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#god maybe that should be the cosplay tag actually
astriiformes · 28 days ago
Oh also, realized retroactively that it’s a crime that I haven’t been referring to this whole arduous paint-testing process as “the gold mines” so please pretend I’ve been that funny this whole time
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abnersluvver · 18 days ago
Unexpected Pregnancy // Abner Krill x Fem!Reader
REQUESTED BY: @jay-cosplay-bin
A/N - hi there! yes, i know it's been a month. my mental health has been a little sucky recently. i've been out of a long-term relationship for a couple months now and some days - some WEEKS - hurt more than others. thank you for giving me the time i need to step away. TRUST ME, i'm coming back. slowly but surely. enjoy the story!
Tumblr media
~You've been living with Abner for quite some time. After waking up in the morning and getting sick, you question whether or not he had gotten you pregnant. ~
NSFW TAGS: pregnancy, quick one-shot, fluff, mentions of vomiting
“God fucking dammit.”
You’re bent over the toilet, throwing up in the bathroom. What the fuck? You never threw up, and now just the SMELL of Abbie making breakfast in the other room was sickening. In the back of your mind, you thought about the possibility of the inevitable.
“There's no way,” You think to yourself. “There’s no fucking way.”
The thought of you possibly carrying Abbie’s child made your heart flutter. You guys hadn't had sex for a while, maybe 2ish weeks? You had both just been busy with work and renovating your new house, and that took a lot of energy. So by the end of the day you guys couldn’t do anything but sleep.
You think back to it, and it makes your insides tighten.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bare torsos touching, he slammed into you at a ruthless pace. His cock hit your G-spot every time, causing you to feel your throat tighten as you nearly reached your climax.
“Y-yes baby… you like it?” His breath was shaky, his jaw clenched as he felt himself get closer.
“Please… don’t stop, keep going- ahh-” You whimpered. He let out a moan and shot his cum deep into you, body jerking as he did so.
“S-shit-” Your insides coil up and your muscles pulse around his dick. Every nerve of your body is on fire. You feel his hands tangled in your hair, his torso wrapped in your legs, your hands on his back.
“F-fuck- hnnh…” He breathed heavily and slowed down his pace as he came down from his high.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You hear a knock on the door. “Babe, you okay?” The door opens and Ab is standing there with a cup of water, hopefully for you.
“Yeah um… I don’t actually know. I hate to even imply this but… I think I might be pregnant.”
The silence in the room was deafening. You two were financially ready to have a child, that’s for sure. You guys would be okay. But were you preparing for it? Not at all. You know that Abbie has always wanted a kid. And honestly, you do too. But to possibly be pregnant like this, unexpected… It's a lot.
You swallow. You felt fucking horrible, almost guilty.
“Holy shit.”
He crouches down next to you and slowly turns and looks at you. He has puppy dog eyes, a couple strands of hair falling in front of his face. Your eyes meet his, and your throat tightens up. Tears start to fall from your eyes. You were so overwhelmed. Happiness, sadness, anxiety, guilt, fear. You felt yourself completely shut down. You struggle to breathe, and you couldn’t help whimpering while you cried.
“I’m sorry,” You sob. “I’m so sorry, I was sure I took my pill, I don’t know. I’m sorry...”
“Okay, okay. Shhhhh… you’re okay. It’s gonna be okay. I’m here. I’m here…”
He gingerly grabs your hands, and pulls you into him, hugging you gently. Your chest heaves as he rubs your back, and you struggle to keep your composure. You were positive you took it. Tears uncontrollably fall and leave drops on his dark grey sweatpants.
You nuzzle into Abbie’s chest, breathing in the smell of his deodorant. You attempt to take deep breaths. In, out. In, out. You don’t even know if you’re pregnant yet. You didn’t take a test yet. Relax.
You look up and your tear stained eyes meet Abners. His eyes were a little red and puffy, you can tell that at least a couple tears dropped. You swallow guiltily.
“Um… okay. I haven’t taken a test yet. We should go get a couple and do that.”
“That sounds perfect. Okay, whatever you need to grab to, I’ll go get it for you.”
“You want me to stay home?”
“I just want you to rest and relax. I’d bring you with me but I think it’s a good idea if you wanna chill on the couch, watch something funny to just calm your mind.”
His eyes widen and he starts fumbling his words.
“Not that I don’t wanna take you, I mean. I do, I just mean that maybe it might help, or you can come with me if you want…”
“Ab.” hold his hand and rub it with your thumb. “I know what you mean. I’d like to stay home, that’s okay with me.”
He swallowed and looked away for a brief moment. “Okay. Text me a list of what you need and I’ll run to the Dollar Store up the street and grab it for you.”
“Thank you, babe. I’ll be here.” You smiled and brought your hand to his face.
“Duh,” he whispered while looking away and laughing.
You roll your eyes and can't help but crack a smile. if you ARE pregnant, that kid better have the same dumb charm he does.
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lysershine · 5 months ago
@willwoodimagines​ lore timeline (what is my life)
So firstly, a fuckin massive thank you to @hotsinglelemonsinyourarea​ because I cannot do this shit alone and he’s helped me compile all of their old posts because I, apparently, underestimated how long they’ve been doing this. So from this point forward, I’m assuming nothing is a joke. Here we go!!
I am so sorry. Let’s do this.
So earliest posts that are likely lore come from around April the 9th. This post is a conversation seemingly between Three and One where Two is gone on a road trip, -- although it might not Actually Be A Road Trip, -- and then One tells everyone to stop acting like Two is dead, because he’s not. Which, fair enough, although later in the conversation, Two replies and seems to invent that he’s at the beach, probably to calm down the people speculating about his whereabouts. I am Anything But Calm. 
There’s also this post, presumably from One or Three but it’s hard to tell cuz Three didn’t start signing posts until much later and they type pretty similarly, where they tell us we should be grateful for them feeding us and keeping us warm, and it’s tagged with ‘#I wish I was warm.’  
So here’s where stuff gets very interesting! Backstory, people! In this post, we start to see some pieces put together. The imagine reads:
IMAGINE: Will Wood invites you into his home for an exclusive performance of I/Me/Myself. You are so excited! But then, he asks you to come down into his wine cellar, explaining that his keyboard is down there. You go down there hesitantly. You don’t realize for several minutes that he did not follow you down here. The only things here are a laptop and a sticky note with the words “POST IMAGINES” written in sharpie. You are so afraid and attempt to leave the way you came in but the door is gone. You are trapped. It is so cold and you just want to see your family again.
So that’s horrifying!! But it gives us insight into how the mods were probably captured and why they’re running this blog. It’s a great blog. 10/10, doesn’t make me solve codes. Oh wait. 
After that post, -- which I am assuming comes from Three, -- we’re treated to a bunch of morse code that the wonderful Nigel was kind enough to translate for me:
Tumblr media
They then added in a reblog, “It seems I have made a typo! I meant mod 1 won’t let me speak, I am mod 3.” So, it seems like One is trying to quiet any cries for help.
This is shortly thereafter followed by this post from the 11th, and to quote directly, it says:
IMAGINE: Inside of the cellar basemeant, there is a suit. It is tempting but Weill said you are not allowed to touch. YOu know you want to. Touch it. he is guarding it. he is hiding something. follow for more will woof imagines.
So that’s riddled with typos, and if you stick them all together you just get eeOf so I’m gonna assume that all this means is that this post is courtesy of Two. There’s also a skeleton circled so maybe Will has previous victims or something? Who knows.
On the 12th, we have a couple posts, one about being in Will’s basement and watching him cosplay the onceler, another about Will being vaguely inhuman. Don’t know how important that is but I’m gonna make note of it anyway, because Will being inhuman especially might make sense for some stuff.
The next seemingly important post is this one:
Tumblr media
So this one is probably about Two, my evidence being this post and the fact that, following this, Two gets significantly worse at spelling and more confused about what’s going on with their captivity. My best guess is that Two gets in trouble either for the lack of imagines OR they did touch the suit from that earlier imagine and now they know something that they shouldn’t. Either way, Will takes him away and brainwashes??? Lobotomizes??? Bite of ‘87s???? Idk???? I’m gonna go with lobotomy, it seems the most accurate to Two’s behavior from here on out, I really have no idea but he comes back Very Different. And in the tags it says ‘Laplace’s Angel 2:14!’ and the line at that time is “Somebody, help me!” so you know, pretty straightforward cry for help. 
Though it makes me think that in the cellar, they are probably limited to interaction with only things directly connected to Will Wood, which is why “as a treat” they watch the documentary and they communicate with his music like this. They’re not allowed any media other than his. 
Anyway, here’s an important note: From this point forward, Two is an unreliable narrator. Everything he says from here on out should be taken with a pillar of salt. (H.A.L.T., it’s not my fault!) 
So with that in mind, the next post of importance is this one, a conversation that goes Three, One, and then Two. Two says Will let them watch the documentary as a treat, One tells them to stop making it seem like Will is holding them captive, and Three just says “movee :-)”. Which, fair enough.
The next posts that are worth noting are this one, where Three simply says “mental anguish” and One shuts them down saying that no one on the blog is experiencing that, and threatens them in the tags, and then this one where someone is being silenced.  
There’s this post, which in the website version of their blog links to itself, I don’t know how or why or if that matters but if someone figures something out with that, please let me know. There’s also this imagine, which is about bodyswapping with Will -- storywise, I don’t think this is something that really happens, -- but it’s tagged with ‘#I miss my family.’ So that’s Not Good.
There’s some posts in between solidifying that despite this wackiness, the mods are indeed still friends. And then we go straight back into absolute horror with this post:
Tumblr media
And so evidently they are Less Than Okay and probably being held captive by Will Wood. It’s immediately followed by this morse code, presumably from Three because he seems to use morse where One uses binary, and when deciphered, it reads: “I am blinking. Hear my cry.” Three’s post is then followed by One trying to shush them once more, saying: 
“[W]e at Willwoodimagines would like to apologize for last night. We might have, perhaps, made it seem as if we are being held in a wine cellar against our Will (Wood), and that some of us have been down here for six years, and that we may miss our families, but I, Mod 1, would like to remind you that we are fine and need no help! Cheers!:) #We are NOT blinking. At all. #Not at all. No blinking from us! Blinking? Aha! Not at all.”
So what can be gathered from this is that they’re absolutely being held in Will Wood’s wine cellar, and some of them have been there for six years, and they miss their families, are NOT fine, definitely need help, and are CERTAINLY blinking. Also the random bolded letters spell “help” again.
Then there’s this post, which Nigel translated for me (ty man ily):
Tumblr media
We also have this crudely-drawn map from Two, but it doesn’t seem to be related to anything. Anyway, the address is totally garbled, yep, but nonetheless if you put it into Google you get the address for a relatively poorly-rated landfill in New Jersey:
Tumblr media
So clearly someone picked up on that, because then we have an ask from an anon who wants to know what the recycling situation is where they are being held. One seems very confused by this question, and Two pipes in saying that have a trashcan. Their confusion would make me assume this is the wrong address, but I don’t actually have to assume, because One(?) confirms it later with this post containing binary that can be translated to read:
“oh god the address was wrong i don't know where we fucking are help“
So you know, concerning! This is immediately followed by another ask, this one in binary. The conversation goes:
“Are you good?” “Absolutely not”
Which kinda speaks for itself. There’s also a quiz they made and I took it to see if there was any lore and uh apparently I’m most like One, so that’s poggers, I think? Idk there wasn’t any lore though. There is this post where Three says that Two’s favorite song isn’t a Will Wood song, and One threatens to knock them the fuck out, and I’m adding this as a point to my theory that they’re unallowed to consume media unrelated to WW. They make up though, so it’s fine.
It gets more quiet and more confusing for a while, Three saying “wake up” and this post being tagged with ‘#I’m cold and I am afraid.’ Two leaves again, Three goes quiet cuz they’re having a rough time, Two hates being smol-bean-ified and is behind held below One and Three, who seem to be in the same room? They’re also all starving, and Three could be an arsonist if you let them out.
Blah blah, they called me out and I cried about it, and NOW we’ve reached the 100-follower-special. Thank fuck.
Three posts this, it leads to binary, and that binary says:
“Listen carefully. The video that Will (Wood) be posted is extremely important. Do not skip it.“
This is immediately followed by this video of Two sprinting through the woods, presumably to freedom, if you read the tags. Three follows that with another post, saying “It has begun.” One shuts them down again in this post, but it links to binary that says:
“hello? can you read this? mod 2 is free! and hopefully will be coming back for us both. you all did absolutely nothing to help so i'm not thanking you for this. however i am thanking you for following us all! you've given us moral support thank you, mod 1“
As I’ve said earlier, I’m fairly certain that their captor is Will and he has access to this tumblr, which is why One especially is trying to be quiet about this. Like in this post where they apologize for the insanity on the blog, which links to binary, and it reads:
“we’re not in ddlc. i am not monika. listen to me closely. mod 3 and i are still stuck here. we have been posting cries for help for weeks. go look for them! they’re like easter eggs. just for you! thank you, mod 1“
DO I LOOK LIKE I’M COLLECTING EGGS YET??? DO I??????? Anyway, I got named the official lore account so now I’m fucking trapped here, and then we get some posts about how Two has made it to a McDonald’s.
Then One posts yet another apology, with two links. Link one directs you to a groupchat between the three mods, detailing Two’s escape and everyone’s very odd adoration for fast food. But then again, Three says they’ve been eating slop for a while, so. Fair enough. To bring back my old commentary about this, though; in this conversation there seems to be a bit of confusion over who exactly put them in the cellar where they’re captured, but as we saw earlier it was indeed Will Wood himself who is keeping them prisoner. However, Two also asserts that very soon he will be able to save One and Three, apparently with the help of Will? So there are two possibilities here:
1. Two is still an unreliable narrator, so it’s a possibility that his lobotomy or whatever has ruined his ability to perceive threats and he is being tricked by Will, who is indeed their captor, and will get thrown back in the cellar with the other two.
2. Something bigger than Will is controlling the situation. It makes no sense that all three mods would remember Will putting them in the cellar if he didn’t. So someone else could be controlling Will, I don’t know. They allude to a person from the documentary and initially I assumed it was Will but I actually haven’t seen the movie (shock and horror, I know, I’m sorry), so maybe it’s someone else and that’s the piece of the puzzle I’m missing? Idk, if you’ve made it this far and you’ve seen the documentary, check the conversation and let me know.
Link two leads to binary, and when translated it becomes:
“i do think it’s less endearing and more terrifying how people on a blogging website care more about my freedom than my own friends and family did i dont need to sign this. you know who it’s from“
Which, maybe, but I love ARGs and Nigel and I are already incredibly invested so whoops. Besides, who’s gonna do it if we don’t?
Anyway!!! I sent an ask in response to some of my confusion for the groupchat, and because One said to keep sending messages. One responded, and I was redirected to even more binary because of course! This time it says:
Then there were two posts in quick succession, the first one was a new puzzle type! Morse code! And grandma taught me that, so I can tell you it says:
“I think we posted an address once but it was wrong and we got caught doing it. I didn’t like that day. This entire computer has safety settings on it so I can’t just ??? (this looks like a keysmash or something to me?) stop writing. Hold on, I hear something.”
And I would’ve thrown it directly in a translator, but as One acknowledges in their next post with a link to more binary, I had to translate by hand because:
“well! you'll never guess what desktops do to morse code! we're back at binary! anyway. we did post an address but everything went wrong, i don't like thinking about that entire week, the pain was unimaginable! more importantly, though, i've asked mod 3 and he s hold on i think i hear something.“
That post was immediately reblogged with more binary that just says:
“well that’s not good”
Which is horrific!! So I sent an ask, like, ayo homie what the fuck, and I got a response! The text itself is just a dismissal that anything’s wrong, but the bolded text spells out “footsteps” so that’s terrifying! Also Two apparently slept in the McDonald’s parking lot and One slept in a sleeping bag in the cellar.
They posted that this morning when I started working on this post, -- I’ve been here for like eight hours now I think, -- and so I replied expressing my distress that they were active again and One responded with backwards text, which when read normally, says:
“Did you think we were going to sleep forever? The show must go on!”
Death undertones, I dig it.
Anyway, @hotsinglelemonsinyourarea​ my beloved asked why they were watching @emerald-whale​, and One hit back with binary that says:
“you don't think we're watching all of you? tell the lorekeeper to write this one down. sincerely, mod 1″
Which is fucking horrifying, but no worries One, I am writing it down!! I am making a whole ass fucking timeline!! Because I am but a humbled servant that kneels to whatever story you’re trying to tell here. :) Apparently. ::) I hate it here.
Anyway, an anon sent in an ask that is one of the funniest interactions ever:
“ooohhh pizza mozarella pizza mozarella rella rella oohh“
“alright no more lore for you guys until you learn how to behave”
And then Two felt like pitching in as well:
Tumblr media
Now keep in mind all of this was posted very fast and I was writing this post, -- still am, whoops, -- so I sent this very stressed ask telling them to SLOW DOWN THE LORE PLEASE IM FUCKING PLEADING as well as asking each mod a question, and I got shot back more binary cuz they hate me but they did answer my questions so the conversation goes:
Me: “One, are you in the same room as Three? What about Two?”  One: “yes. no. i miss 2 dearly.” Me: “Two, who did you bite to get out? Two: “the  ghuy from the movee !!!!  i bit him and sstole hias phone!!!!!! his passw ord was "willwoodsux"  :-)” Me: “Three, how long has it been since you’ve consumed any media that isn’t WW related?” Three: “It’s only been a year since I entered the cellar, so not that long ago :-) Around July you're welcome, lorekeeper sincerely, the three mods
So to clarify what and why I was asking:
1. My theory about One and Three being together while Two is separate is confirmed, yay me! Kinda trivial but I want to understand what’s going on in the cellar, so that stuff makes sense in context.
2. I haven’t seen the Will Wood movie, so this means nothing to me! Lucky for me, I have a friend, @indubitablyswag​, who has seen it, so I asked them!
Tumblr media
They have no fucking clue either!! So I will probably be renting that movie tonight, because this lore is worth money to me now, apparently, -- and I’ve been meaning to see it anyways. 
3. Three made a comment about having never seen Ratatouille, which Nigel thought tied into my theory that non-WW things weren’t allowed in the cellar. I think this confirms that, but it actually doesn’t excuse Three from not knowing Ratatouille because it came out much longer than a year ago. (Unless this ARG takes place in a different year? I’ll have to ask about that.)
Then there’s another pizza mozzarella whatever ask, but it’s okay cuz Two fucking murders them. 
I got my numbers screwed up and hurt One’s feelings, (IF YOU’RE READING THIS, ONE, IM SORRY, I MEANT THREE!!) something???? hurts, and I have wasted a solid nineish hours of my existence on this.
Then One gave me a whole ass heart attack by asking my favorite flavor of ice cream. (Theirs is birthday cake, apparently.)
I’m posting it before any of those fucks give me any more lore to add to this timeline because I’ve been here for like ten hours and I honestly just Can Not Keep Doing This, so I’ll be back with more theories later, -- especially after I’ve seen the movie. 
In the meantime, au revoir, I’m gonna go have a stroke. I hope you guys are pleased with your lorekeeper. Cuz if you’re not then literally what has this been for? :::))
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blueluneacy · 10 months ago
Soaps and Special Drinks
I wrote a giant melone x reader off a fantasy i had at work. enjoy
word count: 4k
warnings: delusional yandere, not sfw, breeding kink, stalking, public sex, aphrodisiacs, forced drugging, major dub con, does making someone uncomfy at work count? idk but its there
You didn’t hear her until she called your name for the third time, and when you did, you nearly fell over.
“Oh god, what happened, what did I miss, I wasn’t asleep, my eyes were open!” You yelled, leaving your manager to jump.
“(Y/n), it’s okay, don’t worry!’ She said, laughing a bit to herself. “Don’t worry, I was just going to ask about what was happening and if you needed anything. But it looks like nothing is happening.” She sighed. You nodded, looking around the shop. You worked at a small, handmade soap. The soaps in here were beautiful, but the shop itself was quiet, only getting a few customers. The bulk of sales ended up being online at the owner’s etsy shop, with the actual building simply being in their family for the last 300 years, making it hard to part with. You didn’t mind, the soap was nice, you often got to take some of it home, and the work was easy. But you couldn’t deny that god, it was really god damn boring. 
“Yeah, I’m alright. Sorry, I’m just… Really bored.” You laughed, your manager just sighing.
“I can take the front of shop for a bit and you can play on your phone or something. You don’t have to just stand there all day.”
