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questionable sensei group photo ✨
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in another life, I would've been happy just doing laundry and taxes with you
[id: it's a drawing of Gojo and Geto from JJK. They are sitting in a laundromat together, side pressed against side, and Gojo is in the middle of saying something while Geto watches with an endearing expression on his face. Gojo is wearing a blue shirt with text on it and grey sweatpants while Geto is wearing a plain white t-shirt and black pants. They are both holding onto papers, the text facing away from the viewer, though two scattered papers on the ground next to them show that they are likely tax files. Warm lighting illuminates the two and the space they sit in. On both of their left hands, sparkling wedding bands are visible around their ring fingers. /end id]
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blushy gojo.
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satosugu shoujo manga where no one knows how romance works
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Satoru Gojo
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blind justice
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𝑭𝒊𝒍𝒕𝒉𝒚 𝑩𝒂𝒃𝒚
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you gripped onto the bed's frame for your dear life, with your legs wide apart, you on your fours, all naked and hair disheveled while gojo continued to move his hips harder and harder, his grip on your buttcheeks getting deeper enough to leave marks in the morning . gojo's cock continuously hitting your sweet spot,with each thrust by his hips, you ascended into an uncontrollable euphoric state as you felt the tight knot in your lower abdomen form again!
"i'm comi-ing aga-again sator-!", you cried out in pleasure to let him know but just as you were about to to finish your sentence gojo brought his hands towards your poor clit and harshly rubbed it with his long fingers.
"like hell i would let you!" gojo said and just then he left his grip from your buttcheeks and brought his hands closer to your chin and grabbed it open to filthily kiss your mouth.
you came while he kept kissing in your mouth. he knew you had come but still kept pushing his hard cock to reach his high in your sloppy cunt. satoru momentarily pulled back from the kiss to pull out and cum in on your back while you kept looking at his beautiful cock while shot white ropes of his hot cum on your smooth skin.
you both looked at each other's eye before satoru came close to your face again to kiss you with his dick hanging out before you grabbed it with your free hand and kept lightly pumping it.
"spit in my mouth satoru" you said and licked your lips and opened your pretty little mouth for him
"filthy little girl are ya?" gojo chuckled
"only for you, my master"
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➞ synopsis: his favorite student is graduating already, therefore, nothing can stop him.
tws: mdni, age gap (+21) , teacher x student, office sex, choking, dacryphilia, unprotected sex, jealous, biting, orgasm denial, submission, dom, height difference, sound restraint, college au.
pairing: gojo satoru x female reader
a/n: thank you so much for 1000 followers! I’m beyond grateful for everything and all the support, here’s a special one-shot for you <3
Tumblr media
Gojo, your college teacher which never really felt like a true professor, he was quite older than you and yet his looks said otherwise, you admired him, knowing him for just a little more than three years, he’d always pester you with jokes and give you tons of assignments.
Some things definitely changed as time went by and you could feel an odd air between the two of you, he’d ask more of you, laugh more near you, annoy you more, assist you intensely, surely something he did not do with the others.
He surely had an arrogant personality, which did bother you from time to time, but it was his charm to be that goofy man dressed in such an attractive way, grasping the looks from whoever felt like giving him some proud attention, except for those surviving beside him (you included), since all were used to it.
There was suddenly a day, in the week of your graduation, that you were called in to his office, lightly shaking in nervousness, wondering what could it be.
“Close it.” His voice echoed after you had knocked and entered the room, seeing him leaning on the wood table with arms crossed.
“You called, Mr. Gojo?”
“Yes dear,” that damn nickname made you gulp hard. “you can come near, you know I don’t bite.” Staring at you with his permanently worn round black sunglasses, black long sleeve shirt that could drive anyone insane, doing as he ordered, noticing even more your height difference.
“Is there something I can do f—
“You’re graduating soon,” you kept shut, reminding yourself that his words were never to be interrupted. “I can’t seem to grasp that thought on my mind.”
“What do you mean, sir?” He stared at you, sighing after hearing that specific last word come out of your mouth.
“I don’t want you to graduate, or else I’ll be lonely.” That was unexpected, you were wordless.
“It’ll be sad to leave too, sensei.” His chest had risen once again, taking a deep breath.
“You like teasing me, don’tcha?” Your cheeks flushed, you knew he was flirty but not this much.
“Sorry, I don’t understand a thing, plus… are you insinuating that I’ll be repeating a year?”
“That does sound nice, doesn’t it? I could see you every day for another year.” Once more, you flushed.
“Is it appropriate for you to be saying such things, sensei?”
“No one’s listening.” His tone changed, it was shivering, you certainly were closer than you had acknowledged. In the silence, he threw his head back, letting you admire his well-defined neck and jaw, hearing as well a groan. “You sure are tempting.”
“Gosh, you know how to drive me insane, Y/N.” Once again he interrupted, staring right back at you with such intensity. “I wanna touch you.”
“Sensei, are you alright? You’re joking, right?” You saw him lean closer to you, feeling his breath on your cheeks.
“Not in the slightest, let me touch you.” You didn’t respond, your lips parting slightly, breathing heavily and leaving low groans of confusion. “Answer me.”
“Okay.” You murmured, so embarrassed you could cry, having his large fingers intervene with the strands of your hair, feeling them with the tips of those fingers, running through the root to ends.
“Your smell, your hair… your eyes.” He emphasized lowly, his voice enchanting you. Faces close by inches, the space only getting smaller until he then finally attached those soft velvety lips against yours in a sweet manner, pulling away with a peck noise, taking you by surprise, as you covered your mouth with your forearm unconsciously.
“Sensei, I… shouldn’t allow myself to get this close to you.”
“If I give you permission then that won’t be a problem, will it?” You hummed in disagreement, not knowing what else could you say to this man, seeing him take off those glasses and rest them on the table. “Good, then sit here.” Before you could process the situation, you were found sat on top of his lap, on the leathery chair he was always found at.
He could feel your heartbeat, not the one on your chest, he could feel your embarrassment, your fear, your arousal, your needy thoughts.
“Sensei.” You whispered unconsciously, not knowing what else you could say, having your legs bent to fit on the seat, to wrap around his legs and waist perfectly, having your smooth thighs held by his palms.
You were lucky, lucky to have been wearing a skirt that day, yet you were miserable, miserable to be wearing nothing but a white underwear underneath it, meaning your undeniable wetness had drawn a circle on the fabric of his pants.
His face was inches apart and you could feel his intense gaze over you, his hands roaming every single curve and squeezing soft parts of your skin until reaching your lower waist, your hips, holding them still, pressing downwards, feeling his bulge growing and perfectly shaping under you, making you imagine how red your cheeks must have been, which was unusual, no man has ever made you feel this way, but you knew Gojo wasn’t just an ordinary man.
His lips then pressed against your warm neck, leaving long pecks just to give an unexpected bite, a moaned gasp leaving your lips, your hips accidentally moving forward, back arching slightly and gripping onto his black sleeves.
“Dirty girl.” He murmured again.
“S-Sensei, people are going to see my, my neck.”
“Don’care.” Gojo mumbled, taking your skin into his mouth, your head slight up, eyes squinted and lips quivering in order to attempt quietness.
You were growing impatient, having to deal with him marking territory, playing with you, taking his time with you and you couldn’t do anything but let him have his way, even though you enjoyed it immensely.
“U’re mine, get it, darling?” The man’s left hand cupped the side of your neck, hypnotizing you with those well-chosen words. All you could do was hum back. “Good.”
You felt his hand sneak under you, lead by an unzipping noise, all while he had your neck as a biting toy.
“Wanna feel your pussy so bad.” He knew how to mess with your heart.
“S-Sensei, you’re being s-so inappropriate.” You shyly muttered.
“Want me to stop, honey? I doubt that’s the case, I know how much you like to hear me say that.” He was indeed correct, you loved it, the attention, the passion and he loved hearing you call him that way.
Your hips leisurely and unnoticeable moved in a back and forth movement, having your clit ache for friction yet nothing happened. His hand held now the back of your head, pulling it slightly back, allowing more kisses on the flesh, his other unoccupied hand fondled your ass, gripping with will.
“I can’t wait any longer, can I fuck you already?” Gojo shamelessly asked, having to stare at you with a distressed expression, humming was all you could do, there was nothing in your mind that could make you think of what to reply.
It was quick, you could finally feel his cock spring out of those boxers and touch your sensitive nub, it wasn’t fair that he was exactly like you had imagined, if not a bit bigger, your entire body getting to a reddish tone.
“Want me to fill you up real good?” He bit his lip, smirking, teasing you, it was over your limit, he was shameless, worthless, he was a whore, and you loved it, so much, it made you think of yourself as a perverted person.
“That’s not…”
“Stop looking for excuses,” You gripped onto the fabric over his chest. “as much as I want to hear your pretty voice, I’ll have to ask you to keep it down, can you do that for me, sweetheart?” His hands had easily pulled your shirt up, letting your torso exposed to him as you nodded carefully and hesitant. “Hold this with your mouth for me.” The white fabric of your own clothing was in between your teeth, just like he ordered, letting his hands grope onto your perfect amount of chubbiness by the sides of your pelvis.
