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#gojo x reader
mari-the-bimbo · 2 days ago
ex-husband gojo with a troublesome kid? like he always gets in to fights and his parents get called? i know its daughter but maybe an exeption for this one? :)
Ex husband! Gojo: your troublesome son
A/N: Absolutely loves this idea! Kinda had to do it in a rush though :( But I hope you guys enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
“Ms. y/n, this is the third time your son has fought another child this week, would you be able to come in to discuss this matter?”
Only 2 mins ago, you received a call from the school asking you to come in to discuss a fight your son had just got into.
You huffed as you headed towards your front door. As much as you loved your son, he was starting to inherit the problematic traits of his father.
But as you opened the front door, you were met with a not-so-surprising surprise. “Oh god, speak of the devil” you muttered under your breath, as you saw Gojo’s new limited addition Bugatti pull up to your front drive.
You grumpily headed over to his car, watching him pull down the window, and being met with his unnerving, wide smile.
“Come on darling, I don’t have all day”
As you both arrived to the school building, Gojo walked alongside you confidently, almost unbothered. One hand in his pocket, another hand on your back, which kept travelling downwards…
You scoffed, quickly reminding him the reason you guys were in, “Do you even know why we’re in Gojo? It’s because-“
“Because my son kicked ass, I know.” He cut you off, staring down at you with an unsettling smile, causing you to look away at it’s intensity.
“There’s nothing to smile about” you mumbled.
“Awww you’re such a worry wart y/n” Gojo cooed mockingly as he roughly pulled you into his embrace, his long pale arms pressing you against him, causing you to blush and attempt to move away, but he groped your breast as a warning before you both entered the room.
Your son’s teacher finally looks up as you both enter the room.
“Ah hello Mr Gojo and miss..” the teacher trailed off, forgetting whether you guys were divorced or not, because the arm over your shoulder and bodies pressed up against each other affectionately confused the woman.
“Mrs Gojo” Gojo lied with a wide smile on his face.
“Ah yes, please take a seat” the teacher said.
And as the teacher spoke to you about your son, you look over at your adorable small son who looked guilty as he watched his teacher tell his loving parents about his wrongdoings. You couldn’t help but look disappointed.
Gojo surprisingly listened to every word the teacher said, nodding along according.
“Well thank you for informing us about his behaviour, we’ll talk to him once we get home” Gojo said formally.
You were impressed by Gojo’s maturity, the sorcerer usually always favoured and spoiled his children, refusing to ever believe his children were wrong.
You both bid goodbyes to the teacher and you held your son’s hand leading him back to his father’s car. And once you got back, you sighed, rubbing your temples in concern.
You knew one day Gojo’s spoiling and traits would catch up to your children one day.
You could feel Gojo’s presence trailing behind you as you entered your house, but you were too tired to tell him to leave.
“Sweetie, you do understand what you did was wrong righ-“ you tried to explain to your son.
“DID YA WIN, SON?” Gojo cut you off from behind, running up to you son and holding him up in his strong arms with a smile.
Your son’s guilty pout was now replaced with a smile that resembled his dad. “Yes daddy! I won!” He giggled, as his dad rewarded him with kisses.
“Good! Now go get dressed buddy! Then we can get some McDonald’s okay?” Gojo said to your son, ignoring your glare, your son nodded enthusiastically, heading upstairs.
“Gojo! What the fuck are you doing?! We’re supposed to give him a talk on why he’s wrong! And I-“ you were once again cut off by Gojo’s long, slender finger softly pressed against your lips.
“Be quiet” he said.
“Good girl” he sighed as he stared down at you, sinking his fingers into your mouth to shut you up, “now listen carefully, no one will ever scold my son”
“You understand?” He said but he didn’t expect you to answer the question, after all, you were too busy gagging over the fingers in your mouth. You struggled pathetically in his hold as saliva dripped from your mouth, but Gojo was quick to catch it with his own tongue.
Gojo watched your messy state fondly, his other hand caressing your blushing cheek, a pervy smile on his face.
“I’ll take that as a yes”
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luvnitec · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
What jjk men hands look like + how they use them(toji,gojo,nanami, sukuna)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Big and veiny
Made for choking
Those hands be all over you
Loves to stick his thumb in your mouth
He has you pressed up against the wall next to the front door with a hand on your neck. So close making you feel his hard dick press against your thigh. His other hand has a nice grab of your ass you know you too are not going to make it to dinner tonight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Long and smooth
The feel so nice
Rubs your thighs when driving
Favorite thing to do is finger you
It was a night drive back to the house and you were spread open while gojo was fingering you. Two orgasms has already past. His middle finger and ring finger pumping inside your cunt. His palm constantly hitting your puffy clit. This was going to a long night.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nice with expensive rings
Has them in your hair or playing with it
Sometimes grabs your chin to have you look at him
Has them making a ponytail in your hair
Hands in your hair softly pushing your head down to deep throat him more. Slow up and down motions. You come up and give him a couple cock kisses. “Stop teasing” he groaned pushing you down harder.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reddish with tattoos
Purple,black or red nail polish
Spanks you for being a brat
Will slap you cunt as a punishment
Has you over his lap skirt pulled up so your bare ass would show. Sukuna has been spanking you for last hour. “Make sure you count love” he mentioned before starting the next 20 on you left cheek.
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brightymir · a day ago
Tumblr media
cw: none, i think
word count: 1k
characters: satoru, kento, suguru, x gn!reader
Tumblr media
𑁍 satoru gojo
satoru was on the couch, playing on his phone while waiting for you to finish some paperwork, he doesn't want to start the movie without you. he would pop his head in your room every 10 minutes to check you, but he got tired so he opted to just waiting.
moments later, you finally finished and when you went to the living room, you saw a satoru who was already scanning movies. you went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks to last you for the entire movie.
returning to the living room, satoru engulfed you in a hug as soon as you took a seat on the couch, finally settling on a movie to watch for the day. 
you both watched the movie, lying in each other’s embrace and arms, occasional comments on how dumb the character is to not notice the killer or how you both agreed that he was the first one to die in a horror movie and you’d turn out to be the murderer.
in the middle of the movie, you got a sudden urge to kiss him, so that’s what you did. planting a kiss on his cheeks, you smiled and felt warm inside, he doesn’t activate his infinity around you.
upon feeling a kiss being planted on his cheeks, he froze and smirked, taking his eyes away from the movie momentarily to give you a playful stare. he then straightened his back, letting go of you. 
you thought he was annoyed that you pulled him out of the movie, but you quickly shook that thought away when your back was met by the soft cushion of the couch. a rather large figure hovered above you. 
you expected kisses all over your face but nothing like that came. instead. fingers found their way to your side as he began to tickle the life out of you. you thrashed and laugh, heaving for breath as all the laughter was beginning to tire your lungs.
he stopped when your face was a mixture of red from too much laughing and blue from the lack of breath. he then planted kisses all over your face before wrapping you in his arms. 
“wait so, who’s the killer again?”
“i think it was the adopted child” 
“oh my god, that’s terrible”
Tumblr media
𑁍 kento nanami
he was sitting on his desk while fixing some paperworks that he needed to finish before the day ended while you were in the kitchen, fixing dinner for the two of you. after a few minutes, it was done and you called for him.
with no response, you went up to the second floor to coax him to take a short break, dark bags appearing under his eyes from sleepless nights.
arriving at his room, you entered and sauntered to his desk, where his head was buried by stacks of paper. you took a file folder that he was about to reach and removed his eyeglass before planting a kiss on his temple.
"dinner's ready, love. i cooked your favorite" you said, making him stand up immediately and hold your hand, making your way towards the dining area. before digging into the food, you kissed him yet again, this time, on his soft cheeks
after the meal, he offered to do the dishes but you insisted that he just take a seat in the living room and watch a movie to unwind and take his mind off the pile of papers.
you finished moments later and accompanied him, planting a kiss on his cheeks. he noticed that you were giving him more kisses than usual. he took this as his cue to cuddle you while watching the movie. !
"you don't have to kiss me repeatedly, you can just ask for cuddles, darling" he said, planting a quick kiss on your lips.
"hmm, my kiss seemed to work though. and it seems to ease your stress" you replied and pressed your body closer to his, making him hum in return.
you both turned your attention back to the movie while giving comments here and there, sharing thoughts on what could've made the scene better.
"anne hathaway is really beautiful"
"not as much as you are"
Tumblr media
𑁍 suguru geto
he already noticed that you kept giving him random kisses since early in the morning. it was totally out of nowhere and there was no occasion nor concise reason for the kisses. he isn’t complaining though, if anything, he’d gladly accept more.
but he knows well that you have your own reason for these kisses and he was itching to know why. are you pissed off? did he do something to upset you? did he forgot any occasion or event? he was racking his mind for reasons and it was your kiss yet again that brought him back to reality. 
“something on your mind? the water is on the hottest setting" you said, signaling to the sink that was smoking because of the hot water being used to rinse the plates. you wrapped your arms around him, resting it on his stomach.
he hummed and sighed inwardly, relaxing into your touch and finishing the dishes quickly. he stiffened when you pressed a kiss to his nape. you won't stop pressing kisses randomly, huh?
upon finishing the dishes, he turned around and hoisted you up by the legs, placing you on the counter before leaning on you, resting his head in the crook of your neck as you ran your hand through the smooth strands of his hair, which is freed from its bun.
"hmm? what's the matter, hon?" you asked, no response. you lifted his head so that his eyes met yours and you asked again, more firm yet still gentle.
"it's just, you keep giving me random kisses" he replied sheepishly, returning to hiding in your neck, making you laugh.
"do you not like it?" you retorted and smiled when he littered kisses all over your neck, a silent reply of "i love them", and so, he lifted you up and brought you to your shared room before browsing the tv for movies.
he clicked on a familiar movie, making you snort and laugh as he gave you a playful glare.
"this movie again?"
"hey, that card trick in that one scene was insane"
Tumblr media
author's note: first attempt at writing the jjk men with fluff. oh my god i'm sorry if i'm bad with characterization but i hope you guys liked this! notes and reblogs are highly appreciated! also, can you guess which movies you watched with them?
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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rexann · a day ago
Can I request gojo hcs with a pillow princess gf?
hii thank you for requesting!! i added other character if u don't mind. i'm sorry bc it takes too damn long for me to post TvT. i hope u enjoyed this!!♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cw // 18+, nsfw, sexual content, pet names.
include // gojo, nanami.
note // bulleted points, grammatical errors, not proofread.
Tumblr media
↳ satoru is not one for pleasing others, he'd prefer to be pleased. but if it's his girlfriend, he's down bad for it. obviously because he's a BIG tease, he get to tease you to no end.
↳ the fact that you will take everything, literally everything he gave, boosted up his ego a little too much. he like that you will let him have his way with you.
↳ his smug grin plastered on his beautiful face, looking down at you with amusement even though you're just laying down lazily on the bed, waiting for him to do something.
↳ “seriously what’d you do without me?” he chuckled deeply, hands creeping up from your knee, down your thighs, up to your waist and rest on your breast, giving them playful squeeze.
↳ “me? i’d be less stressed out.” you snarl with the same teasing tone he used. you’re one cheeky little shit, just like him, and he loved that.
↳ gojo would like to use you like a fucktoy, believe me. since you give your all to him, he’d be glad to abuse that power. fucking you like a ragdoll, really.
Tumblr media
↳ it’d be his pleasure to pleases you. whether in bed or not. nanami took this chance to show you how good he is when it comes to pleasure you.
↳ seeing you writhing under his touch is enough to pleasure him actually, he didn’t expect you to return his favour in any chance. he enjoyed how his touch alone can make you cum.
↳ we all know nanami is not one for teasing but in rare occasion, he’d make you beg a little. by slowed down his pace when he thrust into you, just to steal soft whines from you.
↳ “i know you’re close,” nanami murmured between your lips when he noticed your hips jerking up to catch his cock deeper.
↳ he pick up his pace to chase his own release, snapping his hips into you, “c’mon, come for me, princess.”
↳ nanami likes the view of you taking his cock so well, sucking in all of his cum, he likes how obliged you are to his instruction, just like a good little girl.
Tumblr media
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hatsue-exe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen men with a reader S/O headcanons:
warnings: one curse word, gn!reader.
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Toji:
He doesn't care much but enjoys doing stuff like sharpening his knives while you're in the same room reading.
He likes to share the silence.
10/10 will get scared if you gasp out of nowhere because of the story
"The fuck is so good about that anyway?"