“I don’t mind it. Gives me time to think. Besides, I see you playing on your phone in front of shop all the time, I know that I can do it right here if I wanted to.” You hummed, your manager just rolling her eyes.
“I put it away when a customer shows up, don’t you worry. And what is it that you’re always thinking about, huh? A boyfriend?” She teased. You rolled your eyes.
“You know that I don’t have anyone like that in my life. I end up thinking about stupid stuff. Like what would happen if cows became four feet taller, or something.” You told her. It was a lie, of course, but you could never admit what actually went through your mind.
After all, how could you admit that you were just sitting there thinking about otome games and anime characters? It was nice to sit and think about lots of handsome men loving you. Maybe you played too many video games or watched too much anime.
“Alright, alright. Keep sitting with your weird thoughts.” She teased, the two of you laughing before the bell at the door rang as it swung open. 
The two of you stared as you saw the man walk in. He was so strangely dressed, and he was wearing a mask. Is this some sort of bad Dread Pirate Roberts cosplay? Half of his shirt was missing, which you sort of wanted to chalk up to bad sewing, but you also knew that it merely could be bad fashion. People around here are weird looking. He had choppy purple hair that covered one of his eyes, making you think that maybe the whole mask thing was meant to be an eye patch more than anything. You weren’t an expert in eyeball health. Still, you smiled brightly at the customer, not wanting to offend as you walked over to him, ready to assist in any way possible.
“Hello, Welcome! Is there anything in particular that you were looking for today?” You asked, Melone looking over at you before his eyes widened. God, you were just so… So god damn cute! The apron you were wearing hugged your curves so well, your body was so cute in the way you held yourself, smiling as you looked up at the man. He could just notice your tummy under the apron, a shudder going through his body as he saw your bright, smiling demeanor looking up at him.
“Oh, I heard that there were handmade facial products here? I’m looking for something a little more natural in my skin care routine.”  He replied, looking down to see your little name tag, smiling as he got the information. “Ah, I suppose then you could help me, (Y/n)?”
You forced your grin a little wider when he said your name, before nodding, waving him over and you brought him over to a little corner of the store. You don’t know why, but it seemed to only make you uncomfortable when people did things like read off your name tag. Which seems silly, after all, it was there for a reason, but still.
“Of course, sir, let me show you. Are you looking for something like a cleanser? We also have exfoliate scrubs, made all in house.” You told him. Melone just hummed, leaning over the products and moving a bit too much into your personal space as he pulled off his gloves. 
“You can call me Melone, sweetheart, no need for the formalities. And do any of these have scents in their formulas? I would hate to break out from oils…” He asked, touching his face lightly. You just smiled, shaking your head. You took note of his name, trying to keep yourself smiling
“Any scents that the product has is from the actual parts, not from anything we add. Like, our coffee ground scrub smells like coffee, because you know. We also have some regular facial soap, all in bar form, that we have, if you’d like to see. I can also make some samples for you, and we have a sink where you can try out some of the testers we have out.” You told him. He just smiled, nodding as he looked around a bit.
“That’s all well and good, but what would you recommend before bed? I need to remove my makeup, and so many cleansers are for the morning.” He complained. You just smiled, looking around and grabbing the giant pot of what you were looking for.
“Here we go! This stuff kills at removing any makeup. It’s made with shea butter, honey and rose water, with a little bit of tea tree oil in there for that calming feeling.” You said, reaching in and using a little spoon to put some on one of the little dishes your store carried, and then handed it to him. “Go on, go to the sink and check it out! You should also really check out our poppy soap too, it has poppy seeds in it which honestly? My skin has never been better.” You chuckled. Melone looked at you, before smiling and nodding. If that soap was what gave you such a glow, then he would definitely have to try it. You sighed as you went back to the counter next to your manager, watching the man as he washed his hands, his eyes widening before he grabbed one of the little papers you had next to the table, and a pen. Since everything here was served in whatever amount the customer wanted, the shop kept papers for customers to make a list of what they wanted.
“What is it now, daydreaming about a customer?” Your manager teased, leaving you to roll your eyes.
“Do you want him instead? He was all in my personal space.” You replied.
“Oh, cheer up, he wasn’t that bad. A little weird, but harmless. And you really need to get used to the idea that Italians don’t have a notion of personal space. You practically lost it when that old lady grabbed your hand.” 
“Hey, that was a while ago, that’s not fair! I think I’m used to it now, he’s just sort of creepy. Melone…” You mumbled his name to yourself, Melone’s ears perking up as heard you speak about him. Oh, your name sounded so good rolling off your tongue. He wanted to hear it over and over again, make you make the sound, scream it, moan it-
“I think I have my list ready, cara. Care to help me out?” Melone asked, coming over to the counter and leaning over it, handing the list over to you. You just took it from his hands, looking over the list before sighing.
“Can you get the bar soap while I get the cleanser?” You asked, writing down what you needed in the liquid before handing out the rest of the list to her. She nodded, walking off with a small smile on her face before you just sighed, going to get the cleanser. You grabbed one of the small glass jars you had, before putting it on the scale, taring it out after placing down the glass. 
“Five hundred grams, right?” You asked, only for Melone to nod. 
“Yes. It’s heavier, so it’ll be less than what I assume it’s going to be, so I might as well just go for it. I’ll use it anyway.” He replied, watching the way you reached into the pot and carefully scooped out the cleanser. You were so focused, he couldn’t help but imagine what you would look like in a domestic situation, maybe using a serving spoon to scoop out sauce for dinner, maybe just for the two of them. Maybe you would be in a cute little apron like the one you were in now, your feet bare and your hair loose as you grew heavy with his child-
In that moment, Melone felt a plan start to form in his mind.
The rest of the transaction went fine, in all honesty. Melone seemed as though he was suddenly in a hurry, that he forgot that he had something to do, purchasing his items and leaving with a quick “Ciao!”. You could tell that he was speed walking down the street, but you didn’t really care. Maybe you were over exaggerating, and he was just some normal gy, albeit oddly dressed. Still, it didn’t really matter to you. The fact that the store was empty meant that you could go back to your daydreams.
You were so grateful when the store finally closed. As the two of you locked up, you pulled your coat closer to your body, looking around.
“You should be careful now going home. It’s dark a lot earlier now, I’m afraid that maybe there might be some bad actors in the alleyways…” Your manager sighed. You nodded in agreement, the thoughts of how dangerous this city was becoming as Passione moved themselves in running through the both of your minds. Your manager had talked about moving, not wanting her kids to grow up here, and you couldn’t blame her. But both of you knew deep down that no matter where you went, the mafia probably lurked there somewhere.
“I will, don’t fret. Text you when I get home?” You asked, giving her a smile. She just smiled back and nodded.
“Don’t zone out and forget, alright? I’ll text you when I’m home as well!” She said, before waving, the two of you walking off in separate directions.
You hummed slightly to yourself as you walked down the street. You made sure to stay close to the streetlight, but you could swear that you could see something out of the corner of your eye, the feeling of being watched harsh in your stomach. You turned around often just to check, but no one was there. You must really be losing it today.
Still, it was like you were attracted to what was unknown. You instinctively started to move farther away from the streetlight, to try and see what exactly was going on in the shadows, but nothing was there. You barely even noticed how far you were in the dark until you passed by an alleyway. You didn’t even see the hand that shot out and grabbed onto your collar.
You immediately tried to scream, but you could barely make a sound as lips crashed into yours, your body pressed up against the wall as you squirmed. You winced as your head slammed against the wall, your vision tripling and a groan leaving your mouth and easily swallowed up by Melone. He pulled away, taking deep, harsh breaths, watching as you tried to focus on him.
“Don’t worry cara, it’s only me, didn’t mean to scare you, wanted to surprise you on your way home…” He cooed, pinning your hands above your head and moving to let his lips press against your neck, leaving light kisses and he hummed.
“Wha… Y.. You’re that guy from the soap shop! What are you doing, let me go!” You yelled, starting to squirm. Melone just pouted, as if you had told him a bad insult or you had genuinely hurt his feelings.
“Ah, don’t be like that, bambina. Are you mad because I embarrassed you at work? It’s alright, I’ll make it all better.” He hummed, reaching into his pocket to pull out a small vile. He used his teeth to pull out the cork, before letting a drop hit his tongue.
“Yep, it’s still good. Go on, drink this all down, and you’ll feel much better, carina.” He told you. 
“Like hell I’m going to drink anything you give me-” Perhaps you shouldn’t have spoken. When you opened your mouth and started to yell at him again, he just shoved the vial into your mouth, pouring the liquid in before covering your mouth with his hand.
“It’s alright, I know it tastes awful, but you have to drink it all, amore, otherwise it won’t work.” Melone hummed. You just sat there, holding the foul tasting liquid in your mouth before finally caving and swallowing. It wasn’t like you had much of a choice. When Melone felt that you had swallowed, he pulled his hand away, leaning over and pressing a gentle kiss against your forehead.
“Di molto… Good, thank you. It means a lot to me that would trust me like that.” Like you had any other fucking choice. You just let your eyes narrow as you continued to let them dart around for some sort of escape.
“What exactly did you fucking give me?” You hissed, Melone laughing a bit.
“Well, I suppose you’ll feel it momentarily, won’t you? Liquid medication only takes one to four minutes to assimilate…” He hummed. You swallowed, feeling that your mouth was starting to feel really dry. It felt like everything was getting hotter, until your whole body was on fire. You let out a soft whine when you finally opened your mouth to let out a few pants, suddenly out of breath, before squirming again. This time, to try and get rid of the heat that was engulfing you. 
“W-What is this?! Please, it’s so hot, what did you do?!” You cried out, internally cringing at how desperate your voice sounded. But Melone just ate it all up, leaning in to press his body against yours, the outline of his cock making you shudder. God, think, what was happening to you?!
“It’s one of the best aphrodisiacs out there. Only the best for you, bella, I want to make sure that you feel amazing throughout all of this…” He told you, before pressing his lips against yours. You tried to struggle, but god, you were feeling so weak as the drug coursed through your veins, and Melone’s lips felt so good against yours. You felt your knees get weak, your body slipping down the wall that you were leaning against as it became harder and harder for you to support your own weight. Melone just pulled away, watching you sink to the ground as if weighed down by your own lust, smirking to himself. You were so beautiful like that. Melone could see the way you were tugging at your clothing, trying to get them off in some relief from the hell that consumed you. He just chuckled, pulling you up and making you lean on him. You just ended up grabbing onto Melone tightly, trying to take deep breaths.
“Don’t worry bambina. I bet it hurts bad right now, doesn’t it? Maybe I should’ve opened you up first…” Melone thought aloud, before shrugging. Too late now. He reached down to start to pull your panties off, the other arm wrapped around you and firmly holding you against him. He shuddered at the way your soft body pressed up against him, holding onto him like it was the end of the world.
“Don’t worry, (Y/n). I’ll make this heat go away, make you feel all better. You’ll feel perfect and well once you’re fucked full of my children.” He hummed. Despite yourself, you just nodded, desperate for a suggestion that would mean that you would feel better. 
Melone practically jumped in delight, easily pushing two fingers inside of you, relishing in how wet you had become, to the point where you were starting to slick your legs. You moaned, gripping onto Melone tightly and starting to whine shrilling, babbling back at him.
“O-Oh fuck, that feels so good, fuck, please, Melone, pleeeeease…” You whined, already trying to buck against his fingers. It felt so good, but it wasn’t enough, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy you, to make you feel whole again.
“You’re tempting me so much, bambina. You make me want to fuck you right now, god, you’re going to be so full when I’m done with you, my cute little wife.” He told you as he added another finger, scissoring you open. God, if you could hold yourself up, Melone would have no problem getting on his knees and eating you out until you came all over his face. He wondered what cute, fucked out faces you would make after cumming five, ten, a hundred times for him. He felt his cock twitch in his trousers and did his best not to get ahead of himself. He wanted to make sure that you felt just as good as he did, but god, you were making it so hard with those cute faces of yours! The way you were clinging to him, gasping and moaning like a bitch in heat, begging him for more, it was all so much.
“P-Please, fuck, more… It’s still so hot, please, need you so bad…” You mumbled, moving to rest your head against his shoulder as he thrust his fingers into you. He let out a low moan at your words, his hips slightly bucking against you for it. He was so pent up, not wanting to waste a single drop until he found the perfect person to fill up with it, and here you were, all perfect and begging him to breed you full of his children.
“Aww, poor thing. Perhaps I gave you a bit too much…” Melone sighed, pulling his fingers out of you and leaving you to whine in frustration. He pushed his fingers into his mouth and just moaned, shuddering as he tasted your juices. You grabbed onto him tighter, begging for some sort of relief from this hell. When Melone finally pulled his fingers from his mouth, he let his own lips crash against yours, pushing your back against the wall and pressing your chest against his to hold you up while his hands moved to rip his cock out from his trousers.
It was nice, bigger than you expected, and you could see that Melone was well groomed about himself as well. In any normal circumstance, you would be continuing to scream, but as Melone started to rub his cock against you, slicking himself up with your juices, you just moaned.
“Yes, fuck yes! Please, more, give me more, god, fuck me already!” You cried out, squirming and trying to make Melone’s cock catch to try on your entrance. Melone just groaned, moving a hand to grab your hip, before pushing into you slowly. He threw his head back as he moaned, his nails digging into you as he started to move, only pulling his cock out half way before slamming back, leaving you to whine in return.
“Oh, cara, you’re so tight, fuuuuck… You’re so perfect, fuck, my pretty little wife, gonna be such a great mother, fill you up and keep you full of my babies-” Melone groaned, leaning forward and leaning on your shoulder, babbling his nonsense into your ear. And you just ate it all up, nodding and wrapping your arms around him and digging into his back, whining.
“Fuck, yes, please… Feels so good, please, Melone, pleeease…” You whined, holding onto him tightly as you tried to grind against him. Your words were enough to really spring Melone into action, starting to pound against you wildly, mouthing as your neck and leaving harsh bruises. You just scratched at him in return, leaving red welts that might even turn into bruises tomorrow. Melone groaned at the idea of you marking him so primally, the feeling of you marking him as yours just as he was marking you as his. 
“God, you’re all mine, aren’t you? Love you so much, (Y/n), gonna keep you safe, warm, all mine, I’m yours just as much as you’re mine, fuck-” His teeth dug into his lip as he felt the way you were clenching down on him, the signal that your orgasm was fast approaching. Really, it was a miracle that you haven’t cum once or twice already, but perhaps it was something in the back of your mind that was holding you back, keeping you from finishing.
“Mmm, I can feel you’re close… Di molto, that’s perfect, do you want to cum while I breed you? It’ll be a great way to make sure it goes as far as it can.” Melone groaned into your ear, his voice sultry and husky in a way that filled your foggy head with static, only pulling Melone closer as you tried to chase your own orgasm.
“Yes, yes please, fuck, it’s too much, I’m gonna cum, please let me cum, please-” You mewled, on the verge of tears from how pent up you felt, grabbing onto Melone as if he would disappear if you let go.
“Fuck, good, then cum, cum on my cock, make me breed you, gonna fill you up so much, so perfect and soft and round, do it, cum for me, God-!” His voice was practically as a howl as his movements became jerky, before finally thrusting in and bottoming out inside of you, finally cumming. It was the feeling of him pushing inside of you that one last time that set you over the edge, a loud keen coming from you as you squeezed down on Melone, starting to milk him for all you could. 
The two of you rode at your orgasms together, quiet panting and whimpers from the both of you as Melone finally pulled out of you. You practically collapsed as he let you go, free from the burning heat but now exhausted beyond all belief. Melone caught you, holding you up with his arms and chuckling a bit. You shuddered as you felt some of Melone’s seed drip down your leg, leaving Melone just to purse his lips.
“We shouldn’t be wasteful like that. I should’ve brought a plug, poor thing…” He sighed, reaching down to scoop up what fell and push it back inside of you. You moaned at the sensation, giving him a look to let him know that you were much too sensitive right now. He just laughed at your expression, before easily scooping you up in his arms.
“Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter. We have all the time in the world once we get home.” Melone hummed. You stared at him incredulously, trying to figure out what the fuck he meant. You started to squirm a bit, but you were much too exhausted to really put in an effort to get away from him.
“Hmm? Well, of course I’m going to bring my wife home.” Melone hummed, petting your hair lightly. Your face went pale at the realization, but there was nothing you could do. Even if you could get out of his arms, you were too weak to run away away from him. You were stuck, hopelessly trapped with a madman, forced to listen to his deranged cooing as he made his declaration.
“We have a lot more work to be done if we’re going to make you a mother.”
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ask-purpled-and-blued · 6 months ago
Not once has Purpled ever called himself a hero.
He wants that on record, wants to say it up front. He’s never had any delusions about what he is and what he’s doing.
He doesn’t have the license for it, doesn’t have the morals for it. He’s not even saving that many people.
He’s just some kid running around in pro hero cosplay with his shoddy homemade support gear.
So riddle him this: why the fuck is his vigilante name trending on Twitter under #Swag_forHeroCon?
(—This one’s got a high-stress moment and the briefest panic attack known to man somewhere in the middle. Mind the post’s tags and reply if it needs more.—)
It started about a year ago. It’s sophomore year and he’s looking at his options for next year’s classes.
Of course he’s taking AP Calc and everything he thinks colleges wanna see. That’s a given and a no-brainer and he’s not gonna go into detail about that.
No, what matters is that his junior and senior year let him take career classes.
Hero-related career classes.
Because not only is this a private nerd school that he needs his scholarship to afford. It’s a private nerd school that has a dual-enrollment type thing with a nearby heroics school.
And one with a pretty good support course that is now available to him.
He’s always been interested in math and engineering. Support courses are just using both of those to make cool shit for heroes and make hella money while doing so.
He’s done his research. Support gear can cost anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to an arm and a leg and both your kidneys.
And it’s his dream to make that kinda money.
So he talks to his counselor about it, fills out the applications and waivers, takes the program’s entrance exam. And within a week he’s got his new schedule that’s got an extra two hours slapped onto the end of the day.
It’s gonna be so worth it.
And it really was.
The beginning of the year was covering what they should make support gear for, how to take the quirks and ideas of the heroes they’re working for and make them actually work.
But also the design process, how to research stuff, lab safety. How to make something look nice while not compromising its utility, costume design, branding. Different materials and their uses, different materials and how to work with them. How to deal with mistakes and set-backs. Avoiding burnout and getting literally burn.
The class was amazing. But his favorite part came later in the year.
The final project.
They were given a made up hero student’s profile and were told to create a support item for them. The file came with their name, measurements, hero name, quirk description, and several sketches of what the fake person looked like and of them using their quirk.
They were given a few deadlines and some profiles came with design requests, but for the most part they were allowed to go ham.
And go ham he did.
His assignment was a kid whose quirk was being able to float just himself. He got a couple sketches of what the kid’s costume already had and it looked like there was a bee theme going on.
So, naturally, he decided to give this kid a pneumatic nail gun.
Alright so maybe that wasn’t as intuitive as he thought it was. But the kid didn’t have any sort of weapon on him in any of the sketches!
And there wasn’t any sort of close combat abilities listed in the biography like some of his classmates’s people had, so the further this kid could be from the action while still packing a punch the better.
Hence the nail gun he was designing to look like a stinger.
He did his research. Looked up where the body’s vital organs are and read up on acupuncture. Looked up the damage that stab wounds can do and how fast a thing had to be going to go right through you.
Printed out some human outlines and wrote up a couple sheets that pointed out the “no-no spots.” And basically wrote a manual on how to use the thing and half an essay on why certain safety features were implemented to keep him and the fake kid from being sued.
And then halfway through actually building the thing he got the idea to add a paralytic substance.
And then he hated himself a little bit because he had to find a substance that would be non-lethal and would have the desired affect. And then he had to go to his teacher during his office hours to sit down and explain that yes he had this idea but he’s not entirely sure if it’s a good one.
And he wrote another almost-essay about what he chose as the paralytic substance and why he chose it and what the max amount the average person could take was so that he wouldn’t be liable if it was used improperly.
And then he recorded himself reading all of his paperwork both for extra credit and because apparently the kid’s bio said he was dyslexic and the teacher wanted them to do this as realistically as possible.
Probably would’ve been easier to just change the font but he’s come this far, might as well go the extra mile.
He paints the thing. Gathers up all his research and his concept sketches and his blueprints and his explanations and his recordings.
And he dumps them on the teacher’s desk and enjoys the lull in the class as the final projects get reviewed and graded.
They get to watch movies and Netflix with the TA while the teacher sits in the other room grading them.
