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Crabbe: Without Draco, I’d be lost.
Crabbe, yelling: Hey, Draco! Where am I?
Draco, from the corridor: The Great Hall.
Crabbe: Thanks!
Crabbe: See?!
(source: T.U.F.F. Puppy)
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Are You With Me? (Draco Malfoy x y/n) Chapter 7
Summary: Y/N is a Slytherin muggle born. She's used to her house ostracizing her due to her blood status and her friendship with the Golden Trio, especially Draco Malfoy. But during their fifth year, they discover they might need each other more than they think
To your surprise, things have been really good with Draco the past few weeks. He's been nothing but sweet and gentle with you. His friends have also seemed to be less interested in harassing you, you're not quite sure how he accomplished that. You thought it better not to ask. Draco himself has also been less of a bully throughout the school. You overhead him tell Crabbe that he had "better things to do than harass some eleven year olds" but you knew the real reason.
Unbeknownst to you, Draco was falling deeper in love with you everyday. It was freeing, to be able to feel this way for someone. He's sure he's never felt like this before and he's also sure he won't be able to feel this way for anyone else. You did something to him that he couldn't explain, made him feel things inside.
He thought about you constantly. Every moment he wasn't with you, he was looking forward to the next time he got to see you. Even if he didn't interact with you. He'd watch you at every meal, sometimes you're at the Slytherin table near the end. But most of the time you're with the Gryffindors. His heart aches every time he sees you over there. He gazes at you in class or in the courtyard and even watches you walk the halls with the trio. It still baffles him why you're such good friends with them and it still annoys him immensely that you're so fond of Potter.
Draco would never admit it but he was jealous of Potter. He was the school hero, the chosen one, the quidditch star. Every thing that little scar-head touched turned to gold. It infuriated Draco. He wouldn't let Potter take you away from him too.
It's a gorgeous sunny afternoon when you meet Draco down by the lake. You got his owl after lunch asking you to meet him down there for a study date. You're excited to spend some much needed time with your boyfriend. Studying for OWLS was taking up all of your time. Exams were fast approaching in only a month and you needed to pass with flying colors if you wanted to be considered for any of your top career choices.
The impending exams also meant that the school year was rapidly approaching the close, meaning you wouldn't be able to see Draco for three months. You tried not to let it bother you but you couldn't help it. You were going to miss him terribly.
All worries of the future drift away when you see that blonde head you love so much sitting criss-crossed in the grass. His back is to you, his books and parchment sprawled in front him as he leans his elbows on his knees. A brown bag filled with candy from Honeydukes laid open next to him, it's become a tradition of yours.
"I'm surprised you're actually sitting in the grass," you tease, plopping down across from him. "You're such a diva about your clothes."
He rolls his eyes playfully. "Anything for you."
"So, why'd you ask me to meet you out here?"
Draco wasn't much for the outdoors. He hated Herbology and was afraid of bugs. You'd also heard about the time he was terrified during his trip to the Dark Forest during attention first year.
"You mentioned how your dad used to take you to the lake near your house and how it used to help you think," Draco says. "I thought we could use the help to study for exams."
You smile broadly at your thoughtful boyfriend. You had told him about the trips to the lake with your dad months ago, before you were dating. You're shocked and touched he remembered.
"That's really sweet Draco. This was really thoughtful of you to remember."
"Of course, darling." He leans in, placing his hand on the side of your face. His lips ghost over yours before he gently presses them against your own. You lean into his touch, wanting to savor every moment you have with your boyfriend over the last month of classes.
He deepens the kiss, making you stumble back, causing him to chuckle. You giggle and push him off of you.
"Well, this is just brilliant."
You and Draco jump up at the sound of the snarky tone. You know that voice well, Ron. Both pairs of eyes widen when you see the golden trio standing in front of you. Ron is fuming, fists balled as Hermione and Harry stand a couple steps behind him, flanking his sides.
"I can't believe you," Ron continues, face turning redder by the second. "Not only have you been running off with him, you've been lying to our faces about it too!"
"Ron..." Harry's tone is gentle but warning, pleading him not to continue. He places a hand on his friend's shoulder which Ron immediately shrugs off.
He takes another step towards you. "So have you just forgotten about everything he's done to us over the years? How he's tortured us on a regular basis? How he's called you and Hermione that AWFUL word repeatedly?!"
"Ron," Harry says again, more forcefully this time. "Let's not do this here." Ron ignores him again.
"I'm sorry," you stutter out, your eyes filling with tears. The last thing you wanted was for them find out this way.
"Why him? Why him of all people?" Ron shakes his head at you repeatedly. "Are you mental? Have you no brains?"
"Hey," barks Draco, stepping forward towards the redhead. "No need to speak to her like that."
