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liv4576 · a day ago
starving yourself without being skinny is so embarrassing
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wowwwies · 24 days ago
"Everything looks better on thin people"
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lolibones · a year ago
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bambifaceee444 · 3 months ago
Does someone know any „tips and tricks“ on how to actually loose weight? and im not talking about calorie deficit or drinking water, like foods to eat or stuff to drink that ACTUALLY help
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defeating-hvnger · 25 days ago
-15 motivation tips to fast-
no more chubby cheeks
pretty collarbones
not being told to not 3at too much
feeling proud of yourself
not having to 3xercise to get thin
being seemed like beautiful by everyone
skinny hands
not feeling guilty after 3ating
wearing smaller s!ze of clothing than before
not worrying about counting while fast
happily counting hours that you're without f∅od
chance to look at more 7hinsp∅es
looking at your st∅mach being flatter after 13+ hours
looking after new smaller sizes of clothes, because you can do it if you'll fast longer
listening to how funny and happy your 3mpty st∅mach sounds like
peace, love and luck wishes yours Ray <3
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sk1nnyp1eas3 · 19 days ago
Tips on fasting effectively with out binging
First of all I would probably say don’t binge the day before it won’t help and don’t fast immediately after a binge it doesn’t help and just creates a cycle try eating a deficit the next two days then fasting
In your fast don’t drink too much because although it might make you fuller temporarily it’ll just make you hungrier in the long run
Drink coffee or tea if you like them
Only try to fast on days you are motivated what might work for other people might not work for you btw so find what motivates you
Don’t fast for over three days you will most likely binge
Do light exercises and distract yourself
Don’t dwell on food or huger if you feel like it won’t help you
The next day use the same amount of self control you used to fast to eat in a deficit
Read a book it really helps me as I get really stuck in the book and don’t think
Last please be safe 💕💕
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weightlossideea · 2 months ago
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Stay healthy 👉 https://weightlossplan.site/
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cosmic-beetle · 2 months ago
okay so i heard of some supplements to take if your trying to lose weight that promotes weight loss
apple cider vinegar with the mother( take it like a shot)
vitamin D+ k2
and biotin for healthy skin, hair, and nails
ALSO!!! i’ve been drinking yogi tea, the digestive health apple cider vinegar one and the blueberry slim life one. i’ve been drinking those for a while and they have helped so much. i drink them in the morning while eating some raspberries or grapefruit and it fills me up until dinner time.
gonna fast prolly today and tomorrow while drinking those teas. (they have zero cals) we will see if the bloating goes down :)
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nothanknothanknothank · 2 months ago
my day is so much better when i dont eat. i feel clean and refreshed the whole day
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kyl3istired · a year ago
i am begging you, i am on my knees sobbing and crying please edtwt stay where you are please
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liv4576 · 13 days ago
feeling your ribs or hip bones>>>>
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wowwwies · 25 days ago
I'm not stopping until I make someone concerned
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inthesebones · 8 months ago
being a girl who likes girls with an ed is hard, like do i think she’s hot or is she thinspo !?!? literally the worst feeling ever especially when you like them
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douglas-113-blog · 3 months ago
Today I passed my gw all together and am 1lb lower than it:') standing with my feet together in both pics.
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thinm1ntz · 2 months ago
You can't do anything right, you can't even starve right.
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sk1nnyp1eas3 · 21 days ago
My biggest thinsp0 is that really skinny people look good no matter what even if there hair is messy eye makeup is old and rubbing off clothes are stained and baggy they still look better than bigger people when they wear formal clothes do their hair and have fresh make-up. Really skinny people never look lazy they look cute and uncoordinated when they’re bad at sport, they always look pretty even if they don’t match the other beauty standards in society, they don’t look dirty and skanky when they smoke cigarettes they look mature and elegant, they don’t look like beer guzzling alcoholics when they drink alcohol they look like supermodels and cool. So really I don’t understand how people say all body types are the standard because they’re really not.
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cosmic-beetle · 2 months ago
fasting again…
friends are starting to catch on and for some reason it makes me wanna keep going even though i know they’re worried. is that selfish?
i’ve always been the bigger friend and i’m finally catching up to them and starting to look smaller like them and it makes me feel good :)
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