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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#golden Deer

my entry for the Fodland Fright Halloween Event!!!

I was @whiskeyrrose‘s secret person, and tried to mix various elements for the final gift, including m!Bylitza as paranormal investigators finding a deer cryptid and the shadows of its victims- it’s not quite clear but those are the Golden Deer silhouettes behind the creature!! 

It’s actually one of the drawings I’m the proudest of 

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Lorenz: I’m so clumsy today. I keep bumping into things. I have so many bruises, it’s not even funny.

Claude, who broke into his dorm last night and moved all of his furniture two inches to the left: Dang. That’s weird.

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*during Horsebow Moon*

Claude: What have you gathered on the case?

Raphael: Well, here’s a list of all the suspects I obtained.

Ignatz: …Raphael, your name is on this list.

Raphael: I can’t remember where I was last Saturday, therefore I have no alibi. I’ve been trailing myself for days.

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Claude: If you're going to leave the deer to join the Black Eagles, you at least have to tell me what it's like with them.
Lysithea: Imagine working with completely civilized, responsible, and mature people.
Claude: Damn, that much of a diffe-
Lysithea: Now throw that idea out the window.
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That’s exactly my problem with Verdant Wind, too. It’s an issue with Three Houses in general, where it prefers to tell you about stuff rather than show you; it’s certainly not helped by the fact that you’re stuck at the monastery for the entire game, making it so you hardly ever get to see the continent or its inhabitants in grand detail.

And of course this extends to characters as well. I really wanted to see Claude negotiate his way through things, but we don’t get that. It makes me sad.

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Cannot believe this fandom has been calling the Golden Deer the theater kids.

You are telling me that the house containing Actual Opera Nerds Dorothea and Ferdinand and Drama Incarnate Edelgard and Hubert is NOT the theater house? Excuse me? Have you seen the Flame Emperor’s feather cape?

Meanwhile, Golden Deer is out here painting and making jewelry and shit. You’re telling me they don’t radiate Art School Vibes? Listen. Even Raphael majors in Nailing Wood to Animal Parts.

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