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#gojo satoru
mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
Gojo’s love languages
Pairings: Gojo x reader
A/N: I did this for rich bf! Shoto but now I wanna do it for all my fave characters 😭 Anyways enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
Physical touch:
Oh Gojo is definitely a touchy person. He has to keep his hands on you at all times. Your soft, plushy skin under his grasp keeps him sane.
Pale long fingers travelling up your thighs teasingly when he makes you sit on his lap.
Other times, he just likes to tower over you from behind and pull you into a surprise back hug, his arms suddenly snaking around your waist “y/n-chan!!!” He’ll say, smirking as he hears your little yelp.
Just imagine him immediately turning his infinity off whenever he sees you, because he’s getting ready to attack you with a surprise hug 😭
Gift giving:
Every time he travels for a mission, he brings back the most luxurious, authentic gifts for you.
Personally, I don’t see Gojo ever buying you small gifts, it’s always super luxurious gifts because he believes love should be shown through grand gestures. And he has the money to spoil you, so why not?
Acts of service:
He lovessss helping you bathe, mostly because he gets to touch your naked body hehe he’ll set up a bath with the most luxurious oils, and help you lay in the tub, as he watches you relax, with a hand on his chin and a smile on his face
Whenever you are set a mission that’s too long or overwhelming, Gojo secretly speaks to higher ups and uses his high standing status to convince them to give the mission to him instead.
Just imagine how confused you were the next day when you got a phone call telling you the mission has been cancelled, but when you look at your bank, you’ve still been paid for the mission.
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blackgrlficsnthings · 2 days ago
JJK +watching their SO go feral
Their reaction to seeing you at your absolute most unhinged
Warnings: Blood, gore, violence
Gojo Satoru
You were faced with impossible odds. You knew this was by design. Sending you alone to handle a special grade curse? The higher ups meant for you to die. And why would they want that you dead? To break Satoru. You stared at the gaping maw of the curse in front of you.
“Would you like to know a secret,” you coo as you pick yourself up from the ground. The taste of rust and salt clings heavily to your tongue. Every breath hurts like hell. Your body is screaming for you to stop, to roll over and die already but you can’t. You don’t have it in you to just give up, not when that means leaving Satoru alone, not when that means being weak. “I’m not really a grade one you know?” You wipe your face with your sleeve and drop your weapon, “Satoru’s going to be upset I showed my hand like this but I think he’ll forgive me.”
The smile you give the special grade curse makes it pause looking into your dark eyes trying to understand the sudden exponential increase in cursed energy is nearly crushing. “Cursed technique open: Abyss. Cursed technique open: Rift”
Gojo felt the shift in energy miles away. He glared at the old man in front of him in contempt. He’d been called into an urgent meeting. The entire time he was sitting with Youshinobu he couldn’t understand the point of the visit. Now he did, it was to get you alone.
“You should be careful of the enemies you make, Gojo. It can hurt the people you love.” Youshinobu says cryptically. Gojo doesn’t even bother responding he’s teleporting to you as fast as he can.
Imagine Gojo’s surprise as he hears you laughing maniacally. The sheer weight of cursed energy in the building you were on top of could bring a lesser curse user to their knees. It’s all you and he knows it. He’s always told you to keep a lid on your power, without the protection of a powerful clan the higher ups would do everything they could to bend you to their will.
He makes it up to the roof to see you open up a black hole in the middle of the curse’s chest. Your laughter echoes in the night as the thing looks at you with wide fearful eyes. And for a moment Gojo can’t move. He’s always sensed your power, never seen it in action. The pure destruction your capable of is awe inspiring. He can see your face through the hole in the curse. Your covered in blood and guts but the bright white of your smile is easily apparent.
“You’re weak,” you cackle going to the curse and seizing its head, “if you’d lasted a little longer I was going to show you domain expansion. But you don’t deserve it,” you spit in its face and as it tried to attack you with the last of its strength you ripped it apart with a simple phrase, eyes going black as you spoke, “Cursed technique: Black hole.”
That just left you and Gojo. He was still frozen as he watched you shake your hands free of the blood and guts. You let your head lull back and you smoothed your hair out of your face smiling up into the moonlight. And you laugh again.
Gojo calls out for you then, running over to wrap his arms around you. He knows what that power feels like while it’s still coursing through your veins. You’re so much his opposite that the two of you are two sides of the same coin. The abyss is much like infinity. If infinity is everything and nothing then the abyss is nothing and everything. Black is the absorption of all color and white is the rejection of it all. He knows what it feels like.
“Look at me,” he coaxes as he pulls his blindfold off. You open your eyes to see his impossibly blue eyes staring into your impossibly black ones, “Come back to me.”
“I’m here,” you breathe, “I’m here.”
“It’s kind of hot watching you go off like that,” he teases holding your face in his hands. He presses his forehead against yours before kissing you, not minding the taste of your blood in your mouth or the way he was ruining his clothes with blood by holding you so close.
He likes knowing he’s met his match. He’s found an equally strong sorcerer and they’re just as crazy, just as reckless, and he has never been more in love.
Nanami Kento
Yes, Nanami asked you to look after the first years. They were children they needed protection, but you weren’t going to sit back and watch this curse kill your husband. It would just move on and hurt you and the kids any way.
The only thing that can push you to the edge of humanity is being faced with the possibility of losing your husband. The two of you are so in love that you feel like two halves of a whole. You can’t go on without him. You don’t want to.
Seeing your husband bloody and tired, fighting against more curses than he had any hope of winning was too much for you. The kids have been through hell already and you’re so afraid for these kids and your husband. Then Nanami turns and tells you to take the kids and run. And you snap. You’re not leaving him behind. You square your shoulders and take a deep breath
“You kids get out of here,” you say softly without turning to look at them. You hear them gasp.
The moment you step away from the kids, Yuji grabs your wrist begging you to run like Nanami asked. As far as the kids know you’re just their sweet sensei. They don’t even fully understand your cursed technique. They know that Gojo described you as an amplifier with a large area of effect. They know that Gojo always says the two of you are matched well together and together you’re nearly unbeatable.
“I asked you to run!” Nanami grits out at you when he notices you running towards him.
“It’s til death do us part right? I don’t wanna part yet” You respond, “domain expansion.”
The kids realize what you’ve done not because you explain it but because they can feel it. If Nanami is a sniper, going for one particular weak point at a time, you’re a carpet bomb. A rolling wave of devastation, it’s sloppy and dangerous if there was any other choice you wouldn’t risk it but as it stands there’s no other choice. The kids understand why you asked them to leave. They may be collateral if they don’t move
You and Nanami fight in tandem. You make it impossible for the curses to fend off Nanami with every blow you deal. Both of you are more in your element than you’ve ever been. It’s like watching a dance the two of you circling each target and neatly dodging every attack.
It’s as terrifying as it is beautiful. And the kids can’t help but be grateful they’re not on the receiving end of the smack down the two of you are administering.
At the end of it all you’re dead tired. Opening your domain is extremely inefficient energy wise. You collapse with the domain but Nanami catches you.
“Dammit, Y/N, you pushed yourself too far!” He scolds watching you wretch up blood. He holds you close to him kissing your temple, grateful that the two of you are still together.
“As long… as long as everyone’s safe,” you croak.
Nanami is bad off as well but he won’t leave you and it’s fine he won’t have to. Yuji scoops you up and hurried out of the building with you to get you help.
Ryoumen Sukuna
It’s the least cute meet-cute in the world but the moment he sees you in action he has to have you. He really only respects power and watching you slaughter a whole village of people, curse users and all, is more than enough power to catch his eye.
To be fair you have your reasons. The clan in charge had been nothing but cruel to you and once you honed your cursed technique and consumed a cursed object or two, you were ready to do something long overdue.
Sukuna planned on dealing with the clan of sorcerers but when he walked in and saw you put your hand through a sorcerers chest, rip out his heart and take a bite out of it… well he didn’t believe in love at first sight but it made a pretty picture. The view of perfectly white fangs surrounded by plump beautiful lips as you smiled should have been a painting.
You were drenched in blood when you were done and as you walked down the road out of the village Sukuna stood in front of you.
“Look at you, little one. Aren’t you a horrible sight?”
You’d cocked your head to the side looking him over he watched you realize who he was with a smug smile. “King of Curses, have you come to kill me?”
“Kill you? I’ve come to thank you. I’d been meaning to get rid of these insects. You did it for me. You’re a natural killer, little one. I could use someone like you.”
