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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 20 Team Asteroid’s Attack! Our Heroes Reunite!

Aichi’s current team

Level 50 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 48 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 45 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 48 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Meteor mash

Swords dance

Level 37 Soul Saver (Axew) dragon




Dragon dance

Dragon pulse

Level 100 Alfred (Aegislash) ghost/steel


Sacred sword

King’s shield

Iron head

Shadow claw


Miwa, sweating nervously, was flying somewhere quickly on the back of his Flygon. It had been a week since Aichi had started training with Alfred in the secluded castle near Kagero town. Much had happened in his absence, countless towns had been recaptured by Team Asteroid and they were sending more in to take over other towns. He was searching for the one person he believed would be the biggest help in defeating Team Asteroid, Toshiki Kai.

It wasn’t easy though he had been searching ever since he disappeared in Grandblue city. He wasn’t at the usual places he normally went so Miwa had been checking the whole region. He finally landed in the last place in Kakusa he had to look, Dai City, the home of the final gym and where there is rumored to be underground battles happening. Dai city was more industrial focused rather than the coastal trading city of Grandblue. The uptown of Dai city was rather glamorous and rich. Miwa looked around a bit, but had a feeling Kai wouldn’t hang out here. So, Miwa went into the down town away from the bright neon lights of the uptown. The depths of the downtown were rather poor as expected with shady characters walking about. Aloan Raticates and other critters scurried around in the downtown. He went through an alleyway walking into a battle taking place behind a fence. The was a strong scent of nicotine in the air. Miwa looked over, seeing Kai and Overlord standing victorious.

“I can’t believe he’s hanging out with these lowlifes.”, Miwa said, looking over seeing various people betting on the matches.

In Kagero town…

Kamui had no idea what was currently going on in Kakusa too preoccupied ghost hunting. He kept trying and failing to capture a ghost type due to them either running away or him accidentally causing it to faint. He sat down tired and he was able to get some training in with the trainers here in between his unsuccessful ghost hunts. Kurosawa had told him Aichi was here, but he couldn’t find the supposed ghost castle he had mentioned for the life of him. He told him Aichi had come not too long before he appeared so he was probably alright. In this time Shout had evolved into Slaking and Tough Boy had recently become Rhydon. Kamui set out once again to obtain a ghost Pokémon going out into the spooky forest with his Pokémon by his side. When, went in, a Gengar appeared with Ghastlys and Haunters behind it. Yesterday he had beaten up some of the Ghastlys and Haunters trying to get one before they ran away.

“So, they actually brought the big brother out. That’s fine with me. The stronger the better! Go, Kaiser use dark pulse!”, Kamui ordered.

Kaiser shot a wave of darkness at the Gengar who jumped out of the way to dodge. As it did Buster slammed into it covered in fire hitting it back to the ground. Kaiser shot at it again, hitting it directly. Kamui threw an ultra ball at the Haunter to catch it. It broke free and Buster sent a fiery punch at it. Kamui tried again, the ball wobbled a bit and it broke out. The Gengar sent out a shadow ball that Tough Boy deflected. Kamui threw another ultra ball at Gengar and it got out again and this process continued on for at least ten times before Kamui finally caught a ghost Pokémon like he wanted. The other ghost Pokémon retreated when Kamui was victorious. He walked back to Kagero town before seeing an army of people in familiar black uniforms in the distance. Kamui ran back with his Pokémon as he saw it.

At Alfred’s castle…

Aichi stood across from a Doublade taking the stance Alfred had taught him wielding him. The Doublade took control of an empty suit of armor to replicate a person. It rested in the grip of the armor’s gauntlets. Marin watched on from the castle. The Doublade charged and Aichi reacted, parrying it’s blows. The Doublade possessed armor went far faster than armor would normally go. Partially due to being empty and the ghostly force controlling it. Aichi avoided as much wasted movement as possible as he parried the possessed armor’s blows conserving his energy. When he saw an opening he slashed towards where the neck would be braking perfectly before the blade hit.

“Good. You have mastered cutting and braking.”, Alfred said.

“That’s great. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this.”, Aichi replied, sitting down taking a relieved breath.

“You have come quite a way since you came here. I doubt you could have even beaten a Magikarp with your own strength.”, Alfred chuckled.

“Hehe, yeah I haven’t really worked out that much before besides a bit in gym class.”, Aichi replied.

Wingal ran over past them to the north sniffing something.

“Is something wrong Wingal?”, Aichi asked.

“Lycanroc! Lycanroc! Lycanroc! (I smell smoke in the direction of Kagero town!)”, Wingal yelled.

Aichi and Alfred flinched in surprise. Soul Saver walked up to them confused as to what’s going on. Aichi’s other Pokémon caught up to Wingal as Aichi got up looking down at Alfred.

“Let’s go!”, Aichi said.

In Kagero town…

“Kaiser use dark pulse! Buster use blaze kick! Tough boy use stone edge! Mr.Invincible use submission! Shout use hammer arm! And my new guy Hatred Chaos use shadow ball!”, Kamui ordered as his Pokémon sent the attacks out on the Team Asteroid grunts.

“Mimkyu use wood hammer!”, Kurosawa ordered being helped out by his robed allies from before with their ghost Pokémon.

They were able to hold off the grunts from advancing, but they weren’t able to drive them away. Things got worse as Kyou walked in with a smug grin.

“Remember me twerp? I’m gonna get revenge on you and your little friend for making a fool out of me!”, Kyou said as Kamui and the others tensed warily at the Team Asteroid admin.

Behind him was his Pokémon Skydiver, a Crabominable, Scrafty, Emboar, Primeape, and a Pangoro.

“I learned my lesson from last time all of my Pokémon are already out to crush you! Sky Diver use sky attack! Big arms use close combat! Dudley Dan use high jump kick! Juggernaut use heat crash! Reckless Express use outrage! Brakki use hammer arm!”, Kyou ordered.

“It won’t be like last time! Kaiser use outrage! Buster use close combat! Tough Boy use hammer arm! Mr.Invincible use submission! Shout use hammer arm! Hatred Chaos use shadow ball!”, Kamui replied as his Pokémon countered.

The shadow balls knocked over Sky Diver who Buster kicked hard into Reckless Express only enraging it more. Buster fought Brakki who swung its arm at it hard which it avoided. Kaiser charged at Reckless Express and the two berserkers fought. Juggernaut launched for Shout, but Mr.Invincible knocked it out of the way with submission. Dudley Dan came after it receiving a hammer arm from Shout while its guard was down. Sky Diver got back up nailing Shout with its sky attack.

“Looks like you’re not as weak as before. It doesn’t matter, you’ll still lose!”, Kyou taunted.

They all suddenly gasped in shock when they noticed all the grunts around them were defeated leaving only Kyou left. They were so absorbed with the battle they didn’t notice. They and the hiding town folks looked in awe as Aichi walked in brandishing Alfred with his shield on his arm like a buckler. On his shoulders which seemed a little broader were Wingal and Soul Saver. Soul Saver was cuddled up a bit more not having to worry about a mane full of sharp rocks cutting him. To his sides stood Ahmes, Llew and Gancelot. Kamui noted that Aichi’s team was finally complete and the Axew is what was in the egg. Aichi’s gaze looked far more determined and confident than before. His gaze was focused straight ahead at Kyou.

“It’s you!”, Kyou said, angrily pointing at Aichi.

“Aichi is that you?!”, Kamui questioned, genuinely surprised.

It had only been a week yet he seems to have changed so much.

“I won’t let Team Asteroid terrorize this town again.”, Aichi said.

“You think you can stop me!?”, Kyou replied.

Before Kyou could react Soul Saver shot a wave of blue energy from its mouth knowing out the rampaging Reckless Express. Kyou looked over gawking in shock. The others jumped when Soul Saver glowed with the light of evolution soon after. It grew a bit bigger it’s scales became black with the outer part becoming a dark green. The teeth sticking out of the sides of its mouth increased in length and were tipped in red. It’s claws became red and it’s tail became longer. It had become Fraxure. Kyou looked back over seeing all of his Pokémon clatter to the ground with Ahmes and Gancelot standing there. Kyou flinched at the glare Gancelot gave him stumbling back.

“What the hell! How did you get so strong?!”, Kyou questioned, hysterically.

Aichi walked up to Kyou silently.

“What is that kid?”, one of the hooded man asked.

He put Alfred’s blade against Kyou’s neck.

“Leave and never do this again.”, Aichi commanded as Kyou trembled.

He flinched, meeting Aichi’s stern gaze and sweated heavily.

“Hehe. This can’t be happening! You were a weakling before! How are you so strong now?! I refuse to believe it!”, Kyou denied, moving back before launching himself at Aichi to punch him.

“Look out Aichi!”, Kamui warned.

He soon gasped in shock when Aichi sidestepped Kyou causing Kyou to miss and fall to the ground. Kyou trembled with rage jumping up to deliver a sucker punch which Aichi dodged. Aichi with a very quick simple flick of the wrist hit Kyou with Alfred’s pommel knocking him out cold. Kyou crashed to the ground with a thud. Kamui could only stand there in awe. Aichi had made Kyou look like a complete pushover.

“I’m glad everyone’s alright! It’s been awhile Kamui!”, Aichi said, cheerfully losing all the seriousness from before.

He ran up to Kamui as Alfred slipped out of his hand floating beside him.

“It really has, Aichi. It looks like a lot has changed, you finally got a proper team and can kick butt yourself now.”, Kamui replied, running up to Aichi hugging him.

“Hehe. Yeah, I have been training for quite awhile. Honestly, I kinda lost track of time. Oh, this is Alfred.”, Aichi chuckled, sheepishly rubbing the back of his head before gesturing Alfred.

“Nice to finally meet you Katsuragi Kamui, Aichi has told me a lot about you.”, Alfred said as Kamui jumped.

“How can he talk?!”, Kamui questioned in shock.

“I am Alfred Pendragon, the once and future king of Galar reborn many millennia ago as a Honedge.”, Alfred explained.

“You mean like the knights of the round table?! Aichi where do you find these Pokémon?!”, Kamui questioned as Aichi chuckled sheepishly.

“I dunno, I just went where Kurosawa told me and found him. And this is Soul Saver the Pokémon that hatched from the egg I got in the gold challenge.”, Aichi replied, gesturing Soul Saver who jumped into his arms now that Alfred was no longer in them.

“Fraxure! Fraxure! (Hi, mama’s friend!)”, Soul Saver greeted as Aichi sweat dropped.

“Soul Saver how many times do I have to tell you I’m not a girl…”, Aichi replied, seeming used to it.

“Fraxure! (Aichi is mama!)”, Soul Saver replied, clapping as Aichi sweat dropped again.

“What is it saying?”, Kamui asked, completely lost.

“Soul Saver calls Aichi mama like he’s a girl. When, he should be calling him daddy.”, Alfred explained.

“Oh…it’s nice to have a second translator. Wait…your little egg baby calls you mama?! That’s hilarious!”, Kamui laughed as Aichi blushed embarrassedly.

“Fraxure! Fraxure ! Fraxure! Fraxure? (Hee! Hee! Egg baby sounds funny! What’s an egg baby?)”, Soul Saver replied as Aichi face palmed.

“A baby that hatches from an egg.”, Aichi answered.

“Fraxure? Fraxure? Fraxure? (Where does a egg come from?)”, Soul Saver asked.

“A creature like a Pokémon lays it.”, Aichi

“Fraxure? Fraxure ?(How did you lay me?)”, Soul Saver asked as Alfred broke out into laughter along with Wingal and Llew.

Aichi was red as a tomato as Soul Saver was completely clueless looking around for where it could have come from. Kamui and the other humans were also clueless.

“You walked right into that one!”, Alfred wheezed.

“Was it like this for my mom raising me?”, Aichi questioned.

In the downtown of Dai city…

Miwa walked up to Kai facing him.

“What are you doing here Team Asteroid is back and wrecking havoc?”, Miwa questioned as Kai looked at him.

“I came here to get stronger.”, Kai replied.

“Like you could have gotten better hanging out with these cheaters.”, Miwa replied as the thugs sneered at him.

Kai looked away as Miwa got closer.

“Oracle town was taken over and Shin and Misaki are in Team Asteroid’s clutches. I don’t even know where Aichi is. He disappeared like you.”, Miwa continued as Kai looked over again.

Kai frowned realizing the threat with Shin locked up. He saw him fight against Team Asteroid in Grandblue city.

“You can’t find Aichi?”, Kai questioned, with concealed concern.

“Last I heard he went to Kagero town. I looked there and even asked Kurosawa where he was. I couldn’t find him anywhere.”, Miwa explained.

Kai looked away.

“Please Kai we need your help.”, Miwa begged as Kai looked back at him.

“Fine.”, Kai replied.

In Kagero town…

The unconscious Kyou was tied up for the police to get and Aichi and Kamui set off to Gold Maine city still unaware of what’s going on. When they got through the gates of Gold Maine, Kourin leaned against the wall waiting for them. They looked over to Kourin surprised to see her.

“Oracle town has been attacked and Misaki has been defeated.”, Kourin told the two of them who gasped.

“Is she alright?!”, Aichi asked full of concern.

“No, who knows what’s happened, it’s been days since it was captured.”, Kourin replied.

“Then, we’ve gotta get there fast!”, Kamui replied.

“You think you can win? Against all of them? We can’t even rely on the police anymore; both them and all of the felons in Kakusa have joined their ranks.”, Kourin replied.

“I can and I will.” Aichi replied, determinedly.

Kourin was a bit taken aback surprised by his confidence.

“Then, let’s test it.”, Kourin challenged pointing to a nearby arena.

“Alright.”, Aichi agreed.

They walked over to the arena.

“Go, Nemain!”, Kourin called out.

She sent out the same Pokémon first from their first battle. The message was clear “Show me how much you’ve grown since then.”.

“Go, Soul Saver!”, Aichi called out.

Kourin looked a little surprised seeing the new Pokémon guessing this must have been what was in Aichi’s egg.

“Nemain use flamethrower!”, Kourin ordered.

“Soul Saver use dragon dance!”, Aichi ordered.

Soul Saver avoided the pillar of fire Nemain shot from its mouth while dancing. Nemain growled angrily charging at Soul Saver.

“Soul Saver use dragon pulse!”, Aichi ordered.

Soul Saver sent a blue wave of energy from its mouth while Nemain was mid air sending it crashing back. Kourin was stunned seeing Nemain was already knocked out. Soul Saver stood defiantly and Aichi’s eyes were full of determination. It was a determination that almost made her tremble.

“Let’s see how you deal with this! Go, Ashlei!”, Kourin called out.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 19 Team Asteroid Returns!

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 35 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 35 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 1 Soul Saver (Axew) dragon





Level 100 Alfred (Aegislash) ghost/steel


Sacred sword

King’s shield

Iron head

Shadow claw

They went back over to the area by the castle. His Pokémon all seemed separated in their training. Aichi was near where Soul Saver was who was fighting against little Honedges. It seemed to struggle a bit which was expected of a newborn, however every time it fell down it got back up fighting seeming to get a bit better. Aichi turned his attention to Alfred beside him.

“So, what do you want me to do?”, Aichi asked.

“As I said I am going to train you to have everything a king needs. As I mentioned before it’s important for a king to be able to protect his kingdom and subjects. As the trainer in a real battle you’ll be a big target for the opponent to eliminate.”, Alfred explained.

Aichi thought back to his fight with Kyou. He only won so easily because Kyou was quickly taken out.

“You have a point.”, Aichi replied.

“I am going to teach you Galar royal swordplay. You will wield my as a sword till you and your Pokémon are strong enough to have me in battle. I won’t use any moves as your sword I’ll simply be a blade. After all, you won’t grow if I simply defeat your opponents for you.”, Alfred replied.

“Yeah, I remember him going straight through Ahmes and Soul Saver’s combined attack like it was nothing. Not to mention, while Soul Saver did catch him off guard and hit him he didn’t have a scratch on him. He was merely surprised.”, Aichi thought.

“Alright, I’ll train myself to be worthy of using you in battle.”, Aichi replied, as Alfred placed himself in his hand wrapping his cloth arms around his arm.

“Have you ever wielded a sword before?”, Alfred asked.

“No, I’ve only seen them used in tv and movies.”, Aichi admitted, sheepishly.

“I see. First, off your stance is wrong. You should stand feet and shoulder width apart. Put your foot forward on the same side you’re wielding me with. This will keep your center of gravity low and central making it easy to keep even in heavy armor.”, Alfred replied.

Aichi corrected his stance and put his right foot forward like the one he held Alfred in.

“Second, loosen your grip on my hilt. It will waste too much energy and tire you out. Focus your grip on your first two fingers and thumb and have the rest wrapped loosely around my hilt.”, Alfred continued as Aichi nodded, doing as Alfred said.

“Third, hold me slightly out, relax your wrist and put it in line with your forearm. Adjust your arm and joints until you can feel my weight being taken by your shoulder. That’s the basic stance, make sure to memorize all of this we will go over this and the rest of the basics I will tell you every day.”, Alfred finished as Aichi did as he said.

“When you cut you should only use a small movement with your elbow or shoulder rather than moving my whole blade. You can use a small movement with your elbow or shoulder to just before the blade meets the hilt. That will make your cut straight. Try cutting as I told you.”, Alfred explained.

Aichi did as Alfred said though it took him a few attempts to get it right.

“Next, to brake, stop your blade and snap your fourth and fifth fingers into the grip. Your elbow will lock when you do this making your break very effective. Now, try to brake.”, Alfred said.

Aichi did as Alfred said, struggling a bit though Alfred seemed rather patient with him correcting his errors. Aichi smiles when he finally got the brake perfectly.

“Woah, your right! You know I thought I’d be more tired by now, but I don’t.”, Aichi said, amazed.

“Of course, a sword is first a foremost a weapon. It wouldn’t be so widely used if it wasn’t practical for battle. All of those myths that they’re heavy and impractical aren’t true. Those have been spread by those not properly trained to use them or those who think decorative swords are meant to be used in combat, their not their just a decoration for a reason. I should know I have used them since I was a young like you. Swords were made to be easy to use, they were in my time what handguns are to your time. Swords are specifically made to minimize the amount of weight. All of the weight is focused in the blade which is important for power, but even the blades are rather thin. Speed, power, and energy conservation are key.”, Alfred explained.

“That makes sense.”, Aichi replied.

“Though, you still have to put on a little weight though to increase the power. So, you’re going to have to work out. We will do that after we go over the rest.”, Alfred replied.


