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dcutekrish · an hour ago
ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ ɪɴꜱᴛɪɴᴄᴛ ⚡💥 . . . #goku #ultrainstinct #songoku #kakarot #viral #trend #trending #cute #dcutekrish #cuteprincekrishna #ultrainstinctgoku #gokulove #dbz #dragonballz #music #viralvideos #trendingvideos #dbzmemes #dbs #natsu #luffy #naruto #vegeta #princevegeta #bulma #animemusic #love (at Bangalore, India)
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m-0ther · an hour ago
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sketch commission for @masenkoha !! thank u riley my best friend ever for letting me draw them hehe
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andrefox · 3 hours ago
As per, the rapper based out in Houston, Texas, Megan Thee Stallion has teased her comeback after she announced her break from music following last year's release of her LP Good News. She said: "I'll be back when it's time."
Stallion, a self-confessed anime fan with the likes of Naruto and Dragon Ball, including some anime-themed nail art in her collection has dropped a teaser for her new video on Twitter with the line: "TINA SNOW IS BACK."
Tina Snow is one of the few alter-egos of Stallion and it seemed as if she is paying homage to the protagonist Goku and the famous transformations of his race such as Super Saiyan. Dragon Ball fans are loving Stallion right now!!
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traveller02 · 4 hours ago
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No one should take the throne of Krillin and Yamcha... 😜 Tag someone who would love to see this!! Follow @saiyanshere for amazing clips, updates and memes related to Dragonball !! - - - Tags:- [ #dragonball #anime #goku #dragonballsuper #naruto #dragonballz #manga #gohan #vegeta #supersaiyan #dbz #onepiece #trunks #dbzart #drawing #fairytail #artwork #dbs #fanart #otaku #vegito #ultrainstinct #draw #broly #goku #zamasu #gokublack #gokussj ] (at AnimeLovers)
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alphavuitton · 5 hours ago
"GOKU is Going" T shirt is Available
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#alphavuitton #goku #isgoing #tvseries #tshirt #Dhaka #teeshirt
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Tumblr media
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send me  ◬  to find my muse extremely distraught. add  “ + REVERSE ”  for my muse to find yours.
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This couldn't be happening.
Everything was falling apart, spiraling out of control, and Shin wasn't having any luck in preventing things from getting worse.
First Kibito, his faithful companion and honestly his rock in the crisis, straight up died. Then the Saiyans he enlisted for help kept ignoring his suggestions, because gods forbid they take the advice of someone with actual experience with the threat, right? Then one of them, Vegeta, gets under Babidi's control and refuses to listen to reason. Even holding a stadium hostage to get what he wanted.
And then when he makes a last ditch effort to keep it from going even more downhill...
Son Goku himself, the man who everyone he asked spoke nothing but positively about, was threatening him. Quietly, but no less clearly.
It had to be a bluff, he reassured himself at first in an attempt to calm his nerves, he wouldn't go this far, would he?
But one peek into his mind... proved him wrong...
Though Earth's hero didn't want to, he was more than willing to unless the Kai stood down.
The fact he could hear the magician mock him nor him feeling the eyes of the prince behind him flick between the two of them didn't even register, the cold dread drowning out everything else. His mind at some point even faded back to that past for a moment before returning to reality.
He stared at Goku as his mind went lightyears a second as he tried to think of what to do. All he could do was consider his options.
If he stood his ground, he would be dead. There was no question about that. He was no match for the warrior in front of him. And if he allowed himself to perish, then the universe was doomed for sure.
... So... as much as it pained him... his only option was...
Shakily, he lowered his arms, weakly muttering his surrender as he stared down at the ground.
He heard the tell tail sounds of the ki blast dispersing as he stepped out between Vegeta and Goku.
"I'm sorry, Supreme Kai."
"... I'm sorry too..."
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kinasin · 8 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oozieoozeborn · 9 hours ago
Holy hell the tone shift of the king piccolo arc. Like I never expected a death in dragon ball to actually have impact
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rosedrxgon · 9 hours ago
Yeah Im late what of it?
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dragonsdance · 12 hours ago
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“ You fool! ”
The manner in which the insult rose from his throat, so laced with malice, disgust, and contempt was surprising. He hadn’t been expecting himself to lose his cool in such an undignified manner, and yet…he couldn’t help the feelings coming to a slow simmer in his heart and all of it…all of it directed towards himself of all people.
Yet, at this point he could do nothing. Nothing, but watch helplessly as the form of his other self was stretched, bended, and contorted. Like a leaf being tugged about in the violent winds of a hurricane his body moved with the green tinted winds that had erupted from his opponent’s spell, and eventually carried him all the way down into the small vessel that was now his eternal prison.
