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#golden trio era
clarrissanewt · 8 hours ago
Hey! I love ur fics especially the Harry ones and I stan Harry!
Can u do Harry Potter×fem!reader where Harry and Reader are in muggle world (reader is aware of muggle stuff) and they are are on couch wearing sweatshirts, vibing to music (maybe Taylor Swift or One Direction or Shawn Mendes anyone u like) and having snacks and reader keeps jumping on the couch, Harry is doing some stupid moves and reader laughs and they are finally exhausted-
I will leave the rest to ur imagination! Thanx a lot ♥️
Heart Me
Pairing: Harry Potter x fem!reader
Warnings: modern!au
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
A/n: ah! i heart harry staners;)
A special thanks to @devilstains for the help in the playlist^
hope you enjoy!
If laziness had a face, Harry asserted inside his mind, it would have definitely been him and Y/n. Taking a quick glance out of the heavily fogged window, he sighed inaudibly at the chewing thought of what happened last week when Y/n had decided to switch to this sleep alluring music.
He needed some cacophony.
As he trudged out of the little divine they made on the couch, the girl was shaken from her reverie. Cold waft was never her thing.
Screw you, Potter.
Her eyes lingered on his receding figure as he tiptoed out of the room and somewhere two rooms away, the door crashed shut like a Potter made missile was shot through a cannon.
Merlin, she rolled her eyes as she reluctantly shook off the blanket that squished her into the so-called infinite horizon of the couch, this boy loved being secretive as much as he loved troubles (she wasn’t going to herald that he loved her more than anything...what’s the fun if your words ain't star-crossed?)
As the sharp bang clashed and echoed through the otherwise serene apartment of theirs, Y/n was already trying not to wrap her head around this oncoming surprise...maybe this would be the forthcoming of the wild Potter as if the long gone Dark Lord had possessed him again.
She well knew that he wasn’t into gory stuff, at least not with her. So what was this upcoming hurricane about?
As if on a cue, the wooden door was banged into her face, and Harry’s eyes, much to the prior contentment, turned berating as he got the brunt of the situation.
Yeah, very well, actually screw you, Potter.
“Shut up,” Y/n hissed, turning away from him, the murderous glint of red flaring through her orbs.
“Sorry,” Harry mumbled, timidly flexing his burly arms, a strange habit he caught over time whenever he messed up with things.
As he watched her storming away from him, well actually towards the kitchen counter, he was mentally (very prudently) calculating what ways the kitchen could aid to murder a man.
Knife? Check.
A murderous girlfriend? Checked for the whole lifetime.
As he sheepishly advanced towards the living room, the sound base spurring some lazy songs much to his displeasure was enough.
Hurricane Potter (if you even call him that) wasn’t storming away to be mocked. With quick darting steps, he shut off the current playlist that was obviously chosen by Y/n, eliciting a nasty groan from the kitchen.
Ten seconds for mission ‘Murder Scarhead’.
Quite not.
Instead he was met with a strained smile and two foaming cups of coffee.
There were times he wished to fall in love with this girl all over again, the same crave which anyone would get after finishing a mind blasting book. It wasn’t much of a surprise that he fell in love with her, the very same way you would get lost in the wide world of any story...skeptically, slowly but surely.
“If you are wondering again how you fell in love with me,” he shook his head as her mellifluous voice infiltered into his ears, “that was Ron’s fault...maybe, Hermione also.”
“You mean Ron pushing you off the stands?” There was a glint of mischief in his tone as she swatted him, thereafter sighing by the momentum of those fond, rather life-threatening memories.
“He did push me,” her voice seemed small, “but hey! Hermione didn’t even scold him!”
“Perks of being a cupid?” Harry furrowed his brows from behind the same frame of his glasses, fumbling with the ceramic handle of the new mug.
“Perks of being a partner in crime, to be precise.”
“Godric,” his fingers drummed the periphery of the sound base, the eagerness obvious in his voice, “now this calls in for extreme measures.”
“Go on then, Potter,” she sighed, flopping back on the couch, hiding her red nose behind the mug, the delicate vapour misting into the cold atmosphere. “I hope you don’t expect me to join.”
“Got me right.”
What a cheeky bastard, Y/n scoffed under her breath as he tugged the hem of her sweatshirt, forcing her to match his stupid moves.
If one thing you must know about Harry Potter it is that he won’t give up dancing- no matter how imbecile it gets.
