#gonna try to go do costume stuff tho
justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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generic-wattpad-badboy · 4 months ago
If youve done it already tho may i req hcs for the batboys finding out that mc used to be a vigilante like robin hood who used to steal from the rich and give to the poor yk that kinda thing
Batboys finding out their S/O used to be a vigilante like Robin Hood
Tumblr media
·   He also finds it admirable
·  He asks why you gave it up and if you would ever pick it up again
·  He helps you make the descion, he thinks you should pick it up again
· He totally ask to see your costume and man almost dies from sexual frustration
· “ dick, you okay?” Y/N asks
“Hnm” dick answers eye not leaving his boyfriend
Y/N turns around “ you sure?”
“ you look hot”
·  Jay finds it HOT
· My boi is gonna try to convince you to be him back so you can do stuff together
·  He wants to know everything about
·  Always calls you robin hood from then on
· “But babe think about it we could be vigilante boyfriends red hood and robin hood a totally power couple “ Jason begs pout on his face
“ my name wasn’t robin hood i just did things similar to him” Y/N explains” and i’m retired you know that”
“please babe ”
“ i’ll think about it,oka”
·    He’s totally making you put your old costume on
·  Tim is a mega superhero fan he’s going to know who your  vigilante ego is already however when he finds out its you he’s going to freak out.
· Asks you every question he can think off
·  Ask’s you why you gave it up
·  He thinks what you did was admirable you didn’t do it for yourself but to help less fortunate people
·   “did you take things from all rich people or just ones that were bad people” Tim ask practically interrogating his boyfriend
“ mostly just bad people”
“did you ever try to steal from Bruce?”
“ yep”
“did you get away with it ?”
“yeah i did “
“so freaking cool”
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nevarrhoe · 4 months ago
okay okay smutty thought: tasm and reader going to halloween party as little red riding hood and the wolf, and peter is so cheeky the entire night and he’s making goofy jokes until they’re not goofy anymore and he’s whispering into your ear ab how he’s gonna fuck you silly when they leave ugh 😮‍💨
mmm yes (smut below the cut minors dni etc etc the usual)
send in ur smutty hc requests/thoughts!
these are my thoughts. of which i have many.
matching costumes would completely be peter's idea. there are always some guys who are like "eugh yeah my gf made me do this" but not peter. he's gonna be so into every cliche couple thing - maybe it's ironic, maybe it's not.
and you know going into it that he's gonna be a cheeky fucker all night because it's peter and he loves getting you all riled up
it'll start w teasing stuff earlier in the night but as it goes on it'll get WAY worse to the point where ur trying to find excuses to go home
and he's all like "omg why aren't u having fun?"
but rest assured!! if it's like a frat house part or something he will absolutely try and find an empty room for you guys to get off in because he's not that much of a dick
that's not always an option tho and also he's way too respectable to have sex in some random person's room lmaooo like your shared bedroom is sacred ground to him and god forbid anyone sneak in and fuck with that, so he would probably never do the same to anyone else
i reckon he'd make it til midnight or 1am at a push? and then he has to drag you home to have his way with you because maybe he got you all riled up but hell he did it to himself too.
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imaginewarehouse · 3 months ago
Human!Mr Snake x Reader || Drabble
Tumblr media
I am just super excited about this movie at the moment so wanted to make something! Probably more to ensue, haha XD Obsessed with the idea of a Femme Fatale reader being part of the group.
Plot: A drabble inspired by the Gilmore Girls prompt, 'I just wanted to know what it would be like'. Basically you have a big ass crush on Snake and it finally bubbles over.
Warnings: One F bomb, but I think that's it. Not gonna write anything racy for the Bad Guys for a good minute, I assure you XD Also age gap if you squint, tho.
The gang were all running on their usual high from our most recent heist- including yourself. But while the rest were in loud, excited moods, rough housing and talking quickly about what everyone did well - how Webbs managed to disarm the Wsstp without anyone getting singed or sliced, how Mr Shark’s Little Boy costume went over without a hitch, how Mr Piranha actually got the grappling hook to work the way to was intended this time, - , you were in a more… quiet, giddy mood. There’s something on your mind. Something that’s been on your mind for a while, in fact, that you’re just now thinking maybe… you could do. You could consider.
You could try.
When you realise that you had stared at Mr Snake for a moment more then you would usually allow, you take in a sudden, sharp breath, and turn your back on the group; Back to your drink and reality. 
See, you’ve had feelings for the cranky jerk for a while, now. And you thought you could just wait it out. It was just supposed to be a passing thing, because you like the way he cracks safes, you think it’s hot- but that’s all! You were sure it would go away in a week or two. Absolutely sure.
But it’s been more like… 11 months… And 'just the way he cracks safes', turned into the way he talks, the way he’s obsessed with guinea pigs, the way he cares about Wolf, the way he teases- and a whole amalgamation of other things that are just constantly torturing you and you don’t know how long you can keep it in.
You’re reaching your boiling point and either you tell him, or you explode.
And that’s where your own heist-high comes in. You’re thinking you might… but even you, an infamous criminal, are too chicken shit. Hell!-
"What are you doing?" You're just moving to hide your face in your hands, when someone appears in the seat next to you and you jump- that blunt voice more than familiar. Looking like a deer in headlights, your big, wide eyes finding Snakes as he looks at you expectantly- waiting for a response. You didn't say any thoughts out loud, did you? Like in the books???
Finally, when the world doesn't implode and the ground doesn't open up under you, you sigh out your mini heart attack and look forward, shoulders dropping. "Don't sneak up on people when they're lost in thought... "
"Oh?" Its clear as soon as he speaks, his tone jumping high in intrigue, that you said the absolute wrong thing. Turning your head to see the cruel curiosity on Snakes face, you cant help but think... shit. "What were ya so lost in thought about?"
"Secret stuff," You reply airily, coolly- hoping beyond hoping, that he loses interest in poking around your business. "Boring stuff- you wouldn't be interested in it."
"Well, why don't you let me decide on that?" He pushes, leaning across the space between your chairs to make you uncomfortable. Jokes on him, though, you guess. Jaw falling, he hisses out the next part; A guess. A guess that you're pretty secure in hearing, as a guess from Snake will never be that you like him. His mind just doesn't work like that. "Are you the one that tripped the bidet on Wolf?! That was hilarious!"
Fighting a grin, you shake your head at him. "No." Though you wish you were. That was hilarious. "Now stop guessing- its none of your business."
"Which is my favourite kind of business," Drat. Visibly, you droop. "Come on! You can tell me, kid!" Kid- of, if you could droop further, you would. Is your existence just one big, cosmic joke here? Ha Ha Ha... Its not funny. "Aren't I trustworthy?... "
You turn to look at him again in a deadpanned kind of way, finding an evil grin stretched across sharp teeth. "Oh, let me think... "
Honestly though, you would trust Snake with your life. He acts like he hates everyone but he's really a huge softy and that's one of the things you love about him.
"Okay let me guess again. Hold on." He thinks for a moment, eyes crawling up in a very thoughtful expression that makes you grin before he goes AH, and looks back to you once more- and you look away. "Didya break Webbs' USB last week?"
"How about Shark's fake nose?"
"Mm, nope."
"Were you the one that ate the last push pop yesterday??"
At that, an honestly guilty look crosses your face as you peak at him. "Well... I did do that... " You admit, making his jaw drop, abject betrayal written all over his face. "It was delicious, but that's still not what you're looking for."
Flashing you a glare, Snake goes on. "O-kay... wait were you the one that helped Piranha pull off that ping pong ball prank the other da- "
Ugh! He's relentless!
You knew this before, obviously, but it is becoming frustrating at this moment- and before you could think of all the reasons that this was a bad idea- you've kissed him.
Quite literally- reached over, lost your fingers in dark hair and brought your mouth to his. He freezes for half a second, not even long enough for you to realise your mistake and let go, before long, thin fingers hesitantly find your waist.
He kisses you back just as hesitantly for a moment, before you pull right back... realising what you've done. "Ohmygod I'msosorry!!" You should not have done that. You should not have done that. His eyes are wide and surprised, looking at you, looking as if he wants to say something as he opens his mouth, but cant quite string together the words.
So, taking a deep breath, you go ahead and talk instead. "Well... that's, kind of what I was thinking about... have been for a while, actually... Everyone knows, except you... Well you do now, but- " You avert your gaze in embarrassment from the seasoned criminal's, then. Feeling more like a blushy little anime girl rather then an established criminal, yourself. "I, uh... I just... wanted to know, you know- what it would be like."
Your gaze slips up, finding him again- he's opening his mouth again as if to speak, but no words come out for a good moment; Shock written all over his face.
... Okay.
Maybe that's better, him not saying anything. Yes. Taking a deep breath, you get up from your chair - Snake only now taking his hands off you, - and give an awkward waive. "Well bye!"
Then you flee.
And Snake is there looking more then frustrated with himself, wondering how that could have gone so wrong, silently asking his voice box what the hell happened there... But eventually, all he can do, is curse.
Later that night, you're lying on top of the covers on your bed, not even in your pyjamas yet and nowhere near sleepy, staring at the ceiling and just listening to your heartbeat in your ears still.
You've royally messed things up.
Suddenly theirs a knock at your door, and your heart turns freezing cold inside your chest. Who is that?
Slowly, cautiously sitting up on your bed and walking across the room, you dread finding out what's on the other side- but that feeling has nothing on the blind panic that strikes through you when you open the door and find Snake standing there.
You immediately open your mouth to say something, anything, but he beats you to it this time- which is good, because you had nothing.
"Look, I'm sorry." He starts quickly, apparently full of adrenaline. Your eyes blow open wide at the last word- sorry. Since when does Snake say the word 'sorry'?! "I wanted to say something, but I- I don't know, man, my mouth wouldn't work. Something about you being too young, or how you could do much better- then- " He seems to be working himself up, but quickly shuts it down. "But it doesn't matter. I like you- and- ... And that wasn't a good sample."
Only just trying to take in all that information at once, you don't understand that last part at first. He likes you!?!? He thinks yo could do better, then him??? "... What?"
A slow, evil smirk spreads across his mouth, and he shakes his head. "You said you wanted to know what it'd be like- that wasn't it."
"... Oh... and..?" Still clueless, you blink those big confused eyes at him and it drives him mad.
A gasp topples too easily out of you as Snakes hands slither back around your waist and you let him guide you carefully against the wall by your bedroom door- finding that he ends up far closer to you then before, a breath between you both when your shoulders relax back against the new surface. Your eyes are still wide, but you're not confused anymore- you're shocked. Is this really happening? What is this?
Still, your hands travel carefully up his arms to his shoulders, chewing on your bottom lip in unsureness; In cautiousness. "That wasn't it... "
Then, before you can respond with something stupid, he gathers you against him and kisses you again.
And you're just glad there's a wall behind you because otherwise you would've lost footing.
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megumis-lashes · 9 months ago
A Tokyo Revengers Halloween!
Headcanons for Halloween!! 👻🎃
An: happy Halloween!! I personally love Halloween so have some last minute tokyo rev headcannons! I was gonna write these earlier but it’s still Halloween where I am so!
