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#god if I did I’d add more lust into it
spencersawkward · 6 months ago
Hi can i get a smut with dom!spencer on facetime with reader when he's away on a case while she's riding a pillow and spencer guides her through it like "slow down princess you're doing so well, you look so needy and pathetic for me" and she's just burying her face in a blanket in embarrassment askjalskfsjm
word count: 1.2k
content warnings: masturbation (fem!Reader x Spencer), dirty talk, dom!Spence, use of nicknames (princess, baby, sweetheart), breeding kink, innocence kink, praise and degradation.
A/N: super quick-- if you change your username and are on any of my taglists, would you mind letting me know/changing it in the doc so that i can edit it for you? nbd i just wanna keep my stuff updated hehe.
Tumblr media
you're giddy as soon as you hit the answer button on your phone. Spencer has just recently learned how to use FaceTime, and he's been calling much more often on cases now that he has the promise of seeing your face.
"hi!" you grin as soon as his face appears on screen. he's smiling already, and you swear that his eyes brighten.
"hi, sweetheart. how was your day?"
"it was okay. kind of boring. how's the case going?" you ask impatiently. he's been so busy, you're curious as to what's been occupying that quick mind of his. plus, you just want to hear the sound of his voice. you're never going to get over the endearing way he enunciates, the tone he uses with you. it's softer than the way he speaks to his team members; you wonder if they notice the difference or if it's just something that you imagine.
"it's interesting, but I’d rather just talk about it when I get home if that's okay?" he says it like a question, to which you nod.
"of course."
"I was hoping to talk about something fun tonight." the words come out slowly, his volume dropping to a level that makes your stomach flip.
your lips curl upwards into a smirk. "what did you have in mind?"
"I was thinking about you last night, and I was hoping to try something."
you can't help it; even though you've been dating for a while, the fact that he thinks about you when he's away gives you butterflies. "anything."
"would you happen to have a pillow nearby?"
you frown at the request but nod, reaching out and grabbing a fluffy one from the head of the bed. "yeah."
"I want you to climb on top of it for me." the order comes out stern, and any confusion you have about it vanishes within a moment. your cheeks get warm; you've done this before, but never in front of Spencer.
regardless, excitement ignites in the pit of your stomach. you follow directions and set the phone down for a moment to position the pillow between your legs, straddling it. once you're done, you grab the device and bite your lip.
"let me see, princess," he says. you angle the camera so he can see you in your lingerie and when he notes your thighs around the fabric of the pillow, his breath hitches. "do you know what I'm going to ask you to do?"
you shake your head, only because you want to hear him say it.
"grind on it." simple but straightforward. you gulp and gently move your hips down. there's still some nervousness in your stomach, maybe a bit embarrassed that he's watching you, but it's also thrilling.
your breathing picks up when it hits the perfect spot on your clit, causing you to let out a little whine. you set the phone up so it's against the headboard, leaving you the freedom to guide yourself along the pillow.
"how's that, baby?" he asks smoothly, watching while biting his lip. you saw the approval in his eyes and started to grind harder against the pillow. it feels good-- both torturously unsatisfying and just enough to tease so that you have to work up a certain pace in order to get any relief.
"really nice." you mutter, eyelids fluttering shut for a moment. your hands grip onto the fabric tighter, hips bucking.
"fuck." he breathes, and your eyes shoot open again to see his face twisted up with pleasure. he's palming himself-- you can tell by his expression and the way he starts to pant.
"Spencer, oh my god..." you lean back a little to try a different angle, moaning at the way it rubs your sensitive spot. at this point, you've stopped trying to maintain any modesty: you roll yourself down, form undulating and one hand coming up to grip your tits through your bra.
"take it off, baby." he directs greedily. you reach around and undo the clasps, never ceasing your movements as you do so. and once you've slid the garment down your shoulders, he lets out another groan. "I miss your body."
"I want you so bad." you whimper, remembering the way Spencer takes care of you. how eager he always is to get between your legs. you’d do anything for that sensation. for him.
"I can tell," he chuckles darkly. "when I get home, I'm gonna bend you over and fuck you until my cum is sliding down your thighs."
his words feel like velvet over your skin, and you moan loudly as they combine with the friction you're giving yourself. it's so new, but you love how it feels when he watches. him getting off to your insatiable movements.
"please, Spence." you work harder to reach your orgasm, one of your nipples pinched between your thumb and forefinger.
"slow down, princess, you're doing so well," he warns softly. you notice that you've created a quick rhythm and it's hard to slow when his ensuing words are dripping with lust. "so needy and pathetic for me."
your already warm skin heats even further at the way he teases. there's a sweetness to him that makes you want to latch onto that desperation, to please him even further right now. your hips move recklessly against the pillow and the whimpers of his name fall from your mouth like a prayer.
you bite down on your lip while squirming on top. the occasional sounds of his restrained pleasure urge you on. "so cute like that." he murmurs. you drop down a bit, overcome, onto the mattress. as you grind harder with the new angle, you bury your face in a blanket to conceal the eager way you cry out.
"it's okay, baby," he reminds you gently while you rut against the fabric. "show me your pretty face. I wanna see you cum."
you lift yourself bashfully to see his expression positively focused on you. "I'm close." you whisper helplessly.
"you're being so good, sweetheart, just rub that pussy for me." his words graced with a salacious groan. "imagine it's me."
"Spence..." it comes out loudly and you don't care. you're a mess for him and he loves it, touching himself over his pants while you near your edge.
"I can't wait to make you sit on my cock like that," he coaxes. "have to reward my good girl."
that sends you over the edge. you gasp as your orgasm crashes over your senses, nearly overwhelming you as you writhe on top of the pillow. your eyes roll into the back of your head and you pant. "Spence— fuck, fuck—"
you can't even form the words correctly. there's something about the sheer filthiness of the act that helps you ride out the high, and his encouragement does the same. his noises are like heaven when he watches you cum all over a pillow. the truth is that he could get you off anytime he wants and it would be easy.
after a few moments, your head clears a bit. you straighten up on the pillow, moving still as you prepare yourself for a second orgasm. the smirk on your face catches Spencer's attention.
"what is it?" he asks.
you know just what you want. "your turn."
taglist (add yourself here or lmk if you wanna be added/removed!): @xoxomgg @willowrose99 @lelifesaver @dr-spencerr-reidd@spenxerslut @gingeraleluke @satanxklaus @chasemoonlight@spencerreid9 @deansdoll @sydeekomspacekru @go2sleepducky @queenofthepouges @wheelsupscenehater @vladsgirlxx @velociraptor8 @bottomoftheketchylist @totallyclearwitch @reidsconverse @multixfandomwriter @g0lden-cth @treat-winchesterswith-kindness @slutforthegubes @spookydrreid @depressedgothgrl @spencyreidpls @flipper-kisses @jakobsdump
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jurassicbarnes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (MCU)
summary: In which you thank Bucky in your own wonderful way. He kinda loves it.
warnings: sex (18+), oral; male receiving
author’s note: this is the best bj scene i’ve ever written lol // another repost [wc: ~2k]
Tumblr media
Your eyes are glued to his form, innocent yet maddeningly menacing. Shifting to your hands and knees on the bed, the silk sheets shuffle around you as you crawl over to the foot of the bed. He stands right there, in a pair of dark jeans and a white tank top. His cropped hair a damp mess, sticking out in a sexy way, as he looks down at you.
“You know, those puppy eyes won’t let you get away with what you did today,” Bucky warned, but raised a hand and softly caressed your cheek with the back of it, pushing a small strand of your hair away from your eyes.
“I’m sorry,” you simply say, leaning a bit into his touch and close your eyes. Bucky hums, continuing to pet your hair and cheek.
“What are you sorry for?”
“For not listening to you. I was reckless out there today.”
“You’re right. At least you realize your mistake. That’s always a good sign, sweetheart.” A small smile appears on your lips at the compliment.
Bucky hooks a finger under your chin so that your eyes remain on his. He has a twinkling in the blue of his eyes, a small smile tugging on his lips slowly as you show all the signs of being a good girl.
“Thank you.” You then whisper, eyes sheepishly casted down.
He frowns, dropping his hand by his side. “What for?”
“For rescuing me.” You mumble again not looking directly at him.
It was nothing out of the extraordinary. You were sent out on a solo mission, but things got out of control. Long story short, Bucky had to come to your aid and he got pretty mad about your behaviour out on the field. It was a good thing you got away with just a few temporary scratches and bruises.
“I –” you pause, nervously stand on your knees so that your eyes meet his. “I want to thank you.”
“But didn’t you, just now?” He said, stroking his thumb over your busted bottom lip, making you wince. But you did not pull back from his touch.
He’d examined all of your injuries after he’d helped you take a shower. But the concern on his face never managed to fade. You felt a pang of guilt build up in your chest. Bucky brought his fingers up to touch the side of your wound on the left side of your forehead, careful not to directly come in contact with the bandage.
“Can I thank you the way I want to?” Your voice came out as a tiny plea, your lips, slightly closer to his.
“I’d be interested to know what ways you could thank me in, doll. But I think you need to rest right now.”
You whine, pouting. “Please, Bucky?”
Bucky chuckles, though hearing your little whine made his dick twitch in his pants.
“If you must.” He smirked, giving you permission to go ahead.
You smile, finally slanting your lips on his while trailing your hands down his muscular chest. Bucky’s response is a little hesitant, trying not to hurt you, but you don’t seem to care about your bruised lip. You kiss him a little harshly, wordlessly telling him it doesn’t hurt really.
Bucky smiles against your mouth, then gently sucks your lower lip between his lips. The soft gesture pulls a heavy moan from you, the beautiful sting bringing you all kinds of pleasures.
Never the one to stop losing focus, you sneak your hands under the shirt, curling the cotton material up and lifting it over his head, momentarily breaking the kiss to toss it somewhere behind you.
His lips are back on yours. The kiss getting deeper, hungrier and more breathtaking. His tongue massaging your swollen lip, and he moans when he tastes a little bit of your blood. He slowly pries your mouth open, making the kiss sloppier as it gets too hard to breathe. You feel like your lungs are on fire.
You slide one of your hands down to palm his cock through the thick jeans, the other disappearing into his soft hair, tugging and scrapping. He breaks the kiss, only to moan your name against your lips when you add a little squeeze around his confined cock. Clenching his jaw he removes your palm and quickly unbuttons his jeans and pushes the zipper down. Pulling his pants along with his boxers, he steps away from the pile and kicks it away.
Bucky is pretty sure you could just start talking dirty to him and he’d be hard as a rock. But then again he also believes you could probably talk him into an orgasm. He’ll be damned and blessed at the same time – he’s got an angel with a devil’s mind.
His cock stands up, in all its glory, bobbing against the taut muscles of his abdomen. But you make no move towards it yet. Eyes still on his lust blown ones, lips grazing over each other.
“Can I touch you?” You ask, biting hard on his lower lip, eyes on his making his knees wobble with just a look.
“Please,” he’s surprised at his own plea, never thought you’d be able to bring him down to his knees this quick.
“Relax, and let me take care of you, Buck. Like you always take care of me.” You said, smiling sweetly at him whilst you wrap your fingers around his girth. His throat hitches, a broken sob leaving his plump and swollen lips as you start moving your palm up and down his length.
He’s firm and so thick, you know you can never get used to him. The tip is dark and as you raise your palm up, a gush of pre-come flows out of the slit. You’re tempted to lick it, but you keep your mouth away from him, just to test his patience.
Swiping your thumb over the slit, you spread his arousal over his dick. The faster you move your palm, the filthier the sounds become, resonating around the room.
Bucky easily turns into a grunting and moaning mess above you. His eyes are screwed shut, the vein in his neck popping out due to clenching his jaw too tight.
Looking for a chance when he’s least expecting it, you carefully wrap your lips around the tip. Bucky jerks his hips up, his cock nudging over your bruised lip.
“Oh, my God. Fuck – I’m sorry,” he hissed, pulling back.
You touch your bottom lip, chuckling, “It’s okay. I should’ve been more careful.”
“Baby, you don’t have to –” you cut him off with a shake of your head.
“But I want to. I swear you’re not hurting me.” You promise him.
Bucky leans down to press a soft kiss on your lips, before nodding.
Once again, you attempt to close your lips around the tip. You could see how hard he’s trying not to move his hips. His flesh fingers thread through your locks, not urging you to take him all the way in, but just to hold on to something. He’s going to let you do all the work since it’s your wonderful way of saying thank you.
You start taking him inch by inch and stop when it becomes too much. Your lips still look irresistible, widely stretched around his cock. Bucky has to take a moment to look at you. You’re breathing hard through your nose, brows pinched together in the cutest little frown. There’s a light sheen of sweat glistening on your neck.
You skipped wearing a shirt, so that leaves you just in a simple white bra. It gives him a chance to admire your body, the prominence of your collar bones, as he trails a metal digit over your supple skin and your messy hair.
He’s pretty sure there’s a huge wet spot forming on your matching panties when you squeeze your thighs together, a feeble attempt to dissolve some heat that’s growing deep in your core.
He rubs his thumb over the stretch of your lip, not touching the injured area. It’s when you moan around him that Bucky finally lets out a loud curse. His voice gravelly and thick, laced with nothing but lust.
Gripping your hair tighter, Bucky can’t help himself but jerk his hips a bit to gain some friction on his aching, swollen tip.
You take him a little deeper, enough so that he’s starting to hit the back of your throat. After the initial sting goes away, you are easily able to bob your head up and down his length. The base of it that you couldn’t cover is in your hand.
The room is filled with his breathy moans which fall out oh so sinfully from his pink lips with every gentle pump of his hips.
Bucky whimpers a little, placing a knee on the edge of the bed so that he doesn’t collapse on the floor due to your ministrations.
“Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so good.” You would smirk at how broken his voice sounds. But you’re kind of occupied with the said talented mouth on his dick. Surprisingly he chuckles, “What are you doing to me?”
It was a question you need not answer.
Removing your mouth off of him, you lick a broad strip up from the base to tip, feeling the heaviness of his length and the throbbing vein on the underside. You gently suck on the tip, hollowing your cheeks.
“Oh, God, Doll. Keep doing that and fuck – I won’t last.” Bucky this time grabs your shoulder, metal fingers digging in the supple skin, definitely leaving bruises. But he knows, those are the bruises you’d proudly show off the next day.
Eager to get him off, now that he’s breathing harder and in short puffs, you bring a hand up to cup his balls and as soon as you do so, his jaw goes slack. His ass clenches as he starts thrusting slowly, balls pulled up tightly. That combined with you still relentlessly sucking on the tip was enough to make him fall off the edge of the pleasure he’s so longing to meet.
Mouth opens to speak a broken warning, “Gonna – fuck, baby –gonna come.”
You nod, and on queue he removes his dick out of your mouth and quickly holds himself, spilling his load all over your chest, grunting so loud. It amuses you, but mostly it makes you proud of yourself.
Licking your lips, you fall back on the bed with a soft bounce. Bucky crawls next to you soon after he comes down from his high.
He sighs. A contented smile, gracing his lips. “Thanks. Didn’t know I needed that.” He speaks and it’s oddly arousing – the rough edge that still lingers in his voice.
You hum in response, turning to face him so you could kiss him.
“I always know what you need, babe.” Your smile, wiping the shine off his lips that came from kissing you. “And from what I saw just now, I think I should get in trouble more often. It’s heavenly to see you fall apart like that.”
A deep blush creeps up on Bucky’s cheeks, although it’s hidden under his thick bread.
He lets out a quiet chuckle, “Baby, you don’t have to get into trouble for giving me mind-blowing blow jobs. You can do that any time of the day.”
You laugh and move away from the bed to clean up.
“Don’t get used to it.” You shoot him a smirk over your shoulder, winking before disappearing inside the bathroom.
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed reading! as always feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
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jjksblackgf · 2 months ago
grey area
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing — jungkook x reader summary — sometimes the 'bad boy who's only vulnerable with you' might be to your detriment. genre — angst rate — +18 word count — 1k warnings — one-sided love, explicit language, mentions of alcohol intake, mentions of smut, vulnerable conversations under the influence, no happy ending.
The lights were dim in Jungkook's apartment, and he switched his party playlist to a more chill tune. We sat on the floor facing each other, his coffee table between us. My head was spinning slightly from all the alcohol, and I knew a big headache was to come the next morning. Jungkook was worse, somehow; his eyelids were closing and taking a couple of seconds to open again.
“I think I should head out, you need to rest.” I said, already gathering my things.
“No, sleep here with me” he said, more alert than I’d expected “You take the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”
I nodded and he smiled, taking my hand in his. He started drawing on my palm with his fingertip, so lightly it felt like tickling. I stared at him. He clearly wanted to talk about something; he was pouting, his brows furrowed in concentration and every now and then his lips would move, almost mumbling.
“What is it?” I asked, my tone heavy with banter and he laughed softly. I expected him to shake his head and dismiss me as he usually did, always distancing himself as much as he could. So I was surprised when he bit his lower lip and looked at me from under his lashes.
“It’s nothing, really” I knew this look a little too well. He wanted to fuck. He smirked slightly, his voice was raspy and thick with lust.
This was obviously a signal to reignite our booty call deal, the deal we had before we got close as friends, the deal we terminated because being friends was more important for us both. It didn’t matter that the world could burn, and we’d never notice. That the kisses were so intoxicating that it felt like we were drunk. It didn’t matter that he was the best I ever had. We were friends now, and that connection was getting stronger by the day.
But a lot has changed since the last time we met like that. Mainly my feelings for him, that went from physical attraction to love, much more quickly than I’d expected. And because of that, our friendship fell to a grey area that we hadn’t gotten out of yet.
I missed the days when our friends with benefits arrangement was at its peak, though. But I would need to put that thought behind me. Even though our chemistry is undeniable, we’re still playing in dangerous territory since neither of us want our friendship to get ruined.
As he licked his lips and his expression softened, it got harder for me to concentrate on why this is such a bad idea. First, we were drunk enough to pass out at any minute. Second, I was still in love with him and he still did not reciprocate.
“You know this is a bad idea.” I whispered, suddenly not finding my voice.
“I do know that,” his fingers were now playing with my wrist, taunting me. “I can’t help but remember that day when I tied you to my bed, or when we fucked on the kitchen floor, but I don’t think that’s the best conversation topic right now.”
“You guessed that right,” I countered, removing my hand from his. It was causing too much tension between us. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking, I’m sure he didn’t feel the electric current his fingers caused me, and how much I suppressed the shivers going down my spine. It was hard enough to handle the butterflies every time I was near him, no need to add another challenge to my name.
“I’m sorry, I’m being insensitive,” he said, breaking my inner monologue “I know you don’t like to talk about this with me, and I can imagine how much it hurts you.”
God, did you really need to make him so understanding and kind? Couldn’t you make him an asshole that didn’t care for my feelings? At least I would know to leave him alone.
We sat still for a few more minutes and I stared at the floor, not having the courage to look into his eyes. Maintaining my stomach under control and keeping a poker face was hard to multitask. The head spin did not help my case. I should’ve left when I first wanted to.
“Can I ask you something?” he broke the silence, his voice wary “Why do you like me?”
I looked up at him, shocked, and he had his chin resting on his hand. I could see in his eyes he was genuinely curious, or maybe it was wishful thinking again. I shrugged.
“Mainly the way you’re honest about your feelings and who you are as a person,” he smiled at that, compelling me to continue “but it’s also little things you do… like when you’re cooking listening to 50’s music, the sound of your laugh and the way you scrunch your nose, the way your eyes light up when you’re teasing someone, the way you take care of people… I don’t know, you’re just a genuine person.”
Why did I spill my guts to him again? Was the first rejection not enough? He nodded slowly, taking the information in. He pressed his lips, probably looking for the best way to respond without hurting my feelings.
“We’ve talked about this before, Jungkook, it’s fine.” I reminded him.
“Please don’t get me wrong, I never meant to hurt you,” he started anyway. “I don’t know if I ever told you this out loud, but I really like having you around. You are an amazing friend to me and to everyone you come to meet. You’re so kind and considerate, and I appreciate how honest you are with me, but I-”
“Please don’t continue,” I interrupted, sighing loudly “I already know where this is going...”
“I’ll always be here for you, don’t forget that” he reached for my hand again, this time squeezing it with both his hands. I just nodded and got up, heading for his bedroom. I needed to sleep before I could do something I would regret. Maybe I’d pray to forget this conversation.
“Goodnight, love.” he whispered. Went to sleep unsure if I was supposed to hear that.
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izariichi · 6 months ago
flowers wither too (tartaglia)
relationship: tartaglia x reader
genre: angst with a happy ending (hanahaki disease)
warnings: vomiting, blood and mentions of death; usage of childe's real name; very slight childe story quest spoilers
author's note: finally finished this! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧ i hope it ended up being nice. reblogs are appreciated and requests are also open! i'll get to the current requests soon~
a trail of blood dribbled down the corner of your lips as you panted, trying to take in as much air as you can after you spent nearly half an hour coughing out flower petals. you leaned against the wall of your bathroom, eyes clouded with pain as you think about your decisions.
'was this really worth it?' you close your eyes. 'is he really worth it?'
it's been months since you first coughed up flower petals. it's been months since you realized you were suffering from hanahaki — from unrequited love — yet you made no move to either confess or get them removed.
how foolish, some might say. why keep it in when it's clearly killing you?
simple. you didn't to lose more things than you already had.
ever since ajax — your best friend, your childhood friend, your pillar, and your beloved — returned from wherever he disappeared to when you guys were fourteen, he was never the same. gone were the days of happiness and love. he was no longer around you as much as he used to, and when he was, he was colder than before. his eyes lost the light in them as his hidden lust for battles bloomed into fruition.
your ajax was gone. in his place was the tsaritsa's tartaglia.
you know that confessing to him is practically begging for your death to be swift yet despite it, you didn't want to get the petals removed either. because should you get them removed, you'll also lose your memories about ajax and the ability to feel love like every other human.
your memories is all you have left of your ajax.
so here you are, suffering alone in your cold bathroom, waiting for death to come knocking on your door.
shaking your head, you force yourself to stand back up on your feet. you flushed down the bloodied petals and brushed your teeth to get rid of any remaining blood in your mouth. as you changed into a fresher set of clothes, you heard someone knocking.
"big sis?" it was teucer. "i have something to give to you!"
forcing a smile on your lips, you open the door to your house and usher the young boy in. seeing him, a carbon copy of ajax, made your lungs constrict.
"hello, teucer," you greet, patting him on the head. "what is it? you seem awfully excited about it."
"here!" teucer passes you a small keychain. upon inspection, you realize that it's a starconch that you only used to see in books. "big brother sent us a letter with some keychains, mama said we should give you one."
hearing this, you force your smile to grow in order to hide the longing you were feeling.
"thank you," you say. "tell your mom that too. i should visit again sometime."
teucer nods, excited to have you around again in their home. "when big brother comes home with his new friend, you should totally visit! he told sister tonia how nice, strong, and pretty she is — you would totally get along with her!"
at his words, you freeze up.
you know it was totally possible for him to befriend someone of the opposite gender other than you but the way he described her made you feel uneasy. all this time, he cared nothing but to serve the tsaritsa. yet here he was, talking fondly about a woman he met in his travels — someone he wants to introduce to his family.
unknown to you, teucer noticed the way you froze up and started calling out your name. but you were too deep in your thoughts that it was only when you felt your chest tighten did you move.
"big sister, what's wrong?!" teucer shouts, panicking. he was at loss on what to do that the moment he saw you collapse, he could only run and cry for help.
a month later, in liyue harbor...
dull ocean eyes glanced up at the starry sky as childe falls into a deep state of thoughts. the last words lumine said before leaving the bank kept ringing in his mind.
"your brother wanted me to persuade you to come home," she told him, a frown on her lips. "he says that since you make a lot of money, you should also try getting medicine for (y/n). i assume she's either your sister or a friend."
"a medicine for (y/n)?" childe echoed, eyes wide with surprise and confusion. "did he say why?"
"he told me that she was sick and that she passed out when he visited her last month. it seemed like whatever she's experiencing is serious since teucer almost cried while telling me. he also said that she insisted that she was fine and that it was just because of a cold but teucer thinks otherwise."
lumine then looks into his eyes. "i don't know who she is but, childe, if she's important to you, you need to see her before it's too late."
memories of his childhood days soon flooded in his mind, feeling him with regret. it's been a long time since he last saw and talked to you. he can't believe he set you aside and forgot about you while he was too focused on conquering the world.
he feel ashamed to even say that he loves you.
wanting to make it up to you, he quickly arranges for a trip back to snezhnaya. in two days time, he found himself standing in front of your door.
back then, every time he returns to snezhnaya, he always runs straight back to his house after reporting to the tsaritsa about his mission. however, this time, he went the opposite way and went straight to your house. he wastes no time and uses the spare key you gave him before and flings the door open.
he runs inside, calling out to you with urgency and fear. as soon as he enters the bedroom, the stench of blood greets his nose, making his heart drop down to his gut. he enters the room carefully and grimaces at the sight of the bloodied flower petals on the floor.
with much hesitation, he raises his gaze to look at your form, wishing nothing but to see you smiling at him and that these were nothing but fragments of a nightmare. unfortunately, the moment he landed on your form, you were deathly pale and unconscious. and as much as he would like to deny it, you were lifeless.
or so he thought.
"i don't know if... if the gods are pitying me... or if they want to make me suffer more by making you appear in my dream..."
his glassy eyes immediately turned to you and he could only sigh in relief upon seeing you still alive. he quickly rushes to your side and puts your cold hand against his cheek.
"(y/n), it's me. it's me, ajax. i'm here—" he gives your hand a squeeze as he uses his other hand to caress your cheek. "you're not dreaming. i'm here, i'm home."
"ajax..." oh archons, he misses hearing his name from your lips.
"teucer told me what happened. i'm taking you to the doctor, you need to get treated."
he tries to scoop you up in his arms but you started hitting his chest, signaling him to stop.
"no," you croak out. "i don't want to get treated. i don't want to lose the most precious thing to me..."
"what— what do you mean?" what could be more precious to you than your own life? "(y/n), you're going to die at this rate if you don't get treated. you... you can't die yet."
at this point, childe was about to cry.
"i'm suffering from hanahaki disease, ajax. i'm suffering from unrequited love," you confess. "if i get treatment, i'll lose my memories and my feelings. i'd rather die than forget about you."
"i'm in love with you, but i know you don't feel the same way—" you started coughing, prompting childe to help you sit up so you can cough easier. "—and as much as it hurts me, i know that even when i leave, you'll be taken care of. after all, it sounded like you found someone who can be on par with you."
he looked at you, confused, until it hit him. you must've been talking about lumine. realizing this, he curses himself and tries to collect himself so he can clear things up to you.
"take care of her, aja—" "no. you got it wrong."
surprised, you look up at him. it was only then he realized how frail you've gotten — and it's all because of him.
"i don't like her that way. i don't like anyone else that way. the only person i love and want to be with is you, (y/n)," he confesses, hoping that you would believe his words. he knows that even if his words were from the bottom of his heart, it wouldn't help you if you didn't believe him. "i love you. so please, hold on. you can't die just yet."
to your and his surprise, he started crying. tears started cascading down his cheeks like a river as his grip on you became desperate.
"please, (y/n). let me show you that i really do love you. let me make it up to you for all the years you suffered alone. you can do anything to me, just don't die just yet," he whimpers. "please. please stay with me."
as you wrap your arms around his shaking form, you could feel the knot in your chest disappearing. for the first time in months, you could breathe freely.
"i promise—" he pulls away slightly, wiping his tears with the back of his hand. "—i'll take care of you. i'll help you recover, i'll show you how much i love you."
he presses a kiss against your forehead, relaxing when he felt you grow warm.
"i'll make sure that you'll never be alone again. i love you, (y/n). i really do."
"i love you too, ajax," you say softly, basking in his warmth. "thank you... thank you for loving me."
and for saving me — you add in your mind.
"i should be the one thanking you," he chuckles weakly, smiling at you. "you should sleep, i'll clean your room and make you dinner."
"can you stay with me for the night?" you ask, scared that this might actually just be a dream and that he will be gone once you wake up.
"of course," he reassures you. "tomorrow, i'll bring you to my house."
you nod and let him push you back down against your mattress. he tucks you in and presses a kiss against your forehead again.
"good night, darling. i love you so much."
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sweeterthanthis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Who gets to come, Sweetheart? Me? Or you?”
Requested by: @taylordrunkonwhiskey ✨ It won’t let me tag you lovely, so I hope you see this! ✨
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Word Count: 949
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, fingering, edging, orgasm denial, mild brat taming, vaginal sex, breath play, 18+.
Tumblr media
“Please, Steve. I can’t take much more. I swear to God, I’m gonna—oh!”
“Uh, uh. You know what happens when you’re a bad girl.” His fingers curled up against that sweet, spongey spot inside of you; threatening to unravel you with every stroke. “Never learn your lesson, do you?”
Steve had you sprawled out, one hand pressed against your stomach in warning. You knew sassing him was a bad move, but damn, you just couldn’t help yourself. He’d had you teetering on the edge of euphoria for what felt like hours, smirking down at you as you begged and pleaded with him to let you come.
“Does a bad girl get to come, Sweetheart? Hmm?”
You were panting – desperate for him to have mercy on your trembling body, hips jutting up to seek out more intensity. Whining pathetically as he pulled his fingers free of your soaked cunt, you looked up at him through glazed eyes.
The glint in his own had you clenching your thighs together, grinding your ass down into the mattress, as if that was going to sate you.
“Such a little brat, think you can get away with murder because you’re pretty? No Baby, I don’t think so.”
You huffed, scrambling for balance as he wrapped his arm beneath you, rolling you onto your stomach and yanking you up onto your hands and knees.
The tip of his index finger traced the arch of your spine, slipping between the globes of your ass and caressing the tight ring of muscle that lay there.
