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I’ve just realized something…

Since Mitchell Hope plays both Ben from Descendants and my oc; Holden Goldstein from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I figured there’s a crossover looking at me in the face. So here’s the idea…

Ben mysterious disappears after the fight with Audrey. Mal is nervous and scared, hoping that her boyfriend is okay as Ben’s disappearance takes a toll on everyone at Auradon. When is Ben is discovered to be in Los Angeles, the Vks race to rescue him and bring him home. But Ben is different. He’s better, stronger, smarter, more powerful and more terrifying. He’s not Ben. He’s something else…..

What do you think of the idea?

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                                        CRUSTACEOUS REX

First Appearance: Godzilla the Animated Series (Columbia Tristar, 1998), Season 1, Episode 2: “New Family, Part 2″

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