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“i’m sorry i didn’t call”
Tumblr media
♡ gojo satoru x reader
♡ cw: smut, minors DNI!, dub-con, unprotected sex, dom!gojo, angst, fighting, both reader and gojo say some mean-ish things, fem-bodied reader, blood, degradation? sorta, impact play, oral, praise, pet names, daddy kink, over-stimulation, fluffy ending <3
♡ wc: 4.9k
♡ notes: whew i spent all day on this one and my brain is mush, so it’s not really proofread. hope you like it. as always I appreciate all of your kind comments, likes, and reblogs :')
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.
The sound of the clock on the wall was unbearable, glancing at it for the hundredth time that night. 2:27 a.m. You had laid in bed for hours now, bloodshot eyes staring at the ceiling endlessly, lip quivering in frustration every time you attempted to sleep. It had been 3 days. 3 days since you had heard anything from Gojo Satoru. It was unlike him to not respond for a long period of time. Even when he was busy with missions or teaching, he was able to check in with you every few hours. But 3 days? Your mind was reeling. You never felt the need to worry much about him when he left for periods of time, you trusted his strength after all. But this time felt…different.
Things had not been left on the greatest note between the two of you when he left for his mission. Gojo had been distant for weeks, not his usual talkative and playful self. He got like this from time to time, and you understood. Everybody needs space sometimes, yourself included. As sorcerers, it wasn’t always easy to quell the dark thoughts blooming in the deepest corners of your mind. You could try to hold it back, but it always crept in eventually. The doubts, the grief, the pain. But it was hard when he would leave you behind, unable to let you in. You wanted to help, wanted to support him in any way possible. You wanted him to know he didn’t have to face anything alone. You understood, you knew what it was like to be plagued by the realities of your job. But he would only push you away more, unable to express what was bothering him so deeply.
“Satoru I’m just trying to help-” You pleaded, sitting on the edge of your shared bed and watching him pull his uniform on as he interrupted you. “I don’t need help. I need you to stop smothering me.” He muttered, straightening the collar of his jacket and grabbing his blindfold off of the dresser. “You think I’m smothering you?” You scoffed, baffled at the accusation. “I have been trying to give you space for weeks now, I couldn’t get close to you if I tried. You constantly have your guard up, like I’m your enemy.”
Gojo sighed tiredly, pinching the bridge of his nose before glancing over at you with fierce baby blues. He looked so disinterested, like he had no regard for anything you were saying. It made your heart sink even further into your stomach. “You’re not my enemy. I’m about to leave for a mission. Can we not do this right now?” He asked simply, walking over to you to hand you his blindfold. You looked at him scornfully for a quick moment before caving and taking the blindfold from his hands. You couldn’t continue to push him when you knew he needed to be focused on his upcoming job. “Fine. C’mere.” You sighed, scooting back on the bed so he could sit between your legs, back facing you. Your slender fingers smoothed his silky hair back, securing his blindfold over his eyes and tying it tightly behind his head, making sure it laid flat like he preferred. He always cooed and begged with puppy eyes that you tied it better, and eventually it became a routine between the two of you before he’d leave. Usually, it was a time filled with giggles and teasing quips; an attempt to get your final fill of each other’s touches before having to say goodbye, but today you were both silent as you wrapped the silky cloth around his head. “There,” You murmured, smoothing his hair back once more mindlessly. “I’d really like to continue this conversation when you get back.”
He only nodded and replied with a small, “Mm,” before standing and turning to kiss your forehead. He looked strained, tired, you noted, as if it took every ounce of his strength just to rise to his feet. “I should be back by the end of the week.” He said, turning away from you to leave. “Okay, I love you.” You said softly as he made his way to leave. “Love you.” He mumbled in reply, unable to face you. His unenthusiastic admission of love did nothing to soothe the tightness in your chest.
4:42 a.m.
The light sleep you had finally fallen into was abruptly interrupted by the sound of the front door being unlocked. Your body shot up before you could register it, tossing the blankets from your body and finding your footing on the hardwood floors. “Satoru?” You cringed at the sense of urgency in your own voice, hearing the door slam shut, arms wrapping around your body as you padded out to the foyer of your shared penthouse. The flashing lights of Tokyo pouring through your windows was the only source of visibility in the room, purple and pink shadows dancing and illuminating his tall figure as you turned the corner. “Satoru.” You breathed in a sense of relief this time, until he turned towards you. You could see the trembling of his clenched fists, the tightness in his jaw, the veins strained in his forearms where his sleeves had been hastily shoved up to his elbows. “What’s wrong? What happened? Why didn’t you return any of my calls?” You almost cried out when he faced you, your previously quelled anxiety snapping at the sight of the man in front of you. You knew he didn’t want to be bombarded, didn’t want to hear any of it, but you couldn’t stand it anymore. Couldn’t stand the lack of communication and affection you dealt with for weeks. You were finally at your breaking point, and Satoru could easily tell. He could see the rise of your cursed energy, swarming around you like you were the center of its’ universe. Your emotions were palpable in the air, buzzing in his tired senses and snapping like rubber bands against his six eyes.
“My phone was destroyed.” Was the only reply he could muster, stepping to the side of you and attempting to move past you, his nonchalant attitude only irritating you further. Your hand shot out to grab his wrist before he had the chance to walk away, spinning him to face you again. “No! You don’t get to walk away right now. You need to talk to me! You need to tell me what the fuck is going on with you!” The rise in your voice made Gojo grit his teeth, his own irritation bubbling in his chest. “Y/N…” His tone was dangerous, a warning that you were slowly cutting away at the only thread he had holding himself together; the only thing left that was keeping him calm, collected, and stoic. You didn’t care. You wanted- needed the barrier between the two of you to break. “I have been here for days worried out of my fucking mind, and that’s all you can tell me? All you can manage to say? Do you even know what it’s like to sit here, held captive by your own anxiety, waiting to hear if you’re even still alive or not?” You scoffed, your grip on his wrist tightening as his nostrils flared, teeth gritting. “You think I don’t know what that’s like?” The words rose from deep in his chest, and you could see the furrow of his brow from behind his blindfold. He opened his mouth to speak again, but you only cut him off, angry tears welling and wetting your lash line.
“No! You don’t know. You don’t know what it’s like to be with you, to be locked out by you! I’ve been miserable, neglected, and you can hardly notice past your own pathetic brooding! You don’t know shit!”
Satoru’s last thread of patience was gone as he easily released your grip on his wrist and slammed you against the wall, wincing as your shoulder blades were met with the drywall. Every ounce of his frustration whizzed through the air, snatching the breath from your lungs. One of his hands pinned your wrists above your head with ease, his other hand resting at the base of your throat. Despite his visceral anger, his voice was low and menacing against your ear. “Oh, I don’t know?” He glared, fingers pressing into the column of your throat. “You think I don’t worry about you when you go out on missions by yourself, insisting that you’re capable enough to handle special grades? How does it feel? To worry about me for once? This is a fraction of the pain that you put me through, you’re so fucking naïve to think you’re strong enough-“
“That’s what this is about?” You cut him off, your tone is still accusatory, though you’re much quieter than before. “You think I can’t handle myself?” Your tears have spilled over now, and you’re aching to rip off his blindfold to reveal his expression. Your wrists fidget under his grasp, but he only presses them tighter together.
“Stop fucking interrupting me, god you’re infuriating.” He groans, tilting your head to the side to gain access to your neck, his lips beginning to suckle where your neck and shoulder meets. A mix of arousal and anger blooms in the pit of your stomach, but you can’t bear to push him off, even if you could match his strength to do so. You haven’t felt his touch in weeks, even if it is full of anger, you didn’t want it to stop. This is what you had wanted, right? For him to pour all of his emotions into you?
Be careful what you wish for.
A loud cry leaves your mouth when his teeth sink into your skin, breaking skin and drawing blood. “Toru!” He doesn’t bother to soothe the skin with his tongue, offering no mercy as he drags his blood-stained tongue up to your jaw, leaving a trail in its wake. “What? Can’t you handle it? Aren’t you a big girl?” He sneers, his hands leaving their position to dig into the plush of your thighs, his touch bruising as he pulls your legs up and around his waist. Your core rests at the outline of his half-hard cock, stifling a sob as he presses himself into you. “P-please I-“
“Enough, just shut your mouth, or I’ll shove my cock down your throat to shut you up myself.” You have no choice to comply with his order when his lips clash with yours, metallic and tainted with the taste of your blood. A small “mmph!” leaves your throat as his tongue collides with yours with no warning, swirling and sucking harshly on yours. Your hands are suddenly locked into his hair, and you don’t notice he has moved until his lips release from yours and he’s dropping you without care onto your mattress. Soft pants leave the both of you as you prop yourself on your elbows, your eyes meeting his blindfold-clad face. As if reading your mind, his arms are reaching behind his head, undoing the knot you had obediently tied for him days prior, his hair falling over his forehead in the absence of the fabric. You suddenly wish he kept it on, his intense gaze causing you to shift nervously and rub your thighs together. It was rare to see Gojo in such a state, predatory and harsh, analyzing your every movement and breath as if he were ready to pounce the moment you tried to flee. Your throat tightened at the sight.
“Strip.” He simply utters, a slight rasp to his voice. His eyes are dark, taunting, daring you to defy him. A sick part of him wants you to, to try to deny him of what is rightfully his, so he can punish you like the bad, bad girl you’ve been. There’s a glint of amusement in his eyes when you hesitate, as if it’s your first time revealing your bare form to him. Yes. Dare to disobey him.
“T-Toru, shouldn’t we just-“ Gasp. Satoru is pouncing on your hesitance at once, grabbing your ankles with a bruising grip and yanking you down the mattress. “I’m sorry, was I asking? I don’t think I was.” His tone is abrasive as he grabs your over-sized sleep shirt himself, ripping it over your head. “Such a brat, I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.” Your panties are ripped down your thighs in a flash, the poor fabric nearly tearing at the seams from the force. You don’t have time to process your nudity before a smack! lands on your clit, your legs flinching backwards at the sting that shoots up your spine. The wail that leaves your mouth is music to Gojo’s ears, his lips almost twitching upwards as you grab his wrist to stop him as he goes to land another slap to your clit. “Please Satoru!” Your fingers clutch at him helplessly, slick gathering between your thighs at a rapid pace. Smack! “That’s not my name.” “Nngh, please Daddy! I’m sorry!”
His heart swells in a sick possessiveness as he molds you, works you into submission. “Are you gonna be a good girl? Gonna listen f’me?” You can’t bear to face him, the blush on your face tinging the tips of your ears. “Y-yes! I promise, gonna be so good for you!” Smack! “Ah!”
 His fingers reach out to grip your jaw, turning your face to his inescapable gaze. “Look at me when you’re talking.” Your lip quivers, eyes brimmed with tears as your cunt buzzes with the aftershocks of his palm. “O-okay daddy, I swear, I swear I’m gonna listen.”
“Good girl.” His body lowers, tongue flattening over your clit, soothing the dull ache he had left behind. You can only muster a small “o-oh” as your face scrunches and eyes flutter, hips attempting to lift from the bed until Satoru pushes them back down, stilling your movement. “Mmph-ah!” You whine, his tongue lapping at your clit tortuously and suckling on the bud. He reaches up to tweak and pinch at your nipple, sensitivity heightened after not feeling his touch for what had felt like eternity. His other hand is at your core, two fingers delving into your entrance without warning, stretching you, scissoring you apart as he sucks. “N-no! Too much too much!” You cry out, fingers pulling harshly at the base of his scalp. “You’re gonna take what I give you.” He groans into your clit, nose pressed into your pubic bone. His cock is angry, strained in his pants, and he knows he can’t ignore it much longer. He almost forgot how good you taste, how he could lie between your thighs for hours, drinking you in and fucking you dumb with his fingers. Your belly tenses and thighs shake, and Satoru knows how close you are. He can feel every familiar flutter of your walls, rutting his fingers upwards inside of you when he finds that spot known to make you squirt on occasion. “Nngh! I-I’m gonna…” You trail off, head thrown back at the build-up in your gut. It’s almost embarrassing how fast he has you coming apart beneath him. Until he’s suddenly gone, leaving you empty and clenching, the tension in your cunt quickly dissipating at his absence. “No!” You sob needily, trying to reach out for his arm as he backs away from you. He only swats your hand away, clicking his tongue. “You get to cum when I tell you that you can, don’t be whiny.” He mutters as he begins ridding himself of his clothes, his belt clinking under his fingertips.
