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#gonna go away for a bit
bionicboxes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tune the transmission. Tune the transmission. Tune the traNSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. TUNE THE TRANSMISSION. T̴͙̞̻̣́̓̂͘Ṷ̸͎͔̭͌Ṉ̴̋͛̐͂E̶̢̛̮͇̅͂ ̵̜̠̱̱̈̈́̃̌T̶̤̤̹̔H̷̯̦͔̐́̓E̶̗͉͐̈́ ̷̢̛̿͌͝ͅT̶̙̤̝̒͐R̴̤̰̈́͊̿A̵̙͙̣͎̿͋N̷̰̒͘Ş̷̩̝̈̇M̷̙͒͋̾͌Ȉ̶̡̱͠Ş̵̛̭̼̹̍̔S̵̥̫̏͊I̷͓͊̇O̴̪͋͘Ǹ̵̙̰̈́̚͝.
Thank you for your cooperation. 
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batshit-birds · 7 months ago
alright so I spent like....four hours drawing the reverse au Wren uniforms for Damian, Tim, and Jason last night/this morning. And i'm not gonna let them just sit in my drafts so y'all are gonna see them and i'm gonna ramble about them
don't bother clicking on them for better quality, these were really really tiny sketches so they're grainy as hell zoomed in. also just assume all of them have padded knuckles, I couldn't be damned to put effort into their hands lmao
Tumblr media
first up we've got Damian. I took inspo from his iconic Robin look and his new outfit from his upcoming solo (im so fucking stoked).
It's a little artsy, but not very bold. He's going for a more stealthy look like the goth bastard he is. The inside of the cape is a slightly lighter red to break up the monotony and make the uniform as a whole easier to look at. The back of his cape has a built in sword hilt, and the boots are toe boots
Tumblr media
Tim's next! Ah, look how happy and healthy he looks. Rest in peace bro
This one takes inspo from some of his Robin looks and Damian's Wren uniform. Though, Tim did actively design it to be distanced from Damian's, so that it didn't seem like he was copying Damian or replacing him. Tim's is more simple with a brighter red and it focuses on the symbol. His boots are steel toed for more kick, and a...forearm computer? Y'all know what i'm talking about hopefully. Anyway that thing is strapped to his right arm over his glove. Also Tim culture is saying 'fuck sleeves'
Tumblr media
and finally we have Jason. For some reason his skin saturation got a lil fucked up. Ya can't have shit on Tumblr
Jason snatched inspo from both Damian and Tim, while still stylizing it to suit his personality. He went for a bolder contrast with an even brighter, almost peppy red, going so far as to make his entire cape the same cherry color. The cape is back to the classic 'tastefully tattered' look, though on this Jason isn't copying Damian, he's copying his dad
Fun fact - there are three trackers and two panic buttons on/in Jason's uniform, just to be extra careful. Which is endearing until you think about why
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welcometogrouchland · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Late night conversations with the bestie about slowly becoming an avatar of terror <3 part 2 of the spiral!Sasha au, this time featuring more Tim, more angst, and more knife hands (please click for quality (and look in the tags for Lore™)) image ID by @mag170
[ID: a five page digital comic of Sasha James and Tim Stoker from The Magnus Archives in a spiral!Sasha AU. The background is a dark purple and there's coloured iconograpy of various entities on the panels, specifically spirals, eyes, webs, and theatre masks. Tim is Malaysian with several round scars, short black hair, a lavender shirt and a green hooded vest, Sasha is Black with long curly brown hair, round glasses, a light blue longsleeve, and a purple skirt.
1: A full page drawing shows Sasha lying on her back on a dark blue couch with her hands folded on her stomach, Tim sits with his back against the armrest and his hands under his legs. Sasha says: "I don't know. Lately I've just been feeling like the rug is constantly getting pulled out from under me, what with Jon and... the incident with detective Tonner." Tim replies: "I feel you. Things have gone to hell lately. I'd like to knock out Elias's teeth as much as the next guy and, quite frankly, I wouldn't mind an apology from Jon for all the stalking but... *sigh* ...I don't know. At least we have each other." Sasha: "True. I just wish I could know what was going on, that I could get a straight answer out of Elias... that things weren't so uncertain... all the doubt and anxiety... it reminds me of the corridors."
