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ayushsan · a day ago
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A Man and A Woman (2016)
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The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Stalker!The Salesman x Fem!Reader Smut Part 01)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fandom: Squid Game
Pairing: The Salesman x Fem!Reader
Summary: Working at a bar is something you enjoy a lot. Especially when a handsome stranger starts to show up and flirt with you on a regular basis. But soon you have to make the bitter realization that this stranger is everything but an innocent, kind man.
Warnings: Dubious Content! 18+ Explicit Sexual Content, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Yandere Behaviour, Stalking, Dub-Con/Non-Con, Kidnapping, Death Threats
Word Count:  3479
A/N: Repost, because fcking dumblr isn’t able to fix my blog properly. I hope this shows and STAYS in the tags now... 
Likes, reblogs and comments are always appreciated and make me very happy <3 Thank you!
Tumblr media
He’d been here again. Your handsome stranger had paid you another visit, or so you’d love to believe. At least your colleagues were certain this man spent his nights here because of you rather than the cocktails that were served. Complete bullshit you thought. For the others however it was so ridiculously obvious, they always made fun of you and your inability noticing his little advances. They’re wrong though.
You indeed did acknowledge some of the subtle hints such as the way his hand would gently brush against yours when he received his drink from you (he’d never touch the glass before it was put on the table when someone else brought it) or the way his face lit up anytime you approached and greeted him (he would smile a bit and only nod at anyone else). Also, you’re the only one he was holding conversations with. Well, conversations would’ve been an exaggeration, but you usually exchanged a few more words than just a “Good evening, sir. May I take your order?” and a “Here’s your bill, sir.”.
That’s why, after a week or so, the others decided that only you should take future orders from him. You teased them for acting like parents who tried to marry their daughter off. 
“I wouldn’t mind you having a boyfriend. He has a sexy brother perhaps and then we could go on a double date!” Mi-Sun, who was the closest to you from the staff once proposed.
“So, what did he say to you?” she now inquired while putting on her leather flats. You two, together with Seo-Jin, who was waiting outside the bar already, had the shift tonight. Mi-Sun was aware that Seo-Jin couldn’t stand this stranger, and that’s why she wanted to wait for the moment you two were alone. “I mean he did say something naughty, did he not? I’ve never seen you so flustered before! Tell me, tell me! I am dying to know!”
Oh wow, she really watched you with an eagle eye whenever you talked to this guy, did she not? You really liked her a lot, but this was a habit she quickly had to break. Dismissively you waved with your hand.
“I have no idea what you mean. He didn’t say anything unusual. Now hurry, I really wanna go home and get some sleep.”
“Oh boo, so boring!” Your friend and workmate rolled with her eyes and started to giggle. “Next time you could use the storage room? I could keep cave.”
“Excuse me?” 
“Not a five star hotel,” she shrugged, “but there is enough room for a little quickie.” Mi-Sun winked and you both bursted into a laughter. “You are really impossible, Mi-Sun!”
You sincerely hoped she didn’t notice she actually did strike home. 
“It’s really a pity we can never be alone. Only you and me,” the stranger had said to you tonight, flashing the most enticing smile one could imagine. It was also the very first time for him to hold your hand longer than just the fragment of a moment. His hand… beautiful, long and slender fingers, so warm and soft... Pewh, did somebody turn on the heater or why was it so hot all of a sudden? Biting your lower lip you tried to ban this outrageously sexy man from your mind. The fact you didn’t even know his name added some extra hot spice. A very impatient voice helped you to kick his image out of your brain. “Are the ladies finished with their little coffee party or you wanna spend the rest of the night here?”
“Seo-Jin can be such a pest,” you sighed. “Why is he still here?”
“First of all, he is still here, because he hopes he can walk you home for once. He is just too much of a pussy to ask. He really needs to grow some balls.” Sighing, you shook your head. You liked Seo-Jin, you really did, but he was nothing more than a good friend. Mi-Sun continued to speak. “He knows we are talking about Mr. Tasty Bum when he’s not around and you know how much he hates him.”
“I know. But why is that so?”