With mug still dangling in both their hands, they continued ‘vibing’ to music (as Hermione told them few years back), Harry’s free hand, resting on her waist, as they nearly crashed on the couch but (to Y/n’s utter displeasure) he continued leading the way to every corner of the house, his movements dunce as ever.
“I’m great of a dancer, aren’t I?”
“Sure,” she rolled her eyes, “you are a nincompoop.”
Finally as the clock striked eleven at night, he finally realised that all their energy was long drained and the moment both of them hit the surface of the couch, their eyes fell on the still filled mugs.
“So what’s the message today?”
Y/n giddily smiled at him, throwing his heart into a whirlpool of flutters as she slyly shrugged and got into sipping her now cold coffee.
As he started draining the caffeine into his system, a smile etched across his face as he saw those two words printed inside the mug.
Heart me.
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therandomficwriter · 2 months ago
The Weasley Twins Having A Crush On You
A/N: I absolutely love the Weasley twins and I thought this would be so cute! Honestly I didn’t think I had a favorite twin but my friend made me realize I do and it blew my mind lmao. N E ways I hope you guys enjoy this!
Tumblr media
I feel like he started liking you after he saw you one day in the hall
He thought you look so pretty talking admittedly with your friends he decided then and there he liked you
You were a little weary at first thinking his new found attention to you was the beginning of some prank but soon grew out of it after a while
You guys probably clicked instantly and became friends but unknown to you his crush on you became bigger
He is the more outgoing of the two so I feel like he’s more touchy feely with you (with your consent of course!)
He’d probably grab your hand and entwine them together anytime he wants to show you something or lead you somewhere
Honestly I feel like he just likes unconsciously holding your hand and you’re not really complaining
And like I’ve said he loves touching you so expect a lot of hugs and he especially like coming behind you and giving you a back hug and at this point you’re used to it so you just continue on with whatever you’re doing while he has a hold on you
He is the biggest tease so expect a lot of teasing from this guy and a lot of obviously flirting
Sometimes in class he likes to pass you notes with little compliments or pick up lines just to see your reactions
Every single time you get one you try to hide the fact that there’s heat rising to your cheeks and he thinks you look so adorable all flustered
I feel like he likes to pretend you’re a couple so you get some of the experience of what it would be like if you were a couple
You don’t get the full Fred boyfriend experience until you actually become a couple
Honestly he probably confessed to you one day out of the blue because he accidentally blurted it out but he made it seem like he did it on purpose because of how composed he seemed
He was probably shaking inside from how nervous he was lmao
If you’d say yes then he be so happy he’d probably shout it out to all of Hogwarts that you said yes but if you said now he would accept your feeling but he’s still want to be friends cause he doesn’t want to lose you
Overall he’d be super flirty and he’s probably completely in love with you
Tumblr media
I feel like he probably had a crush on you for the longest time
We all know that he’s the more laid back of the two so I feel like you wouldn’t be as weary about his sudden attention towards you
If anything you guys were probably friends for quite a while before he realized he had feelings for you
You probably didn’t notice much of a change because he already acted overly friendly but you might have noticed his flirting upped a bit
He loves calling you cute nicknames just to see you flustered
You like dragging him to the library with you cause he can reach the books on the shelves you can’t reach and every time he helps you he demands a kiss on the cheek
And you just roll your eyes before going on your tippy toes and giving his a small peck on the cheek
He always blanks out for a couple seconds after that happens but then he gets the biggest smile on his face
I feel like he isn’t as big of a touchy person as his brother but whenever you guys are walking together in the halls and it’s a little crowded he likes to put his hand on the small of your back to make sure you don’t get separated
He’d probably fall even more in love with you if you can tell him and his brother apart
Cause if he’s able to walk up to you and you greet him with his name and a bright smile that gives him the biggest ego and mood boost
His favorite thing is when you guys are hanging out outside and he has his head laid in your lap and you have your fingers running through his hair and you’re talking about something you really like
He thinks you look so beautiful talking so passionately about whatever makes you happy and having the sun shine on you makes you look like an angel in his eyes, he just wishes you guys could stay like that forever
He probably confessed one day after much planning because he wanted something special for you cause he just like you so much
Honestly he thinks he might be in love with you
If you say yes he be the happiest person alive but if you reject him I feel like he’d be a little hurt and would need some time but he’d still want you guys to be friends
Overall he’d be super nice and be absolutely head over heels for you
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spiritualchange · 3 months ago
george weasley, she/her pronouns, and NSFW when you lose your virginity with him, may it have a little fluff? (sorry for my english, it's pretty bad)
Losing Your Virginity with George
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, loss of virginity, praise kink, innocence kink
a/n: did not proofread
navigation | taglist
Tumblr media
so when you first told george you were a virgin, it took all of him not to push you down on the bed and go to town
if you became embarrassed, he would have you reassured you it didn’t matter to him and he was happy you trusted him so much
you two didn’t have sex until the next week, the two of you were making out on his bed and you pulled his hand under the hem of your shirt, he was reluctant at first when you told him you were ready, his hand made your way up to your covered breasts
you felt his boner when he started kneading your breast and you moaned into his mouth
george pulled away from your breast, resting both of his hands on your hips, rocking you back and forth on his cock.
