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Kuroko No Basket Roleplay

Hello!I’m looking for a Kuroko no Basket roleplayer who can roleplay as Akashi Seijuro and they would allow Oc[Original Character]

It’s going to be 1x1 and maybe we can do 2x2 if you wanted to!

BxG, If you prefer it to be BxB i can swap my oc gender to Male! If you wanted BxB

I don’t have any triggers when it comes to Roleplaying! If you do please let me know!

[This is going to be Romance genre]

If you have any rules please also let me know.

I’ll tell you the Plots!if not then we could Discuss together!

I’m Semi-Literate - Literate! But it depends on how the Situation is so it might be short. I’m using Third PoV.

For anyone who wants to roleplay Please do let me know, Comment/DM/AskBox. This Roleplay is going to be In DM btw!

  • Use ((,//,)),\ or ]] or [[ for talking outside of the Roleplay.

You can add my discord! :

緑間 真太郎#4151

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Okay here we go!! My first post!

I’ll start off by telling you a bit about who Duke Dantalion is and some of the things he can help the occultist who petitions him do! Duke Dantalion is the 71st Spirit in the Ars Goetia. He’s said to be “demonic” by some, but is actually considered by others to be one of the ancient gods.

He is considered to be both Venusian and Piscean in nature. His powers include:

  • Astral Projection
  • Remote Viewing
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy
  • Mind Reading/ Manipulation
  • Bringing love and/or lust into one’s life
  • Inciting desire in a target
  • Bringing money
  • Helping one develop knowledge on ANY subject
  • Helping one develop into literally ANY kind of person they want to do

I’ve been doing work with Duke Dantalion (henceforth referred to as D.D.) for about a month or so and I like what I’m feeling and seeing! I will admit that for a moment there, I really thought D.D was not fucking with me but he can work very subtly under the surface to help you achieve your desired outcome. His energy came off as sweet and energizing to me and I was definitely feeling light and airy after saying his Words of Power. So far he has helped me with bringing money to my wallet/accounts and opportunities that can be lucrative or allow me to benefit financially.

For example, the owner of a shop that I frequent flirted with me every time I went inside. I wanted to turn it up a notch (especially seeing as my financial situation isn’t the best and there were a lot of things I needed from there). So I petitioned D.D. to help me seduce the shopkeeper into giving me anything I wanted in the store for free just for flirting with him. Not more than three days later, I needed to drop by the store to pick up some stuff and he’s there waiting for me with a huge smile on his face as he sees me walk up to the door. I pick up about $80 USD worth of items, and bring them to the counter. He put them in a bag (along with some other goodies he knew I liked from previous visits) and as I went to reach for my wallet, he immediately stopped me, placed the bag into my hand, said “have a good rest of your day beautiful”. I was so surprised! It was so fast! And it’s not like I had done anything too out of the ordinary. Just made sure my hair was looking good and that my outfit was accentuating my curves. But that’s the beauty of working with Duke Dantalion. He can work with you when you ain’t got SHIT!

Another instance is when I was very, very, very broke and needed about $400 to dig myself out of the hole. I petitioned him yet again and I got more than I asked for in less than a weekend! I was beyond grateful for his help and so excited that I had the money to do something nice for myself once I paid my debts. He’s been coming through for me so much, and I felt that I needed to find a new way to thank him than what I was doing before. So, with that, I took it upon myself to create this blog! I hope as I continue this journey of with celestials, that some of you will join me!


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Akashi Seijuro is my favorite character from Kuroko No Basuke or Kuroko’s Basketball, and just in general.  He is Rakuzan High’s basketball captain, despite being a first year in high school. He was also the previous captain of Teiko Middle School’s basketball club.  

In Teiko, he was part of a group called Kiseki no Sedai, or Generation of Miracles. The Generation of Miracles are an extraordinary team, with each having exceptional skills and have never lost a game together. With the leadership of Akashi, they won the basketball championship 3 years in a row. This, however, inspired a new saying at their school,” 100 battles, 100 victories.” This saying led to the mentality that Teiko couldn’t lose, which changed the team entirely. 

One of these changes happened in Akashi. He was overwhelmed by the fighting and talent in the team, that he had to change himself in order to stay ahead and not fall behind. This is one of the things I admire about him. He saw that he wasn’t getting respected enough, and that people looked down on him, so he decided to fix that. He pushed through, got even better at basketball, and became a feared captain by other teams and people in general.

 To fix it, he developed another persona. This persona is more cold, demanding, and ruthless. As an example, when playing, the other teams score little to no points in a full game. He also has heterochromia, so his left eye turned golden, while his right eye is his normal red.  With this, he developed a power of some sort. It’s called the Emperor Eye, and he can basically see in the future. He can’t predict major events or anything, but he has the ability to instantly see his opponents future moves, and uses this to win. 