“Are you serious? He is jealous of Mr. Sex, because he knows you’d let him slurp his drinks from your lady parts if you had the chance to.”
“This… This is not... Mi-Sun, you little bitch!” you snorted, nudging her shoulder. Her bluntness never ceased to amaze you, but her frankness was one of the reasons you liked her so much. How many inappropriate nicknames did she give your daily flirt already, you wondered. Maybe it was for the best not to know. 
Still laughing, the two of you left the small but nice bar with a quite pissed looking Seo-Jin waiting. Mi-Sun warned the bartender not to look so grumpy all the time if he didn’t want to get wrinkles and look like an old man anytime soon. She patted your shoulder and widened her mouth to a broad grin. “Besides, your little princess here prefers men who’re smiling. Not sourpusses like you.”
You could watch his face turning crimson. Whether it was because Mi-Sun called you his “little princess” or a “sourpuss” you didn’t know. 
Sheepishly he scratched his head and glued his eyes to the ground. “I don’t trust him. He’s sketchy as fuck! Do we even know his name?”
“What makes you think I talked about this handsome stranger?”
“Who else is always grinning like an idiot when y/n is around?”
“Well, you do,” Mi-Sun retorted, repressing another fit of laughter. “You’re so jelly it’s almost cute!” 
Often you had the impression she was living to mock poor Seo-Jin and this again made you wonder if she, in fact, had a hidden soft spot for him. Smiling, you locked the door. Maybe Mi-Sun’s wish would come true and you all could really go on a double date someday? Ah, one could dream, right?
“Not true! Besides, I am not jealous. y/n would never get involved with this prick!”
“I think it is her decision with whom the lady is getting involved with and with whom not, sir.”
All three heads shot in the same direction. 
“You..,” Seo-Jin grit his teeth. He made no bones about how he felt about the man in front of him. Oh, if looks could kill...
Someone really had to take a picture of you three now the man in the grey suit thought: one fuming, the other one grinning from ear to ear whilst the last one gave him the sweetest shy smile. Exactly this smile awakened his appetite, his desire to possess. It was an urge he couldn’t and didn’t want to resist. The salesman was good in hiding his disappointment. He’d hoped to meet you alone since it was you who usually left last and closed the bar. Bad luck, he guessed. But luck seemed to be on his side again when the other woman, Mi-Sun was her name he believed, grabbed the man’s arm and announced to leave. 
“Shit I’ll do! I won’t leave her alone with him!”
The salesman raised his brows, his charming smile not wavering. 
“Sir, I assure you there is no need to be so hostile. I have nothing but the best intentions for your friend.”
“Oh, I am sure you have only the best intentions for her, sir.” Mi-Sun squeezed Seo-Jin’s cheek. “And that is why we can go without any worry, my dear shiny knight.” Mi-Sun started to drag the bartender away. He broke free from her grip. “Not before I hear her saying-”
“I don’t mind. You can leave,” you hastily threw in, feeling your heart hammering harder in your chest as your eyes locked with the stranger's.
“You heard her. Now move your ass before I kick it!” 
Seo-Jin gave you one last sad and worried look before turning and stomping away. Mi-Sun let out a heavy breath and shook her head. She waved you goodbye. “In case we find your dead body we know who we have to look for, so don’t worry!”
“Yes, that is very reassuring...” You stuck out your tongue at her and smirked.
The stranger seemed to find it just as funny since he started to laugh quietly with his head facing down. You watched Mi-Sun gesturing “Call me later!” before she sprinted away to catch up with Seo-Jin. You did feel a little bit sorry for him, but you just couldn’t develop any other feelings than friendship. For this man on the other hand… 
You held your breath when the stranger approached you. All tensed up you waited for him to say something, but everything he gave you was his bewitching smile. Slapping yourself mentally, you finally found some words. 
“So, what brings you here again? You know we close at midnight.” 
“I think I forgot something important inside.”
His answer was like a cold shower. It made your chest tighten. This was the reason, huh? The Salesman looked at you, curiosity shining in his beautiful eyes. It was too cute how you couldn’t conceal your disappointment. Did you have the slightest idea of how much it took of his willpower not to pull you to the barely lit alley nearby and have his sweet little way with you? Certainly you did not.