With his fingers digging into his palms, fists tightening to the point in which he was starting to draw scarlet from his own hands he knew that with that strategic move on their part, their odds of achieving victory had slipped away entirely.
He was outnumbered, three on one and even with his newfound strength after achieving Super Saiyan Rose it simply wouldn’t be able to compare to the strength of those three if they were to attack him all at once.
Flashing his fangs instinctively as they turned their attention to him now he wasn’t certain of what do next, his mind racing with possible options. Unlike his counterpart, he hadn’t used his wish of the Super Dragon Balls to ask for Immortality. If he met his end in this place, this time…then everything, everything he had done would have been for naught.
The three standing before the faux saiyan at the moment were the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, his half breed son Trunks, and lastly perhaps the strongest among them, Son Goku. Mortals. Each bearing ancestry to a unique race of nearly extinct beings known as “Saiyans”. A species that unlike most others had the potential to ascend to the realm of the divine in terms of power.
It was a fact he found to be particularly disturbing, mortals had a place in the order that was…and it was to serve those higher above them.
He wasn’t being allotted anymore time to think as they addressed him, with Trunks proudly proclaiming that the Kai would be made to pay for all the deaths that he had caused, all the lives he had stolen, all the blood that he had spilled for the sake of creating a utopia in which mortals were no longer permitted to exist. The action alone caused his rage to spike, how dare he, a mortal, address someone of his stature in such a manner?
One after another they vanished, the Kai’s eyes narrowing as he attempted to follow the traces of their Ki or life energy only for them to appear behind him, the battle commencing, perhaps his final one.
As he suspected he was no match for the three Super Saiyans, his body badly wounded, his energy reserves starting to run dangerously thin, to the point in which the Kai feared that the only thing keeping him alive at the moment was that he too was currently a Super Saiyan himself…sort of.
Gritting his teeth together to ignore the pain as he stretched his arms out to his sides with one last angry cry he managed to cast his energy outwards, solidifying it around him in the shape of a sphere tinted pink. A barrier, one that he hoped would defend him against the three lights shining before him.
It was easy for Zamasu to guess what was about to finish him off, after all he had both the body and memories of Son Goku. A Kamehameha wave from Son Goku, his titular finishing move. The Galick Gun from Vegeta and Trunks.
With instances of his past coming forwards to face him as he fought off the encroaching darkness eating away at his vision he remembered. As mentioned before this was not his body, he was originally born as a “Kai”. They were divine beings with the holy purpose of overseeing life in their universe, they were not meant to ever intervene unless it was truly necessary but…there had always been something most foul with the way that mortal beings abused the gifts that had been bestowed upon them. For hundreds of years Zamasu, while under the tutelage of his master watched as civilizations rose and fell.
No matter the soul, no matter the reason mortals always seemed to find themselves at the precipice of greatness…only to fall to war, lust, greed, and lesser desires.
From the viewpoint of one that only ever observed from afar he used to stifle those feelings, hide them away, but eventually during one instance in particular did his resentment of them turned to hatred.
He had been traveling with his master across the cosmos, ensuring all was as it should be when they came to observe a rather barbaric species in particular. One that saw strength as the only means of judging one’s value. Watching them fight, bludgeon one another was sickening, and when they had been noticed, when one of their numbers had attempted to attack his master it had been without hesitation that he had done away with them. Acting as a Destroyer God would have.
His master of course, had scolded him heavily for it but from then onwards there was no going back in his mind. His actions, his beliefs were not wrong. In due course, Zamasu had slayed his master once he had learned all he could from him. From then onwards he had made a wish upon the Holy Dragon of the Seven Dragon Balls to swap bodies with that of his own timeline’s Son Goku. Having watched the Saiyan’s exploits for some time now, and with that power now under his command he was able to do away with nearly all that had tried to opposed him.
Of course, possessing the divine knowledge he did he wasn’t satisfied with simply his own universe. He was well aware that there were others, many others. Some like his, and others vastly different.
After he had appropriated the means of traveling naturally through both Time and Space via use of the Holy Artifact he was wearing on his right hand as a ring he had made contact with another iteration of himself. One that shared his views and together they agreed to enact a plan that would rid each reality of mortals. Leaving a paradise only for the divine such as them. The Zero Mortals Plan.
Having aided his other self in gathering the Seven Super Dragon Balls rather than wish for a Saiyan body of his own like he did. His other self wished for immortality, as he believed himself to be already strong enough to deal with any mere mortal.
Zamasu had noted his other self’s misplaced confidence but knowing that now there was nothing in existence save for the higher gods that could stand in their way there was little that could oppose them…or at least that was what he had initially believed.
He had believed that finishing off the Trunks of this doomed timeline would have been a simple task…but he had not known that the boy still had the means to travel to another parallel dimension to seek aid. A fatal mistake on his part for not finishing the boy off when he had the chance.
