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#gojo smut
prettyboykatsuki · 2 days ago
I am here… I am ready… What’s bully!Gojo like? How does he treat/bug you, what keeps him coming back to you, all that good stuff?
cw ;; 18+, dc ahead!!! bully!gojo, richboy!gojo, dubcon, dark content cw, gojo is a menace to society, manipulation, toxicity, gojo being a rich dickwad, obsessive!tendencies, fingering, squirting. this is darker than i usually write so pls be careful!!
of all the characters in my series, i think gojo pushes the boundary of being evil and nice probably more than anyone else, even bakugou. all of gojos bullying is like.. rooted in this desire he has to humiliate you and he just.. i have it all out in my head in such a specific way.
gojo satoru is campus richboy. but he's well-liked, and handsome and he has money and everyone loves him. he gets plenty of attention when he's on campus, and it doesn't help at all that gojo is good at practically everything. he's mostly on the swim team but he plays tennis and polo and soccer half-ass. gojo doesn't really need to do any of those things and he hardly attends practice.
but he's gifted by nature, you know? and he's more than used to having everyone's attention. gojo comes from old money mostly. his parents and grandparents and he'll be well-off for the rest of his life. and as much as he's grateful for some elements of it.. he certainly has a tendency to get bored.
that much is certain. gojo satoru doesn't really find himself easily entertained. he's gojo satoru, you know? the best at everything. the most likeable, most charming, most talented. most people on your private campus seem to worship him and he'd be a liar to say he hated it. he likes the attention, but it's boring. he finds the whole thing to be very, very boring.
naturally, this is where you come along. you're on scholarship and financial aid and your only goals ever are to get through the semester and make sure you survive. you're hard working albeit always exhausted. you just don't wanna get sent back home, something along those lines. you're not plain but you're not stand-out. your main personality trait is being busy.
i think the way gojo encounters you is unique. it's probably at your part-time but mostly full time job. you work a lot and he's always coming in with his little group of friends. most of the time it's getou, and sometimes nanami joins as an underclassmen and he hardly ever notices you.
but he does notice you, not him directly but getou (who is the nice one of the two of them. you're the one from ochem, you always look a little disheveled. you wave hi to getou, seemingly annoyed with his commentary. you're not exactly meek. he can tell that you're the headstrong type, and something about that intrigues him.
he tries to get your attention, but introducing himself as an heir. you seem bored by him, you give him a tight-lipped smile and ask what he would like today. and it's the first time gojos been.. told no before.
it's weird, yknow? because it partly excites him. gojo is so used to having everyone throw themselves at him so blindly. but you look like you're hard-working and earnest and something about that makes gojo excited. in the most evil and twisted way.
it starts small. you'd forgotten about gojo since that evening but he hasn't been able to get you out of his head. gojo has free reign over everything, so much money practically no rules apply to him. but he doesn't normally break them because he finds it to be classless. he understands authority though he hardly respects it. it's the first time in his life he's ever gone out of his way to break rules or bend them, at least.
it starts small. he gets your schedule from the dean and then he makes it his. and he pays for it with a hefty check and a little wink. when the money gets pocketed, you're suddenly plagued with the site of him. at first you think it's a coincidence, maybe. but then you see him constantly. in each class he's looking right at you, stares at you the whole time as you forcefully look away. at first you're just confused. wondering if you'd done something to upset the guy.
but then he approaches you one day, and from then forward it becomes very clear that gojo has no intent of leaving you alone.
he doesn't do anything at the start. you know what gojo likes about you? is that you hardly seem to be reactive to him. it's always small. stealing your pens or pestering you in class. whispering to you, playing footsie. it's small. not bullying so much as frustration.
but he likes how you force yourself to hold it together. the lengths you go to pretend he's not there. it's almost upsetting, but exciting too. he's working so hard to get your attention, shouldn't you be a little more grateful?
he starts to push his limits, just a little. spends more time with you out of class and follows you around. starts pushing his boundaries. touches you a little more than you like, and shows you how much stronger he is than you with purpose. he wouldn't do something so heinous, it's classless, remember but you should know how easy it is for him to overpower you. you should know that he could. if he really wanted.
it escalates. so much and so quickly and without your say. he ends up coming by your studio apartment, only to inform you he's your landlord now. he spends all of his free time with you, and doesn't let you study. doesn't even let you work, constantly putting you at risk of getting fired. touching you too close or too much.
one day you get frustrated with it. it's been pent up in you for so long and you snap. you get so angry, at your job. you slam your hand on the counter with pure rage in your eyes.
"why the fuck won't you leave me alone? i don't get it? what have i ever done to you?" and you sound like you're about to cry. you're practically fuming.
and gojo does the worst thing he could do, and laughs. laughs this amused and soft little laugh and then gives you a look through his sunglasses.
"ive been working hard to get your attention, yknow? i just wanted you to like me. this is good though," he grins, and it sends a chill down your spine because oh my god, he's being serious "it's progress."
he sounds ecstatic by your little outburst. it horrifies you. your voice gets a little quiet.
"why?" is your simple question. gojo shrugs and you know from then on that this is your life now.
one thing you've learned about gojo is that he really will do whatever you want.
in the months after that, it grows increasingly apparent to you that gojo is absolutely not going to stop until he is involved in every part of your life. on the days you're not absolutely aggravated with him, or show him the slightest bit of lenience - he's practically beaming. it's almost alarming. it starts to click for you that gojo has his own fucked up sense for liking you and that everything he does is to do what he thinks will win your approval.
or less than that, what he can do to make sure he's all you ever have time for. it occurs to you, in a spine-chilling moment of clarity that you're the apple of his eye. it's just that.. gojo satoru is a richboy and an asshole with no sense of boundaries. and you're his new favorite thing.
he's always been something of a hedonist and you're a high he has yet to come down from.
you tell yourself he'll tire himself out and grow bored with you but months pass and nothing like that happens remotely. it only gets worse. he starts inviting you to his friend groups and making you attend all these rich people events with the threat of buying your job.
he really does drive you up a wall.
it's one of those night where you're invited to his weird family gathering and all of his friends are in attendance. you're exhausted and you have work in the morning. you don't find yourself looking forward to anything about the night, especially not gojo's. you find solace in getou though.
of all of gojos friends, you find him to be the most tolerable. he's not great. still a dick but he's sociable and funny and subdued. a breath of fresh air. while gojo has family responsibilities, you mingle with him. you drink together and getou smiles every time he sees you laugh or genuinely enjoy yourself. he'd take you for himself if he didn't know gojo.
but he does. and gojo satoru seems frivolous but when it comes to the object of his affection - he can't help but feel a disparity. so when he comes back after a not-so pleasant conversation on family fairs to see you laughing and smiling and acting so carefree with getou, he's not pleased to say the least.
it was your mistake, really. after everything gojos done, shouldn't you know better? you're his, his, his.
it's not the first time gojos kissed you. but it's the first time he seems to ignore the pleaing in your voice. it's a little harsher, a little meaner. all teeth when he nips at your mouth and traces down your jaw with his hands sliding up your dress. you've let him touch you here and there but you've never gone this far before. not with him, not with anyone.
"g-gojo, wait!"
he pauses, stops. the look in his eyes is stormy and flat. it almost scares you.
in a weird, weird way - you're most concerned about him being mad at you. you get all squirmy, disappointed because up until this point gojo's only ever been happy with you. you can tell in hindsight that now would be the perfect time to put it all to bed.
but you don't, and your voice comes out as a half squeak.
"...are you mad at me?"
it's so.. small. so soft and small and submissive. and gojo pauses and whatever anger he did have disappears because this is the closest you've ever gotten to depending on him. ever. in the history of ever.
if he were a good man, he would tell you no. if he were a good and moral man he would wipe that little needy look off of your face and tell you he wasn't mad.
too bad though, really - gojo satoru has never once been a good man before.
"just disappointed," he says, trying to hide the excitement in his voice "but if you let me touch you, right here - then i wouldn't be."
you shake a little.
"......really?" you ask. he grins.
"really." he promises.
that's how you end up like this. with your dress pulled down just barely past your tits and your skirt pulled up over your thighs and with gojo fingering you until you get everything all messy on his good suit.
you're in his childhood bedroom with the door cracked up. anyone could walk in, you're certain but it's hard to think of anything other than gojo and his long fingers. they're so thick and so huge - they stretch you out so nicely. he's always been dexterous and now you can feel it as he curls against your gspot with a thumb softly on your clit and sparkles in his eyes.
he could fuck you but somehow this is so much better. so much more gratifying as your pussy gets so sticky and drips all onto his nice and expensive pants. you look so good when you get defiled. you sound so sweet when you scream his name - buried so nicely inside of your pretty little pussy.
it's established to him that gojo satoru would be dead before he even let someone else near you. and the way you're squirting in his lap and all over everything makes him hard out of his fucking mind. his mouth closes softly on your tits and your voice goes all warbly.
"g-gojo, 'm gonna - ! it's nghhh,"
and that's when it happens, and a rush of warm liquid spills on him and you convulse with your whole body. you whine his name so fucking pretty and you cum so hard you see stars. you cum and you cum and you cum.
you're so delirious as you ride your high, but you hear it. gojos voice against your throat.
"you're mine forever, yknow?"
you do know. you've sealed your fate.
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sushiguroll · 2 days ago
your fave whispering a broken, "so fucking tight" into your ear as he struggles to fit the tip.
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suget · a day ago
mrs. venecia, mrs. venecia <3 i've been thinking a lot about pussy job with gojo... like, imagine him using it as a punishment instead of a reward. he teases, saying: “i bet i can fuck you only using the tip and you'll still make a mess, won't you?” :( and he's right, because as he slides his cock down your pussy lips, teasing your pretty 'n puffy clit, you're close to almost squirting all over his dick :( just so needy :( care to elaborate further?
˚ ୧ WORD COUNT : 0.9k
˚ ୧ CONTENT : f!reader, mentions of tears, use of pet names once (sweetheart), very slight praising.
˚ ୧ A/N : so you decided to attack me directly with this, so I'm giving you a little bit of everything back in the form of a thank you
Tumblr media
"Ow look at that," Gojo mumbles to the room, talking more to himself than to you. "Stay open for me, I want to get a good view of that glistening pussy."