He aligned himself with you, as your panties were to the side, he had to be careful, or else he’d slide inside of you with just a simple move, because of how wet you were.
Finally, it was devastating, in such a good way, it was as if you were being destroyed by such amazing feeling, it was consuming you, possessing you entirely already, having your head and back thrown back, he wasn’t even halfway in, thrusting the tip so harshly and the rest of the length leisurely, provoking, punishing, making you miserable while he chuckled lowly, watching you get desperate.
He surely had to keep composure, but little did you know that he was as miserable as you were, dirty thoughts all over his mind, wondering what he’d be doing with you next, how he’d make you come undone to him, how he’d make you his forever, he’s been longing for this for so long.
“Your little cunt is just so tight, and yet you’re so wet.” Your knuckles turned white, having his abundant girth finally enter you all the way in, letting out a relieved breath but he didn’t give you much time to adjust, thrusting inside you harshly, only once, resulting in your entire body moving along his, those strong hips of his lifting you from the chair so effortlessly, like you were a feather, a doll, his doll.
“S-Sensei, sensei.” You whispered those sweet words to him again and again, feeding his ego, such melody to his ears.
Pounding into you so eagerly, your cheeks slightly filled with air, trying your best to keep quiet, back arching tensely, you seemed like a bunny hopping repeatedly on his cock, you weren’t doing anything, he did it all for you, letting you enjoy as much as you could.
His manspreading position was such a turn on, his lower back sliding down the chair with you on that lap, trying to sit straight, Gojo’s back was not then touching the leather behind him, looking for more support.
Low whimpering slipping out of your lips, moaning so purely and dirty at the same time, his cock filling you up so good it fit almost perfectly, it rammed inside actually, but he’d make his way into you, shaping you into perfection, into his.
“So cute,” He praised, wondering how your cheeks could warm even more. “so fucking cute, so pretty, fuck.”
Your walls suffocated him at each thrust, making it harder for the man to breath, trying so hard to look calm, groaning low whining from time to time.
You looked close to devastation.
“Can’t believe I wasn’t the only one to, to see you like this.” Your eyes staring back at his blue ones, slightly furrowed eyebrows was what you could see on his face, as well as parted lips, soft and glistening lips. So suddenly you had felt his large hand wrap around your neck, choking you not softly yet not harshly, warming you up while he slowed down his thrusts. “Wonder how many guys fucked you already, such a pretty girl, I fucking hate it.”
His voice lowered, intimidating, arousing, deadly.
“How I wish I could have fucked your little virgin pussy. I’ll fuck you so hard it’ll, it’ll feel like your first time.” Again, unexpectedly his hand grabbed your slightly chubby cheeks. “I’ll ruin you, baby.” It was terrifyingly thrilling, even though those words should make you feel scared, you loved it, you felt safe, you wanted more.
“N-No, sensei, sensei.” Yet you denied to yourself, having the man kiss your neck and shoulders like before, with even more hunger, biting the area near your clavicles. Tears forming on your eyes from being so close to the edge, one of his thumbs making it even more challenging to hold it all in by circling your sensitive and aching clit so gently. He chuckled at your struggle.
“Gonna cum already?”
“N-no, no, not a-at all.” You whined, closing your mouth shut, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, holding onto his shirt with eyes shut.
“So I can be harsher with you then?” Such a brusque thrust, such a pretty humming whiny moan came out of you, it melted his heart. “Fuck.”
Your toes curled, your legs shivered and tried squishing together, your heart beat fastened quickly, your head buried on his neck, your crying.
“What about now? Wanna, wanna cum, sweetheart?”
“Hm, hmy-yeah, yeah.” You finally became fully submissive to him, knowing you were drunk out of pleasure, not thinking straight, his thrusts became sloppy for a bit. “G-Gojo.” You moaned out unconsciously, having his heart skip a beat and a lovely pound find your sweet spot which led you to immediately go crazy.
It was pure pleasure. It was lustful. It was dirty. It was sacred.
Your entire body squirmed and legs shook, you hugged his large figure, whining muffling and failing as seconds went by.
“Fuck, fuck darling.” Were the last words you heard before you blacked out for a long second, noticing such comforting warmth filling you up real good, as if it never ended.
You effortlessly sat straight, staring at him again, seeing such a beautiful man that had hearts in his eyes. Both breathing heavily, lungs collapsing.
He lifted your trembling waist, longing for the presence of his cock inside you as cum literally emptied out of you, mixing with your own love juices, dripping from your destroyed cunt to your legs and dirtying his chair and pants but it was worth it, after all he couldn’t look away.
“You look so good with my cum dripping out of you.”
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MADE WITH LOVE (dad!gojo satoru x reader)
tags: dad!gojo, reader referred to as “mama” a few times, maybe the same universe as this lil drabble i wrote, not proofread bc i woke myself up with this idea and needed it down on paper asap (wc: 1.1k+)
Tumblr media
Mornings are never smooth in the Gojo household. With a rapidly-growing toddler for a daughter, who has almost the exact same charming personality as her (toddler-like) father, it was rare for you to spend a morning in bed before the sun comes up. The two of them were always up to something, and whether that something was good or bad was often unknown. 
A tiny little hushed mama causes your eyes to blearily blink open. Your hand gently rubs them of sleep a few times, adjusting to the light peaking through the curtains from outside. 
It’s light out, you mentally note, meaning it can’t be any earlier than 7:00am, at least. She usually wakes you and Satoru up within the hour anyways, but as you reach behind you to grab your husband, you’re met with a handful of empty sheets.
With a furrowed brow and confused expression, your eyes fall onto the tiny figure gently poking your forearm—your daughter stands before you, face mischievously contorted into a smirk as she waits for you to address her presence. 
While the grin adorning her face is identical to her father’s, she looks just like you—from the hairs on her stubborn head to the tips of her little toes. You gently smile to yourself as you think of all the times Satoru would complain of her not getting any of his good looks, though their personalities are all the same. 
With a quick glance over of her status—she doesn’t appear to be hurt and she’s not crying, she actually seems rather pleased with herself—you let your eyes peacefully close once more. 
“S’anyone bleeding?” you mumble, voice still laced with sleep.
“No,” she states matter-of-factly, shaking her head. 
“Is the house on fire?”
“No,” a fit of giggles follows this response. 
“Then gimme a few more minutes,” your head returns to the pillow and your daughter grumpily sighs as she watches you further snuggle into the comforter. 
Eventually, the quick little patter of footsteps leaves your room, allowing you to rest again—that is, until you hear your husband’s booming voice coming from the kitchen. 
You can practically see him behind your closed lids—sitting wide-legged at the kitchen table, coffee mug in hand as he keeps up with your daughters quick-paced conversation style with ease. You assume she left your bedroom to run out to him, reporting back that you were still in bed. You faintly hear Satoru egg her on with an excited, “You have to get mama up! Say it’s an emergency, or something.” 
You snort out a chuckle, because the fact that you can practically hear the grin in his voice, and based on your daughter’s response of giggles, you know he’s a liar—the both of them are. 
Not even seconds later, the sound of tiny bare feet against your hardwood floors picks up speed, getting closer to where you lay. 
“Mama,” your daughter returns, this time more confident in her story as she no longer whispers, “It’s an emergency!”
“Then get your father.”
“Daddy says it’s an emergency,” she retaliates, and between the two of them, you know that you returning to sleep is about as realistic as seeing pigs fly. 
With a sigh and a defeated okay okay, you let your feet hit the floor as you sit up on the side of your bed. Your daughter, practically bouncing out of her little skin, is grabbing your hand and attempting to quickly usher you into the kitchen. 
Once you’re standing up and walking down the hallway, she darts down ahead of you and disappears around the corner leading the kitchen. As you follow her, you’re surprised to see the tiny table for three set with dishes and silverware, covered with a messily-made breakfast. A stack of pancakes—some charred to a crisp while others appear to be slightly undercooked—sits in the center plate. A few side dishes with bacon, fried potatoes, and cut up melon are scattered across the cluttered table. 
You finally lay eyes on your husband for the first time this morning, as he walks over to you with you daughter perched on his hips and two hot coffee mugs in either hand. You hold your tongue from telling him to be careful with the drinks around her. He knows.
“What’s all this?” you softly inquire as Gojo sets the mugs down, using his spare hand to pull a chair out for you, gesturing you to sit down and relish their good-hearted surprise. 
“Just a lil somethin’ for the best mama ever,” he quips with a quick peck to your lips, “Sorry for waking you up, it was gonna get cold.”
Before you can answer him, your daughter is jumping out of his arms, grabbing the carton of milk from the fridge, and proudly shoving it into your hands for you to pour into your coffee. 
“Thank you, my baby,” you coo as you accept her offering, placing a kiss on her chubby cheek. 
Seeing your reaction, Satoru is not far behind his little girl, wearing a flirty grin and presenting his own cheek for you to kiss. 
“And thank you, my other baby,” you entertain him, peppering his pale face a few times, before meeting his lips for a sweet kiss. 
Eventually, the two of them join you at the table, and your little family sits down for your favorite time of the day. Satoru cuts your daughters pancakes for her, before letting her pour on a far too large amount of syrup onto them. You pass around pieces of melon, laughing at the odd variety of shapes and sizes they've been cut into. While the food itself is no five-star meal, you wouldn’t have it any other way—as it was made with love from your two favorite instigators.