You proceed to explain the story to him, and he will pretend he's not that interested, only to wake you up at 3 am saying: "Yo, finish the book, I need to know the ending."
Geto Suguru:
Geto was a bookworm as a child, and you can't convince me otherwise.
He lost his reading habit throughout the years, but he loves to listen and comment on what you are reading when you gush about it with him.
It wouldn't take much to convince him to read something with you, a little book club forming between the two of you.
However, once he gets the hang of it, he will finish the books first and tease you about it.
"Not my fault you're so slow, sweetie."
Gojo Satoru:
BULLIES YOU (you know it's true).
"Hey, nerd, what you're reading now?"
He's a little menace. If he thinks you're paying more attention to the book than to him, he will snatch it out of your hands and hold it above your head.
"There's nothing more interesting than me! Now give me my kisses."
At least he does buy you tons of books, collector editions included, so you can't complain much.
Kamo Choso:
Choso came from a time where books weren't exactly popular, so it takes a while for him to get used to the idea of everything being so accessible now.
If you like reading digitally, be ready to do a lot of explaining.
"How do so many books fit in such a small device? Is this your special technique?"
Lays on your lap and asks you to read for him all the time. He loves the proximity and the sound of your voice.
He enjoys poetry a lot and might gift you some poetry books to have you read for him.
Nanami Kento:
We all know he has a lot of books he hasn't read yet, so if you ever run out of books, he will offer his to you.
Kento reads a lot of classics and non-fiction books, but he'll give a chance to other genres if you insist a bit — he will not pretend to like it, though. Be ready to hear some critics of your favourite book.
Takes you on bookshop dates and enjoys debating about the recent launches. Will buy you something when you're not looking.
He reads for you as a way of getting onto his to be read list. Always pretends to be annoyed at your comments, though you can see the smile in the corner of his lips.
"Did you know Tolstói used his wife's diaries as inspiration?" "And where did you learn that?" "Booktok." "Darling, what have we discussed about TikTok information?" Someone help him.
Tumblr media
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tacaseyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
bish go away or i'll throw you to the oven !
summary. baking with them ? trust me, disater will come to you
comedy ?
gojo ; getou ; itadori / sukuna ; choso ; nanami ; toji + f! reader
cw ! broken english + typos
Tumblr media
%# gojo %
without me telling, you actually know what will happen right?
at first everything was okay, but then—
" l—look i didn't mean to ruin the whole flour, i–i just find it f–funny to throw the flour in the air—
let's simply say, everything was disaster when you baking with him, he throw the flour in the air and running all around the kitchen while saying " yOwAimOo" all the time.
reminder : do not let satoru baking with you !
%# getou %
he always teasing you.
this man is teasing you all the fuckin' times seriously.
like kissing your neck, hugging you from behind and whispering sweet nothing, or just standing beside you and look at your face while putting a seducing smirk on that handsome face.
" babe i don't need a cake, i need you"
well when you baking with him, you always ended up fainting or your brain exe stop working because of him, teasing you all the time.
you never succed to make a damn cake when you let him join to bake with you lol.
%# itadori / sukuna !
50 % helping and 50% disaster.
you and him having a fluff romantic time while making the dough.
but then yuji being quiet and then—
" hey little things, wanna play?"
he is come take over yuji's body, yes him, King Sukuna the greatest littt great grandfather lmao what did i write.
same as getou, Sukuna beetj is teasing you and tryna distract you, so you slap him, and after that yuji is back.
or if yuji not gaining his soul back, Sukuna will trap you on his domain and take you for himself not for baking a cake.
%# choso !
alot of complaining.
" why not you putting human flesh on it ?"
and then he being quiet.
" i hope we can bake with my brother"
ended up you cuddling to comfort him and not baking a cake.
but after he calm down, you guys continue baking and having a fluff times, but still the best big bro is missing his lil brother so much.
%# nanami !
at first he was hesitate to helping you .
" for what, i don't like wasting time, we can just buy it on the bakery"
but when he seeing you get upset and get quiet, he come to you and tryna help you.
" don't get me wrong, i just don't know what to do that's why i help you"
%# toji !
this man is probably don't know what to do, he have no clues lol.
he just look at you making the dough with a blank and confused face.
he look at the flour.
" is that megumi's powder?"
and when you crack the egg he will said a stupid things like.
" you just cracking the egg? what if their mother crying while looking for her child?"
when megumi start crying, you told him to continue making the dough, but you know what ? He put 2 tablespoon of salt instead of sugar and he puts 1 container of baking powder.
Tumblr media
©𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐲𝐲. do not modify or repost to other platform, reblogs are appreciate.
Tumblr media
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padwolf · a day ago
characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, nanami kento, yoshino junpei x gn!reader
words: 1.6K
cw: unedited. throwing up, jjk-esque violence, general death (not spoilers), gojo past arc spoilers (gojo part), bullying motion (junpei part), non canon events (megumi)
an: I have to inform you guys I've been playing obey me non stop for the past week im sorry for the lack of updates but I've got seven demon boyfriends now its a big responsibility 
itadori yuuji…
…couldn’t remember his dreams most of the time. he just assumed there wasn’t much to them and went on with his day. however even since sukuna possessed his body his dreams became too vivid, too drastic, to ignore. he no longer dreams of forgettable things like daily routines or movie plots, now, now his dreams are filled with pain and suffering. all because of him. he hurts people and can’t stop. he keeps killing and hurting people. he tolerates those dream, no point trying to stop them anyways. sukuna wouldn't let them stop anyways. then one night its not just blurry-faced strangers, its his friends, his teachers, its you.
he wakes up disgusted with himself. the line between dream and reality still somewhat blurred, cold sweat covering his body, he lurches for the bathroom and bends over the toilet bowl. the contents of his dinner falling down the drain.
“yuuji? are you sick?” you find him on the bathroom floor, face still in the bowl. you rub the sleep from your eyes, and crouch down to rub his back. when he raises his read you realise he’s been crying, “what's wrong, did something happen?”
“bad dream.” he says casually and gives you a tired smile. must have been one hell of a dream to leave him this wrecked, you think. before you have the time to say anything, he's already brushing his teeth, tears wiped off of his face. he almost looks like nothing happened. almost.
when you've made your way back to bed, he tried to roll of to his side but you didn't let him, instead pulling him into your chest and petting his hair. 
“don't you wanna talk about it?”
“i... it’s too much.”
“not for me. i’ll listen so tell me, okay?”
fushiguro megumi...
…had bad dreams on a regular basis. so much so, that he probably doesn’t think much about them. that just the way dreams are too him. he’s probably way more surprised to have a nice dream, then he is to have a nightmare.
when he wakes up one night, covered in cold sweat, he doesn’t think much of it. other than feel a little guilty for waking you up.
“everything okay, gumi?” you ask.
“sure, i guess i had a bad dream.”
“awe no, what happened?”
“i was hunting down a curse but a failed, and it turned out it was the same curse that got tsumuki, and it turned out to be my fault. it’s stupid, i wasn’t even a sorcerer back then… it’s not that bad though, i just have that dream often.”
“gumi…” you threw your arms around him, “that’s so awful. non of what happened was your fault, i hope you know that.”
“i-“ he started, but realized he was a loss for words. he never put much thought into it but when you put it that way, maybe he was blaming himself for what happened. subconsciously at least. “sorry.”
“don’t apologize, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“…yeah.” he whispers into your hair and he squeezes you a little tighter.
inumaki toge...
...doesn’t have nightmares often. his dreams are usually more on the abstract sort, where nothing makes sense (but make for a funny tweet the next day). however some days when his anxieties get the better of him, they transfer to his few hours of rest. 
one scenario that keeps coming back to him in his nightmares in one of your breakup. in that dream you tell him its over, accuse him of things he doesn't have a recollection of doing, and the worst part is he can't defend himself. he wants to tell you to listen, he wants to apologise, he writes down explanations but you won't read them. instead tell him how annoying it is to always have to read anything he has to say. he's crying and trying to get you to stay, and in his desperation he accidentally uses his cursed speech on you (something he swore he would never do). that only makes things worse, and you tell him you hate him for it.
when he wakes up, his face is covered in tears and he's panting as though he's run a marathon. he reaches for your sleeping form without thinking, and shakes you awake. 
“toge, what's wrong?” you ask groggily, rubbing your eyes. he opens his mouth and suddenly all of his safe words escape his head. he can't explain it to you, he doesn't know how to. he just shakes you arm once more and his mouth opens and closes as if the words will come floating back any second. “did you have a bad dream?” you ask and he nods immediately.
“its okay baby, i’m here. nothing bad is gonna happen.” you comfort as you rub his back, dropping your head on his shoulder. 
“t-tuna mayo.” 
he doesn't need to say more. he knows you understand. it was nothing more than a bad dream after all.
for gojo satoru...
..its the same as it always is. its a supercut of those same scenes, replying in his brain like a broken record. the trip to okinawa (his last good memory of him), suguru leaving, yaga telling him what suguru did, their fight, when he... it all replays and replays until he can't take it anymore. he's alone, he's all alone, his one and only, the only one he has.
when he wakes up the guilt consumes him. he's shaken and needs comfort but even he doesn't have enough audacity to ask it from you. he wonders why you're still with him, how can you still what how when he dares to have dreams like these. when he still has thoughts like these.
you're not geto suguru. you'll never be geto suguru.
gojo just isn't sure if that's good or bad anymore.
“sato...?” you question sleepily, feeling him sitting up in bed.
“sorry, didn't mean to wake you.” he quickly excuses, “just can't sleep.”
“c’mere.” you lift the covers and open your arms to him. a soft smile comes over his face as he nestles his face into your neck and your arms wrap around his body, pulling him close. the proximity, the warmth of the bed, your presence, it immediately pours relief into his body. he's calmer now.
as he's falling asleep in your arms he realises suguru doesn't matter anymore. he never cared for him like this, and he never would again. now there is only you.
nanami kento...
…doesn’t get bothered by nightmares. his own biggest nightmare was being stuck working a 9 to 5 job, good luck brain trying to make him go through something worse. if he does have a terrible dream, it’s most likely related to you and to his work as a jujutsu sorcerer. it would probably be a scene in which you get hurt and he can’t stop it from happening.
he isn’t one to wake up screaming or crying, he just opens his eyes and takes a moment to think about the fact that it was indeed just a dream and you’re sleeping right next to him. he knows it’s stupid, but he feels relief at that. so he carefully wraps his arms around you and pulls you into his chest, savoring the way you cuddle in closer to him.
yoshino junpei...
...used to get nightmares often. it was an almost nightly occurrence for him, so much so that after you slept over for the first time and he woke up in the morning, no lingering tiredness or negative emotion, he was genuinely surprised. he knows its clique to say that he only ever sleeps well with you, but its true.
however seldom, his nightmares do return to him. those are the nights he can't wake up, his body trashing on the bed trying to get away from the bullies occupying his dreams. he's crying though-out the dream, pain moans and pleas leaving his mouth. when you finally shake him away, he's scared- flinching at the contact. he looks up at you in shock and before you can even ask what was wrong he starts crying again, and throws his arms around you.
you don't need to ask what he dreamt about, you have a pretty good idea. so instead you rub his back comfortingly, whispering little words of comfort into his ear, planting the occational kiss wherever you could reach. 
ijichi kiyotaka...
...has nightmares about gojo. you literally can't convince me otherwise. I don't think kiyotaka doesn't have really terrible nightmares, they're mostly just extremely tiring dreams. the kind where he is at work and he doesn't know what he should be doing and every task seems to go wrong and no one wants to listen to him. he lives his work, so those dreams are especially tough.
you recogniser he's having a nightmare when he starts moving around on the bed and muttering some incoherent things to himself (somewhere along the lines of “i’m sorry” “no, not like that” “its wrong, ill fix it.”) 
whenever that happens you just gently nudge him awake, shaking his shoulder and whispering to him “kiyo... you're having a nightmare.”
“what? oh...” he whispers back when he wakes up, “sorry for waking you.”
“no worries. here,” you extend your arms out and he immediately takes the opportunity to burrow his face into your neck. you kiss his forehead before letting sleep take over you again and ijichi smiles to himself yet again reliving how lucky he is to have you by his side.
thank you for reading <3
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anime-nymph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Gojo x f!reader
Tags/tw: likely false depictions of the porn industry, general nsfw, Gojo is a shithead but it’s in a better light this time
WC: 1.4k
A/N: Kicking off Kinkmas with a drabble featuring Pornstar Gojo! Thanks again to @vanille--kiss + @meiansmistress ily
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Well?" The ivory-haired man purrs against your lips, one hand snaking its way up to grab your chin to make you look him in the eye. "You heard what I have to say. Do you want to be a good girl or not?"
