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Having proper nutrition is a vital factor for longevity. The kind of food that we are having daily will have a greater impact either in a positive way or in a negative way depends upon how we eat and what type of food that is.


Hence choosing the food consciously and feeling the taste instead of simply swallowing them up will help both in digestion perspective and also in health perspective.

Especially during this quarantine time we are in need of taking uttermost care for the body and mind by being healthy.

Hope this helps.

If so please do drop your comments.

Thank you.

Regards, Vignesh.

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As I started to eat healthier and more delicious meals, I promised myself I’d post on social media. Well here we are. Marinated lean steak with onions and peppers, baked asparagus and baked potato. I shall dress the potato with yogurt, rosemary and chives once I have more room on my plate. Cheers!

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