“Mama?” your daughter pipes up, wiping her face with a napkin as she grins mischievously. 
“Yes, baby?” you appease her, taking a sip of your coffee and letting it’s warmth hug you further into the coziness of the scene engulfing you. 
“Daddy says I’m gonna be a big sister soon.”
You shoot Satoru a glare as he shrugs his shoulders and raises his hands in defeat.
He remains quiet as he smirks, taking a moment to admire the filled-to-capacity table as he sits with his girls. He watches your daughter excitedly talk about her hypothetical sibling, going into great detail about how she’ll be the best big sister ever—even offering to help out with changing stinky diapers and sharing her many toys.
As you tell her that you plan to hold her to that if the day ever comes, she’s excusing herself from the table and darting to her playroom to show you her newest drawing. You raise your eyebrows at Satoru from across the table, but once again, you’re met with his sly grin and shrugging shoulders. 
He grabs your hand from across the tiny table, pressing a few kisses to your knuckles before standing up to go follow your daughter. As his lips are gently pressed around your knuckles, he feigns a gesture of faux innocence. 
“Kids and their crazy stories, huh?”
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Studying @ Gojo’s
A/N: Hey besties!! 💗 I made a jjk studying series for all of you who are studying for exams rn! Let’s start with Gojo! <33
Gojo’s luxury apartment was a nice place to study, lofi hip hop playing softly from the speakers, a big table next to the window wall that let the sunlight deep through, shining down on your revision notes.
“My little nerd still studying?” You hear a teasing voice from behind.
“Mhm” you reply, eyes still glued to the notes in front of you.
You hear a sigh this time but you can tell he’s come closer, then suddenly you find two long arms wrapping around your shoulders, and his chin plopped on to your head.
“What if I just… paid the exam board to make you pass?”
You laugh at Gojo’s suggestion, the worse thing is you knew he was probably being serious.
“I’m serious” he says, confirming your thoughts as he pokes your cheek.
“Too pretty to be studying” he mutters against your cheek as he pressed kisses to it, making you giggle.
But as you reached to the side to grab your pen, Gojo quickly snatched it first.
“Nuh uh! No more work unless you eat some kikufuku with me” he said, leaving no more for argument as you struggle to grab the pen from his hand, he grins widely as you jump to match his tall figure but fail.
And as you jump up to grab it one more time, his long arms finds it’s way to your waist, tugging you into his embrace with a chuckle. “Ah! Gojo!-“
“C’mon bubs, time for some mochi” he says casually but his smug grin is present. He carries you like a baby as he grabs the mochi from the kitchen and return to the living area, sitting down in your seat and placing you on his lap.
You smile gratefully at Gojo before giving him a kiss, as he lets you return to studying while he feeds you the mochi, taking a bite out of it every now and then too. Occasionally, playfully biting your cheek but you didn’t mind.
Eventually the tall white haired man got a call, you feel his muscular arms tighten around your waist as he muttered a ‘be right back love’ in your ear. You kiss his jaw before he leaves to answer the call.
Now you don’t know how long you sat there studying for, but once you took a deep breath and shifted your eyes away from notes momentarily, you notice a post it note and one more kikufuku next to you.
‘So proud of you bby :)’ was written, with a small dick drawing next to it.
You giggle to yourself as you munched on the mochi. Studying doesn’t feel so bad when it’s with Gojo <3
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Tumblr media
[id: it's a drawing of Gojo Satoru from JJK. His hair is down and he is wearing a casual white shirt without his usual glasses. Suguru, who is out of frame, is cupping his cheek with his right hand. Satoru's left hand is raised to gently hold Suguru's wrist, showing off a ring on his finger. He is staring straight forward, presumably at Suguru, looking absolutely enamored while a tear slips down his cheek. /end id]
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satoru is already annoying but when he’s in love—he’s even worse.
to your students’ surprise, you’re just as annoying.
Tumblr media
wc: 1k
pairing: satoru x reader
tags: fluff, lovesick satoru, you’re both Corny
a/n: wants to finish long one-shots, sticks to drabbles instead
Tumblr media
“Turns out they’re even—”
“Finishing each other’s sentences.”
Yuji winces, while Nobara fake gags at the recollection. It’s one thing having to deal with Gojo Satoru alone, already the reigning champ of the Most Annoying Teacher in Jujutsu High (…not that there’s a lot to compare to) but to deal with him being lovesick? She could die and he probably wouldn’t notice because he’s too busy sending kissy noises over a phone call, which he tends to perform quite shamelessly in front of his students. Yuji tried to accept it—initially finding it adorable whenever his teacher even mentioned your name, but if he has to endure another moment of Satoru showing him your pictures, he’ll strangle him.
The irony of it all was being set up by the students, done for two reasons: (1) Satoru was seriously bored (…they were convinced he had no friends) and (2) it was excruciating to watch the both of you walk on eggshells, pitifully pining over each other with no intention of truly confessing. If Nobara had known you were so effortlessly swayed by Satoru’s blatant yearning, she’d never encourage setting you up—and she means that with love. Only because the students were used to your reserved nature, mellowing out Satoru whenever he stepped out of line, and they thought that you could change him. Tweak him a bit—hell, even the principals were rooting for you.
So, when your feelings were no longer unrequited, confessing during the golden hour, your relationship was kept secret for months, hiding from everyone except Nanami (…who would’ve preferred not knowing at all). Everyone did notice weird little things, like Satoru standing too close to you, or walking out of your classroom at odd hours or when you both would cut your lessons short simultaneously. Truth be told, you both were horrible at keeping it a secret—so when the students found out, they weren’t really surprised.
Either way, they were thrilled, sincerely glad that someone could occupy Satoru’s time, a man far too busy holding the weight of the world in his hands. They even reaped the benefits—his lovesick attitude had him unapologetically cutting classes short and even showering the students with a plentiful number of gifts—leaving the best for you, of course.
Then it started to become unbearable. That part of Satoru they believed could mellow out only amplified, making him the Most Annoying Teacher in Jujutsu High but in love. Now, you were second. It seemed like a coincidence at first, catching you lovers making PDA at every turn, but then it became nothing more than a realisation after three enduring months: this was just you all of the time. It took three instances for the 1st Year students to realise that they weren’t losing their minds all by themselves:
When Nobara had accidentally walked in on you sitting on Satoru’s desk, he blissfully sat in between, while you fed him strawberry sandwiches, wiping whipping cream off of his nose. She agonisingly tried to tune out your giggles.
When Yuji had been walking behind the two of you, catching his beloved teacher fondling you brazenly, yelling to get him to stop.
Megumi recounted the worst thing he’d ever seen—interrupting one of your many conversations, he asked Satoru for a training session and had to endure another twenty minutes of you struggling to say goodbye. Then, for some bizarre reason, you started rubbing your noses, murmuring sweet nothings, and simply refusing to part from each other.
“You go.” You giggle, momentarily forgetting Megumi was still standing there.
“No…you go.” Satoru responds, completely mindful of Megumi’s presence—he just didn’t care.
“No, you—”
“Please stop.”
Ironically, Satoru has always claimed that he’d never be the overly romantic type, though he seemed to be smugly shameless in every other aspect of his life. He tried really hard to hide his affection but if his entire body and soul was willing to move mountains for you, then surely that’d only make him express his love with candour. He’s in bliss. Wholly and utterly in love—a high he’d never want to get out of.
“How long do you think it’ll last for?” Nobara complains, waiting for Satoru’s phone call with you to end (…the really important one that he decided to interrupt this training session for.)
“The phone call or this relationship?” Yuji mutters, grimacing at the sight of his teacher gleefully kicking pebbles.
“I’ve never seen him be so shameless—if they break up, I’ll kill them both for tormenting me for no reason.” Nobara spits. She seriously expects a ring by the end of this year, or she’ll buy them herself and slip them in your pockets.
“So, the phone call?” Yuji clarifies.
“No, I mean them being annoying!” She retorts, shoving his arm.
In the distance, Satoru’s voice gets freakishly higher. “You’re nearby?”
Megumi lets out a deep sigh. “Oh no.”
“Honey!” You yell from the steps of the stairs overlooking the field, skipping down elatedly. Satoru stands tall, beaming as he waited for you to make his way to him, finally embracing each other during this blistering, summer afternoon.
Yuji and Nobara equally exhale, overhearing Satoru complain about being away from you for too long—pretty sure, he’d seen you this morning.
“Oh, hey kids!” You greet, motioning for them to come closer.
Hesitantly, the three make their way towards you, stomach wildly growling and their bodies overheating under the cruel sun. Another good thing they got out of this lovesick period (...didn’t seem like it was ever going to end) was the food, regularly receiving snacks from you inside cute orange patterned boxes.
“You want to take a break today?”
And the sporadic breaks.
They jointly approve—anything to get out of this sweltering heat.
“I’m really craving—”
“Dessert?” Satoru swiftly finishes.
“You know me so well.” You say, wrapping your arms around Satoru’s neck.
You don’t miss the collective groan that escapes the students.
