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#gojo chan
sword-dad-fukuzawa · 9 days ago
Nobara was awesome in the finale! But I think her technique would give Atsushi PTSD flashbacks.
The finale was so good though?? I am a Megumi simp through and through and so Megumi going feral was. Kinda awesome. Y'know. For the simp braincell. AND NOBARA BEING CRAZY. I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT CRAZY NOBARA. SO MANY FEELS ABOUT CRAZY "yea I'm going to stab myself through the fucking arm like it ain't shit, what of it?" NOBARA. Because she was really pretty with the roses ;-;
;-; and Nobara and Yuuji showing up to help Megumi under the bridge, because they know he's dumb and is going to get his fine ass killed, because I am still mad about how badly Team Seven got fucked in Naruto so these three are my therapy.
Other than fix-it Team Seven genfics, that is.
I also have feelings about the glorious tag-team that was Maki and Megumi from the group battles, the sheer tomfoolery of Yuuji and Toudou tag teaming, and the sadness and sorrow that Nobara didn't get that much ass-kicking time back then. BUT IT'S OKAY. BECAUSE MAKI GOT ASS-KICKING TIME. And Megumi, did I mention Megumi with a sword is aggressively awesome???? Help
,,,yes sorry for the ramble. JJK is just really good ;-; to the point where I may actually read the manga. And also, there are only 36 OT3 fics on Ao3. This is a CRIME. I am ANGRY. I am, once again and to nobody's astonishment, IN RAREPAIR HELL.
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miyangel-archived · a month ago
gojo atsumu for the soul
Tumblr media
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amethystsoda · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
top 10 anime betrayals
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eclipse-the-chez-god · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"You want Yuta Okkotsu to be the Next Gojo Satoru, right? Because he has so much cursed energy?" -Suguru Geto (Or something like that) Henlo! I have come with Fanart of Satoru Gojo, Yuta Okkotsu, & Rika-chan, inspired by the line above! If you aren't caught up with the manga tho, don't search up the context of this- XD I can't wait until the prequel gets animated!! (And if You have not read the Prequel yet, please do NOT search up Yuta & Rika-chan before reading it)
Scratch Version DeviantArt Version
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paulaigloo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“If I had stayed in that village, I’d be as good as dead”
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tempenensis · a day ago
Chapter 146
Damn that last page. Gege I hate you
Okay, we start with some more info dump.
Tumblr media
I sill don’t quite understand this part, “sending human” to other side? We’ll see more on this later. But surprisingly Hokkaido is not included because of the Ainu Jujutsu Society. I hope we’ll get some more on them later. 
Tumblr media
Finally some exact timeline. 
Tumblr media
Interesting info from Shoko. So, basically, their “safest” sorcerer to join would be Maki.  
Tumblr media
lmao Yuuji cute. 
Tumblr media
This. oh my god. Yuuji whose “weakness” is to have kill people is ‘saved’ by Fushiguro 🤧
Tumblr media
Oh, so it’s happened already with Megumi-sama. Yuuji looks so shocked haha
Tumblr media
Hmm. Interesting. What would they need his workshop for? Maybe he has some tricks about barrier? Juzo was the one who made barrier at school when Hanami infiltrated the school. I’m curious of what they might need from him. 
Tumblr media
Ah, yes. Yuta best senpai!
Tumblr media
I’m glad that at least Megumi has them on his back, despite everything that happened to him. Losing Gojo, Tsumiki gets involved in culling game, saddled by the Zenin. Poor boy, but still the one he think the most is after all
Tumblr media
Itadori. He knows Itadori is very concerned about how to keep people safe, by dying himself. God, I love these two so much. 
Tumblr media
I swear, I’m hoping you’re not joking here, Sensei, and finally get Hakari to appear. 
