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celsidebottom · 12 days ago
I have always thought that Zolf and Hamid would get along so much better if they weren’t in stressful life-or-death situations all the time and DAMN look at them!  They’re friends!  They’re writing a book together!  They share romance novels!  I cry!!!
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sunniispirit · a month ago
I am attracting nothing but happy, understanding and compassionate people in my life. The people who know how to receive as well as give, and love with the same love that I have for them. Positive and healthy friendships are hard to come by and I will have the friend group I desire soon enough, with minds similar to mine to bounce ideas off of at times. There won’t be one sided friendships in 2022. Im giving my best, and I’m putting my heart out there for the world to see.
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eve-nement · 27 days ago
Types of best friends by Izzy:
Magnus: Floor is lava!
Clary: *helps Simon get onto the counter*
Alec: *kicks Jace off the couch*
Izzy: As you can see here, there are two types of best friends
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eliyah-de-dark · 16 days ago
So my partner and I were talking the other night and I brought up when he bought his car and just had me there for some reason.
Specifically, I said "I was confused the whole time. Like we weren't dating or anything yet."
And he got so confused. "Wait, weren't we?"
Apparently because we hadn't explicitly said we were dating then, I had no idea. I just thought we were good friends.
The kind of good friends that kiss and cuddle and watch anime together and fall asleep in the same bed all the time.
REALLY good friends
So anyway turn out I might be dumb-
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lust-plus-decay · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Anything can change in literally the blink of an eye.
My life for the last 2 months?
Came out as lesbian and Enby.
Escaped the worst hurricane to hit the US and my home was in the center of it.
Left a very toxic and abusive 6 year heterosexual relationship that had me try and attempt suicide multiple times.
Found myself.
Bought myself a new home for my two kids and I.
Will be completely demolishing “new” home because it was destroyed in hurricane.
Started mingling with friends! I haven’t hung out with a friend since 2020! I’ve been completely isolated until now.
Will finally be getting my business back on track.
Once enough money is saved, we plan to leave the state…..maybe even the country. 🖤
Life is so fucking good. Despite the disaster, I feel like all of this was meant to happen.
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heartofmuse · a month ago
Let me hold you tightly but silently. I know for what you feel there are no words, no words to express, no words that could console. Let your tears pour as my heart embraces you. Let your sobs drown in my chest. Just let me be there with you. I ask for nothing but to be the pillar that holds you when you knees get weak, when your heart feels too heavy to beat. Let me be the friend you need.
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becauseimgabbeh-blog · 6 months ago
Knick is standing by the open grave, Tackle has just hot wired the truck and got it running and walks over.
Knick- *looking into the grave* “… who do you think she was?”
Tackle- sighs “You and I both know who she fucking was Knick…”
Knick- “… I know, I just was hoping I was wrong.”
Tackle- “… he blamed Twig. He told Twig that he killed her.”
Knick- “Yeah…”
Tackle- “… if that ever happens to me, and someone tells my kid it’s their fault, I want you to shoot them on the spot, ok?”
Knick-“Yeah, same for me.”
Tackle- “Oh yeah? You thinking you’re gonna die in childbirth then?” *giggles*
Knick- “Haha, yeah I guess that wasn’t the best way to put it… Let’s get this closed up, Twig’s seen enough of this already.”
They reach down with a shovel and close the lid and start filling the grave back in.
Knick- “Should we say a few words?”
Tackle- “Lo though now I walk the the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil?”
Knick- “No, like… to her. I dunno, what do you even say?”
Tackle, looks down. “Your son is one of the best kids we’ve ever met… I’m sorry that his father’s such a piece of shite. I’m sure you deserved better.”
Knick- “We won’t let anyone else dig you up or put him down there again… I’m sorry that happened to you. Amen?”
Tackle- “Amen.”
They fill in the grave as Twig’s brought out.
;v; Be good to her. May she finally rest now
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syntheticbrat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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hollowsoba · a year ago
Tumblr media
undertale x hollow knight.... crossover
(they could be great friends)
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brian-in-finance · 9 months ago
Remember the improbability of my being Irish?
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jaebald · 4 months ago
shen yuan transmigrating into PIDW while being absolute immortal cultivator bait is the sweetest irony. the universe really said that the only way to force this repressed nerd into accepting that he's not straight was to have every man he ever comes across fall in love with him..... and it still didn't work 😭
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chikashinichi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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writingthethoughtsaway · a month ago
“I know it might be pitiful. But I’m not ready. I’m not prepared. I know I have to say goodbye to the person I trusted most in the world. But I’m not ready. I can’t face it yet. I know I can’t go back and fix it. But I don’t know how I will ever face it.”
- S. C. C.
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logwire · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Looking for him?