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izukuisbaby · 2 days ago
Can I request gojo trying to help y/n while shes sick? Like shes actually so helpless and vulnerable it makes his heart drop seeing her pant for air, taking tylenols for her headache, seeing how sweaty she is. And worst of all she can't get up without feeling extremely nauseous :(
A/N : thanks for your request anon I fell even more in love with our favorite daddy gojo😫
masterlist | rules | requests open | prompt list
Tumblr media
"Y/N I'M HOOOOME" you hear your boyfriend, Satoru, yell from afar. You felt so drained. Whichever virus you caught probably wanted to kill you because you were having a mix of the worst symptoms of all existing diseases. As you felt the stomp of Gojo's footsteps getting closer to your shared bedroom, you went into the umpteenth coughing fit of the day, the pain in your throat amplifying. "Awww you're sick, mf I told you to bring a jacket" Satoru says in a teasing tone, at the sight of your figure curled up under the duvet, barely able to focus on the show displayed on your flat screen. He noticed your unusual silence and dull gaze, one that is normally as bright as the stars.
"You look like a tiny little munchkin I wanna kiss you EVERYWHERE !!!" He proceeds to spread kisses all over your face to cheer you up, causing you to giggle. "I'll take care of you princess okay, I'm the strongest after all what can't I do, right?" he says pulling down his glasses to wink at you while smirking. "Come on pretty, let's go to the kitchen I'll make you some food" He motioned for you to stand up. Pushing the blanket away, you sat up and felt a horrendous headache hit you all of a sudden. Although, it quickly faded and you managed to stand up. After just a mere second on your feet, the headache came back but this time an awful nausea overwhelmed you as well. Hearing you grown, Gojo picked you up bridal style. "Shh baby, I'll sit you down on the couch okay. Don't you dare move once I put you there." he says caressing your cheek and kissing your forehead.
"Here you go, princess" he says as he layed your body down on the couch. He then gently wrapped you in a blanket and gave you your favorite plushie to cuddle. "You have to eat something, what would you like ?", you noticed how soft and calming his voice sounded, you wondered if he was making an effort to not talk too loud in order to not worsen your headache. You mumble a "ramen, please", he smiled at you, switched the TV on and handed you the remote before leaving to the kitchen.
A few minutes later, he came back with your favorite ramen and some coke : "I read somewhere on Google that coke helps with nauseas". Truth is, his mom gave him some when he was sick and it used to make him feel better. He hated seeing you in pain and not being able to help. He always feels the strong desire to protect you and he could not help but experience guilt as he saw your tired figure, barely able to move, on the couch. "Here is your ramen princess" he saw you move out of the blanket and instantly panicked "NO NO Y/N PLEASE DON'T MOVE YOU'LL BE COLD, I'll feed you", you felt him gently maneuver your body so that he could position himself behind you. Your back pressed against his chest, he brought the spoon close to your mouth until you finish the plate. "You look tired love. Rest a little I'm not going anywhere I promise" he kissed your forehead again and caresses your head to soothe you to sleep. The warmth of his embrace and the tenderness of his pats were quick to make you fall asleep.
Tumblr media
© izukuisbaby. do not copy, modify, translate, repost or take my ideas/concept without giving credits but comments, feedback, reblogs and asks are very much welcome !
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toji4president · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❀ bodyguard!gojo x actress!reader x bodyguard!geto
❀ wc | 7.3k
❀ cw | nsfw, threesome, brat taming, unprotected sex, fingering, oral (m & f receiving), face sitting, voyuerism, degradation, squirting, orgasm denial, use of pet name daddy, like three spanks, dumbification, aftercare
“gojo, you’re supposed to be protecting me! it’s quite literally your job.” you snorted and crossed your arms. geto snickered, looking down at the hardwood floors and standing next to the man in question.
“relax, i only looked away for like half a second. besides, you’re still alive, are you not?” the white-haired man quipped, a lopsided grin spreading onto his shiny lips.
“relax, i only looked away for like half a second. besides, you’re still alive, are you not?” the white-haired man quipped, a lopsided grin spreading onto his shiny lips.
“i don’t even know how the hell you still have this job. and geto you don’t get to laugh either! you weren’t any help.” you squinted your eyes in geto’s direction as he threw his hands up in surrender. “my event starts at 8:30. am i asking for too much for you to get me there and back safely?” you raised your arched eyebrows.
“no ma’am. won’t happen again.” gojo reassured you, nodding his head. geto followed suit, lacing his hands together in front of his body. you exhaled and rolled your eyes, leaving out from the living room of your home.
“bitch.” gojo mumbled under his breath, causing your head to snap back towards him. he swore you had some kind of super hearing.
“oh, i didn’t say anything. we’ll be in the car waiting for you.” geto shook his head and opened the front door, heading out to the car with gojo nipping at his heels.
“you’re gonna get us fired, satoru.” geto adjusted the stray hairs that fell out of his bun, hopping into the driver’s seat of the black, tinted car parked in front of your home.
“blah, blah. she can’t fire us. no one else wants to deal with a brat like that. we can handle her for a little while longer.” gojo sighed, plopping down onto the passenger seat. he reclined back a bit, placing his hands behind his head.
he was right, word had gotten around to bodyguard services. you were an absolute nightmare, the actress no one wanted to be around. everyone thought were high maintenance, demanding, and controlling. they called you the godzilla of the industry, though you didn’t find any of that funny. you had fired at least a dozen guards and geto & gojo were your newest victims. so far they had lasted 2 months, which was a lot longer than some of your previous guards.
“besides, i still haven’t got to fuck her. i told you i’d fuck her before you do.” gojo glanced over at his best friend for a moment.
“i don’t know, satoru. you haven’t seen the way she looks at me.” geto rested his elbow on the middle console, holding his head up with his hand, his lips curling into a smirk.
“it won’t matter if i taste her first. i’ll fuck the brat right out of her. maybe that’s why she has such a nasty attitude—she needs someone to fuck it out of her.”
“we’ll see.” geto wasn’t a man of many words. he preferred to take action. he was plotting on you.
an hour passed before you strutted out in an emerald green mini dress, the soft moonlight shining onto your smooth skin. you slipped into the backseat, geto watching you from the rear-view mirror. what he wouldn’t give to jump in the backseat and stuff his cock into your pretty plump lips.
“fucking drive! you’re gonna make me late.” you spat, a scowl placed on your face as you looked up from your phone.
“got it, sorry y/n.” geto placed the car in drive and sped off towards your destination. gojo chuckled at your insolence, staring out of the window at the passing buildings and lights.
“and satoru, what the hell are you looking so smug about it? god, you get on my nerves.” you scoffed. he didn’t respond, the awkward silence deafening. he had put up with your sour attitude all weekend, not wanting to hear anything else from you unless it was you begging for his cock. the rest of the car ride was silent, the radio playing at a low volume.
the three of you pulled up to the small charity event at some big ceo’s mansion, only a few cameras outside. it was a private event, so the lack of paparazzi and crazed fans was almost orgasmic to you.
“alright, kid.” gojo grunted as he opened your car door, helping you step out.
“i told you stop calling me that.” gripping your clutch, you walked towards the front door with geto and gojo trailing behind, their eyes darting around to examine your surroundings. the host greeted you and went off to grab drinks and make small talk with guests. the pair separated from you, but weren’t too far away to where they couldn’t get to you if needed.
two hours passed by and you were getting annoyed by your bra. you honestly didn’t need one on with your dress, but you put it on anyway and you regretted that decision. finally having enough, you asked the host to point you toward a bathroom so you could fix yourself up. he showed you to the nearest bathroom which was inside of the guest bedroom.
“suguru, satoru, i’m going to the bathroom. i have to fix my dress.” you addressed the two before disappearing down the hallway. gojo was too busy flirting with some lady to hear what you said, but geto soon followed behind you. you opened the bedroom door, looking at him over your shoulder.
“you don’t need to babysit me while i use the restroom. no one is hiding in the bathroom waiting to kidnap me.” you rolled your eyes, stepping into the room and heading towards the bathroom door.
“just doing the job you hired me to do.” he replied dryly, shutting the door behind him once he crossed the threshold.
“whatever, you’re fucking insufferable. can you unzip my dress please?” the please you added on at the end did very little to cover up the venom laced in your words. geto took a step toward you, his icy hands reaching for the zipper on the back of your dress. a shiver creeped up your spine when the tip of his finger brushed up against your back, his hands swiftly unzipping your dress.
“thanks. geto, what are y-” geto’s hands reached around your body, his left hand wrapping around your throat and his right cupping your heat beneath your dress. you let out a breathless gasp as his large hand squeezed the sides of your throat.
“god, you never shut up, do you? you like running that pretty mouth of yours when it should be preoccupied with other things.” his breath fanned your ear, his lips trailing sloppy kisses down your jaw. “got such a nasty attitude and i was wondering why. but then, i figured it out. poor little slut just needs to cum. isn’t that right?” his fingers pinching your clit, a squeal escaping your glossed lips. you whimpered, shaking your head and denying everything he was saying as he rubbed the swollen nub in circles over your panties. you couldn’t deny your attraction to geto, and here he was fulfilling your fantasies. his fingers felt so much better than yours did whenever you would cream around your dainty fingers to the thought of geto pounding into you.