You're on your back on the sheets, your knees narrowly touch your chest and Satoru says with words disguised as a request that you hold your legs out for him, spread them a little wider so I can get a better look at you.., that's it, good girl.
You're on your back on the sheets, your knees narrowly touch your chest and Satoru says with words disguised as a request that you hold your legs apart for him, spread them a little wider so I can get a better look..., that's it. Good girl.
Meanwhile, he is at the edge of the bed. His bare feet are on the floor and one of his hands grips his cock firmly to run it through the middle of your moist slit, you feel it heavy and wet dragging and messing up your juices, squeezing it a little above your hole and then laughing when he sees the way your pussy flutters for him, followed by a broken gasp that no matter how hard you try to smother through your teeth it ends up coming out.
"What's the matter? Use your words."
All this time Gojo hasn't bothered to look at you, too interested in the reactions your body has whenever he speaks to you— he knows you so well at this point that he doesn't need to see your face to confirm that you're enjoying it as much as he is, since every time his big palms caress your tummy, encircle your soft thighs and your muscles contract beneath his touch he does nothing but smile.
One of your forearms covers the shame on your face, you don't want to beg him, you're not going to beg him, though the way the heavy head hits your little clit and those slapping sounds fill the room make you throw yourself off the cliff and embrace your defeat.
The mushroom tip crushing your nub of nerves moves to your heat, Gojo slides the head inside and your toes curl and you are forced to lift your head to observe what he is doing or why he is not moving and it's then for the first time during the elapsed twenty minutes that he dares to look at you. A crescent shaped smile peeks out of his face and his eyes sifting like a wild animal create flames in every fiber of your body.
"I bet you could cum with just the tip of my cock," he tells you without looking away from you. The depth in his timbre of voice makes your dripping pussy clench again in a signal for more. You need more and he knows it. "Let's try that..."
Satoru begins a delcidious torture in which only the tip of his cock goes all the way in and out again, in an endless thrusting in and out that has your juices dripping down your thighs and staining the clean bed.
"Yeah? My baby wants more? Tell me what you want."
"You fucking me." You're quick to give voice to your thoughts.
"How? Like this...?"
The moment you try to speak Satoru takes a small thrust backwards and pulls completely out of you only to fill you with him once more, but this time he goes all the way in you, so deep that he steals a scream that was probably heard by the neighbors —something that pleases him— and that made you able to feel the curly hairs tickle your puffy clit.
And then he does it again. He goes out and in and expands your walls to their peak and makes a mess of your arousal.
A third time: the veins around the girth stimulate places inside you that almost make you release your grip on your legs and try to run away from the immense pleasure.
"Please!" you moan as he does it one last time, this time the curve of his cock torturing that sweet spot inside you that makes your eyes crystallize.
"Or like this, huh?"
From one moment to the next Gojo is hammering his hips against you, sinking your weight against the mattress and making the perfect pose you hold for him end up unraveling. He grabs your legs firmly and locks them with both hands to push your knees against your chest once again, this makes your cunt even tighter and his thrusts can go deeper.
"There you go, sweetheart," he cooes as he feels your twitching become more frequent, more violent.
He knows you're close so he decides to change the pace, now he's not going so fast but harder, he seems to know exactly how to move so he knows which places to touch to get exactly the reaction he wants from you, it's like he's reading the palm of your hand, every corner, every detail, he can see it all with those intense eyes of his.
"Yeah? Like this?" Gojo licking his lips to get some moisture on his tongue, having his mouth open panting like a dog thanks to how fucking hot you look has his throat dry, he's dying to get close and eat your mouth.
His thrusts go in deep circles and in short back and forth, you're almost there but he stops.
"Baby... baby, Satoru—" You call out to him desperately, every single particle of your body yearning for his touch. You feel empty, frustrated and confused.
Gojo returns to the task at the beginning. His dick soaked with your fluids rests on your tight hole, you feel it throbbing so hard you could cum with the vibration of it. There's a trickle of precum spilling through your folds and you grunt, dropping your head back.
God. How you hate him, you can't win a single time when you play against Gojo Satoru.
"Squeeze your thighs, I'm gonna give you a nice pussy job. If you cum without my permission... your punishment will be much worse."
Tumblr media
© suget — all rights reserved. please do not copy, translate or repost my work. don't share it on tiktok.
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kazutoraloml · 2 days ago
gojos fingers ….. in my cunt …… as he whispers ‘good girl’ in my ear
!! minors & ageless blogs, dni !!
n-now.. now hold on.. cause.. he... HE :')
gojo knows you're a sucker for his fingers – they're so fucking long, so pretty, so thick. and he'd take full advantage of it. he knows he's so much taller and stronger, and it doesn't take much effort from him to have your wrists held in his hold while his other hand spreads your pussy apart, humming at how wet you are already.
"barely done anything baby, you really that weak for me?" he taunts, hot breath hitting your ear as his long fucking noodle legs hook around your own to keep you still (you get squirmy, he knows).
but that fucker doesn't even let you speak, letting the tip of his index finger brush against your clit ever so gently, making you gasp and try chase it cause you want more – you need it. he's been teasing you all day :(
remember how i said his fingers are thick? yeah... they'd fill you up so good, you'd feel so full. gojo loves the way your pussy struggles slightly to fit in two of them in one go, always clenching and throbbing – which is exactly why he's gonna do that again :)
"want my fingers? mhm– course you do. so greedy. c'mon, let's open you up..." he whispers, two digits rubbing the slick against your weeping hole before dipping the tips of them in, and he has to hold back a groan from how tight you feel already. "that's it– good. so obedient. takin' them like a champ huh?"
and he smiles against the shell of your ear once they're all in you, knuckle deep. they're soaked, he knows you've dripped down to the bedsheets but he doesn't care. instead, just angles them in so they rub against your g-spot and goes, "good girl, so fucking good for me." BUT... makes you do the work. just holding his fingers there and making you rut your hips so you could feel something :( he's a meanie
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willowfolksong · 2 days ago
the sadness of missing and the joy of reunion
- Gojo Satoru x Reader; Fushiguro Megumi x Reader.
-NSFW (minors dni)
a/n: although this particular work belongs to my 🧣 RED Love Story Collection, i remind you that i have my requests open! I've been getting a lot of Haikyuu ones recently, but I would love to write Jujutsu Kaisen too! ❤
Gojo Satoru
Tumblr media
Saying goodbye to Gojo is always hard, because he's the first one that doesn't wants to let go. The day before a mission he'll usually stay in bed with you, whining loudly each time you try to get up. You're not safe from his fingers, or his tongue, and he'll whisper sweet nothings in your ear while he pushes his cock deep inside you from behind, both of you tangled in the sheets. You talk about ordering food to share while watching silly movies, but he insists he wants the two of you to cook.
"Come on! It will be fun!" he tells you, tugging your hand and leading you to the kitchen in your pajamas.
You try to follow a pie recipe you find on the Internet, but end up making a mess instead—Gojo taking pictures and laughing histerically at every mistake you two make. You finally give up, when the fear of burning down your kitchen becomes too much. Gojo grabs you then and sits you up on the counter, and you end up putting the blueberries to another use.
You moan, and look down to see him holding one between his teeth and dragging her lazily against your clit. He winks at you before swallowing it down "I think that's enough sugar for now"
He eats you out like a starving man, and you decide to make pancakes after you've come at least twice in his mouth, and one around his cock. Gojo hugs you from behind the whole time, and you eat the fluffy treats sitting on his lap by the couch, a movie you don't pay attention playing in the background.
You fall asleep on him— your head on his shoulder— and you don't have any way of knowing it, but he never sleeps on the nights before leaving you, opting to watch you until sunrise. Only in those fleeting moments the great Gojo Satoru allows himself to be scared. He knows, after all, what is like to lose the ones you love.
You wake up with your alarm, and although he's long gone by then, usually something of his stays behind. Most times he leaves you a coat, but once he even left his shoes by the door, joking about sending a clear message to everyone that comes to your appartment.
The long wait begins.
Fushiguro Megumi
Tumblr media
Waiting for Megumi to come back is pure torture. On top of it all, he never contacts you during a mission. You get no text, no call, anything that actually tells you that yes, he's alive and well, and he'll return to you. So you pace around your appartment, you go to work, you talk to your friends and watch TV, but your head is filled with only thoughts of Megumi, and so you take comfort in the little moments alone, when you scroll through your phone and look at the pictures you have of him: most are of them alone, either reading or just simply existing, but you have the need to take photos of him doing basically anything because he's just so gorgeous to you; others are of the two of you, mostly selfies, and the little secret smile he saves only for your eyes has your heart melting everytime; a lot of them are also photo bombed by Gojo, or Itadori, and sometimes even Nobara is in the background, and you laugh but always end up tearing up because you just miss him so much.
The reunion is worth it. He always returns unexpectedly, using the key you gave him and making you jump in excitement and rush to his arms. Your kisses quickly turn hasty, hungry, the 'I miss you's going back and fort as he pushes you towards the bedroom. You crawl into the bed, scooting backwards in a hurry, and he follows you like he can't help himself. You spread your legs and he makes quick work of whatever you're wearing, yanking your panties aside at the same time his other hand pushes his own pants and boxers down. You only catch a brief glimpse of his cock, hard and ready, as he nears— and then your eyes are fluttering shut at the first feel of hot flesh on your most intimate place. You throw your head back and moan, grasping his shoulders as he sinks smoothly into you.
"Please" he whispers in your ear, and you're not sure what he's asking you, but you know that in that moment you would give him anything.
Megumi kisses you again, greedy and desperate, and starts fucking you in short, harsh thrusts, as if he couldn't bear to slide all the way out before he was fucking into you again. It's fast and hot and you're  panting in between kisses— and sliding a hand down to rub at your clit, whimpering and arching your back. You come soon, clenching around Megumi's cock and grinding down on him.
"Fuck" he groans, eyebrows furrowed in concentration and sweat dripping down his temples "You're beautiful, you're so beautiful —" You cut him off by yanking him down and kissing him roughly. He slams hard against you, and his hips work frantically as he comes, pumping you full of come.