“you like that baby?” he whispered in your ear, speeding up when he felt a wet patch on your trousers
“mhmmhmm.” you moaned resting yourself on his chest. he lifted you up a bit so he could flip the both of you over
he asked for consent before removing your skirt and panties before he started eating your pussy
george ended up resting an arm over your hips so you wouldn’t squirm so much, your hands gripping his hair not wanting him to move away
he was able to make you cum twice before the two of you actually had sex and denied the favor when you wanted to suck his cock
he said tonight was all about you
he was big, he saw your doe eyes get bigger when he removed his bottoms, immediately reassuring you if it hurt, he would stop
it did hurt at first, he ended up staying halfway in just for you to just used to the feeling before he bottomed you out
he was slow at first, kissing you all over your face so you could forget about the burning sensation
but when you told him to go faster, he wasted to time
his skin slapping on yours, legs wrapped against his waist, george capturing your moans with his mouth
“such a good girl.” he would constantly say as he pushed himself back in
the praise went both ways which made george want to throw you in every position possible
he continued after you cummed, pulling himself out when he was about to release, cumming all over your stomach
you were on cloud 9, you didn’t notice george leave for the bathroom to get you a towel
“what is good, love?” he asked when the two of you were dressed for bed under the covers
“so good georgie.” you smiled resting your head on his chest
he waited for you to go to sleep before he did, making sure to whisper to you again for giving him the best night of his life
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maraudersupremacy1 · 4 months ago
If you like Harry Potter and the found family trope then you have two options. The golden trio- found family with a happy ending. OR The marauders- found family with the worst possible outcome that will have you crying at 3 am cause of fanfiction.
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lostandlonelyduckling · 4 months ago
His Bunny
Pairing: Professor Lupin x f!Reader
Word Count: 1.6k
Warnings: sir/daddy kink, praise kink, slight overstim, thigh riding, "bunny" as a petname, lots of teasing, squirting, age gap (reader is of age), unprotected sex (wrap your shit), MINORS DNI
A/N: I promise I'll write for other characters eventually, but there can never be too many Remus smuts ;) feel free to leave requests and let me know if I missed any warnings
I was currently sitting on Remus' lap as he worked at his desk. My legs on either side of his and my arms wrapped around his neck. It's been a busy few weeks with N.E.W.T.s coming up, which meant I haven't been able to sneak off to spend time together. Tonight I finally had a chance to sneak a few hours with him and I jumped at the opportunity.
Unfortunately, not having one on one time with Remus meant I was getting very needy for him. As he continued to scribble away at some student's essay I couldn't help but let out a whine.
"What's wrong poppet," he asked distractedly as he brought up his left hand to rub my back.
"Mmm," was the only response he got back before I started placing feather light kisses on his neck.
I felt the deep chuckle reverberate through his chest, "C'mon, you know I've got to finish up this work. You said you could wait."
"Please sir," I heard him suck in a breathe. "I haven't seen you in weeks."
"What do you mean silly girl, you've seen me in class plenty of times," he teased, continuing to flip through essays.
Whining I bucked my hips slightly against his growing bulge, thanking merlin that I was wearing a skirt. A grunt resounded in the air while the hand on my back wrapped around to tightly pull me against him. "You know what I mean."
"Oh? Do I?" he asked while pushing his crotch against me, disguising it as readjusting his sitting position. The contact caused a whimper to escape my parted lips. I could feel myself getting wetter by his taunting. My clit throbbing almost painfully at this point.
