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COLLAB: Towards the adventure! by MrsVolv & Katagro.

This is a fantastic birthday collab illustration I got from my two artist friends some years ago. I was searching for my old drawings of my fanart OCs and I found this piece. Nostalgia hit me and I realized I’ve never posted it here! 

It was so sweet since they hadn’t played and finished Golden Sun game then, yet they created their OCs to keep me company on my adventures. I explained all details and helped to figure the bio & setting for every of them and we had really creative fun! And then they drew this special illustration for me <3 

Foreground: Lana & Piers (Lemurian sailors), background: Saeram (a werewolf from Garoh) & Akoro (little ”pirate” from Daila). More info & details about them: [here] and [here]. 

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The form for submitting proposals has closed as of this morning! Thank you to everyone who applied!

All applicants should have received an email, explaining our next steps. If you sent an application, but did not receive an email regarding the zine, please email us at, so we can update your contact email!

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