Your breath hitched, hole puckering in anticipation. You heard him chuckle behind you, finger dipping lower, tracing your plump folds, and teasing you in the cruelest manner.
“Not today, Sweetheart. Bet you’d take just about anything if it meant you got to come though, wouldn’t you?” Steve hummed, pressing against the overworked pearl between your legs. You pushed your face into the mattress, cries of frustration muffled by the comforter between your teeth. “Be a good girl and use your words.”
“Yes, fuck, yes! Anything.” You gasped, pushing your hips up off the bed and seeking out his touch. “Please, anything you w-want. I’ll do anything.”
The feel of his tight torso brushing against your back, his lips feathering against your shoulder blade; it was a sensory overload. The heat from his breath dewy against your hot skin, the way his hand gripped your waist. He played your body like the finest instrument, always knew just what to do to drive you fucking crazy.
“Not good enough, Sweetheart.”
You sobbed, muscles spasming as he sheathed his thick cock inside you with one swift, less than tender thrust; splitting you open in the most torturous, yet pleasurable of ways.
“Yeah, that’s it. That’s my pretty cunt.”
He fucked into you at a pace that dizzied you, the flesh of your thighs rippling as he slammed into you without a second thought to your own comfort. The angle damn near destroyed you, walls clamping down around him in a vice-like grip; pleasure swelling in your belly with each drag of his length against your core.
“Who gets to come, Sweetheart? Me? Or you?”
You couldn’t process his words, mind cloudy with confusion and lust. You were fit to burst, a flash flood waiting to happen. All you could do was tremble and clutch the sheets between your fingers, bracing yourself for each vicious thrust of his hips.
A hand stinging against your ass had your head flying back, teeth gritted as you took every inch of him, his girth ruining you and pulling all manner of obscenities from your lips.
“Choose.” He growled, hand curling around your throat and pulling you tight to his chest. Your knees were weak, body limp against his chest. His grip tightened, pulse battering against the pad of his thumb. “Me? Or you?”
You wanted to come. Fuck, you needed to.
So why did you—
“Fuck, you! You, Steve!”
It pained you, the heavy ache in your abdomen threatening to betray you. He didn’t let up, not for a second; cock stretching you out and working your pussy in the most bittersweet of ways. There was no end for you, no rapture. Because if he gave you that choice every day, you were certain you’d always choose him.
“That’s my good girl. See? Told you I’d fuck the brat right outta you.”
You took everything he had to give, head heavy as his hand tightened once more; hot, heavy grunts vibrating against your temple, breasts bouncing at the sheer force of his assault.
It was right there, ripe for the taking – your orgasm bearing down on you, uncontrollable and steadily ebbing to the surface.
“You made your choice, Sweetheart. Don’t you dare.”
You wailed, reaching behind and digging your fingernails into his thick thighs, forcing yourself to stave off your pleasure; desperate to do as you were told.
“Shit, there you go. This cunt is mine, and you gotta follow the rules. You know that.”
He filled you up, lips suckling at the muscle connecting your shoulder and neck, rutting into your deprived pussy, and coating your grief-stricken walls with his spend.
For a moment, you thought he was bluffing. That you’d learned your lesson, and maybe he’d have mercy on your body.
Steve’s hand released your throat as you fell forwards onto the bed, pussy still buzzing with need.
“If you hadn’t been such a brat today, I’d have given you everything you begged for. Remember that for next time, huh?”
Tumblr media
4K Drabble Tag List: @thefallenbibliophilequote @stargazingfangirl18 @donutloverxo @lookiamtrying @doozywoozy @white-wolf1940 @ozarkthedog @noseyrosey1597
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sarcasticsparkles · 3 months ago
Miraculous Ladybug is Bad
Alright! Since @felixdoriga​ has insulted my girlfriend and thinks our grievances with the show are just whining and complaining, I will now make a whole post proving why this show is objectively bad.
Reason 1: Underage Ass
There is a lot of highlighted on these characters. Many people would say this is just skintight outfits and that would be normal. Typically I would agree. HOWEVER, someone on the MLB team, Winny, was exposed about a year ago for drawing NSFW art of underage children and Thomas Astruc stood by this person. That is the cause for so much concern.
Let's look at some of the most egregious examples. If I looked at all the times Ladybug's ass was highlighted in horrifying detail, I would be here all day, so here are just a few OF MANY examples
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let’s add some highlighted breasts and stomach lines into the mix! Oh let’s not forget Lady Noire! Her outfit was so stupidly skintight you can see her belly button, crotch lines in many frames, and this one it’s kinda blurry but YOU CAN SEE NIPPLE OUTLINES!
Tumblr media
And now Ladybug. You can see the highlighted details of her entire back and like... why is her ass like this? SHE IS 14.
Tumblr media
No, Chat’s not safe from this either. It still happens with him.
Tumblr media
Reason 2: Whitewashing
I’d go more in detail on this one, but just look at Rena Rouge, Carapace, and Pegasus. It’s not hard to spot.
Marinette is also extremely whitewashed. Yes, I am aware biracial people don't all look the same and such, but Astruc has marketed this show and claimed on Twitter that this is about Asian representation. Still, Marinette shows no indication besides her Mom that she is Asian or even remotely interested. She doesn't know the language and the one time she had a chance to learn about her culture, she was taking advantage of her parents so she could go to Shanghai to stalk Adrien. This would be tolerable on its own, not all biracial people are the same, and others have their opinions, but again with how this was framed to be.
Reason 3: Marinette is the worst protagonist of all time
Did you know that according to French Law, Marinette has 186 years in prison? This number is because of her stalking! Her crimes include but aren't limited to stalking, unprovoked assault, trespassing, breaking and entering, vandalism, theft, the list goes on.
All of her movies are tied to her lust for Adrien. I went more in detail on this in another post, but her “love” is actually the literal definition of lust.
Here are some examples of these crimes in detail. Motive doesn't count, don't give me that, these are crimes no matter how you slice it, and no, being Ladybug is not going to excuse this.
In the Christmas Special, she beat the crap out of an old man because he was around Adrien. She says she thought he was akumatized, but given her track record with people who breathe around Adrien and how this man did not look akumatized at all, it’s hard to believe. And given her strength, she very well could have killed this man.
Stealing Adrien's phone in Copycat.
Breaking into Adrien's house in Chat Blanc and Bubbler and trying to break in during Oni-Chan.
Stalking in general, given how many photos she has on her shrine, is not all something you could get online. They seem largely taken during scenes. Also her entire schedule of Adrien’s that she has on a whole thing in her room AND in a little notebook she carries on her person at all times.
And in general, she is a terrible person in sabotaging any competition she has around Adrien. God forbid another woman breathes in Adrien's direction. And her treatment of Luka? She downright admitted to being cheating on him, and while it wasn't literal, she still had her shrine up of Adrien and KNEW she still loved Adrien. Then in Crocoduel, she told Juleka to uninvite her brother to his own birthday party. I could go on and probably will later.
And her treatment of Chat Noir? I checked, and you can find the ENTIRE CYCLE OF ABUSE IN THE NEW YORK SPECIAL! People always say Chat is the abuser when everything he's done is a puddle compared to a lake.
And the main issue? SHE NEVER GETS ANY PENALTIES FOR THIS! She has committed crimes and, in general, been a terrible human being, but she never faces any repercussions! Nobody calls her out, she is never punished, and she gets an awesome reward most of the time! She teaches people that stalking and abuse are good!
Oh, let’s not forget in Crocoduel when the very next episode after Chat Noir tried to kill himself, Ladybug brought on a much more powerful Tiger hero. That’s like the classic villain move of “I can always replace you.”
Not to mention that what tie does Marinette even have to the plot? Her plotline is "I want that famous dick!" but like...until season 4, what connected her to the Agreste plotline that couldn't be replaced with literally anyone else? Adrien is the one with ties to the plot and has the skillset to become the guardian, he is the one with more relation to Asian culture. Not much but certainly more than Marinette. Why is he not the main protagonist?
Reason 4: The plot or lack thereof
Nothing happened in the first two seasons of this show. If you combined seasons 1 and 2 and removed the blatant filler, nothing would change for the plot. And this ties into my point of "Why is Marinette the main character?" by this show's actual plot of the Agreste family is on the backburner for way too many episodes of Marinette foaming at the mouth over Adrien.
No, seriously, here are some charts of the screen time between Marinette and Adrien that @depressed-teacup-inc​ and I did together while timing this whole show.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The show focuses so much on Marinette, when I am serious that her only storyline is not tied to the plot. The main plot of this show with the actual villain is put on the backburner for this little stalker.
Okay, if Marinette had a tie to the plot that wasn't her lust, and there was a real reason she had to be Ladybug and not literally anyone else, then go ahead and keep her. But she has no ties to the plot that matters and no reason to justify her existence since all she brings is a detriment.
Also, there is barely a timeline for this show! Season 1 was jumping all over the place but seemed to be over a year, but then in season 3, we're told EVERYTHING was over one year? Excuse me?! You're telling me the season that went from September to February in like 10 episodes was actually all in the span of 4 months?!
I will be continuing this list, please know. I am not done.
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fineanddandy · 8 months ago
Let’s Be Roomies
Summary: Needing a place quick after getting a new job, you answer an ad and end up living with Ari who you’re desiring after, even with a boyfriend. Coming home Ari discovers your inner freak.
Relationship: Ari Levinson x black!reader
Warnings: cheating/adultery, angst, lusting, smut, graphic, noncon(?), daddy kink, minor age gap (let’s say 5 years), 18+
A/N: this one went on for a bit but the smut is 👀👀 lol another Ari story to add to the list because I lust after him HEAVY...I’d call Ari daddy so fast...
Tumblr media
An ad in the local newspaper called for a quiet tenant with no pets or kids, looking for possibly temporary living because the guy who was renting out the place would be coming in and out due to work. He just needed someone to keep an eye on the place and help pay some bills while he’s gone. You were wary about it at first but you were getting desperate on finding a place.
The oddball uncertainty of his actual appearance in the home appealed to you; you just needed a place until you got on your feet after landing your first real adult job. And when you met him for a quick interview/run down of his place, you couldn’t help but stare at your amazingly handsome landlord. The most beautiful head of hair that flowed so gently around his super pretty bearded face he had you mindlessly agreeing to whatever he said. Newly divorced, Ari is the finest daddy you had ever seen before, showing you a picture of his kid that stayed with his ex-wife. You liked the way his biceps flexed in the sleeves of his denim shirt, showing you about the duplex, letting you know about bills and appliances. A wave of his cologne blanketing over you as followed closely behind, shadowed by his large stature. Closing your eyes and inhaling deeply you almost bump into his thick back but catch yourself mere millimeters away from collision. You should really stop; you do have something of a boyfriend that will be helping you move in this place but you couldn’t help it. This man was a looker.
“I’ll be gone for a few months on a business trip so you’ll be here by yourself—,”
“Wait,” you interrupt him as he walks you to the door, “I do have a boyfriend…kinda…”
Ari turns to you with an indifferent shrug. “Whatever. Just keep the place clean…and remember another person does live here. I’m liable to come home any time so I could be in and out without notice.”
He was gone by the time you started moving boxes in with your boyfriend Dean. Good thing though because you didn’t want to be exposed ogling your roommate, even though it would have been nice to get another good look at his thick body before he left. But you had Dean, sweet good natured Dean who worshipped you. You couldn’t give that up just for a good looking stranger that you shared a living space with. No matter how much you thought about him at night while Dean slept beside you. As time went on you got used to being alone in Ari’s space, lingering by his bedroom door curious as to what it looked like on the other side. Was he a neat freak or did he keep his room just a little messy, his bed unmade. There were moments you thought about opening the door but you needed to respect his privacy.
Really the living situation wasn’t bad; you got to walk around the house in your panties or make a mess and leave it to clean later. Or have obnoxiously loud sex with Dean whenever and wherever you felt like it. And damn weren’t the two of you bangin it out everywhere. To have sex with no roommates possibly listening in thrilled the two of you like no other so you guys took advantage of it often. Dean couldn’t match your freak but he would always put in top notch effort, pushing his limits a little bit more and more each night he would stay the over. Still couldn’t get behind choking you yet but he got a kick out of tying you up and taking advantage of you, spanking and edging you. Making you shout and squeal all night because a man loves to be in control. And boy, Dean could wear you out. But even when he was driving you crazy, you had all these fleeting thoughts about how Ari would fuck you.
“Do I make you feel good baby?” Dean grunts pile driving you real late one night as you shout to the heavens. For whatever reason, you’re extra sensitive from all the edge play…maybe because you imagined Ari at the reins, controlling the vibrator on your clit. Slamming your fist down on the mattress, you howl into the pillows as Dean rolls his hips gripping your ass. Thank god Ari wasn’t here you’re completely out of control tonight. Or so you thought.
Ari didn’t deem it necessary to tell you he was dropping in, especially since he was coming in so late. He thought you would be sound asleep but that was far from the case. His heart hammering so he could hear you as soon as he started silently coming up the stairs. Carding his shaky fingers through his long soft hair, he leans on the wall close to your bedroom door, entranced by your passionate moans and sighs.
You sigh, “yessir. You make me feel so good.” The desperateness in your whine went straight to Ari’s cock swelling and growing in his jeans. Shit you sound so good, Ari places his hand on his sweaty forehead, feeling so lightheaded listening to you getting fucked into by what he was guessing the boyfriend you told him about. A part of him wished he could see if he was even worth all the hype you were shouting, immediately thinking of all the ways he could make you scream and shout louder. So sure his dick was way larger than the young dude in there. God he wondered how tight your sweet pussy was. Ari wipes away the beads of sweat collecting between his brow. Your whines grew more high pitched and quicker in pace. Ari’s cock throbbed so hard he winced; was he about to hear you cum?
“That’s it baby. Squeeze my dick.” Dean strained and groaned, holding onto the ends of your hair. Your hips and thighs were trembling because your orgasm was beginning to erupt but you still follow his orders.
“OH FUCK I’M—I’M CUM—,” A rough groan breaks your announcement as you crash, your orgasm overtaking you growl into your pillows. Listening to the way you howl makes him weak; Ari’s back slips down the wall as he wrenches his eyes closed, almost creaming the crotch of his pants. He was never going to look at you the same now, his mind racing as he tried to envision how you looked on your bed all exhausted and sweaty. You giggle and whisper with your boyfriend now, sounds of the bed moving as the two of you lay beside each other. Stalking to his room Ari had to go take care of this burning hot dick in his pants.
Early the next morning, his phone’s ringing off the hook. Ari felt like he barely slept a wink, constantly hearing your sexy moans even in his dreams. Waking up with an annoyed sigh, he snatches the phone off his nightstand.
Groaning, rubbing his eyes, Ari snaps, “God, what. What is it?”
“Well good morning to you too, Ari.” Ethan’s soothing voice comes through the ear piece. “Have you not gotten any rest since you got home?”
Masking his eyes with his big hands, Ari recounts what he came home to and groans again. “Not really. My roommate kept me up all night.” Technically he didn’t lie and was only partially complaining. He just wishes he could get it out of his head. Checking the time Ari frowned at his phone concerned. Ethan only calls this early with bad news.
“Well, you’ll have some time to sort all that out. The company is putting everything on hold for a bit so you’ll be staying grounded until further notice.”
That was the last thing Ari wanted to hear, already cranky and irritated he rubs at his eyes silently cursing to himself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…c’mon Ethan,” he grumbles turning to his side tempted to hang up the phone the moment Ethan started singing his chorus of excuses.
“It’s out of my hands Ari, I’m sorry. I’ll be in touch but in the meantime, get some rest.”
Tossing the phone across the room, Ari throws his covers over his head, still mumbling curse words to himself. Flying out today would have helped him avoid an awkward conversation with you about him being here, about him possibly coming home in the middle of your…night with your boyfriend. Going away for another month or so really would have helped him get his mind off you. He barely noticed how cute you were when you came to meet him and see the place. He didn’t need to notice because you’re just his roommate, nothing else to it. Now with no work to distract him, he was going to have to get to know you, to really look at you and honestly, he doesn’t know if he can handle it. Newly single and lonely, Ari knows himself, knows what he’s capable of once he has his mind set on a conquest. You’ll become dangerous. Forbidden. He’ll be craving a taste…and then he’ll get obsessively greedy.
Just as Ari’s about to slip back into slumber, a sudden urge to pee alerted him awake and out of the bed in a hurry. Everything will be fine with him being here, he thinks as he scurries to the bathroom, maybe you two will get along perfectly. Ari reaches for the silvery door knob that’s being snatched out of his hand. You and Ari collide with a smack, completely unnoticing each other there for a second, gasping and yelping out of fright. For a minute, everything is fuzzy, rubbing your eyes trying to figure out what you bumped into then noticing his thick hairy sculpted chest, his hair falling into his face looking down at you startled and embarrassed.
“Oh shit! Sorry!” Ari nervously brushes his hair back.
Jumping back some, it dawns on you what’s happening. “Ari! You’re here?” When did he get in? And why didn’t he mention it? Then it really dawns on you, glancing down between the two of you, that he’s in boxers and you’re in a long oversized tank top. No bottoms. Not even panties. You take another step back, putting more distance between you and Ari’s hips confusing him.
“Uh yeah…” he drops his head rubbing the back of his neck, “got back late last night. Definitely was supposed to be a quick drop in but seems like I’ll be here for a while.”
The news alarms you but not entirely in a bad way, just shocked that he’ll be around all day, every day so suddenly. You’ll now have to learn how to cohabitate with him, hopefully half naked like this more often. You two can’t help but check each other out behind awkward glances. Damn Ari is in shape. Under his thin coat of chest hair his pecs bulge, so perfectly round and full while all six of his abs were bold and present, looking good enough to rest your cheek on. You try not to stare at the opening of his boxers, peeping to see if you could just a peak of skin. Meeting eyes again, the two of you chuckle nervously.
“Oh!” That’s all you could chirp but you recover. “Uh…that’s cool um…I’m gonna cook breakfast if you want in?” You offer attempting to move past him so he could use the bathroom. Since he’s here you might as well feed the man.
Grinning down at you, Ari shrugs with a small nod. “You sure your boyfriend won’t mind?” Ari bites his tongue as soon as the words left his lips. His question stops you dead in your tracks. How did he know he was here? Shortly after you climaxed last night, Dean got up and went home since he had work early this morning. So really…what time did he get in? Ari knows your wheels are turning and he wished he could take the words back. He didn’t want to give any inclination that he came home to you shouting your head off. Maybe he saw him in passing as Dean was leaving. Or maybe just saw his car out front and didn’t bother coming in yet. All sorts of hypotheticals but was he going to tell the truth?
“He’s not here.” You say slowly turning to face Ari. Should you ask or should you leave it alone? He couldn’t hide the guilt in his blush. “Sooo…more food for us.” You shrug as you walk back up the hall to your room, not realizing that Ari is staring at your smooth milk chocolate legs saunter away. That was enough to make his dick swell just a little bit. God this is going to be difficult, he thinks as he closes the bathroom door with an eye roll.
Ari never mentioned to you that he heard you that night or that he hasn’t been able to stop fantasizing about you since and you wouldn’t dare tell him how you got off so many times to the image of him standing before you in his boxers. So the two of you carry on, pretending things are completely normal but as time went on, you guys eventually learn how to put all those feelings and desires to the side and start to act for real normal around each other. Spent a lot of time watching movies together, and loved cooking for one another. You guys share a lot of laughs and a lot of late nights stoned and talking about life. You were definitely bonding and becoming pretty good friends. Which only made the two of you desire each other more.
Nights were hardest though, imagining him lying in bed a few feet from you, who is thinking about you lying in bed a few feet from him. So many nights you stayed awake with your thoughts, wishing he would come knock on your bedroom door and ask if he could come in and lay in bed with you. Even if it’s just for some pillow talk you wouldn’t mind. You just loved being in his company that much. And Ari felt the same. It scared the shit out of him, fresh out of a divorce and all, so he wasn’t expecting to have feelings for anyone. Not so soon at least. So desperately he wanted to hold you in his arms as you slept but you had a boyfriend. He couldn’t get between you guys like that and besides, you seem very happy with him. It just wouldn’t be right. So with each passing day, you and Ari go on secretly lusting for each other until one night, there’s another…incident.
Sometimes on the weekends, Ari goes away to spend time with his daughter, which gave you guilt free time with Dean to wild out in your room. You’re still suspicious about Ari hearing you that night he came home so you keep a mental note not to get too loud. You know, just in case Ari decides to just randomly come home without giving you a heads up again. Just like last time Dean was giving it to you too rough, spanking and tearing into you like the world was about to end. No matter how hard you tried to contain your shouts and bite your tongue, there were moments where you got too caught up and let it all go, which only influenced Dean to go harder. And well…Ari had come home early because his little girl was sick. Pacing outside your room, Ari felt tempted to bang his fist against the door, to tell you to shut the hell up so he wouldn’t have to deal with the intensity of his dreams tonight. He could tell you were trying to keep it down some, simply whimpering where you would usually groan and shout. Fuck, he really needed to start giving you some sort of head’s up but on the way back home, a part of him was hoping he’d catch you again. He couldn’t get enough of your cries of pleasure, the way you begged your boyfriend to let you cum. Ari kept ruffling and tugging his hair as he paced and listened and stressed as you cried on and on,
“Yes baby right there.”
“Please…please don’t stop...”
“Oh fuck…oh baby…you me feel fuckin so good.”
You breathlessly sigh, whine, moan and all Ari wanted was for it to be him. God he wanted it bad. Ari stalks to his room and slams the door shut when he couldn’t stand to hear another blissful sigh fall from your pretty pouty lips. His dick so stiff in his pants, he pressed and rubbed it down with a frustrated huff as he fidgeted about his room. Ari was pissed but only because he wanted you and he didn’t know what to do with all the crazy hormones brewing up inside of him. It was becoming a problem and the only way to solve it was to talk about your lewd behavior. But how could he without spilling the beans? Ari had an inkling feeling that you wanted him too but he thought it was just all in his head. Ari felt like he was overheating, his palms sweating profusely. A sharp pain aching in his balls, Ari grunts and rips his jeans open, grips his aching veiny dick. Wrenching his eyes closed, choking on deep throated moans Ari gently tugs on his cock to stabilize himself. The best thing for him to do was to shower and get himself off before he did something stupid.
Hearing Ari’s door slam shut silenced you so quickly, freezing your every move. Your heart dropping into the pit of your stomach. Shit he definitely heard you tonight. No doubt about it. You push Dean off you, all of a sudden no longer in the mood. He could finish himself off.
“Hey what the fuck?” Dean’s pissed but he’ll live. Getting dressed you almost head to the door but stop yourself from going to check on Ari. Suddenly you realize that’d be so weird to do right now. Maybe it should wait until the morning. Dean still sat on the bed confused probably phasing into blue balls area. “You seriously not gonna let me finish?”
You should help him out but damn you felt like shit about Ari hearing you act a fool. You didn’t mean to be disrespectful but…did you really stop having sex because you felt bad he heard you? Or because it’s not him fucking you into a blubbering idiot. Snapping to, you look back at Dean with a worried look on your face.
“Yeah, of course, it’s just…I think Ari’s home and probably heard us.” You thumb towards your door. “You didn’t hear his door close?”
Catching his breath Dean smiles weakly at you, cocking his head to the side. “No? But how could I with you shouting at the top of your lungs like that?” He shoots a flirty wink at you then reaches his hand out. “Come back babe. I wanna cum on your tits.”
Any other time his dirty talk would have you ablaze but all you could focus on was Ari. You hoped he wasn’t too mad at you and as much as you wanted to go poke your head in to see, you knew it’d be best to wait. You try to get back in the right headspace for Dean, yanking your shirt back off as you fall to your knees and he stands off the bed, stroking his dick in his hand. Smacking your lips open, he menacingly grins down at the sight of you begging.
“That’s a good girl.”
You sleep deep into the afternoon and Ari doesn’t bother you. He figured the smell of bacon would pull you out of your slumber but nothing. Guess Dean did a number on you last night. The thought burns Ari up. His twister of emotions decided to settle on pure anger right now, jealousy wiping away any bit of his common sense in his head. Ari stews on the couch not even focused on the news. He’s got to do something and fast or he was going to snap. Eventually you emerge in some tights and an oversized hoodie, yawning and stretching walking past him to the kitchen. Huffing and pouting with his arms crossed his chest, he watches you from the sofa make yourself a cup of coffee then spot him as you leave out, lookin all pissed off and cute. You grin at him, hoping it would diffuse his ticking time bomb but all Ari does is tut and turn his head.
“Good afternoon.” Ari sulks ignoring his urge to admire your sleepy face. He always thought you were the cutest when you’ve just woken up but he wants to be mad. Why? He’s totally unsure. You eye him skeptically throwing a silent hissy fit. What the shit is this.
Sighing loudly, you shrug your shoulders. “What’s up Ari.” Might as well come on out with it. “Is this about last night? Look, I’m sorry I…I was really trying to keep it to a minimum but…you know…” Taking a sip from your mug you shrug shyly, hoping it would break the tension but it just made it worse.
“No, I don’t know actually.” Ari snipes rolling his eyes, still refusing to look your way. He can’t be that mad can he? So annoyed that he keeps his focus on the television, like it hurt him to look at you.
“Ari…” You call out to him but nothing, doesn’t even flinch. Now you’re rolling your eyes, heading back to the kitchen to put more creamer in your coffee. Opening the fridge, you shout to him, “So you just gonna ignore me all day or…” and pour the creamer into your mug, watching the liquid spin and swirl. How could he be so pissed off about one inconsiderate night? What is he not telling you? Entering the kitchen behind you, Ari still huffs and pouts, leaning against the opposing counter. His eyes lingering up and down your backside. So tempted to press himself up against you since you’re distracted.
“You’ve slept most of it away so no, guess not all day. That boyfriend of yours must have really worn you out.”
You could hear every bit of bit disdain on his words as you turn to face him. Or was it jealousy? Neither of you could tell right now. A crooked grin flashes across your lips, taking another sip of your coffee and it makes Ari’s eyes narrow more.
“Sometimes he gets too carried away.” You shrug nonchalantly, mug at your luscious lips Ari can’t take his eyes away from but he finds nothing humorous about it. Ari could only focus on how your legs stretched out between the two of you, the soft golden undertone of your skin calling out to him but he continues to gripe. Ignoring his dick flinching in his short shorts.
“You could keep it down. Another person lives here and I’m not keen on hearing your sex noises.”
You couldn’t help but search Ari’s sour face with an intrigued brow, sitting your mug behind you on the counter. “I apologized Ari. And I meant it. I would never purposely disrespect you like that and I thought you were gone. But as usual, you don’t have the decency to shoot a text or anything to prevent this.”
Ari bites down on his cheek, unsure of what’s his next argument could be. He should give it up but his jealous pride egged him on, barreling his narrowed eyes into you. “Honestly, if I’m here or not, you should just tone it down. The neighbor’s might think you’re being murdered or something.”
“What am I missing here Ari.” You abruptly retort, tired of his attitude because you felt like it was unnecessary. You felt like you didn’t cross a line and if you did, why couldn’t he talk to you properly about it? “I apologized. I’ll change. Can we please move on?” Reaching back for your mug, you roll your eyes, getting ready to storm out of the room but Ari blocks your exit by slamming his hand down on the counter. You buck your eyes up at him with a sigh but he won’t look at you, his hair falling into his eyes.
“Ari what are you doing?” but he doesn’t say anything, just keeps his eyes on the counter. “Ari if you have nothing else to say let me go to my room.” You walk into his arm that still won’t budge. “Ari what’s your probl—,”
Out of nowhere Ari snatches up your chin, pushing you back into the edge of the counter. Your mug falling into the sink with a loud clatter. Your eyes shoot open as your breath audibly catches looking up at him. His blues eyes smolder back at you but you weren’t sure if it was out of lust or fury. “You’re my problem.” He finally speaks, grumbles, tightening his hold around your mouth.
Lips pursed together between his fingers, you frown and ask, “What?”
Ari’s mesmerized with how your chest quickly rises and falls, how the heat overtakes your body. Damn he wants you so bad but he didn’t want to risk what you two had going currently but he couldn’t ignore this gut wrenching lust for you anymore. Relinquishing his grip some, his fat thumb swipes over your lips and it sends a shiver over shoulders. Is this the moment you’ve been silently screaming for? Ari taking you as his? Closing your eyes, you tilt your head up to his lips, begging for him to make a move. Do anything. You’re so close you can feel his warm breath hitting against your nose and upper lip but he won’t budge.
“You heard me.” he grumbles, tugging down your bottom lip with the edge of his thumb. “You’ve been my problem for some time now.”
Totally lost in his eyes and how he thumbs your lips, you whisper, “that sounds like a personal problem to me.”
Slowly shaking his head Ari shushes you. “I don’t have time for your smart mouth,” he murmurs, dipping his thumb in your mouth and with zero hesitation, you wrap your lips and tongue around it and suck. “I think you want me to hear you…you know it’s driving me crazy, don’t you.” You softly nod with sick grin, sucking his thumb deeper into your mouth. Ari’s jaw drops with a soft sigh. You can feel his dick stiffening against your thigh. “You like that I stand by your door and listen like some jealous creep?” he sighs again, pressing his hips harder into you, your back digging against the counter, it makes you squirm and moan around his pruning skin. “You think about me when he’s fucking you.”
Ari retracts his thumb from your pretty lips with a soft pop, wiping your spit all over them as you gently grind your heated crotch against his hard on. “Mmhmm.” You hum pressing a delicate kiss on the pad of this thumb, keeping your soft doe eyes on him. “I can’t stop...” You take his hand off the counter and guide it under your hoodie, “I want you to touch me Ari.” You whimper behind a tiny pout, dropping his callous palm on your hard nipple. Ari squeezes your tits with a satisfied smile, pressing his hard on into your thigh.
