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Gojo Satoru Diary part 1

Tbh, this was difference friends reaction about me since I like Gojo Satoru.


I wish they will not prank me by taking my phone again due to having Gojo Satoru pic on my galler XD. Their are so naughty huhu.

There are pics of Gojo Satoru from latest episodes that I edited with my custom preset by lightroom. I wish you like it my preset (and I’ll tell the pasta secret)

1. New Opening Jujutsu Kaisen


2. He loves enjoy to sit sofa and ask nanamin play with him like his child


3. Idk, why I like Gojo sit at the sofa such like you can’t go hang out with friend because of rain


Oops, tumblr has limit to upload the pics (max 10 images)😓

I will post again in part 2 and told the secret of custom preset


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𝑨𝒖𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒓'𝒔 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆 | Whew! I finished this after 1 hour and holy crap this is by far the longest thing I’ve ever written, I hope you like it. I’m literally sweating.

𝑷𝒂𝒊𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 | Gojo Satoru x Teacher Fem! Reader

𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝑪𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒕 | 2,314

𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒔 | None!

𝑺𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 | Gojo Satoru, the man who didn’t ever get rejected, got rejected by you. Unknowingly having a teensy tiny (or maybe not) crush on him, Nobara gets you to go on a coffee date with Gojo. Through the jumble of mixed feelings, you accept, and find yourself in a position you never thought you’d be in. One-shot. 

   Often times, you found yourself enjoying a nice cup of coffee with extra sugar after teaching the exceptionally unusual teens that Gojo had forced onto you. One was unlike any other, Sukuna’s vessel. Even with the threat of death looming over his head, he was one of the happiest teens you knew. Bouncing around, reminiscent of Gojo in a way. The most remarkable thing about him though, were the eyelids below his very own. Marking Sukuna’s existence on the boy’s body.    

   The other boy, named Fushiguro, had a troubled backstory. His father was the only one to have a complete lack of cursed energy. Maybe that was why he was always brooding, he always seemed to be off in his own land. 

   As for the only female, she was your favorite student. Nobara was albeit, a bit cuckoo, but that’s what you loved her for. Outside of the educational setting, she made an amazing shopping buddy and had an endless bucket list of things to do in Tokyo. Headstrong, stubborn. Happily willing to give you any sort of advice in men, even though she didn’t seem to show a particular interest in them. You told her all about the weird stuff that Gojo would do around you, and she always said that he might have a thing for you, but you never believed it until now. 

   The latest event had been when you were lounging in one of the spare rooms at Tokyo Jujutsu High, drinking another cup of coffee after the extreme levels of stress and torture that was training the trio. Gojo had casually strolled in, loudly announcing himself as he slid the door roughly shut.  
   “Oh (Y/N)! I was looking all over for you!”  
  “Really? I wasn’t. Leave me alone, I’m not talking to someone who calls himself a teacher and then dumps a buttload of crazy teens onto me.” you calmly replied, sticking out a pinky whilst sipping your coffee. Although you found your eyes to be glued onto Satoru.  
   He dramatically stuck a hand onto his chest, leaning backward just a little as if he had been told he shouldn’t have ever been born. “Me?! Oh no, I wasn’t dumping the kids onto you sugar. I’m a busy guy, being the strongest sorcerer and all.” he gloated, grinning a little. 

   You grunted before pulling out your phone. 

   “Pay attention to me, why don’t you?” he muttered softly, digging his hands into his back pockets. 

   Did you hear that right?

   Clearing his throat, he loudly sat down next to you, even though there was another chair on the other side of the table. Crossing his legs, he began to speak. 

   “So, (Y/N), I felt really bad for dumping the kids onto you, and I thought, hey! Why don’t I take you out for a meal or two? You know we don’t really know each other out of work and I’ve been meaning to talk to you more-” 


   “Why not?” combing his hair with his hands, he almost looked sad, but you knew where it was going to go. You had seen Gojo date girls for 2 weeks and break up with them after. It’d be weird to date a co-worker for an astounding total of 2 weeks and then immediately get broken up with afterwards. Besides, he was probably horny and hadn’t found a girl willing enough to talk to him back, even despite a face and body that looked like it was sculpted by the Gods. 