Tumblr media
Aaaww, onii-chan. It’ll be fine. He’s with his friends. Choso must be thinking, “God, he grows up so fast” lol
Tumblr media
Waaiitt, MANDO KOBAYASHI-SANN? LMAO Sensei must’ve had a lot fun on that chaotic interview which is so bad for my heart
Tumblr media
One: finally a comedian character, not surprising considering Akutami’s love of Grand Prix
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viixens · a day ago
hey you! ship your moots!
Hell yeah I will
this is gonna be long so here's a cut lmfao im so sorry I just dont want to miss anyone
@styxtm -- Iwaizumi / mattsun
@meiyaspup -- Osamu
@onyxoverride -- Sukuna / Aizen
@devilrins -- Gojo
@spidehpig -- Reiner 
@katslutski -- Bakugou
@spikesbimbo -- Dio / Grimmjow 
@hajiswife -- Iwaizumi
@tanjirotv -- Bokuto 
@devilkou -- Suna
@velvetfireworks -- Levi
@kenmasbb -- Kenma
@blxemafia -- Sniper Mask
@likesugarandcyanide -- literally any villain 
@sunaluvs -- Akaashi
@sleepyrintaro -- Eren
@bjbex -- Suna 
@keishinslove -- Hawks 
@haji-tv -- Suga
@saintdabi -- Shiggy
@sightoru -- Deku 
@kshira -- Tendou
@godjo -- Suna
@seroh -- Osamu
@aquastellium -- Kita
@flowering-springs -- Kuroo
@kohito -- Mahito / Geto
@nanengko -- Meian / Itachi
@anarchicmartyr -- Shinsou
@tamakisbunnygirl -- Tamaki 
@natsuarchive -- Natsuo
@moping-bitch -- Tendou / any femdom
@kiyoobi -- Shouto / Sakusa
@fukurotiny -- Bokuto
@toshidou -- Mirio 
@rat-suki -- Dabi 
@lovesakusa -- Sakusa
@katsuhera -- Levi
@erosojiro -- DAICHI
@daddyjima / @hisoillusandwich -- Ushijima 
@semisgroupie -- CHOSO
@siren-writings -- Hisoka
@unmeiii -- Dabi
@b0ba-chan -- Suna / Sakusa
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kuroosperiodictable · 3 days ago
Just training*
Tumblr media
Megumi x fem!reader
warnings: hate fucking, unprotected sex, degradation, dumbification, teasing
word count: 1.5k
a/n: @innrsoul and have been on a hate fucking rampage so here you go
Tumblr media
You wake up with a sharp pain in your neck for the 6th day in a row. The pain directly caused by the harsh swing of Megumi’s wooden staff. He had been your sparring partner this week and it had been...quite a week. At least today was the last day.
“Drop your shoulders when you strike y/n. Your neck is wide open for Megumi to hit you.”
You slightly bow your head in understanding at Gojo’s comment. He was overseeing the training today and you and Megumi were the only two left in the practice room. Gojo‘s phone rings and after silently apologizing to you two, he quickly steps out to answer it. A loud wack on your back brings your attention to the boy standing in front of you, the hit definitely being harder than necessary.
“Um ow? Can you ease up on how hard you hit me idiot?”
“I think you can handle it, being the best in the combat class of course, thought I’d give you more of a challenge.”
“This isn’t a challenge, it’s torture. You’re a asshole y’know”
Megumi never liked you, and he made it apparent. He never understood why you received the most praise from Gojo, or why you were sent out on missions with the second years, being a first year yourself. He just couldn’t understand how you were better than him, and it pissed him off. So you became the object of his hatred. The obvious animosity making itself known through the scowls he gave you whenever your eyes met, or the painful training sessions you had to endure. You, however, quite liked him when you first met. His quiet, mysterious demeanor intriguing you. So naturally you developed a small crush on the raven haired boy. But as the weeks went by, his hatred for you grew and your crush developed into a deep seated hatred. For the simple reason being, he had no good reason to hate you. He was clearly Gojo’s favorite and the most powerful sorcerer in the class. Why did he hate you so much?