He loved this class.
He still loves the class but it loses points for the fucking heart attack it just gave him.
Apparently the hero students they made shit for we’re real hero students. Actual, physical people who applied to the heroics department and got in. And may possibly one day be heroes if they didn’t fail.
And were going to come in and see the shit they made that passed inspections. And would be given said shit to use as part of their hero costumes.
In hindsight it should’ve been obvious, but Purpled cut himself some slack there.
At least his guy was nice. A little too excited at 4pm on a Thursday, but given the fact that Purpled just handed him a gun and said he could shoot people, it was understandable.
Purpled felt really good as he walked this Tubbo guy through the instructions again. Apparently he’d already been sent the paperwork and the audio before this. So all that was left to do was remind him about it the important stuff and then taking five wide steps back and letting him shoot at a practice dummy.
Well, Tubbo’s aim wasn’t his problem.
F to any villains and civilians in his way.
At this point, there’s probably some confusion.
“Purpled, why did you become a vigilante if your support gear inventing future looked bright?”
He’s getting to that!
He needs to talk about his junior year to give context for his senior year.
Which sucked absolute ass.
For one, Purpled’s quirk came in.
Now, normally that would be a pretty good thing. Somewhere around 80% of America’s population had quirks.
Four out of every five people had some sort of ability or abnormality that ranged from being able to detach your ear to having super strength. Getting one that wasn’t detrimental to your health, even at his age, was generally a positive thing.
Except Purpled’s actually sucked. Sucked so fucking bad.
Yeah, he was lucky in that he didn’t suddenly grow gills and need to live underwater for the rest of his life or something. But he honestly wished he could go back to a week ago when he didn’t have this quirk.
When he wasn’t constantly being forgotten by the people in his life because of a quirk he couldn’t turn off.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the quirk counselor’s quirk let them detect the use of quirks, he would’ve thought he’d lost it.
People forgetting his face, his name, his existence over the span of a week was hell. He had to show his mother his birth certificate and social security card and his baby pictures so that she’s remember she had another son. Let alone everyone else in his life that he only saw at school.
Oh god his fucking school.
The lengths he had to go to to keep his fucking scholarship was fucking nuts.
Classes were a nightmare with the teachers forgetting about him by the end of the period.
Things eventually got easier when he realized it was an area of effect thing and that he could shorten it to affect people within a few feet of him.
From that point on he just had to social distance from people like his life depended on it. Because his social and academic lives did depend on it.
He didn’t experiment with his quirk beyond that though. He hated it. He did everything in his power to keep it as tightly controlled as he could.
Until the one time he didn’t.
He was out to get another notebook because he’d severely underestimated how many notes he’d need to take for one of his classes. It was just supposed to be a quick stop on his way home.
He’d sat on the bus home with his quirk pulled in tightly around him, the force of it a buzzing weight on his skin that he refused to let go of.
He got off at a stop that wasn’t his but was closer to the dollar store he had in mind. He honestly didn’t expect to take more than ten minutes.
Then a guy walked in and loudly told the cashiers to hand over the money.
Purpled wasn’t that close to the front, but he peeked around the aisle and watched the robbery unfold.
The dude had what looked like leaves for hair and was holding the cashiers at gunpoint. There were two of them at adjacent checkouts, neither of them with any visible mutations. They actually might not have quirks.
Purpled has no idea what to do with this information.
His best bet was to wait for the heroes to arrive and stay quiet-
One of the cashiers was looking right at him. Robber guy noticed.
Turned around and pointed his gun at Purpled. Told him to get out from where he was hiding and to kneel on the ground in the open.
And Purpled was scared. He couldn’t move, he’d frozen.
The guy got loud and mad and he still had the gun pointed at him.
Purpled was panicking. His chest felt too tight and his quirk was freaking out. Buzzing harder than it ever has.
He couldn’t hold it. He let go.
For a moment, everything was still and everything was quiet.
Purpled felt light, he felt more at ease than he had in months.
Because his quirk was free and loose and everyone else in the room looked so fucking confused. Like they had no idea what was going on.
Like they just forgot what was going on.
And then the heroes arrived. How they knew to be here was anyone’s guess.
Purpled should probably give his statement.
Purpled was probably in shock though. So he forgave himself for shoplifting and not pulling his quirk back in. For just walking right out of the store and down the street.
Nobody shouted at him or called him back, so he assumed they forgot he was there.
He wished he could forget he was in the store for that moment too.
There’s a lot of other little things that lead up to Purpled being a vigilante, but those things don’t matter as much.
He drops out. It’s not hard to make people forget he even went to school.
He regularly breaks back into school to steal tools and materials for his projects and just wipes the people who walk in on him doing that shit.
Makes a costume but scraps it and decides to make several replicas of the top twenty’s costumes.
Because he’s realized that the wider he makes his range the less of an effect his quirk has on all those in range. Vice versa.
So the pro gamer move here is to make people forget what they saw the person in the pro hero costume doing instead of trying to make them forget they saw an unfamiliar figure doing shit.
Memory is reconstructive after all. Easily manipulated even without a quirk like his.
And he’s good at making his costumes and altering his appearance.
He probably won’t always do a good job wiping people’s memories though, so he lets it stick that there’s a vigilante that impersonates pro heroes. One that constantly shifts their appearance.
He even gets bold and makes a name for himself.
Listen he didn’t say it was a good name-
He doesn’t stop a lot of crime. And the people he does save often think they were saved by someone else.
But there’s always that one moment after he managed to save someone where they look at him. And they see him.
And that’s worth everything.
It’s not a selfless motive. It’s not a heroic motive.
But it’s enough of a motive for Purpled.
He doesn’t know how he got a following. Doesn’t know how he never noticed.
But he likes it. After the initial shock of seeing himself trending fades, he lets himself soak up all the positive attention.
And then he gets back to work.
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magesup · 6 months ago
finally came across a csm tiktok and ran here 😤
oh my god.....thank you for sharing this with me OTLL csm has actually been popping off on tiktok lately??? i dont use it very often but when i checked the tag, this kobeni ddr game tiktok and a makima cosplay tiktok got like 500k+ likes each i was so happy to see it becoming popular on there as well :,))) maybe thats why theres a recent surge in popularity for chainsaw man...🤔?? i do think tiktok is the most popular platform right now after all OTL
what a wonderful denji tiktok, so so true. SO TRUE!!! i hate to go off on a tangent here but im gonna go off on a tangent ✋ (sorry if i already said this before i genuinely forget which thoughts i have already shared and which ones i havent OTL) the way that denji learns that sexual intimacy is empty without emotional intimacy...THATS SUCH AN IMPORTANT LESSON!!! especially since its published in a manga targeted towards teenagers. because the cold truth is that teenagers are horny. but they should also know you can only truly gain satisfaction from sexy things if there is emotional value behind it as well. sex =/= happiness
which is why i dont appreciate how denji is labeled/reduced to a pervert sometimes by the community ;__; his character is SO SO much more complex than that. after the bomb girl arc, he never once mentions anything sexual. he has so much respect for the girls bodies, and even at his horniest he always made sure there was consent like when he touched powers boobs and himeno giving him a kiss. reze was literally naked on the beach and denji took off his shirt and used it to cover her. denji literally saw quanxi naked and didnt say anything. HE SAID NOTHING!!! his journey with dealing with sexual stuff is part of his developmental growth! hes so much more mature by the end.
in conclusion, denji has one of the best character arcs ive ever seen and im so proud of him, thank you
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skyesins · a year ago
Red Mercedes | 03 (M)
Tumblr media
Baekhyun is an infamous frat boy with scarlet streaks in his hair that match the outer coat of his vintage red Mercedes. He likes parties, day-drinking, and showing too much chest. You’re a girl who just wants to be in love, and Baekhyun is just a boy who gets in the way.
Masterlist ➸ Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 “Picnic Rhymes” (M) | Chapter 04 | Chapter 05 | Chapter 06 (M) | Chapter 07 | Chapter 08 | Chapter 09 | Chapter 10 | Epilogue Part 1 | Epilogue Part 2
Characters: You as “Chun” x Baekhyun
Genres: angst, smut in later chapters, college!au, fratboy!au
Warnings: oral sex in the woods
Length: 5.2k words
Tag List: @byunfirstlady​​​ @baek-byunies​​​ @byunshim​​​ @hkynm​​​ @changshapatrol​​​ @gyukult​​​ @blvckdseouls​​​ @jegforstaerintethjaelp​​​ @vampwrrr​​​ @baekklove​​​ @hirumixoxo​​ @kjmsupremacist​​ @baestelcolor​​ @insta1010​​ @mangobaek​​ @itsbaekhyunsbutt​​ @blackberrykai​​ @defluenza​​ @baekterflyeffect​​​ @stepanielove​​ @honeyboocal​​ @baekpedia​​ @mushymush-hyuck​​ @madametranger​​ @ice-queen-04 @kittyhundred​​ @bbh-kji​​ @realllllrica​​ @mcxuxi​​ @blanknearvana​​ @xxluckydreamsxx​​
Author’s Note: I hope you all enjoy and give me some of your thoughts!  And don’t let the (M) tag fool you. Character development takes place too.
Tumblr media
Baekhyun drove you out to the hills with the trails. In LA, these hillside trails weren’t rare, but they were rare to be without hikers and tourists. However, today was different; you were visiting these trails with Baekhyun, and it seemed like the whole world bended and broke for him because there wasn’t a hiker or tourist in sight.
“We’re on private property,” Baekhyun told you as he stopped his car at the foot of the hill. “But I know the guy who owns it, so we’re good.”
Of course, you thought to yourself. Leave it to Baekhyun to find an exclusive spot for a date.
He opened the car door for you before proceeding to open the trunk of his car. You watched as he took out a seemingly heavy picnic basket that caused his arms to flex when he lifted it. Licking your lips over the sight of veiny arms was so bare minimum, but you were bare minimum; you’d easily love this boy even if he quoted cheesy romantic poetry. Baekhyun seemed to notice your gaze upon him, and he smirked as he nudged his head towards the trail.
“C’mon, baby,” he said, “sun is setting.”
Your heart felt like it had a seizure when he grabbed your hand to escort you down a trail almost completely covered with foliage. His head was turned, giving you a full view of his red-and-black mullet which you adored from that angle. It was still unbelievable that you were actually here with him. Him being the most attractive person that you had ever laid your eyes on, him being the only person that you knew who was so shameless in his delivery of even crass “poetry.”
Baekhyun led you towards a grassy clearing off-trail which seemed to be purposed for a picnic anyways.
“You’re the first person I’ve taken here,” Baekhyun said as he laid down a blanket that he had pulled out from the picnic basket. “It’s almost like I’m losing my virginity again.”
You sputtered out a laugh. “Baekhyun, I don’t think a simple date is comparable to something like that.”
“Well obviously you’ve never been on a date with me cuz I’d say that those things are pretty comparable.”
There he was with that shameless, confident delivery—again. It made you shake your head, but you sat closely to him regardless when he had laid out the blanket.
“You know,” you started, “I’ve never met anyone like you. You’re so unafraid to say what’s on your mind that it’s almost scary.”
“Really?” Baekhyun seemed genuinely intrigued by your statement because he tilted his head to the side. The setting sun had penetrated through the trees and bushes around you, casting cloud-like patterns over his face. Something about him in that light made you want to take a picture of him—or at least the moment, but his lips were moving. “Seulgi says I need a filter.”
“And maybe you do,” you said, “but I like it. I like it a lot, actually. It makes you, well, you.”
“I’m glad to know that my loud mouth is one of my defining characteristics.”
“It’s not a loud mouth,” you murmured, eyes on the unique curve lips. “It’s a pretty mouth.”
Immediately after you uttered those words, Baekhyun’s lips stretched to form a smile which evolved into a laugh that displayed his Colgate commercial teeth. “Baby,” he said like he was in a 60s movie, “I didn’t think you were gonna say something good about my mouth until after it was touching your pussy.”
You laughed breathily and punched him playfully in the shoulder. “Please,” you whined, “ever since you recited that poem about beauty, I’ve been thinking of how pretty your mouth is.”
“Oh really?” Baekhyun arched a brow. “Would you still think it was pretty if I was calling you a slut?”
“Depends,” you said with a shrug. “Are you calling me a slut to demean me or are you calling me a slut because you know I’d blow you even if you were driving?”
Baekhyun let out a lively laugh that made his eyes form into little crescents. “Maybe I’m not the only one with a loud mouth here, Chun, and maybe I’m not the only one that needs a filter.” The two of you laughed together, and you silently prided yourself for being able to think of a line like that on the spot—while you were in the midst of the smoothest talker that you knew by far. “Chun,” Baekhyun repeated after you had composed yourselves. “Chun,” he said again before tilting his head and frowning. “Choon.”
“Yeah?” you asked, giggling. “What?”
“Is that really your name?” Baekhyun inquired. “Like the girl in Street Fighter? The video game?”
You grinned as the subject of your name was one of your favorite things to talk about. “Yeah, actually it’s exactly like the girl in Street Fighter. Cuz when I was in high school, I cosplayed as Chun Li for Halloween, and everyone started calling me Chun, so I stuck with it.” You shrugged casually. “Ever since, I just went by Chun, and every Halloween I go as Chun Li.”
“That’s hot,” Baekhyun remarked. “But what’s your real name then?”
“Don’t worry about it. Just call me Chun.”
Your aloof attitude must have appealed to Baekhyun because he gave you an approving nod accompanied with a smirk. He reached out to grab you by the waist, and you let him guide you into sitting on his lap. As you straddled his thighs, he tucked locks of your loose hair behind your ears and seemed to outline your features with his gaze. His gaze was cutting, and you felt like the angel Michelangelo saw in stone—because you felt like you were someone new when Baekhyun looked at you like this, like you were the prettiest thing his eyes had ever seen.
“It suits you,” he commented after a while. “I like it. I like it a lot, actually,” he added in reference to your earlier remarks. “And you know, I didn’t think I’d like talking to you this much.”
“Oh?” You raised your brows. “Should I be offended or…?”
“No,” Baekhyun said with a breathy chuckle that tickled your nose. “It’s a compliment cuz I don’t just wanna fuck you now. I wanna know you too.”
“Oh.” You had to look away in an attempt to suppress your gleeful smile.
“But I wanna know you after I fuck you.” Baekhyun’s crass words were back, and it was then that you had the courage to look into his eyes again. “Or at least,” he said, stroking your blushing cheeks with his thumb, “after I make you cum.”
Oh, god. It was happening.
“What are you waiting for then?” you whispered. If you had spoke any louder, your voice would have cracked, and you didn’t want to seem like a coward in front of Baekhyun.
“I have precautions,” Baekhyun said surprisingly. “I don’t just let anyone sit in my lap, and I don’t just fuck anyone.”
“So you’re picky, I get it.”
“No, I’m smart.” Baekhyun’s tone was so serious that you wiped your smile off your face to really look at him—not to admire him, but to understand him. “Let me ask you two questions. One, when was the last time you got tested?”
His question took you aback because no one had ever asked you that in your entire college career.
“At the beginning of the year,” you said, almost stuttering. “I tested negative for everything, and I haven’t slept with anyone since.”
“Okay, good.” Baekhyun nodded in approval. “Two, are you a virgin?”
If you had any water in your mouth, you would have spit it out. Who even asked questions like that? Better yet, how could someone even ask a private, intimate question like that without a semblance of anxiety in asking it?
“No,” you said after a moment’s hesitation. You had heard of frat boys and boys in general who only wanted to have sex with virgins because it made them feel like they were winning trophies. Girls in your sorority had talked about them before, and some were rumored to be in Baekhyun’s frat. Though you didn’t think Baekhyun was one of those guys since you doubted that the pretty girls that he was always around were virgins, you were now alert. “Why?” you asked guardedly.
“I don’t like virgins,” Baekhyun said, surprising you even more. “They get so attached.” He rolled his eyes disdainfully which broke your heart in a way. “You fuck ‘em once, and suddenly they think they wanna be in a relationship with you.”
“Oh,” you mumbled, unsure of what to make of Baekhyun’s attitude towards the topic. Personally, it hit close to home for you; losing your virginity to your first boyfriend made it that much harder to break up with him. Baekhyun’s jaded view on a delicate matter hurt, sure, and it brought you back to reality—a reality where Big B also stood for big fucking jerk as some of your sorority sisters warned.
“But you’re not a virgin,” Baekhyun continued, “which is good cuz I like girls who know what they’re doing anyways.”
Without another word, his hands were grabbing you around the waist and pushing you down onto the blanket underneath the two of you. Just like that, he made you feel sad and then fucking turned-on within a span of only a few seconds.
“Did I mention how much I like this dress?” Baekhyun breathed against your lips. Your eyes were closed and your foreheads were touching, but you could feel his eyelashes on your cheeks; he was that close to kissing you, but he had to let his mouth run first. “You were right,” he mumbled. His hands were now groping your breasts, and Jessica was a godsend for telling you that you shouldn’t wear a bra if you were going to go out with Baekhyun. “You do have nice tits.”
“Thanks,” you mumbled out of habit. You were too focused on feeling Baekhyun’s hands palm you that you failed to realize how out of place the remark was. Thankfully, he found it funny and even laughed. It was then that you found the courage to touch him just as unashamedly as he had touched you. Your hands found his chest, and you let them run over the gently sloping curves of the muscles there. “You know,” you opened your eyes and saw Baekhyun already looking into them, “you’re wearing my favorite shirt.”
“You have a favorite shirt on me?” Baekhyun teased. “So you’ve been watching me then, haven’t you?” You nodded without care, and he smirked. “Why’s it your favorite?”
“Cuz it has buttons,” you whispered, “and I wanna be the one who unbuttons these.”
Before your hand could actually unbutton even one set, Baekhyun was grabbing you by the wrist and shaking his head at you.
“I’m not taking this shirt off,” he said. “Someone could see us.”
You frowned. “Aren’t we literally about to—”
“Just let me do my thing,” Baekhyun interrupted with a voice of authority. His playful eyes had gone serious again, and he was spreading your legs with his knee. “I said I’d make you cum, and I’ll do that once you shut up.
You did as he wanted and did a motion pretending that you were zipping your mouth. Baekhyun grinned and traced a line from one of your nipples to the other before zigzagging down to the hem of your dress. He gently lifted that part of your dress, and you raised your hips to give him better access. Jessica had told you not to wear panties either, but you weren’t ready for something like that and opted to wear a lace pair.
Baekhyun’s hand slipped under the waistband of your panties, and he hooked his fingers there before pulling them down completely. A small gust of cool wind hits your core, and you try to close your legs, but Baekhyun keeps them open. Something about not wearing panties despite remaining fully dressed makes your stomach churn in excitement; you had never done anything risqué like this, but you were now considering upon doing it in the future.
“I’m gonna lay down,” Baekhyun said, now hovering about you, “and you’re gonna sit on my face, okay?”
Fuck yes, you thought.
“Get on your back then,” you said eagerly. “I could also suck you off, if you want.”
“No,” Baekhyun said, surprising you yet again. Most guys would have loved the fact that you were proposing to suck their dick—but not Baekhyun. Instead of agreeing almost immediately, Baekhyun just shook his head. His lips formed a mischievous smirk that you had already gotten very acquainted with, and you knew immediately that he was going to say something awful and daring. “I wanna see your face when you cum, baby.”
You tried to turn to the side to avoid Baekhyun from seeing your cheeks redden at his comment, but he placed a hand on your jaw and stopped you right in your tracks. That simple action—forcing you to look at him—couldn’t be any sexier, and you swore you trembled before Baekhyun’s amused gaze.
“What’s wrong?” he asked softly. “Why are you always looking away when I look at you?” Baekhyun tilted his head to the side, and an expression of concern replaced his smirk. “Tell me.”
“It’s n-nothing,” you stammered, still a little embarrassment. “You just make me nervous sometimes.”
“I make you nervous?”
You rolled your eyes playfully to ease the mood. “Why do you say that like you’re surprised? I’ve been nervous around you since that party.”
“I thought you were just playing hard to get,” Baekhyun said, his lips already beginning to form another damned smile that was likely to make you more nervous. “Whatever,” he shrugged, “doesn’t matter. Just get comfortable and let me taste your pussy already.”
Fuck. Why did he have to say it like that?
Baekhyun laid faceup on the blanket which was too short for his entire body. His feet stuck out and laid across the grass, and his broad shoulders took roughly half the width of the blanket. For a moment, you sat in place and admired how seemingly vulnerable his body looked in a position like that. You wanted to straddle him, unbutton his shirt, scrape your nails down that delicious chest, look into his eyes as you rode his cock and made him—
“You good?” Baekhyun asked, interrupting your rude thoughts. “Come on,” he whined, “I’m thirsty.”