Contains: mentions of fake blood, just like Halloween activities lol, gn reader, currently not edited/proof read cuz I wanna post on time, I’ll add the ‘read more’ thing later since I’m on mobile 👹
Characters: Mikey/Manjiro Sano, Chifuyu Matsuno, Kazutora Hanemiya, Keisuke Baji, Haitani brothers, Imaushi Wakasa
Mikey - Manjiro Sano
A literal menace to society
Gets away with the craziest things purely because it’s Halloween and his costume is cute
Will complain about the amount of candy different houses give out
Even as an adult he’ll still wanna do something for Halloween, like at least get candy for himself lmao
Not against matching costumes but will make you do most of the work for his costume if you do match
Even if you don’t match expect him to ask you for help with his costume or makeup/SFX ☠️
That one kid that counts all their candy at the end of the night and has intense trade offs with other kids
Either easily scared or completely unbothered by jump scares/ horror movies there’s no in between
Loves the classic horror movies, the cheesy/funny ones that are either Halloween comedy or just so badly done that they’re funny
Overall menace/10, very fun person to spend Halloween with but also very chaotic 🎃
Chifuyu Matsuno
When is he not a sweetheart
Will match costumes with you even if you ask extremely last notice, he’ll drop all his plans for you
Not too picky on Halloween activities, down to watch movies, get costumes, go trick or treating
Leans more towards the cute side of Halloween, likes the cats and stuff, not super up for realistic SFX or anything crazy
Will dress up Peke J (as proven by official art)
That one kid who was a cat for Halloween for like 10 years straight (this totally wasn’t me no what are you talking about)
Will share candy with you as long as it’s not one of his favorites
If you’re going out he’ll probably be the most attentive person there, he doesn’t want your night to become a horror movie lmao
The type to ask you to draw cat whiskers on his face last minute and then forget he was wearing makeup and smear it
Overall sweetheart/10, very nice experience, we love cats in this household
Kazutora Hanemiya
Younger Kazutora? Menace to society (maybe even more than Mikey)
Time skip Kazutora? Still a tiny bit of a menace ngl
Will try to casually scare you after watching horror movies or just randomly
The type that would steal your candy as kids, but then he might feel bad and give you some of his in return (only if he liked you tho)
Another that abuses the cat costume except he makes it different by being a tiger or something lol
His costume is his excuse for wearing the tackiest tiger print clothes
Either that or he’s a demon/devil (like in the official art) which is very fitting for how he acts
Not against matching costumes (especially in timeskip, he’d be much more willing then)
In timeskip he would rather stay in for Halloween and watch movies, carve pumpkins something like that instead of going out
If you somehow convince him to go out then simple costumes!
Do his makeup and hair for him and he’s sold, a sucker for having his hair played with/done by other people
Overall chaos/10 or the second sweetheart/10 depending on which Kazutora we’re talking about
Keisuke Baji
Another menace lmao
Will run around the whole time, not actually going to houses really, and then complain about not getting any candy
Goodluck getting him to plan his costume more than half an hour before leaving
Also don’t even try to do his makeup or hair, mans is incapable of sitting still and will severely mess you up
The type that gets insane sugar high but then passes out for 12 straight hours when it wears off
His official art is like a werewolf costume? But he would use whatever he had to make a costume lmao, it’s a bonus if it’s not complicated or he doesn’t have to wear a shirt
If he’s staying home, he’ll insist on buying like 3+ bags of candy for trick or treaters just for him to eat it all and get mad at kids that wanted some of it ☠️
If you go to a party or something like that then put a tracking device on this man. He will somehow manage to end up at entirely different party and just blend in perfectly
Another one that would try to scare you but go all out, faking his own death kinda shit, then he’ll laugh at you for half an hour straight
Overall catastrophe but fun/10, exhilarating experience but you may or may not remember 80% of it the next day
Ran Haitani
The type to take Halloween as an excuse to commit crime cuz ‘no one’s gonna know’
May or may not use real blood instead of fake blood for his costume
Seems like someone that would dress up as ‘himself’ at parties ☠️ and take it as a compliment if someone knew who he was lmfao
Other than that he would somewhat go all out on costumes, use fake blood and SFX
Might match costumes if you ask in advance but would choose the spooky route over the cute route
The type to ruthlessly scare little kids but then give them candy afterwards as payment lmao
Seems the type to put at least some effort into decorations, or will just commit a crime in front of his house and claim it’s fake
Doesn’t care that much for candy but is lowkey territorial over his favorites
Most likely to get tipsy or just all out drunk at a Halloween party and say something along the lines of ‘babe we should totally recreate this horror movie it would be great’
Pls tell him no
If he stays home then he will sort through the candy for his favorites before he hands any of it out
Will prank you and scare you constantly throughout October, you will not get a break until it’s practically Christmas lmao
Overall insane but kinda fun/10, beware the crimes that most likely will occur with this man
Rindou Haitani
Kind of a deadbeat ngl
It would take a bit of convincing to do anything for Halloween, let alone match costumes
If anything I could see him matching with his brother purely so that they both could get away with crimes ☠️
If he did any sort of costume it would have to be simple, something that requires minimal effort and no makeup or anything really
Uninfluenced by what you wear, the type to go to a Halloween party in normal clothes with you wearing a whole ass costume and just say that he’s a waiter or something for Halloween lol
Surprisingly good at carving pumpkins, great at detail work somehow
I feel like he has a huge sweet tooth but hides it shamefully lmao
If you find out about his sweet tooth then this man will steal your candy as punishment
The type to be home, and so obviously so, with lights on and stuff, and not answer the door for trick or treaters.
Might scare them away with a kitchen knife if he’s that bothered
If you manage to drag him to a party when he’s in a good mood, then he’ll play along with your costume a bit and probably tease you
Overall kinda lame but also can be fun/10, you just need to inspire this man ok
Imaushi Wakasa
Ok so mans has a sweet tooth and that’s why he likes Halloween
Will bully you to give him lollipops, if you refuse he will give you silent treatment for like 3 days
Once he’s past the stage of enjoying going out/ trick or treating/partying, his favorite Halloween activity is watching scary movies the whole day
It’s a lazy but wholesome activity, especially if they’re Halloween comedies or those old movies with effects so bad they’re funny
Will still buy candy though, even if you don’t get trick or treaters
Not one to decorate much but will get some pumpkins for ‘fall spirit’, he thinks they’re nice but he won’t be that up to carve them, it’s too much mess
If you convince him to go to a costume party then please do his make up
Has the prettiest lashes and can pull off practically anything he desired Istg
I feel like he secretly likes some of the Halloween tropes? Like the whole vampire, werewolf thing, stereotypical stuff like that
Would be a vampire maybe, it’s an easy costume but it never fails
Overall chill/10, nice to hang out with, even if you aren’t doing much
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wandaswifeyforlifey · 11 months ago
Hey could I request a Brie Larson x r where they meet at the set of Avengers endgame and they both have a crush on each other and their co stars make fun of them and they just blush and it's really
A/n: Thank you for requesting this! I try to write them within 24hrs of either the request being sent or me seeing the request so sorry if this is a bit later. I do most of my writing at like 12-5 am so some of it might be shitty lol. I love doing requests tho and will always try my best to make them work for your taste.
Word Count: 1048
Warnings: None really, just pure fluff
Ship: Brie Larson x Reader
"You better get up soon or you're gonna be late!" Called Scarlett from downstairs. Scarlett and you had met on the set of one of your first movies and quickly began to hang out more and more until you decided to be roommates. You had finished shooting Avengers: Infinity War about 2 months ago and were exactly 2 weeks into filming Avengers: Endgame which you were pretty excited about because you would get to film with some actors that you never had before.
"Coming!" You shouted back. Sadly, you weren't quite adjusted to the earlier mornings yet which definitely wasn't helpful considering you would be doing tiring work all day. You dragged yourself out of bed and headed downstairs for breakfast.
"Hey sleepyhead," Scarlett smirked at me as she cooked her omelette.
"Any news that could redeem my mood this morning?"
"Well… you are filming the 'female empowerment' scene today. You've got to be pretty excited to be acting with some new people, right?"
"Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that. I've got to admit Scar, that has perked me up a bit so thank you."
"Wow, you don't need to sound so surprised." She laughed.
You made yourself a coffee, had some cereal then went to have a shower. You put on a comfortable outfit considering as soon as you get on set you'll get your costume and makeup done.
Once you arrived you were swarmed with people filling you in on the scenes and telling you where you needed to go but they were all talking over each other so you understood nothing. Thank god I have my assistant, you thought to yourself.
*2 hours later*
You had your hair and makeup finished when you heard a knock on your trailer door.
"Come in!" You called while wondering who could possibly be seeing you when your assistant was on their break and you were already prepared to film.
"Hey, Y/n? I'm Brie. I just wanted to introduce myself before we started shooting."
You were just looking at her with pure adoration as the most beautiful woman you had ever seen stepped in.
"O-oh, yeah, sorry, hi." You cleared your throat because you noticed you were staring. "So I assume you're doing the all-female scene with me?"
You moved along your sofa so that she could sit down next to you.
"Yeah, actually and I'm super excited for it. I think it's brilliant to team up all the female superheroes."
"I could not agree more! But it sucks that Natasha isn't in it."
"Wait, she isn't?"
"No, I was chatting with Scarjo this morning, because we share an apartment, and she said her character wouldn't be in it."
"Oh are you and Scarlett, like, a thing? Because it would be totally fine if you were and I just didn't know your were interested in women and-"
"Hey, hey slow down," you laughed, "no me and Scar aren't a thing but I am interested in women."
"Me too! I don't really like to use labels because I find them too constricting though."
The conversation died down but not in an uncomfortable way, more in a content way. You stared into each other’s eyes until Brie said:
"Anyway. I should really get going. I haven't even got my makeup done yet." She spoke hurriedly and quickly left the trailer. You weren't sure how to feel about her sudden departure but deep down it hurt you a little. Why would she leave so quickly if we were having a nice time? Did she find it uncomfortable? I really hope the conversation ended positively in her books too, you thought.
You shot a couple of scenes before the all-women scene and took a break just before it to talk to Scarlett.
"Hey Scar, have you seen Brie? She came into my trailer to chat a bit and it seemed like we were having a really nice time but then she just left all of a sudden."
"Uh, no I don't think I have since our second scene but it sounded like you had a good time, eh?" She smirked and nudged you. You knew she noticed how concerned you were about Brie.
"Fine, maybe I thought she was really pretty and sweet but I don't know how she feels."
"Well from the glances she sent you during our first and second scenes I’d say she likes you back.”
“I never said I liked her, ok? I just said I thought she was amazing and charming and attractive and stuff.”
“That’s literally the same thing.”
You rolled your eyes.
“I need Y/n and Brie over here please? You guys are going to be opening the Female Avengers Unite scene so we’re just going to give you a little run-through,” shouted Joe Russo from across the set.
“Oo-ooh you enjoy yourself, Y/n.” taunted Scarlett. You playfully stuck your tongue out at her as you walked over.
*Once shooting was done for the day*
Yet again you heard a knock on your door as you were just finishing packing your stuff up to leave.
“It’s me, again,” announced Brie as she stepped in. This time though, she wouldn’t make eye contact with you and seemed to be rather nervous.
“You okay?”
“Yeah, it's just, um… so Scarlett told me how you felt after I left and I felt pretty bad so I just thought I should come back and apologise and tell you that it wasn’t your fault, it had nothing to do with you. I promise.”
“Oh no, you don’t need to apologise! I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable in any way. I absolutely didn’t mean to.”
You saw the heat rise in her cheeks.
“To be perfectly honest, I didn’t just come here to apologise. I came here to tell you the truth. Okay… I just need to get this off my chest. I think I have feelings for you.” She looked at you hopefully, only to have a blank stare in return. You weren’t sure what to say. You were so overwhelmed with excitement and happiness that you just stood up and hugged her. Burying your face in the crook of her neck you whispered, “I want to stay in this moment forever.”
If you want to be added to my taglist ask/message me!