“y/n-chan!” A voice calls out to you from outside the room, pink locks peeking through the doorway.
“I’m going out later on, do you wanna come with?” Yuuji asks, a bright smile plastered across his tan face.
“Oi, pay attention we don’t have much time left and Gojo will be back any minute.” Megumi says, his voice laced with annoyance.
You give Yuuji an apologetic smile, opting to listen to the bothersome boy. Out of what you can only call pure antagonism, your practice staff finds itself against the back of Megumi’s knees. He topples forward landing harshly on his hands and knees, his head facing the floor. Your mind races, knowing that this is the first time you’ve fought back against his incessant torture.
“You don’t need to be so rude Megumi, y-you could just ask me like a normal person instead of bossing me around. Quit trying to control me!” You yell out in frustration.
Megumi’s head slowly turns toward you. His expression somewhere between anger and disbelief. He lifts himself back onto his feet and begins stepping toward you. You step backwards, each step making you feel smaller under Megumi’s powerful gaze. Your back makes contact with the cold wall and you come to the sudden realization that you’re cornered. His hand slams against the wall next to your face, causing you to flinch.
“You little bitch. How fucking dare you.”
“M-Megumi please, I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hit you so hard. I was just so fed up with the way you treated me and i-“
“Shut up and listen to me. You’re being a brat. You don’t think I see the way you look at me you little whore. I bet you’re dripping just thinking about what I’m gonna do to you.”
He was right. As much as you say you hate Megumi, the “hatred” you harbored was just a facade for the lust that overwhelmed you. You couldn’t deny the wetness that pooled each time he called you names and made you feel like you were nothing but a hole for him to use.
“You like this don’t you? You like feeling small. Feeling like you’re nothing.” He says in a whisper, his lips grazing your ear, his free hand gripping your hip. He licks the outer shell of your ear sending electric shocks down your spine. His hand trails down towards your aching core. Two fingers tease your clothed clit, making small slow circles.
“Megumi ah- stop...Gojo-sensei will come in at any ti-ahhh.” You say one hand gripping his forearm and the other resting against his chest.
Your hips involuntary grind against his fingers. Your stomach twisting and tightening, as you inch towards your release. Megumi moves his fingers away from your dripping cunt, causing you to let out a whine. His lips attach to your neck as he places open mouth kisses moving towards your jaw. His skillful fingers toy with the waistband of your training shorts, dipping down past them and your panties towards your soaking pussy.
“You’re so fucking wet. Does the thought of Gojo-sensei coming in and finding us turn you on you little slut.”
You moan at his comments, your hand gripping onto his dark black locks.
“Megumi fuck- it feels so good...ahh- more please I need more.”
“You want more you greedy bitch? Who owns this pussy?”
You open your mouth to speak, but your voice is stuck in the back of your throat as Megumi inserts his middle finger deep inside of you, the tip of his finger grazing your sweet spot.
“Answer me whore.” He demands.
“Ah- you Megumi! Belongs to you! fuck-”
“Mine. All mine. Gonna fill you up nice and full of my cock.” He says, his thumb pressing against your bellybutton.
You squirm under his touch as Megumi pumps into your sopping cunt. Each thrust pushing you closer and closer to the edge.
“Megumi- ahh gonna come- please don’t stop ahhhh.”
“Oh no you’re not. If you’re gonna come, it’s gonna be around my cock.”
Megumi retracts his fingers from you core and you whine at the loss of contact. He brings his slick covered fingers to his mouth and sucks your juices off. You stare as he sucks, wishing it was your tongue wrapped around his fingers.
“You want a taste? Here, taste yourself.” He says, pushing his fingers against your lips.