“My business here was personal. I have no desire to kill for you,” you say in a flat voice.
However even though he lets you go, he keeps an eye in you. He likes you. And he only likes you more as you gain a reputation for being almost as ruthless as him. He does test you, wondering if you mean to surpass him but he quickly realize you only wish for mortals to leave you alone. So the next time you meet he assures you that with him, no one would ever be so bold as to approach you.
It’s a deal you can’t pass up.
Fushiguro Toji
You’re not a curse user. You’re just a killer. To be honest. No amount of sentimentality can push you over the edge but someone fucking with your money? That’ll do it.
His hand was on his gun, ready to get you your money the moment the person who hired you told you to walk away or die. Every gun in the place was pointed at the two of you. The odds were still in his favor, he figured. The last thing he expected was for you to pull out a detonator.
“I knew you’d try to play games. So here’s the deal, you are going to give me $50,000 now for trying me and if you don’t deliver I’ll kill everyone in this goddamn room.” You smile sweetly holding the remote up gingerly.
Toji’s eyes went wide because what the fuck did you mean by everyone???
“You’re bluffing,” the man said. Your smile only widened.
“Oh I was hoping you’d say that.” You pressed the button, Toji gasped, shocked that you did it so carelessly. The building shook as an explosion went off, blowing up the west wing of the extensive mansion.
“Holy shit. Are you out of your damn mind?” Toji complains staring at you incredulously only to see you leaning into the man who owed you money. Toji points his gun at you, unwilling to die because you aren’t getting your money. You lock eyes with Toji as you speak in the man’s ear. “Time is ticking. My trigger finger’s getting itchy.
“Get- get the money!” The man yelled to his goons. You waited until they brought you a briefcase of money then you pulled your gun.
“Pleasure doing business, bitch.” And then toji watches you put a bullet right between that fucker’s eyes and all he can think is “Wow what a woman?”
He catches glimpses of you as the two of you mow through the guards trying to retaliate for killing their boss. Every time he sees blood spray across your face as your shoot someone close range he can’t help but be more enamored.
Even better when you run out of bullets you start using your gun as a bludgeon. Your having far too much fun, grinning as red paints your face, all while beating some guy so bad even his mother won’t recognize him. It’s incredibly hot to see.
The two of you meet outside after it all. You encourage him to move far away from the building. And when you two finally stop he grabs you by the throat to kiss you rough and sloppy.Mid-kiss you press the detonator, and he jumps and turns as the place explodes.
“You crazy bitch,” he breathes before kissing you again
Itadori Yuji
Sukuna has taken over and he’s threatening your friends. He’s already ripped out your boyfriend’s heart. As far as you’re concerned, you have nothing to lose. You can’t bear to lose Yuji. You told Megumi to run with Nobara and get her help. You’re the only thing standing in between Sukuna and your friends. Staring at this menace wearing your boyfriend’s face makes you physically ill, knowing he could switch out with Yuji at any moment if you used your regular attacks makes you feel even sicker. And so you know what you have to do. You just hope it doesn’t kill you.
“Aw, are you going to cry? You’re not even going to fight? You should know, that little idiot is losing his mind, begging me not to hurt you.” Sukuna taunts as he comes near you watching as you just stare at him with wide eyes.
“He can hear everything happening?” You ask.
“Every scream, every bone I snap-“
“Im sorry Yuuji. I hope I’m gonna end this… I-I love you,” You breathe and the moment Sukuna is within arms length you put your hand in the hole where Yuji’s heart should be. It’s a blood technique that Shoko has warned you about using but you have no choice. If you are going to lose your boyfriend then you are not going to lose your friends too. “Cursed blood technique: empath.”
Sukuna is affronted, he felt you touch his soul. He’s so offended by the action he doesn’t even think before he moves to maim you. But the nature of your cursed technique was so that everything that was done to you fell upon the attacker ten fold. He slashed threw your middle. Blood poured from you abdomen but Sukuna fell to his knees as his body threatened to tear in two.
He looked at you with wide eyes, equal amounts of fear and intrigue. You lie on the floor bleeding out until Sukuna used his reverse curse energy to heal and you healed too. You’d forced him to heel Yuji. With one touch you’d ensured that whatever happened to you would cause soul deep damage to him. You explained this much to him, therefore doubling the effects. And so you threw yourself at him again.
You know you don’t have a chance at beating Sukuna, but you’re hoping someone will come help. Or maybe Yuji can regain control if Sukuna is weakened. While you can’t be physically killed this way the sheer amount of cursed energy your wielding is too much for you to sustain.
“You’re going to be an interesting opponent,” he smiled as he held you by the throat, “We’ll meet again.”
He switched back with Yuji while still holding you aloft by the throat. Yuji let you go immediately but had to lunge forward to catch you as your legs gave out underneath you. You were spent.
When you’re getting help from Shoko, Yuji is right there with you and only once you’re feeling good again will he mention that Sukuna was a little afraid of you. You were making him suffer more than he was willing to endure.
Fushiguro Megumi
You’re on your own. Walking into the hospital was a mistake. You wound up in a curse’s domain. It was time to sink or swim and the only thing you could think to do was open up your own domain. It wasn’t something you were sure you could do but if you didn’t, you were going to die.
“Domain expansion: Threads of fate,” you breathe you can feel the resistance of cursed energy from the curse’s domain fighting against your own but you push past it gritting your teeth and willing your energy to be stronger
From the outside Megumi is running towards you. The demon dogs have sniffed you out and he’s following them. When he comes across the bubble of a curse’s domain, his heart drops. The demon dogs stop, scratching at the boundary. He knows you’re in there.
Just when he thinks all hope is lost the bubble burst, cursed energy splintering like crystal shards. He uses his arms to protect his face. He is not prepared for what he sees
You stand across from the curse your own domain sprawling out like webs of threads under foot. You let out a surprised, slightly manic laugh because you’re not dead. And sure the domain is piss poor and half formed- a mess of half strung red thread- but you’re alive.
“Fuck! It’s shit work but it’ll do in a pinch!” You cackle before pulling out your scissors.
Megumi watches with equal amount of horror and awe as you use your cursed technique to tear this curse apart at the seams. It’s messy and the thing goes down fighting but you win and the threads dissipate leaving you lying in the middle of all the carnage, tired as hell.
Megumi goes to you then, “Are you alright?” And you flick him in the forehead for asking such a stupid question. You are literally bleeding out. “Right, stupid question. Come on, we have to get out of here.”
He picks you up to carry you out but he can’t stop thinking about how his sweet little girlfriend really just took on a curse like that by herself. He understood that your cursed technique made it easy for you to snip apart your opponent.
He does tell Gojo that you managed to over power a curse’s domain and open your own which is something he regrets almost immediately because Gojo is immediately pestering you about it while you’re trying to recover from getting your ass beat.
“You’re my new star pupil!” Gojo cheers, “sensei’s so proud of you!” You give him a weak smile just to be kind and Megumi is already telling him to leave you alone so that you can recover.
Megumi’s glad you’re okay, and he takes this as motivation to get stronger to protect the people he loves.
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noxdivina · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t take another step forward... or you’ll get caught in it.
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akutagawaa · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Richard Siken, War of the Foxes
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ilkags · 2 days ago
nanami kento
- he's a gentleman so expect him to be the most careful and delicate person ever. his hands would touch you with such graceful movements like you were some type of porcelain doll, so fragile and pure (big corruption kink), ready to break with the slightest bit of roughness.
- ceo of communication. he'd be talking to you the entire time, asking you a bunch of questions with his low voice, giving you goosebumps. always asking you for permission before doing anything, if you are comfortable in that position, if he can take your panties off...
- you are the protagonist of the night. he has all his attention on you and nanami wants nothing more than just to pleasure you. also, a lot of prep before penetrating you; his middle and ring finger inside of you while his thumb draws circles on your clit, or his lips attached to your throbbing bud after kissing the inner part of your thighs.
"let me know if you want to stop." he grabbed his dick and pumped it a few times before lining himself against your entrance. you nodded grabbing his shoulders and pushing him down to you so you could attach your lips to his. nanami's cock stretched your insides making you whine and bite your lip. "does it hurt?" he asked you, you shook your head. "don't stop please." nanami had to contain himself, you were so tight and so warm around him... but he didn't wanna hurt you.
gojo satoru
- a lot of teasing. he'd grab your hips and guide you to the bed while his lips work on your shoulder and neck, his bulge pressed against the lower part of your back. his hands touching every inch of your body: squeezing your ass, pinching your nipples, holding your hips down...