“geto… please.” you begged breathlessly, your body relaxing into his touch, head lolling against his shoulder.
“tell me what you need, sweetheart. i can help you loosen up.”
“p-please make me cum.” you squeezed your eyes in shut in embarrassment as you bucked your hips into his hands, the ache in your core growing angrier by the second. something about being so vulnerable and submissive to him ignited a flame in you. you were so used to being the controlling and dominant person in every situation, to be so submissive during sex only seemed right. you wanted to relinquish all power and just focus on feeing good. geto knew you needed it and so did you.
“pretty baby just needs to cum, yeah?” he cooed into your ear, rubbing your needy clit with more urgency, a moan spilling into the atmosphere. you nodded, your hand wrapping around the wrist that was still settled on your neck.
“yes. help me cum, suguru.” the use of his first name flipped a switch in his head. the way it rolled off of your tongue had his cock pulsing in his pants. he knew that right now he just wanted to make you feel good. so he could wait it out. he slipped your dress down to your feet, helping you step out of the pooled fabric by your feet. he reached around you to unclasp your bra and laid you down on the bed, crawling behind you and pressing your back to his chest. the thought of cumming all over the host’s untouched sheets shouldn’t have been as exciting as it was.
geto took his time with hands exploring your body. you turned your head to the side, his lips engulfing yours, mouths moving in sync in a passionate kiss. his hands never stopped moving around your naked body. he took both of your tits into his hands and gave them a harsh squeeze, rolling your nipples around in between his fingers. you gasped, granting him access to push his tongue inside of your mouth, tongues entangling with one another. he swallowed your moans as his hand traveled back down to your now bare cunt. he broke the kiss to lean down and look at the lewd sight between your legs.
he sharply inhaled as he pulled your lips apart with his fingers, moaning at the slick glistening your folds. your essence covered your inner thighs, hissing at the cold air brushing against your cunt. geto took a finger and ran it down the length of your slit, your hole seeping out your juices as it clenched around nothing.
“fuck… is this all for me? i’ve barely touched you.” he mocked, chuckling as you squirmed underneath him. you nodded and whined, hoping he’d soon thrust his fingers into your needy hole.
“‘s all for you.” your voice was trembling with anticipation, your hands gripping onto his bicep as two of his nimble fingers pushed their way into your hole. you gasped, jaw falling slack as your cunt squeezed around his digits, jolting at the intrusion. you whispered a string of curses as he stretched out your right hole, grinding his palm against your clit as he continued thrusting his fingers into you.
“so fuckin’ tight, squeezing my fingers like a good fuckin’ girl.” he praised, lips attaching to that sweet spot on your neck. you arched your back, raising up off of his chest slightly, your choked out moans like music to his ears. his digits curled up into you, caressing and massaging the spongy spot within your walls.
“oh my g- suguruuu, fuck!” you whined, attempting to close your legs around his hand. geto pried your thighs back open, delivering a sharp smack to your sticky cunt as he withdrew his fingers from your heat. with his digits glistening with your arousal, they rubbed at your wet folds, your clit pulsating with his rapid movements. his free hand wrapped itself around your throat once more, turning your face in his direction. your glossy eyes were lidded and glazed over, your bottom lip tucked into your mouth with a few stray hairs falling in front of your face that were sticking to the thin sheen of sweat that glazed your face.
“this is all you needed, baby, isn’t it? you’re such a good little slut for me. you just needed someone to make you cum.” he spoke softly, contrasting the bruising grip he had on your throat. your jaw went slack, a silent and choked out scream threatening to release. you nodded your head, your eyes stuck on his almost black colored orbs.
“i’m your good little s-slut. oh god, suguruuu. can i please cum? please.” you whispered, eager for your release. your cunt was contracting as he continued his relentless assault on your sensitive clit. eyes never leaving each other. the intimacy of the eye contact only pushed you further over the edge, your body quaking under his touch, orgasm threatening to spill over at any second.
“cum on my fingers, sweetheart. let it out.” geto purred, hovering his lips over yours as he watched your body tense up, a rush of ecstasy befalling you as the heat from your climax spread throughout your skin. your hips spasmed, bucking up into his hands. he crashed his lips onto yours, swallowing your blaring moans that threatened to travel through the walls of the bedroom. your hands found their way to his tresses, gripping his locks as he helped you ride out your orgasm. the scent of your arousal flooding both of your nostrils, your mind hazy with his soft lips engulfing yours. a thin string of spit connecting your mouths as he pulled his head back, bringing his slick covered fingers up to your swollen lips.
“open.” he commanded. you obeyed, opening your mouth and sticking your tongue out as he slotted 3 fingers inside. you sighed as your mouth wrapped around his digits, sucking and swirling your tongue around them, the taste of your sweet cunt filling your mouth. geto cursed under his breath at the sight of you bobbing your head on his fingers, just imagining how much better you’d look with his cock in your mouth. “good fuckin’ girl.”
he removed his fingers from your mouth, reaching around to grope your breasts, nibbling softly on your earlobe. “feel better, sweetheart?”
“yes, s’good.” you exhaled, throwing your head back on his shoulder, a big grin plastered on your blissed out face.
“gonna be a good girl for me and satoru now?” he questioned, his eyes focused on your euphoric expressions. you responded with a simple “mhm”, both of your hands tangled in his hair.
“gonna stop being a brat if i just fuck you whenever you need it, hm? fuck that sour attitude right out of you.” his hands moving down to massage your hips. you melted under his touch.
“yes, please.” you let out a low moan, moving your hands to hover over his, letting your hands guide his over every inch of your frame.
“let’s get back, yeah? the event’s just about over, but if you’d like to leave early we can do that too.” you agreed and sat up, allowing geto to move out from behind you and straighten out his suit. standing from the bed, you grabbed your dress from the floor and shimmied back into it. you stepped into the bathroom to fix your hair in the mirror and reapply the lip gloss that had smeared all over your lips, beckoning geto to come zip you up again. he did as he was told, leading you to the exit.
just as you were about to leave, you tripped over his foot, losing your balance. you almost toppled over before he grabbed your arm, hoisting you back up.
“you idiot. watch where you’re g-“ he gripped your hip with one hand, pressing his erection against your behind.
“what happened to being my good little slut? mind your manners.” you swallowed, the ache in your core slowly returning. you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a response. besides, you only agreed with whatever he was saying in the heat of the moment. you didn’t actually think he was serious. you were planning on this being a one-time thing before you fired him and gojo, but obviously he had other plans.
he trailed behind you as you walked out, your eyes landing gojo who was standing by the entrance, leaning his slender limbs against the wall. his eyes met with geto’s and smirked, knowing exactly what he had just done.
“well i’ve been looking for the two of you for quite sometime.”
“i had to fix my dress and geto was there to make sure no one kidnapped me. you know, doing his job.” you retorted, squinting at gojo.
“now i’m no expert, but i don’t think fixing a dress takes 20 minutes.”
“you’re right, it doesn’t. i was avoiding trying to deal with an imbecile named gojo satoru.” you felt geto’s fingers discreetly pinch at your side, causing you to jolt away from him, now sandwiched between the two men. “let’s just fucking go.” you stormed off towards the car, not bothering to say goodbye to any of the guests.
“aw, you got her all worked up.” gojo laughed, nudging his best friend as they strolled outside.
“she’s a stubborn one. i’m not done with her though.” geto stuffed his hands into the pockets of his slacks.
“don’t think you can hog her all to yourself. i’m not as nice as you.” gojo hummed before getting into the car, watching you shift uncomfortably in the back seat as geto got in.
the entire ride home was silent. you hadn’t made a snide remark or barked orders at the two for the full duration of it. you only stared out of the window, flashbacks of geto’s hands wrapped around your throat and fingers stuffing your cunt, haunting your mind. his soft praises and rough touch sending your mind into a frenzy. then your mind wandered to the thought of his cock splitting you in half. you hadn’t seen it, but from the way it poked at your back and ass, you knew it was bigger than any you’ve ever had.
gojo tapped your knee, snapping you back to reality. “come on, you’re home.” you unbuckled your seatbelt as geto opened your door, his lip upturned ever so slightly. you darted your eyes to the floor and slid out of your seat. why was he making you so flustered? you exhaled, remembering that they had finished for the night and you wouldn’t have to see them for another two days. relief washed over you. you would have time to get it together before you had to see geto again. you waved them off and walked inside your home, shutting the door behind you.
Tumblr media
if you were so relieved to not see geto’s face, why were you stretching yourself open with your favorite pink dildo and moaning out his name, squirting all over your luxury duvet. he was practically living in your head no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself that it wouldn’t happen again. honestly, you wanted it to happen again and again and again. you wanted him pounding into you every day and taking his frustrations out on you. you wanted to be his good girl and do whatever he told you to, his pretty little cocksleeve.
you tossed your dildo to the side once you finished, throwing on your favorite silk robe to go downstairs, deciding you needed a drink. you popped open a bottle of pinot grigio, pouring yourself a glass to ease your mind. one glass turned to two, then three, then four. eventually, you found yourself dancing around your living room with your speaker blasting your music, all your thoughts melting away and geto on the back burner.
you got too caught up in the music to hear the ringing of your doorbell, gyrating around the couch while still sipping on your wine. it was fair to say that you had a bit too much to drink. you had only planned on one glass to relax, but getting tipsy wasn’t part of the original plan.
the doorbell rang once again, but this time heard it. you turned down your music with a groan, stomping over to the door. you didn’t even bother looking through the peephole before you swung the door open, freezing for a moment before irritation washed over you, throwing your head back in frustration.
geto & gojo stood at the door, confused at your reaction.