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whoree321 · 12 months ago
the bad batch + what romance/rom com movies they watch with you
each of the bad batch x gn!reader
ok first and foremost i really truly believe to the pits of my soul that every single one of these fuckos loves romances and you cannot under any circumstances change my mind
ALSO it’s a gender neutral reader except kinda in echo’s theres like a very brief quote regarding breasts but like i still think even that is pretty gender neutral tbh
so anyway
Hunter: Pretty Woman
this is not the first time that i have publicly declared that i think hunter has a deep rooted connection to the movie pretty woman and it will not be the last
first of all this movie is incredibly soothing to hunters overwhelming savior complex
second of all hunter is literally richard gere (debonaire but emotionally distant gentleman that learns to love) and julia roberts (hooker with a heart of gold) at the same time
he was a little skeptical the first time you put it on but he instantly fell in love with it
the humor, the sensuality, the class divide, the glamour, the unconventional cinderella story of it all. it just really butters his bread
after the first time, when you suggest watching a movie and you pick this one he’ll act very aloof about it (“whatever you want cyar’ika, it doesn’t matter to me”) but secretly he’s really really happy bc it’s one of his favorites (you def know this and def pick it more often)
he absolutely hates the scene when stucky the lawyer hits vivian. like it doesn’t matter how many times he watches it he will fully turn his head away from the screen and say “I don’t like this part” and when it’s over he nuzzles a little closer into you and very tenderly kisses your forehead
he loves the soundtrack too. like he fully exposes how much he likes the movie when you catch him singing or humming “pretty woman” or “it must have been love” absently to himself (you kept it to yourself for a while but eventually you just had to tease him about it. he just smiled a little sheepishly and admitted he liked the songs before promptly changing the subject)
hunter also lowkey definitely wants to recreate the ending where richard gere shows up to her apartment in the white limo with you bc he thinks it’s such a sweet gesture and he wants to treat you like royalty
Crosshair: 10 Things I Hate About You
if there’s one thing about crosshair it’s that he’s a sucker for the enemies to lovers genre
maybe its just him projecting (spoiler alert it most certainly is) but he really enjoys watching the drama conflama of a miserable bastard be tricked into love
and really that’s the true essence of 10 Things I Hate About You
he will grumble and bitch and moan about not wanting to watch a ‘chick flick’ when you put it on, but 15 minutes in and he’s hooked
he has strong negative opinions on literally every single character except for kat and patrick
(crosshair really really wants to think he’s patrick but when it comes down to it he is katarina stratford in every single possible way)
he doesn’t say a word throughout the entire movie but you can tell when he’s annoyed at like bianca or cameron or joey bc he will openly scoff at them
will absolutely hum along in your ear during the “can’t take my eyes off you” scene and make out with you during the paintball scene
(seriously he wants to be patrick verona so bad)
when it’s over and you ask him what he thought he’ll roll his eyes and say “i guess it could have been worse” but his little smirk let’s you know he enjoyed it a lot more than he’s willing to admit
Tech: 50 Shades of Grey
ok hear me out on this one
tech is a huge movie talker. like subtitles are a non-negotiable if you wanna be able to take in any of the movies dialogue bc tech is most likely gonna make commentary over it the whole time
this makes him absolutely indescribably so much fun to watch bad/corny movies with
he will go off about EVERYTHING. the plot, the dialogue, the acting, the costuming, the music, the production quality. nothing and no one is safe. whether you just enjoy letting him talk at you or you join in on the roast, cheesy movies are a hoot between you two
and honey. 50 shades is one of THE cheesiest movies ever
you and tech will literally spend the entire duration of the movie tearing it to shreds
and the thing is tech is a very sarcastic, funny guy when he wants to be (and when it comes to you he definitely wants to be) so by the end of it he will have you in absolute stitches from laughing at the ridiculousness of both the movie and him
with any of the other batchers watching a movie like this either turns into a shy, slightly awkward experience (wrecker, echo) or an incorrigibly horny experience (crosshair, hunter)
but in this context tech literally has no shame or squeamishness about sexual things (why should he it’s a natural biological process?) so to yall the sex stuff is just another thing to roast
literally christian grey could be fully tying dakota johnson down and flogging her and tech will be like “in the last 3 minutes they have panned up to her nipples 4 times. this is criminally shoddy cinematography”
even tho he’s busy giving a detailed play by play critique, he never fails to keep some sort of physical contact with you (wrapping an arm around you and running his hand up and down your skin, playing with your fingers or your hair) so you know he’s enjoying spending this time with you despite his nasty words about the movie
also 1000% after you watch it tech will do extensive research on the ins and outs of bdsm and will have lots of hypotheses he wants to test out (as long as you’re willing and able ofc) ;)))
Wrecker: 13 Going On 30
of all the bad batch members, wrecker is the only one who unabashedly loves any movie that could be considered a chick flick
like he doesn’t even try to hide it or act like he’s too masculine for it. he loves romance and he’s proud of it
this man will have full marathons with you. rom coms, regular roms, tragic roms, hallmark roms, you name it and he’s game
his absolute favorite tho is 13 Going On 30
i feel like he has a huge soft spot for childhood best friends to lovers stories like he finds that type of lifelong partnership so endearing (and he loves to live vicariously through jenna since that type of romance was obviously never an option for him)
wrecker is also very childlike at heart and i think the idea of a 13 year old sweetheart trapped inside the body of a 30 year old cut throat magazine exec is so amusing to him (and maybe makes him feel just a little bit represented in the media)
he is definitely the type to completely engulf you in a cuddle for the entirety of the movie and he DEFINITELY cries into your shoulder at matty’s wedding when jenna is crying on the stoop with her dream house
he wants to try razzles so bad. like so bad. i think if he ever came across them somewhere he would barter at least one of his brothers for them
wrecker really just loves love and watching movies about it just reminds him of how lucky he is to have his own love story with you <3
Echo: The Princess Bride
i feel like it’s glaringly obvious why echo loves this movie
pirates. sword fighting. decades long revenge plots. the value of an honorable, loyal man. true love that never wavers even in the face of devastating tragedy and the darkest of hardships. clever but goofy humor.
echo considers this an action/adventure movie and NOT a romance movie (even tho it 100% totally is a romance movie) and requests to watch it very frequently
he can quote the whole thing. i’m seriously telling you echo loves the princess bride with his whole chest
even tho he refuses to admit it’s a love story above all else, he really does try to model himself in your relationship after wesley
like especially given what happened at the citadel and all the time you thought he was dead, the cinematic parellels are alive and present in y’alls relationship and he strives to be even half the man to you that wesley is to buttercup
literally in your day to day life he will sometimes respond to your requests with a smooth “as you wish ;)” (it doesn’t matter how many times he does it it still gives you butterflies)
when you watch the movie, he snuggles as close to you as possible and does his best to make youre comfy the whole time (he’s insecure about his prosthetics hurting you no matter how much you reassure him they don’t)
he just loves to be able to feel your heartbeat and your laugh when you giggle at the funny bits
every single time without fail at the part when buttercup is about to stab herself he leans down, ghosts his lips against the shell of your ear, and whispers the line in time with wesley: “there’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. it would be a pity to damage yours”
every single time without fail you wind up making out until he pulls away and tells you to watch the next part when wesley challenges humperdinck to a duel to the pain
echo just loves you to bits and wants you to know he’d endure a thousand fire swamps for you
Omega: Clueless
i have this really specific obsession with omega being a total girly girl and having very traditionally feminine interests as she keeps experiencing the universe and being exposed to a spectrum of gender expression beyond clone (masc and boring) and kaminoan (ugly)
so with that headcanon of her in mind, it’s vital to me that she sees clueless as soon as possible
clueless is an essential piece of media for a girl entering adolescence and i will die on this hill
it has literally everything you want and everything you need to develop into a well-rounded young woman
it’s so deliciously 90s and glamorama and valley girl humor and camp. its got meaningful female friendships and valuable life lessons and paul mf rudd
if there’s one thing you should encourage a burgeoning hetero teen girl to do, it’s to stick to dating guys like paul rudd in clueless. the earlier this message can be broadcast the better
the second you’re able to steal omega away from hunters watchful eyes (“hunter we’re just gonna watch finding nemo i swear!”) you show her this movie
at this point omega is not really a girly girl, but omega also has absolutely zero feminine influence in her life
the first time she sees clueless she is absolutely obsessed. like seriously she is so enamoured with the glitz and glam of cher horowitz
she asks you questions the entire time. she wants to know about EVERYTHING. the makeup, the clothes, the hair, the slang
(she definitely goes around saying stuff like “i’m totally bugging” for long enough afterwards that almost all of the boys have slipped up at least once with some ridiculous valley girl slang. you thought you were gonna die of laughter when you overheard tech say “as if!” to wrecker in the middle of an argument)
it just really introduces her to this whole world of femininity that she didn’t even know existed and she absolutely loves it
she makes you watch clueless with her seriously once a week at minimum. she begs you to style her hair like tai’s and you can’t help yourself when you happen to run across a little yellow plaid dress and buy it for her on sight
(hunter was gonna scold you for recklessly spending credits until he saw how omega almost cried from how happy she was for the gift)
honestly she enjoys the romance of it all and paul rudd is def her first celebrity crush but she enjoys more that you and her now have this special thing of hair and nails and pretty dresses
she loves how confident and beautiful and special you’re able to make her feel, and you love that you get to bring her that small sense of normalcy and happiness
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fabricated-misslieness · a year ago
pairing: tall haikyuu noys x dom male reader
features: Bokuto Kōtarō, Kuroo Tetsurō, Lev Haiba, Suna Rintarō, Tendō Satori, Tsukishima Kei, and Ushijima Wakatoshi
req: yes | cw: nsfw | minors dni
anon: Headcannons about tall haikyuu boy’s thought with a shorter yet, top boyfriend?
Bokuto Kotaro
Tumblr media
Confused at the concept
I’m tall, it just makes sense????
Well it depends on how it started, honestly.
If you’re domming (tf is the verb for dom that’s not dominate) him in foreplay, then he just follows the flow.
Afterwards is when he questions it.
After a brief explanation, provided he actually understands, he won’t really care.
Around other people, he doesn’t mind your positions either. If he’s outed as a bottom, so the fuck what? 
Does it matter? No. 
Is the person that makes fun of him part of his sex life? No.
Unless you make him do some sort of embarrassing stuff and they found out. ex: costumes
Kuroo Tetsurō
Tumblr media
He just expects to top.
He’s a versatile switch, sure, but height matters when he’s determining what position he should be in.
Though, once again, the flow matters more.
Unless you just asked, something like asking for your first time together, the flow is what determines it.
He’s probably a brat tho, teasing you about your height and such so that he can get punished.
Now, he doesn’t like being teased. 
Best believe Yaku will even use it against him. 
But also he’s a switch for a reason. It irritates him a little, but only in a sort of ‘stop being annoying’ kinda way.
Lev Haiba
Tumblr media
Before becoming a model (since it means he looks more presentable when he goes out), he’s probably highly inexperienced.
Because of that, he doesn’t know that shorter height usually resorts to bottoms.
He doesn’t mind but he probably wants to top sometimes.
When experienced, though, he also just expects to be top. He won’t mind being bottom, he just expects it.
Inexperienced, teasing doesn’t matter… that is until you teach him stereotypes. Then he sort of gets embarrassed.
Experienced, he gets a little embarrassed but he manages to ignore it. He might rant to you about it afterwards when you’re alone together.
Suna Rintarō
Tumblr media
Really just doesn’t care. You’re making him feel good? Perfect.
Also, he’s pretty lazy, so at least he doesn’t have to do anything.
Though sometimes, if he’s feeling mischievous, he’ll be a brat and tease you about your height.
Listen here you little shit it’s not my fault I didn’t get tall genes
Punish him ✨
With any other person, he doesn’t give a shit about teasing. With his volleyball team, however, he hates it.
He’ll probably snap back at them with blackmail that he most definitely has.
Kita has to stop those fights
Tendō Satori
Tumblr media
Teases you about topping, thinks you’re just joking and you don’t actually wanna top, you get annoyed, *kabedon*, “Oh shit.”
You wanna dom? Sure.
Is he going to tease you? Absolutely.
He’s a brat so ✨put him in his place✨
He doesn’t care about teasing, but either way, he’s going to clap back with his own comebacks.