Everything is much too hot. Hot fingers teasing the spongy patch that makes light flash behind your eyes, lips searing against your neck, sucking hot bruising marks into your skin.
"Oh fuck!" You pant, chest heaving as the man before you begins to paw at your tits, expertly pinching and rolling your nipples until they are red and puffy. "Sir, please!"
"Please what?" He grins, bright blue eyes glinting smugly. "I can't help you if you don't say it properly."
"Please… get me off the naughty list, sir." Your lower lip wobbles as you fight to contain your expression.
The man grins broadly, lips tightening over perfect teeth, sharing a tense look with you.
Neither of you manage to repress your mirth, laughter and giggles bubbling to the surface. 
"Cut!" The director calls, exasperated. "Back to start!"
"You really can't get past that line, can you?" Gojo teases as a cacophony of sounds begin to fill the set, everyone preparing to restart the scene.
"Oh, shut up, you can't either!" You complain, rolling your eyes in return. 
"A little more professionalism please," the director sighs while glaring right at you. "We need to get this scene done today."
You puff up indignantly, but Gojo cuts in. "I don't think the actors are the problem here, our work speaks for itself. I suggest a rewrite, maybe a script without such cheesy lines."
"No one who's watching is there for the script." The director says scathingly, glancing at the pair of you with thinly veiled disdain.
Your eyes begin to glitter with rage, but Gojo beats you to the punch again.
"You're right," Gojo agrees smoothly, taking a step towards the director. Somehow,he manages to look intimidating wearing only a pair of slim fit Santa pants, the poor costuming just another crack at how terrible this production is. The director's smug demeanor begins to crumble under Gojo's pointed words. "They're there to watch me, and they're there to watch her. So, I wonder what would happen if we were to leave this set right now?"
You stare at Gojo with admiration. This industry is known for being cutthroat, and porn actors and actresses are never treated with the respect they deserve. They’re judged harshly, sometimes even by the very staff that film them. It could beat down even the best, but Gojo never seems swayed by any of it.
You had done several shoots with Gojo Satoru before. You both worked at the same agency, and he never failed to amaze you. He is one of the most highly sought male porn actors in the business. His brand is his flirtatious personality and his ability to make his co-stars beg, and his fans clearly love him (based on his 400k+ social media following). The best part is, you've never had to fake an orgasm when you do scenes with him. He is definitely high on your list of favorite co-stars.
But it isn't just his sexual prowess and screen performance that make you look up to him. It’s also the aura of capability and confidence that he exudes off the set as well. He goes out of his way to make sure whoever he’s working with is treated well.
"You—you wouldn't get paid!" The director splutters, facing turning beet red under the stress of confrontation.
Gojo chuckles, eyes glinting. "We would lose our viewing dues of course, but surely you read the contracts? You would still have to pay us for our time, which isn't cheap I must say. Oh, and I bet these studio fees were nothing to sniff at either." 
The other man flushes angrily. "I'm not changing the damn the script, just do your fucking jobs!"
"Touchy," Gojo comments lightly. "Seems you need some time to cool down. Let's revisit this tomorrow." He glances back at you with warm eyes, calling your name. "Let's go. We'll film the rest in the morning."
He hands you a robe, which you put on gratefully. By now exposing yourself is nothing new, but it’s nice to have something when the cameras are off. You’re in nothing but a pair of bright red lingerie bottoms, and it’s starting to get cold without Gojo's touch and the burn of the set lights. 
The director's temple begins to pulse as rage takes over his expression. "You bastard, I'm the—!" The director exclaims furiously but Gojo is already turning away, addressing you instead. 
"You know what? Let's just get out of here, I don't think this one is going to be good for our image." He tosses his parting words over his shoulder, calling them out cheerfully, "Our agency will be in contact with you."
He slings an arm over your shoulder, talking to you, but your eyes twinkle playfully because you know it's all for the asshole director's benefit. "Man, my followers are gonna be disappointed when I tell them about the cancelation. They thought they were getting a new video this week."
"Your poor fans," you agree with faux sympathy, failing to hold in a laugh. 
It’s chaos behind you as some of the staff rushes around trying to calm the director's rage, while the rest mill about in confusion at the change in plans. 
"’Toru, that was so cool!" You finally exclaim as you get back to your dressing room. "You're such a badass. Are they really still going to pay us?"
"Gotta love that fine print," Gojo winks. "It's too bad though, I was really looking forward to filming with you again. It's been a while, hasn't it?" 
Heat crawls up your cheeks, pleased at the salacious look he’s giving you. Outside of work, you and Gojo occasionally have no-strings-attached sex. The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. It’s hard to find a stable relationship in this industry, and they always had to be under the radar. Porn actors and actresses who aren't single, for whatever reason, never got as many profits.
Gojo is probably the closest thing to meeting that mark with you. If you were braver, you would have asked him out a long time ago.
So maybe it was time to be brave.
You subtly grab your phone off the nightstand before pushing Gojo back onto the couch. You crawl over him as he lays down, letting the robe slip from your shoulders before capturing his lips in a heated forcefulness. He swallows your moans as you exchange spit and tongue in a blazing kiss. Gojo feels his head swim dizzily from the lack of air but refuses to break away from you. He groans as you bite his lower lip, nails raking down his chest, teasing and seductive. 
He continues to let you lead as you nudge his chin up to expose the flushed column of his throat, nipping and sucking at the sensitive flesh, feeling his cock twitch as your soft lips find that soft spot just behind his ear that always makes him moan.
Gojo's eyes remain closed for a moment after you sit up, straddling his waist, blissfully enjoying the fading remnants of your touch. When your hands don't return, his eyes flutter open and he sees you grinning at your phone. He's unbothered, but feels a small buzz of curiosity.
"What was that?" He questions, sucking in a short breath as you rock your hips slowly against his straining length.
"That was for me," you purr, and his eyes darken with pleasure as you kiss him again, teasing his lips with your tongue before pulling back. You flip your phone to show him the photo you took. "And this is for your poor, disappointed fans."
The picture is of him from the waist up, skin flushed, eyes closed in obvious pleasure. His lips are red and kiss-bruised. There are faint lines on his chest from where you scratched him, and a set of hickies lining his throat. With his messy hair and sculpted body, Gojo looks downright sinful. 
"Too bad they won't see it. It's a good photo, but it makes me look like a total bottom." Gojo smirks at the picture, gently tossing your phone aside, before sitting up with a quiet grunt, dragging your hips to straddle his lap. You moan as hot lips encase your aching tits and expert fingers snake into your panties and ind your clit with practiced ease.
"Seems I gotta remind you what I'm known for."
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augustinewrites · 2 days ago
Domestic drabble prompts? I’m a sucker for characters comforting their s/o or alternatively comforted by their s/o when they have a nightmare 🤔 I think it’s the soft gentleness of the whole thing that gets me 😔
oh this is so soft 🥺 i hope you don’t mind if i go the jjk route with this
Tumblr media
gojo is a relatively light sleeper. it doesn't take much to rouse him in the mornings, or in the middle of the night.
he blinks awake the first time he hears you gasp. the watch on his nightstand reads 2:16am. you must have been dreaming (given the season, maybe it's another dream about itadori dressed as a giant candy corn).
he waits to see if you'll poke him lightly and tell him about it, or just drift off back to sleep and save it for morning.
but you don't do either of those things. he hears the rustle of the duvet and feels the dip of the mattress as you sit up, drawing a trembling breath.
so he rolls over to face you, reaching out to rest a hand on your thigh, voice still scratchy with sleep as he murmurs, "hey, what is it?"
even in the dark, he can see the glitter of tears in your eyes, but you swipe them away before they can spill over. "just had a bad dream, that's all."
gojo hums, tracing idle patterns on your skin as you calm yourself down. "do you wanna talk about it?"
you just shake your head, wrapping your arms around yourself.
"hey," he urges, shifting onto his elbow. "c'mere."
before you can protest, he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you in until you're laying beside him again. he's got you tucked comfortably against his chest, a hand gently smoothing through your hair.
"just promise me you're not going anywhere," you mumble against his shirt.
"who do you think you're talkin' to, sweets?" he chuckles, pressing his lips to the top of your head. "i'm not going anywhere."
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eraser-baby · 2 days ago
TWELVE: Do you love her?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags: @katsulovee @fairybnha3 @cece-lives-here @jjstsksen @yaya4302 @myfavoriteficsandsuch @dora-the-grownup @doggonudezz @justaboredwriterlol @born-hyper @sidonssapphire @kami9910 @moremilkforkags @dabi-sunflower @iambashfulperson @sirachano0dles @alibrick1 @lshiggy-simpl @husbandtotomurashigaraki @peepeepoopoot @cloudsinthecosmos @salty-satan @floweringfawns @fucktheworlddude @seongjoongg @guukbloom @soy-garbage @diestheticu @wobblewobble822 @moonhere @hanmasin @sukxma @bluefaeriefury @vintagexparker @mangobubblet3a @spookydraken @the-fandoms-georgie @its-the-aerieljeane @jessie9008 @konigasaki @millimacis @delvine @pillboxmb @littlebadprincess @roseycottage @i-l-arva @joy-laufeyson @sitara200 @bloombb @w31rdg1rl @z0bee @somearenotonlybooks @vesazai @sunflowers-rae
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afternoonlovepaint · a day ago
hiiiii could I ask for hcs of Geto, Nanami, Gojo, Yuuta and Toji depends on what you could put in there hehehehehe
by the way I'm her sisters HAHAHAHAHA
# requested || geto suguru, nanami kento, gojo satoru, okkotsu yuta and fushiguro toji reacts to looking after fem!s/o's child
Taglist : @gojosmoochi (blockedt)
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── ⊹⊱✫⊰ ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──────
Geto would sit in front of the child with his knees folded.
"Hey, Mister! Do you have a girlfriend?" The little girl asked him in her small high pitched voice. Geto lets out a soft chuckle before shaking is head.
"Sadly, I don't have one." He shrugs his shoulders, palms open and facing the sky.
"Why do you think about my mom?" The little girl asks him once more. Geto couldn't help but get flustered, hiding his face in his hands before facing the child again.
"Your mom is really pretty." He compliments you, slowly nodding his head as he pictures you in his mind.
"You should date my mom then!"
Geto chuckles once and hides his face on top of his folded arms.
Tumblr media
Kento would be busy scrolling on his phone, looking through his unread messages and replying to them one by one. Unaware of the innocent round eyes blinking and looking at him.
When Kento was finally aware of the little girl looking up at him, he sat down to be on the same level as hers. "How old are you?"
"I'm four years old!" The little girl enthusiastically answers.
"Have you eaten?" Kento asks again. The little girl only nodded her head.
"Mister, you're really handsome!"
Kento freezes for a moment, he didn't know how or what to respond to sudden compliments. But a small smile paints his lips. "Thank you" he replies.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" The little girl asks once more. Kento chuckles then shook his head.
"I'm looking for a husband for my mom!"
Tumblr media
Gojo would scoop the little girl in his arms, carrying her. "What's your name?"
"Y/C/N!" The little girl answers
"Have you eaten, y/c/n?"
The little girl shook her head. Gojo took this opportunity to get something from his paperbag, it was a white horizontal box, and upon opening it, was filled with colorful macarons.
"Do you want one?" He asks, a bright smile immediately paints his lips as the little girl nod her head, reaching one hand out to take a pink macaron.
Tumblr media
Yuta held hands with the little girl, slightly swinging them.
"Mister, do you have a younger sister?" The little girl asks him. Yuta smiles before shaking his head.
"I'm an only child." He answers, removing one hand from hers so he could brush her hair gently. "What about you? Do you have any siblings?"
Yuta watched as the little girl's smile turn into a frown, shaking her head. "No I don't have one.."
Yuta was silent for a moment, pursing his lips before it turned into a wide smile. "I can be your older brother!"
"Yay!" The little girl says, mirroring his wide smile before throwing her arms around his leg, hugging him.
Tumblr media
"Hey, Mister! Do you have a girlfriend?" The little girl asks him.
Toji blinked his eyes before shaking his head. "Nope. Don't have one."
"Mister, what do you think about having a girlfriend?" The little girl asks him once more. Sure he had a fair share of time with women, but they were never serious. To him, of course.
"What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?" Toji asks
The little girl shook her head. "Mommy says I have to wait until I'm older..."