“Oh, that’s why… Hm, but I don’t remember we found anything while cleaning up.”
“I am sure I forgot something. Could we take a look? Please?”
Ugh, how could his expression change from charming and sexy to sweet and innocent in less than a second?! You gave him a nod and let the key slide inside the keyhole again. Though you got to know the real reason for his external visit - at least you thought you knew the real reason - you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling excited. 
You entered first, followed by your handsome stranger. Where there was merrymaking and loud music an hour before, silence prevailed now. It was almost uncanny how the atmosphere could change in such a short span of time. You walked straight to the light switches and let the bar counter glow in a relaxing lilac. Next, you went to the corner where he’d always take a seat. Memory of him cooing “It’s really a pity we can never be alone. Only you and me.” popped into your head and made you swallow. Well, you two were alone now, dammit! 
“Uhm, forgive me, but there is nothing here. What exactly are you after, sir?”
The second you turned around to look at him your heart skipped a beat. He was suddenly so close, his body leaving you no room to run away. Not that you intended in doing so… For the first time you’re able to take in his masculine scent - intoxicating and mysterious like the man himself. What cologne was it, you wondered. Surely something expensive just as his tailored suit. Dark eyes held yours captive and your lips trembled. 
“Isn’t it obvious?” he breathed, brushing your cheek with his knuckles. He leaned in for a brief kiss. So short, too short, and yet it left your lips tingling and you wanting more. You exchanged breaths, looked at each other for what felt like an agonizing eternity. Your heart was about to burst. “Please..,” you whispered against his mouth. His hand entangled in your hair and your lips met anew. His tongue was running along your lips before he gently sucked on your lower one. You let out a little gasp when his tongue slid into your mouth. He still tasted of Bourbon and you didn’t know if this was the reason you felt so drunk all of a sudden. Now you allowed your hand to glide through his raven hair, your other one caressing his back.
What started as a soft kiss quickly turned into a fierce one. Greedy. Needy. Essential. When did a man ever kiss you like this? With so much hunger and need? It made you dizzy and difficult to keep a clear thought. 
The salesman heaved you up onto the table and pressed you down with his firm body. His lips never broke contact with yours as he slid one hand underneath your shirt and began to caress the side of your body. The second his mouth did finally leave yours you let out a frustrated wail, only to quietly moan again when he continued his sweet torment on your neck. He kissed, licked, nibbled, sucked, took in your sweet little gasps and whines. By God, how could kisses feel so goddamn good and turn you on so much?! You wrapped your legs around him, urged him closer. You felt a smile forming on his lips. 
“Impatient, aren’t we?” he purred. “But so am I.”
The salesman was hardly finished with the sentence when he pulled your shirt, together with your bra, up, exposing your beautiful breasts to the room’s chilly air and his hot gazes. Nipples hardened immediately and you listened to his sharp inhale as your pretty tits bounced free for him. Hearing him muttering “So fucking beautiful.” set butterflies in your stomach free. Wasting no time he cupped your breast, his tongue creating small circles around your stiff bud before closing his mouth around it. 
Moaning you tightened your grip in his hair which made him lowly chuckle in return. Your response to his touches and kisses was by far better than he’d ever hoped for. You’re so wonderfully receptive to his intimate ministrations. Your cute whining and moaning also didn’t miss the mark. His body caught fire and he reached need only you could quench. His hard cock pressed painfully against his slacks and he was already toying with the idea of fucking you raw on the table right here and now. 
He stifled the thought as fast as it had crossed his mind. Instead, he let hand wander down your body, under your skirt and your inner thigh. Your body quivered in anticipation. Not waiting for any vocal encouragement, the salesman tugged your panty aside and dipped two long, deft fingers inside your tight pussy.
“Oh, fuck yes..!” you blurted out whimpering, arching your back in bliss.
The salesman sucked on your tits one last time before licking his way up your throat to your ear. 
“How comes you’re so fucking wet already, my little princess?” He slid out, immediately pressed deeper into you than before, causing you to curse again. “Is my baby girl so wet because of me?”