“Is that all you want me to do baby girl?” he squeezes your breasts together under your sweater, pinching and tugging your nipples kissing your whimpers away. As he drives you crazy he wedges his knee right against your damp crotch. Giving you something to ride on.
You pant, “no—more,” as you grind your burning slit against him, your body jerking under the twists and turns of your sensitive nipples between his thick fingers.
Ari raises his eyebrow. “More?” He digs his knee cap further into your tights, leaning down to talk lowly in your ear. “You want to feel me deep inside of you?”
The timbre of his deep baritone voice hit you directly in your g spot, sending a quake over your nerves. “God yes.” You hiss, grazing your cheek against his full beard, still winding and grinding your needy pussy all over his knee damp from your wetness. Pulling your sweatshirt off you, Ari watched you keep your eyes opened and alert, chin up, whining directly into his face. Eyes darting all over your awed face and beautiful bare tits, Ari asks you another question.
“You think I can make you cum harder than he can?” Asking you that only makes you grind down harder on his knee. Your skin engulfed in flames you desired his gentle touch inside your folds, stroking fluid out of your hole. “Think I can make you beg louder? Cry harder?” He drops his hot mouth onto yours, inhaling your pouty lips, tongue smoothing over yours. You could melt into him, feeling like you’re floating off the floor behind the intensity of this kiss. Tasting and feeling him like this fulfils every fantasy you’ve ever had about him. You needed him to do everything to you and more. Break your back. Turn you out. Fuck your shit up. Reaching for his shorts, you frantically push the elastic band off his toned hips, pushing you both off the counter breaking the kiss.
“Yes. Fuck yes.” You sigh between kisses, pushing him down to the floor with one hand and the other yanking his shorts the rest of the way down then gripping and tugging on his thick hard cock. Sighing brashly, you knew he felt so fuckin amazing in your hand. Shoving his back on the tile floor, Ari grunts a chuckle helping you climb out of your yoga tights. “God I wanna fuck you Ari. I wanna fuck you so bad.” You confess, freeing yourself from the spandex and quickly straddling him, still firmly stroking his cock between your fingers. Ari lowly groans and huffs under your controlled touch, grinding behind your hold.
“Mmm that’s so fuckin cute…” he bounces you up with his thigh, quickly positioning his hips so when you fall, you fall perfectly on his dick. Filling you up with ease, your folds already drenched when he pierced his way inside you. Softly growling to himself, adjusting to your weight and tightness. “I’ve been wanting fuck you for so long.” Holding on to your hips, you gradually rise up his length, slapping your ass when your opening circles the head of his dick. A breathy moan hitching in his throat. Slapping his big hand against your neck, Ari arches your back, planting his feet flat into the kitchen floor, and rolls his hips into you. Knocking a moan out of you.
“Then fuck me daddy…fuck me senseless.” He snaps his hips again, his dick splashing every time he fills you up deep. Another desperate moan knocked out of you. Your fingers under his shirt are digging into his beefy hairy chest, steadily riding him out. Somehow he’s hitting you so deep you can’t help but cry out you sit down in his lap, your ass cheeks slapping loudly against his thighs.
“Ride me out baby girl. Fuck me like you’ve always dreamt about.” Ari braces his hold on your neck, hunkering down to rapidly drive his dick between your clenched walls. And you take him pounding into you like a pro, shouting and hollering louder than you ever had with your dumbass boyfriend. Each time you howled out his name, Ari would crumble and have to fight back letting loose and coating your walls with his load. He’s never felt a woman so sopping wet on his lap before. Afraid he’s going to slip out of you every time you swiftly bounce up his veiny cock. Elongated and tense, your back slopes up, panting and sobbing silently to yourself, nails clawing into his meaty pecs. You look so amazing on top of him like this, your whole body shifting forward each time he slams into your worn pussy. Praising his name and thanking God. Ari could do this all night, watching you squirm and beg for him to dig deeper.
“Go harder,” you sigh, removing your hand from under his shirt to play in his hair, panting louder, “Fuck me harder daddy.”
Promptly Ari flips you over onto your back and rolls his hips stronger, slower, really digging deep into you pussy. His dick stretching you out perfectly. “Oh fuck baby girl, you sound so beautiful.” Ari places small kisses up the slope of your neck, “Scream my name,” he growls, snapping his muscular waist, “scream who’s fucking your brains out right now.” It’s all he’s ever wanted. To own you. To make you lose your mind. Your nails drag and scratch across his broad back as you let loose, loudly groaning out his name over and over. So loudly in fact you don’t hear your boyfriend coming through the front door downstairs. Ari’s eyes dart over his shoulder noticing the soft creak in the third step. The door closing shut as you outlandishly moan out,
“Oh daddy! Fuck me Ari! Daddy!” to make Ari chuckle sinisterly at how pathetic your cries sound. Knowing that your silly little boyfriend was listening made him laugh harder, land against your pussy louder. He wanted Dean to hear how wet he made you, how desperate and needy you sound for his dick.
“That’s right, baby girl, I’m your daddy now.” Smiling Ari bites at your nipples to make you yelp and cream.
Dean’s steps stop on the stairs, the air being punched out of his body at the sound of your voice filling the apartment. Really? Your fuckin roommate? He’s old what the hell?! He can’t be that good…but you’ve never sounded that…pitiful with him before. The way you cried his name, groaned out so dramatically, this guy is clearly a veteran…or you just wanted him that badly. Ari kept nibbling at your bouncing tits, thinking of ways to really torment your boyfriend. Slipping his hand between the two of you, he swifts his fingers over your oversensitive clit. You whine in his ear, arching your back off the floor.
“I’m the best you’ve ever had baby girl?” he asks, sitting up to watch you fighting to hold your shit together. Picking up speed, Ari presses his fingers harder so you can squirt down onto the floor. Your whine high pitched and long.
“Yes daddy…yes…” your voice fades and he slips his soiled fingers into your mouth, wiping the tips of his fingers clean on your tongue. “The best ever…” you pant some more, swallowing your juices around his limp fingers. His devilish smile reaches past his ears, so tickled to hear it.
“Such a good little girl. Why don’t you tell him yourself then?”
Dean slowly steps into view, stunned to see you sprawled out and sweaty under your very much in shape roommate. As you begin to freak out, Ari shoves his fingers further into your mouth to gag your protests. Ignoring your sad punches into his chest and stomach, he continues to powerfully pound you, determined to make you cum so hard in front of him since he owns you now. Dean needed to see why. Your shouts muffled behind Ari’s fat fist in your mouth. You were trying to tell him you’re sorry but it gets lost behind your orgasmic moans, so close to blacking out, so close to losing every ounce of this life all over Ari pumping into your clammed walls.
“Come on baby girl…” his hips stutter, his dick throbs. He’s ready to cum with you. Scooping you up into his arm, Ari leans down into your ear and softly whispers, “I can’t wait to make you cum like this all day…and all fuckin night.”
You shrill and grunt behind his hand still stuffed in your mouth, throbbing and gushing all around Ari who can’t hold on. Yanking himself away from your cushiony pussy, he spurts his load all over your tits and stomach, moaning your name with such passion. Hoping your cries of joy sent Dean running out the door. Your body heaving, gasping for air. Your arms and legs limp and tired but there you weakly grin, resting your hand across your forehead. Admiring you with a sadistic smile, Ari swipes his cum off your tits and shoves the finger in your open mouth. Without thinking you suck it clean, happy to taste him. Looking back at the stairs, Ari sees Dean gone, the front door left open, letting the evening air in. Kneeling to stand, Ari shakes his head with a disappointed suck of his teeth.
“Such a shame for him to come in on us like that. Must’ve been awful to see someone fucking your girlfriend better than you.”
Chuckling, Ari takes his shirt and wipes you clean, kissing where he came on your tits. You felt paralyzed, completely empty and even with the way you were feeling, Ari kissing on your chest like that aroused you all over again. You wanted to be embarrassed about Dean walking in on you going bizzerk under Ari like that but you felt too good, too worn out but in the best way. He was going to have to peal you off this floor. Sitting between your legs, Ari looks down on you with an intrigued eyebrow.
“You done?” His crystal blue eyes scan down your tremoring body. Looking so good there on the floor depleted like that only made him want you more. Weakly sitting up on your elbows you smirk and shake your head no. Fuck Dean. You’ll deal with that later. Extending your hand out to Ari, he takes ahold of it and tosses you over his shoulder. Whisking you away to your bedroom first…he wanted to crack your bed frame. Cupping your ass as he stalks to your room, Ari grumbles, “Good…because I’m not even close.”
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pinkczennie · 8 months ago
Dirty Mind | Yuta (m)
Tumblr media
Part of this playlist fic!
Pairing: Yuta x female reader
Genre: smut
Word count: 2k
Warnings: 18+ only, mature language, explicit sexual content, protected sex
 She’s got a dirtier mind than my mouth. 
Holy fuck, the man is hot as hell. I’d let him absolutely rail the shit out of me, you thought to yourself when a mutual friend of yours, Mark, first introduced you to his friend, Yuta, after a victorious soccer game. 
“Nice to meet you, y/n,” he smiles, showing off his pearly teeth, as he extends his hand out for you.
His long, black hair tied in a low ponytail that you imagine threading your fingers in between to pull on, and his long fingers painted with black nail polish that you want shoved knuckles deep in your pussy. 
You can’t believe you’re having such impure thoughts about someone you just met, but you couldn’t help yourself in the presence of such an attractive person.  
“Nice to meet you too, Yuta,” you take his hand in yours and shake hands.
When his attention is no longer on you because someone else came to congratulate Yuta on his win, you continued to gaze at him from afar until you felt a nudge against your arm, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts.
“Hey, are you staring at Yuta?” Haechan asks as he follows the direction of your eyes.
“What? No, I wasn’t,” you quickly deny, hiding your flustered face.
“Oh my god, you totally were!” he gasps.
You groan, “Okay, yes I was staring at him. Sheesh, I didn’t realize how obvious I was making it.”
“Holy shit, are you into Yuta?” he asks. 
“Maybe… god, he’s so hot,” you reply honestly. “He probably has a huge dick. Fuck, I would let that man rearrange my guts in all kinds of positions.”
“Ew, okay, I didn’t need to hear that,” he grimaces, disgusted. He wishes he didn’t have that visual in his head.
You meant it though. Bless Mark for introducing you to such a fine ass man. 
As a celebration for winning the game, his frat house throws him and the other soccer players that are in the fraternity a party. 
Thankfully, you had some connections, aka Mark and Haechan, so you only knew about the party through him and were able to get invited. 
Throughout the party, as you mingle with other people and some friends, you couldn’t help but occasionally search the crowd for a certain someone. 
Your eyes wander from people to people until you finally spot him with a beer can in his hand while chatting with his friends. Yuta sports a white tee and ripped black jeans, looking fine as always. 
Your head is empty besides the thought of riding Yuta’s thighs, staining his pants with your juices while he showers you with praises for being such a good girl. 
“Why don’t you just go up and talk to him instead of staring at him like a creep?” 
You look at Haechan with narrow eyes, “And say what?”
“I don’t know. ‘Hey I think you’re hot. Wanna fuck?’” he suggests.
“Are you crazy? I just met him like a few days ago, there’s no way I can say that.”
“I mean it’s better than just staring at him like a creep,” he mumbles.
Was I being creepy? You wonder and mentally slap yourself.
You tried, emphasis on ‘tried’, to keep your staring to a minimum of just a few quick glances, but unfortunately, you were not very good at being subtle with your staring because, damn, was it hard for you to look away from Yuta sometimes, so said man has caught you multiple times. He notices you staring at him, and honestly, you peaked his interest. He wonders what you are thinking about when you stare at him like that.
He finds it cute how you would awkwardly look away when Yuta catches you staring, your face turning a shade of pink pretending like he didn’t just catch you.
“Dude, she’s been staring at you all night,” Jungwoo states as he leans against Yuta. 
“Yeah, I know,” Yuta says as he takes a sip of his beer. “She’s pretty cute.”
“I can tell she’s into you. I even heard from Haechan that she talks about you.”
“Oh yeah?” Yuta perks up at this new information. “What does she say about me?”
“How you’re hot and that she’d let you rearrange her guts in all kinds of positions,” Jungwoo repeats Haechan’s words.
“Damn, that’s fucking hot,” Yuta mumbles as he bites the nail of his thumb to suppress the grin spreading across his face. 
“Why doesn’t she just make a move already? She’s practically making it obvious.” Jungwoo wonders.
Yuta doesn’t think you would dare approach him first, so Yuta knew he had to make the first move.
I want to be the person that you do it to
After way too many drinks, you needed to pee so you excuse yourself to search for the restroom. You’re pretty tipsy but you can walk a straight line, so you can manage yourself just fine. 
After using the restroom, you walk down the hallway, passing by the frat member’s rooms, and stopping dead in your tracks when something captures your attention.
You don’t mean to be intrusive and just walk into someone’s room, but when you notice a soccer jersey hung nicely on the wall with the last name ‘Nakomoto’ in full display, you realize this must be Yuta’s room. 
You peek around to see if anyone is looking before carefully making your way into his room and close the door halfway behind you. You won’t stay long enough for someone to see you in the room, but you just wanted to see what his room would be like. 
His room is quite simple, a bed, a desk, a laptop, a closet, and soccer gear scattered around his room. It was a little messy, like the blanket messily tossed on the bed, and some papers and textbook thrown around the floor, but honestly it was what you typically imagined a male college student’s room to look like. Honestly, it kind of just screams Yuta in your opinion.
You walk up to examine his soccer jersey, imagination running wild with thoughts of Yuta fucking you while you’re wearing his soccer jersey. 
Oh, what you would give to make that dream come true to let Yuta do nasty things to you until you’re fucked dumb. 
After examining his room and jersey, you turn around to leave but your heart almost leaps out of your chest when you see Yuta leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed around his chest staring intently at you. How long has he been standing there and how did you not even hear him?
 “Hey, you. Whatcha doin’ in my room?” The man asks.
“Oh...I-uh was just- um- I wanted to admire your jersey up close,” you laugh awkwardly, cringing at your very lame and probably unbelievable excuse, but it was the best thing you could come up with under pressure. 
“Oh really? What do you think about when you look at my jersey?” he asks as he slowly starts to approach you. 
You gulp when he’s getting closer and closer to you. “I just thought about how cool you were when you won that soccer game.”
“Oh really?” Yuta stops when he’s standing right in front of you, blocking you from any escape routes. “I think you’d look cute in it.”
Are you just hearing things or did Yuta just say what you think he just said? 
You blush, “O-oh, thanks.”
He unhooks his soccer jersey from the hanger and turns to you, “But you’d look even cuter wearing it while I rearrange your guts on my bed.”
You feel your heart skip a beat before your face turns beat red now as you stare up at him with wide eyes.
“So..I heard that you think I’m hot and you’d let me fuck you,” Yuta takes a step closer until his face is right in front of you, looking down at you with dark eyes, “Want to turn that fantasy into a reality with me?”
You feel yourself clench around nothing, and you feel something snap inside you. This devilishly handsome man right here is asking if you wanted to have sex, and who were you to say no? There was no way you were letting this opportunity pass. 
“Fuck, yes,” you breath out as your lips attack his in a hungry kiss. 
She just wants to fuck me all the time
That’s how you ended up in Yuta’s bed, wearing only his oversized soccer jersey, with your face down ass up, while his dick slams into your soaking cunt at an animalistic pace. 
Both your lips are swollen red from kissing and eating each other’s mouths. Your original clothes and his clothes are discarded all around the floor as you both try to strip as fast as possible. You get into his jersey while he rolls a condom on. 
The party is still going on outside but the door is locked, so no one can interrupt you two. But honestly, you and Yuta probably would not be opposed to leaving the door unlocked for someone to walk in on you while you’re in the middle of the deed. It just adds to the thrill of being caught. 
The blaring music from the living room helps drown out the sound of skin slapping against skin, the moans, and the bed creaking with every thrust.
His length is stretching your walls and filling you to the brim that you can feel every ridge of his dick. 
“Damn babe, you feel so good,” Yuta breathes. “Your pretty little pussy being stuffed full of my cock.”
“Y-yuta,” you whimper. 
“God, I could fuck you all day until you can’t walk for a week and you’re covered in my marks to let everyone know what a dirty little slut you are,” Yuta purrs.
The dirty talk is making you even more turned on. You can’t believe that this man is actually fucking you right now after fantisizing about this moment for so long. 
Yuta watches his member disappear inside of you as he thrusts forward. You look so small in just his jersey and he wants to absolutely ruin you. He couldn’t help but slap your bare butt, causing you to yelp.
You grip the bed sheets and throw your head back when Yuta repositions himself and brushes against a certain spot that had you seeing stars. The bundle of nerves in your lower stomach is ready to burst and you disregard any thoughts of holding back your voice. You were so overwhelmed with pleasure that you could cry. Your mind is clouded with lust and desire that you can’t think straight anymore.
“I’m close,” you breathe.
Yuta’s thrusts become even more harsh and his grip on your hips will surely leave marks. He bites his lips when he feels your walls squeezing around his dick because he feels his release coming soon as well.
With one final thrust, a silence scream escapes your lips as you release all over his cock while Yuta groans as he shoots his seeds inside the condom. 
You both pause for a moment, just catching your breaths while Yuta remains still inside of you. Your heads are spinning after that intense climax just now. You both stare at each other’s exhausted and sweaty state. 
After a few seconds, he pulls out of your entrance, leaving you feeling hollow and you whine a bit which makes Yuta chuckle. He discards the used condom into his trash bin and settles next to you on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. 
You turn to admire post sex Yuta, his hair stuck to his forehead due to the sweat that accumulated on his skin and his chest rising up and down as he inahles and exhales oxygen. 
You smile before climbing on top of Yuta to take a seat on his lap, surprising the man. 
“Round two?” You suggest.
Yuta stares at you with wide eyes, shocked by your stamina of wanting to go again, before bursting out into laughter. “Ride me this time.”
Hopefully, no one will be looking for you or Yuta because you two might be at it for a while.
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letstalkaboutshtufff · 11 months ago
A Bad Feeling Pt 1
Levi x Reader
Tumblr media
Part 1
Paring: Levi Ackerman x Cadet reader
Warnings: 18+ attempted rape/assault, cursing, mention of injury, violence
Summary: Reader feels uncomfortable around a overly friendly captain. Are they just over reacting? Or is there something else going on. What will Levi do when he finds out?
A.n. ok so I literally wrote this in one go, it's probably trash but I wanted to post it anyway. Please lemme know what you think in the comments! Thank you!
"Y/n! captain Oro is asking for you" you did your best to hide the discomfort Armins words made you feel.
You smiled what you hoped was a convincing one and nodded. With a deep breath you made your way to Captains Oro's office.
Ever since you had been introduced to him those few weeks ago, he had taken a special liking to you. At first you had been excited, having such a highly skilled and well known captain take notice of you was one of the best feelings. Especially since your squad leader, Levi wasn't exactly heavy on praise.
Everyone loved Captain Oro, he was known for his strength and stamina on the battle field. He was both charismatic, and charming. Your fellow cadets practically swooned over him. You couldn't help but also get caught up in his perfection. At first that is..
Over time you noticed things about your meetings that put you on edge. An unnecessary shoulder touch here, a too low pat on the back there. Something was off. And although you had done your best to distance yourself from him, it was hard when your squads often had to work together.
But it was hard to say anything against him because even your cold blooded captain seemed to enjoy his presence.
Once you brought it up to your friend Sasha, about how you felt he was being too friendly. But she waved her hand and basically said you were worrying for nothing, he was just a friendly guy. And you were being dramatic.
Maybe you were overreacting? If captain levi approved of him, surely that meant he was a decent person right? Maybe he was just being really really friendly.
You decided to give him a chance and knocked on his door when you finally arrived.
"Come in" a muffled voice came from the other side.
With a click you entered the candlelit room. It was nearing sundown after all.
"Ah cadet y/n! Perfect, I was wondering if I might ask your opinion on something?" He smiled angelically and gestured towards a parchment on his desk.
"Of course sir" you nodded and approached him, reminding yourself of what sasha said. Just relax.
From the way the parchment was positioned you had no choice but to come to his side of the desk.
"Do you see this area here?" He gestured to what you now saw was a map. "What do you think of leading a squad through here instead of what we originally planned?"
The next 30 minutes you spent completely and professionally discussing strategies. Being the member of your squad that was best at this, made him asking for you completely justified. You felt bad for ever doubting his intentions.
"Thank you y/n, I think I have a better idea of what course we should pursue on our next expedition" he smiled sincerely.
"I'm glad I could be of service" you nodded and allowed a relaxed smile to pass your features. Feeling stupid you had judged him so harshly.
" If you wouldnt mind just one more thing?" You nodded as he pulled out a stack of papers.
"If you could look over this report of the last mission before I send it out? See if theres anything else to add?"
"Sure, I'd be happy to Captain" you grabbed the stack.
"And please if you can, return them to me tonight, I'll need them for the meeting bright and early"
"Yes sir, I'll finish it asap, good evening" and with that you exused yourself.
Tonight? It was already sundown. Well whatever, hes so busy he probably doesn't know what time of day it is.
You found a quiet spot amonsgt the crowds in the common room and got to work.
"Oi brat, it's passed curfew, go to your room now, we have important work tommorow" the unmistakable voice of your captain rang through the now empty hall.
You looked up in surprise and meet his usual scowl, not even realizing how late it had gotten.
"Hai, s-sorry captain, I'll go now" you gathered the report and quickly left, not wanting to receive another scolding for taking too long.
Oh crap you still had to deliever the report. Changing routes you snuck quietly down the familiar hallways. Not particularly feeling like running into Levi again. Something about him always made you act just a little dumber and it was definitely not because of your non existent crush on him...definitely not.. he was just intimidating is all.
*knock knock*
You waited patiently but there was no answer. Crap did he already go to bed? But he knew I was coming? Ugh what should I do? He needs these reports..
With a sigh you change direction again and head for his personal chambers. There was no way you were getting in trouble for not delivering these reports on time.
You smiled when you saw dim light flood from beneath the door.
Lightly you knocked, "Captain Oro, its y/n, sorry it's so late but I have the rep-" you were cut off abruptly when the door swung open and there stood Oro.
Except he looked nothing like the Oro you were used too seeing. His hair was loose from it's normal slicked back do, and the edges were dripping slightly. His shirt was loosely thrown on revealing a decent amount of skin. He must've just bathed.. you could see why the girls were so obsessed with him. He was, platonically speaking, a very gorgeous man.
You were taken aback but reminded yourself that you did knock after hours so of course he wasnt going to be all soldiered up.
"U-um s-sorry Captain, I have the reports" you averted your eyes and shoved the reports in his direction.
"Ah y/n, thank you, would you please put them on my table? My hands are still slightly wet." He laughed holding them up innocently.
"S-sure" god why were you stuttering so much, you fight goddamn titans for a living?! But somehow you were more nervous now than when a 10meter was clawing at you.
You entered the room and tried to avoid looking around too much.
You always wondered what the inside of the higher ups rooms look-
You whipped around, alarm bells suddenly back in full force.
"Captain what are you-"
"You're such a good girl, you know that y/n?" Oros whole demeanor changed and you cursed yourself for not trusting your earlier instincts.
"U-um" you really did not know what to say or do as he took a couple steps closer.
"Always so obedient for me, I think you deserve a reward don't you?"
"That's not...that's not necessary captain, I really should be going" you tried to lunge for the door but he was quicker and much much stronger.
"I don't believe I dismissed you cadet..." he purred pinning your arms to the door in the blink of an eye.
You were by no means weak, but your struggles were useless against him.
"Let me go" it took all your strength not to stutter in fear.
"How adorable, you know I love it when you follow my orders so well, but I think..." you shivered in disgust as you felt his lips near your neck and press down.
"I'd like to see you fight me as well" you whimpered as he sucked and bit down on the soft flesh.
"S-stop it, p-please" he smirked and looked into your fearful eyes with his lustful ones. "Stop? But that's not what you really want is it? You see I know exactly how girls like you are" he chuckled darkly and moved one of his hands to grip both your arms, while the other slid lower. You gasped when he cupped your breast. "S-stop! I'll, ill scream If you don't!" You felt a tear slide down your shaking form.
"Scream?" He snickered like you had told the funniest joke.
"Go ahead and scream doll, itll be very interesting to see what happens"
"W-what?" You were utterly confused.
"Think about it, if someone walks in on us, what would they think? Seeing a cadet after hours in her superiors chambers?"
"B-but I! I was bringing the reports i wasn't-!"
"Do you honestly think theyll care what you have to say? Who do you think theyll believe y/n? You a nobody cadet who's been fighting titans for 3 seconds? Or me, a selfless hero whos saved countless of scouts lives? All I have to tell them is that you came into my room and tried to seduce me. When I tried to restrain you, you screamed. Who do you think theyll listen too? Why else would you be here so late at night?"
"Y-You''re insane, you're not a hero, y-you're a coward who-" he grasped your jaw harshly causing you to wince.
"I'd watch that mouth of yours y/n" he squeezed harder. I am your superior after all, and we wouldnt want any nasty rumors going around that would have you suspended from the survey corps now would we?" He bent down and to your horror pressed his lips against yours.
Fuck fuck what do I do?!? Hes blackmailing me now. I cant fight him, hes too strong, think think think.
But your mind was blank when his cold lips pressed against your lips again. "Open your mouth" he ordered in a voice laced with animilistac lust.
You abruptly turned your head away desperate to get away.
"Heh, always such a tease" he traced a finger up and down your cheek, flipping over your lips. "I'll enjoy this-"
"CAPTAIN ORO, COMMANDER ERWIN REQUESTS YOUR PRESENCE IN HIS OFFICE IMMEDIATELY" a voice shouts from the other side of the locked door.
With an annoyed sigh, Oro pulls away slightly, "Did he say why?" He lazily looks over in the direction of the door.
"guess it can't be helped... Alright tell him I'll be there shortly" he yelled out.
"Hai" the footsteps recended and you stood deathly still.
He pulled away from you and you immediately pulled your wrists to you, they were an angry red, and it scared you how much strength he had so effortlessly displayed.
"Sorry doll, it looks like we'll have to continue this another night" he stepped away and began dressing normally as if he hadn't just been assaulting you 5 second ago. You quickly make for the door but his voice falters your step, "Oh and y/n?"
You dont look at him, but fear held you in place until he finished, "If you mention our little moment to anyone, you know what will happen" you nodded quickly, anything to appease him and get out.
When the door shut behind you, you felt the flood of tears break through.
D-did, d-did that really happen?!?
You held a hand to quiet your sobs and quickly dashed through the hallways.
You're heart thumped and you felt the need to vomit. You hadn't felt this way since the first time youd encounted a titan. All you wanted to do was get to the safety of your room, just through the hall.
It felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown on you when a cold voice shouted out and halted your movements. Please not now, oh god any time but now.
"Oi cadet y/n are you deaf as well as dumb? I asked you a question.
"Why are you out past curfew?" he sounded definitely annoyed and you gathered all your strength to hold the sobs out of your voice.
Without turning around you answered, "I-I had to deliver some r-reports..I'll head to my room now.." you stepped forward hoping he would let you go but you were not so lucky.
"Oi brat, did you hit your head? I didn't dismiss you yet. Not to mention you haven't even addressed me properly, maybe some time cleaning up horse shit will remind you how to respect your superiors" fuck he was definitely angry now.
Still you didn't turn around, you couldn't..."S-sorry Captain Levi, I'll do better in the future.." you barely could even focus on the words coming out of your mouth, your heart was beating a mile a minute. Please just leave me alone!
"Hahh" Levi uttered in disbelief and severe annoyance, even the most novice of cadets turn around when being spoken to by a superior. "Are you trying to piss me off brat?!?"
"No sir..." still you didnt turn around, but gulped in fear when you heard sharp footsteps near you.
"Cadet y/n, you have three seconds to turn around and salute me properly before I throw you into the cells for insubordination" he ordered in his dangerously calm voice, that you never thought would be directed at you.
Having no other choice you slowly turn around, hoping to god the darkness of the room would be enough to hide your current state.
You kept your head down, letting your hair fall over your face, but gave a proper salute. Hiding the Wince that came when the tender flesh of your wrist had to bend.
Your eyes were trained on the floor. And you tried to remember how to breathe normally again.
"At least you remember how to-" abruptly his harsh scolding stopped.
Why did he stop?! Fuck did he notice something. No no calm down, he probably just is coming up with another punishment...right?
Levi was far from being done with dicisplining you but he caught sight of your bruised wrist and furrowed his brows immediately. He knew for a fact the last time you spoke in the hall those had not been there. He was quick to take in the rest of your demeanor and knew immediately that the reason you were acting disrespectful was because something was wrong.
"Cadet y/n.." he said suspiciously slow and not full of anger anymore.
"Y-yes?" Please dont ask me, please dont ask me, please dont-
"Look at me"
Part 2 here
Okay so that's part 1! Please comment and lemme know what you think🥰also I'm super sensitive so please no hateful comments. Thanks for reading!
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Fine Line | Jurdan Quarantine AU
As always, massive shoutout to @clockworkgraystairs​ for being my rock and godsend beta reader, couldn’t have done this without you lost sis! ❤️
Chapter Rating: E is for Eat That Pussy
Summary: Cardan is balls deep in retribution. Finally.
WC: 2,890
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Tumblr media
Chapter 3.5- Watermelon Sugar (HIGH)
[Cardan POV]
There is nothing gentle about our embrace. I make a meal of her throat, her chest, the storm of her pulse. I make a point of avoiding her mouth. She doesn't seem to mind.
My fingers dig into the swell of her hips and hers do a knifelike number on my back. One of my knees wedges between her thighs. She grinds herself onto it, seeking friction.
Her hands flee for her waistband and suddenly she's wriggling out of her joggers. I kick my jeans to the floor, too.