"Sir, I've been good," I tried to reason. "I haven't touched myself even when the ache became too much. I could barely look at you in class without getting wet." My desperation took over as I slowly began rolling my hips, praying he'd take pity on me.
"Aw, my pretty bunny has been a good girl hasn't she, and daddy's just being a big meanie making you wait longer, huh?" He finally disregarded his work and leaned back in his chair, pulling my face from his neck where I'd gone back to sucking on it.
Hearing Remus refer to himself in that manner made me clench around nothing and the slight shame of my neediness caused me to avoid looking at him. Remus, however, wasn't having any of that and reached out to tilt my head back in his direction, forcing me to make eye contact with him.
"C'mon bunny, you want to act all shy now? You were practically drooling over me a second ago. Tell daddy what you want," the teasing smirk on his lips making it that much harder to give him what he wants.
"Please daddy, please make me cum! I just wanna make you feel good, I just wanna be good for you plea-" my pleading was cut off by a gasp as Remus moved his hands down to tightly grip my waist and lift me so that I'd only be straddling one of his thighs.
Before I could ask what he was doing, he slowly started using his grip on me to push and pull my core against his thigh. "Mnh," not ready for the pleasure that shot through me, I fell forward and my forehead laid against his shoulder while I held onto his upper arms, "Sir."
"This is what you wanted, wasn't it?" He mocked. "Go on, use my thigh to get off. Let me see you cum on my leg like the desperate little thing you are."
Letting out another whimper at the words he was breathing into my ear, I started setting a rhythm. Tilting my hips forward, my clit caught just right onto the material of his pants, "oh gods!"
"That's my good bunny. That feel good? Look at you, who knew you were such a dirty girl. Is this what you think about during class, instead of focusing on my lectures you imagine all the different ways I can make you cum," his tone turned hard at the end, giving away how effected he was by this, as he went in to start nipping at my neck.
"No sir, I p-promise I pay attention in class," I moan out when I feel him bounce his leg. His grip on my waist helping me keep balance. The sensations are almost overbearing. The weeks of not cumming making me extra sensitive. A perfectly timed bounce of his thigh matched with the roll of my hips and I cried out. Not being able to hold back anymore, my rhythm speeds up.
"There ya go, look at you rutting against me like the horny little bunny you are. I can feel how wet you are, soaking straight through my trousers." Readjusting his grip on me, he takes over moving my hips back and forth, causing my cunt to rub even faster against him.
At this point the pleasure is so consuming, I can't even be bothered to be embarrassed by the whimpers and moans I'm letting out. "Please sir, I'm g-gonna cum, fuck it feels so good," I reach my hands around his neck to pull my upper body as close to him as I can, lightly tugging on his hair. He groans at the sensation and maneuvers my body to rut faster against him.
"Ooh I know bunny, it's so good isn't it. You've always been such a sensitive little thing. Go ahead and cum for me, that's it just let go, I've got you."
With his permission, my breathing stutters as I let out a whiny daddy and my legs shake, before the undeniable sensation of pure hot pleasure encompasses my entire body.
Coming back to my senses, I feel Remus pick me up after waving his wand to clear his desk, and setting me down on it. While undoing his belt he looks over my disheveled form. "Such a good fucking bunny for me. Do you know how hard it's been watching you walk into my classroom in those cute little skirts of yours? All I want do is bend you over my desk, hike up your skirt and bury myself inside of you."
At this point he's opened his pants enough to reach in and pull out his hard cock. The head a blushing red, showing how my display has worked him up. Looking down he let his spit drip down so he could languidly stroke himself a few times before pushing my legs apart and standing between them.
Still sensitive from the orgasm I just had, I jump when he rubs himself through my folds, bumping into my clit. I'm leaning back onto my palms but I feel them almost give out when he starts pushing into me, "Gods, sir please."
"Fuck you're so tight for me, every time," he groans through gritted teeth. "You gonna be a good little bunny and take everything daddy's gotta give you right?" He finished his sentence by immediately thrusting into me the rest of the way.
"Fuck daddy," I cry out, hands slipping on the desk, only to be caught by Remus' arms. No matter how many times he sheathes himself inside of me, it's always a slightly painful stretch at first.
"Good girl, such a good girl. Make daddy feel so good," his words coming out as pants while he starts to pull out. Pulling out until only the tip is in, he thrusts back into me with more force causing my breath to catch.