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Same thing as Tendō but he’s so snarky that it hurts. Do not recommend until you become invulnerable to his snarky ass.
During the actual *wink wink*, he’s too overwhelmed to say anything. And when he does try to say something, it comes out so choked that it’s pathetic.
Now when I say wink wink, I don’t mean foreplay. Even as you prepare, mf is gonna tease you.
And that’s why we put brats ✨in their place✨
He doesn’t like being teased. He seethes in anger because his whole friend group is ganging up on him and he can’t clap back to every single one of them.
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Tumblr media
Highly highly inexperienced.
It’s not volleyball? Okay, why would he care?
Wakatoshi, not everything in life is about volleyball.
He’s fine with being bottom because he’s inexperienced, and he would probably not do a very good job if he was top.
Doesn’t give a single fuck about being teased.
Lay thine eyes on the field in which my fucks are grown and behold that it is barren. Mood 24:7
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mettywiththenotes · 4 months ago
I know this is something of a "controversial" topic in MHA fandom, but I do like the female characters in MHA. I know they don't get as much time as the male characters, but we do have to remember that this is a Shounan Genre and it's a Manga written by a man. Even in Shounans written by women (Fullmetal Alchemist), men still get the spotlight and I feel like Horikoshi has done his best to break typical gender stereotypes for his female characters.
Yes, Momo is sexy and her costume is appalling. But she's intelligent and humble and she has a really cool arc where a male character has be subordinate to her. How often in Shounans do we see one of the main male protagonists taking orders from a lady?
Yes, Ochako is sometimes reduced to just her feelings for Izuku. But she's a bruiser, a fighter and her relationship with Himiko Toga is treated as being just as important as Shouto and Dabi's relationship and Izuku and Tomura's relationship.
Yes, Mei is kinda used for boob jokes sometimes. But she's an intelligent, dirty, resourceful mechanic who's allowed to be all those things and initially she was gonna be a man, so Horikoshi is trying to include more ladies in his work. Tsuyu and Toru also started as males.
MHA's female characters aren't perfect, but they're definitely better than most of the rest of the shit we see in the Shounan Genre like in shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball. We have feral fighters like Miruko, cranky old ladies like Recovery Girl, heroic damsels like Eri. I for one think that we got lucky to have the ladies we do.
I agree with you!
I know a lot of people harp on about the female characters, sometimes I can see why, but personally I think the women are great! I'm sure there are better ways to treat them, but I don't think they're treated very badly
I've heard before that Shonen Jump has a thing about "being a manga for teenage boys so it has to feature stuff the 'typical teenage boy' would want to see". You know, like fanservice, or boys their age, love interest stuff where the guy gets the girl and so on and so forth
(I've also heard that Shonen Jump doesn't have a single female writer on their team precisely because of the "for teenage boys" thing, which is stupid imo)
But for what's there? For what we actually have?
For women who are shown to have their own minds, their own goals, their own successes and failures and learning experiences? I would say we have quite a bit going for us there
This fandom really likes to focus on the most negative things, for example, Ochako's crush on Izuku being seen as "love interest" stuff and that's the only purpose she serves
When, canonically, we have *looks at notes* Ochako wanting to see people happy, fighting for that happiness, she even has her own narrative ("Who protects the Heroes when they need protecting?"), she wants to save people NOT just because of Izuku's influence but also because she witnessed a man dying in her arms, felt the weight of that life and wanted to prevent that from ever happening again. You also have the whole thing about her being independent to a fault, financial trauma, wanting to give her parents a better life, and then the stuff with Toga, the Villain to her Hero, and she wants to understand her
Like. I'm not denying that she's a very likely love interest, but there's more to her than that stuff, you know? And it's shown very well that she is more than just a love interest, believe it or not
About the Momo thing, I'm sure there are like. quite a lot of instances of Shounen boys listening to girls, even if just once, (tho admittedly I am drawing a blank on naming anime/manga with those instances in), but I do think people forget about that arc quite a lot! It was a big battle in terms of character development for Momo and it's like people just forget about it. Actually, I feel like people forget about her confidence issues in general when they say stuff like "she's just a face and tits for the manga"
I agree about Mei too! She's allowed to be quirky and get dirty and be all over the place, and she's so intelligent too. And reckless! And that moment with her telling Izuku that Support students can be Heroes too was such a great moment for her, I'm really glad that role was given to her first out of anyone else. I'm pretty sure that's the FIRST instance of someone saying Support student/anybody else outside of the actual Heroes can be heroes too! And the fact that it started with her? *chefs kiss* love it
About the whole switching genders thing! Yeah! I like that Hori balanced it out more so it wasn't one-sided. People go on about the story feeling one-sided with girls vs boys and I guess I can see why in terms of class 1a, but it could have been much worse
And, may I mention, you even have complicated female characters, mothers, by the way, who are not all painted as innocent or nurturing or without fault, who are just as complex as the boys can be
Honestly I could go on and on about the female characters. I'm considering doing a bnha ask game of people sending me female characters to analyse just because I feel like people think there's nothing to them at all when... there is something there to talk about, actually 👀 which would just be something for fun btw. I would like to do it and see how much I can dig up!
Are there things that could be improved? Sure.
Do we wish there were female characters who had more focus than they get? Yes.
But is there nothing but fanservice, crushes and female character background decoration, like people seem to imply? No.
Just wanted to mention before I'm done: You also have a case of breaking gender stereotypes for the boys too. Satou, anyone? You know, the boy who bakes for fun? Who's a muscly strong guy and uses desserts to get strong, but also bakes because he can, for his classmates and for FUN?
Anyway yeah. Long answer short, I agree with you haha
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katsukis-lilbunnywhore · a year ago
𝓴𝓪𝓽𝓼𝓾𝓴𝓲'𝓼 𝓪𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓽'𝓼 𝓪 𝓵𝓲𝓵 𝓭𝓾𝓶𝓫
Tumblr media
this is a lil dubconny with a power dynamic so here’s your cw ! as always, minors dni
katsuki’s assistant is a little,,, ditsy. she stumbles sometimes carrying the coffee into his room on late nights, or will drop a few papers onto the tile floor when he asks her to send papers off to the hero commission for him. he will stare tho as you bend to grab them, full ass in display. he wonders how it doesn't bust out your slacks. 
he’ll catch you zoning out-- staring at his muscles under that t-shirt that’s maybe a little too small for him-- and he’ll snap his fingers in front of your face or growl out a quick “oi, pay attention, stupid” just to see you flush and huff at his mean words. or you’ll wear a white shirt with a red bra thinking no one can see, but everyone sees. he sees. 
there are some days where your mix ups are cute and garner nothing but a shake of the head. but there are other days--like today-- where your mix ups have serious consequences. you had messed up some of his very important documents, you weren’t paying attention again, staring at his dick print through his hero costume, and you spilled his coffee all over the document. he was seething, almost red in the face as he rushed off to answer the villain report he just received. “stay late today, you’re going to fix this” 
you were a crying mess all day!!! you were surely going to be fired and you contemplated just leaving before he could even get back. hopefully he forgot about it. but you knew the way he glared at you and snapped, “my office” when he came in, that you were in for it. 
you stood in front of his desk, sniffling slightly. you wanna seem strong, you don’t wanna cry in front of him but you don’t wanna get fired. “y/n those papers were really important” his voice is gruff, big arms folded in front of his chest making him look bigger and intimidating. if you weren’t so worried about your job, you be messing up your panties.
“i know, sir! m’sorry! it won’t happen again”
“i know it won’t” you cry a little harder. this is it, he’s gonna tell you to pack your shit and have you replaced by monday morning. “you wanna keep your job right?” you don’t even answer, watery brown eyes look up past your eyelashes to see him. he’s standing in front of you now, learning a little on his desk, arms are still folded over his chest. an eyebrow quirks when you don’t answer. “well, do you wanna keep your job or not, dumbass” 
you nod, tears falling onto the floor as you do. “i do! i really do” 
“and you’ll do anything to keep it?” 
“of course!” 
“fine” he stands up a little more. “get on your knees then” you’re slow in your movements, moving to kneel on the cold tile of the floor. “be a good girl and make me cum and you can keep your job” 
you’re blinking back in surprise, but your hands make quick work to remove his belt. this is something you’ve thought about a lot, even at work sometimes you’ll run to the bathroom, stuffing your fingers full at getting the chance to even kiss him. and now he’s asking you to suck him off all just to keep your job? this is a win-win situation if you’ve ever seen one. 
“hurry up” he grunts out at you, noticing you’ve zoned out again. his pants and briefs are pushed to his knees, his cock slapping you on the forehead as it stands at half mast. soft hands encompass the base of him as you pump him a little. spit dribbles from your lips and onto the tip of his cock. it’s big and it’s pretty. he’s long and it’s kinda hard for you to wrap the entirety of your hand around it. it’s even harder when you try and fit the whole thing in your mouth. 
“greedy baby” he coos, fingers fisting in your braids and pulling you back a little. “slow down, dummy, you’ll hurt yourself” you whimper at the name calling. they’re making you mess your panties up more than hurting you and it’s starting to get a little uncomfortable. he sees your hand inch towards your pants and he snaps, tugging harshly at the root of your braids “no touching. you don’t cum until i do” 
the promise of an orgasm has you working hard to get him off. you slobber a bit more to get his dick wetter, feeling it grow harder in your mouth. “that’s it, mama, fuck~” your head bobs, and your jaw hurts a little, and it sounds so sloppy. you’ve got drool coming down your jaw and tears falling down your cheeks. you definitely can’t fit all of him in your mouth. 
his hands release your braids, but move to the back of your head. he thrusts into your mouth, his cock twitches in your mouth feeling you gag when he hits the back of your throat. he does, unsurprisingly, chokes out a gasp when he feels you take a hand and pump him as your mouth moves to lick at the heavy balls under him. “fuck you’re so good at this. ‘knew you would be.” his voice keeps breaking and when you look up at him, his eyes are shut with his head thrown back in pleasure. 
since he’s not looking, you decide to sneak your hand into your pants, hoping to get some friction. you were soaked under your panties, you hands practically slipped over your clit. you tried to keep quite as you put his dick back in your mouth, but as you slipped your middle finger into your sopping cunny, you moaned out. he snapped his eyes open, seeing your fingers stuffed in your pants. he pulls out of your mouth with a pop bending down to grab you by the arm to get you standing. “i thought you were gonna be good?”
“i-i-” your eyes water again at being caught. you don’t know what he has in store for you now punishment wise, but if it’s anything to do with him, it’ll be good.  “I- I- what? spit it out, idiot” 
“m’sorry daddy. i was wet” you see his eyes falter as he cheeks flush a bit, you don’t mention it but hope the way your eyes widen help you get out of trouble. 
“bend over the table” 
“i said-” his hands, warm and calloused and big, wrap around your neck. he squeezes the sides, inches closer to you and says through gritted teeth. “bend. over. the. table” at your whimper, he lets you go. you’re slow to bend over the table, ass poked out through your slacks. he bends himself over your body, wrapping his lips around your earlobe as he begins to unbutton your pants. “you don’t know how long i’ve thought about you like this” one button down “bent over my desk” another one “this fucking gorgeous ass in my face” 
“you thought about me?” your head whips back, braids following to swing over your shoulder. 
“don’t play dumb with me, princess. i’ve seen the way you look at me” he pulls down the zipper, shimmying the skinny pants down your smooth brown legs. “go ahead, lie to me and tell me you haven’t thought ‘bout me fucking you silly until you don’t know your name” 
“m’not gonna lie, daddy. think about you all the time, even at work” 
“you’re not a good girl like i thought, huh” 
“i’ll be good for you, daddy. promise” 
“take it then” his hands slam down on your ass and you gasp in surprise. 