His cock is swollen, almost purple at the tip, balls straining at the weight of his load aching to be released in your pretty cunt. Not yet, he reminds himself. Your punishment wasn’t over. “Suck.” He demands, sinking into the bed on his knees, and you scurry to your hands and knees quickly, not wanting to upset him further. “Yes, daddy.” You whisper, eyes flickering to his as his tip hits your lip. He sucks air in between his gritted teeth, hissing at the way your lips suckle around his head, the bittersweet taste of his pre-cum coating your tongue. You’re moving slow, swirling and hardly taking in enough for his liking. Any other night, he would have appreciated you taking your time and being so gentle with him, eyes filled with admiration for his kind, considerate, pretty girl. But not tonight. Satoru Gojo doesn’t have an ounce of patience left. His hand finds the back of your head, rutting his hips forward as he pushes your head down, choking you on his cock. “Ah- yes that’s it princess. Take it all, c’mon, I know you can.” He coos, his gentle voice contrasting the rough thrusting of his cock down your throat. The wet squelching of your mouth and muffled gags only spur him on more, his head falling back as pretty groans leave his mouth. His cock is so heavy and hot on your tongue, and you look up at his beautiful, muscled form through helpless, tear-filled eyes. You can feel him twitching between your lips, balls tensing and cock lengthening even more, if possible. His hips stutter, but you shove your face further, gagging loudly as your nose brushes the soft patch of pubic hair at his base. “Fuck! Oh god, fucking…” Gojo can only curse as he looks down to watch you eagerly take his load, hot, thick seed spurting down your throat. “Y-Yes, that’s it baby, oh you’re so good for me, just like I knew you could be.” He’s muttering praises and panting as you pull off his spit and cum-covered dick, licking your swollen lips and tasting the mixture of cum and tears on your skin. He reaches down to grab your jaw, applying pressure and telling you to “Open up.” You comply, flinching when he spits on your face, the majority of his saliva landing in your mouth. His thumb presses into your chin, forcing you to close your mouth. “Swallow for me, baby girl.” He whispers, and god you listen so well. He can feel your throat bob beneath his hand as you swallow, blinking up at him so innocently as if your throat wasn’t just fucked raw by him. “Mm,” His hum reverberates in your chest, heart swelling at the coo as you notice he’s already hardening again. “On your back, pretty girl.” His voice is much softer now, fingers brushing up your sides gently as you do so, and you can’t help but keen at his affection. You had craved this so badly, his touch, his desire, all of him. “I missed you…” You admit in a whisper, tears welling for the umpteenth time that night, looking away shyly from him. “I was scared.” His hands are tracing over every curve, finally taking a moment to sit back and analyze your beauty, brow furrowed and expression unreadable, like he often was to you. “I know, baby, I know. I’m sorry. I missed you too.” He confesses, thumb caressing your cheek and brushing away a stray tear. “I didn’t mean to worry you.” His other hand is brushing up your thigh and pushing it up to your chest. He’s settled between your legs, resting on his knees as his fingers ghost over your clit. “Let me make it up to you…” He pleads, circling the nub slowly as his cock head brushes over your entrance. You whimper softly in response, hand reaching up to cover his that rested on your cheek, head leaning into his touch as you nod.
Gojo takes your confirmation eagerly, hand leaving your cheek as he plants his hands on the underside of your knees, pushing both of your legs up to your chest as his hips guide his cock. He’s inching himself in painfully slow, delicious stretch burning, licking at your insides. His mouth finds yours and you’re both gasping into each other’s mouths at the sensation you had both been denied for weeks. Fuck, he thinks. How could he have ever neglected this perfect pussy, his pretty girl? His thoughts had been so trivial compared how good you felt, why hadn’t he just fucked out his frustration sooner? He’s buried to the hilt, your legs quivering and trembling under his hold. “Ah! P-Please, more…” You whimper, face scrunched so cutely. Gojo’s heart swells at the sight, but he still asserts his dominance over you, telling you to, “Use your words like a big girl, tell me what you need.” His head has fallen into the crook of your neck, licking away the now dried blood and soothing the angry bite mark he had left prior. Mine. He can’t help but think, as he admires the mark he left for all to see, his teeth imprinted perfectly on your bruised neck. “Please, daddy, just want your cock. Want you to fuck me so good.” You cry, fingers caressing his hair and nails digging into the back of his neck. He groans softly at the feeling, the crescents of your nails tainting his pale, smooth skin and dragging down his back.
Yes…I’m yours. As much as you are mine.
“Anything for you, princess.” He whispers, and he means it, drawing his hips back and rutting them against yours once more. Anything for you, he would do anything. “Mmph! Ah! Ah!” You whimper, the slick squelching of your cunt filling your senses so lewdly as he thrusts into you, his hands finding their home on your waist. He groans as you clench down on him repeatedly, almost making it difficult for him to move his hips. “Oh baby, baby, you gotta relax, s’too tight.” He mumbles, a hand sliding up to fondle your bouncing tit, to which you arch into him more. “I-I’m trying, f-feels so good…” You stammer over your words, having a hard time replying to his request when his cock is kissing your cervix so perfectly, the ridge of his tip brushing against your spot with each thrust. Your belly is tight with the orgasm he had previously denied you, quickly creeping up on you and swarming your senses. He can sense it, humming knowingly in affirmation. “Mm, yeah baby, go ahead, milk my cock. Wanna feel you cum around me.” He moans, hand moving from your tit, down your belly, to the throbbing bud between your folds. He circles it mercifully, your lips parting and eyes fluttering in response.
“Satoru! Fuck! I-I…yes!” You shake beneath him, your orgasm flashing hot through your body. Your pussy creams on his shaft so deliciously, and he stifles his desire to lick it up right then and there. You always taste so damn good on his tongue when you cum. Your walls clamping down has him digging his fingers into your hips, a grunt falling from his lips as he fucks you through your high. You whimper as he continues to rut harshly against your hips, his fingers refusing to leave your pained clit. “I can’t! No-“ You cry out, eyes squeezing shut tightly at your sensitive state, flinching away from his touch. “You can, baby, c’mon, you can cum again. I know it.” He murmurs, his fingers following your clit no matter how much you move, greedily working you to another high. “Such a good baby, taking me so well. Just a little more f’me, a little more…” He praises, chasing his own climax like a man crazed. He wants his seed to be buried deep in your cervix, where it belongs, hot and leaking out of you, dripping down your plush thighs. The image makes him hiss, thrusting with more fervor and pinching your clit. “Ah!” You buck into his touch, biting your lower lip and yanking at his abused scalp, but he doesn’t mind. It’s not long before you’re tightening around him again, moaning drunkenly and reaching down to squeeze the curve of your breast. The sight of you cumming blissfully around him, once more, has him tipping over the edge.
“G-goddamn!” Satoru stammers, sweat beading on his forehead as you squeeze around his cock, head thrown back and mouth agape as his cum escapes him in thick, long ropes. He’s milked of every last drop, gripping onto your thighs like they’re his lifeline, the only thing keeping him tethered to you. “Mmph, ‘Toru…” You mumble, combing your fingers through his hair lovingly as his head rests on your chest, his chest heaving from exertion.
You both lay there in a comfortable silence afterwards for a while, your hands mindlessly weaving through his hair. It feels so good to have him back, present with you, safe and sound. He has relaxed now, the comfort of your breast against his cheek furthering his fatigued state. His steady breathing makes you believe he’s asleep for a moment, until he finally speaks up.
“I don’t want you to be a sorcerer anymore, Y/N.” Ah. Here it comes, the communication you so desperately craved. The sound of his walls unlocking for you, at last letting you in to see what was going on with him, a peek into the thoughts he didn’t want to burden you with. “’Toru, that’s not-“ “I know, it’s not gonna happen.” He murmurs, resting his chin on your chest to look up at you. His eyes glisten in the dim light of your bedroom, the dimensions of his irises now visible without the haze of lust they held before. You sigh softly, “Is this because I got hurt on my last mission? It really wasn’t that bad of an injury, and I killed the curse. I don’t see the issue.” You murmur, and now it’s his turn to sigh. “I know, I know you’re strong and smart and capable. I didn’t mean what I said before, I just…” He trails off, finding it difficult to word his emotions without sounding like he meant to control you. That wasn’t what he desired, he wanted you to be free to do as you pleased, of course. But…
“I don’t want to lose you. I couldn’t…couldn’t handle that if it happened. You can do anything, anything else that your heart desires, but jujutsu is too unpredictable. I know it’s hypocritical and selfish, but I don’t want you in that world anymore. I want you to be safe, I want to know I’ll always be able to come home to you at the end of the day.” His expression is stoic as he speaks, but he can’t mask the wavering of his voice as he admits his fears to you. His deep fear of losing you like he has so many others, his selfish need to keep you wrapped up and secure, away from the dangers of curses and the darkness they bring. He was angry, so angry with you for getting injured on that mission. He didn’t have much regard for himself, he knew he could always come home in one piece, but you? It wasn’t guaranteed. You weren’t untouchable. You had promised you’d always come back to him, promised you’d always be there, that you’d see him again. But seeing you in a fragile state made him realize, it wasn’t something you could promise so easily. It was a promise waiting to be broken.
“Satoru,” You said softly, brushing his disheveled hair away from his forehead. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. I understand sorcery isn’t predictable, but this is the life we chose. There’s nothing else I’d rather do, nothing else that I’m made for, and I know you understand how that feels. Nobody’s life is guaranteed, tomorrow isn’t promised to anybody. But just like you, I always fight to get back home to you. That will never change.”
Gojo lays there in silence for a few moments, contemplating the weight of your words before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. He knew you wouldn’t be able to give up sorcery, knew it long before he had suggested it. Like you said, there was nothing else in the world that the two of you could do. You both had been made for this since birth, the ways of jujutsu etched into your minds from early ages. “I know.” He finally whispers, fidgeting with a stray strand of your hair. “Didn’t hurt to try, I guess.”
You smile down at him knowingly, lovingly, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “I love you, you know?” “Mm.” He hums back at you, a smile quirking at his lips. “I know.” He states smugly, his cocky attitude returning at once. You grab the pillow beside you and playfully hit him over the head with it, and your chest warms at the sound of his laughter filling the room. Oh, how you had missed that sound. He takes your hand in his, his lips brushing over your knuckles sweetly. “I love you baby, so so much.” He murmurs against your hand, blue eyes fluttering closed. “I’m sorry for everything. I really am.” He admits, his voice lowering to a whisper. “It’s okay.” You reassure him, smiling down at him. “But the next time you don’t respond to my calls, I’m hunting you down myself.”
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Ways to gain Trust
Cat! Gojo Satoru x Reader
When Satoru and Megumi bonds, but chaos with Toji
Tumblr media
Here you all are now at a hardware store. Toji walking a bit ahead the three of you, Megumi right by your side holding Satoru's leash as he was now walking, wanting to be put down after being carried all the way here.
Starting off with taking a cart for the smaller materials before going for the larger materials. Toji stopped right along with the three of you, waiting.
Opening the child's seat of the cart you looked at your side to see Megumi staring up at you and the cart with wide eyes, his face neutral but his eyes told a lot. You smiled at this, patting his head, taking the leash off of his hand and placing it on yours before carrying him up to put him on the cart seat. 
Pressing a kiss onto his cheek and giggling at his flushed face. Before looking down at Satoru "Do you wanna keep walking Satoru?? Or would you like to sit with 'Gumi here?" Seeing him sit down on the floor made you guess that he wanted to continue walking, you smiled at this reaching down and scratching his chin as he closed his eyes and purred.
Standing back up to push the cart when Toji grabbed a hold of it and instead pushed the cart, Megumi pouted a little as he wanted you to push it but kept quiet. You watched this interaction and smiled to yourself, softly tugging Satoru's leash as the two of you followed the father and son.
So here you were all now, looking around each and every isle for the things that you would be needing. Nails, Support Brackets, rope netting, screws, drill and hammers.
"Toji-kun would it be alright if I borrowed your wood cutter for this instead?" You looked at Toji as you held up a wood cutter from the store. "Yeah…" you sweat dropped at his short response but nodded in thanks. Satoru, getting jealous by this, stands up on his hind legs his front legs clutching onto your leg, meowing for your attention. 
"Satoru?" You tilted your head at his sudden seek for attention, you picked him up into your arms and giggled a bit as he nuzzled you. "I love you too~" 
You didn't notice this but Satoru was looking smugly at Toji for this, as Toji had an irk mark on his head. I'm killing this cat, I swear to G*d.
Meow~~ (arson~~)
Megumi seeing all of this interaction sweat dropped. Tugging at his father's clothing to be put down from the cart "down…" he simply responded. Toji looked at him, sighing and lifting him up and out of the child's seat of the cart, letting him down. Megumi then walked over to you tugging at your clothing. Opening his arms, making grabby hands for Satoru.
"Hmm? What is Megumi-kun?" You looked at him with a curious look, "Satoru…" he answered. You then squatted down to give him access, placing Satoru in his arms, removing the leash off of your wrist and giving it to him before he then ran over to the cart and guided Satoru on the child's seat.
Meow?? (What??) He tilted his head, questioning the child's intention. You smiled at this, amazed at Megumi's interactive self. You then went over to the two of them, carrying Satoru from Megumi's arms and placing him in the cart, Satoru standing up on his back paws, his front paws leaning on the cart, looking at Megumi. 
Meow!! (Push me!!)
Megumi grinned and began to push the cart away. You and Toji made eye contact with each other, as you smiled at him and Toji looked away from you with a light blush on his face. Immediately walking after Megumi as Satoru let out meows on the cart. 
You smiled to yourself, pulling out your phone and taking a picture of the moment. Before going after them to continue with your shopping of the materials. 
Tumblr media
Having already finished shopping for the smaller materials it was now time for the bigger ones, currently it was just the three of you, Megumi and Satoru. Toji had gone off to find a worker to ask for a cart for the woods that you would be buying. 