“Oh my, god,” you muttered under your breath, “you’re awful.”
“Awful?” (For fuck’s sake, why did he have to overhear?) “How am I awful for being thirsty?”
You didn’t say anything to that in fear that he would say something else; you merely placed your knees on both sides of Baekhyun’s head and took a deep breath before you lifted the skirt of your dress. Your heart had been pounding so hard that you swore that you could feel it in your cunt too, and the moment you exposed yourself to Baekhyun, you had to avert your gaze to the trees in a feeble attempt to control yourself.
“Pretty,” Baekhyun murmured beneath you. His breaths tickled your outer lips, and shivered slightly at the warmth. “I wanna see what it’d look like with my cock in it,” he added. “Fuck.”
At that point you had gotten yourself semi-composed, and you looked down to see Baekhyun eye your cunt like it was something at a museum. Your sisters at the sorority had advised you to get waxed down there and often, and thankfully you had taken their advice; you couldn’t imagine yourself as being anything but smooth and completely bare for Baekhyun—who, speaking of which, had begun to gaze into your eyes.
He didn’t say anything, but he let his tongue do the work.
A gasp of surprise mixed with pleasure leaves your mouth when his tongue makes direct contact with your clit. Baekhyun’s cheeks plumped up, and his eyes formed into little half-moons; he was smiling. He was fucking smiling. He undoubtedly was so into this just to see you react, and you were going to help him in his amusement.
He flicked his tongue across your clit quickly, and you whimpered at the tendrils of electricity you felt there. His tongue, warm and wet and wonderful, was quick to make your clit throb with lust. It only took him a few circular motions with his tongue around that sensitive little nub until your thighs jerked uncontrollably in minuscule movements. Baekhyun seemed to enjoy that because his eye-smile kept itself on his face.
“Baekhyun,” you gasped, “what the fuck?”
Your fluids had started to trickle out of you thanks to Baekhyun’s gentle coaxing. It hadn’t been long since he started his slow assault on your clit, but that was your weakest spot. When a man found your clit, you would always, positively, wholeheartedly be that man’s slut, and here you were—Baekhyun’s. He seemed to know that he was in control of you too because he took his time in letting the tip of his tongue move from your clit down to your leaking entrance.
His tongue separated your inner folds, and your body reacted accordingly and gave him freer access to your fluids. He had to hold your thighs down with your arms to stop you from flinching at the contact, but all it did was to turn you on even more. It was like that night at the party where he held you by the throat so you couldn’t move away as he spat in your mouth; now he was holding you down to make sure that you couldn’t move your cunt away from his tongue, and it was fucking hot.
You were dripping, you could feel your needy cunt lubricate itself for a desperately needed orgasm from a man with red and black hair and a red Mercedes.
Baekhyun’s tongue slipped past your inner folds and finally entered your awaiting cunt, and the sound of your own moan filled your ears. The warm and smooth muscle of his tongue felt like heaven was in between your legs, and you lurched forward to support yourself on your palms as Baekhyun continued to eat you out.
Since you had stopped trying to hold your skirt up, you could no longer see Baekhyun’s awfully amused face as his tongue ruined you from the inside out, but perhaps that was a good thing. You had time to recuperate with the sheer insanity of this moment, and though you felt so good, this was crazy. Here you were, sitting on Baekhyun’s face after months of dreaming about it, and you were in the woods, your cunt dripping slick fluids directly onto his tongue as your skirt covered the sinful act. If someone were to see you two like this…
“Baekhyun, fuck,” you moaned when he withdrew his tongue from inside you and placed his mouth around your clit. He kissed it a smack before promptly sucking on it. “Ohh,” you moaned again.
Jolts of electricity coursed your body, and their origins were from your clit which Baekhyun was now delightfully pleasuring—or torturing. His gentle suckles against that bud of nerves were life-threatening, and you didn’t mean that in an exaggerated way; your body was so his that you weren’t sure you even wanted control of yourself anymore. You had closed your eyes and let the pleasure overwhelm you, leaving all the control to Baekhyun.
You were lost in this ecstasy: his pretty mouth on your dripping pussy, your core shaking and aching for release, for Baekhyun, for his cock.
Baekhyun sucked harder around your clit and you let out a high-pitched mewl at the sheer amount of pleasure you felt. His lips molded into a shape perfect for your clit to enjoy, and he was taking full advantage of that. Soon he had you sitting upright again just so you could rock your hips onto his face.
When you looked down at Baekhyun again after you had lifted your skirt, his eyes were closed and his brows were furrowed. You were fond of that because then you knew that he took your pleasure seriously and that he wasn’t just there to make you blush or watch you squirm. However, he soon opened his eyes, gazed into yours, and winked.
Who the fuck—
“Shit!” you exclaimed suddenly. Baekhyun had sucked your clit even harder to the point where he was pulling it into his mouth. The gentle yet forceful pressure against your clit was more than enough to send you over the edge. Your thighs shook, unable to hold yourself up any longer, and before you knew it, you were experiencing a mind-numbing orgasm.
You tilted your head backwards, and sunlight that had filtered into the clearing hit you directly in the eyes, so you saw red. Felt red. Was probably fucking red in the cheeks. Baekhyun didn’t stop just because you were in the midst of a climax; he took himself a step further and flicked his tongue over and over your already hypersensitive clit. He extended your climax for at least another minute until you pushed yourself off him and rolled to the side to get a hold of yourself.
What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck… You chanted to yourself in an attempt to clear your head. However, soon even those thoughts dissipated into utter nothingness as you descended into a dreamlike space.
“Baby?” Baekhyun asked, hovering above you. The sun was so low in the horizon that it illuminated half of his face with an orange hue and seemed to make his right eye glow like petrified amber. His lips were redder than you last remembered and wetter too, and his chin was undoubtedly slickened with your cunt’s fluids. “How was that?”
You were silent for a moment as you squeezed your still quaking thighs together. The orgasm that you had experienced was so intense that you couldn’t do anything but shake your head.
“You fuck,” you gasped after another wordless minute. “Why’d you wink at me?”
Baekhyun laughed heartily, and he leaned forward to cup your face and kiss you. His mouth tasted of you, and you tasted of something familiar but not quite yet describable. Your main focus wasn’t on the way you tasted, however; it was on the fact that Baekhyun smiled into that kiss. Even when he pulled away and breathed hot breaths on your mouth, you could hear the smile in his voice.
“Cuz I knew I’d make you cum,” he explained tersely. “Now you remember what I was saying earlier?”
“About what? That stupid poem? Roses are red, violets are blue, hurry up because—”
“I really wanna cum in you,” Baekhyun finished. He sat up and pulled along with him. “Since I ate you out, you have to suck me off now.”
“Why can’t I just fuck you?” you whined. After your release, you were desperate for some cock, but it seemed like Baekhyun wasn’t going to give you what you wanted.
“To be honest, I really fucking want to fuck you,” Baekhyun confessed, “but I forgot to put a condom in the basket.”
Baekhyun had no time for your antics. He simply frowned and scowled at you. “I’m so fucking hard right now,” he said through gritted teeth, “and I need you to suck me off, you slut.”
Oh, how life-threatening those words were.
He just called you a slut, and to others that might have been extremely offensive, but you took it like a compliment. After all, it wasn’t a lie; it was the simple truth. You were a slut for him, and he was going to get his way with you because you were going to let him.
“Can you unzip your pants?” you asked, already getting on your stomach for better access to his cock.
Baekhyun didn’t say anything as he unbuckled his pants and loosened his jeans. He was careful not to take his pants off all the way; he only slipped them down as much as he needed and slipped his cock out from under the restrain of his briefs. Like it had a mind of its own, Baekhyun’s cock slapped against his abdomen as it stood upright and ready for action.
You had dreamed of this moment for so long that you almost didn’t believe your eyes.
Baekhyun’s cock was nothing short of expectation.
He was known for “joking” about his big dick, but you didn’t know that those words held truth until now. He wasn’t massive, but he truly did have something to be proud of because he wasn’t small or even just average either. Though, you had to admit that you didn’t care much about size at this point. You cared about the man who the cock belonged to, and that man was Baekhyun, so nothing else mattered except him.
After a moment to admire rigid vein over rigid vein on his deliciously hard member, you spent not another minute spitting on the head of Baekhyun’s cock to lubricate it. You did this a few times before finally just taking the plunge.
You didn’t know what overcame you to do that since sucking dick and sucking dick the right way was no easy task, but perhaps your sudden boost of courage was the outcome of a mind-bending orgasm afterglow. Despite that brief moment of bravery, however, you weren’t prepared at all.
Baekhyun’s hard shaft caused your eyes to burn up with tears as it scraped the back of your throat. Your gag reflex—goddamn that cursed bitch—wasn’t kind, and you literally gagged, almost choking, on Baekhyun’s cock. As embarrassing as that was, you weren’t going to pull him out, and you continued to slip him down your throat even as a tear flowed from your eye.
“Easy, baby,” Baekhyun reassured you. He stroked your head and pulled your hair backwards into a makeshift ponytail to see your face more clearly. “You can take your time.”
But that was the thing; you didn’t want to. Why would you and how could you? He had just shattered your mind by eating you out like no other man had before. It was practically a moral obligation for you to do something similar to him.
Ignoring Baekhyun, you wasted no time in bobbing your head up and down his shaft. You not only surprised yourself with how quick you were going, but you also seemed to surprise Baekhyun. He let out a soft groan as his thighs clenched beneath you, and since he had pulled his shirt up slightly, you also saw his abs flex as he fought off the pleasure of your warm mouth around his cock.
Your eyes started to cry as his cock continually scraped your throat, but you weren’t going to give up.
“Baby,” Baekhyun wheezed, “you don’t have to go s-so fast.”
He had stuttered through those words, and it gave you so much pride to know that you were finally the one rendering Baekhyun red-cheeked and flustered. It gave you enough motivation to continue despite your watery eyes. Above you, Baekhyun had let go of your hair and fallen backwards onto the blanket to give him a better position and angle to thrust his hips. Of course, it only made your throat sting harder, but you loved to see him so vulnerable and so pleasured—thanks to you.
Baekhyun’s breath rate had increased, and you saw beads of sweat form on his brow as his thrusts sped up. You even saw him crumple the blanket under his hands.
“Fuck, baby,” he groaned one final time before he forcibly pushed your head down onto his shaft. Your nose made contact with his trimmed hairs, and he kept you in that position as his cock twitched inside your mouth. “Fuuuuuck.”
You did your best to swallow around his cock to enhance the feeling for him, but you were only thinking about your next breath—about your stinging throat that was surely going to be hoarse the next day. The only thing pulling you through that moment was hearing his gasps and feeling his thighs clench and unclench in the midst of his own orgasm. Thankfully, Baekhyun’s release didn’t last long like yours because within a minute, he had released his hold on you and allowed you to pull his softening cock out of your mouth.
The two of you were wordless for a while, and both of you were breathing like you had just ran a marathon.
“That was insane,” you were the first to comment. “I almost choked.”
“Death by cock,” Baekhyun remarked. “Not a bad way to go if you ask me.”
Despite the fact that you were winded to hell, you found the strength in your lungs to laugh. He was so awful, but you loved him in spite of all that made him so… Well, there was no word to describe him except one. He really was as “bodacious” as he claimed himself to be.
“My throat is fucked,” you murmured as you rubbed it.
Baekhyun’s cock was just in there, you thought to yourself. That’s so fucking cool.
“Let me get you some water and then maybe we can finally eat.” Baekhyun pulled his pants back up and redid his belt before reaching over to grab the picnic basket that he had brought there. “Hey, you know what they say about picnics, right?”
“Picnic rhymes with big dick.”
You sputtered out a hoarse laugh and punched Baekhyun in the arm. He replied by winking sappily and handing you a bottle of water. Meanwhile, he took out a bottle of Heineken from the basket and popped the cap off. As you peacefully drank the cool water that soothed your burning throat, Baekhyun was already downing the bottle of Heineken like he was in some sort of drinking competition—but he quickly brought the bottle down to stare at it.
You withdrew your bottle from your mouth. “What’s wrong?” you asked.
“Seulgi replaced this with water,” he grumbled. “What the fuck? That stupid bitch.”
Your eyes widened at the word. Baekhyun cursed a lot, but that was different, and you knew how to distinguish a curse meant to enhance comedy, a curse meant to emphasize, and a curse meant to hurt. He just called Seulgi—his best friend—a stupid bitch. There was no jest or hint of sarcasm in his delivery or even in his body language. He said that with no good intent.
“Let’s go,” Baekhyun said as he stood up abruptly. “You can eat in my car as long as you don’t get crumbs all over it.”
“Wait, what?” You sat there dumbfounded. “What do you mean? We’re leaving already?”
“I need a drink,” he replied simply. He was already gathering his belongings and placing them back inside the picnic basket. He even handed you your pair of discard panties.
“I can give you the rest of my water—”
“No, Chun,” Baekhyun snapped. “I need a drink.”
Before you could further question the matter or even make a remark, he was pulling the blanket from under you and shoving it into the picnic basket. You barely noticed how his hand shook when he did so, but you noticed it regardless, and you couldn’t help wonder why he was acting so strange.
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Cobra Kai/Karate Kid Survey!
I was tagged by @alienfuckeronmain; thank you for the tag, this was fun 😊
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?:  I've had much more embarrassing obsessions over the years, one in particular that my sister still makes fun of me for, so this is nothing fhghg.
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?: Completely and totally new. So new I haven't watched any of the movies, and have only watched a few parts of the show here and there that combined, could maybe fill one and a half episodes' worth of time. So new, in fact, that for the longest time the only Karate Kid I was vaguely aware of was Jaden Smith.
We gotta do the basics. Favorite character:  Amanda. She's no nonsense, she's funny, she's badass, and I think she could rule the world if her heart wasn't set on capitalism (one of her two flaws, the other being that I kind of get "It's a banana, what could it cost, ten dollars?" vibes from her. I could be wrong, I probably am, but I feel like she's definitely acted like a Karen a few times. Lmao imagine Daniel and Amanda first meeting at a restaurant where he's a waiter pulling a double shift and she asks to speak to his manager and he's half extremely irritated and half thinking he wants to have the entitled confidence to speak to ppl like that. Terrible 💖. I'm getting off track). Anyway despite this, I think everyone should be pining for her at all times.
Favorite ship: Lawrusso babeyyy! That sexy sexy yin and yang narrative foil trauma really does it for me.
Underrated character: Aisha my beloved. They could have done so much with you baby and then they didn't. One day I will feel confident enough to rectify this.
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy, lol):  I have a special love for Robby/Miguel
Wax On, Wax Off or Sweep the Leg?:  Wax on, wax off because Sweep the Leg sounds like it's all fun and games until you try it and embarrass yourself by not being able to move or startle your opponent even a little bit. I am Robby trying to sweep Johnny's leg and my opponent is Johnny just fucking stepping over my leg like they're playing a particularly slow game of Helicopter on the playground :///
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favorite?:  I can't have a favorite outfit because I've never seen the movies rip. I will say though I've seen a gifset of the scene where he catches the fly with his chopsticks and he's wearing like this baseball tee that I have an almost exact replica of and I want to cosplay that klasfh.
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver: Jessica Andrews. I think it could be fun to have the perspective of someone who hasn't had Johnny or Daniel living in their head rent-free for three decades lmao. Like she probably remembers Daniel, but he's probably a passing thought to her, a vague thought of "hope that kid turned out ok" before she goes on with her life. Also I have a thing for Amanda fucking every woman who's ever been somewhat significant to Daniel or Johnny, so obviously that needs to happen. And just imagine: she insisted on keeping her relationship with Daniel platonic (extremely totally valid and correct), but she almost immediately starts making out with Amanda when she meets her? Iconic and Daniel would understand because he knows his wife is just that amazing.
Scene that lives in your head rent-free: The scene in the car where Amanda calls and Daniel goes, "Johnny Lawrence is with me." Whore stop last naming him, she knows who that bitch is!!! Stop giving weight to his name! Does Johnny have a middle name? If he does and if Daniel knew it, guaranteed he would have full named him in that scene. I despise him. :')
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?: God I hope so. That kid deserves more fhfhf and I want to see Daniel have to admit that he, like every parent in the universe, totally has a favorite child and it's definitely Sam. And then work to make sure it's not obvious like Jesus Christ. Ok we get it, she's your mirror, she is your Legacy, you understand her more - you can't help that she's your fave! But damn son don't let your other kid know that. Anthony LaRusso confronting his father story arc WHEN. Also as far as I'm concerned, Amanda does a far better job of not showing favoritism and therefore is Anthony's favorite parent. He should be petty and tell Daniel. Just wanted to throw that in there.
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?:  Bold of you to assume I'm not the actual master of indecision. And also a creature of spite. I start my own dojo called "Leave Me The Fuck Alone, Go The Fuck To Sleep." (In all seriousness the teachings of Miyagi-Do do speak to me more. But also karate is sports so no thanks fhgjg)
What’s your training montage song?:  Uhhhh probably Te Aviso, Te Anuncio by Shakira or True To Your Heart but specifically the version for the end credits of Mulan
It’s the crossover event of the century!  Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special?: I have two options for this.
Community. I already have an idea for how an AU with a different timeline might play out, but also like. Just letting the worlds clash as they are is fucking hilarious to me and I could do two specials worth of it. The former would take place in the timeline of Community - as in, 23 year olds Daniel and Johnny (and their Karate Kid peers) attend Greendale Community College in the year 2009. Daniel because he's finally decided to try this out after years of Mr. Miyagi and Lucille hounding him to at least give it a shot instead of dwelling on his two hellish first years in Cali and going from job to job. Idk how he ends up in Colorado yet. Johnny canonically ended up in community college in Colorado after a few years in the air force, so the same thing would happen here. The latter is Daniel and Johnny for some reason attending Greendale, either somewhere between 2009 and 2014, or in 2018. Just. Just past middle age losers having to deal with Greendale, but also Greendale having to deal with them and their unresolved trauma. Also Frankie putting up with their nonsense. Also also Amanda and Frankie date. Or Ali and Frankie. Or Carmen and Frankie. Shannon and Frankie. Kumiko and Frankie. Frankie lesbian :')
Psych. Post Season 3, Miguel becomes convinced that there's a spirit haunting the dojo because strange things keep happening. He eventually convinces enough of the other kids to bring their concerns to their senseis as a united front, only to have Daniel and Johnny be like, "I'm sure there's a more logical explanation for this." (Daniel says that. Johnny just says that there's no such thing as ghosts.) The kids get desperate enough to want to contact someone outside the group, but they don't want to go to the city cops because. Yeah lmao and also they've been involved in so many karate related incidents that the cops wouldn't even hear them out. That's when Miguel finds out about a psychic detective agency in San Francisco, and he brings them in. If you haven't watched Psych, please watch a few clips and then imagine Shawn and Gus annoying the ever loving shit out of Daniel and Johnny. Imagine them being even more exasperated by Lassie. Johnny hitting on Juliet only to get shot down HARD. Shawn flirting with them both. I'm fucking crying aklsdhfa.
Hmu if you want to hear me ramble about any of these possibilities; I have way too much to say lkshdf.
I'm tagging @pottaku, @anicety, @alittlebitfound, @kdyelo, @fangirlsuperhero, @twobrokenwyngs, @variousqueerthings, @jknip2, and @angrysmolbean
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imma-potatoo · 10 months ago
I AM NOT SORRY AT ALL @superwholockandpfl
This is once again written for my friend k.c.cosplay on tiktok! Once again, amazing cosplays 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙
Same universe then this fic
*Logan is a dark side*
Ships: Loceit, parental logicality, parental anxceit
Warnings: none that I know of? Let me know if you want me to tag something
Perseus and Andromeda
Logan and Janus stood in front of the other four. Smiles completely coated their faces as they both held out their left hands. Janus holding Logan's bicep with his right hand.
Rings. On both of them.
"You- you got married?" Patton's voice was timid. He didn't expect this day to come. But he currently wanted his father-son dance with Logan
Janus and Logan's faces quickly turned to shock. "What?! No! We're engaged! These are engagement rings daa-- Patton!" Logan blushed at the almost use of Pattons old title. Not that Logan didn't view Patton as a father figure -far from it, Janus and him were the youngest sides- but calling someone dad while you are practically the same age and completely imaginary is quite weird in his opinion but I mean-
"My love, your zoning out again."