- he literally adores your body and the way it reacts to his touch, so there will be a lot of praising. he'd always be paying attention to your reactions, so he can know what you are enjoying and what you are not, like grabbing your hands while he goes down on you, slowing down every time you squeeze his hands.
- probably a little bit rough at first, he tries to contain himself but sometimes it's literally impossible but ask him to slow down, he'd of course agree to it and apologise if he has hurt you. your whines turn him on more than anything, and he's more a groaner than a moaner but he'd not hold back his moans.
"sh... it's okay princess." gojo licked his lips, tasting your cum in them. so sweet. your legs were already shaking and you had your eyes covered with tears thanks to your recent orgasm, but he was not over yet. "you ready?" he teased you with the tip of his cock, brushing it against your abused clit. you nodded, giving him the permission he was waiting for and immediately, he bottomed you with his cock. you whined and and he shushed you again. "it's all in baby. well done." he kissed your temple.
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ambrodias · a day ago
It's never too much
Tumblr media
Pairing: Satoru Gojo x female! reader
Summary: You voice your concerns about your boyfriend rarely being home anymore, even when he doesn't have missions or classes, to your best friend. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he overhears you.
Warnings: minors dni, nsfw, rough smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), sprinkles of degradation, edging mentioned, light bondage, overstimulation, bit of choking, blindfold, mean dom! Satoru and soft Satoru, belly bulge, size kink, Satoru Gojo (he's a warning himself),Gojo calls you bunny/honey, Gojo is a tease, crack and fluff. That's all I think, tell me if I missed something.
Author's note: So, it's my first ever fic on Tumblr. I'm open to criticisms/recommendations! Just don't be too rude, I'm sensitive. Reblog, like and comment! Thank you for reading. :)
Tumblr media
"What's the matter, honey? 'Tis too much for ya already?" Satoru's condescending tone did nothing to soothe the burn of your thighs from riding him for so long. He pinched one of your erect nipples when you didn't answer,"Please, 'toru," You squeaked, quivering on top of him, your hands resting on his shoulders for support.
A large hand grabbed your chin, pulling your face near his,"Is my little bunny too dumb to even answer me?" He cooed in faux sympathy. Even with your boyfriend's black blindfold around your eyes, you could hear his grin.
"'Toru, I can't," You breathed a tiny gasp when you felt him throb inside you,"I'm too tired, need your help." A pair of huge hands grabbed your hips, raising you up his cock,"There we go. That wasn't so hard, now was it honey?" He slammed you down harshly, making you whimper when his cock hit that spot,"Communication is the key. Next time when you've a problem, tell me."
And you knew then that he had heard your conversation with Shoko earlier.
"He's never home anymore, Sho. Maybe he doesn't want to-"
"I'mma stop you right there, y/n. You're the best thing that ever happened to him and he's whipped. So don't worry your pretty head about that bastard, 'kay?"
As much as Satoru had appreciated Shoko's words, he couldn't help the frown upon knowing that you doubted him, that you thought he'd not love to spent time with you. Between the missions and training Yuji, he'd forgotten his duty as a boyfriend and he wanted to make it up to you tonight by taking you out for a fancy dinner and then fuck your brains out. But Yaga had to give him this mission. It was either him or they'd send in the unqualified sorcerers, his students. And Satoru can't risk his students getting hurt, he knew you'd agree with him on this one. So he did quick work of the special grade curse. He couldn't take you out but he'd surely rail you so hard that you'd never doubt him again.
"I'm sorry, 'toru. Shouldn't have doubted you." He smiled at the sincerity of your tone. Laying a sweet kiss on your lips, he confessed,"Nah, I'm sorry, for training Yuji secretly."
"What?!" You pulled up the blindfold, "Yuji's alive?" He hummed at your surprised expression,"Shh, we'll talk bout this later," He whispered, kissing your neck,"You can't just say-" The accusations cut short at the abrupt moan that he pulled from you when he guided your hips against his. He pulled out chuckled at your whine at the loss. Hushing you softly, he placed you on the luxurious mattress of your shared apartment. Everything with Satoru was a luxury. He fancied the best quality of life. He smiled remembering how you had scoffed at him when you first met him,"Privileged bastard." That's what you had called him for the first few months of knowing him but he thinks he has spoiled you into a 'privileged bastard' now. You appreciate his expensive gifts now instead of rolling your eyes at them.
He tied your wrists with his blindfold and committed the sight before him to his memory; you squirming under him,"You look so delicious, bunny. I can just eat you up." And so he did, kissing down your body and stopping in between your legs. You cried out when Satoru bit your thigh,"Heh, gomen y/n, I couldn't help myself. You look so cute when you're like this."
"Stop teasing me, Satoru." You huffed indignantly, he'd been edging you for the past hour, making you ride him and now your patience was practically non existent. A slap was delivered to the sensitive skin of your thigh where he bit you, making you yelp.
"Now now, that's no way to talk to your loving boyfriend," Before you could retort, Satoru had already started pulling sighs of pleasure from you, his tongue teasing your pussy. His tongue flicked on your hardened clit, setting the nerves alight. Two of his long fingers pushed into you, stroking your tightening walls. You bit on lip, choking back a moan,"Nah, that won't do. I wanna hear you." But you didn't wanna give him that satisfaction after he had denied you orgasms before.
He chuckled at your defiance, blue eyes sparkling with challenge, "So that's how it's gonna be, huh?" His fingers left you and he relished in your mewl of protest,"Hands and knees." Desperate for release, you obeyed as soon as he untied your wrists and discarded his blindfold. Satoru pushed into you without any warning and that had you coming undone with a groan,"You didn't ask for permission, bunny." The slight edge in his voice didn't go unnoticed by you. Your apology got lost in a bay of gasps of his name when he fucked you through your orgasm,"'Toru, slow down-" His hand wrapped around your neck, your breasts stroking his forearm with every hard thrust from him,"Act like a brat, get treated like a brat."
His other hand treated your breasts, squeezing and playing with the nipples, even the slightest brush against them had you clenching around his huge cock. Gojo bit your shoulder, moaning against your skin, his white hair tickling your neck and ear. His fingers found your clit, pressing tight circles on the engorged bundle,"Too much, Satoru!" The overstimulation made tears roll down your cheeks. Your boyfriend hummed,"It's never too much, honey." Kissing away your tears, he continued his assault on your sensitive cunt.
When his hand tightened around your throat, you came with a soundless scream,"Fuck," You heard him curse before he stilled inside you, your fluttering pussy could feel the veins on his dick throb. He was close but he wanted to stave it off as long as possible. Your hands gave away and you fell face forward on the pillow. Satoru took your hand and pressed your palm against the bulge in your belly,"You feel that?" He pulled out and thrusted back in harshly,"That's me, in your guts, brat."
"Yes, please!" You babbled,"That's right, you're gonna cum again, aren't ya?" You whined out a barely coherent yes,"Then beg for it," He growled, grabbing your jaw and turning your face towards his. He smirked when he saw tears soiling your pretty face and a bit of drool spilled from your lips. You were messy and he liked messy. He kissed you, all tongue and teeth,"Beg and I'll let you cum, again." Grinning at the last word, he couldn't help but feel proud that he had reduced you to a whiney dumb fucked out mess who kept repeating his name like a broken record,"Satoru, 'toru, please!" He kissed you again, less rough and more passionately this time,"That's it, y/n. Now be a good bunny and come for me,"
You tumble over the cliff of your orgasm for the third time that night, dizzied by the height of your own pleasure as he fucks you into the mattress, every sensation heightened by how vulnerable you are. He chases his own high now, groaning loudly as he cums deep inside you. Satoru crushes you under his weight, chuckling when you shuffled around to bury your face on his chest. He held you tightly, he had missed this, being with you.
He carries you to the bathroom after a few minutes,"Gotta get ya cleaned up, honey." He responded when you whined at being moved from the bed. He filled the tub with warm water and settled with you in between his legs,"Toru, you only came once." You stated, pouting at the guilt creeping into you,"Tonight was bout you, y/n." He smiled at you, kissing your cheek. You pouted, burying your face in the crook of his neck. His neck vibrated under your touch at his chuckle, "You can make it up to me next time, 'kay?" Hearing you hum in approval, he sighed happily. This is home, you are home.