So here were the three of you waiting for him to come back, Megumi and Satoru keeping themselves occupied with the cart as you kept watch of them, making sure they didn't go far or hit someone. "Megumi-kun!" You called out for him, pulling out a handkerchief from your bag and wiping his face and back down. "You okay? Try not to run so much, I can't have you getting sick bubs." You continued to wipe his sweat before letting him go.
"Thirsty?" You asked the two of them. Megumi nodded and Satoru responded with his tongue hanging out a little of his mouth. You pulled out two water bottles from the bag and gave Megumi his while you assisted Satoru with the tumbler meant for pets, pressing the button for the water to dispense to the cup and giving it to him, holding the cup as he drank his water. Megumi watched Satoru as he drank his own.
Meow…~~ (water...~~)
You then saw by the corner of your eyes, Toji walking towards the three of you with the cart, patting Megumi's head as he arrived at your waiting spot. Taking the bottle from Megumi as he finished and wiping the child's chin with his hand as water dripped a little from his mouth.
By this point, Satoru had also finished drinking, emptying his tumbler's cup of the dispensed water. You wiped the cup from the excess water droplets before returning it to your bag along with Megumi's bottle. 
"So what wood should we pick??" You asked Toji as the two of you looked at the arrangement of woods all over the isle of different sizes and grades. Also holding tightly onto the cart as you saw from the corner of your eye that Satoru planned to hop off of it onto Megumi's arms, Immediately picking him up before he leaped as the cone around his neck would make it difficult for him to jump. 
Meow~~ (Gumi~~)
Satoru purred as he was in Megumi's arms. Megumi made a bit of a face at the display of affection. Don't get him wrong, he liked the fact that they played and Satoru liked him, but affection is still a huge no.
"Plywood, furniture grade. We'll just apply varnish to make it even more durable than it already is, considering it's a cat we're talking about that would use it…" Toji replied to you, picking up a sample of the plywood and handing it to you for you to feel it. 
"Yeah… I like the texture of this, I'm sure it'll be fine for Satoru's paws and claws." running your palm across the wood feeling it. "Yeah this should be fine." You informed Toji as you placed the piece of plywood to the cart. 
From there you and Toji picked out some of the small pieces of plywood and a few of the huge ones to be able to just multiply the bigger one into smaller ones. All of you then headed to the counter, Megumi and Satoru running with you and Toji pushing the carts to the counter. Paying for all of the things.
A worker then went over to all of you, taking a hold of the cart to help you get the bought woods into the back of the pick up truck with Toji taking the plastic bags from your hold and you guiding Megumi as he held onto Satoru. 
Finally reaching the pick up truck you placed Megumi and Satoru onto the back seat, placing Megumi in his seat belt as Toji and the worker handled the goods. Leaving the door open so that air would still be inside the pickup truck as it was still not open. You stayed beside the two -outside of the pick up- waiting for Toji to come, as you pulled out a small change for the worker that helped you and Toji. Paying the worker, closing the car door as you sat at the back seat with the two. Toji went to the driver's seat, starting the pick up and looking at the three of you only to see the drowsiness within your eyes. Staying quiet because of this and just driving home. 
Tumblr media
Toji continued to drive home, every once in a while looking at the mirror to look at the three of you, smiling to himself at how Megumi leaned onto you with your arms wrapped around the child and Satoru beside Megumi, onto his back purring in his sleep as Megumi held onto him to prevent him from falling off the seats.
Toji parked the pick up to the side for a bit, pulling out his own phone and taking a picture of the three of you snuggled up. Pocketing the phone and going back to driving home. 
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castelles · a day ago
BOOK 1: RETURN || chance.
Tumblr media
RELATIONSHIPS // gojo x f!reader, megumi x f!reader GENRE/TAGS // romance, slow burn, reincarnation!au WARNINGS // gojo is annoying WORD COUNT // 1.5k NOTES // reminder that the megumi x reader relationship is just a small sprinkle; i don't want anyone to be misled if they follow the series lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“She’s a witch,” Megumi muttered to himself, another yawn forcing its way out of his throat. “She has to be.”
He wasn’t exactly sure why he agreed to Kugisaki’s shenanigans (more like being ordered around like a dog), but he did. Wasn’t this usually Itadori’s job?
“Fushiguro!” she’d yelled at him. “Make sure you pick up that coffee I asked you to! Or else you won’t ever hear the end of it from me!”
A vein throbbed in his forehead as his friend’s shrill voice rang through his skull. She said something about wanting to try every single popular cafe in the city now that she’s finally here, and this particular one happened to be on the way from Megumi’s house to the college. 
He sighed. 
Well, he supposed it wasn’t too much of a hassle.
“Fushiguro Megumi-san!” you called out in the small shop window.
Megumi blinked at the sound of his name, briskly strolling up to retrieve his order. He came face to face with you, wearing a white mask and bandana with the store’s logo printed on it.
You paused briefly — just briefly enough for him to notice — and looked back down at the little slip of paper with his order and name written printed on it.
“Fushiguro…” you trailed off, and glanced up at him. “Megumi-san?”
“Yes,” he said politely, resisting the urge to sigh. 
Immediately picking up on the exhale that Megumi had intentionally held in, your eyes creased into an apologetic smile as you said, “Sorry about that. I accidentally assumed you’d be a girl from your name.”
“It’s alright,” Megumi returned politely, accepting the cup of coffee from you with both hands. “It’s a reasonable assumption.”
“Well, my name is can sometimes be considered a unisex name, depending on context and… language,” you commented. “But it does happen occasionally, where people think I’m a man before they meet me.”
“Oh, is that so?” Megumi replied, blinking at the conversation between you two.
“Yes,” you laughed lightheartedly. The sound made his shoulders relax.
“I like my name though,” you added after some thought. “It carries meaning, and it’s a part of my identity. I like yours too!” 
Megumi averted his gaze, wondering if he was imagining the warmth in his cheeks. Maybe the cafe just wasn’t insulated all that well.
“Thank you,” he said quietly, bowing his head slightly to indicate he would be taking his leave.
“Thank you for coming,” you grinned again, eyes forming small, friendly crescents. “Please come again!”
Megumi gave you a well-mannered nod of acknowledgement in return, and turned to walk towards the exit. His feet felt lighter, practically floating over the steps past the door, onto the busy, bustling streets of Tokyo.
Megumi. He thought to himself. It means… “blessings.”
“I can see why you like her,” Nobara teased, a grin nothing short of evil creeping up on her face. “She looks pretty too.”
“She seems nice!” Yuuji piped up.
Megumi was torn between glaring at his two “friends” with so much killing aura that they drop dead on the spot, and burying his head into the small wooden table at the booth of the now-familiar coffee shop where he sat, never to be seen again.
This was so embarrassing.
“Can you two keep it down,” he growled, a furious heat overtaking his face.
“Aw, are you embarrassed?” Nobara cooed.
“I’ve never seen Fushiguro embarrassed!” Yuuji said, coming to that realization out loud.
“Die,” Megumi muttered under his breath. Nobara simply cackled smugly, and Yuuji looked pleasantly amused as well.
He didn’t even know how they found out about this. 
Did they follow him? For how long? How much do they know?
Damn, he should’ve been more careful.
“How old is she?” Yuuji asked with an innocent curiosity. Nobara smacked him without hesitation, just stopping short of slamming his head into the wall, yelling, “DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S COMMON COURTESY NOT TO ASK A WOMAN HER AGE?”
“Idiot,” Megumi muttered again.
But truthfully, he didn’t know either.
He wished he did — actually, he wished he knew a lot more things about you.
“Well how are you supposed to know if you have a chance or not?” Yuuji cried innocently, as though he’s been wronged. He rubbed his face gingerly. “What if she’s too old for you?”
A vein throbbed in Megumi’s temple.
“Jennifer Lawrence is like, fifteen years older than you,” he snorted. Nobara smirked at the black-haired boy’s lack of effort in shooting down Yuuji’s question.
“Well… that’s true…”
Megumi sighed. Truthfully, he hadn’t thought that far ahead. He’ll deal with it when he gets there.
But unfortunately for him, it appeared that his time of peace and quiet (relatively) would be short-lived.
An annoyingly distinct voice traveled through the air of the shop and felt as though it smacked him in the back of the head.
“What the hell is he doing here,” Megumi hissed at his two friends sitting with him, who were suddenly incredibly fascinated with the table and the wall, respectively. 
“Itadori…” he all but snarled at their lack of responses. 
“I-I didn’t say anything! I swear!” Yuuji disclaimed, looking over at Nobara frantically for some help. She, however, was now oddly fixated on her nails, showing absolutely intent of helping him. 
“It was definitely him,” Nobara whistled while Megumi gritted his teeth in annoyance. 
“Kugisaki…” Yuuji whimpered.
Surely enough, only a mere few seconds passed before their white-haired sensei walked right up to their booth. 
“Yo,” he grinned at his three students. One looked apathetic at the sight of him, one looked like he was on the brink of tears, and one looked like he wished he’d never been born as of this moment. 
Oh Megumi. 
“What’re you doing here?” the raven-haired boy mumbled, as though he didn’t already know the answer. He was used to his stupid teacher being stupid all the time, but it was rare that Megumi actually cared so much. 
“Just stopping by to get some coffee, of course,” Gojo said, peering over the rims of his sunglasses — an essential part of his off-duty outfit. “Want me to order something for you too?”
Gojo-sensei doesn’t even like coffee, especially if it’s bitter. 
“Of course you do,” the tall man said cheerfully, practically singing the words as he reveled in Megumi’s obvious disgruntlement at his current situation. “I’ll buy you one! My treat, of course.”
Gojo chuckled again before turning around to make his way towards the ordering window. 
How should I embarrass Megumi while still making him look good? He wondered to himself, absolutely tweaking at the mere thought. 
It wasn’t every day he got the chance to play matchmaker for his beloved student — albeit against Megumi’s wishes, probably (especially considering he currently looked like he wanted nothing more than the sweet, sweet release of death). 
A wide, saccharine grin nothing short of evil stretched far and wide across Gojo’s lips. 
Yuuji and Nobara continued to (attempt to) interrogate Megumi about his newly exposed little secret at a table not far from where Gojo was standing, and the poor boy looked like he was about two seconds away from popping a blood vessel.
Meanwhile, Gojo tossed his head back, shoved a hand into his pocket, and ruffled his light-colored hair with the other, ready to make an absolute scene out of this imminent interaction.
Anything for his precious student, after all.
Maybe I’ll order a drink for him and ask her to write a little note on it.
Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.
Four long strides brought him easily to the counter. Pushing his round, shaded glasses up his nose bridge, Gojo bent down, letting his eyes slowly gloss over the menu as if he had all the time in the world.
He hummed a tune absentmindedly. 
Nothing in particular, just a silly little tune.
"Hello sir!"
And just like that, Gojo suddenly felt his blood run cold.
That voice...
That was a voice he hadn't heard in years — one he'd still recognize anywhere, one that only calls out to him in dreams alongside a distant memory of lost youth, when he's half awake, his subconscious clinging onto the past no matter how painful.
A ringing in his ears, a bright smile, a falling petal.
There's no way.
But he couldn't be wrong.
The human side of him — not the sorcerer side — the human side… the one that loved, the one that ached, the one that remembered… could never, would never forget that voice. 
Not in a million years. 
He felt his heart pound against his chest, threatening to rip itself out raw at the mere sound of your voice again.
"So what can I get for you today?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TAGLIST | @jaegersity @hidden-inventory @akira-likes-to-read
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shisnhou · a month ago
TW: smut! cum play (?), cum eating, unprotected sex, pure fucking filth, do tell me if missed any
gojo satoru who doesn‘t want kids but doesn‘t pull out either.
mindlessly, he thrusts into you as if his life depends on it. his eyes are closed, head thrown back with his hands on the small of your back pressing it down, forcing your back to arch.
it hasn‘t been remotely long since your last orgasm, and another one is loading inside you. it’s all caused by the natural arch of his thick cock that keeps hitting your g-spot, causing you become delirious with every passing second.
"‘tooru—" you sweetly moan, tongue already losing it‘s place in your mouth. meanwhile, the white haired man behind you keeps moaning, barely hearing your voice over his as he whines.
"j- just a bit more pretty." he pants, both hands moving to your waist as his thrusts become rather sloppy and deeper as he shudders with every thrust, feeling your walls tighten around him sweetly.
you shudder, feeling his cock pulse inside you, going deeper with every thrust, his hands clawing at your waist as he chases that sweet release that washes over him in no time.
you both moan so lewdly. his sweet voice leaving past his lips as he stills, dumping his cum inside of you. you stop as well, feeling his liquid inside you. all that stickiness feeling well inside of you, spurting and painting your walls white.
"fuck baby," he moans.
though he did dump himself inside of you without a care, he doesn‘t want kids, and you don‘t feel prepared yet. you‘re not on birth control, and neither is he.
you sigh in pleasure as you feel him pull out, white cum that belongs to him and you wrapped around his pretty cock. gojo swallows thickly before he grabs your waist and flips you to your stomach.
