#gonna try to finish this by next week!
why-the-heck-not · 9 months ago
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18.04.21, sunday, 17:21
strawberries and cigarettes code that doesn't fuckin work
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ra-vio · 3 months ago
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help the youth are tryna make a role model outta me
this is the pure hills re[in] crossover event story
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essektheylyss · 5 months ago
I'm procrastinating on other more pressing writing so have a bit of a wip that I am not letting myself properly work on until I finish my current projects, so I can motivate myself to get there:
His head is heavy, far heavier than he anticipated, and he sits in the ruins of this spell for a long moment, pressing his palms gingerly to curved horns that mirror the ones of the woman lounging on the chaise across from him.
And then his eyes find Caleb’s, who is staring at him with… as best he can describe it, something akin to awe.
Caleb swallows slowly, then closes his spellbook.
“Well,” Essek says. He doesn’t speak any differently, and when he stretches his fingers out in front of him, they do not look particularly different than the ones he knows. “This is, ah, interesting.”
He presses his hands to the horns again, smooth and hard as ivory, with the barest hint of a dimpled ridge along the top as they curl around his ears and come to an outward point.
“Essek, you look so great!” Jester squeals, sitting up and tucking her legs under her. He pulls his own knees towards his chest as he remembers that he is not wearing any clothing.
“Thank you, Jester,” he says, and when his hands travel to his face, the structure is not much different. The points of his ears have a bit of a round to them, not quite as long and tapered as before, but otherwise he does not feel fundamentally different. Even the sharp fangs in his mouth are the same. “May I have—“
Caleb stands wordlessly and finds his clothing on the bed, passing it back to him, then turning away to busy himself with his spellbook and component bag to give him some amount of privacy. Jester, predictably, does not.
“You know, you still kinda look like an elf, like your ears are way more pointy than mine, but like, maybe your mom hooked up with a devil once—“
“Jester, I would much prefer we don’t speak of my mother ‘hooking up’ with anyone, thank you.”
He pulls his robe around himself and stands, and—
“Oh,” he mumbles, as he almost falls over, and Jester rushes to catch his arm.
His body may not feel different, but there is something deeply wrong with his balance, and after a moment’s probing of the feeling in his limbs, he has a feeling it has something to do with both the additional pressure in his skull that his horns are causing, and the tail that he has up until now not noticed.
“Ah,” he comments dryly. “I briefly forgot that tieflings have an additional appendage.”
“Oh no,” Jester says, but the elated giggling she is hiding poorly behind the hand not occupied with holding him steady does not match her words. “Essek, we’re going to need to get you new clothes.”
Caleb has been fiddling with his component pouch for a bit too long to be believable.
He gives the tail—his tail, Light above and below—an experimental twitch, then catches the spade-shaped end of it.
Like the horns, it has a bit of a spine to it, just reminiscent of something reptilian, but the flesh is as soft as any other part of his body, and, as he feels for it, finally recognizes the nerve sensations coming from it.
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st-hedge · 6 months ago
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I wonder if I’ll be able to make sense of these “here is an idea finish it later” scribbles tomorrow
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stickrsheet · 22 days ago
I am on the verge of fully forgetting to submit my entire module of uni work at this rate
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fruitgoat · a month ago
No! Bad fruitgoat!
*gently strikes own nose with rolled up newspaper*
You are already too far down the papercraft and watercolor and gel print artistic journey to be seriously looking at other endeavors. Put that sewing machine down. Put those patterns down. Put the fabric you've been saving for years back in the box. Right now is NOT the proper time. Yes, tweaking the designs of mid-century couture to make them work for a larger modern woman is a super fun idea. And you'd probably have a lot of fun doing it. Just imagine all the pockets and all the flowers.
But NOT RIGHT NOW. No. This is the year you were going to really refine your skills so you can finally offer both completely one of a kind bespoke pieces AND prints. You're also going to finish writing at least 6 novels next year, if I remember correctly. And you have a large garden that needs planting/tending. And you're going to be working double your current hours come January. And you still have to keep up with your other obligations.
So no sewing. Okay. Fine. As long it's only for funsies.
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elvensemi · 16 days ago
Thank u to the people who've sent me kind messages regarding KS and my spicy fun bisexual trauma. Even if I never finish it, it'll always be an important and fun part of my journey as a writer. I may have moved more towards original and academic writing, but fanfic is still an absolute delight.
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ivyandink · a month ago
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These look like yearbook photos lol
But I just think it’s so neat looking at them all side by side 😭 
Father, son + daughter // Mother + daughter
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aerielz · 9 months ago
the good days of two days ago
fandom: the west wing pairing: JD wc: 1357 tw: canon-compliant ptsd and self-harm
Josh had been avoiding GW like the plague, which is at least half the reason he didn't think to go have his hand looked at.
Of course, this is where Donna brings him.