"How bout we eat desserts after the bath and take a nap later? I brought your favorite ones." You giggled at that offer but then you remembered,
"Wait what bout Yuji?"
Satoru's brows furrowed at the mention of his student,"what bout him?"
"You didn't tell me my favorite student's alive!"
"Because it was supposed to be a surprise!"
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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haikyutiehoe · a day ago
gojo sleeps best when you’re trembling beside him in bed, his cum seeping down your thigh to stain the bed sheets. your body pressed close to his, mind still numb from how thoroughly his cock fucked you stupid. a smirk touching his lips, the white haired male falls asleep with a smug smirk knowing you’ll be fucking his thigh the next morning to get to his pretty cock.
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cuz-like-why-not · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Playing Hard to Get: Jujutsu Kaisen Boys
Pairings: Gojo+Nanami+Yuji+Fushiguro x gender neutral reader (seperately)
tw: none ig? A bit curse fighting is all…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru:
This man is the absolute worst.
You will never know what he means and if he truly does mean everything he is doing.
It’s like a bubble of your own everytime you talk to him.
Will flirt to your hearts content.
But will not give the pleasure.
It’s like he’ll dangle the chain of hope infront of you and then snatch it like the snap of fingers.
It will have you exhausted, by the time things escalate between you two.
More so, it will exhaust the people around you.
Nanami can’t take the obliviousness from you and the man is already tired with Gojo, imagine when Gojo plays hard.
I mean, he is hard to want…and then he goes on to play hard to get.
It is slowly killing you inside.
The man is wanted, figuretively and metamorphically by everyone, and could have everyone he wanted.
What were the odds that you stood a chance?
Well fear not sweetheart for Gojo had begun catching the fallout of your interest in him, or the efforts that you put.
Enough to have him flirt even harder with you.
It wasn’t long that it took you to realise that he was only ever playing hard.
I mean, if he has audacity to flirt with Utahime in front of you, while watching you carefully, it kinda would explain things a whole lot.
And if not, Megumi would’ve had enough of you two, such that he would confess from Gojo’s side so he could stop his ever-so bothering sensei.
And that folks…is how you got with the strongest sorcerer.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nanami Kento:
Don’t get it wrong, this man has no time to ‘play hard’.
He feels what he feels and speaks as he does.
But, when you have the thoughts of a cinstant devil known as Gojo Satoru speaking in your left ear, the clueless angel known as Yuuji in the right (who happens to have both his ears filled with Sukuna’s thoughts), you can’t do much better.
And as it seemed, he began enjoying the process after a while.
To see your face twist in a frown when he said no to any of your suggestions, to watch you pout as he called you out on your carelessness, to watch you get nervous around him even.
It was all too good for him to want to stop.
He would watch you silently, going over you words before speaking to him and smile.
He loved the way you squirmed under his gaze but soon enough, thought for the better of you.
And after all, he did want you too.
It wasn’t until a late afternoon that he made his move, in the most nonchalant way of you’d please.
Imagine yourself working on some paperwork and moving over to hand him the papers, heart beating fast and mind a bit Too heavy.
And he takes over the papers and looks at you momentaril, gets up and says, “Say, y/n, would you be free this Friday?”
Cue in your confusion and exhaustion for working late on a Friday was not what you wanted.
“Uh…yes i guess?“
”well, how would you like going to the new book store that opened a couple weeks ago?” No, cuz Nanami and book store dates are canon, fite me.
Now cue In the heart attack you almost got. His eyes never left your face and watched it simply morph from that of confusion to giddy.
You squealed in a ‘yes’ as you both exited the room.
You didn’t catch it but Nanami had the biggest smile ever, one Gojo would pay to see.
And both of you were so happy with themselves that, *cut to both of you walking in opposite directions and then realising you went the wrong way only to walk past each other again*.
Yeah, that.
And it wasn’t until later that it hit you, there was no ‘new’ book store nearby, or anywhere in town.
If anything, an old library where you two had first set eyes on each other.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yuuji Itadori:
I...don’t know why this one ‘play hard’.
But say in any case, he does.
Would be bad at it.
I mean, can you imagine this amazing person trying hard?
Would give you all attention in the World as is.
Doesn’t care about pda as is, so it’s a win-win for you.
I think, if he wouldn’t tell you later on, say fove months in the relationship, that he was ’playing hard’ in the beginning, you wouldn’t even know.
Him being rude? That wouldn’t even happen, and id it would, you’d probably play it off as ‘sukuna being overly-obsessive’.
He didn’t know what to do.
And you didn’t either.
But you had someone who did.
Nobara Kugisaki, someone who had been over-analysing your relationship (if you’d call it that) since the very start.
If anything, she was the one getting more annoyed at the behav than you were.
It didn’t take her long to explain (threaten) Yuuji.
Pretty boy wasn’t that clueless afterwards.
Asked you out soon enough, totally pretending that the ‘hard to get’ attitude never happened.
You didn’t mind though, as long as you had the golden retriever.
(That five month thing totally happened and it was apparently Todo who’d been telling Yuuji to be that way).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Megumi:
How do I put it…he will be playing hard to get at all times?
Or…better put, the way he is, that is what it seems like.
Believe me, he wants all your attention and give it to you too but he just can‘t get himself to be like that.
He probably has the same bitchy love vibes as Nanami but more panicky.
He doesn’t what he is doing either.
You dont either but this is far worse than Yuji for there was something there. In here, it’s like waiting for water in an empty well.
He can’t get it together and it cracks everybody sround you up.
Especially The white haired snowman.
He was the absolute worst for the teasing would never stop.
He would constantly set you two together for ‘unknown purposes’ and the ‘call of universe’.
Everytime Fushiguro would resolve to talk to you but it got worse with every mission.
To the point you considered him not even liking you.
That was when Sukuna entered the chat-
He was done with Yuji constantly goss about you two.
So on the fine occassion of one of your hardest missions, he decided to step in.
As you dodged another hit of the curse in front of you, your back in contact with that of Megumi.
And oh how the blushing started.
Even the curse got weirded out.
”Oh confess already brats!”
Safe to say that did not help.
But what did was your balance missing and almost falling.
That is until Megumi caught you and oof.
That scene with yor faces far too close and eyes boring into each others.
”I like you,” you squeaked out before your eyes widened and so did Megumi’s.
But he smiled next.
”Well, couldn’t deny the order of the King of Curses could you?”
Now let his face get closer, lips hovering on top of yours.
”Finally!” Yuji shouted, landing beside you two, the curse long taken care of.
Thank Yuji for ruining your first kiss with Megumi but oh well =)
Tumblr media
That would be it people, didn’t go for Yuuta and the rest cuz…I don’t really know them and am so not interested in them-
Though I could’ve written for my love Geto…
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chronic-claire-universe · 12 hours ago
Jujutsu Kaisen: How They Have Sex + Visual
Hey hey hey everyone! Here in the middle of the night something for for your thirsty minds! Scenarios and the links to let your imagination spreads like a wildfire!
Choso: link link link link link
switch/soft dom - Choso is the hottest gentle man you can get in your life. The man isn't necessarily kinky but he has his fixations such as oral sex both giving and receiving, that's why he loves cumming in your mouth! Choso enjoys you bouncing on his cock and leave milk dry and overstimulated. Instead when he's in charge he prefers taking everything gently, from pushing his girthy and long cock slowly, even when he sets a rhytm, he prefers slow and deep thrusts. I promise he will not leave you unsatisfied!
Inumaki: link link link link link link
switch/mean dom - Mmm another one that loves being both a bottom and dom but unlike Choso is really really kinky! Sex with Inumaki could be both gentle if you decide that how you want it, but most of the time it will be a mess. Cursed speech on you to let you come until you're a trembling mess? Yes! Cursed speech to let you stay still while he faces fuck you? Yes! Toge being punished by being pegged? Please do it! He loves it. Outside these sessions he enjoys mutual masturbation, it's really calm and gentle and sometimes it expresses more than an hardcore session. Cum with Toge means most of the time face and mouth, he really enjoys it like this!
Yuta: link link link link
sub/soft dom - Do I have a fixation for soft men? Nah absolutely! Yuta just like the previous two, loves giving you oral and overstimulating you. He sort of give him the control he normally doesn't have. Despite being a sub he loves being in charge, but at some point he loves seeing you riding you. Kinks that Yuta enjoys a lot are definitely, voyeurism and public sex, a mix of them would be perfect for him! Humping his clothed cock while going outside? Handjob in the public park? Toge watching you while you fuck? Everything mentioned is something you've done and you loved it! Last but not least, may or may not, accidentaly cum inside you, if you're female he developed a sort of breeding kink, he wants you all for himself!