"alright baby, you know what to do," he looks up at you, your tired yet smutty eyes meeting his lust filled ones as you nod.
his hand moves to the lower part of your stomach as he watches your cunt with lust in his eyes. you prop yourself on your shoulders as you look down at him between your legs, you smirk lightly before you push.
with one hard push from you and a light pressure from his hand, dribbles of his cum drip from your pussy. you moan, feeling his fingers ghost on the lips of your cunt, opening it to reveal more of you pushing all his seed out of you as best as you possibly can.
and when you feel like can‘t anymore, he‘ll sweetly smile at you, saying "oh don‘t worry, i can help you with that." then, his long, slender fingers will delve into your pussy.
your throw your head back as his fingers rake the walls of your cunt, bringing the remnants of his cum out of your pussy. and when he sees his middle and ring finger glisten with cum when he takes them out, he‘ll waste no time and put them into his mouth. he does that all while he looks at you, looking lewdly before his fingers go back in.
when he finds that his fingers can no longer pick out anything, he‘ll prop his mouth before you glistening cunt and stick his tongue straight into you. best part is when you‘ll take his hair and push your cunt straight to his mouth. he‘ll smirk, grabbing your thighs and straight up lick you in the inside. he calls this process 'just making sure' to make sure that there is no more cum in your cunt, to ensure that there will be no babies coming your way.
and when he‘s down with taking all remnants of his white potent seed out of you, he‘ll crawl over to you and dangle his cock before your mouth. of course, you naturally will eat up and lick him. you‘ll eat the mixture of yours and his ecstasy clean.
and when you‘re done, you two will share a cute deep kiss, tasting each other. <3
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ryuuzaa · a month ago
your work is amazinnggg and so good *w* more corruption kink or anything gojo related pleasee
CW/TW. Explicit, Corruption Kink, Dry Humping
WC. 900+
AN. Anon thank you so much for this sweet ask🥰, and I swear I didn't forget. I just know that I'm more than likely going to answer with over 500 words, and I just needed some time between projects and writer's block to bring it together. I hope you enjoy it! <3
M. List | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Tumblr media
It’s embarrassing how the sound of your neighbor’s obnoxious moaning fills the small space of your bedroom, rivaling whatever movie Satoru put on. You attempt to tune her out because Candy does this every weekend. But the shit-eating grin that spreads across your best friend’s face makes it exceedingly difficult to pretend you don’t hear anything—not that the steady thump, thump, thump of a heavy headboard hitting your wall is any better.
"Wow, she's pretty vocal today," he states as he pops a piece of popcorn in his mouth.
You shrug, hopefully coming off as indifferent so he’d drop it.
"Fuck me, daddy!"
The tips of your ears suddenly grow hot, and it’s hard to fight off your blush from listening to Candy’s lewd moans. You burrow further into the hoodie that Satoru let you borrow when he turns to you with a slight smirk, and you kind of want to die a little.
"Kinky. Does she always call the guys she brings over daddy?" 
“I don’t know,” you huff, though a little shakily. Hearing the word daddy leave Satoru’s mouth does things to your body that go completely beyond your platonic relationship.
Just friends, you’ve been hearing that for as long as you can remember, and you probably always will be—even if you’ve been head over heels in love with him since high school. You also know he hasn’t been a virgin since senior prom, so having him talk about sex with you just reminds you how horribly inexperienced you are.
“Daddy your cock feels so good!”
God, your face is going to catch fire.
“Was she always a screamer?” he says with a laugh before bringing more popcorn to his mouth, like your neighbor getting dick is somehow more entertaining than the flashing pictures on the TV.
“Toru,” you whine, shoving his thigh with your foot. “Can we talk about something else? Why’d you even pick this movie if you’re not going to watch it?”
This, however, is the wrong thing to say.
He laughs. “Aw, sweetheart, you’re acting like you’ve never had sex before.”
“I-I am not,” you begin to stammer, burying yourself deeper in a hole of mortification. "She’s just imitating stuff she probably saw in porn.”
You feel like this is the wrong thing to say—again—because now he’s studying you curiously, but you don’t dare look him in the eye. "Sweetheart, sex is supposed to sound like that. This is nothing compared to…well." You don’t need him to finish his sentence to know what he was about to say: compared to what he did in bed, you think bitterly.
“I know what sex sounds like, Toru,” you lie. “Now, can we watch this movie?”
He shrugs. “Fine, but only if you answer my question honestly.” You nod half-heartedly and wait for whatever he’s about to say. “Are you a virgin?”
Your neck snaps toward him so fast you thought it might break, mouth gaped, pulse hammering in your chest.
“What?” He doesn’t say anything, and you grow nervous. “Toru, stop playing around.”
Satoru sits up a little straighter, fingers tapping against the mattress as he studies you. Whatever he’s searching for in your eyes, he seems to find it after several seconds, and a look crosses his face like he’s come to a decision.
He reaches out for your waist and pulls you towards him, dragging you onto his lap like you’re nothing but a doll for him to throw around.
“Satoru!” you squeal. “What are you—”
“Shh, just let me try something, m’kay? And if you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”
This isn’t happening. This shouldn’t happen. He’s your best friend—
He brings you down against the bulge in his sweats you hadn’t noticed before now, and he chuckles when he watches your eyes become saucers at how big he feels under you. A little moan bubbles up the back of your throat when he does it again—and it’s so simple, yet you swear it’s better than the little vibrator tucked away in the back of your underwear drawer.
You know your thin shorts are embarrassingly wet, can feel as they cling to your folds and thighs with every drag of your hips against his, and you fear that you’re going to leave a stain on his sweats if he doesn’t stop. But when you try to tell him this, his mouth is on yours, lips pulling yours open, his tongue licking away any protests.
Your heart doesn’t seem to slow, breaths coming in pants, and you moan against his mouth when one of his hands slides down your waist to play with your clit between your legs. It sent shockwaves through your body, rendering you momentarily dumb.
“Does that feel good?” he murmurs, lips moving to create a wet trail down your neck.
“I-I don’t—” 
“You need more, baby, that it? All y’had to do was ask.” 
Then he’s bouncing you on top of him as if he were actually fucking you, and you want it, the real thing, so bad. But words don’t make it past the moans falling out of your mouth.
You feel a knot growing hot in your stomach—sweat making your hair cling to your temples and your hands fluttering around Satoru’s broad shoulders. A shiver runs down your spine, thinking about how you’re going to make a mess, just from this. 
All you can do is whine and moan relentlessly until—
He stops.
Satoru chuckles low in his chest when you scowl at him (though it probably looks more like a pout), his sparkling hooded gaze piercing through you. He gives your ass a hard squeeze to drag you forward, and your boneless body can do nothing more than follow.
His breath fans across your flushed cheeks as he whispers against your ear: “That’s what sex sounds like, sweetheart.”
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salune · a month ago
𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐅 ─┈ gojo satoru.
wc: 1.2k.
content warning: fingering, squirting, praise, slight overtimulation, soft satoru once again.
a/n: wrote this in like half an hour, could've been less but i kept screaming into my pillow, anyways this is the result of me not being able to stop thinking about this stupid man all day </3
Tumblr media
Dense, heavy, that's how the room felt right now. Your cheeks burned like fire itself thanks to the intense heat, not being able to even control your breathing when it became more and more labored with his every calculated movement.
"Keep your eyes on the mirror.", a sweet like honey voice whispered in your ear, huskier and thick than usual, attracting butterflies to your stomach as his thrusts turned slower and more precise each past second.
Your unfocused eyes met your naked self again, your back pressed against the sweaty skin of his chest as it rose and fell chasing for the air missing in his lungs thanks to the heavy atmosphere around the place.
His breath sending a wave of rapid shivers down your whole spine, panting behind you like a rabid dog against your ear, and in front of you the immense mirror that let you see with full detail the whole panorama; the length of his fingers moving in and out of your dripping hole with ease, rubbing against that one spot over and over again as his muscular legs trapped yours beneath them so that you remained open and at his complete disposal.
It was obscene, lewd. Your puffy clit being stimulated by the heel of his big palm while his other hand shamelessly explored every inch of your hot body, the way he grabbed and squeezed, every little mark left a trace on your soft flesh. Little bruises, the pads of his fingers, small bites on your shoulders and hickeys on your neck, the perfect visible evidence that you were his and entirely his.
A little sob slips pass your lips as his thick digits catch one of your perky nipples between them, pinching and twisting it to his liking until it's glowing red from his ministrations, feeling the tip of his fingernail brush over it coaxing a loud moan out of you pretty lips.
Satoru just sighs and laughs; you look adorable, at his complete mercy, open just for him, pretty tears sliding down your heated cheeks just for him, wet just for him and all that just made that feeling of power grow even more inside him, making his heart pound hard against his chest. And the fact that he was still dressed and you full naked gave him a feeling of superiority that no one could take away in that moment.
So so helpless and tiny, because no matter your size or how strong you could be, no matter how much you talked back at him, you felt so little in his presence, and that's something he would always take advantage of.
His fingers slide out of you, and the sigh of your stretched out hole clenching at nothing makes him throb behind you, thrusting slightly against your ass at the mere image of his fingertips dripping with your arousal as they make their way between your swollen slit, spreading it apart to get a better view until he reaches the sensitive bud.
The albino gives you lazy caresses that make your thighs tremble under his tight hold, leaving your mind dazed and hazy for how intense and good it feels that you just can't help the way your back arches at his touch, unconsciously making you rub against his clothed erection that is leaking under his dressing black pants, ruining them with the precum spilling from the swollen tip.
It's so little but so much at the same time that when his fingers spell his name over the little button, it's inevitable the way his breath hitches and gets stuck in the middle of his throat. Adam's apple making a slow sway and bright sapphires turning darker than usual as your teary eyes look up at him in pleading way, baby hairs stuck on your sweaty forehead and your eyebrows slightly curved upwards after a little «please» leaves your shuddering lips and he has no other option but to comply at your cute pleas.
He is quick to get back to it, fingers drilling into your pussy once again that has you gasping for air and rolling your eyes to the back of your head. An in and out motion that leaves you squeezing his strong forearms tightly and digging your sharp claws into his pale skin.
His other hand leaves your tit to slowly descend down your belly to touch your nub again, giving you the perfect stimulation as your shaky moans are abruptly silenced with his lips when they close the so little distance with yours in a messy kiss. Droll sliding down your chin and teeth clashing desperately against each other in the sudden need for the other takes hold of both of you.
Tiny whines passes through his tongue, swirling around yours as it enters your cavity exploring every little corner he can reach, feeling your breath quicken more and more as his digits curl just right. Mesmerized by the way your body is always so responsive to him as he scissors his fingers inside you until they're touching that spongy spot, making you fail a weak attempt to close your legs on him. He pulls away, just millimeters from you when he catches between his white pearls your red bottom lip to end up sucking it slightly, forcing you to break the connection of your mouths but not separating your face from his for a second while your hot breaths form one.
Satoru giggles breathless at your fucked up state, picking up the pace when he feels you squeezing violently around him and you begin to feel the familiar tickle in your lower abdomen as a current of electricity rushes from your spine down your shaky thighs followed by a string of curses as you feel yourself stepping over the edge and finally falling, the coil in the middle of your stomach finally snapping when you pulse uncontrollably around him.
"Toru, Toru, Toru—" you sob into his neck over and over again, voice broken and your hips rising, pushing themselves even higher when he keeps abusing your pussy without stopping, overstimulating you to the max and his piercing eyes never leave the mirror. Memorizing every little detail and leaving them buried deep in his memory like a photograph.
"Almost there.", he purred more to himself as your body jolts and twitches under his palm, your hands wrapped around his wrist in a weak attempt to stop him but he has no intention of ceasing his movements, much less when his fingers suddenly leave your cunt and a clear liquid splashes against the crystal glass, making a mess of the fluffy carpet beneath you alongside his digits dripping with your cum.
"Fuck...," you hear him curse as he achieves his goal. Your mouth falling open in a silent scream while your weak digits tangle between the sweaty strands of his white hair, pulling from them at the immense pleasure, making him moan deeply against your nape until you collapse against his chest.
You call out for his name quietly and a smile curves the corner of his lips, "It's okay.", he whispers against your ear as his palms go back and forth over your quivering legs, massaging and squeezing the flesh slightly and leaving an invisible trail of wet pecks on your bare shoulder, until his strong arms trap your exhausted figure between them, "It's okay, baby. Fuck—you did so good.", nothing but praises roll down his tongue when he gets to kiss your temple softly. "Let's get you cleaned up now."
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tatakaebomb · 3 months ago
F*ck me stupid.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Gojo x Reader
ꕥ Synopsis : Your boyfriend seems to wanna do more than just fuck you. He wants to forever make you his.
ꕥ A/N : This was based on a request but it got deleted :/ to the person who asked for gojo x breeding kink. This for you. Sorry.
ꕥ Word count : 0.7k
ꕥ TW : Breeding kink, cream pie, orgasm denial, smut, praise, risky behaviour, vulgar language, perverted thoughts, intrusion (?), sexual foreshadowing, sex, cervix fucking, impregnating, 18+ drabble smut ig.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
'Gojo- s too much-' you whined, head falling back onto his shoulder as you were ruthlessly pounded into. Mirror infront of you reflecting the dirty position he held you in right now.
Legs pushed to your body as your back laid flat on his chest, ass sitting neatly on his lap. Every thrust he made has your eyes rolling back. Tight pussy pounded into as he slams you on and off of his cock.