Trunks had fled to another reality in which he enlisted the aid of his father, Prince Vegeta, and Son Goku. From a timeline in which Son Goku had not died from his heart illness many years ago, a timeline in which his strength had continued to grow to the point it reached the level of Gods. From there the boy the had brought them back with them to which Zamasu had decided to approach the situation with caution.
Trunks was well aware that his other half was immortal, so why come back with just his father and Son Goku? Of course, there were certain laws that governed travel between parallel universes. For example, the Destroyer God of Son Goku’s timeline Beerus was a high threat without a doubt. One that Zamasu knew that even with his newfound power he wouldn’t be able to overcome but…it was against the laws that set by the Kings of All that a Destroyer God travel to another existence. The only beings allowed to do so besides the Kings of All themselves were the Kai’s given their caretaker roles therefore there was no need for him to worry about having to fight Beerus the Destroyer at all.
The only reason as to why Zamasu did not fear the intervention of the King’s of All themselves in any timeline was because he knew of their disdain for mortal affairs. It had long since been speculated among the divine that the King’s of All had been growing bored with Mortals. Coming to the conclusion that they would never truly grow or amount to anything of value to them. Therefore their destruction was imminent at some point or another.
When Son Goku appeared he had brought along with him a specially prepared vessel. In size it was as small as a common tea cup but it was the wording on the vessel done in Japanese Kanji that made him fear it the moment he had realized what it’s purpose was.
It was a technique utilized by Son Goku’s very first mentor, Master Roshi. It was a technique that could seal away any entity if they fell victim to it. The “Mafuba” or “Evil Containment Wave”, though there was nothing about the move that made is specific to those with evil intentions. Anyone could fall prey to it, as his counterpart had just a little while ago.
Bracing himself as each of the three released their charged energy blasts in his direction his barrier was quickly dissipating from their onslaught. Like hammers smashing down upon glass multiple cracks began to appear across the entirety of his barrier, his only choice to reinforce was to let it fall closer, and closer inwards until was nothing more than a thin veil around his body but even then it still wasn’t enough.
As his vision started to go white the last thing he would see would be the glimmer of his time ring, before all went dark.
Unbeknownst to him, the time ring was triggered. Whether it was due to Zamasu’s subconsciousness or the energy attempting to vaporize it would not be known to him. All that he knew now was that the massive pressure acting upon his body, attempting to smother him, to reduce him to ashes was gone. As was he from that instance, the ring sending him to another reality altogether.
Tumblr media
He appeared in this new reality awash in total darkness clinging to his body like a shroud. The hole that his time ring had ruptured through space repairing itself slowly. The darkness fading away, raindrops falling down on him. Cold, clothes starting to become damp.
His breathing heavy, senses and perception dull to what had transpired. He still couldn’t perceive this new reality, he could only feel that something had changed. Was he dead? Was he in the Underworld? Had he been sent straight down there without first going to the Otherworld to be judged for his actions?
His thoughts were interrupted by the booming of thunder, the bright flash of lightning, and in that moment his fears came to dominate him entirely. Assuming the flash of light to be another attack aimed at him he acted without thinking to protect himself, extending his hands out to his sides and pushing out the last of his energy in a desperate attempt to defend himself.
Even though he wasn’t certain if he was still alive his desire to live against the odds helped fuel him for just a bit more, past the point of collapsing as the barrier he managed to erect around himself stretched out far and wide like a blossoming explosion that shook the land.
It’s range was wide, far larger than it had been before now that there were no forces acting upon it to shatter it however it’s composition was highly unstable, erratic. Streaks of pink tinted electricity danced across it’s flickering surface. Fading away, along with the dome after just a few seconds as the Kai’s energy was finally exhausted.
With his hair losing it’s pink shine, losing it’s spiked, crown like formation he fell into the crater he had created with his actions. Dust clouds rising upwards into the stormy skies. 
Kneeling in the mud, feeling the cold touch of rain droplets against his skin, dampening his clothes he would not permit himself to die here, not in such a pathetic manner. So it would be with pained groans, and a sluggish manner altogether that the faux saiyan would forcibly move himself away from the crater that he had spawned. Moving himself towards the direction of civilization, shimmering lights that he could see in the distance. 
In time, the faux saiyan finding himself situated atop a bar stool, tail coiled and kept hidden away underneath his clothes to avoid drawing attention to himself as he did his best to tune out the loud sounds, large crowds, and colored lights around him. With bandages having been thoroughly wrapped around his wounds underneath his attire he had sought refuge in a place in which little to no questions would be asked of him. A place where the only desire humans had would be to dance and make merry with one another. The bottle of liquor before him helping to ease the discomfort each time it arose. 