As I do, a flash of ink blooming across her upper thigh snags my vision. From what I can see in the blotted light of the sitting room, it’s a bramble of vines and flowers.
Jude notices me noticing. Then she's slipping her fingers into my hair, tugging harshly. A shiver runs down my spine.
Her skin is overwarm against mine. I think about sinking into her right then, but something makes me pause. Tension has been building up inside me all week, thick and viscous like a dream. This may be the only chance I get at release.
I want to indulge myself in her. I want to taunt and tease her. Maybe I'd like to be a bit cruel, too, just for the spite of it.
I slide down the sofa. Jude gives me an offended look before realising where I'm headed. She draws a sharp breath. I grin and part her knees wider.
With the flat of my tongue, I lick a long streak up her centre. She huffs a small sigh.
Fucking hell.
I knew I craved the taste of her. I just didn't know how poorly my memory served me. A savoury so sweet it's morish. I dive back down for more, sucking and flicking until all my thoughts are washed away on her high tide.
She bites her lip to keep from mewling, watching me with heady eyes. The TV still plays softly in the background. A siren wails down the street outside. Her hands are tangled in my hair, coaxing me on.
There is nothing but the taste of her, hot and wet and writhing on my tongue.
Her legs begin to tense, so I slow my pace, dancing her away from that starry edge. I do this twice more, every time pulling back right before the sheer drop. She squirms, fucking herself against my slivered-moon mouth, but I pin her hips down.
Petulant thing.
"Patience is a virtue, love," I say from between her thighs.
Jude glares down at me. "So is expediency," she says around heaving breaths.
Something about that jumps a muscle in my jaw. I suppose I'll have to show her just how expedient I can be.
"As you wish."
Without warning, I throw her legs over my shoulders, giving myself a better angle before plunging a finger into her as far as it’ll go. She stifles a gasp.
My mouth attaches to her swollen clit once more. I work like I'm getting paid for it, curling my finger, stroking that sweet spot over and over, licking and sucking, drawing forth pretty sounds from her.
"Fuck," she croaks, digging her heels into my shoulder blades.
I add another digit, and as my reward, receive a broken whimper. I can tell she's close when she begins to clench around me. I graze my teeth lightly over that pulsing nub, and she flings her arm out, bracing against the sofa-back.
My heartbeat comes loud and fast in my ears. My tongue flies over her in tandem. And then, inexorably, at last, she yields her release, back arching off the cushions. She turns her face, crying out into the pillows, hips rolling wave after wave of ecstasy.
I'm even given to moan at the sight of it. Watching her come undone at my fingertips and tongue. It's intoxicating.
Instead of slowing, I add a third finger. She groans at the added friction, grits her teeth through the oversensitivity.
My cock is near painful now for how hard this makes me. But while I’d love to be buried to the hilt in her, I need another one of her sweet releases. Besides, no one who ever did anything well did it only once.
My fingers pick up their pace, making sure to strike the spot that makes her bow off the sofa. She’s so goddamn wet, I’m practically drinking her up.
Jude squeezes her eyes shut, biting the back of her hand to keep from making a sound. I pause and reach up, pulling her hand from her mouth. She blinks down at me, cheeks flushed, pupils blown wide.
Beguiling, I think stupidly, then somehow manage a grin. “I want to hear you.”
“I’m sure the neighbours don’t,” she says, voice wavering.
“Let them hear anyway.”
Her brows raise high as banners. “Really? It’s not… Embarrassing?”
I frown. “For who?”
“For you? For me?” she says, then adds, “For the neighbours?”
I snort, shaking my head. I have my nose pretty much buried in her pussy and she’s asking if I’d be embarrassed if the neighbours heard how good I made her feel. I don’t really give a fuck what they think but if it’s that, I might be inclined to.
“I’m a bit too preoccupied at the moment to be embarrassed, love,” I tell her, licking my lips, tasting the gleam of her arousal. I give a slow blink, waiting.
Jude’s gaze simmers. “Would you beg for it?” she asks, swiping a curl off my forehead. God, yes. “Tell me why I should.”
My teeth rake at the inside of her thigh and her breath pitches. “Because you’d sound magnificent unleashed.” I nip at her other thigh. “Because I know you hate how good this—” I curl my three fingers inside her once more and she moans. “Makes you feel. I know you’d love to scream at me, Jude. So scream.”
Her eyes are wide as globes, lips parted, but she gives a little nod.
I dip right back down, eager as ever. Starting at a steady pace but building quickly. Faster and faster I swirl my fingers, tongue working furiously. She trembles beneath me and I ravish her.
When her hand starts to travel back up toward her mouth, I grab it with my free hand and pin it palm-down on her belly, sliding my hand overtop. I lace our fingers together.
Her breath comes quicker and deeper and suddenly she’s crying out. “Ohgodohgod.” She squeezes the plait of our fingers, hard. “Fuck!” Another climax billows through her, making her hips undulate wildly over my mouth, a vice grip around the curve of my fingers.
When she’s done, Jude is agasp. There’s a seam of perspiration collecting on her upper lip. She wipes it away on the back of her hand and looks at me with hazy eyes.
“Tired already?” I say with a smirk. My dick is probably a throbbing purple by now, but I won’t push my luck with her. Tasting her like this was more than I could’ve dreamed of actually getting to do.
I guide my fingers gently from her and sit up, but Jude grabs my wrist and sits up, too.
We’re knee to knee, kneeling on the sofa and, with eyes like the devil, she brings my fingers to her lips. Taking them into her mouth, she tastes herself off my hand, scrapes her teeth against the pads of my fingers, making my cock give an agonising twitch.
Dear, god.
She looks at me from under those lashes and says in a sultry voice, “Is that a challenge?”
My heart is beating so fast, I can barely hear my own thoughts. “Only if you want to take it,” I breathe.
“Oh, honey,” she says, a laugh rumbling low in her chest, “I am the challenge.” She licks a stripe up my collarbone, right to the base of my throat. “So take me.”
There is something warlike between us. It’s a wicked, thrumming thing.
The sight of Jude tasting herself off my fingers has me thinking reprehensible thoughts. More reprehensible than the thoughts I had while fucking my fist to the memory of her.
I want her screams, I want her sobs.
Every move is a weapon intentionally drawn. We track each other, note reactions, breathe the same tenuous, mangled breath. She traces her dare on the battlefield of my chest.
So take me.
Down, down, down. I’m dizzy and she’s slow, like a call to courage. A king before men.
It makes perfect sense. We kneel in the trenches of desire and she flings the shrapnel of her glare at me, the enemy. She wants me to surrender. She doesn’t know I already have.
In a rush of movement, I pull her against me, one hand splaying on the small of her back, the other stealing under her shirt to the raised peaks of her breasts. I palm one, roll the nipple. She arches into me, loosing a sigh.
The feel of my raging erection pressed between our stomachs is almost unbearable. I think she notices my struggle because she shifts her weight between her knees, sending a spiral of pleasure peeling through me.
I can’t help my responding grunt.
“You alright there?” She bats her eyes, fiendish. “Careful, now. Wouldn’t want the fun to be over because of any… shortcomings.”
I grit my teeth. I hate her. I hate the way she mocks me and the way it riles me up. I hate her messy habits and combative nature. I hate that she’s a P.I., and that she chose to be that over living with a family who actually wants her around.
I hate the way she knows exactly how to mess with me. I hate the way that makes me want her even more.
“You’re going to regret that, love,” I growl. “Turn around.” And with a feline smile, she does, leaning her elbows on the arm of the sofa, canting a slope into her back like she planned for this all along.
I hate that part about her, too.
My jeans are in a pile, tangled with her joggers on the floor. I reach down and fish my wallet from the back pocket. Tucked away in one of the card slots is a little foil packet. I tear it open with my teeth and roll the condom on.
Kneeling on the sofa behind her, I line myself up with her entrance, red and glistening with the traces of lust. Her breath catches as I nudge against her.
Christ, this is insanity, but I am so far beyond caring.
She looks over her shoulder with that bottom lip between her teeth. I meet the anger in her dark eyes with my own disdain. She pushes her hips back, impatient, but I move with her, remaining poised at the rim.
Her lip curls. It’s the least of what she deserves.
I give a small self-satisfied smile that I know will only make her resent me more, and hold her glare as I sink into her slicked heat.
It’s heaven unspooling. It’s hell unleashed.
Jude’s face sharpens, nostrils flaring, fingers making fists on the fabric of the sofa.
The only sounds in the room are the television on low and our laboured breathing, as if there’s an unspoken competition to see who will break first. I told her I wanted to hear her scream, and out of spite for me, she doesn’t concede a sound.
It takes two more long, dilatory pumps before I am fully sheathed, and god. The feeling of her, soaking wet and pliant for me, is unrighteous. I can barely think through it.
I take a moment to catch my breath, to ground myself so I’m not shooting off like a spring virgin the moment either of us moves.
Apparently, I am trying Jude’s patience, though. She moves against me, shifting her hips just so. A ribbon of pleasure curls down to my toes, and I almost lose my composure.
But I’ve said I would like to be a little cruel, and I would.
My fingers dig into her hips. Leisurely, as if I have all the time in the world, I drag myself out. She reels at the loss of contact, one hand shooting between her legs, craving the friction I deny her.
I swat her hand away and give a dry chuckle. “Does this feel good, Jude?”
I dally in a shallow dip into her core before pulling out to the tip again, gliding up and down along her slit. My breath sounds like gravel in the barrel of my chest. Her nails turn white on the arm of the sofa, but still, she does not break.
“Because this—” I punctuate my words with a sudden thrust, harder this time, making her whole body rock forward, changing the angle deliciously. “Is how I feel every time you’ve crossed my mind for the past week.”
I lean over her, pressing flush against her back, my mouth at her ear. I am deep inside her like a second pulse.
“And you want to know a secret?” I whisper. She’s panting now. I know I almost have her. Gently, I brush a lock of hair away from her neck and smile against the curve of her ear. “I hate it.”
A shiver and a sigh quake through her, and I’m grazing my teeth against her earlobe as I pull out before rocking back in once more.
“Do you hate this, Jude?” Another hard thrust that has me hissing. “Do you hate this as much as I do?”
“I hate…” She lets out a long groan as I roll my hips. “I hate you.”
My smile widens. “Say it again.”
“You. You. I hate you.” Every time she says it, I reward her with a firm drive of my cock into her heat, until her litany turns to a rosary of moans, until my staccatoed thrusts turn to shameless rutting.
There are no false pretenses between us, now. I can feel her hatred unfurling from her in waves as I pound her. Grunts and growls shroud the air. Curses sloughing off our tongues like layers of filth.
We’re not trying to be quiet but we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking this is anything other than the gritted-teeth, red-welt-fucking that it is.
My pace is nothing but punishing. Her moans sound more livid than lewd. Fucking Jude is like pressing down on a purpling bruise, deeper and deeper, again and again until all I feel is an ambrosial ache clawing up my spine.
“Fuck, Jude,” I seethe. Everything feels swollen in pleasure, glorious and throbbing.
I am so close. I can’t be this close. Not yet.
Keeping my rhythm, I move a hand to hitch her shirt up, working one of her breasts in my palm, fingers fretting the sensitive nipple. My other hand finds her clit and begins circling.
She whines, desperate, and I clutch her to me, cheek against the nape of her neck, feeling the warmness of my own breath against her skin.
The sitting room walls drip with the vulgar slapping sounds of our embrace. Jude throws her hips back against the thundering of mine, spearing herself over and over again on my cock until her muscles are tensing.
Every stroke is a slow strike of lightning, the cracking whip of her hips a maelstrom spinning me further into despair.
She makes a high keening noise, and finally, ruinously, goes toppling off the edge of her orgasm, a shower of shrieks and sobbing sounds spilling from her mouth.
The obscenity of it all sends me barreling into my own long-awaited release. I shout curses through it, plunging into her a few more times, draining my balls into the condom.
When we are both spent and thick with exhaustion, Jude slumps against the cushions. My limbs are leaden. Reluctantly, I withdraw from her, discarding the condom on the coffee table. Then, I move to lie on the sofa and pull her to my chest before she can argue.
She doesn’t, though. Merely lays there, still breathless.
“How’s that for nothing?” she says a little shakily.
My eyelids fall shut and I hum. “You are unfathomable, Jude.” I’m not sure why the words stumble off my tongue with all the inhibition of a drunk man, but they do.
It takes her a moment to reply. So long I think she’s already drifted off to avoid answering. But then she’s mumbling into my chest, “I think you fathom me alright, actually.”
I peak one eye open, trying to glean meaning from that. But now she really is asleep, breathing slow and even against my heartbeat.
Delirium gets even the most vigilant of us, I think. My hand slips into her hair. We’re both sticky with sweat and our undoing, but for once, my mind is blissfully empty.
Sleep slants over me, then, long and dark and dreamless as evening shadows.
AN: Phew! I don’t even know what to say here other than they are idiots to even bigger idiots. But it is so so right! 😂🙈
Thank you so much to everyone who has been so patient for these updates and shown their love for this fic over the past few months. If you liked this chapter, please do let me know in the comments/reblogs. I’m shit at responding in a timely manner but I WILL respond to every single one in due course. They absolutely make my day.
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Back to the forest now!
-Em 🖤🗡
Title Inspo: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles
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Patience is a Virtue (Ralvez x Reader Imagine)
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s all fun and games until Luke shows up, and he doesn’t like when his lovers mess around without him. 
A/N: Hey heyyyy. We have here a PolyAm Ralvez x Reader fic. This is my first time writing a threesome and it was a lot harder than I thought. Once again, a big thank you to @imagining-in-the-margins​ for making this story nice and neat for everyone. This is my NSFW story dedicated to the lovely @httpnxtt​ Enjoy!
Category: Smut
Content Warnings: M/F/M Threesome, Oral Sex (Male & Female Receiving), Fingering, Penetrative Vaginal Sex, Unprotected Sex, Edging/Orgasm Denial, Spitting/Spit Swallowing, Degradation/Praise, Slight Marking
Word Count: 3.2K
Tick. Tick. Tick.
I stared at the grandfather clock by the wall, watching the larger hand tick as each second passed by at a slow and tortuous pace. I absolutely hated waiting. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an impatient person, I just didn’t appreciate my time being wasted. There are a bunch of things that I could be doing right now, such as making out with my boyfriend, but I had to wait. Why? 
“Please stop tapping your foot,” Spencer said, “you’re making me nervous.”
Because our boyfriend said so. 
Luke was back at Quantico, doing god knows what, while Spencer and I were instructed to wait for his return. This was not unusual, Luke regularly asked us to wait for him. He didn’t want to miss out on the fun. His excuse was that Spencer and I spent more than enough time without him already, since the both of us were in a relationship before he met us. However, it has been hours already, and I was terribly, utterly horny. 
Tick. Tick. Tick. 
I groaned loudly as I shifted my body towards my boyfriend. He glanced at me shortly before returning his attention back to whatever was on TV. 
“Spencerrrr,” I whined, my hands making their way towards his legs. He gently caught them with one of his, placing them back on me. 
“No, you know what would happen if we try anything.” 
A shiver went down my spine as a flash of a memory resurfaced. Luke had us both on our knees, making us take turns sucking him off. His pleasure was the only priority for that evening. Of course, he made it up to us the following morning with breakfast in bed and an orgasm each. 
That was a fun time, but the memory only made me crave Spencer even more right now. 
“Please baby, I want you so badly. I promise I’ll make it worthwhile.” My hands slowly glided back to his pants and this time he didn’t push them away. 
“We shoul-” a groan cut him off as I slightly squeezed his growing erection. 
“How would he find out?” I moved my body closer to his, pressing my chest against his arm. “I’m so wet for you Spencer, please.”
“I-I don’t know. Luke would be really upset if he finds out.”
“Just one kiss. Or two. That’s all, I promise.” 
I moved to sit on his lap, making sure his hard erection was against my clothed center. I pressed my lips against his throat, enjoying the sound of the small gasp he released from his mouth. 
“I won’t tell him if you don’t.”
I continued to press small kisses against the column of his throat as I slowly grinded my hips against his. Spencer placed his hands on my waist, his grip still shy and hesitant. I had him almost where I wanted him, I just needed to push a little bit more. 
“And what do we have here,” a low voice stated from behind me. I felt Spencer tense underneath me as we both locked our eyes on our boyfriend. Luke was leaning his weight against the wall, his face void of any emotions. But Spencer and I knew better. 
“Hey there babe, we were just uhhhh warming up for you. Right, Spence?” I turned my attention back to Spencer, hoping he will help soothe the predicament we caught ourselves in. However, he stayed silent, his head facing downward in a state of guilt. 
“I could’ve sworn I said no touching until I got back. Or was I mistaken?” 
“Well, you see, what had happened wa—” My attempt to swindle our way out of any punishment was cut off. 
“I don’t want to hear it. The both of you go to the bedroom. Now.” 
Spencer stood up, with me practically having to jump off him to avoid falling on the floor. If I had to bet, I’d say he was more excited than scared. He would never admit it, but we all know he loved Luke’s punishments. I was just the more vocal one between the two of us. 
I followed after Spencer, going through the usual protocol. Luke likes us to be stripped down to our underwear. We sat on the bed, a good amount of distance between us so that Luke wouldn’t try to add another penalty to whatever he was going to give us. 
We waited a few minutes before the door opened with a creak. Thank the mighty above that he decided not to make us wait for many more hours. 
I kept my eyes downwards, waiting for further instruction. I heard Luke make his way towards Spencer before a sharp gasp was heard. The lewd sounds of sucking and moaning almost made me turn my head. Luke knows I love watching them together, but I can’t lift my head without permission. I did my best to keep my eyes on my lap as I heard them make out with one another. 
I don’t know how long I waited, it could have been a few minutes or a few hours, before I heard them finally pull apart. Between the deep intakes of breath from the both of them, I assume it was a lengthy amount of time. 
“I am proud of you for at least following this one rule cariña,” Luke panted, his words coming out a bit husky as he still tried to catch his breath, “Look at me.”
With greedy eyes, I looked at his face and took him all in. His lips were red and puffy, the leftover saliva keeping them moist. His hair was wild, as if a certain genius ran his hands through it. His chest moved up and down, eventually dwindling to an even pace. 
He came closer to me, tucking two of his thick fingers under my chin to lift my head up so that I can focus solely on his lustful dark brown eyes. “Spencer,” he called, eyes still on mine, “come here.” 
Within milliseconds, Spencer stood up next to Luke, awaiting further instruction. He was always more of a doer than a talker when in this role. Luke grabbed his hands as they took a few steps away from me. “Let’s give our darling girl a little show. Take my clothes off me.” 
With greedy and excited hands, Spencer removed Luke’s button-down and undershirt. His fingers traced the soft skin of Luke’s chest as he made his way toward the pants.  He took his time taking off Luke’s jeans and socks, enjoying the few moments at being on his knees in front of our man. 
Lucky son of a bitch. 
When Luke was finally in his boxers, he told Spencer to take a seat on the bed again before coming back to me. He grabbed my waist, forcing me to stand and pulling me against his body. He was so cool, which help to calm my overheated skin. 
“What should I do with you, cariña, hmmm?” 
I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to give him any ideas. He rubbed small circles on my hips as he contemplated what to do with me. He hummed a small tune while his eyes displayed a playful mischief.  
“Ahhh, I have an idea. Babe, lie down on your back for me. You deserve a treat,” he told Spencer while he removed my underwear. 
As soon as he released me, I went straight to Spencer. I knew what Luke wanted us to do without him outright saying it. I straddled Spencer’s waist and shimmied up to his face until my core was level to his mouth. 
“The other way,” Luke called out, “I want to see you.” I hastily switched position, almost falling to my side. If it wasn’t for Spencer’s hands on my thighs, I would have had a face full of blankets right now.
“Go on.”
And with that, Spencer started using his mouth on me. I gasped as he slowly left soft kisses before moving his tongue from slit to clit in a tantalizing motion. I was already wet from earlier, but I was practically a puddle now. If there was one thing that Spencer was amazing at, it was eating a girl out. Or well, giving oral in general. He is a giver and knows how to work that amazing mouth in multiple ways. 
I cried out when he closed his mouth over my clit and started to gently suck. He groaned when I pressed my hands down on his chest, the vibration causing my body to shudder. His hands on my thighs kept my trembling body as steady as possible. This is going to be over quickly if he continued on like this. I picked my head up to look at Luke, watching as he took in the scene in front of him.
“Give her a little more Spencer.” 
A thick, long digit slowly replaced the tongue that was inside me. Similar to his mouth, Spencer was talented with his hands. Those dexterous fingers were a gift, and I was a happy recipient. His mouth returned to my clit, his tongue flicking against it as he curled his finger in a come hither motion. I let out a whispered curse as my eyes closed. 
“Put another finger in her, Spencer.” 
Spencer did as he was told, sliding a second digit inside of me. My high pitch moans were in harmony with the boys’ heavy breathing. I tried to stay still, but couldn’t help but grind slowly against Spencer’s face. I focused my attention back at Luke, only to see him softly fisting himself behind his boxers. Damn, I want nothing more than to have a closer look at him.
As if he read my mind, Luke came closer, his fist still pumping his thick cock. My mouth salivated in an instant, craving the feel of salty skin gliding against my tongue. I stuck my tongue out, hoping he would be nice and give me what I wanted. 
For a moment, I thought he would do just that as he released his dick, removed his boxers, and climbed on the bed, straddling Spencer’s lower waist. Instead, he grabbed my hair harshly, forcing me to look up at him. With my mouth still opened wide for him, Luke looked directly into my eyes as he spit in my mouth. Without prompt, I swallowed greedily, showcasing my tongue for him again.
“You’re such a dirty little bitch, cariña,” Luke laughed. The sweet pet name combined with the degrading title had me whimpering for more attention. I wanted more. I needed more. I moved my head, just enough to capture Luke’s lips with my own. Luke quickly pulled away to glare at me while I wore a coy smile on my face. 
“You greedy little girl,” was all he said as he delved back down. His lips were always soft, which contrasted with the way he would roughly kiss me. His stubble rubbed harshly against my face, his tongue sliding greedily against my own. His hands still fisted in my hair held me in place as he controlled our intense kiss. 
The feeling of two tongues inside of me had me rising closer and closer to my climax. My legs started to shake as a shiver went through my spine. I focused on the pleasure they were giving me. I moaned loudly into Luke’s mouth while Spencer continued the even pace of his fingers and tongue. I was so close to my release and just when I was about to let go, Luke pulled away from me and said the worst two words a person could hear at a moment like this. 
“Spencer, stop.” 
Spencer instantly paused his movements, my orgasm waning along with it. I glared at Luke, telepathically telling him how much I hated him at that moment. 
You fucking smug haughty beautiful bastard. 
“Fix that face before I change my mind about potentially rewarding you,” Luke stressed out.
I immediately pouted at his words, casting my eyes down so that he didn’t see the anger that still lingered within them. 
“Cariña, move down. Spencer, stay just like that,” he said, his voice carrying a softer tone as he moved down a bit to make room for me. 
Just like before, I shimmied my body down until I was at Spencer’s waist. With Luke’s help, Spencer’s boxers were tossed somewhere across the room and I was hovering over his length. Spencer and I both gasped once he entered me. I slowly moved my hips down until he was bottomed out inside of me. Luke placed his hands on my waist as he moved me up and down, controlling the pace. 
Spencer’s fists were clutching the sheets beneath him as he tried his best not to buck his hips. We were both trying to be good to avoid further punishment. It was bad enough that we’d barely seen each other’s faces this whole time. Luke knew I was a sucker for Spencer’s orgasm face. 
Luke pressed a kiss on my forehead and dipped his head to leave bites and kisses on my throat. I could feel my body heat up the more his plush lips pressed against me. He released my waist, silently telling me to go on as he continued his descent, nibbling and marking the skin on my chest and stomach. 
I nearly screamed once I felt his lips and tongue on my sensitive clit. From the way Spencer’s hips staggered and moans increased in volume, it is safe to assume that Luke was avidly lapping the both of us. The sound of deep whines, heavy moans, and high squeals occupied the bedroom. The coil in my belly was getting tighter and tighter, a telltale sign that I was once again rising close to the edge. I just needed a few more thrusts, a bit more pressure. 
I barely noticed when Luke pulled away, but I did register the deep timbre of his voice saying, “Stop.”
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, not again. Spencer’s hips stuttered, but didn’t fully stop until Luke smacked and harshly gripped his thigh. 
“Luke, please,” Spencer begged, as if he was a wounded animal. I also shared my displeasure at being stopped for the second time in a matter of minutes. All Luke did was chuckle at us, amused by our antics.
“Good things come to those who wait,” was all he said as he stood up. 
He instructed Spencer to sit up and lean his back against the headboard while I go on all fours facing him. We quickly followed suit, hoping to finally get some kind of release. 
“Good, now cariña, I want you to be nice and let Spencer use your mouth.” 
He didn’t have to say more. I happily open my mouth to allow him entry. The mixed taste of the both of us further invigorated me to take him deeper in my mouth. 
“You can touch.” I heard Luke say to which Spencer eagerly accepted. He held strands of my hair in his large hands, but did nothing else. I glance up to see his face scrunched up in pleasure, mouth open while his head leaned back on the headboards. I loved looking at him like that, it was arousing and encouraging. I moved my head up, leaving just the tip in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him and sucked a bit harder, relishing the way he tightened his grip on my hair. 
I felt the bed dip as Luke got on it again. I knew he was behind me, feeling the heat he emitted on my skin. He rubbed two fingers against my already slippery folds, spreading the slick everywhere. I heard him sigh before once again placing his hands on my hips, the blunt head of his cock thumped against my clit. I raised my hips higher, presenting myself as an offering for his pleasure. 
Luke entered me slowly, lazily, taking his time so that I could feel every inch of him inside me. I moaned and gurgled around the cock still in my mouth. Spencer’s hands yanked me off him as he took deep breaths. His eyes kept darting between Luke and me, pleading for someone to allow him to do something. 
“Go ahead babe, you’ve been so good for me,” Luke praised. 
Spencer looked at my face, silently asking permission. I nodded my head, opening my mouth again for him. Still being the soft sweet boy for the night, he gently entered my mouth, lightly moving my head up and down. 
Luke started quickening his pace, smacking his hips against mine. His balls would slap my clit the harder he thrust in me. The contrast between the rough and hard from behind with the soft and gentle from the front had my mind spiraling. 
“You like this don’t you,” Luke growled out, hunching his form so that his chest was pressed against my back, his words being hissed at my ear. “You like being filled up at both ends.”
All I could do was moan as they both used me. I maneuvered one hand to massage Spencer’s balls, sucking harder with every up stroke. The extra stimulation was just enough for him to cry out and release himself. He came like a freight train, heavy and fast and all too much all at once. I couldn’t hold it all in my mouth and Spencer slipped out of me with the leftover fluid landing on his lower stomach. 
“It’s your turn now cariña,” Luke moaned. He hitched one of my legs up and the new angle had me seeing stars. I couldn’t hold in the cries and shrieks no matter how much I wanted to. I was wailing as I finally, finally, was given release. My arms were too weak to hold me up so I had my face pressed down on the sheets beneath me. 
Luke continued to pound harder and faster inside of me, chasing after his own release. His grip on my hips got harder, his nails digging into my skin, as his pace stuttered to an uneven pace. A few more thrusts and he had my hips pressed against his as I felt him spasm inside of me while I continued to contract around him. 
We stayed like that for a few minutes before he pulled out and went to the bathroom. I was still trying to catch my breath while Spencer was in a nearly comatose state. Luke returned with wipes in his hand as he cleaned the both of us from the sticky mess we made. He led me to the bathroom to relieve myself while giving Spencer some water. He also helped us put our pajamas on. Soon we were all cuddled up in bed, holding on to each other with happy, sleepy smiles gracing our faces. 
“I love you guys,” I said, snuggling impossibly closer to them. Spencer giggled at my antics, his long limps wrapped around the both of us before drowsily mumbling he loves us too. We waited, peeking one eye open to see if Luke would say it back.
“I love you guys too, even if you’re both a couple of brats.” 
We laughed with him, because we all know that he loved our bratty sides the most. I drifted to sleep, in the comfortable embrace of the men I love most in the world.
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spideymarvelws · 9 months ago
Pillow Fort
Fratboy!Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
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A/n : Got this idea from when i made a pillow fort in my room cause i was feeling lonely :’) Also this isnt really a part two to behind doors, just a branched off oneshot from further down in there relationship
Summary : Peter is tired from a rough night of patrolling and comes home to you sleeping in your very own pillow fort
Warnings : SMUT! (oral [fem rec], dirty talk, sub/dom dynamics) some nice floofy floof
Word Count : 3.7k
Peter had never felt so drained after patrol. 
Maybe it was because he stayed up all night studying for a Physics quiz or that classes throughout the day seemed to drag on because you weren’t there to entertain him with your silly pick up lines you came up with on the go. After his last class ended, he didn’t want to go out as spider-man. All he wanted was to swing by your apartment and cuddle for the rest of the day, but when he heard about a new gang terrorising the city on Mr. Delmer’s radio, he knew he had a responsibility to stop them. 
One gang and a drunk driver later, he found himself landing in front of your window, knocking lightly on the glass. After a few seconds of not getting a response, he assumed you were already asleep. Carefully, he slid open the window, stepping inside your bedroom. He locked the window before taking off his suit with a heavy sigh, leaving him in his boxers, ready to slide into bed with you.
However, as he sat on your bed and his eyes adjusted to the darkness and he noticed that it was stripped bare of any blankets or pillows. He stood straight up, looking around your room until his eyes fell on a deformed structure hidden in the corner.
It was a pillow fort. 
It was flimsy, a significant dip in the roof (he could only imagine how much it annoyed you throughout the process of making it) but it kept hold. The wooden chairs on either side were the only support for the fort, heavy books keeping the sheets secure. It was rickety, but a fort nonetheless.