“ugh, what do you two want?” your words slurred ever so slightly as you leaned against the door, glaring at the pair. you wouldn’t need them for the next two days, so why were they here?
“hello to you too, y/n.” gojo chuckled, barging into your home despite your protests. geto followed behind him, spotting the almost empty wine bottle sitting on your kitchen counter.
“you having fun tonight?” geto nodded his head towards the bottle, watching you close the door and approach the two.
“i was until you two shitfaces showed up.” you took another sip from your glass before gojo removed it from your grasp. “hey! what are doing?”
“i think you’ve had enough. we came here because geto left his wallet here, but it seems we need to babysit.” gojo leaned up against the island, folding his arms over his chest as he sized you up from atop his glasses. he set your unfinished glass next to him, geto leaning against the wall next to him.
“i don’t need fucking babysitters. i’m a grown woman who can handle her own liquor.” you snorted. “i didn’t hire you two to watch over my alcohol habits.”
“you hired us to protect you, no? we’re protecting you from the dangers of liquor.” geto replied.
“oh my god, i hate the both of you. you can’t do your fucking jobs right and can’t follow simple directions. i am your boss, you do what i say and i’m telling you to leave!” you fumed. you swore smoke was blowing out of your nostrils from how livid you were. you were trying to enjoy your alone time and forget about the men who were now standing directly in front of you. you rubbed a hand down your face, sucking in a deep breath. “both of you are fired. just leave.”
geto hummed, stalking over to your smaller frame. “you can’t fire us. no one else will put up with a brat like you.”
“someone will. someone who can actually do their fucking job.” you scoffed.
“and to think, i thought you were my good girl.” geto cooed, grabbing your face in between his fingers, forcing eyes to bore into his. that ache in your core returned, the alcohol only intensifying it.
“i-i don’t know what you’re talking about.” you lied through your teeth, flickering your gaze over to gojo who was intently watching your movements.
“you don’t remember creaming all over my fingers and begging me to let you cum? cause i remember.” you swallowed hard and shook your head in denial, refusing to let him win this stupid game. it was even worse for you now that satoru was in the room. of course he knew what happened, but you didn’t think he did.
“satoru, she says she doesn’t remember.” he called out to his friend, his gaze never wavering.
“i think we might have to help her remember. what do you think, suguru?” gojo sneered, walking up behind you and pressing his bulge against the small of your back. his hands went to grip your sides, his thumb rubbing small circles over the silky fabric of your robe. you chewed on your bottom lip, the liquor in your system fueling your erotic thoughts about taking both of your bodyguards at the same time.
“yeah. i think we need to jog your memory, pretty girl. we’ll make sure you don’t forget this time.” geto slid his thumb along your bottom lip, watching you through half lidded eyes. “would you like us to help you remember, sweetheart?” he questioned.
you were quiet for a moment, contemplating your options. you could go the easy route and tell them to leave and find new bodyguards, but you never took the easy route.
“yes, please.” you sighed, two sets of hands roaming your body. you couldn’t tell which hands belonged to who, but you didn’t care, the adrenaline clouding your judgement. geto pulled away from you and guided you to your bedroom. gojo’s hands roamed your body as you walked, his fingers sending shivers up your spine.
“oh. what’s this?” gojo picked up the pink dildo you had left lying on your bed from earlier. the color drained from your face while you looked down at your toes. embarrassment crashed over your body.
“it’s nothing, just put it down.” you stammered, reaching your hand out to swipe the toy from him. gojo tsked and jerked his hand back just out of your grasp.
“you could’ve just called if you wanted me to stretch that pretty pussy out.” geto hands wrapped around your front, working to untie your robe. it fell to the floor, exposing your completely naked body to him once more. gojo’s tongue slid across his bottom lip, drinking in your beauty. “did you at least think of me while you got yourself off?” you whimpered, geto’s warm hands palming your breasts, his tender touch sending you into submission. you nodded your head, watching gojo approach the two of you. he looked down at you melting under geto’s touch, his cock twitching in his sweats.
“you don’t mind if we share you, do you?” gojo leaned down, his lips centimeters away from yours, his breath heating your face.
“please.” you choked out, squeezing your thighs together. gojo’s lips landed on yours, devouring your mouth as if it was his last day on earth. your tongues collided, swirling around each other and moving in sync. you gasped into his mouth when geto’s finger began circling your clit, sucking on your neck, leaving hickeys behind. you separated from gojo, a soft moan falling from your lips. your eyes fluttered shut, holding onto gojo for support.
“shit, princess, you look so fucking beautiful.” gojo murmured, ducking his head to attack the other side of your neck. both sides of your neck were being ravished by the two men, the absolute bliss causing your eyes to roll back. you laced your fingers through both sets of heads, tugging on them as geto’s finger worked faster on your swollen nub. you mewled, pushing your chest onto gojo’s.
“fuck, i need to taste her.” gojo ripped you away from geto’s grasp. “come sit on my face while you suck him off.” he demanded as he laid down near the edge of the bed. you hesitated before crawling onto the bed, straddling his face with your knees perched on either side of his face. your count hovered over his face, your arousal threatening to drip onto his lips. his arms snaked around your thighs, lowering your hips until he comfortably placed his mouth on your folds. he ran his tongue along the length of your slit, flicking his tongue on your clit. he moaned, relishing the sweetness of your arousal, the vibrations sending a tingle up your spine.
“come on, sweetheart. you wanna make me feel good?” geto’s stood over you, his shadow blocking the dim lights of your bedroom. you moaned while gojo sucked on your clit like a pacifier, groping your ass and giving it a light smack. your fingers pulled the waistband of geto’s sweats down, freeing his cock from his boxers, mouth watering as you watched his erection hit his abdomen once it sprung free. your hunch about his cock was right. he was huge. the crown of his cock was a pretty pink, his shaft thick enough to split you in half with his length curving upwards.
“so big..” you gasped, looking up at him through your lashes as your hand wrapped around the base, stroking him slowly with your thumb swiping over his slit. he hissed, looking down at you with a carnal desire. you jerked forward, the sudden push of gojo’s tongue working open your hole pulling a mewl from your lips. your mouth gaped open, allowing geto push it down onto his cock, watching you gag around his length.
“sorry, sweetheart, you took too long.” he grunted, thrusting his cock into your mouth. saliva fell from the sides of your lips as his tip jabbed the back of your throat. you coughed around him, moving your hand to grip his thigh while he bucked his hips. gojo palmed at his length through his sweats, lapping up your juices while listening to you choke around geto’s cock.
“finally putting that mouth to—fuck—to good use, huh? can’t talk with my cock shoved down your throat.” geto teased, cursing under his breath at how your throat swallowed around him. you hummed, eyes watering and tears spilling onto your face. you hollowed out your cheeks while you sucked him, trying your best to ignore the burning sensation in your jaw as his hips continued to rut into your warmth. gojo’s tongue pressed up against your g spot, his nose brushing against your clit. your muffled cries halted after geto retracted his hips, freeing your mouth. your face covered in saliva and tears and your lips swollen from the assault. as soon as his cock left your tongue, you panted before letting out a rasped scream, gojo’s mouth back on your clit.
“f-fuck! i’m gonna cum! fuck, satoru!” you sobbed, grinding your hips down on his face. your fingers pinched your nipples while you rode gojo, your hips stuttering and body tensing up.
“i don’t remember giving you permission to cum. only good girls get to cum.” geto gripped your face in his hands, squeezing your cheeks together as your brows knitted together. you were so close, almost there, sensing the coil in your core beginning to snap when gojo lifted your hips off of him and slid out from under you, wiping your essence off of his chin. you whined, letting your lower body fall limp.
“no, please! i’ll be a good girl, just let me cum!” you pleaded, your eyes glossing over. geto couldn’t help but smile at your desperation.
“you have to show us what a good girl you are. can you do that?” his tone was condescending. he talked at you like you were incompetent, like you unable to obey his words. though you could hear how he spoke down to you, you were too desperate to cum to care about how he spoke to you. if anything, the humiliation of it all was igniting a spark in you, sending a fiery ache to your core.
“yes, i can show you i’m a good girl, i promise.” you purred, leaning on his chest while gojo joined him by his side, stroking his lengthy cock and admiring the lustful expression etched onto your face. “i’m your good girl, your good little slut.”
“so you do remember, don’t you?” he teased, his hands releasing your face. you nodded your head eagerly. “open.” he tapped your cheek, watching you obey his command and open your mouth, a line of spit leaving his and landing on your tongue. you swallowed, hearing gojo curse at the filthy sight, struggling to ignore the throbbing ache that was cursing your cunt. the memory of your ruined orgasm left you hot and bothered, whining and pressing your thighs together, you rocked back and forth to create friction, hoping to ease your insatiable desire.