You're laughing of pure joy when he collapses against you, shaking, and he soon does the same, as your arms wrap around his back.
"So... you definitely missed me, right?" you joke, and feeling his chuckle against your skin is the best thing in the world.
You're home.
Tumblr media
🧣 RED Love Story Collection
Part XI - Next is 22.
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luvnitec · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
What jjk men hands look like + how they use them(toji,gojo,nanami, sukuna)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Big and veiny
Made for choking
Those hands be all over you
Loves to stick his thumb in your mouth
He has you pressed up against the wall next to the front door with a hand on your neck. So close making you feel his hard dick press against your thigh. His other hand has a nice grab of your ass you know you too are not going to make it to dinner tonight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Long and smooth
The feel so nice
Rubs your thighs when driving
Favorite thing to do is finger you
It was a night drive back to the house and you were spread open while gojo was fingering you. Two orgasms has already past. His middle finger and ring finger pumping inside your cunt. His palm constantly hitting your puffy clit. This was going to a long night.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nice with expensive rings
Has them in your hair or playing with it
Sometimes grabs your chin to have you look at him
Has them making a ponytail in your hair
Hands in your hair softly pushing your head down to deep throat him more. Slow up and down motions. You come up and give him a couple cock kisses. “Stop teasing” he groaned pushing you down harder.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reddish with tattoos
Purple,black or red nail polish
Spanks you for being a brat
Will slap you cunt as a punishment
Has you over his lap skirt pulled up so your bare ass would show. Sukuna has been spanking you for last hour. “Make sure you count love” he mentioned before starting the next 20 on you left cheek.
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anime-nymph · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Gojo x f!reader
Tags/tw: likely false depictions of the porn industry, general nsfw, Gojo is a shithead but it’s in a better light this time
WC: 1.4k
A/N: Kicking off Kinkmas with a drabble featuring Pornstar Gojo! Thanks again to @vanille--kiss + @meiansmistress ily
Tumblr media
"Well?" The ivory-haired man purrs against your lips, one hand snaking its way up to grab your chin to make you look him in the eye. "You heard what I have to say. Do you want to be a good girl or not?"
Everything is much too hot. Hot fingers teasing the spongy patch that makes light flash behind your eyes, lips searing against your neck, sucking hot bruising marks into your skin.
"Oh fuck!" You pant, chest heaving as the man before you begins to paw at your tits, expertly pinching and rolling your nipples until they are red and puffy. "Sir, please!"
"Please what?" He grins, bright blue eyes glinting smugly. "I can't help you if you don't say it properly."
"Please… get me off the naughty list, sir." Your lower lip wobbles as you fight to contain your expression.
The man grins broadly, lips tightening over perfect teeth, sharing a tense look with you.
Neither of you manage to repress your mirth, laughter and giggles bubbling to the surface. 
"Cut!" The director calls, exasperated. "Back to start!"
"You really can't get past that line, can you?" Gojo teases as a cacophony of sounds begin to fill the set, everyone preparing to restart the scene.
"Oh, shut up, you can't either!" You complain, rolling your eyes in return. 
"A little more professionalism please," the director sighs while glaring right at you. "We need to get this scene done today."
You puff up indignantly, but Gojo cuts in. "I don't think the actors are the problem here, our work speaks for itself. I suggest a rewrite, maybe a script without such cheesy lines."
"No one who's watching is there for the script." The director says scathingly, glancing at the pair of you with thinly veiled disdain.
Your eyes begin to glitter with rage, but Gojo beats you to the punch again.
"You're right," Gojo agrees smoothly, taking a step towards the director. Somehow,he manages to look intimidating wearing only a pair of slim fit Santa pants, the poor costuming just another crack at how terrible this production is. The director's smug demeanor begins to crumble under Gojo's pointed words. "They're there to watch me, and they're there to watch her. So, I wonder what would happen if we were to leave this set right now?"
You stare at Gojo with admiration. This industry is known for being cutthroat, and porn actors and actresses are never treated with the respect they deserve. They’re judged harshly, sometimes even by the very staff that film them. It could beat down even the best, but Gojo never seems swayed by any of it.
You had done several shoots with Gojo Satoru before. You both worked at the same agency, and he never failed to amaze you. He is one of the most highly sought male porn actors in the business. His brand is his flirtatious personality and his ability to make his co-stars beg, and his fans clearly love him (based on his 400k+ social media following). The best part is, you've never had to fake an orgasm when you do scenes with him. He is definitely high on your list of favorite co-stars.
But it isn't just his sexual prowess and screen performance that make you look up to him. It’s also the aura of capability and confidence that he exudes off the set as well. He goes out of his way to make sure whoever he’s working with is treated well.
"You—you wouldn't get paid!" The director splutters, facing turning beet red under the stress of confrontation.
Gojo chuckles, eyes glinting. "We would lose our viewing dues of course, but surely you read the contracts? You would still have to pay us for our time, which isn't cheap I must say. Oh, and I bet these studio fees were nothing to sniff at either." 
The other man flushes angrily. "I'm not changing the damn the script, just do your fucking jobs!"
"Touchy," Gojo comments lightly. "Seems you need some time to cool down. Let's revisit this tomorrow." He glances back at you with warm eyes, calling your name. "Let's go. We'll film the rest in the morning."
He hands you a robe, which you put on gratefully. By now exposing yourself is nothing new, but it’s nice to have something when the cameras are off. You’re in nothing but a pair of bright red lingerie bottoms, and it’s starting to get cold without Gojo's touch and the burn of the set lights. 
The director's temple begins to pulse as rage takes over his expression. "You bastard, I'm the—!" The director exclaims furiously but Gojo is already turning away, addressing you instead. 
"You know what? Let's just get out of here, I don't think this one is going to be good for our image." He tosses his parting words over his shoulder, calling them out cheerfully, "Our agency will be in contact with you."
He slings an arm over your shoulder, talking to you, but your eyes twinkle playfully because you know it's all for the asshole director's benefit. "Man, my followers are gonna be disappointed when I tell them about the cancelation. They thought they were getting a new video this week."
"Your poor fans," you agree with faux sympathy, failing to hold in a laugh. 
It’s chaos behind you as some of the staff rushes around trying to calm the director's rage, while the rest mill about in confusion at the change in plans. 
"’Toru, that was so cool!" You finally exclaim as you get back to your dressing room. "You're such a badass. Are they really still going to pay us?"
"Gotta love that fine print," Gojo winks. "It's too bad though, I was really looking forward to filming with you again. It's been a while, hasn't it?" 
Heat crawls up your cheeks, pleased at the salacious look he’s giving you. Outside of work, you and Gojo occasionally have no-strings-attached sex. The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. It’s hard to find a stable relationship in this industry, and they always had to be under the radar. Porn actors and actresses who aren't single, for whatever reason, never got as many profits.
Gojo is probably the closest thing to meeting that mark with you. If you were braver, you would have asked him out a long time ago.
So maybe it was time to be brave.
You subtly grab your phone off the nightstand before pushing Gojo back onto the couch. You crawl over him as he lays down, letting the robe slip from your shoulders before capturing his lips in a heated forcefulness. He swallows your moans as you exchange spit and tongue in a blazing kiss. Gojo feels his head swim dizzily from the lack of air but refuses to break away from you. He groans as you bite his lower lip, nails raking down his chest, teasing and seductive. 
He continues to let you lead as you nudge his chin up to expose the flushed column of his throat, nipping and sucking at the sensitive flesh, feeling his cock twitch as your soft lips find that soft spot just behind his ear that always makes him moan.
Gojo's eyes remain closed for a moment after you sit up, straddling his waist, blissfully enjoying the fading remnants of your touch. When your hands don't return, his eyes flutter open and he sees you grinning at your phone. He's unbothered, but feels a small buzz of curiosity.
"What was that?" He questions, sucking in a short breath as you rock your hips slowly against his straining length.
"That was for me," you purr, and his eyes darken with pleasure as you kiss him again, teasing his lips with your tongue before pulling back. You flip your phone to show him the photo you took. "And this is for your poor, disappointed fans."
The picture is of him from the waist up, skin flushed, eyes closed in obvious pleasure. His lips are red and kiss-bruised. There are faint lines on his chest from where you scratched him, and a set of hickies lining his throat. With his messy hair and sculpted body, Gojo looks downright sinful. 
"Too bad they won't see it. It's a good photo, but it makes me look like a total bottom." Gojo smirks at the picture, gently tossing your phone aside, before sitting up with a quiet grunt, dragging your hips to straddle his lap. You moan as hot lips encase your aching tits and expert fingers snake into your panties and ind your clit with practiced ease.
"Seems I gotta remind you what I'm known for."