At the end of the day Aichi collapsed to the ground completely worn out. He took off his jacket to make it less hot. Soul Saver laid on his jacket using it as a makeshift bed beside him. He put the sides of the jacket over Soul Saver to keep it warm. After all, unlike him Soul Saver has cold blood so it didn’t produce its own heat needing an external heat from the sun or something else. Soul Saver cuddled into the jacket falling asleep fast. His other Pokémon came back very worn out as well. They went back into the castle for the night eating a meal prepared by the Honedges and Doublades. Aichi felt his mouth watering looking over the feast prepared, never feeling so hungry in his life. Llew and Soul Saver dug in without hesitation making a bit of a mess.

“Gallade! Gallade! Gallade! Gallade! (Llew! Less messy please! We’re guests here!)”, Ahmes scolded.

Llew flinched, slowing down and Aichi grabbed a napkin wiping up Soul Saver’s face. Gancelot and Wingal sweated nervously, eating slowly and mannerly as Ahmes did.

“Hehe. You have a good knight there.”, Alfred commented.

He sat with them though he didn’t really need to or well could eat since he was a ghost. The only reason the Honedeges and Doublades knew how to cook was to feed the ’knights’.

“Eat a bit more slowly like this. You’ll choke if you eat too fast.”, Aichi told Soul Saver showing him the right way.

Aichi inwardly gasped when tasting the food. It was really good he never knew chicken could taste so good. Soul Saver watched as Aichi did, mimicking him to the best of its ability.

“I hope you are enjoying our hospitality.”, Alfred said.

“Yeah, this is great Alfred. I didn’t expect for guys to feed us and give us a place to sleep.”, Aichi replied, nodding.

“Of course, proper nutrition and sleep are very important for everyone.”, Alfred replied.

They eventually finished and Aichi couldn’t help, but sweat drop seeing Wingal lick the plate clean.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (Maybe these ghost guys aren’t so bad.)”, Wingal said as Gancelot raised his eyebrow.

“Lucario? Lucario? Lucario ? Lucario? Lucario (Weren’t you the one who was the most suspicious of them?)”, Gancelot replied.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (That was so long ago water under the bridge.)”, Wingal replied.

“Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. (Uh huh. That was like a hour ago.)”, Gancelot replied.

Soul Saver yawned, feeling sleepy again. Aichi picked it up to take him to the sleeping quarters. The others minus Alfred followed after. Aichi put Soul Saver to sleep, wrapping him up in its blanket. Aichi went over to his bed falling asleep instantly as he laid down.

In Oracle town…

An army of people with black uniforms and red As came in as everyone went for cover. Misaki and Shin came out seeing this preparing to throw out their Pokémon. Shin suddenly froze as if something was stopping him. They soon found out the source as Asuka walked out with a Malamar beside her. The Malamar’s eyes were glowing and it was surrounded by a psychic aura.

“Not so funny when it happens to you huh? We know all about you Shinemon Nitta. How you almost won the Pokémon world championships we won’t let you stand in our way.”, Asuka said.

They both gasped when Ren and Tetsu walked in besides her. Ren had a playful smile on his face. Tetsu has his hands behind his back with a serious expression.

“We’re back Misa-Q!”, Ren said playfully.

“Don’t call me that you jerk! How did you get out?”, Misaki asked.

“Don’t be so disrespectful to master Ren!”, Asuka replied, angrily.

“Oh, well it was simple. I just asked the nice officers to let us go and they did.”, Ren explained.

“What do you want? Why didn’t you stop me with that Malamar’s powers to?”, Misaki asked.

“Because you’re not a threat to us. Besides I always love giving our enemies a fighting chance. It always makes crushing them all the more satisfying.”, Ren explained with a sinister grin.

“You! I won’t let you win! Go, Assisa Eevee! Amaterasu! Tom! Guardian! Sakuya! Coco!”, Misaki called out throwing out Espeon, Delphox, Alakazam, Metagross, Gardevior, and Hatterene.

“You’ll have to face me before you can even think of facing master Ren! I hope you enjoy my performance master Ren. Go Cerberus! Silver Thorn! Alice! Ringmaster! Dark lord!”, Asuka called out, throwing out a Houndoom, Weavile, Banette, Sableye and Spiritomb.

“Be careful Misaki!”, Shin warned, sweating nervously knowing Asuka had the advantage with her mostly dark and ghost Pokémon.

“Looks like I’m a bad match for you little miss gym leader. I am the dark type admin of Team Asteroid and the dark type master of the elite four Asuka Narumi.”, Asuka taunted as Misaki sweated nervously.

“As if I’ll let that stop me! Assista Eevee use dazzling gleam! Amaterasu use dazzling gleam! Tom use dazzling gleam! Guardian use body press! Sakuya use moonblast! Coco use play rough!”, Misaki ordered.

“Time for the first act! Cerberus use fireblast! Silver Thorn use foul play! Alice use phantom force! Ringmaster use foul play! Dark Lord use phantom force!”, Asuka ordered.

Misaki gasped when the pink fairy light emitted by her Pokémon was dispelled by the fire blasts. Alice’s phantom force hit Coco and Dark Lord’s hit Sakuya, knocking them out cold. Guardian pressed against Silver Thorn preventing their attacks from hitting the others doing a bit of damage. However, Guardian was hit by their attacks instead fainting. Just like that she was down to Assista Eevee, Amaterasu, and Tom half her Pokémon.

“You think I wouldn’t have a plan to deal with fairy type? My beloved beast Cerberus protects its fellow performers. How sad your already down to half your Pokémon I wanted to put on a splendid show for master Ren however your far too weak.”, Asuka taunted.

“Don’t count me out yet! I won’t…I absolutely won’t let you monsters take over this town!”, Misaki declared, balling up her hand in a fist.

Some of the people looked up from the cover wearily, praying for Misaki to win. She held a small boy in her hand which she held tightly to her chest.

“P-please don’t let them take this place over.”, Mikuru prayed, holding a little boy close from behind her cover.

The boy who had red hair with a pink swirl and green eyes took a glance out being pulled back in by Mikuru. Misaki sweated nervously looking defiantly at Asuka.

“Assista Eevee use protect! Amaterasu use mystic fire! Tom use shadow ball!”, Misaki ordered.

“It’s useless! This is your curtain call ms. gym leader! Go Cerberus!”, Asuka replied as Cerberus charged.

Cerberus jumped over the barrier made by the protect as Misaki paled.

“Use dark pulse!”, Asuka ordered, smiling menacingly.

“That’s it that’s the despair.”, Ren said, with sinister smirk clapping.

In Grandblue city …

“You know everything is really coming together here.”, Hiroshi said, looking around.

Grandblue city had lots of citizens and help from outside helping to fix everything. The effort was really uniting everyone, even the troublemakers. Kamui smiles seeing this he was beside Gouki, Nagisa, and Kaoru.

“I think you should catch up with Misaki and that Aichi kid. We’ve got everything handled here.”, Gouki said.

“I think I’ll do that…but first I should probably get something to battle against her besides Kaiser. Her Pokémon are super effective against a majority of my team.”, Kamui replied, sweat dropping.

“I’m sure you can take her Kamui!”, Nagisa replied.

“I’ll probably just stop back by Kagero town besides Gold Maine is on the way and I can get a lot of good training in there.”, Kamui said.

In Alfred’s castle near Kagero town…

It was the next day, Aichi and his Pokémon were up bright and early training.

Alfred watched as Aichi continued to struggle a bit.

“Is something bother you?”, Alfred asked.

“…I don’t even know where to begin…”, Aichi replied.

They sat down taking a break for a moment and Aichi told Alfred everything that happened before they came to his castle.

“I see. I’m glad I decided to do this. It seems you really have the weight of the world on your shoulders Aichi.”, Alfred said.

“It’s all a bit overwhelming. I can’t help, but think about it constantly. I feel like I’m a threat to everyone around me.”, Aichi replied.

“It might seem hard now, but it will get easier. Through mental training I’m sure you can keep control over yourself. I will be with you to help and your friends are with you as well. Now, shall we can continue?”, Alfred replied.

“Yeah. Thank you Alfred.”, Aichi replied, getting up.

“That explains why your strength seems to be growing faster than a normal human would. What you told me also explains the deal with that Axew. It may have not actually hurt me, but to think it could send me flying…it also seems to be learning and growing quickly as well.”, Alfred replied as he went into Aichi’s hand.

“Yeah, your right Soul Saver is really getting experience really fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if it evolved fully in a few weeks.”, Aichi replied.

Aichi did the morning routine again perfectly and Alfred would have smiled if he had a mouth. They continued like this training for a whole week unaware of what was happening in the outside world.

To be continued…

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 18 The Court Of The Ghostly King

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 34 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 35 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 0 ??? (Egg) ???



Aichi closed his eyes as they flew, finally opening them when they made it to Kagero town. The town looked a little better from last time though it was still clear it was under repairs. Him and Mark got off Charizard and started walking around looking for Kurosawa. The eventually came upon a young man with green hair and grey eyes.

“Hey, Kurosawa.”, Mark greeted, as Aichi raised his eyebrow.

“He’s Kurosawa?!”, Aichi questioned as the rather sparkly young man walked up to him.

“You haven’t forgotten me already have you?”, Kurosawa questioned.

“You look completely different without your hood.”, Aichi replied.

“I get that a lot. So, what brings you back here?”, Kurosawa chuckled.

“Is the rumor about ‘the Aegislash of promised victory’ true?”, Aichi asked, Kurosawa flinched when Aichi mentioned it.

“It’s true though I avoid telling people where it is. It’s the most dangerous ghost here. We’re just lucky it didn’t wreck havoc like the others.”, Kurosawa explained.

“Aichi here wants to catch it.”, Mark said.

“Are you crazy you’ll be killed?!”, Kurosawa gasped in shock.

“I think he can handle it besides he beat Team Asteroid’s Kakusa boss.”, Mark replied.

“R-really?! You really beat that monster? Maybe you can win.”, Kurosawa replied.

“I wouldn’t say…”, Aichi trailed off when Mark smiled at him putting his finger up in a shush position.

“It’s to the north part past the Frostlass. There’s a secret routine there hid behind a big rock.”, Kurosawa whispered to him.

“Alright.”, Aichi replied nodding.

“I see you later Aichi.”, Mark said, leaving on Charizard.

Aichi waved to Mark before setting off. He threw out all his Pokémon and put his egg container in his bagg knowing very well how dangerous this place could be.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (Not this place again.)”, Wingal said, jumping onto Aichi’s shoulder.

“Golisopod. (This place is spooky.)”, Llew said looking around as fog rolled in.

Ahmes used its psychic powers to dispel the fog around them. Ahmes and Gancelot walked side by side Aichi and Llew stuck to the back in case of a sneak attack.

“Frostlass? Frostlass? (You want to stay with us, cutie?)”, a Frostlass asked before instantly being bombarded with sharp rocks, a storm of ice, and psychic energy.

Aichi sweat dropped, never even making a command.

“Sorry.”, Aichi apologized as he walked on.

They eventually made it to the massive rock Kurosawa spoke of. Ahmes used a swords dance before cutting the rock clean in half.

“This way…”, Aichi heard an unfamiliar voice looking around for the source.

The walked threw going into a forest with an unnaturally straight path like it was intentional. They jumped in shock as an eerie purple castle seemingly materialized when they got near. There seemed to be armored knights standing guard armed with Doublades and Honedges. The knights had an eerie purple glow not to mention the eyes and colored cloth parts of the blade Pokémon glowed eerily as well. Aichi’s Pokémon tensed definitely sensing something off here.

“Is this where ‘the Aegislash of promised victory’ resides?”, Aichi asked, nervously already able to guess the answer.

“Yes, it is. I suspect you have come this way to catch it. Follow me, the only way our master will accept a battle is if you are able to pass his test.”, one of the knights said as they opened the door.

Aichi and his Pokémon had their guards up as they followed the knight in. The knights boots clanked as they led them through the very ghostly castle. As you would expect from a castle the interior was rather Victorian-like. The wall had very old looking paintings and murals. There were two crests in the middle of the two stairs, a symbol of a sword and shield, each with wolf heads at the top. One of the knights strangely seemed to be dusting the place which you think would be uncomfortable in full plate armor, but they didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

“Lycanroc. (This place is sus af.)”, Wingal whispered to him.

“Lucario. Lucario. (You can say that again.)”, Gancelot whispered.

“Don’t listen to them. Keep coming.”, Aichi looked around hearing the voice again beckoning him.

“I know…though they haven’t done anything yet.”, Aichi whispered, nervously.

He grabbed his head for a moment, none of them not noticing the faint flicker of a purple glow in his eyes. They didn’t notice as some of the Doublades and Honedges seemed to stare at them while the knights did their duties. The knight opened a door leading them into the middle of the castle where there was an Aegislash stabbed into a stone. The stopped before looking at it as the knight gestured to him.

“Our master will accept your challenge if you are able to pull him from the stone.”, the knight told him as they looked at the Aegislash nervously.

Aichi had a really bad feeling. He wondered if it was intuition, but something told him pulling out this Aegislash was a bad idea. Then, suddenly he paused as he really looked it over. The blade Pokémon had a shimmering golden handle and guard. On the sides on the handle was an ebony cloth that ended with a purple design. The cloth was almost like arms. Above it’s guard was a single eye which was currently closed. Its arms held a golden shield with circle designs. Despite being jammed in a rock the blade was a pristine gold lined with silver. Aichi didn’t know why he felt so captivated was just a Aegislash. It’s not like he hasn’t seen one before so why did he feel like…

“I have to pull it out…”, he thought in a trancelike state.

He couldn’t see it, but a purple glow entered his eyes. His Pokémon looked at him nervously as his hand edged over to the blade. Suddenly, Ahmes moves his hand away.

“Gallade! Gallade! (Snap out of it, Aichi!)”, Ahmes warned as Aichi blinked, shaking his head snapped out of it.

He then noticed the eerie purple glow barely noticeable from Aegislash’s closed eyes.

“You must pull me out, Sendou Aichi. You know you need my power.”, an unfamiliar voice said in Aichi’s head.

“That voice, it was you! Get out of my head!”, Aichi thought.

Aichi shook his head resisting the temptation.

“Gallade? Gallade? Gallade ? (Just what are you people up to?)”, Ahmes asked, raising its blade.

“Up to? We’re not up to anything, such schemes are reserved for witches and warlocks.”, the knight stated, surprisingly calm.

“Golisopod? Golisopod! Golisopod! (Really? Because you guys seem super shady!)”, Llew yelled.

Wingal turned its head to the Aegislash as it heard the faint sound of cloth moving. The we’re suddenly surrounded by knights that seemed to appear almost instantly as if waiting for this moment. His Pokémon all got into fighting stances.

“Lycanroc! (Aichi, look out!)”, Wingal warned, shooting sharp rocks.

They turned to see Aegislash blocking the rocks with its shield. Aichi jumped gasping as it slipped over him; they tried to attack at it, but it was too fast. Aichi froze when it placed itself in Aichi’s hand and wrapped its cloth-like arms around his. His eyes glowed purple not unlike the knights. Aegislash’s purple eyes and cloth glowed. It’s shield rested over his arm that held it.

“Lucario? Lucario? (Aichi, are you alright?)”, Gancelot asked, full of concern as Aichi’s went slack like a puppet that had its strings cut.

The tension increased as Aichi raised his head.

“Everythings fine.”, Aichi replied, simply seemingly alright.

“Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. (You’re not fooling anyone Aegislash.)”, Ahmes said turning to him.

“Looks like you’ve got me however it’s too late. You know it’s been awhile since anyone has been able to hear my call a few hundred years I presume. It seems your trainer is worthy of being my host.”, Aegislash said, through Aichi smiling.

“Lycanroc? Lycanroc? (How does this keep happening?)”, Wingal questioned.

“Golisopod! Golisopod! (This is exactly why I hate ghosts!)”, Llew said.


It was an endless void full of black…

“This is all your fault!”, 003v said.

Aichi had just become conscious looking up to his doppelgänger.

“What happened?!”, Aichi asked.

“We’re being possessed by Aegislash.”, 003v told him.

“How does this keep happening to me…”, Aichi trailed off, in disbelief.

“Because you’re an idiot! You keep getting yourself into this situation!”, 003v replied.

“Most of the times I’ve been controlled were you!”, Aichi pointed out.

“And I should take control since it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re doing!”, 003v retorted, pointing at Aichi.

“How do you know what you’re doing?! You’ve been going around brainwashed people and causing havoc!”, Aichi retorted, exasperatedly.

In reality…

Inside Aichi’s bag the egg shaked more and cracks formed on the egg. Aichi’s Pokémon sweated nervously not knowing what to do before something suddenly a blue light emerged from his back shooting up. They all turned around surprised.

Floating inside the blue light was a small reptile Pokémon. It had red eyes and teeth that stuck out of its mouth. On its head it had a fin-like thing that almost resembled a helmet. It was an Axew and for some bizarre reason it was blue. It’s eyes were glowing looking down at Aegislash as they sweated nervously.

“Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. Lucario. (You know I don’t know a lot about Axews, but I don’t think they’re supposed to be able to do that.)”, Gancelot asked.

Before Gancelot could get an answer the Axew shot itself at Aegislash. Aegislash blocked it with it’s shield. There was a loud crash sound and Aegislash cursed as it was sent spinning away. It’s blade stabbed into a nearby wall. Aichi blinked confused, suddenly waking up from his possession. He looked down feeling something cuddled up in his arms; it was the Axew. It’s eyes were no longer glowing or had a aura and it’s scales returned back to its natural green color.

“Axew! (Mommy!)”, the Axew said, cuddling itself in Aichi’s arms.

“W-What happened?”, Aichi asked.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (Don’t ask us we don’t know either.)”, Wingal replied.

“Golisopod! Golisopod! (It’s you baby, Aichi! It hatched!)”, Llew replied, pointing at Axew.

“Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. (And it somehow saved you from Aegislash.)”, Ahmes added.

“So…your telling me this baby saved my soul?”, Aichi questioned.

“Golisopod! Golisopod! (It’s a real soul saver!)”, Llew replied.

“Soul saver…”, Aichi mumbled as the Axew licked him.

“Axew. Axew. (I like that name, mommy.)”, the Axew said.

“If you do then your Soul Saver I guess.”, Aichi replied, still stunned.

Aegislash freed itself from the rock easily, still completely stunned at what just happened.

