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thevibraniumveterans · 2 months ago
Names mean a lot in Asian culture. Chinese culture is no different.
As such, I feel that it is important to get the most important names in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” right.
Our main guy Shaun.
His name is 徐尚氣, romanized as Xu Shang-qi. (Where Xu pronounced a little like “she” but less open, and qi is pronounced as chi.)
徐 is a word that is used for Shang-qi’s surname. It means “slowly, quietly, calmly, composed, dignified”.
尚 is the middle word in Shaun’s three-character Chinese name. It means “still, yet; even; fairly, rather”. Please don’t call him Shang. Shang is not a full name. Call him Shang-qi, or Shang-Chi, if you must. If you can pronounce Dostoevsky or even Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s no way you can butcher Shang-qi.
氣 is the last word in Shaun’s three-character Chinese name. It has a number of definitions: “gas; smell; air; weather; to make/get angry; to annoy; vital energy; breath; spirit; moral force; tone; atmosphere; manner; type; steam; vapor; spirit; situation; electricity”.
Those of you who have seen the film can probably combine some of these definitions to form a better picture of who Shang-qi is as a person and who he chooses to become as a result of the circumstances that surrounded him.
Shaun’s dad.
His name is 徐文武, romanized as Xu Wenwu.
徐 is his surname. See Shang-qi’s name bio above.
文 is the middle word in Xu Wenwu’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined mostly as “literature, culture, writing”. Sometimes even “formal, refined, gentle”.
武 is the last word in Xu Wenwu’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined as “military; martial, warlike”. Even “autocratic, powerful, soldier, successor, dance”.
For those who have watched the film, you can see why this is relevant.
Shaun’s sister.
Her name is 徐夏靈, romanized as Xu Xialing. (Xia can be pronounced “shia”, like, y’know, Shia LeBeouf.)
徐 is her surname. Check Wenwu’s and Shaun’s name bios above.
夏 is the middle word in Xialing’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined as “summer”, and also, “great, grand, big”. It is an archaic term for China. It is also the name of the Xia Dynasty, circa 2000BC.
靈 is the last word in Xialing’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined as “quick; alert; efficacious; effective; to come true”, sometimes even “departed soul, spiritual world/power, spiritual”. It can also be defined as “agile, clever, intelligent”.
If you’ve seen the film, these are pretty good descriptors for Xialing. You’ll know what I mean.
Shaun’s mother.
Her name was 映麗, romanized as Ying Li. (She was the guardian of Ta Lo.)
(I don’t actually know if Ying is her surname, but usually in marriage, the woman ‘inherits’ her husband’s surname, and as such, if her surname is not Ying, she would be known as Xu Ying Li. In which case the definition of Xu as a surname would still apply to her. But let’s just assume that Ying is her surname, the one she inherited at birth, as that is most likely the case, and stick with that.)
映 is the first word in Ying Li’s two-character Chinese name. It is defined as “project; reflect light; to shine; to show; mirror”.
麗 is the second word in Ying Li’s two-character Chinese name. It is defined as “beautiful; magnificent; elegant”.
If you’ve watched the movie, these descriptors are certainly applicable to Ying Li.
Shaun’s maternal aunt.
Her name is 映南, romanized as Ying Nan. (She is Ying Li’s only surviving younger sister, and assumed Ta Lo’s guardianship duties in her sibling’s absence.)
映 is the first word in Ying Li’s two-character Chinese name. See Ying Li’s name bio above.
南 is the second word in Ying Li’s two-character Chinese name. It is defined as “south; southern part; southward”. Perhaps it could mean that her assumed role was passed south, downward, to her by her older sister Ying Li.
Shaun’s best friend.
Her name is 陳瑞雯, romanized as Chen Ruiwen. Her English name is Katy.
陳 is the first word in Katy’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined as “to lay out, to exhibit, to display, to narrate, to state, to explain, to tell”. Which is hilarious, because she kind of takes on a pseudo-narrator role in the movie (“A guy with a freaking machete for an arm just chopped our bus in half!”). The surname Chen is also a very, very common surname.
瑞 is the second word in Katy’s three-character Chinese name. It’s original definition is “token made of jade”, which is really, really interesting since that is the film’s MacGuffin, the very thing two of which Wenwu was after. It is also defined as “lucky; auspicious; propitious”.
雯 is the last word in Katy’s three-character Chinese name. It is defined as “multicolored/patterned clouds”.
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marvel--musings · 28 days ago
damn,, eternals really said you cant trust straight white men for shit and i 100% agree
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mothicalspoken · a month ago
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bloodthornfairy · 10 months ago
What if all the Brazilian legends were true?
“ After finding a strange dead animal on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, the detective Eric (Marco Pigossi) from the Environmental Police Station gets involved in a murder investigation and discovers a world inhabited by mythical entities usually unnoticed by humans.” (Wikipedia)
Tumblr media
You all better go watch Cidade Invisível (Invisible City) on Netflix simply because it’s about Brazilian folklore and I’ve just finished the first episode and it’s fucking amazing. Plus, probably it’s going to be extra mysterious for you guys that don’t know the myths.
(Call it Brazilian Grimm, Supernatural or what ever but it’s GREAT.)
Carlos Saldanha, creator and executive producer, directed Ferdinand(2017), Rio(2011) and Ice Age(2002).
Bonus : Marco Pigossi is one of my biggest celebrity’s crushes so...yeah. Yeah. Exactly.
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perfectly-punzel2 · a month ago
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violetace98 · 11 months ago
“You’re in the ocean.”
“This! This is just water. What I WANT is the Ocean!”
You can’t truly appreciate life, until you see it for what it is.
That’s what that anecdote was about. The fish was already in the ocean, but wasn’t satisfied because it felt that the ocean was supposed to be this big, grand thing that was so impressive.
The fish made the ocean out to be this grand supreme entity, but couldn’t appreciate all the aspects and parts that made that “water” the ocean.
Joe was so focused on his “purpose” and making his mark that he didn’t appreciate the simple things and the small ways that he had made a difference to hi students, community, and family.
Look for the “sparks” for life. The little and big things that make life amazing.
Such an amazing Christmas present, thank you Pixar and Disney! Merry Christmas 🎁
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lightmotif139 · 6 days ago
Encanto is one of the best Disney movies I've ever seen.
Actually, I think it's one of the best movies I've ever seen altogether.
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