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tohokuu · a day ago
hiii this is from a fellow writer, just add a few more tags in your post for bank blogs cuz this shit needs to reach to a wider audience and people need to understand that writing takes up a lot of time, effort and mental relaxation
it's not a piece of cake. we dont just sit down and go like "oh it's only 7pm! i'll write 5k words today!"
no. we dread for that free time in our lives cuz as much as we love writing, we don't get any time and when we do and write something and then post it and see that blank blogs are interacting with us, we don't really get very happy because we know that our works are never going to be rbed by them
and half of the time, we're going through invisible writer's block because we have to wait for such a long time for all that motivation to start accumulating and help us accelerate for even the first few words and sentences
and when readers rb our works, especially with tags, or send in asks and dms, we get so so happy it's like our own tiny trophy that we get that no one really gives us
so please it's a request from the whole writing community, REBLOG
there's nothing more the writer wants you to do than let them know how much you appreciate their work and when you reblog, it's like telling all your friends that "oh look at this! a nice piece of work! ya'll should read it!" and thats the BEST feeling in the whole damn world.
and even if you don't like it, CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM
as much as we're looking for rbs, comments and love from all our readers, we also crave input and feedback in places where we might need correction and just tell us that if we've written something wrong or offensive TELL US first dont just start discussing with your friends "oh that writer writes stupid bs they write wrong facts dont read their works"
bottom line, don't take writers for granted. please.
you're absolutely agree with you. it's so difficult to find time to write so when you work on something and post it and get's nothing but likes from blank blogs, it's annoying.
yeah likes are notes but it doesn't DO anything for our fics ?? they don't grow and it hurts.
like ?? one of my anons mentioned that blank blogs might be shy with interacting. don't comment if you're not comfortable. but our inboxes are open and anon is on, but once again that is up to you.
but reblogs are like- no direct interaction ?? its just reblogging work. you don't have to talk or anything and you don't even have to say anything in the tags. just a simple reblog is enough
like we are BEGGING you to reblog our work !!!!!!!
and constructive criticism is ALWAYS appreciated !! if you're scared that we might get offended, you can put in a little indicator that it's just constructive criticism or say it on anon
we're just begging for you guys to give back to us :(
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scara-meow-che · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
astudy sessions⠀〃♡〃⠀gojou satoru + fem! reader
! :⠀NSFW, student-teacher relationship (o/c is 18+), oral (f & m), face fucking, use of the words (cockwhore, cumrag), dirty talk, reposted and edited
Tumblr media
“huh? finally admitting you love sucking me off, sensei?”
with legs sprawled out, his snow-white hair ruffled between your dainty fingers, and his gorgeous blue eyes intense in its wake, no wonder you’re so close to coming undone when your precious sensei flicks your clit in a rushed manner, simultaneously thrusting his fat tongue inside your wet pussy. you can feel the muscle scraping on your delicate walls, feeling how hot it was on your skin exposed in the cold air of your private quarters. after he juts inside of you, you can feel him sucking on your hole, slurping in the essence spilling out of your slit.
apparently, you had some little sessions with him, by that, you mean fuck sessions you can never do when the two of you are on university grounds.
“hm... is it really me who’s getting off with this? your cunt keep sucking on my tongue, i can bet you imagined it’s my dick that’s fucking you, no?” gojou lets go of your cunt, the skin of his face glistens with your slick as if he’s blessed to present stars on his already seraphic features, galaxies swirling inside those amethysts orbs. he’s a celestial being himself and you’re lucky to be fucked by this god. “my poor student, thirsty for her sensei’s dick.”
“just fuck me ‘toru.” you let out a whimper, impatient at how slow he was to have both his hands rub on your burning skin, his lips leaving hickeys on everywhere he goes. your thighs, your neck, your chest, it’s littered with his name, blooming in the label of his property in all shades of purples and blues.
“tsk, tsk tsk, where are your manners f/n-san?” gojou let out a growl, not liking the way you addressed him by his name. he had pulled you up from your position, letting you sit in your bed with a finger raising your head to look up at his towering form. he glares down at you but his smile contrasts it so.
“i’m sorry sensei.” with droopy eyes, you held on the hand he had on your face and sucked on his fingers, swirling in his thick digits with such gentleness and eagerness. complete gratification and dominance was what gojou had deemed to have for himself ever since the day he was born and to see you willing to do anything he commands you to do━
“you’re not yet forgiven but,” he steadies his attention on your lips, obediently lapping on the sides of his ring finger, drawing a visage of your mouth slurping on the cum pouring out of his dick, “on the floor, you know what to do.”   he twitches inside his pants, the pain of being constrained and dry inside a thin piece of clothing was driving him wild.
he brushes away the strands of your hair, feeling your face nuzzle close to his palm as if you’re a cat in heat. he swells in pride and with how quick you were to pull down the zipper of his pants, his long and thick length slapped against his stomach as soon as you got it out of the confines of his underwear, he can’t wait to fuck your mouth real good.
“mouth wide open, okay?” you opened your lips as much as you can, just as he likes it, mind in a daze but still focused on how he orders you around. the smirk prominent on his face arouses you more, being looked down on by your sensei triggers thousands of your stimuli to send that electrifying indulgence as you surrender yourself to lust, submitting to him. telling gojou that he’s handsome is an understatement, even when he’s visibly breathing heavily while slapping the head of his cock on your face.
“what if i make your face as my personal cumrag? it’s better fitting for a dirty girl like you.” he smeared your cheeks with his pre-cum, the angry and pink tip twitches whenever your smooth lips lightly brushed against it. he uses every bit of it to gloss your face, imprinting the image of your heart-eyes and lips parted and flushed cheeks in his mind. he just loves you so, so much.
“ready, f/n-san?” you fervently nodded and it was his go signal to slowly insert his whole length up to the hilt, your nose brushing against the soft hairs on his abdomen. “so good, so good in taking me all in, huh?”
gojou was slow to piston his cock in and out of your mouth, each roll of his hips was steady and had the full intention of making you gag when it hit the very back of your throat before he slid it deeper into your oral cavity. your saliva has dripped down your neck, your chest heaves in raggedly as you can feel your lungs running out of air. when he can see your irises rolling back in your eyelids, feeling your fingernails dig deep in the skin of his thighs, he lets go of your head and lets you breathe for a solid minute.
“fuck, do you even know how amazing that felt? you’re perfect, so perfect for your sensei’s cock.” regardless of how close you were to fainting, your head spinning a little because of the addicting mix of pain and pleasure, you gracefully beamed him a smile.
“more sensei, i want more of you.” you held his cock with one hand, lapping at the base, and slowly drags your tongue way up its head. you heard him let out a groan followed by a short cackle of his deep voice.
“what a desperate cockwhore. i guess you deserve some of my precious cum.” without a second thought, he had both his hands on the back of your head before thrusting back inside your mouth. you were shocked but gets off at the feeling of being full in oral fuck hole. you can feel yourself gagging, you can feel your lungs strain inside your chest, your heart pumping more blood to your face but it’s so satisfying.  “make sure you never waste a bit of it, f/n-san.”
you can sense how his cock twitches inside before he holds you in place, letting out a guttural groan as he pumps his seeds in your mouth and in a second, pull out to continue cumming on your face. the thick and strong-smelling liquid trickles down from your eyes all the way to your lips, glazing the top part of your head and coating your hair in its white hue. you love it, you love it, you love it.
“fuck, you’d make a beautiful cumrag f/n-san.” gojou relishes in your hazed expression, a finger scooping all the cum on your cheeks and pours it all in your lips still daubed with his load, eyes focused on him and nothing else. he thought he’d leave you without rearranging your insides but he guesses it’s best to leave without the raging boner he still has.
“on the bed, head down and legs up. you know what to do. you always know, don’t you, f/n-san?”
Tumblr media
ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴋ by scara-meow-che © 2021 do not steal, plagiarize, modify, repost or share this content.
Tumblr media
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shamelesswriteress · 2 days ago
Yes I would let Gojo fuck me, i would choke on his dick, he would eat me out. I would let him cum inside me. And then I would never speak to him again, he’s one annoying motherfucker. Sorry Gojo🥺. You have a nice 🍆 though😏.
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shintin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Forget Me Not: Chapter 16 (Deepest Fear)
Tumblr media
↳ Gojo Satoru x Female Reader
Description: Imagine that from the moment you opened your eyes into this world, you had no choice but to kill and shed the blood of others, that you had to fight alongside Toji Fushiguru and die with him.
What would you do when they force you to do something you don't like? When the torment of conscience presses on your throat, will you give up? Now think about a day that life gives you another chance; how would you use it?
This is the story of a murderer who seeks salvation. Will she find it in the arms of Satoru Gojo? Or will pain find her sooner than redemption and drive her out of heaven forever?
Genre: heavy angst, sad love story, maybe tragedy, violence, lonely hearts, broken souls, +18.
Tags/Warnings: nothing but love.
Author Note: Okay, I know this was a short chapter, but I promise you the next chapter is a long one. Also I love sad Gojo. I think in the manga, he is like a lonely little boy. Being the strongest doesn't mean you'll also have a blessed life.
Tumblr media
Chapter index -> Next chapter
Tumblr media
Year: 2018
Satoru opened the door to his room and, without paying attention to the woman, sat on the corner of the bed, his back to the woman, and placed his hands on his knees.
'How could everything go wrong at once?' He thought to himself and stared at the ground. His mind was numb.
Meanwhile, the red-haired woman walked slowly in front of Satoru, unbuttoning her trench coat. Her coat slid lightly over her shoulders and fell to the ground in front of him.
Satoru raised his head with round eyes and looked at the naked woman in front of him. A mischievous smile was on her lips.
But unlike usual, this time, Satoru didn't smile back. He didn't get up. He didn't move his hands and didn't pull the red-haired woman towards himself. Instead, he stared at Riba with hollow eyes.
"Did you miss me, baby?" The woman laughed and sat down in front of Satoru.
He didn't answer and continued to follow her movements with his eyes.
The red-haired woman was getting nervous. She faked a smile again and rubbed her hand between Satoru's legs over the pants, then, as she wet her lips with her tongue, reached for the belt of his pants to unbuckle it.
Satoru suddenly came to his senses, grabbed Riba tightly by the wrist, and put his other hand to her chin.
"What do you think you are doing?" There was no emotion in his tone.
"So you still love it rough, huh? How do you want to get your birthday blowjob?" The woman said flirtatiously.
"Did I ask you to come here?" The calm before the storm was visible in his ocean eyes.
"Come on Satoru, don't ruin my surprise~" And she leaned more toward Satoru until her breasts hit his knees.
Satoru didn't react. "I'm not your boyfriend, friend, family member, colleague or anything! Why did it occur to you that you should surprise me?!" Little by little, anger was heard in Satoru's voice.
"But I thought that ...."
"Riba, I talked to you a few weeks ago that we are not going to see each other anymore. You accepted too, but it seems like you didn't listen well!" Satoru removed his hand from Riba's chin and rubbed his forehead.
'Was she in her room? Was she upset with me?' Y/N had conquered Satoru's whole mind like an eternal curse
"You can't broke up with me just like that, Satoru!" The woman retorted.
Satoru sighed, turned his head, got up, lifted her trench coat off the ground, and without looking at Riba's face, took the coat towards her and said in a cold tone, "we were not together to begin with, We were just fuck buddies! I had explained to you that I don't want to be in a relationship!"
Riba angrily snatched her trench coat from Satoru's hand. "You didn't even get hard with my touch! Is all this because of that girl? What does she have that I don't have? Is she tighter than me? Does she suck you up better than me? ...."