“How! I am the legendary king reborn as one of the strongest Pokémon…I have lived and trained for thousands of years…And a hatchling! Just sent me flying!”, Aegislash said, angrily surprisingly talking normally.

“Axew! Axew! (What you are is a big meanie!)”, Soul Saver replied.

“Gallade. Gallade. Gallade.Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. (You know for a baby it knows a surprising amount of words.)”, Ahmes said.

“Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. Lycanroc. (I think it gets all that weirdness from its mama.)”, Wingal replied, sweat dropping.

“My knights get those Pokémon! And leave they boy for me!”, Aegislash ordered.

The knights all brought out their Doublades and Honedges as Aichi’s Pokémon got in fighting stances.

“Ahmes use future sight! Wingal use stone edge! Llew use sucker punch! Gancelot use stone edge! Aim for the Pokémon!”, Aichi commanded.

Llew rushed in to the knights coming at them delivering vicious sucker punches to the blade Pokémon they wielded. Wingal and Gancelot shot sharp rocks keeping the knights away from Llew and distracting them. Aegislash was actually quite a bit impressed they were holding back its knights.

“Now, Ahmes use swords dance!”, Aichi ordered.

After the ghost blades were knocked out the knights followed suit and the purple glowing their eyes disappeared. Aegislash launched itself towards Aichi as its knights dwindled. Aichi braced himself and Soul Saver’s eyes glowed again, its scales becoming blue. Soul Saver roared at Aegislash who continued forward.

“Not this time hatching! Sacred sword!”, Aegislash yelled.

Soul Saver and Ahmes tried to slow it with psychic energy, but it resisted. They gasped as Aichi turned his back covering Soul Saver as Aegislash stopped its swing.

“I won’t let you hurt them! If you’re going to attack someone, attack me!”, Aichi yelled, Aegislash was stunned at this action.

It reminded Aegislash of…Aegislash shook itself forgetting the memory.

“I can’t forget my mission, this is all for my country, Galar! I must save it!”, Aegislash said to itself.

“Galar?”, Aichi questioned.

“I am the once and future king of Galar, Alfred Pendragon.”, Aegislash or Alfred revealed.

They gasped in shock, but were still wary.

“Why are you doing this, Alfred?”, Aichi asked.

“So, I can live again and save my country like I failed two all those years ago. I have amassed this army for this purpose. My kingdom fell to my traitorous son Mordred. We both ended up killing each other and I was reborn as a Honedge.”, Alfred explained.

“Your intentions may be good, but you’ve been going about it all wrong! These knights are not really your knights, they’re just victims of your Doublades and Honedges possession! You think your people would be proud of what you’re doing!”, Aichi replied, determinedly.

The commanding presence from before returned to Aichi leaving the Pokémon stunned.

“What do you know your just a kid!? You couldn’t understand what it’s like to lose everything! If I have no attachment to my knights them losing them won’t hurt again!”, Alfred replied, angrily.

Aichi stood up narrowing his eyes not backing down.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 17 A Daunting Challenge! The Psychic Gym!

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 34 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 34 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 0 ??? (Egg) ???



“Hey, is Kai alright? He hasn’t said much since he battled Ren.”, Aichi asked, still squeezing his egg’s container tightly.

“I don’t think so. I tried to look for him but he had already stormed off when Team Asteroid was arrested.”, Miwa replied, as Aichi looked down.

“Don’t worry I’ll find him, Aichi. I always do, he just probably went off to brood somewhere like he always does.”, Miwa said.

“I hope he’s alright.”, Aichi mumbled, looking off in the distance.

“I’m going to help fix Grandblue city. Then, I’ll catch up to you guys.”, Kamui decided, looking around at the still decimated city.

“We’ll see you then I guess. I promise you I’ll get stronger so that this doesn’t happen again.”, Aichi replied, with his fist over his heart.

“I’m sure you will and I’ll get stronger too as well! Next time, Team Asteroid comes here I’ll crush them!”, Kamui replied as Aichi sweat dropped.

He held out his fist to Aichi who bumped his fist to his.

“Kamui!”, Nagisa squealed, tackling Kamui as everyone sweat dropped.

“That means your staying here?”, Nagisa asked, hugging him tightly.

“Only for a little bit!”, Kamui replied as Nagisa squeezed him.

“Well, then I guess it’s time for us to set off.”, Misaki said as Aichi looked at her.

“Yeah.”, Aichi nodded.

Shin and Mark came along with them.

“I have been meaning to see how Mikuru has been doing.”, Mark said.

“Looks like we’re going back home.”, Shin said.

They waved everyone goodbye setting off to Oracle town. There weren’t many trainers on the way so they got there rather fast. As they did Aichi looked down at his little egg which moved occasionally. They made it to Oracle town which seemed a little small with a few shops, houses, other buildings, and even tents for some reason. Aichi looked at everything as they walked past and a person in a hood in front of a crystal ball waved him over. Misaki followed him, sweat dropping.

“Not another fake psychic…”, Misaki groaned.

“Let me tell you your fortune boy.”, the hooded person said.

“My fortune?”, Aichi questioned as Misaki stood beside him glaring at the hooded person who flinched.

“You better be a real psychic.”, Misaki said menacingly.

“Isn’t he?”, Aichi asked, cluelessly.

“Oracle town does have real psychics because of that a lot of swindlers come here to pose as them. For those who don’t know much about it they can easily con them out of their money.”, Misaki explained.

“I-I can assure Mrs. Tokura I am very real!”, the hooded person said, shaking.

“Then, abide by the Oracle agreement I assume as a real psychic you know what that is.”, Misaki replied as the hooded person sweated nervously.

“What’s the Oracle agreement?”, Aichi asked.

“All psychics in Oracle town have to prove they are not a phony before serving someone.”, Misaki explained.

“I-I uh…”, the hooded person mumbled before scurrying away and the two sweat dropped.

“You’re really good at scaring away the phonies, Misaki.”, Mark chuckled.

“Hmph! There better not be more. It’s always such a bother dealing with them.”, Misaki said as she crossed her arms walking to the gym followed by the others.

They made it to a small building turquoise building with a purple symbol for the psychic type. There seemed to be various square rooms inside.

“You have to get through this before our battle. You know the standard gym stuff.”, Misaki told him.

“Alright.”, Aichi replied, nodding before he walked up to three doors.

On the top there was the illustration of a Espeon dressed like a sphinx. Under it was a question “Reshiram and Zekrom are the Pokémon of?”. Above each of the doors was a different answer. They said “Yin and yang”, “Truth and ideals”, “Good and evil”. Aichi walked into the middle door “Truth and ideals” and was presented with another question. “Where was mega evolution created?” The choices were “Kalos”, “Galar”, and “Alola”.

“You know this isn’t that hard.”, Aichi thought walking through the Kalos door.

He was then presented with another question “Who is the master of the weather trio?”. The choices were “Thunderous”, “Rayquaza”, and “Zygarde”. He walked into the Rayquaza door and was presented with another question. “Which of these trios is the creation trio?” The choices were “Groundon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza”, “Yveltal, Xerneus, and Zygarde”, and “Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina”. Aichi walked through the door with the last option and was now in the room of the gym battle with Misaki waiting for him sitting on a chair. She had 3 Poké balls around her waist, likely the gym Pokémon.

“That was fast.”, Misaki said.

“It wasn’t really that hard.”, Aichi replied.

“You’d be surprised how many people fail that thing.”, Misaki replied.

“Really?”, Aichi questioned.

They prepared their Poké balls ready to battle.

“Go, Llew!”, Aichi called out.

“Go, Kushinada!”, Misaki called out throwing out a Gardevior.

The two Pokémon faced each other down. Aichi didn’t notice but his egg wobbled a bit.

“Kushinada is also a fairy type so my dark type moves won’t do well against it. And my fighting type moves are basically useless. Though, I still have…”, Aichi thought.

“Llew use first impression!”, Aichi ordered as Llew ran towards Kushinada with blinding speed slashing it with its claws.

Kushinada was a bit damaged by the slash.

“Kushinada use thunderbolt continuously.”, Misaki ordered.

Llew tried to block and endure the lightning, but it was struck by several bolts continuously.

“Llew move!”, Aichi commanded before Llew was forced back into the bolts by Kushinada’s psychic power.

“Llew use blizzard!”, Aichi order.

Llew blasted Kushinada with a storm of ice point blank before fainting.

“That’s not good. Gancelot won’t do well here at all and I need to save Wingal for her other Pokémon. Then…”, Aichi thought.

“Go, Ahmes use swords dance!”, Aichi called out.

Ahmes faces its counterpart dancing to up its stats.

“Kushinada use shadow ball.”, Misaki ordered as Ahmes avoided it still dancing.

Kushinada sent a barrage of shadow balls at Ahmes who continued to avoid them in its dance.

“Ahmes use solar blade.”, Aichi ordered as Ahmes delivered a devastating slash to Kushinada causing it to faint.

“Go, Wiseman use shadow ball.”, Misaki said, throwing out a Metang.

Ahmes dodged once again resuming its swords dance closing in on Wiseman.

“Wiseman use confusion.”, Misaki ordered as soon as Ahmes got in range.

Ahmes got hit starting to stumble around in its confusion swinging randomly. The egg wobbled again a bit faster.

“Ahmes snap out of it!”, Aichi called out before Ahmes was hit by multiple shadow balls knocking it out.

“Oh no! Go, Wingal use stone edge.”, Aichi said, recalling Ahmes and throwing out Wingal.

Wingal hurled the sharp rocks at Wiseman which didn’t even put a dent in it. However, the rocks were merely a distraction so Wingal could bite it.

“Wiseman use flash cannon.”, Misaki ordered as Wiseman sent a grey beam at Wingal that it was able to avoid.

Wingal jumped onto Wiseman biting down hard on it.

“Wiseman use zen headbutt.”, Misaki ordered.

Wingal was launched off Wiseman then blasted by another flash cannon. Wingal crashed to the ground fainting. Aichi sweated nervously already down to his last Pokémon. The egg started wobbling fast again.

“No way. Is Misaki really on a completely different level?”, Aichi thought.

“Your trick may have worked before on that Metagross from the gold challenge, but it won’t work against me.”, Misaki said.

“So, you remembered it from then…G-go Gancelot!”, Aichi said, nervously throwing out his last Pokémon.

“Wiseman use zen headbutt!”, Misaki ordered.

“Gancelot dodge and use aura sphere, don’t let it get near you!”, Aichi commanded.

Gancelot shot a bunch of aura spheres keeping Wiseman at bay.

“Wiseman use shadow ball.”, Misaki ordered.

The attacks clashed causing a cloud of smoke.

“Wiseman use zen headbutt!”, Misaki commanded.

“Gancelot use close combat!”, Aichi ordered.

A loud metal clang resounded from in the smoke. Followed by multiple loud clanks.

Wiseman came flying out of the smoke fainting. The smoke cleared to reveal a damaged Gancelot standing resolutely.

“Go, Assistakitten!”, Misaki called out, throwing out her final Pokémon, a Espeon.

“Gancelot use stone edge!”, Aichi ordered as Gancelot shot sharp rocks at Assistakitten.

“Assistakitten use future sight.”, Misaki ordered.

Assistakitten dodged out of the was of the rocks.

“Gancelot use quick attack!”, Aichi ordered.

Gancelot sent a punch towards Assistakitten as it got close. Assistakitten dodged swiping Gancelot with its tail charged with psychic energy multiple times. Gancelot punched forward hitting Assistakitten after its future sight wore off. Assistakitten landed on its feet while Gancelot swayed.

“Assistakitten use psychic!”, Misaki ordered as Gancelot was hit by a wave of psychic energy knocking it out.

“Looks like I lost…”, Aichi said, recalling Gancelot.

“What are you going to do now?”, Misaki asked.

“I’m going to train. I really need it up till now I was over leveled at most of the gyms, but now it’s finally caught up.”, Aichi replied.

“I’ll see you then Aichi be careful.”, Misaki replied.

“Yeah, see you.”, Aichi replied, waving goodbye leaving the gym.

He went to the Pokémon center to heal up his Pokémon. He waited outside at the table with his egg that moved again. Aichi jumped when it continued moving before stopping.

“I guess you lost huh?”, Mark asked.

“Yeah. I’ve gotta get stronger. It probably would have gone better if I had a Pokémon that could have dealt with her Gardevior better.”, Aichi replied.

“A ghost type would do the job against a Gardevior.”, Mark suggested.

“A ghost type?”, Aichi questioned.

“Yeah, there’s plenty back in Kagero town.”, Mark replied.

“Yeah, that’s right though…”, Aichi trailed off, remembering his horrible experience in Kagero town.

“Well it might be more worth your while than you think. A rumor has been floating around for a while that ‘the legendary Aegislash of promised victory is there’. Its been said that it’s laid waste to several armies and now slumbers there.”, Mark replied.

“Isn’t that just a rumor? I didn’t see a Aegislash there.”, Aichi replied.

“Apparently it hides itself in a secluded part of Kagero town away from the other ghosts. You could probably ask Kurosawa about it.”, Mark replied.

“I guess. It’s not like I have much planned right now besides training I guess I could go back.”, Aichi replied.

Nurse Joy walked out with his Poké balls in hand. Aichi grabbed them, putting them back on his belt.

“So, where will you go now Mr.Mark? Did you see that Mikuru person you mentioned?”, Aichi asked.

“Yeah…”, Mark said awkwardly trailing off.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 16 Siege On Grandblue City Final Part

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 34 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 34 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 0 ??? (Egg) ???



“Junos use stone edge.”, Ren ordered.

“Overlord use fire blast.”, Kai ordered.

Junos charged at Overlord shooting sharp rocks at it. Overlord shot a blast of fire at the rocks shaped like the kanji for fire. The rocks were nearly incinerated before suddenly being surrounded by psychic energy making the change course to avoid the flames and hit Overlord.

“Tch!”, Kai snickered as smoke enveloped the arena from the crash.

His Pokémon were still raging against Ren’s in the smoke.

“Overlord use flare blitz!”, Kai ordered.

Overlord engulfed itself in blue flames spinning around quickly in a circle dispelling the smoke and creating a tornado of flames. Some of their Pokémon were caught in the raging tornado fainting instantly. It was Rugos and Descendant that fainted. The others were a bit injured. Mordred Phantom was able to avoid fainting by protecting itself with its shield. Nehalem, Vortex, Berserker, and Dragon Dancer went to Overlord’s side reviving from the outrage. Phantom Blaster, Nevan, and Fullbau went to Junos’s side.

“Phantom Blaster use outrage.”, Ren commanded as Phantom Blaster quickly dove towards Nehalem who was too slow to respond to the vicious assault it unleashed and fainted.

Vortex charged after Phantom Blaster enraged. Phantom Blaster took advantage of this opening beating it down mercilessly. Vortex fought back savagely clashing with the dark dragon. Overlord knocked out Mordred Phantom with a fire blast.

“Dragon Dancer use close combat!”, Kai ordered as Dragon Dancer charged at Nevan with blinding speed.

Dragon Dancer punched and kicked Nevan without mercy, beating down and making it faint. Phantom Blaster and Vortex launched dragon breaths at each other causing both of them to faint. Berserker charged forward to take out Fullbau with outrage. Fullbau outsped the bigger jumping on its back and biting down hard on the dragon who tried to throw it off. As it tried Fullbau launched sharp rocks at Berserker. Overlord and Dragon Dancer ran in to help, but Junos blocked their path. Junos shot sharp rocks at the two. Dragon Dancer chopped and punched at some of them and Overlord shot flames at them. But, the rocks kept randomly changing directions and avoided most of their attacks due to Junos’s psychic powers.

“Fullbau use outrage.”, Ren ordered as Kai glared.

Fullbau clawed and punched on Berserker while it was on top of it. Berserker ended up collapsing to the ground. Junos moved out of the way as Fullbau then launched itself at Overlord and Dragon Dancer.

“Overlord use dragon pulse!”, Kai ordered, as Overlord send a blue wave of energy at Fullbau while it was midair.

Fullbau ignored the pain continuing forward slashing with its claws. Dragon Dancer got in front of Overlord taking the blows and trapping Fullbau in a hold.

“Kommo-o! (Do it!)”, Dragon Dancer commanded.

“Charizard. Charizard. Charizard. (Your sacrifice will not be in vain my comrade.)”, Overlord said as it shot the blue energy from its mouth engulfing both Fullbau and Dragon Dancer.

Both Fullbau and Dragon Dancer fainted and were recalled by their trainers. Ren smirked not seeming worried at all that he was down to only one Pokémon.

“You really are strong Kai. This battle has reminded me of old times.”, Ren said.

“Once I beat you it will fully go back to old times!”, Kai declared.

“Kai, he’s really serious right now. This is between the two of them. I have no place to interfere.”, Miwa thought, watching on from the sidelines.

Junos and Overlord circled each other.

“Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. Gallade. (Both you and your trainer are truly foolish if you think you can defeat us.)”, Junos said.

“Charizard! Charizard! Charizard! Charizard! (Same to you Junos! We have waited a long time for this and we won’t lose!)”, Overlord replied.

“You two will lose just like before.”, Ren replied smirking.

Kai narrowed his eyes as he remembered back when he first met Ren.


It was back when he was first taking on the Kakusa league. He was a bit younger then he was taking on another trainer as a young Ren and Tetsu watched in the crowd. Ren looked amazed as Overlord who at this time was Charmeleon knocked out his opponent’s last Pokémon.

“Wow, this guy is really strong Tetsu we should get him to join Team Asteroid!”, Ren suggested.

Tetsu followed after Ren who excitedly rushed forward towards Kai. Some of the people nervously moved away as Ren approached him.

“Who are you?”, Kai asked.

“I’m Suzugamori Ren and this is Shinjou Tetsu.”, Ren introduced the two of them.

“You seem pretty strong. What’s your name?”, Tetsu asked Kai.

“You know my name its Ren.”, Ren replied as Tetsu sweat dropped.

“Not you dummy. That guy!”, Tetsu replied pointing at Kai.

“I don’t think his name would be ‘that guy’.”, Ren replied cluelessly.

Kai couldn’t help, but sweat drop when hearing the two.

“…My name is Toshiki Kai.”, Kai answered as his eye twitched.

“Charmeleon? Charmeleon? (That Ren guy is kinda slow isn’t he?)”, Overlord questioned.

“I’m not slow, see.”, Ren replied before running around to prove it to Overlord.