Without thinking you whined “Yes.”.
“Aren’t you a good girl, y/n? Good girls deserve a reward, don’t you think so?”
Unable to form a word, much less phrasing a proper sentence you bobbed your head up and down. With his thumb he continued stroking your clit whilst his fingers dived in and out your wet cunt, his mouth and free hand playing with your perfect tits. At this rate, you’d come soon and really… It didn’t take long for you to see stars and reach your orgasm. Your body tensed, legs shivered as you got lost in your own pleasure. 
Catching your breath you forced your eyes open and watched him licking your juices from his digits. Shit, when you thought this man couldn’t be more sexy he did a thing like this...
“I think I found my new favorite drink. I’d like to order it every day now if you don’t mind.”
“I surely don’t,” you laughed weakly. Your smile quickly vanished. “I want you now. Please.”
He answered with a kiss so deep, it took your breath away. 
“How can I decline my princess’s wish?” the salesman purred while reaching for his zipper.
“Do you have something? You know...”
Now his smile disappeared. His expression turned to stone and the color of his eyes changed into a pitch black color. The blood froze in your veins at once. It was this very moment you truly understood that you really knew absolutely nothing about this man who was holding all reins right now. You’re laying underneath him, half naked, vulnerable and unable to protect yourself in case of a violent attack. 
“Please, tell me your name,” you asked, voice shivering in slight fear.
Ignoring your question he said, “We don’t need anything between us. You are mine and I want you to feel me.” His nose touched yours. “I want to fill you up and-”
The ringing of a phone interrupted him. He clicked his tongue and with hesitation he let go of you to answer his cell phone. The call didn’t even last a minute.
“Forgive me, but a new client is waiting for me.”
A new client? At this unholy hour?
“What client? What was your job again?” you wanted to know, fixing your bra and shirt. You bit your tongue the moment you finished your question. It was clear that he wasn’t the friendly vacuum cleaner salesman next door. You didn’t know whether to be thankful or angry for him ignoring you. 
Straightening his tie he apologized for not being able to drive you home. 
“Allow me to call you a cab.”
“I can walk home. It’s okay.”
The salesman chuckled and caressed your cheek. 
“This city is full of blood hungry wolves, y/n. You know that, right? I cannot allow you to be on your own at this time of the night.”
“And you are the pack leader?”
He understood it as a joke and without any further comment he dialed a number to arrange a taxi. After some minutes did pass you asked, “Say, how do you know my name?”
This question was maybe as dangerous as your previous one, but you had to know. You never told him and at work you always used fake names. 
He cocked his head. “Your little friend called you like this before. Remember?”
Ah, yes… he was right… Seo-Jin had called you by your real name outside the bar. After calling one, the salesman spoke to you, “So, y/n, tell me. Seo-Jin seems to like you a lot. Are you two in any kind of relationship?” 
Your eyes darted back at him. He could explain why he knew your name, but there was no explanation for him knowing the name of your colleague. You could feel all color fade from your face when he added, a dangerous undertone in his voice. “I don’t like the way he is looking at you. I’d prefer for you to change your job. Except he decides to leave first that is. Would you want him to leave? I could arrange it.”
You blinked a few times, trying to process what he was saying. A loud honk outside let you snap back to reality.
The salesman shoved some bills into your hand. “That should be enough.” He then took off his jacket and draped it over your shoulder. After placing a soft kiss on your mouth he said, “It’s already cold outside at night. Please don’t forget to wear a jacket in future.” Gently he let his fingers glide through your disheveled hair. “I don’t want you to get sick, although I’d love to nurse you back to health.” He pecked your cheek. “See you soon, baby girl.”
He left without any other word. It took another honk of the cab driver to made you move. The whole ride you were trying to understand what had happened the last hour. Even after your shower you still had no idea how to feel about all of this.
Laying in your bed you browsed through Mi-Suns numerous messages. You answered to none, not sure how to respond. Her last message forced you to send an answer finally. 
Don’t tell me I am really writing a corpse now?!
You forced a thin smile. She could be so morbid. 