“Suki! That hurts” you whine out into the air of his office. it smells just like him. he likes how you grind into his hands as he rubs at the slowly reddening skin. 
“Almost done, baby. I’ma give you five more and then you’re done.  Count ‘em for me. Mess up and I add five more” 
And of course, his dumb lil baby messes up a few times, and by the time he gets to the tenth one and’s about to stuff you full with two thick fingers, you’ve decided,,,
you’re gonna make a few more mistakes just to get some more act right from him. 
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inklyqueen · 5 months ago
"Out of This World" Headcanons because I wish it was a real musical now
Fair warning this is kinda me rambling about Raela's role in this. Also long post. Sorry. Also not sorry.
So I dragged my bestie to see Sing 2 and the nostalgia of high school theatre shows hit hard cause literally did a high school version of Chicago and that was a H A Y D A Y
So yeah I have borderline experience in this stuff
One of the biggest things the theatre director wanted the cast to understand was the motivation behind the character's actions, including background roles. So watching them work on Out of This World was so satisfying to see it develop into something amazing.
That was, until I got to the final product of the musical.
Now yes I know there was an overall plot happening at the same time but I just
I felt like a lot to it was missing as far as the musical
I think I got a little too invested in the musical itself but h e r e we go
Rosita's role was perfect as it was. Her motivation was clear. Her character plot and development was clear. Same for Gunther. So I won't touch those two or their roles.
And Porsha, I really don't see an issue there, I was ravving for her development and change in character in her performance, so I'm not gonna touch her either.
I wanna talk about Act 2 first. Meena and uh... "Darrius."
My thing with their duet really isn't the act itself.
It's the moments immediately after it.
If it's not written in the stage directions, and there's no issue or mishap you're trying to cover up, and it has happened to me before too, you DONT. BREAK. CHARACTER.
I did a show in high school called Be My Ghost. I was one of the ghosts haunting the hotel. The audience saw me whenever I walked on stage. The "living characters" had to act as if I wasn't there at all.
Before the lights went up to intermission, all four of us ghosts had a little part to run across the stage, dance around, be a ghost, etc.
I was supposed to be the one that was a bit "insane," as the director said, and when I was going across the stage, I tripped, and my prop fell and broke on the floor.
The audience thought it was meant to be comedic, and started laughing.
Of course, me being friggin embarrassed at first, had to act fast, because I was just standing there with a broken porcelain doll on the floor.
So I started laughing. Maniacally. So much so I could see the audience was freaked out by my laughter as the curtains were falling in front of me.
That is an example of breaking the fourth wall JUSTIFIABLY. I stayed IN CHARACTER, and the tech crew backed me up to roll with the cover up. The audience won't know it was a mistake if you don't treat it like a mistake
Meena went and started talking to Alfonso out of character and setting up a date after the show.
The amount of R A G I N G I was doing in that theatre was like
Tumblr media
The other thing I wanna bring up is Act 1 with Johnny and Klaus Ryan.
For some reason I felt like a lot was missing there. Like, example:
Why are they at war tho
Who started it
Wtf was the point of a war in the first place
Why was "Sky Full of Stars" the choice when it's a love song and there's no evidence of even the slightest romantic stuff happening like wh—
S O I'm here to fill in the gaps with headcanons and OCs because I fucking can 😀👍🏻
The Planet of War is another name for it; it's actually called Calion
Ryan's character is named Karn
Johnny's is named Komenar
They're also in a civil war (which duh bc of the costume colors and such)
Johnny and Ryan's characters command their respective sides
Karn's faction is referred to as the Uprisal, or Uprisers, because they're attempting to overthrow the current ruler of Calion and put Karn in power
Komenar's faction is referred to as the Resistance, and are loyal to the standing ruler, which is also Komenar
Well Karn took someone captive when he last attempted an invasion of the fortress that is barely a fortress at this point
That person is the future First Lady (I lack a better name ok), Ailee. (Aye-Lee)
I say Future because Komenar was preparing to propose to her when the war was finally over
Ailee was constantly trying to get them to negotiate, sign a peace treaty, etc, but Karn wouldn't have it
Shit happened obviously
So the scene shown in the movie is that final showdown, Karn is coming for Komenar, Komenar is preparing to fight to the death for his planet and his lady
So hence the song with "I'm gonna give you my heart" and "I don't care, go on and tear me apart; I don't care if you do; Because in a sky full of stars; ... I think I saw you;"
Obviously, Klaus crashes the party as Karn, and changes the scene
Komenar was supposed to defeat Karn by the end of the song (right before Nooshy started banging on the bucket), so that kinda just makes it a bit more epic ngl
At least to me idk
It's after this that Rosita comes forward asking about the lost space traveler, and comes up empty, so she leaves for the next planet
I've shown y'all Raela's performance dress once before here:
Tumblr media
Granted, Rae wasn't intended to have a casted role. She only designed costumes, sets and props, and even made some of the costumes used herself. Including the dress above that was made for that role as the "First Lady." Or princess. Er- Someone help me with this—
It was intended for a different actress, who I don't have a name for yet, that was set for the role. When Jimmy Crystal cancelled the show, and the cast was secretly called in for the performance, she refused to perform out of fear of getting her contract with Crystal Entertainment voided.
So, Moon had to improvise, and Rae agreed to fill the spot.
When she designed the dress, it was meant to represent both sides as symbolism to show that the character just wanted peace, the orange cracks from Johnny's costume, and the red from Ryan's, as well as accents of gold and silver individually from both.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was also intended for the skirt to touch the ground, since the actress is significantly shorter than Rae, and a bit smaller in the chest. She had to makeshift an extension in the top to be able to wear it since there wasn't enough time to make a whole new dress. She does get to remake it for herself though for the performance at the Majestic, and makes some small changes just for fun. I gotta draw her in it tho give me a hot minute
As for singing for that role, I'm not 100% on that. I have a Choral VC for Raela now, but it wouldn't be a lot as to not pull from Johnny standing up to Klaus.
And now, other headcanons for the musical itself:
Darrius sticks around but somehow he's not very popular with Meet n Greets, etc
Darrius's character is named Darrio because he won't go by anything else and Buster was losing his patience
The Goddess is named Mellodi
Because duh
Porsha's "Nasty Alien Monster" is named Purra
"Planet of Joy" is Jubila
"Planet of Love" is Ardor
The "Lost Planet" is really the Guiding Star's (Ash) hiding place
The Guiding Star is named Luminaria
Luminaria had been healing the Space Explorer, literally keeping the name Clay Calloway, after he crashed landed there
She didn't feel she could send him out on his own to return home
So when Rosita and Robo-Piggy arrive, she tests them to see if they are pure in their intentions to take him home
Then he comes walking out cause yes
Also, Clay's costume was made on the spot by up-cycling clothes Raela bought from the thrift stores and flea markets
And honestly by stealing borrowing a few leather jackets Porsha yanked from the closet in her dad's office
Getting those with Jerry sleeping in his own office was not easy in the slightest
Nooshy was hired on by Buster as his choreographer
The night cleaners didn't stay with the group, but the Majestic was VERY quick about getting their places filled for Porsha's solo
This has been my 2am rambles. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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virtuemoir-forever · 9 days ago
Oh I’ll keep asking! What was behind that practice outfit for Tessa specifically (but both!)? It was very different from the other practice dresses that season unless I missed something (which is probable!)
Ok so I don’t know any specific back story. The following is only off general info.
there was a picture she posted from what was apparently the first day of practice in which she tagged ‘Feeling’ (the brand that made all their costumes in the comeback) - she wouldn’t have done that if it was just a Bloch or Capezio unitard (or any other dancewear brand) (honestly at first glance it looks like a Bloch uni):
Tumblr media
while it was different to what she normally wears, they do often do the first practice at most comps in all black, so I guess she just got a new special one for the olys
there’s this IG live in which she talks about the weird and annoying rules/expectations in figure skating, including that they are expected to always practice in full costume, hair make up and that Tessa always found that dumb and wanted to push back against that. And during the comeback they kinda decided to go against those ‘rules’ as a matter to taking control of their environment, feeling empowered and being proud of their movement and physicality with out costumes to distract or hide anything, also as a matter of feeling more comfortable: x
as for Scott, he had worn his Carmen shirt costume several other times for exhibition dances (I’d never seen him wear it for practice tho before now) but going off the above of how they are expected to practice in costumes, this kinda meets halfway in that it is, or at least was a costume, but is so simple, comfortable and shows off his lines that it works perfectly fine as practice clothing.
do I think they coordinated their outfits (because they do match in a weird way) YES I DO. and it’s in the most subtle way. If you look in that practice video (2/17) and you see WeaPo (the no.2 canadian team) they are wearing matching purple practice outfits- that seems like a bit too much, like a bit too obvious that ‘hey we aren’t gonna wear costumes but we have matching practice clothes’. With TS, it’s kinda accidental, but not really. It’s much more subtle coz they don’t exactly match but they complement each other. And that they are black it’s more… standard- again like they aren’t trying too hard at it.
they only ever wore their costumes for the final practice at the olys (the day before -I’m assuming it wasn’t the morning of-practice) every other time she was in either her blue or green practice dress, this ‘heart’ uni or another uni/ Leo+tights. [I believe there was also a practice where she was in a black long sleeve Leo and short skirt that I’ve only seen pics- not video of which seemed very odd for them]
So anyway.. There’s some stuff on that.
Tumblr media
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teklarn · a year ago
𝔂𝓸𝓾'𝓻𝓮 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓶𝔂 𝓫𝓸𝔂𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭 - 𝓴. 𝓫𝓪𝓴𝓾𝓰𝓸𝓾 (𝓹𝓽.4)
character(s): katsuki bakugou x gn!reader (x eijirou kirishima) 
a/n: y’all it makes me so happy how many people like my work oh my gosh i’m so motivated when enthusiasm shows tytyty <33 
𝕣𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕠𝕘𝕤 𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝕘𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕔𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕 !!
summary: bakugou x gn!reader. they have feelings for one another but have no idea how to express them, however y/n has someone pining for their attention. 
genre: angst 
warnings: mutual pining, cussing, aged-up to third years, love triangle, romantic tension, one-sided pining, jealousy, toxic kirishima (ok but like he’s hot tho), slowburn romance, not proofread 
word count: 2423
- - -
part 3 , part 5
you twiddled your thumbs in front of the poster. a halloween party? next month? it’d come as a surprise how fast the holiday was coming up. 
your stomach filled with butterflies, however, it sunk when you remembered what had happened last night. 
the little fight you had with kirishima. how it seemed like he suddenly hated bakugou, who was one of his best friends. you didn’t want to believe that kirishima could have had feelings for you. perhaps he was just protecting you. 
you sighed. you truly didn’t want to fight with either of them. maybe kirishima was right. he did know bakugou better than you, but to your knowledge, bakugou had never had a relationship. 
maybe kirishima was trying to say that bakugou would be toxic in the sense that he would never pay attention to you. perhaps he would be too focused on becoming the number one hero. 
whatever. it didn’t matter now. 
the poster listed that it was going to be a costume party, and dressing up was mandatory. you were good friends with mei hatsume from the support group, so she would be going all-out for the season. you wondered if she’d be able to whip something up for you, too. 
you had a few minutes left before class started, surely she should be available for a little bit of chatter. besides, mei hatsume never turned down a new project. 
turning, you started your way to the support classrooms just to be stopped, come face-to-face with the one person you’d been trying to avoid all day. “i don’t want to talk right now, kirishima,” you snapped. perhaps you were being a bit harsh, but he was the one trying to control you, was he not? 
“then don’t talk, y/n. i’ll talk.” 
you shoved past him, clutching your books to your chest. “no.” 
“just hear me out, okay? last night was...i didn’t mean to seem-” 
“seem what? possessive? rude? like an overprotective, jealous boyfriend?” 