Peter let out a small sigh, a soft smile forming on his lips as he walked up to the structure, trying to find the entrance in the mountain of blankets. Getting on his knees, he crawled through, his hands and legs ending up on either side of your sleeping form.
“Baby?” He whispered, placing his hand on your cheek, “Sweetheart? Love? Babygirl?” He littered your face with kisses, slowly waking you up.
You let out a loud groan, stretching your arms out and almost knocking the flimsy blanket ceiling. Peter raised himself slightly, trying his best to give you enough room to stretch in the small space
“Shit,” you mumbled, making Peter chucked at your sleepy state, “Oh... Hey Petey,”
“Hey, Y/n/n,” Peter mumbled back, letting out a breathy laugh, “Missed you,”
You raised your hand to push the loose curls falling down in front of his face behind his ear, giggling at the fact that it felt right back in his eye. He blew the strand with his mouth, his nose crunching up cutely when it went right back to tickling the side of his face.
“I need to cut it soon,” he said, lowering himself into your body, his head buried in the middle of your chest like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly in place.
“I strongly disagree,” your said, almost offended at his words as your passed your fingers through his soft, pillowy hair, “Cut it and I’m asking Tony for his blasters,”
“Are you sure he’s going to let you borrow it after last time,” Peter looked up at you, his left cheek squished against your shirt, his lips slightly parted.
“Who says I haven’t been practicing?” You smiled, scratching his scalp, enjoying the feeling of his body melting into yours.
“Oh really?” He mumbled, “I’m going to have to see those skills sometime babe,”
“I don’t know Peter...” you dragged, biting your lip and tugged on his hair gently, “I don’t want to steal your thunder,”
“That confident huh?”
“That I could beat you in a fight, one hundred percent,”
Peter shook his head, “I’m sure you can,”
You gasped at his sarcastic tone, “You have no faith in me!” 
“I never said that,” he pinched your side, raising back on his arms to hover over you.
You pouted angrily, crossing your arms over your chest, “It was implied,”
“Oh was it now?”
“Yes, yes it was,”
Peter rolled his eyes playfully.
“Maybe I just don’t want you to get hurt,”
“Then I’d tell you to go fuck yourself. I’m incapable of getting hurt and I don’t need your protection,” you replied smugly, sticking your tongue out.
“Is that so?”
You hummed in confirmation.
“Okay then,” he grinned, trailing the pads of his fingers up the side of your waist, “Protect yourself from this then!”
His hands pulled the bottom of your shirt up, revealing your stomach. Without hesitation he attacked the soft skin, wiggling his fingers in the places he knew would make you scream. 
“For fucks sake Peter!” your hand shot up to his chest, trying to push him away as the giggles took over your body, your chest bubbling with joy while your breath escaped your lungs.
“Stop! Peter! Oh. My. God. Stop!” you laughed, fists pounding at his hard chest. 
“Then tell me, you wont get those blasters Y/n!” he said, a sinister smirk on his face, “I’m not letting you go until you tell me!”
“I-” you heaved, “Peter! I-” you giggled, “Holu fuck!” god damn did your chest begin to hurt, “Okay! Okay! I won’t get them! Now stop!”
His hands suddenly left your body as he leaned back on his calves to admire the mess he made of you. Your chest raised up and down with desperate breaths to calm your rapid beating heat, your face blown out and your eyes closed in a silent thank you. You sighed, letting your stiff limbs fall back into the cushioning with a thud, relaxing fully. 
It reminded him of a very different scenario other than the aftermath of an innocent tickle fight.
“You know I was having a great time before you showed up,” you murmured after a while.
“I find that hard to believe,”
“Oh really?”
“Yes really, I’m amazing!”
“You’re a monster.”
“Your monster though,”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever makes you sleep at night,” you paused, opening one eye to look up at him, “You’re still not cutting your hair though,”
“You’re still on this!”
“It was the point of this whole conversation! Of course I’m still on this-”
“Oh, that's it.”
With your one eye still closed, you let out a surprised hum, circling your arms around Peter’s neck, as his lips met onto yours. You sighed into the kiss, his body relaxing into yours while his hands trailed the side of your body once more, lifting your left thigh against his waist. The kiss became hungrier, soon both your tongues became entangled with each other. You didn’t bother to fight for dominance, knowing Peter already took that role when his hand rested on your ass, squeezing tightly at the skin.
“I hate you,” he mumbled, pulling back and pressing his forehead on yours.
“Sure seems like it Petey,” you whispered, voice low and sultry.
With a low growl, he smashed his lips back on yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. God you loved getting him riled up, as much as you loved your shy, little nerd, the other side of him you saw in bed turned you on more than you could think of as you slipped into sub space.
But you didn't want to do it in something as unstable as a pillow fort.
“God, I’ve missed this,” he whispered into your mouth, moving to your jaw and down your throat.
“Peter,” You groaned, pushing on his shoulders lightly, “Not here, baby.”
Sucking on your collar bone, Peter mumbled, “Why not?”
“I don’t- fuck,” you gasped as Peter pulled up your shirt and latched his lips onto your nipple, massaging the other with his hand, “I don’t think fucking in an unstable pillow fort is going to be really advisable,”
“Don’t knock it till you try it right?” He snickered, moving his lips to the other nipple.
“Were going to knock the fucking thing down,” you grunted, bitting down on your finger while the other grabbed the sheets underneath you.
“Well it’s either here or your bare mattress,” he whispered, raising his head back up near yours, tugging at the bottom of your shirt and pulling it over your head, leaving you in just your panties, “You decide.”
“You ride a tough bargain Peter,” you whispered back, biting your lip at the darkness in his eyes.
He continued down your body, his voice deep with lust, “You know me princess,” he placed a kiss on your stomach, moving down your hips before reaching the side of your thighs, taking them in his hands, “I like when you beg,”
You groaned at his words, throwing your head back as his lips hovered over your clothed core for a split second. But he avoided contact at all costs, focusing on biting and sucking on your thigh, moving between the left and right and getting closer to the place you wanted him the most.
“Peter,” you whined, running your hand through his hair, tugging at his locks once again.
“I thought you heard me earlier princess,” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling your heat closer to his face, “I want you to beg,”
You groaned, not wanting to give in. But the light kisses to your clit and his hands moving up and down your thighs, you didn’t know how long you could resist before you broke.
“Come on pretty girl,” he bit the inside of your thigh, sucking the skin to form a bruise, “Beg for it, beg for what you want so badly,”
You tucked your head into your shoulder, “Touch me peter,” you mumbled, yelping when he slapped your thigh.
“Louder pretty girl,”
“Oh god, touch me Peter! Touch my pussy, please,” you said audibly, your hands shooting to his hair, desperate for something to hold onto.
Without any further discussion, Peter teared off your underwear and buried his face between your thighs, lapping at the juices that started to escape your lips minutes before and continued flowing onto his tongue. If there was something he loved more than life itself, it was your taste. Nothing could match up to the sweet nectar that your body gave him. He loved giving you pleasure that nobody else could. He glanced up at you, head thrown back, thighs closing in around his face as your hands pushed him deeper into your core.
If there was a heaven, this is what he imagined it would be.
He shook his head, flicking his tongue deeper inside of you before moving up to suck your on your clit gently. One of his arms stayed securely on your waist, keeping you down so you didn’t destroy the structure around you while the other moved closer to your heat. He tested the waters by gliding his warm finger tip over your cunt and slipping it in, paying attention to your body’s reactions, jerking and tensing under him.
“More,” you whimpered, “More, please Peter,”
“What was that baby? Did my needy girl want more than what I’m giving her?” his laugh sent vibrations up your torso, “What did I say?”
“To- to beg,”
“So what are you going to do?”
“Peter, Peter please give me more, I want it faster, harder, anything! Just please!” you cried, jerking your hips off the ground but his strength held you down.
“Good girl,” he smirked, adding another finger while quickening his pace. His mouth stayed working around your sensitive bud, brushing his tongue along it like he was painting a precious artwork. 
His fingers however were ferocious, pumping in and out of you at an inhuman rate. Your juices began to soak the sheets beneath you, hips grinding back down like the desperate whore you were, pulling his digits deeper inside you.
“Peter, I’m- i’m gonna cum,” your legs began to shake, your voice rising higher and higher while you orgasm approached, “Please Peter! Can I cum? Can I cum?” 
“Go on baby, cum for me, cum in my mouth, cum all over my fingers,” his fingers moved impossibly faster, plunging in and out of your pussy, “Fall apart for me princess.”
You screamed when your high hit, your back arching out of his control. He slowed his movements, sailing you through it, prolonging it for as long as possible. When your body slumped back on the floor, he trailed his lips back up your stomach, staining your skin with your cum. He pushed his lips on yours, moaning as you devoured his mouth, drinking up every last drop.
“Fuck,” he groaned, “You ready for more princess?”
All you could muster was a nod, playing it off as exhaustion from your recent high. Even after a years of dating, you were still as closed off and shy from when he met you in bed, holding back your precious voice from him. He tried his best to keep you talking, to tell you that screaming like a banshee was all he ever wanted. But every time you came back from your euphoric state, you were always self conscious of doing something wrong or saying something out of line.
He was determined to make that your biggest confidence using the little things he picked up along the way.
“Come one princess,” he muttered groggily, moving to your neck and kissing your pulse point, nibbling and sucking on the skin, “I’m not going to do anything if you don’t speak up,”
You looked up at him with doe eyes, a completely different person from the one that was bickering with him earlier. One that was willing to do anything and everything he wanted. But he wanted tonight to be about you, he wanted to do what you wanted, to pleasure and worship you the way you deserve.
It was your pillow fort he was about to fuck you in after all.
“I- uh, you could do what you were… you know, going to do?”
“And what was that sweetheart?” 
Heat rose to your face, you hid your head in your shoulder in an attempt to avoid saying such vulgar words. Peter only squinted his eyes, the gears in his head turning as he thought of something to get you to speak up.
“Alright then,” he smirked, “Have it your way.”
You watched with curious eyes while he slipped out of boxers, taking his hard cock in his hand and guiding it to your puffy hole. He slowly unsheathed himself inside you, resisting the urge to pull back out and slam right back into you. You were always so tight around him, and your uncontrollable clenching just destroyed him even more. 
In one swift motion, he turned the both of you over, careful to keep his chest pressed against yours so you didn’t raise up and mess up the fort.
“There we go,” he sighed, letting you settle comfortably in the new position with your hands pressed against his shoulder and legs on either side of his waist, keeping his cock buried deep inside of you.
“Peter I-”
“Ah, ah, ah, my turn to speak now princess,” he cut you off, squeezing your hips when you moved around a bit too much for his liking, “Now, we’re going to work on our communication skills okay? Meaning, everything you’re feeling as I fuck you, I want you to tell me. And by everything, I mean every detail princess,” he lowered his voice, “I want to know how my cock feels inside of you, what goes through your mind while you fuck yourself sensless,” He rutted his hips up, smiling when you fell further against his chest, whimpering into his neck.
“I. Want. To. Hear. Every. Word,” he punctuated each word with the thrust of his hips, “Or else this ends, you got that princess,?”
You instinctively nodded but quickly caught yourself, “Yes Peter,”
“That’s my good little princess,” he took your cheek into his palm, bringing your head and to press his forehead against his, “Ready?”
“Yes Petey,” you nodded, letting out a shaky moan when he started bouncing you up and down his length, meeting you halfway.
“Go on princess,”
“It- it feels good,” you stuttered, closing your eyes to focus on the pleasure and not Peter’s lustful eyes staring back at you, “You’re… you’re really big Peter. Stretching… me out… so, so good,”
“Good girl,” he groaned, quickening his pace with every word, “Keep going.”
“I… I-” you slumped fully against his chest, “I can’t, all i feel is you Petey. I- I can’t think, all I… I could only feel-”
“Then tell me what you feel Y/n, tell me everything.”
“Amazing… so- so full and deep.” your fingers digged into his skin, “Could you go faster? Please Peter, I- I need more,”
“Anything for you princess,” he mumbled, planting his feet on the floor and ramming into you at the same pace he did with his fingers.
“Ah fuck!” you tightened your arms around his neck, “Peter! Oh god Peter! I- I-”
“Are you close princess? Gonna cum on my cock?”
You nodded into his neck, all you could manage was a whimper, “Yes… can- can i?”
“Go ahead princess, cum on my cock… you deserve it,”
You bit down on the skin of his neck, trying to keep your head from throwing itself back. Peter stilled his hips, filling you up with his seed while keeping you close, sighing as shot up into you. You sunk into his body, your breath hot against his skin while you regained your energy, snuggling closer for comfort.
In the silence that followed, Peter couldn't help but chuckle.
“Round two then?”
“Soo,” Peter whispered softly, crawling back into the sheets and lying besides you, “Why the pillow fort,”
You cuddled closer to his bare chest, letting out a soft breath once your cheek made contact with the warm skin. No matter how cold the air around him got, you could always count on your boyfriend to be your own personal heater.
“Was feelin’ lonely,” you mumbled, letting out a big yawn, “And I got bored,”
Peter chuckled, running his hand down your bare back sending shivers up your spine, “It’s nice, comfortable,”
“Yeah, I did a pretty good job didn’t I?” You smiled, curling your legs around his, “Took me three tries to get it right,”
“Three tries?”
“Well my college dorm doesn't really have much stuff to work with now does it,” you looked up at him with hooded eyes, blinking slowly while jabbing your finger into his left peck drowsily, “Would’ve been easier if my boyfriend came earlier though,”
“I thought you liked that I lasted long-”
“You know that’s not what I mean.”
“That’s not what you said a few minutes ago,” He laughed when you smacked his chest, placing a sweet peck to your forehead as an apology, “And I’m sorry for being late, got caught up with some bad guys and well… you know the drill,”
“Yeah, I know, I know,” You hid your face in his neck, snuggling in closer to his body, “Shouldn’t you be back at the house by now?”
He sighed. Harry had asked him to help out with cleaning up the house for your hopeful arrival in the next couple of days. Him and the rest of the boys planned out the week already, and today’s plan was to fix up the place and set new rules that kept it that way. But seeing you lying besides him, glowing like an angel by his side... words couldn't describe the emotions he felt in that moment. All he knew was that he couldn't wait, he felt like he waited long enough.
That this could be the perfect, special moment he hoped for.
“They could survive without me for one night,” His hand tightened around you, “I- uh, actually came here to ask you about something until we got... well, distracted,” he laughed lightly. 
You hummed, acknowledging his statement and urging him to continue.
“I was wondering if you would want to move in with me?”
“Wait, wait, wait,” you sat up on your elbow to look at him directly, “You’re saying you want me to- you want us to live together? With everyone?”
You felt Peter clam up under your palm, biting his lip as he avoided your gaze, “I mean, you’ve already met everyone and they all love you, probably way more than me. And I can’t you know, guarantee your safety here not to mention i have to disable all the cameras around the block if i want to swing into your window and, and-” he took a deep breath, taking your face in his hands, “That and I really love you, and I would love to take this step with you, only if you want to,”
You immediately engulfed up into a tight hug, awkwardly fitting yourself in his hold but you could hardly care about your uncomfortable position.
“Of course I would move in with you peter,” you smiled, pulling back to look at him, “Honestly, I’m growing tired of this small place anyways,”
“Good, that’s good,” he bit his lip, trying to suppress the urge to screech at the top of his lungs at the thought of your ever saying yes, “We- we’d sort all of this out in the morning,”
“Of course, of course,” you nudged your nose against his, “In the morning,”
Before he could lean in to kiss you, he heard something fall on the floor with a thud and without warning the sheets above you fell, slapping the both of you in the face.
“Maybe chairs with wheels wasn't the best choice for this,” you giggled, pushing up the sheets from your head.
“You think?” Peter joked along with you, helping to get rid of fabric blocking your eyesight.
He witnessed the blanket being pulled off of you, relieving your glowing skin and bright smile staring back at him. He knew he was taking the right step with you, he knew that you were the one for him because with a simple look or touch you made him a complete mess. He was wrapped around your finger just as much as you were around his.
And he couldn't be happier.
“To the bed?” he whispered.
“To the bed.” you responded, finally locking your lips on his, sealing in your love in the now fallen pillow fort.
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sugawara-sweetheart · 9 months ago
𝔠𝔯𝔞𝔳𝔦𝔫𝔤 (𝔪)
Tumblr media
❥jean kirstein x fem!reader
❥warnings: mutual masturbation, praise kink, dirty talk, semi-public sex/getting caught, fluffy ending
❥word count: 2.4k
❣@lets-go-datehoe: Finally getting off my ass to throw a Jean request in your inbox. Just had to think about how to word it ✌Jean convincing the girl he knows is his crushing on him to do the nasty. She's hesitant about soldier x soldier relationships bc I mean look at the world they live inbut she relents bc she's a sucker for that cocky smirk of his. They're somewhat in public and get caught by their captain/superior officer. Bonus points if the captain tells them to knock it the fuck off but gives Jean a subtle😏👍
your lips taste sweet. addictive almost. enough that jean’s moans are falling from his lips as he kisses you hungrily, his hands pressing into your hips with a gripping bruise as he pushes you against the vast table. you groan into his mouth as your back hits the table and sense floods you, a little scoff falling from your lips as you gently push him away. he pants heavily, lips wet with your mixed saliva as his brows furrow slightly, confusion etched across his face.
“what?” your cheeks are warm, heart racing but there’s a sense of heaviness in your chest that makes you want to ignore the throbbing deep in your cunt.
“i’m sorry.” jean narrows his eyes but his hands don’t release your hips as you sigh heavily. “we shouldn’t be doing this.”
“but why?” he doesn’t sound annoyed but there’s clear disappointment visible on his face, and you can clearly see the hardened outline of his cock pressing against his pants. “you like me right?” your cheeks burn at the truthful statement and you hope the smile twitching at the corners of your lips isn’t so visible as you tug his hands away from you.
“we have a mission in a week or did you forget, commanding officer? one that’ll probably have more of us dead than alive. you heard them in the meeting just now.” your throat feels dry as you speak and a deep crease appears between his brows as he takes in your words. “i don’t think it’d be good for us- either of us.” it hurts, a deep ache in your chest that drops all the way to your stomach as you place a hand on the back of his neck, rubbing it comfortingly. “these sort of things can’t happen between us soldiers.” he’s silent for a moment but then he grits his teeth, scoffing at your words.
“i’d look after you. and even if i can’t you’re skilled and capable of looking after yourself. we’re going to make this a success, we can survive and even still-” he groans as he takes your hand, pressing it against his clothed erection as a smirk tugs at his lips. “this is what you do to me. i want you so bad, y/n.”
you shiver, eyes fluttering shut as he presses open-mouthed kisses to your jaw, slotting himself between your legs as you grip his shirt tighter.
“come on, y/n- don’t you want me?” you can feel his lips smiling against your skin, a giggle rising in your throat. “don’t you want me to fuck you so good on my cock you’ll get wet just thinking about it?”
“you really think a lot of yourself, don’t you?” you tease, slipping a hand between you both and gently palming his cock. he groans against you, teeth grazing the skin of your neck before he bites, gentle but hard enough to make you groan.
“don’t act like you don’t either.” you smile as you cup his face, bringing him in for another kiss as his fingers reach for the buttons of your shirt, slowly undoing them.
“the higher-ups shouldn’t be having another meeting for today-” he mumbles against your lips between the kisses. “so we can take as long as we want here- fuck.” the air feels cool against your skin and you smile shyly as he peels off your shirt, leaving you in just your bra. he steps back, eyes widened as he takes you in carefully, hands groping your breasts and fingers reaching for the straps. “you’re beautiful.”
“jean.” your heart thumps against your chest as he slips off your bra, thumbs pressing against your pebbling nipples before he leans down, massaging one tit as his lips wrap around the other. you sigh heavily as he licks at the sensitive bud, warm pleasure tingling through you as you wrap your legs around his waist, tugging him closer. he releases it with a wet pop, lips wet with saliva, before moving to the other, pressing you down flat against the table.
jean pants when he pulls away, fingers reaching for the waistband of your pants and he groans as he pulls them down to your knees, leaving you naked in front of him. you whimper as you press your legs together but his hands on your thighs are gentle as he pushes them apart.
“don’t hide from me.” he teases, pecking your lips with a smile. “you’re gorgeous. i want to see this pretty pussy, i want to see you play with it.” your walls clench at his words, a soft moan falling from your lips as his eyes darken with lust, reaching for his own pants. “yeah, fuck yourself on your fingers for me. get that pretty cunt all ready for my cock.” your eyes widen as he takes your hand, enveloping your fingers in his mouth and sucking on them, tongue flicking over your fingertips before he pulls them out with a wet pop, guiding them to your pussy. “show me how you touch yourself.”
ypur cheeks burn as your wet fingertips press against your swollen clit, a little shiver running through you as your hips jerk with the sensitivity. jean watches hungrily as you slowly swirl the sensitive bud, a soft sigh falling from your lips as warm pleasure begins to build. his belt clinks as he undoes it, tugging down his pants to his thighs and you moan at the sight of his hard cock slapping against his clothed stomach. he’s long and thick, a pretty cock you have to admit, with the pink head leaking precum that has your mouth drooling.
“jean-” his name is a breathy moan as you rub your clit faster, your nails scraping against the wood of the table as your toes curl with the pleasure. “fuck, i want your cock so bad.”
“hm, i bet you do.” he smirks. his long fingers wrap around the thick base of his cock, slowly stroking it with swipes at the sensitive head that makes him groan. “you want me to fill up your pretty pussy with my cock? fuck you so deep till i’m the only thing you can think of.” you nod eagerly, your eyes fixed on his slow, steady pumps, licking your lips at the silvery precum that trickles down his cock as wetness drools from your cunt.
“here.” you moan as he swipes the head, precum smearing across his thumb before he presses it against your lips, your mouth eagerly opening for him to sink his fingertip against your drooling tongue, the taste of him filling your mouth with a lewd moan. “finger yourself for me too. get that wet pussy all stretched out for my cock.” he groans as he pumps his cock, watching your fingers slide between your folds, the sinful sounds of slick squelching filling the room before you slowly push a finger into your hole. you both moan loudly as you pump your finger slowly, wetness coating your hand as you stroke your walls, jean watching carefully with his fingers squeezing around his dick tighter.
“do you think of me when you touch yourself, huh?” he smirks. you nod shyly, a whimper falling as you add a second, scissoring your fingers to stretch your tight walls as warm pleasure runs through you. it’s lewd, dirty and sinful to be fingerfucking yourself as he watches so eagerly, as he fucks his own fist to the sight.
“wish it was your cock instead.” you pout, hissing with pleasure as you curl your fingers to reach that sensitive spot. “want your cock buried so deep in my cunt. want you to make me all yours.”
jean groans at your words, head falling back and cheeks flushed pink with pleasure as you cry out, the tight coil in your stomach snapping. hot pleasure runs through you, hips jerking as you fingerfuck yourself through your high, wetness dripping down your hand and pooling on the table, jean’s name falling heavy from your lips.
“you look so pretty when you cum.” he grunts, releasing his cock to grab your wrist, pulling your fingers from your sopping cunt. “i can’t wait to fuck your pretty pussy- you’ll sound so nice when you cream all over it.” you’re panting as he licks your release from your fingers, moaning at the taste before he pulls you into a kiss. it’s messy and wet, tongue sliding into your mouth and drool spilling over your chin as you kiss him, your head cloudy from your orgasm before he grips his dick, sliding it against your folds. the veiny skin glistens with your slick and you shudder with the increased sensitivity, moaning and jerking when he taps the head against your swollen clit.
“jean, jean, please.” you pant against his lips needily, gripping his shoulders so tight you’re sure your fingernails are piercing him through his shirt. “please, i need you now. already- stop teasing me.” he merely chuckles as he edges the head towards your convulsing hole, near enough to make your pussy drool but you feel so empty.
“you want to be fucked so bad? your cunt is drenched, you’re so desperate to be stuffed with my cock, aren’t you?” you nod eagerly, burying your face in the crook of his neck and sucking on the skin, legs wrapping against his waist. “but you’re asking so sweetly, I couldn't ever say no to you.”
your moan is choked as he shoves his cock into your hole, your back arching as you press your chest against his. he’s thick, long and big enough the stretch burns as he fills up your cunt, pushing into your wet walls till his hips snap against yours. your head spins as you moan, clinging to him with your walls pressing against his throbbing cock, the bristles of his pubic hair tickling against your sensitive clit.
“fuck- jean, you’re so big. oh god-” he’s smirking as he cups your face, kissing you sweetly but ferverously, groaning as your walls tighten around him.
“you’re so tight- fuck, don’t do that-” his head falls back as a deep moan escapes his wet swollen lips. “you’re gonna make me cum already.”
“sorry, sorry.” you giggle as you relax, shivering as his veins pulsate against your sensitive walls. “please move already.”
you lie back against the table, the wood cold against your skin, as jean pulls out almost entirely, leaving your fluttering walls feeling empty. his length is coated in a glistening sheen of his slick before he shoves it back in, fast and deep as it slams into your cunt, making you groan as your back arches off the table and your eyes roll to the back of your head. he fucks you with deep thrusts, hands gripping your tits as his hips snap against yours. wetness squelches lewdly over your mixed moans as he fucks you, pleasure flooding through you.
“you take my cock so well.” jean grunts, mouthing kisses at your breasts. “it’s like your pussy’s made for me.” you can only moan in response, his thick cock reaching all the right spots that makes you so much wetter, your walls clamping tight around him.
“r-right there! jean- so good! it feels so good!” he groans as his hips stutter, grinding his cock against that sensitive spot that makes you whine, your hips bucking up into his as your hand slides between your bodies, rubbing at your sensitive clit. “i-i’m close- i’m gonna-”
the sound of a door opening snatches away the rising pressure as you and jean freeze, eyes widened with horror as you both turn to the door.
“fuck!” he’s quick to hide your body as you stare at levi and hange, mortified with your cheeks burning. the former’s face is contorted with a mixture of shock and disgust, jean hissing as hange claps a hand to their mouth, trying to hold back laughter.
“i think we’ll need another meeting room, levi.” they smile to which levi tuts, throwing jean a look of disgust.
“clean up the table afterwards, you brats.” he hisses before he turns away, hange following quickly but you still hear their words fading through the door.
“did you know they were fucking? jean sounds like he had good dick game-”
“i want to burn my eyes with bleach, four-eyes. shut up.”
you and jean stare at each other, his throbbing cock still buried deep in your cunt, but you can’t resist the urge to laugh, burying your burning face in your hands.
“that’s so embarrassing! and hange will probably tell connie and sasha and oh my god-” jean chuckles as he prises your hands away from your face, kissing your palm gently before he entwines his fingers with your own.
“then they’ll know exactly who you can fuck you good.” he murmurs, his hips begining to drive into yours again. “they’ll know exactly who owns this perfect little cunt.”
your embarrassment washes away as all you can think about is jean’s cock pounding into your cunt, the hot pleasure building once again. your hips buck up to meet his, chasing your orgasm as your walls squeeze tighter around him, wetness drenching his cock. your orgasm is heavy when it hits, your back arching off the table and walls clamping down on his dick, your mind spinning as you practically see white.
“that’s it, cream all over my cock. fuck, you look so pretty.” he moans, thumb swirling your clit as your legs quiver, his cock buried deep into your cunt twitching.
he pulls out, length coated in your release and groans as he pumps it, lewd clicking sounds filling the room as hot strings of cum spurt from the flushed head, splattering over your wet folds and thighs in a sticky mess. you both pant, skin hot and damp with sweat as he presses his forehead to yours, kissing you gently as you cling to his body to hold yourself steady.
“i don’t think i’ll ever be able to look captain levi in the eye again.” you murmur against jean’s lips, making him chuckle as he nods.
“same. but…” there’s a sense of heaviness as he suddenly looks serious, gazing at you carefully. “do you still not want to be involved with me?” you’re still as his words ring in your mind, disappointment casting across his face but it’s pushed away when you pull him into a kiss, smiling against his lips.
“i just let you fuck me- what do you think, jean?” he looks sheepish as he smiles, warmth flooding your chest as you run your fingers through his hair. “we’ll make this work. i know we will.” he presses his forehead against yours, eyes gazing at you softly with silent agreement and adoration.
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wand3ringr0s3 · a year ago
peer review College!AU (fred weasley smut)
a/n: this has been sitting in my drafts forever omg but I finally finished it. tbh im really interested in writing more Modern!AU’s with the twins so if you would like something like that lmk. 
warnings: SMUT, NSFW 18+, Minors DNI, unprotected sex, oral (female receiving, praise kink, public sex, all characters are above 18 given they are in their 3rd year of college, basic chem stuff bc im not smart enough to add the real confusing things.   
18+ taglist:  @theweasleysredhair @loony-loopy-lupinn @whiz-bangs78 @harrysweasleys @wandsandwheezes @starlightweasley @slytherinsunrise @mariah-can-dream 
College was basically just a game of who could drink more coffee in one day. Or at least that's how it felt for you. Even in your 3rd year of college you hadn’t exactly found a good schedule. 
Balancing all your classes, clubs, and social life was pretty impossible. Maybe if you didn’t sleep and just drank red bull for every meal you could do it. It also didn’t help that you tended to put more work into the classes you liked and not so much in the ones you didn’t like. 
Okay maybe it was just Chemistry. 
You didn’t know why you thought taking Chem 32A was a good idea but you were paying the price every day. Your grades were, less than stellar. Could it be from your distaste for your Chem professor, probably. But you decided to blame something else, or someone else. 
See it was very hard to pay attention in class when the guy sitting next to you was just, so hot. It wasn’t fair that the one class you were struggling with had a very distracting student. 
His name was Fred Weasley. He had messy ginger hair that you just wanted to run your hands through. Faint freckles were scattered all over his face, his smile was contagious and he was quite funny. Not to mention his accent, it was drool worthy. 
