Gründen) bleibt stark ❤️
(I won't be able to come online and post/reblog stuff for a while so stay strong and take care ❤️)
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nightbot-blog · 6 years ago
wait are you drawing fursonas and stuff
apparently yea
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I have received to many messages today from you people.
Don't you dare ask me anything.
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violaceaes · 2 days ago
oh godksjsjshjs we're going tomorrow to my friend's summer cottage to celebrate my birthday but my sister asked if his boyfriend (who i very publicly dislike) could come too and i said that imo i'd rather he didn't but u know it's not like it's my birthday party or anything, ask the friend who owns the place if u wanna... and she got annoyed
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furbyhater · 2 days ago
I spent most of today in bed because the second dose of the vaccine laid me tf out 😂 but what I am grateful for is this fucking incredibly comfortable mattress I bought myself last year, big brained moment on my part. Also grateful that I have a job that allows me to spend a large part of my day in bed when I need to and I am grateful for high school musical the musical the series for just letting me vibe
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karda · 2 days ago
Hello! In your about me post, I remember reading that you are uncomfortable with spam liking/reblogging, but i recently reread it and it doesn’t say it anymore. Is that still the case?
If you never had that in your pinned post, sorry! Must have just gotten you confused with someone else. Idk now I’m convincing myself it was never there mmm but just want to make sure I know your boundaries:)
oh yea that was there i just took it out! i put that when my blog was small but now my notifs r like. completely fucked regardless so it really doesnt matter shdkh
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nibeul · 5 days ago
I have more thoughts for tonight, and I’m going to be posting them here because I like putting out apparently hot takes. Plus this needs to be said because 90% of the time big accounts shy away from these problems so buckle up kids.
I already made a post talking about the problems I personally have when looking at Jedi/clone ships (again, this isn’t me telling you not to ship Jedi and clones, more so that you need to be mindful of how you go about portraying said relationships), but I want to specifically get into the last point I brought up. Fetishization. The Star Wars fandom has a huge problem with fetishization. And all fandoms have their problems, but with how big this fandom is paired with the fact that it’s been catering to white people ever since it came out, the fetishization (plus racism in general) is made even more prominent. The white savior trope alone is so overdone in Star Wars, you could probably write essays on that alone. Regardless, I’m not gonna get into that right now.
Clones are way too fetishized. This is just one example, but they’re the most prominent part and since they’re human in appearance and reflective of an actual person in real life, it’s arguably the most important to address. It’s also the most common case I see of fetishization. Stating that clones are pretty or attractive is one thing, constantly thirsting after them is a whole other ballpark. To be honest, I think—like many things—there is a fine line between simply being attracted to characters and legitimately fetishizing them. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to cross that line so here are some examples that I’ve seen:
referring to various clones as “mocha man”
using foods to describe clones’ skin tones (see point above)
treating them as interchangeable
referring to yourself as a “clone simp” (there are problems with the word simp too but. I’m not gonna get into that right now, I recommend looking it up)
constantly drawing clones in a suggestive/sexual manner (and only in said manner)
constantly pairing ocs with just clones (this one is kind of dependent, but yeah, most times it’s done in poor taste)
calling clones “smol bean” or babying them (this also breaches the territory of infantilization)
Now you may be wondering “nibeul, how does clonecest tie into fetishization?” I’m glad you asked!! And before any of you clonecest shippers who follow me close out, I want you to read this. Legitimately. Because it is a major problem that contributes to racism whether you want to acknowledge it or not.
There are a lot of sides to clonecest. There’s one, the fact that they’re brothers, though a lot of people like to brush it off as “it’s fiction” and “they’d want to experiment!” I’m not going to get into why I disagree with that, I do have a post on why fiction does affect reality but this isn’t the main part of the post. The second part is the mlm fetishization that often comes with it which is a whole other issue on its own. This mostly applies to the straight girls I see talking about clonecest ships, however I know there are queer artists who talk about shipping clonecest too. Which leads me to the third and main point here: racial fetishization.
“I can’t be fetishizing, I’m queer!” No. You might not be fetishizing the “gay” aspect to it, but more likely than not, it’s the fact that the clones are POC. This statement applies specifically to the white, queer artists I see posting clonecest because there are a lot!! And it is incredibly disappointing to see. POC are so often used as toys and entertainment in popular media, and it’s tiring, it really is. If I’m being honest, I have never seen white characters treated the same way, not to the same extent that clones are in this fandom. If the clones were white, do I think the popularity of clonecest would be nothing compared to what it is now? Yes.
Do I think clonecest shippers should be harassed? No because bullying doesn’t get do anything positive. But if you are a clonecest shipper, you need to really think about WHY you ship it. The appeal of clonecest comes directly from the over-sexualization of them, which ties into my original point of the clones being ridiculously fetishized. It is so fucking EXHAUSTING seeing POC constantly fetishized and dehumanized. I have seen firsthand how fetishization affects people; I have experienced it myself and it is a terrible, terrible feeling. I have spent so many sleepless nights in the past crying and calling SA hotlines because of my encounters with fetishization (yes, to extremes, it is not just “off hand” comments being made). It’s the portrayal in fiction that leads to it being repeated in real life. It doesn’t matter if the characters are fictional, your fetishization of them is racist. End of the story.
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transmedsteve · 6 days ago
is it just me or is terfs obsession with genitals and organs like. weird as fuck. just really fucking strange. why y’all always wanna talk about pussies
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into-the-west · 10 days ago
Steady, steady. You went unconscious there for a second, how are you feeling?