“in no way was i trying to come across as any of those, trust me y/n.” 
you continued on your way to the support classes only to find him standing before you again. You sighed, tightening your grip around your books. “what.” you commanded him, you didn’t ask. 
kirishima let out a sigh of his own, letting his arms fall to his sides. “can we just...talk? we’re friends, and we’ve always communicated well with each other.” 
“communication was out of the question yesterday, wasn’t it?” you attempted shoving him away to continue on your way, but he caught your shoulder, finger pads digging into your skin possessively. 
“please, y/n.” 
you looked down your nose at him. “fine. say what you so badly want to get out.” 
“listen, i-” 
the bell rang, and students went rushing back into their classrooms. you shrugged, victorious. “looks like the bell isn’t on your side either, kirishima.” 
you heard him sigh in defeat, but did not look back.
there was something about the way kirishima was suddenly looking at you that bakugou didn’t like. at all. his pencil snapped in his grip, chips of wood and led flying into the air. 
speaking of kirishima, what was up with him lately? everything was suddenly about you. he was always around you. sure, throughout the years, you two had gotten closer, but kirishima looked just about ready to abandon bakugou’s ass on the side of the road. 
as usual, aizawa would be a bit late. in about ten minutes, the man would come wandering in, bags hanging low under his eyes, and instruct the lesson before falling back into his much-needed slumber. 
that was when bakugou would interrogate kirishima. but first, he needed to talk to you. needed to be sure he was on the winning side before anything happened between kirishima. 
bakugou walked over to your desk, tugging at your sleeve to get your attention. 
“hm?” you looked up from your notebook. “yes, bakugou? do you need something?” 
“yeah,” he replied, scratching the back of his neck. “you saw the poster too, right? the one about that stupid dance.” 
“well, i don’t think it’s stupid. it looks fun! don’t you think?” 
he drowned himself in your eyes. “mhm.” 
“so, did you still need something?” 
“got any costume ideas in mind?” 
you feigned surprise. “katsuki bakugou? are you saying what i think you’re saying?” 
he licked his lips. gosh, the way his name rolled off your tongue sounded the way honey tasted. “don’t push it.” he grinned. “still considering it.” 
“well, if you’re thinking of going, you definitely should. i’m buying tickets with mina and kaminari if you’d like to tag along.” 
“tag along?” he let out a breathy chuckle. “i’ll be the star of the show if i ‘tag along’, you got me?” 
you gave him a side smile. “mhm. but you do realize how hectic it’s gonna be there, right? i mean, you’ve got to pick something that...pops, y’know?” your fingers sprung out to add emphasis. 
“whether i wear some stupid costume or not, i’m still going to be the star of the show. you got that?”
you knew he was only teasing. if it’d been the bakugou from before, he would have most likely meant it, however, you knew how he openly teased you now. strangely, it was only you who he was so open with. 
bakugou smirked, leaning down to raise your chin with his fingers. “i’ll go if you go.”  
he had your heart pacing rapidly. “mhm.” 
“use your words.” 
“yes, i think i’ll go.” 
“you think?” he taunted. 
“i will go.” you cleared your throat. “bakugou.” 
“good.” his gentle fingers let go of your chin and he wandered back to his desk, eyeing you from there for a moment before flicking open a textbook and reading. 
you diverted your eyes back to your notebook, hands shaking as you wrote down the date. you scribbled down your name three times in the top right corner just to look busy. 
adjusting your elbow, you did your best to make it look like you were merely leaning your cheek on your hand in a bored manner. gosh. you could still feel his eyes burning into you, demanding. serious. gorgeous and blood red. 
kirishima was right about you having feelings for bakugou. however you sat there conflicted for a little while. 
bakugou had just approached you in a similar manner as kirishima. did kirishima..? 
no, you two were only friends. 
you shook your head, still doing your best to conceal the stupid grin crossing your cheeks. 
everyone knew that telling other people if you were just friends with someone after they asked, one person had feelings for the other at least. it was another thing asking yourself that. 
- - - 
it was just a week before the dance, and you still had yet to choose a costume. mina and kaminari had offered you a few of the costumes she’d worn at previous halloween parties, but none had appealed to you. 
you wanted something fresh. wanted something that you’d feel like you would have fun in. 
“wouldn’t dressing up as a pirate be really, i don’t know. i just feel like it’d be super super hot in the gym.” 
mina rolled her eyes. “well duh, you look hot in everything, y/n.” 
you scoffed. “thanks, but i’m not sure about that.” 
“kirishima seems to think so,” kaminari teased from inside the change room. all three of you were currently at a thrift store trying to find matching costumes. 
you rolled your eyes, disregarding the fact he couldn’t see. “don’t bring him up. please.” 
“what happened between you two?” mina asked, slipping the costume back onto its hanger. she slipped it back into its spot on the rack and began sifting through new clothes. “you guys just suddenly stopped talking.” 
you shrugged. “he’s just been...off lately. you know? i don’t know how else to explain it. but ever since that incident where he broke bakugou’s nose-” 
kaminari peaked out from the curtain, jaw dropping. “he broke bakugou’s nose?” 
you waved him off. “yes, now let me finish. kirishima did this thing where he just...he acted all protective in private and then tried to apologize for it the next day. he kept telling me stuff like bakugou wasn’t good for me and everything.” 
mina blinked, jaw dropping to the floor. “honey, what?” 
she and kaminari exchanged shocked glances before she popped a hip out and put her fist to it. 
“bestie, honey. you really are oblivious, aren’t you?” 
you let out an exasperated breath. “he told me that, too! he pinned me to the wall and was like, oh, you’re so oblivious.” you imitated his voice, puffing out your chest to mock his stockiness. 
“baby, baby! do you hear yourself?” mina shook you, taking you by your shoulders. “what the heck? are you blind? he’s down bad for you!” 
“bad? if he had feelings for anyone, not just me, i think kirishima would be a little more considerate.” 
“but it’s bakugou,” kaminari chirped in. “he knows he won’t win if he doesn’t get you now.” 
“please, bakugou doesn’t win at everything.” 
mina raised an eyebrow. “but you already have feelings for bakugou, so technically he’s already winning.” 
you pursed your lips. “i guess, but if kirishima really had romantic feelings for me, he’d be less of an ass about it.” 
“is he going to the dance?” kaminari closed the curtain, rustling around to change back into his clothes once more. 
“i’m pretty sure.” you began sifting through clothes with mina. “bakugou said he’d go if i went. so i’m guessing kirishima is going to be there, too. bakugou and he are never apart.” 
mina slapped her thigh in disbelief. “do you hear yourself, babes?” she wore a stupid grin. “i haven’t seen those two together since...i don’t know, not for the past month. they’re fighting over you, whether you realize it, whether they realize it.” 
kaminari let out a false moan. “oh to have those two fighting over me.” he came out of the change room dressed in his own clothes. 
“did the costume not fit?” mina asked. 
“my fat ass is too fat for it. i’m too hot to be a pirate.” he posed, mimicking aoyama. 
“your ass is flatter than a pancake, kaminari.” 
you chuckled, but couldn’t help thinking about what mina was saying. as your two friends began chatting away, you lost yourself in your thoughts. 
the three of you sat down for dinner at a cheap restaurant. mina and kaminari had bought a matching costume set, and you were still left without one. the two had left for the bathroom, leaving you sipping your own drink alone. 
your chest sank into your stomach when a familiar head full of red, the roots beginning to darken, stepped into the restaurant. he ordered what you’d guessed. 
he waited for the meal to be prepared for take out, rocking back and forth on his heels and whistling softly. 
thankfully, you felt someone rest a hand on your shoulder. you turned, expecting to see kaminari or mina attempting to save you. instead, you found a strange man. he looked to be around your age. you vaguely recognized his face. perhaps you’d seen him around yuuei before. 
uncomfortable, you shoved his hand off. “please go away.” 
kirishima blinked slowly when his eyes found you. you did not attempt to hide your annoyance. 
you wanted to tell both of them to go away as the man started flirting with you. it should be expected. this wasn’t the best place to be hanging out, either. 
you heard footsteps rushing up, and soon, a hand clamped around your wrist. you cried out as kirishima pulled you out of your seat. 
“do you have an issue?” he demanded, eyes boring into the man’s. 
the man licked his lips. “you seem like you have an issue, here.” his words slurred grossly. “we were over here minding our own business.” 
“they don’t want it.” kirishima snapped. 
“kirishima, i can handle this myself. you tried to shove off his grip. he let go, knowing that this wasn’t truly how he wanted to approach you. 
“see?” the man said. “they’re fine.” 
“get out of here.” 
“kirishima, what’re you-” 
the man put his hands up in surrender and wandered out. 
you pushed kirishima back. “what the hell?” 
“fine. be mad at me, but he was invading your space.” 
your brow furrowed. “you’re one to talk! do i need to put some kind of restraining order on you? you keep following me everywhere.” 
“not anywhere! this was a coincidence.” 
you shook your head. “it’s pointless trying to argue with you. you’re so toxic!” 
kirishima tongued the inside of his cheek. “think what you want, y/n. i could see you were uncomfortable, anyway.” 
“no, kirishima. i don’t need your saving. i don’t need you to swoop in and pretend like you’re my hero. you’re not. don’t talk to me again unless you’ve grown the hell up.” 
as if on queue, the bell rang and kirishima’s packaged dinner was presented in a paper bag. he gave you a good, long hard stare before taking his dinner and leaving. 
your chest heaved with anger. you wanted to make him angry. if he felt romantic feelings towards you, you wanted to make him jealous. 
you gave mina and kaminari a text that you’d be going home early. it was only a half-lie. you ran to hatsume’s dorm and knocked loudly. she opened the door without hesitation and grinned widely at the sight of you, already knowing you needed something. 
kirishima was obviously so damn jealous of bakugou, wasn’t he? mina was right. he wouldn’t be able to compete. and you were going to make sure he knew that. 
the blaring lights, the music louder than bakugou’s explosions. students disguised as their favorite characters. 
it was hectic, you were right about that. 
kirishima stood beside him. they’d both decided to dress in their hero costumes. the tension between them was still unspoken. they felt like strangers. 
their eyes scanned the crowd, and bakugou’s landed on you first, kirishima following closely after. 
he couldn’t help the warm, victorious feeling in his chest as he glanced to the side at kirishima’s expression. 
kirishima’s chest caved in. you’d dressed in...who had made it? 
“they’re dressed as...you,” he said, aghast. 
bakugou grinned, watching you dance under the lights in your own rendition of his hero costume, that orange x crossing your chest oh-so-nicely.
- - - 
tags: (if you want to be tagged in future parts, let me know!!) 
@heizenka @misssugarless 
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superlinn02 · a year ago
Polkadot man x fem reader (part 1)
Obs:this story doesn't contain any mentions of she or her but it is implied that you start at the female part of the prison just like ratchatcer
Info:this will probably have some spelling mistakes because English is not my first language. This story might not be great because it's my first in awhile. Thanks for understanding
You shouldn't be here, you didn't fit in here. Well at least that's what you think, the ones that put u in this God forsaken prison seemed to think otherwise. I men sure you killed a cupel of people but they were gonna kill you first they just didn't get the chance.
Either way now you were stuck in this shit hole, not that living in the streets of Gotham were much better but at least you where free there. Here you were still the outcast you were out in Gotham, no friends and people acted like you didn't exist but that was all you had ever known so you didn't mind too much.
But then the day came, Waller walked in and apparently you were now part of a team. They all looked like idiots in your opinion well at least the ones you have meet so far, peacemaker, bloodsport and king Shark you thought their names were. Cleo you already knew of, not that u had ever talked to her,and that was it you thought until Waller backtracked to the guys wing again.
The man in front of u looked sad and if the eyes truly were the window's too one's soul, his showed everything about him at least to you. The frown on your face was probably very visible when you realized that all the information you were gonna get about this man was that they call him polkadot man. How was that fair even you had gotten more of an introduction and their really wasn't much to say.