2: The first two panels show Tim, looking to the side as he says: "I get it. After my brother... every face looked rubber to me. Everyone smiled too wide. I felt so alone." He turns his head to the side and continues: "Going through that... it changes you. And not for the better, no 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. But I'm here and so are you. Y'know, despite it all." The next panel shows Sasha from above, she's blushing and raising one hand and says: "Yeah..." This is followed by a close up of her raised hand shown against the ceiling, the panel is cut off by another showing the same hand with spirals on the knuckles and long pointed extensions on her fingers, the ceiling is replaced by a yellow and pink spiral and the panel is surrounded by pink spirals. A close up of Sasha's eyes shows her looking shocked.
3: Sasha shoots upright, staring at her hand and screaming. Her speech bubble has a faint multicoloured spiral in it. Tim turns around with a worried look and asks: "Sasha?" The next panel shows Sasha from the front, still staring at her hand. Tim has stood up, clutching one hand to his chest, and asks: "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Sasha looks behind her, surrounded by spirals and a wide, toothy grin, and replies: "Oh, um, I'm fine, just-". Tim looks her in the eye and cuts her off: "Bullshit."
4: Three panels are spread diagonally over the page, the other two corners are filled with text that fades out at the edges over a purple spirally background with a white hand with long pointed fingers. The text is from Sasha's statement in the spiral AU, the image in the top right corner is upside down. In the top left corner Tim continues: "Pretending you're fine when you're not is a classic Stoker move, and I don't intend to let you get away with it. You don't have to be 'fine' all the time, Sash. You know I'm here for you." Sasha looks away, above her are two pieces of text, one reads: I'm here for you. The other reads: Ha ha. She then turns back with her eyes closed and answers: "I know."
5: Five panels, first two close ups of their hands. Sasha reaches for Tim, her hand displays white phantom fingers that are long and pointed, around her arm are pink spirals. Tim's arm is surrounded by pink mannequin hands, between their hands are ellipsis. Sasha then firmly grabs Tim's hand. Their hands are surrounded by an orange wavy line and eyes, while an angry looking face with spiral eyes and a wide toothy mouth looks on from Sasha's side and a sad theatre mask with an X for an eye looks on from Tim's. The next two panels are close ups of Sasha and Tim respectively. Sasha is smiling and has a fond look as she says: "I'm here for you too." Tim blushes and smiles back, glancing sideways at Sasha. The final panel shows them silhouetted and looking at each other, Sasha on the couch, Tim against the armrest. End ID]
#the magnus archives#tma#sasha james#tim stoker#spiral! sasha#timsasha#can be interpreted as platonic or romantic i think? that's kind of what i was going for at least#i was barely able to hold myself back from making a sixth page because apparently im a masochist#it was just gonna be extra dialogue but i decided to just trust myself and my ability to communicate w my art#anyway yeah tim and sasha have a death grip on my psyche so of course the next comic had to be about them!#tim is still dealing w trauma in this au he's just not as bad as he was in season 3 in canon#I see tim as very people oriented? he's got his ingrained flaws and his scars BUT if he has support he deals w that better#and in regards to sasha i think (at the time of this comic) she's in an uncertain place? she doesn't know what's going on with jon or-#-not!daisy and elias won't give answers so she's feeling a bit paranoid and disoriented (which just fuels the spiral)#and it's only when she starts to fuel the spiral herself does she gain a footing again (but that's obviously at other ppls expense and-#-then WHOOPS it's a classic tma moral quandary)#((in regards to avatar stuff: i think Sasha gets very tempted by monsterhood (because having power after you've been repeatedly victimised-#-is something that's really hard to turn away) BUT i think that sasha ''all we have is our actions to say who we are'' james would try and-#-pull herself away from feeding on people like jon and daisy in s4. i don't think she'd leave the institute but she'd probably feel really-#-guilty about having a domain in season 5))#also the knife hands panels: idk if they're just in Sasha's head? i think they're like. the spiral taunting her with what she's becoming#and only she can see it#OK TAG RANT OVER ENJOY CONTENT#page stretcher#long post
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s-trawberri-e · a month ago
talk of empires s2, what if there was something different going on? 
