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#god help us

3 days before the visa interview, hopefully everything will run smoothly until the day amen 😇

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*Leaves 2020*: Oh god I’m glad that’s over. It literally couldn’t get worse.

2021 busting through the wall like the goddamn koolaid man:

Oh yes it can motherfucker

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I just had to explain what cis means to my grandparents and thier friends 😭 and she prayed over me to help me get my contact in 😭 they were good abt it tho. help me and @analogical-spacegays shit

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yeah i heard!! its really interesting, tbh, its really hard to wrap my head around what could possibly have happened up there. i just find it so hard to believe that they would tear their way out of their tent and leave their shelter bare ass naked under any circumstances, like, god, its just really impossible to put myself in their shoes.

the theory about the Kármán vortex with like, the way the wind wraps around the mountain produces a frequency that causes panic in people, thats probably the theory that makes most sense to me. especially because one of them tried to climb a tree so badly that they wore their hands down to stumps or something like that, even the snow slabs surely couldnt have caused that injury

i wonder if it was a combination of both, honest to god that entire situation is just so fucking bizarre. i might be getting this mixed up with another case but im 99% sure that these guys’ bodies were all super radioactive or something after this too. basically what the hell

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I just watched the first episode of wandavision and there is already something very wrong going on…I feel anxious and uncomfortable and I’m not exactly sure why, other than that obvious weird scene.

I don’t think I’m going to have a good time. Wanda is subconsciously bullying herself and she knows something is wrong, but she can’t remember what and that is extremely upsetting. Poor girl…

I’m ready for the inevitable pain this will bring me. This is going to go sideways in the most spectacular way.

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Extra time and we have to play Man City Saturday.

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My grandma has the news on and they just had an ad for an upcoming film called “Pixie?” And I am in shock, in tears and trying hard not to legitimately vomit.

We Catholics NEED to speak out and stand strong against films like this– films that are horrifically offensive towards the Catholic Faith, and serve to not only undermine its integrity in culture, but also blatantly attack it at its heart. This is sick. Hollywood needs to stop waging war against Christ, especially as it simultaneously promotes and praises new-age, paganistic religions and any other spiritual mindset that supports or cooperates with it in turn.

DO NOT watch this film. Don’t even watch the commercials. Avert your eyes; safeguard your heart against such toxic imagery and ideas. Pray. Pray fervently for the conversion of sinners and this country, for defense and healing of the Church, and especially in reparation for sins committed against the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts!!

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Tumblr just gave me a “you have followers?” overlay when I hit the like button on a post with a like button

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We are all going to have to come to the harsh realization that in RE8, we will most likely have to kill the hot vampire mom

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They…they actually did it, the crazy bastards actually animated Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinoshi AKA Redo of A Healer Hero.

It already has two episodes…

You fools…you god damned fools.

Manga readers Sound the alarms! Grab your shields and swords! Equip your armor and prepare yourselves.

War…war is coming my friends.

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👐 Marc-Andre ter Stegen

💪Oscar Mingueza Ronald Araujo Samuel Umtiti Jordi Alba

➡️⚽️ Sergio Busquets© Frenkie De Jong

⚽️Ousmane Dembélé Pedri Gonzalez Antoine Griezmann

⚽️⚽️ Martin Braithwaite

💺Bench: Sergiño Dest, Miralem Pjanic, Riqui Puig, Neto Murara, Clement Lenglet, Francisco Trincão, Matheus Fernandes, Junior Firpo, Konrad de La Fuente, Arnau Tenas

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I’ve started writing drabbles on Ao3. Here is one I’m quite proud of. Give me topics and maybe I’ll write them!

The wind is sharp and biting. Her coat doing little to protect her on the rocky outcrop. Carmen holds tight to the side of the mountain. Smoke drifts past her, the remains of bellum’s robot far below.

Tears sting her eyes, mostly from the cold, but in this private moment, from the release of fear that gripped her during the descent.

How easily it could have been her in the snow below.

V.i.l.e. has become more dangerous.

She doesn’t know if this is a fight that can continue for much longer.

Carmen is so tired of fighting.

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