The debriefing came and went and now you were sat between cleo and Abner krill as you learnt his name was in the helicopter. It was pretty awkward and your social awkwardness didn't help at all so you let the others handel the talking.
"so what do we do when we land?" it was Cleo asking.
"we won't land, we are gonna jump into the water. Less noise." peacemaker answered fast. One could easily tell he wanted to be the leader but had to deal with not getting his way.
Abner hadn't really talked efter telling you all his name but then again neither had you. But hearing the word swimming made that change real quick.
"whoa! whoa! Hold up nobody said anything about swimming!" you quickly stated before anyone could change subject again.
"yes, you have a problem with that?" this time it was bloodsport that answered.
"no, I just don't like getting wet." you said while looking at your hands. You didn't really want anyone of these "super villians" to know you were a bad swimmer.
You didn't get to dwell on it for too long however because in the corner of your eye you saw a small movement. You shifted so you could get a closer look at what was happening only to see Abner trying his best to hide something on his neck.
You were about to ask him if he was okay but before you could get the chance it was time to get in the water. It went surprisingly well, at least thats what you thought. You probably looked like you were in fact drowning, but at least you made it. You all made it to the shoore and went on to make camp.
You were at the back of the group on the way to your camp spot and that's when you saw it. Abner neck had a bump, that wasn't the weird thing however, nope the weird thing was that it was glowing a in your opinion quite beautiful blue.
"hey, are you okay?" you wisper to him. You didn't wanna make a big deal out of it, but something in you at least wanted to make sure he was okay.
He seemed to freeze up before a quick yes escaped his lips and he continued walking without so much as looking at you.
It may have seemed rude to others but you didn't mind. He seems like a withdrawn kind of person but so were you so you completely understood. However, much to your dismay and probably Abners too the others in your little group also noticed what had happened to Abner.
"hey! What happened to your face?" peacemaker asked seeming more concerned over himself other than Abner.
"it's just a rash" it came out fast and quiet, as if Abner were scared that if he talked louder something bad would happen.
"that's a rash?!" it was peacemaker again seemingly more self concerned then before.
Not much more was said about the subject and that seemed to please Abner. You however was curious now and hade to at least try and get him to talk to you. There was something about him that was drawing you in, something that actually made you want to get to know him be his friend. Hmm a friend now that wasn't something you had a lot of.
The campsite was not much of a campsite at all but you felt it better to keep your mouth shut. But this felt like the perfect moment to get to know Abner or anyone in this squad for that matter. However when you turn to look for Abner he was gone, probably took the first opportunity that he got to get away a bit. So you decided to see what Cloe aka ratchatcer 2 was up too.
Not before long everyone except you seemed to be sleeping. You were sitting on a log staring at the scenery when a rustel startled you. Your eyes snapped to Abners sleeping bag only to see that the bumps hade been growing and started to disform his pretty face... Wait pretty? When was that something you thought about anyone? Maybe being doomed to die did something to you.
But you didn't get to dwell on it for too long because as quickly as he hade moved he had moved on to the bushes right besides your camp. You were thinking about going after him and make sure he was okay but you didn't even get the chance to stand up before a rainbow of sorts seemed to be coming frome the bush.
Without even noticing you where sneeking closer and closer to what you assumed was Abner. You got about halfway there before he came back out looking exactly like at the prison before you left,well expect he had his undershirt on instead of his costume.
"are you okay? And I don't want you to brush it off this time." in hindsight you maybe sounded a little demanding but you didn't like death so you wanted to make sure.
"yes, I comes with my powers. It won't infect you I promise." his answer shocked you. Had nobody cared about him and just asked because they were scared? That didn't sit right with you at all.
"I wasn't asking because I was afraid, I was asking because I don't want you dead." you said that and then immediately regretted it. You didn't meen to sound so concerned and scared but in truth you were, so you guessed that was the reason.
However neither you nor Abner didn't get to think on it, because one of your team mates tried to eat another one of your team mates. The shark still scared you a bit but he seemed to agree to not eat you so it was a step in the right direction. That didn't mean you weren't taking precautions, you took your sleeping bag and moved it to where Abner was sleeping.
In the morning you were surprised to wake up to brown eyes watching you. It didn't make you uncomfortable at all, it made you feel seen and in a weird kinda way you hoped he would look at you more. But he didn't seem the kind to like eye contact.
The moment however was quickly broken by bloodsport yelling to get up and get our asses on the move. Apparently we were to find someone named Rick Flag. The camp he was being held at wasn't to far away and when you got there you weren't surprised that bloodsport and peacemaker were having some kind of killing contest.
You didn't do much because of your dislike to killing people so while they were brutally making their way through camp you quietly followed after. But you got wreckless and when you though everyone was dead you went out in the open. That was your mistake because a second later you heard guns clocking and people saying stuff you couldn't understand. You really thought this was it your last time on earth your last living moment, and your eyes went to his. At the time you didn't know why but it felt right.
His eyes weren't on you tho, no they were focused on something behind you. Before you knew what was happening he moved and stretched out his arms. Out of them came what you could only discribe as polkadots, quite beautiful if you got to say so.
You could only hear the comotion behind you and then the world was quiet again. Your eyes never left him and you could only wagly hear peacemakers comment about the polkadots. You desperately wanted to thank Abner in whatever way you could. But the moment was cut short by Abner himself.
"sorry it's so flamboyant" was all he said still not really looking at anyone.
"I think it's beautiful" you heard yourself say. You wanted to smack your hand over your mouth but the words had already left so what was the point.
Everyone else didn't really seem too care and quickly went to check on flag. And when you also started to turn around and leave, you chought his eyes again but only for a moment. You could feel your cheeks getting warm at that, damn him and his pretty eyes! But that also when you heard it, so quiet but still there.
"do you really mean that?" it was Abner, still behind you but seemingly closer.
"Of course I do, I may be the bad guy but a lier I am not." you said while turning to face him again. When you saw his face again you gave him a smal smile but a genuine one, then turned around to meet this new person you had never herd of before.
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your-local-hollow-lover · 10 months ago
Espada + October!
Thinks it's annoying that there's so much noise at nighttime, but after you introduce him to human candy his mind soon changes.
Won't say it out loud but thinks the lights and decorations are neat. It's one of the things why the human world is entertaining
Lilynette adores trick or treat. She's happy to hear compliments about her costume.
She also might steal Starrk candy one's she's finished with hers
Takes a liking to carve pumpkins! and her and her fraction do their best to represent something in theirs.
Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun compete over which of them did the perfect Harribel face on their pumpkin!
You introduce Harribel to aromatic candles and decorations and even when she thinks this human tradition is kinda pointless, you can see she's enjoying it.
You and he have been handing candy to different children all night. All of them have had something to say about his looks.
He wants to go home, please! Is this torture?? Is it? Is this your revenge because he refused to do the "cuddling" thing last night?
Ulquiorra doesn't know why he lets you put him through this weird human show, but even with all the complaints, he doesn't leave and that puts a smile on your face
Loves it! Hates it! Loves it! Hates it! there's no in-between and Nnoitra himself can't decide which he feels the most.
He likes to see people scared and running for their lives when they're afraid, and he loves the gory decors.
He hates jump-scares, tho. And you really have to be careful cause someone could actually die.
Yeah... you're probably gonna have problems if he falls in a street spooky prank.
He's the guy that if you scare him he'll punch you.
Aside from that, I think he'll enjoy autumn food quite a lot! warm cosy atmosphere at your place, pumpkin pie or cream with butter bread.
He loves it and likes that you made this stuff for him. He loves to be the centre of your attention.
Obsessed with the idea of the costumes and you know he loves to go to a Halloween party just to show off how pretty he looks.
He would love to try some seasonal cocktails and would make up some of his own.
The perfect partner to watch serial killers documentaries all night. He asserts that it's obvious who was the murderer from the start and that humans (and the police/detectives) are so dumb for not coming out with the answer sooner.
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tripleahyperfixator · 3 months ago
This episode,, was so good ngl, and here are my thoughts/theories for season 2 :D (cause we WILL be getting a season 2, I will literally fight for it)
Okay first off wow just WOW
The way that Marc just straight up willingly dropped his chance of eternal paradise knowing that he'd have to continue fighting and would have to be Khonshu's fist again the moment he wakes from death because he was dead set on getting back to Steven
His speech to Steven when he was talking to him about how much Steven meant to him and how he saved his life and gave him a reason to keep living is just 👌✨ MMM GOOD SHIT
I think they should have got more time to talk ngl✋🙄 they deserve it after everything
WAS MARC'S LEG BROKEN?? OR STILL FROZEN?? CAUSE THE WAY HE WAS LIMPING💀 and when he tried to tell Steven to go on without him only for Taweret to show up and be a badass was ,, nice?
hm I wonder who the hell warned the Gods about Arthur trying to free Ammit :/ it really is such a mystery I can't believe Arthur would do this
There's no way that's temporary like she said tho💀 after that "are you and Egyptian superhero?" "I am" scene I just know that she's gonna be an avatar for a while😭 Disney loves to milk it's little diversity as much as possible
When Marc wakes back up and gets the moon knight suit on again I was literally screaming he looked amazing 😭 AND THEN STEVEN BEING MY SMART SAVVY BOY THAT HE IS NEGOTIATING A NEW DEAL WITH KHONSHU WAS JUST MWAH 😚👌✨
(notice how Steven and Khonshu only specified that they were talking about Steven and Marc being freed from Khonshu's servitude only tho💀 I know damn well that Khonshu knew about Jake and was oy agreeing to Stevens demands because he had that option)
Arthur was fr getting the shit beaten out of him it was hilarious I loved it😭 HE SAID SOME FUCKED UP SHIT THO😒
And I'm a little sceptical about Marc and Steven (AND LAYLA SHE SAW IT TOO???) just letting Marc clearly "blackout" and kill a bunch of people in defense when they all know it wasn't him or Steven💀
I guess they were busy/tired/in a hurry but still💀 they didn't even question it at all when they got back to their apartment??
Steven and Marc easily fronting with eachother and basically constantly co-fronting together is WONDERFUL and reminds me a little of the comics in that aspect! Even though Steven wasn't involved with the moon knight side of things in them😭
I know a lot of people were bashing on the fact that Khonshu was able to get big WITHOUT eating souls and stuff but like,,, it was night time and the moon was out🧍 that's explanation enough for me tbh💀
I LOVE LAYLAS OUTFIT, LOTS OF PEOPLE DONT BUT I DO😭 I admit they could have done more but I like the simplicity of it and just the overall design, I'm glad they didn't try to make a copy of the moon knight costume but also they definitely could have given her more armor😭 (LOVE THE WINGS SO MUCH THO)
Okay obviously I love Jake all of you know this by now but,, and HERE ME OUT OKAY DON'T JUST HEAD STRAIGHT TO THE COMMENTS TO CUSS ME OUT OR SOMETHING-
I don't really like how he was introduced.
Like the way he's introduced us just gonna keep those "Jake is the evil alter" people going and it's kinda frustrating
I guess it's understandable that we don't for sure know WHY Jake chose to continue to serve Khonshu (obviously I already stated my theories on that above) but would it really have killed them to maybe explain just a tiny bit😭
It was post credit and I get that completely! But when it comes to this situation where we already have negative and harmful stereotypes being placed on Jake from people misinforming/misinterpreting Jake personality even in the comics we get posts like "Marc Spector's evil alter??" Or other shit like that
Jake isn't evil and he sure as hell isn't some "villainous" alter trying to ruin Steven and Marc's lives (it seriously wouldn't kill some people to just listen to people who have DID on what is actually correct/respectful for once)
Jake is a protector through and through, he wouldn't put them in danger and he sure as hell isn't staying with Khonshu because he's some sort of killing machine that only wants to kill/beat the shit out of people
I need some of these people to actually read one of the comics instead of listening to news outlets who only talk about moon knight because it's popular rn💀,, like come on y'all I'm not even an old fan but I still know that some of the shit y'all say/do is unexcusable
I'm also very sad about his lack of mustache 😭 like Disney,, EVEN IN THE COMICS HE HAD A FAKE MUSTACHE HOW HARD WOULD IT BE TO BUY ONE FOR OSCAR💀 it wouldn't even have to look realistic
I think for season 2 we'll get more Steven and Marc bonding interacting and then them finally integrating Jake into their little bubble while possibly figuring out something with Khonshu?