xornoth hits everybody with a big tidal wave, everybody floats away, all beaching on little islands that seem to be part of an archipelago, and they start assuming everybody else to be dead. some wash up together. as they start to build up new empires, theres a need for resources, so they go exploring- there are a few islands on the horizon anyways. as they near the shore of the opposing islands, they notice docks, homes, flickering lights on the horizon. i really have no more ideas so if you wanna carry on from this i dont mind but i think its a decent idea. 
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devilgem · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
assorted roleswap au doodes, which is very self indulgent & stars jay as the single dad protag with a missing kid. some context under the cut. did i mention this is extremely self indulgent.
1) jay and his newborn babby girl, years before the events of the hospital takes place. there’s a whole story behind how baby blue came to be, but that means i gotta tread waist-deep into the headcanons i have for jaybird. long story short, less than a year after divorcing karen, he is urged by good natured coworkers who tire of seeing his miserable ass work day in and day out to get back into the dating game-- only to come back out with babb. oops.
2) panel redraw; post-cafeteria arc, which is the equivalent of the morgue arc here. for a bit of backstory: flair planted seeds to strain the burgrr crew’s relationship that led to them separating, that left an open gateway for her to successfully hijack the conceptual core of the cafeteria zone and fulfill her never-ending greed for more,more and more profit.
back at the hospital, flair is nothing more than a fun-sized pin. jay could easily kick her across the room.
3-4) jay being appreciated by his new companions, whom he supposes aren’t so bad.
he shows up to the cafeteria, meets the burgrr gang one by one, gets ‘em to reconcile, get ‘adopted’ by said gang, and teamed up to take down this Soulless Corporate Witch™ to take back their much beloved kitchen...all by sheer accident. they sure took to heart his rant about his shitty job back at the gray...
5) gynnie’s a new pal he finds in the plank maze, gynecologist and former head of the maternity ward- which she cant go back to, as she knows in current hospital conditions she’d likely be a threat to him than help. she is kind and patient with jay, as she is with everyone she comes across, but she also knows when to be firm when the latter acts out irrationally.
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ryssbelle · a month ago
Was playing around in GMOD and looked into the mirror I just shot at and I was like “That would make a good shot,” so I took some screenshots and I think they look cool and I’m right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I took a few more but they’re off center cuz when I took a screen shot my mouse appeared so I thought I had to be way off to the side to make it work, It didn’t look as good as these two
If you’re wondering what model I’m using it’s a mixture of models, its a Hyrule warriors set of npc models, then the ragdolls/player models which is needed for the npcs, then a transformation swep which turns your current model into the fierce deity with the change sound effect. I have a collection of all my addons if you don’t want to go searching for it I just started playing GMod so it’s not a lot, nor is it very organized lol. Also if you have any good addon suggestions please tell me, I’m trying to get all the addons my friend has (so her stuff doesn’t pop up as errors anymore) but I also wanna get more than that for when I’m playing on my own
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batdisaster · 7 months ago
Say what you want about the MCU but comparing it to the Dream SMP in analysis really helps!! Like there are people who only like the Ant Man standalone films and don't care about the rest of the movies. This could be a Season 2 Ponk viewer or an early Season 3 Foolish viewer- the central plotline isn't the focal point.