Gojo: link link link link link
switch - The most beautiful sorcerer is a switch and I can tell you why! It's simply that he loves sex in every sauce that we can define him an experimentalist and he definitely tried most of the things you can do in bed. It's almost a challenge for him trying the weirdest things, but also a reason of proudness. The only times there isn't room for play is, never of course! Sex is almost a play for him and he will never use it as something to release pented up stress! Cum with him involves most of all mouth, inside and face, you're his piece of art!
Nanami: link link link link
soft/ mean dom - The exact oppost of Gojo, our salaryman loves being in control in every way. He loves giving you pleasure but prepare yourself, sex is definitely a way to calm his nerves down and you bring up a brat behaviour expect a punishment! Slaps, degradation and orgasm denial are his weaponry and he isn't afraid to use it! Despite him being a dom he loves fucking you respecting your hole, he doesn't want you to be completely fucked out that's why he prefers firm but deep thrusts on you rather than pounding into you senselessly, he wants you attentive and conscious how much he loves fucking with you! Nanamin loves cumming everywhere, but your face and ass make him weak and hard in no time!
See you soon with part 2!
@httptamaki @thesimphouse @cottonfluffballofdoom @ravenina14
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nanami-luvr · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: sugar daddy!gojo x f!reader
genre: smut (18+ only, minors dni!)
warnings: anal, use of sex toy (anal plug), spanking (once), no prep, manhandling, car sex, squirting, gojo is a sweetheat towards the end :)
sypnosis: acting up always has it's negative outcomes, and daddy makes sure it's his duty to remind you to behave.
Tumblr media
There’s always going to be consequences to your actions. That’s what daddy says. He tells you to follow the rules because good girls always get what they want. Up until now, you’ve only ever listened to him. You had never once gone against him or spoken back, something Satoru deeply appreciates.
Yet lately, you don’t see the point in listening to anything he has to say. Why should you? He hasn’t been giving you much of his attention, and even if he did, it was only when you were giving him attitude. Other than that, he hasn’t had the time to bring you for a shopping spree or take you to a fancy dinner.
That’s how you ended up in this situation and position, bent over Satoru’s lap in the backseat of his luxury car with your handful of shopping bags strewn all over the passenger seat. You know it’s not your fault for acting out. If it weren’t for the fact that he had been ignoring you for the past few weeks, you wouldn’t have thrown a tantrum.
The coldness of the atmosphere between you and him pricks your skin. You feel on edge, and your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest. Your skirt is dangling on your ankles with your ass on display, all for your daddy to see.
“This little thing right here,” Satoru pulls on the thin piece of white lace between your buttocks before harshly releasing it, causing it to slap against your skin, “I’m the one who bought this for you.”
You whimper from the sting, clenching your fist to endure the pain. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. All you wanted from today was to be able to spend time with him and spend his money. Yet throughout your entire shopping spree, he was acting cold and distant towards you, something you didn’t appreciate.
Satoru rips off your thong, revealing the base of a pretty white plug, which was plugged snugly inside you. His slender fingers reach out to pull it out of you, but was met with difficulty from how hard you were clamping down on it. It felt too good for you to let go, especially with the way he playfully thrusted it back in after slightly removing from inside you.
“Fuck. Spread your ass for me.” You reluctantly reach out behind you, cheeks heating up from how embarrassed you feel. The stretch of the tight muscle while he’s pulling out causes you to wince, especially since you’ve had it in you for almost an entire day. You hear him click his tongue, a sign that he’s displeased with you.
“Daddy… I’m sorry! Just- please! I promise I won’t do it anymore!” Satoru doesn’t say anything. Instead, you feel his strong hands tug you upwards, forcing you to lean on the back of the driver’s seat with your ass sticking out towards him.
You’ve never heard him this quiet. The only time you ever did was during a meeting with his shareholders, and one of them had commented on how you would have looked better in his arms, and not your daddy’s. Ever since then, you’ve never seen the man step foot into the office.
“You’re gonna take daddy’s cock like a good girl, okay? Don’t wanna act up again now, do you?” Heavy pants fill the car while you wait impatiently for him to undo his zipper and pull his pants down. Fingernails dig into the expensive leather as anxiousness creeps in on you, wondering if you’ve truly made him mad this time. His slender fingers run up your thighs and onto your ass, kneading it as his free hand strokes his cock. He wants it just as bad as you do, maybe even more.
Yet somehow, he has to remind you that you can’t get away with anything.
All of a sudden, you hear the sound of a slap, immediately feeling a sudden stinging sensation on your ass seconds after. Before you’re even able to process what has happened, he forces your hips down onto his cock without warning, making your body jolt in pain.
You’re muttering it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! and in the blink of an eye, Satoru has your back to his chest as he rubs your puffy clit. He stays still for a while, the only movement being his lithe fingers circling your clit while whispering that it’s okay and daddy’s got you. Tears well in the corner of your eyes at the sudden stretch of your taut muscle, body shaking because of the overwhelming pain and pleasure you’re feeling.
“Don’t worry angel face. It’s gonna get better soon, yeah?” You’re babbling incomprehensible words at this point, the feeling of your daddy’s cock fills you up in the best way possible while his nimble fingers on your sensitive bundle of nerves bring you closer and closer to your high. Satoru begins to bounce you up and down his cock slowly as he waits for you to adjust, admiring how beautiful you look on top of him, all fucked out with tears staining your cheeks.
“Promise me you’re not gonna misbehave anymore. You know what will happen if you do, isn’t that right?” His words are breathy as he starts thrusting into you at a brutal pace while he continues his ministrations on your clit. It’s overwhelming and it’s too much for you to hold in, but the thought of disappointing him again snaps you out of your blur.
“Go ahead baby. Let it all go. Want my princess to feel good too.” It’s the last thing you hear before you’re crying out for him as your cum sprays all over the back of his seat. Your body falls limp afterwards, head resting against his shoulder, hardly listening as he moans your name and shoots his load inside your hole.
The both of you sit in silence, heavy breaths echoing in the car. You feel guilty for pushing it this far, and yet you can’t help but feel satisfied with what occurred a few minutes ago. A smile spreads on your face when you notice how Satoru has been keeping his eyes on you, not even bothering to look away when a blush creeps on his face.
“I’m sor-” He presses a gentle kiss onto your lips, cutting you off before you’re able to continue your sentence. It’s warm and loving, making you remember you fell for him in the first place.
“Just promise me you won’t do it ever again.” Satoru pulls away from you with hopeful eyes, immediately lighting up with gleam as you return his kiss.
Perhaps reaping what you sow isn’t so bad after all.
Tumblr media
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minouyujis · a day ago
getou: satoru wyd
getou: race starts in like 10 minutes
sukuna: lol
sukuna: he's going to go pick up his nerd gf
gojo: kys
do you guys like the idea of street racer!gojo?
as a matter of fact, i adore the idea!
i imagine the both of you two have two completely different personalities. typical trope where he has that bad boy persona and you're well... you're just there.
i don't feel like making you the stereotypical good girl. that's too boring. i'd say you're just an outcast. a nobody. someone no one looks to.
you don't know how he caught with you. when people are passing out papers, they call out your name as if they're questioning your existence. for goodness, it's already the second semester and you still manage to go unnoticed.
gojo was known around the campus. from posting the time stamps and where the races were going to be located to his thousands of followers on both instagram and snapchat, to being spread like wildfire throughout the amounts of women he's been caught sneaking around with a few times before he's met you.
yeah, you were cute. the idea for him was funny. you hated him but he was utterly obsessed with you.
he's not sure himself how he managed to fall in love with the likes of you. maybe he liked how no one noticed you, it gave him more time to have you all to himself. was it the purity that lingered off of your aura? you were a laughing stock sometimes, how was he not embarrassed by you?
sukuna: rofl he's carrying the relationship
sukuna: an actual terrible person
oh, yeah. don't forget the amount of bullying you face by his own friends.
your parents don't like him. they think he's obnoxious, two-faced, and a playboy. he's a poser. they're not used to seeing their little girl hold hands with an attractive white haired man who wears expensive shoes and jewelry. why was there a white, shiny bmw m2 sitting outside of their small little home so casually? it's probably the most luxurious thing they've seen in years.
they come to terms and accept them into your home when they realize that damn, maybe this son of a bitch is actually whipped for their daughter.
street racer!gojo would definitely have more cars. one for normalcy and the other(s) for racing purposes. this time for tonight he brings out an 18 sti, and it's wrapped in the color you told him you liked.
yeah, this motherfucker is definitely whipped for you.