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hollownest-whore · 4 months ago
*a bug archaeologists reading about Lurien's devotion to the king and love, while also reading writings of the dreamer's complex yet personal relationships between his butler, and the master of souls*
Archeologist: ..they must've been good friends
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high-functioning-lokipath · 6 months ago
SH - Sherlock x Depressed!Reader - With a Little Help from My Friends - Words: 2,793
IMPORTANT A/N - PLEASE READ: As stated in the title, this story contains discussions of depression. There is mention of suicidal thought and self-harm. I personally don't think it's too intense in it's descriptions HOWEVER!!! If this will trigger you, for your own health and safety please do not read. My messages are always open if you'd like to talk. I wrote this partially based on my own feelings so I can understand to at least a degree. You're amazing and I love you all. As far as this story goes, just remember: it has a happy, very fluffy ending but it doesn't start that way. I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave a comment!
Brief Backstory: Reader is friends with John and Sherlock. She is a nurse who works with John. The three met shortly after Sherlock came back. Sherlock and Reader have crushes on each other but won't admit to it. I think the story explains everything else.
"Y/N, I'm going to be honest," John said, putting his hand on your shoulder comfortingly. "I may have PTSD but I cannot fully put myself in your shoes. My depression is different than yours." You had called your best friend, John Watson, in a mild panic. You had been feeling depressed for some time, as he knew, but that day had been especially bad. There was no particular reason but your depression had gotten so intense that you knew you needed help to get past this particular wave. John invited you over to 221B, assuring you that his flatmate would be out for the next couple of hours. "As a doctor, I am going to prescribe you some medication. Lowest dose possible and only because I want to help you get some immediate relief but I know you do not want them to become permanent. Let's work on finding another solution for you, ok?"
"I don't know, John," you replied. You'd asked John to be your Doctor since you didn't go to one regularly and he didn't mind your irregular checkups. "I've tried just about everything. The only outlet that seems to help is writing and even then," you trailed off, trying not to cry again. "This feeling just won't go away and I don't even know why it's there in the first place. I just want it to stop."
"I think you should talk to Sherlock."
"What?" You squeaked. "Why in the world would I talk to Sherlock?"
"I can't tell you why, Y/N. As both your Doctor and Sherlock's, I have to respect certain amounts of patient confidentiality. However, as your friend, I think you should talk to him."
"I don't know."
"Trust me," He replied. Smirking slightly, he added, "Doctor's orders."
"Ok, John," you chuckled. He smiled and hugged you. "Thanks."
"Now how about we go and fill this prescription and then maybe get some ice cream?"
"Well, honestly," you sighed. "The ice cream sounds great but I didn't sleep well last night. I was actually wondering if I could just take a nap here for a bit. I sleep better here sometimes." You blushed but John nodded understandingly.
"Of course," He replied. "I'll run down to the drugstore and fill this for you. Meanwhile you get some rest. I'll let Sherlock know you're here just in case he ends up getting back before I do. Will you be ok by yourself?"
"Yeah," You smiled. "This is a safe space for me. I'll go grab a blanket. Thanks again."
"Don't mention it. Just remember, talk to him."
"I'll try."
About 15 minutes later, Sherlock arrived back at the flat. He'd gotten John's texts.
John: If you get home in the next 45 minutes, be quiet. Y/N is over and she's taking a nap. I have to run out for something.
Sherlock: Is everything ok? - SH
John: She said she had a bad night.
Sherlock: She must have had a reason to come over in the first place though. - SH
John: She's going to need to tell you that herself. Don't ask. Do you understand me? Let her tell you. Be nice, ok?
Sherlock: When am I not nice to Y/N? - SH
John: Ok, that is true. You like her too much to be rude to her. If you could just hold back your deductions for one second I will say this: you two have more in common than you think.
He hurried home, not to wake you up of course, but because he wanted to see you. If there was something seriously wrong, he wanted to try and brace himself for it first. He couldn't help the smile playing at the corner of his lips when he thought of you. You two were good friends, that much was obvious to everyone. But Sherlock could see the potential for something more. He liked you a lot. You were just as smart, sassy, and sarcastic as he was. But you also could be extremely kind and caring to others and especially to him. He still didn't quite understand why you cared for him so but he was grateful. Before he could dwell on that too much longer, he arrived at 221B.
He quietly slipped inside and smiled at what he saw. You were curled up on the couch, sleeping like a baby. Apparently, though, you'd kicked off the blanket you had grabbed. Instead of picking up the blanket, he decided to take off his long coat and carefully lay that over you. You quickly cuddled into the warm fabric, unconsciously taking a deep breath, inhaling his unique signature left behind on the coat. Satisfied with what he'd done, he took off his suit jacket and went to the kitchen to prepare some tea for when you woke up. He knew you had a favorite tea and, unless John moved it or drank it all, there still would be some in the cupboard.