Mhm, yeah, that’s expected. You got into a bit of a scrap, but it doesn’t look like anything’s broken. Some bruises and scraps, so you’ll probably be sore for a few days, but nothing horrendous.
Where’s your home? I’ll help you get back. No, I’m not going to let you hobble alone, you’ll just end up hurting yourself further.
C’mere, put your arm over my shoulders. Easy, easy... there, up you go. Hm... might be best to take you back to my camp instead. It’s closer and I’ve got the medical supplies you need. It’s not much, but it’ll do until you’re well enough to go that far. You can have a hot drink and curl up in my blankets, how’s that sound? Leave the bandages and salves to me.
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200% done with life and people if you want to send me angry shit over saying that go right the fuck ahead I don't fucking care anymore.
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hws-denmark · 10 days ago
Very off-brand but literally just venting and vitriol under the cut about recent-ish hetalia discourse, if you don't wanna see it then don't read it! Cheers.
Alright idk what the fuck happened to fandom spaces over the past 5 years but this shit is super toxic now. It's like the internet has over-corrected from "it's the wild west baybeeeee, ship wars and death threats and downright awful behavior galore" to "have you consumed anything problematic or made a mistake anytime in the past 30 years??? Literally go fucking die you deserve to kys!!". Both are shit. But in my experience, one is a fuckton easier to avoid. Hetalia is a problematic show. This is a fact. There's an anti-semetic joke in the dub. There's whitewashing in the earlier anime seasons. Hima's characterisation of South Korea is horrific. France's earliest characterisations are done real dirty with the amount of sexual assault present. You could write essays about this shit, but honestly it's all been said in better ways before so I don't particularly care to. But quite frankly the amount of harassment from sad trolls and bullies online is nuts over this shit. Five fucking months and it's unavoidable- "Your a nazi! Facist, japanese imperialist anti-semite!!" NEWS FLASH- YOUR KEYBOARD WARRIOR CRAP ISN'T DOING JACK SHIT! YOU AREN'T PREVENTING A-NY-THING, YOU AREN'T HELPING A-NY-ONE! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND CALL OUT THE HATE I GUARANTEE WILL BE HAPPENING IN REAL DANG LIFE IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY IF YOU ACTUALLY WANNA EDUCATE AND MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE. There's a world of difference between calling out shitty fandom behavior and whatever the fuck this is. It's madness that I have to point out how saying that people talking about cartoon characters from a five minute OVA even holds a single CANDLE to the worldwide rise in nationalist sentiment and anti-semetic conspiracy theory, bourne from a mass refusal to acknowledge history, is so severely minimising. I take it that's okay though because you can wank yourself off on your nice little high horse without actually doing anything to combat hate or improve the world in any way though? The show has so many faults and for multitudes of good reasons you might never want to see it ever again. So block it. Don't interact with it. Blacklist the tag. But it is downright RUDE to be coming INTO the tag and talking shit. That doesn't tell me you're earnestly trying to avoid the series- it tells me you're really really trying to start fights. Bc I have been using the block button pretty liberally recently, and for every normal user venting I see, there's always an equal amount of people who, ironically, seem to dedicate their blog to bigotry against others and cyber-harassment. I've seen anti-hetalia blogs that have been sexist, racist, panphobic and, maybe most hypocritically, one that was bizarrely insensitive to the connotations of a past political regime. And yet minors look to these same people and parrot what they say for clout. In my experience, in a whole lot of anti-hetalia circles, there's a severe case of "mocking because I think it's cringe, but disguising it as concern for others to not look like a straight-up dickhead and have the moral high ground". Is it seeping from twitter? Bc I see that shit there all the time even in non-fandom spaces, the black/white, we're angels/they're devils thinking that real life and sane adults just do not fucking operate on. What I do know is, in the midst of a difficult pandemic, the one announcement in months that was happy and exciting for me left me feeling like dogshit by the end of the day. The weekly episodes that I should be excited for are just making me dread what I'm gonna see online. The nordic five are kinda like comfort characters for me, since I grew up in an emotionally abusive household and so I treated them like the family I never had. And yet, when I wanna go online and look at headcanons and read cool au fanfics, I always seem to stumble upon the implication that doing this is somehow severely hurting someone and that I'm a terrible monster. Logically, I know this is a load of shit. And yet I've noticed I've been putting myself down and looking at more and more self-harm content again recently bc
guilt-tripping with that much weight seeps into your brain like a nasty case of sepsis. Even the more casual "haha hetalia not another pandemic/more brainrot/will punch you on sight" lark starts to fucking drag when it's just SO widespread. Might just queue nice art, drop the occasional fanfic and otherwise stop interacting with the fandom tbqh. This bullshit is not healthy and some of the people on this hellsite are genuine psychos.
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kelsiersshadow · 15 days ago
hey buds tonight we’re thinking about the scathing, iconic, spiteful way jesper said “i can read to him”
in my head it sounds hissed but also like he said it through clenched teeth kinda cause i gotta imagine being armed and that close to van eck was not putting jesper in a particularly calm mood.
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spoooky-bee · 27 days ago
Nothing I draw is working n I'm getting angry so send me some requests to do once I get out of the shower (please)
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pigeon-tracks · a month ago
Tumblr media
made a quick pfp for more style practice
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