Before the woman could finish, Satoru interrupted her. "Stop it, don't go on, Don't cross my red lines and please leave my room!" He closed his eyes angrily and tried to take a deep breath to not shout at her.
The woman's eyes were wet with tears. She took a few steps toward him, but Satoru pulled himself back and said in an almost firm voice, "Get out," and pointed to the door with his hand.
The woman ran to the room's door while crying, opened it, and as tears were flowing from her eyes, she ran past two teenagers in the hallway.
Nobara and Yuji looked at the woman in surprise, then at the open door of their Sensei's room, and then at each other. The two silently passed in front of their Sensei's room, and through the door, they saw that He was sitting on a chair. His head down and his hands locked behind his neck.
He didn't even notice the two.
Neither of them had ever seen Satoru angry. Nobara gently pulled Yuji's sleeve and motioned Yuji not to disturb him.
Now that Satoru was alone, his brain worked better, and he could better assess the chain of events. If he hadn't just posted that photo, maybe he would lay in bed with Y/N and cuddle her until the end of the time; perhaps he could wrap his arms around her, bury his face in her shoulders and feel the warmth of her body. Maybe Y/N would wrap her arms around his head, kiss him on the forehead, cheek, lips, his scars and cuddle the shit out of him... but none of these could happen now.
He and his lifestyle and his meaningless relationships had cost him the price of losing Y/N.
Rainwater was still dripping from Satoru's hair on the floor. He laughed bitterly; just an hour ago, the two were holding hands in the rain. How soon it is too late.
Satoru turned his head in despair to the shared wall of his room with Y/N's.
'She must hate me, huh, Can't blame her even I hate myself.' Satoru sighed, put his hand on his knee, and got up, But suddenly fear filled his whole being. He couldn't feel Y/N's cursed energy.
'Could it be that Y/N had hidden her energy again? No, the hotel is full of people, she would never made that choice. what if....'
"You can be free in the sea, you can disappear in the sea and no one could find you," Y/N's voice echoed in his ear.
Without thinking more, Satoru hurried out of his room and stood in front of Y/N's room. He knocked on the door. "Y/N? Are you there? I need to talk to you."
Satoru knocked on the door a few more times. "Are you alright? Are you there? I'm worried about you. Can you just say yes or no?" He was asking desperately.
When no sound was heard, concern ran through all of Satoru's veins. He looked around and then clasped his hands and appeared in Y/N's room.
The room was dark. Satoru looked around the room in a panic. Her phone was on her bed, and the balcony door was open.
Satoru's brain was frozen. "No, don't think about it, this is not possible." He repeated to himself, but in his mind, Y/N's voice was repeated: "You can be free, you can disappear and no one could find you."
Satoru shook his head. 'She won't go anywhere, She cares about Yuji. She won't leave me because of my mistakes too.'
But Satoru also knew that people drowning in grief alone for a long time would engage in unpredictable behaviors. This case is exactly what happened to his friend, Suguro Geto.
And at that moment, without warning, the fear of losing Y/N filled his heart.
Satoru looked at his trembling hands while a cold sweat was visible on his forehead.
He quickly clenched his fists and ran to the lobby and then to the back of the hotel to find the slightest trace of Y/N's cursed energy.
Only when Satoru's heart calmed down that he reach the hotel's back, and his eyes fell on Y/N, who was walking next to Megumi.
She was there, and that was enough for him.
She had not disappeared. She had not vanished. She had not left him alone. She had not turned her back on him. She had not abandoned him like Suguru and others.
Y/N was there, alive, breathing, walking, and that was enough for him.
She was different than others. Maybe it was hard for others to see. She had shed the blood of many, perhaps she had been the most sinful angel on earth, but none of this mattered to him.
What mattered to Satoru was that Y/N still had chosen to stay with all her broken pieces. Maybe not because of him, maybe because of Yuji, maybe because of her own reasons, but the important thing was that she hadn't left them.
And Satoru was willing to do anything to hear her laughter again. He would try to fix everything again. He would stay there to feel her fists against his rib cage. He would cleanse her wounds with sacred tears. He would encircle her and let her weep. He would stay beside her and would taste her pain. He will never make the mistake of letting her go...
Satoru stood there in his wet clothes for a long time and watched Y/N, whose aura was full of roses, galaxies, and poetry.
Suddenly Satoru's phone rang.
Caller ID indicated that the call was from the Mansion of the Gojo family. He put the phone to his ear:
"Young Master, please get here quickly, your mother is not well, she wants to see you" Then a continuous beep sounded.
Satoru's breath was trapped in his chest for a moment. He raised his head and looked at Y/N again for the last time, and then turned his head to return to his childhood home.
Fate was full of strange ironies. He was going to lose his mother on the day that his mother had given him life.
Tumblr media
Tag list for Forget Me Not: @wobblewobble822 @imaginationisme @itsmekalou @yukianzaiii @halveablock @selahna @grade1sorcerer @yehet-moi-ohorat @crazyotakugal @cheezybell @insoukesboarmask @gojothealaskaboyph @their1andonly @dabithetouya @whyispistashanuttaken @marbleii @godtieruwu @chippyroh @where-are-you-everywhere @sirynbitch @hijiki-heichou @megumirose @ob-levi-on @appleseed-zahyou @nikajoyceinwonderland @icejifish @makiinin @julianat555 @skiwalkers @syll08 @aceofhermes @nemcxis @hiimahuman @tokoshojibestotp @gojoesatire @alicekaiba @your-nerd-is-showing @yosanoaki @ritsuuuyouu @4l-3x @meriem04 @blacklione15 @spookyboogyuniverse @jcssy @someonenoteveryone @kurushiisaboss @boredcatsyndrome @quevivalafresafrijolita @freefestivalherringdean @bloomed-in-starlight @dibz00 @hypercementosis @shaylove418 @lalazyboi @djxrin @mikusailor @elenaazz @gojoscumslut @directioer4dayz @deadflowerd @pearlstiare @teodooram @enesitamor @martiniilemonada @spookyboogyuniverse @someonenoteveryone @meriem04 @jcssy
if you don't want to be on the tag list, please inform me :)
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lillianawayne99 · a day ago
◈ = smut
♡ = favorites
◈♡ Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Pairing: Gojo, Sukuna, Nanami X Reader
Genre: NSFW Hurt / Comfort [All characters are 18+]
Warnings: dub con, choking / breath play, dirty talk, fingering, rough unprotected sex, creampie / breeding kink, blood kink / blood drinking, dacryphilia, double penetration / anal, edging / orgasm control, bondage, mention of suicide, BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral (m recieving), gagging, quirofilia
Synopsis: Reader is pulled into Sukuna’s domain where he forces her to admit to her fantasies and indulges his new favorite toy
◈ Fuck Away the Pain
Pairing: Professor!Nanami X Student!Reader
Genre: NSFW Hurt / Comfort
Synopsis: After breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, Reader walks through the pouring rain to seek comfort in the warmth of her professor's home.
◈ Not Afraid Anymore
Pairing: Sukuna X Reader
Genre: NSFW [Most likely Hurt / Comfort]
Thank you @werewolfsupersoldier for giving me ideas and helping me plan out the future shots!
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sushiguroll · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Starring: Satoru Gojo
Tumblr media
You're out the door, hopping on one leg as you struggle to slide your second heel on. The marmalade covered slice of bread you'd been clutching with your teeth slips and lands on the driveway. You groan, unprepared for the day, only half awake, and now starving to death before you could go on lunch break. You hear the familiar rumbling of Satoru's laughter coming up behind you, he clicks his tongue at the sight of the red sauce smeared on the pavement.
"You could've just said you didn't want any." without looking you just know he's sporting a shit eating grin.
Your stomach lets an audible grumble and you finally set your foot down, making your way over to the passenger side with as much dignity as you can muster as Satoru's laughter fills the tranquil morning neighborhood.
He takes the wheel and as he backs out he turns to look at you, attempting to get on your good side by poking your cheek gently, a gesture that always melts your insides but low glucose always puts you in a foul mood and you turn the other way. Now safely facing the window you allow your tongue to slide over your lips, savoring the residue of the sweet fruit pulp left on them.
You'd been so in your head about what an awful morning it was turning out to be you failed to notice the route you were driving by was nowhere near your workplace. It isn't until your stopping at the drive thru line that you realize Satoru had driven to your favorite breakfast place. With another quiet grumble of your stomach you turn over and look at the sweetest boyfriend in the world. He's looking out his own window, perfect side profile on full display with the morning rays casting an almost angelic hue over him. You tug at his sleeve and when he turns back to you he flashes you that smile you love so much.
"You were already late anyway."
You don't know if its his thoughtful nature or how good he looks freshly showered and with the morning sun in his eyes but you find your appetite shifting to something, or rather someone, else.
You practically jump over your boyfriend to snatch the bag from the window, thanking the lady with a big smile as you dig your hand in for the bagel.
"Pull over." you were going to have your fill.
Satoru raises a single eyebrow but shrugs as he pulls into the vacant parking lot, everyone opting for the to go line leaving it pretty much deserted and with enough privacy to convince you. A mixture of amusement and delight coat his features as he watches you slide your panties down your thighs while working through a huge mouthful, chocolate chip dip on your lower lip.
"Hurry babe, we don't have all morning!"
Satoru smirks thinking of a million different ways to tease you in that very moment but instead complies, his sweats at his thighs displaying the familiar bulge straining against his black trousers. You take another bite before maneuvering yourself over the cup holder and onto his lap, pawing desperately at the thin fabric obstructing your seat. He pulls the waistband back with a low groan, your pretty face all he needed to make this a good morning, now it was pure bliss.
He watches the way you lift your hips, careful not to bump your ass on the steering wheel before you lower yourself on him. The warmth of your dripping cunt clamping down greedily on him inch by inch has him thrusting up instinctively, a whimper in his throat. You moan as he bottoms out inside you, filling you deliciously to the brim while you place a hand on his shoulder trying to hold yourself upright. His eyes drink you in, the way you close your eyes as you ground your hips against his, rubbing oh so selfishly the spots that feel the best inside you. Satoru places his hands on the soft insides of your thighs and spreads them, the deeper angle making you mewl and him throb. Reaching his hand he grabs a fistful of your hair, pulling you towards him until your foreheads touch and you can almost taste his minty breath against your lips. You close the gap and give him a little chocolate from your lips, soft moans exchanged as you fuck yourself slowly on him.
