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#gonna write about that one probably

awwww thank you uwu I’m so glad! Your art is wonderful and your style is very soft and gentle, it always makes me smile and want to hug the characters!

And ooooo I’d love to! Right now, my favorite headcanons are anything about Snatcher involuntarily/unwittingly taking his prince form. So if he’s being Dad and accidentally shifts while taking care of one of the kiddos and freaks out because oh no he’s Feeling, I basically melt, it’s so sweet. Also thinking about the headcanon where he shifts back into the prince every time he sleeps and has no idea this happens and by the time he wakes up he’s back to noodle form.

Also! This one’s thanks to you but the idea that Snatcher/Prince maybe really likes to receive flowers as gifts is… so soft? I love that, like imagining the prince getting such a huge smile whenever the village kids brought him wildflowers they found or if Vanessa ever gave him flowers as a gift. And then that carrying over to Snatcher and maybe the subconites will occasionally bring him flowers they find–which like, makes me extra soft because imagine ruling over a dead forest and the souls of children and they bring you flowers that are growing and that proves something can still grow here where everything had perished too soon and too fast; how special that is, then, that something can still grow–and then of course if Hat brings him a bouquet like in your art and he keeps it and tends to it just is so so sweet, I love it.

This got a little long but I hope they’re along the lines of what you’re looking for :D Thanks so much for asking!

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Just got that scene I’m dictating up to 4k. There’s probably another 1k in it, which I’m determined to get down today, and two shorter scenes I want to dictate through the weekend. It’s probably going to be a shorter chapter overall, but it’s a kind of prelude to the final, more action-packed one, so I’m not worrying about it - there’s also a nice pov change in here I think will make up for it plenty ^^

Then it’s some uni stuff I need to take care of and then - yup, you guessed it - I’m going back to Skyrim, lmao. I fell into that hole willingly and I feel I’m not getting out soon, hah.

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I momentarily considered making a “character parallels chart” for Black Sails to attempt to summarize my thoughts but then I realized that it’d look like a very fucked up shipping chart so I probably should… Not Do That.

Gotta say tho, there’s smth really funny to me about the idea of a chart that looks like a shipping chart but it’s just me drawing increasingly insane parallels between random characters. 

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Has anyone else ever accidentally fell into shipping their own characters, but, like in a non-cannon way?

Like, in their story/word it wouldn’t happen, even though I write the story and think they would be a cute couple.

It’s weird… I’m feeling that with my writing lately…. I can’t be the only one, can I??

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Sunrises: Reese, Riley, Eva, Farrah, Kate, Annleigh

Sunsets: Chess, Clark, Cairo, Mattie, 

Puppies: Mattie, Chess, Annleigh, Riley, Reese (she likes both, but she’d pick puppies if she had too)

Kittens: Kate, Eva, Farrah, Clark, Cairo 

Coffee: Riley, Cairo, Eva, Reese

Tea: Kate, Chess, Clark, Annleigh, Mattie, Farrah

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i like the goku black saga only if i let myself believe it’s an allegory that expresses you can’t always win and nothing you can do can impede the inevitability of the end

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FUCK oh my god I just got an amazing idea. Fucking Galaxy Brain. Another monster fic, but probably a lot simpler to write. Since it’d be following a lot of the game’s setup and plot, there’d b a lot less uh…… effort.

Honestly maybe it’d be good to do this one first? Fantasy au is my baby, even tho I haven’t written a single word of it yet lol, so I don’t intend to abandon it. But definitely a lot of why I haven’t done anything with it yet is Bc I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about setup and plot and characters and where everyone will be and what I want to accomplish and like So many things. It’s the game’s characters and general vibes set up in an entirely different place and time and story. Which is smth I wanna do, Bc I don’t want to just do the same story as everyone else, but a little bit to the left. I want something that’s MINE. Something that leaves an impression. Something relatively original.

But that originality takes a Lot of effort. So……. maybe I should dip my toes into this whole writing thing with something . Easier.