I am ok. Just tired. We talk tomorrow.
Safe to say this wasn’t the kind of answer Mi-Sun was waiting for. She wanted juicy details of the night, but you were not willing to share anything for now. Especially after what had happened after. You’re about to turn your mobile phone off when it vibrated again. A message from “Unknown”. With a rapidly beating heart you opened the message.
I am sorry I couldn’t give you my full attention tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Tears welled up. How… Why did he have your number?
The next message was much worse. It made your stomach turn and a sob to escape your dry mouth.
You really should turn off your lights now and get some rest. You need your sleep. I really don’t want you to become sick. Good night. Sleep tight and have sweet dreams, my beautiful princess.
Seo-Jin was right. This stranger was a danger. Not only to you but also to the people around you...
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, my puddings <3
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traitors-and-threats · 2 days ago
"The lifeless doll"
Salesman x reader
Summary based on this request
Tumblr media
Warning: angsty, brainwashed, trauma, Major PTSD, lost of verbal communication associate with trauma, depression, self-harm, mental issues, and attempted suicide
Author notes: This request was actually from @writeformesinpie 's fan and when I read all like parts and the fanfic,I wanted to write what's the downside of the salesman's plan when he sent his wife in the games
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IT WAS GOING WELL FOR GONG YOO, you have stopped protesting or disobeying or even question him..
But it didn't last when your condition has gotten worse.
even though you haven't spoken a word ever since you've gotten out of the games, you would still cook, bath, eat and the other things to take care of yourself and your husband..
But as time passed you slowly yet quickly started to get worse, your habit of zoning in into deep thoughts has prevented you to care of yourself.
It started by you forgetting to do chores and bath but it has gotten worse to the point that you have forgotten to eat and sleep.
You would just stare into blank space..
At first your husband didn't think much of it until he noticed how you haven't budge a muscle while you two were at the dinner table eating.
He slowly leaned forward in front of your face and wave a hand..
Once he saw that you didn't even acknowledge him, he dropped the butter knife from his other hands and gently grabbed your shoulders shaking you..
"darlin?... Come back" he whispered softly making you snapped out..
Your reflexes caused you to grabbed the butter knife and attempt to slit his throat but lucky for him he manages to dodge at the very last moment..
You pointed the knife at him, breathing heavily through your wobbly mouth, your whole entire body was shaking with fear, grief, regret and anger..
That was when your husband knew that he had gotten way too far..
It have gotten way worse as time flew..
You would stay in bed all day not moving at all and stared at the blank space.
Your husband had to bring you food and snapped you out to remind you to bathe, eat and sleep..
All that your husband felt was pure regret..
Something he definitely didn't expect to feel but he couldn't do anything about it.
This was his fault that you ended up being in this state and at this point you needed sleeping pills or drugs to fall asleep.
And if you did you would wake up howling, scratching anything and your throat as if you were being choked.
Your husband had to tie you u to prevent you of hurting yourself and him.
And he just stood there, watching you in a possessed like state
And once again he couldn't do anything about it but drown in sorrow and regret.
He should have just went with plan c....
@writeformesinpie- here I'm done, I'm sorry if it's short.. this is seriously one of the shortest fics I've ever written but I literally wrote this at 4:57 am- OK??
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lay-z · 2 days ago
Babes! What are some of the Salesman's kinks ? I've got some on my mind already, but I'd like to know what y'all think 👀💋
Fell free to comment, send an ask or a DM! ❤
Tumblr media
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knives-out17 · a day ago
Diversity win!! The man who goes around slapping people in poverty into deathly versions of childhood games for stacks of cash until one person in the game remains after watching everyone die without reason around them is a homosexual!
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unniediaries · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“나를 보게 삶은 짧아. (Look at me, life is short.)” - Oh Il-nam/Player no. 001
-Squid Game (2021)
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blayzemeup · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gong Yoo
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maeofthedead · 2 days ago
Gong Yoo always be on some sort of train, huh?