"you okay princess?" he questions you, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the shift, changing it every now and then since the car was an automatic. you would nod in hesitant, he'd notice and chuckle a bit. "sorry. you know i don't go to any of your races."
"it's okay baby. you turn into a cute little scaredy cat whenever i ask if you wanna come."
"because they are kind of scary..." you'd retort, looking out of the tinted window. "the thought of the police arresting us would kill me. not to mention the feeling of being on the brink of death every time you speed."
"what? like this?" he'd push onto the engine, going from 45 to 70 in just a split second, earning a squeal from your lips as you struggle to hold onto the car handles. you would glare at him and he'd give you a kiss on the cheek.
you don't get out the car when he pulls up to the destination. everyones reactions are already bad enough with you being inside of the car, why make it worse? you could already hear the gossip coming from the bunch of groupies across the street.
"heard gojo has that girl in his car, it's kind of gross."
"yeah... she actually looks so, like, embarrassing being in there. he's making himself look dumb."
"it's funny to think about. she's too much of a loser to do anything about it."
you were used to this.
used to being bullied, even up to your twentieth birthday. this was the most immature, typical high school bullshit you still had to put up with even after earning your diploma. you were nothing compared to him.
but hey, all that matters is him loving you, yeah?
i promise you, gojo really loves you.
you may not be the only girl who's been in his car during races, but at least you can say you're the only girl who's been in all five cars of his. hell, he's even let you drive some of them around.
and almost everybody knows that gojo would never let a dear soul behind a wheel that belonged to him.
after he'd win the street race, he'd definitely drive you to a nearby fast food restaurant. something quick to grab before taking you back to his apartment. you'd both eat, cuddle, sleep together and repeat with your daily lives that consistent him living his life while you stayed in his shadow.
street racer!gojo would be the engine and you'd inhale the dirty smoke that flies out of the ends, hurting you internally. but you'd ignore the signs, right? no matter how much people were against the both of you?
there was definitely no other girl that gojo could ever go crazy for, even if it meant driving his car into a ditch.
Tumblr media
a/n: these are the cars i used as reference! the bmw and the sti used for the racing part (the tires on the sti would obvi be higher)
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cvsmix-plvto · a day ago
I accidentally deleted the ask :(
Just the Two of Us
Prompt 5: “It’s just us. It’ll always be just us.”
Event masterlist Event Taglist
Parings: Gojo Satoru X gender neutral! reader Warnings: none Word Count: 800  a/n: ahh
My Masterlist  My Rules
Image is not mine
Tumblr media
Slowly, he peeled his eyes open. He squinted at the bright light, but his eyes adjusted as a head appeared in front of him, blocking the sun away from view. His lips pulled into a smile when he laid eyes upon the e/c staring back at him. 
You laughed softly as he wrapped his arms around you, bringing you back down into the plush sheets. The silk was smooth under you, sliding across your half-naked body, the oversized shirt on your body rolling up as you slid down. You pushed yourself up, smiling down at the male. Lifting your hand, you placed it on his cheek.
He looked up at you softly, bringing your face down closer. He pressed his lips to yours, gently kissing you. He sighed as you pulled back, reaching to brush some of his hair back from his face. 
“Good morning,” He greeted, his voice a little groggy.
“Morning,” You replied. “You came home late last night. I didn’t even feel you get in the bed.”
“Didn’t wanna wake you up,” He said, closing his eyes back. “You looked peaceful.”
You quirked a brow. “That’s never stopped you before,”
“Yeah, but I was feeling nice,” He said, making you playfully roll your eyes. 
“For once,” You tease.
“Hey, I’m always nice,” He defended. 
“Only when you want to be,”
You stood from the bed with a grin, watching him fold his arms behind his head. He watched as you changed from his clothing and into your own, all the while he twirled the ring that matched yours around his hand. He watched as you brushed your shirt off and adjusted the waistband of your jeans before looking at yourself in the mirror.
“You need to get dressed too, Satoru,” You said, looking over to the man. 
“Nah,” He smirked. “I’m enjoying this show.”
He yelped as you threw his shirt at him. A second later, you had jumped onto the bed, straddling his waist. He groaned before placing his hands on your hips, hearing you giggle above him.
“You’re too energetic,” He sighed. 
“I got sleep last night,” You laugh, leaning over him. 
Gojo stared up at you. The light that seeped from the curtains illuminated your face. The one thing Gojo loved about you, was your imperfections. You didn’t have perfect skin, or perfect lips, but hey! He didn’t care! He thought you were perfect as you were, and they never bothered you, so it never bothered him. 
The more he looked at you, the more he fell in love with you. Trailing his hand up your side, he placed your cheek in his palm. You smiled, placing your hand over his. 
“God,” He whispered. “You’re so beautiful.”
You blush. “Feeling lovey?”
“I always feel lovey around you,” He hummed. 
But alas, he watched as your smile began to fade. A serious look overtook the gentleness in your eyes, as you gazed down at him. He frowned. 
“What’s the matter?”
“They’re trying to separate us, you know,” You said, almost sadly. “The higher-ups, and my clan. They don’t want us to be together.”
“Do you want to be together?” He asked.
“Yes!” You said, as if he’d asked if you were human. “I always want to be with you, Satoru.”
“Then we’ll stay together,” He said, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you down so your chests were pressed together. “We don’t have to listen to anyone else.”
“Can we outrun them?” You asked. “Will it ever end?”
“I’ll make it end,” Gojo stated. 
“And it’ll be us?”
“It’s just us. It’ll always be just us,” He replied, ghosting his lips over yours. “You’ll never have to worry about them ever again. I’ll make sure it stays just us.”
You smiled. “Just the two of us.”
He smiled, pecking your lips. “Just the two of us,” He confirmed.
You slid off of him, pulling him up with you. He squeezed your side, making you yelp and jump back from him. He laughed, chasing after you as you ran away from him. You jumped over the bed, almost falling and rolling into the closet. In the end, both of you ended up on the floor, clutching your sides from laughing so much. 
Yeah. It would always be just the two of you.
Leave me a tip: X ______
Tumblr media
Tags: @mistalli @crapimahuman @missroro @rugbey @fiona782​ @mylovelyreblogs​
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Do you guys ever think about how Satoru and Suguru switched places? How Satoru, the boy from the Gojo clan, presumably isolated and dealing with enormous expectations, the boy who didn’t care about non sorcerers, ended up working as a teacher protecting civilians? How Suguru, the boy from a normal family, with no pressure from his family to deal with the weight of the world, who sought to protect non sorcerers and was the morally righteous one of the group, ended up in an isolated cult where he tried to commit genocide against the very same group he wanted to protect?
Suguru became the worst version of Satoru, and Satoru became the best of Suguru.
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Megumi: I've caught this stupid disease because of Yuji.
Gojo: For the last time, Megumi. Feelings are not an illness.
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rinnieyeager · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
IT’S hard for you to stay quiet, cute lil moans breaking free and making that usual egotistical grin grace GOJO’S beautiful face. with each harsh snap of his hips against yours, oxygen is getting knocked from your lungs, vision becoming a blur as you attempt to stare into those crystal blue orbs of his. he’s watching your eyes scroll back, a sense of satisfaction washing over him at the thought of what he’s turned you into— his pretty lil cumslut who’ll soon be the mother of his third child. not once did gojo consider that fact that his twins were right next door and could possibly wake up from the sounds of your pathetic cries, his groans of pleasure, and the lewd smacking of skin connecting. “want me to breed you, huh? gonna give you my kid.” you were too lost on cloud nine to even register what gojo says, mind fogged with bliss. “fuck you’re s’pretty, baby.”
Tumblr media
© rinnieyeager 2021 — please refrain from stealing, plagiarizing, translating, modifying, and reposting my work!
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eraser-baby · 2 days ago
FOUR: yes mommy
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yurei-sakka66 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Gojo x reader : Sweater Weather
‼️Female bodied reader‼️
All characters being sexualized are 18+
TW’s : mentions of lightning and thunder, begging for attention, slight cringe if you squint, oral (male and female receiving), pussy smacking, and cum swallowing
1.7k words
Not revised so may have some spelling mistakes- I apologize in advance ^^
Tumblr media
“Satoruuuuu” You flopped onto the couch next to your beloved, leaning on his side in an attempt to exaggerate your dramatic cry for attention. Your lover didn’t break his focus from the tv, however. He had been attentively watching the news for the last couple of hours as the rain outside got worse and reports of slight flooding kept making new headlines. Gojo was rarely home at this hour, lucky for you, his class had to end early and the weather truly felt perfect for a cozy cuddle session, so curse that damned tv.