Lets just say instead of memorizing Polyatomic ions you were too busy memorizing the way his face looked when he laughed, or the way his eyes shined when he was explaining a lesson. 
“Excuse me Ms. L/n” you professor calls. Walking up to his desk you try to ignore the fact that Fred was staring at you. Your professor hands you the latest test with a big fat D in red on the paper. You internally groan at yet another bad grade. 
“The midterm is in 2 weeks, you have a chance to get your grade up. I suggest peer tutoring in the library or setting up a meeting with me after class” You nod silently and take your test back. After you leave the room you let out a frustrated groan. Chemistry is so stupid, why did you stay in the class again? 
“Hey! Wait up!” That’s why. You turn around to see Fred waving his hand. You bite your lip as he catches up with you. 
“I er-overheard that you’re having a bit of trouble with Chemistry” You wince slightly, a bit is an understatement. 
“I have some free time friday night, I can tutor you if you’d like.” Why on earth would the hot British student want to help you? 
“Really? Are you sure?” He nods and flashes you a bright smile. 
“I don’t mind love” Your knees go weak at the sound of his accent. Love just sounds so much better coming from him than anyone else. 
“I’d really appreciate it then” He hands you a piece of paper with his phone number on it then heads back to class. You take a minute to calm yourself down before heading straight back to your dorms. 
“I cannot believe you got the hot guys number” You were lying on your bed in your dorm room. You immediately told your roommate and she was freaking out. 
“He’s totally into you” She says with a sly smirk on her face. 
“No way, he’s just being nice. Aren’t British people supposed to be really nice?” A small part of you wishes that what she was saying is true. Not only was he hot he was a very sweet man. He was always walking around class helping students who needed. 
“Just wait and see, if he isn’t interested now he will be afterwards” 
The days leading up to your tutoring session went by in a flash, you had a midterm for English and spent many sleepless nights working on your paper. When Friday came around you were very nervous. You texted him earlier and he said to meet him at around 7pm. 
It was 6:55 and you were standing outside the library waiting. You nervously played with the ends of your sweater. 
“Hello darling” Fred says, he had a handful of books and binders with paper in them. He was dressed a little more casual than usual. 
He tended to dress more professionally in class but here he was just in a sweater and jeans. He leads you to the 8th floor of the library. Normally it would be closed at this hour but students could stay as long as they needed to. You hand him your test and he looks it over, taking notes of the topics that you struggled with the most. 
“So do you understand what you did wrong?” His sweet British voice was quite a distraction as he waits for an answer. 
“Are you alright love?” His hand rests on top of yours making you shiver. 
“Sorry! Um I kind of get what I do wrong but I don’t fully understand the concepts.” Fred runs his hands through his hair and smiles. 
“No worries, that’s what I’m here for.” As the night goes on you’re retaining some information but your mind keeps drifting. 
To specifically Fred and just how hot he looked. Throughout the course of the night he lost the sweater. His long sleeved shirt now rolled up to his elbows. His hair messier and his voice getting deeper from the tiredness. You felt bad staring at him when he was here on his own time helping  you but you just couldn’t help yourself. He was utterly intoxicating. 
“Here you go love.” Raising your head from your arms you take the coffee that Fred was holding out for you. 
“How much was it?” You ask taking a sip. He shakes his head. 
“Don’t worry about it.” Fred sips his tea and throws on his glasses back on. He doesn’t wear them normally but as it got later he decided to use them. The black framed glasses fit his face so well and sent a lot of dirty thoughts straight to your brain. 
“You sure you’re alright love?” Fred bites his lip and tilts his head. “You seem distracted.” His voice was laced with worry which makes your heart flutter more. 
Yeah just thinking about what your hands would look like around my neck. 
“Pardon?” Your eyes widen and your mouth falls open as your struggle to find the words. 
In your sleepy state your words seemed to have come out of your mouth as you thought them. Fred was smirks as he watches you be consumed by embarrassment. 
“This is so mortifying.” You mumble into your hands. 
“It’s only awkward if you make it awkward love.” A hint of playfulness in his voice as he moves his chair closer to you. 
“Here, I think I have a way to help with studying.” Your breath hitches as he takes your hand and kisses the inside of your wrist. His chocolate brown eyes staring at you through the big framed glasses makes you weak. 
“Let me know if you want me to stop alright?” You nod, not being able to get words out of your mouth. 
“Water has a pH of what?” 
“Um, water is neutral which means its pH is 7.” Your voice shaky as Fred kisses up your arm. 
“Correct.” He smiles and nibbles on your ear making you gasp quietly. 
“Can you name all the strong acids?” His warm breath in your ear sends shivers down your spine. He was standing over you now, his hands on the back of your chair. 
“Uh, Hydrochloric acid, N-Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid.” You squeak and widen your eyes as Fred bites softly on the soft skin of your neck. 
“Keep going love.” He mumbles against your skin. Taking a deep breath you clench your hand to keep you focused on anything but the handsome man sucking on your neck. 
“Hydroiodic acid, Perchloric acid, um..” You bite your lip as you try to recall the last few acids. You let out a whine as Fred stops kissing your neck and pulls away. 
“Fred,” You look up at him with puppy dog eyes but he just smirks. 
“Only good girls get kisses darling,” Your stomach erupts into butterflies at the sound of him calling you a good girl. 
“Chloric acid and Hydrobromic acid.” You say quickly as you pull him back down. He chuckles at your slight desperation. 
“Very good,” He lets go of you and sits back down on his chair. He pats his lap making you nervous. It was quite late but there were still a few people in the library. 
“Come on love, Let me give you your reward.” The nervousness of being in a public library disappears the longer Fred stares at you with that sultry look in his eyes. 
Sitting on his lap he positions you to face him, your hands on his shoulders as you straddle him. His hands reach under your sweatshirt and he silently asks you to take it off. Avoiding eye contact you slip off your sweatshirt and for the hell of it your shirt too. Fred likes his lips as he stares at you with a hungry gaze. 
“So bloody beautiful.” He mumbles bringing his hands up to caress your breasts through your bra. 
“Fred,” You whine softly as he leans for ward to pepper your neck with kisses. 
“Shh, don’t want anyone to catch us right princess?” You let out a moan as he calls you princess. Never had you been called that before but you loved it so much, especially coming from a guy like Fred. 
“Do you want this?” His lust fades for a moment as he looks at you with real care in his eyes. 
“I want this Fred, god I want this so bad.” Smirking Fred stands you up and sets you on the table. He buries his head in your neck as his hands move to strip the rest of your clothing. 
“No one comes to this side of the library past 10pm.” He mumbles as he pulls off your panties and unclips your bra. 
“Bloody hell, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Do you trust me?” His hands rest on your thighs rubbing circles into them softly. Despite the lust that was growing in his eyes he refused to do anything that you wouldn’t like. 
“I trust you Fred,” You smile and press a kiss to his cheek. 
He takes a step back and takes off his shirt leaving his chest bare. You bite your lip as you rake your eyes down his toned chest. 
“Fucking hell, you’re hot.” You mumble as you lick your lips. Fred chuckles and takes off his glasses. 
“Wait,” You say as before he can put them away. Looking down you fight the embarrassment. “Can you keep those on please?” 
Fred looks down at his glasses and grins before putting them back on. To add salt to the wound he ruffles up his hair even more making you completely lose all shame. He totally knows what he’s doing to you. 
The cheeky bastard. 
All sense of pride is lost as you shamelessly admire every part of his body. He was lanky but fit. He has those cute freckles all over his chest and neck which makes you wonder what else has freckles on them. 
“Lay on your back princess.” He hooks your legs on his shoulders and kisses up your thigh. His fingers dance along your legs. 
The faint touch making you jump as he gets closer to your pussy. Propping yourself up on your elbows you watch was Fred leaves hickeys along your thighs. His eyes dart up to meet yours and smirks as he sees the look of submission on your face. 
“I said on your back.” His voice gruff and commanding. Laying back down you can only wait in anticipation for what he was going to do to you.
“Oh!” You bite your knuckle as Fred teases your clit with his tongue. 
“Shh baby.” His words go right to your head as he ever skilled movement of his tongue sends you to cloud 9. “You taste so good.” He growls as he tightens his grip on your thighs. 
“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” Your eyes roll to the back of your head as he slips two fingers into your aching cunt. “So tight.” He groans against your thigh. 
Despite the fact that you were currently naked on a table in a public library, you can’t find it in you to be embarrassed. Not with a handsome man in between your legs pleasing you so well. The obscene sounds of Fred eating you out fills your ears. 
“I saw you every day in class, you took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on you.” Arching your back you let out a quiet moan as Fred shoves his fingers into you with fervor. 
“Come on princess, let go for me.” 
“Fred!” You groan loudly as you grab fistfuls of his hair. You raise your hips as your orgasm washes over you. Standing up Fred wipes his mouth and smiles. The bulge in his pants very obvious as he unbuckles his belt and strips the rest of his clothes. 
“You ready for me?” He grabs your legs and pulls you to the end of the table. 
“Fuck me Fred please!” You cry as he rubs your already sensitive clit. “Anything for you.” With a wicked grin he aligns himself with your cunt and slams his hips. 
“My god you’re so tight.” He growls as his hips set a ruthless pace. 
“So good for me, so pretty and warm and tight.” Words tumble out of his mouth as he looses himself in the pleasure. 
Grabbing your hands he pins them above your head and leans down to kiss your chest and neck, anywhere he can reach. You dig your nails into your palm as Fred shifts his hips to hit deeper. 
“Look at you, my goodness you’re absolutely perfect.” Fred’s praise only makes you want more. 
You can’t help but admire the handsome man who was currently pounding your insides. His face was contorted in pleasure as he throws his head back. A thin layer of sweat on his body making him glow under the lights of the library. His normally spikey hair had fallen to his face a bit. He was something out of a movie it was ridiculous. 
“Fred you feel so good.” You groan softly. He lets go of your hands to rub your clit in time with his rough thrusts. 
“Fucking hell.” You cry out bringing your hands to claw down his back as pleasure overtakes you. 
“I’m close love, come for me yeah?” His voice breathless as he fights back his orgasm. 
It only took a few more harsh thrusts from Fred for you to break. He quickly covers your  mouth with his hand as you let out a loud moan. While the library was mostly empty there were still a few people around and the last thing you both wanted was to get caught. 
“You’re so warm and tight, fuck I want to cum inside you, please can I.” Fred begs as his thrusts get sloppier, the restraint he has is slowly breaking. 
“Fuck yes.” You moan out as your legs begin to shake from overstimulation. Fred buries his head in your neck, using your skin to muffle his cries as he cums hard inside of you. 
You lay breathless on the table as you both come down from your highs. Fred slips out and redresses himself although he still looked ridiculously handsome with his after sex hair. Taking your hand he helps you up and you get redressed. 
“Well this isn’t how I imagined the night to go.” You say as you try to calm your heart that was still beating wildly. 
“I just couldn’t help my self love, by the way do you need the morning after pill?” His voice softens as he wraps his arms around you comfortingly. 
“No I’m okay, I’m on the pill.” You lean into his embrace and stare at the chemistry textbooks that were still open on the table. 
“It’s getting late, I think we should call it.” He packs up his books as you pack up yours. Your mind was running wild. Was this a one time thing? Would you do it again? You really did like Fred but did he only want this to be some fling? 
“Um, would you like to come to my place? Its late and I don’t want you walking back to your dorm alone.” Fred fidgets with his bag. 
“We don’t have to do anything and I can sleep on the couch if you want.” He adds quickly. Your heart warms at his kind words. 
“Would you like to go to breakfast tomorrow?” You ask stepping forward. The worry from his face disappears as he reaches for your hand. “I’d love to.” He grabs the belt loops of your jeans and pulls you closer to him.
“I really like you, this wasn’t just out of lust. Though I do find you absolutely ravishing.” He kisses your hand softly making you giggle. 
“I like you too Fred, though I do think I need more help with my chemistry.” You bite your lip and look at him as innocently as you can. Fred grins wickedly and pulls you into a kiss. His hands travel to squeeze your ass making you laugh into the kiss. 
“I’d be happy to assist darling.”  
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izariichi · 7 months ago
together (tartaglia)
relationship: tartaglia x reader
genre: light angst (if you squint), fluff
warnings: use of tartaglia's real name, ooc tartaglia
author's note: cross-posted on quotev and ao3 + how do you even use tumblr—
summary: after years of separation, you and tartaglia are finally together again
"let's marry each other when we grow up," you and ajax would always promise, pinkies interlocked as the familiar snezhnayan nursery rhyme follows your vows. the two of you were still young then, still unaware of what true love and commitment really means. all you know was that you deeply care for ajax just as he does for you. you wanted to be with him forever like the two of you have always been the moment your parents introduced you to one another.
but fate had other plans.
"they left," ajax hears his mother say after asking about your whereabout. when he was told that the time in the abyss worked differently from the time in teyvat, he thought he wouldn't much. but after hearing that you, who promised to be with him forever, suddenly left during the second day of his disappearance, he couldn't help but be internally devastated.
even when he was brought to serve the tsaritsa as the youngest harbinger; even when the years passed by and he eventually grew up to be a fine, young man who lusts for blood and the thrill of battles; even when the light faded from his eyes and he slowly lost who ajax was as he held onto tartaglia and childe more; he never forgot about you, and continued to hope to see you again in the future.
and as if the gods heard his prayer, he found himself staring at a familiar yet unfamiliar young woman upon entering a certain restaurant in liyue.
"(y/n)?" the name escapes his lips before he can stop himself. as he wished, the woman — who he confirms was you — turns to him with wide eyes. "you're here."
"it's been a while," you say in a soft tone, making his heart skip a beat. even after all these years of being apart, you still treat him all the same. "would you like to dine with me?"
seeing as he had a free day, as he was given a time off for his first day in liyue, he nods and slides in the seat across from you. as he observes your features, taking note how you grew up into a breath-taking lady, he realizes something.
"why don't you call me by my name?"
"i don't know if you'd like it as we are at a public setting," you explain. before he could ask you to clarify, you immediately add. "after all, you are now known as tartaglia, right?"
his blood runs cold at your words. how did you know about it? you were no longer in snezhnaya and your family didn't have any powerful connections to get a grasp about that either. only his parents know about his ties with the fatui so how—
"relax," you snap him out of it, reaching out a hand to squeeze his. "i'm neither mad or disgusted."
"while it's troubling, of course, that there are some innocent lives who were, are, and will be put at risk by you, your colleagues, and our archon—" tartaglia takes note of how you referred to the tsaritsa as your archon as well despite leaving the land of the unforgiving cold years ago. "—it doesn't change how i view you, tartaglia. you are still the young boy who i came to cherish as a child."
she then looks directly into his eyes. "though, i must say, you have changed a lot."
"i don't like the ways of the fatui— i don't like putting innocent people at risk," he confesses. as much as he loved to fight, it doesn't mean that he desires to involve the innocent. "please believe me when i say that."
"i do believe you," you tell him with a smile. "now, how about we tell each other about what happened since the last time we've met?"
as you told him about your parents' desire to move to liyue to make your business thrive further, as well as how you looked for him during the second day of his disappearance in order to give your farewells; he reciprocated by telling you that during his disappearance, he developed an insatiable thirst for fights which led him to be part of the fatui.
of course, he didn't spill too much details. he kept things vague but it wasn't because he didn't trust you — no, don't get him wrong. he kept it vague as you two were still in the confines of the wanmin restaurant. if you two were in a more private location, he would've dropped the entirety of his tartaglia façade in order to show you the repressed ajax that lived within.
"you really worried me back then, you know?" you mutter as you wipe your lips with a paper towel. "i really thought i'd never see you again."
"but here i am—" he raises your hand to his lips, giving it a kiss. "—in front of you once again."
the two of you stand up, leaving the crowded restaurant after paying, and walk side by side thtough the bustling streets of liyue harbor. you take it upon yourself to give him an impromptu tour — though you had an inkling that he was already quite familiar with the place — until the sun tucked itself away for the day. stopping outside a familiar house, you turn to tartaglia and give him the sweetest smile you could muster.
"this is where i reside now. feel free to visit anytime you wish to," you offer. "though my parents chose to live somewhere else in the harbor, i'm sure they'll be ecstatic to come by to see you too. they missed you just as much."
a flirty comment forms on the tip of his tongue yet he chooses not to utter it. instead, he puts his hands gently on your waist before leaning closer.
"i'll be sure to visit once in a while. i miss your parents too," he chuckles. "thank you for letting me accompany you today and thank you for still accepting me despite everything."
he takes your hand once again, giving it another kiss. "i have to leave now but i'll see you again soon."
"take care," you reply as he pulls away. "see you around."
with a smile, tartaglia turns around and starts to walk away. but before he could go too far, he hears you call his name once again.
"what's wrong?" he asks, worried.
"nothing's wrong," you clarify, making him confused. "i just forgot to tell you something, that's all."
patiently and quietly, he walks back to you and waits for you to say what you wanted to say.
"i love you, ajax." warmth spreads through his chest as he finds himself genuinely smiling. "good night."
he gently takes your chin in his hand, tilting your head back. despite how empty his eyes were earlier, you could now see love and warmth pool in those ocean orbs. he slowly leans down, giving you a soft peck on the lips. pink dusted both yours and his cheeks at the action, but neither of you looked away.
"i love you too, (y/n)."
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beneathashadytree · 10 months ago
After much thinking, i’ve realized all I need is some Jean fluff. Maybe it’s a late night after a expedition and he just needs some cuddles, cause we know deep down the boys a softie
Tumblr media
Warnings : semi-nakedness (but it's sfw), reader is gender neutral!
Genre : spoiling everyone with fluff
Word count : 1.5K words
Synopsis : Jean and his lover have been spending the past months undercover in Marley, and their close proximity meant great appreciation for the time they spend together. Especially under the moonlight.
Additional notes : I'm so sorry it took me so long, I have finals so I could remember write as often as I liked! But I gotta say that I ADORED writing this; soft Jean is best boy 🥺
Requests : Are open! Check the rules over here.
Tumblr media
Night-time fell, blanketing the entire city in twinkling lights that varied from blinding to just a faint glimmer that lit up the street. The moon was kind on her worshippers, kissing skin of all shapes and colors, gentle caresses reflected in her gaze.
Perhaps that was the timing I found him most beautiful (not that I didn't have that thought of him ricocheting in my head all the time); when Lady Luna contoured every sharp edge of his face, and touched every soft curvature on his being.
Even though we hadn't done much throughout the day save walk around the streets seemingly-aimlessly, a day spent with him was a day spent drowning in happiness. That was all I could think of as I swung our entwined hands a bit, blissfully anware of how sappy or childish it might've seemed to passers-by.
"We should get a good night's rest," his voice interrupted the calm silence, as we began to head towards the hotel room we'd rented out, "Lots to do tomorrow."
I nodded in agreement, but couldn't help wishing the moment would last longer, so I could remember how breathtaking his amber eyes looked under the Marleyan street lamps and the stars that mapped the sky. Regretfully, I began to climb up stairs with him, his arm linking around me, half out of protectiveness and making it clear that I wasn't to be touched, and half out of an innate need to be close.
With the receptionist not doing much aside from tip off his hat to us and resume his wiping down of the counter no doubt smudged by fingertips all day long, we made our way to our room. Once in the confinements of our safe space, Jean gently shut the door behind us, the silence all-encompassing and yet oddly comforting.
It was dark, having not switched on the lamps yet in the room we'd been sharing for the past few months. The only sliver of light came in from the window overhead, and it gave us enough light to see each other. I could hear his breathing from across the room as I walked over to the small closet.
"You saw anything interesting today?" he asked in a quiet tone, padding over my way as he hung up the fancy suit he'd been forced to wear to feign pretentiousness.
I shook my head in negation and began to slip out of my day clothes, not even bothering to tell him to turn around. Something about our increased time spent together in such close quarters made us feel a sense of intimacy and domesticity we'd never felt before, despite having been together for quite a few years.
Somewhere down the line, standing naked in front of each other elicited a fondness in our gaze, instead of crazed lust. Perhaps that was what the reality of our world taught us; to savor every moment and every fleeting emotion. Whatever was the reason, I was thankful for it having taught me to cradle his love softly and less rashly.
"Nothing of value," I sighed, slight annoyance seeping through my words, unbuttoning my shirt as he mirrored my actions on himself, "Unless you count a rather impressive looking aircraft---they called it a blimp, was it?"
He nodded, voice dropping to a dark mumble, his eyes glancing at the window momentarily with a frown on his face, "To think these things even existed and we were banned from knowing they ever did... it makes my blood boil."
"I know," I couldn't help but agree, familiar with that burning anger at the monsters that locked us up for our heritage and tortured us for a century.
By the time I'd finished undressing down to my undergarments he'd already slipped into a fresh pair of boxers and sat down on the edge of the bed. A couple of moments passed in silence, and in my half-naked form, I began to look out the window, oblivious to the sound of shuffling and drawers being opened and shut, observing the way people's lives resumed as though the impending Armageddon was just a figment of our imagination.
My thoughts began to trail off, wondering if the world was full of blissfully unaware people like that; wondering just how big the lands that stretched across actually were. In my jumbled train of thoughts, I'd turned my back to Jean, who soon interrupted my day-dreaming.
"You're so damn breathtaking like this," he murmured under his breath, the quiet sound of his rich voice barely reaching my ears, but snapping me out of my daze just as well with burning red cheeks.
I turned my head away from the window, finding a rather pleasant surprise in front of me. The dirty blonde had crossed his legs on the bed, perched on the edge with the tattered sheets pulled up to his waist, a thick stack of papers I recognized as his sketchbook nestled on top.
I could hear the sound of the pencil scratching away at the slightly-yellowing paper, his hand almost having a mind of its own as his eyes flitted back and forth between his work in progress and myself. Under his admiring stare, I felt the sheer loneliness being sated by his sole presence in my life.
Giving him a lopsided smile, I tried to flatten my messy hair, "How do you want me to pose and look?"
Hurriedly shaking his head, his hand made a steadying motion, "As you are," with a small smile of his own, he almost seemed bashful, "You don't need any special poses to look stunning. I want to draw you in the moonlight."
At the mention of our companion in the night sky, I took the time to look at him properly, and how the lighting served him good. Even something as mundane as his fingers splayed out to balance the paper as his other hand worked at smudging and sketching away simultaneously, was somehow made attractive. A certain glint in his captivating amber eyes made me wish I had the same unbelievable talent as he did to cement how he looked somewhere; somehow.
The tenderness was palpable in the air between us, and I sincerely hoped that I returned his look of adoration tenfold.
"Jean?" I called out, suddenly and for some odd reason having a lump in my throat that made it hard to swallow.
Humming in response, my boyfriend of years and years quipped, "Just a second, sweetheart, I'm almost done and I'll be with you in a second," his hand danced across the paper for a few more seconds, before he finally set the pencil and sketchbook down with a satisfied grin on his painfully handsome face.
The action itself made the bubbling feelings in my chest turn into a raging inferno that couldn't be tamed and had the words begging to be spilled from my mouth. And so I let them.
"God, you're so beautiful, Jean," I choked on my words, finding it hard to remain composed when he looked at me as though I held his entire world between my hands, even as his arms lay leisurely across the edge of the bed.
My admission caused his features to visibly soften, running a hand through his long silky hair bashfully, an endearing red creeping up his high cheekbones, highlighted by the silver light that kissed every inch of his skin.
His reaction only urged me to add on a breathless, "And I love you so much. I'm glad I have you here with me."
Jean beckoned for me with long, deft fingers, his voice adopting a heavier tone, "C'mere."
I could even visibly see the raw intensity in his eyes as I padded over barefoot to the makeshift haven he'd made on the bed. His invite was so tempting that I couldn't help the rather amusing way I'd collapsed beside him and burrowed into his warm embrace that always lay awaiting me.
Strong arms tightened around me and held me in place, arms that protected thousands; arms that fought valiantly; arms that loved and adored. His head fell on top of mine, uncaring that we were on the wrong end of the bed, spontaneously deciding that we'd stay as we were.
"You're not to leave my side, alright?" he firmly said, lips pressing gently against the top of my head, nestling his chin against my hair afterwards, his fingers that made miracles on paper beginning to trace against my skin in a manner that had me shivering with contentment.
At my half-sleepy nod in return, already blissed out just by being close to him, he whispered into the night, the moonlight encasing us in a cocoon of warmth provided by our entwined bodies.
"I love you too much to let that happen. So stay."
Tumblr media
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nellblazer · 11 months ago
What We Left Behind (Dark!Steve Rogers One Shot)
Tumblr media
Summary: Your mother introduces you to Steve Roger’s Post-Snap support group but is Steve really looking out for your best interests?
Warnings: Stalking, Invasion of privacy, Dubcon, Noncon, Spanking, Choking, Breeding Kink
Hello @queenoftheworldisdead​ ! This is your festive fic and I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!
From the @darkmcuficswap​ challenge.
(Possible proof reading errors)
*Please do not replicate my work anywhere else without my permission*
Word Count: Near 6.5k words.
Another day, another meeting.
Steve sometimes wondered why he kept turning up at the little community centre, why he so resolutely tried to keep the wheels on when so many people had given up during the Snap. The hopelessness he saw on a daily basis, the despair...sometimes he could barely stand it.
When he got to the centre he was bracing himself for the tide of negativity, the usual breakdowns and the long silences but he had to keep doing this. He had to keep helping. It was the only way he could stay sane.
The session was long, some positive news for once with the man who'd managed to start dating again for the first time in years. By the end of it, Steve felt a little more optimistic.
One of the regular women, who'd lost her husband in the event came up to him afterwards, gushing about how helpful this all was. She meant well but she was quite overbearing and he was relieved when she said her daughter was here to collect her.
“Oh here she is!” she calls. “Poor thing lost her fiancé in the you-know-what but she's coping much better than I am.”
“Mom?” he hears a voice behind him.
Steve's heart stopped in his chest. He had never seen a more beautiful woman but it was a beautiful sadness that lingered in your features. Your mother was absolutely wrong if she thought you were coping well because Steve could clearly see you weren't.
“I'm just talking to Captain America,” your mother fusses. “This is my daughter. Isn't she lovely?”
“Mom, stop it,” you get embarrassed.
“She is,” Steve is courteous but understanding to you.
“And the Captain is single too,” she carries on.
“Mom!” you groan. “Mr Rogers, I'm so sorry.”
“Don't worry about it,” Steve laughs.
“I just need to use the restroom before we go,” your mother scuttles off, no so subtly nudging you forward with a glance.
“I really am sorry about her. She likes to interfere a lot,” you seem apologetic.
“Like I say, don't worry about it. I think she just wants to see you happy. She talks about you a fair amount.”
“I'm sure she does.”
“It's all good. Nothing bad,” he says hastily. “She just says you seem lonely.”
You stare at the floor and your sorrow is bared for him to see. He feels a deep clench in his chest and an overwhelming urge to soothe you, to hold you close, to do anything to make you smile.
“I still miss him, my fiancé that is,” you sigh. “I don't mean to add to your day, Mr Rogers. I'm sure you hear people's tales of woe enough.”
“Steve, please,” he corrects. “You know I run another session in the middle of the week if you'd like to come talk about it. That way you could avoid coming with your mom if she makes you uncomfortable.”
“She means well, she just....I put on a brave face and mostly take care of her.”
“Then come along. You need an outlet too. You know what, I don't mean to press. Totally up to you. I'm here to help.”
“Middle of the week?” you look up shyly.
“Wednesdays at six in the evening. We have cookies and coffee, soda if you don't like coffee.”
“I'll think about it. Thank you, Steve.”
Then you left with your mother who kept glancing backwards over her shoulder. You even glanced back yourself once before you went out of the door.
Steve hoped you would come back. If you did, he swore he would do everything he could to take care of you.
Wednesday came and you were waiting there with a cup in your hand looking a little nervous.
He just smiled at you when you caught his eye and you relaxed a little. He could always make anyone in the vicinity feel safe. It was a gift and a gift he relished. He liked taking care of people.
“Alright everyone, settle down,” he calls and the din dulls to nothing. “Some new faces in the room today. Just wanna let you know there's no pressure to speak, we're just airing our feelings, talking things out and supporting one another. Bonnie, why don't you tell us how you've been this week? Get us started?”
Bonnie launches into her usual tirade about dating after the Snap and how she keeps finding people that use her as a replacement for girlfriends lost to Thanos' actions. Steve just tunes it out, eyes flicking to you occasionally as you sit there raptured by her rambling monologue.
Gradually the group gets going and when Steve asks for anyone else's story in a lull, a quiet spot, he's surprised that you pipe up. Normally newcomers stay silent the first time they attend.
“My boyfriend....” you start strong but your voice cracks towards the end. “He was actually in the middle of a proposal when it happened. We'd spent the morning on boats by the coast, ate at a nice restaurant for lunch and he was down on one knee halfway through the question. I didn't understand what was going on at first but then everyone started disappearing around me. It's's been hard. I would've said yes. I would've been so excited to say yes but I'll never get the chance to. I haven't really moved on since...apart from one drunken night at a bar but I can't say it was good when I was crying through half of it and he was crying at the end. It's just so....lonely. I've been coping okay but not great. At this point I'm not sure whether it's him I miss or companionship. I can barely remember what his voice was like, how he smelled, how he looked when I woke up before him. I just...I can't remember.”
Steve's heart wrenched at the look on your face. He didn't know why he took it so personally but he did. He wanted to do anything to see a smile there instead.
“And do you think moving on will help?” Steve prompts you. “A lot of people here feel they can't, like it's disrespectful but the honest answer is, we can't be sure anyone is ever coming back and we need to learn to live without our loved ones.”
“And if they come back?” you turn your eyes to his.
“Then we take that day as it comes. We can't keep clinging to it though. Living in a kind of stasis is not healthy.”