The car windows inevitably fog up on such a cold December morning.
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suget · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
˚ ୧ WORD COUNT : 0.8k
˚ ୧ INCLUDES : humiliation, degradation (use of the word 'slut'), enemies who fuck, oral (f → m), hair pulling (m → f), choking, spit, petnames, dirty talk, face slapping (with his dick)
Tumblr media
"You want it?" Kneeling in the middle of the stronger one's legs, he questions you in a mocking tone as if the answer wasn't obvious. You are quick to shake your head up and down along with a brief flutter of your eyelashes. Your mouth parts just a couple of inches to invite him to slide the dripping tip into the middle of your lips and your eyes search his behind that blindfold.
"I don't think I heard you. I said, do you want it, slut? Tell Satoru exactly what you need."
Not what you want but what you need. Your palms on his strong thighs turn into weak fists that hold all your frustration like a glass box about to explode, the fabric of his uniform pants crumpling beyond belief with your strength. I hate you, you don't know how much I hate you; you repeat yourself over and over again. His condescending attitude, his jokes that aren't funny and that lopsided smile he always has when he gets his way.
"I want..."
I need you to fuck off, you want to yell at him.
"Yeah?" he inquires, mimicking the vibrations in your tone of voice.
"I want your cock in my mouth."
Satoru clicks his tongue and shakes his head slightly. "Where are the manners? I think I've taught you better. Where's the 'please, daddy'?"
"Fuck you," you sputter, avoiding focusing on the twitching cock under your nose.
You try to get up because you've had enough, your flat palms push against his thighs to free yourself from the cage that is his long legs however, the albino is much quicker and catches the hair on the back of your neck with a couple of fingers forcing you to kneel again and hold you where you are. With little effort, he pulls your head back until he manages to make your gaze connect with his covered eyes.
"Why don't you fuck me, uh?" As soon as he finishes speaking abruptly he slides inside you with a jerk, pulling through the prison of your lips until the cockhead meets the tight ring of your throat; your nails bury into his skin as Satoru pushes back against you again abusing your brushed cavity.
The grip on your hair tightens to start using your mouth with better precision, he slides in and out of you using your mouth like a simple fleshlight, the squelches his hard cock makes as it slides in and out of you make him grunt in desperation, he needs more— he always does when it comes to you. Like a fucking drug.
Satoru releases you just to let you breathe..., one, two, three seconds before he grabs your neck now, his thumb and middle finger squeezing the flow of blood running down the sides of your neck. You try to blink several times to focus better on the man in front of you but the opaque cloud of tears covering your eyes barely allows you to see his countenance.
The wet cock wanders across your aching lips, dragging the saliva under them until it makes a mess that slides down your chin and stains a couple of droplets on the top of your uniform. Great.
He tsks. "I love how you always talk shit and always end up this same way," Satoru pauses to lean closer to you, searching your unfocused pupils. "I'm starting to think you're a masochist, sweetheart..." —He goes silent again, the hand around your neck moving to press a pair of fingers to your cheeks until your lips pout— "Or is it that you like being abused by the stronger? Used for my own satisfaction, knowing you're my favorite slut."
With that, without giving you time to formulate a venomous response with which to reproach him, he lets go of your cheeks to smack them with his heavy cock— the situation makes you chew on one of your broken whimpers and tilt your head further forward, letting yourself be carried away by his words like a sailor to a mermaid's song.
You see him tense his jaw and spit on the length quivering under your gaze, precum sliding from the slit of the tip in a clear trickle that becomes unrecognizable as it merges with his own drool and the pretty pink head screaming to be sucked. Gojo spreads his legs further apart, an invitation for you to come closer, a sign that he's tired of playing cat and mouse with you; only if you were more submissive he wouldn't have to expend so much energy.
With his arms splayed on either side of the back of the blue couch, he says, "Now hurry up and make me cum, we need to get back to that meeting... unless you want them to come and get us, of course."
Tumblr media
© suget — all rights reserved. please do not copy, translate or repost my work. don't share it on tiktok.
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ztoji · 27 days ago
# : this is probably my favorite fic i’ve written lolol, considering how many times i’ve reuploaded it. a/n at the end :*
tags : smut, size difference, sex toys, unrealistic cervix fucking, slight dumbification
Tumblr media
he’s being a dick, teasing you all day through texts, sending pictures of himself with his trousers hanging low on his hips, being able to see the shape of his cock behind it.
automatically from those pictures your mind goes to how well he fills you up with his dick - making you want to break the one rule you two have, that you cannot and will not touch yourself without him or his permission;
saying things like that’s his job to please you and he wouldn’t be a good partner if he left you unsatisfied. bla bla the list goes on why you simply can’t touch yourself and bring yourself to orgasm without him. so why did you choose to do exactly that? when he promised he would try to get home early just because he knew if he sent that picture you would be needy. he kind of had this whole thing planned out already without you knowing of it though, it’s simple when he knows you like the back of his hand and how you get when he shows his body off like this.
he closed the door with a sigh, tired after a day full of hectic work. guess his surprise after he threw off his jacket and had washed his hands, turned to look for you — only to hear your sweet sweet moans coming from the bedroom.
if he stayed completely still he could almost swear he would be able to hear the slick coming from your cunt and probably a toy showed inside you. poor thing, trying to get herself off because of his lewd pictures that he had sent earlier in the day.
as to not disturb you and ruin your moment, unaware of him coming home, he slowly walked towards your shared bedroom. carefully pushing the door open slightly, lo and behold, there you laid on your back with a toy showed as deep inside of you as it could come, your fingers rubbing furiously on your clit trying to get yourself close to the orgasm that slowly creeped up on you.
he could see the way your stomach cramped together, a sign that you were close to the edge and probably would cum soon.
carefully he took off his pants and the rest of his clothes except his underwear. pushing open the door and creeping up towards you on the bed.
too caught up in your own pleasure and the orgasm that was almost a breath away you didn’t notice him until you felt someone push your hand away and licking a stripe up your cunt. sucking on your clit while thrusting the toy up and deeper into you.
you squealed out, opening your eyes and close to kicking the person that dared coming into your bedroom. relaxing slightly at seeing him laying down between your legs and sucking on your clit. taking a hand and gripping onto his hair, pushing him closer and trying to buck your hips up to meet against his tongue and the toy.
“a—aaghh, fuck fuck fuck.” you moaned out sweetly, panting out—“you scared me, fuck ‘m close.”
“mm cum on my tongue baby. show me how much you love having my mouth on you.” he growled before delving back in again. sucking harder, the action causing your thighs to shake around his head, almost locking him between them if it wasn’t for his other hand that grabbed onto your thigh and pushed it back against the bed.
your mouth opened as a silent scream escaped you as your orgasm washed over you and white took over your vision, back arching off the bed. pushing back against the toy that was sliding against your sweet spot you squealed out. “fuck fuck f—uuuck!” your back pushed towards his chest as he crawled up your body to plant a messy kiss against your lips.
sliding a hand between the bed and your back he pushed you up harder against him, slowly grinding his cock back on your cunt. carefully taking out the toy and replacing it with his dick, he pushed in slowly so you could get used to his size. because no matter how many times you fucked or made love, he was still so much bigger than you could handle without taking it slow or spending more time to prep you.
gripping onto his arms that caged you against the bed you moaned out against his lips at the feeling of his tip brushing against your cervix. looking down you cried out as you saw that not even his full cock was inside and yet you felt so, so, full.
“look at you, not even my whole dick ‘s inside and yet it looks like you’re fucked stupid baby.” he panted out, “are you my stupid little baby huh? all you’re good for is taking my cock, and not even that you can do fully.” his degrading words caused your walls to tighten up around his cock, making him hiss out a few swear words. putting his hands on your waist to keep you pressed against the bed he pressed forward, hard, making his whole cock push inside. feeling a slight pop inside of you, you could only wish it was your imagination or something other than your cervix breaking out around him so his cock could fit inside you fully.
you cried out, pushing against his hips to keep him still, though it didn’t seem to work because he only pulled out to push back in again.
“take my cock like the good girl you are, or should i say slut?” he continues, “naughty little whore couldn’t keep her hand to herself because of a simple picture. must fuck you stupid to know your place it seems.” panting by now, he placed his lips back against yours to kiss you sloppily.
“come on now baby, kiss me back. or are you too dumb to do that now?”
Tumblr media
# a/n : you x [character] type of beat. didn’t know who to put in so you can decide for yourself 😋
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sukiloves · 15 days ago
𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐝𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞 '𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢𝐭' <3
Tumblr media
warnings ! sub!reader, bottom!reader, finger sucking, oral (m & f receiving), dacryphilia, teasing, making out, v. fingering, praise, lil bit of degradation, oral fixation, slight dumbification in toji's, ddlg, bit of grinding, mirror sex, guided blowjob, use of petnames i guess cause i love those, cussing.
notes ! this was sitting in my drafts for too long and i decided to make another blog and post it here. these are just things that are a turn on for me sfshsh likes and reblogs are appreciated !! ok bye :))
Tumblr media
FUSHIGURO TOJI . . . loves it when you go absolutely dumb over his fat cock abusing your pussy, making creamy rings and slick threads connecting you both. he adores it even more when you loll your head to the side and your eyes go hazy from the pleasure he can't help but hold your pretty face, letting you suck on his thumb like how you do with his cock, whimpering and moaning around it making toji groan from the feeling and vibrations.
“that's it, princess...suck on it like the good cocksucker you are. fuck — daddy's fucking you so good you can't think straight, huh? don't worry, baby. daddy's cock is all yours once i'm done with you.”
GETO SUGURU . . . prefers holding hands with you while you're deepthroating his cock, spit rolling down his length as you messily stroke him with your free hand. he will let out the prettiest moans if you sucked hard on his tip, hand tightening their hold on yours and it's so intimate, so romantic to hold hands with him while you choke on his cock. the same thing happens when he eats you out, intertwines your fingers together so you'll have something to hold on to when he loses himself in your juices.