"That's right bunny, fucking take it," the predatory tone he uses causes me to clench around him tighter and we both let out simultaneous moans. His pace gets harder and faster as he pulls me flush against his chest. His teeth biting down into my shoulder and before I know it, I find myself on the brink of cumming again.
"Sir I'm so close I'm so-," using one hand he reaches between our bodies and starts rubbing my clit in an intensity that has me falling over the edge of pleasure before I even realize it's happening.
Continuing to fuck me through my orgasm, and applying more pressure to my sensitive clit, I feel a sensation deep inside of me start to build. Clawing at his back due to the overstimulation I moan out, "wait, fuck, sir I-I.. it's too much I can't."
Remus just pounds into me harder, rubbing faster circles on my burning bundle of nerves. "Yes you can bunny, c'mon cum again, you've got one more for me. I know you do." His voice strains with his own oncoming orgasm.
"Oh fuck fu- I'm gonna cum, Remmy," the nickname causes Remus to clash his mouth against mine, absorbing the sounds of my moans.
With a few more deep thrusts, I feel the tightness in me snap and I squirt all over the front of Remus as the power of my orgasm and the force that I'm now squeezing him milks out his own release.
Catching our breaths, Remus pulls out slightly, casting a quick scourgify and looking at me with half-lidded eyes. He grabs both sides of my face and leans in to give me a slow, sensual kiss.
Pulling back to rest our foreheads together, I let out a still slightly breathless chuckle, "Well that's a first," referring to the wetness soaked into his shirt.
Laughing along with me, he places a kiss to my temple before righting his pants. "And it won't be the last," he winks at me. "C'mon bunny," he lifts me off the desk to sets me back onto the floor and helps me fix my skirt, "lets get some water and shower, then we can cuddle on the couch and tell me how your N.E.W.T.s are coming along."
Walking towards his bed chambers, his arm wrapped securely around me, I look up at his sated face, I can't help think to myself how happy he makes me. Little did I know, he was thinking the same thing about me.
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cupids-crystals · 4 months ago
Rings (Draco Malfoy)
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: Draco gives you a gift
A/N: No warnings, pure fluff! No reader pronouns used. This is a little short, but I think it’s cute. My mood board and blurb requests are open!! Join my 100 follower celebration
Your relationship with Draco was something that no one had expected. The formal and reserved Slytherin was captivated by you, even if he didn’t tell you with his words. Emotions in your relationship were often expressed with subtle actions, rarely with outright proclamations.
What started with precise movements and faint whispers turned into contented expressions and warm embraces as time went on. You were alright with the underemphasized relationship, knowing that Draco wasn’t yet comfortable with pure and unabashed affection. You saw in him what everyone else had missed – a person looking to find solace. You were determined to give the boy everything he needed, because you knew that it was unfair that he had not experienced that type of support before.
The comforting actions in your relationship went both ways, though. Draco always knew how to pull you in and calm you down when things were too much for you to manage on your own. He would rub his thumb on the back of your hand or place a gentle touch to your knee if he thought you were stressed.
One of your favorite things to do when you were upset was to twist and turn the rings that adorned Draco’s fingers. After he realized that the small action made you feel at ease, he began to wear a few of the smooth, silver pieces every day.
He noticed that one ring, in particular, always caught your attention. The ring in question had been gifted to Draco by his father many years back and barely fit onto his finger anymore. On the solid silver band was a menacing snake with a small, dark green emerald on the head. He often found you unconsciously running the pad your finger over the slightly worn texture of the snake and repeatedly twisting the silver back and forth around his skin.
On a random Tuesday, Draco pulled you aside just after dinner. Your usual routine of roaming the empty halls together was put onto hold as Draco slowed to a stop in front of a large open window that led out into the sunlit courtyard. Draco sat gingerly on the ledge and pulled you to sit beside him. You lowered yourself with furrowed eyebrows, unsure of why Draco had brought you to this place.
Draco seemed to be struggling internally for a moment as his eyes scanned the stone floor beneath your feet. You waited patiently for him to speak as you glanced at the lush green foliage outside. The evening was coming to an end and the sun was slowly sinking behind the tree line, leaving a slight chill in the air. You returned your attention back to the boy as he started to speak.
“I have something for you.” He looked into your eyes with a slight hesitance, almost as if he were afraid of your reaction.