   “I know what you do with girls, just fuck with them, not looking for that.” You scrolled through the article you were reading, something about some 11 year old child getting their cancer removed miraculously, probably a super nice jujutsu sorcerer.

   The silence grew between you two, Gojo’s eye shifting to you when you weren’t looking, and your eyes shifting to him when he wasn’t looking. You almost wished you were a bit friendlier. 

   “Right.” he mumbled to himself, before getting up and walking to the door. You felt something bad growing inside of you.

   Looking back at you one last time, he shut the door. 

   “I’m telling you, (Y/N), Gojo-Sensei was trying to ask you out, ARE YOU THAT DENSE?” snapped Nobara, who was busily lecturing you about how you had seriously fucked up. 

   “I didn’t know!” you whined, “I thought he was just being stupidly friendly! It didn’t cross my mind!” 

   “Gosh, woman, men aren’t hard to work. Gojo is 100 times easier, hand him a box of candies and he’ll probably whip out a ring. All you had to say was yes!” 

   “…What if I didn’t want to say yes?” you shot back. 

   “Hah, shut up, I’ve heard the way you’ve described that man, acted as if he descended down from heaven”

   You definitely didn’t have a crush on him, but you did let your mind wander sometimes, in some indecent areas sure, but wasn’t that true for everyone?

   “Okay, and what do you want me to do now? Want me to just.. Go talk to him and ask for the chance back? That’s embarrassing, and as I said, I don’t have a thing for him.

   “I’ll snag that chance back for you, but you seriously owe me one. I’ll even get Fushiguro and Yuuji on board, but they’re almost always doing stupid stuff and I have to convince them with the weirdest shit to get them to cooperate.” 

   “Nobara, no cursing first of all, there was no reason to, plus I don’t NEED the date, why are you even-” 

   “Oh shut up.” 

   The next day, you found yourself urgently rushed to a coffee shop by a poorly disguised Nobara, Yuuji, and a less then willing Fushiguro. You scanned the shop, the scent of coffee so strong it wafted out of the interior. Gleaming windows with, “Kento and Coffee Inc.” proudly painted on the window. 

   Wearing a white t-shirt and a long trench coat, with a long plaid skirt, you found yourself self-conscious. Were you too overdressed? Nobara had told you that you were supposed to dress in a cute “dark academia” (whatever the heck that is, she showed you a few pictures of it online though.) style of fashion. 

   “Don’t worry! Just follow whatever I said earlier, I’m an amazing Cupid and I just know there’s something between you two! I’ll be in the corner, watching you guys, just don’t mess up!” Nobara chirped, handing you a red scarf to borrow from her closet. 

   You hastily threw it on, taking a deep breath in and breathing out. Trying to casually stroll into the coffee shop.

   There Gojo sat, casually dressed in a black t-shirt. A pair of circular black shades perched on his nose, lazily eating a cake pop. 

   Your heart skipped a beat, even though he probably didn’t even try with the outfit he wore, you still found him absurdly attractive.

   He jumped up, “Oh fuck, I thought everyone ghosted me.” he looked at you, tilting his head slightly as if he was confused. “I thought Yuuji and the crew were gonna be here too. Didn’t ever show though, do you know what happened to them?” 

   “O-Oh, um, yeah, I think I heard that Yuuji and Nobara got distracted and was going to some newly opened sushi restaurant instead. Fushiguro didn’t wanna thirdwheel or something like that.” 

   You swore you saw him smile slightly.

   “So it’s just you, and me?”

   You looked around, hoping to God that Yuuji would pop up and tell the world about his love for Jennifer Lawrence. 

   “It would.. Appear so.”

   He clasped his hands together, beckoning at the cashier at front. “I’ll go get some coffee for us, any idea what you want yet?” 

   “Uh, just coffee with extra sugar.” 


   You found yourself staring at his hands, playing with the hem of his pocket as he walked up to the small line. His fingers were impossibly long, and you couldn’t help but realize how veiny and large his hands were. 

   Snapping yourself out of your daze, you grumbled, taking the trench coat off, it had suddenly gotten hot. Pulling out your phone, you pretended to read, but in actuality you found yourself ogling his impossibly tall body, and how undeniably hot his voice was. 