“god, i love you so much, baby. sucking me so good. might just put a ring on you if you keep sucking me like that – mmm, fuck! just like that, baby. you look so pretty with my cock in your mouth.”
GOJO SATORU . . . likes it when he's taking you from the back, the both of you against a mirror as his iron grip on your chin kept you in your place — ordering you to ‘keep watching’. he'll enjoy every minute, every tear, every moan from you. slowing his thrusts before speeding up and slowing down again just to rile you up. he dares you to close your eyes, look somewhere else, anything but him. but you never did, and he can't look away with how your eyebrows are pinched together, cute lips parted as your eyes rolled to the back of your head – screaming nothing but his name as you made a mess on the both of you.
“you like this, pretty girl? like watching me fuck you in front a mirror? should have known a dirty girl like you loves to watch herself getting fucked and making a mess on her boyfriend's cock, hmm? squeezing me real tight, too. you practically have hearts in your eyes from how fucked out you are! come on, keep watching, pretty girl.”
RYŌMEN SUKUNA . . . adores you sitting on his lap. it is your throne, as he said. he especially adores it when he can easily have access to your pretty pussy — spreading your legs wide with his muscular thighs, the points of his fingernails sending tingles through you as he glides them on your skin. he loves to devour you whole, but he enjoys it more when he can play with your wet pussy - always ready for him – rubbing your cute little clit and sinking his thick fingers in your dripping heat the same time he puts his tongue in your mouth. he'd be lying if he didn't find it hot, what with his hard cock grinding under your ass.
“i can play with your perfect pussy all day, doll. mmmh, i can't wait to put my cocks inside you. think you can handle it? shit, your cunt's sucking my fingers so fucking well, doll. moan for me, make the whole world know who's making you feel good.”
NANAMI KENTO . . . sighs out praises and gentle instructions whenever you go down on him after a hard day at work. he knows you'll be good for him, treating him so well with your mouth that felt like heaven to him. you can see the tension and knots ease from his body the more you pay attention to his needs. he'll stroke your hair while you go down on him, telling you in a deep voice to stroke his cock the way he likes it, the speed you're bobbing your head up and down on his shaft. he wants to take his time – after all he's home and he's got you to relieve some stress for him.
“yeah, just like that, angel. ah fuck — go a bit slower. that's a good girl. you gonna be a good girl for daddy and make me cum? yeah? go ahead, angel, make daddy feel good. ah, right there...”
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mochikeiji · 6 months ago
jjk men when they hit the spot
↠ characters: Gojou Satoru, Getou Suguru, Toji Fushiguro
↠ Warning: heavy smut! minors dni! slight degradation with Gojo, overstimulation, dubcon, corruption, size kink
↠ a/n: this is my first attempt in headcanons since I'm used to writing fics often. Thinking of part two? Maybe. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
• The meanest and absolute worse
• by meanest, i meant like the soft kind of mean. He's all mouthy with you, spilling out the dirtiest desires next to you while you're endlessly crying and shaking
• he's the worse because once he's gotten something interesting, best believe he's going to be entertaining that something until he himself is satisfied
• his mouth and hips are the cruelest combination enough to have you out of your right mind
Tumblr media
He knows he's being mean the moment your eyes went wider when he continued his penetration inside you. Only this time he knows he's got a locked on target he's purposely abusing it without his pace faltering.
"S-satoru ah wait!"
No he doesn't even wait nor listens to you. Even with your hand weakly placed on his abdomen, Gojo just laughs breathlessly above you, watching your lips quiver out cries for mercy with your eyes screwed shut from the embarrassingly, hot gaze he's have on you.
"Why? Does it feel more better when I do this?"
Pushing away your wrist, he shoves both of the legs to your chest from beneath your knees. Positioning you in a deep mating press to plow deeper as he pants next to your ear, face scrunched in concentration at the vice grip you had on his cock.
"Hng! Stop! No ah— no more Satoru!"
"What's that, cupcake? You want more?"
The tip of his cock head bruising your sweet spot was too much, but you couldn't push him away from the position you were in. Even when your nails were scraping his back isn't enough in keeping him away. Only fueling and groaning out his desires when he feels himself pulse inside.
"M-mercy! Hah— PLEASE! Satoruuu!!"
Your moans slurring out with the string of saliva dripping from your lips when you convulse underneath him as the sheets damped. The whites of your eyes showing as they rolled back, limbs going limp as your beloved lover doesn't stop his torment with you despite sending you into the oblivion.
Even with you, Gojo was merciless.
"My poor baby, I must've been very bad to have fucked you all stupid for my cock."
You've already accepted your faith for tonight after catching a glimpse of the all too familiar glint in his eyes and crazed grin.
"Don't worry, little girl. I'll still be here destroying you all night."
Tumblr media
• I wouldn't say he's as worse as Gojo is since they both share an equal amount of mischievousness
• But much like Gojo, when something catches his attention, you're going to have a lot of trouble getting him off of you once he notices you tense up at his subtle movements
• he'll become more taunting and playfully whining back to your own cries
• not really mean, but it sure is frustrating
• i need to add that Geto will definitely be looking at you with pride and lustful gazes as your body spasms beneath him
Tumblr media
"Oh? What do we have here?"
Experimentally prodding his fingers in the warmth of your spongy walls, Geto bites back a smirk for when your hand flew to his wrist with a troubled look in your teary eyes. "What's the matter, sweetheart? You don't like it?" he snickers when your head falls back with a thump on your pillow, the two fingers buried deep in you massaging your sweet spot on point.
"J-just nngh not so much...Please Suguru."
As soon as you heard him hum, your body slowly relaxed assuming he wouldn't play unfair. Only to have a large palm placed over your tummy, fingers suddenly pummeling inside your squelching cunny.
"A-ack! Mm!!"
Shameful moans covered behind your palm as the other tried to yank Geto's wrist away from battering your poor cunt and spot. "Why are you pushing me away? And here I thought you were enjoying yourself." he licks his lips in desire, watching the creamy substance leak on the sheets and soaking his hand.
His fox like eyes traveled up to meet your dewy face. Your hand cutely curled below your chin as it no longer was able to be kept covering your delightful squeals. Mouth open with endless of gasps and whimpers flying out just for him left Geto wanting more.
"Heh, would you look at that. You must really be feeling it now, cutie." adding a third finger to the party, your body tenses, trying to accommodate the intruding digits inside your small cunny, his thumb circling the sensitive bud of your clit and having you slam down in bed.
Immediately moving his hand to hold your thigh open, he welcomes the messy, mind breaking orgasm with a hungry grin watching you clutch onto the pillow for you dear life, the blush darkening along with your hair framing your features. Shielding away the damaged he's left you with. 
"See, I knew you loved it. Didn't you, sweetness?"
Tumblr media
• hands down the guy we all know has a corruption kink going on with his head
• of all the positions he's got you into, it just had to be one where he so enjoys knowing you won't be able to do much but just take, take and take
• you're just the right size for him wreck uwu
• he wants to be mean. He really does, but gosh he's just so in awe of your expressions and just praises you for being so so good to him
• was there a moment where Toji was actually soft? Yes, yes there is
Tumblr media
Thick fingers fondling with your perky nipples carefully from behind, you don't know how much longer you'll be able to hold yourself up having the strong weight of Toji's thrusts push you forward down, reaching towards the deeper parts that has you now drooling on the sheets.
"You alright there, angel?"
It was so pathetic to not even respond to him. Mind all fuzzy, senses all focused on the massive length entering you from behind finally makes you drop forward if it weren't for his hands catching you. Noting how you were out of it, panting harshly. But couldn't stop himself when he sees how your eyes just seemed to look like they were in tiny hearts for him. "Seems like I overdid it." chuckling behind you, he kneads your breast together as your body slumps down in, his large frame dominating and easily holds every ounce of power from letting you escape from his agonizing pace.
"T-tojii..ah!" you cried when his fingers pinched both buds simultaneously, his thrusts accelerating until you were sobbing, babbling about how he's just so big and you want him to stop. But how could he when all you do was keep him in like you never want him to leave?
"Sweet girl, you're taking me so good y'know?"
The way his cock disappears and comes out with the thick, creaminess of your mess sticking on his length, your sobs increasing their volume when his thumbs rolled down in harsh circles on your bud had Toji biting roughly on your now tainted skin. Hands palming every where until one grabs a hold of his arm tightly, "Toji! Please! 'ts sensitive theree!" you feel his lips from your temple as he groans a breathy chuckle at the sight of your far out look. You were still so tight for him that he had no choice but to ram into you no matter how much the pleasure hurt.
"Shhh, just let me take care of you."
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to mochikeiji. Please do not repost or copy, ありがとうございました!! (=^・^=)
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kyscaqe · 2 months ago
jjk | twitter links II
Tumblr media
-> warnings: twi!ter porn || breeding, spanking, public sex, throat fucking, overstimulation, rough sex, choking, sex toys, fingering, threesome, spitting, bondage, degradation, masturbation, gangbang, creampie, edging
-> featuring: gojo, geto, sukuna, toji, choso, nanami, naoya x reader
-> includes female and male reader
-> jjk twt links I ⎯ jjk twt links II ⎯ jjk twt link III
Tumblr media
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
fem!reader: LINK!! link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
fem!reader: link link link link link link link
male!reader: link link link link link
Tumblr media
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kshira · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. itadori, megumi, inumaki, yuta, gojo, geto, nanami, choso, sukuna
tw. fem!reader, cursing, dirty talk, creampie, pussyjob, squirting, f!oral (face sitting) cock warming, dom! w/ sub reader
an. second day with my favorite theme with jjk, hope you all enjoy <3
✰ kinktober masterlist || send me an ask if you want to be added to my tag list!