You nodded lightly, waiting for him to continue. Draco pulled a black velvet box out of his trouser pocket, holding it tightly in one hand. His fingers clasped around the box stiffly and he used his other hand to slowly open the lid.
Inside the box was a ring. It was beautiful and looked identical to the snake ring that you loved so much. There were a few minuscule scratches and it looked to be worn with age, but you loved it, nevertheless. Thinking it unlike Draco to buy something used, you asked him where he purchased the thick silver band.
“You can’t tell? This is my ring. You fuss with it so often that I thought you would want to wear it.” He plucked the ring out of its place in the velvet box, holding it pinched between his finger and his thumb. On the inside of the ring, a small D.M. was engraved into the band. He held the jewelry out to you expectantly.
You knew that behind his unbothered demeanor was a whirlwind of affection. Draco was not one to share – not his expensive things, and especially not his feelings. Giving you such a gift was a big step for him and you were astonished by his behavior to say the least.
Taking the ring from his grasp, you slipped it onto your finger with care. Seeing as it was purchased by the Malfoys, the piece of jewelry probably cost more than anything you had ever owned. You had never been given such a heartfelt gift before and you cherished the vulnerability in Draco’s actions. Deciding not to make him withdraw from the moment with a dramatic statement of gratitude, you broke the silence with a sarcastic quip.
“Is this your way of telling me to stop fidgeting with your rings?”
He rolled his eyes playfully and cracked a small smile. “Don’t be ridiculous. This is only to let everyone know that you are mine. Look, I even had a new ring made for me so that you can still bother with it.”
From his pocket, he brandished a new, shiny ring that was identical to the one you now wore. He slipped it onto his finger exactly where the old one had been as if it hadn’t been removed in the first place. To anyone else, the action would seem odd – your boyfriend giving you his secondhand jewelry and buying something new for himself – but to you it was idyllic.
Draco wanted you to have a piece of him and he made sure that you knew how serious he was about your relationship. You thought that the matching rings on your fingers was the perfect statement of your interwoven hearts.
You beamed at the blond sitting beside you as tears welled in your eyes. Draco rubbed the ring on his finger in contemplation as he tried to keep a tight hold on his standoffish demeanor. He decided that there was too much vulnerability in the moment, and that he would wait for another day to expose the two initials – your initials – inscribed onto the inside of his ring, much like his were carved in yours.
“Thank you, Draco. I love it.” Your voice was soft and slightly quivered with emotion. You could see the water lining his eyes as well, but he held on to his stoic appearance. Without another word, you crashed into the boy, throwing your arms around his neck. Startled by the action, Draco pulled back slightly before wrapping his arms around you as well.
After a few seconds, he pulled away from your embrace with rosy cheeks and a small smile. The moment of warmth ended too early for your liking, but it would be enough for now. You didn’t want to overwhelm the boy and you knew that moments like this would find the two of you more often from now on.
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clarrissanewt · 14 days ago
Hi, can you do like Harry and reader flirting even during work time at the Ministry?
P/s: they already married
No pressure if you don't want to, I'm not complaining :)
Worth the Trouble
Pairing: Harry Potter x fem!reader
Warnings: established relationship, fluff, fluff, fluff
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
GIF not mine! Credits go to the original creator!
A/n: when harry and flirtation meet, the result is deadly;)
“What’s up, hot stuff?”
Y/n swore she almost slipped from her creaking office chair at those words.
What was her husband- Harry Potter, she may ask, doing in her cabin, that too in a month when the aurors gasp for a breath from these stale paperwork? Was he still cathartic enough to potter around (puns are rather important, in her opinion) and...well, flirt around with his wife of five years?
She never knows.
“Woah there! “Long time no see, Mr. Potter.” She decided to play along, and with an impish smile, twirled the muggle pen (which she brought with Hermione). “Hasn’t your wife, I must ask, not threatened you to refrain from entering a room without knocking?”
He ran his calloused fingers through that mess of his raven hair, already getting the hint of continuing. As his scar still shined behind the drape of his adamant locks, Y/n gave out a little sigh- not of annoyance but of thankfulness. Harry was the best she could ever ask for; even though they had spent five years in an eternal bond, they could hardly get enough of each other.
That’s what love does to you, she smiled as he scoffed in pretended hurt.
“Now when you have such colleagues at work, I couldn’t be more happy that I walked in without knocking.”