Logan could hear the amusement in his fiance's voice. Squeezing Janus' hand slightly; Logan cleared his thoat, "What was that question again?"
Roman was slightly laughing before Remus elbowed him in the ribs, "OW REM-" "Roman sh! Do you have a date picked out yet?" Virgil had a hopeful shimmer in his eyes
Logan and Janus looked at eachother briefly, "Not really, to be honest" Janus laughed slightly. "He just asked me last night," a lose curl falling from behind the yellow sides ear. Logan quickly catching it to tuck it back to its rightful place
The sides migranted over to couch. They had a feeling that they'll be talking for a while.
"Any ideas on a theme yet?" Roman was bouncing enthusiastically, hands tight fisted on the couch. A huge ear to ear grin spread on his face
Logan hummed, thinking back to a precious conversation, "We're thinking victorian or dark academia. But we're open to any suggestions!" his hand was tracing circles over and over on Janus' back.
Roman jumped off the couch. Bouncing up and down over and over and over, "FEAR NOT MY BELOVED FRIENDS! I will help you plan it!"
Romans eyes sparkled rapidly. Grin glowing like wild, he paused for a second or two before gasping, "WE COULD HAVE IT IN A HUGE GOLDEN BALLROOM! With crystal plates! And a hundred foot tall cake! An-"
It was at that point where the blue and yellow sides completely zoned out to Romans tangent.
The newly engaged couple gave eachother a look. This look said a lot of things. But mainly 'are we seriously going to let a side who thinks throwing glitter at random objects equels fashion. Complete control of our wedding?' that look. Its a very very specific look. But its a very obvious look.
The red creativity seemed to notice the couples glazed over eyes and blank expression. So he quickly stopped his rant to add on a rather important detail, "I mean... If you guys want me to help. Its completely ok if you don't!! I mean, its ok, I just-"
"Roman for the love of all things holy. Please stop talking." Logan was rubbing his temple with his free hand, "We would love to have you help plan our wedding. But we don't need a ballroom, or crystal plates, or any fancy fairy tale type things." He squeezed Janus' hand with a bright grin, "We just need eachother."
Roman's dramatic pose and extreme tangent faltered. He paused. Seeming to process the information. Before a small grin took his face. "then thats what you two will have."
Janus moved his gaze from Roman to the green twin... Looking at the floor.... With a pout that could kill a god.... Looking very non-Remus esq.
"Remus, do you also want to help plan our wedding?"
In the span of a second, Remus' face bounced between 50 different emotions before settling on complete and utter happiness, "I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK MY AMAZING DOUBLE D-"
Patton slapped his hand over Remus' mouth, "lets not talk about my future son-in-law like that! eeewwwWWWWWW!!! ROMAN HE LICKED MY HAND!!" Patton snapped his hand away as soon as he put it on.
Laughter filled the rest of the night... And quite a bit of wine.
------2 mouths later-----
Logan grumbled as he threw another crumpled piece of paper against the desk. Elbows on the desk, hands pressing into his eyes.
His supposed vows were going amazingly. Completely. Totally. A hundred percent. Amazing....... Oh who was he kidding? His vows were going terribly.
Not from lack of love or anything absolutely ridiculous like that. He loved Janus more then the stars, moon and galaxies combined. He loved everything about Janus.
He loved Janus' snark. He loved the way his eyes glowed when they watched a movie. Or how Janus' voice drips like steeped honey and smoked chives. Or how his snake eye dilates when he's happy. Or when he gets excited and talks for hours and hours about a philosopher or a certain myth that sparked his interest or reminded him of their relationship-
Thats it.
The last myth that Janus was talking about was Perseus and Andromeda.
Andromeda was to be sacrificed to save her kingdom because her mother boasted about her beauty to the nererids. The nererids told their father, Poseidon, and as revenge; Poseidon sent a sea monster to ravenge the kingdom. Perseus, the hero who slayed Medusa, saw Andromeda chained to the stone and slayed the sea monster. After saving her, he took her hand in marriage.
It was far from their love story. Far far from their love story. But...
The way his eyes lit up.
Logan could get drunk on that look. He could live off that look alone for the rest of his life. Oh and that smile
Logan takes his head out of his hands. Mouth agape.
He had an idea
Janus had been hitting his head against his desk for hours.
Janus could write millions of speeches, and could convince armys to do his bidding, and he could use empty words to get his desires.
But these damn vows.
Janus supposes that its because he isn't used to truth. But he wants too! But the truth seems to be avoiding him more then mouse with a cat.
Logan likes cats, he could never get one before because Patton's allergic. Should he even call Patton by his name? Wouldn't he call him dad now?
He allowed his mind to wonder for a short period of time. Elbows on the desk, hands pressing into his eyes.
This needs to be the truth and its not like he's low on love for Logan. Far far from it
They met when they were younger. Really really younger. He doesn't even remember it. But according to Virgil, Logan and him stared at eachother for five minutes before actually talking to eachother -more like babbling- after that they were practically inseparable. They did everything together apparently. Then they stayed friends for a long time. They barely even talked to eachother by the time that he introduced himself to Thomas. But...
But then Logan became a dark side. Logan started to unbutton the top of his polo. Logan stopped wearing the tie. Logan started to wear ice blue makeup. The Logan he knew as a child came back.
The Logan who loved science, bugs and books. Who loved ranting about old dead philosophers and Janus loved to listen. Logan loved old libraries and classical music. The Logan that used to watch Bill Nye as a child and knows the theme song by heart. The Logan that loved old myths and stories. The Logan who would go outside to the imagination and watch the stars and constellations for hours. His Logan
His favourite constellation was Perseus-
He has an idea.
----The Wedding Day----
Janus adjusted his suit for probably the millionth time. Running his fingers through his hair, attempting to make it lay properly. But only making the curls more wild.
Grumbling obscurities while trying to smooth down his damn hair, he heard low chuckles behind him.
"You know your only gonna make it worse, right Jan?" Virgil was leaning against the wall. His own hair absolutely perfect.
Janus sighed, "I know dad. But I just want my damn hair to lay properly for once! This is why I wear my damn hat-" the chuckles turned into full laughter.
"Logan will love you, no matter how your hair looks," Virgil stood up straight (HA) and walked over to Janus
He took a comb and started to go through his hair. Janus stopped growing by the time he was fifteen, so he was maybe at shoulder height with Virgil. "You need to stop worrying so much, and thats coming from me. Lo loves you more then the sun itself. Don't worry about something as silly as your hair."
Janus watched from the floor to ceiling mirror as Virgil expertly calmed down the mess of his hair.
"Patton please stop crying. Your going to stain my suit-"
"BUT MY BABY'S GETTING MARRIED!!!" tears were still leaking down his face. He's been doing this since he came into the room -which was about twenty minutes ago-
Logan sighed, a smile apparent on his face as he patted his father figure on the back. "I know." he straightened his bowtie slightly in the mirror, "I just love him so much dad," Patton sat down in one of the dressing room chairs. A smile covering his entire face.
"Jan isn't really one to cry. But when I proposed to him? Tears just started leaking. I thought he was upset, so I went to comfort him," blush growing on his cheeks, "then he kissed me and looked me directly in the eyes and said yes." Logan felt a huge grin spreading on his cheeks against his will. He looked out of the mirror and back to his father. "He said yes."
Patton stood up from his seat and put his hands on Logan's shoulders, "and now its your wedding day. You two are going to get married and live out your lives being complete loveable nerds as you talk about philosophy and the stars and things I could never understand. You two are absolutely perfect for eachother and I can't wait to see where you two go next." while tears still shone in his eyes, the smile showed that they were of happiness.
They stared at eachother for a few minutes. Patton nitpicking small details to fix on Logan's suit.
"Janus the one walking down the isle right?"
Logan laughed softly, "yeah, he said it was a more dramatic entrance. Thats my future husband, right there"
Patton looked a little puzzled, "Can you even call him your future husband if the ceremony is starting in less then ten?"
"I mean, technically thats in the futur- wait. How much time was left?"
Patton blinked. Looking in the eyes of his son, "Ten minutes."
A look of panic shot through Logan. "We have to go!"
Logan grabbed Patton's hand. Pulling him out to the room. The celebration hall was stunning
It was outside, circle tables scattered around the clearing like the stars above scattered in the sky. A banquet table for the newly weds, their parents and their best men. The altar was covered in delicate fairy lights illuminating a soft glow. The shimmering stars above their heads shone brighter the usual. The constellations of Perseus and Andromeda were by far the brightest.
Logan stopped in his tirade to the altar. And simply looked at the brilliant view that the twins had put together for them.
For once in his life. Logan was speechless.
"They did a good job right?!?"
Logan was still looking around the meadow, amazed at every tiny detail. From the black dahilas that Remus insisted on including because of the famous unsolved murder, to the fairy lights climbing up the pillers that was no doubt Roman's doing.
"Its beautiful... How di-"
"The twins are a very creative bunch, kiddo!! We have five minutes until your wonderful groom comes out!" The other guests were starting to fill the room as Logan took his place at the altar. It was mostly figments that Thomas had made. Emile, Remy, The Critic, etc. They all took their seats and watched the meadow.
Logan walked over to his place next to the altar. Hands fidgety and resisting the urge to mess with the hair that he spent so long combing down. Roman stood at his side, while Remus waited at the other side of the altar for Janus. Before he knew it the music started to play, the quests rose from their seats, he felt his desire to stand straight. But none of those compared to when Janus walked into the room.
Janus walked in with Virgil latched on to his arm. A periwinkle blossem on the left of his chest. He still had his yellow gloves on -he really hated taking them off. Without the gloves, Janus couldn't lie- but he was without his hat. He was in a black tux with a yellow bowtie.
Logan couldn't think of anything else more beautiful. Logan couldn't think of anyone more beautiful then the side in front of him. Logan couldn't help the gigantic, ear to ear smile as Janus arrived at the altar and took his hands in his own.
The officiant -Who Roman just summoned from the imagination- cleared his voice and spoke to the whole room of people, "Friends and Family, we are gathered here today to connect two side's hearts and souls through this ceremony.
Logic Logan Sanders, Do you take this side to love and to hold, to protect and charish and to adore until the end of your lives?"
His smile growing wider, eyes sparkling with deep love and affection; Logan gazed into Janus' eyes, lightly squeezing his hands. "More then the sun and the stars."
The officiant smiled slightly before turning to Janus. "Deceit Janus Sanders, Do you take this side to love and hold, to protect and charish and to adore until the end of your lives?"
Tears shone throughout Janus' eyes. He removed his hands from Logans and for a second the blue side felt his heart drop, only for it to swell when he sees Janus remove his gloves and place his hands back in Logans. "More then every lie, secret and promise I have ever made."
The officiant turned back to Logan, "Please say your vows."
Logan felt his heart throb as he opened his mouth,
"Janus. In the very very long time that I have known you, I find myself falling more in love with you every day. I love how you laugh. I love how when you're tired you curl up to my side. I love how you stay by my side through it all. My translation from a light side to dark, my learning cerve to our new family, every dilemma from the others that we have to enviably fix.
Every night, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. You occupy my mind. And god Janus, I never want you to leave it.
I love you. I love you more then Perseus loved Andromeda." Logan's eyes were shining with unshed tears, he lightly squeezed Janus' hands. "I love you Janus and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."
The officiant nodded, then he turned to Janus. "Please speak your vows."
Janus drew a shaky breath before speaking.
"Logan, I honestly don't remember when we met. You were my only constant, the unchanging variable that I could always fall back on. You were always there for me and I want to always be there for you.
I love you more then anything Logan. The way you light up when a new documentary comes out, drives butterflies to my stomach. When you laugh, I get lightheaded. When you smile, I get bolts of electricity to my heart. When you take me to the imagination for a date among the stars, I get so love drunk that things get dizzy. When you took me to our favourite place and got on one knee, I cried tears of joy.
There is nothing that I don't love about you. I've always found honest words hard to process. But believe me when I say that I've said no lies to you. You are the one person I will never lie to. I love you more then Andromeda loved Perseus," Janus looked up at Logan. The height difference apparent, but he smiled like he never smiled before. "I love you Logan. And I cannot wait to call you my husband."
The two sides gave eachother looked at eachother with pure adoration and love.
"Please put these rings on eachother."
They could hear Patton's loud sobs in the background as they slipped on the rings.
The officiant smiled wide, "I now pronounce you, Husband and Husband! You may now kiss your groom!"
They flew together like magnets. Logan grabbed the side of Janus' face to pull him closer, the earthy smell of cloves and plums filling his senses. Janus held Logan's arms and pulled him towards him. The kiss was far from chaste, but they pulled apart not long after to be met with......
The twins were a very chaotic bunch...
The wedding continued perfectly as planned. Then it came to the father-son dances.
Virgil as Janus were doing well. Virgil was giving Janus his best wishes and telling him how proud he was if him.
Patton and Logan??
Patton always cries at wedding to say the least...
Then it was their turn to dance.
Logan took his husbands hand and led him to the dance floor. It was lit by only fairy lights and the extra bright stars. They twirled and spinned and danced like they was only the two there.
The two battled for the lead before Logan won. Hand now in the swell of Janus' back and leading him in a very elaborate ballroom dance. Janus' scales glowing a bright yellow. Even over the music you could hear their laughter.
Patton and Virgil stood on the sidelines. Watching as their children had their fun. Virgil hummed slightly, "you owe me twenty bucks Patt."
Patton was very confused, he hadn't made any new bets recently or borrowed any money. "Why is that kiddo?"
Virgil turned and looked at Patton, "Ten years ago, you bet me that Lo and Jan would never get married. You owe me a twenty."
Patton grumbled slightly as he pulled a bill from his jacket pocket and handed it over. "This is the best bet I've ever lost then."
Virgil laughed, purple beginning to dust under his eyes. "You got that right," He took two glasses of champagne from the waiters walking by, "To our beloved children?"
Patton took the glass and raised it with Virgil. "To our beloved children." they then took a long sip and continued to watch as the couple danced.
The stars shining above, the moon full. They loved eachother more then Perseus and Andromeda.
I also have 0 self control soo
Tumblr media
The charcters are very ooc... But I don't overly care.
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raevenlywrites · 9 months ago
Raev’s Find The Word
@ashiiknees tagged me to find the words cough, narrow, hurt, and complicated. Been playing with How To Date A Jewish Werewolf, so lets pull from that
“How bout lunch?”
Aaron brightened. "You smell it?"
Chris laughed. "Of course I smell it. Your whole house smells amazing. Plus Bex told me lunch comes after service. ...How was it?" 
Chris sounded tentative, and he had to wonder if that was just the not knowing anything about his religion part or the smelling his tension without realizing it part. Or maybe just the knowing this was something that had been stressing him out because she actually listened when he talked part.
"It was fine." He sat back up with an exhaled breath. "Nostalgic. Too early in the morning. Uplifting--aside from David and Dad "not fighting" about not fighting." His eyes flicked to the kitchen. Wolves would hear everything said in this house, at any volume, so there was no point in whispering.
"Hes still mad at me for quitting my life. Dad has misgivings too, but he's adamant about keeping his Shabbat. Tomorrow's troubles will still be there tomorrow. But I wont be, so David wanted to tell at me now and just--"
He shook his head.
Whatever he might have said after that was cut off by a cough from his father, standing in the archway between the living room and kitchen.
“Come, eat. We can talk and eat at the same time. Be with your family while you’re here. We miss you.”
Aaron nodded with a rueful smile, standing and offering his hand to Chris to take her to lunch.
“Tell you what,” she said, rolling her head to look up at him. “You order, I’ll eat. So long as there’s cheese on my burger, I’m good.”
He gave her a side eye. “Anything?”
She nodded.
“Sweet?” Nod. “Spice?” Nod. His eyes narrowed on her, then he scanned the menu more thoroughly, just sure there was something she wouldn’t like, and just as sure he’d accidentally order it.
Chris laughed and sat up. “I promise, I didn’t see anything on the menu that I didn’t like. That’s part of the problem, I can’t narrow it down. So long as you don’t prank me with anchovies, I’m good.”
He snorted, nose wrinkling in distaste. “I can’t trust anyone who doesn’t like anchovies. They’re like, nature’s flavor bombs. Great on burgers.”
“Flavor bombs?” She laughed, partially just at the face he was making. “Salty, fishy flavor maybe.”
Chris tapped the menu. “You can prove me wrong another time. No anchovy burgers.”
He raised his hands in defeat. “Fine, fine—I’ll just make you buy me pizza for dinner tomorrow after class. You’ll be too tired to argue, and then the noble little fishies can plead their own case with their awesome flavorosity.”
He snickered. “A fake to-do list huh? Trying to throw Mr. Won’t Take the Hint off your scent?”
Chris groaned, head falling back dramatically. Then she had to quickly look down as her balance wobbled on the cracked sidewalk.
“He’s such an ass. I know you were joking, but I legit had to lie about what I was doing Friday because he has a company party this week and he thinks us breaking up is going to hurt his chances at a promotion for some reason.”
He thought about asking “So what are you doing Friday?” but thought that maybe angling for a third not-date before they’d even been on the first one was pushing it. Especially on the tails of a bad break up. Just because he was ready to move on from his didn’t mean she was from hers.
Which reminded her of Lyndsey and food. "Is there any wolf things I should know about food stuff? I know I opted out of the wolf stuff at wing night, but uh, I think that ship sailed."
His fingers drummed the wheel as he thought. “Okay. So wolf stuff. With the family, it won’t apply, because familial relationship beats out any wolfy politics, but the short version is this: Mom and Dad are the top dogs in the group, and will be giving us all food because they are top dogs. We will accept the food and thank them, because we want to keep receiving food. If you were a ranked wolf, you would be bringing them some kind of food, and what you brought and how they prepared it would make all kinds of social statement. But again, since it’s just family dinner—and since you’re coming to mom for help as a new wolf—it doesn’t apply.”
She blinked at all that and sighed, letting her head rest against the seat. "God, it sounds... complicated. I mean, when I don't have the excuse of being new."
He reached over and patted her knee. “I doubt it’ll ever come up. Unless you suddenly decide you want to devote all your time and energy to being a ranked wolf, you’ll just be able to ride on your alpha’s coattails.” He sighed, a little ruefully. “And if you decide you want to stay with Lyndsey and us, no one will expect anything from you anyway. We are the weird kids’ table in the lunchroom of life.”
She rested her hand over his, enjoying letting her fingers explore his hand. "Lyndsey's a little weird, but I don't think you're that weird."
He rewarded her with a warm smile. “I am the least weird of the weirdos. And I’m Jewish and braid cosplay wigs for fun.”
"Yeah, but the way you swing your sword makes up for the hair stuff, according to Mel." Chris ran her hand up his to squeeze his wrist. "I like that you like braiding hair."
He snickered at the mention of Mel, who he found more delightful now that he’d had time to process her. Then he went all soft inside again at the tone in Chris’s voice when she talked about braiding hair.
“I’d be happy to braid your hair for you any time you like. All you have to do is ask.”
Tagging back @my-liminal-spaces @faesongwrites @quillwritten and anyone else who’d like to do it. Your words are: Comfort, Morning, Classic, and Challenge
How To Date a Jewish Werewolf Tag
@rainy-rose @write-the-stars-and-shadows @therecouldbecolorsandlove @souliloquyyy @indecentpause @theramwrites @adventuresofacreesty
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multi-fandom-imagines8 · 2 years ago
The Perfect Ship
Request: Hey, I saw that you’re requests for Spn are open. Can you write a Dean Winchester x reader fic? R is a part of the team and on a mission she discovers that Spn is a book (like a cosplay or smth) and she sees  people shipping them and her reaction is the same as when Dean found out about Destiel. Maybe they end up together after that. I hope that wasn’t too much. Thank you Requested by anon.
A/N: I’m glad someone finally requested a Dean fic. I’m so in the mood for him right now. And don’t worry, that’s not too much information, in fact it’s great. I decided to do two parts, so in this part there’s only a part of the request at the end, but still enjoy!
O/h/c= opposite of your hair color.
Word Count: 1634.
“Come on tell me you got us a case, Sammy! It’s been a week and nada. This has been the longest and most boring week of my life. If I have to sit here for another minute and watch the state the bunker is in right now, I’m gonna die!” you whined.
Sam smiled before answering “I think I might have something”.
Tumblr media
“What is it? Spill it out!” you quickly came to his side to check the case on his laptop.
“Three people have disappeared in the last two weeks near Jackson Square” Sam informed you.
“Are you kidding me? New Orleans? Really? It’s full of witchy Voodoo crap and haunted houses. There are probably some teenage kids playing some stupid game. There’s no case there” Dean took another sip of his beer.