"No one's talking to you Malfoy," Ron snaps, his laser gaze now focused on the blonde at your side. "This doesn't concern you."
"When you're disrespecting my girlfriend, it does concern me." Draco's jaw clenches as he stares down your friend.
Ron scoffs. "Tell that to your stupid friends who insult her, won't you?" Ron stares at you, eyes searching yours for some kind of explanation. "I can't believe you would do this y/n."
He stalks away, back towards the castle. Tears start streaming down your face as you look at Hermione. She hasn't said a word the whole time but when she finally meets your eyes, her expression makes your stomach drop to the floor. She looks utterly devastated and betrayed. She quickly avoids your gaze and abruptly turns around, following Ron.
You feel like a traitor. You and Hermione had bonded over the fact that you were muggle-borns from the beginning. For the two of you, it was something to be proud of. You had cried together many nights after being called "mudblood" by the Slytherins, most of the time being Draco. Of course her best friend dating her tormentor was a slap in the face to Hermione. You have never felt guiltier.
You finally look at Harry, completely heartbroken. His expression is filled with sympathy and pity, he feels sorry for you. But something in his face tells you he knew this would happen, he just didn't know when.
"I'm sorry," he says, and he really sounds like he means it. You don't say anything as he proceeds back up the path towards the castle.
You can't move, you can't think. You've just lost your three best friends. You want to speak but your throat feels like sand. You feel Draco slip his hand into yours.
"Love, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" His voice sounds echoey in your ears, like he's far away.
You finally regain the ability to speak. "I have to go." You rip your hand out of his grasp and start walking back towards the castle, not once looking back at Draco.
It's been a week since you've spoken to your friends. They avoid you like the plague in class and during free periods. Hermione and Ron won't even look at you, but Harry will throw you sympathetic glances. Every once in a while you and Harry will engage in short conversation in between classes but nothing more. You can't sit with them at the Gryffindor table so you either sit alone at the Slytherin table or don't go down for meals at all. Draco's starting to be concerned for your well-being. You stay in your room all day and only leave when necessary for class. Draco will sneak you into his room at night but that's really the only time you spend together. Despite your friends knowing, you still haven't gone public with your relationship. You don't believe Draco is ready to tell his friends.
You're laying across his bed on your stomach, textbooks open. You've been reading the same sentence over and over again for about five minutes now. No matter what you do, you just can't seem to focus. You're going to fail all of your exams. You wish Hermione was here.
"Y/n, I'm worried about you." Draco looks over at you from where he's seated at his desk. "You can't stay locked in the dungeons forever. I want to help you feel better."
"What's the point? My friends hate me," you mutter miserably.
"Stop that, they don't hate you. They'll come around, I'm sure of it."
"And what if they don't?"
"Then they weren't really your friends anyways." He turns around in his chair to face you. "As long as we have each other, who cares what anyone else thinks?"
You sit up on his bed, pushing your textbook aside. "Then why haven't you told your friends about us yet?"
His soft expression falls as his face grows stoic. "Can we not talk about this again? I told you, I'm waiting for the right time."
"Are you embarrassed of me?"
He looks like you've just slapped him. "What? No-"
"That's why you don't want to tell anyone about us," you interrupt.
"That's not true," he protests, shaking his head vigorously.
"Then what's the reason?" Your voice is raised now as you sit up on his bed. "I know what your friends are like, Draco, I've lived among them for five years. You can't tell me I'm wrong. Not to mention your parents, you can't deny that they would hate me."
"Maybe I don't want to face the world yet, okay?!" It's like the dams burst inside Draco for the first time. He looked...hurt and scared. "For the first time in my life, I have something good. Something to look forward to, something-no. Someone who makes me very happy. And maybe I'm not ready to share you with the world and have you poisoned by my friends and family!"
He's breathing heavy, nervous sweat trailing along his hairline. He looks like he's been holding this is inside for a while. You don't respond. You just look at him, trying to understand this boy before you.
"You don't understand because your relationship with your friends and family isn't based on status. Your friends and family support you in whatever you do. I've never had that." His head hangs sadly as he avoids your eyes. "Which is why I know your friends will actually come around."
"Draco." You stand and walk over to him. You take his hands in yours, rubbing your thumbs over his fingers. You want to try to give him reassurance but you know what you might be facing. "They're your friends, they'll understand."
"No, you don't understand," he snaps.
"Then help me to understand," you plead. "I'm trying here."
"You will never understand what it's like!" He hisses, snatching his hands out of yours. "You don't have parents who'll disown you the moment you don't do exactly as they say! You don't have friends who don't care about you other than the fact that you're rich and popular!"
For once, you're truly speechless. He's right, you don't know what that's like. Your parents love you, no matter if you're a wizard or a muggle. Sure, they don't really understand you, but they try. Granted, you and your friends aren't speaking right now but you know they care about you. Everything they've ever done for you proves they care for you.