Overlord gasped in shock confused with how the kid understood him. Kai noticed Overlord’s reaction.

“Who said you were slow?”, Kai asked confusedly.

“Your Charmeleon did.”, Ren said, stopping and pointing to Overlord.

“How can you tell it’s a Pokémon?”, Kai questioned.

“Ren’s a bit weird. He’s able to understand Pokémon.”, Tetsu told him.

“No way.”, Kai replied.

“Well of course I can. I’m part Pokémon after all.”, Ren stated as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Part Pokémon huh? More like crazy.”, Kai replied skeptically.

“Watch this.”, Ren told him as he caused Kai to levitate before putting him down.

“You’re a psychic?”, Kai questioned.

“Psychic type.”, Ren replied as Kai sweat dropped.

“What do you guys want with me anyway?”, Kai asked.

“We want you to join Asteroid!”, Ren answered.

“What?! Like the evil team?”, Kai questioned.

“I wouldn’t say evil. Though, my dad’s kinda a stick in the mud he’s all serious. Like stop goofing off Ren think about world domination or whatever blah blah blah. When I’m the boss I’m gonna make Team Asteroid a fun team. So, wanna join?”, Ren replied, holding his hand out to Kai with a big dopey smile on his face.

Kai felt like face palming as he looked at Ren. Even to this day not sure why he ever said yes. But, for a while it was a bit fun at worst, Ren had them pull silly pranks on people.

Flashback end

“It doesn’t matter how strong you think you are I’m going to defeat you.”, Kai replied, determinedly.

Junos and Overlord went back into fighting stances.

With Aichi…

“Why do I feel wet?”, Aichi thought confused.

He cracked open his eyes confused as he looked around. It seemed like it was some sort of lab. There were people in lab coats operating various machines. One of them stood out a bit who was standing next to a person with a black suit with a red A. He couldn’t get a good look at the man with the suit. It seemed as if something was obscuring his features from his sight. The man in a lab coat had long dark green hair and purple eyes. Underneath his lab coat he had a grey dress shirt with a red tie. He was smiling as he held out a clipboard. Aichi tried to say something but realized there was some sort of breathing mask on his face.

“What’s going on?”, he thought, confused and growing worried, especially seeing the man who seemed to be a part of Team Asteroid.

“Subject 003v. The human to Pokémon ratio in his dna is perfect. As well the programming has been perfectly calibrated to account for his power. As for his power he is far stronger than our previous two successes in project Psyqualia.”, the man in a lab coat said.

“Pokémon dna? Programming? Are they talking about me?”, Aichi thought, confused and growing increasingly worried as the man in a suit approached him.

His body wouldn’t move as if he was merely observing what was going on. The man in a suit put his hand out touching the glass as it suddenly hit Aichi. He was in a tube!

“003v is the one who will fulfill our ambition. The perfect life form who will allow us to finally take over the world and defeat that infernal god, Arceus. You understand right my son?”, the man in a suit said, he seemed to be smirking though he wasn’t sure how he could tell since he couldn’t see his face.

Aichi felt his blood run cold realizing who this man was. He was Gin Galliard, his father who Shin had told him about.

“What’s going on? Defeating Arceus? Taking over the world? Why am I in a tube?! And the way they’re talking it’s like I’m-“, Aichi thought, before coming to a chilling realization.

He was created as a weapon in lab. He wasn’t even fully human…

“Oh my Arceus…”, Aichi thought as his heart sank.

He would break into tears if he could. As he panicked he suddenly felt a relaxing feeling wash over him again like at Kagero town.

Aichi’s eyes cracked open as he noticed he was on something moving. He was laying on something incredibly soft and his arms were wrapped around it. Aichi blinked as his brain booted up.

“Was that a dream? It felt so real like it really happened.”, Aichi thought.

“Looks like you woke him up.”, Rekka said as Kourin and Misaki went over to him.

He got up adjusting himself and realized it was a Pokémon he was on. But, it wasn’t just any Pokémon it was the legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo, the beast that devours the Sun. Aichi’s eyes widened upon this realization.

Earlier while Aichi was asleep…

Back at the place they were before Solgaleo walked towards the building mounted by the still sleeping Aichi. Asuka screamed a bit as he and Tetsu were lifted in the air behind Solgaleo.

“Where is Solgaleo going?”, Shin asked.

“We have to defeat Suzugamori Ren remember? Solgaleo is going to defeat him. Don’t worry he has a protective barrier over Aichi and is very strong.”, Suiko replied.

“Someone’s gotta stay to watch over everyone else. I guess I’ll do it.”, Mark volunteered.

“I will as well. Shinemon, Misaki go with Sendou and Solgaleo.”, Esuka said.

They both nodded as they went into the building with Ultra Rare following Solgaleo. Various passed out Team Asteroid grunts and their Pokémon littered the ground who they tried to avoid.

“So, how did Solgaleo get involved with Arceus? Aren’t him and Lunala from a different world?”, Misaki questioned.

“They were originally however the two of them grew fond of this world and decided to stay and protect it. Then, Team Asteroid attacked trying to take over the world and capturing legendaries to do it. The legendaries though normally divided were united by this common threat. After all, if Team Asteroid wins they’ll all be captured. Arceus brought them all together and devised a plan to defeat Team Asteroid. I don’t really know the full details myself, but part of that plan was taking Aichi away for him which Solgaleo was tasked to do. They had tried it before with the others before him, but none of them came back; only Solgaleo was successful.”, Kourin explained.

“I guess we have Solgaleo to thank for us having Aichi now. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he had failed too. He’d probably be like Ren right now. You said there were others as in plural. Are there more people who were created by Team Asteroid besides Aichi and Ren?”, Misaki replied.

“Yes, from what I know there’s two others. I don’t know as much about them. They’re in other regions.”, Kourin answered.

“It’s so messed up… I can’t help, but wonder if maybe they’re doing what they are against their will like Aichi was.”, Misaki replied as Kourin frowned looking over at Aichi.

“Yeah…”, Kourin replied, sounding a little worried.

“Worried about your boyfriend Kourin?”, Rekka teased.

“Shut up, Rekka! He’s not my boyfriend!”, Kourin replied angrily.

They jumped as they noticed Aichi starting to stir from his slumber surrounded by the rainbow aura.

“Looks like you woke him up.”, Rekka said as Kourin and Misaki went over to him.

Aichi adjusted himself in more of a riding position now before he flinched likely due to the realization he was riding on a legendary. Aichi stumbled a bit effortlessly righted by Solgaleo using its psychic powers. Aichi got into a more steady position riding on in.

“Aichi are you alright? Are you back to normal?”, Misaki asked.

“W-why am I on a legendary?! What happened?”, Aichi questioned, very confused.

“What’s the last thing you remember?”, Shin asked.

Aichi narrowed his eyes as he tried to think back.

“I-I think I was in Gouki’s gym. I was with Kamui. His friends were being controlled. We beat them then we were about to face Gouki then…everything blanks out! I can’t remember what happened! W-Where’s Kamui?! Don’t tell me I…”, Aichi answered, growing increasingly panicked.

“Calm down, Kamui’s fine. I’ll explain, but your not going to like it.”, Shin replied, as Aichi looked at him nervous nodding.

Shin told him about everything that happened and their fight with 003v. Aichi looked extremely pale as Shin told him.

“Aichi it wasn’t your fault you weren’t even yourself!”, Shin assured as Aichi closed his eyes, sweating.

“It’s just like my dream. When I was asleep I had this weird dream that I was in a tube in a lab. There were Team Asteroid people there. They called me 003v and they were saying all this weird stuff like I’m part Pokémon and I was made to…”, Aichi explained, looking like he was going to fall unconscious again.

“You are Sendou Aichi not 003v. That’s why you were given a human name by Shizuka to symbolize you are no longer Team Asteroid’s weapon. You are your own person. It will be difficult, but you can eventually overcome the malicious programming Team Asteroid placed in your brain.”, Solgaleo said as everyone jumped.

Solgaleo’s mouth didn’t move, instead they all heard its voice in their heads.

“How? Please tell me how! I don’t want to hurt anyone or control them! Especially my friends! ”, Aichi begged, with tears in his eyes tightening his grip on Solgaleo.

“There’s two possible ways: long mental training to allow you to resist it. Or trying to erase the programming entirely. I have been trying to myself without much luck. I don’t know how long it will take. Both will take more time than we currently have. First we have to drive Team Asteroid from Kakusa then we can try.”, Solgaleo replied.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 15 Siege On Grandblue City Part 3

Aichi’s current team

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 34 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 34 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 0 ??? (Egg) ???



“Go, Fullbau! Phantom Blaster! Nevan! Rugos! Mordred Phantom! Junos!”, Ren called out, throwing out a Lycanroc midnight, Hydreigon, Zoroark, Bisharp, shiny Aegislash, and a shiny Gallade.

Each of their Pokémon started down one another intensely. Overlord at Junos. Vortex at Phantom Blaster. Dragonite at Mordred Phantom. Berserker at Fullbau. Descendant at Rugos. And Dragon Dancer at Nevan.

The energy around them only became more intense as the two revealed a black and red bracelet respectively with a rainbow colored stone; a mega bracelet. They touched the stones as they glowed. Junos and Overlord glowed revealing new forms.

Overlord’s scales became black with a light blue underbelly. The fire on its tail became blue and it had the same blue fire coming out of the sides of its mouth.

Junos had gained a cape and its blades became bigger. Also, the fin on its head curved.

With Aichi…

“No, he’s not fine, Misaki .”, Shin said, as Aichi frowned.

“I am fine, Shin.”, Aichi insisted, his eyes flashing with a rainbow spiral.

“No, your not.”, Shin insisted, as Aichi looked visibly surprised.

They knew very well what Aichi was and prepared for something like this happening.

“The only assurance I received from this. Is that the Aichi who saved that Rockruff is the real Aichi. After seeing you pretend to be him I’m sure that his feelings were genuine.”, Shin told him, as Aichi narrowed his eyes, not amused.

“Fine. That’s a relief anyway, just pretending to be him makes me sick.”, Aichi replied, his voice returning to the deeper tone.

“Aichi!”, Misaki called out, very concernedly.

“Don’t call me by that name. I’m 003v, a perfect life form created by Team Asteroid.”, Aichi or 003v said, with annoyance.

“I knew Gin was a bastard, but even I didn’t think he’d put programming in his own son’s head.”, Mark growled, very upset.

“Just what kind of monster is Gin Galliard?! It doesn’t matter if he made or not no parent should do that to their kid.”, Misaki thought, sweating nervously.

Her fist shook furious at the idea her friend was being used like this.

“That explains what was happening with him before in Kagero town and Megacolony town. Psychic powers don’t do that his powers activating are the trigger for it not the cause. It’s likely in case he either tried to rebel against them. That probably didn’t want a Mewtwo situation on their hands.”, Misaki said.

“You’re definitely smart, Misaki, but knowing that now doesn’t matter! I’m going to fulfill my mission and none of you are going to stop me!”, 003v replied.

“Aichi you can’t let them control you like this! You’re trying to st-“, Misaki was saying as she was cut off.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Aichi says he’s alright so he’s alright.”, Kamui cut off going in front of 003v who smirked.

“Didn’t you hear what we’ve been talking about? That’s not Aichi!”, Misaki replied.

“Aichi says he’s Aichi so he’s Aichi.”, Kamui replied.

“Misaki, he has the exact same powers as Ren.”, Esuka told her.

Misaki gasped, realizing what’s going on. As if 003v knew what she was thinking he tapped Kamui’s shoulder. Kamui turned to 003v.

“Stop them.”, 003v ordered simply.

They paled as Kamui, Gouki, Nagisa, Kaoru, and Hiroshi went up to face them. They reluctantly prepared to battle against them.

“Kamui I don’t wanna do this, but it looks like I’m going to have to beat some reason into you!”, Misaki said holding up a fist and Kamui shivered in fear a bit.

“I don’t know what’s running through your mind, but I won’t let you attack Aichi!”, Kamui replied.

Misaki’s Pokémon walked to behind her looking all menacing as Kamui sweated nervously.

“Shin, let me take him.”, Mark asked, when Shin was about to go up to face him.

“Are you sure? You know him more than me besides if his power is anything like the others it would be like fighting a legendary Pokémon.”, Shin replied.

“No, that’s why I’ve gotta do this. Because I’ve grown to know him more I’ll do it. I’m not going to let that bastard take away anyone else I care about.”, Mark replied.

Shin nodded in understanding. They tried to make it through, but Frank and Mr.Invincible blocked their path.

“Uranus use sacred sword!”, Shin ordered as Cobalion swiped at the two Pokémon with its horns making them faint instantly.

Mark took this opportunity to get through over to 003v. 003v didn’t seem very alarmed by this judging by his amused smile.

“Aichi, you have always been so shy and timid. I was surprised to hear about all the amazing things you have done.”, Mark thought.


They were in a classroom Mark was teaching while many of the other students didn’t pay much attention.

“Answer me this, Aichi Sendou!”, Mark said pointing to Aichi who nervously got up from his desk.

Aichi had on a closed up grey uniform with grey pants and had his red under underneath.

“Man, he chose Shychi Aichi “,“He chose the quietest kid in class.”, “We’re going to be here all afternoon.”, some of the students commented.

“What would you do if you were transported to the Warring Regions period?”, Mark asked.

“I-I guess…I guess I’d make sure I always had an escape plan.”, Aichi answered as all the other students broke into laughter.

“Man he’s such a coward.”, “No wonder why everyone picks on him.”, “Man o man you’re hilarious.”, some of the students commented.

“Well, it’s not a bad plan if all you’re trying to do is survive. But, how about imagining yourself with a bit bigger role to play.”, Mark defended.

Aichi blushed embarrassingly just sitting back down to his desk.

Flashback end

“I didn’t expect for you to come fight me, old man. You already lost to that weakling Aichi.”, 003v said.

“He’s not weak. He’s far stronger than you’ll ever be.”, Mark replied.

“Really now? We’ll see about that.”, 003v replied.

003v’s balked his hands into fists. Mark flinched as a dark blue aura surrounded 003v. The feeling it gave of was suffocating and it seemed boundless. It overflowed with no discernible limit. Mark sweated nervously it felt like he was choking just from the feeling it gave off.

“You’re trembling already? I haven’t even done anything yet, old man.”, 003v said, menacingly.

With Misaki…

Misaki’s Pokemon releases blasts of psychic energy at Kamui’s remaining Pokémon which should have been a complete massacre especially with the type advantage. However, somehow his Pokémon withstood it and were pushing back against it. This was not the only bizarre thing Gouki, Nagisa, Hiroshi, and Kaoru were holding off the other trainers with them. Esuka sees Misaki struggling and decides to join in.

“Isabelle use mystic fire! Lopunny use close combat! Lapras use hydro pump! Nidoqueen use superpower! Vespiqueen use giga impact! Salazzle use overheat!”, Esuka commanded as the attacks crashed into Kamui’s Pokémon which were surprisingly still standing, but pushed back.

They noticed a dark blue aura around Kamui’s Pokémon which was likely the cause.

“Crap! We’ll just have to push harder! Go, full power guys!”, Misaki yelled, putting her fist forward.

They were finally able break through the attacks knocking out Kamui’s Pokémon.

With Mark…

“F-fuck it’s hard to believe all of this is coming from Aichi. How could such power be exuded by such a small boy? I don’t know anything about that sciency program nonsense, but right now he’s so different it’s like borderline possession. Even still I won’t give up not just for Aichi, but for Shizuka too.”, Mark thought.


After Mark’s battle against Aichi he went back down to Sanctuary town. He couldn’t help, but be surprised Shizuka actually allowed him to become a trainer. She had been so adamant for years about him never getting involved.

He stopped by Aichi’s house to see Shizuka tending to the garden.

“Oh hi, Mark did you go by the gym?”, Shizuka greeted looking up from the plants she was attending.

“Yeah, I did. I’m surprised you actually allowed Aichi to become a trainer. I just battled him.”, Mark replied.

Shizuka looked down, sighing.

“I really hoped that Aichi would be safe from him if he just kept his head down. But, Team Asteroid has made its way here even in the Kakusa region. It seems like anywhere isn’t safe from his grip. I think maybe I’m just delaying the inevitable…he was born to battle and with them running amuck I doubt I get him to keep his head down.”, Shizuka said.

“Of course, he couldn’t stay still with Team Asteroid running amuck. You raised him right after all there’s no way he could just keep his head down and ignore it.”, Mark replied, with a smile.

Shizuka had a bitter smile.

“I don’t know what to do. I just really… don’t want Gin to get his hands on him. Who knows what he’d do to him. He’s my baby and I don’t want him to get hurt.”, Shizuka replied.

“Don’t worry Aichi will be fine. Misaki’s actually traveling with him ,besides I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him. I promise.”, Mark replied.

“I hope so.”, Shizuka replied.

Flashback end

Mark shivered at the thought of how Shizuka would react to seeing him like this. She’d kill him for sure for letting this happen.

His Greninja, Zoroark, Sheninja, Blastoise, Zangoose, and Absol got into fighting stances. Ahmes, Wingal, Llew and Gancelot got into fighting stances as well. Aichi’s Pokémon now had a similar dark blue aura around them and their eyes glowed.

“He’s even controlling Aichi’s Pokémon?!”, Mark gasped.

“Now, show no mercy and tear those weaklings apart.”, 003v commanded.

“Void Master use water shuriken! Chigasumi use night slash! Double use phantom force! Ronin use hydro pump! Anbu use close combat! Stealth use sucker punch!”, Mark ordered.

Ahmes used its psychic energy to stop the shuriken mid air. Wingal hurled sharped rocks at his Pokémon along with Gancelot gunning them down with aura spheres. While his Pokémon were distracted trying to dodge Llew delivered sucker punches to his Pokémon doing a surprising amount of damage.

“How? Aichi’s Pokémon weren’t this strong before.”, Mark questioned.

With Shin…

He went over to help the trainers struggling against Gouki, Nagisa, Hiroshi, and Kaoru. He gasped in shock to see all the trainers had been defeated and knocked out cold. They were down to one Pokémon each. Gouki had Nightmist, Nagisa had Primarina, Kaoru had Floatzel, and Kaoru had Golisopod.

“Let’s go! Giant automation of the distant past, Valkriyan! Use thunderbolt!”, Shin commanded.

Valkriyan held up its fists it’s body crackled with electricity shooting off multiple bolts at the water Pokémon. His opponents gasped in shock as their Pokémon were instantly defeated.