“i’m gonna fuck this pretty pussy, okay? c’mon, ass up face down.” geto moved behind you on the bed, watching you get in position. gojo palmed at his cock, finding a seat in a chair across from your bed. “put on a show for satoru, can you do that? show him what he’s missing.”
geto pressed his palm into your back and watched as you arched it more, your eyes trained on gojo’s across the room. he ogled at your ass and spread it open, a glob of spit landing on your puckered hole. you bit down your lip, sighing at his saliva trickling down to your throbbing cunt, the tip of his cock brushing against your clit and sliding up and down your folds.
“you’re going to take what i give you. do you understand?”
“suguruuuu… please.” whining, you rolled your hips back, waiting for his cock to slide into you. his hand cocked back and delivered a sharp smack to your ass, hefty hands gripping the same spot. you cried out, the piercing pain causing you to bury your face in the sheets.
“such a needy slut.” you whined as he lined his cock up with your entrance, his hands traveling to your hips, giving them a bruising squeeze. you gasped as he bottomed out inside of you in one harsh thrust, a hiss escaping his pursed lips. your walls burned from the sudden intrusion. the way your cunt convulsed around his cock was cruel. he grunted as he stretched out you out. you were practically thrashing under him as you tried your hardest to adjust to his thickness.
“mmph- suguru, i c-can’t! fuck! p-please, wait.” you cried out, tears pouring down your face. you turned your face to the side, trying to catch the breath that he had knocked out of you.
“aht aht. what did i say?” he tsked, halting his movements completely. a smug look decorated his face as he watched your body go limp in defeat.
“i take what you give me- shit!” you cursed as he drove his cock back into you.
“such a pathetic fucking slut.” he spat, his voice now spiteful and uncaring. your eyes rolled into the back of your head, the pressure building in your core getting to be too much and you needed release. your eyes found their way back to gojo, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace, hands fisting his cock.
“was being such a—shit—a brat earlier, now you can’t even tell me what you want? isn’t this what you wanted, princess? being such a fuckin’ brat because you just wanted daddy’s big fat cock to stretch out this tight little pussy? you should say thank you.” your fervid moans like music to his ears, cream spilling out from your swollen cunt onto the comforter below you.
“thank you, daddy!” you choked out before your head was only swarming with thoughts of geto’s cock splitting you half. you couldn’t form words and could barely comprehend what he was saying, your eyes glazing over as the raging sensation of your impending orgasm washed over you.
“my pretty little slut wants to come?” he cooed, biting back a moan as your cunt fluttering around his length. he threw his head back and pursed his lips, his cock throbbing inside of you. you nodded frantically, mewling and digging your nails into the palm of your hand.
“gonna be a good girl if daddy lets you come?” his thrusts slowed drastically, a sinister smile appearing on his face. your eyes widened when he slowed down, his calloused fingers finding your swollen clit and stroking it.
“yesyesyesyes! i’ll be your good girl. please, let me cum all over your cock. pleasepleaseplease.” you wept underneath him, rolling your hips in search of more friction. that familiar wave of ecstasy beginning to sweep through your body before geto snatched it away from you for the second time that night.
“i don’t believe you.” he pulled his entire length out and removed his finger from your clit, your hole clenching around nothing at the loss of contact, your core aching for a release. your body collapsed onto the bed, whimpering and babbling incoherent sentences.
“maybe i should make you fuck yourself on your toy for the rest of the night. you deserve nothing else.” he pressed his weight on your body as he whispered in your ear, his hardened cock rubbing against your backside. your lip quivered as you shook your head violently.
“no!” you protested. “your cock is so much better than that stupid dildo. just fill me up.” you demanded, quiet sobs escaping your lips.
“making demands now are we? you think you’re in any position to be ordering me around right now?” geto chuckled, yanking your head up by your hair. you winced at the pads of his fingers digging into your scalp. “i could edge you for the rest of the night if i really wanted to. i could make you ride my thigh because whores like you don’t deserve my fingers or my cock, and i was nice enough to give you both.”
“‘m sorry. please let me cum, suguru. i won’t be a brat, i’ll be good i promise.” you pleaded, sniffling back more tears. you weren’t sure where his sudden mean streak came from, but you were enjoying being tossed around and degraded like this. as soon as geto sunk his cock into you, his sweet and patient gentleman front faded away, the crude and vile side of him seeping through the cracks.
“i’ll think about it.” he released your head, letting it plop down onto the mattress. your eyes settled on gojo’s again. he was sitting in the corner of your room in the side chair, fisting his cock with a fiery gaze set in his blue orbs. you whimpered out his name, hoping he’d be kinder than geto. your tongue lolled out of your mouth, drool pooling from the sides. gojo took your gesture as an invitation, making his way over to the edge of the bed with his slender hands still wrapped around the base of his cock.
“fuck, you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth like that.” he cooed as your warmth enveloped his length, your tongue sliding up his underside and head bobbing up and down, taking him farther into your mouth with each movement. gojo couldn’t seem to peel his eyes away from you. the way you gagged around his cock while you batted your damp eyelashes up at him sent his mind into a frenzy.
geto straddled your ass and spread your cheeks opened, his cock sitting pretty on top of it. he buried himself into your wet heat, watching as you moaned around gojo, your eyes rolling back at the new angle. his cock dragged in and out of your cunt, strangled groans filling the room. overstimulated, your abused cunt spasmed around his length, a prayer like chant of geto’s name leaving your mouth. you felt every vein on his cock as his hips rocked into you, his tip grazing your g spot. your head lolled sideways, gojo’s length slipping out of your mouth as you moaned and pawed at his thighs.
“did i tell you to stop?” with a grunt, he shoved your head back down on his cock, your nose hitting his abdomen. you coughed and gagged, tears spilling down your face as rutted his hips forward, ignoring your tapping on his thigh. geto’s hips continued grinding against your ass, slamming his cock into you as he grunted out your name. you felt dizzy from geto knocking the air from your lungs, gagging around gojo, unable to catch your breath with his cock lodged in your throat. after what seemed like an eternity, gojo pulled your head off of him, watching as you clawed at your throat, panting and gasping for air. your face stained with tears and spit, your swollen lips parted as you inhaled sharply, savoring the cool air filling your lungs.
“can i-can i please?” your voice cracked mid sentence, your throat raw and voice hoarse. “oh my fuck! please let me cum!” you rested your cheek on gojo’s thigh, moaning as he stroked your hair with his free hand, pumping his length next to your face.
geto’s thrusts were getting sloppier, and you knew he was close. “what do you think, satoru? should we let her cum?” he hissed. you whined, grinding your hips down onto the comforter, letting it rub against your clit.
“so fucking pathetic.” he grunted as he watched your lust filled eyes gape at his hands working his cock. “
“please.” you mumbled, your brain short circuiting. “i’m just a pathetic and needy slut who needs to be filled up.” you babbled, geto’s cock kissing your cervix. “‘m just your pretty fucktoy.”
“atta girl. come all on my cock, baby.” geto’s hand snaked around your waist and found your clit, massaging the bundle of nerves in a frenzy. you arched your back, mind going blank. your body twitched as the tension in your core finally snapped, seizing underneath geto, your cunt clamping down on his length as he hissed. you shuddered as you came down from your high, geto helping you ride your long-winded orgasm out.
geto continued fucking into you in search of his own release. “we fucked our pretty baby dumb, didn’t we?” your brain was elsewhere and you swore you were floating, totally blissed out.
“she’s so cute when she can’t speak. gonna let me paint that pretty face, honey?” gojo gritted his teeth, yanking your head back in front of his cock. you mindlessly nodded, opening your mouth as you waited for him to empty his load. he cursed out, fingers still stroking his shaft as warm spurts of his cum landed on your face and on your tongue. he groaned as he emptied his sac, his dick falling limp after his release. you licked his salty cum from your lips and swallowed, looking up at him seductively with low eyes. geto wasn’t far behind, his hips stilling with a gasp as he painted your insides white, pumping you full of his cum. he pulled his cock out of your slick and watched his seed seep out of your stretched out hole, clenching around nothing. the lingering sensation of his cock splitting you open kept you from feeling completely empty.
gojo helped you to sit up on your knees, face still painted with his cum as he admired his handiwork, grinning. geto moved from the bed to stand in front of you next to gojo. he tilted your chin up, your eyes barely opening.
“let’s try this again, hm? are you going to be a good girl for us?”
“yes, ‘m your good girl.” you whispered, watching geto hum in satisfaction.
“still want to fire us?” gojo chimed in, massaging the nape of your neck. you shook your head, averting your gaze to him.
“no. still haven’t felt satoru inside of me.” you whimpered, eyes flickering between the two men. gojo smirked.
“come on, let’s get you in the bath and then you can go to sleep, okay? we’ll be back tomorrow for your shoot.” you reached your arms out as gojo picked you up and carried you to your bathroom, geto running the water and adjusting the temperature. your mind seemed clearer now, thinking about gojo’s cock fucking into you.