A small smile paints Toji's lips as he watches the little girl before him. Raising a hand and gently patting the top of her head. "You're a smart kid." He says, "and pretty like your mommy too."
Instantly, the little girl smiles at him. "I'm looking for a husband for my mommy! Please date her!"
Toji chuckles at her request. His eyes darting behind her and saw you walking towards their direction. Maybe, he might as well try his luck with you.
Tumblr media
(gifs are not mine. credits goes to the rightful owners!)
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s-ugei · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
word count ┊750
contains┊f!reader. guided masturbation. fingering. mocking. slight praise. suguru refers to himself as daddy (2). clit slapping. clit pinching. choking. squirting. multiple orgasms. pet names. small mention of filming. minors stay away.
from rei┊a reupload.
Tumblr media
“Absolutely perfect.” You’re flush against the warmth that is Getou’s chest, legs spread as you’re forced to endure the unceasing torment afflicted to your cunt.
“And all for me to ruin,” he hums before his fingers dive back between your folds.
Your pussy clenches around his fingers as he fucks you through your third orgasm of the night. Body spasming against his chest, your legs are hooked around his thighs to keep you open — the view undisturbed.
Your eyes are glossed over, dazed with overstimulation, lips agape with drool sticking to your chin. A comely sight, really.
“Su,” you whine. “..need you bad.”
At this, the corners of his lips curve up forming a lopsided grin. “One more like we discussed, sweetheart. You can barely take my fingers, what makes you think you can take my cock?” You gasp, trying to protest, unable to squirm away from his agonizing touch. “too… too much, ‘is too -“
"Then you do it.”
Slipping his fingers out, your sloppy cunt dripping with cum, he brings your smaller ones to the mess and let’s you tease, touch.
“Slowly, love. Push them in the way I taught you.”
Your eyelids flutter as you obey, slowly pushing in not one, not two, but three fingers to fill the width his left behind.
“Oh? Such a greedy little thing,” he purrs, words so intoxicating you can almost hear the yearning behind them, the hunger.
“Good girl, that’s it. Look at how fucking wet you are fucked open like this. Can you feel how much you’re throbbing?” Getou is taunting you, you at least know that much in your heart-rending state. His hot breath fans against the shell of your ear, such obscene words spilling past his lips that your resolve drops, head leaning back on his shoulder in an attempt to hide your face. It’s embarrassing, really. How close you are already.
“Nuh uh, don’t you dare look away.” With a determined grip around your chin, he forces you to watch your reflection, pushing your slender fingers to dip past the swollen rim — a stark contrast to his larger digits, teasing your slit before slapping it.
“I- ah!” You jerk in his embrace, whimpering, body growing tense as your sensitive core clenches at the pain, so close to the fourth torturous pleasured high.
“You know better than anyone how much I hate repeating myself, darling.” You catch his glare in the mirror, dark and deceitful; nothing short of a warning.
“I want you to watch yourself. Yeah, that’s it..twist- shit,” he chuckles, breathlessly. “Twist just like that. You’re a pro, baby. So close, aren’t you? Don’t stop, fuck yourself open for me, let daddy see.”
Your whines grow louder, begging as you twitch and tremble in his hold; pushing through the pain. Slapping your pussy again, his lips brush against your ear with a wicked smirk, large palm sliding from your jaw to your throat, squeezing.
“You need it, don’t you? Just one more, I can feel it, love. ‘Cmon…fuck, so fucking messy.” Your breath is strained as he abuses your sensitive sex with a pinch, eyes staring at his with pathetic desperation.
“Please - i.. n-nee- mhnn… su, please,”
“Can feel you squeezin’, know you wanna cum,” he whispers in your ear, palm bumping against your clit  just enough to make your legs shake. You can’t formulate any words, just moans and a wretched “yeah” as you feel yourself on the brink of another orgasm.
“That’s okay, sweetheart. Want you to let go, don’t hold back,” he coos, and you begin to see white exploding dots before your eyes roll to the back of your head.
"Go on, show daddy how you make a mess.”
The moan you want to release is compressed with the weight of his hand wrapped around your throat. Nonetheless, you surrender to his command, an explosion of pleasure rippling through you as juices squirt weakly from your pussy, soiling yourself even more when slick drips onto the puddle on the floor.
“Atta girl.”
It’s leg shaking, the pleasure you’re feeling, before he removes your fingers, licking them clean as he holds eye contact with your reflection in the mirror. “Taste so fucking sweet, princess.”
You catch the cunning grin on his face before convulsing in his arms, going slack— a dumbed out expression on your wet face, the remnants of tears sticking to your cheeks.
With a content sigh, Getou kisses your barely moving lips, your unconscious body easily cradled in his embrace.
Next time he’ll have to film you, he thinks.
Tumblr media
© S-UGEI 2021 — please do not copy, repost or translate any of my work without my permission. feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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terriblecorpse · a day ago
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬
Tumblr media
main types of kisses he gives -/ 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢, 𝐆𝐨𝐣𝐨, 𝐆𝐞𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
@b4bephomet Sukuna is kind of questionable and out of hand, as always
Tumblr media
—- Rough kind of sloppy ones that he grins into. These are for when he is playful or for a quick kiss. Since these can take a minute or be a rough, kind of sloppy but quick kiss that leaves you dazed. Or other times he is cupping your butt and pulling you up to wrap your legs around his waist.
—- Wondering kisses where he kisses everywhere but your lips, your cheeks, jaw, neck, collarbones. And he will bite to leave marks along your collarbones and neck. He won’t kiss your lips until you beg him to.
—- Playful ones where he won’t stop talking in between kisses. What does he say? He asks if you miss him, if it’s a hello kiss, and him saying he missed you. Or it’s just telling you how beautiful you are and or teasing you at your reactions to him. Along with pretending like you don’t want more kisses when he leans down to kiss you.
—- Passionate ones where he doesn’t let you breathe. So either he won’t shut up or you're not getting air. At most, you will get a gasp or two when he stays, but he is just so addicted to your lips on his. He loves long out of breath make outs with you. And he also loves it after you eat something sweet like strawberry ice cream since he can taste it on your lips.
—- Slow and sweet, Geto wants to take his time with it. And he uses a lot of tongue. He is overwhelming, and if you whimper into a kiss, this man will have you whimpering. There is just something about the tender way he holds you and soft way he kisses you that makes you feel like treasure in his hands. And he loves seeing you so glassy eyes and love stuck when he pulls away.
—- Interrupting kisses! Casually shuts you up by planting one on you. Especially if he is trying to convince you of something, or if you're speaking ill of yourself, or you're angry and have been ranting for a while. The only time he won’t stop you by kissing you is when you're bratting at him.
—- Lip biter, and your lips bleed, he will suck on your lip if that happens. Upset him and he might bite your tongue. He is rough with his hands too, leaving bruised and scratches as he gets more into it. And he wouldn’t mind you giving it back since it’s not like you can really hurt him. It feels satisfying to have you clawing at his back from a simply making out. He wonders how this can get you so worked up, even though he is just as worked up.
—- Possessive kisses, in which he telling you, you are just a toy for him. All four of Sukuna’s hands are holding you still, either underneath him or on top of him. Every time you move his hand around your throat gets tighter. He will pull your hair when you're allowed to pull away, he decides when you get to breathe.
MDI 𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬
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peachsayshi · a day ago
Chapter 18 - Lovers
Summary: staying up all night with gojo - you have broken all your rules, and everything is on the table - you can’t help but wonder what’s next. 
A/N: (18+ / minors and ageless blogs dni) // things are going to take a twist in the next couple of chapters, all questions will soon be resolved - but until then this is the continuation of the previous chapter. enjoy more smut & fluff - cause there’s plenty of angst coming *evil laugh* xo 
TAGS: smut & fluff & more soft!gojo - mention food sex (in which Satoru uses a lollipop for something other than craving his sweet tooth), 
Nothing pleased you more than watching the most powerful sorcerer tremble against your touch. Satoru’s eyes were closed, pinching those frosted lashes as he furrowed his brows. His hands were tense around your waist, giving you a clear indication that he was holding himself back from squeezing you too hard. His face was a little flush, and you detailed all the places where he turned pink: the tips of his ears, the high points of his cheekbones, a touch across the bridge of his nose and a rosy, blush down his neck...
You couldn’t deny that he looked absolutely adorable in this state. 
You cupped the side of his face with one of your hands, keeping his neck stretched in the opposite direction and giving you total access to the patch of skin where you were leaving two little hickeys. 
Nobody else had the luxury to touch Gojo but he is willingly allowing you to make your claim on him. 
Your other hand was keeping a firm grip around his cock, stroking teasingly just to see how far you could drive him to his breaking point. 
After all, he already had his fun and it was only fair that you get your turn as well. 
“F-fuck...” Satoru whispered, your name following after he cursed. “...enough, already...” 
You giggled, his grip pinching at your skin because even though you knew how desperate he needed to be inside you, you still wanted to relish in him weakened by your actions. 
You swirled your thumb over his slit, swiping the pre-cum around the head while Satoru groaned. He dropped his head back against the pillow, his abdomen dipping as he rolled his hips into you. You bit back a smile, before placing two delicate kisses on the red marks you created. You licked the shell of his ear, catching his lobe between your teeth as you tugged, before letting go of his length to place both your hands on his shoulders. 
“Maybe I want to keep playing...” you whispered mischievously. 
“You’re killing me...” Satoru pouted, feeding you another cute expression with how disgruntled he was. “...don’t make me beg...” 
“How the tables have turned,” you joked, “ you do this to me all the time, ‘’s only fair that I get my kicks too...” 
Your knees were spread on either side of him, your eyes drifting down cheekily to take in the sight of his erection. 
Satoru huffed as he sat upright making sure you were both face to face before his mouth met your lips. He gave you a sensual kiss, his tongue needy and helpless as it danced over yours. He moved to suck on your bottom lip, pulling it slightly before traveling his way to your neck until he reached your collarbone. You leaned back, his hands bracing you as he pecked his way down to your breast. 
“Please?” he whispered, flicking his tongue over your pert nipple, his lips closing around it as he drew you in with his teeth. You hissed from the light bite, but relaxed when you felt the sensation of his tongue once more. 
“Please, angel?” he repeated, his deeply smooth voice making your clit throb. 
You sighed as he repeated the same thing to your other breast, licking and sucking before releasing you with a pop and looking at you from under those long lashes just to give his final appeal. 
You could feel how wet you were between your legs, completely aware that this man was pleading you into submission. You curled your fingers around the back of his head, tugging him away before returning to gaze upon him with your own lustful eyes. 
You kissed him hard, unable to control how you craved to taste him on your tongue. Tonight proved that no matter what connection you and Haru shared, nothing you ever experienced with your ex-boyfriend compares to how deeply captivated you were by Satoru.
You clumsily reached for his side table, grabbing one of the condoms that he had taken out earlier before fumbling with the wrapper to tear it open. 
You rolled it over the angry, red tip and proceeded to guide it down the length of his swollen cock. You returned to straddle on top of him, watching his eyes shift to gaze at your pussy. He brought his hands to your pelvis, his thumbs reaching for you labia to spread those wet lips as you hovered above the tip. 
“Nice and easy...” he said with a smile. 
You gasped when you pressed down, feeling him stretch through your entrance before filling your walls until your bodies were connected. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as Satoru dragged his knuckles over your lower belly, soaking in the sight of you on top with complete admiration. 
“Move those hips for me...” 
You started off slow, rocking back and forth until you found the right rhythm. Satoru moaned beneath you, the expression on his face drunk with pure gratification. You were blissfully grinding at your own leisure, until the sorcerer finally thrusted his hips and made you whimper in surprise. His face was buried in your chest, grounding himself with one hand on the mattress while the other wrapped around you.
You arched forward, clutching the side of his cheek with your hand as you pressed your foreheads together. You slid your fingers up to the thread through his hair, smiling into another kiss as he drove himself deeper inside every time you bounced down. 
You didn’t want this moment to stop, unable to control the fire igniting within your core and engulfing you in flamws. You loved the sensation of him plunging between your sex, enveloping you in a euphoric experience as if you have been cast under a lustful spell. 
He calls you his angel, but he had no idea that in these moments he was the one taking you to heaven. 
The frame of Satoru’s bed tapping against his wall snapped you back to the present. Your thighs were trembling as your muscles tightened and he groaned from the sensation of you clenching around him. 
“’Toru...” you breathed, “I’m close, ‘m so close...” 
“Me too,” he nodded, sharpening his movement until he was hitting just the right spot that had you seeing stars. “Ugh, you’re fucking perfect….”  
