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Gijinka designs for Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan & King Ghidorah!

I’m very proud of these designs. My favorite part is their hair, it incorporates their kaiju look the most.

Godzilla: Legendary Godzilla is an aquatic titan, so swim pants was the most fitting

Mothra: She went through 3 sword variations before I landed on the Chinese butterfly sword

Rodan: Glider suit! Really love his hair

King Ghidorah: It was fun posing each personality

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Happy 1 year anniversary for Godzilla KOTM! This movie has been very controversial within the fan base since it came out, with some people hating it, others loving it, and some in between. In my opinion, I absolutely love this movie. Legendary Godzilla is my favorite incarnation of the Big G, as well as Legendary Ghidorah, Rodan, and Mothra, the last being my favorite kaiju after Godzilla. Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect(the humans in the film were annoying, the jokes were bad, some of the deaths really shouldn’t have happened, and I dislike the weird sexual digs the director put in about the Titans mating), but what Godzilla film is perfect? This is a movie every G Fan should watch, and those that don’t like it should give it another chance. Thank you Legendary for giving us such an incredible Godzilla film! Long live the king!

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Meet my new kaiju OC Fritchy boi 👌


Classification : Titanus Fritch

Nature : Wetlands

Body height : 115.2144 m / 378 feet

Behavior : unknown

Range : North Sea, The Netherlands and Belgium

Titanus Fritch is a horse-like kaiju with two large spiraling horn projecting from his forehead and a skeleton-like body which is covered with huge thick scales on his back. His hollow eye sockets posseses a small bead-like eye which has red incandescent effect thanks to the mutation in his DNA. Titanus Fritch’s classification is portrayed as an omnivore among the titan kingdom. He mostly derives his energy from a diet consisting mainly vegetations which has a lot of nutrients. But when it’s an emergency like being attacked by various titans, he will start consuming the corpses immediatly.

Plus a small comic how Fritch interact with Ya-Boi-Perish’s fluffy OC !

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going to make a kaiju oc i guess :v 

so stay tuned for that! (( well i actually already finished it but i need to think about it before i upload it, just in case i get the height and length wrong again :/

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If Destroyah ever return I’ve had this idea from @ruubesz-draws Godzilla AU were should Destroyah and him face, Destroyah would nickname him “Jr.” As insult that he doesn’t see him worthy of the name Godzilla except for his father. Than constantly twisting the knife both literal and figuratively telling him it was his fault for being weak his defeat led to his fathers death and how Godzilla’s strength isn’t his own. Destroyah like his movie counterpart enjoys torturing his enemies both physically and mentally. For Godzilla this will be retribution in finally overcoming his greatest fear once and for all and to avenge his father.

Intro battles

Destroyah: Jr. you’ve gotten big.

Godzilla: The better to skrongk your damn wings off!

Destroyah: All the better to die like daddy.

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