'You can take it baby- I- I know you can-' he says through gritted teeth. Lips moving to kiss at your cheek and neck as your tits jumped up and down. Tongue lolled out on your side as you could hardly look at your reflection.
You looked so pretty right now, gojo wishes he could just engrave the picture in his mind. The way your slick lathered over his huge dick as you were nearing your edge, moans and mewls slipping from you over and over. His hand holding tight against your stomach as he could feel himself thrusting harshly inside you. Smirk lifting on his face at how submissive you looked right now.
'You look so pretty baby- look at yourself.' Grabbing your face he turned you towards the mirror. Eyes connecting onto yours as your fucked out face hardly stared at him back, hooded eyes and drool dripping from you.
'Gojo- m- gonna cum-'
'No your fking not- cum and I'll have you taking me for the next 5 hours. Got it?'
A loud wail ripped from the bottom of your chest at the way he consistently pounded at your g spot, breedable position having your legs aching and breasts sore. Your stomach buldging with every push.
The way his eyes latched onto your breasts, excitement thrilling through him at the thought of you being milked through in and out. Stomach swollen with his seed as you complain about how much it's hurting you. The excess weight making you chubbier as you have to rely on him for everything. The idea of mini you and him running around as you help them, as you stay at home in your pretty apron greeting him with a kiss or a blowjob.
You and gojo had been getting increasingly riskier, no condom, no pill, even him pulling out at the very last second. He loved the thrill, the risk of you maybe 'accidentally' getting pregnant with his children. The idea of him being permanently engraved inside of you forever. The riskier positions, the obedience to his every word. He just loved the idea of you being pregnant with a part of HIM inside you.
'Toru- please-' you whinge, hands attempting to claw back at him, harsh grip on your waist as his eyes remain stuck on your contorted face. His fingers moving to rub harshly on your clit.
'Go on baby show me...'
Your body squirted over him, body pulsating as you ripped out a scream. His fingers still harshly tugging at your fluffy spot as you milked his cock out. White juices spilling onto his legs and some even on the mirror infront of you. Your fucked out face as tired body slumped back on him as he continued to pound harshly inside of you. His release nearing closer and closer, you pulling him in so hard he doesn't know if he can pull out.
'I'm gn- gonna cum-'
'Cum in me please...' you lazily slip out. Your head lazily turning around to look him in his lust blown eyes. Lips quickly attaching onto his as he took in the sight of your pre-pregnancy body.
Soon enough he teared infront of you. Heaps of sperm lapping inside your cervix. Some even dripping back out from your cunt. You looked so beautiful like this, gojo could go on for hours and hours until you finally see those two lines on the pregnancy stick. He loved seeing pretty women like you so obedient for him. Such a pretty house maid you'd be...
And now your finally forever his...
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shintin · 6 months ago
Today I'll offer you Gojo manspreads and his long.... maybe legs 😈😈😈
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just look at those legs, look at those biiiiiig.... i mean hands, Mappa knows how to play with our minds 🥵🥵🥵
He could be my new chair 🥵🥵🥵
yeah, the author is crazy again 🤣🤣🤣
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valhearts · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
jjk men who are noisy
Tumblr media
pairings: gojo x reader, geto x reader, nanami x reader, toji x reader, choso x reader, mahito x reader
cw: mentions of creampies, roughish sex, choking, mentions of marking, praises, degrading, blow jobs, overstimulation, gender neutral reader
a/n: i must spread my agenda, i heart noisy men ♡
Tumblr media
Satoru Gojo
When he comes to sex he acts like a porn star. He’s always moaning about how tight you are. He also can’t shut up like at all, but that’s fine you like him like this
All you could get out that night was his name, he had been fucking you into oblivion. The walls of the room echoed the moans and whines that came from you two. His moans were so pretty, you could easily get off from them alone. You had been grabbing his hair to keep yourself steady because of how rough his pace was. “Fuck- I’m so close, can I cum in you?”
Suguru Geto
Geto is noisy in the way he can’t shut up. He always has to say something, he’s a bit too similar to his best friend in this aspect. That’s where the similarities end, Geto doesn’t moan or whimper much, however he does let out an occasional grunt or groan.
Geto smiles as he sees he sight underneath him as he gently wraps his hands around your neck. That night Geto couldn’t shut up about how good he felt and other praises, he enjoyed seeing the disheveled mess he could make out of you. Seeing your small gasps for breath was probably the best part of the night. You could feel his dick twitch in you when he squeezed your neck a bit tighter. “You’re so good for me darling”
Kento Nanami
Nanami has always been a bit of a silent person, never talks much at work or just in general. Well at least when he’s not pounding into you like its the last time he’ll ever see you again
You can still remember all the times your fingernails dug deep into his back, your head buried into his neck, marking him with your bites. All the while, he was trying to hold back whimpers, groans, and moans, all of which felt wonderful on your ears. He was never one for talking but the times he did talk during this were just praises he whispered into your ears, “Ah- you feel wonderful”.
Toji Fushiguro
It’s no secret at all that Toji is noisy, theres no possible way for Toji to shut up during sex. He always has something to say, degrading you for being such a slut, telling you how tight you are, or he badly he wants to fuck you.
He has so many fond memories of you on all fours just for him, letting him fuck you like he was touch starved. His hands holding your hips so tightly as if youd go away if his grip was loose. Biting back any groans or moans seemed pointless to Toji, I mean he’s already balls deep into you. He groans out any dirty thing that comes into his mind. “Heh.. you really are a whore for me”.
Choso Kamo
Choso is the most unintentionally noisiest man you could meet. Any little thing you could do earns a whimper. His whimpers and moans are something you adore. It’s pleasant knowing you absolutely ruin him.
Blowjobs are the easiest way to get noises from Choso. He lets out the prettiest moans and whimpers when he feels your soft lips wrap around his cock. He cups your face and looks at you as if you’re the greatest thing in the whole world. Choso isn’t the chattiest one around but he still stutters out praises for you. “An-Angel you feel so wonderful, pl-please dont stop”.
Mahito rivals pornstars when it comes to moaning and the shit he says during sex. His moans sound so fake?? They’re still pretty to hear. Whether his moans are real or not, they’re loud as hell. Mahito is just loud in general, very loud.
Once again, you find yourself allowing Mahito to fuck you like a perverted highschooler. He has came in you far too many times to count, you’re so overstimulated but he still keeps on fucking you. He’s moaning in your ears talking about how you feel so good, how you’re going to make him cum again. His whines grow louder as he’s closer to cumming again. “Ah- im gonna cum again- can we pleasee have one more round pretty please!”
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dabipawz · a month ago
satoru gojo never lets you put your heels on— he always has to be the one doing it for you. he's kneeling in front of you, one hand wrapped tenderly around the back of your ankle and the other holding the sole of your shoe as he slides your foot in the opening. and he's looking up at you the whole time; the apples of his cheeks lightly flushed as he smiles. it's not the cocky, confident smirk he usually wears, no; this one is tender, warm, and full of vulnerability— it’s the smile that he has saved for your eyes only.
his touches are featherlight; the tips of his nimble fingers travelling up your skin as he presses a lingering kiss to your ankle, then to the inside of your calf, your kneecap, and finally mid-way up your thigh— before your hand finds his chin to bring his face level to yours, thumb running over his bottom lip as you look into his cerulean eyes. you think there’s hearts in them. you watch as his irises flit across your face, from your eyes, to your nose, to your cheeks; and then he’s leaning in to mold his lips against yours, fingers lightly squeezing the flesh of your thighs over the silk fabric of your dress. his baritone voice pushes past him when he pulls away, his hand coming up to remove the gentle hold you had on his chin and whisper against the skin of your palm, "pretty girl. my pretty girl."
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mitsuyaya · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
NO ARMS COULD EVER HOLD YOU | nanami kento, gojo satoru, itadori yuuji, inumaki toge
Tumblr media
warnings:: just fluff, lowercase intended
summary:: cuddles with jjk men
note:: repost from my old blog, my fave cos this had inumaki in this one <3
Tumblr media
nanami kento
it's rare. getting a chance to feel his warm arms wrapped around you, his breath fanning in your ears. it's rare and it's rushed, because as soon as he initiates the act, an unknown element will always hinder both of your romantic activities. let it be Gojo or his work, something will always drag him and it'll take a long time before you get a chance to cuddle him again. but even if it's just a few minutes, you make it last, tattooed in your mind how it feels to be wrapped around Nanami's embrace. how it feels to be loved and cared by someone like him.
gojo satoru
unexpected, Gojo makes it his goal to surprise you with hugs at any given time. be it while you were out there exorcising cursed spirits, training your students, shopping, or even training with him. It's unexpected yet always welcome. the more time you spend with him, the more you realize that you love how unexpectable his cuddles are. even if you almost had a heart attack from his surprises, it's what you always waited for the whole day, it's what makes you smile every day.
yuuji itadori
cuddling with Yuji is an adventure in itself. trying to find a comfortable place, and spending almost half an hour arguing about who'll be the big or small spoon. it always leads to you and him exchanging positions every hour. sometimes you'll end up with his hair covering the entirety of your face while his hands are interlaced with yours, or his chin is propped up on the top of your head, as you lay silent on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as you both drift to sleep.
inumaki toge
cuddling with toge is a daily occurrence. his arms wrapped around your waist, as his chin rests on your shoulder, a predatorial look on his face when one of the first years asks you to help them. he gets jealous whenever they whisk you away. he hates it when you're gone, hates it when you're busy. he loves the feeling of you in his embrace, how you scoot your face closer to him when you both sleep at night. so for them to drag you away is a sign of war, and he's not gonna lose. so it always leads to him clinging to you like a koala, refusing to let go of you for the whole day.
Tumblr media
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nanamisbbygirl · a month ago
Tumblr media
don’t cry!
type: sfw, drabble (angst to fluff/ hurt/comfort)
including: (high school) gojo satoru x reader
summary: when gojo pictured confessing to you, he pictured less tears, or at least only tears of joy. (gojo ≠ emotional intelligence)
Tumblr media
gojo doesn’t know what to do— he’s never been in a position like this before. years of being treated differently by his clan, placed on an untouchable pedestal have finally gotten to him. because he can successful say he is strong, smart and charming yet what he’s undoubtedly lacking in is the ability to offer comfort to others.
now, he knows what empathy is, and he knows how to be understanding (sort of). but it’s at the very moment when he sees your eyes swelling with tears, trying to stop your quivering lip that he realizes he’s useless. his gut churns at the reality of it all, he hates seeing you cry, but he hates that he can’t help you smile again.
at first, he puts out his hand, reaching for your shoulder but he quickly learns it’s a mistake: your back was turned and he hadn’t announced his presence before hand, startling you. the second his fingertips make contact with you, you help jumping around to see your classmate staring down at you, an unreadable look in his eyes.
“gojo-san, what are you doing out here? it’s late.” you wipe your eyes with your sleeve, sniffling in any more traces of sadness.
the white haired boy presses his lips together, trying to restrategize only he comes to find out feelings are not the same as low level curse spirits that he’s so used to fighting. feelings aren’t predictable.
he laughs a little, trying to uplift your mood, “i could say the same about you.” yet, what feelings and cursed spirits have in common is that in order to conquer them, you need to be direct. “why were you crying?”
your eyes widen, believing that he hadn’t noticed, although that was a stupid belief. you had gone outside purposely so that no one would see you. surely you needed to find a new spot now.
“it’s nothing, i don’t wanna deal with your teasing right now.” your words ring through gojo’s ear and his heart drops.
all those times he’d poked fun at utahime, or shoko, or even at you, he had solidified himself as an asshole in your mind.
what he says next, you just hear, his voice caught in the thin night breeze. “i won’t tease you, i promise.”
you’re hesitant— rightfully so, staring up at the sky before looking at him. your fingers play with the hem of your pyjama shirt. he wishes he knew what you were thinking, willing to trade in his six eyes for telepathy at that very moment.
“your gonna think it’s really dumb,” you sigh, “i mean shoko is already mad at me for letting this pull at my heart strings so much.” you smile, just barely; it’s soft and reserved as you picture your friends face.
“if it’s got you in tears then it probably isn’t as dumb as you think.” you stare at him, sniffling, once again on the verge of tears.
“it’s about a boy,” you admit, almost embarrassed to do so in front of him. of all the things you could’ve been sad over, he would’ve never thought it was because of some guy.
gojo wanted to tell you it would be fine, that there’s plenty of options out there but he knew he’d be lying straight through his teeth. he found himself hopelessly in love with you for some time now yet unable to properly woo you into his arms. so how could he possibly help you get over someone else?
“he’s a good guy deep down y’know, but he’s always going out on dates with other people and stuff- and i know that makes him sound like a douche, but i mean if he doesn’t know how i feel then it’s not his fault for making me so upset, right?” you abruptly close your mouth after your ramble.
“you should tell him then, and save yourself that cycle of heart break.” he feels repulsed, he wants to tell you to just get over him and jump into his arms instead.
“it’s not that easy, gojo…”
“but you don’t deserve to go through that, you have to seize the moment and shit.” he feels like a hypocrite. he reaches out, brushing a stray tear off your face as he continues to speak: “i’m sure he’d like you back, there’s no reason not too: you’re a beautiful person on the inside and out.”