His eyes fluttered open, locking you into his stare and you happily dove into the blue while absorbing how those orbs pierced through the darkness, as if he was a vessel for the sun. 
You could see every memory you shared with him in his gaze: the moments that he made you laugh until your stomach hurt, where he rushed to your side whenever you needed help, the petty arguments that brought a good dose of drama to your otherwise calm life... 
You’ve never had sex with Satoru like this, not in the way where your bodies were moving and writhing together as if you were one being. The two of you were sharing breaths, your hearts beating against the other’s chest while you both glistened with sweat, and your hips ebbing and flowing perfectly into one another. The incredibly intimate exchange was enough to push you both to your release, the sounds of your rapture echoing across the room as you unraveled yourselves in each other’s arms. 
After the act, Satoru cleaned you up before taking care himself. He handed you his t-shirt to wear as you got comfortable back in bed, then proceeded to slip on his boxers before making his way over to the kitchen where he grabbed two glasses of water.
When he returned, you watched your friend sift around his drawer to retrieve his blindfold and taking a minute to soak in the sight of that gorgeous figure.
You quickly averted your gaze when he turned, taking a sip of your water before placing it on his side table and making sure that he wouldn’t catch you checking him out.
You squeaked as you bounced lightly on the mattress from the force of Satoru’s long body dropping beside you. He pushed back his hair as he brought the fabric over his face to cover his eyes. 
“You want me to do that?” you quietly asked.
“I don’t see why not…” he smirked, handing you the blindfold as he shifted his position to sit in front of you. 
“Not too tight...” he informed, prompting you to roll your eyes but you could hear the amusement in his tone. 
Your sat on your knees, bringing yourself to his level as you proceeded to fasten the blindfold for him. 
“Is this okay?” 
“Hmm, yeah, that’s good.” 
Just as you pulled the knot, Satoru leaned back with full force and collided you onto the pillows. The weight of him pressing against you made you squirm in place, and you stretched your legs to either side of his frame watching your friend adjust in a cozy position.
“Comfortable?” you groaned, as you flicked him lightly on the forehead. 
“Very!” he cheekily replied, and you couldn’t help but laugh in return. 
This unexpected fight happened just as Satoru got back from being busy with work and there were plenty of things you needed to catch up on.
You naturally found yourselves discussing what you have both missed since you last saw each other. As always, time passed seamlessly when you spoke. You didn’t realize how much you truly missed having him around until you l were lost in deep conversation.
“Can I ask you something?” you questioned, massaging his scalp gently as you twirled the strands of his hair.
“Go for it,” the sorcerer replied, his own fingers gently tracing up and down your calf. 
“If you hated Haru...” you began to say, noticing him stop his movements as he curled his digits around your leg.
You swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your bottom lip as you continued to twist his hair nervously. “why...why didn’t you ever tell me?”
“Because he made you happy.”
“Uh-huh, but you had a hissy fit and made me throw away one of my favorite pair of heels because they gave me blisters just because you didn’t like it. Remember? You basically argued that I have officially lost any chance of becoming a foot model…”
“Ahh, gone are the days. Those shoes did a number on you…”
“You see?! I’m really finding it hard to believe that it’s all for the sake of my happiness. So, is that the only reason?”
“Why do I feel like that’s not the whole story...” 
Satoru sighed, “’s a bit more complicated than that.” 
“Complicated how, exactly?” 
The silence unsettled you and you released him from your touch as you placed your arms on his shoulders and folded them over each other to hold him around his neck.
Satoru was quiet, pressing his lips together as he lost himself in his own thoughts, making you wish for just a second that you didn’t bring up the question. 
“Sometimes I wonder why...” you proceeded to say, your voice cracking as you tried to cut the tension, “…why you keep so much from me…”
“I don’t-” 
“Yes, you do. We both know it. You barely tell me anything about the other half of what makes you who you are, you still haven’t fully explained the reason why you and Rina got into a fight, and now this whole thing with Haru...” 
“If I remind you one more time that it’s for your own good, does it help?” he posed, and you could see him smile through his words. 
“I’ve told you before how strange it feels for me. I mean - I know what flavor of kikufuku is your favorite, I know what movies have made you cry, I remember how disgusted you looked after I dared you to drink a glass of wine and know exactly what it’s like to see you tipsy. I know where you like to shop for clothes, and what your favorite karaoke song is but then…then you talk about your students or fighting curses or how disgruntled you get with the people who are higher up that you have to answer to, and I don’t know who that person is...that side of you is a complete mystery…”
You paused, your finger tapping lightly against his chest. “You know everything about me, I just could trust me to know you in the same way...” 
Satoru lifted his back off your chest, turning his body over so he was hovering on top of you. He brought two fingers underneath your chin, his thumb tracing your lips as he softened his expression. 
“This isn’t about trust. You have mine, without question, and it’s important that you know that…”
You nodded your head as you waited for him to continue.
“There is a blessing in being human - as a non-sorcerer you don’t see the ugliness that humanity itself breeds. I want to protect that for you - I want to make sure that you are capable of living peacefully. I will never lower my guard down over what matters to me. I have more enemies than friends, and the less you know...the safer I can keep you...” 
His words were ominous, making your heart skip a beat. 
“Would people really hurt me to get to you? I’m a nobody…” 
“No, you’re a somebody because of me. If anybody sniffs out anything about our friendsh-…about what we are - they would find the easiest target that could break me. You are my Achilles heel - I can’t risk losing you…” 
You drew in a breath, trying to ignore the goosebumps that raised across your arm. You did your best to give him a smile, even though you were disappointed by the answer. Hearing him call you his weak point made your heart skip a beat but it was followed by a wave of guilt. Of course you wanted him to let you in but Satoru was holding his ground. You wrestled with the idea that you might never know the full story but when you felt him touch your cheek, it brought you unexpected peace.
When he was with you, there was no infinity.
You had more of him than anybody else in the world could possibly imagine.
Satoru Gojo is vulnerable around you and that is something you would never take for granted.
“Well, we wouldn’t that to happen,” you answered, clearing your throat as you circled his wrist to hold him. “What would we do without the strongest protecting us?” 
He relaxed his face, grateful that he saw ease in your eyes before giving you a kiss on the cheek. 
“...but, this started because you were asking me about Haru…
“Before I answer your question, I need to ask you something...” 
“What is it?” 
“Do you still love him?” 
Now it was your turn to freeze.
That question struck a nerve, one that made your stomach tight. You parted your lips, immediately wanting to deny it but the words wouldn’t escape you.
Satoru was right - you always wore your heart on your sleeve. Even if you tried to pretend, the sorcerer would be able to see right through your lie. 
“Does it matter?” 
“Yes, it does.”
“I think a part of me will always love the time we had together. I don’t really know how to erase that. I’ve been trying to figure it out but...”
“I’m not asking if you loved what you had with him, I’m asking you if you still love him?” 
Leave it to Satoru to pose the questions that would have your mind running in circles. You shifted uncomfortably underneath him, averting your gaze to avoid staring at those curious eyes.
“I...I...don’t know...” 
He hummed, nodding his head as if he was expecting your response.
“Well, then…whenever you figure the answer, I promise I’ll tell you everything else.” 
“The real reason?” you pressed.
“And the fight with Rina?“
Before you could push him any further, he silenced you with a kiss and along with that, his own growing anxiety about the matter at hand.
The conversation came to a halt after that, with his hands reaching for his tee that dwarfed you, and slipping underneath the hem to touch you in places that made you moan. He pushed the fabric over, giving himself access to massage your breasts and sweep across your belly. 
You spread your legs when you felt him glide up your inner thigh, parting yourself and allowing him to push those long digits deep inside you. He worked you with his hands but it wasn’t long before he was safely inside you again. He held you open by the knees as he watched himself slide and out of your glittering cunt, your beautiful voice calling out his name and giving him the consolation that he needed in the moment.
The night carried on, the sounds of your mutual pleasure bouncing off of Satoru’s walls and in between the two of you happily basked in each other’s presence. The hour was growing late when you both finally managed to leave the sanctity of his tainted bed just to head over to his kitchen and grab a bite to eat. 
“How are you even alive? All you have is a packet of lollipops and leftover rice in the fridge!”
“This is exactly why I was trying to order dinner for us but you were too busy seducing me and now we are both going to starve to death,” he wailed, wrapping his arms around your waist and dropping his chin on the top of your head dramatically. 
You sighed, reaching for the packet from his drawer which you ripped opened. You handed him a strawberry flavored lollipop before proceeding to take out the rice he had and placing some in a bowl to heat up for yourself.
While you were both waiting, you bickered over whose fault it was that neither of you were having a decent dinner tonight but the banter turned into flirtation quick.
Suddenly, Satoru had you pressed up against his fridge, forcing you to hold up the tee you were wearing as he put his lollipop to a much different use. 
He first rubbed the ruby candy against your clit, teasing you with it before dragging it down between your wet slit. He would alternate it with his tongue, humming and moaning with approval as you watched. In between he would take it out just to lewdly swirl it in his mouth, before sliding it back in and repeating the action until he was fucking you with it.
You came so fast from the absolutely wicked act, watching as he rose to his feet and sliding the lollipop back between his tinted lips without hesitation while flashing you a purely sinful grin.
He leaned forward to kiss you, sliding the red ball between your tongues for you to taste the sugary fruit. He let you finish it, while he got down on his knees and threw one of your legs over his shoulders before guiding his tongue back to meet your sex, satisfying his own cravings by hungrily sucking and slurping the dripping arousal down your thighs. He grabbed the flesh of your rear, spreading your cheeks to reach your second hole and you squeaked when you felt him push his pinky inside to finger you from behind. 
You were a sticky, sweet mess by the end of it; left in a complete daze, and blissfully neglecting the bowl of rice that you had left in his microwave. 
Satoru led you into his bathroom after that, where the two of you enjoyed showering and cleansing the other from your night of unrestricted passion.
Your body was aching and sore in all the right places, watching the water trickle down Satoru’s muscular physique and over all the places where you left little love bites to even out the ones that he marked on your skin.
However, the two of you were doused in your own spell of attraction, unable to stop kissing the other even then until your lips were swollen. 
A streak of blue pierced through the blackened sky, coloring the night in a purple as the sun peeked out from the horizon. You were both back in bed by the time the sun started to rise, with Satoru just in his sweats while you were wearing one of his comfier hoodies. 
You were laying against your friend, studying the lines of his hand as you pressed the back of your own into his palm to compare sizes and watching his slender fingers curl over. 
“Your hands are huge...” you whispered, fighting the urge to close your heavy eyes. 
“All the better to please you with, my dear,” Satoru replied.
You pressed your lips together, holding back a laugh as you shook your head disapprovingly but you could feel him vibrate against you as he giggled, obviously delighted with his own joke. 
“We stayed up all night...” 
“I know...” 
“I think this counts as breaking our “no sleepovers” rule,” you pointed out, the two of you making eye contact at the same time. 
Satoru shifted his position so he was comfortably resting on his side. He brought one arm to reach for your waist, pulling you into his chest as he kissed your temple before closing his eyes.
“You still think those rules apply?” 
You nuzzled into him, inhaling his scent as you looked up at him from under your lashes. 
“I guess not.” 
“You guessed right.” 
You kissed him on the collarbone, noticing him hold you tighter as a result.
“You should let me take you out next weekend,” he murmured. 
“If it involves zombie barn animals then I am not interested...” 
He breathed a small laugh, “no, I meant like a date.” 
Your eyes shot open, your heart thumped so loudly in your chest that you swore he probably heard it. 
“A real one?” 
“Didn’t know there was a fake one.” 
“I thought that’s not something you do...”
“There’s a first time for everything.” 
You swallowed hard, trying to ignore how suddenly warm you felt enveloped by him. 
“I uhm-...” 
“Psh, don’t make it so tough. Yes or no...” 
“Y-Yes! I-I...” you squeaked, and you could feel him press the pads of his fingers into your back lightly with approval. “...I think I might like that.”
“Good,” he replied. “Now go to sleep, you’re ruining my beauty rest.” 
“You’re the one who keeps talking...”
You grumbled with dramatic annoyance, but you were glad that he couldn’t see how hard you were smiling at that very second. 
“Goodnight, Satoru,” you whispered, allowing your eyes to fall shut as you cuddled into the comfort of his pillow. 
Satoru opened his eyes, his fingers drawing circles on the small of your back as he reveled in how content he felt.
“Goodnight, angel,” he replied, before drifting off to sleep. 