“Maybe I need to open up a bit more,” you admit.
“I'm not going to give you homework or anything like that but I'd like you to mull it over for a week and see how it settles with you.”
“I'll try,” you give a weak smile.
The rest of the meeting Steve barely paid attention to but when it came time to leave, he stopped you and pulled you aside.
“You did really well. Not many people are brave enough to speak up that soon,” he tries to reassure you. “I just want you to know it stays within this group and I'm not gonna talk to your mom about what you said.”
“Thank you,” you nod. “I appreciate that. I...god, she was right. This feels a little better not keeping it all inside.”
“It'll ease the more you let it out. Think about what I said though. Don't jump feet first into anything but think it over and come to a decision yourself.”
“And what about you, Mr Rogers? Are you okay?”
Nobody had asked him that apart from Natasha. Nobody ever thought to.
“Steve, please,” he corrects. “ No not really.”
“Wanna talk about it sometime?”
“I don't think it'll make pleasant conversation.”
“Neither did my story,” you shrug, tugging nervously at the ends of your sleeves so they hid your hands. “But I can't imagine being Captain America makes you invulnerable to feeling trauma yourself.”
“I'm used to it,” he crosses his arms over himself. “World War II was no picnic after all. Just more war and more loss. More failure. I'm probably the most expensive mistake America ever made.”
“No you're not. You give people hope. I wouldn't have come here if it wasn't you asking. People trust you, look up to you, no matter what outcome happened. We know you tried as hard as you could.”
Steve's eyes began tearing up. God, you were so earnest.
“Well, ahem, thank you,” he clears his throat. “Be safe out there and I'll see you next week if you're coming.”
“I will be. Goodbye Steve,” you give him a bright smile before leaving the building.
It's like you take the light with you when you go. The community centre feels so dark without your presence.
He knows he shouldn't, he really knows he shouldn't but he follows you out, keeping a safe distance. You still believed in him as a hero and he would uphold that. He'd make sure he protected you on the way home.
Who knows what kind of people were out on the streets any more?
The lie he told himself took on more truth as the area became rougher, an area he'd had to patrol sometimes because of increased burglaries and muggings. Many people's empty apartments had been prime targets for looting in the days since the Snap.
When you got to your apartment building, he snuck in just before the automatic door closed and watched to see what number door you went into before going out onto the fire escape and looking in the window. The window was tragically ineffective, old and paint flaking. You were completely vulnerable to break ins here.
He'd have to follow you back every night. This was unacceptable, especially in the darker months of December as it was.
Just before he was about to leave, he caught a glimpse of you walking in and immediately stripping your pants off, throwing them haphazardly in a laundry basket before collapsing heavily on the couch. Steve froze, unsure what to do, knowing he should go.
Then when your hand dived down into your underwear, it became really hard to tear his eyes away. He could see it wasn't born from lust or want, it was quick relief, a de-stressor technique but still he was stuck in place, watching you furiously work yourself over, rage and grief fuelling your hands before you climaxed, apparently quite weakly and twitched in place, head falling back into the cushions. It took two seconds after that before you began crying, silently at first and then a choked sob that he could hear from his position.
“No,” he says softly, hand on the brickwork of the building. “Don't cry, sweetheart.”
He stayed as long as it took, waiting for you to calm down before finally moving from the fire escape, hoping his presence had somehow helped in a weird way. It was difficult to leave but he had to. He couldn't be caught loitering near someone's window. That wouldn't look good.
When Steve got back to the complex, he couldn't help himself but research everything he could about you. Low paying job after your original company had collapsed due to lack of staff, barely making rent, eating poorly....he even dug into your conversations on social media and saw strained attempts at flirting that ended in you getting cold feet and ghosting potential guys.
“Oh honey. You really downplayed how badly you're doing right now,” he mutters under his breath as he kept scrolling on.
He'd keep you safe though. Such a sweet girl like yourself deserved to still believe in heroes.
You came the next week and Steve saw you wrap a cookie in a napkin and store it in your bag.
He knew you were running particularly low on funds and surviving on own brand bread from a dollarstore and it broke him to see you rationing your meals like this. He barely paid attention to anything anybody said in the meeting until you spoke up.
“I've been thinking about what Steve said last time and I think I've come to the conclusion I need to move on. I need to let that fantasy that my fiancé is coming back go. It might never happen. I think...I think I need to start putting myself out there again. I'm tired of being alone and miserable.”
“Well, learn from Bonnie about the type of people to avoid and use your judgement well,” Steve nods. “People are carrying a lot of tragedy with them and acting out of character so bear that in mind.”
After the meeting, he stops you again and waits until everyone has filed out.
“How are you doing?” he asks quietly. “I saw you hiding food in your backpack.”
“Oh. Oh god, I'm sorry,” you immediately pull out the napkins. “I just...”
“You're struggling,” he finishes. “Financially? It's okay, put them back. I'm not going to scold you for it if that's what you think. I just want to help.”
“I'm fine,” you lie. “It's not that bad, really.”
“Sweetheart, it's okay to ask for help. Here,” he pulls some bills out of pocket. “Take this, buy yourself some megapacks of essentials.”
“No, I couldn't. That's too much! Way too much!”
“I won't take no for an answer. I don't need it and you do,” he shoves it into your hand and starts walking off so you can't refuse.
“Steve!” you run after him, your hand so small against his huge shoulder as you tapped him on it. “Steve, wait!”
“I'm not taking it back,” he says firmly.
“I know. I know you've got a stubborn streak, I can see that. I just wanted to say thank you. I...I don't deserve this.”
“Yes you do. Everyone deserves help.”
He doesn't expect you to throw your arms around him, stood on your tiptoes to do so. He takes a second before reciprocating, relishing the warmth of your body, how it moulds to him. You were the missing jigsaw piece that slotted into place and he didn't even know he needed it.
“Thank you,” you whisper before pulling back and smiling. “I'll see you next week.”
“Buy yourself some nicer cookies with that money,” he points. “Now go on. You have shopping to do.”
He watches you turn up the street and waits a good amount of time before following. He follows you to the store and sees you pick up big bags of pasta, rice, filler food for the pantry. Steve is so proud that you're so trustworthy.
You're perfect.
He gets to your house and up the fire escape, watching you make a substantial meal and the difference is startling. He's been watching you for a week already and there's a light back in your eyes.
He looks in the bedroom window as you go to change into something more comfy for the evening but before that happens, your hand goes down your panties again and it's less hurried, less angry. You take your time, string it out and when you cum, he's shocked to hear his name on your lips, trapped in the sound of a perfect moan.
That stays with him all the way home when he compliments your show with one of his own, fist curled around his cock as he lazily pumped, imagining he was buried in you instead.
You were starting to haunt every facet of his life from his dreams to his daydreams and his deepest fantasies. In his mind, you were his perfect girl and he would be your perfect man.
He needed to make a move soon but he didn't want to be too eager, to frighten you so he decided to hold off until a month had passed. That might be acceptable then.
By the time the month benchmark approached, Steve had been tailing you everyday.
You'd been going from strength to strength, getting a higher paid job, eating right and getting more sleep. He'd done that. Steve had done that. He was saving you.
He skipped a day due to Avengers work, helping Natasha corral the little force left behind to protect what was left of the population. He didn't mind. Tomorrow he would be seeing you and that would lift his spirits.
When the day came, you looked brighter than ever, regularly smiling and when it came your turn to speak, Steve was anticipating being proud of you.
“So I've been doing well. I got a new job which pays a lot better, I'm not having to worry about food and I think my insomnia is going away.”
“That's great. Well done,” Steve grins, assuming that was the end of it but you kept talking.
“Yesterday I met someone in the grocery store and we clicked really well and he gave me his number. Long story short, I'm meeting him tonight for drinks.”
There's clapping from everyone and Steve does it out of habit but his stomach has dropped through the floor.
Another guy? It didn't make sense. There was obvious chemistry between the two of you and you were moaning his name not two weeks ago. So where the hell had this curveball come from?
“Well alright. Hope it goes well,” the tone was forced and he hoped it wasn't obvious. “Anyone else want to go before we finish?”
When it came time to go, you hung back and he didn't understand why when you had a date to get to but you looked around to make sure you were alone before approaching.
“Steve? Steve are you alright? You don't look so good.”
“Me? Yeah, it's been a long week,” he lies. “Avengers business.”
“Oh alright,” you nod. “I just wanted to make sure you're okay.”
“I'm fine. Don't worry about me. You have something exciting to be getting on with. Good luck with it all.”
You're hovering like you're not sure whether to go and the mixed signals are driving him crazy. He wanted to run you against the wall, pick you up, fuck you until you moaned his name again and the urge was nearly winning out.
God, he wished you'd just leave before he lost his decency.
“Good night, Steve,” you touch his arm before leaving, looking back over your shoulder as went.
Just what exactly did you want? He was confused. Did you want him to chase you? Work for it? He'd do that if that was the case. You were too precious to let walk on by.
So he did something he wasn't particularly proud of. He followed you on every step of the date and just watched. He watched you be beautiful in your nice dress for someone else and it killed him inside.  He watched you eat and laugh and talk about nonsense with this guy who definitely wasn't as good looking as Steve was.
Then you both came out and there were flirtatious smiles passed between you that made Steve rage. He wasn't good enough for you, he wasn't. Why didn't you see that?
When you cut through an alley on the way back to your apartment, the guy pushed you against a wall and began kissing you. At first you seemed to respond but when his hands were trying to pull the hem of your dress up, you tried to push back.
“No, stop it. I don't want to do that here,” Steve catches with his enhanced hearing.
“C'mon, you want it, I want it, what's the big deal?” the guy tries grabbing the fabric again.
“LET GO!” you're panicking now. “Stop it!”
Steve waits another few seconds before shouting, “HEY! GET OFF HER!”
Faced with Captain America, the guy books it outta there fast, leaving you against the wall, shaking a little bit. Steve sprints over quickly to check you over.
“Are you okay?!” he pushes your errant hair back so he can see your face.
“Steve? Steve what are you doing here?” you seem dazed.
“I patrol the streets when I can. You know that. You're lucky I was nearby. Can I walk you home?”
“Please,” you bite your lip to stop the tears from welling up in your eyes. “I...thank you. I didn't think he was that kind of guy. He just seemed so nice and....shit, why can't I do this right?”
“Hey,” Steve pulls you into a hug. “Dating is hard enough as it is, never mind after something like the Snap. I told you, people are not who they usually are.”
You cling to his arm as you steer him towards your apartment block and Steve was very careful not to try and take the lead, to look like he knew where he was going. He relished the close contact though.
“Come in,” you put the key in the door. “I'll make you coffee. It's the least I can do.”
“I don't want to intrude.”
“Okay, I can only stay a little while. I need to get back on patrol duty.”
So he finally gets into your apartment, sees it from the inside this time and it's homely, cosy and full of cluttered nick-nacks that speak of sentimental value and of memories. He loves it.
He allowed himself to daydream about what shared ornaments you could get together. What life could you build and display in your home?
“It's french press and I'm sure you're used to finer stuff but it's not bad,” you give him a floral patterned cup.
He takes a sip and yeah, it's not quality but it does the trick. From there it's polite conversation but it's clear you want to be alone, to process the awful night but you're too well-mannered to say. He drinks quickly, eager not to smother you with his presence, even if he wanted to but you needed space.
“Sure you're going to be okay?” he sets the mug down. “That was a scary thing to go through.”
“Yeah...I think...I mean yeah,” you're hugging yourself. “Steve, would you mind passing by a couple of times tonight? I know you probably have a set route but it'd make me feel better.”
“Of course. Anything to make you feel safe.”
“Really Steve, thank you.”
“Any time.”
He doesn't go back but rather hangs out on the fire escape again, making sure you're okay. A few times he has to hang off the railings to not be spotted as you looked out of the window but for the most part, he just watched you curl yourself into the sheets of your bed and cry silently.
This was no way for you to be and he resolved to slip his number under your door tomorrow morning because it was too long to wait another week to talk to you again.
So when dawn came, he did just that before slinking off back to the compound to finally sleep. His back hurt but it'd been worth it to keep an eye on you, to keep you safe.
Steve'd managed to get a text relationship going with you and he was very proud of that fact.
He had to get Natasha to demystify some of the lingo you used but she was giving him looks like the texts were pretty positive.
“Hot date?” she nudges him.
“Just being friendly,” Steve mumbles.
“God, live a little, Steve,” Natasha rolls her eyes. “You've been miserable and now you've smiled more in the last month than in the last collective couple of years. Just go be with this girl. You deserve to be happy.”
“You're right.”
And she was. He deserved it. You deserved someone to keep you safe and he deserved someone who made him smile and someone who could maybe give him the family he'd always craved but never been able to get the time to start.
The last meeting before the Christmas break was coming up and he knew he would only get a limited window before you went to your mom's for some family time. He had to be quick about asking you out.
When the next meeting came, he was worried you might not show up but you did, a little nervous but still there. He thought you were exceptionally brave to recount what had happened to you in the alleyway but when people started clapping for him and his rescue, he cut them off.
“Guys, this is not about me. I was just in the right place at the right time. This is her story. Please listen to her and support her.”
The meeting dragged. He felt like everyone was embellishing their stories purely to make the time go slower before he could get you alone but finally, finally he was about to make his move when some guy just swooped in and started talking to you from the group.
He had to watch the interaction, just like the date before with his fists curling and his teeth grinding. He hated it. He hated any man coming near you it seemed.
What excuse could this bozo possibly have for trying to flirt after the story you just told?
“Oh Steve!” you call to him before you walk out of the door with the guy. “This is Ted, we used to go to high school together. I didn't realise he was a newbie here.”
“Don't be shy, princess,” Ted laughs. “We used to date, Mr Rogers. Small world, huh?”
“Yeah, very small,” Steve does a forced smile. “You two gonna catch up?”
“Yeah. You're welcome to join us?” you offer.
“I don't want to third wheel. You go have fun. I have some chairs to stack.”
He was sure by the way your face fell a little that the bitterness in his tone had bled through. He tried to mask it with a warm grin but you'd already caught his dissatisfaction.
“See you around, Steve,” you mumble before going.
“Fuck!” Steve waits until you've gone out of the door and kicks a chair so hard that it flies across the room and combusts into steel and plastic.
This couldn't be happening. He was so close. So close.
Ted was definitely trying to reconnect in a way that was more than ex-partners and they both knew it. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.
Steve's last vestige of self control left him and the red mist completely took over his brain. He was angrier than he'd been in a long time, the same kind of anger he'd felt in Wakanda after the battle was lost. It felt like no matter what he tried, you were being stolen away from him, just like Bucky was stolen all those years ago.
It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair and he was going to do something about it. Steve was tired of second place.
He broke into your apartment in a way that you'd never be able to tell and just sat there waiting for you to come back. When you did, you weren't alone which infuriated him more.
The second the door opened and you and Ted strode in, giggling about some private in-joke, Steve stood up.
“What the hell, man?” Ted blinks before you whirl around and spot Steve.
“What are you doing in my apartment? How did you get in?!” you fumble over the words.
“Not important. Get lost, Ted,” Steve growls.
“Listen, Mr Rogers, I don't know what you think is happening here but-”
“-Oh I know what's happening here. Don't play me for a fool, son. Now I said get out and you might want to take that advice before I start breaking bones.”
Ted flees, leaving you completely shocked and frozen to the spot in his wake. Steve takes that opportunity to lock the door.
“Why are you here, Steve?” you ask quietly.
“Because I got tired of you blowing me off, giving me mixed signals. I can't take it any more,” he grabs you by the throat and pushes you against the wall, hand impossibly big around your small neck. “What the fuck do you want from me?! You keep flirting with me, you keep wanting to know about my welfare, you keep touching me and yet you're going out with any guy who will say hello to you nicely.”
“Steve!” you're trying to prise his fingers away. “Steve, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just trying to be friendly and-”
“-what you did was not friendly and we both know it,” he snarls in your face, making you blanch. “Don't you dare lie to me or I'll get really mad.”
“I'm not lying Steve, I-”
He lets go of your throat before spinning you in place and bringing his hand down hard across your ass. Once, twice, three times in quick succession.
“I said don't lie,” he hisses.
You don't even get the words out before he's doing it again. When he's soothing out the burn, he notices you're pushing back into his hand, desperate for something positive rather than rage.
“Tell me the truth,” he puts his hand back around your neck and pulls you into him, back flush to his chest. From here he can smell the scent of your hair and feel the pulsing of your heartbeat which was drumming in your body.
“Steve,” your breath is hitched and he feels you swallow hard. “Steve, I'm just a nobody. You're Captain America. I'm not the woman for you.”
“Yes you are. You're kind, humble, beautiful and you need someone to take care of you. All those lonely nights, eating cheap food and only being able to bring yourself off so weakly. You need me in your life.”
“How did you know that? About me...about me playing with myself?” you sound afraid.
“Because I kept a vigil on your apartment. You wanted me to be nearby, remember? I was helping you. So don't stand there and say you're not interested because I heard you say my name when you came.”
“That's just a fantasy!”
“And it can be your reality, our reality. We can be together, sweetheart. Don't you want that? Don't you just want to know I'll take care of you no matter what?”
“By stalking me?!”
“And if I hadn't of, your date would've violated you. Is that what you wanted?” he bites at your earlobe. “To be raped in an alleyway?”
“Stop it. Just stop it.”
“I'll stop when you admit you want me,” his other hand is moving down your body. “When you admit you'd rather it was my hand than yours.”
Caged against his bulk, you could barely move and he knew it but you seemed too scared to do anything so he carried on pushing the limits, letting his fingers delve into the waistband of your jeans and against the bare flesh of your skin. Within moments, he was skating through slick folds and he grins, knowing that your body was betraying you, even if you couldn't say anything out loud.
“Let me take care of you,” he whispers gently, walking backwards so you both entered the bedroom.
“Steve, this isn't right!” you start freaking out. “This-”
“Shhhh, it's okay sweetheart. It's okay. Calm down,” his hand moves rhythmically within your panties and he can tell you're stuck between fright and arousal. “I just want to be good to you.”
He pulls his hand out and uses his weight to throw you on the bed before getting on top of you. It was too easy to get your wrists in one of his hands so he could rip the fabric of your clothes away like it was cheap paper. Your body up close was a work of art and he was hard, painfully hard and so desperate to mark you up as his, to claim you.
“You ever think about me like this?” he whispers as his fingers resume their spot, even though you try to clamp your thighs together. “Holding you down? Pleasing you? Answer me, sweetheart. I wanna hear it. Remember I don't like lies.”
“Yes,” you admit, a thick tear curving horizontally along your cheekbone.
“Why are you crying? You have that fantasy now. I'm only gonna please you.”
He slipped two fingers into your tight channel, slick, hot and inviting and your eyes briefly fluttered closed. He was winning you over as he moved them in and out, curling against that hidden spot. He could see it.
“That's it, baby. Just enjoy it. That's all I want,” he coos.
Using the pad of his thumb, he rubs at your clit as he pumps his fingers faster. You're beginning to lose control, stop fighting so much and he watches with abject fascination as you become more and more preoccupied with trying to tip yourself over the edge. The need to cum was outweighing your fear and your legs were tensing, shaking with the effort.
“Come on, let me see it,” he urges you on.
With a loud shout that was bound to annoy the neighbours, you arched back and came violently, pussy squeezing his fingers hard. All he could see was your parted lips and heaving chest.
“See? Isn't it so much better having someone look after you?” Steve takes the opportunity to strip since you're out of commission for a while. “Now you can take care of me.”
“I...what?” you blink.
He's stuffed his full length into you before you can realise what's going on and you make such a raucous gasp that he's worried he's hurt you for a moment before he feels you relax more underneath him. He needs to remember he's not a small man and to be careful but something about you just brought out the wildness in him, the primal aggression.
All he could think about was cumming in you, filling you up, wanting there to be physical evidence you were his in the months to come.
So he went as hard as he dared, bed shaking under the movement as he let go of your wrists to brace himself better. You didn't push him away, your hands twisting in the sheets instead, trying to hold onto something.
“God, I have needed you for so long,” he purrs, kissing your neck. “Kiss me.”
You took some coaxing, not willing to give in completely but soon, when he angled his thrusts to hit your oversensitive clit too, you couldn't help it any more. You even started bucking back against him for more friction.
Steve knew he was taking advantage of your non-existent sex life, your grief and your loneliness but he reasoned that you two needed to find each other. You needed each other.
“That's it, baby. You take what you want from me,” he says hoarsely, knowing he's not got long to last.
He's too excited, too worked up to go all night.
It ends in a messy grind, both of you determined to get him as deep as possible as he cums hard and he feels you twitching around him as you manage to cum too.
Panting, spent and satisfied, he pulls out, relishing the sight of his cum leaking from your abused pussy. Already the fantasy of helping you, as his pregnant wife, to get around the house was playing in his mind. God, he would dote on you, spoil you.
He just wanted to be useful, he wanted to be needed at heart.
“What now?” you ask tentatively.
“Now? Now I'm gonna do what I promised. Keep you safe, make you a kept woman.”
“I'm....I'm scared, Steve. This is...”
“I know. I won't do this again, unless you liked it that is,” he kisses your forehead. “Just give me a chance. You liked me before. I'm choosing this, I'm choosing you. I want you. No more games or invading your privacy, I promise.”
“Okay, okay I'll do it. I need to go get some Plan B though so-”
“-No,” he says firmly. “It won't work. Supersoldier, remember?”
It was a lie. He had no idea if Plan B would work but he couldn't take the chance.
“But what if I get pregnant?” your eyes go wide.
“Then I will happily raise our baby. This could be what we need, a common focus. A family that's just us and our child...or children. Something good to come out of this tragedy. Didn't you want kids with your fiancé?”
“Someday but-”
“-so why does it matter? You know I will give my life to protect any family I have. You'd want for nothing, you'd have everything and you'd have all of me. Your own Avenger.”
“You're making it seem like a trade deal,” you inch away slowly from him.
“It's not just that. I like you, I really really like you. Just let me show you how you can love me in time.”
He could see the cogs whirring in your brain, weighing up the options. Honestly, he's run you into a corner here. You both know he won't give up if you say no.
“Just don't hurt me,” you whisper, curling into yourself.
“Sweetheart, I would never do that,” he says softly. “I am the man you thought I was, I'm just...scarred, mentally that is, by what I've seen. I'm not thinking straight because I'm afraid of losing my chance with you.”
You regard him for such a long time that he's wondering if he should speak again but you just nod and allow him to spoon into the back of you on the bed.
He can feel you shaking a little, confused no doubt by the sex and his behaviour but you'd come around in time. You'd see this was the best option. You'd see he was the clear choice.
Steve's own trauma seemed to recede as he held you against him, softly humming a tune his mother used to sing when he was a kid. He knew then he'd never let you go.
You were his sanctuary, his safe harbour.
You'd finally given him peace.
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animatedrapture · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RINTOBER : [ forbidden fruit ]
suna rintarō x reader
word count: 2,418
tags: NSFW, GOD COMPLEX, SACRILEGIOUS, power play (?), degradation, choking, momentary exhibitionism(?), size kink(?)
a/n: thank you to my precious wife @toffees-main for proofreading this for me and for first, urging me to actually write it when i was brainrotting again lmao. also, i figured this would be good for rintober! so here it is.
Tumblr media
Neither you nor your boyfriend, Suna Rintarō, knew what had cut the knot that tied his self-control together. Perhaps it was the raven colored silk fabric that had adored your body for the night, or the sheer white and lacy panties that you had paired with it in contrast—the one he watched you slipped on as you got dressed for this very event.
Watching as you did so had his breath hitching, "Bunny," he even groaned. He was as deadpanned as they came but you were an often exception to this; you and the way you looked at him, made him feel, writhed from underneath him, to the way you'd moan into his ear with repetitive, blabbered nonsense; all of it just meaning and begging him for more, more, more.
The venue was littered with pro athletes like Suna and businessmen who had their names adorned with brands and companies they owned, sponsoring teams and individual athletes alike; usually, one would assume that Suna Rintarō would be the eye candy in these events—and he is—it's simply that right now, you looked more enticing than the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve had sinfully indulged in from the beginning of time.
With the dress shining as you moved, scatteredly placed lights affecting how it accentuated your figure, you truly were a sight to behold, glowing like an angel, and the eyes that followed you knew.
Perhaps it was the way Suna didn't know what to do from the moment the both of you had stepped out of the limousine to the very last second that the two of you had stayed in that godforsaken party, only three hours later; in what seemed to be longest three hours of his life, he was in the constant state of either threatening other men who were nowhere near ashamed with the way they gawked at you and eyed you like a hawk as if you were a prize to be won in an illegal auction or staring at you and how your dress danced with every dip of your body.
It especially didn't help how you looked back at him, eyes swimming with neediness, your touch never once leaving his body. At first, you were convinced it was the nerves—you're nervous, this is the first time you'd gone to such a high-end event that never ran short with big names, important people, huge companies—that's why your tight grip on his upper arm wouldn’t leave for even a second as if you'd get lost with no idea how to find your way back to him. Though, it didn't take long for you to figure out that while yes, you're nervous, you also can't get enough of watching the way Suna's muscles flexed through the suit he had on with every movement he made, or the way his fox-like eyes looked down on you with so much want, nor can you get enough with the way he'd subconsciously pull your body closer to him for whatever reason you didn't have the liberty to ponder on about.
It could even be the way he felt how drenched you were when he had sat you on his lap in one of the corners of the venue just to take a little break from all the socialization. How he had rubbed his hand up and down your waist before tugging you to the corner, his lips latching on to the skin where your neck and shoulder met with a harsh suck—an immediate sigh of relief escaping past your lips as he did so. After all, it's high time he stakes an even more evident claim on you, right? It's not like you minded how he was littering the visible parts of your neck and chest with lovebites, especially when his hand was snaking its way underneath your dress, caressing your inner thighs and ghosting over the oh so wet patch of your underwear.
“Please,” you whined, grinding yourself against him, desperate for some sort of friction that would ease the aching need you had to just let him bend you over to fuck you.
Maybe it was how you were possibly staining his slacks with your slick as you grinded against him, how he was practically claiming you right in that very public venue, and how you begged for him is what made him indulge in your pleas. You held your breath in anticipation as you feel his finger move your panties to the side—and as the boyfriend who just knew you through and through, he kisses you to silence the moan that you let out the moment his finger traced the line along your slit, rubbing your clit before easing his fingers inside you without any resistance.
God, it was almost shameful how dripping wet you were for him. Only almost, though, because the only thing that truly mattered was the approving hum he'd let out, vibrating against the hand you had placed against his chest. When Suna adds another finger, curling it to hit that spongy, sweet spot, it takes all your willpower not to clasp your legs together and just beg for him to take you right there—something you're sure he wouldn't be too opposed to if the tent in his pants poking your ass would be anything to go by.
When he pulls his fingers out, glistening with your wetness under the glow of the place, your face flushes.
"Clean it up, bunny," he whispers to your ear, and his voice is husky; it was unfair, his voice alone sounded seducing and you were nearly mindless to just how aroused you were.
Suna Rintarō is like sin. The sweetest, most delicious, addicting sin. You know this and you're almost sure Suna does, too. He was temptation—the snake and the forbidden fruit molded into one, perfect being; and you were no people pleaser, but it's always a different case when it comes to Suna. If it pleased him, you'd do it in a heartbeat.
So you do as you're told, like a good bunny, Suna would say. You wrap your lips around his fingers, tasting yourself as you bob your head from the base to his fingertips. Suna looks calm as ever but you know better with the rapid beat of his heart against his chest, its every skip echoing to your hand.
You let his fingers go from your mouth with a pop, "All clean, sir," you tell him, eyes wide, pupils blown out with lust. Suna places a kiss to your forehead, murmuring, "That's a good bunny."
It was a shame the marks Suna had littered all over you did nothing to keep the predator-like gaze that fell over you once the both of you came back. What was it? Did he have to fuck you mindless in front of them to get the message across?
The last straw was the man who approached you. You, specifically—not even sparing Suna a glance as he stopped at nothing with his attempts to flirt with you. Suna lets you handle it as he stood next to you, his arm still around your waist protectively as one of EJP Raijin's sponsors talked his ear off. You're a big girl and it was a lot more satisfying to tell other men off on your own.
"I have a modeling company as well, we'd be happy to have a beauty like you there. I personally would—"
There's a polite yet nearly deadly smile you pull off when you say, "I'm not interested," and you tell him this dead in the eye, without waver.
"C'mon darling, I'd love to have you—"
"And what you think doesn't matter to me, I don't care," you continue with a smile that should've told him it was really time to back out. It was such a shame it didn't, as the man reaches out to take your wrist.
Quick as the man had your wrist in his grasp, was as quick did Suna had the man's arm bent painfully to his back, Suna's expressionless eyes looking down at the man with such distaste. He didn't need to waste his breath to say the man was a scum of the earth, absolutely worthless, lesser than the gum on his shoe.
"She already told you to fuck off, didn't she?"
Suna Rintarō really was beyond the description of words. The way Suna towered over the man who couldn't take no for an answer, who winced at the death grip his bent arm was subjected to, who was now babbling apologies—hell, it made you press your thighs together.
It was your luck you didn't need to wait any longer after that.
Suna had your face shoved into the mattress, your ass up and cunt dripping as it clenched around nothing. You swore you were about to cry with how much you just wanted him to fuck you without reservation, as if all you were to him was a fuckdoll to use and nothing more, so when you feel him lick up a stripe along your slit, you whine.
"Rin, no, please, need your cock now, please," you beg, and he chuckles at you, but it's dark, like he's telling you what a pathetic little whore you were to be begging for him like that.
But since you are his precious bunny afterall, he'll indulge in your wants; he lines up the head of his cock to your entrance, and when he's pushed it in, your thighs are already trembling as you cream around it instantaneously—pleased at the feeling of finally having his thick cock easing into you.