You've never seen Draco like this. Sure, you've gotten into your fair share of arguments, even before you were dating. But he's never opened up to you before like this. He always suppresses his true feelings during arguments.He usually looks like he wants to say something but then never does. His jaw is always set tight as he sits in silence, you doing the same. Eventually one of you will break and apologize first.
Now he's sitting on his bed, facing away from you. You take a seat next to him cautiously, not wanting to upset him anymore. He's never opened up to you about his feelings towards his friends and family and you don't want him to shut down now.
"You're right."
He shifts slightly. He doesn't speak or move anymore. You take this as you sign to continue.
"I don't know what that's like. But I'm sure your parents and your friends care about you more than you think. Some people just have difficulty showing their emotions." You slide your hand through his, resting them on your knee. "Including you."
He scoffs slightly, you ignore it.
"I think," you continue. "sometimes you don't tell me how you really feel about things. I think you bottle a lot of things inside of you. And I think some of it just came out tonight." You chuckle slightly, trying to lighten the mood. When he chimes in, you smile. "I want you to be able to be honest with me. I don't want you to feel like you have to hide things from me."
"I don't want you to think I'm weak," he mutters. "Or a coward."
"I don't think you're those things." You lean your head on his shoulder. "I think you're brilliant and ambitious and confident. You could be a bit nicer but we're going to work on that."
The two of you chuckle and you finally feel like this invisible wall that's been built between you two is starting to fall. He's starting to trust you with things he hasn't shared with others and you feel like maybe there's hope for the two of you after all. Maybe this isn't a doomed relationship between the pureblooded heir and the muggle-born after all.
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"The train rattled onwards, speeding them out into open country."
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Gossip before the disaster
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Ron: what seems to be the problem?
Harry: I don’t know exactly, but it all started when I was a baby and my parents were murdered
Ron: I meant with the car
Harry: oh, it makes a beeping sound every time I slam my head into the steering wheel
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Tumblr media
Words cannot express how much I love this volume cover.
How much it's making me emotional. Izuku looks so amazing, Uraraka and Iida looks great...
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golden trio x reader
summary: you realize that the golden trio will leave you eventually when you notice them getting distant.
warnings: angst, panic attacks (let me know if i missed any!)
requested: yes | no
a/n: a small thing while i’m writing for an anon again
Tumblr media
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place
"they're going to leave," you whisper, shaking. "they're going to replace me."
it was bound to happen at some point. all the signs. you were going to be left behind while they move on.
ever since your 1st year, you'd been friends with hermione, harry, and ron. you'd always been a group. but now, things were different. the world was changing. slowly, the four of you had been drifting apart.
except it was them three against you.
make that money, fake that bunny, ache my tummy on the fence, all the time paid junk honey, your face so sunny, ain't that funny? all my friends always lie to me, i know they're thinking
it was back-and-forth with being happy all the time.
at one point you all would be laughing in the great hall together. the next, they'd be glaring at you and giving you the silent treatment.
the war had already started and you were on the brink of being alone.
you were on the fence all the time, swinging your feet back and forth, waiting for them to break the relationship with you.
they smile at you and act friendly all the time, but you know that internally they're about to crush you again.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
your anxiety made this a known fact:
they hated you.
after the war you haven't any idea of what will happen after they leave.
it was only a matter of time.
when? you didn't know. all you knew was that you had to find out who you'd fight for when the time came.
them? hogwarts? gryffindor? your family?
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
"oh, god. oh, god. oh, god."
your shoulders shook.
they were going to replace you and leave you behind completely.
they were your only friends and if you didn't have them, you had no one.
you would be alone.
the thought made you sob harder, your breathing quickened, you burried your face in your knees and sobbed freely.
the moonlight beamed onto your bed, shining on you.
alone. alone. alone.
you were alone.
keep on dreaming, don't stop breathing, fight those demons sell your soul, not your whole self oh, if they see it when you're sleeping, make them leave it and i can't even see if it’s out there anymore, so
of course, you couldn't give up now.
not now, not ever.
no matter how vulnerable you were, you couldn't give up. you wouldn't give up. hermione, harry, and ron knew you were vulnerable, but you wanted them to ignore this fact.
you were strong enough to do it on your own, but your feelings took over at the moment. your body was on autopilot and when you took back control, you would be fine.
you always had a feeling that they'd leave eventually.
they were closer with each other than they were with you anyway.
you're too mean, i don't like you fuck you, anyway you make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs it hurts but, i won't fight you you suck, anyway you make me want to die, right when i
"i'm sorry ron, but i can't give you the answers. that's cheating-"
"fuck you, anyway." he grumbled, mumbling about how you were useless and how they all thought the same thing.
neither harry, nor hermione did so much as flinch.
you gulped back tears and continued to write in your notebook, not really remembering what you were doing in the first place.
your head clouded with thoughts and a voice echoed in your ears:
they're leaving you. they don't like you anymore. why didn't you just give him the answers?
you frowned and stood up, trying to blink back the tears, but failing as they fell despite your efforts.
harry mumbled a small, "well, that's pathetic." when he saw your tears.
hermione only rolled her eyes and turned back to her book.
your necked bobbed as a desire to scream battled with your voice box. you rushed away and tried to wipe away the tears, but once again failing to stop them as more fell.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
you let your head hit the pillow behind you as your hands reached up to cover your eyes.
