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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#go figure

This is gonna sound wild but I’ve come to realize that the easiest way to make friends with people is, in fact, by talking to them.

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10/12/20 - Linoma Beach, NE - GO FIGURE - This was the last thing we expected to see on our trip through Nebraska. Turns out that back in the 30’s it was a thing for Nebraska roadside attractions to install‘whimsical and eye-catching’ structures to entice tourists. The Linoma Beach Resort chose a nautical theme and this lighthouse on a two-lane state highway out in the country, where you would least expect to find one, is the result. Go figure.

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currently in the process of rewatching all of the films from my adolescence. particularly the ones that helped shape my views on romance and relationships. trying to find out where i went wrong. i’m coming to terms that my love for film may be partly to blame.

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yes!! thank you!!! excellent choices!!! not a favorite in sight and v defined parameters!!! you treasure!!!!!

3. a song that reminds you of summer

soulshine - the allman brothers band

I used to go to a lot of weekend festivals at this campground near me and they’d bring in cover bands for a lot of 60s/70s bands and tl;dr i have a shockingly clear memory of this song playing at one of the concerts and it’s tied up in a bunch of mushy personal stuff and I love it a lot. 

7. a song that makes you want to dance

answered one here,  nicki minaj’s starships came on the other day while i was cooking and i burnt the shit out of the bottom of the pot bc i had to take a dance break

29. a cover that you like better than the original song

yellow - emmit fenn

I waffle on coldplay, sometimes I really like them, other times not so much (it’s really hard to listen to them these days without mutter conscious????? decoupling???????? to myself a lot which ruins the experience) BUT that is not important. what is important is this song which I like a lot better than the original, it’s got a kind of loungy sexy vibe to it that I like a lot, ymmv

30. a song with really good lyrics

this is really hard and i’ve been thinking about it way too long. i’m going with untouchable face by ani difranco bc whenever i listen to it, i have a like, crystal clear movie that plays along with it in my head which is unusual for me

song asks!

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Call him for:

  • Booze.
  • Colorful hair dye.
  • Dirty jokes.
  • Movie quotes.
  • Travel recs.
  • Pup up jams.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • Defense in a social media battle.

Additional Interests:

  • Pop culture.
  • Nintendo Smash.
  • Hiking.
  • Healing crystals.
  • Hyping up the squad.
  • Controversy.
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My manager’s husband died. We have no idea when she’ll be back and one of my coworkers is changing her work availability to part time so I think. i’m probably going to be making some overtime money, but i’m also going to be worked half to death now because this job is really draining when there’s no one you can refer people to. 

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Dragalia Lost has taught me a lot about myself.  Like how, in any co-op situation, I will be the one to fold and play healer.  I will be the one that decides to drop out of the damage race to keep the other morons alive.  And in this moment…I get it.  I get why the healer is always angry.  Why are you fighting the Void Chimeras without understanding the danger of their circle attacks?  Why are you standing right in front of them as they breathe fire?  Do you think your dick is too big to fail?  It is not.  You would go flaccid without me here.  One of them had the audacity to use the “Offense Please” sticker, and I about lost it.  Oh, I’m sorry, you must be under the impression that you had not yet used use two revives.  You have.  Because even my healing potential cannot salvage the fact that you keep standing to this thing’s right.  That’s where the tail poison happens, dumbass.  This is round fucking five together and you still haven’t got that one down?

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Everything is flavoured and coloured after the big orange berry, everyone is carving them and putting candlesticks in there, baking bread with it, making coffee… with it…

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Tumblr is crazy insane.

I closed my writing blog for business and (as expected) started losing followers.

Today I check it out of curiosity, and I have more followers than when I deactivated.


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