“Shut up! We’re going, but if you want to stay here, it’s your choice. I’m not gonna rott with you. Let’s go, Sammy! Oh, and even if there’s no case, why would you miss visiting New Orleans. I mean come on” you took your leather jacket and headed outside to the Impala. Seconds after, Sam followed and then Dean.
“Backseat now!” Dean ordered as you sat in the driver’s seat.
“What happened to ‘there’s no case?”.
“I still don’t believe there’s a case but no one takes baby away from me, especially not you. So, backseat now!”.
“No! I was here first. Besides, I always ride in the backseat, I’m not going to this time. I’ve been rotting for a whole week in the bunker. I deserve this”.
“You deserve nothing of a sort. Now be a good girl and do what you’re told”.
“Excuse me?” you exited the car and crossed your arms ready to attack Dean after hearing his response.
“You heard-”.
“Oh my god! Stop being so dramatic. Both of you! Y/n, you can take my place. I’ll take the backseat but for heaven’s sake, shut.up!”.
“Where’s Y/n?” Dean asked after fueling the Impala and paying at the gas station.
“I don’t know. I thought she was with you”.
After searching for you for about five minutes, Dean gave up and waited for you in the car. It was hot and sticky and you’ve been away for 15 minutes. Finally you made your way back to the car with a grin on your face.
“Alright, let’s go” you instructed as soon as you entered the car.
“Oh, she lives! I thought some monster devoured you. What a shame!”.
Tumblr media
You gave him a fake smile before looking down at your phone.
“What the hell took you so long?” he turned to face you.
“As you said, there was a monster. I had to fight for my life. I barely survived” you mocked.
“Very funny. Next time, I won’t be waiting”.
“We’ll see about that” you smirked.
“Pull over!” you commanded.
“What now?”.
“I’m hungry. I need food!”.
“We were at a gas station like an hour ago. Couldn’t you get something from there?” Dean rolled his eyes.
“Gas station food and restaurant food are two different things, Dean. What is wrong with you? You love food?”.
“I just want to get there before I’m old and toothless”.
“Well, I got some bad news for you buddy. You’re already old and you’ve lost a couple of teeth, so like just give it a couple of years and you’ll have no teeth”.
Tumblr media
“Can you both stop please?” Sam finally spoke.
“I haven’t done anything. She started it” Dean shifted the blame onto you.
“Says mr. perfect” you rolled your eyes.
“Both of you just shh. I don’t want to hear a word coming out of your mouths the whole way to New Orleans”.
“Bossy much?” you muttered.
“Yeah” Dean agreed with you.
At two or three a.m, Sam was sleeping uncomfortably in the backseat and you fell asleep on Dean’s shoulder. He was about to tell you to move, but when he saw how peacefully you slept he refrained from doing so and couldn’t help but smile. Four hours later, you woke up at the sound of loud 70s music.
“Rise and shine, sweetheart” Dean smirked.
“Fuck you, Winchester!”.
“I told him not to do it” Sam said.
“You were sleeping for so long. I had to do something and we both know you’re not the type that’d wake up if someone just nicely asked you to” he teased.
“What time is it? Are you out of you damn mind? It’s six in the morning and I’ve slept for like three or four hours and you call that so long? The average amount of sleep a normal human needs is like seven or eight hours and I’m not normal so I need more, you asshole!”.
“That’s your problem”.
“We’ll see in the future when I’m standing on your deathbed” you rested your head on the window and tried to get some more sleep, but of course Dean wouldn’t let you.
“Hey, what are you doing? We’re almost there. You can’t go back to sleep now! You already look like hell what are people gonna say when they see you if you sleep a bit more?”.
“Maybe that’s why I look like hell? Lack of sleep causes that. And I always look awesome so…”.
“Ok the guy said that the first victim was going to this party which happens to be tonight. We should head there” Sam informed you.
“Where is it?”.
“The abattoir. Bourbon street”.
“It’s like three minutes away, so I’ll meet you guys there later. I’m gonna go do some sightseeing and culture” you were eager to see the city.
“Hold on, I’m coming with you” Sam said.
“Oh no, no, no. You’re staying with me and someone has to do research and it ain’t gonna be me” Dean refused.
“First of all, Sam can decide for himself. He’s not a child anymore. Second of all, if there’s no case, then there’s no research” you reminded.
“But what if there was? Are you really going to let innocent people die just because I said there ain’t one. I didn't know you trusted me that much. I’m really honored. I appreciate that” he mocked.
“I think I’m gonna stay with Dean. we shouldn’t leave him alone, you know. He might get scared. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to come here in the first place” this time it was Sam’s turn to tease Dean.
“Yeah. I think you’re right… one more thing, you stink. So maybe take a shower before you go out and make all the people we’re gonna question run away”.
“Guys, somebody help me!” you entered the motel room that Dean and Sam were staying in.
Sam gave you a weird look before assisting you with all the bags that you’ve got.
“What’s all this?” Dean asked.
“Let’s just say things you wouldn’t like”.
“Ah, speaking of things that we wouldn’t like, this is the last available room here” Dean informed you “We have a double bed and a single bed”.
“Ok. Problem solved. I’ll take the single bed and you’ll share the double bed” you suggested.
“Ha ha, that’s not gonna happen” Dean laughed nervously.
“Do you have a better solution? I hope you’re not suggesting that Sam and I share the same bed, no offense, babe. Besides, you’re brothers so what’s the problem?”.
“That’s exactly what I suggested but I forgot that he’s a giant which he reminded me of, so… and no! It’s weird even if he wasn’t a giant”.
“Oh, no! You’re not suggesting that we-”.
“Yeah, that was my exact reaction” Dean added.
“Hell no! We can’t even sit five minutes together before starting a fight and now you want us to sleep next to each other?”.
“I don’t like it anymore that you do”.
“Right! So, sharing a bed with your brother is weird but sharing a bed with me is not?”.
“Well, it’s less weird. You’re a woman”.
“So are you saying that if Sam was girl, that wouldn’t have been weird?”.
“Ew, no!”.
“Fine, but if you end up on the floor, it’s not my fault. I warned you”.
“And if you end up without a blanket it’s not my fault. I warned you”.
“Are we going to the party or are you two just gonna stay here and fight until you actually fall asleep together from the exhaustion of arguing!” Sam left and both of you followed.
“Am I hearing stuff or did someone just say-” you were interrupted by Dean.
“Idjits? Not again!” Dean sighed.
“Not again what?” you asked.
“Something related to supernatural” Sam added.
“Supernatural?” you were confused.
“It’s uhm- a series of books about our lives” Dean admitted.
“Pff, yeah right. Who’d write anything about your lousy lives. Even better who’d read such crap?” you laughed and when you saw Sam and Dean’s facial expressions, you knew it’s real “oh, you’re- you’re not joking”.
“I mean it can’t be that bad. What do they know about you? Two brothers that hunt demons and monsters?”.
“They can’t know everything. I mean how would this author know all about you”.
“I think you’re in the new books too” Sam believed.
“As if”.
“I love him, Sammy! What should I do? Do I tell him or do I keep it to myself. I don’t want to get hurt, because you know Dean is a womanizer and I’m not 100% sure that he loves me back” a girl with o/h/c came with a guy who was dressed like Sam.
“Listen Y/n. Life is too short and if you love him, you should tell him. Trust me on this” the guy spoke in a deep tone.
“What the hell is that?!” your mouth was left wide open from shock.
To Be Continued...
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icefire149 · 10 months ago
 tagged by @friedchickenangelwings 
Thank you so much!!! <3 I’m a scaredy cat to start chatting so I’m always stunned and happy when this happens <3
Okay. Let’s Gooooooooooooooooo
rules: answer 28 questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better.
1. name/nickname: Rachel
2. gender: she/her
3. star sign:  gemini sun, leo moon  (I’m sorry)
4. height: 5′1 &1/2 
5. time: about 9:23pm
6. birthday: 5/27
7. favorite bands/groups: (honestly just slap any pop-punk band at me and i’ll be happy) FOB, P!ATD, MCR, Green Day, Walk the Moon, Florence and the Machine, All Time Low
8. favorite solo artists: Hozier, Taylor Swift
9. song stuck in my head: It’s a tie between:  Hello My Old Heart  and Achilles come down
10. last movie: A Christmas Story 
11. last show: Supernatural. Just finished the mix tape episode. [yet AGAIN. i’M ASKING how did Cas know the colt was under Dean’s pillow]
12. when did i create this blog: Oh gods, I’ve been here since February 2012. I’ve never really left. My activity has skyrocketed lately though because it’s the only way I can process spn ending and my stressed out life. Also Cas being able to say I love you has given me permission to just reblog the fuck out of destiel posts instead of just lurking.
13. what do i post: These days it’s 99% spn, which is nice because I feel like I’m falling in love with the show again and I haven’t had time to obsess over it in years. Otherwise this is always a whatever is on my mind blog: movies, books, tv shows, video games, mythology.
14. last thing googled: The definition of a word I was second guessing myself on while I work.
15. other blogs: None at the moment. I absolutely should divide my insanity but alas here we are.
16. do i get asks: It’s rare. The ask box is always open so stop on by and tell me fun facts or what the new spn discussion is.
17. why i chose my url: It’s funny because most people assume it’s an ASOIAF reference because I’m obsessed with those books, but I’ve had this url YEARS before I read those books. It’s actually a warrior cats reference. Well the old website moons ago had a: plug in your name and something else thing and we calculate your warrior cat name. And I got Icefire. And obviously it stuck.
18. following: 1498
19. followers: 1068 (Hi everyone! I love you)
20. average hours of sleep: This is a loaded question. I have a lot of sleep issues. It honestly varies on the day but ideally I’d feel healthy if it was 8-11 hours. I’m lucky if I hit 4-6.
21. lucky number: 13
22. instruments: Drums and tambourine 
23. what am i wearing: brown tank top and old mickey mouse pj pants and there’s a huge tear down the side of the ass/thigh. I keep forgetting to sew it.
24. dream job: Being on a writing team for a cool high profile project. Otherwise I think dreaming of running a bookshop sounds lovely.
25. dream trip: Anywhere is fine as long as I have my best peeps with me.
26. favorite food: Garlic bread.
27. nationality: Northeastern USA
28. favorite song: I’m not sure if I have a 1 favorite song. It honestly varies on the moment / my mental state. Train’s 50 ways to say goodbye has been a mainstay on my playlists for several years (and I’m sure I’ve annoyed my old roommates in the past enough with it) so I’ll go with that.
29. last book read: Winds of Fury - Mercedes Lackey
30. top three fictional universes i’d like to live in: I’m really not sure. Supernatural I guess. Maybe if I’m lucky I’d get to share my body with a plucky angel needing a vessel. 
Thanks again ~
I’m tagging: @mandsand , @jingles-cosplay , @david-loves-simon , @heller-jensen , @demoncas 
No pressure to go through and do this ask game. Only if you want to and if anyone else not tagged that wants to do it, please go ahead. Tag me to let me know <3
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kanima-claws · a year ago
Tumblr media
uhhhh so i know the number followers shouldn't matter especially on tumblr but lizard boy just hit 100 people who care about him??? and i think that's really sexy??? so i wanted to share some love to some people who have made my time in the rp community really fucking cool, especially since it was really intimidating to start knowing jackshit about it so here we go (': 
( also, if you don’t already know i have a malia blog so if you’ve never interacted with and don’t follow jackson and you find yourself tagged on here, that’s why (: )
▶ @literally-lydia​ \ @spider-gwenmaxstacy​ \ @unfortunatemainblog​ \ @marvelxfox​ \ @curiouslyfell​ \ @calloftheargents​ \ @ameliegardot​ — yes i tagged all of your accounts (hopefully!) and you go by many names but at the end of the day the most important i get to call you is my best friend (: you fed my hunger for teen wolf and roleplaying (i was literally foaming at the mouth i wanted to rp so fucking bad you know this) with our server. i’ve got to explore so many things in teen wolf and our friendship through this server, who knows if i’d be writing jackson whittemore crying in his porsche if we hadn’t started our server. you’re a phenomenal writer who inspired me to jump on tumblr and i’m so so so so so lucky i get to have you as a writing partner and my best friend. i even miss matt the ratt dude i’m feening for some writing, i miss gwenmore (ahahah it started as a meme, hahaha look gwen is naked, but now look at us,,,,absolute clowns for them,,,their dynamic is to die for,) i hope we get to write soon and as soon as i see you you’re getting a big old hug bc i fookin luv u bruv  (: i love you lots!!! expect some divorce starters soon!!! ♡♡♡ also as soon as i’m done here i’m working on your alice promo!!!!
▶ @deadbrcther​ — i never thought i’d be invested in jackson/isaac or malia/isaac as i am now but HOLY SHIT WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. I fucking adore your Isaac, I love writing with you, talking with you, seeing you on my dash, I ADORE YOU ALRIGHT. Who knew that a short little meme would turn into Isaac and Malia burning down his house and then turn into them being utterly in love with each other and living in Paris. NOT ME BITCH. PURE CLOWNERY. Writing with you has brought me so much pain (in a good way!) and joy Malisaac is easily one of my top OTPs because of our interactions. ALSO getting to explore jackson being soft,,,fucking grade a shit right there. also,,,jackson and isaac’s wire threads consistently kill me they’re so much,,,they’re so much and i love it. You can easily have 5968585838485696904 threads from me if you want, seriously drop in any time my muses and this mun adore you. ♡♡♡ isaac can get all the cuddles and hair stroking he fookin wants
▶ @lostvacvnt​ — awwwwww sheit boooooiiii. i don’t even know where to start my brain is all over the place i have so many feelings already oh god okay—first off, THE ZOMBIE AU RULES MY FUCKING LIFE. I’m so excited with all the stuff we’re plotting, the little world and lore we’re building, the character development we’re crying over that hasn’t even started yet. i think about one of the first memes we did a lot—the one with malia singing i want it that way and i just wowowowow. your stiles fucking kills me consistently, he’s fucking hilarious but also a mess and malia and i love him. i get to explore malia’s sense of humor in our threads and i think that’s so nice (’:. our threads make me incredibly soft but they also hurt a fucking lot lmaoooo. we gotta write more jackson and stiles because jackson roasting stiles whether he knows it or not also kills me and it’s so much fun aaaa i love being able to pop into your discord at ungodly hours because neither of us sleep and just screaming about dylan obrien or shelley in That Dress or stalia or literally anything. you feed my soul and you can also have  5968585838485696904 threads from me if you want good god it’s what you deserve  ♡♡♡ p.s. thanks for ignoring my typos erftyhrewsedrftgyt
▶ @thewailer​ — KATE! I know you’re on hiatus but you were one of the first accounts that reached out and interacted with jackson and honestly i was FLOORED. i followed and admired your blog from a distance bc i thought you were way too cool to write with me lmaooo but honestly our thread is so powerful and i’m glad we get to explore jydia especially when canon and a lot of the fans just write it off as a toxic ship and throw it away. i know a lot of people are iffy about new blogs and especially jackson whittemore so thanks for taking a chance on lil old me (’: you’ve made me feel so comfortable and confident in my portrayal and that’s more than i could have asked for from such a talented writer and amazing person. i miss u and i miss ur lydia and i hope u come back sooooon  ♡♡♡
▶ @queencfwolves​ — STEPH YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY WILD AND YOUR ERICA IS WILD AND I LOVE YOU BOTH FOR IT. SERIOUSLY. I also followed you and admired you from a distance bc i was too afraid to approach you but GOD JERICA IS A DYNAMIC I ALSO NEVER KNEW I NEEDED. I love how we’ve flipped canon on it’s head and are building something super cool. i love their dynamic, i love being tagged in random stuff i love the tea between erica/jackson/lydia, i love the relationship we’ve built and the history between jackson and erica and honestly truly, you can get all the threads, all the headcanons, they’re all yours. erica is a fucking riot, a force to be reckoned with and i and jackson adore the hell out of her  ♡♡♡  even though he will be stubborn, kind of a jackass, and won’t always tell her
▶ @stilesstylelinski​ — hey friend! i know you’re on a hiatus but i wanted to take a time out and say thank you for being the first blog to interact with my malia (: it was really really really intimidating to try to scam my way get started in the community and seeing your notification come in every night at around 10pm (i swear i have a life ok lol) always made my day and inspired me not to axe my blog completely lol. HONESTLY WE’RE HANDLING THE BREAK UP LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. CANON WAS TOO AFRAID TO DO WHAT WE’RE DOING. thanks for checking up on me when i go awol and i’m sorry that i keep losing our thread!!! aaaaaaa it’s my turn isn’t it?!?!?1? NOOO. anyway i wish you all the best and again thank you for being a friendly face!!!  ♡♡♡
▶ @notapackanimal​ — hi! listen i adore your theo, seeing you on my dash makes me go !!! and i wanna write more with yoooooou. i know i’m always like “yes! lets!” and then that seems to be the end of it but god i wanna write so bad honestly truly i’m just,,,sometimes kinda trash at the actual plotting lmaoooo but seriously feel free to throw anything at me, ever, god, please lets write!!!  ♡♡♡ ▶ @seductivexkitten​ \ @carebearxsunshine​ \ @lionheartedxvixen​ \ @compassionatexdarling​ \ @silverxwarrior​ —  hey nelly! i know i’m the worst when it comes to replies and i have you waiting years and years )))): i love seeing your gals on my dash and you’re so sweet and patient and kind it literally melts me into a puddle ))))))’: our scandalous jackson x katherine thread gives me absolute LIFE their dynamic is so yummy. I LOVE ALL OF OUR THREADS, THANK YOU FOR LETTING JACKSON TALK TO ALL OF YOUR GIRLS EVEN IF HE REALLY DOESN’T DESERVE IT LMAO. i heart u bunches  ♡♡♡
▶ @runswithwolvesx​ — OUR THREAD LIIIIIVVVVEEEEES. honestly, you were one of the first people to interact with jackson and our thread CRACKS ME UP. i’ve literally showed it to my irl best friend and have been SCREAMING because it’s so good!!!! i’m glad we’re picking it up again because god, it’s such a good thread i don’t know if i can say that enough IT’S SO GOOD I’M SO EXCITED FOR IT
▶ @gaydemonwolf​ — hi! i’ve really wanted to explore peter and malia’s relationship and i’m so glad i get to do that with you! from our threads, i can see where malia picks up habits from peter that i’ve already written her to have and i think that’s so cool! i love going into depth with them, repairing their relationships, having them hash out their differences in,,,not so healthy ways,,,lol but honestly, truly, this is everything i’ve ever wanted and i treasure it dearly (:
▶ @alilskinnylove​ \ @heavybreathingnoscreaming​ — immediately, right off the bat malia and i both adored eddie, i don’t know how or why, maybe it’s because she’s stiles’ younger sister and malia was instantly like “must protect!” but i’m not complaining!!!! i also love caroline and jackson and can’t wait to write more with them!! I LOVE YOUR VIEWS, YOUR MIND, YOUR POWER, YOU GET ME, YOU REALLY DO!!!!
▶ @lydiamartinx​ — YOUR LYDIA IS STRONG AND YOUR COSPLAYS ARE EVEN STRONGER. seriously, i love that i’ve been lowkey stalking you even before rp lol. and i love that you have some of lydia’s closet and i love the soft soft soft threads we have, i know my replies are hella slow but i’m so glad we get to recognise that jackson wasn’t always a bad boyfriend and that jydia had it’ good moments (’: 
i know this post is long enough BUT here’s some love for people i love to see on my dash, wanna write more with, appreciate dearly, have amazing muns and muses and deserve all the love in the world
@chaosblossomed​ \ @damagedbyfate​ \ @volatilehearted​ \ @willsavethem​ \ @kylemaddigen​ \ @rosefromdeath​ \ @unlawfulx​ \ @wxnderluxe​ \ @raaken​ \ @controlrage​ \ @monxsterxhunxters​ \ @lightcreators​ \ @protectxrs​ \ @orionknytechildofzeus​ \ @stormscbrewing​ \ @lameutedemccall​
anyway, i know this post is stupid long i hope i got everyone, but if you’ve followed me i wanna say and huge 
T H A N K   Y O U
I know it might feel like people get left out and i don’t want this post to be like this or to feel cliquey, so i really hope i got everyone. honestly, truly, i just,,,,appreciate anyone who cares about my writing or about my muses, it makes my heart really full. uh haha. if you’re a follower, old or new and you’re afraid to interact,,,don’t be!!! i’m not really selective i’m a slut for new threads and interactions i just,,,,love to write lol anyway uhhhh THANKS TIME TO GO STARE AT MY DRAFTS
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aphreni · a year ago
Controversial Hetalia Meme Ask
Since I don't get asks I'm just gonna offer my opinion out there lol 
 Do you consider the 2Ps to be insane or no? 