"fuck. oh, fuck. they're- leaving me- behind."
your voice was ragged and you thanked magic for silencing charms before crying out unwillingly. more screams tore from your lips as your head pounded.
you could hardly think clearly.
an ear piercing scream left your throat as you cried and cried and cried.
being me can only mean feeling scared to breathe if you leave me, then i'll be afraid of everything that makes me anxious, gives me patience calms me down, lets me face this, let me sleep and when i wake up, let me be
you begged your anxiety to leave you alone.
your only source of comfort was your friends, but they were the source of your problems.
they couldn't leave.
"they can't leave me. they can't leave me. they can't leave me." you chanted.
you shook and shivered.
merlin, your friends were leaving you. you were going to be alone. you didn't have anything else. without them, you were nothing.
when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might take my place when i wake up, i'm afraid somebody else might end up being me (being me, being me)
the door burst open to reveal hermione, ron, and harry, all shocked at the sight of your panicked state.
hermione shut the door and rushed over to you. she cradled you and you sobbed in her chest,
"you can't go. please don't go. don't go. you can't- don't-"
"y/n, i'm not going anywhere. i'm here. i'm right here."
"you all are going to leave me behind. you can't! you can't leave me behind!"
she sat and rubbed your back as you sobbed and sobbed some more. it wasn't until about an hour later until you calmed down and resorted to ragged breaths and hiccups.
harry and ron walked over as they all embraced you.
this wasn't real.
"y/n, we aren't leaving you. what are you talking about?"
"you all hate me. stop- don't do this- don't get my hopes up again. you all roll your eyes at me, call me pathetic, resent me- i can't- you're going to leave. you're going to leave me behind."
they took a moment and realized that was absolutely true. or it had seemed that way anyway. they weren't going to leave you behind, but they realized how awful they'd been treating you.
hermione gasped and hugged you tighter. "i'm sorry. i'm so, so sorry. i can't believe i- god, i'm so sorry. y/n, i'd never leave you. i can't even dream of leaving you. you're my best friend."
they're lying.
harry and ron agreed. "we didn't even realize."
hermione kissed your face and wiped your tears. they apologized over and over and over again. they were sorry. god, they didn't even realize. they didn't realize how badly you must've felt.
they stayed with you that night.
that night everything was going back to normal.
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🏷 tags: @dlmmdl @sir1usblacksgf @littlemissnoname13 @just-a-smol-spoon @dracoscum @mattheosbae @i-have-my-issues @wolfstar-lb (i can't tag anyone else because my taglist is on my notes app and my phone is broken so that really sucks :D)
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Harry: I think I'm having a mid-life crisis.
Luna: But you're not at mid-life...
Harry: A quarter-life crisis, then.
Luna: You're not at quarter-life either...
Harry: So what would you call it?
Luna: Just a crisis.
Harry: Oh shit, yeah.
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Harry's friends... love him so much...
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happy trans day of visibility! being trans is fucking magic ✨
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Yep, that's me. Sarcasm, irony, or just plain cynicism.
Harry Potter, probably
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Why is it when something happens, it is always you three?
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# the Golden trio
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ULTIMATE SHIPS CHALLENGE - [4/5] Holding Hands Scenes ↳ “Is this the moment?” Harry asked weakly, and when nothing happened except Ron and Hermione gripped each other still more firmly and swayed on the spot, he raised his voice. “Oi! There’s a war going on here!” Ron and Hermione broke apart, their arms still around each other. “I know, mate,” said Ron, who looked as though he had recently been hit on the back of the head with a Bludger, “so it’s now or never, isn’t it?”
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the golden trio meet up for lunch frequently around wizarding london. (a.k.a. harry’s third-wheeling again)
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Hermione: Haven't you ever owed a fine for an overdue library book?
Ron: You and I both know that during my entire time at Hogwarts, I never once checked a book out of the library.
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Alfred looking at the kids: You know those things will kill you right?
Jason pouring a pouring another glass of whiskey: Yeah that’s kinda the point
Roy smoking a cigarette: We’re trying to speed up the process
Y/N: *nods while eating raw cookie dough upside down on the couch*
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