   It was alright to find him attractive right? Sure, you hated a lot about him, like, like… Well, you couldn’t think of anything off the top of your head right now. But you for sure knew you hated him.

   Yuuji snickered, “Gojo’s girlfriend is getting flustered, look at her cheeks.” He giggled, pointing at you. Fushiguro slapped Yuuji’s pointed hand down, hissing at him, “You’re going to fuck over this operation. Didn’t your mom ever tell you to NOT point?” 

   “I don’t even have a-” 

   “SHHHHHHH!” Nobara shushed them, gesturing to Gojo now walking over to the table where you were sitting.

   He slid the chair out and sat down, grunting as he did. He looked down at you. “So, anything new with the kids?” 

   You gulped, a warmth flooding to your cheeks, the way he looked at you made you feel weird, and you couldn’t find yourself to make a cheeky remark. 

   “U-Uh, um, no, uh, Fushi-, I meant Yuuji, he’s doing as good as usual… And uh, Nobara’s doing pretty good too! Fushiguro’s just… Uh, you know, haha” you giggled nervously, “acting as normal.”

   He laughed, “That’s Fushiguro, guy doesn’t even crack a smile. Yuuji’s a special one isn’t he? No idea how he acts all cheerful even though he knows he’s gonna, you know.” 

   “Guy doesn’t deserve it.” 

   “I know.” you pursed your lips, not wanting to talk about such a serious topic. 

   Seemingly noticing your discomfort, he turned his head over to the cashier who was now loudly shouting, “Order 132! Order 132! Two regular coffees with extra sugar, 2 donuts, 4 cake pops, and a slice of cake!” 

   “That’s our order~, what good timing!” Gojo sang, immediately springing up to fetch the coffee and the absurd amount of sweets Gojo had ordered. 

   “Gojo-Sensei sure does have a sweet tooth.” Yuuji pointed out, looking at Gojo casually walking back and handing you your coffee. 

   “Yuuji, did you seriously just notice that?” 

   “Yes. Why? Do you look at Gojo-Sensei eat? You’re really weird Fushiguro.” 

   Fushiguro let out a sigh, and Nobara giggled, but now all their attention was focused at the pair, drinking their coffee.

   “So, uh, any idea why the kids invited us here?” he said, playing with his strikingly white hair. Your stomach did backflips, it looked so soft. Wait, fuck, why were you even thinking these things?

   “Uh, yeah, something about.. Um,” FUCK. You were supposed to say you didn’t know.

   “Something about… Putting us on a… Blind date?” You mumbled sheepishly, Nobara crumpled on the table, murmuring about how stupid you were. 

   Shit, fucking shit, you weren’t supposed to be honest. 

   “Really now?” Gojo inquired, lifting an eyebrow and putting his arm on the table, leaning his face onto his hand. He took a bite out of his donut. 

   Now your face was really burning, why were you acting so strange? 

   Could it be true? 

   You had a crush on Gojo Satoru? 

At first, you wanted to reject it, but the feeling settled in. It made more sense to you then not having a crush on Satoru. The feeling of regret when he tried asking you out, the many times where you found yourself ogling when he was naked, the amount of dreams you had about him.

   You really did have a crush on him, huh?

   You stammered, a rush of self-confidence flooding into you, “Fuck it.” you breathily mumbled, “I like you, Satoru.” 

   The doubt settled in as soon as Gojo looked at you, wide eyed, mouth slightly agape. Nobara was even shocked herself, she had never seen you as headstrong as this.

Fushiguro and Yuuji were in an intense discussion about their preference in women, well, more like Yuuji, Fushiguro was ignoring him, looking at the wall instead of the surprising twist in the date.

   “You like me, (Y/N)?” 

   “Fuck, yeah, yeah I do.” you looked at his shades, oh how you wish you could see his eyes right now. 

   A slow grin spread across his face. 

   “I like you too, (Y/N).”

   Nobara, now quietly cheering and shaking Itadori and Fushiguro gesturing to you two, chewed them out for not seeing the events building up to the climax. 


   “Yes, really, sugar.”

   Everything felt unreal, you had never thought you would find yourself in this position ever, was this a dream? You tried pinching yourself.