With Mark…

“Of course, they’re stronger under my control. I’m far superior to that weakling in every way! That fool doesn’t even know how to use his powers, but I do!”, 003v gloated.

Mark gasped as despite the type advantage the rocks did heavy damage to his Pokémon along with the aura spheres.

“Just give up! You can’t defeat me! No human can!”, 003v taunted laughing maniacally as he did, as Mark sweated nervously.

“Aichi. Don’t do this, you don’t want to lose everything you have gained over the last couple of days. The bonds you have made with people and Pokémon alike!”, Mark said, 003v froze for a moment before shaking it off.

He could swear he saw Aichi for a moment.

“Shut up, weakling human! I don’t need any pathetic bonds when I have ultimate power!”, 003v replied, angrily.

“Really you don’t? You looked really relieved when you realized how much your friends care about you. You looked truly happy with them. You had been virtually alone for a long time with just Ahmes. I know because I saw how you were and I know you wouldn’t want to go back to that.”, Mark replied as 003v growled.

“Argh! Shut up! Shut up! I won’t let you argh! Or him s-stop me!”, 003v replied in pain, clutching his head.

“And with them at your side you finally gained confidence in yourself and have done amazing things. You liberated Megacolony town and freed the people of Kagero from a living nightmare. You did that and you can beat this too!”, Mark continued, as 003v sweated.

“No! Fuck your stupid mushy friendship crap an-“, 003v was saying raising up one of his arms hoisting up Mark with psychic energy.

“I know Shizuka would be really proud of the hero you’ve become.”, Mark finished, as soon as he did he was dropped to the ground falling on his butt.

003v screamed in pain clutching his head as the dark aura around him grew even more massive. Mark backed up a bit nervously as the aura got even bigger. The entire city and more shook at the power released.

“Holy crap! At this rate everything will be reduced to-“, Mark was thinking as the rubbing started to ease.

He looked over to 003v noticing his arms hanging loosely to his sides and his head was down. His shoulders seemed relaxed and he was surrounded by a rainbow aura. Mark ran to catch him as he fell over unconscious. He held him tightly as 003v breathed softly.

Everything seemed fine now, but then Tetsu and Asuka appeared. Their Pokémon were mostly exhausted at this point and their army almost completely gone. Shin and Esuka were the only ones with Pokémon still left with some juice. Misaki’s had fainted after defeating Kamui’s. Aichi’s Pokémon had also fallen unconscious after being released from 003v’s control. It was the same for Kamui and the others. Asuka smirked smugly at the scene.

“Wow, nice job you guys did most of our work for us. Or I guess the thanks should go to 003v. He got you guys to fight each other for us.”, Asuka said looking over to Aichi unconscious in Mark’s arms.

Mark tightened his grip around Aichi and Misaki got in front of him looking Asuka in the eye.

“We won’t let you take Aichi!”, Misaki said as Asuka smirked.

“You must be mistaken 003v belongs with us. I would have thought that little scuffle would have made it clear.”, Tetsu said coldy.

“The only thing that’s clear to us from that scuffle is that Team Asteroid can’t be allowed to have him!”, Shin said.

“And what are you gonna do? Your Pokémon are exhausted. The few you still have and we have full healthy teams. Just give up.”, Asuka replied, raising up a Poké ball.

They sweated nervously knowing they were right. This was going to be very close. They jumped upon hearing a loud roar in the distance he looked over to the source and their jaws dropped.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 13 Siege of Grandblue City Part 1 (cont.)

Wingal placed itself protectively in front of Aichi hearing that. It remembered when Kyou tried to take him. Gancelot stood by Aichi’s side shooting aura spheres and Wingal shot sharp rock at the Floatzels as they tried to get near Aichi.

“Ren is interested in me?”, Aichi questioned, sweating nervously.

“Very much so he has ordered all of us to bring you to him!”, Gouki replied.

“Not on my watch! I won’t let Team Asteroid take Aichi too!”, Kamui said.

“Don’t take your eyes off me Kamui, Primarina use sparkling aria!”, Nagisa ordered.

Primarina started to sing, causing bubbles to appear that burnt Kamui’s Pokémon on touch.

“Darn it, Kaiser use earthquake!”, Kamui commanded as the building shook.

Ahmes used its psychic powers to float Kamui’s, the rest of Aichi’s Pokémon, Aichi , and Kamui into the air.

“Hey that’s not fair! Kaboom!”, Kaoru yelled as he shook.

“Ahmes use swords dance! Wingal use stone edge! Llew use blizzard! Gancelot use aura sphere!”, Aichi commanded as his Pokémon threw out their ranged attacks and Ahmes buffed itself.

“Kaiser use dark pulse! Buster use flame charge! Mr.Invincible use strength! Tough boy use rock blast! Shout use fury swipes!”, Kamui ordered.

“I won’t lose like this! Primarina use sparkling aria! Kingdra use bubble beam! Quagsire use muddy water!”, Nagisa ordered, but was in vain as her Pokémon were outgunned.

All of Nagisa, Hiroshi, and Kaoru’s Pokémon fainted.

“No way!!!”, Hiroshi screamed.

Aichi and Kamui gasped as Nagisa and Kaoru screamed too falling over.

“Are they alright?”, Aichi questioned, as they were put back on the ground.

“Guys!”, Kamui screamed, running over to them.

They seemed to just be knocked out.

“Heh! They were weak that’s why their like this now!”, Gouki said.

“How can you say that!? They’re your friends! Nagisa’s your beloved sister remember!?”, Kamui raged raising up his fist with tears in his eyes.

“Blood or not doesn’t matter! Weakness is a sin!”, Gouki replied.

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter!? Friends and family are important! Can’t you see what you’re doing!?”, Aichi yelled in disbelief starting to feel angered.

A dark blue aura flashed around him.

“Ha! The words of a softie! You wanna fight me boy?! You really think a softie like you can defeat a pirate?!”, Gouki replied.

Aichi’s eyes were shadowed. He tightened his fists looking over to Kamui. Kamui looked beyond worried for his friends, his eyes were full of tears. Kamui started to feel nervous as the air around him became heavy. He almost forgot to breathe as he shook.

“This feeling…”, Kamui thought, looking towards Aichi.

“Of course. I’ll crush you.”, Aichi replied pointing towards Gouki. He looked up towards Gouki revealing the rainbow spirals in his eyes.

The tone of Aichi’s voice made Kamui’s hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

“Oh shit.”, Kamui cursed.

To be continued…

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 13 Siege On Grandblue City Part 1

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 36 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 33 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 34 Gancelot (Lucario) fighting/steel


Close combat

Stone edge

Aura sphere

Quick attack

Level 0 ??? (Egg) ???



“I’ll do it.”, Aichi agreed.

“Me too.”, Kamui agreed.

“We were going to do that anyway. Though, I didn’t expect we’d get all this help.”, Misaki said.

“Wait. Why’s Miwa going? Does he even have any Pokémon?”, Kamui asked.

“Of course I do. I just like watching battles mostly.”, Miwa replied.

“What about that Kourin girl?”, Mark asked.

“She said she’d catch up to us.”, Esuka replied.

Aichi turned to Shin as he seemed like he really wanted to tell him something.

“Is something wrong?”, Aichi asked, holding the egg in its container he had recently acquired close to his chest.

Shin was quiet and practically squirming trying to get the words out. Aichi raised his eyebrow in confusion.

“Come on. Shin! Just tell him! Fuck! How much he looks like Gin really doesn’t help either…”, Shin thought.

Misaki had a feeling she knew what Shin wanted to say. She looked at Aichi thinking about how he would take the revelation himself. Kamui and Miwa looked rather confused at the situation and Kai had the same blank face as usual. Mark and Esuka looked tense knowing what he wanted to say. Esuka was about to say it before Shin finally got the words out.

“A-Aichi there’s something you really should know about your father…”, Shin finally said.

Aichi looked beyond shocked at the mention of his father.

“My father?”, Aichi questioned.

“Do you know him?”, Esuka asked.

Aichi shook his head no much to the surprise of many of those there.

“No. I’ve never met him. I don’t even know his name or his face. Mom never talks about him.”, Aichi admitted.

Kamui and Miwa gawked in pure shock.

“I-I knew your dad…”, Shin revealed.

Aichi’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Okay?”, Aichi replied confusedly.

“H-He is the leader of Team Asteroid.”, Shin replied.

“W-what!?”, Aichi gasped in shock.

Even Kai looked visibly surprised to hear that.

“W-Wait are you saying that Ren guy is my dad?”, Aichi questioned.

“No. Not him. The Team Asteroid you have been fighting so far is only the Kakusa branch. Ren is the leader of that branch Team Asteroid is much bigger. He’s the man who has taken over most of the world. His name is Gin Galliard. He’s at the very top, the true boss.”, Shin explained.

Aichi looked like he was close to fainting. Misaki steadied him when he stumbled.

“You’re t-telling me…my dad is a super villain!?”, Aichi questioned.

“I had a feeling that would come as a big shock.”, Shin said.

“Yeah, it’s best to build up to telling him the rest in baby steps.”, Esuka agreed.

“Are you okay Aichi?”, Kamui asked, putting his hand on Aichi’s shoulder.

Misaki held Aichi’s hand as he looked very pale. Aichi froze his mind trying to process what he had been told.

“B-but my last name is Sendou!”, Aichi finally said shakily.

“Yes. It is Shizuka changed her’s and your surname to Sendou after well…it’s a long story and you already look like your going to faint.”, Shin replied holding up his hands.

“T-there’s more!?”, Aichi questioned.

“Do you need to lie down man?”, Miwa asked concernedly.

Aichi tried to calm down and get his breathing steady again. Many of the others looked surprised when Kai walked over to him.

“It doesn’t matter who your father is. You’re not him.”, Kai said simply.

Aichi looked up to Kai still trying to calm his breathing.

“…Your right.”, Aichi replied, taking a deep breath before finally calming down.

Mark couldn’t help, but smile at how closely Misaki and Kamui held Aichi. And at the interjections of Kai and Miwa.

“You have good friends Aichi. Something like that won’t matter to them. We thought it would be better if you found out sooner than later.”, Mark said.

“Friends…”, Aichi murmured.

“Yep, your my buddy.”, Kamui said, as he wrapped his arm around Aichi’s shoulder.

“Yeah.”, Misaki admitted sounding surprisingly timid.

“What’s with that?”, Kamui questioned.

“I-I’m not good at mushy stuff!”, Misaki admitted embarrassingly.

“Of course. Also, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Kai’s just as socially awkward as you. Don’t worry buddy Kai may act cold, but he does really care about you.”, Miwa said, as if it was obvious.

Miwa jumped as he received angry glares from both Misaki and Kai. Aichi put his hand to his chest which felt very warm and fuzzy from hearing them.

“I like this feeling. Is this what having friends is like? It feels nice having more friends.”, Aichi thought, with a warm smile on his face.

It made him feel very reassured like everything would be alright. Aichi finally got up standing tall with this warm feeling still in chest. Misaki and Kamui got up with him looking at him.

“Okay. Let’s not waste any more time. We’ve got to get rid of Team Asteroid and free Grandblue city along with Kamui’s friends.”, Aichi said determinedly.

They felt a wave was over them. It’s like his voice gave of a certain pressure pushing them forward. They felt like they could do this. They could beat Team Asteroid. Shin couldn’t help, but look towards Aichi, stunned.

“He has an almost unnatural level of charisma just like him. He is definitely his son…but even then they’re not the same. After all, he’s not an egomaniacal maniac like Gin.”, Shin thought, sweat dropping.

They sent off to Grandblue city to finally topple Team Asteroid’s control over it.

In Grandblue city…

In his seat sat Ren Suzugamori smirking at what he saw. He had his head resting on his fist. The man in the green suit from before stood beside him along with a teenage girl with long blue hair and blue eyes. She wore a blue suit with a red A and a skirt.

“I can’t wait to bring him to our side.”, Ren said.

Later close to Grandblue city…

The group overlooked Grandblue city in the distance. It looked a little worse for wear, unlike Megacolony town. On top of the highest building a massive red A was spray painted on top of it. Apparently there were others storming Grandblue city but in different areas. Aichi had put his egg with its container in his bag. They had out all their Pokémon. Miwa had a Goodra, Drampa, Flygon, and Noivern. Mark had a Greninja, Zoroark, Sheninja, Blastoise, Zangoose, and Absol. Esuka had her own Delphox, a Lopunny, Lapras, Nidoqueen, Vespaqueen, and a Salazzle. Shin had a Umbreon, Mareep, Tyrantrum, Metagross, Golurk, and even Cobalion! The rest of Misaki’s team that hadn’t been seen yet was Alakazam, Metagross, Gardevior, and Hatterene. Everyone besides Shin, Mark, and Esuka couldn’t help, but be shocked to see Cobalion.

“I-isn’t that a legendary Pokémon?!”, Aichi gasped.

“It is. Pretty cool huh?”, Shin replied.

“H-how did you catch it?!”, Kamui asked, stunned.

“Long story. Besides we don’t have much time to waste.”, Shin replied.

They marched on towards Grandblue city and many Team Asteroid grunts awaited them. Aichi walked with Ahmes, Wingal, Llew, and Gancelot by his side. On his sides were Misaki and Kamui with their Pokémon. Kai was in the air with Miwa. Kai flew on Overlord while Miwa flew on his Flygon. Shin rode on the shoulder of Golurk flying into the sky.

“Let’s go old buddy. Valkriyan.”, Shin said as he flew towards the grunts.

“Dynamic punch!”, Shin ordered.

As Valkriyan got close to the ground it delivered a powerful punch shaking the ground around them. The ones on the ground covered their eyes from the dust that flew from the impact.

“Oh my Arceus!”, Aichi gasped completely stunned as he removed his arm from in front of his eyes.

The grunts in front of them were completely defeated. Both them and their Pokémon were knocked out instantly from the impact and were blown away from the impact zone. In the impact zone was a massive crater that Aichi couldn’t even see the bottom of. The ground around them still trembled a bit slightly. Aichi trembled a bit. Everyone besides the adults couldn’t help, but gawk.

“S-someone can really get this powerful?! This is…”, Aichi thought, shaking.

“I’m glad that guy is on our side.”, Kamui commented and Aichi nodded in agreement.

“We have a long way to go.”, Aichi said, amazed.

“Gallade! Gallade! (Let’s go forth then, my vanguard!)”, Ahmes said.

“Yeah, I can only hope to reach that level through battling. This isn’t just any battle though it’s the battle to defeat Team Asteroid.”, Aichi replied.

They made it into the city where Team Asteroid grunts awaited them with countless Pokémon.

“I’ll deal with these guys, you and Kamui should go fight Gouki.”, Misaki said, going in front of them and looking back towards them.

“We can’t just leave you!”, Kamui replied.

“I’ll be fine besides you gotta save your friends right? And Aichi will be with you to help you.”, Misaki replied.

“Be careful.”, Aichi said.

“I will.”, Misaki said smiling.

Aichi and Kamui looked back to Misaki one last time before Kamui led him towards the gym.

“Let’s go, you jerks. Assista Eevee use psychic! Amaterasu use mystic fire! Tom use psychic! Guardian use meteor mash! Sakuya use moonblast! Coco use psychic!”, Misaki ordered as her Pokémon launched their attacks forward.

“Burn everything in this world with your apocalyptic fire! Overlord use fire blast!”, Kai ordered in the air as Overlord launched fire in the shape of the kanji for fire down on the Team Asteroid grunts.

From the sky he could see various other trainers with their Pokémon likely the other help that was mentioned taking on the Team Asteroid grunts. Kai looked over towards the tallest building determined to battle who he believed to be inside. Miwa followed behind him on his Flygon.


Aichi and Kamui stood before a gym styled like a building from the old west. Waves were painted on its sides. They walked in to see Gouki standing there with his arms crossed smirking. By his side was Hiroshi, Kaoru, and Nagisa.

“Guys!”, Kamui called out, going towards them.

They looked surprised as Hiroshi, Kaoru, and Nagisa blocked his path.

“You’re not going anywhere my beloved Kamui. I have waited for the chance to bring you back.”, Nagisa said.

“There’s no time for this Nagisa! You know what happened to Gouki!”, Kamui replied.

Gouki grinned down at Kamui.

“They know and now you’ll join us too, Kamui.”, Gouki said, as Aichi and Kamui jumped in shock.

“Oh no.”, Aichi said.

“Not you guys too!”, Kamui cried.

“Kamui…”, Aichi trailed off, looking at Kamui before walking in front of him.

His Pokémon entered fighting stances.

“Aichi?”,, Kamui said.

“I’ll battle them. It must be hard for you to battle your friends like this. So, I’ll fight them.”, Aichi told him.

“No, we’ll do this together, Aichi.”, Kamui said, as he came to Aichi’s side.

Kamui’s Pokémon entered fighting stances as well as Hiroshi, Kaoru, and Nagisa threw out their Pokémon. Hiroshi and Kaoru had Golisopods and Floatzels. Nagisa had a Primarina, Kingdra, and Quagsire. The battlefield soon erupted into chaos. Llew growled facing the Golisopods.

“Golisopod! Golisopod?! (Were you the ones who took them?!)” Llew growled as Ahmes walked to his side putting its hand on Llew’s shoulder.

“Gallade. Gallade. (Calm down it will be alright.)”, Ahmes said.

“Ahmes use solar blade. Llew…you don’t have to fight them if you don’t want to.”, Aichi said.

Ahmes rushes at the Golisopods swiping at them with its blades.

“Golisopod. Golisopod! (No, it’s fine Aichi. I’ll fight!)”, Llew said as it rushed into help Ahmes sending a barrage of punches at one of the Golisopods.

“Hehehaha! Did you really just tell your Pokémon not to fight? That’s what Pokémon are made for! I wonder why Master Ren is so interested in such a softy!”, Gouki laughed.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 12 Breakthrough The Limit!

Level 38 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 35 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 32 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 32 Gancelot (Riolu) fighting



Stone edge

Force palm

Quick attack

“That you’re completely out of your league. Nehalem use thunder punch!”, Kai finished.

“Llew use sucker punch!”, Aichi ordered.

Nehalem punched Llew with a fist coated in electricity. Llew threw its own punch as well and they both ended up delivering a punch to each other in the face. Llew ended up falling to the ground fainting. Aichi recalled Llew.

“It’s not over, go Wingal!”, Aichi called out, throwing out his next Pokémon.