This also pushes up his confidence and power, since his signature move is an ankle break using the Emperor Eye. An ankle break is manipulating the center of gravity of an opponent, making them fall to the ground. Often, they are brought to their knees in front of Akashi, and he is able to shoot easily without any blockers in the way. This is part of why his team always wins, because of his “power”.

This persona is respectable, however he is terrifying like this. Akashi lacks any empathy in this headspace, since he is focused on anything that would improve himself or his family’s company. Though the work ethic and vigor is there, there is a lack of humanity and compassion in him. However, once they lose the finals in the Winter Cup, a basketball competition, he changes again and goes back to his regular self. He had experienced defeat, and so he was able to become his old self. Now, here is why I like Akashi. Once he turned back into himself, he realized that he did something wrong, and was apologetic and decided to change. He apologized to those who were wronged by him, and became caring and compassionate, as well as more gentlemanly than ever. 

He became one of the Generation of Miracles best friends, and played with them in the team known as Vorpal Swords. Something I like the most about Akashi is that no matter his personality, his work ethic and how he presses any issue really stays with me. He sees the fact that something is wrong, and he pushed it vigorously in order to attain the solution and get what he wants. Usually, if one does that, it is selfish and rude, and people look down on the person who did that. 

However, Akashi is so commanding and holds himself in pride that they have no choice but to listen to him. The confidence and power he exerts has an enormous effect on those he directs it to, therefore he will be at the top constantly. I want to have more confidence and power like that, since I am not as respected or heard than others. He’s also my favorite character for small reasons, such as the fact that he treats people with respect, and always acknowledges others. Not only does he have the money and the looks, he also is extremely intelligent and is in college prep classes at his school. 

He has also done business work with his father, and is the sole heir to the Akashi corporation his family has built over the years. He already has a stable job waiting for him, and with his mind he would be able to be financially stable for life.  Not only that, but he has affected my music choices as well. You see, Akashi has grown up in a posh family, as well as being trained in classical instruments such as the violin and piano. 

This has led me to try and listen to the same music he would have listened to. As a result, I have started to listen to pieces composed by Beethoven and Mozart, and I have listened to waltz ballads. This is a drastic difference from my usual music taste, however it was a nice experience and that music is now with my other music. 

Akashi Seijuro is an amazing character with an emotional and inspiring character arc, and he is my favorite to this day.

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If you need to talk to someone, my ask box and DMs have always been there for people to talk to me, judgement free ❤️

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image , 2020. Logo.


Reambo, 2020. Mercari Japan Logo

image, 2018. withDRAMA Logo.

Since being a group order manager, I have browsed around multiple sites to find what is best for buyers, while offering benefits that people may be interested in. K-pop is different than US pop in that there is an emphasis on merchandising and how to get people’s attention with certain merch items like physical albums, photo books, mini photos, postcards, etc. 

South Korea, especially, puts a high value on these items to get people on board to support a group. Sites like Ktown4u, withdrama, and Mercari Japan, are some of the sites I have experienced with getting albums from. 

Group order managers are constantly looking at these kinds of online stores to purchase albums that benefit the artist and the fans. We bulk buy to save money and to help sort through the random benefits within the album. It can be pretty entertaining going through and seeing what each group can offer with their album.

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The Economics of K-pop on YouTube, posted on November 8, 2019 by PolyMatter

International markets are more different, placing a big emphasis on physical merchandising rather than digital releases to generate more profit. Group order managers work to promote these physical releases by their favorite group. In a way, we act as promoters to get more international fans on board with K-pop releases.

I have been a joiner of group orders before becoming an actual group order manager. We tend to go towards these orders to fulfill the need of getting their favorite group’s album.

American artists see more success in their digital releases, meaning they don’t rely too much on physical releases. The usual physical release is a jewel case with a cd, keeping it sleek and minimal. Kpop groups tend to go bigger, including random items and photobooks to give a more rounded experience for the fan. According to the video by PolyMatter, the country [South Korea] gets $5 for every $1 it spends on K-pop.

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At the risk of repeating myself (because I feel like I talk about this fic a lot a lot lol), it’s definitely We’ll Always Have Paris. There are two fics of mine that I want everyone to read - one is my historical fantasy WIP Gods or Mortals and the other is WAHP which is my X-Men Casablanca AU. It’s hard to explain why without it sounding like I’m bragging, but I love how well it came together, how the elements of Casablanca (a mutant/human conflict in lieu of ww2, Logan as Rick and Charles as Ilsa with Erik as Victor Laszlo) ended up working with the X-Men verse. It’s romantic as hell - not something I consider my strong suit - which makes me inordinately proud, and I think I managed to give equal weight to both sides of the Logan/Charles and Erik/Charles triangle even if the story is told from Logan’s POV. I could go on and on about it all night lol; instead I’ll just say it’s a very ‘gerec’ fic and leave it at that :D