“gojo….” crap, he shouldn’t have said it out loud but now there was no taking it back. he feels his typically calm heart begin to race, a lump forming in his throat. his face is burning so bright, he misses the flustered look on your face along with the way you stretch up to have his lips near yours.
so when you kiss him, he’s now the one caught off guard. it’s a short kiss; simple and sweet but it still exerted a certain spark in his heart that was always absent with the countless others he’s kissed.
as you pull away, you can’t meet his eyes, almost embarrassed to properly look at him. 
“so do you think he likes me back?” you asked, sniffling while also a tad bit sheepish. gojo’s mouth hangs open, at a loss for words. when he picture confessing to you, he imaged himself being his usual charming, smooth talking self. but now, he was a choking on his words while his cheeks were flushed bright pink.
“he does.” was all he could say, slowly cupping your cheek. gojo guided you back for another kiss, replaying the past few minutes in his head in slow motion.
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saturnsepiphany · a month ago
Tumblr media
Gojo loves the feeling of your tits bouncing in his face. He would do whatever he could to get as close to the as possible, just to feel them hit him over and over again.
In fact, he loved anything that had to do with your breasts.
He loves to take the swollen bud in-between his lips and suck as hard as he could. He loved the way you shutter against the feeling, sinking deeper into the mattress as you tried to run from him.
He loves when you trap his dick in the middle of the soft skin of your breasts and move yourself up and down just so desperate to get him off. "Hm, tryna make daddy feel good?" The look of you when him cum comes erupting out of the tip of his cock all over your chin and chest. Him having to pull your chin to face him as you are overtaken by the embarrassment of being a filthy little slut who can never help but beg her boyfriend for more.
"J-just let me make you feel good, please?"
He loves to squish the fat in his hands like they are stress balls, even out in public when they just so happen to look particularly good in the dress you are wearing. He won't hesitate to grab them and give them a squeeze as your friends awkwardly try to look away.
God, he just loves you so much.
Tumblr media
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tojisun · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
well- i mean-
Tumblr media
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mari-the-bimbo · a month ago
Hello!! I miss your door mate!Gojo series! I love them so much! (°◡°♡) May I request one where Y/N goes home for a while (because she has not seen her parents and she misses them hehe) and Mr. Satoru Gojo — clingy baby that he is — pouts all throughout as Y/N packs her stuff, even disrupting by hiding some of her things to delay her from leaving. And when Y/N is at home, he just bombards her with his calls and says random stuff to make her come back (e.g. everyday that he doesn’t get to give her kisses, he gets weak so for the good of the world, she must go back). Please and thank you! (♡°▽°♡)
Dorm mate Gojo: weekend away
A/N: This is such a cute idea!!! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!! <3
Tumblr media
“Ya breaking my heart pea brain”
You couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at your clingy dorm mate’s exaggeration. You look up at Gojo as he leans against your bedroom door, pouting.
“It’s just for the weekend idiot! It feels like ages since I’ve been home” you say excitedly as you pack your belongings, making him frown even more.
“This is your home pea brain!” Gojo exclaims as he hits you with your own plushie.
“Ow- Hey!!” You say, as you turn around, attempting to retrieve your plushie from the tall white haired man who grinned mischievously, as he held the plushie over your head.
“Give it back! I need it!” You protest as you grabbed his shirt and jumped up to grab the plushie.
“Awww you shortie, c’mon it’s not that hard” he coos, knowing he was riling you up so easily, a pervy wide smile adorning his face as he felt you press your body against his in desperation to grab it. He couldn’t help but laugh as you glared up at him because to him it was just cute.
But that smile was wiped off his face quickly when you called out for Geto.
“GETO!!! GOJO IS BEING MEAN TO MEEEEE” you complain like a child complaining to its mother. Gojo’s large hands quickly cover your mouth but it was already too late.
A thump is heard in the wall before Geto’s voice from the shower came through “GOJO STOP BEING A LITTLE BITCH PLEASE”
Gojo tsks before manhandling you onto your bed, with him falling on top of you. “You’re such a lil snitch” he says, biting his shoulder, making you squeal.
His wide cocky smile returns as he look up at you “that’s what you get for snitching”
“Shut up” you giggle as you playfully glare at him but he only smiles at you fondly, refusing to tear his gaze away from your face.
“What?” you mutter with a smile.
“Nothing, I’m just gonna miss your pretty face” he replies.
You laugh before wrapping your arms around his big, broad body making him melt into you as he nuzzled his face into your chest.
“Hmmmm tiddies”
As you set up the table for dinner back home, you watch your phone notifs blow up with texts and calls from Gojo. You smile to yourself at the millions of texts of how much he misses you. But as you’re about to text back that’ll you’ll call him after dinner, your mom calls you.
“Yeah mom?” You reply, walking over to where her voice was coming from.
You pause once you reach the front door which your mom had already opened. “You have a very handsome visitor” she says.
You stare dumbfounded at your white haired lover who stood at the door with a bouquet of flowers, your plushie, and his signature cocky grin.
“For you, m’lady” he says to your mom as he hands her the flowers, making her coo at her child’s gentleman lover.
“Gojo? What are you doing here?” You ask amusedly.
“You forgot your plushie silly! I reminded you to take it and you still forgot!” He lied with an ever so charming smile, making your mom shake her head, apologising to Gojo, claiming you were always so forgetful and careless.
“Wha- no mom he’s lying! He stole it from me when I was packing and refused to give it back!”
Gojo turned his attention to your mom. “She’s delusional ma’am, it’s okay I take great care of her” he says, subtly lowering his shades to give you a flirty wink.
Geto, who’s waiting in the car after Gojo forced him to drive here because Gojo can’t drive:
Tumblr media
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salune · a month ago
Satoru waking you up early in the morning with lazy sex because he was being needy and clingy like the baby he is and i love him your honour <3
cw: nothing actually, just fluffy smut and soft satoru<3
wc: 1.3k
a/n: i love him too your honor, so i really hope you like it. I'm sorry for taking so long, I've been having some trouble writing lately!!
tagging: @suget @yuujilove
Tumblr media
The sun kissed your skin gently, forcing your eyes to open slowly at the nagging feeling of it as a pair of strong arms trapped your body between them, melting you into the warmth provided by the man's body whose chest was pressed against your back tenderly.
A sigh leaves your lips at the cozy feeling, pulling you closer to him as he nuzzles tiredly into your bare neck. You could feel his peaceful breathing crash against your skin from time to time, fleeting kisses were placed on your bare shoulder and a current of electricity runs down your spine. "Hi.", you say between little giggles as a particular kiss tingles you.
Satoru hums deeply behind you, his chest puffing out and letting out a heavy breath that even he didn't know he was holding until now as his prominent figure settles in better. You can feel his fingerprints making contact with your belly and tenderly drawing imaginary doodles on it. His touch was lingering, teasing, making you succumb and relax to his tenderness like every single time.
Mornings with him were always like this; quiet, clingy, lazy. Having the opportunity to enjoy each other's mere presence and the burn of skin against skin under the sheets with every slight caress being provided by the other.
"Morning." he merely says, his voice thicker and heavier than usual, echoing in your eardrums as his hands begin to stealthily roam your body, outlining every little single curvature of your being with the tips of his fingernails. You call his name as a warning, already knowing his intentions so early in the day at the moment his fingers pass only inches from where you need him most.
"Five minutes," he growls as he pushes himself against you. "Just five, I promise.", he mumbles almost inaudibly against the shell of your ear, his digits leaving a phantom trail on your smooth skin as he squeezes your waist when you whisper a quiet «okay».
He just smiles at your words and feels a small flame suddenly being ignited inside him, and a pretty pink tinges his cheeks as he feels you rubbing on him the same way, exhaustion leaving his grunts to the wind, breathing heavily against your neck as his hands find refuge on his breasts.
Satoru massages them gently, molding them to his liking, and the caresses he provide to your tits between his palms makes a slight hum roam in his throat. His long fingers trap one of your hard nipples between them, squeezing and twisting it until a breathless «fuck» slips on your tongue. An arduous moan caresses your shoulder as your back arches at the touch, resulting in you rubbing against his semi-erect cock in the process.
Slight whines and quick breaths could easily be heard as Satoru slipped his length between your plush thighs, creating an addictive friction with each rub as his hips bumped against your ass in a back and forth motion. He was throbbing desperately against your needy center, spraying precum and mingling itself with your arousal every time the head of his cock got lost between your glistening lips.
You could feel him so much but so little to the point it left your mind in a frenzy with each roll in you. The veins pulsing under your skin with every rub as you silently asked him to enter, made you shiver beside him; every rut of his pelvis only left you wanting more and more; however, lazily, it made him lose the little control that lay within him.
He is quick to peel the sheets off from over your naked bodies, skin against skin, as one of his hands comes forward to squeeze one of your thighs gently, a large palm snaking up to grasp it firmly to lift your leg slightly in the warm air and the way the sun illuminates your skin only leaves his mind spinning in circles, unable to stop.
Your slender fingers embrace his length, giving him a couple of long strokes to get him fully hard, and a grunt leaves his mouth at the abrupt touch, his hips thrusting unconsciously the moment you line him up with your drooling entrance, slowly entering until he bottoms out entirely inside you.
A breathless gasp fills the air as he meets the raw sensation of your walls, hugging him so perfectly and feeling you throb around him as he finally begins to move —slow and lazy— you can feel every tiny detail with each drag of his cock against you, every vein pulsing, in and out, barely feeling it as his grip on your skin grows tighter and tighter.
Stifled whimpers and shuddering breaths flood the room's silence, flushed head leaking a good amount of pre cum inside you that mixes with your own arousal, resulting in a pretty mess to form where the two of you meet.
A sob slips past your lips as he reaches to touch that sweet spot deep inside you, sharp nails digging into his arm as your breath catches momentarily in your throat. "I know, baby. I know," he whispers gently in your ear as his fingers draw imaginary circles on the warm skin of your tensed thigh.
"Can you touch yourself for me, please? Can you do that?" His soothing voice pierces through you, melting into your ears like honey itself, and it's like a direct command to your hands as your fingers touch the puffy bud that craved some attention.
A sharp intake of breath leaves his lips as you throb around him, encouraging his hips to quicken a little more, making the sticky mess more prominent; his balls tighten as he slams into you again, thighs tensing, abs contracting and his grip becomes even more forceful than before, a vice grip that for sure was going to have an aftermath of marks on your flesh.
Pearly white teeth dig desperately into your quivering shoulder, trying to muffle his moans as the circles on your clit grow faster, chasing after a release and feeling yourself on the brink of the edge as his mouth seeks yours in a needy sloppy kiss.
His tongue tangles with yours as he tries to keep up, not daring to pull away, but the sensation is so consuming that he can't focus on anything but the deep burn of your skin against his, melting into your comforting, familiar touch and every moan being swallowed by your lips the moment his hips begin to halter, losing control over them as you clench around him with every twist until he spills his hot seed inside you. "Fuck, princess..." he says shakily, panting slightly as he tries to drag some air into his lungs.
You follow shortly after, arching your back as his hand grips your breasts, pressing against him and milking him dry as you cum all around him with a loud moan that makes his heart pound uncontrollably against his chest, not letting a single drop go to waste until you come to a complete stop.
A giggle escapes his lips ; deep blue eyes gaze into yours so lovingly that your heart begins to ache from the tenderness they hold for you. In his head, he takes it upon himself to memorize every detail of your features as if for the first time, and his arms cage your body against his to hold you close, softening inside you as you melt into his warmth.
You roll onto your back, finally facing him since you woke up and there's a glint in his orbs that tells you everything you need to know without letting a single word come out, a loving gaze that looks at you like the first time he realized he was madly in love with you.
He sighs deeply after that, cuping your cheek and caressing it with his thumb before leaving a quick peck on your reddish lips. A big smile forms curving his mouth when he gets to hide his blushing face on your chest, leaving you no other option than letting out a little laugh at his embarrassment.
Your arms hug him, ruffling his messy hair in the process as his voice speaks softly to you, hot breath clashing against your skin. "Let's stay like this a little longer."
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sunamour · 6 months ago
misbehaving — prologue.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tell me why i’m waiting, for someone, who doesn’t give a fuck about me.
Tumblr media
PAIRING … gojo x f!reader, sukuna x f!reader | CONTENT WARNING … smut (mdni), name-calling, unprotected sex, unrequited love, angst, not proofed | WORD COUNT … 1.5k
SUMMARY … you’ve long since known that you would mean nothing more to gojo satoru than just another lay, but this time, you’ve had enough.
NOTES … idk how this came about but i needed to try to get out of a slump, sorry if i’m a little rusty <3 likes & rbs always appreciated.
Tumblr media
You’d rather be a little something, than nothing at all.
The party outside drones on, but it’s nothing more than mere background noise for the both of you. You’re sure Getou is going to kill the both of you for ruining his sheets, but right now, neither of you could care less.
His quick hands shoot up to clamp over your mouth, grip impossibly firm around your cheeks, beautiful cerulean eyes emerge from behind his white tresses, looking down at you with a hint of a warning behind their unrelenting glare.
Yes, a simple warning you know all too well: Shut up, you’re about to ruin the illusion.
