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About the man that brought me high up on the clouds, but I had forgotten there is nowhere for someone to be, to breathe. / LBTT
He misunderstood and misinterpreted me till the end. I collaborated and even fed to that amidst all of the things I’m innocent for, because it fed my ego and yearning to be adored - to be more than human. Beyond - I became the personification of a concept, and I loved that. So defined, simple, tangent and wholesome. Unbeknownst to me, so utterly… dehumanizing. Tragically flattering, I bleed on embodying a higher concept and basked on the same - being good and pure around so much of his tainted darkness. And bit by bit, blush by blush, bite by bite I deteriorated my individuality and degenerated onto something inhuman, something less than, and certainly anything that was not me. (…) I’m more than an incarnation of heavenly senses. I’m mortal. Just as he is.
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My very first 3D game! It is done, so exciting! 

 This game is made with Unity, and the 3D models are made with Maya. 

 It is about the Greek godess Artemis honoring her mother Leto, who is in the underworld. Her brother Apollo helps her in her quest. 

 This game took 3 months to make, working almost non stop on it. So hope you guys like it!

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