He does his best not to hesitate too much when they walk in, and is pleasantly surprised when he goes through the doors and can still breathe right. Nothing changes. He doesn't have the knee-jerk reaction he thought he'd have. Still, it feels weird. The walls are recognizable. He can name some of the faces behind the counters, knows which ways go where.
But this is after. And, somehow, after feels worse.
People find it hard to believe he remembers anything after his surgery — and to be fair it's less of a remembrance and more of an acceptance of what he's been told —, but what he finds harder to believe is the extent of his own hubris.
He's well aware that when he asked "what's next?", he couldn't have known that three months later he'd be regretting that question this much.
(Almost dying had to have been as bad as it could get. Right? So bring on the next challenge.)
But he does know now, and he wants, more than anything, to go back to the perfect bliss of ignorance. To that moment just before the bullet pierced his skin, when he didn't know he was capable of harming himself just so he could concentrate on something other than his own thoughts. When his future consisted of nothing wilder than a celebratory beer before dinner.
There will never be a moment like that one again.
When he sits down on a chair and lets Donna take care of everything, this is when it finally hits him.
Even if he's ever done with this. Even if he can accept that he'll get better — and the jury is still out on that one — he'll never know what it's like to not have been shot at, anymore. He'll never know what's like to not have nightmares about it. To not feel like his own mind is not safe anymore. To not have to battle his own head for a second of peace.
He'll always know this, now.
It's an integral part of who he is whether he likes it or not and he doesn't, and the tall darkness of that truth casts a long shadow over everything else.
He flexes his hand and the sharp pain makes him wince, cutting his train or thoughts. He takes a look at Donna, who's talking to… Laura, he thinks, about God knows what.
And he can't feel anything.
Where once was this warm feeling at just the sight of her, Josh finds only space. A big, empty, space where he knows the doubts will go and disturbing thoughts will pool to form a lake for him to drown in.
There are many of those spaces, these days.
He almost bled to death in Rosslyn, and he was still alive when they took him out of there, but he wonders—
"What have I left there…?" he mutters to himself.
"At the White House?” Donna asks, sitting beside him. “You can get it back later."
Josh swallows, not sure how to explain himself.
“Yeah.” He's never felt so tired. A tired he knows sleep can't fix. "Sure."
Donna stirs beside him.
He feels her silence, rather than listens for it. Feels her thinking. Gets a little jealous that she can do it this freely.
"You know..." She says, "when I was a kid, I must've been about thirteen, I tripped on a cat and broke my arm."
Josh glances sideways to her instinctively. There's much he doesn't know anymore, but his body still knows the movement of their routines, and he's glad when he realizes those can still carry him through the motions of being him.
Donna gives him an embarrassed smile, continues, "Yeah, it's was this stupid— we had this gray cat who was always running around the house and this one time Angie was at a party, it was Halloween.
“My brothers were out, too, I can't remember where they went— anyway, it was just me and mom, at home, and I had come down with something. A flu, I think. People were having fun and I was just there watching some movie on TV, bored out of my mind. I was sick, I couldn't do anything about it. So... at some point the movie went to commercials, right, and I went to my bedroom to get something. I heard it coming back and I ran back to the TV room. The freaking cat ran in front of me, got tangled in my legs and I fell down on my left arm.”
There's a second while he processes that information.
"This is so very you," he says, "You know that, right?"
"Yes," she covers her face with her hands,  "Yes, I do."
"No, I just—" but how can he explain? How can he make her see that, right now, knowing solid things about one's self feels to him like the highest of compliments?—
"The thing is, Josh," she interrupts, fingers nervously fiddling with a loose string in her coat, "What really happened is that I did try to do something about being sick.
“Mom kept some of the stronger medicine we had on a high shelf in the bathroom. There was nothing there that could get me out of a flu, I mean, it's a flu you mostly just wait it out. But I didn't want to wait anymore so—”, she has a rueful smile on her lips, now, “I couldn't reach it. The shelf. So I tried balancing on the lip of the bathtub. Mom was in the kitchen but the cat was there. He was just… looking at me. Like he knew this was gonna be blamed on him. Anyway, I fell. And I broke my arm. But it was hard to believe that truly happened, I couldn't believe I’d been so stupid. And so I—"
"Tripped on the cat," he finishes.
"I tripped on the cat," she repeats, "I think my mom knew anyway...? I think she saw right through it the moment she took a good look at me. But she never said anything, she just... took me to the hospital, and took care of me. She knew it would hurt too much to explain”.
There's a pause, just a moment, and in Josh flashes the understanding that she's never told this anyone.
"Whatever it is you forgot at the White House, you'll get it back," she tells him.
Josh feels water spring from under his eyes, and the light bouncing off her hair feels too bright. He directs his gaze back to the posters on the other side of the corridor.
"There's a bunch of people there to help," she continues, "We'll find it eventually. You don't have to look on your own."