Oh yes definitely. I know some fans are against the idea of insane 2P characters but I've been on board with it since I've first discovered it. When it comes to 2P!, I don't think these Hetalia characters exist in the same world/dimension. That's why when fans ask "oh what does 1P!America think of 2P!America," I don't even think exist in the same verse. 
 Opinions on HRE? 
I was never into chibitalia and HRE but one things certain, I truthfully believe Germany is HRE. 
What do you consider a big no-no in the fandom? 
France is a r*pist and Spain is a p*do really bothered me. Fans don't realize how hard it is for France to be such a passionate, loving nation only to live for so long without having an s/o to grow old with. Spain loves children I believe so I feel he'd be so disheartend to hear fans think of him that way.
Thoughts on Seychelles? 
I'll say this, Seychelles was a way for Hima to embody Hetalia fangirls and in the end she was crucified by the same fans who felt she was a threat to their ships. Think about it, Seychelles is cheerful, and shy which I know very well many fangirls act the same way. She was even the main character of Gauken Hetalia which was Hima's way to put us in her place, like we were part of the hetaliaverse. Maybe this is a western fans perspective but the way she was treated was horrible. She deserves so much better...
Thoughts on any of the Hetalia girls? 
They obviously don't get enough screen time and if there was a movie about them, I would support it. But let's be honest, Hetalia is fan service and Hima isn’t obligated to showcase diversity compared to western creators. I really like Taiwan and Seychelles because I think they're like me! 
Do you think the Nyos are offensive? 
I would be perfectly fine with the Nyos if it wasn't for their skimpy clothes. As soldiers, I thought it'd be cool to see them in proper uniforms but they weren't :( But like I said, fanservice, you've got to cater to the crowd.
Thoughts on controversial ships? (i.e: UsUk, Spamano, Itacest, etc.) 
I've never been a shipper tbh because I'm more of a historical hetalia fan. I've never liked USUK or Spamano because I feel these characters grew up like brothers. Especially Spamano, I don't feel right thinking Spain sees Romano in a romantic way after taking care of him as a young boy. Itacest, Germancest, and AmeCan is a big no no for me. It makes me uncomfortable tbh. 
Do you think the fandom is toxic? 
Every fandom is toxic but Hetalia got so bad at one point and now I think it won't go back to that unless there is a huge revival (ex. new season/movie). Idk if I'm a new side of the fandom but I really like the historical hetalia side because they are all educated, exciting and go past the two-dimensional character personalities.
What do you think makes a "bad ship"? 
I can't really imagine a bad ship because if you love two characters seperately and think they will get along, it's up to you. Like Prussia and South Korea? I would never imagine an interaction between the two but I think they would be fun together. 
Thoughts on cosplays using historical taboo outfits? (i.e: Germany as a Nazi, etc.) 
Ugh, this was such an issue in the fandom and I agree, it's horrible. I honestly don't understand why they would do that in the first place because Hetalia disregards the connection between Germany and the nazi government.
Thoughts on political fanart? 
I think depictions of war are okay but it's a big no no to do recent events or Germany or Prussia in concentration camps.
Thoughts on cosplayers cosplaying as a character of a different nationality/race? 
As long as their not doing blackface, or yellowface it should be fine in my opinion. I don't really care about cosplay. 
How do you feel about younger people in the fandom? 
I joined the fandom when I was like 12? My advice is always be weary about who you interact with in the fandom. Some fans may not realize what they spout... 
Do you think certain ships are canon/will become canon? 
No not at all, I think Hima is good at teasing tho. I think everyone agrees GerIta is mostly canon but Hima won't outright admit it. Example would be Buon San Valentino because he dropped so many hints but it wasn't "exactly" a canon relationship. It'll stay that way unless two countries unite together like AusHun. 
Do you think Hetalia is taken too seriously? 
When people talk about how it's propoganda and racist (pfft) definitely yes. People tend to forget this show is based off of Japanese stereotypes and not every show is westernized. If it was really racist, each character would be horribly called out on a past event or their physcial appearances are exaggerated. Their flaws are something we point out and laugh about because, yes, Americans really are too loud and friendly. See? Harmless. 
Thoughts on headcanons about a character that defies canon? (i.e; changing a character's gender, race, etc.) 
I can't think of an example of this but I always strictly follow canon.
Thoughts on straight ships? 
Again, I'm not a shipper but I do like PruHun to an extent. I wish I had an idiot like Prussia lol 
What ships do you consider abusive? 
Again, I don't pay attention to ships. 
Do you think a blogger should have to Trigger Tag a ship or character? 
That sounds a little ridiculous because I don't consider any ships or characters triggering tbh. If someone did, then I’m sorry i have too many posts to go back and tag everything.
What ships do you consider toxic? 
Do you think any characters are/will be canonly LGBT? 
Oh yes definitely! But they have to be picky-choosy with which era they choose to be open about it. You cannot tell me Spain was openly gay for most of the middle ages under the Catholic church. In modern time, it's no big deal so I see them willingly going out and flirting or crushing on all genders. Then, I also see Prussia (who is former Teutonic Knight) who had a promise with God about virginity. I think his mindset and values are the same so he rarely gets involved with anyone. It happens every century or so? 
Do you think Hetalia sugar coats/numbs actual historical events?
If Hetalia didn't sugar coat historical events, it wouldn't be a cutesy anime. They have to sugarcoat as to not offend anyone and because the nature of the show is purely comedy. There have been numb moments in the show like all of Davie but that's to show a deeper perspective that nations face as immortals.
How do you feel about Mafia AUs? 
I used to really like them, but realized it's the same thing as cartels and gangs. If someone did a cartel AU for all the latin countries I would raise hell, so I imagine Italian fans feeling the same way. Idk I'm still deciding on it... 
How do you feel about WWII AUs? 
Being a historical hetalia fan I actually really like it. Of course if it's done in a respectful manner. I like hearing about fighter pilot America and sniper Russia. I like to hear about how Prussia was treated like shit because he wasn't the ideal blonde hair, blue eyes like his brother. I like to hear France and England having to team up despite not liking eachother and how devastated England was when France fell to Germany. I also like to hear about Denmark protecting all the Danish jews and defying against Germany. I like to hear the amounting pressure Japan must've felt having to please his boss while backstabbing China and Korea, the people he loves dearly as family, at the same time. So yes, I do like WWII AUs but I'm happy Hima has strayed away from that topic. It's not everyone's cup of tea...
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3w-writer-with-wings · 2 years ago
Character post: Aoi Zaizen
Tumblr media
Why I like them/why I don’t:
Out of all Yu-Gi-Oh girls so far, Aoi feels the most relatable of them all. She is a lot like a grown-up version of Luna/Ruka from 5Ds with a similar mannerism and personality. Aoi has a really timid nature and the fact that she is so sheltered by Akira that she feels he doesn’t even trust her hits home hard. But what I really love about her is her development. She learns from her mistakes and tries to become the best version of herself. The actions she takes in order to change herself don’t always play in her favour and even then she keeps on trying. Aoi represents exactly what you should do if you face failure in life – make changes and learn from your mistakes. Unlike Go, she never succumbed to her own insecurities and rather used them in order to change for the better. While she may appear pretty naïve and stubborn at first, you can really see how she slowly transforms into a person she always wished to be.
Tumblr media
She is also a good representation of a celebrity with depression. The episode that showed her life outside VRAINS nearly broke my heart. From the way she talked with Yusaku and members of duel club, to how she just ran away after Yusaku asked her about Akira and how she was lying on bed looking like she was about to cry… it was just hard to watch considering there are people who are actually suffering the same way. But then she logged in VRAINS and instantly became a bubbly Charisma Duelist to entertain people. While a lot of people compare Go to Yuya, I actually see Aoi to be more like Yuya. Her Blue Angel persona is just like Yuya’s goggles, a mask she hides behind to cover up her tears and she presents herself as someone who is always smiling.
Tumblr media
When her wings broke after her loss to Yusaku… it just perfectly represented how she finally broke down a lot like how Yuya lost to Reiji and Jack. At that point, I was really afraid she would follow the same road that Go did in season 2 – her insecurities and depression getting the best of her, but she didn’t. No, instead she put some thought about it before she did anything. When her fans were bashing her name, it seemed like she was going to break again. Thank God Emma came to her rescue! What I love about her relationship with Emma the most is the fact that she is the kind of a person that Aoi always needed. Once Miyu was revealed it also made me realize why Aoi had a hard time finding friends – she was afraid of being separated from a friend and didn’t want to be hurt by it again. Emma let her know that she’ll be always on her side and this was the encouragement that she needed to make a step further.
Tumblr media
Her style of duelling is also one of my favourites – the burndown strategy. When she was duelling that AI who had the same technique and they were burning each other’s LP down like crazy was really entertaining to watch. I was a bit disappointed once she no longer used that technique, though I liked that she acknowledged it as something that needs to be improved. In overall her character is just as complex as Yusaku’s and I’m glad that it was explored a lot.
The only downside to her character is how her character is treated. Unfortunately, female characters are something that Shin Yoshida doesn’t know how to handle and this plays a big part in her representation. She had many losses that downgraded her lot. While she made a very big comeback in season 2 as Blue Maiden she also had a big downfall as well. In other words, Aoi’s character deserved so much more but was unfortunately pushed aside many times.
What I like about their appearance
Tumblr media
The fact that she has so many avatars! I actually cosplayed Blue Angel and this was one of the most difficult cosplays I’ve ever made, but I in no way regret it since it is a very cute outfit and I’ve learned so many cosplay-making techniques while making it. I also really like how each avatar in a way presents one part of her. Blue Angel is her childhood dream, a hero she wanted to become. Blue Girl represents her desire to be like Ghost Girl and make a change. And Blue Maiden is her embracing all of herself and honourably joining Team Playmaker. Her avatars give this Magical Girl feel that combine her kind nature with power in order to save the world. While magical girl anime portrays that more ribbons, sparkle and skirts equals more power, Aoi’s avatar changes are the exact opposite, showing that sometimes less can be more.
Tumblr media
And the part I love the most and was the most difficult to make? Her wings! I think I spent nearly three whole days just figuring out how to make those wings stand! In the end, I used some very thick wires, extra strong duct tape and a handmade posture supporter to keep it still. And it was so worth it! I was a bit sad that Blue Girl didn’t have wings, so when Blue Maiden’s wings were shown I was excited as hell! I also really like her twintail hairstyle since I tend to wear my hair in this style too. When I cosplayed Blue Angel not that many people recognized the character, but those few who did really liked it and one of them even showed me all of the Trickstars he had in his deck! I had a really wonderful experience as Blue Angel and I even won the third place in cosplay contest! To conclude – I love absolutely everything about her appearance and I wouldn’t mind cosplaying her or her other avatars again!
Do I prefer their dub names or original names?
While I really like the name Skye, it kinda sounds off for Aoi. I’ve grown really used to her original name so when her dub name was revealed… it just didn’t sound like her. I guess it could work as her user name since Skye goes well with her avatar’s wings, puffy skirt and blue colours like a short nickname for Blue Angel. Aoi is also the name of a hollyhock flower that represents the cycle of life which nicely symbolizes the changes that Aoi went through when changing her avatars and overall personality.
Tumblr media
Definitely Miyu or Takeru, hard to decide. Miyu was introduced really late in the series and didn’t get that much screen time or backstory and yet it was enough to give away all necessary information about her. I made many theories why I thought Aoi was Aqua’s origin and in a way, she is - all because of Miyu. While all cheerful and caring, Miyu could’ve been lonely and even if she wasn’t, she choose to befriend someone who was. It is not clear how long the two of them were friends, though it most likely not long and yet out of all people, Miyu choose Aoi to be her anchor. Aqua basically represents Miyu’s love for Aoi and I’m sure that once Aoi gets to meet Miyu it will be a very emotional reunion. 
Tumblr media
Then there’s Takeru and let’s face it, he is the kind of a character that can be shipped with anyone and it would still work. Still, I genuinely believe he has a secret crush on Aoi. When he passed Aoi in school, he didn’t appear to have much interest towards her though that could be because that was the first time he saw her as Aoi and not as Blue Angel. The duel they had as Soulburner and Blue Girl was pretty entertaining to watch and the encouragement he gives her in the end was very well-meaning and kind. The second time he meets her in real life is completely different as he approaches her right away and introduces himself. Considering how shy Takeru can be it is very unlikely he would do that with just anyone, so the fact that he did that with Aoi shows that he is interested in becoming her friend. Kiku said that he is not much of a friendly person, so the fact that he approached someone else besides Yusaku really says a lot. Their relationship would really work as they both love duelling and testing themselves. I hope that they get to have a tag duel one time together as they could really fit each other well despite representing opposite elements (water and fire) since this could be the first time for such combination in a tag duel. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a tag duel in the third season since I really enjoyed Aki and Crow tag duel in 5Ds and this could give some nostalgia.
Tumblr media
At first I didn’t know this even existed, but Aoi and Akira ship just feels wrong on so many levels. I know they aren’t blood-related but they are still siblings. While I really like their sibling relationship, romantic one would completely ruin it, especially how canon it actually felt during the first season. Like Aoi would use –sama for her brother which is reserved for masters and bosses, like she is super inferior to him and the whole reason why she went to duel Yusaku was so she could impress him, which resulted in her falling in coma. Even if they weren’t siblings, Aoi is still a minor and Akira is ten years older than her. At times Akira also acts a lot like her father which would make their romantic relationship that much worse.
Tumblr media
I dislike romantic Aoi and Emma ship for the same reason. While I absolutely love their sisterly bond, the thought of them having something more just doesn’t feel okay. Maybe if Aoi was older like over 18 or in early 20s then it could work better. Even if Aoi would have feelings for Emma and she would want to start a relationship with her, I imagine Emma would tell her to wait. Emma is the kind of a person, who has no problem breaking a law, but getting in a relationship with a minor is something she wouldn’t do. I have no doubt that she loves Aoi like her little sister or a young partner in crime so a romantic relationship would pretty much ruin this nicely developed relationship.
Tumblr media
Aoi, Miyu and Aqua! I don’t know why, but this trio just warms my heart. There’s no doubt that all three of them care about each other a lot and would form a really nice relationship with each other. In my perfect reality, both Aqua and Aoi come visit Miyu after everything is over, and together they create new VRAINS avatars in order to spend time with Aqua who is pretty much their lovechild. I see this trio to work in both platonic and romantic way since the three of them show nothing but kindness and care towards each other.
Favourite card they use
Tumblr media
Marincess Crystal Heart. I already liked the concept of Crystal Heart, the fact that it symbolized Aqua’s and Earth’s love and that they did everything to keep it from being destroyed in the field. What truly made me love it even more was when Aoi used it in a duel against Bowman and empowered it. I believe that the heart still represents Aqua’s and Earth’s love and the water spirit protecting it is Aoi, protecting them both. From the start of their meeting, Aoi has been keeping Aqua safe and Marincess Crystal Heart perfectly represents that.
Favourite moment they were in
Tumblr media
Her duel with Haru. After so many losses, the duel with Haru was the best comeback for Aoi. The character she has been building finally came into action and I absolutely enjoyed watching that duel. From the new archetype Marincess to how she stood her ground against Haru’s hurtful words - Aoi made it clear: she is back and ready to kick some ass! The new strategy, her partnership with Aqua and that badass skill when her wings showed up! And how she outright obliterated Haru’s LP! It was just amazing and it showed how far she has come. At that point, it really seemed like Aoi was set to win more duels...
Least favourite moment
Tumblr media
... which is why her loss to Bowman was so sad. While it was no way as humiliating as her loss to Playmaker, Specter and Soulburner, it was still terrible. Bowman is disgustingly overpowered character and the fact that he used so many moves that were outright cheating really downgraded Aoi’s and Aqua’s character. I would be fine if Bowman defeated her with a good strategy, but no he used a literal asspull effect like he did the whole duel. He even tried to scare her and for a moment I thought Aoi would give in. Luckily she didn’t and I was so proud of her. Even the act of “mercy” was a very cheap move since Bowman is a freaking hypocrite and he probably used it just so he could feel better about losing Haru. 
Back then when I was still hopeful about Aoi’s further character development I wrote a theory why she was capable of defeating Bowman with very good arguments and how it could play out well in the final conclusion of season 2. (it is here if you wish to check it out  ). I was really disappointed when Bowman won using the cheap moves since it looked like writing staff pushed away Aoi’s promising future for the sake of having Bowman win at all cost.  
Would I fuck, marry or kill them
Tumblr media
Can I just be her friend? Cuz really if I were to meet Aoi in real life, I would just hug her and take her out for ice cream or coffee and talk with her, letting her know that she is an amazing person and that she should never doubt herself cuz she is doing a great job at improving herself. I would likely be one of those Blue Angel fans in the crowd during her duels, holding banners with encouraging words or I would be writing a blog dedicated to her in order to support her, pretty much the same thing that I’m doing now. ;) If someone would bash her name and accuse her of things she didn’t do or weren’t her fault, you bet I would write a freaking essay similar to the one I made in order to defend Yusaku when someone made a youtube video ranting how boring he is. 
Aoi Zaizen deserves more recognition and hopefully, she gets to shine more in the third season. 
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diegoh4rgreeves · 2 years ago
Story Summary:  You’ve just finished watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. You follow the main cast on Twitter and get a Retweet from David Castaneda on your selfie! This prompts a conversation with you two. You hit it off and set a date.
Chapter: 1/1
Word Count: 2,420
Pairing: David Castaneda x Reader
Warnings: Anxious thoughts
It’s a rainy Friday night. Normally you’d go out with friends or go out to downtown Toronto. Because it was raining and you were exhausted from work though, you decided to veg out and finish watching the Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy. You were comfortable in your warm home, laid down on your plushy couch, with a fuzzy blanket covering you, and you were in your sweatpants and loose white t-shirt.
You forgot about this comfort once you were so stunned by the series finale of The Umbrella Academy. You could not wait for season 2. You also got attached to the characters and you loved Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan more than you already did before; back when you saw the movie Juno, and back when you watched the show Misfits. You thought Emmy Raver-Lampman was so pretty and seemingly sweet in real life. Your bisexual ass could not get over this. You hit the Follow button in Twitter for Ellen, Robert, and Emmy. The character Luther was your least favourite one, though you thought to get to know the actor for him, Tom Hopper, from interviews, and to Follow him on Twitter too. Justin H. Min was so handsome and so vulnerable as Ben. Aidan Gallagher was just a kid and did an amazing job playing an old man trapped in the body of a 12 year old. And last but not least, there was David Castaneda. He is the most handsome one to you. As Diego, he was so resentful. It didn’t make sense to you because all the siblings went through childhood trauma, from the same man who adopted them all. He was also spiteful towards a former lover, Detective Patch (who your gay ass also found attractive. That’s a story for another time). Still, there was something about Diego, or David, that made you feel good things.
You smile as you hit the Follow button on David. You have followed all the main cast of The Umbrella Academy, along with Mary J. Blige, who is just an icon. You also followed Gerard Way, who created the show and was the singer of the brilliant band My Chemical Romance.
You spend the rest of your evening lurking everyone you just followed. It feels good to be in love with something again.
As you lurk David and his Likes, you see a bunch of fan’s selfies he liked. Every selfie has the hashtag #SelfiesForCasataneda You’re intrigued by this. You wonder if he started this hashtag, or if some fans did. You are also pleased that he interacts with fans. He’s still at the level of fame where he can see fans in his notifications over being blinded by the plenty of Likes, Retweets, and Replies he gets.
This motivates you to get off the couch and to take a shower. As you take a shower, you think of an outfit idea for this selfie you’re thinking of posting. You’ll wear all black; the tight black turtleneck you bought a while ago and have worn plenty of times already, the baggy black jacket you’ve copped from your older sister, and black jeans. It was a Diego-esque outfit. You didn’t have to cosplay. You just always dress like this anyway, and you were the most confident in it.
After your shower, you slip into the outfit, put on some concealer, black winged eyeliner, and red lipstick. You snap some shots from the camera on your phone. You try out a bunch of angles. You scoff at some selfies and think there’s no way he’ll Like any of these. Well, he could, since he seemed like a support Liker to fans. You still wanted to dress to impress if he was going to actually see this selfie!