#speculation nation, #jfncnnfnf the idea is a soulmate au WHICH, #is super cliche and can easily be bleh . but I’m a fuckin sucker for them. smh, #I was thinking the like. thing with writing showing up on the soulmate’s skin thing, #Bc that avoids the pitfalls of the trope where like. they meet and everything just slots into place Bc that’s how it’s supposed to be, #it’d be based on a general compatibility. coupled with the fact that they’ve had contact for basically their entire life, #except there will be DRAMA and HURT FEELINGS and all that business just by virtue of like....... ya kno....... akechi, #yes it’d b akeshu what fuckin else would it be lmao, #they’re essentially soulmates in canon. two sides of the same coin. complimentary personalities., #it just WORKS ok., #anyways yes it’s not the most original but tbh I haven’t seen many soulmate au fics in p5 fandom, #and certainly none that were very long. I’ve only seen a few one shots around, #well now I want to be the one to write the long one. while hopefully making things interesting and fun, #hmmhmhm I already have in mind how I want to start it. yes., #yea I’ll probably do it within Royal canon. just cause I think I’d like to have Sumire around, #man tho I’ll have to figure out what everyone else is gonna have WHICH honestly thinking about it is not a hard choice at all, #call me a normie or whatever but I like the fandom favs, #like mako/haru of COURSE. and Ann/shiho. and I like ryuji/yusuke. And futaba/sumire, #it’d all b background so I’ll just like......... idk. sub-tag. or smth., #I hate when ppl tag ships that have barely any screen time. like damn stfu., #if ur searching for that minor pairing and everything up front is just the big popular pairing with just a tiny bit of the thing u want, #it’s annoying!!! and not smth I’m dealing with rn Bc lmao akeshu is a fandom favorite., #but I don’t wanna subject others to that. I will not. u_u, #maybe I should do google docs or smth so I can just write on my phone, #since I haven’t rly been going on my computer that much..... makes it harder to get around to writing, #aaaaaa okay I’ve got some game plans. and hopefully filling my life with writing will fill up that fanfic shaped hole in my life, #when I can’t find things that satisfy my specific wishes. I will have to MAKE them.
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today i have somewhat finished what i believe is the worst film analysis ever and i’m just so tired that i’m gonna turn it in even though i absolutely hate it. i can’t even read it without cringing. it’s ridiculously bad. it makes like zero sense and even the sentences sound weird to me. i am either being very critical today or i’ve just written the worst thing ever lmao

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some beerus past au rambles

i have so many headcanons and aus about beerus and his past, and he and champas relationship with their mother (and how it was her death that changed them). she was a very kind woman (or cat) who would help her community especially given she lived in a war zone. she loved her sons despite the fact that they were always trying to go after each other and she was the one who taught them how to fight and how to harness their powers. She also taught them how to speak the language spoken in the galaxy becuase their family originally spoke a another language unique their planet. Of course in the future, no one really knows it anymore save for a few people–and it’s hard to learn becuase of the dialect and Beerus barely speaks it.

it also reminds beerus too much of his mom– a lot of things from his past does. even champa does which is why it’s secretly hard for him to be around champa.

so yeah–i want to draw mother beerus. i headcanon she and beerus were close, but they also look nothing alike. For instance she actually has fur–she is a black cat humanoid, just a bit shorter than Beerus and Champa. And also for laughs, because I hc Beerus and Champa to have some type of human DNA in the–Champa is actually allergic to cats with hair meaning he was allergic to his mom and some of his cousins/siblings.

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Inspired by this post in which Elsa her 8yo self and Anna is her 18yo Frozen 1 age at the same time, AND @themountainsays ‘s tags about how it could make an interesting bastard!Anna au.

Special shout out to @like-redhead-probably and @daughterofhel for your encouragement! And pssst @jabs-wocks this one is much cuter and fluffier, I promise <3

Edit: Ao3 and


The king and queen had a terribly kept secret: their firstborn was a bastard.

It was a terribly kept secret because, well, everyone loved her.

Anna of Arendelle was too much like sunshine on a cloudy day for people to hate her. The cooks loved her because she wasn’t a picky eater like her father, and the maids loved her because she always helped mend the sheets she ripped during her playtime. The gardeners and stablemen loved Anna because she talked to the ducklings and horses and goats, and even the flowers weren’t ignored. The people loved her because she was a bright child who walked among the crowds in the market and bought pastries from the local baker with a smile full of missing baby teeth. Anna danced with the town’s children during the festivals and chased after ships until the end of the dock as they set sail.

And perhaps most importantly, her parents loved her - one of blood and one of adoptive heart. They promised to care for the little red-headed baby as their own, regardless of what people said. 

Truly, Anna was a light in the dark, even as a toddler, a fire in the midst of winter during her childhood years, and that warmth only soared to bonfire heat with the birth of the first true princess, her little sister, Elsa.

Anna’s love for Elsa was similarly earned in the way it was passed to her: instantly, freely, and without hesitation.

Elsa was born in the midst of a terrible winter storm that ended as soon as Anna was let into the birthing room. The king was right behind her, kissing his wife’s head sweetly as they peered down at their second daughter. The question was asked if Anna wanted to hold her little sister and Anna nodded furiously, already getting a leg up on the bed. They laid Elsa in her arms and Anna’s eyes filled with wonder at the tiny bundle. She sat completely frozen, not wanting to move or change her position lest she disturb Elsa. The babe fussed and grabbed Anna’s small finger in an even smaller fist. Everyone in the room fawned over the action.

“She’ll be queen, right?” The king and queen exchanged a glance, hesitant. Anna had not seemed put out by the fact that she would never officially rule, but she was only ten, and they weren’t sure if that would always be the case.

The king cleared his throat. “Yes, darling. She will.”

Anna looked back down at her baby sister. Looked at her like she was her whole world. Elsa hiccupped a little and Anna smiled her blinding smile.

“I can’t wait,” she said, wiggling her trapped finger back and forth so Elsa turned towards the motion. “She’s gonna be great! And I’m gonna help her!”

The mood shifted instantly and everyone relaxed, rejoicing. Elsa’s forehead wrinkled at all the noise and she began to wail until Anna soothed her, shushing all the adults with a serious tone. They did, but not without some laughter.

And then Elsa sneezed.

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