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moonlightshadow · a day ago
Tumblr media
✨ Husband material at its finest ✨
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d-june-y · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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lay-z · 3 hours ago
high risk – high reward | 9
Squid Game | The Salesman x F!Reader | 18+
Tumblr media
» previous chapter/s ; masterlist  
Summary: Your newly found passion leads to a heated discussion. Things get revealed, and more things are said and done.
Warnings/Info: Smut! 18+ ♥ | dub-con; dom!Salesman; sub!Reader; exploitation; age gap; explicit language; tw:dark content; spanking; stockholm syndrome
Damn, this wasn’t really supposed to happen, but whoopsie! I guess this story will have around 13 chapters, just FYI. I really hope you’ll like this one! It’s more like a filler, but hey... Anyways, it’d be awesome if you let me know what you think! ♥ xx
Tumblr media
The Salesman woke you up before sunrise and though you were more than drowsy still, his gentle touches and soft kisses swiftly rekindled the smoldering fire of your lust. He didn’t stop until the both of you lay satisfied, and you could fall asleep again, secured in his embrace.
You stare out the large panorama window, a cup of coffee in your hands as you lean against the wall in your champagne-colored satin robe. And though your fear of heights should make you feel queasy, your mind is occupied by thoughts of the past, present, the future, and more daydreams.
Your stomach flutters whenever you think about him, and you wonder if it’s just hormones? Perhaps you’re wearing post-coital pink glasses and everything wrong about your relationship, if you could even call it that, doesn’t seem too bad all the sudden. Or maybe you do like him, the man you don’t know by name, who happens to pay off your debts for sexual services.
Whatever it is, all you know is that he awakened something inside you, something deep and carnal; a blazing desire that wants to be let loose, entertained, fulfilled, and there is a tiny voice in the back of your mind, screaming, reminding you not to get burned.
However, you don’t want to think about such things now; you want to relish in the good, the here and now. You can worry about those things later, perhaps when it’s too late even. You’re here, because you have never thought things through in your life, never calculated any risks nor spared a thought about any consequences. But that doesn’t mean this will end badly, too. Or does it?
“A penny for your thoughts, love”, he says as he approaches you.
You were too occupied to even notice him entering the living room, but when you look at him and see his charming smile, your heart skips a beat.
“You just lost money for nothing”, you answer with a shrug, and bashful smile as you look down at your cup of lukewarm coffee. You’ve forgotten to take even one sip yet. “but I feel like you don’t care much about your money anyways”
The Salesman tilts his head as he gazes at you; he brushes his thumb over your cheekbone then lifts your head with a finger under your chin.
“What makes you say that?”
Your eyes meet and you see the sober curiosity behind his gaze.
“You spent your money on me; lots of it at that. How much can you care about it if you spend it on something so…irrelevant?”
His dark brows furrow when the words leave your mouth, but he doesn’t look angry, not quite at least, and his is jaw clenches and unclenches as he thinks.
“Do you truly think you’re irrelevant to me, Y/N?”
Your chest feels tight when he lets go off your chin and he turns his back on you with a look of disappointment on his handsome face. You can see him shaking his head as he walks towards the kitchen, and you decide to follow him.
“Honestly? I don’t know!”, you call after him, and you put your cup on the counter to cross your arms standoffishly. “And how could I know what I mean to you?” Your heart is racing, you can feel it beating in your throat as you watch him opening the fridge. “I don’t even know your name”
He closes the fridge again but keeps his back to you as he opens the cabinets. You know he’s avoiding you and just trying to seem busy, because those cabinets are filled with dishware, cups, and glasses only.
“What if I say I want to leave? That I want to get out of this…this arrangement?”
He freezes, the cabinet falls closed with a thud and you exhale a slow breath as you wait for any kind of response. Meanwhile, your pulse is rushing in your ears when he finally peers over his shoulder.
“Do you?”, he asks casually before turning around eventually. He leans against the dishwasher; his arms are crossed to match your stance though he seems calmer and more collected. “I’d say you can, Y/N, or did I ever give the impression you cannot? You stay because you want to”
You lower your arms, stunned, as he pushes himself off the dishwasher and walks towards you. There is a mischievous glint in his dark eyes and a sly smile tugging at the corner of his lips.