You beam up once you get another idea. You run to your kitchen to pick up 2 kitchen knives. You are aware of how funny this could look. You like to think that you’re a creative person, or so you decide to go the positive route of thinking.
You get the knives and put a self timer on from the camera of your phone. You criss-cross your arms, with a knife in each hand, and take the shot. Your phone took 3 shots, so there’s a chance of a good one. There is a good one indeed. Your face was lighted perfectly in this certain one. There was a glow. Your hair looked great too. You love the shape of your body as well.
You post the photo, and put in the hash tag, #SelfiesForCastaneda You press ‘Tweet’. At this point, you don’t care if no one would Like the selfie. You are just feelin’ your look!
Fortunately, you do get some Likes; a few were David Castaneda fan accounts, one from a supportive mutual, and a few others were from other fans of The Umbrella Academy. You Like everyone else’s most recent tweets and selfies back.
Then there is a Retweet. You beam up and think maybe it’s from one of the Likers. You view the Retweet and it’s from… @DavidCastanedaJ You think it’s another fan account, until you remember following this account earlier, and you notice the blue checkmark next to the username, which indicates that this is an official and verified celebrity account. Your heart is racing. What the fuck! you think. You check his account and think that maybe his support Liking evolved to support Retweeting. There is no other Retweet with the hashtag #SelfiesForCastaneda on his account though.
You leave your phone alone for 2 hours after your tweet gets more Likes and Retweets from other David fans. You even notice some haters in the thread. Luckily there are only a few haters. Everyone else says that your photo is bad-ass.
You’re not usually one for bragging. This is a very cool moment though, so you retweet David’s Retweet of your selfie, and you caption it with, 'Uhmmm… did David Castaneda just retweet my selfie!? Diego frickn Hargreeves!?“
You look at the time on your phone. It’s 1:30am! You’re usually a night owl. Somehow though, you were tired. You did sleep very little before you went to work, and you commuted in the rain. Being cozy and watching Netflix had to contribute to that tiredness as well. So, you snuggle up in your warm bed, which also has a fuzzy blanket, and sleep.
10:43am. You wake up naturally and pick up your phone which was laid on top of some pile of clothes you left on your floor beside your bed. You check your Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. Finally, you check your Twitter to check on the selfie. You also see an Inbox notification. You wonder who that could be from. People don’t normally message you on Twitter. You open the inbox and in the preview, it’s @DavidCastanedaJ ! You can’t believe it. What could he possibly have to say to you? Your heart is racing.
What if he says that the retweet was an accident? Would he have had to message you that though? He could have deleted the Retweet if it was an accident. You would have understood that he didn’t mean to Retweet one fan’s selfie randomly.
You take a deep breath before opening the message to quit your overthinking and your doubts.
@DavidCastanedaJ: It’s a good selfie. I had to retweet it.
After lurking his Twitter last night, you notice that he’s got a dry and sarcastic tone. You’re unsure of what to respond to him with, or if you should even respond. Well, of course you should respond. He felt compelled to say something to you personally instead of being funny and fishing for Likes. Well, that’s speaking for if he’s not being sarcastic.
You tap your chin and wonder if you should screenshot this to your close friends, especially your sister who got you to watch the show and dealt with you ogling over him. You shake your head out of this and think that it’s best to reply to him ASAP. He sent his text around 6am. You’re not sure why he sent it that early. He’s in Toronto, a city not too far from yours. He’s not shooting a show, as far as you knew. There isn’t even an announcement of a season 2 for The Umbrella Academy yet.
You quit your overthinking again, and decide to reply with this:
[@YourUsername]: A good selfie how? Like, in what sense?
You take another deep breath and chuck your phone on the spot next to you on your bed. You get up from the bed and decide to leave your phone alone and try to think of something productive to do on your day off. Before you can do that, your phone buzzes. You beam up, and rush back over to your bed, which you sit on your knees for.
Twitter Notification: Preview of @DavidCastanedaJ Inbox message
@DavidCastanedaJ: Idk
@DavidCastanedaJ: I like your Diego get-up, and you’re aesthically pleasing
Your heart is skipping beats. What does he mean by aesthetically pleasing!? Is he implying that you’re attractive? Are you even his type in looks? Do you resemble Detective Patch? Are actors attracted to the type of people who play their love interests? Well it was the only reference you have for this emerging and handsome actor.
You’re in your 20s, and he’s 29. You still have a baby face and wonder if he thinks you look younger than you actually are. Why would he retweet your selfie though?
[@YourUsername]: Aesthetically pleasing? This face?
You hold your phone and stare at the thread. Maybe he’s online if he replied to your last text just seconds after it. Much to your surprise, there’s a blue checkmark which indicates that he read it. Maybe he’s just thinking of what to say. Or maybe you’re a suggestive creep! Wait, how could you be if he was the one who retweeted your selfie!? God, you really had to quit that. Stop letting it get to your head!
The thread shows a new bubble, from him.
@DavidCastanedaJ: Haha
@DavidCastanedaJ: Yes, this face
@DavidCastanedaJ: It’s a great face. What’s your secret?
You are now blushing and still manage to type.
[@YourUsername]: I did sleep 9 hours last night. You know what they say about 9 hours of sleep.
@DavidCastanedaJ: Yeah, that’s lucky
You are easing into this now, though you are also wondering if you should be careful, or if you’re just dreaming and didn’t actually wake up earlier than you usually do.
[@YourUsername]: I’m guessing you don’t have that luxury?
@DavidCastanedaJ: Well, maybe now I can sleep that much
@DavidCastanedaJ: Back when we were shooting the Umbrella Academy though, I was a mess!
[@YourUsername]: You seem so healthy
[@YourUsername]: At least with that body, you do…
David seems to like that response. You spend Saturday afternoon texting each other, and it’s still surreal to you that this is happening, much less how you two seem so connected.
A few hours later.
@DavidCastanedaJ: So, you said you’re in Toronto, right?
[@YourUsername]: Well, I’m in a city *near* Toronto, about a half hour away
@DavidCastanedaJ: Oh I see
[@YourUsername]: I’m there often anyway. I mostly go see local bands, and take their photos
@DavidCastanedaJ: Right. I remember you saying that earlier
You’re unsure of how this conversation could last at this point. You take a chance with a one-word response anyway.
[@YourUsername]: Yep!
@DavidCastanedaJ: How would you feel about coming to Toronto tonight? I thought maybe we could have dinner, and I could show you real Diego Hargreeves gear…
Your heart is racing again! In fact, you think that you’re going to shit your pants. You decide to have some banter with him to cover up your fangirling.
[@YourUsername]: "Real Diego Hargreeves gear.”
[@YourUsername]: Is that a sexual innuendo?
@DavidCastanedaJ: It is if you want it to be ;)
[@YourUsername]: Omg
@DavidCastanedaJ: I realize that did sound pretty sketchy, so sorry about that
[@YourUsername]: No, it’s totally fine! I was just teasing :)
[@YourUsername]: I would love to come to downtown tonight! When are you free?
@DavidCastanedaJ: Well, seeing as I’ve been texting a very beautiful girl all afternoon, I’d say my schedule is pretty flexible
[@YourUsername]: Really? Are you sure that Gerard Way isn’t barking at you to get back on set for season 2 as we speak?
@DavidCastanedaJ: Ahahah yeah totally
@DavidCastanedaJ: I’d tell him to wait though. I should get to spend my free time with someone cool first
From there, you hash out the details for the plans; what time, and where to meet. You both also decide to get a drink at Brooklynn Bar. You’re not much of a drinker, though for a celebrity like him you made an exception.
You decide to wear “the Diego get-up”, this time you style your hair, wear darker red lipstick, the same black eyeliner, and you sling a small black cross-body bag over your shoulder.
David texts you with his name. Then he tells you to keep him posted on your whereabouts. You make your way to downtown and your meeting spot with him. You eye the area and look for him. You turn to some side, and you see him walking over. Your heart is skipping beats again, and you gasp.
He looks so handsome with his tan peacoat, black jeans, his gelled black hair, and beard and mustache.
He smiles knowingly and walks over to you. He gives you a hug.
You cannot believe that it is actually him. You realise in this moment that you could have been catfished. You weakly hug him back in your disbelief over this moment.
He pulls you in closer and you hug back tighter.
“Oh my God!” you exclaim.
He pulls out the hug and he looks over at you with a toothy smile on his face. “What?”
“It’s you. It’s really you! God, this is so embarrassing. I think that I’m actually starstruck.”
He chuckles. “This is gonna sound weird, but I thought I was being catfished.”
You give him a puzzled look, although you are so flattered. “I thought that I was an annoying type of fan you’re annoyed of attracting!”
“What!?” he laughs. “Okay, we haven’t even had a drink yet and we’re already confusing each other.”
You let out a laugh.
He gestures an arm to the entry door. “Shall we go in?”
“Yeah sure!”
He signals for you to walk in first, and so your date begins. Things can only get better from here.
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joshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh · 2 years ago
I’m still super curious about what show I was talking about that inspired that anon hate. Technically all of my episode reviews for every anime, positive or negative, could be defined as ramblings, but since I don’t imagine anyone trying to enjoy things and look at fanart in a show’s main tag would send someone hate over them saying good things about the show, it obviously has to be a show I was more negative about.
From there we get a few options. There’s Ensemble Stars, which upon checking for myself has a fairly populated tag, so it’s not entirely impossible that some fujoshi saw my episode 8 post and sent that hate. However, my episode 8 post literally reads “Ensemble Stars episode 8 happened. Kinda can’t believe I’m still watching this show.” which I think is way too short and passive in tone to be called “stupid ramblings” and get called a pissbaby for. So I don’t think it’s that.
The next possiblity is Cop Craft. However, I think my criticisms being focused around the production of the show sucking should be pretty hard to disagree with, so I doubt anyone would call those “stupid ramblings”. Also that show’s really not that popular and the entire tag just seems to be screenshots of Tilarna, so I doubt anyone going into the tag and seeing a negative review of an episode is thinking “no one gives a shit”.
Then there’s Granbelm. Similar to Ensemble Stars albeit a much longer review, I still think I was mostly passive enough about this episode to not warrant hate, and even at the most outright negative part (”Idk I don’t care for this show at all anymore”) I’ve still kinda got that “eh whatever” energy going on that I don’t think would inspire outright malice like that of the anon’s hate. And while I did come across a single piece of fanart and even some cosplay while searching this show’s tags, it’s still mostly screenshots and gifs and stuff, so I don’t think the hate was for Granbelm.
And now we’re left with the 2 that I think are most likely the source of the hate. First of all is Fire Force. A fun fact is that when I was considering what shows this hate could be from, I actually forgot about Fire Force entirely because it’s that unmemorable. Am I actively taking delight in belittling this show in its main tag now that I’ve received anon hate possibly because of my feelings on this show? Perhaps. This show’s popular enough and appeals to shounenfags enough to where I could get if the hate was from this one, and while I wasn’t hugely negative in my episode review or anything, I’ve still kinda got this “urgh fuckin Fire Force” air surrounding it, which I think could explain why someone would send hate.
And the second show I think could be the source is Demon Slayer, for which my episode 21 coverage basically amounts to “thank god we’re done with those obnoxious spiders”, so I do think that could be seen as negative enough for someone to want to send anonymous hate. Especially because it’s a hugely popular shounen show, one that’s been going on for longer than Fire Force and I imagine has a fuller tag (I couldn’t be bothered checking the tags for either show because I know they’re that popular) and of course, shounenfags are like that. I kinda hate Demon Slayer’s popularity since, despite a pretty strong first 10 or so episodes, it’s still a really generic shounen, and from episode 11 maybe and onwards, the addition of Zenitsu and Inosuke make the supporting cast fucking insufferable, also the rotating house and spider forest arcs went on for fucking forever and I couldn’t stand them. But then nah fuckin episode 19 had good sakuga or whatever so Geoff and Gigguk are gonna crawl out from under the woodwork and talk about how incredible the show is and has always been, as though it’s not obvious that the only reason they made their videos is because the show got trending on Twitter following episode 19. Christ. Episode 19 really does just look good and not have as much Inosuke or Zenitsu in it, that’s all, but fuckin shounenfags out here really tryna say it’s one of the best episodes in anime history and shit. Man fuck off.
Anyway I’m gonna tag all of the shows I’ve mentioned with their supposed “main tag”, because fuck that anon and they’re probably a shounenfag anyway. 
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enbyjoestar · 2 years ago
Yo you should answer all of these scene questions👀👀
you think so lad???? shit dawg i was thinkin just a few at a time but if that what u want my dear nonnie i will supply
1. wats ur scene name?
i was thinkin maybe ‘gods mistake’ would be a good one but then. i found a way to make it both danganronpa related, and, even better, a fucking pun as well. ‘kamukura kamukura jasqueen’, or just ‘kamukura jasqueen’ for short is good k thxxx
2. describe ur dream outfit!
oooo gosh this ones trickyy!! there are so many good outfits out there, especially in the scene community!! but it’d have to have a few tiny elements of dr cosplay to add a lil of my dangan-weeb culture in there ofc! more specifically, id really love to get one of kazuichis jumpsuit and just wig out and add shit like this just because i could:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(id just rlly love going out in all those glowy/shiny things at night like all that haha..and yes the shoes would probably kill me/my fuckin feet if i tried to walk in them but shut up i love them theyre cute as fuck)
3. describe ur dream haircut!
oo another tricky one!! i do like my regular hair, and honestly id be lying if i said i didnt love ibuki’s hairdo too but id defs have to go with something like this!!
Tumblr media
yaaaassss, so pretty and spikeeeey! maybe id dye my natural hair colour black and/or add some funky colours if i ever actually got this style down!
4. describe ur dream room!
i have a lot of ideas for dream bedrooms actually, but heres a visual image of one of them i found!!!
Tumblr media
(this specific idea arose mainly just for the aesthetic but i also find it super cute and a good environment to be in general hhhnnggg)
5. if u could make anything out of kandi, wat would u make?
oh you mean those colourful beads and bracelet things??? i love those man!!! theyre so visually appealing to me aaaaa…id probably just make a fuck-ton of those and most probably use the little letter beads to say random words/phrases like ‘aubergine’ and ‘despacito’ knowing my shitposter self lmaooo! id definitely make a sansmaeda themed one too thoo fr
6. wat would u write on ur shoez?
it’d probably range from things like a simple kaomoji doodle to something randum and stupid like ‘seesaw’ bc yes asjnd
7. wat kinda piercingz/tattooz do u hav/want?
i dont think i rlly want any real piercings (at least not atm) but id totally go for those fake stick-on gemstone lookin’ ones! and as for tattoos, i cant rlly see myself gettin one of those rn either, but id want something like a mario power-up, preferably the bell one/cat suit powerup!!! its my favorite powerup and its sooo cute!!!
8. fave genrez?
i dont rlly have a specific genre, i like most kinds of music, but i rlly like energetic music that i can dance tooo!!! >w
9. fave bandz?
im a big fan of gorillaz and botdf!!! i like p!atd as well but havent listened to it in a while.. gatta catch up loool
10. fave songz?
my favs alternate a lot, but atm im super into ‘slow dancing in the dark’ by joji!!! so much emotiooon quq…also rlly hooked on botdf and jefree star’s ‘sexting’ tooo lmaooo
11. fave lyricz?
‘The world keeps spinning Among this sinning Oh what a cruel and disgusting place The purest moonlight Is bloodied by plight And screaming resonants But somehow I know That it’s all for show The world will reveal it’s true beauty soon And we’ll all reach towards the moon ‘
its so deep but its from a fucking kaito momota fansong and i love that asnkjdnefe
12. hav u evr been to a concert?
not in a damn long while my lad,, rip australians not havin many artists they like from other countries tour there ;-;
13. do u wanna be in a band?
ive always thought thatd be pretty cool ngl!!! tourin around with ur bandmate friends, makin awesome fuckin tunes, people lovin u and ur music, just livin the dream in general,, nice
14. wats da best soda/energy drink flavour?
havent rlly had any as of rn  my lad so i wouldnt know :/
15. wat do u miss most abt old internet?
i loved that we could all just be ourselves and act like the kids we are inside without bein reprimanded at all.. it aint rlly that much of an issue for me but i still think itd be a lot nicer if it was like that again sometimes,,
16. wats da best old meme?
ooohhh there are so many i still miss man! numa numa ermagerd and doge still remind me of the glory days…when old animeme was good and you could still haz ur cheezburgers in peace. also rage comics! rage comics were good what happened
17. best place 2 buy clothez?
i dont think theres any hot topics in australia but if there is. i will hunt it down you hear me
18. wat r ur fave accessoriez?
OH THERES SO MANY GOOD ONES??? as i stated b4 i rly love kandi bracelets and other glowy/led things!!! also rlly love ties with cute and fun patterns and long colourful and/or ripped socks like ibuki’s too hehe
19. wats ur best tip fr ppl that just got into scenecore?
im not rlly the best at advice, but my main point would be-just hav fun here dudes!!! dont let anyone else bulli u abt it, we’re supportive people, u can talk to me or anyone else whos willin to listen an/or help for reassurance ofc
20. opinion on furbiez?
21. opinion on funko popz?
i like em and ive seen lots at eb games, but i dont buy em much..i do have a megaman pop with a broken arm tho loool
22. wats ur fave pattern? (zebra/leopard print etc)
i looove a lot of patterns but not gonna lie im always a sucker for rainbow checkerboard patterns yknow hehe!
23. fave color combo?
i dont have one rlly…soooo many possible comboooos…cx
24. sumthing u liked as a kid dat u still like?
im still going on girlsgogames and recently, ive finally mastered sues beauty machine!!!! its so good and fun all of ya’ll should try it my dudeeees
25. wats ur most used emoticon? 0w0
as most of ya’ll probs alredy know i spam ‘:O’ a lot, but one of my bigger favs is actually ‘x3′ and my fav kaomoji is ‘ଘ(੭ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭✧’ (both of them are so kyooot >w
26. wats ur fav typin quirk?
i luv talkin like dis, but i dont rly do it that often loool…i awso wuv tawking in ‘owo’ speak wike dis >//w//>
27. do u wish ur fllwrz talked 2 u moar?
hellz yeaaa!!! i luv followr interaction my dudee! it makes me super happi when u all talk to me heehee! x3c
28. tag ur fave scene blawgz!
:O !!! oh gawd!!! i dont know many atm but heeereee!
@xxadam-antidotexx (op of the ask meme)
@glitchkichi (not sure if this counts but their stuff’s rlly cool >v
@otonashi-banana (scene boyf…wuv im more than anythin >///w///>
29. wat got u into scenecore?
i dont remember exactly how it happened but i’d always sorta wanted to go back to the glory days that was the old web and the scene era, and that, coupled with a bright, colourful aesthetic that i could really enjoy, drew me in like a moth to a neon colored flame ig looollll
30. how long hav u been scene?
i’ve only been officially apart of the community for about a few months now (at time of writing) i reckon so some things are still a lil new to me ig ^^;;
31. wats da best thing abt being scene?
the freedom of bein able to express myself 4 one thing, and its just so fun being so ‘out-there’ yknow???? it feels so great really
32. do u hav a fursona?
i…actually used to but ive moved on from the furry fandom and ive grown more attached to my human sona anyway sooo :/
33. r u in sum “cringy” fandomz?
YEA man!! i dont rlly think dr is inherently considered ‘cringey’ but undertale is and im in that one for sure!!! i also kinda technically never left the skylanders fandom(?) so theres that too ig??? oh yeah and who wants to let me draw my old moshi monsters characters COWARDS
34. do u liek plushiez?
YASSSS QUEEEN!!!! i have HEAPS of them in my room on my desk with my gonta shrine
35. do u liek stickerz?
also a big yaaassss from me dawggg!!! i love them and i love those ones that you stick on your fase like this!
Tumblr media
its so cuuute!!!
36. do u hav a friendproject?
i dont, not at the moment a least, actually! didnt even know what it was til recently but it looks kewl haha
37. do u hav any other scene account?
well, i haz this one, and i also have an emowire account for shuichi if that counts!!
38. do u make art? (drawingz, blingeez, etc.)
YES!!! i love to draw and i also make blingee edits sometimes!!! ITS SO FUN XD !!!
39. wats da most scene thing? (anything!)
hmmm, weeell…i think the most stereotyped thing would be that kewl, suuuper big hair like this;
Tumblr media
its really prettyyyy, and i love all that colouuur!!!
40. ask ur own randum question!!
hm, oh wowie, since the anon didnt specifically ask this one…POTATOES!!! X3
phew, finally done, that was a lot of typing! this was so fun to do though, so thank u nonnie!!! :3
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