There are people who only catch a few mid-phase films, but they get the gist of the plot from the main Avengers films. This would be busy people who mainly watch animatics, or people who catch one or two streams and then watch the finale.
And then, there are people who watch all of the movies, back to back, absorb as much information about every character as possible, and get the most out of every tidbit of information.
Now bearing in mind for the MCU, the Dream SMP, and lets be honest, any media; there's no wrong way to enjoy it. If you watched Thor Ragnarok and didn't watch anything else, no one is going to come bashing down your door to attack you. But if you start trying to analyse Doctor Strange based on his 3 minute appearance in the movie, we're going to start having problems.
And I know this is a controversial topic as I'm writing this but.. narrative structure also works this way.
Just as a charm of the DSMP is that you can enjoy any POV, a charm of the MCU is that you can enjoy any individual movie. But this doesn't erase the fact that there definitely are overall main characters, and an overall story.
Valkyrie is a main character in Thor Ragnarok, but if you try to posit her as a main character of the MCU you're kidding yourself. You could take her out of the entire story and nothing substantial would change. Hell, you could even take the entire character of Thor out of the movies, and nothing would change.
And while it's important to let people pontificate over characters and write paragraphs upon paragraphs on a single stream, you also need to let people face the reality that there is most definitely an overarching plot to the SMP as a whole. I don't know how anyone could have missed this when OOC, cc!Dream was talking about a big event to pull all the plot points together.
And you can also see this in character reactions; c!Jack literally dying and returning from hell is a plot point only brought up and practically only known by him. No one else brings it up unless it was actively a part of the conversation.
Conversely, the moment Tommy lost his last canon life, nearly every single person on the server scrambled to find a way to know that this had happened in character (or just straight up metagaming) and then proceeded to react to this one specific event for a stream or even several.
Now is Tommy's plotline taken more seriously because of his importance to the story, or is it a never ending cycle of good acting -> high viewer count -> story given more importance -> people taking it seriously -> good acting, and round and round and round? My guess is a good as yours.
But it doesn't really change the fact that Tommy has all the tropes of a main character, all the history of a main character, all the importance of a main character, and is practically the one foil/genuine threat to the absolute monster of a supervillain that is c!Dream.
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peachysamu · a month ago
Sakusa is sentimental and although almost everything he owns is tidy, his night stand is a brimming mess of nostalgic memories. He keeps every card I’ve written him, ticket stubs, a faded receipt from our first date, and priceless memories at an arm’s length away just in case he needs it.
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quick-drawn · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
;; okay but,,
          STRIKE COMMANDER COLTON CASSIDY does have a certain ring to it —
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chaoticspacefam · a month ago
WIP Ask Game!
I was tagged by @swtorpadawan​  , thank you! :D
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it. And then tag as many people as you have WIPs. No pressure as always, only if you want to, I’m not gonna have as many people to tag as I have WIPs cause a lot of my friends and mutuals have def already been tagged for this, but incase anyone has something they’d like to share here: @darth-bagel , @elaphaemourra , @mercurypilgrim , @the-raven-of-highever , @outcastcommander , @walk-ng-d-saster , @thedinalixlegacy and anyone else that hasn’t been tagged yet but wants to join in! Yes, I promise I mean you! :3
So, without further ado, the WIPs! I have so many hahaha help me *cries* and not enough time in a day to finish any of them rn (Strikhedonia is top-priority on the list, sorry you’ve been waiting so long for that prompt Anto ✨✨I’m Garbage✨✨ 😂)
Creeping Shadows 8 (working title)
Creeping Shadows 9 (working title)
By The Stars 1: Bury Me Face Down
By The Stars 2: I’m An Animal, You’re An Animal
By The Stars ??: I Don’t Dance
Yes, I Know I’m A Wolf (connected to “And I’ve Been Known To Bite”)
And I’ve Been Known To Bite (connected to “Yes, I Know I’m A Wolf”)
You’re In My Veins
I Am Not A Machine!
SoR Filler: Hello (working title)
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