He can't find his voice to answer, he just nods.
“Besides, the important things always turn up eventually,” she says, still solemn. Then she takes a sharp turn towards the trivial, “Oh, and did you know the White House has one of the best lost and found departments out there? All that security, I mean, figures.”
She starts describing the intricate world of lost articles and they get called up by a nurse.
He doesn't wonder what's next, this time. He does his best not to ask himself if he'll ever feel that warmth at the sight of her again — he doesn't want to burden himself with concerns for the future when the present feels uncertain enough.
There will be more challenges to face, for sure. But right now, there's this. His head blissfully empty and the sound of her voice, anchoring him outside of his own mind. He doesn't have to remember the gaps, and the empty spaces, or worry about where the pleasant things that were in there went.
Josh can just listen to her. The ebb and flow of her voice, loud and clear and rising high above the sounds of the emergency room.
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lylahammar · 11 months ago
Up at 2:23 am thinkin about my comic and gettin too excited to sleep hggfhdjj
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cottageivy · 8 months ago
reminder to get outside today, even if it’s just for ten minutes eating a meal or just sitting out and reading! it genuinely helps so much
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edgymuses · 3 months ago
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Just want to apologize for anyone new to this blog for not trying to push a starter call or asks memes more on here. I’ve been super busy with school. Once I’m on vacation, I want to focus on old starters, ask memes and drafts but if that’s all cleared or lowered I’ll be sure to share that more. I might revamp my starter call (this blog in general lol). Just want to say thank you for being so patient and understanding with me! 💜 I’ll be a little more active on my IMS and discord while I’m doing homework so feel free to message me or ask for my discord
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calicoture · 11 months ago
HELLO lgbtq community im just realizing how empty my rant/thoughts tag is so have this pynch wip while i make a mess on the tags
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minki-s · 2 months ago
ive done absolutely nothing today except finish a bunch of homework and bake some cookies for one of my classes tmrw </3
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slitherbop · a year ago
To the ppl who wanted me to make a speedpaint, you’ll love how it went HORRIBLY! Boss Leadah fanart + the song Abyss from DDR, recorded last night, took all night to process, all day to edit/render, indeed a nightmare
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revanchxst · 5 months ago
why is writing hard
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cardboardfisher · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Small WIP post before I sleep ~~ this blog will be a little quiet until early November while I finish up at Uni.
But rn I’m working on a series of DnD inspired character designs. This little guy is a Halfling Sea Sorcerer
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asfdhgsdkjhgb · 7 hours ago
heartbreaking news cozy masc king no longer cozy due to the fact that he remembered that theres school tomorrow and he needs to plug his phone in. cozy masc king also turned miserable pile of stress due to finals week- barely begun but already kicking his ass
#we didnt even have school today but yeah finals week #how fun #i was going to record the audio for my film project over the weekend bc tomorrow is the LAST DAY to finish it up so i was gonna #real quick get audio done over the weekend so i could just pop it into premiere and finish up my final touches during class #(i already got all the video clips filmed and edited n stuff last week) but of course i totally forgot to record the audio and its way #too late in the night rn to do any of that which means ill either have to use up class time tomorrow recording (which i dont think is #a good idea time wise i dont think ill have enough time to both record and finish editing) or more likely ill just go into a practice room #during my lunch period and hope that im able to get a good take #(to be fair its not like i eat lunch at school anyways but i do have the same lunch as 2 of my friends and itll suck not seeing them) #and also the reason ive been up this late was bc i was starting to build a muppet (for my history final) #which once again i am running short on time on that final is wednesday so i have to finish it tomorrow after school #even tho i was hoping to spend most of my weekend working on it i wasnt able to get supplies until today so i had to try my best #to get a start earlier and rn my brain is too tired to do any more #urg at least i already have part of one of my classes finals done and over with i had a performance final last friday and it wasnt the worst #like i couldve done a lot better and honestly my team did a lot better the day BEFORE the final when we were running our sets but whatever #and then the written part is thursday and hopefully i wont do too bad #the one class i havent mentioned yet tho... yikes i am not hopeful. we did a review in class the other day and i remembered JACK SHIT #its fineeeee everything is fineeeeeeee #finals (derogatory) #god and i cant even say i cant wait for them to be over bc them being over means next semester which means NEW SCHEDULES #and i honestly really CANNOT emotionally handle having a completely new schedule rn. everything is changing all my classes and #whos in my classes and even my lunch is gonna be different which im pretty sure is gonna make me have a breakdown its fineeee #breaking news stressed king spotted actually being active on tumblr for once (to avoid thinking about life) #just me rambling again #vent post #<- kinda?
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vanpire · 5 months ago
omg i can finally get my first shot on friday ^_^
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bardengarde · 9 months ago
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Some faces from a piece that I have *checks notes* ...exactly one week to finish
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