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#gojo satoru

nanami likes takes you on coffee dates. gojo gets upset and pouty because he doesn’t get invited, so the next time you two go you invite him.

and of course, gojo orders a large hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

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“im gonna be productive today”

*reads jjk after 5 minutes*

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i love how the biggest gojo antis are the author of jjk and his very own seiyuu 💀

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I’ve been cackling like a hyena over the fact that some of us ship Nanami (Gege’s favorite character) and Gojo (who Gege despises).

I like the ship, but the irony doesn’t escape me that they created such a dynamic between the two, that a good portion of us zoomed in on them!

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Hot take: 

Itadori is more like Geto and Fushiguro is more like Gojō

Evidence: (There will be spoilers for both anime and manga) 

Yes powers wise and outward personality it’s the other way around but not if you go deeper

Geto and Itadori are both idealists despite having literally consumed the worst of humanity via curses. Geto believes that the strong has a duty to protect the weak and Itadori believes he has a duty to protect as many people as he can regardless of who they are.

Both are significantly changed and damaged by a moment when they are unable to save someone. Geto when he couldn’t save the girl slated to be the Star Plasma Vessel and Itadori with Junpei 

They also have both run away from the Jujutsu sorcerer world and were hunted by that group after being responsible for the death of a large group of people. (Though Itadori was not in control of his body at the time)

The difference between them (at least at the moment) is Geto lost his faith in humanity and changed who he decided to protect and that tipped him into something a younger him would have hated. Someone who stopped seeing the humanity in people. 

Itadori on the other hand has lost faith in himself. In his ability to help people. Where this will go is yet to be seen 

Their words suggest that they want to be selfless but often their actions are selfish. Even Itadori’s sacrifices and power plays are selfish to an extent 

Fushiguro and Gojō on the other hand are cynical. Young Gojō says outright that “righteousness and responsibility have nothing to do with Jujutsu” and I think that’s because he is already critical of the institution he’s a part of but I also think when he says “righteousness” he actually means “self righteousness” that Geto’s comments about how the strong must protect the weak is a reflection of his own ego but that he’s hiding it under pretty words. 

Fushiguro is also cynical and his main conflict with Itadori is that he doesn’t see the point in saying you’ll save everyone when some people don’t deserve it and you can’t realistically save everyone anyway so why not be choosy. He has the same contempt for Itadori’s idealism that Gojō had for Geto’s

Gojō and Fushiguro also say selfish things and suggest they have selfish motives but their actions are often in contrast with that.

Gojō goes out of his way to keep civilians safe and goes into teaching to protect and nurture the next generation even though he thinks he’s ill suited to teaching because he doesn’t trust that anyone else would take care of the kids the way he does. And by being a teacher he constantly is putting his neck out there to provide a home to misfit students.

Look at his students:

Yuuta: A distant relative who has a huge curse and who the higher ups wanted to kill

Maki: A girl who can’t even see curses and was basically abandoned and hampered by her family 

Inumaki: A boy whose curse speech would normally have put a death sentence on his head 

Panda: A cursed corpse that can think and feel and grow that I am sure the higher ups hate 

Fushiguro: who he basically stole from the Zenin family and whose father was an outcast and killer 

Kugisaki: feral gremlin from the countryside 

Itadori: enough said

He is selfish in other ways of course but he is also willing to put himself on the line for others. Though he’s doing that from a position of strength and he knows that 

Fushiguro similarly is much less selfish then he acts. The most obvious is that he is willing to sacrifice himself at the drop of a fucking hat (stop being so willing to die Fushiguro! It’s bad for my blood pressure!) But it presents in other ways. Like when he asks Gojō to find a way to save Itadori.

The difference between him and Gojō is that while Megumi has the potential to have an insane amount of strength he is not working from a position of strength like Gojō. So when he puts his neck on the line he’s a lot more vulnerable

The difference between Geto and Gojō as a pair and Itadori and Fushiguro is that 

1. Itadori has not abandoned his morals and compassion even as he has become more of a realist 

2. Fushiguro’s appreciates Itadori’s compassion even if he doesn’t share it

3. The balance of power and vulnerability between Itadori and Fushiguro is different from Geto and Gojō. I think in a lot of ways they have the potential to understand each other better than the adults were able to

This is just my take and there is a lot that isn’t confirmed or clear yet as the manga is still ongoing and this doesn’t take into account Sukuna’s interest in Fushiguro and what that will do to their relationship dynamic

But whatever happens will be interesting to see playout 

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*dreamy sigh* why cant my 2d crushes come to life…? Real life sucks.

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So, what's going on between you and Yuji? I'm sensing some tension.
Gojo, later, to Getou
I didn't sense any tension, I just wanted some drama and I figured Megumi and Yuji were a good start.
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i physically cannot stand the whiplash of going through the jujutsu kaisen tag because 70% is “haha look at funny gojo meme! he’s so powerful and cool” and then out of nowhere i get punched in the face with reminders of how fucked up the manga is right now

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A redraw from episode 20 bc he shows his face unmasked a lot and i have the urge to redraw him

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I can't, it's in my blood.
What does that even mean?
It means his father was a slut too.
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So I recently commissioned the amazing @kejiyaa to draw me some soft NanaGo, and they did not disappoint! I mean, just look at this beautiful masterpiece 🥰💗

If you’re looking for someone to commission for art, especially if you’re in the JJK fandom, I absolutely recommend Kejiyaa!

Commission them: click here for info

Please do not repost, crop or edit this artwork in any way, or remove the description or source.

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Might not come back to this so I’m posting it here

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lmao imagine if gege drops nanago married status in the fanbook haha jk jk.. Unless..?

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The Café on Sundays | Satoru Satoru


SYNOPSIS: You meet him in line at your favorite café.

READER: blind!female

WORDS: 864

WRITTEN: 03/02/2021

NOTES: Thank you for requesting!


You looked normal. It was why he never noticed you were blind when the two of you first met.

You didn’t wear those black, round glasses like the Blind Mice or walk with a cane and stumble around like in the movies, nor were your eyes clouded over like the blind witches in horror movies.

You had a fluffy Samoyed dog as a guide dog. He was lively and alert and was the best guide dog.

You had met Satoru when you stopped by your favorite café for a cup of coffee.

Keep reading

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