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im feeing some kinda way, so.

when corso brings their little freighter back to port nowhere after the assault on darth marr’s flagship, he tells risha to monitor all comms. she’s already on it, though- and it’s already been a half hour in hyperspace. corso stands by the communications panel for an hour longer- bowdaar and guss had gone to get drinks and food for the rest of them. risha is checking the holoney, and its very anxious in the ship. at last, theres activity- but its not good.

risha reads out a breaking news story from dromund kaas- darth marr’s flagship destroyed, survivors being recovered- but theres a slim chance at survival. akaavi mourns to herself- another fallen warrior. risha tells bowdaar and guss when they come back, both conflicted over what to do now. she mourns the loss of a friend and confidante- bowdaar and guss, a family member.

corso mourns the loss of the love of his life, and hes inconsolable for weeks. crying into bowdaar’s shoulder, not sleeping, not eating. its a wonder he makes it through, but he does, thanks to risha. after he recovers from his sorrow he’s unstoppable- chasing every lead and dragging risha around with him. its a dead end every way, of course, they could never guess where their dear captain had been taken.

and it takes him 6 years to find his dear captain again, and hes too overjoyed to speak :(!

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me, 3 weeks after starting juno steel, finally realizing that jupeter is supposed to be pronounced as jupiter,

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sappy as hell bisexual hour. bisexuality is so fucking amazing & incredible ohmy god I love me. I love you. even when the world tries 2 make us feel inherently dirty or shameful we know tht bisexuality is natural & good & beautiful & breathtaking & no 1 can take that away. it’ll always feel like home 2 me. bisexual ppl feel like home 2 me. i love bisexuality & i love bisexuals w/ my entire being

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shōyō wiggles in his seat a lot, impatience seeping through in the way he can’t seem to sit still. it’ll be the first time he’s spoken to pedro since he’s joined the black jackals, after all!!! he has SO MUCH to tell — and so much he wants to catch up on on pedro’s side of things, too!! finally, the skype call goes through, and shōyō perks up in his chair when the connection is established, pedro’s face appearing on his screen.   OOOOIIII!!! ”  he waves his arms around in the air in an excitable greeting. there’s a beaming smile on shōyō’s face at the sight of his friend.   bom dia, pedro! como você está? 

@fightsbck​ liked (♥) for a starter  //  for pedro!
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god i have like another 11hrs of death stranding playthrough content to watch before i can finally write character analyses

please……..give me the higgs content

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Guys I’m 31 and my friends are under 25 but honestly? It doesn’t matter.

We’re all queer and it makes me feel so safe and free???!!!

I love being Pans. I love having a diverse friendship group. I love being me!

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 natasha   !!!   does   not   !!!   subscribe   to   the   whole   ‘guilty   consciousness’   idea   !!!   stop   trying   !!!   to   turn   her   !!!   into   mcu   nat   !!!

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