TAGS: @pensivespecter @ekaterinatepes @jelly-jellx @lollipopd @rosenkow @shuxjodie @mikasackrmann 
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hellvillah · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ ⟢ starring ; kakashi hatake x fem!reader x satoru gojo
- ̗̀ ⟢ summary ; just a lil fun with your boyfriends >.<
- ̗̀ ⟢ warnings ; established poly-relationship, dom!kakashi, switch!gojo, daddy kink (k), mention of double pen, oral (f. receiving), voyeurism(k), kakashi & satoru kiss like once, praising. UNDER 17, DO NOT INTERACT! BLANK/AGLESS BLOGS TOO!
- ̗̀ ⟢ tags ; @haikyutiehoe @officialbunnie
Tumblr media
with satoru between your trembling thighs eating away at whatever sanity you attempted to hold onto and kakashi’s onyx hues glaring holes through your soul had your mind blanking and eyes crossing. your chest heaved for some type of air, nails scratching at satoru’s pale scalp at the blissful feeling of his tongue piercing rolling around your puffy clit in the most teasing and agonizingly slow manner.
“isn’t she just the cutest little thing, satoru?” kakashi’s honey- smooth voice slipped through your ears and sent chills licking up your spine.
satoru mumbled something along the lines of yeah with his face still buried in your pussy, slick coating his chin as he smiled against you. he lapped at and slurped up your sopping cunny, groan in appreciation at your sweet taste.
“are you gonna be good for daddy and cum for him?” kakashi rose to his feet, walking over to the bed where you were spread out and laced his fingers in his male lover’s hair then pulled to make his neck crane. kakashi’s lips ghosted over satoru’s drenched ones slowly, their gazes locking together before kakashi hook his index digit under satoru’s chin then brought him in for a kiss.
you watched with heavy and damp eyes from crying earlier, whimpering at the feeling of satoru making sure to keep your pleasure going with his fingers. thrusting and scissoring them gradually and making your squirm against them. “p-please… need you both.”
both men moaned into their kiss, tongues tangling with one another as kakashi’s hands surfed through your shared boyfriend’s hair. you were envious of both of them having fun with each other but leaving you out. the burn in the pits of your stomach had your tummy churning and your pussy crying for something more.
satoru broke away from the heated make-out, gasping for the air kakashi swallowed. he smiled gracefully, averting his attention back to you before saying, “she tastes so good, doesn’t she?”
“mhm.” kakashi hums, tongue darting out and lapping over his lips gather you and satoru’s flavor. “so do you, pretty boy.”
“kakas… sato…” you whined in a whisper, dragging your hands along your bare chest and giving them both a facial expression they could never refuse. “please fuck me. can’t wait anymore.”
“i think she wants us both inside again, kakashi.” satoru lays wet kisses along your inner thighs, his crystal blue gaze locking with yours as he presses one last kiss to your cheek.
kakashi hums in response, stroking the back of satoru’s head before climbing onto the bed and hovering over you immensely. “we’ll give her exactly what she’s begging for. you want that, huh, daddy’s sweet girl?”
you nod stupid and quickly, catching your lip between your braced teeth when kakashi flicked your overly sensitive nipple. “we’ll give you what you want, sweetheart. just be good for us.”
Tumblr media
© HELLVILLAH 2021 ; don’t steal, copy, translate, nor modify my content. especially for other platforms!
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adelheidvonschicksal · 8 hours ago
gojo + milkshake
“Satoru, could you please stop staring? It’s making me nervous,” you say, averting your gaze away from the blue on you. You’d been helping make tea and set up charms for the Goodwill event, and Satoru had been locked on you the entire time causing you to be a little overly conscious of your movement.
The handsome man smiles as you cut across him to sit his tea near his chair, and it offers him the perfect chance to admire you up close. “I can’t help it when you’re walking around here looking thicker than a milkshake,” he teases happily, even happier when you start to fidget and stammer out an excuse about ordering a new uniform. You always look so cute when you get embarrassed. “Sweet and creamy like one too. Makes me want to drink you up.”
“Satoru,” you whine softly but it’s no use. Already his fingers pinch at the edge of your skirt, tugging for you to come closer so he can splay his large hands over your thighs and hopefully encourage you to sit in his lap.
"You don't have to be shy." Satoru is the only one you know who chooses to make innuendo out of ice cream, probably due to his overbearing sweet tooth, and the only one who can make your face feel like it’s on fire as he does so, which he enjoys making you squirm way too much for your own good. “I think I’ll save that sweet little cherry of yo—“
“Disgusting,” Utahime interjects, lowering her drink in exchange for glaring at Satoru. “It’s too early in the morning for you to be perving on the poor woman, you’ll give her a heart attack.”
“And make me never drink a milkshake again,” she thinks.
Hands still on your hips, Satoru pauses his advancements to snark back at her for interrupting his fun. “I’m allowed to perv on my wife, Utahime. It’s called being a good husband,” he explains only to earn a roll of her eyes. Smirking, Satoru ups the ante by adding, “But you wouldn’t know because you don’t have one.”
You aren’t surprised when her teacup goes soaring across the room seconds later.
I keep forgetting to tag 😭 if anyone else wants a tag for a fandom let me know.
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njisano · 22 hours ago
Can we plz have baby fushiguro meet Geto plz? ( if possible, can you make it to where Geto never turned evil, but instead is a teacher at jujutsu tech? If not then that’s fine.)
platonic! uncle! geto suguru x scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader
warning(s): possible anime/manga spoilers
final exams are over and seeing this request gave me to motivate to write sumn for bb! scarletwitch! fushiguro! reader <3
lately i've been working on my tokyo revengers x reader series entitled venom, so if you're into tokyo revengers and still haven't seen it—please do give it a read! reblogs are highly appreciated everyone :)
i have also have a new theme for writing (ive been meaning to change the old ones but for sumn reason it wont let me ??? krazy tumblr)
Tumblr media
if geto never strayed off from the right path, he'd become a teacher at jujutsu tech along with his best friend, gojo. he'd be that type of teacher who cares a lot for his students and most importantly his little niece.
asides from nanami, he'd be gojo's 'to-go-to' for parenting because he has mimiko and nanako whom he cares for almost as his own daughters.
compared to your father-figure, he's definitely a lot more responsible. in fact, when gojo got you from toji—he probably was the first one that your father approached (shoko, being the second).
he's the one who lectures gojo when he's being too careless, when you get sick and he doesn't know what to do or when you get tantrums and he doesn't know how to calm you down.
geto will definitely be your favorite uncle. whenever you get the chance to come jujutsu high, you'd look for him instead of your own father the moment megumi puts you down.
gojo high-key gets jealous whenever he's around his best friend and you prefer geto over him, clinging onto his pant leg like a koala and making grabby hands.
gojo's just standing there, wondering if he was still your father with the way you were gawking over geto who picks you up and gives his best friend a smug look.
"uncle geto! uncle geto!"
"[name], i'm right here.. where's my hug?"
"looks like i'm the favorite, satoru."
"shut up!"
geto treats you with a lot of love and care, just how he treats mimiko and nanako. he gladly watches over you when gojo can't and he even introduces you to his two daughter-figures.
despite your trouble in making friends as a being of chaos, you were able to click and befriend the two girls.
nanako and mimiko definitely sees you as their little sister and they get excited whenever geto brings you, saying that the three of them needs to care for you because gojo is busy.
the girls take you out to shop clothes and accessories, look at cute animals at pet stores and even have a karaoke date with you. it ends up with geto, carrying everything that the you and the girls bought.
geto would probably keep his hair shoulder length and he lets you, nanako and mimiko style it with however you three want.
you wanna braid his hair? go ahead. you wanna put colorful butterfly clips and hairpins on his hair? he's not taking it off unless you specifically tell him that it's okay.
he's not too strict as a parent and uncle, so he lets you do zoomies and play. geto makes sure sweat doesn't dry up on your back and always has a water bottle to keep you hydrated from all the runnning and playing you do.
he also reminds mimiko and nanako to look after you in case you trip and get a boo-boo, which they responsibly do.
geto buys you your favorite food and desserts whenever he is around, but will make sure you eat some greens since it is important that you start eating vegetables since gojo doesn't make you.
you may not like the broccoli and baby carrots he feeds you, but he makes sure he gives you a reward when you finish them.
"i'll buy you kikufuku if you eat those! how about it?"
"deal, uncle geto!"
geto has a habit of picking you up and carrying you, which is a solid 10/10 for you since you loved being carried. he either carries you in his arms as you cling onto him like a baby koala or you're sitting on his shoulders.
it doesn't matter if he's getting tired, he will not put you down.
and speaking of your chaos magic, he finds it weird and fascinating at the same time. geto definitely helps gojo in finding and searching information about your 'unique' cursed energy and techniques.
geto first witnessed your magic when you two were taking a nap in the faculty room while gojo was having a meeting with the other higher ups. it was a peaceful until everything became surrounded with red 'cursed energy' and started floating in the air, including him and you.
he definitely hit his head on the ceiling as you snored in your sleep, trying to get the two of you down—but he couldn't scream or let out a yelp of pain because he knew it'd wake you up so he had to held it in.
since you were also capable of seeing cursed spirits, geto is completely shook when you gawk and stare in awe at the cursed spirits he summons. you even have nicknames for them, but what's more interesting is that his two high leveled special curses are scared of you.
they either run or fly away from you as you chase after them, or they simply submit to your petting.
he's definitely your partner in crime. you two love scaring the hell out of your father with your chaos magic. you would poof the two of you in front of your father, screaming "boo!" and geto laughs his ass off whenever you two successfully make gojo scream.
bonding with geto includes you watching cartoon shows, playing a game of tag, dancing and singing baby shark together.
he definitely memorized the choreo and song just because he loves you, his niece, so much that sometimes he finds himself humming it around mimiko and nanako. the girls find it adorable and eventually, they began to sing it whenever you're around.
although gojo gets jealous when you're being too close with your uncle geto, he's really happy that you have a good and close relationship with his best friend and his two daughter-figures.
if only this was the reality that came to be instead of the other. it would have been a nice dream to live.
Tumblr media
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asce-of-hearts · a day ago
Yandere Alphabet: Satoru Gojo🍒
A/N: This wasn’t a request, I need to fill my other masterlists so I can get requests for those fandoms too. Y’know, pull people towards my content. So enjoy this. I’ll make yandere alphabets for CREEPYPASTA, OP, JJK and HXH, feel free to request them!
I’ll still be posting the requests that are already there, don’t worry.
Contents: Yandere alphabet for Satoru Gojo (gn!reader)
more Gojo content here!!
commission me!
Tumblr media
Affection: How do they show their love and affection? How intense would it get?
How do they show their love and affection?
 Physical touch and acts of service! Gojo is clingy as shit and won’t respect your personal space! Will carry you around everywhere because he’s the strongest and can do that! Also can and will do everything for you because he is an ass and wants to make you feel useless so you’ll depend on him!!!
How intense would it get?
Overbearing, incredibly overbearing. Won’t leave you alone ever and won’t give you any time to rest with his affection and attention.
Blood: How messy are they willing to get when it comes to their darling?
As messy as he has to get! He has no problem destroying everything that gets in his way. He’s the strongest after all.
Cruelty: How would they treat their darling once abducted? Would they mock them?
How would they treat their darling once abducted?
He’s decent, will definitely do things to mess with you and give you a little hard time just because he’s a little bit of a sadist. But generally he’s nice, and this is a secret, but he’s a big simp for his darling and you have him wrapped around your finger. Just play your cards correctly.
Would they mock them?
Yes, will mock you a lot if you fight him or if you cry a lot.
Darling: Aside from abduction, would they do anything against their darling’s will?
Sex! Gojo is a womanizer and has a very high libido you could almost confuse him with a virgin teen. So you’ll often find yourself under him as he fucks you.
Why you may ask? Because since he’s committed to you and had to quit fucking everything and everyone he desired whenever he wanted he feels a little frustrated. But he’ll remain loyal, don’t worry.
Exposed: How much of their heart do they bare to their darling? How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
How much of their heart do they bare to their darling?
Not a lot, Gojo isn’t used to showing any part of himself to anybody since it has ended horribly for him. And he’s a very closed person in general so he almost seems like a stranger to you. Gojo doesn’t enjoy opening up and even if you ask he’ll tell you little to no information about himself or the things he feels.  
How vulnerable are they when it comes to their darling?
Gojo isn’t vulnerable, he lives on a high horse and will continue to do so for eternity. So no, he isn’t vulnerable at all, not even for the thing he loves most.
Fight: How would they feel if their darling fought back?
