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musashi · 4 years ago
i somehow think i unfollowed you and follow you back which i completely did not mean to do! but i have a couple asks - 1. when/why did you start shipping jess/delia? do you have any kin memories of delia? if you could see jessie and delia being together, would it be in some sort of au, and could you tell us a little bit about how it would happen? 2. what's your favorite ash/citron scene/episode? any fic recs for them? 3. tell about cheeseburger's personality, quirks, and likes/dislikes
omg thats ok it happens!! 
when/why did you start shipping jess/delia?
i loved her in a past life, so i was p much born shipping them. but i didn’t really become sentient of those feelings until like... sometime last year? it’s honestly such a blur to me but it started the way most of my Kin Ships start--with a sudden, random hyperfixation on the character and then a thought of “oh. what were they to me?” and then the slow climb as bits and pieces come back.
sorry thats not an entertaining story, just spiritual bullshit! pff. when i ship a kintype with another character, it’s pretty much always because they were a person who was irremovable from my personal narrative. 
in delia’s case, she taught jessie a couple truths: 
1. not all women are competition who exist to Eat Your Heart, 
2. there is strength in softness and vulnerability, and people who will hear your demons without pitying you 
3. you can exist on your own, without someone needing to ~complete you~ romantically in order to be happy and 
4. maternal love is real and not just something you read about in fairytales and hope for in your own life.
do you have any kin memories of delia?
only dreamlike flashes of time together. the most vivid thing i remember is going in DTE. you’ll see it eventually, i promise. it’s nothing big, just a very important bit of dialogue.
if you could see jessie and delia being together, would it be in some sort of au, and could you tell us a little bit about how it would happen?
i’m not creative enough to write a whole au sadly pff. the thing keeping jessie and delia apart is delia’s disinterest in romance--she doesn’t love her baby daddy but rejects any and all proposals from men who try to ask her out. i interpret this as, she’s perfectly happy being a single mom and doesn’t want or need anything beyond that.
another easy interpretation is that she’s just like, a huge lesbian, tho? outfit checks out:
Tumblr media
that’s not a straight woman. short sleeve flannel? rockin those futch looks. thats a world where they could totally end up together if jessie ends up reformed or on a different path. it would really only take a slight tweak to the DTE narrative, haha.
what's your favorite ash/citron scene/episode?
their gym battle is actually my favourite battle in the whole of xy! and probably my second favourite battle in the whole series.
i dont have any fic recs because im too scared to venture into fic territory for the pokeani kids ^^; even when im not looking for Gross stuff, i end up finding it, and i just dont have the emotional capacity to sift thru it.
tell about cheeseburger's personality, quirks, and likes/dislikes
THIS IS SO GOOD. oh my god. 
cheeseburger is a pretty simple boy! he’s real fat but his fat is dispersed super funny, it all goes to his cheeks. so hes got a big fat face and a pretty average bulky torso. when he was a baby we thought he might be disabled in some way because his eyes were like, terrifyingly big for his face, but he grew into them and seems pretty typical now.
he’s very talkative, but i think that says more about me than him, since cats meow in mimicry of their colonymates. when he meows its VERY loudly and kind of discordant, as if the meow has bits of it missing. its never “meooow” its like “mrgaghagh!!!” which sounds distressing but thats just how he talks. his meows sound more like shouts or like hes trying to say words. he meows whenever! not just when he wants something. he meows whenever he sees me to say hello! he meows whenever i sneeze to say bless u. he just meowed right now, i think because i shifted in my computer chair a little and it made a sound and he wanted to ask me what the sound was. if i call his name in a very specific voice he will always meow back. if he’s napping and i do this voice he will always wake up and meow at me without fail. again, i talk to myself & to animals a lot, so i think this has more to do with me.
he’s so talkative that he makes other cats talkative! we have another cat named dianne and she is very introverted and anxious, and her and cheeseburger were pretty distant for a few years, but they became friends this recent year and dianne started talking CONSTANTLY. he really helped her come out of her shell. she does a lot of things now that were things she only coulda learned from him.
cheeseburger knows where my window is, so when he wants inside, he goes under it and meows so that ill go around back and let him in! he follows me out to the kitchen when i cook or do the dishes and sits on the chair in there and watches me. he has a very strong need to be with me all the time. theres nowhere around the downstairs computer where he can comfortably sleep, so if hes tired but im on the computer, a lot of the time he’ll jump up on the desk and fall asleep standing up just so he can be close to me.
he forgets to close his mouth when he purrs sometimes and makes this ugly snorting noise. he has little black freckles on his nose! i love him a lot. he’s loud and stupid and loves me. my sister has affectionately referred to him as “orange wobbuffet” more than once.
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