Your tongue is quick to surround his digits, licking and sucking whatever he had left over. He pulls them out roughly, a lewd popping sound being produced. Megumi pulls down his track pants, just enough to let his hardened cock spring free. The tip red and angry and seeping with white beads of precum. He was just as turned on as you were. His fingers latch on to the waistband of your shorts and pulls them down, letting them pool around your ankles. The cold air hits your pussy, the contact sending a shiver down your spine. Megumi lines himself up with your entrance, running his tip up and down your slit teasing you slightly.
“Megumi please hurry.”
He obliges, sliding his erect cock into your pussy. Wet squelching sounds reverberate off the walls filling your ears. The ecstasy of your walls clenching around Megumi’s cock overwhelms him.
“Fuck- does that feel good y/n? Such a good slut for me. My little slut, nobody else’s. Tell me how bad you wanted this.”
“So bad Megumi -ahhh wanted you so bad please don’t stop.”
His lips press into yours hungrily biting and sucking on your lips and tongue. You pull on his hair, causing him to let out a groan into your mouth. You feel him smirk into the kiss, knowing he’s got you wrapped around his finger. Knowing that he was the only one who could fuck you this well. He relished in the feeling of your pussy fluttering around him. The white liquid of your release pouring down your thighs, your mouth slack, sound unable to escape, the pleasure too overwhelming. You feel hot ropes of cum fill you up, your stomach bulging slightly.
Megumi’s movements stop, his forehead resting on yours. You feel his hot breathe against your lips as he tries to steady his breathing. He pulls out of you and grabs his sweatshirt wiping the cum off of you, then himself. You stand in silence, too afraid to make a noise, only able to pick up your shorts and slip them on.
“Y/n” He says breaking the silence.
“I’m...sorry for treating you so badly... I just don’t know how to deal with my emotions. I shouldn’t have-“
“It’s fine. I don’t know if I can forgive you right away, but I really do like you Megumi...I want to try and make this work.”
“Ok then...let’s make it work.” He responds, throwing his soiled sweatshirt into his bag.
“Wow you two look like you were really going at it! Did training go well while I was gone?” The white haired teacher says, walking back into the room.
“ could say that I guess.” You say glancing at Megumi, his lips slightly curled into an amused smile.
“You could say that...”
Tumblr media
© 2021
requests open (limited time)
tags: @izukine @dancingazaleas @sukunas-lady @x6nji
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seoafin · 6 days ago
do japanese even have pet names like love, darling, sweetheart, etc?
Tumblr media
i mean i can see gojo using anata (darling/dear) when he’s being intentionally cheesy. it’s what (usually old bc it’s somewhat outdated) married couples usually call each other.
personally i wouldn’t write gojo unironically using nicknames during sex (in a fwb i can see it but honestly the wild(er) ones make me cringe). i can see it occasionally but when he’s being serious idts
i’ve played otome games where the MC is called “kitten” but it just doesn’t hold the same weight it does in japanese (koneko-chan) so reading “kitten” in english when reading porn it just turns me off tbh LMAO also if a man called me kitten i’d literally start running.
i’ve also heard いいこ(good girl) which is why i’m mostly alright reading that in fics. but in the end i can usually tell if the author is white just by how they write smut djfndskj
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roukujou · 8 days ago
uragiri said:
"Still upset about Itadori-kun asking for my autograph?" It's so dumb, so silly that Gojo would be petty jealous over it, but the finer detail is that it's Satoru Gojo at the center of the subject. It's almost in his nature to be a /little/ stupid. Chin nuzzling into his friend's shoulder, he smiles, offers what he thinks is a compromise. "We could invite him to movie night, and I'll be the bad guy and tell him he can't touch your snacks." Because Geto would just end up sharing his own.
Tumblr media
“you even remembered his name?” the white-haired teen groans, visibly frowning as he reached over to flick geto’s forehead. “i’m not a child, suguru. i don’t want a weak ass compromise to make me feel better. and no, i’m not gonna invite him to movie night because that wasn’t a part of the plan! we were supposed to be jackie chan and chris rock and you totally didn’t follow through!”
huffing, he creates a distance between the other sorcerer, pointing his index finger in direction.