“Because no matter how much you try to deny it, you need me in your life. You weren’t doing so well before we met, right? Or am I wrong for assuming that?”
He puts his index on his chin as he mocks thinking while your face starts burning with embarrassment.
“No money, no food, no home”, he says, holding up his hand to count off his fingers, ending with a shrug. “I basically picked up a stray”
His words hit a nerve, and you purse your lips with a frown as you try to back away from him, but he grabs your wrist and keeps you in place.
“Stop –“
“I saved you from games way worse than a round of Ddakji, and I saved you from people way worse than myself”
You twist your hand, but his grip only tightens as he pins you between kitchen counter and himself while he continues to speak. His voice is low as he rants, and though he doesn’t sound angry, his tone is nothing short of blatant mockery.
“I didn’t have to help you, Y/N. I could’ve left you at that train station with all your debts, no future and with nowhere to go, but I didn’t. I chose you, and what did I take from you, hm? Not much, nothing you probably would’ve ended up offering for less anyway”
“Stop, please –” Tears are prickling at the corner of your eyes, and while the hold of your wrist comes with a dull pain, his words hurt you more.
“Do you really want to leave? Because your debts have long been paid, my love, you’re free to start over if you wish to do so”
“Sir –“, you whine and avoid his eyes as you squirm under his gaze.
“Look at me…Do you want to leave?”
His face is inches from your own; the tone in his voice more demanding now as he presses his hips into yours. You meet his gaze eventually, and like the grip around your wrist, his eyes soften immediately.
“No, no I don’t, sir”, you answer, and though meekly, you speak the truth. “You’re right”
“And you’re not irrelevant to me”
A moment of silence passes, and you simply stare at each other before you fling your arms around his neck to pull him down for a kiss.
Teeth clash and tongues roll while anger and desperation dissolves between your lips. Your hands rake through his hair, over his shoulders, and you gasp softly when he rips your robe open. He breaks the kiss to peek at your naked body with delight before crushing your lips together again.
The Salesman shoves a hand between your legs and cups your sore pussy, but the angle is awkward, and he pulls back with a frustrated huff before he clears the counter with a haphazard swipe of his forearm. The coffee cup shatters on the floor, a magazine and newspaper go flying, but neither of you care as he pushes your robe off your shoulders and lifts you up to sit at the edge of the counter.
You lean back on your elbows as he sinks down on one knee. You spread your legs further apart when he kisses and nips your inner thighs, and your head lolls back with a drawn-out sigh when his tongue dips between your folds.
Your body flushes with passionate heat, your skin prickles with anticipation, and your nipples harden painfully so as he coaxes you to a swift climax, too swift. It caught you off guard, and he continues to suck on your clit; teases the swollen bud with his mouth while your body quivers and quakes, hypersensitive and desperate for more.
“Fuck, please –“, you whimper while he continues to lap at your pussy.
He’s not using his fingers this time to prepare you, but his nails dig into your flesh and the hold on your thighs is strong enough to keep you from moving away.
“Please what?”, he asks, like the tease he is, and you roll your eyes as you bite your bottom lip hard.
“Would you please be so kind and fuck me, sir?”, you ask, equally mocking.
He chuckles lowly as he stands up again, a lopsided smile on his lips as he peers down at you. He licks his bottom lip while his chin is still glistening with your juices, and when you accept the hand he offered you to take, he helps you off the counter.
“Turn around now”, he orders, with a nod, still smiling as he takes off his shirt. You do as he says, and when your back is turned to him, you shiver when his hands caress your shoulders, down your back as he leans in.
“You see, there is so much more to sex, love. There are so many things for you to learn and experience, let this be one of those things”
Goosebumps rise on your skin as his breath tickles along your neck before he pushes you forward until your hands lay flat on the counter.
“You might want to hold on tightly”, he says and chuckles while his fingers tickle along your spine. You grip the edge of the counter and let him put you into position. “Now give me a number between one and ten for a start”
“Why? What for?”
“Have you ever been spanked?”