Also, I’m finally back on GoM and working on this next chapter, which is hella exciting for me!!! We’re finally (FINALLY) going to get to Erik and Charles’ confrontation and subsequent breakup (remember Erik has to marry Magda for the good of Genosha), and everything that happens in the prologue stems from this moment. Here’s a sneak peek:


“You’ve already signed it,” Charles murmurs, his eyes wet and unseeing as he pulls away from the circle of Erik’s arms. “You agreed to the terms and you signed the treaty, and you didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me first. Me. That you would just—”

“Charles, please, I’m so sorry—”

“You’re sorry?” Charles whirls to face him, fists clenched and fire in his eyes, anger and disbelief overriding all other emotions he might feel from Erik’s announcement. “You’re sorry! Tell me Your Majesty; why exactly are you sorry? For not confiding in me? Your friend and your betrothed in something as monumental as a threat of war? For making a decision that affects both our lives without consulting me? For breaking our engagement without any thought to my feelings, or how this will affect my reputation? My ability to take my rightful place as King? How dare you play the wounded with me, Erik Lehnsherr, when you have ruined…when you’ve…”     

They are both crying now, and Charles is the first to sink to his knees, curling into a ball as quiet sobs wrack the length of his body. It is far worse than Erik could have ever imagined; seeing the consequence of his own actions tearing his beloved’s heart in two.


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i just love how the whole gom r so intimidating but when momoi’s around, they become softballs SKSKJSKKS ugh,, still cant forget how midorima and akashi smiled when momoi was about to join them play on kuroko’s bday ova KSJJSKJSKS

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ʰᵉˡˡᵒ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ, ᶠᵉˡˡᵒʷ ˡᵘʳᵏᵉʳ (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

keep me company (in this dead fandom) with a cup of kurokoffee? ah ha ha aren’t i so clever with my alliteration + pun combo?

but hello, i made a new very casual side blog specifically for everything knb, and i’m dipping my toes into fanfic author territory—it’s really scary ngl シ

don’t panic, i’ve been a veteran fanfic reader and normie essay/fictional prose writer for years, i just need to a d j u s t into this new setting and writing style. i’m just here to expand my writing repertoire :>

i’m only gonna post my writings once in a blue moon because uni work is gonna be a bitch, and i’m scared that my shitty writings are somehow still gonna be snatched and plagiarized anyways;; but let me just put some rules for requests if i ever decide to do them on a whim ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

submission status: open ✔︎


please use the submit box to do requests! otherwise if they end up in the askbox, they’ll be deleted! the askbox is just for leisurely chats and questions (●’◡’●)ノ

update! while i prefer the submission box to send your requests, i realized that it doesn’t allow anonymous requests at all, so i decided to give the option for you guys to send in through either submit/askboxes! leisurely chats and questions will still be answered through the askbox as normal, of course!

i’ll be using gender-neutral pronouns by default unless specifically mentioned/requested! i’m biologically female, but i’ll try my very best if one of the future requests want male pronouns in the prompts!

⌫ i won’t be writing nsfw (i love them to death but i’m not quite sure if i’m capable of writing them myself)

⌫ i won’t be writing excessive gore/blood because they’ll probably turn out too cheesy?

⌫ i won’t be writing about mental illnesses/disorders since i’m afraid to misrepresent them! i’ll do my research for a few i think i can portray accurately, but if your request gets denied, i’m very sorry in advance;;

⌫ these writings will always be written for the reader, a.k.a. you, so i won’t be writing for character ships! i will gladly discuss about it if you ask me through the askbox, though (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

⌫ if you want to request the entire GoM package (please specify whether or not you want Kuroko and Momoi included, as well), they will be restricted to headcanons and reactions only! otherwise, you can choose any 3 characters max per request for any prose you pick (scenarios/fics, headcanons, short reactions)!

head over to the submit box to see what you can request!

i’ll be updating this pinned post on the go, and maybe in a few light years a masterlist will be here too? who knows?

update: below are my original works!

update: made a masterlist, yay!


⚠︎important for haikyuu + knb fans to read!⚠︎

search tags #shoi-talks #kurokoffee #kagummypack

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“Wait a moment! If Akashi is ‘Kāsan’ and Nijimura is ‘Tōsan’, what does that make Daidaiha?”
“Ehhh, Mine-chin is thinking about something besides basketball for once.”
“Daidaiha-kun is close to Nijimura-kun.”
“Isn’t it obvious? Daidaihacchi is ‘Jisan’.”

“Aww, my kouhais are so sweet,” a voice pops from behind the group. A chill runs down everyone’s spine. “But you know what’s even sweeter? Seeing you guys work for your victory. All of you get ten more laps around campus for slacking off. Hey! Don’t even think about slipping away. I heard you talking, Kuroko. Three more laps for trying to escape!”

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