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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Why Lucifer? Why?

Why would you do this to me. Season 4 of Lucifer finally landed in the UK today. All episodes dropped at once and two weeks before exams. Why would you do this to me, I’m not gonna want to revise now, am I. It would have been alright if it was one episode a week.

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“Crap, time to stop distracting myself with Borderlands and start reading the book I was meant to finish by today. What was it about again?”

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Ohhh yeah, thats’ right. Damn.  

(Amped, by Daniel H. Wilson, 2012)

(So, I speed-read the book and … oh man. Yeah, there are a LOT of similar themes, devices and scenes here, when compared with the stuff that later appeared in Tales. A LOT. If you’re into That Sort of Thing, you will definitely get something from it. Oh yes, and there’s a character in it called Vaughn, and it really messed with me!)

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Semi long post ahead

Hey y’all, so it’s finals week here. I’m on my way to a meeting. I slip and bust my ass on some ice on campus. A nice campus officer stops and helps me, also takes my statement. I make it to my meeting. (Please not that my laptop is in my bag) I get back home and I take out my laptop to continue work on my finals, my laptop screen doesn’t turn on.


The laptop itself turns on. But not the screen.

Before I start flipping shit I email my professors and tell them what’s going on, then I start flipping shit. I call OPS (Office of Public Safety) and tell them what happened. They already have my name from literally less than an hour ago.

They have me come in with my laptop to give a written statement. I do. I’m hurting as I walk over.

I’m fucked. My life is falling apart before my eyes. I’m gonna fail two classes because my university can’t fucking put salt down when they need to.

Long post short, my laptop is fucked and any writing I wanted to get done over my break has been put on hold until I can get a new laptop. Which might be a while cause I’m poor.

My life is falling apart.

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