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mormongrievous · 13 hours ago
Here are The Draft Pages For Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 73.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tamale104 · 13 hours ago
sailor moon beats goku 
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dragonsdance · 14 hours ago
“ Thanks again for all of this Master Korin, there’s no telling when these might come in handy in the tournament ! “ 
Extending his hand out to receive the small, brown burlap sack containing the freshly grown assortment of small green vegetables he always wondered what exactly it was that his former master did to grow Senzu Beans. A part of him had always been curious to try and see if he could grow them on his own. Perhaps by planting one of the hardened beans amongst his crops to see if he could get it to sprout with just the right soil and the right care. However, what stayed his hand was the feeling that to do so would be disrespectful to his former mentor. Disrespectful to the kindness shown to both him and his friends to try and replicate his work without his permission. Besides, who was to say that even if he could grow them on his own that they would be anywhere near as good as what his former mentor could make ? All the more reason to leave it be. 
“ Say Master ? Do y’know where’s Yajirobe ? Y’know if he’s free we could really use his help in this upcoming tournament of po - “ 
It would be at the very mention of the word tournament that his old friend would arise from his corner of the lockout. Head poking up out of a set of stairs that lead deeper into the complex with a bowl of freshly cooked rice and curry in hand. The sight alone causing the Saiyan’s belly to rumble, tail flicking up around his shoulder as if to get a glimpse as well. 
The samurai’s immediate reaction to pull his bowl of food away causing Goku to chuckle aloud to himself. If there was anything he could count on with Yajirobe it was for him to all be the same. What followed would be a series of excuses from the samurai as to why he couldn’t attend due to ailments, soreness from his own intensive training, and much, much more ! 
“ Wow ! Didn’t know you’ve been so hard at work ! Now I really gotta make sure I come back around some time to spar with ya ! It’s been so long since I last saw ya in action ya know ? “ 
As the samurai’s expression became that of fear at the prospect of sparring with the Saiyan he opened to his mouth to offer a rebuttal but would be quickly cut off unintentionally by Goku as he secured the sack of Senzu Beans around his waist cloth for safe keeping. 
“ But, it’ll have to wait until after the Tournament of Power. It’s a darn shame too, I was told by Lord Beerus and Whis that the greatest fighters across all the different universes would be gatherin’ to compete. Figured there might be other swordsmen there you might like to show yer fancy footwork too ! Bet you would’ve given them a run for their zenni ! Would have liked to have seen you and that katana in action again ... “ 
For a few moments Goku couldn’t help but reminisce on bygone days. While others might have teased or joked that Yajirobe was more yellow than a sunflower Goku didn’t see that to be the case at all. The wandering ronin had more than proven himself to be a capable fighter in more instances than one. Given that when they had first met when another after he had eaten Yajirobe’s meal without askin’ since the samurai hadn’t been around their fight had been pretty even following that spat. He’d never forget how cleanly his katana had been able to cut through Cymbal, King Piccolo’s third son with such ease it might as well have been cutting through butter. Cymbal’s electric shockwaves and punches barely effecting Yajirobe during their duel. The Ronin had potential to be far greater, as did all of his friends. He just wished they would see in themselves what he saw in them. 
Tumblr media
“ Welp ! Gotta head up to the lookout to wait for Tifa . See ya Master Korin ! Bye Yajirobe ! Thanks again ! “ 
Raising his hand to waive his goodbyes to the two it would only be seconds before Nimbus ascended upwards. Propelling them higher and higher at a breakneck pace up to the highest point of the structure. The lookout that housed Earth’s Guardian. 
Y’know looking at the structure from this angle, he always wondered how the lookout was able to stay afloat on that small, thin support beam situated underneath it. Just from the way it looked, one would think a small breeze would be more than enough to blow the entire area over like a bowl being balanced on a bamboo shoot. 
As soon as Nimbus arose over the lip of the circular structure the Saiyan was happy to see Earth’s Guardian and his attendant waiting for him near the entrance to their home. 
“ Yo ! Has Tifa shown up yet ? “ 
Taking a few glances around as Nimbus moved him closer to them he would hop off the golden cloud once he was a few paces away. He couldn’t sense the other Saiyan’s Ki within the immediate area but for all he knew she could have been somewhere further down in the tower or still on her way to the lookout overall. 
With the gurgling of his stomach becoming louder he grinned sheepishly. 
“ Sorry ... hope ya don’t mind me asking Mr. Popo but have ya got anything good to eat around here ? “ 
As the attendant smiled and began to walk into their abode it would be the Earth’s New Guardian Dende to step forward and explain that the other Saiyan had yet to arrive however the preparations that Goku has asked for much earlier on had all been made and were ready for use. 
“ Really ! Awesome Dende ! Thank’s a bunch for doin’ this ! We’ll need as much time as we can get to prepare for the Tournament ! “ 
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hakaishin-shin · 14 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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