Your own hands struggle to pry his wrist away—it hurts. It hurts; the way his thumb is crushing the side of your cheek. It hurts; the way he’s pounding into your poor abused cunt so hard and fast without gifting you any sort of foreplay beforehand. What hurts the most though, is that he doesn’t see you when he fucks you dumb.
All Gojo sees is the imagination of an old flame—who, you know nothing about. In spite of that, you’ve reached new heights of jealousy. Gojo had always been private when it came to her, but never secretive. Everyone knew Gojo had something going on with someone, and that she was beautiful, and gorgeous—on an entirely different level than you could ever dream of reaching. (He tells you so himself.)
And he made sure you knew that. The endless ways he’d sing her praises after he’s done using what he always uses you for. All the while telling you that nobody compares to her—by definition, that includes you. Sometimes you wonder; is he really just oblivious to your feelings or does he just simply not care?
Sure, you were nothing compared to the beautiful bombshell that is whoever has captured his full attention, that you are quite certain, but after being friends for at least the last decade of your life—surely your feelings deserved his tiny amount of care?
The sting in your heart grows more by the second, no matter how intimately the two of you are intertwined in this moment. It grows because you already know the answer. After all, the man who currently has your heart in his grasp and deigns to acknowledge any speck of it is the Gojo Satoru. Heart rarely enraptured and love seldom given (if ever).
The way he shifts his grip down from the apple of your cheeks to the base of your neck distracts you from your thoughts momentarily, the restriction in your airways the sort of pain you at least find pleasure in, though you wonder why.
His other hand snakes its way down your body—a momentary squeeze on your tits, his soft lips a hard contrast to his harsh tongue, flicking against your perky buds while his fingers finally find their destination against your clit, pinching it harshly before he bites down on your nipple as punishment for mewling too loudly.
“Wanna cum, hm, you little slut?” Gojo mocks you, stilling his hips the moment he feels your cunt tightening harder around his length. He’s fucked you enough times to know when you’re about to absolutely lose it; and most times, he’s been nice enough to fuck you through it, but this time, he denies you of it just as you feel like you’re about to reach your high.
You nod profusely, opening your mouth to beg him to move but he sticks two fingers in your mouth, failing to stifle a moan as you lick his digits, and you’re glad to feel his cock twitching inside your pussy—that must mean you’re doing your job, because he moves his hips, each slap of skin against skin rougher and harsher than the previous.
“Such a good—fucking whore for me,” he growls under his breath, the validation making your pussy flutter.
In your head, you know what your friends would think about you letting yourself be used like this by Gojo over and over: pathetic. But you’ve long since made peace with the fact that maybe you’re as useful as you’d ever be to him by being nothing but his little fucktoy; just a fleshlight for him to pound into as and when he liked. You’ve never had the will to say no anyway.
Sometimes you think the same of yourself—weak, hopeless, pitiful. But when you feel his length drag across your gummy walls like this, when the rough pads of his fingers play along your puffy folds—you forget. You forget that he doesn’t love you, you forget that you’re helplessly in love with someone who would never want you. You forget all of the everyday misery for just a fraction of mutual gratification.
And every night with Gojo ends the same—he stuffs you full of his cum, smirking down at you as he slowly pulls out, admiring the way it drools out of your pretty little cunt before leaving you to clean up after yourself; he’s made it pretty clear where he draws the line. He’s only ever there to help you get off, but never the one to give aftercare. Apparently, that was something too intimate for him, you guess.
But after you come out of the bathroom, you find Gojo surprisingly still on the bed, idly scrolling through his phone. He’s been like this lately, staying after the sex more often. Be it at your place, or his, or now at some random party.
As far as Gojo goes, it’s strange. Usually, all he does is cum and run. You wonder why he stays nowadays—that little hopeful optimistic in you glittering slightly as you ponder on what could be. So maybe this is what possesses you to ask him the question you’ve always feared.
“Satoru?” You call out meekly as you settle beside him on the bed.
“Mm,” he acknowledges, eyes glued onto his phone screen at god knows what.
“Do you think you would ever give us a shot?”
Gojo’s fingers freeze in motion, and his straight face downturns into a frown, which has you regretting your decision straight away. But whatever you plan on saying to save your ass, Gojo doesn’t let you.
He gets up off the bed, fingers fumbling against the nightstand for his wallet and car keys before staring you dead in the eyes. “We’re done. Don’t call me again.”
Simple. Cold. Like frostbite. And just like the way he entered your life, he leaves just as easily. You’re only left humiliated and dumbfounded on Getou’s bed—wondering if your question really warranted such a cold reception.
A part of you is in shambles, in despair. That part of you wants to curl up in a ball and cry. But there’s another part of you that’s absolutely furious, a part of you that is screaming for you to know your worth, for you not to succumb to the former. The tear that rolls down your cheek betrays the latter—a sign that somehow Gojo has sunk his hooks in you too deep without even trying.
“You alright there?”
What an utter embarrassment. To be caught like this by a total stranger. But as you look up, you find a familiar face, a face that Gojo actually despises. For what reasons, he’s never told you. But to hell with that. You’re heartbroken, and absolutely scorned. You could make better decisions than this, but all you want to do now is prove to Gojo that you’re able to do just fine without him.
So maybe indulging in a complete stranger wouldn’t be so bad after all, would it?
Tumblr media
The next time Gojo ever sees you is a year later, by chance at a party hosted by a mutual friend of both of yours; Utahime Iori.
While almost everyone has eyes on him, his cerulean hues fall on only you—your hair done up into a braided bun, the tight black dress hugging every inch of your body just right, the low neckline making Gojo struggle to decide just what part of you to look at.
Every single inch of you, from head to toe, is a sight worth marveling at. It’s like you haven’t changed at all, still one of the most beautiful people he’s ever laid eyes on. You’re smiling, brimming from ear to ear, and Gojo can’t help but wonder what’s gotten you so happy?
Beside him, Getou whistles at your appearance, commenting offhandedly about how good you clean up, though it happens to fall on deaf ears. Why? Because there is actually one thing he has a problem with.
The guy whose arms you’re latching on to.
Gojo is sure he’s told you how much he detests that head of pink hair. So why—
But Getou asks the question for him.
“What the fuck is Y/N doing with Ryomen Sukuna?”
And Gojo sure as hell would like to find out.
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sweetheart-satoru · a month ago
. . .
his lips are so soft. you never wanna forget how they feel, dancing against yours. you smiled into it, making him lean on you. he's clingy, he never wants to let you go. you are his. you have no say in that.
he will hurt anyone who tries to take him from you.
when you're mad at him, he thinks he's done for, like he's going to die without your love. for some reason, his mind has tricked himself into believing that when you're happy, he's happy.
you have so much control over him.
and yet you do nothing to hurt him.
he knows you have so much control over for him, hell, you could tell him to kill the world for you and he would do it in a blink of an eye. all for you.
just for you.
he loves the way you don't use his strong feelings for you against him, or use it to his weakness. instead, you just accept it all, loving him the same way back. he's shy around you sometimes, and you love it. you find it the cutest thing ever.
today was not a good day for gojo, but he would never say anything to hurt you, so he shoves those feelings down as far as he can, so he can remain the strongest in your eyes, "hey, sweetheart..." your hearts melts at the way he says sweetheart, you smile so hard at the way you know it's just for you.
"hi, 'toru!" you get off your chair from your desk and walk towards the man who gives you a shy smile back, and walked towards you. he smiled gently, wrapping his arms around your waist as you did the same, but over his shoulders.
you pecked his cheek, and giggled when he nuzzled his nose into your neck, "how was your day." you smiled, letting go of him, only for your lips to part in confusion when he didn't let go, "not good." he mumbled. "those old fucking geezers get on my damn nerves." his voice cracked, "i don't want my ki- students to get hurt ever." he whispered, trying not to cry.
fuck. he thought.
he said he wouldn't do this, and yet it was happening. you see, he's so vulnerable, just around you.
only around you. and it makes him feel fucking pathetic.
you loved it. you loved it so much. you cooed in his ear, making him tremble, "kids, hmm, 'toru?" you teased, trying to sooth off some tension, "not helping, sweetheart." he mumbled into your shoulder.
"sorry." he hummed at you, before picking you up, making you choke on air, "h-hey!" you huffed, clinging on to him as he flopped you onto your couch. jumping on you, also making sure you didn't get hurt.
he pecked your lips before pressing his chest against your own, nuzzling his face into the side of your neck, placing soft kisses into it. "satoru-!" you giggled, making him let out a breathy chuckle and smile into it, "not my name!" he snickered.
you two relaxed, "can i get a kiss?" you whispered, making him trap you between his arms, he smirked, "hmm? what was that? you might need to say it again." he chuckled at your annoyed expression, he slowly leaned down, "i can't help you, unless you say it again, sweetheart." he grinned, "can i get a kiss?" you huffed quietly. he cooed, "oh, no manners, sweetheart?" he chuckled, "please." you added.
"much better." he pressed his soft, pretty lips against yours. he loves the way your lips fit oh, so perfectly against his. he laid completely over you, his arms still trapping you, he let a low groan when he felt you tug on his hair.
you cupped his face with your other hand, slowly pulling your face away from his. he pouted, "oh c'mon!" he huffed, pretending to be sad. you chuckled, letting him nuzzle back into your neck. placing one last kiss on it before closing his eyes.
"you wanna tell me about your day, or do you wanna take a nap?" you mumbled, rubbing small circles on his back, "nap first, im so tired, baby." he quietly whined, "alright, sweet dreams, 'toru."
. . .
yes more gojo. why? bc i said so.
hes so much fun to write istg- don't mind the mistakes tho-
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lovexoverload · a month ago
him at night ~ gojo satoru
Tumblr media
pairing: sensei!gojo satoru x f!reader
summary: gojo sensei going slightly yandere and taking advantage of sleeping reader
WARNINGS: NONCON, pet names(slut, whore), loss of virginity, size kink(?), unprotected sex, breeding kink, slight yandere themes
word count: 1284
a/n: this is my first post so please bear with me (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ enjoyy
After a hard day of training with Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara, you quickly fell asleep in your comfy little bed in your dorm. Gojo sensei went especially hard on you which pissed you off during training. But you knew that he only wished for you to get stronger. You felt the softness of your bedsheets when a sudden cold and tingling feeling crept up your waist. The sensation lingered around your waist when it suddenly traveled down to your panties. You unknowingly moaned in your sleep while moving your butt towards the source of the sensation. This encouraged the white hair man to continue. “Are you getting turned on by my touch in your sleep you dirty slut?” Gojo’s hand traveled towards your now sensitive clit, flicking it with his long fingers. You tried to squirm away from his fingers when Gojo wraps his free arm around your body, pulling you into his chest. Gojo continues to play with your clit until your pussy drips wet for him. He plunges two fingers into your pussy as Gojo groans from the tightness. “Fuck, I’ve only put two fingers in and your tight cunt is squeezing them. You’ve been a good girl waiting for your teacher to take you for the first time huh?” Gojo felt satisfied knowing that he will be the first and the last person to stretch your untouched cunt. You were still not quite awake from your deep slumber… Wait until you wake up with your teacher deep inside you. A mere imagination of what he would do to you caused Gojo to get hard under your body. He pulled his fingers out of you and removed your panties, leaving your bottom half exposed for your pervert teacher to admire. He then swiftly removed his own shirt and pants, all while trying not to wake you up. Not yet. Gojo didn’t feel bad for taking advantage of your sleeping state. How can he when you have been teasing your teacher with your slutty workout clothes during training? To him, you were begging to be fucked and he wouldn’t let Yuji or Megumi to take that opportunity away from him. He has to mark his territory fast. Gojo moved on top of you. He looked at your hard and sensitive nipples poking through your tank top. His blue eyes traveled down to your pussy, wet and slippery enough for him to easily slip in, or so he thought. Gojo’s hard cock twitched in agony, begging to be free from his boxers. He took out his cock and pumped it a few times. It was veiny, long, and intimidating. He could easily kiss the entrance of your cervix with his tip. He teased you in your sleep, grinning like a madman like he was excited to fuck you dumb. He was going to make you into a real woman. So you better thank him when you wake up with a sore body. Gojo pushed the tip of his dick into your tight pussy. He doubted if he could even fully enter you when your walls clenched around his cock so tightly. He saw your face scrunch up in pain… You were definitely going to wake up soon. Gojo slowly thrusted his dick into you all while gazing into your sleeping face, wondering when you will wake up to your beloved teacher pumping in and out of you. He wanted to hear you scream, beg, maybe even shed a tear of joy for him. He wanted to see the look on your face when you first realize that the great Gojo Satoru himself is in the midst of taking your virginity. Gojo was only half way in when you felt full in your sleep. You quickly opened your eyes in shock to meet a pair of familiar blue eyes. Your body rejected the man out of panic as you tried to push your teacher off of you. “G-Gojo sensei what are you doing?! Get off of me!” He didn’t budge. Instead, he grabbed both your wrists with his right hand and pushed them above your head. His other hand clenched your waist tightly to keep you in place. “You expect me to believe you were not begging to be fucked while wearing nothing but a sports bra and tight shorts during training? You really didn’t expect this to happen, you desperate whore? Ahh Y/n… Enjoy this with me love…”
Gojo dipped his face into the side of your neck. You felt him bury deep inside your cunt slowly and painfully. You were embarrassed and ashamed. “N-no please stop ahh…” Gojo was fully inside. His balls made contact with your skin, causing you to let out a whimper. He began to thrust in and out of you, picking up speed after every movement. “Do you feel me Y/n?” Gojo’s breathing got heavier. His eyes were filled with lust, scanning over every inch of your body like a predator. “No stop I-” Gojo went faster and faster. Harder and harder like he was trying to engrave your body into the bed. You tried to suppress the sound of your whimpers and moans to not wake the others in the dormitory. However, the sound of your and Gojo’s bodies slapping together echoed throughout your room. Gojo’s big structure overwhelmed you. You stared into your teacher’s eyes while tears fell down your face… You felt a surge of betrayal and lust… “Sensei… please ngh-” “Shhh- ahh Y/n I swear you were made for me…” Gojo grabbed one of bouncing tits and squeezed it tightly. “I wonder how big your tits will get once I stuff you full.” “No- I- Gojo- I feel something! Something’s coming!” Gojo took that as a sign to play with your clit. His lengthy finger playfully twirled around your sensitive bud, earning a big moan out of your mouth. “You’re such a good girl… Keep telling your teacher how good he’s making you feel.” Gojo’s rapid thrusts and skillful finger made you chase a type of high you’ve never felt before. “Don’t stop Gojo! Oh my god nghh-” You didn’t care whether everyone could hear you anymore. You came in the midst of Gojo’s thrusts, sending your eyes to roll back in pleasure and your body to arch forward towards Gojo.