Amused, they don’t stand a chance against him so why would he be bothered or worried? He just lets them be while they try to fight him, kinda reminds him of a stray cat who won’t let others pet them unless offered food.
Game: Is this a game to them? How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
Is this a game to them?
Sadly, yes. He takes it a little bit more seriously than his other relationships and flings but most of the time his darling is reduced to a toy for him.  
How much would they enjoy watching their darling try to escape?
Its kinda cute and kinda amusing, but then it just becomes a bother for him. So as long as you don’t abuse this you’re allowed to try it every once in a while.
Hell: What would be their darling’s worst experience with them?
Gojo can be a little neglectful of you, since he isn’t used to being in a relationship as serious as this he might neglect you from time to time - despite being incredibly clingy -
Also, in the worst case scenario he might be unfaithful to you. 
Ideals: What kind of future do they have in mind for/with their darling?
He wants a heir!!! A big family if he can. He might be an ass afraid of commitment but that breeding kink sure does commit him to something. 
Jealousy: Do they get jealous? Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
Do they get jealous?
Despite having a massive ego, Gojo does get jealous quite easily. 
Do they lash out or find a way to cope?
Often copes, again, he has a massive ego so jealousy isn’t a big thing for him to overcome. But sometimes, just sometimes, when he’s feeling a little daring and sadistic he might lash out and wipe off a few people from existence.
Kisses: How do they act around or with their darling?
Gojo is incredibly clingy and corny with their darling, loves to pamper them and shower them in shallow affections. Also kind of likes to bother them a little and give them a hard time, enjoys their tears a little.
As for around other people? He’s like that jock in high school who’s dating a cute girl and despite being the biggest simp in private, in public she makes her feel like she’s inferior than him or objectifies her.
Love letters: How would they go about courting or approaching their darling?
Gojo is charming, knows how to use his looks to advantage when conquering someone. Uses his appearance, money and power to woo his darling until they’re in his claws.
Although, another secret here. Gojo would love a darling that resists to him, one that isn’t as easily impressed or that plays hard to get. 
Mask: Are their true colors drastically different from the way they act around everyone else?
Sort of! Gojo is definitely nicer and softer with his darling. Sometimes looses the cool guy act and might show a little bit of his true colors to his darling. 
Naughty: How would they punish their darling?
Yes, although is not as often as you might think. Gojo isn’t the best at discipline but can be harsh and strict if he wants. But mostly you can get away with misbehaving by sucking his cock enough while giving him puppy eyes.
Oppression: How many rights would they take away from their darling?
Again, Gojo isn’t the best at discipline so not a lot! Just the classic yandere ones and no more unless you give him a reason to.
Patience: How patient are they with their darling?
Gojo is very patient with his darling! Although taking your time has his consequences, one of said is the chance of him being unfaithful or getting bored from you.
Quit: If their darling dies, leaves, or successfully escapes, would they ever be able to move on?
Yes, not easily since he feels like he fucked up and then realizes how much more he should have committed to his darling. But he would be able to move on sooner than other yanderes.
But the guilt never leaves him alone at night. And whenever he’s sleeping he dreams of you, he searches for your warmth on insomnia nights, and if he fucks another person he imagines they’re you. And when he’s sealed and trapped inside a fucking cube that’s when he realizes how badly he fucked up with you.
Regret: Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling? Would they ever let their darling go?
Would they ever feel guilty about abducting their darling?
Unless something extreme happens, like getting hurt by a curse or another sorcerer, or even you self harming or committing suicide, Gojo won’t feel any guilt about his actions. 
Would they ever let their darling go?
Stigma: What brought about this side of them (childhood, curiosity, etc)?
His ego tells him he deserves everything he wants, even if it is another human life.
Tears: How do they feel about seeing their darling scream, cry, and/or isolate themselves?
Aroused, a little dacryphilia fetish can be seen in this scenarios. Gojo loves that you fear him, boosts his ego and makes him feel even more powerful. Let him coo at you and hold you tight while you cry your little heart out.
Unique: Would they do anything different from the classic yandere?
The one and only asshole that will cheat on you despite being the one that kidnapped you. He’s the worst!!!
Vice: What weakness can their darling exploit in order to escape?
When he’s sealed you have all the time in the world to escape and run away. 
Wit’s end: Would they ever hurt their darling?
Nah, despite being a sadist he wouldn’t enjoy hurting his darling outside of sex. Doesn’t sit right with him. 
Emotionally might hurt you, but physically isn’t a thing he likes.
Xoanon: How much would they revere or worship their darling? To what length would they go to win their darling over?
How much would they revere or worship their darling?
He doesn’t worship anyone but himself, don’t expect him to do anything of the sort. He loves and treasures you with his own life, but worshiping you is another story. 
To what length would they go to win their darling over?
Any length he needs to go, he’s the strongest after all.
Yearn: How long do they pine after their darling before they snap?
Not too long, but not too short either. Maybe about seven months to a year.
Zenith: Would they ever break their darling?
No. Don’t expect him to do so.
Tumblr media
hope you enjoy this!!!!
have a great day/night.
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beautiful-is-boring · 2 days ago
Gender bend
Pairing: Fem!Gojo x fem!reader
Genre: fluff, very slightly suggestive, slight comedy, sfw | AU
Contains: swearing, mentions of death and killing, gojo turns female, slight suggestive themes, reader is attracted to more than one gender, mentions of boobs but nothing nsfw happens, periods.
A/n: this is an idea that I had after seeing a fem gojo edit. I am going to be using she/her pronouns for the duration where gojo is a woman, and he/him once he comes back into his original state. The reader is attracted to more than one gender.
Oh and this is a long fic. Word count is 2k.
Summary: You wake up, expecting to see your husband sleeping infront of you, only to find out he has turned into a woman.
Tumblr media
Fem gojo - voice | Visuals (youtube and quora/pinterest)
Your eyes slowly fluttered open as the morning rays of the sun entered the room. You figured it was around 7 am or something, judging by the scenery outside the huge window in your bedroom.
You were laying on your side, your back pressed against your husband's chest with his arm draped over your body as he spooned you from behind. It was quite relaxing.
You slowly turned your body towards him, with the intention of gently cradling his face and planting kisses all over it. The moment you looked at his face, your expression was of shock.
A girl?
Why was there a girl in your bed? Where the fuck was Satoru?
You froze. Even while being in shock, your eyes scanned over the person next to you. Her eyes were closed and she was obviously sleeping. Her hair was long, milky white, and looked like a bird's nest as it rested against the pillow. Her soft, pink lips were quite attractive. When you looked closer, you realized that she looked awfully like Satoru.
Coming to your senses, you shot up quickly, startling the gorgeous lady.
"Y-Y/n? What happened?" She groggily asked you. Her voice was the sweetest.
"Okay who the fuck are you? And how did you end up here? Where is Gojo Satoru and how do you know who I am?" you quickly asked her, panic evident in your voice.
The woman sat up, rubbed her eyes and looked at your confused face. "Huh? Baby what are you going on abou-" and she suddenly stopped. Her eyes widened. "OH MY GOD WHY DO I SOUND LIKE THAT?"
"Who are you!" you pressed on.
"Y/n I'm your Satoru what are you talking about! And why do I sound like a girl?!"
"I have no idea what is happening?! You're a girl!"
Satoru immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the full length mirror placed in the corner of the room, and stood in front of it. Her eyes raked over her form. Her expression was that of shock, confusion and disbelief.
"Did...did I just magically turn into a woman?"
"What is the proof that you are satoru?" you asked her cautiously.
"Cupcake. You and I are the only people who know that you have a scar on your waist." she replied, while stating facts.
You nodded in agreement. That was a scar you had gotten a long time ago. "Well how did this happen?"
"I honestly have no idea. I do have a feeling that it is because of the curse that I fought yesterday." Satoru had actually returned from a mission last evening. Her theory actually made sense.
"We should go see Shoko and see what she has to say." you suggested and she nodded.
"But y/n, I do like really good as a girl don't ya think?" She twirled around and struck a few poses in front of the mirror, then looked at you and winked. She bloody knew she was attractive, in her original as well as current form.
"Of course." you said with a smirk and draped an around her shoulder. Her height had decreased but she was still quite tall. "I'm lucky to have such a hot husband- or in this case, a hot wife." Satoru grinned at you and kissed your lips.
"Wait a damn a minute-" she gently pushed you out of the way and stared at the mirror again. "I have boobs." She raised her hands to her chest and squeezed her boobs twice as you stared at her with a blank expression. "...this is kinda fun." She admitted.
"I- Yes Satoru, boobs are fun. Your probably gonna need my bra for now until we buy some for you. It looks like we're the same size." you informed her and walked to your closet, and tossed her one of your bras. "Let's get ready, we need to go see Shoko."
After almost an hour of Satoru being confused about how to handle things, being slightly spooked every time she looked into the mirror, and getting her hands tangled in her clothing, she finally managed to get ready and pull off an outfit, using your clothes of course.
You literally couldn't take your eyes off of her. Satoru was wearing an all black outfit, which consisted of really good boots, a short dress that reached right above her knees, a corset, and a really cool blazer. You had to admit, the outfit looked better on her than it did on you. Her long, snowy hair was let down, and she was wearing her iconic black sunglasses, along with light makeup.
Satoru knew you were drooling over him, or rather her. She took her sunglasses off and walked towards you, while you were staring at her. She wrapped her arm around her waist and swiftly pulled you closer to her so that your bodies were pressed together. She leaned her head down, her lips dangerously close to your lips.
"You were staring at me." she said. Her lips were lightly brushing against yours as she spoke.
"Not my fault. You look gorgeous as always." you replied with a smile.
Satoru hummed in response. "And you wifey, you look like a goddess." Not being able to resist anymore, you pressed your lips on hers and passionately kissed her. She returned the kiss with the same amount of energy.
You both pulled back and stared at each other. "Alright, let's go."
And with that, Satoru teleported you both to the top of the stairs of Jujutsu High.
Satoru and you walked together to Shoko's office with your hands interwined. You both finally reached your destination and walked in, and found the one you were looking for inside.
"Hello Shoko!" both of you said.
"Hello y/n and ...wait who's that?" Shoko asked.
"Well um" you started. "This is Satoru. He turned into a woman." you explained to her while she stared at Satoru in confusion.
"I see." She didn't look that surprised. "I assume you are still the same?" she turned to Satoru.
"Yep! I'm still the same! No memory loss, no side effects. We teleported here." Satoru replied with his usual smile.
After a couple of tests and questions, Shoko informed you both that it was indeed because of a curse that Satoru fought the previous day, just like you guys had thought. She also informed you that the effects will wear off after 7 days, and Satoru will turn normal again.
You both bid Shoko goodbye, and decided to walk to a nearby park together, since it was a day off for both of you. You bought some ice cream for both of you, and sat down on one of the wooden benches in the park.
"You know Sato, I really like your voice." you complimented her.
"Hehe I know. Wait does that mean you didn't like my voice before?!"
"No Satoru, I love your voice now and I loved it before too. I..I like hearing you talk." your voice was becoming quieter as you blushed. Satoru noticed this and kissed your cheek.
"You're so cute y/n."
As you both finished off your ice cream, you noticed some people staring at you guys, or rather Satoru. You wouldn't blame them though. Satoru was drop dead gorgeous. But he, or in this case, she was yours. Even after Satoru changed over night, some things stayed the same.
You immediately grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss. Satoru's eyes widened for a moment but he calmed down within a second and kissed you back. Breaking the kiss off with a grin, she pulled back and looked at you. "The last time I checked, you were embarrassed when I kissed you in public. What has gotten into you today?"
"Nothing Sato." you said with a smile and offered your hand for her to stand up and hold. "You're looking pretty today."
With that, you decided to walk home.
Day 2 of Satoru turning into a woman. Everything was going smoothly. Satoru quickly adjusted to her new but temporary lifestyle. Before going home the previous day, you both decided to go buy some clothes for her. She was wearing your shorts and her t-shirt that was a bit too large for her. Her powers were working just fine.
You decided to make Satoru take a small leave from work in this time. She didn't mind at all. She got a break from the jujutsu world, even if was just for a week, and she also got to spend quality time with you.
You both were currently standing in the balcony of your home, sipping tea (or coffee, whatever you prefer). You both were silent as you enjoyed the cool winds.
Suddenly, Satoru's eyes widened and she looked a bit uncomfortable. "Y/n I feel weird."
You grabbed both the cups and set them down on the small coffee table, and rushed to her side. "What's wrong? What do you feel?"