“Hmph- fine! I’ll be in the room waiting for you to make time in your busy schedule for me!!” You huffed and quickly got off the couch storming into your shared bedroom, it was days like this where you felt the most insecure about dating someone like Gojo- it wasn’t right but you couldn’t help doubting yourself to some extent. It was hard not to when your boyfriend had a fanclub of students and other teachers…
“Sweetheart?” Said boyfriend knocked on the door before slowly creeping it open, his eyes instantly landing on you as you sat on the edge of the bed. You puffed your cheeks and looked away though, not giving into his half assed apology. “I’m sorry baby, I just got a bit distracted is all. You’re too cute sometimes, it’s hard to take your little cries for attention seriously.” He stood in front of you, his hips at eye level as he grabbed your chin to gently make you face him. “What did you want me for?” He softly ran his thumb over your bottom lip, smirking as he saw your shoulders tense up. Maybe it wasn’t so half assed after all… No!
“It’s a little too late for that- I’m mad so I’m just gonna nap it off.” You shook your head out of his grasp as you got up and made your way to your side of the bed. A pair of big cold hands stopped you though, snaking around your waist and pulling you into the brick wall that was Gojo’s chest. You felt him chuckle, his hot breath sending chills down your back, starting behind your ear and sparking down the arch of your back.
“Awww baby, you really won’t tell me? What can I do to make it up to you?” A particular loud thunder punctuated his question, the lights outside flickering. “Hm? Are you scared of the thunder, is that it?” He turned you around so you’d face him again, to his surprise your cheeks were red and you were avoiding eye contact like your life depended on it, your smaller frame fidgeting under him.
“N-no I’m really not… I just-“ you fumbled over your words, your eyes fixed on the half opened bedroom door, the lights flickering in the hall catching you off guard.
“I wanted to cuddle up, cuz of the weather…” you spoke barely above a whisper, knowing your lover well enough to already hear the string of teases he was gonna bombard you with, but shockingly, he let out a soft sigh, pulling you into a warm embrace.
“What a relief, I was worried I had completely missed something.”
“Well- you technically did.”
“Shut up.” He chuckled as he pushed you onto the bed and wasted no time to trap you under his body. “So you want me to keep you warm, honey?” Gojo softly planted a kiss on your lips, an all too innocent smooch that he was sure to always start off with.
His hands quickly found rest on the dip of your waist as he ran his palms up and down securely. His grip always made you feel safe. He didn’t bother being gentle but that didn’t always mean aggressive. Possessive was a much better word, and boy was this man possessive. It was written all over his skin, the way he pulled your hips towards his- the way his tongue desperately lapped up at the skin on your collar- down to the way he bit and kissed down as he rut into you- the fabric frustrating him.
“Satoru,” you gasped, feeling the weight of his cock push at your panties, were they always this uncomfortable? Did they always feel like this when you got wet? “Oh my-“ a breathless moan escaped you as a harsh trust rubbed your clit. “Babe-“ your hands found a place on his hair as he trailed open mouthed kisses down your chest- being extra soft when he kissed the plush of your stomach. “Mmh~” a short whine from you stopped him.
“(Y/n) ignore the thunder- focus on me instead~” he winked and smirked against your inner thigh before planting a quick kiss on it. Your hands immediately grabbed at his hair, and tugged lightly, causing him to look up at you, those hypnotizing eyes of his always getting to you. He let out a soft hum of approval before finally licking a long streak over your clothed pussy, applying extra pressure when he felt that special bud of yours.
You couldn’t help but let out a whine to which he chuckled at, followed by another hard lick. The friction felt deliciously good but you’d enjoy it more without the added layer of soaked panties.
“Satoru, stop being a tAH-“ your sentence was cut short when Gojo grabbed your panties tight and pulled them up, teasing at the way they rubbed against your bud.
“Awww, what’s wrong baby, thunders got you too scared?” He got up from his spot and leaned over to plant a kiss on your forehead, your scent just barely noticeable in his breath. “I wanna try something different tonight.”
Different? You let out a soft hum before nodding your head, giving him the green light to continue, you always had your safe word to fall back on so how bad could it be? Gojo smirked before grabbing you by the legs and pulling you to the edge of the bed, looking down on you with hungry eyes.
“Good girl..” he purred before spinning you over so your head was under his cock- when did he take his pants off?- “But guess what baby, you’re my good girl.” He rubbed his tip across your lips, his precum coating you like lipgloss. He gave himself a few shallow pumps to keep himself calm a bit longer, and you tried to open your mouth to take his cock in but he just pulled back. “No no, we’re first going to take care of this.” He leaned over you, shoving your legs open and pulling your panties off all the way.
You whimpered as the cool air hit your wet pussy, but immediately choked on a moan as he let his cupped hand harshly land on you. Sparks rushed all through your body and your back arched off the bed, Gojo just let out a chuckle as he did it again and again-
“What a needy slut, coming undone with just a couple spanks.” You tried to protest and deny but as soon as you opened your mouth you were silenced by his cock ramming in. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes but you just hummed along with his slow thrust, earning a low groan from him. “Fuuuuck,” he sighed, pulling out of your mouth and looking at you, “I’m gonna mess you up so good.” He smirked before thrusting back in, using your mouth like some type of fleshlight.
He stood up straight, getting ahold of your throat and giving it a good grip before throat fucking you a little faster. After fucking so many times he had a pretty good idea of how long you could go without air before having to pull out, which he did.
“Satoru, fuck, touch me too please-“ your hands gripped at one of this thighs, your mouth latching onto the space between his cock and his balls. This caused the much taller man to shudder and whine, letting out a pretty high moan before his hips pulled away from you. “Baby-“
“I heard you.” He rammed himself back in your mouth before leaning over and spreading your lips apart for better access. He licked your clit with tremendous pressure before wrapping his lips around the bud, his movements mimicking yours almost as to tease you. Once again, he pulled out but this time he kept at your pussy, flicking the bud with the tip of his tongue as he ran his slender fingers between your folds and into your cunt.
“Back in baby, put it back in please.” He sounded so desperate but you wanted to give your throat a break so you just licked and sucked his tip, barely bobbing your head, but it seemed to be enough. Gojo’s hips started to fidget and his tongue was fucking you as he tried to lap everything up, chin rubbing your clit as he ate you like a starved man- he was close and so where you. A familiar tightness swelled in your stomach as your muscles started to tighten and you decided to take him in all the way again, feeling his tip stretch you out. Feeling you so tight again caused him to let out a rough groan, vibrating against your sensitive cunt pushing you over the edge.
You scratched at Gojos thighs while focusing on keeping yours open, letting him ride out your orgasm to its fullest. Seeing your cunt spasm and clamp down on nothing was enough for him, and he barely pulled out to cum all over your chin and chest, panting heavily over you.
“Satoru,” you rolled on your tummy, trying to get up but your knees were too weak.
“Shhh baby, I got you.” He grabbed you and pulled you up to the pillows, helping you change into a loose tee shirt before bringing the blankets up. “You still wanna cuddle?” He asked as he got comfortable next to you. A quick nod of your head was all it took for him to pull you in and rest his head over yours. He’d never admit it but he was sometimes an asshole on purpose because he couldn’t resist your little pouting face.
©yurei-sakka66 2021
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dollta · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Short Summary: A very rich, charming and conceited young man - who also happens to be the head of Jujutsu Hub - confronts a college student in which he offers her an interesting deal to pay off her school debts with. Will she accept? Or will she ignore this scandalous face-off?
Chapter Warnings: None if you don't count Gojo being a cheeky little shit ♡.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
An ivory-haired male, aged around his late-twenties, sat in front of a young college girl, business card twirling at his fingertips. An all-too-familiar grin was tugged firmly at his lips, thick, black shades framing his eyes from sight. His whole attire was enough to leave the female suspicious, even how this whole conversation came about.
She didn't want to get this easily recognised, though... Heck? She didn't want to get recognised at all. Yet now? She knew how stupid she was during her first few years of adultery and never really thought of the consequences it brought with her for doing something like that.
