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Anyone elses heart break a little when you think about what it means that Bakugo “hated” Deku for his selfless nature, like Bakugo really grew up living in a world where he couldn’t fathom someone just genuinely wanting to care about people without having an alternative motive. Such a lonely boy 🥺🧡🖤💚


Originally posted by hcsincorporated

Like ya there’s the “gotta be the best” attitude and the insecurity that went with it, but Bakugo lived with these feelings for almost a decade. For that kind of grudge to keep festering he had to keep feeding the idea that Deku was challenging him, and he had to keep dismissing the idea that Deku was just a genuinely caring person or he told himself that there was something wrong/weird about being like that.

Which means dismissing similar things in everyone else, all his “friends”? Just extras riding his tailcoat, no one could actually want to be just friends, everyone wants something from him. That’s why he molds so easy with the Bakugsquad, it’s a power dynamic he’s familiar with even if the friendship is actually genuine, it’s still way easier for him to swallow than a friendship with Todoroki is. Bakugo is the most kindness/touch starved, lonely kid in all 1A. And he’s going to have to be dragged out of that mentality kicking and screaming :/

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  • The Monster Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson

A reread to prepare me for book 3 because lord knows I can’t remember these plots and characters and intrigues and backstories two years after I read it. I can barely keep track of the plot while it’s happening.

Two reasons why this series is kicking off my spooky season reads: I am a bi woman who is terrified of Incrastic hygiene, and the Canciroth is the thing of nightmares.

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“Heeeee!!!” Miu startled at the sudden scared voice of the anon. Squeaking, her hand slips on the screen in an attempt to catch herself from stumbling. Luckily and by some miracle, she did not hit a personality, rather a “next,” button displayed at the bottom screen. “Don’t s-startle me like that, dickweed! I-I almost clicked one on accident! Now, I-I’m- uh-?”


“On a…. new page? W-Well at least these talents look interesting … I-I guess…”

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I consumed a decent amount of the Rosh Hashana leftover wine in a short period of time prior to eating dinner and am now watching Game Changer

please ask me questions including but not at all limited to Game Changer (but still not Pirates of Leviathan; I have saved that for inevitable Saturday morning hangover watching)

also RQG made me realize that we 100% need to learn the Mighty Nein’s favorite drinks because knowing Hamid’s favorite drink is secretly a Pina Colada truly made my week.

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