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#gonna go away for a bit

yeah my bad, I did post that update at about 5am which is……. not a great look for me, probably :P

there’s no need to worry about me though!! a lot of people think I don’t get enough sleep because they often see me online at odd hours, often early hours, but in reality I get a lot of sleep!! too much, maybe!! I just have some fatigue issues which means I generally need to sleep for 12 - 14 hours to feel rested, so this inevitably means I have a lot of trouble sticking to a regular sleep schedule……… not enough hours in the day to accommodate me, y'feel

but ye thanks for watching out for me that’s very sweet of you!!!!!! I’m lookin after myself :D I hope you’re taking care too and having a nice day!!

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I want cuddles. And as AMAZING as Indiana is, he can only handle the amount of body heat I give off for like 30 minutes, then the has to go cool off. Doesn’t matter that it’s 44* outside and I have the AC on at full blast inside plus he has zero blankets on him, but nope, the human furnace that I am is like “oh? another being is laying against me? Time to warm them like they are near a fire!” but then it just never stops being hot. So…someone who can’t handle the cold without cursing the sky, come on over, because you will never be cold at night again.

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oh is it time to listen to bizarre love triangle and feel things? i guess it is

#every time my dad enters my home he makes me sad, #like just. its not that hes mean or anything its just somehow i keep hoping for literally anything but like, #every interaction is so completely underwhelming and dissapointing, #like fucks sake ive been watching shit on my phone very obviously so he'll ask the simplest question of hey watcha watchin, #nothing. nada. threatens to get cameras in the house bc i said idk who used up the paper towels. sick of this shit, #CANNOT wait to see my aunt she's always been so loving, #god cant wait... i wonder if my cousins will be home from school for the break, #Like Okay I could deal with being romantically broken hearted ive been surviving for over a year just fine but??? no family love hurt, #like its so damn frustrating! four people in this house and not one of them couldve turned out to be emotionally sensitive???, #my sisters cool but like. im not really a priority to her i can tell and we're not close, #i was the worst of the kids growing up my other siblings didnt like me, #okay im starting to go down a little bit of a spiral and i think its bc the sun is setting so im gonna chillax, #like urgh it so hard to describe this feeling like, #explaining it to someone whos family loves them theyd be like horrified but its not that insane its like, #being love blueballed like im so close to a fucking MOLECULE of serotonin and i just cant get it, #like oh my god. you ALMOST asked me about my day!!!!! PLEASE god do it i need it, #and also like there is a deep sadness tied to it but its one i dont understand bc, #its not like i had the family love and it went away ive existed without it and i know theres something fundamentally wrong with  me bc of it, #but i cant understand how it would feel to have it bc ive never had it. like it would be sad but i dont know what it is im missing, #anyways gonna knit, #knitting solves problems, #connor talks
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Listening Outpost 9 sat silently on top of a cliff, round roof reflecting the shining stars above except for the small set of three antennas proudly situated right on top in the middle of the roof. Two of them were rotating around the biggest of the three, catching noises and data from all the surrounding land.
Not that the surrounding land was much to look at or listen to.
Listening Outpost 9 was one of the last ones still standing, still being operated by a Listener.
Just one.

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