Also bushman, I definitely think Bushman is gonna be there and we'll get Layla meeting (and beating the ass of) her father's killer
I love how they have the limo now, it must be Steven bringing in all that cash from tours or something😌✨ millionaire Steven is on the way y'all I can taste it
But yeah 👍✨ those are my thoughts on the newest episode 😭 hope y'all have a good rest of the day/night, laters gators!
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waynedunlaptheorgandonor · a year ago
watched s11ep1
i will provide you with a quick review before i disappear back into the ether of twd avoidance
lots of spoilers under the cut. also i wrote way too much and i worked all night and haven’t slept so i didn’t bother to reread literally any of it, so it might be completely nonsensical, tho if you don’t expect that from me by this point idk whose blog you’ve been reading
hokay, first off, i’ll start by saying that i enjoyed it more than i expected to. i’ve been avoiding any sort of discussion about stuff, but my google algorithm is so fucked at this point that i still get recommended articles and stuff every now and then, so i was already pretty aware of what i was walking into, and was expecting it to be eh, but actually i prob enjoyed it more than i enjoyed the finale
(don’t get too excited tho, the finale was rly boring lmfao)
episode starts off with a tense scouting mission
it takes .005 seconds into the episode for caryl to exchange a look of longing, establishing that they are still having weird conflict and are both too fucking stubborn to do anything about it even tho they hate it desperately
i imagine that will continue for a while
rosita, kelly, carol, maggie, what’s her face with the bad hair, and lydia (i think that’s everyone?) lower down to some army bunker or something, where a bunch of walkers are taking a snooze, and the girls are very respectful of walker naptime, and do their best not to wake them up
obviously they eventually wake up, but i’ll get to that in a sec
as they’re tiptoeing through the walker tulips, there’s this split second where carol spots a machine gun, and looks at maggie with a face like, “can i plzzzz, i am mad horny for that machine gun,” but maggie tells her no. (i 110% expected her to defy orders and accidentally wake up all the walkers, but she actually behaved herself for once. well. mostly)
never fear, tho, after the girl gang collects a bunch of MREs they go back to wait for the dudes waiting up top to pull them up, and bc men ruin everything, one of the ropes break, and daryl catches it before it falls, but then a slow motion drop of blood falls on a walker’s face, and just like that, walker naptime is over, and carol uses her bow and arrow for two seconds before she is like “fuck this” and whips out the machine gun
yes, she is super hot using it
yes, daryl watches her do it
anyway, all the other girls get rescued, and carol is about to be pulled up, but bc she is a #girlboss, she first makes a beeline for one more crate full of MREs. daryl covers her while she gets the loot, and when she gets back up top they have another charged moment as carol hands him back his knife
just fuck already, jfc
cut to alexandria where everything is still not smilestimes
BUT, we do get to see uncle daryl run and hug rj and judith (and dog), and FUCKING HERSHEL JR, LIGHT OF MY LIFE is also there
istg, they could not have casted a better child, i a d o r e him
oh, and some friends of maggie’s show up too, idk
cut to a staff meeting where everyone is like, whomp whomp, we’re all gonna starve to death unless we figure out something quick
cue maggie going, “oh, i know where food is, but it requires me to tell you my tragic backstory, in case anyone didn’t watch my bottle episode”
she tells her dramatic backstory about all her friends getting slaughtered by the reapers for no apparent reason, and then she’s like “anyway, let’s go back there!”
no one thinks it’s a great idea, but a group of people decide to go anyway, including daryl and gabriel. rosita is super pissed that gabriel is going, and carol doesn’t go, probably partly bc it’s a shitty fucking idea, and also bc they have to keep caryl apart bc otherwise they’ll fix their problems ahead of schedule and they won’t be able to drag out the needless angst
daryl looks kind of annoyed that carol doesn’t volunteer to go 
bitch, i thought you wanted her to stop putting herself in the line of fire! make up your damn mind!
moving on
cut to a thunderstorm, where, if you look closely, you’ll notice daryl is wearing the STUPIDEST hat i’ve ever seen. just get an umbrella, jfc
for some reason negan is with them, bc ig he knows his way around washington dc, and no one in six years has bothered to figure out how to get around the city and/or get a map, and he is like “hey guys, maybe we shouldn’t try to walk in this fucking hurricane,” and everyone is like “FUCK YOU NEGAN, YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF US!!!” 
this will be a common occurrence 
but eventually daryl is even like “actually, it’s rly unpleasant out here, and my hat is mad stupid, can we go inside plz?”
so they go inside an old metro station, which is actually a rly cool cinematic choice. i rly like the idea, and they executed it rly well
speaking of executions
there are some fucking RULL CREEPY walkers. idk why they bothered me so badly, but they were what they at first assumed were corpses wrapped up in tarps, but turns out none of them had been properly put down, so they go through killing these rotted bodies that had supposedly been there since The Fall, and it’s very gross and cool
this entire time, btw, negan is like “hey, i know i’m a shitty person, but i have some rational arguments about why we shouldn’t be doing this right now,” and everyone is like, “FUCK YOU NEGAN, YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF US!!!” and he’s just like “god fucking damnit”
(i forgot to mention that at one point, when they’re headed into the metro station, negan is trying to warn ppl of the potential danger, and everyone is ignoring him, and he tries to talk to daryl, and daryl is like “fuck you, you think we’re BUDDIES?” and negan is like “oh, ok, so you’re gonna be like that too? fanfreakingtastic” and it’s very funny)
anyway. a fat monster zombie escapes its tarp at one point, and tries to eat some npc, and negan saves him, again is like “hey, anyone else realize that this is a FUCKING BAD PLAN?”, and everyone is like “we don’t care, you’re still shitty and we’re not listening to you, and you don’t actually care about random npc i would literally not be able to pick out in a lineup bc his face is so generic, you’re not the boss of us!!!”
it’s at this point that negan finally is like, “why am i even here? bc i know how to get around washington dc? do none of you have a map?” and i was like, “right?! that’s what i said!” 
it’s then revealed that maggie only brought negan along to murder him under the guise of “oops, he got hurt in the line of duty, it wasn’t my fault,” and daryl has this look on his face that says, “i seriously need to stop hanging out with lethal women bent on revenge bc it’s gonna give me high blood pressure,” and maggie has a badass moment where she points a gun she has for some reason at negan and is like “i have like, one shred of human compassion left inside of me, and if you keep pushing me i will fucking kill you without a second thought, so shut the hell up”
(in her defense, negan had just dropped glenn’s name to purposely antagonize her, which was rude as hell)
(for the record, i’m completely on maggie’s side here, but negan still is right that trapping themselves in a metro station is a bad call)
anyway, moving away from that briefly
i think this jump cut happens sooner, i don’t actually remember, but whatever who cares, point is, we get to the part of the show that actually matters, and that’s anything involving my love, juanita “princess” sanchez
and also eugene, yumiko, and ezekiel
they are being asked increasingly invasive questions by commonwealth ppl, some of which i wish they actually would of answered (what do they use to wipe their asses with?? surely toilet paper has long since become extinct)
zeke, who is so much more tolerable as a character now that he’s not larping as a king, has this incredibly weird and sort of sexually charged moment with a dude in an orange stormtrooper costume, where he’s like, “i bet you were an asshole cop back before The Fall, you stupid fascist, #fuckthepolice, mb literally? idk, this moment has a lot of pent up aggression that could easily translate to hate sex, it might just be the intense eye contact, but w/e, let’s just move along,” and then he has a coughing fit to remind the audience that he’s currently dying of cancer, and orange stormtrooper is like “lolz, loser, drink some water you dumb piece of shit”
cut to the wholesome foursome sitting at a picnic table in a guarded courtyard eating gruel, and yumkio, who finally has a personality, and princess are like “hey, this place fucking sucks, can we leave?” and zeke is like, “yeah, i met this orange stormtrooper who i think might be dtf and/or murder, so we should probably bounce”
but eugene is like, “but i want some hot stephanie ass, and also some bullshit excuse about how mb commonewealth will save alexandria” which, they left before things went super downhill, right? idr. it was after hilltop fell, but they don’t know alexandria got fucked either, if i recall? w/e, not important
two seconds after he says this, they talk to some people who are like “we’ve been here for four months, or maybe it’s been nine, i don’t actually remember, i’ve stopped processing the passage of time,” and the wholesome foursome takes this as a bad sign, tho that’s just the life i’ve lived as a night worker during a pandemic, so i was like #mood
but then they watch some guy get dragged away screaming to get “reprocessed” and eugene is like “ok, nvm, let’s bounce”
(my theory on what “reprocessing” is, is that they’re stuck in a room and have to watch hours and hours of customer service training videos on vhs from the 90s)
i definitely got my jump cut scenes mixed up bc i think the negan accusing maggie of a murder plot thing happened in between this scene and then the next commonwealth scene, but w/e, i’ll just finish what happens in the commonwealth arch
the wholesome foursome are trying to hatch a plan to escape, except princess, my love, is distracted watching some stormtroopers flirt, and the other three are like “wtf, dude, how can you even tell any of them apart?” and princess then tells them every stormtroopers backstory bc she is brilliant and pays rly close attention to shit, and the other three are like, “this is useful information, thank you for being an insane person”
their plan involves yumiko and eugene dressing up as stormtroopers and leading princess and zeke out of the place, which works fine actually, except on their way out they come across the Depressing Wall of Probably Mostly Dead Missing Loved Ones
they’re about to leave, when princess is like, “wait, yumiko, you’re on here, that’s weird huh?”
sure enough, yumiko  is on the wall, with a note from ig her sister 
the scene ends with yumiko going, “guys...i can’t leave...i have tragic backstory to unveil”
tragic backstory to be continued ig
back in murder metro town, npc and some other npc have stolen all the supplies, there’s a train blocking the track, and a horde of walkers are coming towards them, so things are not going fantastic
they horde is too big to take down, so they start to climb on top of the train car to get away
but dog runs away!
and daryl, being every pet owner ever, is like “gotta go get my dog, guys, try not to get killed while i’m gone, c u soon!” and he ducks under the train and disappears
the episode ends with maggie climbing up the train car but getting grabbed by a walker and dangling off the edge, and negan is there and they have a lion king moment where maggie is like, “scar! help me!” and negan is like “long live the king, bitch” and walks away into the shadows, leaving maggie to a potential death
which, while i know isn’t actually going to happen, would be a really fucking funny move on the writers’ part
like, “look, lauren’s back! and now she’s dead, bet you didn’t expect that!”
my assumption is negan will actually end up helping her up or something, continuing his ambiguous morality bullshit that actually isn’t ambiguous bc he BEAT GLENN TO DEATH WITH A FUCKING BAT WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE IN FRONT OF HIS PREGNANT WIFE
the maggie/negan arch is kind of dumb, but whatevs, i’ll tolerate it, as long as my boy glenn gets justice in the end
anyway, cue credits!
final assessment: good episode. i’m much more interested in commonwealth than the reapers, tho i am hoping that daryl’s personality-less ex turns out to be a monster killing machine with no conscience, that’ll be fun. princess is a gift from god. hershel jr needs his own tv show. needs more carol (and caryl)
the end! going back into my walking dead free chamber! see you next episode!
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