Tumblr media
ミ itadori
itadori takes his time, his sweet sweet time building up to fucking you, soft hands climb to your legs, hours spent between your thighs lapping and sucking on your clit whilst his fingers curl against your walls. he’s rocked his cock against the bed for what has felt like hours for some type of relief, the throb itches at his brain every so often but your pussy? it’s another type of dark carnal desire. “you taste so good princess” he coos, tongue shoved in your mouth once he crashes his face with yours, dipping inside your cheeks—the taste of you lingers in your own mouth. once the positions is his, itadori sinks in—low grunts escape his throat when he slides inside “oh, fuck— are you always this tight? s-shit” his eyes subconsciously roll to the back of his head, hands gripping the covers beside your smaller frame. “i—hah” he tries to talk but pants replace the words, your walls clamping down harder on his cock, itadori could just stay like this, soak in the feeling of his throbbing length just laying inside your hole, surrounded by the slick. “i wanna cum so bad baby, wanna fuck you full of my cum” he finally grasps a sense of reality as he moves, no talk of telling you when he’s spilled his seed. he wants this to last forever, fucking you till his cock is gave out and you’re full of his cum.
ミ megumi
his deadpan expression stills on his face, bleak eyes watching you climb on his lap—perfect tits displayed across his face once you settle on his lap, slowly grinding against his hard cock. “mh” he holds the moan within his lips, keeping a stoic expression, without avail you get minimal expressions from your doting boyfriend until—your folds spread over his cockhead “oh fuck” he utters, a smile spreading across your face. “you’re—you’re so fucking wet” pink dusts his cheeks, sweat forming around megumi’s forehead, breaking down the wall he holds tightly up; he begins to completely crumble “more, more please.” he grips your hips, nails digging into the flesh prompting you to move faster against his length, the juices from your cunt soak his cock, sliding your pussy back over his dick—grazing his sensitive cockhead. “i—” megumi forgets how to talk, his words choked in his throat, eyes shutting tight when he feels his cock twitch again, strings of white paint your slick folds, your hips still lazily rolling against his cock. “ride me, gotta—gotta fuck this pussy now” now megumi has a voice, quite a demanding one too.
ミ inumaki
“toge” his name falls from your lips, jerking his head up from watching his cock split open your weeping cunt “toge, more” you cry out this time, fingers clawing at his stomach, and though words cannot cross his lips—his dick does the talking. gripping your thighs with calloused fingers he spreads you wider, angling his cockhead deeper in your cunt “r-right there, feels so good” your words circle his brain, he’s drunk on the fact that without saying a word, he can make you beg for him. “wanna cum so bad, f-for you toge” his eyes soften, raising a hand to your cheek and squeezing it. inumaki leans down, tits pressing on his chest he places open mouth kisses on your warm skin, the sounds of your quiet whimpers push him over the edge. “cum for me baby, just for me” you coo, holding his face between your palms, eyes casting sweetly when inumaki does just that, painting his seed inside your cunt, your own orgasm folding over spraying against his bare stomach. “l-love you” he utters, pressing his forehead against yours.
ミ yuta
heaven is within his grasps right now, ascending into the perfect euphoria—reaching a limitless peak as he sinks into your soaking hole, lip quivering between his lip at the tight stretch “angel” a breathless moan casts down on your face, lashes fluttering up at yuta soft features. “why are you so perfect?” he asks, gummy walls tightening on his cock at the praise, yuta struggles to breathe right now. his mind is so consumed with you—your perfect cunt; the taste of a forever after inside you. “i don’t wanna cum—don’t wanna princess, wanna stay just like this” he groans, searching for something within your lust covered eyes. it’s like darkness has shrouded his life until now, the light bringing him to life, your soft hands snatching him from the dark when you’re close, white sparking within your vision—maybe he shouldn’t be selfish right now, maybe he should cum; with you. “this is for you, all for you pretty girl” he pounds faster, bringing a nimble digit down to swipe across your clit and bringing your orgasm to the surface, the rush of pleasure coating his cock, your body arching off the bed when yuta spills his seed deep in your cunt. “take it all baby” he whispers, a proud smile stitched to his face when his cum leaks from your clenching hole.
ミ gojo
gojo would like to admit he’s pretty unphased in the bedroom, so cocky and so sure he’s the one controlling every moan, touch and word. that was, until he met you—it’s embarrassing really, how easily he’s succumbed to your cunt. falling madly in love with the feel of you wrapped around his cock, juices overflowing onto his balls, cries coming from him about how good it feels. “s-shit princess, just like that—keep movin’ just like that” he grunts, hands gripped hard enough on your hips the bones feel like they’re torched with fire. “pussy is made for me” gojo pants, pastel blue orbs trained on your cunt bouncing on his cock, he’s hard of hearing right now—you could tell him the world is ending and he’d shrug it off. what’s life without your pussy? meaningless. and he’ll tell himself that too, in privacy—he has some reputation to uphold. “shit, i think i’m gonna cum” he whispers, wincing at the sensitivity jolting his nerves, “what the fuck is wrong with me? i just started fucking you princess.” he might be close but that doesn’t mean gojo isn’t bringing you down with him, lips attaching to the crevice of your neck suckling on the skin while he thrust upward in your sopping cunt, tongue smoothing over the blues brung to your skin. he struggles to keep moving, the sensitivity kicking into overdrive, seed leaking from his cock before he has a chance to hold it; like it truly has a mind of its own. “your turn, angel” he grins, rolling your hips across his length, his legs soaked with your juices until you join him in the waves of pleasure, drowning in a blissful afterlife.
ミ geto
geto has everything planned out in his domino set life, every single one is placed perfectly, never falling until he chooses when. he could knock them over whenever he pleased but he loved toying with the lines, putting them so close together; almost touching but never falling. it only took one single person to tap just one domino and now they’re all toppling over and taking him with it. “hold on, baby—i am not going to cum this fucking fast” he demands, fingers tapping against your thigh signaling the speed to halt. “i’m the one fucking you, remember that” he comments, but he knows, he fucking knows how wrong he is. geto rolls your bare body over, the sheets swallowing your back as geto hovers over you “now, where were we?” his voice is dark, laced in undertones of sincerity but they’re long gone once he sinks back into your warm welcoming cunt. “you feel good—too fucking good” he groans, snapping his hips in place and drilling in your tight walls, lips puffing small moans every single time his cock grazes the deepest parts of you and he tries—tries so fucking hard to stay in just a little longer but alas; he’s tipping over again. strings of white cover your stomach, somehow able to pull out in just enough time to spill his seed on your skin. “this is all your fault” he murmurs, fisting his cock, aligning back with your hole “but i’m not complaining, angel.”
ミ nanami
“sit on my face” nanami nonchalantly says, thumbs painting circles on your skin “wanna see how long you can last” he teases. but within the time he’s already had you, how long could nanami truly last? your body is easily heisted over his face, earth tone colored eyes flickering up at your thighs clamping down on his face, he smiles watching your trembling cunt finally drop down on his mouth. “taste good as always princess” he hums, tongue finally cutting the tension and slipping between your folds, he draws it slowly gathering all of your juices and sliding them down to your hole. the headboard is your only savior, your support from his laps in your cunt. trembling on his face, completely open and wide for him. nanami tries to ignore the throb of his cock, the agonizing convulsing every time he hears your cries for more. the relief subsided once his hand fist his cock under you, pumping it at the same rhythm his tongue is diving inside your hole, nose nudging past your sensitive clit. “pussy so wet for me, you’re such a good girl” nanami moans, the praise pulling on the coil deep within your stomach, tittering on snapping in half. you finally manage to look down at him, eyes trained on your spasming body crumbling above him. “gonna cum baby? huh? cum on my tongue” nanami slurps against your messy cunt, hand jerking faster on his cock, holding back from cumming right now—he wants to inside your warm pussy, feel those pretty walls flutter around his cock but he can’t hold it anymore, gasping into your cunt. “fuck, fuck fuck” he chants, hot seed coloring your back as you finally let go on his tongue. you glance down, slyly gazing at his puffy lips coated in your slick, you’re grinning down at him and nanami doesn’t answer but you know; you lasted longer than he did.
ミ choso
he’s deprived without your cunt, a man without life, a man without reason to live—that’s choso without your pussy. he could spend hours between your legs, mesmerized by how wet and messy you get for him. he wants to be in control of you, make you feel good; beg for him but evidently that all fades away the split second he bottoms out, balls slapping against your thighs. “i already wanna cum, god princess—this isn’t fair” he half chuckles, black strands sticking to his face as he rolls his hips—your fingers trace his stomach, glossy eyes looking up at you. “i know baby, i don’t wanna cum either” he muses, leaning his heavy body over you, wrapping his thick arms over your torso. “you feel so good for me, let’s stay like this, yeah?” choso breath feels hot against your skin, sweet face snuggling into your neck “i can feel how fuckin’ tight you are for as long as i want” he smiles. your heels sink into his bare back, fingers needily digging into place. and like this choso can have all of you, for as long as you let him.
ミ sukuna
“fuckin’ brat” sukuna spits a string of saliva down to your cunt, fingers spreading the substance around your clit, you moan out looking down at his fingers sinking inside you, curling against the tight walls “look how messy you are.” you whine back, legs clamping against his hand “keep those legs spread.” you oblige, tears pricking your vision at his ruthless pace in your sopping cunt, legs shyly spreading wider for him. “you’re so tight” he comments, adding another finger and pounding into your hole “wanna see you squirt” he closes his eyes, angling his fingers deep into your spongy walls, listening to the higher pitch cries for him color the room. you clench around his digits, orgasm building in your stomach, pooling over between your legs, and melting to your cunt as you squirt and gush all over him. “yeah princess that’s right, soak my fingers like the good girl you are” sukuna groans, pulling his digits from you and replacing his length “now you’re ready for my cock baby.” he grins watching you writhe and admit defeat from the stretch, body struggling to adjust to him “you’re gonna cum again on my cock.” he’s in control, he tells you when to cum, and when not too, and right now, those demanding words send you straight to your orgasm once again, creaming around his cock. and though sukuna is in control, your dominance is played through how many times he wants to make you cum.
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shamelesswriteress · 23 hours ago
Come on Cupcake, can’t handle it anymore? I know you can take it, he chuckles lifting your leg up. Thrusting harder, “I’ll breed you real good, I’ve the strongest sperm”. Ugh this cocky motherfucker, love him though🥺.
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