  He snickered, “No (Y/N), this isn’t a dream. I really do like you.” he rubbed the back of his neck, readjusting his crooked shades. “I would even say I’ve liked you for a while.” 

   It had never dawned on you that he wasn’t being flirtatious just to be flirtatious, he was actually actively trying to

get you.

“I can’t wait to tell the kids this.” he grinned to you, smiling widely. “Fuck, this feels like a dream to me too. I didn’t think you actually showed any interest in me.” 

   You couldn’t even be cheeky back, you were in a state of euphoria. 

   “Actually sensei.” you turned to look who was talking, Yuuji was excitingly bouncing up and down. Fushiguro looked like he wanted to be launched off a roof. 

   “We set up the blind date.” Nobara smiled, looking at the pair. “You know, I’ve always seen the romance and chemistry between you two, and you guys finally worked it out like adults!”   

    Why did you get the feeling that she was mocking you too?  

    Regardless, you had walked into the coffee shop single, and you walked out with the guy who had stolen your heart for years now, without you even realizing. 

   All thanks to Nobara.      

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Infinite void! 🤞Introducing Shojo Gojo, a Jujutsu Kaisen zine highlighting the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in Tokyo, Gojo Satoru! Follow and be in the know. General interest poll soon!

You can keep up with us through our social media platforms below!

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I love the anime community cus they heard that sukuna in his original form had like,, four arms and four eyes and two heads and stuff, so they concluded he has twice the amount of EVERYTHING and fucking ran with it

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TW: Pregnancy, Non descriptive birth



Could you also do a follow up to the breeding Gojo fic where the reader is pregnant and then she has the baby and he’s literally his fathers twin 🥺🥺🥺

It’s really more of a drabble, but I hope you like it.

I also didn’t really want to specify gender, so I used they/them pronouns for the baby when needed


The first sign that your baby was going to end up like Satoru was with your cravings. As you started your second trimester, you found yourself craving nothing but sweets. Satoru was reluctant to share at first but soon the thought of him and his child enjoy all of his favorite treats made him beam and he started getting extra of everything. 

The next sign that you were carrying a mini Satoru was when they started to kick. You found yourself never getting a moment of peace, your little Gojo was always moving. Of course, Satoru liked that and had been claiming that his child was going to be just as strong as him. It didn’t help that he liked to poke your belly and try to get a reaction from the baby. 

Your water broke at 41 weeks and 5 days and honestly you were so glad that you were finally at the end of your pregnancy, that was until the contractions hit you full force. You had opted for an epidural because the pain was unbearable, but even with one you still almost broke Satoru’s hand. After spending ten hours in active labor and one hour of pushing, baby Gojo was born weighing 2.9kg (6.5lbs) and healthy by all standards. The nurse handed you you lightly swaddled baby so that you could breast feed the newborn and get some much needed skin-to-skin bonding. 

You looked at the infant’s white tufts of hair and stunning eyes, there was no mistake, this was Gojo Satoru’s baby.  

“I did not go through nine months of pregnancy and give birth to you, to have you come out looking like a clone of your father.” you scolded the newborn tiredly, as they reached out to grab you finger. Satoru felt his eyes tearing up as he looked at you holding his precious bundle of joy to your chest. 

“Would you like to hold you baby?” You asked. He carefully took the baby off your chest, and cradled the bundle in his arms. He took in the full image of the baby in his arms before softly whispering, 

“Don’t worry mini me, as long as I’m around no one is going to hurt you.”  

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And this is the result of that glimmer of creativity that was triggered immediately after that blessed ICT lesson this afternoon😂

Well, I’d say that with this I’ve put on paper my forbidden dream, which is to see the abs of Gojo (yes, these are the deep dreams of a 22 years old girl’s life…producers of the anime, I hope you’ll accept my prayers).
So here are my two different versions (with the bandage on the eyes and without it) of a Gojo in the act of dressing (yes, he’s dressing up, not undressing … you perverts), in the morning😍

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GO go Gojo! 

another white hair badass man I’m simp for.

his Eyes so pretty

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Character song part six: Forget Me Too by Machine Gun Kelly feat Halsey….I can see this man being a total difficult dude in a relationship and idk I can see him in this video with a love interest ya know?


Originally posted by later-slayer

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