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#golden retriever

Thomas and Virgil talk about the events that transpired. Virgil practices to control his shifting powers. He also stumbles into a place that was a bit too tempting for him leading to some more mischeif and another secret.

I am open to Prompts and questions for or about the Sides in this story. Please I encourage you to share my post. Gets the story out there.

Master post: Click Here There are two other Chapters! 

Warning: Moments of anxiety, fear, self doubt, falling from a heigh distance.

Thomas and Virgil sat in the hallway together for the longest time, at least they thought so. Neither of them spoke or moved from that spot for what felt like an eternity. In reality it was only about ten minutes. Virgil remained on Thomas’ s shoulder for half of that time, just trying to process the whole scene that just played out between them. Thomas did all he could to make sure he wasn’t staring at his friend while he processed the whole situation. He looked at his hands, he looked up at the ceiling trying to count the lines from cracks or just missed plater. He even started to plan out his next video, until he was brought out of his thoughts by Virgil moving his head from his shoulder. He waited patiently for anything to come from Virgil. A sigh. Anger. Even rambling would have been better than this awkward silence. After looking down at the ground for a time, Thomas decided enough was enough. Virgil had to talk.

“ Sooo you can transform too?” Thomas wanted to hit himself in the head because of the stupid yet obvious question that just emanated from his lips. “ Your and animal too?” how dumb could he be, but it seemed to do the trick.
“ In all honesty it only started recently. At the beginning I was human, like the…others. Then one day it just happened.”

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