“Oh Merlin, I missed that mischievous glance!” Her hands drummed the surface of the wooden table with a thud as Harry’s green orbs squinted at her, and the way a badly hidden smirk adorned his experienced face, all she wanted was to grab that face of his and- you know the rest…
“Glances are just a part of how well we work together,” his steps were slow and teasing. “How about you go on a date with me and I make you fall in love?”
This man had lost it, she laughed. And mimicking his posture, her arms rested on the table, the view of how freaking handsome he looked in the auror clothes (she made a mental note to ask Hermione who invented them- she owed them a thanks) already wanting her to break this play.
“So has the famous Harry Potter already fallen for his colleague? Not that it matters, but did it hurt when you fell?”
“Godric, how am I supposed to get out of this colleague-zone?” He was inches away from Y/n, his breath warm and tingling over her ear as his fingers encased her jaw with a gentle firmness. “Should we give kissing a shot?”
“Wo-woah, of course not, Harry!” She walked back and hit the stray stand, PDA in the Ministry already filling her veins with dread. “Your way of flirtation is truly awful!”
“Fine,” he huffed and dusted his clean shirt, “but does it work?”
Slitting her eyes in disgust, she turned and started stacking the bundle of papers before muttering a low “maybe…”
And when she felt his arms slithering across her waist and his chin resting over her shoulder, she knew he wouldn’t let her work in peace.
“I was just wondering that you deserve an answer,” with a flick of his fingers he stuffed her stray locks behind her ear, “it didn’t hurt when I fell for know, I’m heartless?”
“Are you asking?”
“Not really. I went heartless because my heart’s all yours.”
“For Merlin’s sake, ask me out nicely,” Y/n swivelled in his grip and cupped his cheeks. “I know you are dying to.”
Five years worth of marriage and she still felt like a crazy teenager of Hogwarts simping in love when he went to kiss her. And when his cold lips caressed hers, she yelped in horror as the door of her cabin opened again, but with an obvious violent force.
Hermione stood there, her arms crossed across her chest, her eyes rolling in disgust at her two friends.
Well, they are in deep shit.
“Honestly, third time this week!” She retorted and slammed the door behind her. “You both act like imbecile kids! Merlin, even kids don’t act like this-”
Y/n silently slapped away Harry’s arm as he ignored the reprimands of the Minister of Magic, and continued drumming his fingers against her back.
“I don’t understand how Teddy tolerates both of your- what...flirtation on wildfire back home!”
“Hermione-” Y/n’s eyes widened just to be interrupted by the muggle-born witch again.
“Harry, I know you are behind all this, I know Y/n won’t think something like this out of blue moon-”
“Hermione,” Harry sighed and pointed behind her, “your howler...Pig just took it, I guess.”
Y/n could see a different shade of emotions running through her orbs as she covered her mouth.
“Well then, Hermione,” Y/n offered her a warm smile at the faux pas she just committed, “do something before Ron gets your ‘boss lady’ form of threatening.”
As the bushy-haired lady nodded frantically and ran away, Harry gave out a husky short laugh.
“Well then, hot stuff, you were worth the trouble.”
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v1oletvenus · 2 months ago
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hey lovelies, here's my masterlist :)
requests are open if you have any <3
all lists last updated: 28 SEP 2021
italics = works coming soon!
marauders era
marauders & co.
james potter
sirius black
remus lupin
peter pettigrew
regulus black
golden trio era
mattheo riddle
#v1oletvenus500 (closed!)
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Harry, raising his hand: Professor who was the biggest hand full as students?
McGonagall, without missing a beat: Newt Scamander
Ron: not my brothers?
Harry: not my dad and Sirius?
Hermione: not us?
McGonagall: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander kept an animal hospital on grounds. No one can beat that.