"Such a slut, bunny, cumming just from me putting it in," He says before his voice lowers and he tells you, "Gonna fuck you dumb, baby."
His hips snap, completely sheathing into your velvet walls that clenched around him as if you didn't want him to go. He doesn't miss a beat though, he's immediately rutting into you at an unforgiving pace.
"Oh fuck, Rin, s-so deep, slow d—"
"Don't care, bunny, 's what you wanted, wasn't it? So be a good girl and take it."
You know you're moaning, but you don't know what words were coming out of your mouth anymore, all you knew was the sensation of Suna and his thick cock stretching your little cunny out, rearranging your insides.
"Awww—fuck, bunny gone dumb so quickly?"
When he thrusts into you in such a way that had your eyes rolling to the back of your head, you scream, "God, fuck, god, yes! god yes!" 
That's what halts Suna's thrusts, it helps you come to your senses a little bit as you try your best to look back at him, confused why he stopped.
"What did you just call me, you desperate cock whore?" Suddenly, he sounded way more dominating than usual, way more intimidating, it made you feel so much smaller in comparison. 
You wish you can answer him, but you can't—all you knew was the overwhelming pleasure you were swimming in. You shake your head the best you can, "D-don't know, Rin," you sob as you feel him slip out of you.
Suna flips you over to your back, the way he's staring down at you is making you completely breathless, and you—you were glowing like an angel, like you were at the party earlier. Only now, your hair was sprawled out into the bed, your skin littered with the marks he made, and your face—beautiful in the most erotic, sinful of ways; tear-stained cheeks, eyes half lidded gazing up to him in complete submission and lips parted.
He presses one of your legs to your chest, the other spread open for him as he lines himself to your sopping entrance again, "You called me your god, dumb bitch," he said as he pounds into you completely—so particularly deep that it had your mind reeling.
You feel Suna's large hand wrap around your throat, squeezing, "You worship me that much, bunny? Such a devoted little whore for your god, always lettin' me use you as I please, hm?" he says as he regains his brutal pace, you're not even sure how many times you've cum on his cock at this point, all you know is that you're clenching around him, sucking him in with every merciless thrust.
When you don't answer, mind too hazy and completely dazed, Suna tightens his grip around your throat, "When your god asks you a question, you fucking answer, yea? Or is this all you're good for? A body for the god you worship so much to fuck?"
"Ah—yes! You're my god. Nngh—please, god, please, I'm so close," you sob, you're looking at him with so much desperation as he continues to fuck you, your nails digging into his arms as you try to take each of his harsh pounding. Suna likes you like this—completely untethered for him and him alone.
Suna was your god, the only one who can make you feel like this, as if you're in heaven with nothing but bliss, nothing but pleasure.
"You are, aren't you? My own whore made just for her god—for me," his thick length that was twitching inside you and the dirty words coming from him were putting your senses into complete overdrive. The tip of his cock was kissing your cervix, it was nearly painful if it wasn't for the sensation of his hand around your throat and the delicious way his dick was stroking your walls in all the right ways.
You nod desperately as you feel your orgasm nearly at the brink, you're sobbing with each time he fucks into you, "Yes! God, please—let me cum, god, please, please, please," you beg, you repeat it over and over like a prayer to him.
"Cum for me, bunny. Cum all over your god's cock like a good girl," He goes faster as both of you reach your high.
The way you whine while you convulse around him, moaning about how good he was fucking you, screaming, "Yes, god! Yes!"  with your cunt clenching impossibly tighter as you squirt all over is what does it for him—his movement stutters and his languid thrusts loses its rhythm as he empties into you, his warm cum painting in your insides white.
You're glowing again—from underneath him. Your love and devotion to Suna Rintarō is truly unparalleled as you give him a lazy smile, and you tell him, "God, thank you, Rin."
That's how Suna knows you're made just for your god—for him.
Tumblr media
©️ written by animatedrapture; all content belongs to animatedrapture. do not plagiarize, repost, or modify.
Tumblr media
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queridopascal · 8 months ago
Oh crikey please can I request a lil 57 and 58 dealers choice on the character 😘💘
Well hello there my sweet anon and thank you so much for this request! The thirst is real and I'm here to quench it 😏
Personal Apology (Javier Peña x DEA Agent F!Reader)
57. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”
58. “Strip.”
Warning: 18+, SMUT with no plot, explicit content, nsfw, language, unprotected sex (p in v), fluff at the very end
Prompts taken from this list
Your fists clench as you mull over every single word of the speech Messina delivered only minutes before, when she gathered all of the DEA in the conference room and lectured everyone on how they should pay the utmost attention in studying and planning their next moves.
Everything had sprung up after the last mission in Medellìn, when somebody had fucked up the last part of the plan and, as a consequence, the Ambassador and Messina had decided to create a new team, excluding you and some of your colleagues from the action and segregating you in the smallest office of the building to organize the archives.
“Fuck! There’s not even an inventory!” you frantically run your fingers through your hair, exasperation already seeping through your whole body as you start rummaging through the dusty folders and papers.
“Looks like you’re having fun.” Javier leans against the doorframe and watches you with his arms folded, a cigarette hanging from his lips and an amused expression painted on his face.
“Are you kidding me?” you look up from the stack of folders and glare at him, your nostrils flaring at his cockiness.
“God…” he sighs, exhaling a thick puff of white smoke “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” he walks over to you and puts his cigarette into the crystal ashtray positioned on one of the shelves.
Your breath hitches at his words and, all of a sudden, the temperature inside the office becomes incredibly high.
“I’d like to make a personal apology…” Javier traces his fingers on your exposed forearms, the touch so featherlight it makes you shiver “I somehow feel responsible for their decision. See, I was one of the men who fucked up the plan, hence the reason you’re here now.”
His fingers continue their path, ascending slowly until they settle on your neck and move your hair to the side.
Javier’s lips are kissing every inch of your exposed skin, licking and sucking from the base of your neck to just below your ear, covering it with beautiful patterns that you know would soon turn purple.
“I can’t believe they did you dirty.” he whispers in your ear and you feel his breath fanning over the wet skin of your neck “You’re the strongest woman I know, even stronger than Messina. You’re a badass. And I can’t believe they decided to lock you in this awful office. They don’t know what they’re doing.”
Those words are oddly reassuring and a smile tugs at your lips as he takes your earlobe between his teeth and pulls lightly, sucking on it before releasing it with a pop. His other hand slides expertly under your skirt, the long side slit over your right leg making the task incredibly easy for him, and his fingers get closer and closer to where you need him most.
“Javi...” you whimper in his arms once you feel his thick fingers glide between your folds, moving back and forth with deliciously deliberate touches and gathering some of your juices.
Biting on your lower lip, you arch your back as soon as he circles your clit, your hands reaching behind you to grab at his neck, holding onto him as warmth starts to build low in your belly.
Javier continues his ministrations, one hand buried between your thighs while the other rests just below your breasts, keeping you pressed to his body as he works you through your first wave of pleasure.
Before you are even able to come down from the high, he turns you around and crashes his lips to yours, kissing you hungrily as his tongue presses and licks into your mouth with so much impatience and want that you feel even dizzier.
You moan into his mouth and he pulls you flush against him, your hands tugging desperately at his hair as you lose yourself in his touches and his breaths.
“Strip.” he instructs once he pulls away from your lips.
His soft, brown irises are almost entirely covered by his blown wide pupils, and he is looking at you as if you are his long awaited prey after a period of famine.
You quickly remove all your clothes and he does the same, touching you every now and then as you undo the buttons of your shirt, grabbing at your sides and digging his fingers into the soft flesh.
With a swipe of his arm, Javier knocks everything that was on the desk down to the floor: folders, pens, notes, everything is now scattered on the marble tiles, completely forgotten.
Guiding you towards the desk, he lifts you onto the smooth and cold surface as you scrape his tanned back with your nails, marking it with long, red lines. He dips his head to kiss you again, this time more feverishly and passionately, while he presses his whole body against yours and you feel his cock twitch between your legs.
“Don’t… don’t keep me waiting.” you pant between your mouths and he groans at your words, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you towards him.
Javier takes himself in hand and pumps his length a few times, from the base to the tip, twisting his wrist as he watches you with lust filled eyes. You take his other hand in yours and tug on it insistently, urging him to satisfy your needs. Anticipation is eating you alive as you look him straight in the eyes.
He lowers his head and stares back at you, the intensity of his gaze penetrates your body and soul, then, he purses his lips and spits on your already soaked core.
A long thread of saliva hangs between his lips and your pussy, and your mouth falls open at the sight before you, undoubtedly one of the hottest things you have ever seen.
With a devilish grin, Javier dips the head of his cock into the spit and drags it up and down your slit a couple of times before finally pushing himself inside you.
The stretch is mind blowing and you immediately reach for the edges of the desk, grabbing onto them for dear life until your knuckles turn white as he thrusts into you, slamming his hips against yours while the sound of your combined moans fills the small room.
"Give me another one hermosa." he encourages as he pushes inside of you with a long, deliberate thrust that makes your elbows tremble, and you collapse on the desk, unable to support your own weight.
Your back is now pressed to the wooden surface and his hands keep you there, squeezing your sides as he continues pistoning in and out of you with a relentless rhythm.
"Oh my… God... " you whimper as your eyes squeeze shut.
His thrusts turn erratic, faster and you throw your head back as tears pool at the corners of your eyes. Javier tilts his head down and nuzzles your cheek as your walls tighten, squeezing his length when your second orgasm crashes over you like a tidal wave.
"Fuck… oh fuck baby…" he hisses and closes his eyes, his jaw clenches as he thrusts even more rapidly, making your body glide against the smooth surface of the desk.
"Come inside me…" your voice is broken by pleasure and you watch him, tanned skin covered in sweat and a frown on his face.
He's fucking handsome like that, with his hair all messy and his eyes half closed.
With a final thrust, Javier pushes himself as deep as he can and stills inside of you, pulling you impossibly closer. His body shudders and you feel him twitch within you, covering your walls with his warm cum as he cries out your name.
You cup his cheeks and draw him back to you, claiming his mouth with your own into a searing kiss. He grazes your lower lip with his teeth and you move your fingers through his hair, gently scraping at his scalp as he touches and explores every inch of your body for the uptenth time.
"You have no idea what you do to me." he whispers once your mouths part "Want you every fucking day of my life." he adds as he moves to your neck, leaving open mouthed kisses on your heated skin.
"I'm yours Javi. Only yours." you reassure him as you cradle his face in your hands and look deeply into his eyes.
He stares back at you in complete silence, his brown eyes shining with something different, not lust or passion or want, something that he never thought he would experience again: love.
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Silent Knight | Jurdan Spy AU
Written for Jurdannet Secret Snusband 2020. @jurdannet @jurdannetrevels Happy Christmas to my Knife Wife, @snusbandxknifewife ! Hope you enjoy this filthy Christmas fic <3 
Rating: E is for Em Met Satan Writing This FIc. He’s Actually A Pretty Cool Dude.
CW: explicit content, light choking, mild orgasm delay, light bondage.
Summary: I feel like the Grinch, ready to lie and steal. Ready to ruin a very good thing.
Masterlist  |  AO3
Tumblr media
Prologue- How the Bitch Stole Christmas
I should tell you that I have lied and schemed to get where I am. I have done reprehensible things. Dirty things. Filthy, down to my rotten core.
But the most honest thing I have done since I started working in this chateau at the top of the world is slam its owner against the stone wall, slide my fingers up the column of his neck, a pretty taloned collar—and press my mouth firmly to his.
Kissing him is like plunging into the black depths of a glacial sea. I am both weightless and heavy at once. My mind slips into knifelike panic. I grasp at it, try to master it.
He kisses me with equal fervor, claiming me, all tongue and teeth. He never quite lets me take control, which only makes me crave it more. 
My heart races. He tastes of cloves and wine and something sinister. A cold slice of peril. I am not unused to perilous things. But kissing Cardan is thrilling, like the carve of my board into a treacherous slope of snow. 
It’s the knife of knowing something is dangerous. Forbidden. And taking it anyway. 
I tug his lower lip between my teeth, press myself flush against him. A moan slips from his mouth into mine. I feel his hands glide my waist, caressing every curve. 
He reaches my backside, squeezing hard, then hoists my leg up to bracket his frame. He hitches my dress up, gliding cold fingers over smooth, bare skin. I gasp and he smiles against my lips. 
A rush of heat floods my core, my cheeks. I pull back slightly, overwhelmed and a little dizzy. He pauses, too, watching me intently and trying to catch his own breath. 
This shouldn’t be happening. We shouldn’t be doing this. Technically, I am employed by him. Technically, I was sent to destroy him.
I think of the note I found in my uniform pocket the first day.
Find treason.
It was as much a threat as it was direction. If I couldn’t find treason I should spin some.
I’m not significant enough for whatever this is to be considered treasonous. Lots of CEOs have affairs with their employees. And Cardan is not even CEO yet. I’m not sure we’d make the morning papers if we tried.
What we’re doing will only complicate matters when I eventually have to stab him in the back. Or the front, depending on the orders I'm given. Maybe it won’t come to that. I hope it won’t. 
Currently, however, I’m not thinking that far ahead. I’m not thinking much of anything at all. Except for how irritating he is. How arrogant and lazy and entitled. How much it vexes me that, irrefutably, I want him. 
I can barely breathe for how much I want him.
Cardan smiles wickedly down at me. As if he knows this and delights in my torment. One of his hands brushes my jawline. “If I’d known you wanted to fuck me as much as you want to kill me, I would’ve started this much sooner.”
My heart flies to my throat. “Who says I want to kill you?” I sound unsteady for the first time this evening. It must be the shots of vodka Liliver and I did at the kitchen table catching up to me, though it's been hours.
He looks at me, smug. For all our rivalry over the last four weeks, I haven’t denied that I want him now. Then, he raises one pointed brow, glancing at my hand in lieu of response.
My hand which is still wrapped around his throat, fingers pressing into the sides of his neck.
I’ve been trained in lots of things; utensil placement, wine glasses, laundry folding, etiquette. French, German, Italian. Most of that training came with the job. I am supposed to be a Chalet Girl for the aristocrats and billionaires of the Swiss Alps, after all. 
I also know how to kill a man. Which means, I know this is not the proper way to do it. Even if Cardan doesn’t. 
He can’t actually be concerned for his well being, though. He’s not calling for bodyguards. He doesn’t look concerned at all, actually. Maybe I should be insulted. He should see the things I can do with a butter knife.
Instead, I tighten my grip a fraction and say low against his lips, “You’ll breathe when you’ve earned it.”
Cardan’s eyes shutter for a moment. The wind picks up outside, battering the sides of the chalet with gales of ice. His ambrosia gaze traces the shape of my lips, hungry.
I can feel him stiffen through his trousers. He grinds himself against me, and I push back, feeling the length of him at my belly. 
Then, he’s all smiles again. Tricky hands wander under my dress, skimming higher between my thighs. Underneath tonight's ensemble, I'm wearing lace and not much else. He moves it to the side, swiping over me. 
My breath catches in my throat. His fingers are cold and too clever by half. A low chuckle rumbles in his chest and just like that I’m throbbing. Putty in his hands as he dredges into my heat. 
Cardan sets a slow rhythm, one finger stroking that sweet spot inside me, over and over. Torture. I arch into him, trying to draw more friction from him than he is giving. Soon, I'm all but rutting against his palm. 
He adds a finger and picks up pace. Perhaps he's more merciful than I thought. 
My heart crashes in my chest. My knees turn weak. I’m gasping, gripping his shoulder instead of his neck.
It’s infuriating the way he unravels me. 
Right as I'm coming undone, he stops. Removes his fingers in one lazy pull. 
My nails dig into his back. I feel helpless at his denial, angry even. But if I show any sign of protest, I will surely lose what feeble hold I have on power.
So I let my lungs fill with air. Once, twice. Feel the pounding of his heart under my hands, the fan of his breath warm on my face. Then, I say with careful calm, "You're going to regret that, your highness."
He smiles, sweetly. "Make me." 
My heart speeds. He trails a hand up my spine to my zipper, sending shivers skittering over my skin. 
My fingers fly in a flurry to his belt buckle and suddenly we are a frenzy again. My breath comes fast and short. We divest and devour each other at once. 
His mouth is made for cruelty and sin. I let that darkness in, let it engulf me. Perhaps if I could become cruelty, I would have no problem doing what I was sent here to do.
We race to tear each other apart. Out of our clothes and heads. To great heights and low beds.
I shove Cardan down onto the mattress. He laughs, his mess of dark curls a smoke-like embroidery on the pillows. I scoop his tie and belt from the floor, making quick work of his wrists on the headboard. Not too tight, not too loose. 
He is all too willing to let me take the reins. 
I stand back, admiring my work. And other things. The pale, sharp angles of him. The smoothness of his torso in the shadows. A strand of sable hair falls around obscenely long lashes. 
Cardan grins. “Like what you see?”
I want to roll my eyes, but I can’t quite bring myself to the notion. They stay wide open like saucers, as if frozen that way. “You are breathtaking, tied up and waiting for me,” I say. And for once, it is the truth.
He swallows audibly. For a moment we are still, drinking each other in. Then, Cardan clears his throat. “I’m breathing a little too much over here, Miss Duarte.”
I arch a brow, the corners of my mouth lifting. If it's punishment he wants, it's punishment he'll get.
I straddle him, wearing nothing but the lace of moonlight through a snowstorm. I trail one fingernail down his throat to his chest and watch as his adam's apple bobs. 
He pulls a little on his restraints, as if reaching out to touch, only to remember that he cannot. I smile a small, evil smile, and feel his cock twitch behind me.
Well, I did promise to make him regret, I think to myself. So I suppose I should.
Settling myself lower on him, I begin rubbing my clit in dilatory drags, up and down his length. 
Cardan's eyes go wide as he catches on to my particular brand of crucifixion. "Oh, god."
I hum, biting my lower lip. Oh god, indeed.
The sensation is decadent. I almost get lost in it, tilting my head back and letting desire wash over me in waves. Like this, it's not so terrifying. When I am in control, I don't feel panic. I feel nothing but good. 
My lids heavy with lust, I gaze down at Cardan's flushed and writhing form. A groan rolls past my tongue. I could probably get off from this alone. I have no doubt that he could too, but that would spoil my fun. 
Slowing my movements, I lean down so we are chest to chest, and nip the soft bit of flesh right above his collarbone, running my tongue over it. 
A strangled whine looses from him. Cardan tugs with greater force against his restraints. 
I savour all of it. The rattle of the headboard. The pulse of him beneath me as I slide up and down over his leaking length. The way he shudders as I card my fingers through his hair.
“Are you breathing?" I whisper against his neck. 
His voice comes out frayed. "Barely."
"Hmm," I say, reaching behind me. “It seems we need to rectify that situation, then.” And with that, I sink down onto him, filling myself exquisitely to the brim.
He’s not expecting that, of course. His eyes widen abruptly, hips bucking to meet mine. A jolt of delicious heat tears through me, and I blurt out a laugh at the shock of it. 
Cardan lets out an elongated, “Fffuuuuck,” into the crook of his arm. The sound of his voice, raw and unmoored, is intoxicating.
“Cardan,” I croon, sitting upright. I scrape my nails lightly down his chest earning another delectable groan from him. “Look at me.”
He does. "That was naughty," he tells me, and I smile.
"I never claimed to be nice."
Then, I start moving, swiveling my hips over his. He grunts at the sensation and I relish it. The sweet ache ribboning through me. My heartbeat quickens, though my movements remain slow, tempered. 
Cardan looks at me with frantic eyes. "Please," he strains. 
Unfortunately for him, his flagrant begging does nothing but delight me. I think I should like more.
Stopping altogether, I furrow my brow. "Please what?"
"You know what."
"I'm sure I don't. Tell me."
He's buried deep inside me still. I can see the bulge of him in my belly. The thought makes me clench over him, sending heat to my cheeks and an involuntary buck to his hips.
His nostrils flare. The way Cardan looks at me now with seething black eyes, there's a wild sharpness in them that speaks only to loathing. As though he's barely keeping himself in check. 
"Untie me," he pleads. "Untie me, please, and I will make it worth your while."
"Now, why would I do that?"
"I want to touch you."
I give a dark chuckle. "Your wants are no concern of mine."
He shoots me a pointed look. I'm aware of the irony. For all intents and purposes, I am "contractually" obligated to give him what he wants. Technically, that contract was forged, but he doesn't know that. 
He can't ever know that.
What I do know is this: If I were a real chalet girl, I would not be contractually obligated to fuck him. The moment we stepped into his bedroom, all predetermined roles became nullified.
If he's not aware of that loophole, perhaps I should make an example out of him.
I grip his jaw between my thumb and forefinger. "Give me a better reason." My voice is a dangerous silken thing. 
He struggles against his tie and belt again. "I can do so much more for you with my hands unbound. Let me worship you."
"And what if I don't wish to be worshipped?"
"Then let me deprave you."
Desire uncoils in me, white hot and livid. I try to play it off. Try to pretend my skin isn't overwarm and tight at the thought. Shrugging, I lean forward and begin undoing his binds.
Cardan is silent as I work. Once free, he sits up and cups my face gently between his hands. My eyelids flutter on their own accord. This new angle is oh so sweet.
"You're a heathen," Cardan growls, his face inches from mine.
"And you're the devil," I say.
He gives me an infernal smile. "Then I suppose you're mine."
I don't want to examine how weak that statement makes me. Instead, I capture his mouth with my own, answering with a kiss that melts on my tongue like spun sugar.
I start to move on him again, seeking that gilded pleasure. He thrusts up into me with renewed purpose. The headboard clashes against the wall with every bounce, so there can be no question about what we are doing. 
Neither of us seem to care one bit.
This way--with his hands on my hips, gripping for dear life as he pummels me into oblivion--is sublime. The only thoughts in my head are him and the lewd sounds we make.
Suddenly, Cardan pushes me back onto the bed, sliding out of me completely. I huff in protest, coursing with the loss of yet another high. He merely palms his cock, slick with my arousal, and fixes me with a glare. 
"Turn over," he says, stroking himself.
I swallow and, in an entirely uncharacteristic act, do as I'm told. I'm on my stomach, pulse thudding in anticipation, ears rushing with heavy blood and the muffled sound of sheets as Cardan shifts behind me. 
He hitches one of my legs up so it bends at the knee, keeping it in place with his own. Now, I am spread open for him. 
Without warning, his hand comes down in a loud, wet slap over my center. The burst of pain surprises me so much, I let out a yelp. It's not exactly unpleasant. It's just a different sort of thrill. 
My shock quickly turns to keening, however, as Cardan thumbs over where he slapped me, rubbing tender circles into my excitement. He hums in approval.
"Fuck me, you are ravishing," he breathes, making my toes curl.
I know I'm soaked to the heavens down there. I should be humiliated by how much this turns me on, but I'm not. My dignity flew out the window as soon as I untied this jackass for a good dicking.
But I've made my bed. I might as well get fucked in it.
I feel Cardan's hand grip the back of my neck so that I am well and fully pinned to the bed.
When he fills me again, he does so in one effortless motion, hissing through his teeth as he sinks deeper, leaving me moaning recklessly into the mattress. 
Cardan wastes no time before making good on his word. He pillages me, pounding at a brutal pace with no reprieve. This angle is downright sinful. Our voices tumble from our throats, frayed and unintelligible. Filthy sopping sounds echo off the walls. 
My hands fist the sheets. I'm drowning in a sea of electric sensation as rapture rises once more in my chest.
The moment my thighs start to tense is the moment Cardan slows his rhythm to long torturous drags. Nearly all the way out before plunging leisurely to the hilt, as if savouring every pull.
I mash my eyes shut and swallow down a whimper. It's so much. Too much. And not enough all at once.
I feel him settle flush against my back. One hand slides into my hair. The other covers one of mine on the mattress, lacing our fingers together.
I'm a blithering mess beneath him. I've all but forgotten my name. His is in my throat like a stone. He gives my hand a soft squeeze. I squeeze back.
"Don't-- Don't stop." I barely muster up the words and my voice breaks in the middle. "Please don't stop." My head is spinning with the pleasure he reaps from me.
"Christ," Cardan chokes out, burying his nose in my hair.
I can tell the effort to keep himself from the edge is enormous. He's panting now as he swirls inside me. I feel that well of pleasure filling deep in my belly with each drive of his hips. 
"So. Fucking. Good," he groans into my hair, punctuating each word with a particularly hard thrust before continuing his slow roll. I'm overcome, crying out filthy things against the sheets and clenching around him.
Cardan fucks me deep and without mercy. His breath is hot and heavy on the back of my neck. I feel my hair being swept aside. Suddenly, that unholy mouth is on my pulse, nipping and suckling behind my ear. Tugging at my lobe. 
A bolt of electricity shoots down to my toes.
"Fuck," I croak. My throat is raw. I feel completely untethered, out of control. "Cardan."
Somehow, he knows what I am asking. Wrapping his arms around me, he flips us over in one stealthy motion. I'm lying on my back on his chest, my feet flat on the bed near his knees. We are both gasping for air. 
This is better, though. I don’t feel trapped, and his arms snake around my waist, holding us steady.
Cardan's lips are at my ear again. "I need you to fuck me, Jude," he mumbles, voice like pouring honey. "I need you to fuck yourself on me until you're coming around my cock. Do you understand?"
I nod vigorously, unable to speak.
I begin rolling my hips and... oh, god. This position is decadence taken form. Every plunge of his length reaches that sweet spot, massaging exquisitely. I'm not completely in control but neither is he. 
I tremble in unfettered, fucked-out bliss. Clenching down on him to increase his pleasure.
Cardan curses, bucking up into me. He skates a hand down my torso to my swollen clit, and starts to orbit at a tantalising speed, sending stars shooting across my vision. 
My hips undulate like waves thrown onto the shore, faster and faster until he's slapping against me in tandem.
I can see the rise and fall of his length low in my torso. Taking his hand, I bring it to rest right over the spot.
"Gods above, Jude," he thrums. Apparently, this drives him wild because his fingers fly over my clit, his grunts becoming carnal. “Jude, Jude, Jude.”
I don't need much encouragement after that. I'm shivering in ecstasy, shot off the edge as spangles of pleasure burst riotously over my skin. I scream with the force of my high, coordinated thrusts turning to slick, messy bounces.
Cardan fucks me through it, letting me ride out my climax. Only when I am at the tail end does he spill over into me, cock pulsing. Curses falling from his lips like snow.
When we're done, I feel warm and tingly all over. Cardan pulls me into his arms and it's pleasant. Like sinking into a bath. We share sighs and sloppy, open-mouthed kisses under the duvet until both of us are too tired to keep our eyes open.
When I wake, it's still dark. Redolence of mulled wine and sugar dusted brownies drift on the air from the festivities below, though the house is settled. Still. Silent, save for the tempest swirling white through the night sky.
The clock on Cardan's bedside table informs me it is 2:07AM. It's Christmas. Which means my time is running out. 
I shrug out of exhaustion like it’s a coat I can take on and off when I please, and out of Cardan's arms like he means nothing. To do my job, I become the bitch I have to be. 
I pad over to his desk, as quiet as I can. The floor is frigid beneath my feet. I grab an oversized sweater off the back of his chair and throw that on. 
Then, I start up his computer. It doesn't take long to guess his password. I cringe at it, despite myself. It's my name three times over. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I know I don't feel good doing what I’m about to do.
Something about this job doesn’t sit right with me. It hasn’t from the start, but then again, in my line of work, it’s always good to be on guard. Right now, I feel like I’m playing for the wrong team. I feel like the Grinch, ready to lie and steal. Ready to ruin a very good thing.
I spend half an hour scouring his hard drive for something. Anything that could incriminate him. I try not to think about the last few hours, or what we did. Or how immense it felt.
Soft sounds come from the bed and I freeze, but it’s just Cardan rolling over, deep in sleep.
After another fifteen minutes, I conclude my search and wipe my trail. Just as I'm closing everything down, my phone begins to buzz on the nightstand. 
I race to grab it before the noise wakes Cardan. The screen lights up with the words Unknown Caller, but I know exactly who it is before I even press the green button to pick up. 
"What do you want?" I hiss, stealing through the glass door out onto the balcony. 
It's even colder out here than it is in Cardan's room, but I need a private place for this conversation. Inside, someone might hear. At least outside, my voice will get lost on the wind.
"That's no way to speak to someone who's paying you, Jude," my client tells me in a steely voice. "And I am paying you generously."
My mouth forms a thin line. "I'm aware."
"Did you find anything?"
Wind whips around the side of the house, striking my face with a maelstrom of snow that bites my bare cheeks raw.
"Nothing," I say, turning my back against the gust. "He's clean. Completely clean." Well, at least in the legal sense, I think a trifle smugly.
"That's not what I hired you for."
"You hired me to get close to him. I did that." 
"And to find treason. Which you haven't."
I huff, exasperated. I've done everything I could in the past month, and I've done it without getting caught. That's what I signed on for. Not this pedantic bullshit.
"Look, I don't know what else you want me to do," I say. "Frame him for murder?"
He laughs and static crackles through the receiver. The sound of it grates my nerves. "That would be delightful to watch. But unfortunately, such a plan leaves too much room for error."
"What, then?" I ask, growing impatient. I swear to god, villains can be terribly dramatic sometimes.
He's quiet for a moment. I look off the balcony and see a whole bunch of black night stretching out before me, carved only by the crests and falls of slumbering mountains.
"You are my creature, Jude." The way he says it raises the hair on the back of my neck. "Kill him."
Then, the line goes dead.
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AN: There was nothing silent about that night tho lmao. Well, this one was a downright dosy! I loved scheming for this as it was basically Porn Without Plot With Plot, and combined some pretty out of the blue themes (spy and chalet girl, who knew?).
Shoutout to my Knife Wife, Lex, who gave me the welcome excuse to write some Christmas filth for y’all!
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