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#golden trio era rpg
noxadverts · a month ago
Tumblr media
WE MUST BRING OUR OWN                                                                                       LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS.
NOXTMS is an appless and au group set in a modern golden trio era. seven years have passed since the battle of hogwarts that saw not only the death of harry potter, but the defeat of lord voldemort at the hands of the surviving dumbledore’s army. seven years, where individuals grieved, grew, and moved on - their peace tentative in the way it always is and ruined when the rumors of bellatrix lestrange & her associates attempting another resurrection proved to be correct. the dark lord’s last & BEST lieutenant succeeded in returning him to life - though the return of harry potter & regulus black proved an unintended side effect. it has become obvious that nothing, not even peace, lasts. everything ends, though you cannot step into the same stream twice. the new threat has arrived, and it’s up to you to decide whether this time, all will be well.
                                                                NO ONE ELSE IS GOING                                              TO DO IT FOR US.
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