You woke to the smell of your favorite tea and a hushed exclamation from the kitchen. Opening your eyes slowly you saw Sherlock in at the counter trying to set up a tray with the teapot and cups. Recognizing your surroundings a bit more, you realized what was on top of you. Sherlock was just about to bring out the tray but you decided to pretend you were still asleep. The chances of fooling the Detective were low, but you wanted to try.
"There," He whispered to himself, setting the tray on the coffee table. You could hear him settling down on his chair, likely getting into his 'palace pose' as you called it. For a moment you were happy. You had actually gotten some quality sleep, you were currently cuddled up in Sherlock's famous coat and Sherlock had even made you tea. But that feeling quickly faded. Tears threatened to spill out of your still closed eyes as self-deprecating thoughts filled your mind.
'John probably told him to make me tea. He probably covered me with his coat so I wasn't as much of a distraction. He doesn't want me here. He never does. Why does he even tolerate my presence? He probably wishes we'd never met,' You thought. Your mind was going a million miles an hour and gaining. Without your notice, the tears began rolling down your cheeks and quiet sobs escaped your lips.
"Y/N?" Sherlock whispered. You're eyes shot open. You hadn't heard him get up. Now he was kneeling right next to you, one hand hovering over your arm. "Are you ok?"
"Oh, Sherlock!" You cried. "I-I wish I knew."
"C'mere," he said, motioning for you to sit up. Once you did so, he pulled you into a tight hug.
"What's this for?"
"You always give me and John a hug when you see us. You haven't done so for the past 5 days. I-" he paused briefly before lowering his voice and continuing. "I missed it."
"Oh." You weren't quite sure how to reply to that. You leaned into his embrace, letting yourself get lost in the moment.
"Y/N? Is there something I can do to help?"
"How much did John tell you?" You asked. You wouldn't have been mad exactly if John had told Sherlock to talk to you, but you wanted to think Sherlock was reaching out on his own.
"He told me you had a bad night."
"That's all?" You asked, surprised. You pulled away slightly and stared into his eyes. Sherlock nodded, frowning slightly as he tried to deduce you.
"Why are you afraid to talk to me?" You turned away, embarrassed and unsure what to say. "Be honest."
"I don't want you to make fun of me. I have-" You took a deep breath, steeling your nerves and preparing to just jump right in. "I have been extremely depressed lately and I didn't want to hear another speech about how all I need to do is exercise and eat right and stop thinking about sad things. Well you know what? I can't stop it! I can't help it if I feel like a useless pile of trash that should be thrown in the bin and burned." By the time you finished your little tirade, you'd gotten up and started pacing the floor. Then you turned and faced Sherlock. His expression was neutral but there was an obvious sadness in his eyes, one you didn't expect to see. It wasn't of pity. If you had seen that you also would have given up on the conversation. No, it was almost an understanding, an empathy. His eyes were actually glistening with tears.
"Have you ever felt like," he paused, voice unsteady. "Like giving up?" He whispered, unable to hold eye contact. You nodded silently. He got up slowly and walked towards you. At first, you thought he would hug you again but then he started unbuttoning his shirt.
"Uh, Sherlock?"
"Just wait a moment. I want to show you something." He carefully shrugged off the purple shirt that you, admittedly, loved so much and tossed it on the chair. "Only one person knows about this. You will be the second. You remember I told you about Moriarty's network?"
"Yes, the day we met. I asked you about your work, a simple question. And I got an answer that lasted 3 hours." Sherlock chuckled dryly.
"Yeah, sorry about that."
"Oh, no. Please don't apologise. I-" You sighed, rubbing your forehead. "I tend to make jokes when I'm nervous."
"I know." He smiled at you with, yet again, a completely unreadable expression. "You remember though." You nodded, opting to stay silent as he explained. "Well, those 2 years dismantling his network weren't easy. Not physically and certainly not emotionally. As a result of the different missions, I received many wounds on my body in various locations. I was," He paused, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. "I was depressed, guilt-stricken and suicidal. I figured I had hurt my friends enough. If they thought I was dead maybe I should just go on with it."
"What changed your mind?"
"I didn't want to do it on a mission. I wanted to see home again one more time. So to temporarily relieve the pain I," He sighed. Well, I wouldn't let my wounds heal. I'd pick at them. Mycroft finally convinced me to come back officially because he needed my help. I never told him about this. I think he knows but we don't discuss it." He looked down, obviously embarrassed and feeling more emotionally naked than physically. "You can look," he said. It was as if he'd read your mind. You were trying to be respectful and not stare but you realized that's what he wanted to show you. You had, on occasion, seen him shirtless before but you had never realized how bad some of the scars were.