“you were supposed to be the james franco to my seth rogen!”
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aimaki · 10 days ago
what food would you feed ur moots?
@tetsusaki fish. specifically burnt salted mackerel pike made by none other than her boyfriend Kuroo Tetsurou. he told me to put a milkshake with it so she can dip her fish into it if she likes ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 he’s so kind
@omisluvr banana and salmon bc sakusa’s uniform is the same color as a banana and inumaki likes salmon. so healthy enjoy your meal packed with nutrients!
@atsuangel ANTI HATE JUICE!!!!!! we love you val chan 💝💓💞💗💖💕💘
@sophiashortcake uhh really big blueberries bc gojo’s eyes ..... also i’d chop some of tsukki’s height off and give it to her i feel like she’d appreciate that
@lovesunas sukuna’s finger so she can join the dark side with him and become his empress 😈😈🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
@milfvi mayonnaise and crackers it’ll feel like eating white people and eradicating them
@luvromis uhh something nice like ice cream. oh wait he’s lactose intolerant ummm ..... OREOS!!!!! :-)
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loveatsutani · 10 days ago
Who do you ship your moots with (challenge: don’t ship them with their favorites)?
im gonna do this n give no context and just watch the chaos and confusion unfold:
@selfishwitch & daishou
@miyaflix & bakugo
@b0ba-chan & lev
@dilfsuna & hirugami
@honeykeigo & ennoshita
@hiddenbluee & daichi
@two-percent-milk & gilthunder (7ds)
@suedebunn & naoya (i am sorry)
@dailuna & obi (fire force)
@daisy-bakugo & megumi
@nishinoyawn & ushijima
@siren-writings & tendou
@toshidou & oikawa (yes.)
@kozumesfaerie & hoshiumi
@sawam0chi & izuku
@kenmasbb & sakusa
@erosojiro & futakuchi
@lumos-flies & hawks
@m-mortimer & kuroo
@taones & hinata
@prettysetterbaby & tsukishima (lol)
@unmeiii & shigaraki (yes.)
@undersero & dabi
@explvrer & osamu
@tetsou & gojo
@touyangel & izuku (<3)
@sleepyrintaro & kuroo
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kanrji · 15 days ago
alright i will bite (kaeya's ass-) what about gojo/childe with semi public sex? everyone is going to hear them and this strap will make sure of it 🙏
kaeya would love that ... minors dni
with dom gn!reader (cock or strap u choose eheh), semi public sex, exhibitionism, blowjob, snowballing, anal sex, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, rough sex kinda, please don’t fuck in an alley unless u have infinity </3
Tumblr media
it’s when he starts rocking into your mouth when you curve your hands around his hips and press him up against the wall, pinning him to grimy brick before dropping your jaw completely. he’s so fucking loud, anyone at the lip of the alley will know exactly what’s going on without having to step further in, but that’s why you’re here, aren’t you? your boyfriend’s got a thing for audiences.
“shit—nngh… fuck!” gojou giggles, and the way he tugs at your collar is annoying. insistent. chokes you a little bit when he pulls at the back just to let it snap to your skin again. “i’m gonna cum again, hah… i don’t think you’re playing very fair.”
he laughs breathily when you slip his pants down to his thighs, voice almost reaching a squealing-pitch when you rub two fingers behind his balls, just before you reach out to tease his hole. he’s loose already, slick. probably fingered himself before you’d met up hoping to get you out here or anywhere like it, ever the optimist. a little narcissistic too.
what does that say about you though, happily dancing along to his drumbeat?
but if it gets you off…
“come on, come on, come on—i need your fucking,” in a near-growl, gojou’s knees buckle when you suck him, all of him, and he curls over your head when the orgasm hits. you retreat just enough to get some of his cum on your tongue and hold it there, so you can kiss into his mouth and have him taste what he’s been shooting. he moans yes and thank you baby, deadweight in your arms if not for his technique, and swallows himself like you’d given him a sweet.