“don’t worry, i have all the time in the world to fuck that pretty pussy. maybe you can learn to take both of us at the same time.” gojo purred in your ear as he set you on the bathroom counter, waiting for the water to fill the tub. nodding, you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. your cunt pulsated at his words, goosebumps appearing on your arm as his fingers circled your hips. geto smiled as he watched you relax, rubbing his hand up and down your back.
you didn’t mind that they somehow cracked the code and got rid of your sour attitude towards them. you liked the pair as people, but as bodyguards? not so much. it was true you could be meanspirited, but geto and gojo always got the butt end of it. they honestly weren’t the greatest at their jobs, but you kept them around as long as you did because they were your eye candy. it was a stupid reason, and you knew you were better off finding more qualified men to protect you, but you still listened to your pussy instead of your brain.
being spoiled and fucked by the two men didn't seem so bad, you thought yourself as they dipped you into the warm bath water, letting you wind down from the evening's activities. maybe it paid off in the end.
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sa1oru · a day ago
Dreamscape (Jujutsu Kaisen Men.)
How they sleep with you (fluff/sfw) Gender neutral. Romantic. Implications of Yuji's execution
Tumblr media
Satoru G.
Sleeping with Gojo means having a clingy skyscraper wrapped around you like a koala. His enchanting eyes have seen so much, too much. His grip on you is tight, almost as if you would leave like everyone else if it's not tight enough. Every night, he whispers a promise to keep you safe and alive. He refuses to let anyone else slip past his fingers.
Choso K.
Sleeping with Choso means having the hesitant reassurance to ease your worries. He's new to the subject of affection, let alone love itself. But those soft, hesitant touches are like a wet brush of paint on water. The comfort expands as well as his smile. His hands have a secure hold on yours, reminding you that he's always here to protect you.
Yuji I.
Sleeping with Yuji means having the warmth of a candle. The warm cuddles on the cold nights. His occasional small pecks on your lips leave a smile on his face. Yuji cherishes these moments more than one usually does. Why you ask? Cause a candle can't stay lit forever.
Megumi F.
Sleeping with Megumi is witnessing those gentle first touches evolve into strong warm arms around your waist. He's not super big on physical activity but doesn't mind it at certain times. But alas, Megimi Fushiguro could never turn down cuddles after an exhausting day of being a jujutsu sorcerer.
Tumblr media
Note : I'll make a part two with more guys and maybe some girls :winks:
© sa1oru. please do not plagiarize, repost, translate, majorly reference, profit off, etc from my works
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hi-raethia · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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chrisrobert-evans · 2 days ago
Doctors Treat (S.G.)
Tumblr media
Pairing: OBGYNDoctor!SatoruGojo x Black!reader
WC: 1.4k
CW: Smut 18+ (Fingering, oral fem receiving, dirty talk, medical situations, inappropriate use of doctor power ig lol, slight degrading) 
A/N: This is my mind after seeing fan art of doctor Gojo. I can't find the original TikTok so rip but it was really good. 
Your foot tapped against the white tile dirtied by working shoes. You'd been dreading this day ever since your last appointment a year ago. Like any other woman, you hated going to the OBGYN. Nothing about it was appealing. Yet here you were mindlessly scrolling through your phone as you waited for the nurse to call you back. 
You happened to look up when a tall man walked up to the receptions desk. He sported a lab coat and some navy blue scrubs. His white hair matched his lab coat and his blue eyes added more hue to him. 
He said something about lunch and then walked past you. 
"Damn, hope I get him as my doctor." You looked him up and down before going back to your phone. 
"You just might." Your eyes snapped back up to see the man wink before opening and closing the medical door. 
Your eyes widened as you realized you had said it out loud. A minute later the nurse called your name and you got up. 
The nurse led you back to the last room down the long hallway of rooms. She did the normal stuff like checking blood pressure. 
"Here's the robe, let me know if you need anything else, the doctor will be in soon." 
"Thank you."
With that the nurse shut the door and you stripped out of your clothes. You sat them on the chair and put the robe on and tied it in the front. Then you sat down on the fresh paper they paced over the navy blue bed. 
You laid back and stared at the ceiling all while the ticking clock continued to make noise. Then the door opened. You shot up and fixed yourself to look presentable. 
The man who walked through was the man you'd seen in the waiting room. You never did quite understand men OBGYN doctors, you usually tried to only get women, but this one was an exception. 
"Good afternoon, Ms. Y/l/n," 
"Hi," You whispered shyly. 
That earned a chuckle from the white haired man. "Nervous?"
You pursed your lips and shook your head. "Nah I'm good." You lied. This man was the most gorgeous man you'd ever seen and he was about to examine your pussy, and not in the good way.
"Good, I'm Dr. Gojo, but you can call me Satoru or whichever you feel comfortable with."
"Dr. Satoru." 
"Fine by me." He chuckled again and took his seat on the little rolling stool. "Alright, so it says here you're taking birth control, and still using condoms?"
"Good girl," He flipped the sheet over to see other background information. 
You clenched around nothing. Those two words sent your mind into a frenzy. He was just so hot you couldn't help but be physically attracted to him. 
"Y/n, are you with me?" When you woke from your thoughts his eyes were staring straight through your soul. "I asked if there had been any eating or dieting changes?" He pulled away and grabbed a pair of blue gloves. 
You shook your head. "Sorry I was lost in my own mind." 
"It's alright, my patients tend to tune me out." He stood up. 
"I'd never." You replied back. You watched as he pulled the gloves over his clean hands. They covered his veiny hand with his long fingers. 
Satoru smiled. "I'm sure you wouldn't. Is it alright to continue onto the breast exam?"
So polite. You thought to yourself. You laid back and assumed the usual position to check breast. 
Your heart started to beat rapidly. You completely forgot that he had to actually see you naked to do his job. The robe that was closed was now being opened by long slender fingers. 
"This alright?" He asked as he began. 
You nodded, watching him work. His hands felt so good on your warm skin. You took the moment to really analyze him. He had this boyish look to him. He was young, probably only been a real doctor for a couple of years. He was good though. 
His hands worked over your chest, not being too rough, but just right. He asked if anything hurt and took note of areas that seemed to feel different. 
After he was finished he put the robe back into place and went to type in his notes in the computer. He took that pair of gloves off and put another set on. 
"Usually I have my assistant in here taking notes for me, but she needed her lunch." 
"Oh I don't mind." You said, thinking he was apologizing for taking a while. 
He guided your legs to the stirrups. "Now for the bleh part," He grabbed the vaginal speculum. "I'll try and make you as comfortable as I can." He squirted some lube onto the tool and spread it around. 
A wave of embarrassment hit you when you realized you were soaking wet from him touching you. He moved the robe out of the way again and chuckled.
You closed your eyes and ignored his laugh. You braced yourself for the swab test. You'd become numb to the feeling of the vaginal speculum inside you after having it done more than twice. 
He put the swab in a plastic bag and sat it on the tray to be taken out for testing. 
He swapped gloves again, but this time he washed his hands and dried them and didn't put another pair on. 
"We're almost done." 
You sighed with relief. You didn't think you could handle more alone time with him. You might die of embarrassment. 
"I do have one last question for you." You sat up on your arms to look at him. He was staring straight at your wet pussy. He licked his lips. "Do you always get wet for your doctors?"
You gasped and closed your legs. "I'm sorry." You hid your face in your hands. 
Satoru placed his hands on your knees and spread your legs again. "Don't get shy on me now, show me how slutty this pussy gets for her doctor." His bare thumb rubbed circles over your clit. 
"I've never had this happen to me before! I swear!" 
"Shh, I didn't say you were in trouble." He sank two of his long fingers into your opening. His mocked how your jaw went slack and you let out a high pitched moan. "Aww does that feel good?" He started a slow pace.
"Please! Please! feels s'good." You bucked your hips up into his hands. 
Satoru let out a short laugh and pressed a kiss to your clit. "I said my assistants were at lunch, not out of the building love." He began to lick around your pussy while his fingers pumped in and out of you with a fast pace. 
You bit down on your hand to keep the moans at bay. "Oh fuck!" You shuddered as he curled his fingers. His fingers pounded at your g-spot and sent you hurdling off towards the edge. 
Gojo sat up from his seat and hovered over you. "Noisy girl, you're gonna get us caught." He smirked before pressing his lips to yours. You tasted yourself on his soft lips. "I bet you'd like that, want to show how much of a slut you are for your doctor?" 
You whimpered out a plea for him to let you cum.
"Yeah you can cum." He rubbed your clit while pounding his fingers into you. 
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. He muffled your scream by kissing you. When he pulled away he had this playful glint in his eyes. 
He pulled his fingers out and admired them. He took them in his mouth while making eye contact with you. He let out a moan and went to his computer. With one hand he typed the rest of his notes while you came down. 
Your chest heaved and you panted. 
"We're all done Y/n, I'm gonna get your results of your lab put in, but other than that you're perfectly healthy." He washed his hands off in the sink. "I'm going to leave so you can put your clothes back on." 
You nodded and sat up. Your mind still foggy after the intense high you just experienced. 
Satoru grabbed his laptop, but stopped before he left the room. "I drive a blue Audi by the way and I'm going to lunch. I'll be eating in my car."
Your eyes widened at what he was insinuating. "Thank you, Dr. Satoru." 
He winked before opening and shutting the door. You hurried and put on your clothes. 
You'd definitely be finding that car.
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