“Nehalem use aqua tail!”, Kai ordered as Nehalem swiped its tail at Wingal coated in water.

Wingal dodged out of the way from Dragonite’s tail. Dragonite flew after Wingal trying to get a hit on it with its tail.

“Wingal use stone edge.”, Aichi ordered.

Wingal sent sharp rocks as Nehalem chased it down. It may be strong, but it’s way slower than Wingal. Nehalem tried to dodge out of the way, but one of the rocks cut one of its wings. Nehalem started to fall as more rocks cut it. Nehalem crossed its arms to block and tried to right itself struggling due to its injured wing.

“Nehalem use hyper beam!”, Kai ordered.

Nehalem looked towards Wingal as it fell, sending a blast of energy from its mouth towards it. Wingal jumped out of the way of the blast. Nehalem loudly crashed to the ground. Nehalem struggled to get up from the ground. Kai looked towards Nehalem then to Aichi.

“Is this you right now?…Is he really like Ren?”, Kai thought, noticing the change in vibe Aichi gave off.

“You should recall your Pokémon.”, Aichi said pointing to Nehalem.

Kai’s eyes widened a bit in surprise remembering him saying the same thing to Morikawa. Nehalem fell down, knocked out as it tried to get up. The air around them was tense as Kai prepared to throw out his next Pokémon.

With Shin, Mark, and Esuka…

“I can’t believe it! He really beat a Dragonite!?”, Mark gasped.

“This feeling…it’s a little like when he battled Kishida, but not the same.”, Shin commented.

It was strange his aura felt as intimidating as then, but it didn’t hold any malice like before. Aichi was simply focused and determined to defeat Kai.

Somewhere else…

From another room in the hotel a boy with silver hair and gold eyes with a white suit watching from a screen. By him was the blue and red haired girls who were with Kourin. There was a faint rainbow aura around the silver haired boy and a glow in his eyes.

“It’s working.”, the silver haired boy said.

With Aichi…

Kai threw out his next Pokémon Dragon Dancer.

“Dragon dancer use close combat!”, Kai ordered as Dragon Dancer charged towards Wingal.

“Wingal dodge!”, Aichi commanded.

Wingal narrowly escaped the dragon’s blows, some scrapping it. Wingal jumped onto Dragon Dancer’s arm running up it.

“Wingal use play rough.”, Aichi commanded as Jai looked a bit surprised and alarmed knowing that Dragon Dancer was 4x weak to fairy type.

“Dragon Dancer stop him! Use clanging scales!”, Kai ordered.

It was too late however as Wingal gained a pink glow as it bit and clawed Dragon Dancer. Dragon Dancer stumbled back before throwing one last punch towards Wingal while it was off guard sending it flying. After that Dragon Dancer crashed to the ground fainting. Wingal was moderately hurt but not too much because it didn’t receive Dragon Dancer’s full assault.

“Go, Berserker! Use outrage!”, Kai called out, throwing out Druddigon.

Aichi sweated nervously as Kai called out for that devastating move again.

“Wingal dodge. Don’t let him hit you. Use stone edge to keep it at bay if you need to. And if you get the opportunity use play rough.”, Aichi commanded as Wingal nodded.

Berserker launched itself at Wingal, attacking wildly. Suddenly Berserker was hit with a wave of psychic energy. Aichi and Kai looked over to the source, seeing Ashlei who standed over a fainted Shout.

“Don’t forget this is a battle royale. After I’m done with this kid I’m going to battle you whether you have finished your battle with him or not. I wouldn’t waste this chance if I were you.”, Kourin said.

Aichi sighed looking a bit conflicted, not really wanting the help. Preferring to battle Kai alone however he couldn’t undo the damage done to Berserker.

“Wingal use play rough.”, Aichi commanded.

With Kamui…

He was down two Pokémon and so was Kourin. The next Pokémon he threw out was Kaiser.

“Don’t you dare count me out! Kaiser use dark pulse!”, Kamui ordered.

Ashlei blocked the attack.

“Now, stone edge!”, Kamui ordered as Kaiser hurled sharp rocks at Ashlei.

“Ashlei use dazzling gleam.”, Kourin ordered.

Ashlei was illuminated by pink light which harmed Kaiser.

“Don’t give up Kaiser keep on pushing!”, Kamui ordered.

Kaiser continued to fire the rocks as Ashlei’s glow grew more intense. The two Pokémon ended up falling to the ground knocked out.

“Go, Tough Boy!”, Kamui called out.

“Go, Salome!”, Kourin called out.

“Oh, crap! Ah, Tough Boy use drill run!”, Kamui ordered.

Tough Boy crashed into Salome rotating its body like a drill. Salome tried to swipe it with its leek, but it didn’t stop the attack. Salome ended up pretty hurt from the attack using its leak as support. Kourin snickered trying to think of what to do.

“That’s what happens when you count out the great Kamui!”, Kamui said pointing at Kourin.

With Aichi…

Berserker was knocked out by the play rough, but Wingal fainted as well.

“Go, Descendant!”, Kai called out, throwing out a Duraludon.

“Go, Gancelot!”, Aichi called out.

“Descendant use outrage!”, Kai ordered.

“Gancelot run and use force palm to keep it at bay.”, Aichi ordered.

Descendant ran towards Gancelot who shot it with palm shaped energy blasts. Aichi frowned as Descendant eventually got knocked out.

“He’s onto me.”, Kai thought, smirking.

He threw out his final Pokémon Overlord who let out a loud roar.

“Gancelot use stone edge.”, Aichi ordered.

“Well, since he already knows there’s no use in hiding it.”, Kai thought.

“Overlord use flamethrower.”, Kai ordered.

Overlord shot flames from its mouth focused towards Gancelot ignoring the rocks. The rocks cut up Overlord and Gancelot dodged away from the flames.

“Char! Char! Charizard! (This is boring you know what!)”, Overlord said seemingly intentionally getting hit by rocks Gancelot hurled.

It almost dramatically fell to the ground sticking out its tongue for good measure.

“Charizard. (Oh, look I have fainted.)”, Overlord said.

Aichi crosses his arms with the cutest pout. It was very obvious to Kai he had caught on and was very angry with him.

“You weren’t taking me seriously at all.”, Aichi said, a bit hurt.

“Don’t blame me. As if I could go all out on someone who doesn’t even have 8 gym badges. I’m not that ruthless.”, Kai replied.

“You think I’m weak. If I get all 8 gym badges will you battle me seriously?”, Aichi asked.

“Hehe. We’ll have to see. When you’re strong enough then I’ll go all out.”, Kai replied, walking away.

“I’ll get stronger Kai. You’ll see.”, Aichi said, slumping afterwards.

He looked over to where Kamui and Kourin were. His battle with Kai had led him to be a bit far away from them.

“Let’s go Gancelot.”, Aichi ordered as Gancelot followed him towards the two.

“Riolu? Riolu? (Aichi are you alright?)”, Gancelot asked.

“Fine. My confidence is just a bit…”, Aichi trailed off.

“Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. (You’re a good trainer Aichi, you just have less experience than someone like Kai. We’ll battle him again when we’re stronger and it will be a real battle.)”, Gancelot assured.

“Thanks Gancelot.”, Aichi replied, genuinely thankful, giving Gancelot a bright smile.

With Kamui…

“Salome use close combat.”, Kourin commanded.

Salome pushed itself launching a crushing assault onto Tough Boy making it faint.

“You’re my last hope! Go, Buster!”, Kamui commanded throwing out his last Pokémon.

As he did so Aichi and Gancelot finally arrived back to where they were in the massive arena.

“No way, did you beat Kai?!”, Kamui gasped, sweating nervously a bit.

Aichi said nothing in response.

With Misaki and Miwa…

“Come on, man that was a bit harsh. He seems more down than he would if you actually went all out.”, Miwa said to Kai.

“It would have been worse if I did. Besides this ‘challenge’ has been boring me anyway.”, Kai replied.

Misaki looked over to Aichi a bit concerned that despite ‘winning’ he seemed pretty down in the dumps.

“Aichi…”, Misaki thought.

With Aichi…

“Gancelot use force palm on both of them.”, Aichi ordered.

Gancelot shot its palm shaped energy blasts at the two Pokémon. Buster dodged, but Salome who was already worse for wear ended up getting knocked out.

“Looks like you’re ready to fight. Go, Garmore!”, Kourin called out, throwing out her final Pokémon.

“ Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. (Just like how I was. Aichi has something to prove. I won’t let him down.)”, Gancelot thought.

Gancelot knew why Aichi wanted him to attack both Pokémon. He wanted to prove to Kai his strength by beating both of them simultaneously.

“You wanna fight both of us, Aichi? Buster use flame crash.”, Kamui said.

Blazekin launched itself at Gancelot coated in flames.

“Gancelot use stone edge.”, Aichi ordered as Kamui paled.

Blazekin was bombarded by sharp rocks Gancelot sent at it. It was unable to dodge due to being mid air.

“Garmore use fire fang.”, Kourin ordered.

Garmore charged towards Gancelot to bite it.

“Gancelot use force palm.”, Aichi ordered.

Gancelot prepared to shoot Garmore before they were both hit by a flame crash.

“Don’t forget about me!”, Kamui interjected.

“Gancelot jump back and use stone edge again.”, Aichi commanded.

“Buster use brave bird.”, Kamui commanded.

Buster slammed into Gancelot causing it to fly back again. Gancelot struggled to get up facing Buster. While it was distracted Garmore bit down on Buster giving Gancelot time to recover.

“Riolu! Riolu! (I won’t lose! For him!)”, Gancelot thought.


After the fight Aichi was about to recall Gancelot stopping when he noticed it slumped.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 11 The Gold Challenge (cont.)

“Weren’t you going to defeat me?”, Kourin questioned.

Aichi looked back and something about him felt a bit different. Kamui sweated nervously hoping he wasn’t out of control again.

“I’ll defeat him first then you.”, Aichi said his voice sounded a bit deeper but not as deep as when he was berserk.

“Fine, just don’t lose before you face me.”, Kourin agreed.

“I won’t.”, Aichi replied.

“You really think someone as weak as you can beat me?”, Kai questioned.

“I won’t know till I try and this time Kai don’t go easy on me.”, Aichi said pointing towards Kai.

“We’ll see then…”, Kai replied.

Llew and Nehalem faced each other.

“Looks like our battle royale is becoming two separate battles.”, MC Mia commented.

To be continued…

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 11 The Gold Challenge

Note: Riolu can’t learn close combat until it becomes Lucario. Please leave replies.

Level 35 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting


Close combat

Solar blade

Swords dance

Future Sight

Level 31 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Stone edge

Play rough

Level 31 Llew (Golisopod) water/bug


Sucker punch


Close combat

First impression

Level 32 Gancelot (Riolu) fighting



Stone edge

Force palm

Quick attack

“Ladies and gentlemen my name is MC Mia and welcome to the Gold Challenge!”, a man with brown hair wearing glasses and a red suit said.

“Why did we come here Esuka?”, Shin questioned sitting at a table across from the woman with long flowing pink hair from his flashback before.

Esuka took a sip of coffee and had her butler by her side. There was actually another person at the table sitting down; it was Mark. Esuka looked over from their table which overlooked the spot where the Gold Challenge took place.

“We’ve been able to take out quite a bit of the areas Team Asteroid have taken so far, but for Grandblue City it won’t be so easy. Unlike the towns we liberated it’s a very major spot in the region where most trade takes place it’s only second to Gold Maine City. Because of it will be way more fortified than any of the taken over towns especially since they’d be on high alert now due to all the ground they’ve lost. You guys are strong, but we’ll be facing an army so we’ll need more people. Kakusa’s strongest trainers gather here for the Gold Challenge if we’re looking for strong help it makes sense to look here.”, Esuka explained.

“I see.”, Shin said as he looked over to where all the competitors had gathered.

His eyes widened as he noticed Aichi and Misaki there.

“So Aichi’s competing it will be interesting to see how he’s grown since my gym.”, Mark commented.

“He went to your gym?”, Shin questioned, turning his attention to Mark.

“Yeah, he did really well. He was able to really make good use of the Pokémon available to him. He’s really grown in such a short time. Just a few days ago when he was my student he was a nervous wreck.”, Mark replied.

“You knew about him?!”, Shin gasped getting up in Mark’s face a bit.

“Yeah. Hehe, it’s a really funny story I ran into her first then I decided to become a teacher there to look over him.”, Mark explained.

“Her…you don’t mean…”, Shin trailed off.

“Yeah, it’s her it’s been forever since I had seen her after well…everything that happened. She’s been really protective of Aichi over these years. She tried to keep him out of all this, but she came to the realization she was delaying the inevitable. After my battle with Aichi I went down to Sanctuary town where she is and we talked.”, Mark explained.

“So then he really is…”, Shin trailed off.

“Yes, he’s Gin’s son.”, Mark confirmed.

Shin sighed looking over to Aichi for a moment.

“That explains a lot. I thought he looked like him.”, Shin replied.

“Yeah, he really does though he has Shizuka’s coloring.”, Mark replied chuckling.

“It’s kind of ironic don’t you think? That it’s his little rag tag group that has taken out a bit of Team Asteroid.”, Esuka commented.

“Definitely. If things had just gone a little different then he’d be the one we’d be fighting.”, Shin said.

With Aichi…

“You sure about just watching Misaki?”, Aichi asked.

“Yeah, besides I already have a full team. I’m not very interested in competing for some egg I’d have to raise. Being a gym leader is enough of a hassle. I don’t want to tack on taking care of a baby on top of that. I just watch and then when it’s over we can go.”, Misaki explained.

“I guess it’s just you and me then Aichi!”, Kamui said.

“Yeah, the other trainers won’t know what hit them!”, Aichi replied.

“For this Gold Challenge it will be a battle royale. You’ll choose two Pokémon for this portion to use. For every Pokémon you knock out you’ll get a point and for every loss you’ll lose a point. The 4 trainers with the highest number of points after an hour will have a four way battle against one another with their full teams. As for important rules to know any moves that change the weather are not allowed neither is the use of earthquake.”, MC Mia explained.

“Dang.”, Kamui said, snapping his fingers.

“Only two huh…which two should I choose? I guess it would be best to choose two who type cover each other. In that case the best two to go with would probably be Ahmes and Llew or Ahmes and Wingal. Both Llew and Wingal have moves to deal with dragon types which will be really useful against Kai and they both resist Overlord. It’s a tough choice…”, Aichi thought.

He looked over to Kamui who had already chosen his two Pokémon. Some others around them seemed fairly confident as well.

“Okay, I’ll go with Ahmes and Wingal. That’s probably the best choice. Llew doesn’t have anything to cover against flying type.”, Aichi thought, finally deciding.

Misaki walked off to spectate as the event was about to begin.

“Now, on my mark! 3! 2! 1! Start!”, MC Mia said before people started throwing out their Pokémon.

Aichi threw out Ahmes and Wingal to his side.

“We’ve gotta take out as many as the other Pokémon as possible.”, Aichi told them.

“Gallade! (Yes, my vanguard!)”, Ahmes replied.

“Lycanroc! Lycanroc! (They won’t know what hit them!)”, Wingal replied.

“Ahmes use future sight and then swords dance until an opposing Pokémon comes your way. Then use solar blade if the opposing Pokémon resists it then close combat. Wingal use stone edge on any Pokémon Ahmes misses.”, Aichi commanded.

Ahmes and Wingal nodded. Ahmes saw into the future before starting its swords dance. Wingal stood guard preparing for any possible attacks. They didn’t have to wait long as they were jumped by several Pokémon Milotic, Metagross, Empeon, Tucannon and several others. Ahmes weaved through, clashing blade to fin with Empeon it used its second blade to get a hit on it. The Empeon stumbled back taking a lot of damage from the blow. Before it could react Ahmes threw another swipe. Wingal hurled sharped stones at the various Pokémon that tried to go for Ahmes while it was fighting Empeon. Wingal was able to nail the Tucannon hard, knocking it out of the sky before it could launch its devastating beak blast at Ahmes. Using the launched rocks as a platform it leaped across them at blinding speed landing on top of the hovering Metagross.

“Wingal use bite.”, Aichi ordered, which did surprisingly well on the metal Pokémon due to its weakness.

The Metagross shaked itself trying to hurl Wingal off it. In response Wingal dug into the steel type Pokémon harder. Metagross growled in pain about to use psychic to get rid of Wingal. Ahmes launched a psychic blast at Metagross its future sights’s attack finally kicking in. Wingal jumped off the Metagross as it was sent flying.

“Ahmes use solar blade! Wingal use stone edge!”, Aichi ordered.

Ahmes and Wingal launched their respective attacks knocking out the Metagross.

With Kamui…

He had out Buster and Kaiser. Buster was having a intense clash with a Infernape. It seemed like it was going to be overwhelmed before it started evolving.

“Oh, yeah!”, Kamui cheered as Buster became Blazekin.

“Now, time to make use of that ™! Buster use flame crash!”, Kamui ordered.

Buster cloaked itself in fire charging at the before slamming itself on it.

“Then brave bird!”, Kamui commanded.

Buster launched itself into the air again before slamming into the Infernape knocking it out. The ground shook as a massive Druddigon flew down. Buster braced itself as the Druddigon let out a loud roar. Kaiser came in next to Kamui after defeating a different Pokémon.

“This is our practice for that jerk, Kai! Kaiser use outrage!”, Kamui ordered.

Kaiser went into an all out assault of the dragon Pokémon completely berserk. It was about to use superpower on Kaiser before it was completely toppled. Kamui raised his fist in the air in victory now confident he could beat Kai.

With Kai…

Kai had out Overlord and Dragon Dancer. Dragon Dancer let out a flurry of punches completely knocking out an opposing Onix. Overlord stood back to back with Kai. Overlord shot a flamethrower at a bunch of Pokémon completely knocking them out in one fell swoop.

“Hmph…What weaklings. This is really the best this region has to offer?”, Kai said in a disappointed tone.

With Misaki…

She was standing beside Miwa as they looked onto the fights.

“That Kai guy is really strong.”, Misaki commented.

“You think you could take him, Miss gym leader?”, Miwa questioned.

“Call me that again and you’ll never walk again.”, Misaki threatened menacingly.

“Ah! Yes mam!”, Miwa shrieking in terror.

“Aichi and Kamui are gonna have their work cut out for them with someone at his level in this. Though…Aichi’s been able to create a miracle before.”, Misaki thought.