Fred, down the hall: I CAN MAKE A SWAMP
Sirius, in Grimmauld Place: Moony I sense a challenge of who stresses Minnie the most
Remus: ignores him
Newt “accidental chaos” Scamander, across the ocean: PICK GIVE ME MY WAND BACK
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remusluvr · a month ago
the right person || t.n. x reader
summary: sometimes all you need is your person there to help you fall asleep. warnings: mentions of medication - like sleeping meds (if there is anything that I've missed, feel free to DM me and I'll add it) note: I kinda tried a new format with this one, used all lower case letters, and I kind of like it but let me know what you guys think! Also, this is quite eh in my opinion but I hope you all like it!
sleep was something that was not coming easily as you laid flat on your back in bed. you had tried a number of different sleeping positions to try and fall into a deep slumber so that you'd have enough energy to do the things you needed to get done for the next day. unfortunately, there wasn't any muggle medication in the house, and it was far too late to go out and buy a sleeping potion. even putting on some background noise didn't seem to help you fall asleep.
standing slowly, as to not creak the floorboards underneath your feet, you moved carefully throughout your room. after tidying up a bit, you still weren't feeling any more tired. so, you grabbed a pair of pajama pants and pulled them on before walking out into the hallway. it was cold but you didn't mind, it was always cold in the house. theo and his stupid slytherin habits, always setting the thermostat to the mid-sixties. you didn't usually mind since it meant you could steal his clothing and then blame it on him for keeping it feeling like the arctic in your shared apartment.
the walk to theo's bedroom was short; you knocked quietly on his door. "theo?" you called from outside the door and when you heard no response you decided to crack the door open and wander in anyhow. making your way over to his dresser, you quietly stole another one of his sweaters and slipped it on over top of your pajama top.
he looked so peaceful sleeping and you prayed that he wouldn't wake up when you shuffled in beside him. you cautiously moved back the covers just enough to slip underneath and got yourself comfy up against his chest, your head resting on his warm chest. it was as though the late hour caught up with you all at once because you immediately felt exhausted as you threw your leg over his torso, holding onto him tightly. finally able to find sleep, you let it consume you.
stirring from his sleep he couldn't help but feel the coldness radiating off of your body. your cold hands resting on his chest. it startled him at first, finding another person in his bed when he was sure he had fallen asleep by himself the previous night. his heart ached as he looked down to find you cuddling close to him. "good morning to you, pretty love," he whispered pulling your body closer to his. you stirred slightly but he ran his fingers through your hair, lulling you back to sleep.
he couldn't help but notice the sweater you were wearing, it was his sweater. while usually, he would tease you for stealing his things, he always found it absolutely adorable the way you looked in his things. leaning down, he smeared a kiss against your forehead before resting his head back against the pillows. he could tell you were slowly coming out of sleep as you shifted against him, ignoring the way your icy feet pressed against his legs, he held you tighter.
"hmmm, good morning," you mumbled, eyes still fully closed.
"is everything alright?"
"just couldn't sleep last night is all." he hummed in response, running his hand up and down your back. deep down, he was ecstatic to hear that you came to him when you were having trouble. he may not be able to admit it to you just yet but he loved you, he was sure of it. it would take a bit more time before he was ready to say it to you.
"what time did you come in last night?"
"round two, missed you a lot. why do we have to sleep in separate rooms? it's not like we aren't together," you whined quietly.
"you're right, baby. let's make one of our bedrooms into ours." your eyes fluttered open now to look into his.
"really?" his thumb brushed over your lip, leaning down to leave a quick peck to it.
"of course, sometimes i have trouble sleeping without you in my bed too."
"love you," you whispered sleepily, readjusting yourself on his chest. he could've sworn that he died, hearing you say those words had his heart racing out of his chest.
"love you too, darling." he let you fall back asleep, quickly leaving another kiss on to your forehead before falling back asleep himself.
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spiritualchange · a month ago
Gamer!Ron Eating you Out
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, voyerism, harry and draco mocking reader, exhibition
pairing: gamer!ron weasley x fem!reader
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Tumblr media
"Yes Ronnie." You moaned, bucking your hips into his face as he continued to lap up your juices.
"Hey." He pinched your hips. "Stop moving."
"Yeah, Y/n, stop moving." You heard Harry laugh through the headphones. You whimpered in embarrassment at him and Draco.
Ron was heaven between your legs, his hands possessively giving your hips, keeping you steady while he ate your pussy out like he was a starving man.
"Tell them how good I make you feel." You heard him say.
"You're so good Ron." You moaned while playing with your tits.
"Fuck." You heard someone's zipper and some rustling of their jeans.
It had been Ron's idea to have on the headset, it had enough of Harry and Draco making comments about you while they played together.
"I'm gonna cum!" You exclaimed. Ron's tongue flicked faster against your clit, letting his lips suck on your bud letting your orgasm take over your body, slumping down into the chair.
"That'll teach 'em to not talk 'bout my girl." Ron grumbled.
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