You look at him over your shoulder and puff a laugh. “Once as a child”
He raises an eyebrow, serious as ever, and you try to suppress the nervous giggle bubbling up in your throat. You let your head fall forward with a sigh. “Fine…three”, you answer eventually though it feels ridiculous.
“Four? Alright then”
“Four? I didn–“
Suddenly, his large palm connects with your ass cheeks with a loud smack and you let out a huff before sucking in a breath through your teeth.
“You better start counting, my love”, he tells you smugly as he caresses the back of your thighs. “Or do you want me to stop?”
You exhale slowly as you ponder. The pain was sharp, it hurt, yes, but the way he is talking to you, treating you afterwards, makes you feel a certain way.
Another spank, harsher than the first, but he soothes his palm over your stinging skin while he leans in to place kisses on your shoulder blade. “Are you okay?”
His breath ghosts over your skin as he chuckles before another slap follows. Your nails dip into the counter, your breasts feel heavy as your chest heaves slowly. You gasp and stick your ass out further when his fingers rub your wet folds and tease your entrance.
“Seems like you’re enjoying yourself, hm?”
“Three”, you hiss through clenched teeth, and he retrieves his fingers from your pussy before giving you one final slap. You whimper as the pain pulsates beneath your skin, but the Salesman is swift to distract you.
“How many were that now?”
You hear some shuffling behind you along with the zipper of his pants, and your mind goes fuzzy for a second as he stands closer to you.
“Four, sir”, you answer sensually, and you bite back a moan as you feel him coating his cock with your wetness before lining up the tip with your entrance.
“I believe that is right”, he purrs while he pushes in slowly until his cock is buried deep within your slick core. “You’ve been so good for me, love”
You moan wantonly at his praise while he gets a hold on the nape of your neck, and you lean forward as he guides you until your chest meets the cool surface of the counter. The new sensations make your heart pound violently while you risk drowning in pleasure.
He pulls out, and thrusts back in repeatedly, all while holding onto your neck and waist to keep you in place. Your eyes are squeezed shut as your forehead rests on your arm; the searing tension is ready to snap, almost ready to combust, but your muscles are sore, and your clit is throbbing, just yearning to be stimulated.
You moan and whine as he picks up the pace. He lets go off the back of your neck eventually, and as if he has read your mind, his free hand delves between your legs to tease your clit as his hips snap forward.
“Can you finish for me now, Y/N?”, he mutters raggedly as you push back against his thrusts.
You focus on the feeling of his cock massaging your walls, his fingers working on your clit, and your muscles start to tighten.
“H-harder!“, you beg desperately, and when his cock plunges into your pussy two, three, four more times, you bite your arm to muffle your moans as you dissolve into mind-numbing pleasure. Your pussy throbs, your walls clench around his length, and his thrusts become erratic as his climax follows quick.
He groans and grunts as he pulls out suddenly. You can feel his warm release on your lower back and ass cheeks before it starts to drip down the back of your legs, and you want to say something, tell him you’ll need a better solution for that in the future, perhaps a cuss, but you can simply hold onto the counter and catch your breath while he shuffles around in the kitchen behind you.
Your legs are still trembling when he returns, and you gasp slightly when he wipes his cum off your body with a wet towel. He’s humming softly while you hide your flustered face away from him.
“You didn’t even react when I told you that your debts are paid”
You lift your head as he throws the towel into the trashcan and you notice that he is looking at you, so you avert your eyes again. The floor is still a mess, your robe has soaked up most of the coffee spilled on the floor, and you don’t know how to response to that.
“I wasn’t lying, you know? You are free to leave though I’d rather have you stay with me, Y/N”
You watch as he gets the dustpan and brush from a cabinet to clean up the broken cup pieces.
“I wasn’t lying either”, you answer, swallowing hard as you go to stand on wobbly legs. “I don’t want to leave you, but –“
“Young-Jae”, he mutters, not bothering to look at you as he sweeps the floor. “That’s my name, by the way”
Young-Jae → rich ; mountains of prosperity ♥
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Mister. Would you like to play a game with me?
Gong Yoo in SQUID GAME | 오징어 게임 (2021)
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Gong Yoo for Marie Claire x Chanel (2021)
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