With Shin, Mark, and Esuka…

“Woah, Aichi’s really kicking butt out there! It’s a shame little Misaki didn’t enter. It would be cool to see her battle.”, Mark commented.

“Reminds you of old times doesn’t it? When you were young trainers like them.”, Esuka commented.

“Your making me feel old!”, Shin replied indignantly.

Shin turned his attention back to the battles.

“It really is crazy though. Just the other day Misaki saved him now he’s battling all this Pokémon so easily.”, Shin commented.

“It’s a bit scary isn’t it? His growth potential. He only should have 3 badges considering what’s going on in Grandblue city right now, yet he’s battling all these more experienced trainers.”, Esuka replied.

“It would be if he was like Ren, but Aichi’s a good kid. If anything he might be our hope to finally topple Team Asteroid once and for all.”, Mark replied.

With Aichi…

Ahmes and Wingal were a bit hurt, but still standing strong. Ahmes laid down big damage at close range while Wingal mostly handled the long range which was Aichi’s plan.

“So, we meet again.”, the blonde from before smirked.

By her side was Ashlei and Nemain who seemed to have a bit of damage as well. Aichi and his Pokémon braced themselves coming face to face with the blonde again. A battle was about to erupt before the bell rung singling the end of this portion of the challenge.

“Okay, our top four competitors are…Katsuragi Kamui!”, MC Mia said, causing Kamui to cheer.

Aichi sweated nervously hoping for his name to get called next.

“Kourin!”, MC Mia called out.

“Well the Purlone is out of the bag I guess.”, the blonde, Kourin said as she turned her attention back to Aichi for a moment.

“Even still…”, Aichi trailed off turning his attention to Kourin.

“Toshiki Kai!”, MC Mia called out.

The tension soared through the roof as the participants anxiously awaited hearing the final name.

“And for all final member of the top four…Sendou Aichi!”, MC Mia said.

“I intend to beat you.”, Aichi finished, smiling towards Kourin.

“Good.”, Kourin replied.

The four of them healed their Pokémon and walked up to the stage by his side was Kourin and on the other side was Kamui and Kai. Aichi and Kamui looked determined both having something to prove. Kourin smirked while Kai looked bored.

“Aichi…”, Kai thought, narrowing his eyes.

Kai’s gaze met Aichi’s determined one.

“3! 2! 1! Battle!”, MC Mia said.

Aichi grabbed a Poké ball already knowing what he was going to throw out first. The four of them all threw out their Pokémon simultaneously Llew, Bridgette, Mr.Invincible which was now a Machamp, and Vortex.

“Llew use first impression.”, Aichi commanded.

“Bridgette use absorb.”, Kourin commanded.

“Mr.Invincible use strength.”, Kamui commanded.

“Vortex use outrage.”, Kai commanded.

The three Pokémon attention was turned to the rampaging dragon all deciding to attack it. Llew landed the first blow with its claws catching vortex off guard. Bridgette drained its strength and then Mr.Invincible punched the weakened Vortex. Vortex roared in rage sending Mr.Invincible back and slammed it hard with its tail. It blasted at Llew and Bridgette with a hyper beam.

“That rampaging dragon is the biggest threat here.”, Kourin acknowledged, sweating nervously as Bridgette fell from the sky knocked out.

“Yeah, we’re going to have to take that thing out before it faints all our Pokémon.”, Kamui replied.

Mr.Invincible struggled to get up from the rubble. The smoke faded away to reveal Llew had blocked with its arms crossed in front of it. It had taken a bit of damage, but not as much as the others.

“Go, Salome!”, Kourin called out, throwing out her Sirfetched.

“Llew use blizzard!”, Aichi commanded as Llew shot a storm of ice at Vortex.

“Vortex use flamethrower!”, Kai commanded.

The icy storm and the fire clashed as the area shook a bit from the power.

“Llew use sucker punch!”, Aichi ordered as Llew moved out of the way launching itself at punching the dragon in the face stopping its fire breath.

Llew went out on a full assault against the dragon launching multiple punches.

“Vortex use thunder fang!”, Kai commanded.

Vortex bit Llew’s arm causing it to let out a pained cry.

“Llew use blizzard!”, Aichi commanded.

In its other hand Llew shot a storm of ice and Vortex point blank sending it back. Vortex crashed to the ground, knocked out. Llew stood above the dragon triumphantly.

“Well then. You were able to beat Vortex, though you needed help. A truly strong trainer is one who can stand on his own. Go, Nehalem!”, Kai said, throwing out a Dragonite.

“Then, I’ll fight you alone.”, Aichi replied, as Kourin and Kamui gasped in shock.

“Hey! Hey! You’re not the only one who wants to beat that jerk!”, Kamui protested.

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 10 Burning Fight! (Cont.)

“Llew use sucker punch!”, Aichi ordered.

Thankfully, Llew had leveled up an extra level in his last battle so it was able to evolve then learn this move. Llew threw a devastating right hook at Bridgette while it was draining it. Bridgette hit the ground struggling to get up draining Llew more to help.

“Llew use sucker punch!”, Aichi ordered as Llew delivered another punch, knocking out Bridgette.

“Impressive. Let’s go, Ashlei!”, the blonde complimented before throwing out a Gardevior.

“A Gardevior…”, Aichi murmured.

“Ashlei use magical leaf!”, the blonde ordered as Ashlei shot sharp leaves at the drained Llew.

Llew stumbles still standing after the barrage.

“Your Golisopod’s pretty tough even after being drained by Bridgette it still seems to have some fight left.”, the blonde commented.

“Llew’s always had a very good defense.”, Aichi replied.

“Let’s see if it can take this! Thunderbolt!”, the blonde ordered as Aichi paled.

“C-Crap! Llew dodge!”, Aichi ordered not wanting it to take another super effective attack.

Llew was able to avoid a direct hit, but it was still quite a bit damaged.

“Llew use sucker punch and don’t stop.”, Aichi commanded knowing that was the only thing he could do right now.

First impression only works when going first and with Ashlei’s psychic powers it could easily avoid its defense curl. Llew sent a sluggish barrage of punches at Ashlei it did decent damage, but not enough.

“Ashlei use thunderbolt once more!”, the blonde ordered.

Llew couldn’t avoid it this time taking the full hit being knocked out.

“You did really great Llew. Okay, let’s go Ahmes!”, Aichi said as he threw out Ahmes next.

The two alternative evolutions confronted each other taking fighting stances.

“Isn’t this funny? Two alternate evolutions during it out. Looks like we’ll have to see which is stronger.”, the blonde commented.

“We will. Ahmes use future sight!”, Aichi commanded.

The blonde’s eyes widened a bit surprised his Gallade knew that move.

“Alright…Ashlei throw some shadow balls!”, the blonde commanded.

Ahmes dodged out of the way of the multiple orbs coming it’s way. In response Ashlei launched more.

“Ahmes use swords dance!”, Aichi ordered as Ahmes danced along dodging the blows.

“Now use slash!”, Aichi ordered.

Ahmes slashed at Ashlei multiple times. It almost got hit by a shadow ball it launched point blank. The ball barely scraped it as it hit Ashlei then with a wave of psychic energy. A stray shadow ball hit it after its future sight ended. Both of the Pokémon were getting up after being knocked down.

“Ahmes use slash!”, Aichi ordered.

“Ashlei use dazzling gleam.”, the blonde order as Ahmes got in range.

Ahmes was sent back by a flash of pink light.

“Ahmes use psybeam!”, Aichi ordered.

“Ashlei use psychic!”, the blonde ordered.

The two psychic attacks clashed with great intensity.

“You should know when it comes to special attacks Gardevior is superior to Gallade.”, the blonde said.

“I know.”, Aichi said, smirking.

The blonde raised her eyebrow in confusion. During the clash Ahmes dashed quickly heading towards Ashlei before it or her master could react.

“Ahmes use slash!”, Aichi ordered as Ahmes struck down Ashlei.

“Looks like Gallade wins, but not for long. Go, Garmore!”, the blonde said as she threw out a Mightyena.

“Ahmes use slash!”, Aichi ordered.

“Garmore use crunch!”, the blonde ordered.

Garmore was able to bite Ahmes, but it left it open for Ahmes to slash it. Ahmes slashed it again when it charged it again.

“Garmore use dark pulse!”, the blonde ordered as Garmore shot a wave of darkness at Ahmes while it was slashing.

Ahmes was knocked out by the point blank dark pulse. Aichi sweated nervously as he was down to one Pokémon.

“Good job Ahmes. Alright! It’s all or nothing! Let’s go, Gancelot!”, Aichi called out throwing out his final Pokémon.

“Garmore use thunder fang!”, the blonde ordered as Garmore charged at Gancelot.

“Gancelot use force palm!”, Aichi ordered.

Garmore was hit by a palm shaped wave of energy. It tried to launch itself again and Gancelot kept shooting the energy waves to keep it at bay.

“Garmore use dark pulse!”, the blonde ordered as Garmore shot a wave of darkness at Gancelot.

“Gancelot dodge and use copycat!”, Aichi ordered.

Gancelot evaded the blast and shot it’s own blast at Garmore mid attack. Garmore was sent back a bit and struggled to stand from its accumulated injuries.

“Gancelot use force palm.”, Aichi ordered as Gancelot sent the final blast knocking out Garmore.

“Well, I still have one left.”, the blonde informed.

“Hehe! This is my last one.”, Aichi replied.

“Then, this is the final battle. Let’s go, Salome!”, the blonde said throwing out a Sirfetch’d.

“Salome use close combat!”, the blonde said as Aichi paled.

“Gancelot you can’t let that hit you! Use force palm.”, Aichi warned.

Gancelot sent the palm shaped waves, but Salome cut them down with its leek. It closed in on Gancelot launching a merciless assault. Gancelot wasn’t even given a chance to react as it was beaten down. Gancelot struggled to get up and fight, but one final blow knocked it out.

“Looks like I lose.”, Aichi sighed.

“Well the tournament is tomorrow you’ll have a second chance to fight me again. Maybe, you’ll win then and learn my name.”, the blonde said.

After the fight Aichi was about to recall Gancelot stopping when he noticed it slumped.

“What’s wrong Gancelot?”, Aichi questioned a bit concerned.

“Riolu? Riolu? (Your not going to abandon me?)”, Gancelot questioned.

“Why would I do that?!”, Aichi questioned shocked.

“Riolu. Riolu. Riolu. Riolu.(Because I lost. Because I was too weak.)”, Gancelot answered.

“What’s wrong with that? Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. You just gotta get stronger after that. I don’t know what your previous trainer was like, but I’m not gonna drop you just because you lost.”, Aichi said as bent down and patted Gancelot’s head.

Tears stung Gancelot’s eyes which it wiped away, nodding at Aichi.

“It’s gotta be alright. I’m gotta heal you guys up.”, Aichi said as he recalled Gancelot.

He met back up with Kamui before the points exchange.

“So, how much did you get?”, Kamui asked.

“120.”, Aichi answered.

“A-Ah cool…”, Kamui replied coughing awkwardly.

“I guess he didn’t get as much.”, Aichi thought.

Aichi bought a few tms he got stone edge, solar blade, play rough, close combat and blizzard.

“You’ve got quite the haul there.”, Miwa said as he walked in with Kai.

“Yeah, I ended up battling quite a lot today…now that I think of it, what time is it?”, Aichi asked.

“10:00.”, Miwa answered.

“Ah! We gotta get to sleep for the tournament tomorrow! See you later Kai! Miwa!”, Aichi waved goodbye with Kamui as they left.

Miwa waves back to them.

They made it to the room with their spare keys. Misaki was knocked out asleep and they didn’t dare wake her. Aichi taught his Pokémon the tms as quietly as possible and got into his pajamas. There were only two beds so him and Kamui had to share. Aichi had a hard time falling asleep. His thoughts suddenly drifted to earlier to the day with the ghost girl. Aichi got out of bed deciding to call his mom just to check up on things. She was actually still awake as he thought. He was already pretty familiar with her sleeping habits and knew she’d be up. He told her all about what happened in Kagero town and going to Gold Maine city. Though, he did exclude the outbursts of his powers, but to be fair he didn’t really remember it anyway.

“I can’t believe something so crazy went on in Kagero town. I knew this adventure would be dangerous that Team Asteroid…their big trouble you should avoid them. It’s a relief you’ve made it to Gold Maine, it should be safe there. I don’t even think they can infiltrate that city.”, his mom said.

“Yeah…that whole thing was crazy. I can’t believe I met a ghost. Team Asteroid is dangerous, but that’s exactly why they need to be taken down. I don’t want you or Emi to be endangered because of them. ”, Aichi replied.

“Just leave it to the adults. I’m sure they can handle it they already sent that Misaki girl after all.”, his mom replied.

“Also…I-I do you know anything about…why I may have powers…”, Aichi mumbled out.

His mom was silent for a while.

“Why are you asking about that now you’ve always been able to talk to Pokémon.”, she finally replied.

“That’s…not what I mean. I didn’t mention it because I can’t remember it well, but apparently I have these psychic powers. Every time they activate I barely remember anything.”, Aichi clarified.

His mom was silent again though he felt like he knew why this time. Call it a six sense or something. But, he could feel it. She knew. She definitely knew.

“…yes…it’s a long story. I don’t have the time to tell you it now. I will when we meet again. I don’t think I can hide it from you anymore anyway.”, she replied.

“Okay. Bye mom. See you soon. Love you.”, Aichi replied.

“You too baby…”, she replied.

Aichi dropped himself onto the bed and looked up at the ceiling. He had a lot of things to think about. He now understood why his mom acted so weird about him.

“Having a hard time sleeping?”, Kamui asked, turning over in the bed.

“Yeah…I just…have a lot of things on my mind.”, Aichi replied.

“I was meaning to ask earlier but why did you hesitate when calling me your friend earlier?”, Kamui asked.

“I didn’t know if you thought of me like one. I-I’ve never had a friend before so I didn’t know how to tell .Well…a human one at least.”, Aichi answered.

“You really haven’t had any human friends before?”, Kamui questioned genuinely surprised.

“No. Back in Sanctuary town most people thought I was weird because I could understand Pokémon. I was picked on quite a lot especially when I was little.”, Aichi replied.

“That’s crazy. You’re a really cool guy. I don’t get why they didn’t want to be friends with you. Sure, you’re a bit different but you’re really nice.”, Kamui replied.

“You think so?”, Aichi questioned.

“I know so. I definitely consider you a friend and Misaki probably does too.”, Kamui replied.

Aichi smiled a bit as his response before frowning.

“Even…though sometimes I lose control?”, Aichi questioned.

“Even then and I’ll be there to help you.”, Kamui replied.

“Thanks Kamui.”, Aichi replied.

“Don’t mention it.”, Kamui replied.

To be continued…

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Pokémon: the Vanguard Descends

Chapter 10 Burning Fight!

Level 32 Ahmes (Gallade) psychic/fighting



Double team


Future Sight

Level 26 Wingal (Lycanroc (dusk)) rock


Crush Claw


Rock tomb

Sand attack

Level 28 Llew (Wimpod) water/bug


Struggle bug

Sand attack

Defense curl

Level 30 Gancelot (Riolu) fighting


Copy cat


Force palm

Quick attack

“Ah, I probably should have explained how these work first. While, making a battle between two specific people can be done there is also a gauntlet mode. This has you fight a bunch of random trainers proportional to their points. For every trainer you beat you get six points.”, Kamui explained.

“Alright…now how do I do that?”, Aichi questioned.

“Ah, you press this button here.”, Miwa said pointing to a button near the field on some sort of platform.

After Aichi pressed it for a minute nothing happened and then someone walked over.

“Heh, I’m facing a little kid?”, his opponent complained.

Aichi looked on determined, shaking a bit.

“Fine, I’ll end this quickly. Go, Gyarados!”? His opponent said.

“Okay…let’s go…Ahmes!”, Aichi decided to throw out his Gallade.

“Woah, Ahmes became a Gallade! Isn’t that cool Kai?”, Miwa said to Kai, nudging him a bit.

Kai said nothing in response and Miwa simply had a coy smile.

“Ahmes use future sight then psybeam.”, Aichi ordered.

“Gyarados use dragon rage!”, his opponent ordered as Gyarados sent a blue beam of energy at Ahmes.

Ahmes saw it coming running towards the beam while charging up its psybeam. It made its psybeam into a ball shape using it to glide on the dragon rage up to Gyarados. As soon as it was close Ahmes did a flip launching the beam at Gyarados point blank catching it off guard and stunning it. Miwa whistled impressed as Kamui gawked.

“H-how?!”, his opponent gasped caught off guard.

“That was so cool! I need to try that with one of my Pokémon!”, Kamui commented.

“Now, Ahmes use slash!”, Aichi ordered as Ahmes slashed Gyarados in the face multiple times with its blades.

Ahmes then delivered a crushing kick to Gyarados while mid air knocking it out.

“Che! I may have underestimated you before, but I’m not holding back this time!”, his opponent said.

“Go, Raichu!”, his opponent said throwing out his next Pokémon.

“Go, Wingal!”, Aichi said recalling Ahmes throwing out Wingal.

“Woah, you got a shiny!? Cool.”, Miwa commented.

“Raichu use thunder!”, his opponent ordered.

As bolts lightning were shot at Wingal.

“Wingal use rock tomb.”, Aichi commanded.

Wingal hurled several boulders at the Raichu blocking out it’s electricity.

“Run along the rocks and use crush claw!”, Aichi commanded as Wingal jumped from rock to rock at blinding speed.

“Raichu use quick attack!”, his opponent ordered as Raichu went for a punch.

Wingal launched itself at Raichu, but turned out to be a fake out as it bounced up causing the punch to miss. It jumped off the rock overhead. While, Wingal distracted the Raichu some of the rocks hit it. Raichu tried to dodge ending up getting tripped up. Wingal launches itself at the distracted Raichu using a claw attack. It made Raichu fall to the ground allowing the rest of the rocks to hit it. Raichu ended up fainting.

“Nice, Aichi!”, Kamui congratulated.

“Grr! You think I’m done go Houndoom?!”, his opponent said angrily, throwing out his next Pokémon ignoring the type disadvantage.

The two canine Pokémon walked in a circle sizing each other up.

“Hmph. That guy’s not very good.”, Kai commented coldly.

“You wanna say that to my face jerk!”, Aichi opponent growled.

“Heh! If you can’t even beat him, you’re no match for me.”, Kai replied smugly.

Aichi’s fists shook as he listened.