But after meeting the famous head of Jujutsu Hub, one she discerned all too quickly, she wasn't the cocky little individual she was years ago. No. She was quite the opposite right now.
"I think you have me mistaken for someone else, sir..." She mumbled while letting out a nervous chuckle, averting her gaze away from the reflection in his shades to centre it on a couple in the backdrop of the cafe.
All he did was hum, leaning back in his chair, "I could never forget a pretty face like yours though, sweetheart." There was a pause before he spoke again, a light-hearted chuckle leaving his lips thereafter, "You were EveryFan's finest."
The male exaggerated the last few syllables, compelling the young individuals gaze back to his, lips pursed, "What was your little saying again?" He raised a presumptuous digit to the tip of his chin, sarcastically in thought, "something... slut pride-"
She quickly cut the male off, sighing heavily, "Just... Please shut up?" She glanced around the cafeteria to see if anyone heard him, meeting his gaze again, "How do you actually know who I am?"
The young female reclined in her seat, arms crossing over her chest, brows pinched together. The male finally took off his shades, revealing beautiful cerulean orbs that could (literally) kill a thousand.
"I told you. I always remember a pretty face when I see one. Besides... Don't you need these funds to pass college?" He grins, Y/N immediately freezing in her seat. The male then slid the business card further in front of his person on the wooden table, instantaneously ripping her attention to that.
On it wrote: "Satoru Gojo. Head of Jujutsu Hub. Location: xxx-xxx-xxx-xx. Find out more about us on xxxx."
She sighed nervously, doubt somewhat still lingering at the back of her mind. The female wondered how he knew about her struggles in school? Just how much research did this man do on her exactly?
Y/N glanced up at Gojo once more, "How much will I get paid then?" She spoke in a straightforward tone, a subtle smirk sinking into his features from her trounced behaviour.
He inclined, resting his elbows comfortably on the wooden table below him, hands cupping his chin while holding direct eye contact with her, "Enough... maybe more. It's enough for you to pay off your debts." He spoke matter of factly, sighing afterwards with his cheeks puffed out wearly, gaze turned away.
"You know exactly who I am. So, why not accept the deal already? It's not like we aren't reliable."
She scoffed, "You might be, but have you considered why I left that industry?" Then, slumping over in her seat, she dropped her forearms onto the table, resting her head on them while staring down at her lap, "All you men are, are just a bunch of misogynistic asshole's who thrive off being a misogynistic asshole..."
Gojo was quick to answer, humour creeping through his tone, "True..."
Y/N shot up abruptly, mouth dropping open to say something, but was cut off, "But that's just business."
She scoffed again, annoyed at how irritatingly attractive this man was in front of her, "Yeah... Yeah... Okay fine. I'll sign up, but I won't be performing any weird shit just for your guy's entertainment. Got it?" Y/N sighed to herself, "I mean since I'm EveryFan's finest, I think you should show a little more respect to me. Yeah?" She ended with a grin, his eyes widening only for them to fall flat again.
He instantly smirked at her smug attitude, bowing his head, "Fair enough, 'm sorry about that, miss."
She pursed her lips with satisfaction, Gojo raising his head to stand. "You'll also need to get checked for STD's and whatnot." He handed her the card, the female accepting it willingly.
She nodded with a cocked brow, grumbling, "That's pretty obvious."
Gojo grinned again, "If you come to that location on the card once you've gotten everything checked, you'll know who your first partner is." He pointed down to the card in her hand, her gaze shifting down to it also.
"Don't be late. The male you'll be filming with is a fan of yours too! So, don't break their heart, will you?" Gojo lifted his suit jacket, sauntering away.
Y/N's eyes widened, the lax male shooting her a wink before turning his gaze in front of him.
"He already told them I'd be filming at their company?! What sort of-" She sighed in defeat, glancing down at the material in her hand once more.
"Fuck it."
Tumblr media
Taglist : @samusrin , @bokutoism , @fsrintaro , @letsjuliame , @arye1631 , @jjkwhor3 , @yes-i-simp-for-2d-men
Tumblr media
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dreamkidddream · 2 days ago
Pleasure || Incubus!Gojo
Had to rewrite this like 3 times cause I couldn’t make up my mind 😀 Reader is gender neutral!
CW: language + spicy/suggestive themes (talks about reader being a virgin, different slangs for losing your virginity, etc. (PSA: virginity is just a social construct SO don’t feel rushed/pressured into having sex if you’re not ready 👍🏾)) but no NSFW
Dream’s Spooktober 2021
You lost count of how many times you had the same dream. The stranger with the snow white hair and the cerulean eyes that put you in a trance every time you lock gazes.
You want to be concerned because it isn’t normal to have the same dream every single night, far from it, but it seems that the more it’s reoccurring, the more you find yourself waiting impatiently for your body to fall asleep. Waiting to see the man who’s made his presence known and refuses to leave your mind even when you’re awake.
You thought that maybe the weird (but very enjoyable) dreams was a result of your hormones going haywire along with your friends pestering you about your love life. Or rather, about your friends pestering when you’ll finally swipe your v-card, getting your cherry popped, basically the same variation of, “when are you gonna get laid?” Maybe you saw him somewhere on the street and felt so smitten by him that you couldn’t get him out of head and used him to fill the void of your loneliness? It wasn’t uncommon to dream about strangers after a quick Google search, but it was starting to be alarming with how much you’re only dreaming about him.
And you would find yourself in the same position each night: pinned down on the bed, feeling his fingers hike your shirt up and ghosting over your skin, itching to go lower. Each kiss that lingered on your skin was clouding your judgement, but you still felt hesitant, still felt like this was all a dream but at the same time too close to reality. Was this really happening? Your mind feels so hazy, but he makes the haze feel good. As if this is suppose to happen, to just let it happen-
But then you wake up before it goes any further, only left with a teasing look and the words, “Until we meet again (Y/N)~”
You were frightened at first, but then it just made you frustrated. Frustrated at the state that he would leave you in.
It was like those words just made the fire inside you burn even brighter. The burning need never goes away, no matter how much you try to ignore the sensation, it still lingers until the next night when he keeps his word and comes back again. It was an interesting feeling, you would feel so drained but the fire within your body refused to acknowledge that. He was the only one who could extinguish it, and you felt insatiable without him.
There was so much you wanted to question, to ask him what’s going on or if this is some type of lucid dreaming, but the more he keeps smashing his lips against yours, the more that you feel reason leaving your head and being replaced by the burning need for more.
Every touch that he leaves on you makes you feel like the heat in your stomach is going to consume you whole, and you don’t want him to stop, please don’t stop-
“Oh don’t worry baby, I won’t.”
Gojo can’t wait to see the look on Suguru’s face when he sees you, oh he is going to be so jealous! If he’s feeling generous enough, he’ll try to take you back so that his best friend can get a taste too.
It’s been years since he’s had a taste of someone as pure as you, it almost makes him not wanna take all of you at once. But you make it so hard to not be greedy.
It’s not difficult for him to get anyone that he desires obviously, I mean just look at him! All he has to do is bat his eyes and run his fingers through his snow white locks, whisper a few words and then people are ready to throw themselves at him. It’s so easy that he has to laugh every time. Humans are so simple and so easy to fool, but at least he doesn’t have to put in work to get a meal.
But a sweet little thing like you catching his eye was a surprise, even to him.
You were suppose to be dessert for him after he fed off of your friends, nothing but a midnight snack for him. But then he felt it; the scent and aura of someone untouched, unplucked.
And he couldn’t resist getting another taste night, after night, after night. But you kept calling out to him, and what kind of monster would he be if didn’t answer you? And you have such a pretty face too, he couldn’t resist planting hot kisses on your neck, no doubt with the intent of leaving no skin untouched or unmarked.
Granted, no one was stupid enough to try and feed from you since he’s already claimed you. He’s the strongest demon to ever exist, so he’s not the least bit concerned of someone stealing you away. Besides, the pretty little marks that he’s been leaving on you should be more than just a reminder of who you belong to.
He’s careful enough to not drain you completely, he doesn’t want the fun to be over so soon, so he has to balance out his meals in between. But yet, he keeps finding himself coming back to you. The others don’t taste as sweet like you do, and he doesn’t find their expressions and cries of pleasure as irresistible as yours.
Oh he wants to corrupt you so bad, just keep you all to himself until you can give no more, but he doesn’t want to be done with you just yet.
No one cries his name out in pleasure like you.
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