"Sherlock, I-I don't know what to say. I-" You were completely shocked. Not offended. But actually comforted that he understood you. "Thank you," You finally said.
"Actually I wanted to thank you. I didn't just show you this to prove that I understand your feelings." You looked at him confused. "The day we met. You were leaving work, correct?" You nodded.
"It had been my first day there. John had been happy with my work and requested that I stay assigned to his office permanently. John had already finished up and headed home but there was some paperwork I had to finish so I was leaving about an hour late. Come to think of it, John said he had plans with you that evening. Why were you there?"
"That's what I wanted to tell you. I met you less than a month after I came back. I had still been quite depressed so I was still picking at my injuries. That day had been a bad day for me. So I cancelled my plans with John and I decided to go back to where I started this whole mess and finish it."
"Wait, are you telling me that-"
"You saved my life." Sherlock took one of your hands in his own and held it tightly. "I had memorized the work schedules of most everyone there and knew how to slip in unnoticed."
"But you didn't factor in me."
"Correct. When I ran into you, quite literally in fact, as I was entering the building, I was surprised. Not just by your presence but by what I deduced about you. You intrigued me. I had to find out more about you so I invited you to have a cup of coffee with me."
"Which turned into dinner." Sherlock nodded. "And since you were so intrigued by me, you forgot all about that."
"In a manner of speaking. You weren't a cure-all, mind you. You helped, though, by giving me a new mystery to investigate: you. That night, when I got home, I told John everything. He helped me too and when I mentioned you he couldn't stop singing your praises. He is very proud of you and your work you know."
"Yeah, I guess so," You replied, a little embarrassed. "Thank you, Sherlock. I'm sorry that you went through all that, but, I'm glad I have someone who understands. And I'm glad you're here to help me."
"Me too, Y/N. Me too," He replied.
"Can I, um, can I have another hug?" You asked, blushing and smiling. Sherlock rolled his eyes.
"If you must," He sighed, holding his arms out. Any other day, you would have thought he genuinely didn't want personal contact. But today you realized he was simply teasing. You wrapped your arms around his waist and leaned your head on his chest. You felt him relax as he leaned forward a little to cocoon you in his arms. "I care about you, Y/N. I don't care about many people but you mean so much to me. I-" You looked up at him and pressed a finger to his lips to quiet him.
"You don't have to say it, Sherlock. I know." He smiled and looked somewhat relieved. You knew he wasn't good with feelings and that was fine with you. "I love you too."
"I wanted to be the first one to say that," He pouted. You chuckled softly and booped his nose.
"You already have." He smiled and kissed your forehead lightly.
"I know this won't fix everything right away. I know you'll still have bad days. But I wanted you to know you could come to me too."
"I know. Thank you again, Sherlock." At that moment, John walked in with a bag from the store.
"Oh, hello!" He chirped, happy to see you hadn't gotten into a yelling match. Then he noticed Sherlock's shirt, or rather, lack thereof. "So, uh," He stuttered, unsure of what to say. "What should I do with this?"
"First of all, thank you, John, for giving me the guts to talk to him about this. And second, I think I'll give it a try. You know, to try and prevent a really bad day when you guys aren't available or if talking still isn't enough. But for today I think I'll be alright," You said, turning to John with a smile.
"Well, I'm glad. So did you just talk about that or did he finally tell you that he's had the biggest schoolboy crush on you from the moment he met you?"
"John!" Sherlock yelled. You laughed loudly.
"Not in those words exactly, John," You replied. "Don't worry," You added, turning to Sherlock and ruffling his curls. "Your secret's safe with me."
"Good. Now if you don't mind, I need your input on this case."
"Me?" You asked, quite surprised.
"Yes," He said as if it was obvious. "You're a woman after all!"
"And that is important because?"
"The killer was a woman obviously but I can't understand why she would do it!" The two of you went off into your own little world, completely ignoring John as he cooked dinner.
John: Ok, mates, get your tuxs out. Won't be long now.
Greg: He finally proposed? 😀
John: Not yet, give it a week.
Mycroft: John, you forget I monitor his spending habits.
John: And?
Mycroft: He's had a ring purchased for some time now.
Greg: 3 days tops.💍
Mycroft: I would estimate about 3 days as well, Detective Inspector.
Greg: We're in a Group Text. Talking about our friend like a bunch of teenage girls at a slumber party. I think you can call me Greg.
Mycroft: If I must.
John: So, girls, will you help me make the plans?
Mycroft: Of course. He is blood after all.
Greg: Count me in! Wouldn't miss it! 🕵️👰
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Great & Kao from “BOYFRIENDS” 
They sang together the song “too little, too late” in 2020
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the-empressnnekz · a month ago
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Brunch settingz 🍲🥂
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favorite grab out of the sketch page before i leave for the next 9483840248302842 years
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