“now for…” he palms you, eyes glinting above his sunglasses. “your turn,” is what he says, but is it really, when gojou is salivating like a dog with a steak at the sight of you shimmying halfway out of your pants, hands becoming fists becoming open palms, rinse and repeat with every second you take slow.
he starts whining, “hurry up,” until you whirl him around by the shoulders, pushing him chest-first up against the wall knowing fully well he isn’t feeling the grime at all, and twisting his arm behind his back. you don’t have to say a word before he’s bending, presenting. ass out and legs spread, just enough space to get you in-between.
“impatient little shit,” you say, squeezing his forearm. he grins, cheek to infinity to dirty alley brick, and you slide home in one push, making him moan. from the hairs on the back of his neck to the tremble in his knees, he’s oversensitive. how could he not be after you sucked two loads out of him—but he keeps asking for more.
it’s all embarrassing. horrible. every fucking word that comes out of his mouth is like he took one look at the transcript of a porno and rolled with it, saying things like pound me harder and i love your big fat cock, interspersed with more acceptable shit like please fuck me (you already are?) and commands for faster faster faster.
gojou is a headache to fuck, a menace to date, and a terrible partner to be paired with on missions, always so willing to stop and smell the roses… but there’s something about him, you know? beyond his power and self-proclaimed world-renowned looks.
though right now you’re more interested in the sounds he’s making as he’s crashing up and into his peak for the third time within the evening, barely aware of anything besides his upcoming orgasm that he doesn’t notice you let go of his arm to grab his hips with both hands so you can “fuck him like you mean it” as he’d moaned. he’s warm underneath your fingers and you smirk. fucker turned off his infinity there so he’ll have bruises to parade around in.
you change the angle of your thrusts to make him wail.
“shut the hell up, honey,” you say right by his ear, not really caring either way. “want people to think someone’s dying here and come investigate?”
gojou shakes his head no but smiles yes, “i-i don’t…”
“then bite your tongue.”
“you—aah, you don’t want m-me to do that,” he says, and he does it on purpose. open his throat, part his lips, let his eyes roll back as his tongue darts out to soothe his bitten lips. he doesn’t need a microphone to broadcast and you feel your ears burning, from shame and lust. there’s nothing to do about him.
except fuck him till he’s seeing stars.
“you’re right that i don’t.” you rest your forehead against his back and stare down at how well he stretches around you, taking you so good. “doesn’t mean i won’t punish you for it though,” you smile, snaking an arm around his waist, “i’m not that kind.” you pump his cock once.
and it’s more than enough to make him spill again.
Tumblr media
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muriokusho · 15 days ago
Which women does Gojo find most intimidating, mind sharing~? You can't say 'all of them'. And Nobara-chan is among completely acceptable responses as well.
Tumblr media
“Utahime.” That’s a no brainer, anon ! No woman is scarier ! She’s so scary! No wonder she’s still single. “Nobara-chan can be intense but she’s harmless, unless you’re a curse, of course!”
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s-ukuna · 17 days ago
love how all the jjk ladies are undeniably wlw
maki has a sword and the girlboss vibes
nishimiya? witches are gay, next.
miwa in her suit, her sword and asymmetrical hair. no straight person dyes their hair blue! undeniably bi.
kugisaki? anger issues, voodoo dolls and funky little hammer, we love a confident bisexual. also her puppy crushes on every female character in jjk
shouko cheated her way through med school and probably can't do math. gay.
utahime hates gojo, this alone makes her the og sapphic
yuki "what's your type of girl" tsukumo. what's YOUR type of girl, huh??
taka-chan, the closeted lesbian idol
and last but not least, the queen of sapphics, zenin "whenever she interacts with another female character, you might wonder if they're dating" mai. she shoots homophobes with her gun, gege said so themselves
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