"I don't know, I feel ...wet? And a few cramps."
"Down there."
Oh. You had an idea of what was happening. "Satoru go to the bathroom right now." She rushed in there and slammed the door shut, clearly panicked. You stayed in the bedroom, right outside the bathroom door to assist her.
You then heard a screech from in there. "OHMYGOD Y/N HELP."
You yanked the door open. "SATORU WHAT HAPPENED."
"THERE'S BLOOD ON MY UNDERWEAR." She said while looking at you with a confused expression.
"Ahhh, looks like you started your period."
"Period? Oh."
Satoru had always helped to take care of you when you were on your period, when he was a guy. He got you the hot water bottles, painkillers, sanitary napkins, tampons, chocolates, gave you massages and cuddles. But SHE had obviously never experienced getting periods before.
"Y/n I have no idea what to do. I'm kinda freaking out right now."
"Don't worry Sato. Calm down. I'll guide you. You can get rid of that underwear for now, I'll wash it. You can use the pads right here." You picked a packet of pads from the shelf and handed it to her. "There are instructions on the cover." You walked out for a second and returned with a new underwear that you bought for her yesterday. "Here you go. I'm gonna give you some privacy. However, if you need any help, call me okay?"
Satoru seemed okay at the start. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but kinda got used to it. It was until late afternoon when she experienced painful cramps. You both were watching TV while sitting on the couch, when Satoru's face suddenly changed from a relaxed expression to a painful one and a small yelp came out of her mouth.
Her hands flew to her lower tummy. "Y-Y/n what is happening? I think these are cramps. This fucking hurts." She painfully managed to speak out.
You quickly grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her down on the huge couch in such a way that you both were now lying down side by side. You were on your side while she was on her back.
"Yeah. I'm so sorry. You'll get through it don't worry." you reassured her and kissed her forehead. You then decided to do the same thing that Satoru used to do when you were on your period and experienced discomfort and cramps.
You lifted her shirt and placed your palm on her stomach. You slowly rubbed your hand in circular motions. It had helped you and you thought it would help her. And you were right.
Satoru winced in pain every now and then because of her cramps, but her face was more relaxed now compared to how it was in the start. After a few minutes, Satoru stopped wincing. It looked like the pain had subsided.
She looked at you with soft eyes. "I can't believe you go through this every month."
You leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips and smiled at her. "Unfortunately, yeah. But I feel significantly better because you're with me."
"Thanks y/n."
"Anytime. Now stay right here, I'm gonna go get you the hot water bottle and some chocolates."
Today was the seventh and last day of Satoru as a woman. Satoru's period had ended in 5 days. Apart from the temporary discomfort and occasional cramps, she was fine. It was a confusing and hilarious experience for both of you, but most importantly it was memorable.
Currently, it was about 10 pm and you both were cuddling in bed. Satoru wasn't able to sleep for some reason, and you were kinda tired, so she opted to hold you. She was thankful for you in general, to be by her side since the start, to hold her and help her. She didn't know how she would manage everything after turning into a woman without you.
She thought about you and all the crazy events that had taken place in that week while twirling your hair around in her fingers and gently massaging your scalp out of habit. She thought about you both visited the first and second years, and how hilarious their expressions were when they found out that their teacher had changed. Yuuji and Toge were hyped and asked you both loads of questions and tugged her hair. Panda had no idea what to do. Nobara screamed about how the latest styles of clothing would fit the temporarily changed teacher and started to style her white hair with Maki helping Nobara applying makeup and saying a few comments about how she would still be the same annoying sensei. Megumi stared with his jaw hanging open.
Satoru slightly chuckled at the memory. She looked down at you slowly drifting off to sleep in her embrace. She brushed out the hair from your face and placed a kiss on the top of your head.
"Goodnight baby."
That was what you woke up to the following day. A scream.
Your reflexes were fast even though you just woke up, and you sat up on the bed. "Sato what happen-" and you stopped. Satoru was sitting on the bed with an excited expression, except he wasn't a girl anymore. He had returned to his original self.
"You're back!" you threw yourself on top of his and he hugged you back.
"Yep!" He ran to the mirror and looked at himself. It was nice to see him back in his original self as a guy. "Hold on-" he started to say. "I lost my boobs."
"That's- oh right."
"Eh. Atleast I have nice man-boobs."
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quanxizz · 6 hours ago
“I can’t stop thinking about you” | sukuna x reader
******MINORS DNI*****
Tumblr media
in which your older tattoo artist roommate is unable to hide his desire for you any longer.
author’s note: no fucking idea what i’m doing
“I already told you, I’m not fucking inking em’! They can take their business somewhere else.” 
The sudden sound of his deep, haunting voice was enough to make just about anyone scared, but you were used to it by now. You’d lived with him long enough to know how assertive and almost domineering this man can be- and you’d also be lying if you said that it didn’t turn you on.
You audibly laugh at the intrusive thought, shaking your head at the ridiculousness of it. As if fucking him was even possible.
“What’s funny, huh?” You let out a squeak in surprise, the gruffness of his voice catching you off guard.
“Uh... you’re just funny when you get mad.” The lie slips from your tongue with ease- Sukuna was definitely rubbing off on you (and not in the way you wanted).
He sighs and falls onto the couch, sitting beside you, your bodies touching. 
“That guy, Gojo, wanted me to tattoo him again. There’s no chance I’m talking to that bastard.” His eyes narrow as he speaks and you decide it’s best if you don’t say anything, even though what he said bothered you.
That guy was your friend with benefits. So it annoyed you when Sukuna would talk down on the man, what was his problem with the guy?
You both sit there in silence for a while, watching the random tv show you had put on earlier. However, it was nearly impossible for you to focus on the show when his entire right side was pressed against you. It wasn’t uncomfortable, you’d known each other long enough to be this close. But that didn’t mean that you didn’t go absolutely feral inside every time he did it.
Cautiously, you moved your right hand up to the back of his head, massaging his scalp slowly- you knew this helped when he was stressed.
He’s like a fucking dog.
The action causes him to elicit a low groan from his throat, making you pause your hand momentarily.
“Don’t stop” He whispers.
You look over and observe how his eyes are closed, and his hands are splayed over his muscular thighs. Jesus fucking christ.
Your hand picks up where it left off, eliciting more deep noises from the older man.
You let your eyes look over his body, instantly regretting it. Peering down, you notice a prominent bulge between his thighs. Your eyes widen in surprise and you immediately pull your hand away from his head.
“I-I have somewhere to be.” Which wasn’t entirely a lie, you were supposed to be at a party soon.
You didn’t even want to hear Sukuna’s next words due to the embarrassment which has now consumed you, and instead decided to run into your room to get ready.
Once dressed and deemed yourself hot enough to go to this party, you cautiously made your way out of the apartment- praying that Sukuna had gone to sleep.
You let out a sigh of relief as you lock the door, successfully escaping without experiencing an awkward encounter with the man himself.
What would you even say? Sorry I made you hard?
Shaking your head at the stupidity of it all, you go to call for an uber, when you hear the noise of a car horn in your direction.
You see a woman in a black mercedes, a cigarette hanging from her mouth as she stares at you impatiently. Shoko.
“I wanna get fucked up tonight, so hurry up!” You roll your eyes at her restlessness and jump into the passenger seat.
“You wanna get fucked up, I need to get fucked up.” You say, taking a drag of her cigarette.
She laughs at my comment, “Satoru again? What did the fucker do now?”
“Not him, surprisingly.” You say reluctantly, unsure whether you should spill anything about Sukuna to her.
“Ah… so we’re talking about your beautiful specimen of a roommate then.” She says with knowing eyes.
You avert your eyes from her and see that we’re already at our destination. Relief washes over you as you hop out of the car as soon as she parks it.
“Don’t worry, your face tells me more than enough.” She says, a sly grin forming on her face.
“And what does it say, Shoko?” You question as you make your way to the front door of the house. At this, she leans closer to your face and whispers.
“It says that you want Sukuna to put his dick inside of you.”
Your eyes widen at her bold, incredibly vulgar statement. But, before you could deny any of this, the door swings open and you’re both ushered inside.
You instantly recognise the familiar setting of Suguru Geto’s house. Being the son of an extremely wealthy businessman, it’s only natural that the man has a ridiculously large house and too many cars for his own good.
However, the only reason you’re friends with him is because he isn’t cocky at all (unless he’s trying to pull), and let’s you drive his cars.
You make your way over to the kitchen to greet the man, losing Shoko halfway because she wanted to go and find Utahime. The schoolgirl-type crush she has on her is quite funny, considering how intimidating she is. But seeing how Utahime looks at her, you have no doubt that they’ll be fucking by the end of the night.
You’re knocked out of your thoughts when you hear a low whistle from behind you,
“Y/N, you’re looking good.”
Spinning around on your feet, you’re met with Geto who’s leaning against the counter, arms crossed, eyes raking your dress in appreciation.
“Don’t get too horny or your best friend might beat your ass, Suguru.” This makes him laugh, a deep chuckle erupting from his throat.
“Ah forgive me, I was showing my appreciation. I still can’t believe Satoru managed to keep a woman like you.”
Yeah, you couldn’t believe it either.
You’re about to reply to Geto, when you see him look over your head and nod in that direction, his mouth lifting into a smirk.
“Speak of the devil.”
You watch as Gojo casually makes his way over to the two of you, eyes piercing into yours with such intensity that it makes you wet.
Horny just from making eye contact with him? How dick-whipped am I?
He automatically wraps a hand around your waist, claiming you as his, and squeezes the flesh of your hip lightly.
“I was waiting for you, baby.” He whispers seductively.
Unfortunately, part of you knows that he probably wasn’t waiting for you, filling the time with random girls that, like you, threw themselves at him. But it’s easy to get over when you remember the status of your relationship.
“I need a drink.” You say abruptly, visibly uncomfortable from the thought you just had. But Gojo doesn’t see your change in demeanour, and just smiles whilst passing you a vodka and coke. You take the drink gratefully and take a few large gulps, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.
“Wanna come outside to the pool with me?” It was less of a question and more of a demand, his need for you growing stronger every time he glances down at your chest. You smirk at his eagerness, but decline his offer.
“I’m gonna go find everyone else first.” His lustful expression turns into one of disappointment.
Sighing, he reluctantly lets go of your waist,
“Sure, just come get me when you wanna…” You roll your eyes at his suggestive tone, but nod your head.
“Of course I will.”
You turn away from him and make your way into the room next door. The smell of weed hits your nostrils, and you instantly know who it’s coming from. You spot the large woman on the couch, arms spread over the back of it as she’s surrounded by at least 6 women. Yuki Tsukumo.
“Want some?” As soon as you say those words, the women glare at you as if you shouldn’t even be in the presence of your own friend.
“Nah I’m good, do you always carry 6 bodyguards?”
She laughs at your comment, shaking her head.
“What can I say? The ladies adore me.”
“You sound like Gojo.” You say jokingly, but she doesn’t find that funny.
“Is that boy treating you right? Because you know there are way better options than him.”
She wasn’t wrong. But the thing is that you were used to the thing that you and him had. You fucked at least 3 times a week, he always made you cum, and you didn’t have to deal with the stress of a relationship. He was simple.
“I’m fine, Yuki, worry about yourself and which girl you plan on taking home later.” I say dismissively.
She smirks, “Baby, they’re all coming with me.”
You laugh with her and then excuse yourself to go and find more of your friends.
But your search comes to a halt when you hear a certain buzzing sound. You push past people to get closer to the noise, praying that it isn’t what you think it is.
To your dismay, you see your much older roommate giving someone a tattoo. But you don’t realise that you’ve walked so close to him until he clears his throat. You stand awkwardly, watching him finish up with the permanent ink.
Once finished, Sukuna immediately stands up and walks over to you. Due to the music blaring, he leans his head down to your ear, lips slightly grazing as he speaks.
His voice is deep and husky, exactly like it always is, but for some reason the single word was enough to make your knees go weak.
“H-hey.” Your eyes are wide like a deer caught in headlights, and they grow even wider when he dips his head to the side of your neck, teeth grazing the skin.
“I wouldn’t have come if I knew your boy toy would be here.”
You let out a frustrated huff.
“Why do you hate him so much, Sukuna?”
He raises his head to look at you directly, and without missing a beat, he says,
“Because he has something that I want. You.”
yeah um idk how to feel about this lol
sorry if there’s spelling mistakes i wrote this in 3 hours and i’m half asleep.
smut is coming soon don’t worry
sorry i made gojo kinda a f boy but it’s literally canon so
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