However. you didn’t have time to rest as you felt Gojo’s thick cock move around your walls. It was raw and intense. “Now you want to make me feel good? Tell me Y/n, will you let your favorite teacher cum inside you?” Before you could reply, Gojo knocked the air out of you with his one final thrust. A surge of hot liquid filled up your small cunt, causing your body to feel a tingling sensation. Even after cumming deep inside you, Gojo kept going. He made sure to push his semen as deep inside you as possible… After all, you wouldn’t dare to waste a drop of his cum, right? You legs shook, yet, Gojo never pulled out. He stayed inside you long after he finished, panting and trying to catch his breath next to your ear. You couldn’t help but be turned on by his sounds. He wasn’t loud, but he did let you know how good you were making him feel. Gojo’s cum mixed with a little blood escaped from your folds all the way down to your bedsheets… They were sure to stain soon… Gojo continued to lay on top of you, kissing your collarbone, neck, face… all while whispering into your ear how well his favorite student pleasured him, promising that he’ll make sure he’ll continue to fuck you until you become his forever.
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wintergojo · 2 months ago
cherry blossom (dad!gojo x mom!reader) [modern au]
synopsis: gojo spends four days of lockdown with his family.
tags: no curses au, covid era, fluff, slice of life, domesticity, college professor gojo, college professor reader, working from home, kissing, gojo jr. loving his parents too much
wc: 2.2k
note: apparently japan didn’t enforce lockdown during the outbreak of covid in 2020, but i'm gonna say they did to make this fic work lmao.
Tumblr media
"what about this, baby?” you held up a flashcard showing a cute cartoon white jellyfish with light blue spots sporting two sparkly eyes and a cat smile, the characters ‘jellyfish’ printed below in black ink.
seishiro stands in front of your sitting form on the round fur carpet, staring intently at the flashcard while holding his panda stuffed toy.
his face lights up after a while, grinning with his milk teeth as he answers, "jewifishies!"
you pinch his chubby cheek. "great job, seishi! and where can you find jellyfishies?"
"mr. sea!"
"that's right! aaaand this…?"
you were shuffling the cards in your hand trying to find another animal when you suddenly heard the door click. you paid it no mind, you know it's your husband coming back from buying groceries to stock up, but you can't greet him from the door as usual.
your toddler begged to differ though.
seishiro was no longer standing in front of you in less than a second, prompting you to swiftly stand up and get to the genkan when you heard running little footsteps against the hardwood floor followed by "dada!!"
"no, seishi!"
"dumpling, stop!"
you grabbed your son away from almost touching his virus-laden father, maybe a little too roughly, because he started crying (which doesn't happen a lot) as you carried him and walked away from the front door.
"shh, baby. i'm sorry. mama didn't mean to hurt you." you rub his slightly red little arms before wiping away his tears, kissing his forehead in the process.
seishiro hiccups and sniffs. "mama and dada… shouted at seishi…" he weakly responds, burying his head on your neck.
you feel your heart break as you apologize once more to your baby, explaining that you both didn't mean to raise your voice at him as well as why he couldn't touch dada if he's from the outside.
since the pandemic just started in japan, your 29-month-old baby has not yet fully grasped the concept of what was happening outside the comfort of his home, why the three of you can't go to the supermarket together (or anywhere, for that matter), and why every day is not playtime even though both of his parents are home.
while you were talking with your son, satoru disinfects the bags of groceries and himself in the doorway, making sure every inch has been sprayed before going to the kitchen and putting the bags on the counter.
he passes through the open door frame leading to the living room on his way to the bathroom and sees you cuddling the dumpling on your lap while wiping his tears. seishiro spots him instantly, pouty lips jutting more.
satoru exaggeratingly pulls his lips down and dramatically bats his eyelashes at the toddler, before raising his right arm and making grabby hands in the same manner. seishiro cries again upon seeing his father's fake sad face as he unsuccessfully attempts to get out of your hold and run to your husband.
the older man flashes the both of you a grin as he puts his arm down and sends a flying kiss. "dada will hug you in a while, dumpling! just wait for a few minutes, okay?"
your husband makes his way to the bathroom without waiting for response, leaving you to calm the crying baby in your arms once again.
you brought your sniffling toddler into the kitchen and sat him on the counter, before asking him to help you take the groceries out as a poor attempt to distract the toddler from his father's momentary absence.
you were in the middle of explaining to the curious boy what you use the bottle of sake he's holding for when your husband suddenly appeared on the door, freshly showered and snowy hair still damp.
"dada's here now!" satoru cheerfully exclaims, comically walking towards seishiro with his arms wide open.
"dada!!" the toddler automatically stands up from his sitting position and hops into his father's hug, wrapping his own arms tightly around the taller man's neck.
"my precious dumpling! did you miss dada?"
satoru feels his son nodding against the junction of his neck, before the boy raises his head and presses a wet kiss on his father's rosy lips.
you see your husband's ocean eyes change into something with a mischievous glint as he starts exchanging kisses with your baby (meaning just them kissing each other alternately on different parts of their face).
you watch their dramatics with a sardonic smile. satoru has been literally away for three hours tops and they were playing together before he left, yet your baby boy produced so much tears upon not getting to embrace his father after he has been away for a few hours.
your husband looks at you after getting his love (and saliva) all over his dumpling’s face and vice versa, before smiling slyly as he slowly walks towards you. he wraps his other arm not holding your baby around your waist, making seishiro instantly frown over the display.
“did mama miss me too?” he asks, leaning in to press his lips on yours but is stopped by a loaf of bread getting shoved in between you and him. you both turn to look at the little white-haired culprit, who flashes you both a very toothy smile he knows both his parents can’t resist.
seishiro lets out a sheepish hehe before making grabby motions at you and wiggling out of his father’s hold. you take him from your husband, and your baby immediately presses a loud kiss on your lips, earning him a whine from his father.
“yuuji-kun, tell me what you know about bioremediation.” satoru says, looking at the pink, spiky-haired teenager wolfing down his snack (it’s 2 p.m.) consisting of fried rice and egg on his screen. your husband allows his students to eat in the middle of classes even before they had to switch online, and that has not changed even now.
“yes, sensei!” yuuji replies, motioning a brief salute before drinking a glass of water and proceeding to his answer.
satoru listens intently until the teen finishes answering, about to call another student when the door suddenly opens and a cheerful miniature gojo satoru appears into his camera.
“dada!! seishi is done napping!” the toddler says before holding onto satoru’s thighs and climbing onto his father’s lap. your husband’s momentary surprise faded when his students suddenly opened their microphones and cooed, some even greeting the baby verbally and on chat.
satoru clicks the “stop video” option and presses alt + a to turn his microphone off before facing the child on his lap.
“dumpling, dada’s at work.” he says, darting his pupils to the powerpoint presentation and the students on his screen who are now spamming the chat demanding for him to turn his camera back on and show his son.
said son looks at him sadly, “but seishi wants to play with dada...”
your husband’s face fell, slowly starting to share his son’s emotions.
“don’t you wanna have fun with mama? dada will join soon.”
“nooo. seishi don’t want to wake up mama.” the boy sulkily responds, bending down and tucking his head on satoru’s stomach.
he sighs. you’re probably resting after your noon class. the lockdown’s probably starting to take a toll on you (what with work and a super energetic toddler, also your husband, 24/7) and he’s been noticing that you’re getting a lot more tired faster than usual.
“how about the playroom? you have lots of toys there!”
seishiro raises his head up and looks at his father, then shifts it back to where it was. “no…”
the boy in his lap sits up straight again, gazing at his father with the puppiest eyes he has ever seen. damn. is this how you feel when both of them flashes you that look? he already knows he won’t be able to say no to whatever his dumpling’s about to ask.
“can seishi have long huggies?” he asks instead, opening his short arms outward.
oh no. his dumpling is asking for cuddles and satoru is a huge fool for his son and he knows he can’t resist him.
but he must.
his class is still ongoing and it’s been minutes since he got interrupted. there are students relying on the wisdom and knowledge (not really) of their great teacher.
“seishi can after dada finishes teaching. have long huggies with mama first, okay?”
“noo!! seishi wants dada.” he firmly huffs, now completely sulking with arms crossed in front of his chest.
your husband contemplates. he’s starting to not care about his classes and just cuddle with his little dumpling for the rest of the lockdown.
the older man was snapped out of his thoughts with a highly familiar sassy voice. "senseei, just hold your dumpling while teaching. give him his huggies. we'd rather see a cute baby than an old man anyways." it was nobara.
satoru whips his head to the zoom, wondering how she knew about those huggies (the dumpling stuff he wasn't, everyone knows that's what your husband calls your son). he saw that his microphone wasn't turned off and that his students all probably heard his whining baby and their professor compromising with said baby.
seishiro looks in the same direction as his father, giggling and pointing at the screen as he recognizes the ginger-haired girl with a shopping mall as her background. "pwetty nee-chan!!"
nobara smirks upon being called by the baby and your husband lets out his last defeated sigh. he opens his camera back on, genuinely a little hurt by that "old man" comment but delighted nevertheless by how his students like his child.
"your wish is my command. just don't tell the yaga about this." satoru then settles seishiro properly on his lap, holding him with his left arm while the other hand controls his mouse.
he hears and sees his students say "yeees" or "hi baby!" while he's telling his dumpling to teach nee-chans and nii-chans with him.
your son's sulky demeanor is now replaced with his usual cheerfulness, although he's rather well-behaved on satoru's lap and content with wrapping his arms around his father's neck and resting his head against his chest.
your husband resumes where he left, discussing the concepts of bioremediation while rubbing seishiro's back in an attempt to get him back to slumber. he noticed some students looked less like zombies now that he's teaching with a sweet baby in his arms.
it's been two hours since the three of you ate dinner, one and a half hours since your husband and son went into the toddler's playroom, and 15 minutes since seishiro yawned and told his dada he feels sleepy.
he couldn't remember the last time he tucked his son into bed. was it three weeks ago? a month ago? he wasn't sure.
he admired his son for a while. imprinting every detail of his sleeping face into his mind. how his dumpling's long arctic eyelashes rest against his cheekbones, how cute and boopable his little nose looks, how his rosy lips he uses to kiss both of you and express his love are slightly open to release carbon dioxide.
and most especially how his small chubby hands keep instinctively holding his big ones tighter whenever he attempts to move away.
so he doesn't. the father closes his eyes and leans down to put his head on his son's chest. trying to memorize the steady beat of the boy's heart that he and his wife made.
he's definitely never going to stay late at the university again.
it's early morning, your husband has no class (he only has to grade papers he's not in the mood to read), your first class is two hours before lunchtime, which is why he has not gotten out of bed nor woken you despite being up for 10 minutes now.
he woke up early out of habit and he can't go back to sleep, so resorts to watching you sleep in his arms and ponder how much he loves waking up to see your face and your hair splayed out on the pillows.
you would usually be awake at this time too, but classes yesterday must have tired you out more than usual (understandable, you're both still adjusting to this kind of setup).
your husband presses a chaste kiss on your lips before getting up, tiptoeing out of the room, and going into seishiro's. satoru then quietly enters his son's huge crib, kisses him on his forehead, then oh so gently lifts him up and carries him bridal style. just like he does whenever his dumpling falls asleep watching television.
he then lays the sleeping angel next to the angel's goddess of a slumbering mother. you instinctively wrap your arm around your son's little form as soon as his skin touches yours, and seishiro mumbles "wuv mama".
satoru smiles, enjoying the hues of pink and purple slowly illuminating the room as he watches his two favorite people in the world.
Tumblr media
ps. i firmly believe that gojo is deeply concerned about global warming & climate change so if he's not a sorcerer he'd teach something related to the environment (u can't change my mind).
thank you so much for reading! feedback and rbs are highly appreciated! 😚😚
Tumblr media
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