“I’ll get you to take me seriously Kai.”, Aichi thought.

“Gah! Houndoom use flamethrower!”, Aichi’s opponent ordered angrily.

“Wingal use rock tomb!”, Aichi commanded in response.

Wingal hurled rocks and boulders at Houndoom covering the flame.

“As if I’d fall for the same trick twice! Houndoom jump on the rocks and use crunch.”, his opponent commanded.

“Wingal weave and use sand attack!”, Aichi ordered.

“Are you seriously using that stupid beginner move?”, his opponent questioned.

Wingal used launched more boulders using them to draw Houndoom’s attention. It used the rock as cover before springing out and launching sand into Houndoom’s eyes. His opponent was practically fuming in rage.

“Use flamethrower! Beat that stupid puppy!”, his opponent ordered as Houndoom fired flames from its mouth wildly.

Aichi and the others backed up a bit from the scorching heat.

“This guy is seriously reckless. Have his Pokémon shoot fire recklessly in a crowded space.”, Kai commented.

“Wingal use rock tomb! Stop the fire!”, Aichi ordered.

Wingal launched a rock that landed straight in Houndoom’s mouth piping up the flames. It then launched boulders at it once more while it was still blinded.

“No!!! How could I lose!”, his opponent gasped as Aichi suddenly got six points.

“That means I won right?”, Aichi questioned as Kamui nodded.

Some of security came to apprehend his opponent for his reckless tactics that could have burned someone. And as everyone knows if you’re burned by a Houndoom it never goes away.

“Okay, I got this!”, Aichi said.

“There’s a little mini healer here so you can heal your Pokémon before the next battle. I already used it to heal mine.”, Kamui informed.

Aichi quickly healed up his Pokémon as his next opponent came.

“Let’s see who can get the most points Aichi.”, Kamui suggested.

“Well, I already have a head start you better get started quick.”, Aichi replied as the two separated to fight their battles.

They had various different battles against different trainers…

One battle…

“Go, Gancelot use force palm!”, Aichi ordered as Gancleot shot a palm sized wave of energy sending his opponent’s Sawk back flying.

Another battle…

Llew and a Pangoro dramatically stared each other down. Pangoro readied itself to prepare a devastating attack.

“Llew use defense curl and roll.”, Aichi ordered as Llew curled into a ball and rolled forward.

It was surprisingly fast and neither the Pokémon nor trainer was expecting it. It ended up sweeping the Pokémon off its feet causing it to fall. Pangoro tried to attack a few more times, but kept getting tripped up. Not to mention, it couldn’t do much damage due to Llew’s increasing defense. Eventually, the Pangoro was defeated and Llew jumped up into the air happily.

“Wimpod! Win-(Yeah, bow before the myth! The legend!-), Llew said.

Aichi flinched as Llew started glowing with the light of evolution. It got much bigger and became growing two legs to stand on. It had massive claws and it’s shell was like armor.

“Golisopod! (Llew!)”, Llew roared dramatically as Aichi sweat dropped a bit.

“Now, your finally a Golisopod like your dad.”, Aichi said as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I know. I look so cool!”, Llew said happily his tone definitely did not match it’s new intimidating appearance.


Aichi looked up to see his next opponent. It was the blonde girl from before wearing some sort of white suit lined with black.

“You’re my next opponent.”, Aichi said as he got up with a determined gaze.

“Yeah. You know that determined gaze of yours is a bit refreshing. It’s nice to fight a guy who’s a hopeless fanboy.”, the blonde said.

“Are you famous? ”, Aichi asked.

“You don’t know who I am?”, the blonde questioned shocked.

“Sorry no.”, Aichi answered.

“That’s for the best. I’m tired of fighting fanboys anyway. You better give me your best. Maybe if you win I’ll tell you my name?”, the blonde said.

“Alright.”, Aichi agreed recalling Gancelot since his opponent had already seen it.

“Go, Nemain!”, the blonde called out as she threw out a Pyroar.

“Go, Wingal!”, Aichi called out, throwing out Wingal.

“Interesting a shiny…”, the blonde commented.

Wingal and Nemain sized each other up.

“Wingal use rock tomb.”, Aichi ordered.

“Heh! You may have the type advantage here, but I don’t intend on losing. Nemain used echoed voice.”, the blonde ordered.

Nemain’s roar shattered the rocks that Wingal had launched at it. Aichi and Wingal sweated nervously at the sight.

“Pyroar! Pyroar! Pyroar! (You’re going to need more than that to beat me!)”, Nemain said.

“Nemain use headbutt!”, the blonde ordered.

“Wingal use crush claw!”, Aichi ordered.

Wingal clawed the Pyroar as it charged, but that didn’t stop its headbutt. Wingal was sent back a bit. Both Pokémon had a little bit of damage.

“Wingal use sand attack!”, Aichi commanded as Wingal swept sand into Nemain’s eyes.

“Pyroar! Pyroar! (I don’t need to see you to beat you!)”, Nemain roared cockily.

Aichi sweated nervously in response. The blonde took note of Aichi’s reactions.

“Nemain use fire fang!”, the blonde ordered as Wingal tried to dodge, but Nemain could still sniff it out following after Wingal.

“What the heck?!”, Aichi gasped in shock.

“Those kinds of tricks may work in the little leagues, but not on someone on my level.”, the blonde taunted smirking.

“She’s strong…but so am I!”, Aichi thought, sweating nervously, raising his fist in determination.

“Let’s go Wingal! Use rock tomb!”, Aichi commanded.

“You should already know that’s useless! Use echo voice!”, the blonde commanded.

The rocks sent at Nemain we’re shattered once more, but it was only a diversion. Wingal jumped onto Nemain’s back.

“Wingal use crush claw!”, Aichi commanded as Wingal swiped at Nemain again.

Nemain let out another echoed voice roar causing Wingal to cover its ears that were now blaring with pain. It fell off Nemain as it turned to it having regained its vision.

“Nemain use headbutt!”, the blonde ordered.

Nemain headbutted Wingal in the stomach while it was mid air knocking the air out of it. Wingal struggled to get up as it was head butted once more. Nemain braced itself for a final headbutt knockout blow.

“Wingal use rock tomb.”, Aichi commanded.

While, Nemain was mid attack Wingal hurled rocks at its head knocking it out. Aichi raised up his fist in victory, but then Wingal fainted soon after.

“You did good buddy.”, Aichi said as he recalled Wingal.

“So, you were able to beat one of my Pokémon that’s more than I can say for most of these chumps.”, the blonde commented as she recalled Nemain.

“Go, Llew!”, Aichi said as he threw out the newly evolved Llew.

“Go, Bridgette!”, the blond said as she threw out a Volcarona.

“Llew use first impression.”, Aichi commanded.

The blonde was a bit taken aback that the bulky bug Pokémon was able to move so fast it almost seemed to appear in front of Bridgette. It then struck Bridgette with one of its claws doing a surprising amount of damage.

“Bridgette use absorb!”, the blonde ordered as Bridgette drained some of Llew’s strength making it a bit wobbly.

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Pokémon: The Vanguard Descends

Chapter 4 The Showdown at the Dark Gym

Aichi’s Current Team

Level 24 Ahmes (Kirlia) psychic/fairy



Double team



Level 20 Wingal (Rockruff) rock


Double team


Rock throw

Sand attack

“Wingal use rock throw!”, Aichi commanded, defeating the last trainer before the next town.

“Darn it!”, the trainer yelled.

“Uh…sorry we need the experience.”, Aichi apologized as they passed the trainer.

“I wouldn’t exactly say that. If anything you’re a bit over leveled.”, Misaki said, sweat dropping.

“Hehe. Well, I have had Ahmes for awhile and Wingal is pretty strong.”, Aichi replied laughing a bit.

They made it to Nubatama town. It definitely looked a lot better than Megacolony town. There were a few buildings as well as adults going about their jobs and kids battling. Some kids and teens were crowded around. Aichi and Misaki decided to see what’s going on.

“Go Kaiser! Use dark pulse!”, A kid commanded.

A small blue almost cocoon-like Pokémon with red eyes shot a wave of darkness. It was a Pupitar. It effortlessly defeated the enemy Fletchider who fell from the sky.

“No way I lost to a little kid!?”, the older trainer said.

“Oh yeah! I’m the best!”, the kid gloated.

The kid had spiky black hair and a ponytail. He had fiery orange eyes wearing an orange shirt with a red vest and black shorts.

“Man that’s 10 wins in a row against senior trainers.”, someone commented.

“Woah. Is he for real?”, Aichi questioned amazed.

“Oh, I’m for real. You could say I’m the real genuine automobile!”, the kid boasted.

“I think you mean the genuine article.”, Misaki corrected sweat dropping.

“Would you battle me?”, Aichi asked timidly.

The kid narrowed his eyes, sizing up Aichi.

“Nah! You’re weak, I’m strong.”, the kid said.

“But we haven’t even battled?”, Aichi questioned.

“I can always tell who’s strong and you’re not it.”, the kid said.

“Well…I only have one gym badge.”, Aichi admitted as the kid laughed uncontrollably.

“Really?! You were trying to challenge the great Kamui with only one badge?”, the kid Kamui questioned laughing.

“Kirlia. Kirlia. Kirlia. (Let’s see if he still thinks that after we beat the gym.)”, Ahmes said.

“Right. Then, what about after I defeat this city’s gym then will you battle me?”, Aichi asked.

“I guess i’ll give you a chance to embarrass yourself if you can do that. Also, word of advice you’re gonna need more than two Pokémon to battle me noob.”, Kamui replied.

“Alright then.”, Aichi agreed nodding.

“Rockruff. Rockruff. Rockruff. Rockruff.(There should be some strong Pokémon on the next route. I heard there’s a Golisopod there.)”, Wingal told Aichi.

“That should be good.”, Aichi replied, setting off as Kamui and a few others sweat dropped while Misaki face palmed.

“Was that kid talking to his Rockruff?”, Kamui questioned.

In the next route there was a big lake and some trees. Aichi, Ahmes, and Wingal split up to search. They searched from head to toe finding Crabrawlers and Araquanids, but no Golisopod.

“Rockruff? Rockruff? Rockruff? (That’s so weird there was a bunch of Wimpod here before?)”, Wingal questioned looking around sweating a bit nervously.

“Riolu! Riolu! (Heh! More humans here to ruin things!)”, a small blue bipedal jackal-like Pokemon said appearing.

“Woah. That’s a Riolu, it’s a fighting type right? It would be really good against the next gym.”, Aichi asked.

“Kirlia. Kirlia. (Yes they are.)”, Ahmes said.

Ahmes and Wingal jumped in front of Aichi standing before the Riolu.

“That’s strange, Riolus aren’t natives in this route.”, Misaki commented.

“Okay, Ahmes use confusion.”, Aichi commanded.

Ahmes shot a wave of psychic energy at Riolu who copied it.

“What? But that’s a psychic move?”, Aichi gasped.

“It must be using copycat.”, Misaki informed.

“So, it can copy our moves?”, Aichi questioned looking at Misaki and back to Riolu.

Riolu then shot a palm shaped energy wave at Ahmes.

“Double team!”, Aichi commanded as Ahmes was able to dodge out of the way.

Riolu then copied it again moving even faster then Ahmes. Riolu aimed a punch straight at Ahmes. Ahmes blocked being knocked back a bit.

“Psybeam!”, Aichi ordered as Ahmes finally had Riolu where it wanted it shooting the beam at it too close for it to dodge.

Riolu was knocked back a bit falling on its knee.

“Riolu! Riolu! (Dang it! I’m still not strong enough!)”, Riolu cursed, looking towards Aichi and Ahmes.

“Kirlia. Kirlia. (You can always join us.)”, Ahmes suggested holding out a hand to Riolu who swiped it away.

“Riolu! Riolu! Riolu! (As if! This isn’t over human!)”, Riolu said before escaping.

They tried to chase the Pokémon but it got away. They suddenly noticed a rustling in the bushes thinking it was Riolu and moved them. They found a flat small silver and purple Pokémon with gold eyes trying to scamper away from them.

“There’s a Wimpod. That’s Golisopod’s pre evolution right?”, Aichi questioned.

“Rockruff. (Yeah.)”, Wingal answered.

“Do you know where a Golisopod is little guy?”, Aichi asked the Wimpod.

“W-Wimpod! Wimpod! (Y-you won’t capture me too human!)”, Wimpod squealed squirming, hitting Aichi with its small tail.

They all sweat dropped at Wimpod’s attack.

“It’s using struggle bug.”, Misaki explained.

“I just wanna know where a Golisopod is.”, Aichi assured the tiny bug Pokémon.

“Wimpod…Wimpod…(There’s no Golisopod here…anymore…)”, Wimpod said as they gasped.

“Huh, what happened?”, Aichi asked concerned.

“Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod…Wimpod(A bunch of humans came and caught us in mass including my dad. There used to be a bunch of us here but..not anymore.)”, Wimpod revealed.

Aichi, Ahmes, and Wingal gasped in shock.

“Umm…what is it saying?”, Misaki asked coughing awkwardly.

“Oh, yeah you can’t…Umm…Apparently there were a bunch of Wimpod here, but it seems like they’ve been caught in mass.”, Aichi explained.

“Mass catching? That’s banned here. How would anyone get away with catching enough of a species to almost completely its population. The ecosystem in this route must be suffering.”, Misaki replied.

“Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod. Wimpod!(Yeah my dad the Golisopod you spoke of used to keep the balance here between us and the Krabrawlers. But, with him all of my friends that escaped have gotten eaten. And they get me soon too!)”, Wimpod revealed before breaking into tears.

Aichi looked at the Wimpod speechless and a bit sad.

“Rockruff? Rockruff? Rockruff? (Were they guys in black with a A on their clothes?”, Wingal asked.

“Wimpod? Wimpod? (How did you know?)”, Wimpod asked.

“You wanna help us defeat them? Their name is Team Asteroid.”, Aichi asked.

“Wimpod? Wimpod? (Those are the guys who took my daddy?)”, Wimpod asked.

Aichi nodded.

“Wimpod.Wimpod. Wimpod? Wimpod? (I don’t have anything left here. If I join you I can get strong like my daddy?)”, Wimpod asked.

“Definitely. And we’ll beat the guys who took him.”, Aichi assured him nodding.

“Wimpod. Wimpod. (Okay then I’ll join you.)”, Wimpod agreed jumping into his arms,

“Welcome to the team!”, Aichi greeted getting a Poké ball catching Wimpod then letting it out,

“Wimpod. Wimpod.(My name is Llew.)”, Llew introduced.

“Okay! Let’s go for that gym!”, Aichi said smiling as the Pokémon followed him.

“What am I gonna do with this kid?”, Misaki sighed smiling following after.


They arrived in front of a Japanese style building walking into the doors.

There seemed to be strange shifting mats with trainers on some non moving one.

“This is Mark’s gym.”, Misaki thought seeing a man with a red samurai helmet and a black ninja suit.

“This is the gym of me, Ninja Master M! If you wanna get through to me trainer you’ll have to go through the ordeal of the ninja master.”, Ninja Master M said.

“Woah! Gah!”, Aichi stumbled falling over as the mats turned around.

Misaki sweat dropped, turning away pretending like she didn’t know him.

“Okay, I’ll recall you guys for a bit as I try to get through this.”, Aichi told his Pokémon returning them to their Poké balls.

“Gah!”, Aichi continued to stumble in the shifting mats accidentally falling onto one of the non moving parts with the trainer.

Aichi clung onto the mat on all fours pushing himself up.

“Okay, let’s go! Llew!”, Aichi said, throwing out a Poké ball with Llew emerging.

“Ninja art of summoning! Zorua! Now use bite!”, the ninja trainer said.

The black fox-like Pokémon clamped down hard on Llew but it wasn’t very effective due to its hard shell.

“Llew use struggle bug.”, Aichi commanded and Llew’s shaking made the Zorua fly off it into the shifting mats.

The Zorua stumbled on the mats trying to launch itself back at Llew missing countless times. Any time it got close it was sent flying with struggle bug. Ninja Master M whistled impressed.

“He’s using his surroundings to his advantage and making the most of a normally feeble Pokémon. Is this really the same Aichi?”, Ninja Master M thought.

Aichi used a similar tactic to trip up the other ninja trainers as well using the Pokémon’s own strength against them to force them onto the mats and wear them down.

“Wimpod! Wimpod! Wimpod! Wimpod! (Wow! I never thought I could do something like that trainers really are amazing!)”, Llew cheered jumping into the air with Aichi.

“We did it Wimpod now that just leaves the Ninja Master. He’s already got our strategy down so I’ll have to switch you out here.”, Aichi told Llew recalling him and grabbing a different Poké ball.

Aichi looked intently at the Ninja Master who readied his own Poké ball as well.

“You’ve done well to make it here, Sendou Aichi.”, the Ninja Master said.

“So…You really are Mr. Mark?”, Aichi asked as the two looked surprised.

“Gah! What? No! No! No! What gave you that idea?”, the Ninja Master denied.

“It’s just…you look a lot like my history teacher.”, Aichi explained.

“J-just a coincidence I assure you! Anyway time to battle!”, the Ninja Master replied, changing the subject.

“Let’s go, Wingal!”, Aichi called out, throwing out Wingal.

“Ninja art of summoning! Frogadier!”, the Ninja Master called out.

Aichi raised his eyebrow in confusion as Wingal looked a bit nervous at the type disadvantage.

“Use rock throw.”, Aichi commanded.

“Rockruff? (Why?)”, Wingal questioned.

“Trust me.”, Aichi replied.

Wingal reluctantly threw rocks from its fur coat at the Frogadier, surprisingly doing some real damage on the water type. After the attack hit it’s form faded away revealing a Zorua.

“Rockruff?! (How did he know?!)”, Wingal questioned.

“You saw through my Pokémon’s transformation technique?”, the Ninja Master gasped.

“Now, while it’s down use double team a few times then bite.”, Aichi commanded.

As the Zorua was down Wingal used double team. As soon as it got up Wingal tackled it with blinding speed biting it. And just like that the Zorua was dealt with.

“You really do have a Frogadier don’t you? That’s why Zorua became Frogadier.”, Aichi asked as the Ninja Master gasped completely found out.

“It wasn’t that hard to figure out when your other trainers used Zorua.”, Misaki said as the Ninja Master sulked a bit.

“I thought I was being clever…Ah-Anyway! Go, Frogadier for real this time!”, the Ninja Master said.

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