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#gonna have to get a new one soon

Imagine waking up to find out one of your guinea pigs died with an unknown cause… That happened to me just today, rest in piece Cleo, you were a silly, fun guinea pig 😔✊💔

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2020 was a shit show but I watched so many good shows & movies for the first time and I honestly don’t know if I will ever watch SO much great stuff in one year again. A series of unfortunate events, the office, community, anne with an e, the umbrella academy, and the queens gambit are just my favorites but i also watched a handful of other things i enjoyed. I even rewatched some of these things already. I had seen a few episodes of some of these things, but 2020 is the year i watched them completely from start to finish

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yesterday i was reading about the wolves situation in my hometown and how on paper, they’re a protected species and can’t be hunted, but in reality you can get a permit to kill them, and how its basically given out to anyone who asks for it, making their “protected species” status useless and meaningless

out of all the articles that i read, this one headline caught my attention: “349 livestock animals killed by wolves this year”, insinuating that’s a big number and justifying the persecution of the iberian wolf by farmers???

how many fucking animals have died on the hands of humans??? one single farmer has killed FAR more animals than the entire wolf population there has killed this year

like what the fuck do you expect wolves to do??? starve to death after being pushed off their territories because some asshole wants to build a new farm on a protected land?? how the fuck does this make sense??

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