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Some Hobbit picnics I’ve had the last few days 💜

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sorry no ppg posts, just a self promo for my art. commissions are still open dm me for pricing

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Hello, little mouse. It is raining pretty good out there isn’t it. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like.

This is a lovely amethyst. I understand that it helps with stability and balance, and that I thank you for. It’s more than enough and I’ll include a brownie along with you’re mug of tea if you’d like.

Fillie pours a mug of tea along with playing a brownie. She gently sets it in front of you.


Little by Little, we let go of loss, but never of love.

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i be like why is my hair so uneven? :( then cut off random chunks of it to mail to my friends for no other reason than to force them to think about me

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G o b l i n   t i e m…….hggngh….wet rocc….eee….froggies…..hhng…wet moss…ra  in.,,,,Creachure TieM Is HeRE FeLLOW GoBs

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